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Topic: Slut Slot Machine (Bearchive Addventure)

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/ga … 50008.html

This is a storyline on Bearchive Addventure that, while not solely focused on transformation, allows for many possibilities.

The setup is this: There is a device called the Slut Slot Machine that can appear in any universe, any time, anywhere. Once someone comes across this Machine, they are compelled to use it. Once they pull the lever, the three slots on the Machine will start spinning. Each slot will change or transform them in a certain way. Once the three slots are done, the Machine disappears, waiting to find its next user.

Why should someone interested in TF want to check this out, you may ask? It's because the possibilities are endless in this storyline. The change can be physical, mental, global, relationship-based, anything that the user can think of as long as it changes something in some way. The only real limit is that someone in a line can only use the Machine once, but beyond that, everything's fair game.

I highly suggest you check it out, whether you want to become inspired to write your own episodes or if you just need some new fap material.


Re: Slut Slot Machine (Bearchive Addventure)

Here's a sample from one of the many branches of the Slut Slot Machine:

This morning was just like any other morning in the new world. Hayate blinked a few times and let a great yawn, her muscular arms stretching wide enough to hit Daisuke, who turned to hir side in annoyance. Hayate sat up in bed, her breasts jiggling and sloshing with milk, and stretched some more. She looked over at her partner and gave a perverted smile. She loved Daisuke as much as she loved her children, which was to say a lot. She loved hir doggish grin, hir charming personality, hir maternal attitude towards her children, but most of all, she loved hir cock, the one that made hir family possible, the one that filled hir cunt tightly, the one that fed her that delicious spunk to her and their children. And she couldn’t truly wake up without getting some of that in her.

She moved over to Daisuke and pressed her giant, milk-filled breasts and taut, huge pregnant bulge against her lover’s back. Her cock started to poke out of her sheath a bit, the red tip almost a foot in diameter. She hugged Daisuke tightly, letting her milk dripple out onto hir back and the dog furry feel their children restless inside their mother. Daisuke moaned in hir sleep as hir own cock started to come out. Hayate licked her lips; while her cock was wider, Daisuke’s was much longer, about 2 and a half feet at full erection. She reached around and started playing with some of her lover’s breasts while rubbing hir stomach. Daisuke was somewhat embarrassed when ze realized than ze would have more breasts than the furry lover older than hir, but Hayate didn’t care; she loved furries with more breasts than her, masturbating to them in magazines and pornos, and was excited that all of her children had more breasts than her, blushing at the thought of them cumming from nursing their children, just like she did. She squeezed milk out of Daisuke’s breasts, drinking some of it, while watching hir cock come out more and more.

Daisuke blinked hir eyes as ze felt hir body become aroused. Ze had a good idea why.

“You could have just woken me up without molesting my body, Hayate-chan.” Daisuke smiled despite the sarcastic tone in hir voice. Ze was deeply in love with the person who was the mother of hir children and the father of hir children. Ze first met her near the end of hir first year, when the then 7-year-old Hayate came to the area. She had left her family home in the south of Japan to find her partner. One day, she came across Daisuke and hir siblings playing in a forest near their home. It was love (and some lust) at first sight, as Hayate and Daisuke immediately began fucking each other, quickly becoming friends and lovers. Daisuke introduced her to hir parents, and the two of them hit it off quickly, becoming partners and fucking each other day and night, finding out all sorts of new positions and tricks from each other. At the same time, they found non-sexual things to love about each other; Hayate loved Daisuke’s caring attitude towards everyone, while Daisuke found Hayate’s can-do attitude inspiring. Daisuke’s family gave them some land to build a house, while Hayate’s family helped build the best residence in all of Japan. Dozens of bedrooms, a built-in swimming pool, a dining room to serve 300, and all the walls and floors cum-resistant, which would make cleaning easy. The two of them moved in, ready to start a family as soon as possible, and to see just how many places they could fuck in in one day. When Hayate finally matured, they were excited to see what the future would hold, and with each new set from Hayate, they found themselves surrounded with loving, happy, sexy children. Still, Daisuke became concerned that Hayate wouldn’t truly love hir until ze had children, but when ze brought it up, Hayate immediately washed away any fears that Daisuke had, telling hir every single thing she loved about hir while filling hir up for 4 hours. After that, Daisuke lived every day with happiness and content, and when ze realized that hir womb was full for the first time, the whole family celebrated, excited for the day when the couple would fulfill both halves of parenthood.

Hayate blushed. “Ah, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t wait for you to wake up and your body just makes me feel…” She came a little bit from her cunt and squirmed. “warm.”

Daisuke smirked. “I know, I know. You don’t have to apologize.” Ze got hirself in a sitting position on the bed, feeling hir gargantuan ass lift hir legs up slightly. Ze rubbed hir pregnant stomach as ze felt hir children kick and squirm; although ze couldn’t see it due to hir breasts and tits, ze smiled, thinking of the children ze would bring into the world. As much as ze loved being a father and fuckmate to Hayate’s children, ze couldn’t wait to do it to her own.

Hayate snuggled up to hir, pressing her pregnant stomach against hirs. Her partner moaned at the contact, hir cock almost fully out. “As much as I loved you before, you’re even sexier with big milky titties and a womb filled with life.” She was in full lustful mode, her tongue out and panting, her tail wagging crazily, and her waist humping Daisuke’s leg, rubbing her cock all over hir. “Fuck me, Daisuke.” she whispered in hir ear. “Fill me up, let your babies feel you, and make me feel good.” She knew just how to find the right tone between pleading and loving.

