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Since I'm not the only one looking for this story, I decided to post it here, of course giving credit to the writer.

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The beginning of the the BEA plotline can be found here: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/ga … 32098.html.

She Male Sammy's New Day
Unending BE - episode 132098

Yesterday Sammy was a normal 18 year old with no breasts to speak of. A giant penis belonging to her neighbor Jim sprayed her with cum that caused her body to change strangly. This morning Sammy finds her self basicly back to normal, with two Major exceptions.

First, although they were not huge her breast had stayed larger. A full A cup, with this she was thrilled.

Second, she had a large (7" flaccid and 15" hard) cock and balls, her pussy was gone completly, this scared her.

*Something Else

Sammy Get Ready To Face The Day
Unending BE - episode 132137

Sammy was pretty used to waking up as a teenage old girl and not a boy and was therefore unprepared for the wave of horniness which quickly swept over her. She watched as her beautiful cock swelled and lengthened, taking on an obscene curved shape as it arced up to touch her breasts. It was worse than she had realized. As her cock had swollen, so had her breasts. They now looked more like a D-cup. For some reason, Sammy found the sight of her breasts made her feel aroused in an intense and new way.

Before she realized it, she was already grabbing at her shaft, furiously jerking herself off as pre-cum oozed out of her cockhead. Her mind was filled with images of both girls and boys -- her penetrating them... them penetrating her... When the first gush hit her chin, she didn't realize what it was. But then the hot, gooey white substance began to leak all over her chest as her cock, and to her relief, her breasts as well began to return to their normal size.

Ten minutes later, she looked quite like her old self. Her makeup was perfectly applied, her outfit displayed her new B-cups in a flattering way without flaunting them. And under her kilt, her panties were doing a marvelous job of containing her new cock.

*Sammy's best friend came to walk her to school.

Shemale Sammy: Her best friend Lori
Unending BE - episode 132221

Lori and Sammy had been friends for a very long time. As they walked to school Sammy had been quite. Lori also noticed that Sammy was walking a little funny and that she had, although she had tryed to do it when Lori wasn't looking, adjusted her panties and skirt several times.

"Sam, whats wrong?" Lori asked.

Sammy stoped and looked at her oviously concerned friend, and said....

*... "Umm, nothing, its just a little rash I have itches a lot."

SS: Oh No, Not Again
Unending BE - episode 170248

As they approached the school, Sammy's problems escalated. While Lori was a relatively plain girl, the sight of attractive girls and boys hanging around the front gate was causing Sammy's new member to inflate. She she began to feel the warm sensation of her erection sliding up her belly, she felt her bra straps digging into her back. She averted her eyes, trying not to imagine Samantha Mason, the girls' swim team captain sucking her huge cock.

Recalling the size she had reached that morning, she turned to Lori and quickly offered, "Maybe I'm getting my period early" before rushing into the school and towards the girls' washroom. Once ensconced in her stall, she quickly removed her clothes, watching with fascination as her breasts swelled to a DD and a 14-inch cock curved up her stomach to rest its head between them.

*Sammy decided to see if she could suck her own cock.

Cum what may
Unending BE - episode 170307

Sammy bent forward, pressing her cock between her breasts until she was looking directly at it's massive head. She tentatively licked the tip of her massive member with her tongue and was instantly overcome with the incredable feelings it generated. She plunged her cock past her full, pouty lips, sucking with wild abandon. The tingling started almost immediatly but she was so overcome with the amazing sensations she was experiencing that it barely even registerd. After a few minutes of work she came, filling her mouth. She swallowed and leaned back, exhausted. It was only then she noticed...

*Something else.

SS: Busting out all over...
Unending BE - episode 234610

As the room came back into focus, Sammy went over what she had just done ( given herself a blowjob) and got lock into a memory loop as to the taste of her own male cum (pretty darn good) when she remembered that she was only in the bathroom. Opening her eyes, she turned to the mirror and noticed not only that her cock was still hard - it was even bigger then when she came in! Her cock was now resting on her breasts and the head was just below her chin. Tilting her head down slightly, she surprised herself when her tougue reached out to lick it. Her tougue was now a full foot or more in length and it gently went over her penile head and brought the taste of pre-cum back to her mouth. Then Sammy noticed her breasts, full firm globes that pushed outward a considerable distance, giving her some serious cleavage. Looking at her new and improved bustline, Sammy realized that she had so much tit, that her cock HAD to rest on them, there wasn't any room between them for her cock to fit without using outside aid. Looking closely into the mirror, Sammy also realized that her areolas were larger, covering more of her breasts, her nipples were also longer. In fact, her nipples looked like her cockhead! She frowned slightly, as she tried to puzzle out why she thought that her nipples like like her cockhead. Idlely, she brought her hands up to curess her nipples and surprised herself as to how farout her breasts were. As her fingers lightly stroked her nipples, she felt her arousal rise and her cock respond with pre-cum beading at its tip. Her tougue went out and licked the pre-cum from her cock, then it went and lightly licked each of her hardening nipples before returning to her mouth. The taste of not only her pre-cum but something from each of her nips. Closing her eyes, Sammy fought for control and managed to bring her arms down to her side and her tougue remained inside her mouth. Taking a step back, she opened her eyes and used the mirror to look below her breasts. She saw that she now sported a pair of softball sized balls! Quickly she shifted a hand under her new balls and sighed with relief when she found she still had a slit. and had a mini-orgasm when she found her clit as well (and boy, was it every sensitive!).

