Topic: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

Come one, come all to my latest iteration of a holiday classic.  Pull up a chair and prepare yourself for all manner of transformations to get yourself into the holiday mood.


            Vieira McKnight, Mistress Vieira to everyone but her estranged parents, sat on the terrace of a rooftop café and watched the crowds milling below.  The new year was nigh and in Wasen, that meant only one thing: the Festival of Lights.  Already Vieira could see dozens hanging from cables strung across the city streets, the former woman glowing in excitement.  How many in the swirling crowd below would join them before the night was through?

            Vieira smiled and took another sip of her tea.  She'd always been fascinated with transformations, ever since her high school rival Tesha had transformed herself to win a boy they were feuding over.  The extra pair of breasts had given Vieira's opponent an edge for a time, but Tesha shouldn't used a bargain bin alchemist.  Not a week later two extra breasts had turned into twenty, running down Tesha's body all the way to her feet.

            The target of their feud dropped Tesha like a hot skillet, much to Vieira's amusement.  Vieira could have swooped in and taken him, but she was far too fascinated with her rival's changes.  Not for herself, even today Vieira was just as human as the day she was born.  But how the transformation changed Tesha's life.  Vieira even buried the hatchet and became friends with the radically changed woman.  It was Vieira's suggestion that the overly endowed woman seek out the nerds that drooled over her from a distance.  Ironically, Tesha got laid more often than if she hadn't had the accident and now ran her own porn studio for breast aficionados.

            Tesha had been the first step, but it wasn't until college that Vieira had found her niche in life.  Like many students looking to avoid crushing student loans, Vieira took on a part time job with the university.  She was a counselor's aide, and over a four year period old Mrs. Batson taught Vieira everything she knew.  How to read people.  How to get them to spill their problems, their desires.  Vieira had initially planned to study business, but after learning at the feet of a master for so long she wanted a different path.  The question was, how could Vieira monetize her skills?

            The answer ended up coming from Vieira's roommate Hellen.  Unlike Vieira, Hellen had gotten everything she wanted in life.  He father had made significant contributions to the college, which was the only way she'd gotten in.  And the only way she stayed in, despite years blowing off classes to spend the day sleeping off party induced hangovers in the apartment he'd bought her.

            After yet another blow-out phone call with her father, Vieira sat Hellen down to talk about it.  Hellen's father was after her for having no ambition, for just drifting through life.  After calming the woman down, Vieira asked what Hellen wanted to do with her life?  The blonde admitted she didn't know.  She liked sex and partying, was addicted to being the center of attention.  But that lifestyle couldn't continue forever, could it?

            Vieira had chuckled at that, thinking of Tesha.  Now that would be a way for Hellen to always be the center of attention…

            After some research on Hellen's computer, Vieira offered her a deal.  If the blonde would surrender herself to the changes Vieira proposed, then she would be able to live out her dreams.  Hellen had wanted more details, which Vieira rationed judiciously.  It was only after the blonde agreed that Vieira handed over several sketches.

            Vieira was pulled from memory by her phone buzzing.  Pulling it out, the
Transformanatrix saw it was nearly time to meet up with her new charges.  With the memory of Hellen still fresh in her mind, Vieira opened up her photo folders and selected the one centered on her friend.

            The initial changes had been radical and eye catching, exactly what Hellen wanted.  Full head and neck removal, with the shoulders molded into butt cheeks complete with anus and vagina.  Arms replaced with additional breasts, with all four swollen up to foot diameter spheres.  A dick growing out at the end of her spine, two feet long and thicker than a bottle of soda.  The testicles hanging beneath it were nearly as large as the breasts on the transformed woman's chest.

            The inspiration for this change was the discovery of Hellen's messy fetish.  She seemed to love videos where the performers ended up covered in cum, milk, and other bodily fluids.  The radically changed Hellen got to be her own walking disaster zone, with a constant stream of cum drooling from her cock tail.  All four of her breasts could spray milk on command, and often leaked when full.  Both upper and lower vaginas over lubricated, leaving sticky streams running down Hellen's body.

            Needless to say, Hellen's father's reaction was priceless when she showed up newly transformed at one of his parties.  She didn't end up staying long, her father was so upset Hellen ended up escorted from the premises.  But not before she'd picked up a business card…

            Vieira swiped to the next image, which showed Hellen posing beside her husband.  It turned out one of her father's guests, a fellow company owner, shared Hellen's love of overly endowed, dripping women.  When Hellen showed up at the next party on his arm, her father nearly had a second heart attack.  This time Hellen got to stay through the whole party, as her new lover was an important advertiser in her father's newspapers.  It turned out he'd started a specialty fluid proof clothing company just to indulge in his fetishes and Hellen became his number one model.

            In the years between then and the first photos, Hellen had undergone a few additional changes to keep things fresh.  Her skin was now a shiny grey like a dolphin, to better tolerate the water she found herself so often in.  At least, the little uncovered flesh was grey.  For Hellen had embarked on another fantasy to tattoo herself from headless shoulders to dick-toes.  Her various orifices and genitals sported dozens of rings and piercings as well, making Hellen about as alternative as you could get.

            The phone buzzed again and Vieira shoved it back in a pocket.  As fun as it had been to dwell on the past, it was time to begin today's festivities.  Still, after standing Vieira paused a moment to admire her figure in the reflection of one of the café's windows.  She was tall and slender, her figure augmented by a rigid corset and high heels.  A Waoi grandmother had gifted Vieira with thick waves of straight black hair and alluring almond eyes to go with her flawless white skin.  Smokey purple makeup accented a heart shaped face with lips so kissable people had literally given their bodies for the opportunity.

            The outfit Vieira wore had been one such client, willing to surrender his body just to have it spend time close to hers.  To those watching as she walked past it appeared that Vieira was wearing an ordinary, yet extremely kinky outfit.  Few people would have guessed it used to be a person and was actually a single piece of living fabric.

            The core of Vieira's Transformanatrix wear was a black leather corset dress, which covered her from ample breasts to firm butt.  At the apex of each breast and both cheeks were crowned by a pair of red lips, complete with a tongue that would occasionally poke out to taste the air.  Attached to the bottom of the corset was a matching black skirt that ran down to Vieira's knees.  The bottom foot was a double ring of mouth topped breasts that Vieira was able to used as storage pockets.  Around Vieira's legs were a pair of thigh high platform heels with 6 inch stilettos, the tops of the leather disappearing up into her skirt.

            Over the top of her corset Vieira wore a crimson leather bordello jacket.  The sleeves were elbow length, the ends puffed up to look like a pair of lips.  Out of these came fingerless gloves, leaving Vieira's fingertips as the only exposed skin on her arms.

            The entire outfit was skintight, showing off Vieira's well maintained figure.  Due to some clever design work the living leather could easily unwrap, allowing Vieira to go from sexy dominant to sexy nude in mere moments.  Of course, to see that usually cost extra.

            The only piece of Vieira's outfit that wasn't part of her former client was the necklace around her graceful neck.  The chain was simple and silver, strong and not ostentatious.  Hanging from the loop was a strange little artifact that Tesha had gifted Vieira for her birthday one year.  It was a little chunk of obsidian with engraved runes.  The sides were smooth and regular, but the exact number of them seemed to vary by the counting.  It was one of Vieira's favorite tools in deciding how to transform her clients.  Running a finger over the smooth black surface, Vieira mused the little stone would be getting a lot of use today.

            As Vieira made her way through the crowd, the masses parted around her like a rock in the middle of the river.  On a primal level, they seemed to sense what she could do to them.  Would do to them, if they were brave enough to ask.

            With two minutes to spare, Vieira approached the appointed meeting space.  It wasn't far from the café, which had given her the perfect place to watch her new playthings arrive.

            The first Mistress Vieira already knew.  Penny Sperry was the younger daughter of Vieira's housekeeper.  Penny's sister Laurie, elder by five years, had been the Transformanatrix's assistant from the moment she turned eighteen.  Now that Penny had reached that milestone, Laurie was more than willing to retire and let her sister take up the role.  Vieira hoped Penny was up to the task, as she couldn't exactly untransform the older sister.  Even if she could, Laurie was serving her far better as a throne of boobflesh and tentacles than she ever did as a maid.  There was two left feet, then there was whatever curse of clumsiness that afflicted Laurie.

            While Laurie had been shorter and pleasantly plump, Penny was of average height and skinny as a rail.  Her skin was tanned in the way only people who spent lots of time outdoors could obtain, nicely matching the rich brown of her shoulder length hair.  Dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, her look practically screamed tom-boy.  One would never guess that under that confident exterior lurked a burning need to be dominated and controlled.  A need Vieira was going to have a lot of fun exploring.

            Chatting animatedly with Penny was Lyn Harman.  Lyn was a fairly typical case for Vieira.  She'd come into money recently---enough to splurge with, but not comfortable enough life the rest of her life on.  While most people would have squirreled her dead uncle's windfall into stocks or a downpayment on a house or car, Lyn had decided she wanted to give up her boring life as a waitress to become a sex pet.  She didn't even have a particular kind in mind, only that her final form would be completely inhuman.

            Almost a pity, Vieira thought.  Lyn was only in her late twenties, still perfectly young and perky.  Her breasts were small, but from the photos she'd sent with her application Vieira knew her rear was ample enough to compensate.  Oh well, the customer wanted what they wanted.

            The last of the trio sitting at the table was the odd man out.  Tristan Woodworth was male, for one, and significantly older.  After thirty-something years as a hard charging investment banker, he was ready to retire and live the life he'd missed along the way.  And the sex.  Especially the sex.  While Lyn wanted to become a sex pet for the dehumanization, Tristan Woodworth was a slut in a businessman's body.  Though not for much longer.  Time to go to work.

            Mistress Vieira enjoyed how each of her client's eyes went wide as she approached their table.  Tristan and Lyn had never seen her in person, so their shock at her outfit and aura of dominance were expected.  For Penny, it probably had something to do with the fact her submissive dreams were about to come true.