Daisuke looked over and smirked. Ze couldn’t resist those eyes and that voice. “Of course, my love.” Ze kissed her, pushing hir tongue as far down her throat as ze could. The two intertwined inside each other’s mouths, their tits and swells rubbing against each other. They came apart, looking at each other deeply in the eye.

Daisuke got off their bed and rolled Hayate onto her stomach. Due to how big she was, she wasn’t fully able to get her knees on the bed, making her float somewhat. She didn’t mind this; she actually found it kinda sexy, being helpless like this. She turned her head around, staring at her lover and hir big, juicy cock ready to impale her. Daisuke looked at her. “You ready?”

“Yes.” There it was, the thing that could make a furry hornier than anything else in the world: consent, the knowledge that your partner was just as into whatever you wanted as you were.

Daisuke got hirself aligned, then thrusted inward, feeling Hayate’s cunt grow tight around hir warm cock. Ze cummed almost instantly; of course, being the furries they were, just one wouldn’t satisfy them. Daisuke began to fuck Hayate, feeling hir cock move back and forth inside hir partner, feeling hir massive balls swing. Hayate, for her part, squirmed and moaned as she was rocked back and forth on her bulging womb, the milk dripping out of her swinging breasts; she came several times, the fluid making a mess on their bed. The two of them were moaning loud enough for the whole house to hear, but everybody else couldn’t hear them exactly over the noise they were making (More on that later).

Daisuke noticed that ze wasn’t giving hir partner all the love she deserved, with her cock being unattended. Ze took care of that by jerking her off to the rhythm of hir own thrusts; ze felt it throb in hir hand and hir tongue flopped out drooling at the feeling of it. Hayate was showing how much she appreciated it. “Yes! Yes! Thank you so much!!!” she screamed out in pure pleasure as both parts of her genitalia came with enthusiasm (from her, not from the genitalia). Daisuke was feeling it as well, with hir cunt dripping gallons of cum and her tits leaking milk all over hir swell and Hayate’s back. Ze could feel hir huge belly rub all over hir partner’s back, the one that gave hir these lives to take care of; just thinking about it made her too emotional.

“I love you, Hayate!” ze said through tears. “I love you, and your smile, and your huge milk-filled tits, and how you love and fuck our children, and how you fill me with your big cock, and that you love to take care of people, and just… everything!” Ze thrusted even faster now, feeling hir cock and her pussy cum at a rate they typically didn’t experience. Hayate didn’t notice, as her mind was becoming frazzled from all the pleasure, her tongue flopping out.

After a few more minutes, they were exhausted. Daisuke removed hirself from Hayate, the cum inside her flooding out all over the floor. Using her furry strength, Hayate was able to turn herself onto her ass. “Ah, that was a really great wake-up call.” She stretched her arms behind her, thrusting her 10 giant milk sacks forward, and looked at her partner. She smiled a little bit. Daisuke tended to get like this during sex, but it wasn’t anything embarrassing. It was something that happened to every furry, some more than others. During sex, especially when one or both of the partners was pregnant, they would get so overwhelmed with positive emotions that they’d start crying.

Without a word, Hayate led Daisuke into their bed and wrapped her arms around hir, getting them as close as she could. She moaned at their gravid swells rubbing against each other. “You did really good this morning, sweetie.”

“I know.” Daisuke rubbed hir eyes with hir arm, wiping the tears away. “I just got a little flustered.”

“It’s OK. You don’t have to- Oh!” She looked down at her belly, which was visibly moving. She sighed. While furries in the womb were typically active during pregnancies, they were especially jumpy after sex due to all the movement and hormones. Hayate felt two hands being placed on her belly. She looked at Daisuke rubbing her belly with a smile on hir face.

“I know, my little bundles of joy, I feel the same when I see your mommy. I just want to jump her and fuck her stupid til we can’t do anything but drip cum and pant. And she’s going to take care of you when you come out of her wet, tight cunt. She’ll put you right to one of her big titties and let you suckle out all the milk you want. You won’t need it after a while, but she’ll still let you do it whenever you want because she loves you that much.” Hayate noticed Daisuke’s womb jumping a bit, so she started rubbing hir belly as well. “Then, after a few weeks, you’ll feel the need to fuck like us. You won’t be ready just yet, but when you are, all of us, your mommy, daddy, and siblings, will help all of you make sure you’re comfortable and understand what’s going on. Your siblings already love you so much; they love to talk to you, telling you about themselves and who their favorite lover is. We can’t wait to finally meet you, all of us, but especially your mommy and daddy.” With their babies calmed down to a normal state of slight hyperactivity, Daisuke looked at hir lover’s eyes. “I love you.”

Hayate smiled. “I love you too.” The two of them leaned forward and kissed each other, their noses rubbing as much as their bellies were. They felt each other’s breasts and swells as their tails wagged gaily. They let go and realized that, due to their wide hips, they were slightly off the bed. They giggled at their position, then looked at the lust and love of their lives.

“You wanna go again?” Daisuke combed hir hand through Hayate’s hair.

“Maybe. In the bath with the k1ds.”

Daisuke’s ears perked up instantly as ze heard that. “Well, guess we should wake everyone up then.”