Taking one hand out from under her balls, she moved the other to grasp her shaft and force it between her breasts. Once done, she tryed to being her pants up but had a problem getting her new balls and thicker shaft into the female slacks. Damn, and with her larger tits, there wasn't anyway to fasten her shirt either. She stood there with one hand holding up her pants and the other holding part of her shirt on one breast when...

*...someone walked into the bathroom.

Unending BE - episode 234691

Suddenly, one of Sammy's teachers, Ms. Timmins, burst into the bathroom, muttering to herself about the students and completely ignoring Sammy. Sammy, with her panties and kilt around her ankles gasped.

Ms. Timmins finally looked up, and there stood Sammy in all her glory. Perfect body, long hair, massive breasts, and a penis larger than anything Ms. Timmins had ever imagined. It was Ms. Timmins turn to gasp.

"Uhm... could you help me please?" Sammy managed to choke out through her embarasement.

*Something else

A twin spurprise
Unending BE - episode 500159

Before Sammy could get a reply she noticed a growing bulge in Ms. Timmins skirt. The bulge kept growing upwards, past the top of her skirt, up through her white blouse, until finally the tip of a cockhead appeared just above her DD breasts. To Sammy's surprise not just one but TWO cockheads appeared from the valley of Ms. Timmins massive cleavage. The twin heads were already leaking large amounts of pre-cum, which were running down the front of her blouse turning it translucent. Sammy could now see the upper portion of Ms. Timmins' twin shafts resting between her massive jugs through the translucent blouse.

"I think we can help each other Sammy" said Ms. Timmins.

Ms. Timmins slid one of her massive cocks out the bottom of her blouse and have it a few stokes with bother her hands. Rubbing the pre-cum over the shaft made it slick and shiny. Now that Sammy could get a good look at the cock, it appeared to be about 2 feet long and about 2 inches thick. Ms. Timmins let go of the shaft and the cock pointed out straight in front of her.

"If you can take care of this one, I'll take care of yours"

Staring at the massive cock Sammy decides to...

*something else

Head for a head
Unending BE - episode 535105

Sammy and Ms. Timmins kneel on the bathroom floor. Sammy takes Ms. Timmins free cock and places it between her massive jugs. Bending her head over slightly she takes the cockhead into her mouth and stars sucking it while she rubs the shaft with her boobs.

Ms. Timmins returns the favor by sucking on Sammy's cock. She would have given her a titfuck as well but her second cock was already between her own boobs held in place by her blouse.

The bathroom was full of wet sloppy sucking sounds as the two women sucked on each others cocks. Ms. Timmins was experienced at this and wraped her tongue around Sammy's cockhead then inserted it into her piss slit. This sent tingles down Sammy's cock and into her balls. She knew she couldn't take much more of this before she blew, so she doubled her efforts and did the same for Ms. Timmins.

Suddenly Sammy could feel a swelling in the base of Ms. Timmins' shaft slowly rising towards the head. When the first blast hit it completely filled Sammy's mouth, and before she could swallow a second blast hit forcing the hot jizz to shoot our her nose. This was all to much for Sammy so she popped the cockhead out of her mouth just as the third jet erupted covering her face in hot white glue.

This put Sammy over the top and her balls contracted sending a flood of semen up her shaft. Sensing this was coming Ms. Timmins withdrew the cock from her mouth and aimed it at her face with her mouth open. With one had she continued to jack of Sammy and with the other she stroked the shaft of her cock still held captive in her cleavage.

Both Sammy's cock and Ms. Timmins second cock blasted at the same time into Ms. Timmins' open mouth. She swallowed what she could but kept her mouth open allowing the excess cum to dribble down onto her chest. The cum pooled in her massive cleavage and overflowed down her blouse turning it completely translucent. The soaked blouse hugged Ms. Timmins contours like a second skin, revealing her large erect nipples.

After a few minutes the cum flow subsided which left both women gasping for air. Looking at each other they could see their faces were simply covered in cum and a large amount had dripped off covering their massive boobs.

Ms. Timmins stands up and unbuttons her drenched see-though blouse. As she releases the last button her second cock flops out and joins her other cock hanging to her knees. She peels off her blouse and drops it to the floor with a "Ëœsplat'. Her massive cum covered boobs with large nipples now swing freely

"Are you ready for what's next?" asks Ms. Timmins

*Sammy prepares for Ms. Timmins' idea

Insert here
Unending BE - episode 535116

Unsure of what to expect Sammy gives a hesitant nod.

Ms. Timmins pulls out a condom from the waistband of her skirt and stretches it over her other giant cock. She then grabs the head of her other giant cock and stretches the slit as wide open as she can. A little bit of leftover cum dribbles out and splats on the tile floor.

"Please, fuck me in my cock" requests Ms. Timmins.

