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Topic: Harmonic Joining

It is common knowledge that Kaidalon, capital of the Province of Aischitar has a great number of magic-users.

It is also fairly well known that Aischitar in general has an abundant number of mages, not just in the capital. While not as much as the City of Wizards, some places have a respectable of spellcasters.

Our story begins in one of those places: Gemion. Not all was well there, though.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a story, would there?


“If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times: our runesmiths can do this faster.”, said Dennis Ironheart, senior member of the Gemion Runesmith’s Guild.

“And I say that it’s better if actual mages take care of this instead of a bunch of machines!” snapped Maria Wyrmfang, an Imperial Mage for the Gemion branch of the Great Academy of Magical Arts.

Monique sighed. They’re at it again. She had faith in the skill of her fellow runesmiths, but honestly the mages had a point. Runetech didn’t react to mistakes quite as well as an experienced mage could, after all. Don’t they get tired of shouting their lungs out at each other? If only they didn’t have to...

“I’m not the only one sick of this, am I?” Her friend Evan rolled his eyes. “They’ve been arguing for hours by now.”

On the other side of the table, Harper covered his face with his hands. Can’t they just all get along? And it wasn’t like the runesmiths were wrong, either; runetech was far easier to set up compared to traditional magic, if less flexible. Why can’t we just work together?

Lynda patted him on the shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s not going to last forever.” I hope.

The current argument was caused by a recently discovered artifact. It looked like a necklace for a two-headed person. It was crafted with golden links of chain with two gems hanging from it; one magenta, the other indigo, both gleaming with a mesmerizing glow.

And according to the readings, it contained incredible power.

Currently, it was locked away behind the strongest wards and defenses both the guild and the GAMA could afford. Nobody wanted someone to steal it, or worse, make it blow up and transform half the city. That at least was agreed on.

The problem was what to do with it next. Everyone wanted to analyze the artifact to learn more about it - but who would do that was a different problem. The Runesmith’s Guild argued that their runetech was more efficient, while the GAMA stated that their mages would do a safer job.

Honestly, by now most people were sick and tired of the whole debate, but pride prevented either side from stepping down.

Which resulted in the current situation right now.

Monique and Harper looked across the table at each other and sighed.


Monique gazed at Harper. His figure was obscured by the robes he wore, but she could imagine his lithe, slightly androgynous body underneath, his smooth skin, his decent-sized, cute cock and balls…

Harper swallowed. Flashes of the runesmith’s body passed through his mind; her curvy hips, her plentiful breasts(maybe D-cup), her awaiting pussy… It wasn’t too hard, as runesmiths tended to stray away from loose clothing…

Reality resumed its progress.

Both of them blinked, then flushed. Looking around, some of the runesmiths and mages had noticed something off as well, judging by the looks on their faces - particularly Evan and Lynda. Dennis and Maria were still going on as if nothing was wrong, though.

What just happened? Both of them thought - at the same time.

Behind the numerous magical protections, the artifact shone.


“Seriously, you’d think they’d have agreed on something by now.” complained Monique. After the debate - which had been essentially fruitless - Evan had invited her to a restaurant with two of his mage friends. She recognized Lynda - it was an open secret that she and Evan were dating, after all. She knew Harper as well - they’d met a few times, either with Evan and Lynda, or when runesmiths and mages were needed at the same time like earlier. He was pretty cute, actually, though as an apprentice guild member she didn’t really have time to meet him a lot.

“Well… I suppose it’s not that easy.” Harper said softly. “I guess you’re right though. Why can’t they just get along?” He pouted and took a sip from his glass. He glanced at Monique, and then blushed slightly and looked away. They hadn’t spent much time together, but he enjoyed those events.. He knew that they were both apprentices, though, so he knew that they’d be rather infrequent - a shame, but nothing he could do about it.

Both of them were treading carefully, embarrassed at the lewd thoughts they’d had earlier. Still, the meal was nice - not exactly luxurious, but still on the more expensive end of what they could afford. After they’d finished and paid the bill, they went out of the restaurant.

“Well, that was nice.” remarked Evan. “I guess we’ve got to go now, though. Bye Lynda. Bye Harper.”

