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Hi all,

Since I have less writing time than ideal, I thought I would try writing some very short serial stories to keep updating while I work on longer stories. I'll post them here. Hopefully, when each set of stories is done, there will be a satisfying chunk of fiction. Enjoy!


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The Farm
Part I

Dearest sister,

I'm writing to you because I fear I have run out of options. The farm is in desperate trouble and I've run out of alternatives. As you know, the tractor broke down and, since we couldn't afford replacement parts, we were forced to sell it for scrap. That bought us a couple months but then coyotes snuck through the broken down fence and decimated our chickens, which all but ended our egg selling business. And now Bessy has stopped producing milk, which means that Mabel is our only milk producing cow. And with this crazy drought, our harvest looks like it will barely cover the cost of the seed loan. Farm girls that we are, I hardly need to tell you that a big vegetable garden and a single dairy cow doesn't pay the bills.  If we owed a mortgage on the farm we would already be ruined.

As it is, we can barely keep the lights on and pay the taxes. John has taken a job in the city, which is helping but.... things are desperate.

This farm has been in our family for generations and I am not about to give up on it now. At least... not without exhausting every single possibility.

Which is why I'm writing you. Alice, do you remember telling me about that Alchemy student who was interested in applying transformative principles to farm animals? You said he was a student of a certain Professor Lipple who had a philosophy about using transformation to help people while trying to minimize transformative side effects? And that he wanted to transform livestock to make them better: cows better milkers, chickens better layers, horses stronger and faster, sheep with superior, fast growing wool? Is this ringing any bells? You told me that the University had strict policies against animal testing and that the student needed human volunteers for his studies. Well... I'm desperate and willing to volunteer.

Can you put me in touch with him?


P.S. I haven't told John about my plans. Please keep it a secret.



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Nice smile . I'd love to see what happens.


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Great beginning!


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The Farm
Part II

Dear Sister,

Alice! I did it! I've had myself transformed!

I am now the proud owner of a very large and productive udder!

Actually, let me back up. I contacted your Alchemist friend (thanks) and he was overjoyed to use me to test out his ideas. He had been focusing on developing a way to enhance the milk production of cows and was wondering if I would be interested. Since our only source of income right now is poor Mabel, I thought it would make sense for me to take on a bovine aspect and join the herd. Any little bit helps, right? I mean, it's not something I'd have chosen for myself... but if I'm going to do this at all being part cow isn't so bad, right?

So he produced a thick, milky solution and instructed me to drink it.

And it worked better than either of us had anticipated!

Let me describe myself: I am now an almost prototypical cowgirl. My skin is pale white and spotted with brown Holstein blotches. I have four large, lactating breasts that are each capped with a three inch teat. I have also grown a large pink cows udder which has grown from my crotch and hangs down past my knees. It is very heavy and difficult to heft around and quite sensitive. I have also sprouted small horns and cows earss which I think are kind of cute. Anyway, all my new mammary tissue produces milk at at truly incredible rate: I have to be milked four times a day and once in the middle of the night or else I get agonizingly full. And my full is a lot! My daily production is comparable to eight normal dairy cows!

I'm oddly proud about this.

With the milk I'm producing alone, we've started to almost break even on the day to day operation of the farm!

This transformation has come with some... side effects...

For one, I find being milked hugely stimulating. It might be crossover due to the sexual nature of transformations, but I really get off on being milked. So four times a day and once at night I put the suction cups on my four breasts and udder and am instantly floored by wave after wave of rolling orgasms. If I didn't have a metal frame to lean on, I wouldn't be able to hold myself up! I'm just a shaking, weak-legged, mooing, oblivious mess the whole time! It's... pretty incredible. Who knew being a diary cow was going to be so sexy?

And yes, I moo when I come now. It's a bit embarrassing!

The other side effect, and this is also embarrassing, is that my vagina has become somewhat bovine. Alright... a lot bovine. My vulva have puffed up and become leathery and my enlarged clit has been buried in their folds. My actual love tunnel has widened substantially, but thankfully it has a new tendency to clamp down on whatever is in there and milk it.... which is quite the sensation. I'm not exactly thrilled to have an animalistic pussy, but at least it has perks...

