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The Liquid
Unending BE - episode 34892

A rich, emerald green, the liquid inside the bottle seemed slightly thicker than watter, and almost seamed to sparkle. A rich, heady aroma, vaguely reminiscent of the smell of cantaloupe, emenated from the unstoppered bottle.

Jim closed his eyes and enhaled the rich, enticing scent. He'd never smelt anything quite like, it was sro fragrent and enticing.

Looking at the bottle, Jim...

*Shook a little onto his finger and tasted that tiny amount.

It had a strange sugary taste to it, Jim put some more on his finger and put it in his mouth to have another taste. But soon his finger didn't want to leave his mouth, he felt a strange sensation in it as he rolled his finger around his tongue. He sucked more and more on his finger, and it grew stiffer and thicker. The rest of his fingers clenched around a swelling palm. And suddenly his finger orgasmed in his mouth. He pulled it out and saw his palm had turned into a pair of balls with fingers hanging from them and a large swelled penis. Jim then...

*masturbated his hand

Jim gaped at his former finger, which was already beginning to regain it's erection. Jim was presented with a strange site, as he stared at his finger, which was quickly becoming engorged. A massive scrotum had developed in the center of his palm, filled with two massive testicles, which hung heavily from his hand. JIm looked around, just to be absolutly certain that no one had saw him. He ducked into the bushes to further inspect his new cock. By this time, the massive new cock that had replaced his poitner finger had reached it's maximum erection of approximately ten inches, and began to throb almost painfully in arousal, as small bursts of pre cum dribbled down the shaft and on to his hand. Before Jim knew what he was doing, he had grabbed his massive cock and was pumping vigerously. Immediatly, a massive orgasm began to build, the massive nuts that had grown in the palm of his hand were tightening up quite quickly, when suddenly, his new cock began to pump, bucking all the while. Jim was literally lost his balance and fell to the ground at the sheer force of the sensational orgasm. His former finger continued to pump for a full miniute, spraying ejaculate all over the brush.

Jim sighed in relief, hoping that his massive orgasm would have brought some relief. To jim's great surprise, his hand cock was anything but relieved, if anything, it was even harder, it was as if he never came.. the veins pulsated heavily, as the occasional spurt of pre cum slid down the shaft.

He carefully grasped the massive spheres with the fingers that he could still move. The action sent pangs of pleasure up his new super sensitive dick, which began to pulsate even harder, as he felt his balls tightening up, a thick stream of pre cum began to dribble from his former finger on to the bike path.

The sound of a biker whizzing by him brought him back to reality. Afraid of being seen, he quickly slipped the bottle of green liquid that had done this to him in his pocket. As he was staring at his cock, wondering how he was going to hide it on his way home, he suddenly heard someone coming down the path.

Quickly, without thinking about the implications of what he was about to do, he jammed the changed hand into his pocket quite roughly, jarring his new genitals, that was all it took. Jim winced, as he was unprepared for the sheer blast of pleasure that greeted this action, as his new massivly sensitive cock blasted a series of loads into his pocket. When Jim regained his composure, he noticed that his pocked wasnt nearly large enough to accomodate the massive balls that had developed on his palm. At this point, going to rick's was no longer an option.

Luckily enough, Jim's house was only a few blocks back up the bike path. Jim quickly jogged back up the bike path, in the direction of his house, as, his seemingly insatiable cock continued to pulsate in his pocket, sending a thick stream of pre cum down his leg. Jim jogged up his long driveway, fortunately, his parents were gone for the week, so he wouldnt have to explain why his shirt and pant leg were soaked. The moment he got inside the house and closed the door, he (slowly) drew his hand from his pocket, pausing whenever the rubbing caused the new organ to contract in preparation. Jim stared at his new acquisition, the massive 10 inch cock that had replaced his pointer finger, and the new massive baseball sized nuts that had grown in the center of his hand. The phallus continued to pulse, sending an undending stream of precum down the length of the shaft. Jim then...

*put the liquid on other parts of his body


Re: The Liquid - by Cheeseguy

With a shaking hand, he disbelievingly fondled his new massive nuts, which contracted, sending a thick stream of pre cum down his massive, seemingly insatiably cock. Jim's attention was then focused on the small bottle of green liquid that had done this to him. Thinking that perhaps another application of the green stuff might reverse what had happened to him...