Completely shocked and moving in a trance like manner, Sammy strokes her cock to full length and places the head at the opening of Ms. Timmins cock. The head of Sammy's cock is slightly bigger than the opening so she has to use some force to slide it inside of Ms. Timmins' cock.

"Nnnnngh" groans Ms. Timmins. "Keep going"

"Oh my god" replies Sammy as she inches her cock into Ms. Timmins' cock.

Inch by inch Sammy keeps sliding in until she finally bottoms out. Both women are sweating profusely generating a mix of sweat and cum over most of their bodies. Sammy then starts to pump her cock in and out of Ms. Timmins.

"Aaaaghhh, ughnnnnn" groans Ms. Timmins. She then uses both her hands to grab her condom covered cock and starts jacking herself off. She knows she can't last long at this rate.

Sammy can feel her own climax approaching and speeds up her fucking of Ms. Timmins' cock.

"I'mmm... ahh... I'm... cummmming...ahhh..."

Sammy explodes into Ms. Timmins' cock. The hot sticky jizz is forced back into Ms. Timmins, more and more until her abdomen and the base of her cock start to bulge.

"Muh... meeee... tooooo!" cries Ms. Timmins.

The cum flood invading Ms. Timmins causes her to climax and her condom covered cock erupts inflating it like a balloon. Each jet of sticky goo expands the condom more and more as it reaches the size of a soccer ball.

Sammy's orgasm dwindles and she slides her cock out of Ms. Timmins with a long slurping sound. As her cock pops free a geyser of cum blasts from Ms. Timmins' stretched out cock knocking Sammy to the floor. The mixture of Sammy's and Ms. Timmins' cum continue to blast out gluing Sammy to the floor.

The geyser slows down and eventually comes to a stop, leaving Sammy covered head to toe in sticky hot cum lying in a large puddle of it on the bathroom floor. Ms. Timmins lays down on top of Sammy, their massive tits squishing together, and locks lips with her. To Sammy's surprise Ms. Timmins had a mouth full of jizz and they swapped it back and forth until Sammy finally swallows it all.

Then, Ms. Timmins stands up and many long ropes of spunk are still connecting the two women together.

Holding up the over inflated condom full of her semen she asks, "What should I do with this?"

*Pour the condom out on Sammy

Consequences for Sammy
Unending BE - episode 535145

In response to the question, Sammy just opened her mouth, waiting for Ms. Timmins to pour the impossible load of semen into her. Shrugging, Ms. Timmins turned the condom upside down right over Sammys already cum covered face. The sperm leaked from the condom slowly, much like molases, and Sammy managed to get every drop inside of her. With a huge grin on her face, Sammy began to clean herself off by taking large handfuls of her and Ms. Timmins sperm off herself, and slurping it up into her mouth.

Unfortunately, Sammy had neglected to remember what happend last time she had swallowed her own cum. Her body began to rumble, as if trying to decide what to do. Slowly at first, her bust line grew once again, and her nipples grew longer, and more penis like. At the same time, her penis surged forward, gaining length and girth. Unfortunately for Sammy, Ms. Timmins sperm was having an effect too. A second penis and set of balls was growing right next to her current cock, and was growing at a much faster rate.

Ms. Timmins was watching the entire occurence in shock. She had never seen anything even remotely as erotic as Sammy, let alone a Sammy who was changing into something even more out of a dream.

Sammys changes finally began to slow down, and finally stop. Doing her best to get to her feet, and eventually having to use one of the bathroom walls to help her get up, Sammy looked at herself in the mirror. Where as before she had a 45-24-30 figure, she now had something closer to a 63-24-32 figure. Her nipple-cocks were now almost a foot long each, and her cocks were each 2 and a half feet long, a sizable growth compared to her original 18 inch penis. Her balls had grown too, now closer to the size of soccer balls then softballs.

*Sammy asks Ms. Timmins about her... assets

Ms. Timmins' gift
Unending BE - episode 535306

"Ms. Timmins, you have lovely boobs... but would you like bigger ones?" Sammy asks with a large grin on her face.

"What did you have in mind?" asks Ms. Timmins.

Sammy walks up to Ms. Timmins with her erect nipple cocks pointed straight out in front of her. As she gets close she presses the tips of her nipple cocks against Ms. Timmins large nipples. Very slowly the nipples start to stretch and the nipple cocks gradually begin to penetrate Ms. Timmins boobs.

Sammy keeps pressing forward until her nipple cocks bottom out and the two women are standing tit to tit. All four of the women's cocks are standing at full mast and held captive between the jointed sets of boobs.

Sammy then begins to literally tit-fuck Ms. Timmins with her nipple cocks. Pulling back she stretches Ms. Timmins' boobs into large cones, then she thrusts forwards squishing her boobs into her torso.

While this tit-fucking is going on the women each grab a random cock head with each of their hands and begin jacking and sucking them off. When they are sucking on one head, they stick a finder down the piss slit of the other. They alternate back and forth making sure every head gets the proper attention.

Sammy starts to feel a tingling sensation in her boobs and knows what is coming.

Taking a short break from sucking a cock head she tells Ms. Timmins, "Here it cummmmmms"

Sammy's boobs start to convulse and shoot jets of warm chunky cum out of her nipple cocks and directly into Ms. Timmins boobs. With each jet of cum Ms. Timmins' boobs stretch a little bit. Jet after jet pulse into Ms. Timmins' boobs until they are the same size as Sammy's.