John was furious with me at first, and deeply uncomfortable with my bovine enhancements. But I guess watching me low and orgasm while I was being milked, or the reek of my arousal, or the fact I've been feeling frisky since the change brought him around again. And it turns out he absolutely loves the way my cow-like cunt milks his cock. (Demons, did I just write that. Haha, I'm blushing!) I can tell John is still hurt I did this behind his back, but we are definitely having the best sex of our marriage!

Your Alchemist friend wrote to me that he has a new formulation for enhanced egg production in hens. He wants to know if I'm interested. I think I might be. Moo. Do you think I should do it?

How are your studies going?


P.S. The bottle in the package is filled with *my* milk. Let me know what you think!


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I really hope a part 3 is coming. Really great sutff so far.


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Short and very sweet. I like the diary-format.


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The Farm
Part III

Dear sister,


Your cow of a sister is now an egg laying machine!

So I went through with it! I contacted our mutual friend and took his next serum: this time an egg yolk looking thing that he had to apply directly to my butthole. Which... was not a very enjoyable sensation! But no sooner did the cold, slimey, stuff go up there than I started to chicken out!

So what did it do? Well, I'm still mostly a cow girl: my spotted skin, four breasts, and udder are still my most obvious changes. But now I'm also a bit of a harpy too. I've gained some long red plume feathers that have grown from my scalp so that my long hair is shot through with feathers. I've also grown a matching tail of red feathers from my butt, which I've decided is quite cute. I also have some rust brown body feathers, mostly in small patches at my shoulders, throat, knees and hips, but my forearms are coated in feathers from elbows to my wrists. I'm glad I didn't end up with wings! I've also picked up a few chicken features on my face. I still have a human nose, but I've grown a kind of decorative beak that covers most of it and leaves only my nostrils exposed. A matching lower beak has grown below my lower lip like a hard yellow soul patch. It's a bit strange, but I'm happy to still have lips. The only other facial change is that my eye lids and the skin around my eyes has turned red. Between the decorative beak, the feathers, and my new red mask, I think i kind of look like an avante garde runway model!

But that is all cosmetic!

The real change, the whole reason for this experiment, is what the elixir did to my anus and womb! Instead of a normal butthole, I now have a cloaca, an avian sex organ that triples as a urethra, anus, and vagina all at once. My internal organs have been redirected so that all of my waste exits this opening and so that my womb opens here. My bovine vagina is now entirely recreational. The other part of this change is in my womb: I am now prodigiously oviparious. Every night while I'm sleeping my turbo charged reproductive organs produce nearly one hundred fist sized eggs, which fill and stretch my womb. Every morning I wake up with my belly massively distended and filled my newest clutch. And then I start every day laying eggs!

The feeling is incredible! Every egg pushing out of me is like someone fisting me in my cunt, stretching my new avian love tunnel and making me absolutely scream...well, loudly moo in orgasm. The best is when I do my morning milking while I lay my eggs. It's earth shattering!!

If only I could convince John to fuck me in that moment...

The Alchemist made this elixir specifically for me, so I'm pleased to say that I've had fewer side effects. The main one is that I absolutely love anal sex now... well cloacal sex I guess. I just cannot get enough of having things stuffed up my new orifice. Which... given the voriacious appetite of my vagina means I'm really into double penetration. Im finally getting a serious collection of sex toys!

Haha. I've totally become the TMI sister haven't I?

The other main side effect you'll no doubt be happy to note isn't sexual. As soon as I see the morning light I have an inexplicable urge to crow like a rooster. I can't help myself! Sunlight hits me and I'm suddenly wide awake cock-a-doodle-doing while I'm pinned to the bed by the hundreds of pounds of my swollen milk filled breasts and udder and my enormously distended taught belly. I feel absolutely ridiculous!

John is still definitely weirded by my changes. But even he can't deny that the produce of my new body is making the farm money. With the new income from my enormous eggs we are finally generating an income. I think he even enjoys the sex, even the weird cloacal kind. Although I think he is quite jealous of the enormous sex toys I've taken to using!

I really should give my poor husband a chance to acclimate himself to all the weirdness! I'll have to just quit while I'm ahead and live life as a cow-chicken.


P.S. I almost forgot! I'm proud you made the deans honour list! My sister, the genius! I can't wait for you to visit the farm and teach us all your fancy university learned farming!

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More awesome. Nice job, I love it.


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The Farm
Part IV

Dear Sister,

It was lovely to see you! I hope things weren't too weird! I know it can't have been the most relaxing vacation with the tension between John and me. And I have to apologize again for being so sexual while you were here. This body is a firecracker!