            "Hello my pets, it's good to see you are all here on time."  Vieira favored all three of her clients with a smile.  "Not everyone who contacts me gets this far.  For some, it's only a fantasy."  The Transformatrix pointed at the cable high overhead, strung between the buildings on opposite sides of the streets.  "Do you see that Festival Light up there?  The one with the cookies and snowballs pattern."

            The trio looked at each other, confused, before nodding in unison.  "She used to be a client of mine.  Nice woman, though unfortunately obese due a lifetime of eating disorders.  She had reductivism fantasies, though I never found out if they preceded or were the result of the binge eating.  The woman came to me, begging me to make her smaller one bit at a time.  This was back when I was first starting out, when I was still new at reading people.  I worked her over for months.  Diets, exercise routines, the whole works.  After six months she'd dropped half her body weight and was fitter than she'd ever been in her life.  It was then that I asked her if she still wanted to go smaller.  Do you know what she told me?"

            The trio shared another look before Penny ventured, "Yes?"

            Vieira let her smile grow a little wider, remembering the look on her former client's face.  "Yes, yes indeed.  We started with arm removal first.  A nice and easy d-cum procedure.  There one second, gone the next.  One minute she was perfectly capable, then next she's heavily dependent.  Do you know what she said to me then?”  The trio shook their heads.  Vieira leaned in conspiratorially, as if about to impart some great secret.  “She said, I want more."

            Vieira let that sink in a moment before continuing.  "I gave her more of course, but I made her work for it.  She had to prove she was ready for the next level.  Her legs went next, leaving her a helpless bed pet.  She warmed by bed for a month, before I graduated her to a pot-girl.  It took her another month to convince me to finish the process and turn her into a Festival Light.  But first she had to endure the agony of waiting two months until the holiday rolled around.  Now one half of her stays in the charging room each year, while the other is loaned out to my friend's porn studio.  I was here when they swapped last year, and both lights were happier than they ever imagined."  Vieira paused again, letting her eyes linger over each of her clients.  "Now, do you know why I told you this story?"

            "So we know what we're getting into?" Penny offered.

            Vieira tisk tisked.  "Penny, you've already seen this part, don't spoil it for the others."  Gazing between Lyn and Tristan she added, "She is right though.  I want you two to understand that once you surrender yourself to me, there is no going back.  I will mold you, kicking and screaming if I must, into a being of your deepest, darkest sexual fetishes.  Normally I do this over a period of months, but you two have paid handsomely for an express ticket to your perverted dreams.  For you," she gestured at Tristan, "this is the ultimate slut, a non-stop taker of cocks and cum.  By the time I’m done with your sex will be as natural and constant as breathing.  Then I will sell you to someone who will use, abuse, and utterly control you.  Perhaps multiple people, as it will take that many to satiate your needs.”

    “As for you," Vieira's hand shifted to Lyn, "you are about to become little more than a pet, a living sex toy.  I will break you down until your humanity is a distant dream and you are incapable of thinking enough to disobey an order.  Your life will revolve around nothing more that fulfilling your Master or Mistress’ every need.”             

            Lyn was flushing heavily at this point, one of her hands adjusting her skirt under the table.  Tristan was squirming likewise, trying to make the raging bulge in his pants more comfortable.  It was time for Vieira to go in for the kill.  Reaching into the breast pockets on her skirt, she retrieved three vials.  Holding them up between her fingers, she waved the tiny glass cylinders before the mesmerized eyes of her clients.  "These little vials are the first steps in your new lives.  Each one will change you, utterly erasing the person you once were.  No one will ever again call you Penny, Tristan, or Lyn.  While I am transitioning you, you will be simply One, Two, and Three.  Once you are complete, perhaps I will give you a new name.  Perhaps not."

            Vieira set the vials down on the table between her clients.  "All you have to do is take the vial over to the changing stations over there."  Vieira pointed to a line of booths spanning the brick wall of a nearby shop.  "Step inside, drink the vial, and let your new life begin.  Otherwise you can walk away, forfeiting your deposit.  The choice is yours.  The fantasy is over, now begins the reality."

            Without hesitation, Penny snatched up a vial and sprinted toward the changing booths.  Lyn took a bit longer, lingering over the two vials as she tried to determine which one to pick.  A minute later she was gone, leaving the last member of the trio to make up his mind.

            "What shall it be Tristan?  This is a one time offer.  If you walk away, you can never come back.  You might find another Transformanatrix to change you, but they won't be me.  Are you man enough to live out your fantasies?"

            Vieira's goading did the trick.  The older man collected his vial and strode off toward the changing rooms.  Vieira waited until he was lost from sight before letting out a sigh.  She'd know all three were ready to make the choice.  Vieira was very selective with her clients, ensuring they were ready for her services.  She'd yet to have one walk away, but that didn't diminish the relief that's she'd chosen correctly with this most recent batch.

            Vieira spent the next few minutes reviewing he plans for the Festival while her clients changed.  She'd already done extensive research on which vendors and exhibitions would be in attendance and which would be most suited for her client's interests.

            Five minutes later, Penny was the first of the trio to return.  Vieira wouldn't have recognized her if the woman wasn't wearing the same clothes.  Penny's tanned skin had darkened to chocolate black and her hair had fallen out.  The effect made her head look like a scrumptious piece of candy ready to be licked.  Looking down, Vieira could see Penny's pants were bulging obscenely in the front.  "Tell me One," she asked, emphasizing Penny's new designation, "how do you like your new appendage?"

            "It felt really weird, having it flopping away down there.  Now it's almost uncomfortable in my pants, like I can't get it to sit right."

            "Don't worry, you won't be wearing those clothes for long.  In this crowd, no one will blink at casual nudity."  Vieira gestured at a passing couple, the man clad in sandals and a cock cage only, while his cockwoman wife led him around on a leash clad wearing in striped tights.

            Turning back to the changing booths, Vieira spotting the door to the one Tristan had entered beginning to open.  The woman who stepped out looked nothing like the man who had stepped in.  She appeared to be the same age as Lyn, though the silvery hair remained.  The woman's ample assets were barely contained by a partly buttoned dress shirt, the only clothing she was wearing.

            Returning to the table Tristan, now Two, took a seat beside One.  "When you said you were going to turn me into a slut, I didn't realize it was going to be so soon." she remarked.

            "I didn't know who would pick which vial Two.  Beside a minor random change, each vial contained a specific type of gender transformation.  By the look of you, you were the one who received the full gender change vial.  Congratulations, you can now have sex, get pregnant, give birth, and even breastfeed just like a normal woman."

            "What about me?" One asked.

            "You received the primary external gender change potion.  Your vagina transformed into a dick, but you still have ovaries instead of testicles.  You're an egg shooter and can get pregnant anyone with a womb and some sperm."

            "Cool, I think.  Laurie let me play with her strap-ons once.  Do you think you'll let me try it out on a real person sometime?"

            Vieira thought of a very special booth she would be bringing her assistant to later in the day.  "Perhaps."

            After another few minutes, right around the point Vieira was going to order One to go check on Lyn, the new Three finally appeared.  She was much larger than before, having gained several inches of height and at least thirty pounds of muscle.    Three's breasts had doubled in size, leaving her with solid D cups. She wasn't wearing any clothing, her only covering a thick coating of body hair.  The bush between her legs was insufficient to conceal that Three's slit now ran almost all the way up to her belly button, leaking fluids down the woman's right leg.  By the looks of it, she'd had at least one orgasm in the changing booth and hadn't bothered to clean up after.

            "About time you joined us Three." Vieira remarked in slight disapproval.  "Try not to take so long in future.  We have a very busy schedule today to get everyone's changes is."

            "Sorry Mistress Vieira, it won't happen again."  Three's voice was now deep, with the huskiness of a lifetime smoker.

            "See that it doesn't.  As I was explaining to One and Two earlier, you received the secondary gender trait swap potion."

            "If I received male secondary traits, then why did my breasts get bigger instead of smaller?"

            "Possibly crossover with the random secondary transformation.  I remember seeing genital enlargement as one of the options.  Judging by your vagina, that's the option you received."

            "My ass too.  They had some toys in the changing booth and I was able to stick one the size of my arm into my rear hole.  It doesn't really close now, unless I focus on it."

            "Just one of the new things you're going to have to learn to live with.  Now we must be off.  Lots of things to do, people to transform."

            The group didn't have far to go.  One reason Vieira had picked this particular meeting location, in addition to her hanging former client, was that it was close to the first booth she wanted to visit.  Booth, however, was an understated way to put it.  The maze of shelves took up one side of the street for nearly a whole block.  Shelves that were packed to bursting with what at first appeared to be a serial killer's delight.  That or a build your own manikin store.  Spare arms and legs were stacked like cords of wood, organized by size and skin tone.  Heads were arranged like eggs in a carton.  Smaller additions like extra nipples or dicks were stored in a bin.

            "Welcome to Bits and Pieces." Vieira proclaimed.  "The first step on the road to your new lives.  The proprietress is an old friend, so while I'm catching up I'll leave you each to a little shopping.  I won't always give you a choice, so think of this as an opportunity to impress me with your ingenuity.  Let's see…"  Vieira spun the little stone on her necklace, reading the runes.  "Two.  Yes, best not to go overboard so soon.  Each of you is to pick two additions to be added to your body.  Let's say…one conventional and one exotic.  I'll leave it up to you to determine what I mean by each.  You have ten minutes to make your choices, then I expect to see you up front by the register."  Vieira was about to step away when she paused.  "Oh, and items that usually come in pairs, such as legs or breasts, only count as one item."  With that Vieira strode off between the shelves, leaving her stunned clients behind.

            Reaching the other end of the booth, Vieira called, "Sylvia!"

            The woman behind the counter looked up and smiled.  Apart from her hair, which was a metallic silver nearly as long as the Transformanatrix's, she looked entirely human.  "Mistress Vieira, I was hoping you would stop by."

            "I promised I would.  The first stop in fact." the Transformanatrix replied, giving her friend a hug.  "How goes the turning people into disembodied body parts business?"

            "Shockingly well.  Who knew there were so many people out there obsessed with one part of their bodies that they'd want to become multiple copies of it?  I have to keep turning away people who want to become legs, and the only reason I can keep up with the breast turnover is due to high demand."

