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Topic: The Road to TheDeceptiveDuck's First Story

I've been lucking around this website and other website like this for a few years.  I have been inspired countless times to create a story of my own. I've never been able to get far beyond the brainstorming phase. Hence why I'm posting. I think getting some input and encouragement from this weird community of ours would assist me greatly to getting out a finished product.

       Anyway. The rules of the universe I would like to create are easy to at onto as well as hit most of the my preferred tags. Those being; curses, unpredictability, non-permanent, globalized changes, varied changes, themed changes, etc.

      The descriptions are going to get become meta. Please, give me your input.

       It is the distant future. The year 2000. Or something like that. The exact time and place is unimportant.  Every human being on Earth is turned into attractive women. (Boobs. I like 'em.) Men get to keep their "equipment." A third gender is created, hermaphrodite, and it becomes a third of the population. 

       After a period of a several months, another globalized change sweeps the world. This one is more drastic. (this is just an example) Everyone's head splits into two. However, there are deviants. Some people gain even more additions. For example; three breasts, a second pair of arms, a third leg, and more. Then, after another period of a few months, everybody reverts. More time passes, and the world is transformed again and in a different way.

       That is how I want this world to word, a cycle of constant, unpredictable, universal transformations. I have the first few cycles planned out, but from there, it's open season. Transformation themes include; the obvious TG, multi-limb, face relocation, genital relocation, naga/snake-like forms, and tentacles. Although, I could dive into other genres on a whim.

      But that's not what I really want to talk about. I want there to be a way to experience the changes in real time, a POV character. You know, the B-plot. What I have so far is, average guy #3163 and his girlfriend are on a date. GF becomes a hermaphrodite and dumps #3163 in a whirlwind of confusion. Might do something w/ her later. The story revolves around an office and the lives of the employees.

Characters include

  • Average guy #3163

  • Totally, Platonic female friend

  • Floozy branch executive

  • Alpha male, horn dog

  • Third point of a love triangle w/ #3136 & Platonic

  • Quiet Dandere

I've be lurking on and around this community for too long. It's time for me to give back.

"Nothing gets me going like good world building"