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Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers (and happy Thursday to everyone else).  This is a little slice of life story I threw together for the holiday, packed full of interesting transformations and how they affect family life.

A Harding Holiday

            Raymond "Ray" Harding pulled his car to a stop on the street outside the family home.  The drive hadn't been too bad, only two hours from where he was off studying for school.  Despite the holiday, the drive had been relatively uneventful.

            As he walked up the cobblestone walk, Ray chuckled at the little cocktree half erect in the brisk morning air.  One of his parents had staked a little sign next to it, proudly proclaiming that a Harding family lives here.  The ing looked to be added onto the original phrasing

            Digging his keys out of a pocket, Ray let himself in the front door.  "Mom, Dad, I'm home."

            "Raymond!" a voice called down the stairs, followed by a figure who wrapped Ray up in her arms.

            "Hey Mom, good to see you." Ray managed around his mother's four armed, back breaking hug.  Eventually Karie Harding relented, stepping back so she could admire her boy.  Ray did the same, after all his Mom looked amazing for her years.  Despite being over fifty she barely looked a few years beyond him.

            Despite healthy living, Ray knew his Mom's real secret to youth was alchemical.  If the four arms weren't a clue, then the hefty bulge at the crotch of the nearly skintight rubber dress she was wearing was a pretty big hint.

            Karie pouted, running a finger through her shoulder length, purple streaked silver hair.  "How did you know it was me?"

            Ray chuckled.  "Simple, you're the only one who calls me Raymond. Is Dad around?"

            Karie rolled her eyes.  "She's already in the kitchen.  You know how my husband loves to cook."

            Ray followed his mother into the kitchen to find an identical figure laying out ingredients on the counter.  The only difference was she was wearing a transparent catsuit instead of Karie's blue dress, with the addition of a black and white apron.

            "Hey Ray." the shemale said, looking up from her recipe book.  "How was the drive?"

            It takes a certain kind of man to humor his wife's decision to transform into identical shemales, but Kacy Harding was far from ordinary.  Despite looking (and sometimes acting) like a porn star, she was actually an accountant for a transformation company.  From the stories she told at last year's New Year's party, her superiors had gotten a kick out of the rubber business suits she now wore to work.

            "Lacking traffic, surprisingly.  Though I narrowly avoided one accident.  The driver ahead of me had three eyes and still almost didn't see that bus."

            Kacy guffawed, which seemed out of character with her figure.  "Some people never change.  Thanks again for coming early and helping us get ready."

            "Not a problem.  I know how crazy Kenith and Klem have it with their families.  And I learned long ago to never let Mom anywhere near the kitchen."

            Karie stuck out her tongue at him.  "It's my one flaw.  At least I was smart enough to marry a man who cooks.  Something some girl is going to really appreciate someday.  Speaking of which, what is this I hear about you spending a significant amount of time with a particular lady at school?"

            Ray sighed.  He was going to kill his older sister Klem.  She was good at worming confessions out of people, but she should be smart enough to keep certain things in confidence.  She was a lawyer after all.  Now his mother would talk of nothing else the entire day.  Seeking a distraction, Ray asked, "If grandma still out back?  I'd like to say hi before we start a cooking marathon."

            Taking pity on her son, Kacy answered, "It's not like she can go anywhere else.  I'm sure she'd be delighted to see you."

            Karie harrumphed that the issue wasn't over, but Ray gave her a peck on the cheek before making his way toward the backyard.  He'd barely made it out onto the porch when something furry attacked his leg.  "Leaker, down girl."

            Ray managed to extricate himself from the family sex pet and ran a hand down the thick tan fur of her flanks.  Leaker was build like a golden retriever, only without a head or tail.  Instead the sex pet had massive vaginas fore and aft.  They were constantly slick with moisture, which was what got the sex pet her name.

            Kneeling down, Ray rubbed the special spot right above the sex pet's forward vagina.  The Leaker shuddered in obvious pleasure.  "What's gotten into you?  Are Mom and Dad not satisfying you these days?"