Harper nodded. “Bye Evan. Bye Moni-”


One moment, nothing was out of the ordinary.

The next, the two apprentices were embracing, frantically kissing and holding onto each other as if they’d never let go.

Harper ran his hands through Monique’s black shoulder-length hair, her ample breasts pressed against his body like his erect cock was against hers.

Monica squeezed Harper tighter as they clawed at each other’s clothes, her ebony locks brushing against his flaxen hair, indigo eyes gazing into magenta -

Both of them realized they were holding on to thin air as they were pulled apart by their annoyed friends.

“I get that you like each other, but please, not here.” begged Lynda, holding on to Harper’s robes.

“Seriously, you two?” Evan said, an eyebrow raised and a hand on Monique’s shoulder.

“Huh?” “What do you mean…” Suddenly, the two of them realized what they’d just done.

“Aaaaaaaah!” Monique squealed and flailed about, and Harper just wordlessly hid his red-hot face behind his hands and sank to the ground.

It took quite a while to calm them down and take them back to their quarters.

And far away from them, the artifact shone with a mysterious gleam.


Later that night, both unfortunate(?) apprentices eventually managed to fall asleep.

It would not be the end of their erotic moments, however. Far, far from that.

Monique and Harper stood face to face a short distance apart, in a chamber unfamiliar to both of them.

The two of them approached their partner slowly, taking in each other’s naked body.

Each of them reached out, wrapping an arm around the other, and shared a soft, but passionate kiss.

Harper looked his runesmith friend in her indigo eyes and blinked his own magenta ones, enjoying the soft curves of her body against his skin.

Monique nuzzled her nose against the young mage’s, rubbing her pussy lips against his erect cock and giggled when he blushed, complimenting his reddish-purple irises.

And because it was just a dream, neither of them had any objections when he obliged, joining their bodies together and coaxing twin moans from both of their mouths.

Their voices fused in synchronized harmony in a single act of mutual pleasure, her passionate voice mixing with his soft one.

Their lips met again and again, only to part again and again from their simultaneous vocalizations of erotic bliss as their bodies ground together seeking climax.

They panted and moaned, howling in anticipation for the wave of pleasure that would join them together in a true union of flesh -

“...Wha?“ Monique said, slowing down and shaking her head. In front of her, Harper was likewise confused, looking around.

Then, it clicked for the both of them.

“Aaaaaaagh!” Monique pushed them apart, screaming. “Why in Freya’s name are we - did we just - why - HOW?” Harper blushed bright red and wordlessly floundered…

And then the color drained from his face.

“What? What is it now?” Monique said, covering her breasts and crotch.

Harper swallowed.

“I… I think we’re in the Vault.”

“The wh- “

Monique’s jaw dropped.

“Freya’s balls.”

The “Vault” was actually the name of a series of the combined defenses of the Guild and the GAMA, built to keep dangerous magical objects to be guarded by both organizations. Among others, it was where the newly discovered artifact was kept. Most guild members and mages wouldn’t even get clearance to enter in the first place.

“Seriously? How did we get here - no, how do you know in the first place? Have you been in here before?” She asked, looking frantically around.

“No… but it fits the description I’ve heard perfectly. But how…”

“Why the heck are you asking me?!” Monique shouted. “We are so screwed… okay, we just did that, but…” She suddenly felt a strange pulse coming from a certain direction. Did you feel that?”

Harper nodded. “I did… you too?” Both of them looked in the direction the pulse came from. “There it is again.”

The two of them slowly picked their way to the source. They took care not to touch anything that might be dangerous, but for some reason a voice in the back of their heads said that nothing would happen. Nothing from those magic items, at least. Common sense would have prevented them from following it, but the voice drowned it out.

When they reached their destination, they paused and looked at each other.

“You sure…” Monique trailed off, knowing the answer perfectly well, but unwilling to say it herself.

“I wish I wasn’t.” said Harper, taking another glance at the object that had brought them in this direction, and probably into the Vault in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, it was the necklace-like artifact that had been found not long ago. Both gemstones were visibly glowing, one magenta, and the other indigo. At the same moment, both of them realized that the other’s eyes had been glowing the same color as one of the jewels during their “moments”.