            "See, I told you so.  Who knew some throwaway advice would turn into your own successful business?"

            Sylvia rolled her eyes.  "The money you invested didn't hurt either."

            "I simply chose to wisely spend the money from a big job.  Who was I to know it was actually the inheritance your deadbeat brother had stolen from you?"

            "Speaking of Benny, how is my ass of my brother doing these days?"

            Vieira smiled, "He wanted to be the big dog, the alpha of the pack.  Now she is, hugely pregnant and screwed daily by the members of her harem."

            "Serves the bitch right.  Especially with what Benny was initially going to pay you to do…"

            The women caught up for several more minutes while Vieira's clients shopped.  At one minute till, the Transformanatrix let out a piercing whistle.  As if summoned, the trio arrived at the register with seconds to spare.

            "Going up in order is easiest.  One we'll start with you."

            One stepped forward.  She had a pair of forearms clamped under one elbow, and was struggling to contain a huge wig of hair.  "I thought having more hands to serve you Mistress would be…well, handy."

            When Vieira looked confused, Sylvia explained, "She's selected one of my animate wigs.  Unlike most of my other pieces, they retain some of the personality and mobility of their originator.  It's like trying to control a small child to get them to do what you want."

            "We'll see if my new assistant is up to the challenge."

            Sylvia took the wig from One, fluffing out some of the strands.  The hair was bubblegum pink and would fall in thick curls below One's butt.  Sylvia flipped the wig around so the cap interior was visible, gave it a quick spray from a bottle on the register, and moved behind One to align the wig on her head.  "Ooh, that tickles”, the chocolate skinned woman squealed as Sylvia made a few last minute adjustments.

            "That just means the bonding process is working.  Is there a particular spot you want these?" the proprietress asked, holding up one of the forearms One had brought over.

            "Can you attach it to my elbow facing the opposite direction?  That way I can reach things behind me."

            "I can, but the shirt needs to come off."

            "And will stay off." Vieira ordered as Sylvia sprayed one of the extra limbs and aligned it with One's elbow.  "Once your old clothes come off, they can only be replaced with what I allow you to wear.  Is that understood?"

            "Yes Mistress." all three pets replied in unison.

            "Good, now let's see what Two brought back."

            Two stepped forward and set a shopping bag down on the counter.  Out of it she pulled two melon sized spheres that were flattened on one side, along with a trio of foot long protuberances that looked like pink taffy.

            "Extra breasts.  Why am I not surprised Two?"

            "Because you know me so well Mistress?"

            "Now, what do we have here?" Vieira asked, picking up one of the strips of pink flesh.

            "It’s a tongue." Sylvia explained, having finished attaching One's other forearm.  "Believe it or not, I actually found someone who wanted to become a barrel of them.  I think he used to be a pick up artist, was always bragging about how sharp his tongue was."

            "Tongues…now that's more what I meant by exotic.  Where were you thinking of putting these Two?"

            "A second for my mouth Mistress, with the others in my pussy and ass respectively."

            "All you have to do is push them inside and the tongues should anchor themselves.  I'm going to need you to lie back on this bench for the breasts, to ensure I align them properly."

            While Sylvia attached Two's additional breasts just below her initial pair, Vieira had fun sliding Two's new tongues into her.  The transformation seemed to affect Two's other mouth tongue as well, so when they were finished the sexy woman was about to extend four tongues nearly a foot from her body.

            "And last but not least, we have Three.  What did you choose, my pet?"

            Three set a small vial of glowing blue liquid on the counter, followed by a pair of vaginas.  The fleshy slits were small, thin strips, almost looking like perverted cookies.

            Sylvia's eyes lit up when she saw the vial.  "Ooh, I was wondering when someone would pick up that little item."

            "What is it?" Vieira asked, picking up the vial and giving it a little shake to watch the liquid within swirl.

            "It's actually from an alchemist friend of mine.  It causes the drinker's bodily fluids to glow that color."

            "Simple, yet exotic.  Perfect."

            "Where do you want these?" Sylvia asked, picking up one of the vagina slices.

            "Over my nipples.  That should provide the most access." was Three's reply.

            Sylvia bid Three to lay back on the bench for alignment.  As she sat up Three pushed a finger inside, finding her new openings far deeper than she expected.  Withdrawing the finger, Three found it coated in a goo with a faint bluish luminescence.

            "Excellent work as always Sylvia.  I trust you can bill these all to my account?  With a 10% tip for personal services."

           Sylvia bowed.  "A pleasure working with you as always Mistress Vieira.  If you ever decide to lay down your convictions and transform yourself, I hope I'll be
your first call."

           With that Vieira shepherded her clients out of the shop and toward their next destination.  The group got a few strange looks along that way, but that was more due to Three continued fingering of herself and One's hair playing with her body than the fact Vieira was being trailed by three nearly naked figures.

           The second stop of Vieira's schedule was Skin of the Cat, a shop that specialized in bodysuits.  Vieira had never done business here before, but the online reviews had been very favorable.  Due to the name, Vieira was surprised when an anthro dog approached her upon entering the booth.  "Good afternoon, how may I assist you today?"

           The woman's form had the figure of a human with the skin tone of a Dalmatian.  Short white fur covered in the occasional black spot covered her from head to toe.  Additional canine features expressed themselves in the long black nails and pink pads on her paws.  The woman's face stained to contain big blue eyes and a flatted, black tipped nose.  Her hair was jet black and should length, curling to frame a face flanked by two large, triangular ears.

           "Good afternoon to you as well." Mistress Vieira replied.  "I'm here to buy some bodysuits for my clients."  She gestured to One, Two, and Three, who had bunched up at the entrance to the booth.

           "Please, come in and look around.  Let me know if you have any questions."  The saleswoman gestured to the racks that ran along the edges of her booth.

           "I'm sure I'll have a few in a moment."  Turning back to her charges, Vieira ordered, "Your new task is to pick a bodysuit I'll find fitting.  The…" Vieira consulted her die, "two choice I like the most will get the transformation.  Now go, you have five minutes."

           As the trio dashed into the shelves, Vieira turned into the saleswoman.  "Mistress Vieira, Transformanatrix." she said in greeting, sliding over both a business and credit card.

           "Catrika Costa, owner of Skin of the Cat."

           "Ah, that's where the name comes from."

           Catrika nodded.  "It confuses a lot of people.  But I've always liked dogs more than cats and there are benefits to being a sexy bitch." Catrika patted her chest, where four pairs of breasts sat cradled in a web of leather straps.  "Less people ask when my younger sister works the booth.  She's an anthro snow leopard."

            "I see.  While we wait for my clients to make their decisions, why don't you tell me about your suits?"

            Catrika led Vieira over to the nearest rack.  The suits looked like latex, imprinted with different patterns.  Catrika pulled out the arm of one suit, which was white with black marking that looked like tiny feathers.

            "We use a D-cum infused synthetic polymer." Catrika explained.  "It's activated by body heat and oils when worn, so it's safe to handle and transport.  When I first started I used to design the bodysuits more like fursuits, which allowed for a more exact change.  These catsuits are easier to mass produce and created themed changes, not identical ones.  If you put on this suit, you could end up with arm wings or back wings, feathers in strategic areas or over your entire body…you get the idea."

            Catrika went one explaining the features of her suits until time was up.  The trio of clients returned to the register, eager to see if their selection met Mistress Vieira's approval.  One had selected a grey suit with fins that brought to mind a dolphin or shark.  Two's suit was a metallic gold, decorated with scales.  Three's suit was striped like a tiger, only purple instead of orange.

            "Hmm."  Vieira pondered as she strode back and forth before her hopeful clients.  Three's costume was a definite, it would reinforce the pet vibe she was trying to instill.  As for the other two…Vieira's finally decided that the gold fit Two better.

            "Two, Three, congratulations.  Head over to the changing booths and put on your suits.  One, return yours to the rack."  Two and Three rushed off, while One dejectedly turned to put her suit back.  Vieira leaned forward and whispered in her ear.  "Do not fret little one.  The day is young and there will be plenty of other opportunities to change.  Next time it might be Two or Three who goes without." Nodding, One walked away with a little more confidence in her steps.

            "You provide a very odd service." Catrika remarked as she processed Vieira's payment.

            Vieira flashed her white teeth.  "It's the best job in the world.  I get paid well to help people unlock their inner desires.  Very, very well."

            By the time the payment was finished, Two and Three had returned.  Two was now covered from head to toe in metallic gold scales.  Her hair was gone, replaced with bony ridges that ran from widow's peak to the back of her neck.  Two's nails had grown into claws and a two foot tail hung from her backside.

            Likewise, Three was coated in thick white, black, and purple fur.  Like Catrika she had paw hands and eight breasts on her chest, though she lacked the owner's thick fluffy tail.  As Three massaged one of her new breasts, Vieira could see it also had the hidden vagina from her upper pair.

            Vieira looked from the anthro reptile to the anthro tiger and smiled.  "Very nice.  But we're just getting started.  Come along you three."  Waving goodbye as Catrika, the group left the shop.

            The next shop was several blocks over and Vieira had a special stop planned along the way.  Each year the Festival put on a themed art exhibition.  This year it was the anticipation of transformation.

            Walking into the art tent, the first display was a vat of d-cum the size of a bath-tub.  Hanging above it, suspended by ropes that wrapped around her body in intricate patterns, was a young woman.  A blindfold robbed her of sight, while thick earmuffs cut out all sound.  By the buzzing of the wand strapped to her crotch, the woman was trapped in her own little world, unable to know when the big moment would occur.

            The display next to that was set up like a dunk tank.  This time it was a young man who sat on the board, blind and deaf like his companion.  There was a pitching machine with a sign next to it, explaining that every ten minutes a ball would shoot out.  The machine was gimbaled, randomizing where the shot would hit.  In addition to the large button that would dunk the man into the pool of liquid below, there were several smaller targets that would dump different transformative elixirs in there with him.

            The third display contained a pitcher plant that nearly reached the ceiling.  By the way the central stalk was moving, there was already a victim inside squirming in anticipation.

