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Chapter 1: The Beginning: A New Life (ID #1337573)
an addition by: bobboled

You are walking back to your on-campus dorm one night when you spot a large, shiny black orb in front of your door. Curious, you go to pick it up and then the world turns black. You lost in a sea of darkness, no sensation other than a light pressure all over your body. You see a light in the distance, and it appears to be coming closer to you. As it approaches, you are able to make out the shape of a woman, clothed in flowing silks. She floats close to and you are able to see that she is no ordinary woman. She seems to positively glow with energy, a radiance of light surrounding her. She is magnificent, as if the word were created to define her alone. Her body is beautiful and curvaceous, but you notice something off about her, and that would be the giant dick resting between her thighs. You can't help but stare in wonder at this strange and astounding sight before. You are snapped out of you stupor when she speaks to you in a voice like golden silk, "I have found you at last," her voice is sultry and it echoes in your head, "you will be the one to succeed my power."

"What!" you ask incredulously. Is she saying what you think she's saying.

"What I speak is true mortal, for too long have I been imprisoned in this cage of human design. They feared my gift, the sorcerers of your past, and they saw fit to bind me here." she pauses, then continues, "But now the time has come, their bonds are weak with the passage of time, for they could not bind me forever. However, I have grown weak and tired as well, and I wish to finally attain peace, but I do not wish for my legacy to end there, so I have searched for a suitable replacement and you are the one I have chosen. You meet all the qualities that I desire in a successor, and I believe that you will use my power correctly. Of course, how that is done is for you to figure out." she says with a smirk.

"But-," you begin to say, but she pushes a finger against you lips to silence you.

"You have no choice in the matter, I;m afraid. You are going to continue in my steps whether you want to or not. Although I am sure you will come to love it eventually. You will transform, you will change, you will pervert. This is your destiny, now accept it." and with that she cackles as she glides up to your face and shoves her dick in your mouth. Your whole world goes white.

You wake up with a shock. Was it a dream?, you think to yourself. You stand up and feel a strange shift in your gravity. As your vision clears you notice one thing first and foremost, there are two mounds underneath your shirt. You frantically reach underneath your shirt and confirm that they are real. The pleasure you feel from this is unmistakable. Panicking, you reach down to confirm what you already expected, you have a pussy down there now. You rush into your room, thankful that Morrigan hadn't returned from her weekend at her parent's house yet. Opening the door with shaky hands, you find her head mirror under her bed. You look at yourself and it is not your face that is reflected in the mirror. It is an entirely new, entirely female one. Your face is beautiful, easily model material, it's beautiful enough to catch any guy, and a lot a of girls too. Your hair falls down to your shoulder blades in straight dark red locks that have a dazzling sheen in the light of your bedroom. You body is nothing to scoff at either. Your skin is a pale white white, making you look more like an elf than a human. Your breasts are practically bursting out of your top, they must be C-cups at least. The rest of you body is filled out in a shapely and athletic manor, and when you lift you shirt up yo see that you have a decent amount of muscle tone. Also, thankfully, your still around your same height of 5'11". Altogether, you'd have to say you were hot. Really hot...

While you were admiring yourself, you failed to notice that the door was open, and your roommate had returned. Morrigan was a cute girl, at 5'7" with a slim body, short raven hair, b-cup breasts and a nordic facial structure, she was the envy of many of the girls in your dorm, and many of the boys were jealous that you got to room with her. She stood there looking at you with impatience. "Well, aren't you going to say hello, or are you too busy checking yourself out?" she says in a mocking tone. She smiles and gives you a hug before she flops down on her bed.

You are aghast. Did she not notice? You speak up, "Uh, Morrigan, does anything seem different to you?"

"No, not that I cans see. Did you get a haircut maybe?"

"Uh yeah, I got it cut a little longer," you say, and you both start laughing. Apparently, reality has shifted so that everyone remembers you always being this way. Then you remember that the goddess said that you would have powers. Sitting down on your own bed you decide to...


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Chapter 2: Go to bed, try your powers out tomorrow (ID #1338854)
an addition by: bobboled

Both of you agree that it is getting late, and Morrigan has early classes tomorrow so you decide to go to sleep. You awaken in the morning, and the sun is already up. It's almost 10 am and you have class at 1. Getting up, you collect your bathroom gear; toothbrush, shampoo, soap, and head out to the dorm showers. You have to do a double take as you almost walk into the boys bathroom, realizing now that you will have to use the girls showers from now on. It's a little embarrassing and admittedly awkward, but the thought of showering near the other girls in your dorm is a little arousing. You hurry into a stall, although you didn't really need to, no one is here, they're either in class or still sleeping.You hop into the stall and turn on the shower, then you take this chance to finally explore your body in all of it's naked glory. You grab your soap and lather up, noticing how smooth your skin has become. You wash your body, carefully avoiding your pussy for now. You spend a little longer than you should on your breasts, massaging them with the soapy water, but no one is around so you don't feel too guilty. You rinse your body, and after a quick shampooing of your hair, you are ready to leave. However, you fell a niggling need, a desire to experiment with your new vagina. Peering over the stall, you look around the bathroom, making sure that no one else was around. The coast looks clear, and so you slowly reach down and touch your new lips, tracing your fingers over you folds. You rub and caress, every now and then giving your clit a gentle squeeze. You begin to feel wet, a different kind of wet down there, and you you stick a finger in, then two, and soon you are full blown masturbating. You breathing becomes more labored, and you can hear your panting echo among the empty stalls. You start to get that tingling feeling, the one before you are about to cum, but instead of coming from your loins, it feels as though it is radiating throughout your body. This is so different you think, still fingering yourself. You are getting close and you are about to climax when you hear the door to the bathroom open. You freeze up and pull your fingers out with a lewd squelching noise. You hear the person walk into the showers, and it sounds as though they are getting closer, but then you hear a door open and a click as it is locked, then the shower comes on. A silent sigh or relief, you turn off your shower and open the door to leave, but as you grab your towel your are stopped by a hand on your shoulder. Startled, you turn around to face...


