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This was originally going to be a post in the short tales of belial section, but I figured it was a tad bit long enough that it could stand on its own. And who knows, if people like it enough, I could make a Sequel.

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Weekend Surprise

By Lily Bunny

Glenn and Dawna Mathews looked on in total shock as they caught sight of their daughter  Alice, who had come home for the weekend. The pair were so proud that their daughter made it into one of the most prestigious  schools in Freya’s realm, but they had always been a tad worried about sending their only daughter to that place. They had heard stories about people going there and doing crazy things like getting themselves transformed. Dawna’s sister told her about a friend of her’s who’s daughter came back after a spring holiday  visit and had gotten herself turned into nothing more than a giant female rump that walked on a pair of hands. It was always a fear of both Glenn and Dawna that Alice would do something extremely rash like that, and as the pair continued to gawk at their little girl it had looked like their fears were coming true.

Now the Mathews were not in any way hateful towards the transformed, but coming from a very small town on the far southern corner of the Empire, the two were rather reserved and were very inexperienced with the transformed and their community. The few they have seen on their trips to the city left them feeling uneasy and confused. They had the mentality of, if one didn’t bother the other, than things would be okay, so the family tried to keep their distance from any and all subjects of transformation, but Alice’s presence seemed to have completely shattered that notion completely. When she had called her dad up saying she was going to come over with a surprise this weekend, Glenn had pictures of another aced midterm, a new boyfriend, or perhaps some of that fancy Freyan chocolate that he loved so much, but what he didn’t imagine was the sight before him.

“…Surprise….” Alice said in a timid tone, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.  She nervously tugged at the end of the black knee length pencil  skirt that did its best to cover up the girl’s now massive hips that brushed both sides of the doorway to get herself inside her childhood home., a huge womanly bottom jutted multiple feet out behind her, bobbing and swaying with every suddle movement. The front of the skirt pushed out a bit, outlining a truly massive and un-lady-like bulge. The girl wore a dark grey turtleneck that stretched out over truly titanic tits that looked like the girl was trying to smuggle a pair of over filled beach balls underneath. At least they would look like that if they didn’t have a lush, full teardrop shape to them or if they also didn’t have the huge thick outlines of the girl’s new heavily enlarged nipples ludely tenting the front of the girl’s shirt. The two parents had to look up to look their daughter in the face, her extremely feminine face with exaggerated large icey blew eyes, high cheek bones, and huge thick pillowy dark red lips, none of which Alice possessed until now. They had to do this because the Amazonian woman before them stood a full head taller than even her father who stood over six foot two. Alice nervously brushed aside a lock of her stunningly thick mane of golden blonde hair that hovered right above her massively plump bottom.

Then the two caught sight of the girl’s most alien feature, a sort of tail that poked out from a tailored hole in her skirt and flowed behind her for what seemed to be six feet or more. It was about the same thickness as one of Alice’s newly defined legs. The appendage curved up to keep from brushing the floor and continued upward for a few more feet, the tip swaying back and forth, further emphasizing Alice’s nervousness. The length was covered in a thick crisscrossing of vains, the bell shaped head at the tip of the tail showed exactly what it truly was.

The three stood in silence for several minutes before Alices’s Mother stepped forward. “Oh honey….why?” she said with a slight tremble in her voice. “What did you do to yourself? I knew we shouldn’t have-“

“Dawna, please…” Glenn cut in. “We knew this was a thing that could happen.”  He said, his own tone seeming to tighten a bit, seeming to hold his feelings at bay. He turned his attention back towards his daughter. “Sweetie, you uh…you got um….”

“Yes daddy, transformed.” She said, her expression showing that she was trying to gather up as much confidence as she could muster.
pretty enough? Oh deamons
Dawna stepped forward, her expression looking like her heart was about to break. “Oh sweetheart, why did you feel like you had to do this to yourself? Did you feel like you weren’t, did I not tell you enough that you were beautiful? Oh sweet Freya where did I go wrong?”

“Mother, stop.” Alice broke in, her eyes narrowing a bit as they misted over a little. “You didn’t do anything wrong, no one forced me to do this. I…I wanted this, I always wanted this, for as long as I could remember.” The girl tried to keep her brave face on as best she could, but the tears dotting the corners of her eyes chipped away at that. “I was always afraid to tell you. I know how you feel about transformees.” Her voice trembled at those words. “I know you don’t like them, and if I ever told you….if I ever told you that I wanted this, that you-” The words caught in her throat before she finally broke down into sobs. “That you would hate me.”  Tears streamed down her cheeks as she bit her plump lower lip.

Slowly her mother’s expression changed as she looked her daughter in the eye. Dawna then rushed forward and wrapped her daughter up in a warm hug, not seeming to care that her face was pressed into the girl’s giant breast. “Oh no baby, no…. I could never do that.” She protested, her own tears starting to flow. “Don’t ever think for one second we could ever stop loving you.”

Glenn stepped forward and took one of Alice’s free hands, “You will always be our little girl. I don’t care if you were just a pile of dicks.”

“Glenn!!” Dawna cried out.

“What? I’m just sayin’…we are always behind you, Pumpkin, no matter what.”