            The one after that had a man strapped to a medical style chair.  His head was trapped in a rubber ball with hoses, robbing his senses and any clue about what was happening inside.  A milking device had been strapped to the man's penis and a large plug disappeared into his backside.  Both were active, as were the tiny e-stim devices over his nipples.

            Beside the man, a display proclaimed:

            Time to transformation 6 minutes 23 seconds.

            Number of times delayed: 5

            Number of minutes added to the transformation clock by the next orgasm delay:  15

            Note: Each orgasm delays the transformation by 20 minutes, minus the number of previous delays.

            Ingenious, Vieira thought as the man came, increasing the clock to 20 minutes 45 seconds.  She'd have to try and incorporate a similar game in the future.

            After that the group reached the far wall of the tent.  Running down the entire length were two dozen vertical glass tubes large enough to hold a person.  Only a quarter were occupied at the moment, the naked humans inside doing everything they could to drive themselves to sexual heights.  A sign at the end explained that the tubes sealed on entry and at midnight would transform the occupant based on the number of orgasms they'd had while inside.

            Finally, after looping back around the displays Vieira found the exhibit she was looking for.  It was a hollow glass cube around ten feet a side.  Inside several misshapen figures fucked with wild abandon.  They appeared to be random collections of body parts rather than people and Vieira smiled, remembering the trio before they came to her into her clutches.  Now they were a collective of swappable body parts, detachable pieces connected by a network of dicks and pussies.

            Right now they were making a wobbly H double penetration.  The figure on the left had two heads where the arms should be and was rocking back and forth on a trio of legs.  The one in the middle was headless, playing with itself using four arms as it was fucked from both sides.  The last figure was quadruped, lunging in and out to bury the middle figure inside the giant pussy where its head should be.

            Vieira's brows crinkled in confusion.  She'd missed it at first due to all the miscellaneous body parts strewn around the cube, but there were four heads in there.  Two on the bipedal figure, one at the crotch of the quadruped, and as Vieira watched the quadruped pull back she saw a fourth on the figure between them.

            "Mistress Vieira!" one of the arm heads called, and instantly all three figures were pressed up against the glass.

            "Hello again M,N, and O.  It seems you've found a friend."

            The woman in the middle with arms for legs blushed.  "I'm P.  Or at least I will be when the potion finishes taking effect.  Right now only certain parts come off."  She gestured at her lower arms, which were located where he legs should have been..

            Turning back to her charges Mistress Vieira said, "One, Two, Three, I'd like you to meet M, N, O, and P.  The first three used to be like you.  Once they were ordinary humans, now they are very in demand as…entertainers for special parties."

            "That's where we met P."  The quadruped O explained.  "She'd been at several of our parties and had a great time, so when we got the invitation to join this exhibit we all knew instantly who to call."

            "We're looking forward to the extra parts." added M.  "I've already been thinking up new combinations."

            "Be sure to send me a video when you do.  You three make great marketing material.  P, I hope you have a lovely time in their company."

            "Oh, I plan to."  Absently, the transforming woman massaged her chest.  "I think my breasts are beginning to loosen.  Any idea what we should replace them with?"

            As the cubed group fell into discussion, Vieira gestured her charges away.  As fun a distraction as the detour had been, they still had a very busy afternoon.  Passing by a woman trapped in a glass coffin with dozens of dakini worms, her orifices blocked with slowly melting plugs, the group exited the tent to return to the sunshine outside.

            As they approached their next destination, Vieira and her pets had to fight their way through ever thickening crowds.  When they arrived, they found a combination eating establishment and transformation store.  On the food side was a fifteen foot long stage behind a wall of clear Plexiglas.  A dozen figures stood behind it, bound into bondage frames.  In fact as they arrived one of the rubber catsuited, busty waitresses was guiding a cowgirl along the stage to an open spot.  After buckling the cowgirl into a padded bench, the waitress attached milking pumps to all four teats on the woman's udder.  Two more locked into place over nipples the size of thumbs.  The cowgirl shuddered in pleasure as the pumps turned on and white liquid slowly crept down the attached tubes.  The tubes ran down to the floor, under the stage, and out to one of the drink dispenser machines.  Each machine was numbered to the corresponding subject or subjects on the stage.

            Stepping around a Freyan cockwoman remarking that the cum she'd just
received was the sweetest she'd had in a while, Vieira strode toward the shop half of the booth.  Another catsuit clad waitress was standing there, her third breast straining the structural integrity of her outfit.  "Welcome to Flood of Fluids.  Can I take you order?"

            "Actually, I have an appointment to use your Infuser?"

            The waitress' eyes went wide.  "Oh, Mistress Vieira.  Pardon me, I should have recognized you.  Owner's description was very precise.  If you'll follow me."  She beckoned and the Transformanatrix followed.  "I'm afraid we only have two machines available at the moment." the waitress continued, looking back at the trio following Vieira.  "Milk and Cum are ready for your use, but I'm afraid we still have someone in the Juicer.  And of course Specialty Fluids is down again."  The waitress rolled her eyes.  "Someone tried to do honey and it clogged all the pipes."

            The waitress led Vieira to the far side of the booth from the stage.  This end also had a plexiglass wall, but instead of a stage there were four glass tubes like they'd seen back in the art exhibit.  The one on the far right was empty, with an out of order sign taped to the front.  The one on the far left was full to the brim with a neon blue liquid.

            "Alright pets, let us see which ones of you get to use the milking machines."  Mistress Vieira spun her die.  "Hmm, Two and Three again."

            "Dibs on milk!" Two exclaimed.  When everyone looked at her Two blushed, her cheeks darkening to burnished copper.  "If…if that's alright you with Mistress."

            Vieira's eyes flicked over to her tiger striped charge.  "Three?"

            "I have no issue with it Mistress.  If I'd been a little faster, I would have claimed cum."

            "Then it's settled."  Vieira read the name tattooed on the waitress's center breast, clearly visible due to the transicity of her catsuit.  "Titula, if you would?"

            While she went to work preparing Two and Three for the Infusion process, Titula explained what would happen.  Large plugs were inserted vaginally and anally, designed to pump special transformative liquid deep into each subject's body.  A gag strapped to each face was designed for the same purpose, with the addition of air lines so the subject didn't drown.  When Two and Three were ensconced in their respective tubes, the door were shut and a slowly rising level of white liquid pumped in.  When both subjects were hidden from view, Titula turned to Vieira.  "It should take about thirty minutes for them to soak up enough of the fluid.  Longer if you want their capacity to increase."

            "I'll be back in an hour then.  Come along One."

            "Don't forget to grab a complimentary drink on the way out." Titula called as the pair left.

            "Don't fret pet." Vieira said when she saw the disappointed look on One's face.  "With the others out of the way, I have you all to myself.  I wonder what interesting transformations I can come up with in the meantime."  Vieira handed an empty plastic cup over to One.  "But first, I think I'll take our three breasted friend up on her offer."

            There were a dozen different drink dispensers to choose from.  Vieira was tempted to fill her glass from the one labeled cum-beer. On the stage behind it a cockwoman had half her body encased in a milker, her balls nearly larger than Vieira.  If she was reading the tattoo right, the beer was genuine Morberg.  However, Vieira decided she'd leave the alcohol to later tonight, when the job was over.

            One had taken her cup and stopped halfway down the stage.  Her eyes flicked back and forth between a pair of twins,  identical save for their hair colors.  Each one possessed skin nearly as dark as the stained wooden boards of the stage.  Both had two pairs of breasts on their chests, each as large as a watermelon.  Looking closer, One could see the one with crimson hair had a fifth milker attached to the dick at her crotch, while the one with pale blue hair only had another dildo driving her towards orgasm.  Appropriately, the two machines they were feeding into were labeled Hot Chocolate and Ice Chocolate.

            "Are you feeling something hot, One?  Or something cold?"

            The young woman jumped at Vieira's voice behind her.  "I don't know Mistress.  I can't decide Mistress."

            "How about this.  You go for hot, I'll go for cold, and we can share."

            One's eyes went wide.  "Really Mistress?"

            Vieira nodded and One placed her cup on Hot Chocolate's dispenser.  The four breasted woman moaned in orgasm as the machine ramped up its efforts to fill One's cup.  Beside her twin, Ice Chocolate was in a similar predicament as Vieira filled her cup.

            "Ah, the perfect amount of sweet and bitter.  How is yours One?" Vieira asked.

            "It's a little spicy Mistress, but I like it."

            Taking her assistant to be by the arm, Vieira guided One through the crowd.  "If you see something you like stop me, and we'll go in for a closer look."

            They passed by booths selling edible sex toys, outfits for people of unusual body shapes, even special sweaters to keep Festival Lights warm in the winter.  Finally One called out, "Mistress, can we please look over there?"


To find out what One saw, tune in next week for the conclusion of the Festival of Lights 3 story.


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

Just in time for a long night in wait for a new year, I present part two of The Festival of Lights 3: The Transformanatrix.


            Vieira looked over to where One was pointing with both of her left hands.  The booth was labeled Pressed Fashions.  "Sure pet, let's go see what they have."

            At first glance, Pressed Fashions appeared like an ordinary shoe store.  The walls of the booth were covered in different samples of everything from mundane tennis shoes to hooker heels.  Then there were the inhuman options, footwear that required hooves or tentacles.  But the oddest thing was that there didn't seem to be any inventory, only demonstration models.  It wasn't until Vieira saw the press in the corner that she finally understood.

            "Welcome to Pressed Fashions." the proprietor said, stepping forward, "Purveyor of footwear that lasts as long as you."

            "You turn people into shoes here?" One asked, confused.

            "Only partly." the salesman explained.  “Our versatile LegPress2000 is capable of molding a subject's leg to mimic all sorts of different shapes.  In our case, we use it to provide permanent footwear.  What do you think, would you like to try it out?"

            One turned to Vieira.  "Can I, Mistress?"

            "Of course dear.  Go find something you like."

            Like a small child on her birthday, One dashed off.  "Can I offer the lady anything?" the salesman asked while they watched One flit between the demonstration pieces.