I'm glad you seemed to like the new me, though. I was worried that the actual sight of your sister being part farm animal might have been upsetting to you, so it was nice to have you be so cool about it. Although I wasn't expecting you to be quite so curious about the particulars of my daily routine... It was really nice to have someone appreciate my body though.

Speaking of the tension between me and John, there's been a new development...

Our mutual friend wrote to me that he had developed a new prototype that he wanted to test out. He promised that it wouldn't have any side effects and sounded quite mild and potentially lucrative so I went and did it!

Your cowy, chickeny sister is now part sheep!

The transformation, applied by abrasive steel wool has left my back from my shoulders to the curve of my ass covered by a truly luxurious pelt of wool. A pelt of wool that grows so quickly that I can shear it every night! It's very high grade cashmere wool and a month supply of pelts is worth a pretty penny! And the thick fur is appreciated since I spend so much of my time naked and outside!

This transformation also had the side benefit of making me able to digest grass and straw. Keeping me fed enough for all the lactation and egg laying takes a lot of food! Although, i suspect there must be some mana effects since i produce far more milk, eggs, and now wool than should be possible. Anyway, now that my diet is supplemented by grazing our profit margins have doubled!

Unfortunately my descision to get transformed again made John furious! He told me he married a woman, someone he wanted to start a family with! And now, without consulting him I have made myself into a herd of infertile animals!

I snapped back at him, told him I was single handedly keeping the farm running and that if he cared about me he would get a farmyard transformation too! Maybe grow his own udder and help out!

Well that was the wrong thing to say. John stormed off and I haven't seen or heard from him in two days. I'm really hoping he is just blowing off steam and not planning to leave me...

I hope he comes back soon, my new wool pelt really needs to get shorn...




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The plot thickens... I can't wait to see what happens next.


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indeed! i hope some kind of conjoinment smile


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The Farm
Part V

Dear Sister,

I'm afraid I've done something irretrievably rash...

With John being gone all these weeks I figured he wasn't coming back. You've been such a help coming here on the weekend to shear me and help with the farm but I really need more daily help. The fields need tilling for the coming season and the manual labor of hauling milk, feed, and just my own body around is grueling. So... I decided to contact our mutual friend again...

I asked the Alchemist if he had anything that could help and he told me he was working on a formula to increase the strength of draft animals.

He also told me it wasn't ready yet.

I don't know why I insisted anyway...

There have been side effects.

Considerable ones...

I am now part horse. I still have my udder and lactating breasts and bovine spots and ears and cunt. I still have my oviparious plumbing, pseudo beak, and feathers. I still have a pelt of luxurious wool on my back. But now I also have the strength and some of the features of a mighty draft horse. I stand nearly eight feet tall and have gained considerable muscle. Instead of feet I tower on enormous hooves which have come with shaggy fetlocks and digitigrade legs. I have an equine tail which is shot through with red feathers. My hands have warped, becoming three fingered and less dexterous. And my face... my face has stretched becoming a sort of muzzle. I can still talk but I have literally become horse faced!

(My new hands are why my handwriting looks so different.)

But the most shocking change, the biggest side effect is... and if I thought I could hide it I wouldn't tell you but... I now have an enormous equine penis. A huge, mottled shaft of horse cock as large as my arm that slides out of a bulging sheath to pulse blunt headed and hot. And below that I have huge, apple sized testicles full of churning hot spunk. It's weird and embarrassing and alien and sexy and... and I'm getting hard just writing about it.

I shouldn't have told you that...

And this horse cock is the source of my other problem. John came back to try and work things out and saw me all giant and equine, jacking off my enormous cock. Saw me just pumping my foot of rigid flesh, mooong and then whinnying when I came in a great gout of sperm. And he's left me again.

For good this time.

I don't know what I am going to do...




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I like, I like...


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Me too.


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The Farm
Part VI

Dear Sister,

It seems silly to write you this letter now that you've come to live here on the farm. I could just talk to you! But I miss our correspondence and find the act of letter writing really lets me focus on what I want to say. Plus it's kind of awkward saying important things to you when you can't answer! So here we go...

I love you.

I love what you've done to yourself.

I love your flat piggy nose and snout and the way you squeal when we make love.

I love your floppy piggy ears and the enormous crest of green and red feathers on your head.

I love your eight milky breasts and your lovely udder.