The touching moment lasted a little while longer before the three took a step back. Dawna was the first to speak. “Well, its going to take some getting used to, but…if you’re happy that’s all that matters.”  She said as she looked her daughter up and down a few times, getting the full extent of her changes. “And...y’know, its not the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. At least you’re not one of those penis people.”

“Cock Women, mother.” Alice corrected,  “I am actually friends with a few of them at school.” She bit her lower lip again, her cheeks reddening once more.

“Oh yes, right, sorry.” Dawna stammered out.

“Well, I have to say this isn’t quite the thing we were thinking of when you told us you had a surprise for us, Pumpkin.” Glenn commented.

Alice’s cheeks once again flushed red. “Well…thing is….I haven’t fully shown you my surprise yet.” She looked down at her body, took a deep breath, and said. “It’s okay hon, let’s show them.”

Alice’s parents looked at her in confusion as she took a few steps back. Alice reached both of her hands up and pressed them to the sides of her own head and started to lift up, almost as if she was trying to take off an invisible helmet. The pair’s jaws dropped open as they watched their daughter pull her head up off her shoulders, her neck seeming to stretch longer and longer the more she pulled. Only it wasn’t really her neck. Sure it was still there, but her long graceful neck soon flared out into a thicker, vainyier, and more rounded shape. It was Glenn that first noticed that Alice’s tail was seeming to retract into her body, foot after foot of the long thick mass pulling back up inside herself. By the time Alice was pulling on her neck to try and draw it out longer and her tail seeming to have completely disappeared that he finally got what was happening. After a few more hard tugs a wet popping sound could be heard as Alice’s head and neck, or rather tail, were free.

Standing completely independent from her now headless body stood  the true Alice, seeming to have been completely changed into a snakelike cock creature, with her human head still attached at the end. Her tail seeming to be more in the 12 foot range now that it was drawn out of her body. She slowly slithered over to her parents, a look of worry in her eyes.

Dawna stared on in shock for a moment, her expression softening when she met her daughter’s eyes once again. She cleared her throat, “That will…take a bit more to get used to.” She breathed out.

Glenn looked back and forth a few times. He was obviously having trouble completely understanding what he was seeing. “So…are they…both you?” Glenn said, gestureing back and forth between Alice and her headless body.

“No.” Alice said simply. “That’s the last part of my surprise.” She said turning back towards her body. “Go ahead, sweatheart.”

The hands of the headless body fumbled with the hem of its skirt. The prominent bulge under its skirt started to shift a bit as it was slowly lifted, Revealing a large pair of, what looked like to be a mixture of woman’s panties and a pair of men’s briefs. Dawna blushed heavily as a huge thick cock was already pushing its way out of the opening in the panty-briefs, seeming to already be fully hard and jutting out nearly two and a half feet outwards, the girthy member nearly as thick as Alice’s tail. Its balls were still clad in the black laced undergarment, looking like each testicle was the size of cantaloupes. The most striking thing about it though was the pair of exaggerated feminine lips that replaced its cock-slit. Dawna nearly jumped out of her skin when it spoke.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Mathews.” The cock said in a soft feminine voice, its lips pursed nervously. “Its nice to see you again.” Alice’s former body put out its right hand in greeting.

Glenn shook himself out of his dumbstruck state as he stepped forward. “Uh….hi. We…erm…met before?” he said taking the  offered hand and shaking it stiffly.

“You remember Mark, right?” Alice piped up, slithering over to the body.

“You’re last boyfriend? I thought you two broke up over a month ago.” Glenn  said cocking an eyebrow.

“Girlfriend.” Alice corrected him. “And yes, that’s the story  I told you back then. We got all this set up two months ago. We couldn’t get all the work done right away, and I needed to give you a reason why Mark stopped showing up on my visits home. Oh, and she goes by Mary now.”

The headless body, now known as Mary, folded her arms under her  enormous bust in a nervous gesture. “We are so sorry we kept this from you for so long.”

The parents looked at each other and back to the odd looking couple. Glenn took in a deep breath, “This is quite a lot to process, Pumpkin. Why don’t we have a long talk over a mug of your mother’s special hot cocoa.” He said looking over at his wife.

Dawna was jolted back from her own inner thoughts as the three looked on at her. “Huh? Oh yes, of course. Let me get it started.”

As Dawna hurried off into the kitchen her mind was flooded with so many conflicting thoughts. She thought she had buried her urges long ago. She knew that Glenn was uneasy around transformies and knew he wouldn’t understandif she gave into her desires. She thought if she distance herself from her urges, she might be able to forget about them, but seeing her daughter, her brave brave little girl going through the thing she was always too scared to do herself brought the last twenty years of denial to come crashing down on top of her.

“Did I not tell you enough that you were beautiful?”

That was how she felt inside. She never liked how she looked. She didn’t like being human. Her mind kept racing until she heard Glenn’s voice calling back to her.

“Honey! How’re those drinks coming?”

“Fine!” she called back.  “It’ll be ready in a few more minutes.”she said as she got the kettle out, trying to bury her thoughts once again…


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Very good stuff! Would love to see this as a morph or illustration
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Oh, great TF! I hope we will see a sequel!


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Great! I love to see a sequel too.


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Love the transformation and was in a fanart mood so:




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Oh wow, thank you all. I am happy you guys really seem to like the story, and thank you so much for the art. I was not expecting that at all. I think this means we will have to see a sequel soon.