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Topic: Halloween Contest

Last year we had a great competition where several talented authors wrote stories about demon's eve, the belial universe's version of Halloween, and I thought we could do it again this year.  At this point we have about 6 weeks until Halloween so I don't think this is an unreasonable timescale to produce some great work. If anyone's interested please comment below.


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I am interested! I'm a bit of a lurker and haven't posted any work on this board, will I still be able to participate?


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Tis a free for all. I think the deadline for submissions should be November 7th. Gives the participants a week leeway. I'll then set up a topic with links to each of the submitted stories and on the 14 of November i'll add a poll to the topic. Then, on the 21st voting will close and the person with the most votes will be this demon's eve champion.
What do you think?


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Sounds pretty sweet. Might give it a go and be a writer for a change


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It will be nice to see new authors


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I just need to remember to edit the stuff like crazy this time.

Writing while sleep-deprived is never a good thing.

Posting immediately after writing while sleep-deprived means a mad scramble to fix everything.


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Who are you telling this ;-) i just did that yesterday :-/


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To groundon462:
As I rare login the LoB forum, I hadn't read any of these five stories and should not vote until I had read them. Idid not know whether they still on the forum until I found where they were at the "Tales of Belial" sub-forum.

"Daemonsnacht (Edited this time)" by LamiaWoman
Introduction at the sub-forum: made the story a bit more coherent, less "Midnight to five AM frantic".

"Lost Souls' Day: a Halloween submission" from Nikita and compound37
Introduction at the sub-forum: A detective on the hunt for a missing girl gets more than he bargained for

"Broken masks" by Redstar00
Introduction at the sub-forum: Erica gets back at her bullies and discovers her true self in the process

"Crimson moon alchemy labs: Transformation machines" by Redstar00
Introduction at the sub-forum: A Demon's Eve treat from the creatively perverse minds at Crimson Moon AL

"Demon's eve: The Masquerade" by indigocarmine
Introduction at the sub-forum: A Legends of Belial Halloween Story Set

I was a member of the zetaboard old forum.
I do not know why I could not register at the no-ip forum before, only it was possible now.


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Look what happens when I go out of town for a week, you guys plan a story contest.  I'll have to think about I want to do for this year.


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I might slap something together for this...


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The more the weirder


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Ok now that the site issues are sorted out I'd like a preliminary number for the people participating in the contest


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I'm in


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Okay that's one.


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I'm trying to get mine done this weekend.


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I'll probably have something short to offer.


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We're on a roll.


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I’m in too, will probablly submit closer to that November 7th deadline.


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And I'm done.  I think I created a bit of a monster, as the story stretched out to 12.5k words.  It's a generic transformation story (eg. not Belial specific, that one is currently stalled out), but hopefully packed with enough sexy transformation to keep you guys satisfied.


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We have our first entry. A couple of short stories by indigocarmine
https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/view … 8071#p8071


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And here's our second entry
https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/view … 8079#p8079


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I will post my entry tomorrow night if that is okay. Real-life has kept me very busy.


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It's fine having a contest with 2 entries would suck


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Any chance of getting that poll added?