Topic: Intermissions for The New Hire

Like it says in the description, I'm trying to come up with interlude  topics that are of a wide appeal to my audience here (aka I have too many ideas and not enough time/space write them all).  This poll will be general categories, to be followed up by a second poll with more specifics.  The between chapters story could be a scene from a character's backstory, an episode of a game show, or something I haven't even thought of at the time of this writing.  The poll will run for two weeks, hopefully long enough for everyone to get their input in.


Re: Intermissions for The New Hire

To Redstar00:
I voted another CM employee. This would tell us more about the CM Alchemy Labs.

I was a member of the zetaboard old forum.
I do not know why I could not register at the no-ip forum before, only it was possible now.