            "No, I'm good.  If I need a new pair of shoes, I'll find someone to ask me to make them into heels.  You'd be surprised what percentage of the population are foot fetishists."

            "I assure you ma'am, I would not.  There's a reason I went into this business.  Believe it or not, I used to sell insurance."

            A minute later One came rushing back holding one of the demonstration models.  The leg was digitigrade, with two clawed toes in front and another in back like the spike on a pair of stilettos.  The model was covered in hard black scales that looked like chitin.  "Mistress, can I get my legs like this one?"

            Vieira considered.  The bent arrangement of the sections and toe walked would make it easier for One to reach high spaces.  And she did seem earnestly excited at the opportunity.  "Of course."

            One handed over the leg to the shopkeep, who studied the label on the heel.  "Model D256.  Quite popular with the parkour crowd.  Give me just a sec to program this into the machine."

            When he was ready, the salesman gestured for One to step into the machine.  There was an open section in the middle with a pair of painted foot impressions where the subject was supposed to stand.  On either side of there were metal plates that rose up to One's middle.  The salesman hit one last button and the metal plates slid closed, trapping One from waist down.

            "One last check that you want me to go through with this."

            When One nodded the shop keep hit a last button and the machine went to work.  Vieira watched in silence as One squirmed, obviously enjoying the sensation of having her legs reshaped.  Finally, with a ding akin to a kitchen timer, the machine stopped and the plate ground apart.

            One tried to take a step, then nearly fell over as her legs didn't respond the way she was used to.  Luckily Vieira expected this and was there to catch her charge.  Seeing what happened, the salesman said, "Sorry, forgot to warn you.  Sometimes it takes a little bit for all the mental wiring to sync up.  Why don't you sit for a bit?  There's a demonstration stage just over there."  He pointed up the street opposite the direction the pair had come.  Vieira thanked the man and lent One her shoulder as the pair walked off in the suggested direction.

            A block later, Vieira and One came across a dozen picnic tables set before a stage.  As she helped One onto the seat, Vieira scanned the stage to see what the demonstration was about.  To her surprise, it was on Dakini worms.  Several spawn were already onstage, likely earlier volunteers for the show.  A man hopped up the side of the stage and strode toward the center, dressed like a circus frontman in a jacket and tails. A sign pasted to the front of the stage listed him as Blaine.

            "Sorry about that ladies and gentleman.  Sometimes that particular species get a little amorous.  I assure you, the young lady it accosted is perfectly fine."  He cleared his throat.  "And now, we can move on to some of the new breeds I promised you at the beginning of my demonstration.  Zane, if you would?"

            An assistant who must have been Zane, dressed in an outfit like his boss but less ostentatious, wheeled out a dolly with a
woman strapped to it.  As Zane brought the dolly to a halt beside Blaine, the ringleader continued, "My next demonstration of what we call the dualkini worm.  The breed requires two victims to fuse into a spawn.  The worm crawls into its first host, then triggers a hormonal response to mate with another.  This urge grows stronger with time, until it is all consuming.  Dagny here volunteered to demonstrate this breed last night and as you can see, if not for the restraints, she would be jumping the bones of the first woman within range."  As if to punctuate this, Dagny let out a guttural cry of frustration.  "Don't worry girl, soon." the host said, before turning back to the crowd.  "Now, do we have a volunteer to help us finish off this demonstration?"

            Several hands went up and Blaine selected one near the back.  The woman came up onstage and shed her clothes, reveal a fit, muscular body beneath.  She was nearly as tall as the host, with shoulder length brown hair.

            "Thank you for volunteering.  And your name is?"


            "Alright Elza.  In just a moment Zane is going to press the button to release Dagny's restraints.  Fair warning, she might get a little forceful.  The conjoinment will take place after you both orgasm.  Any last questions?"

            When Elza shook her head Blaine gestured to Zane.  The assistant pressed a button and the manacles holding Dagny to the dolly sprang open.  In an instant the woman pushed off and pounced on Elza.  The brunette was driven to the wooden floor of the stage with Dagny sitting on her face.  Only now could the audience see the tail growing out above Dagny's butt.  It was shaped like an eight inch long dick, ending with the small eye of a dakini worm.  Shifting her position, Dagny pressed her dick tail directly into Elza's mouth.

            "Coupling position is important." Blaine explained at the pair fucked on stage beside him.  "It dictates the final form of the spawn.  Most end up some form of taur, but we occasional ended up with eight legged quadrupeds or very tall bipeds.  It shouldn't be long now until the fusion starts."

            A minute later the couple came and the changes began.  Dagny's head melted back into her body, leaving over a huge vagina in its wake.  The woman's torso thickened, growing heavy breasts and a ponderous belly that wouldn't look out of place on a pregnant woman.

            Meanwhile, Elza was also changing.  Her head melted into Dagny's crotch, leaving the spawn in a tauric configuration.  Elza's arms wandered away from their sockets and toward different parts of her body.  They lost definition, growing into 2 foot long dicks that came to rest between both sets of legs.  A second set of breasts inflated into existence on Elza's lower stomach, both pair growing until they hung over her sides like saddlebags on a horse.

            The changes ended with the upper torso’s pregnant belly peeling open into a giant pair of vertical lips, complete with the ring that had once graced the pair on Dagny's face.  Eyes appeared in the areolas of the lover torso’s breasts, while two moaning mouths claimed the upper’s breasts.  Finally, a large, eye tipped dick pushed its way out of the shoulder vagina, sealing the pair into their new bizarre form.

            "And there you have it folks."  Blaine called, coming over to pet the spawn on the flanks.  "Give it up for Dagny and Elza for volunteering to help us demonstrate this wonderful new model."

            While Zane held the spawn off the stage, Blain called out the next round of volunteers.  They stopped onstage, five nearly identical blondes in their mid twenties.  The only differences were ones on the far left and right were both shemales, while the three in the middle were conventional females.

            "Please welcome to the stage the Brunner family, who will help us demonstrate our next product.  I'll hand the mic to them for a quick introduction while I check everything is ready backstage."  Blaine handed a microphone to the leftmost shemale and scurried off.

            "Are you lot as excited as we are for what we're about to do?" the blonde asked.  The crowd have a cheer in response.

            "As Blaine said, we're the Brunner family.  We've always been fascinated with transformations and finally decided to share our fetish together.  As you might have guessed, we've already had some work done.  We haven't always looked identical.  By the way thanks Kel…whoops, forgot we decided to only go by our numbers now."  The blonde pointed at her shoulder, which was marked with a large "1".  As I was saying, I'd like to thank 4 for allowing us to become copies of her.  At least, for as long as we'll have these bodies."

            At that, Blaine returned to the stage.  "Good news everyone, Zane will be back in a moment with the next set of worms.  You'll be helping us demonstrate a new product called the Dakini bunch.  They grow like bananas, with several worms forming on the same stalk.  Not very functional in nature, but what's special about these worms is that spawn transformed by them share the same hivemind.  Think of it as the ultimate way of getting closer to the ones you love."

            Zane came back on stage carrying a carton.  He went to every member of the Brunners, handing them a clear tube the size of the one inside a roll of paper towels.  Wriggling inside each one was a very excited worm.

            "Alright everyone, just like we talked about." 1 ordered, pressing the tube to her backside.  "One, two, THREE!"

            All five volunteers shuddered as the worms crawled inside them.  Their upper halves seemed to deflate, arms and heads pulling back inside.  At the same time their feet were changing, toes lengthening into fingers.  The result was the spawns began to look like anuswomen, save for the giant dicks their torsos were becoming.  There was a regional variant like that, Bolshel if Vieira remembered right, but those women only had normal size dicks.  The former females had dicks that head to be over two feet long and balls to match.  The former shemales had smaller dicks, but each sported a pair of pair of them.  The transformation ended as the worms grew out of each spawn's tailbone, peering out at the audience with their single eyes.

            "And there you have it ladies, gentlemen, and sentient piles of genitals.  These five had already been promised to a burlesque parlor over on 22nd street, so if you want an up close and personal examination that's where you can find them.  Next, we have a special petkini worm to demonstrate to you all…"


            Vieira looked down at One.  "Yes?"

            "It's been nearly an hour since we left Two and Three.  Should we go back for them now?"

            Vieira check the clock on one of the nearly buildings.  "Good catch pet.  Are you up for walking yet?"

            "I think so."  One rose from the bench and took a few hesitant steps.  "Everything feels much more natural than before."

            "Then come, we must retrieve your siblings."

            Ten minutes later, the pair were back at Flood of Fluids.  The same waitress, Titula, led them over to the Infusers.  This time, the Juicer was empty.  The Milk Infuser was filled to the brink with white liquid, while Cum was equally full of glowing blue fluid.

            "You came back at just the right time." Titula remarked as she worked the controls.  "They should have reached maximum absorption.  Draining the tanks…now."

            Despite the liquid level dropping, there was scant little more space inside the tubes.  Despite being four feet in outer diameter, the space within was filled with a swollen mass of gold and purple tissues.

            "Spinning up orgasm drives…beginning subject draining…now."

            As Vieira and One watched, figures in the tanks began to wriggle as the plugs filling their holes vibrated.  Fluids sprayed out of their bodies as they orgasmed, slowly shrinking Two and Three back to their original size.  Or at least close to their original size.  Both pets had been changed by their expose to the tank.  It was only as they stumbled free, exhausted from their enclose, that the full extent of the changes were visible.

            Two's breasts, already prominent, were now massive.  Each of the four looked to weigh at least ten pounds apiece, topped with thumb sized nipples.  Two's hips and ass had also inflated to borderline cartoonish proportions, giving the woman an extreme pear shape.  Two's tail, which had initially been only a foot or so long, now fell all the way to the ground and was twice as thick as before.  Rows of breasts ran down the underside, the nipples hard as pencil erasers.

            Three had also changed in a big way.  Literally.  She now stood six and a half feet tall, towering over even Mistress Vieira.  The eight breasts on her front were proportional to her new size, which made them giant compared to the mounds she had before.  Three had received some growth to her hips and butt as well, but not to the extent of Two.