I'm sorry you no longer have hands, but I love how your pearly white wings look and how your feathers feel.

I'm glad your avian feet are so dexterous and think they are very cute.

I love your ropey cow tail with its tuft of feathers that match your crest.

I love your cloaca and your hugely stretched belly in the morning. I love the way you squeal and pant as we lay our eggs together.

I love the pelt of wool on your back and how it feels when I hold you against me all through the night.

And as crass as this is, I love your horse pussy and how it feels when I am inside you.

I love you as my sister, as my business partner, as my lover, and as my mate.

I am overjoyed that you have chosen to join my herd.

I love you so much,

P.S. With our combined produce the farm will make a tidy profit this year! If you are right about having an equine womb and that you are pregnant, then we may have yet another revenue stream available to us.

P.P.S. Do you have any friends with an interest in farming?



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Well that escalated quickly


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Hi all,

Here are my Demon's Eve stories:


Clara, if she was being completely honest with herself, was drunk as shit. She giggled, sloshing the plastic cup holding her current beverage. "To Demon's Eve!" She slurred happily to no one in particular. A holiday where everyone got to dress like a slutty monster and party was totally Clara's idea of a good time. She adjusted her costume and took a slightly messy slurp of her drink: a salty mix of brine, milk, and grain liquor that the party's host was calling Avatar Cum Punch. Clara had come dressed as a slutty alchemists assistant, wearing a borrowed lab coat open at the front to bare her real breasts, fishnet stockings, strappy pumps, and booty shorts with an enormous fluorescent green dildo hanging out of them. At one time Clara also had a matching green wig, but she had lost it at some point during the night.

Clara felt her insides pinch uncomfortably. She had to piss! Again! She stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry, why did she have to go and break the seal? She stumbled through the throng of partiers towards the stairs to the bathroom. She edged past a couple dressed up like raucous tropical birds, a flamingo harpy and her parrot-man mate. Clara bumped into a very pregnant looking man and drunkenly congratulated him. She paused to watch a couple of girls with fake genitals attached over their mouths pretend to face fuck each other. Clara giggled, that could be kind of hot. Unsteadily she mounted the stairs, almost tripping on the stuffed tail of some bitch wearing a slinky dress extended to make her look like a dick naga. She pushed into the bathroom, dropped her bottoms and had a long, watery piss. Clara sighed happily and giggled. The relief from a good pee was one of the best things about being drunk.

As she stood up from the toilet, the door to the bathroom pushed open. "Heyyy..." she slurred, "occupied?" Did she forget to lock the door. The person who entered the room had a great costume. The first thing Clara noticed was the chick was clearly naked: her generous, pale skinned body was on full display. The second thing Clara noticed was the intruder was headless! That the woman had a narrow, tidy vagina where her neckhole was instead of a face. It looked so real! Clara had no idea how the chick was pulling this off. "Cor..."

The headless woman locked the bathroom door behind her and slinked easily up to Clara. She pressed herself against Clara, their naked chests touching and ran her arms along Clara's back inside her lab coat. "Hey now..." Clara breathed. One of the intruders hand cupped Clara's ass and the other reached around and hesitantly brushed against Clara's still exposed pussy. Clara felt the headless woman pause expectantly, waiting for consent. Clara wasn't usually into chicks, but had to admit this was pretty hot. She could feel herself growing aroused and could smell the blast of warm, fragrant air blowing from the headless woman's neck vagina. "Fuck it...." Clara groaned before leaning forward to kiss and tongue the intruders neck cunt.

The intruder went into action, stroking Clara and touching her and guiding her out of her clothes. She knelt and pulled off Clara's shoes and tights and shorts and mashed her neck cunt against Clara's pussy. Clara panted and moaned, still too drunk to care how loud she was being. Clara started to feel a bit funny as the headless woman worked her way back up her body, sliding her neck cunt over her stomach and breasts. She felt a weird tingle and a flushed heat in her chest. The headless woman placed her hands on either side of Clara's head, palms on either ear, and gently twisted. Clara squealed in pleasure, suddenly feeling penetrated, as if she was rammed full of cock! Except... the feeling wasn't between her legs. And, as the headless woman began to move her head up and down, Clara realized the feeling was more than getting fucked, that she was feeling a new and strange sensation of being enveloped, spectacularly confined. As her head and neck began to slip in alien ways she bit her lip as she felt herself being fucked and fucking, building and building and building until an alien orgasm ripped through her, a vaginal spasm and pumping ejaculation.