Also, both women climax at the same time, however due to already climaxing recently, the cum pours out of their cock heads without the velocity it previously had. Sammy and Ms. Timmins drink down what they can and let the rest pool in the cleavage of their joined boobs.

After the climaxes are over Sammy pulls back her and slides her nipple cocks out of Ms. Timmins' boobs. The pool of cum between their boobs is released and pours down their bodies and joins the growing pool on the floor.

The head of Sammy's nipple cocks get stuck while trying to pull out of Ms. Timmins' boobs and she has to jerk her torso back to pull free. With a loud pop the cocks are freed and a small dribble of cum leaks out of Ms. Timmins' boobs before her nipples swell shut trapping the remaining cum inside.

"Ohhh... I love my new boobs" moans Ms. Timmins as she starts to fondle herself. She can even hear the reservoir of jizz sloshing around inside her massive tits.
Ms. Timmins then pulls her white blouse out of a cum puddle on the floor and attempts to put it on. She can only get the bottom half of the buttons closed leaving her most of her new boobs overflowing out the top. The blouse is so soaked with jizz that you can see right through it. The black skirt that Ms. Timmins never bothered to take off is also soaked with cum and only stretches down to mid thigh leaving a good foot of her dangling cocks exposed.

"Sorry sweetie, but I got other people to "Ëœsee' today. We will have to get together another time and thanks for the new boobs."

*Ms. Timmins leaves the bathroom and heads to the faculty locker room

Shower time
Unending BE - episode 535442

Ms. Timmins makes her way to the faculty locker room, with her cum inflated boobs sloshing with every step. When she gets into the locker room she heads for her locker and begins to peel off her cum stained clothes.

She looks through what clean clothes she has and discovers that nothing is going to fit now that her boobs are much larger. Then she remembers she had a tight black rubber dress that she was going to wear out at a club later that night. Trying it on Ms. Timmins is able to stretch the chest area just enough to get it over her rack, then she walks over to a full-length mirror to check herself out.

Looking at her reflection she sees her hair is slicked back with cum that she had neglected to wash out. Her 62-inch chest is almost bursting out of her tight low cut rubber dress. If it were cut any lower her nipples would be popping out too. Continuing down the tight rubber contours every curve of her body and comes to an end just an inch beyond her crotch. Most notable are the two massive cocks hanging to her knees.

Pleased with her look Ms. Timmins decides it would be best to wash her hair before it starts to get crusty. She heads to the showers when she hears that someone is already there.

End of Sequence


Re: Consequences for Sammy

Posted by ttt_2001

There were a set of showers for the staffs at the back of th faculty locker room, enabed them having a good shower beside changing their outfits in the locker room.

When Ms. Timmins came to the curtain that hidden the showers from the view of the locker area, she heard the noise of showering and someone was singing behind the curtian.

No sooner the shower were turned off, two naked female teachers Ms. Arc and Ms. Rockie walked out from behind the curtain.

They said "hello" to Ms. Timmins as she went inside without feeling surprised by the two giant cocks exposed under her dress.

As the showers were at the back of the room and the lockers were inside, many female teachers and female school staffs used not to bring their outfit to shower area and walk naked to their locker.

But Ms. Arc and Ms. Rockie had the other reasons for walking naked in the locker area and did not felt surprised for Ms. Timmins body. They also had altered bodys.

Strange events had happened among the female teachers and staffs before happened to the girls, many of them had their boobs grew into hugeous size, grew cocks and experienced other alteration on their body after swallowed cum or being sprayed with cum from the transformed.

Beside the changing on their body, many of them had also become open-minded. Most of them did not mind if they did not dressing properly, such as Ms. Timmins did not mind her cocks were exposed. Some of them even did not mind to be naked.

Ms. Arc had and enlarged crotch with three two feet cocks grew on it, a pair of giant boobs with diameter of two feet and pussies on the head of the bottle sized nipples and a pair of elonged arms for masturating the nipple pussies. She just put on a miniskirt that barely covered her crotch for holding her nametag.


Re: Consequences for Sammy

from me

Ms. Rockie had smaller tits but therefor four of them in two rows. Each of them with four engorged nipples. All of them were leaking some sort of white substance. Probably milk. The young brunette had only one cock but a much thicker one than that of Ms. Arc or Ms. Timmins. Below this two feet long monsters was not one but at least a dozen orange sized testicles going from her crotch to her asshole.

Both teacher smiled to Ms. Timmins and left for their lockers, while she went into the shower area. She couldn't believe it at first but the entire floor was covered in cum and milk, the drainage had obvious problems with the amount of fluids. Even some parts of the wall were completely white. Ms. Timmins could only guess how long her colleagues had making fun in here.

But she had bigger problems now. School would start in a few minutes and a class with over a dozen girls were waiting to be changed... oh, be taught by her. If some of them would be transformed, accidentally of course, during the lesson it wouldn't be her fault.

Well now that most female teachers already had been transformed, into horny infectious hermaphrodites with the urge to shoot their cum in public places, it was only a question of time when most of the pupils in this school would also end up with drastic transformations.