            "How are you ladies feeling?" Vieira asked as Two and Three attempted to dry off with towels.  Liquid slid right off the scales of the former, but Three's fur stubbornly remained moist.

            "Empty." was Three's short reply.

            Two was more eloquent.  "It's like my body suddenly has dozens more pleasure points.  I can feel them, begging for attention."  Unconsciously, Two's anal tongue poked out and began stroking her rock hair tail nipples.

            "Just wait until you have someone, or several someones playing your body like the fine sexual instrument it's becoming.  Just a few more stops."

            When Three was as dry as she was going to get, the group thanked Titula and left the store.  "Just one more store." Vieira said as they navigated through the crowds.  "One more store, and a final capstone transformation for each of you, and my work today will be complete.  Ah, here we are."

            The booth in question proudly proclaimed Painless Ink in large, multicolored letters.  Stepping inside was more akin to stepping into a tattoo parlor than an alchemist's shop.  Hundreds of flash images hung from the wall between bookshelves sagging under the weight of binders.

            The woman behind the counter looked like she heavily dipped into her own products.  Of the skin visible outside her tight
leather bustier and pants, at least 95% was covered in a rainbow hue of inks.  Both sides of her neon purple hair were shaven, showing off the dozens of chrome rings cascading down each ear.

            "Mistress Vieira, I was wondering when you would finally come by."

            "Marquis, charming as ever.  How is your little boyfriend doing?"

            "My package is doing just fine." Marquis replied, patting her crotch behind the counter.  "I knew it would spice up our sex lives when you got involved, but I never expected things would turn out like they did."

            Vieira raised an eyebrow.  "Is that a complaint?"

            Marquis parried with a flash of sharp white teeth.  "A compliment.  My little dickie gets far more sex than he ever imagined, a activity we get to enjoy together now.  So, what can I help you with today?"

            Vieira consulted her gem.  "I'll need full body tattoo draughts for two of my current projects, along with the relevant
piercings.  Let's see….One and Two, you're up.  Three, go through the books and help them pick something out.  Marquis and I are going to catch up for a little bit."

            Twenty minutes later, Vieira came over to check on her clients.  "Time's up pets.  Let's see what you've come up with."  The book open before One was full of geometric style tattoos and she slid it over to Vieira.  "I see, this will be very eye catching.  And for you, Two?"

            "I…can't seem to find what I'm looking for, Mistress."

            "What are you looking for?"

            "Something that proclaims me a slut, a whore, a walking sex machine.  I want tattoos that let anyone who sees me instantly know what I am.  I have bits and pieces in my mind, but I just can't seem to find something equivalent in the books."

            "A strong mental image will suffice." Marquis said as she strode over.  "You two will be receiving the full body treatment, which is more  flexible than one of my basic tattoo potions."  She set two vials down on the table between One and Two.  "All you have to do is drink these potions, and for the next five minutes any tattoos you can think of will appear.  I have a mirror room just over there for visibility into otherwise hard to see places.  The entire process is painless and better than ink, as it will never fade or distort with age."

            "One, you seem to already have your mind made up.  Take your potion and go get changed.  Two, you have until she gets back to make up your mind."

            Five minutes later One returned to the table.  Her chocolate skin was covered in thick white lines, forming a maze that ran from her forehead down to the claws of her feet.  "Mesmerizing."  Mistress Vieira remarked as she took in her assistant's new ink.  "I'm going to have a lot of fun tracing my way through the maze later.  Two, this means your time is up."

            After the golden skinned woman left, Marquis returned to the table lugging a heavy tray.  Scattered across the felt top were dozens of different rings and bars.  "What are these for?" One asked, leaning in to stare at the shiny circles.

            "You Mistress paid for the full package, which includes piercings as well as tattoos."

            Eyes wide in surprise, One turned to Vieira.  "Mistress?" she began in a shaky voice.  "I don’t want to get pierced."  One's animate hair swirled around her like a protective blanket.

            Vieira chuckled.  "One, you silly girl.  The piercings will be just as painless as your tattoos.  Marquis uses special blends to grow them right out of your body."

            "All it takes is a little dab on the target area and the ring grows right in.  Doing it this way let me add in special features you couldn't do with ordinary piercings, such as making them expandable or retractable.  All you need to do is pick a ring style and color and I can get started."

            After searching through the rings for a few minutes, One settled on a braided ring of white, black, and chrome metal.  "Very fitting." Marquis remarked, ducking behind the counter and returning with a small bottle, a pair of gloves, and a swab.  "I'll start with a piercing that's easy to see, to give you a better idea of the process."

            Dabbing a little of liquid onto the swab, Marquis rubbed it over One's right nipple.  After she pulled it away, two tiny lumps appeared on either side of the inky surface.  They grew outward, forming into a loop and thickening.  Other colors appeared, white and chrome, curling and looping around the black link to form an exact duplicate of the ring One had selected.

            "The ring reinforces not only the flesh it grows out of, but the supporting musculature as well.  Each of these rings is rated to around fifty pounds.  With how light you are, all it would take is three rings to suspend you off the ground"  In demonstration, Marquis tugged on the ring.  One gasped, but it was more from the sudden flood of pleasure than pain.

            One's other nipple was soon pierced.  This was followed by two barbells in each eyebrow, five rings down the outside of each ear, rings through both nostrils and a stud through the middle, and two more studs through her lips and a barbell through One's tongue.

            "And now for the fun part.  It seems someone is enjoying their new additions." Marquis remarked, gesturing to One's rock hard dick.  Said dick was soon in possession of a prince Albert piercing, with a Jacob's ladder of barbells down the length.  Marquis finished with the last one and stood back to admire her work as Two finally reappeared.  One's piercings were forgotten as everyone turned to stare at the golden scaled woman.

            While One's tattoos had been eye-catching, it had been in artistic way.  Compared to that, Two's tattoos were pure porn.  Words like "whore" "bitch" "slut' and "cocksucker" wrapped around her body in curving black script.  Sex scenes covered her limbs and torso; everything from basic missionary sex to full on orgies.

            Mistress Vieira was the one to finally break the silence.  "It seems you got your wish Two.  Your markings are a little more intense that I expected, but it's too late to change things now.  Take a seat at the table, so Marquis can begin on your piercings."

            It took over twenty minutes, but soon Two sported a ring set equivalent to One's.  Two chose a simple chrome ring with a bead for her piercings.  As she had significantly more nipples to pierce, it two three times as long to ring them all.  Mistress Vieira insisted that two rings at the end of Two's tail have small bells instead of beads, to prevent Two from sneaking up on people.

            "Whew." Marquis brushed some sweat from her brow as she back on the bench.  "You sure make me work for my pay Mistress Vieira."

            Vieira cracked a smile.  "Are you telling me you didn't enjoy it?"

            Marquis matched the smile with a devious one of her own.  "Oh, my sex pet is going to get a workout tonight.  I might have to give it a few extra breasts, with nipple rings to match."

            "Have fun with that, but now I need to get these three moving.  We'll catch up next week when I'm free, I promise."

            "I'll hold you to that, and you better bring at least one of these cuties with you."

            Mistress Vieira checked the time as they left the booth.  "Not long now, we need to hurry.  We wouldn't want Two to miss her big date."

            The Transformatrix needn't have worried, as their destination was only a block over.  The signs on the booth proclaimed it to be the home of the Mind Master, who was portrayed as a stage magician holding his hands ominously over an exposed brain.  Text beneath explained that through a secret mix of d-cum and hypnosis, the Mind Master could instill all kinds of mental changes.

            Inside the booth was the titular Mind Master, looking a little more like a tired scientist than a figure from a comic book.  He looked up as the group entered the booth.  "Ah, Mistress Vieira, there you are.  I was getting worried.  I kept checking the time."  The Mind Master slid up the sleeve of his lab coat, revealing at least three timepieces beneath.

            "I'm sorry M, it's been a very busy day.  Are you ready?"

            "Of course, of course, right this way."  The Mind Master gestured to the far wall of the booth.  "Which of your clients will be receiving my services today?"

            "That would be Two." Vieira pointed at her gold scaled charge.

            "Alright, I need you to step into my patented MindBreaker machine, young lady."  The Mind Master pressed a few buttons on a machine that resembled a Phallification machine from the realm.  There was a place for the occupant to sit, with a metal section that would encase their entire upper body.  The Mind Master got Two seated, having difficulty with her tail, before closing the upper section to leave only the woman's legs and crotch exposed.

            "Let me see…what's on the agenda for today's victim…" Mind Master muttered to himself as he checked the paperwork.  "Incessant horniness…requiring at least one orgasm per hour to reset…pauses for eight hours after ten orgasms in a row.  That's easy enough.  Ooh, a mind splinter.  That's one I don't do often.  How many copies do you want?"

            Vieira considered.  "How about a total of three?  Enough that she can make the most out of all her holes, but not too many that she'll have coordination issues."

            "Perfect.  Throw in onmisexuality and she'll be the best slut possible.  I must say Mistress Vieira, you're nearly as much of an artist as I am."

            "Only if you can deliver M, only if you can deliver."

            "Speaking of deliveries, when are you coming back to pick her up?  It will take me at least an hour to get the changes ingrained."

            "I won't be.  Someone from…" Mistress Vieira leaned in and whispered the rest into the old man's ear.

            "Ah, I see.  I shall make every endeavor to finish on time.  They're going to have so much fun when I'm done."

            "Sorry to drop and run M, but my other two pets need their capstone changes soon as well."

            "Go, go.  I'll have everything perfect for later tonight.  A pleasure as always, Lady Vieira."  Mind Master kissed Vieira's hand before turning back to fiddle with the machine holding Two.

            "You're next Three.  We must hurry, they should be starting soon."

            This trip took a bit longer and One was surprised to find their destination was the stage she and Vieira had watched the Dakini worm changes at earlier in the day.  The spawns were all gone, save for the five that were mind melded together.  Those were spread out among the various tables, being used as party favors by the gathered watchers.

            There appeared to be some sort of large machinery onstage, covered by tarps.  A head poked around it, spotted the Transformanatrix, and waved.  "Vieira, there you are.  I was worried you wouldn't show."

