Topic: Balls for All - by Cheeseguy

The original episodes are no longer on BEA but here they are.


Jim first went to find Rick. Rick took the same chemicals that were in the pills and made a colorless, odorless gas out of the BE formula. The two boys went over to the High school and peered into the gym room. There was a female gym teacher standing off to the side of the room. Ten girls were playing basketball. Rick sprayed his gas into the room and they waited. The girl who was dribbling the ball gasped and dropped the ball. She arched her back into the air. Sounds of ripping echoed around the large room as her sports bra came apart. Two hills pushed against her shirt and got larger. Her shirt rode up on her, making her stomach visible. First the left nipple, then the right one came bursting through the strained fabric. Strips of cloth fell to the ground and two huge tits bounced free. All the other girls stared at her, which made her very horny. She grabbed the crotch of her gym shorts with both hands and yanked as hard as she could. The cotton shorts RIIIPed apart and she dropped them to the ground. She pulled her panties apart and stood there naked. She began to masturbate as the other girls started changing. Their breasts became massive, ripping through their sports bras and destroying their shirts. The teacher was the last one to change. She was wearing a button-down shirt and the buttons flew off, exposing dark-nippled, beautifully shaped mellons. Eleven hot, sweaty, mostly-naked females stood in the room. One of the large-breasted girls yanked another girl's shorts and panties down and began to lick her ass. Another girl was having her beachballs milked by the teacher. Jim and Rick decided to...

*release a different kind of gas into the gym. After a couple of minutes something began to happen to the girls.

The girls began notice a strange feeling that was painful but stimulated their enormous boobs and their young vaginas. They moaned as the crothes of thier tiny shorts began to buldge. Soon hairy balls could be seen slowly creeping out from the dumbfounded girls' crotches and down their legs. The astonished teacher looks down at two tennis ball size nuts dangling between her legs and dripping sweat. Then she moans in pleasure as a huge throbbing penis tears through her gym shorts. then...

*they grow balls all over their bodies

As the gym teacher looks down at her big hairy nutsack and her large pulsating cock she feels something funny. She reaches behind her nutsack to feel another set of gonads. She reaches back further and finds yet another. She was horrified. She looked behind her to see large balls hanging from her ass crack and her lower butt cheeks. She yelled but when she turned around what she saw made her 16" penis throb harder. Lisa had balls almost covering her thighs and still spreading. Monica screamed as huge nuts began to form all over her giant tits. Brenda had at least 40 balls on her back. She raised her arms and revealed another 20 huge balls dangling from each tricept and even her armpits. she couldn't help but lick them. Tanisha had huge black balls hanging all over her thick black butt and the rest of her crotch area. And Alison was horrified as she looked in the mirror to see 4 sacks on each cheek, 2 sacks on her chin, and 5 on her forehead.

Alison shrieked in terror as she saw her classmates clothes begin to stretch as dozens of bulges began to form under the fabric of their tight gym uniforms, causing them to moan as they were caught off guard by the intense pleasure. Alison watched on in absolute horror as large bulges of flesh began to push out from under the girls' pant legs and shirts - what was going on? As if awaking from a dream, she regained her senses and quickly ran back across the slick floor to the girls locker room. With a gasp desperation, she wrenched open the door and threw herself inside - the hiss of the pneumatic mechanism slowly closing the door behind her.

Alison panted in exertion, she never had been much of an athlete, and her sprint had left her totally winded. "What the fuck is going on, those looked like... balls!" She muttered to herself, as the excess adrenaline in her system burned itself out, the gasps and moans of her classmates were muffled, but were still more then loud enough to keep her from any desire to leave the dubious safety of the locker room. She reached up idly, scratching her cheek - it had suddenly become maddeningly itchy.

Alison stood bolt upright as she felt her skin, half of her cheek seemed to be wrinkled and swollen - the realization hit her all at once. "Fuck!" She screeched as she ran full kilt into the restroom, barely stopping herself on the cast iron sink on the far side of the room. She reached up with a shaking hand as, before her eyes, her face began to bulge - 4 large sacks quickly formed on each of her cheeks, the empty flesh hung down as the sensation of change moved to her forehead, then her cheek. She whimpered, not daring to touch any of the loosening flesh, when the next stage of the transformation began - she could actually feel the bulging balls swelling within their sacks as each of the bloated sacks quickly filled. Alison to the ground with the force of the sensation - each of the bloated ballsacks was actually beginning to feel aroused - every little motion caused the orange sized balls to sway as she tried to pull herself up.

When Alison finally managed to pull herself up, the balls had finished their growth - she winced, barely able to keep from screaming as she caught sight of her face in the mirror - it was barely visible behind the bloated sacks, which had begun to throb in time to the beat of her heart.