            Ray knew his parents used Leaker as a bonding tool and stress reliever.  He'd heard a story from his drunken Aunt Lisandra one night that Leaker had actually been an admirer of his mother from back in college and transformed him or herself to always be with Karie.  Ray wasn't sure how true the story was, and his mother always deflected questions about the family pet’s origins.  Then again, in his family Ray wouldn't have been surprised if there was more than one individual in the sex pet.

            Making his way off the porch, Leaker on his heels, Ray headed for a growth of trees against the fence line.  They created a sheltered hollow in the center and Ray knew that would be where he would find his grandmother.

            At first glance, the center of the clearing appeared to be a giant pumpkin patch.  There were dozens of spheres, connected together by thick green vines.  They ranged in size from basketballs to the one in the center big enough to hold a person.

            As Ray stepped into the clearing several of the closest spheres lifted off the ground to face him.  They were a fleshy pink instead of orange, and as they lifted into the air they revealed very large, very humanoid vaginas opposite the vines.

            "Hello Grandma, how are you enjoying nature?" Ray asked the giant plant.  He petted one of the spheres as it came close.  Ray didn't expect a verbal reply, his grandmother's transformation hadn't allowed for that.  The garden obsessed old woman had insisted that people only talked to plants, they didn't talk back.  Instead Ray took a seat beside the largest sphere and spend some time telling his grandmother all about his most recent experiences at college.


            "I'll get it." Ray said as the doorbell rang.  It was several hours later, after all the cooking had been completed.  Now all that was missing for the Goodharvest feast was the people.

            "Hey little bro." said the woman on the other side of the door as Ray opened it.

            "Hey sis." Ray replied, giving his older sister Klementine (Klem to everyone but their mother) a hug.  "How was the drive?"

            "There's nothing more relaxing than forcing slower drivers off the road." his sister replied with a grin, showing off a mouthful of sharp teeth.

            Much like Ray's parents, his sister was also transformed.  Ray had teased his sister growing up about her big cat obsession.  Now she literally was a big cat, a lioness to be exact.  Her anthro body towered a foot above his own, covered in silky golden fur.  Klem had squeezed it into a skintight black leather corset dress that looked stolen from their mother's closet.  By the bulge at the front, Ray knew his sister also shared their mother's fascination with gaining a male member of her own to play with.

            On the stoop behind Klem was her husband Koy.  Upon seeing him, it was very clear who wore the pants in the relationship.  Koy was also an anthro cat, a panther, but he was far smaller than his wife.  In fact Koy barely came up to Ray's shoulder.  Then were the very large, very unmasculine breasts filling out the front of the ludicrously pink dress Koy was wearing.  Koy looked like someone crossdressing badly on Demon's Eve, but Ray knew that Klem preferred her husband like this.  She had a thing for breaking males into sissies.  Last he'd heard, Klem's college boy-toy was now a literal fuck-toy at a sleazy brothel somewhere.  It must have been an artifact of growing up the middle child between males.

            "Klementine!" Ray found himself pushed aside as his mother performed a hug attack on his sister.  Klem bore it with an eyeroll that Ray interpreted as the
things we put up with for family.

            "Good evening Koy." Karie addressed Klem's husband, before bending down to stare into the stroller he was pushing.  "And how are my little grandbabies tonight?"

            "Perfect Ma'am.  The twins spent most of the trip staring out the windows in high excitement, while little Kyle slept the whole time.  He'll probably wake up soon, I usually feed him about now."  Koy patted his dress just above one nipple, as if to see if he was leaking.

            "Well don't let me keep you on the porch all night.  Come in, come in."

            Twenty minutes later, while Ray was talking politics with his sister and Karie was crooning over her grandchildren with Koy, the door rang again.  "I'll get it." yelled Kacy as she stepped out of the kitchen while wiping her hands on her apron.