            "I said I would.  When I give my word, I don't go back on it."

            "Sweet, now we can get started.  Alright everybody settled down!"  The talking in the audience ceased, the only sound the wet slap of flesh as someone continued to fuck one of the spawn near the back.

            Coming around from behind the machine, the woman on stage was a sight to see.  Totally naked, she appeared to be composed entirely of blue goo molded into the shape of a human.  Visible inside her transparent flesh was what appeared to be a darker blue skeleton made out of some sort of plastic.  Instead of a skull, it had a molding of a woman's face encased in a thin layer of slime.

            "Heya everybody, I'm Icy Creams.  I'm here to give a demonstration about a wondrous machine that changed my life.  You see, once I was just like you.  No, not you Gouchisa, I've never been only an ass with legs.  I was an ordinary human woman, now I'm proud to be a gelatinous slime."

            Icy paused for effect.  "What's a gelatinous slime you ask?  Well, the answer is simple.  My body is now made of destructured protoplasm.  While this lets me mold myself into almost any shape, it does come with the drawback of a lack of structure.  That's the reason for the bones you see inside my body.  They're not mine, those were liquefied in the transformation process.  But without something to stick myself too, I'd revert to a basic shape."

            In demonstration, Icy's form pulled away from her bones, forming into a cube of blue jelly about three feet a side.  "A lot of people refer to us as gelatinous cubes, but I prefer slime as I don't spend much time as a cube."  Icy's liquid form swirled around the pile of plastic bones, which had fallen into a heap at her exit.  The blue sticks whirled around inside Icy's semi-solid body, forming into the structure she needed to retake a human shape.

            "See, it's that easy.  I can also do cool stuff like this."  Icy pulled out a bucket of dildos from under the edge of the tarp and tossed them across the stage.  Setting the bucket aside, Icy took a running start and slid after them like a figure skater.  As she impacted each dildo, it was sucked into her body.  The little tubes of plastic traveled up her legs, through her crotch, and into her torso to form into a ball.  By the time she was across the stage, Icy looked five months pregnant from the added mass.  But the dildoes didn't stay there.  They flowed out the sides of Icy's torso, forming the foundation for her to grow four tentacles to wave at the crowd with.  The extra mass had to come from somewhere and Icy’s breasts shrunk to compensate.

            "See how fun life as a slime can be?"  The crowd cheered.  "Now I think it's time to demonstrate how to become one.  Vieira, if you would."

            "Stay here." Vieira ordered One, before leading Three up the side of the stage.  "Good evening everyone." Vieira said to the gathered crowd.  "My name is Mistress Vieira and I'm a Transformanatrix.  With my is one of my clients, Three, who we will use to show off the sliming process.  Icy, would you care to do the big reveal?"

            To an audience drumroll, the gelatinous slime whipped off the tarps covering the machinery that dominated the stage.  On the left was a large glass cylinder, big enough to hold an occupant even of Three's bulk.  This was connected to a web of pipes and other machinery that stretched for nearly ten feet.  On the far side of that was a set of heavy metal plates, easily six feet high, eight long, and four deep.

            "This is where the process begins." Icy explained, helping Three into the large cylinder.  "After the Slimer melts the volunteer, they are passed through a proprietary alchemical process that converts them into a gelatinous slime.  They are then injected into the mold on the far end.  Slimes tend to have a base form they revert to and it depends on the shape of their mold.  While most of us are bipedal, at Mistress Vieira's request we'd hooked up one of our quadruped molds for today's demonstration."

            Icy finished sealing the cylinder and asked the occupant, "Ready?"

            Two was playing with her breast vaginas, blue liquid spilling down her body to illuminate her fur.  "Very ready." she moaned lustily.

            Icy did one last check of a console before gesturing for Mistress Vieira to come over.  "She's your client, I think it's only fair you get to push the button."

            Vieira turned to the crowd.  "How about a countdown to Three's new slimy life?  Starting at ten…"

            When the crowd hit zero, Vieira pushed the button.  Immediately, while liquid began to rain down from the roof of the cylinder.  Three didn't seem to notice, too intent on her masturbation.  The first orgasm brought on a spray of neon cum that decorated the sides of the cylinder, temporarily hiding the figure within.

            But one orgasm wasn't enough for Three.  A minute later she came again, once more drenching the cylinder in blue cum.  When it cleared this time though, it was obvious the Three had shrunk.  She was still tall for a woman, but the orgasm had cost her about half a foot of height.

            Another orgasm cost Three another half a foot, and a third dropped her down to the realm of five feet.  It was at that point Three's head and arms started losing definition.  The former began to melt away, while the latter devolved to little more than tentacles.  After two more orgasms they'd completely faded away, leaving Three as little more than a breast filled torso.

            Even without limbs for stimulation, Three continued to cum explosively.  Her limbless torso fell in its back, spraying up cum to coat the ceiling.  It took another five minutes before she completely dissolved, leaving only a swirling blue and purple pool behind.

            "I remember my own liquefaction." Icy told the crowd.  "Most orgasmic time of my life.  What follows isn't bad either."

            Icy pulled a level and the cylinder began to drain.  The middle section of the machine began to hiss and vibrate as what was left of Three was pumped through it.

            "Nearly done." Icy called to the audience a few minutes later.  "Mold is eighty percent filled…ninety…ninety-five…and there we go, shutting it down now."

            Icy pulled a different level, halting the shuddering processing section of the machine.  One more lever and the mold began to open, revealing the radically altered form of Three within.

            Three was still vaguely recognizable as the transformee she'd been before getting slimed.  The goo that made up Three's body was alternating purple and clear, giving the impression of stripes like she'd had before.  Pockets of neon blue were visible, already filling for her next orgasm.  Like Icy had said she was quadruped, supported by a shiny chrome skeletal structure.  Three didn't have a head, instead a vaginal structure had formed between her front legs.  Hanging down from Three's torso were the eight large breasts she'd had before.  Thin tubes of neon cum linked them to the reservoirs deeper inside Three's body.

            While Three still didn't have a tail, she did now possess a massive dick and matching set of balls.  The latter were nearly solid spheres of blue cum, while the former seemed to be connected to the hollow core of the slime's body.

            As Three took a few hesitant steps from the mold, her entire body seemed to shudder and jiggle.  Her features lost definition for an instant, before snapping into her new slime cat form.

            "Congratulations Three." Mistress Vieira said, coming over to pet the slime next to its front vagina.  "You've achieved your dream of being a sex pet.  But what is a pet without an owner?  Don't worry, I've taken care of that as well."  Vieira turned to call off the stage.  "Brook, come on out!"

            After a moment a woman around Vieira's age wheeled herself on stage.  The reason for the chair was obvious, as both of her legs were fully missing.  "Vieira, thanks for inviting me here today."  The Transformanatrix leaned down so her friend could give her a hug.

            "After I heard about your accident, I couldn't just sit by and do nothing.  I'm just sorry it took me so long to find the right client to meet your needs."

            Vieira rose and strode over the Three.  "Three, this is Brook.  She's one of my oldest friends.  She was in a car accident last year, one that cost her both legs.  Your purpose in life is now to be her mobility assistance sex pet."

            Three's shoulders tilted, as if she was struggling to understand what Vieira was asking.  Then the light bulb dinged and the sex pet bounded over to stand beside her new owner.  Bending down, Three rubbed her front vagina into Brook's shoulder affectionately.

            "Eew," Brook remarked, wiping off a dollop of glowing blue slime.  "I guess that rules out me wearing clothes when you carry me around."

            Brook removed her shirt and bra, then struggled to pull off her underwear.  She raised her hands and Three obligingly sucked the disabled woman inside her. Brook traveled the entire length of Three's body then was turned around so her head poked out the slit at the end of the slime's dick.  Brook’s arms ended up trapped at her sides like she was wearing a straightjacket.

            "This is going to be so much fun.  You need a new name though…Three doesn't really suit you.  How about Stripes?"

            Stripes showed her appreciation for the name by cumming, shooting a torrent of blue cum around Brook's body  hard enough to push the legless woman out.  Brook flopped there helplessly on the stage for a moment before Stripes sat on her. Brook was sucked back inside, her head now visible out Stripe's front vagina and her arms poking through the foremost breast vaginas.

            "Vieira, this is better than I ever dreamed.  Thank you so much."

            "This is just a small way to repay your friendship over the years.  After all, you were the one who convinced me to throw caution to the winds and become a Transformanatrix."

            "A very touching reunion." Icy proclaimed, coming to stand between Brook and Vieira.  "Give it up for Vieira, Brooke, and Stripes."  After the cheering died down Icy continued, "We'll now be offering up use of the Sliming machine until midnight.  There are several other handicapped individuals backstage that could really use a helping hand.  Or paw.  Or tentacles.  You know what I mean.  Now, who wants to be first?"

            As the crowd clamored to be the next person to be slimed, Vieira pulled One away.  "Are we going to pick up Two now, Mistress?"

            "In a way.  We must hurry, they've already started."

            The pair hurried across town, to where another large stage was set up.  Instead of tables there were rows of chairs filled with people staring intently onstage.  Currently it was empty save for a bespectacled man behind a podium, but as Vieira and One found seats near the back a pair latex drone assistants pushed an item onstage.  It looked like a marble statue of two men fucking while in mid transformation.

            "Next up is item number 2045.  This statue is piece two of seven of Tradue's Becoming the Stallion.  The stone of the statue was created using one of Tradue's female assistants.  Opening bid is twenty thousand Kriss."

            "Why are we meeting Two at an auction?" One asked, confused.  Vieira shushed her and told One to wait.

            The statue sold for a hefty sum, followed by a collection of vintage bondage furniture, several sex pets, and even trio of young women ready for transformation.  Finally the lot Vieira was waiting for arrived.

            "Item number 2975." the auctioneer read off his card as his assistants pushed a glass cage across the stage.  "Trifecta here are the product of Mistress Vieira's Transformatrix skills.  They are build to be the ultimate slut, capable of serving multiple partners for long periods."  While the auctioneer continued to read off their attributes, the caged slut flaunted their assets to the crow.  Tongues flickered out of Trifecta's many holes, intertwining with themselves while the reptilian creature fondled their own breasts.