“So then…” “This caused it.” They realized that their eyes were glowing again. “It really - “ “Must be powerful. Wait, are we - “ “Finishing each other’s sentences?”

They blinked, looked at the artifact, then back at each other again.

“But why did we - “ “Get chosen?” they asked themselves, pondering. “Maybe it’s because we - “ “ Wanted to stop the arguing?” They recalled the intense conflict that had gone on, all because of this seemingly harmless piece of jewelry.

For a moment, they paused, giving each other hesitant looks. Then, as one, they picked up the artifact, and slipped it over their necks.

The moment it touched their skin, both of them let out a pleasant moan as their flesh started running together like hot wax. They embraced, kissing as Harper’s left arm and Monique’s right sank into their merging torsos, the gap between them sealing up as the power coursing through them began converting them into a new form that they would both share, changing not only their outward appearance but their internal organs and skeletal structure too.

The magic shaping their bodies affected their minds too, linking them together in a spiritual bond stronger that they had before. Their identities remained separate instead of merging into a single mind, but they would share the memories and knowledge of their prior lives, as well as the arousing sensations from their new body. The two had coordinated their movements quite well already, but now they truly moved as one.

The small part of their minds that wasn’t overwhelmed by the pleasure of merging knew that now, there was no turning back. The point of no return was already far behind them, a fact that both of them could tell quite easily from not only their fusing flesh, but from the subtle purplish hue their skin was taking.

But at the same time, they knew that they wouldn’t stop, even if they wanted to.

Their lips parted to look each other in the eye, magenta gaze meeting indigo. They both smiled and then continued their kiss, as their fusing bodies were sculpted by both the powerful magic of the artifact, and their shared desire to join together into a single form. Their faces slightly changed, mostly retaining their prior appearances but taking on some of the qualities of the other, ears becoming slightly pointed but in a way distinct from elven ones. A stripe of hair on their right head - Harper’s, that is -, turned ebony black like Monique’s, while some of their left head’s hair gained his flaxen color in a similar fashion.

Under their outer arms, their sides bulged as if something was trying to come out. With a wet pop, the arms that had sank into their merging torsos grew out from the other side, causing Harper to make a pleasured whine as Monique let out a throaty moan. They now had a single shared chest, two breasts larger than the runesmith’s original pair hanging down, rubbing against each other slightly with every movement the pair made and added to their shared pleasure. Moving in perfect sync, they used their upper arms to start groping them, enjoying the feeling of their fingers pressing into the soft flesh.

Twin howls of pleasure - one soft, the other passionate - escaped their mouths as their legs started warping and cracking, knees inverting and feet changing to a more hand-like shape, allowing the merging pair to manipulate objects or pleasure their body. Their pelvis bones joined together and their legs relocated to a more quadruped stance - two in front, two in back.

Their mutual body shuddered in pleasure as their anal holes merged together into a single opening, becoming more pleasurable and Harper’s prostate - now shared between the two -  becoming almost clit-like in erogenic sensitivity. A long, prehensile tail grew from their spine, ending in a rounded tip. It twitched for a bit before whipping around and then burying itself into their hole, penetrating it and moving around in ways a human cock never could. Their knees buckled, the sensations almost making them cum right there and then as they moaned in bliss from both mouths yet again.

As their hips merged, the two panted and moaned as their genitals touched and started to join together. Their cock and clit merged into a single prominent length, pink and wet, and their balls settled in their pussy lips, making it a combination of vagina and sheath. Their lower arms, the ones not fondling their massive breasts reached down towards their hybrid genitals. Their right one stroked their erect clit-cock, starting slow and then picking up speed. At the same time, their left hand entered their pussy-sheath, inserting a finger, then two, then almost the entire hand at once. This new organ retained both functions and produced sensations somewhere between the two, but even better than each one alone.