            A minute later the living room was filled with almost a dozen more people, with three herding the rest.  On the left was Ray and Klem's older brother Kenith, while on the right was his wife Aura.  Kenith was shorter than Ray but more muscular, well tanned by his time outside as a landscaper.  His wife Aura was the stereotype hippy; thick curly hair, glasses, and multicolored outfits.  She was the one that grew all the plants for her husband's business.

            Between Kenith and Aura was the couple's other wife, Moon.  The third spouse was an obvious transformee.  She was headless and armless, with expansive thick curves and a ponderous belly.

            From their introduction several years ago Ray knew his sister-in-law was a breeder.  The tacky sweater hiding Moon's heavy breasts also concealed the large vaginas replacing each areola.  They were in addition to the pair hiding front and back at the transformee’s crotch.  According to Moon, Breeders were designed to allow couples with dissimilar genitals to still have offspring.  She was able to combine cum from both her husband and wife (like a surprisingly large amount of females in Ray's family, Aura was also packing), mix in a little of her own DNA, and bear a child.  Over ten years of marriage the trio had been quite fruitful, if the six kids trailing behind them were any indication.  Ray knew the three males were normal, but the three girls were all packers like their mother.  This was all subject to change, as the offspring of Breeders had a decent chance of undergoing the transformation themselves during puberty.

            The party grew more lively after Kenith and company's arrival.  Moon, Koy, and Karie entertained the smallest children, while some of the middle ones chased after Leaker, who had somehow gotten into the house.  Ray spent time with his eldest niece and nephew, wowing them with stories of projects he worked on while studying for his alchemy certifications.

            The doorbell rang again, announcing the arrival of Ray's Uncle Andre and Aunt Lisandra.  Even by Harding standards, Ray considering his Aunt and Uncle a little strange.    They taught Culture of the Realm and Transformed Philosophy respectively at a small liberal arts university in the next region over.  They'd missed last year's holiday gatherings for another trip to the Realm, and it seemed this time the pair had actually done what they'd been planning for years.

            Uncle Andre had long joked he was an ass man, now he was a Freyan Anuswoman.  From many lectures his uncle had given him over the years, Ray recognized him as one of the rarer Bolschel types.  His abbreviated figure was dainty and feminine, with long slender legs perched atop platform heels.  Andre's cock poked up behind him like a tail, bobbing with the sway of his wide hips.

            Aunt Lisandra, on the other hand, had gone a much more masculine route.  Ray had never seen a Thrunard cockwoman before in person.  They supposedly came from a small forest village, were the gender roles were flipped to leave woman in charge.  Lisandra stood nearly eight feet fall from bare calloused feet to the tip of her crimson glans.  Her legs and butt were muscled like a steroid abusing bodybuilder, while her shaft was crisscrossed with thick, pulsing veins.  Unlike her husband, who was wearing a pair of practical and warm tights, Lisandra relied entirely on her thick coating of body hair to keep her warm.

            If that wasn't enough, Lisandra was also heavily pregnant.  Logically Ray knew that Freyan woman had to get pregnant sometime to propagate the species, but he'd never been this close to one about to pop.  Lisandra's hairy belly had to be nearly two feet across at the base of her shaft, looking like she had a misplaced fifth testicle that hadn't fallen to sit with its four siblings.

            Aunt Lisandra's state was enough to set off the females of the family and Ray scooted off into a corner to talk with his uncle.  "So you finally went through with it.  What's it like being half ass?"

            "You mean being a total ass?" he uncle joked back.  "I'm still the same old me, just in a different packaging.  My wife, bless her, saw her conversion as an awakening into her true self the way most women in the Realm do.  As for me, call this a midlife crisis.  Instead of buying a car I can't afford, I lost a few pounds and changed my wardrobe."

            Ray had a laugh at his uncle's upbeat philosophy.  He'd missed the man last year, always talking about how life was full of transformations even if only a few involved D-cum.

            "At this rate, you're the last normal one of the bunch." Andre noted.  "Unless Booker comes and brings the bitch."

            Ray frowned.  He knew his uncle didn't approve of his other uncle's wife, but that was a bit harsh.  Ironically though, it was accurate.  "They divorced last year." Ray informed Andre.  "She was sleeping with other men on the side."