            "You're selling Two…err…Trifecta?" One asked Vieira.

            "It was part of her contract." Vieira explained. "She wanted to be changed into a living sex toy and sold somewhere she could have nonstop sex."  The bidding ended and a group of young men took to the stage to claim their prize.  Vieira recognized the logos on their jackets as belonging to the agricultural fraternity at the regional university.  "I think Trifecta's going to enjoy her life as a frats' personal motivator."

            The pair sat through several more auctions before Vieira checked the time.  It was getting late and she still have one more change to enact.  "Come one, we're not through yet."

            The submissive pulled her eyes away from where the auctioneer was extolling the virtues of a machine that transformed people into desk chairs.  "Ok Mistress."

            “There's one thing I need to do first."  Vieira pulled out a strip of cloth from one of her dress' many pockets.  "Hold still, I want to make our destination a surprise."

            There was some difficulty leading a blindfolded woman through the crowds, but it was worth it when One's mouth nearly dropped off when she finally saw their destination.  "Oh Mistress, you didn't…"

            There were in an actual building, not a booth on the street.  It had the air of an upper class lounge, with lots of green velvet and dark wood.  It was the kind of place you'd expect stuffed animal heads to be proudly hung on the walls.  There were wall displays, but of a very different kind.  Shining loops of steel hung from racks or were cradled in special pedestals.  Other displays were flesh colored blobs, looking both natural and unnatural at the same time.

            "I did indeed.  I saw how you reacted the first time I put your sister in one.  How you always seemed envious of her chains.  What better way to finish preparing you for my service.  Welcome, my pet, to your capstone transformation.  Welcome to The Kinky and the Chaste."

            In a daze, One walked over to the nearly display case.  Inside was a corset dress that would cover the wearer from collarbones to knees.  It was hinged open, revealing an inside that would keep the wearer stimulated and utterly helpless to do anything about it.

            "I…you'll let me have any of these?"

            "Yes, on one condition.  Anything that goes on, stays on.  Permanently.  Think of this as the ultimate symbol of your devotion to me.  How much are you willing to bear for your Mistress?"  Vieira paused.  "Actually, let me add one more condition.  You still have to be capable of serving me when everything is attached.  If I wanted a pretty statue, I would have dipped Two in rigid plastic."

            One took off like a shot, bouncing between the displays like a small child hyped up on sugar.  Vieira watched her go, only turning when a voice spoke from behind her.

             "My my, she's certainly full of energy."  The speaker was an elderly man, thin of frame and hair.  Despite thick glasses, jovial eyes easily shined through.

            Vieira smiled.  "I could say the same thing about you.  What are you, pushing ninety Samuel?"

            The old man chuckled.  "The secret of my longevity is doing what I love every day."

            Vieira rolled her eyes.  "If it's that simple, I'll live to your age easily.  And how are Gail, Edith, and Nina?" she asked, referring to Samuel's three wives.

            "Spending every day in sexual bliss.  I have them on display in the back if you'd like to say hello."

            Samuel led Vieira through all manner of bindings and chastity devices and toward the back of the shop.  There, suspended in what appeared to be a vertical vacuum bed, was a feminine figure.  Vieira was quite familiar with it.  After all, the final state of Samuel's wives was one of her designs.  It was how they'd met in the first place.  Back then, the three women were enjoying their bindings, but wanted more.  Vieira had certainly given them that.

            The suspended female figure was Nina.  She was relatively unchanged, with minor modifications to her skin, digestive, and respiratory systems in order to make the encasement simpler.  Gail had been liquidized and molded into the rubber sheets that bound Nina into the frame.  The only sense left to her was touch, with multi-orgasmic results.  Vieira ran a finger down the rubber sheet and could feel the vibrations as it drove the former woman wild.

            The last wife, Edith, had been transformed into a living pleasure and life support system for Nina.  Wormlike tendrils snaked up the bound woman's nose, mouth, vagina and rear.  Other tendrils spread out in a sunburst pattern around Nina, sandwiched between Gail's sheets.  Vieira knew these outer tendrils picked up the vibrations from Gail's membrane and used them to control the frequency of her sexual pleasure.  Just by standing there talking, Vieira and Samuel were pleasuring the bound
woman.  Everlasting stimulation, yet perfectly chaste.  Exactly what the three women had wanted.

            After twenty minutes of catching up with Samuel, One returned to stand before her Mistress.  "Have you made up your mind, little one?" the shop owner asked.  One nodded, and the pair followed her across the shop.

            When One stopped before her choice, Vieira was confused.  The display seemed to hold a colony of squirming octopus tentacles instead of chastity devices.  But when she spotted the accompanying diagram, it all made sense.  The longer she looked, the more impressed Vieira became.  This was far more strict than she thought One would go for, but would still allow her to perform her duties.  Though it would require the assistance of her living locks.

            "Are you sure One?  Once I put these on you, your life will never be the same."

            "My life has never been the same since the first day I met you Mistress.  What was it you told us when we met this morning?  The radical body changes, the loss of our names, it was all to reinforce that we were no longer the people we used to be.  With this, I can finally be the person I want to be."

            "Good girl.  Samuel, would you mind helping my pet get dressed in her new adornments?"

            "Certainly Madam.  If you would both step this way…." Samuel led them through a door and into a large changing room.  He returned a minute later, wheeling in the display case with One's bindings.  Samuel walked out again, returning with another glass case of wriggling worms.  "The young lady has a few segments more than the normal set." he explained at Vieira's raised eyebrow.

            Together, the pair got to work wrapping the worms around One's body.  The process turned out simpler than Vieira expected.  Each worm had a glans on one end and a sphincter on the other.  She simply had to wrap the worm around One's limb, sucker side in, and slot the dick in the hole until the connection was tight.

            "After twenty-four hours of continuous wear, the suckers will excrete a d-cum based solution that will permanently bind them to her skin." Samuel explained as they worked.  "A safety precaution.  After that she'll be able to feel them just like any other part of her body."

            The pair started at One's legs, attaching bindings at her ankles, just above the lower joint, centered on the middle section, and two on each thigh.  One's arms were next, with each forearm receiving an wrist bracelet and a third on the bicep.

            "We're reaching the complicated part.  I'd advise one last stretch young lady, as after we get these pieces on you'll be bagged and shipped back home."

            One held a hand to her face, admiring the shiny purple skin of the binding.  "I'm ready."

            The next piece was for One's crotch.  It's application was stymied by the massive erection she was sporting.  "Let me help you with that young lady."  Between the dexterity of Samuel's fingers and One's already high arousal levels, it wasn't long until she came.  Samuel caught the discharge in a small cup and drank it.  "Delightful. I haven't had the chance to do that since my wives changed.  Though your discharge is much sweeter than Edith's."

            With One's dick growing soft, Samuel slid it into a sphincter on the thick tentacle he ran between her legs.  It had a small sprout poking out the top that Samuel worked into One's backside before attaching the tentacle to one already wrapped around One's waist.

            The next attachment was for One's breasts.  It consisted of two hemispheres, each half hollow and covered in suckers.  Samuel wrapped it around One's chest and connected the ends behind her back.  The submissive gasped as the suckers inside the cups came alive, shooting out to attach to her breasts before pulling back.

            "Ah, I forgot to mention that feature." Samuel said at the look on One's face.  "The cups will pull at your breast tissue, enlarging your breasts until they fill the cups completely."

            One looked down.  Each cup stuck out nearly  foot from her chest.  It was too late to do anything about that though.

            The last piece was the headgear.  "This will be disorientating to wear at first.  Only after the binding becomes permanent will the mana senses kick in.  Until then, you'll be blind, deaf, and have difficulty breathing.  Are you still sure you want the whole package?"

            One smiled.  "Was that an incentive or disincentive?"

            Samuel chuckled.  "Oh, you are going to have a lot of fun with this one Mistress Vieira.  Now, open wide."

            The centerpiece of the head harness was a gag the size of One's fist.  Getting it past her lips was a challenge, but eventually the tentacles were flush and Samuel ran the horizontal binding under her hair to join at the top of One's neck.  Two more tentacles ran up and over One's eyes before connecting behind the crown of One's head.  Three more binding strips, one over each ear and a third parting her hair in the back, ensure all the segments would stay in place.

            Before the last segment was connected over One's right ear, Vieira leaned in and whispered, "Your introduction is complete.  Welcome to my service, Servi."

            One's new name meant servant in one of the old languages, a perfect fit for her new life thought Vieira as she slotted the segment into place, cutting off Servi's hearing.  Samuel approached, pushing a vac bed similar to the one now occupied by his wives.  Only this one was horizontal and not composed of people.  Together the pair lifted Servi between the sheets, settled her into position, and started up the pump to bind them together.

            "I can take it from here." Samuel told Vieira.  "I'll drop her off in the back where my assistant will prepare her for shipping with the others.  I'll make sure her box contains all the linkage pieces to restrict her movement, as well as a small bottle of an alchemical solution to add in more attachment sphincters.  Unless you want to peruse some of my other wares, I think it's time for me to close up shop.

            Nodding, Vieira gave the old man a handshake goodbye and left the store.  Outside, the air had cooled with the onset of deepest night.  It would only be a few minutes until the magical moment occurred.  She smiled, remembering all she'd done that day.  Taking ordinary people and making them extraordinary.  Helping them finally express the desires they held so deeply inside.  As midnight came and the Festival Lights overhead exploded in orgasm, Vieira vowed to herself that the next year would be even better.


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

I’ve been waiting years for a chance to ask if foot transformations qualify as leg ends of Belial.


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

minstrelofmoria wrote:

I’ve been waiting years for a chance to ask if foot transformations qualify as leg ends of Belial.



Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

minstrelofmoria wrote:

I’ve been waiting years for a chance to ask if foot transformations qualify as leg ends of Belial.



Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

I thought it was funny smile


Re: Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

minstrelofmoria wrote:

I’ve been waiting years for a chance to ask if foot transformations qualify as leg ends of Belial.

Damn. Son.