Topic: Intermissions for The New Hire, round 2

After a close race, “Someone coming to Crimson Moon for a transformation” won by a nose (in this case, 2 votes).  Looking ahead at my plans for future acts, I identified 4 cases who would fit that category.  As the description line is very word limited, I’m going to lay out the options up here in the text box and give a few hints about their final form.  Just like the last poll, this one will run for 2 weeks (until 10/15) to give everyone plenty of time to be heard.

Option 1: A young man taking his dead sister’s place as a lady of leisure. (Act 4)
    Hints: Rubber, tg, limblessness/sensory deprivation

Option 2: The winner of a bet and the woman who tormented him.  (Act 4)
    Hints: nerd man-> hot nerd shemale, posh woman -> anthro dog

Option 3: The daughter of a transformed porn exec, ready for her own big break (Act 5ish)
    Hints:  I haven’t decided on the transformation yet, but the scene will involve several transformed porn stars.  MC will end up heavily transformed, but still able to take over the business

Option 4: A woman giving in to her darkest fantasies (Act 4)
    Hints: A non-human or helpless part of an animal transformation.


Re: Intermissions for The New Hire, round 2

To Redstar00:
I had missed the poll and voted here. I voted "Option 1: A young man taking his dead sister’s place as a lady of leisure", although this would not affect the result of the poll. This could be anything beside dark, and also could include many non-sexual transformation features.

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