Their tail wiggled around in their anus, their upper arms kneaded and squeezed their breasts, and their lower arms stimulated their hybrid genitals, giving so much pleasure to the two apprentices, now in one fused body, one shared flesh. Arching their back, they finally came, both of them screaming in orgasmic ecstasy as cum shot from their clit-cock, and their pussy-sheath clenched around their hand. Their hybrid genitals were wonderful, combining the power of a male orgasm and the intensity of a female one into something even more amazing, something that they never had or even could have felt in their old bodies, the pleasure alone being worth it for the two.

The artifact glowed as its newest heir completed their transformation, covering their body in arcane glyphs and markings not magenta nor indigo, but a multihued violet somewhere in between, shimmered with power evident to even the untrained eye. As their orgasm died down slowly, they regained enough clarity to look over their body, to marvel at their new form. Harper took hir hand off the breast on hir side to look at it, and then hir other as their clit-cock grew flaccid and retracted partly into their pussy-sheath. Monique did so too for a moment, then ran hir arms over their body and giggled when Harper blushed shyly. They shared a kiss again, different from the ones they had done in their passionate frenzy, but a slow and warm one full of love and happiness.

Then the artifact glowed and hummed slightly, signaling the approach of others. Not wishing to stay, the new half-demon used it to open a portal to elsewhere, stepping through with their new limbs and closing it behind them. By the time the mages and runesmiths on guard had managed to break in, they were gone with the artifact, leaving only residual d-cum stains from their climax and several magic items that had been siphoned of much of their power.

It took quite a bit for the Guild and the GAMA to figure out what had happened, and even longer to realize that the two missing apprentices had something to do with it.

But they were already long gone, and it would take longer still to even start finding them.


Some distance away, not too far but certainly not close to Gemion, were the very ruins where the artifact was first found. From there, it had been taken to the city, but now it had been put back in it’s rightful place, by it’s rightful heir.

In the depths of said ruins, Monique and Harper moaned as they reached yet another mutual climax, spraying d-cum from their merged genitals. The pre-prepared runes glowed, collecting it for potential future use, though for exactly what they had no idea just yet.

They caressed themselves and embraced in their usual post-orgasm ritual, sharing their pleasure and love. They were still two people in one body, but their linked minds eliminated the need for vocal communication between them(though they certainly could and had done so).

As Monique gave Harper a peck on hir cheek, shi realized that they hadn’t come up with a name for themselves. They might be two, but they functioned as one unit, and it was now impossible to separate them completely anyways.

They pondered on that for a while, suggesting and discarding numerous combinations. Eventually, Harper came up with a good one: Harmony.

The name fit them quite well, so they decided on that. The newly-named Harmony smiled at themselves, then began pleasuring themselves again in celebration of their new name, one of many shared climaxes they would have in their long, long lives.

They had each other now, but even so these ruins were far too big for just Harmony. Still, Harmony knew that there was no need for them to go and find others. After all, soon people would come and find them.

And eventually they did.

But that is a story for another day.



This is my first TF story, and I hope you like it! Yeah, maybe it's a bit short, especially the transformation, but I tried.

I have more chapters planned in the future, but RL stuff means that even I don't know when I'll manage to do them. Still, I will, eventually. I can promise that.

Finally, a few thanks. Everyone on the Discord servers I've talked to about this, but especially these people:

Von Krieger, for putting up with my endless hype about the idea for this and giving me inspiration with all the stories you've written in the past. Thank you so much.

Idiot Hero, Ryan, and Gamer Wolf, for taking a look at the WIP and telling me that it's neat. Your words meant so much to me, as well as the very fact that you took the time to do so. Thank you.

I've mentioned this vaguely to some of the people in other, non-TF-related Discord servers. Thanks for not judging me guys.

And I'm sure there are a bunch of people I'm missing or can't remember, or who just gave some words of encouragement in passing. Thank you guys too. You know who you are.


Re: Harmonic Joining

This was an awesome story and I love the idea of fusing with somone you love.
Keep up the good writing


Re: Harmonic Joining

TF_FunTimes wrote:

This was an awesome story and I love the idea of fusing with somone you love.
Keep up the good writing

Thanks! That really means a lot to me.


Re: Harmonic Joining

Yeah, we should have more stories like that.


Re: Harmonic Joining

nikita wrote:

Yeah, we should have more stories like that.

Heh, that good? What do you mean by "like that"?