Stunned Clara fell back to sit upon the toilet, her chest rising and falling as she panted. She saw... no, it wasn't sight, she somehow sensed the headless woman hold up her head, detached from her body with a forearm length cock instead of her neck. The headless woman lifted the head above her shoulders and, with pleasure evident on the face, inserted it into her neck pussy, pushing it in until the head sat naturally, except for a weird discontinuity of stretched vulva, on her shoulders. The woman smiled Clara's impish smile.

Sitting on the toilet Clara realized she couldn't feel her head anymore. She reached her hands up to her shoulders where they groped along to find that she was now headless, and that she had a pussy where her neck should be.

"I bet you have some questions," The woman with Clara's head said. Clara would have nodded if she could. Clara's face dimpled, "Oh, having a voice again is so nice! Okay, so, I am, or I guess was, a Headless Maiden. And it's kind of transmissible... so now you are a Headless Maiden and, gosh this is so awkward, I'm, well, I'm you. I'm Clara." The new-Clara bit a couple of her fingers nervously in a classicly Clara way.

"The gist of the deal is some Demon thought it would be funny to transform a bunch of unsuspecting partiers into Demon's Eve novelties. Most of the year, you'll just be a normal headless woman living her life. A lot of Sisters go with sex work, but I took the year to travel, doing odd jobs to keep myself fed. It was actually a pretty fun vacation aside from losing my identity. But you get used to that." New-Clara smiled encouragingly and began to gather up the Alchemy assistant costume. "Anyway, next Demon's Eve you will, for that one night, be a Headless Maiden with the ability to transform someone else in exchange for their head and identity." Clara fingered the ring of vulva at the junction her neck-pussy and head-cock. "You'll always be transformed though."

Clara pulled on her stockings and shorts, taking a moment to arrange the green dildo just so. "I saw you at the party and thought you looked really cute and like you had a fun life. So when you made your way up here I followed you." Clara slipped on the lab coat. "And I was right. I'm so excited to be you! I have alll your memories and your personality now. I do have your former brain afterall." She posed at the mirror, looking over her costume. "Except for a new penchant for turtlenecks and scarves no one will notice any difference." She stepped into her heels. "And when the whole neck-pussy, cock-head thing comes up, I'll just blush and tell them I had a Demon's Eve misadventure. It is after all, kind of true." Clara smiled, "How do I look?"

The new Headless Maiden thought for a moment and decided that Clara was convincingly herself. She gave her a thumbs up.

Clara giggled, walked over and planted a big kiss on the Maiden's neck pussy. "Good luck," she said turning to leave, "and Happy Demon's Eve!"

The Headless Maiden picked herself up off the toilet and washed her hands. It was Demon's Eve and she had a party to get back to.



Kent was drunk as shit if he was being honest with himself. He felt a little bad about it, Tina still hadn't arrived at the party yet and while she was late, he knew being this drunk wasn't exactly gallant. But she was late, and Alchemy shot roulette had happened, a game where everyone drank a shooter and one shot glass was spiked with Alchemy. Kent hadn't transformed, much to his relief, but he had gotten pretty wasted. And also pretty aroused, when one of the cute girls playing the game had found the loaded shooter and grown a third breast. Kent kind of hoped Tina would grow a third breast or at least be wearing a costume with one. He took a sip of his Avatar Cum Punch and wondered if Tina would keep her costume on when they had sex later.

Kent found himself wondering if maybe Tina had already arrived, that maybe she was in costume waiting for him to find her. That was exactly the kind of trick she would play on him. He began to shuffle around the party scrutinizing partiers. He hoped he didn't look like he was leering, even if he kind of was. He saw a pretty girl with a green dildo and labcoat with a funny fleshy ring around her neck like jewelry who definitely wasn't Tina. She smiled drunkenly at his attention. He saw a group of catgirls, each sporting a different number of fake breasts... although Kent suspected the one with eight tits was really a multibreasted catgirl. She hissed at him for staring. A headless looking woman seemed to be chugging a beer jammed lewdly into her neck cunt. Another pair of girls were sharing a costume that made them look like a leggy humantaur. They were currently swapping costume elements to trade who was the rear torso and legs. A process Kent was happy to notice involved them stripping down to their panties to swap tail-attached shorts.