The thought of being the trigger for some of these changes made Ms. Timmins shiver with anticipation. A look down and she noticed she was leaking pre cum. She couldn't stand her horniness and started masturbating, after a few strokes she was shaking from a violent orgasm. Adding her own cum to the pool on the ground.

At that time her hair was already clean and she turned around to see an surprising sight.


Re: Consequences for Sammy

by ttt_2001

When Ms. Timmins had had enough masturbating and cleaned her hair, she turned around and walked out of the shower area and was surprised to see the female teachers and staffs were leading girls into in the locker area. It was almost less a minute to the bell of the first period.

The transformation were well known among all the female teachers and staffs, but it was surprised that many students seem did not notice the teachers and staffs had new body and dressed different. That was why Sammy was worried for the other knew she had transformed until she met Ms. Timmins.

It seemed the students had become able to notice the changing among the adults, so as they also seemed to become open-minded to accept the adults' new bodys and did not mind if they would be transformed.

The school office receptionist, Ms James, was sucking one of her cocks when she walked into the locker. She said "hello, Ms. Timmins, come and join our work," when she noticed Ms. Timmin was coming.

"The school master Ms Winsy had allowed us to give a new body to the girls who were wishing for transformation. Getting a new body from the school for a new life," said one of the other teachers.

The gym teacher, Ms Trinity, had already begun with the work, letting the girls sucking her cocks. Her body was different from yesterday.

Yesterday, she only had a pair of double D tits with bottle sized nipples, her clit became a three feet long and 4" thick giant cock exposed out of her pussy and she had put on an oversized sport bra and a jean that had cut the area of the crotch.

Now she had six double H tits in two rows, each with a row of three arm sized nipple cocks that continued leaking cums.

Her pussy was enlarged and the clit cock had grown a pair of soccerball sized nuts which also exposed outside the pussy, and her navel and her anus had become diplicate of her pussy.

As if tried to satisfy with her need, she now had three pairs of arms grew on her shoulders.

Her mouth became a mouth vigina with three two feet long tongue clits that could fully retract into the vigina mouth and it still had the function of speaking, eating and drinking.

She might has come to a tattoo parlor yesterday afterschool, all her nipple cocks, the cocks of her pussy, her navel pussy and her anus pussy and her tongue clits had been pierced. Now she walked around naked and looked like going to wear her gym teacher nametag on any one of her cocks and clits.

She was masturbating with her vigina mouth with her arms while as many of the girls as they could crowd around her, sucking on her nipple cocks and the cocks of her pussy, or waiting to be spraying by the cum.

The scene at the other teachers and staffs were similar. Ms. Timmins tried to go through the crowd and come out of the locker room for announcing her class having self studing lesson and asking if there were anyone beside Sammy going to have a new body.

Just then, two girls turned around and noticed her, they rushed to her, kneeled beside her and began sucking the two exposed cocks. Ms. Timmins had to delay her lesson while enjoying herself in the locker room.


Re: Consequences for Sammy

by me

This wasn't obviously not the first time these two minxes got down on some cock. Ms. Timmins really enjoyed being their center of attention, but she was quite surprised how many female students were already here. They couldn't have known what happened in here an hour ago and now every teacher had at least one horny school babe taking care of their privates.

Logically not all of these girls could want to be transformed in a wicked sex creature. Maybe their was something in the air that made them adapting their minds really fast. Not that it really mattered soon they would all feel the first changes of their bodies.

Even some boys had joined in the fun, with so many sexual modified women there was always an empty pussy nearby and eager to take some dick. A few of them didn't care at all and started sucking on engorged dicknipples or even the real cocks from their mentors.

It took Ms. Timmins only one look around to see that all female teachers and nearly all the staff had gathered in the locker room. All of them had already been transformed, many even more heavily then Ms. Trinity and beyond any recognition. But the extremism of their changes showed that they once must have been teachers.

Just when Ms. Timmins saw the headmistress Ms. Winsy, the teacher pumped her first loads of infectious cum into her two cocksuckers to her feet. The girls immediately started moaning in sexual fulfillment, trying to drink as much cum as possible, but of course it was too much for them and soon it flow out of their already filled mouths, running down their chins and cheeks covering their cleavage and clothes.

Ms. Timmins really embraced her orgasm, even more so because she know that the fate of both ladies was sealed now. Soon they too would be transformed into these wonderful sexy creatures and their own cocks would sprout joining in that fun of turning other people or just fucking and cuming around.

Her eyes went back to Ms. Winsy, the women was lying on the ground. Her body had been through an incredible transformation. At the side of her head, just above her ears, two proud dicks of at least 9 inches had grown to their full length. Both had their own balls dangling beneath.

The tip of her nose had also been transformed into an equally large pole, the ballsack was divided one part hang from the left side one from the right side of her nares. Her tongue was transformed into a cock too, now fully erected and at least 10 inches long, coming out of her mouth like some sort of light house. Next were here HH tits. Each of it had five cocknipples but there were also several dicks sticking out from various spots. None of it had any visible testicles. Nonetheless most of them continued to leak pre cum, many even erupted violently with real sperm blasts. There was only one reason for this. Her tits, despite looking still like reals tits, must have turned into huge cumfactories.