            If the ass creature still had eyes, Ray knew he'd be rolling them.  "I told Booker she was a gold digger from the first time they met.  But did he listen to me?  No."

            "Then this will cheer you up.  Uncle Booker told me a few months back that his ex ended up transformed.   Some sort of accident at a Fraternity house, she ended up merged with the dog.  She's some sort of canine sex pet now; apparently they adopted her as their mascot."

            Leaker, who had been lurking under a chair eavesdropping, instantly perked up at that.  Noticing this, Andre's anus puckered into a facsimile of a smile.  "You should take Leaker to meet her.  I'm sure they'd get on grand."

            I gave the family pet a scritch above the clit.  "I'm sure they would."

            The doorbell rang again and Kacy went to answer it.  As if summoned by Ray's discussion, his uncle Booker appeared in the front hallway.  But he wasn't alone.  Clutched in the big man's arms was what Ray at first thought was an ornate pot.  Only when he walked closer to greet his uncle did the young man see the pot was occupied by the abbreviated form of a woman.

            "Ray, good to see you again!" Uncle Booker called as Ray approached.  The big man held out one hand to shake Ray's while balancing his package with the other.  "Ray, I'd like for you to meet my new wife Noelle.  Noelle, this is my nephew Ray."

            "A pleasure to meet you Ray." the woman replied, her vagina dominated face slurring the second word.  In additions to whatever transformations were needed to shrink Noelle down to fit into her pot, the woman sports four large breasts that were each cradled in a ceramic embrace.  Her facial vagina was matched by a second one framed near the bottom.  As Booker shifted the pot, Ray saw molding on the back that hinted at a third hole in the back.

            "And you as well Noelle." Ray replied, taking a liking to the cheerful woman in a way he never had with Booker's first wife.  Maybe it was the fact she didn't looked too much older than he was.  "I'd shake your hand, but…"

            "Meh, who needs limbs when you can have extra boobs and vaginas?  I'm really looking forward to meeting you all.  Booker's told me so much about his family."

            "From gold digger to trophy wife.  Sheesh Booker, you really know how to pick them." Andre said as he walked over to greet his brother.

            "Hey, I'm a pot girl not a trophy wife.  We're more sophisticated." Noelle joked.  "Besides, Booker and I met back when I was still a regular old woman.  We both had some unfulfilled fantasies that we discovered matched each other's fetishes nicely.  I get to sit around all day and be pampered, while he gets an obedient and helpless companion who's awesome in the sack."

            Andre looked startled, yet impressed as Noelle's output.  "You make a surprisingly good point, young lady.  I must inquire, do you have a sister?"

            From across the room, Aunt Lisandra called, "I heard that."

            "I wasn't asking for me." Andre said sweetly.  "I was asking for Ray.  It's a total mystery to me how a bright, handsome lad such as him is still single."

            "Actually…" Ray began, but was cut off by the doorbell.

            Karie's brows furrowed.  "That's weird.  Everyone should be here already."

            "It's for me." Ray said, moving toward the door.  He opened it and immediately broke into a huge grin.

            Standing on the stoop, looking decidedly nervous, was a large transformee.  She was a taur, with a woman's torso growing out of the body of a scorpion.  Black chitinous armor encased her lower torso, while also wrapping around her upper one like a corset.  Further plates ran up the woman's neck and up the sides of her nose, while others ran down to the hard nails that turned her hands into claws.

            "Hello beautiful."  Ray stood up on his tiptoes to give the woman a kiss on the lips.  "I was starting to think you wouldn't come."

            "I got a little lost after getting off the freeway.  I hope I'm not late."  The woman ran on clawed hand through her tangle of scorpion tail like braids.

            "Lizbeth, you're right on time."

            From behind Ray, his mother called, "Ray, who is it?"

            "Come in and let me introduce you to the family."  Ray said to Lizbeth.  When the transformee still looked nervous he added, "Don't worry, I know they'll love you."