Kent was still staring at the humantaur, now reassembled when someone bumped into him. "Hey..." he said, almost spilling his drink. He found he was face to face with an enormous penis. He stumbled back and realized it was a dickgirl, a cock the size of a torso with balls to match attahed to the legs of a woman. Legs wearing a familiar tartan skirt and which had a familiar tattoo on one leg: a musical score wrapping one leg ankle to thigh. Specifically the opening measure of an award winning sonata Tina had written. "Tina?"

The dickgirl wagged its shaft body in a kind of nod. "It's me," her muffled sounding voice replied.

"Woah, that's a really wild costume!" Kent was having trouble focusing, he really was quite drunk, but from what he could tell the costume looked incredibly real. The balls, hairless and smoother than normal hung convincingly. The shaft wagged with the rubbery rigidity of a real penis and was traced with lifelike veins. The proud glans even seemed to have a peeled back foreskin. Kent had seen dickgirl costumes before on a trip to a fake Freyan amusement park: cock shafts that performers wiggled into to impersonate the transformed. But Tina's costume seemed so much more convincing or else Kent was just too drunk to judge. "So I'm guessing your supposed to be a dickgirl."

"Hah. I guess your a Hunter Detective then," came Tina's muffled reply.

"Indubitably," Kent replied sloshing his drink. His own costume was essentially that of a noir deceive: trench coat, fedora, a fake police badge for the Demon Crime Division. He was also wearing a papier-mâché cock over his left arm, a supposed battle-change from an imagined encounter with a wily Avatar. Kent had been quite proud of it until he saw how much more involved his girlfriends costume was.

"Come on," Tina said and turned, walking into the crowd. Kent stumbled after her, following in the wake of space that seemed to open behind the enormous cock and her bobbing balls. Tina lead Kent down a hall, across an impromptu dance floor, and into an unoccupied bedroom. "Sit," Tina instructed him as she kick the bedroom door shut.

Kent flopped onto the bed and watched the surreal view of his girlfriend, dressed as giant cock with sexy legs, slink over to him. She turned, balls swinging, and sat on his lap. Kent squirmed, accurately aware that under her skirt Tina wasn't wearing any underwear. He could feel the heat pouring from her pussy through his pants and the heavy weight of her head sized fake balls. He wrapped his arms around the shaft of her costume, feeling her twitch and press against him. Kent felt himself grow hard.

"Do you like how I look?" Tina asked, voice less muffled.

"Of course, baby," Kent said, grinding his hard cock against his girlfriend.

"I know I'm late," Tina purred, "and I think we should catch up." She rolled her hips on his lap, stood and spread her legs, skirt up, showing her wet pussy, balls dangling between her legs. "Well, Hunter Detetive, fancy fucking a dickgirl?"

Kent climbed unsteadily to his feet and began undoing his pants, discarding his fake cockarm. He knew he should feel conflicted about having sex with his girlfriend in a giant cock costume, but with her sexy ass presented to him, of course he was going to fuck her. Plus, he had to admit, as he swung Tina around to face the bed, there was something wildly erotic about the fusion of his beautiful girlfriend and an cartoonishly large cock. Tina bent forward, flopping her cock body on the bed, bracing herself. Kent pushed forward, cock rubbing against her wet labia, bumping into the back of her scrotum. Tina made a kind of mewling sound and pushed back against him, her hot balls swaying below them. Since Tina's arms were bound, Kent reached down and guided his cock into her, and began to thrust, wrapping his arm around her shaft body just above her scrotum. Kent wondered at how warm Tina's costume was, how the shaft seemed to tense and buck against his arms with every thrust. Tina moaned and the sound seemed to come from the dick slit, and she humped back against Kent. The two came together faster and harder, their balls slapping together and to Kent looking down, it looked like he had grown a giant, moaning cock. Despite the strange visual, Kent felt himself about to come and then he felt a strange pressure penetrate him and press on his prostate like a finger. He grunted and came, semen pumping into Tina. Tina spasmed, her balls tightening against Kent and she made a kind of squealing gargling sound as thick ropes of come shot out of the head of her giant cock body and splattered across the borrowed bedroom.

"Fuck..." Kent breathed, collapsed against Tina, feeling her gigantic balls slowly relax. "This isn't a costume is it?"

Tina, her cock torso sprawled on the bed sputtered cum from her dickslit mouth. "Happy Demon's Eve!"



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last one suffers from cultural appropriation.


love it. smile