But that wasn't all, below her cleavage a row of cocks had grown from her naval right down to her crotch were the two standard two feet cocks grow out of this teacher. The fingers of her hand had also changed into smaller and more flexible dicks with which she started to finger fuck the cunts that had grown on her hip.

The sperm eruptions from all her male organs had caused a pool of cum right under the headmistress and that's why Ms. Timmins noticed the special treat not by the first look. Another huge erection had wriggled it's way out of Ms. Winsy's asshole and spewed massive globs of thick white cream onto the floor. She was in total bliss now.

Of course these beautiful woman had become the center of attention and nearly every single one of her dicks was sucked, licked or used by the students. Even a few male students couldn't help themselves and had joined the fun.

But the main attraction was Sally Harper, captain of the swim team, the 18 year old blonde had obviously been slightly transformed before she came to school this morning. The nipples on her C tits had been engorged and enlarged. There seemed to be cunts at the end, because Sally had shoved the nipple of her right tit over one of Ms. Winsy's breastcocks. The girl was in an orgasmic bliss pulling and pushing her entire breast back and forth, masturbating with it and that for quite a time.

Ms. Winsy' erections shot enormous amounts of semen into the locker room and the tit cock embedded in Sallies jug was no exception. What has once been a petite C was now at least a massive DDD. And Sally saw no reason to end that penetration even when the cum started to leak out again and run down the cock onto Ms. Winsy's massive tittesticle.

The sight of Sally with her right DDD and her left C made Ms. Timmins even hornier but when Nancy Porter, an 18 year old track athlete, climbed over Ms. Winsy's face and lowered herself onto the two waiting and throbbing facepeckers she was gone. And when the 10 inch tongue dick disappeared in the hot wanting teenage pussy she fired another load into the mouths of her own little harlots which nearly doubled in intensity when smiling Nancy guided the 9 inches of nose cock right into her randy little asshole.

Immediately Ms. Winsy's face knobs started firing their loads into the young teeny holes evoking lustful screams from horny Nancy. Seconds later fountains of cum and pussy juice erupted from both fuckholes which had been filled to brim. Nancy screamed in total orgasm and her belly seemed to swell a bit from all that contagious sperm that was pumped into her young twat and womb soon she would face the same fate the teachers already had and all the pupils soon would go. Transformed beyond recognition.

Even if there were girls or boys who didn't want to be changed into an abnormal horny sex creatures with oversized genitals there was no escape, if they had been in the locker room. Infectious cum was flying, spraying, floating and erupting everywhere from more than a dozen fully transformed randy teachers who feel the need to shower everyone with cum and change them into what they already were. There was no one left in the room who had not come into contact with the fluids.

Either by drinking it, being pumped full of it or just covered in it. Voluntary or not...


Re: Consequences for Sammy

by ttt_2001

The chance for Ms. Timmins to left the locker room came suddenly, as the two minxes released her cocks while moaned in the bliss of transforming.

At the same time, a fountain of cum shooted at her from behind, caused her fell down and slipped across the room on the thick layer of cum.

She slipped until she bumped into a crowd of students and teacher. She did not try to stand up again but pushed on the ground and went on slipping again before anyone stopped her. She around all the oncoming crowds until she reached the door.

The knot was a bit slippy as it was coated with cum, she reached it, opened it and immediately closed it after she had came out.

Her body had gone through a few transformations again from all the cum spraying on her way out. She could not tell in which condition would cum cause further transformation and the degree of transformation.

Now she was free from the orgy in the locker room, she could walk back to her classroom. She knew it might not have many of her students there but she would fulfill her work there.

On her way, as most of the teachers and staffs were in the locker room, most of the classroom were either empty or with the students having sex.

Many of the girls and some of the boys had begun their changing. To her surprised, many of them just had minimum transformation such as grew their new cocks.

After she went across most of group of students around the school, such as Sammy had caused her classmates having further transformation after they grew cocks, she had conclued a few conditions of transform.

A group with more transformee than normal one would have greater chance for transforming happening.
(beside how easy transforming happened among all the students and the adults in the orgy, it was very easy for Ms. Timmins and Sammy having further transforming when there were only them in the bathroom)

A group with heavier transformee would be much easier for the other normal began transforming and the slighter transformees having further transforming.
(a group of normal would only cause basic transaforming such as growing cock and breast enlargement, while heavier transformee like headmistress Ms Winsy could also cause slighter transfromee Sally having further transforming)

Adult would be much easier to transform than teens and younger.

Women would be much easier to transform than males.

*A few years later (1A, you could write the living of the new world)
*Outside the school (1B, the scene of the changing among the other place.)

A few years later

Ms. Timmins stood naked in front of the class. She was masturating while writing on the blackboard. Everyone were also naked and masturating or playing with the other's tits and gentials while listening to the lessons.

The transforming had spreading over the whole world, clothing had become innecessary as masturating and further transforming had become part of everyday life.

At the beginning of the worldwide transformation, there were also greater changeing among the laws, such as permanent ID piercings, open tattooing for the teens, chip implant on everyone, and so all kind of weird opinions for identifying had been suggested as everyone were open minded.