            As the assembled family encircled the pair, Karie asked, "Ray, have you
been holding out on us?  Who is this marvelous woman?"

            "Mom, Dad, other miscellaneous family members, I'd like to introduce you to Lizbeth, my girlfriend."

            There was a moment of dead silence.  Uncle Andre broke it.  "Noelle, I take back what I said earlier."

            "Oh?" the potgirl replied, clearly uncertain where Andre was going.

            "I don't think it matters how many sisters you have.  Ray's certainly found a keeper right here."

            Both Ray and Lizbeth blushed at this.  Then the expected barrage of
questions began.  "How did you two meet?" asked Klem.

            "It was almost a cliché meet-cute." Ray explained.  "Both of us we late to class, neither of us were paying proper attention as we went around a blind corner.  Books and pages flying everywhere.  Needless to say neither of us made it to class that day."

            "I half expect Ray to run off in fear." Lizbeth continued.  "It happened to me several times since…since my accident."  She blushed a bit deeper and ran a nervous finger through her hair.  "But he was the perfect gentleman.  Helped me up off the floor as if it has been entirely his fault.  Helped me get all the papers back in their binders.  The whole time, he treated me like I was just another woman.  I didn't know if I'd ever meet someone like that again."

            Andre took the next question.  "So, have you two done it yet?"

            "Andre!" snapped Lisandra and there was a loud smack as she telekinetically whacked him on the cheek.

            "What, all the kids are doing it these days…."

            The questions continued as the extended family made its way to the table.  Some chairs had to be re-arranged for Lizbeth to fit, but everyone seemed happy for her company.  Over a dinner of turkey, gravy, and casseroles, Lizbeth explained that she was a history grad student at the same college at Ray.  She'd ended up transformed after finding a demon still living in the ruin she was exploring as part of a summer internship.  In a way Lizbeth had gotten off lucky, her professor now looked like an animate stone jackal.

            Stories and drink flowed late into the night.  Klem talked about buying her husband at a weekend charity sub auction, only to realize how perfect Koy would be for her life goals and keeping him.  Andre and Lisanda talked about some of the strange transformee customs they'd seen on their last trip to the realm.   Lisandra saved the part involving the pre-transformation party until all the kids had been put to bed in the upstairs den.

            "So I have to ask." Lizbeth said around a second helping of pie.  "If everyone else in your family starts with a K, how did you end up as Raymond?"

            Ray sighed, setting down his fork.  "It's my middle name."

            "We've been together how long, and I'm finally learning about this?"  When Ray answered this with an eyeroll, she continued, "Then what is your first name?"

            "Tell you what, marry me someday and I'll tell you."  Ray glanced over at his mother.  "And don't you dare tell her."

            Eventually, the effect of good food took its toll.  Kenith took Aura and Moon up to his old room, while Klem did the same with Koy.  Noelle was already upstairs watching the children, so Booker said he was going out to his truck to sleep under the stars.

            Lizbeth followed the tide toward the stairs, assuming she'd be bunking with Ray.  Instead, he led her toward a door off the kitchen.  It revealed a set of stairs leading downward.

            "Sorry, it's a narrow fit." Ray told Lizbeth, moving ahead to flip on the lights.  "Don’t worry, there's a larger set of stairs that lead outside we can use in the morning."

            The basement appeared to be ordinary, but Ray led Lizbeth to a second door.  As she stepped through it, Lizbeth's jaw dropped.  "Raymond Harding," she admonished her guide.  "Just what do you expect to be getting up to tonight?"

            There was no polite way to say it, the place was a sex dungeon.  What walls weren't crammed full of shelves of toys or sex aids were mirrored.  Machines that ranged from kinky to unfathomable lay scattered across the room.  Then there were multiple hoses and industrial drains for cleaning up afterward.

            "Sorry Lizbeth, I thought you'd be more comfortable down here than in my room."

            "I'd be more comfortable in your own personal sex parlor?" she asked, eyeing one of the machines dubiously.

            "Technically, all this belongs to my parents.  This is the first time I've ever brought someone down here."

