Topic: HTTPS (encryption) support?

Are there any plans to implement https? I'm not super excited with my login credentials in the clear every time I log in.
(and firefox and Chrome now both actually warn you before submitting the credentials that the connection is unencrypted)
When I change the URL to "https" the layout is all gone, it's text only. (and the cert is self-signed)


Re: HTTPS (encryption) support?

Yes. But no time for the implementation.

btw: Any help is appreciated. If a linux-admin with php knowlegde has some spare time,  please contact me via pm.


Re: HTTPS (encryption) support?

There's free SSL certs at https://letsencrypt.org/ and I hear they have just about everything you need to drop SSL into place.


Re: HTTPS (encryption) support?

i'll implement ssl in the next weeks.


Re: HTTPS (encryption) support?

Awesome! Thanks. If you need any testing let me know.