At last, only the simplist way could work with the ongoing changing body. Everyone wore a necklace like nametag (held by a very long strap that could tune the length) on their neck or their waist (for the ones who had lost their head in the transformation). Tattoo would be decomposed in the transformation, piercing and tighter rings or chains would either bursted or being absorbed, so as the implant ID chip.

All the animals and plants had also transformed. Plants were either in the form of a giant dick on the ground with smaller one branched out from it side and went on branched, or a bush of cock tentacles grew among the surface of non living things. Both of them were nonstop fountain of cum, reproduced by shooting off one of it branched dick or cock tentacle and they would grow on the ground or the wall.

Animal transformed into hybrid shaped like a mixture of anthro and centaur from different animals. It was always hard to tell which of the animal were their origin unless from their offspring.

All animals, included human, were now reproducing in mammal way. All the adults were transformed hermaphrodites, could born normal babys on their own while having sex only caused transformation. All the babys fed on the cum of their kinds adult, they had gender of male and female and immuned to the transforming effect until they were growth-up (for human, that was the age of teens).

Drainage was an important part for all the buildings and the roads while everything were may of waterproof material. Crime had become extinct as everyone could satisfied with themselves. The air had a permanent strong smell of cum and sexual fluid while the sea had turned milky and cum-like. A new world that was unimaginable anyone in the original world.

End of sequence


Re: Consequences for Sammy

by me

I know I'm to late, but it took me quite long and so I post it none the less. It's an alternative to ttt_2001 end.


For a transformee Ms. Timmins could think pretty clearly and so she noticed that most of the already transformed or just changing people were concentrated in the locker room, there were of course slightly changed pupils here and there, but the majority of the students remained still unchanged and even their already blessed colleagues appeared quite normal. Apart from bigger tits, bigger bulges in their trousers and here and there small dicknipples pressing against the T-shirts.

Nevertheless they didn't wear clothes or not very much, had sex in school and some of them couldn't keep their hands from each others private parts. Which resulted in awkward looks from the till now unaffected majority before many of them felt the air effect and started or joined the orgies in their classrooms or even in more public places in this school.

But while the TF trigger was transmitted by droplets and therefore take some time to infect everyone, there seemed to be something in the air that far quicker made everyone adapted to these things and prepared them. No one tried to call the police or at least asked teachers for help. Well all teacher were already "engaged" but there should have been some nervous pupils coming to Ms. Timmins. But the teacher didn't even get funny looks. Despite that she wore a black Latex dress which couldn't hold her big tits and didn't hide both of her massive two feet cocks dangling between her knees. While her entire body was covered in cum from her and a dozen sexformed teachers plus the male students who had participated in the locker room orgy.

However she reached her classroom without any problems. On her way she had collected the cum on her body with her hands and splattered it into groups of surprised pupils who had just arrived and needed time to adjust, draped it on door handles and did other funny stuff with it.

If 19 year old Roberta Hawk was shocked, when the cum stained hand of her teacher slipped into the back of her jeans and slightly fingered her anus, she at least didn't show it. It was the same with 18 year old Donna Richardson the girl had in amazing rack and Ms. Timmins couldn't help herself but draw a few signs onto that cleavage. Others got touched at their cheeks, arms or foreheads by their nymphomaniac teacher. Some girls even sucked the infectious cum directly and hungrily from the presented finger.

Ms. Timmins knew instinctively which one had already been contaminated and who not. She loved to infect innocent people. Even if only volunteers should have been granted a new body, but this aim was already pure fiction. The urge to have sex was just to strong.

Then the teacher entered her classroom and was surprised. She saw 15 pupils of original 24, 14 were completely normal and she immediately knew they were clean, the fifteenth was Sammy. The girl sat in the back row and was furiously sucking on her own cocks switching regularly between them.

Ms. Timmins closed the door and started smiling. This would be an interesting lesson.

"I'm sorry to be late, but as you probably already know, there are some massive changes going on in this school." She watched how her students got a little uneasy maybe the mind altering didn't affect them as much, just as the new arrivals from before. Well it didn't matter, she began stroking her own two dicks before she continued.

"This are really good news. The entire school staff has been transformed into wonderful, highly erotic and overall very sexy beings. This becomes even better because Ms. Winsy, before she lost the ability to speak, allowed us teachers to transform every willing student, who wants to be like us, into something like us. So if there is anybody in this class, that would like to become like me or like Sammy over there you just have to come to me and start sucking on one of my dicks. Until I ejaculate, which won't take long I assure you. I'm quite horny again and as you probably noticed already practicing. You don't even need to swallow my sperm, it would be nice and sexy of you if you would, but you don't have to. It will be enough if I shower you with my cum, because simple contact with Transformee spunk will do the trick."

The pupils shared nervous glances but no one volunteered. Some even changed their seats, they thought they had been to near by Sammy, who had just erupted again and already covered a good deal of floor beneath her with cum.