            "You're avoiding the question Ray."

            "Let me put it this way.  I'm the youngest of three children.  And as much as I love you, no one will ever describe you as petite."

            Lizbeth's face made an "oh" of comprehension.  "You're saying I wouldn't have fit upstairs."

            "I'm saying I have the smallest room and most of that is packed full of books I couldn't take to school.  Much better to leave it for Andre and Lisandra while we have plenty of space down here."

            "That's a good point."  The couple were silent for a moment before Lizbeth finally asked, "So, wanna fuck?"

            Ray looked at his girlfriend in exasperation.  "Seriously?  After the flack you just gave me for bringing you down here?"

            "I was just trying to gauge your intentions."  Lizbeth came over and put an arm around her boyfriend's shoulder.  "Not that I should have bothered, I know what type of man you are.  Seeing your family tonight only proved it."

            "Oh?  And what is your opinion?"

            "Kind, welcoming," Lizbeth started ticking them off on her fingers, "loyal, loving,... courteous, cheerful..." She paused.  "Oh, and more twisted than a curly straw."

            Ray gave her a kiss on the lips.  "I'm glad I rate so highly in your opinion."

            "Why don't you climb up behind me and show me just how grateful you are?"

            Lizbeth let her lower torso sink to the floor to allow Ray to climb up.  The plates on the back of the torso shifted, revealing a seat of softer flesh hidden beneath the armor.  By the time she was ready Ray had shrugged out of his clothes and was staring at his girlfriend with a raging erection.  Lizbeth reach a hand down to stroke it.  "There's no better a sign a woman is doing right by her guy than a stiff member.  Why don't you find some place to put that?"

            Needing no further prompting, Ray climbed up behind Lizbeth's upper torso and settled himself into the seat.  The slick folds of the transformee's vagina were waiting for him in the gap.  She was so wet Ray sank in with only the barest resistance.

            "This room is soundproof, right?" Lizbeth moaned.

            "You could play a rock concert down here and no one would be the wiser upstairs.  You should have seen the renovation bill."

            "Good.  Then make me your sexy mount tonight."

            Ray leaned forward to kiss the back of Lizbeth's neck.  "It will be my pleasure."

            With that Ray began to pump in and out of his girlfriend.  The tauric woman's arousal seemed pegged to her volume and Ray played her like a concert pianist.  He leaned into her back, reaching around to massage Lizbeth's large breasts.  Every tweak of a nipple sent the woman's moans up another decibel.

            When Lizbeth was finally tired of being on the edge, she twisted her entire upper torso around and pulled Ray to her.  She engulfed him in a tonsil sucking kiss just as they both fell over the edge into orgasm.  Linear time seemed to break as they clung to each other, enjoying the peak of pleasure each had to offer.

            Eventually Lizbeth rolled onto her side, exhausted from their passionate lovemaking.  Ray crawled around so they were face to face, torsos still pressed together.

            "Ray, thank you."

            The young man paused right as he was about to kiss his girlfriend on the nose.  "Thanks?  What for?"

            "Just now…earlier tonight…everything you've done since we've met."

            A smile crept up Ray's face.  "I can very sincerely say it has been my pleasure."

            After another kiss Lizbeth continued, "There's just one thing still bugging me."

            Ray read his girlfriend's expression and made an educated guess.  "My first name, right?"  She nodded and he sighed.  "It's Kemsyt.  Apart from making me sound like a villain from the old myths, it's impossible for most people to spell correctly."

            "Kemsyt Raymond Harding." Lizbeth giggled.  "Not what I expected, but I like it.  Oh, and the answer is yes by the way."

            "Answer, what answer?"

            "You do remember what you said earlier."  When Ray continued to look blank Lizbeth added, "About us having to be married before you'd give me your name…"

            Ray's eyes opened wide in shock.  "Wait, are you serious, do you mean…"

            Lizbeth silenced him with a long kiss.  When they broke apart she said, "I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

            "In that case…I think this calls for celebration.  Up for round two?"

            "With you? Always."


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