*Jim runs right upstairs, to try more of the stuff

Luckily for Jim, his parents were not home this weekend, so he did not have to face any.. uncomfortable questions, like why he had a massive boner where one of his fingers should be. What jim DID have to face, however, was his raging hard on. It had taken Jima bout twenty minutes to reach home, during which time his hand cock had been concealed under his jacket, randomly squirtin a load all over his shirt, however even that wasnt enough to satisfy it. JIm barely managed to keep his hand off of his new cock in time to reach the bathroom. Jim opened the toiler seat, and began to give himself a vigerous hand job into the toilet. He came within four strokes, for a full two minutes, his massive cock bucked and pumped what had to have been multiple gallons. Finanlly, the massive orgasm was over, and Jim sighed in relief, but not for long.

WIthin thirty seconds of the massive orgasm, his dick was as if he had never came and if anything, larger then before. The massive cock pulsated, occasionally squirting a small wad of pre cum several inches.

By this point, Jim's arousal was beginning to overtake him, after jacking off several more times, without any relief, his new cock was as hard as ever, and by this point he was certain it was larger it was at least a good eight inches longer then his index finger.... It had started off at about ten inches, but now it was easily longer then a ruler, and his balls looked like they had grown too, his unchanged fingers could still grasp them, but at the rate they were growing, jim wasnt sure how long it would last.

After about twenty minutes of jacking off again and again, JIm rememberd the small green bottle. At this stage, Jim didnt see that he had anything to loose, so he decided to experiment. Jim pickedup the bottle with his (as of yet) unchanged hand, stuck out his tongue, and dribbled a few drops of the strange sugary liquid on to his tongue. After several minutes of looking in the mirror, *And occasionally masturbating* Jim was ready to admit that it didnt work, when suddenly he was distracted by a very strong tingling sensation in his chin, the skin appeared to be becoming looser, as he reached up and felt the skin. All of a sudden, two massive testicles began to swell in the new scrotum. Jim opened his mouth to see if there were any changes taking place, and sure enough, his tongue was beginning to look very strange, and it was beginning to get much, much longer.

Jim moaned in pleasure as the massive dick and balls continued to grow. Within seconds, the massive cock had gained too much girth and l ength to remain in his mouth, it stuck out of his mouth rigidly, as it continued to swell. Finally, the tip mushroomed out and the cock stopped growing at about twenty inches, the massive balls had grown to a staggering size of at least ten inches accros... They were the size of basketball, and hung heavily from his chin. Jim stared at his reflection in the mirror, as the massive new cock that had replaced his tongue began to generate pre, which began to spurt on the mirror.

*Jim begins to apply more liquid

Jim could no longer control himself, as he stared at his erotic reflection in the mirror. The very site of such a massive penis growing from his body was almost enough to make him cum right then and there. Jim heasitantly reched up, and with one swift motion, began to jack off his massive tongue turned cock with both hands, while sucking and blowing with his cheeks, and what remained of his mouth, Suddenly, the massive cock went off like a fire hose, the sheer force of his massive penis and balls bucking in orgasm was enough to send him reeling in pleasure, as he came for a full five minute straight from both his mouth cock, and his finger cock. Within a minute, both of his massive cocks were ready to go again.
In a fevered fit of hornyness, Jim had an insane idea, he grabbed the bottle of cock growing liquid, took off his shirt, and applied several drops to each of his nipples, several more drops under his nipples, and then several drops more under that, a drop per each of his fingers, (and while he could still move his fingers on that hand) he applied a large splattering of the stuff in his crotch.

Jim temporarily regained sanity long enough to realize what he had just done, but by then, it was simply too late. Jim looked down at his nipples, as the flesh all over his torso began to swell. Jim's new nipples began to develop first, as the tipe mushroomed out, while the shafts grew, inch by pleasurably agonizing inch. The testicles began to develop under them, shortly after that, the rest of his cocks began to develop, the sensation of transformation was simply blissfull, as dozens of dicks and balls continued to develop all over Jim's torso. All of the cocks seemed to begin to produce pre cum simultainously, his chest looked like a veritable forest of miniature geysers of pre cum...

Just then, the cocks in his crotch began to develop as well. Jim started to jack off, but quickly found out that his fingers were stiffening too much to manipulate objects any more, as his hand now sprouted 5 massive 15 inch erections, complete with 10 full sized softball sized nuts.

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