"Well no one, yet? In fact it ain't a big deal. Many other students already do it. At this moment more than a dozen of your friends satisfy the school staff in our locker room" Ms. Timmins looked everyone into the eye. "Okay maybe you need a few minutes to think about it and we will try it later in this lesson. Until then I hope you don't mind if I masturbate a bit? Thinking of being the TF trigger for some of you got me quite worked up and I'm sure even if you're all unaffected by now the whole scene in this school must have left you pretty aroused, so if you want to jerk off, finger your self, maybe you have even brought dildos and vibrators to school with you, or if you would like to fuck some of your classmates feel free to do so. Maybe there is one that wants to help his or her teacher out and get me off too?" She smiled again, but than the door opened.

Patricia Rightworth stood in the door, nearly naked and covered in cum from head to toe. Even more than Ms. Timmins and still there was spunk leaking from Patricia's pussy and ass. The teacher smiled she knew that soon the transformation of this girl would start. She could already see four additional knobs on her front. Patricia would grew some more tits it seemed.

But nevertheless she was late four class.

"Miss Rightworth, were have you been?" Ms. Timmins tried to sound stern.

"Sorry Ma'am, but I ran into Ms. Billings she... she fucked me nearly senseless and..."

"That's no excuse young lady, I myself had also participated in an orgy but I'm still here. You must be punished!" She thought about it. "What would be a proper punishment? Oh, I know. Come to me you will make me cum."

Patricia did what she was told without question, a sign how far she was already gone. The 18 year old kneed in front of her teacher. The girl was obviously horny as hell and couldn't think clearly when she started taking turns of sucking on both massive poles. The rest of the class watched in awe, many boys took out there own dicks and started stroking them, while more than one female hand disappeared in their respective crotches.

Soon moaning Ms. Timmins started screaming when her cocks fired massive loads onto talented Patricia accelerating her change. Her second and third pair of breast started to grow to huge proportions just like the first already had. Her asscheeks grow also bigger and the pupils were shocked when on each of them an nipple appeared, becoming engorged and started to leak some sort of white liquid. Then from between the breastcheeks, a thick 10 inch cock pushed its way out of Patricia's widening asshole, which soon shot several loads of cum onto the floor.

Ms. Timmins was more than satisfied, seeing this birth of a new being. She send Patricia to her seat in the second row and hoped the class would soon follow Patricia's example. Some girls had already dived under the table servicing the rock hard boys. Despite being girlfriends or just classmates. Everyone had become seriously horny now.

When Patricia had fully turned there roared a great gasp up and many pricks immediately fired their loads. The front of their classmate was now dominated by six enormous jugs in three rows. Each of them showed a four inches long milk leaking nipple. Another tit was growing from her crotch crowned by an enlarged cunt with an ridiculous giant clitoris. But the most surprising fact was that her mouth had turned into an lovely inviting asshole.

When Patricia finally sat down her female neighbor looked quite nervous, while the boy behind her seemed transfixed by the twitching asscock. Open mouthed he leaned forward until there was only a feet of distance left. Then the cock suddenly fired it's load, right into the face and mouth of the boy. Ms Timmins smiled to Patricia's lustful moaning and the swallowing of the boy. The teacher knew the pupil was now infected too and not only him.

A while ago his female neighbor had disappeared under the table and probably started blowing the young pecker. Now there was no doubt that the boy had just came and with a bit of luck his cum would be already infectious. Maybe the girl didn't know what had just happened above her head but anyway the boy juice would do it's work on her body, life was so unfair.

Ms. Timmins smile grew even wider when the brunette next to Patricia took all her courage and started sucking one of the enlarged nipples. The teacher was sure, in a few minutes the entire class would embrace the possibilities of transformation.


Re: Consequences for Sammy

by ttt_2001

The boy behind Patricia, Watson, soon moaned as his hair fell off, his head became a bald head shaped tit with his mouth and nose became a large areola-cunt gauged three inched diameter and it's feet long nipple clit. His breasts became C-cup tits. His cock transformed too, his nuts became a pair of peach sized conjoined tits (could be some kind of udder), and the cock became the conjoined tits common bottle thick cock nipple.

Watson's cum seemed less infectious, the girl who was sucking his cock had less transformation, beside her tits grew to F-Cup and her crotch had grew a pair of ten-inched cocks, her mouth seemed transformed into a new cunt.

When she finally released Watson's cock, she orgasmed a fountain of sexual fluid from her cunt-mouth. It became obviously that only her mouth's lips became pussy lips, her tongue became longer into a cock which still could move like a tongue when it was not erected, a few of her teeth were replaced by tooth-sized clits, these clits were very sensitive from any brushing that her mouth sucked anything, her tongue licked her clits or even she spoke would caused multi mini-orgasms fountained from her throat.

After sucking Patricia's milk, the brunette next to Patricia, Rebecca, had her mouth became a large cunt too, with a long twitching clit-tongue, her tits expanded into a pair of water melon sized tits. Two rows of knobs formed along her back with the last two on her asses, all of them included the asses became tits with random equipment, the first pairs were cunts with cock-clit, the next were cunts with nipple-clits, the third were anus with tongue, the fourth had multi cock nipples, and the ass-tits equipped with mouths.

The rest of the class started from a clean body. They mainly became had obvious tits and may be with both cunt and/or large cocks, but there were a few had started their further transformation. Ms. Timmins smile grew as the entired class had started their transformation.

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