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Chapter 3: Emily confronts you in the showers (ID #1519190)
an addition by: bobboled

You spin around only to come face to face with the last person that you wanted to see today. Standing just a little to close to you was the woman who had been hounding you for about a year now. Emily stood in front of you, her arms crossed over her chest in a way that covered abosultely nothing. You could see her everything, and there was quite a lot to take in,

Emily might have been a nuisance, but she was by no means an ugly girl. In fact, she was quite the opposite. She had long dark brown shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, and a wonderful body. She had tomboyish curves, but those were only accentuated by her firm stomach and toned arms and legs. She worked out almost as regularly as she bugged you. Her face was nothing to snort at either, as she had very smooth slightly tanned skin a cute face with lips like a pink flower.

This is what had caught your eye when you first met her a year ago. She was pretty and attractive, and her toned body only made you want her more. It didn't take long for the two of you to hook up as you both shared a vested interest the same literature (Lovecraftian, by the way), and it was only a matter of time before the two of you became more than friends. However, that first night of sex with her was more than enough to make you never want to see her again. Suffice to say, it involved Her being the dominant, and included several toys that were not appropriate for children and definitely not appropriate for you.

You tried to stop seeing her after that, but she kept following you around and even managed to get your phone number even after you had changed it. She still wanted you, oddly enough, but you were done with her.

And so, here now in the girl's showers, as a naked girl, with another naked girl who was constantly after you, you wondered what would happen next. ...Wait a second! You are a girl now! Maybe she doesn't care anymore and you can be free of her, maybe you ca-!

Your thoughts are interrupted by an odd sensation in your groin. It feels good, like when you were touching yourself earlier, but your hands were most certainly at your sides. Glancing down, you can see that Emily has stuck her hand between your thighs and is gently rubbing your crotch.

"Wha-!," you sputter, but she covers your mouth with her hand, silencing you. She grabs you firmly, in her toned arms, and pushes you back into the shower stall. She locks the door and turns back to you, her hand still rubbing your sweet spot. It's causing your thighs to fidget, which only seems to egg Emily on. She inserts two of her fingers, which causes you to cover your mouth as you suppress a gasp. Emily smiles cruelly, obviously enjoying this.

"So, your a girl now, huh,?" she says way too casually.

"Yo-you can tell?" you ask.

"Of course, my family has always been magically inclined." she says, "I'm resistant to a lot of its effects, so it's no wonder only I can tell that you have changed." HEr fingering intensifies, her finger searching your depths for your g-spot.

"Nnnh, please stop!"

"Nu-uh, not until you tell me how you changed." She locates her target and rubs it firmly.


"Come on, who did this to you, hmm?" she coos into your ear.

"I-it was," but you stop mid sentence. Her ministrations are picking up speed and as your body tenses for orgasm you find trouble speaking,"It was a-a-aaaah!" You come hard on her hand, humping it as your body ebbs with bliss. Your hips rock against her tight stomach and arm before the strength leaves your legs and you drop to the floor. You limply lift yourself up to sit with your back against the shower wall. Emily seems to tower above you as she watches you while idly licking the hand that had only recently been inside you.

"It was a goddess," you say meekly, "She gave me her power and made me like this."

"A goddess you say? What kind?" she asks, curiositiy burning in her eyes.

"A goddess of perversion."

Her smile is so wide that for a moment it looks like her mouth was going to tear. She bends down and grabs you by the hair. "If this is all true, and this is a ll a hypothetical, then we need to see just what kind of 'power' she gave you, and the extent of it." She picks you by your shoulders and gives you an ultimatum. "Meet me at my room in an hour."

With that, she grabs her clothes and leaves you in the stall, stunned.


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Chapter 4: Go to Emily's place (ID #1521552)
an addition by: Blakgers

You slowly pick yourself up.
You didn't want to go to her house, you know exactly what you'll find there. Even though you don't know exactly what she's planning, you know you won't like it.
You slowly move to get dressed as the strength returns to your legs.
The only reason that you're going is because you're a goddess. She may be resistant to some forms of magic, but there is no way that she can resist your body changing powers.
You smirk as you pull up your panties. Oh yes, she was going to be surprised tonight.
The smirk quickly disappears as you fumble with the stupid bra. Ultimately discarding it and leaving your breasts to bounce around free.You have no idea how you managed this shit this morning.

After getting dressed you start to leave, when suddenly you hear groaning coming from the broom closet. You crack the door and see two of your classmates, a guy and a girl, making out.
"Time for a little practice." As the two keep kissing and rubbing each other, the boy suddenly feels his tongue stiffening. Meanwhile the girl start to get more and more pleasure from kissing. Her lips slowly move vertical as her mouth morphs into a pussy. The boy plunges his new dick tongue in and out.
You then give the girl a long fluffy tail, which grows from above her ass. It moves to her boyfriends crotch and starts stroking it. Her soft fur leaving him shivering pleasure. You also present the boy with a tail. However his tip turns into a nice erect cock. His tail snakes between the girls legs and starts caressing her pussy before plunging in.
Happy with your handy-work, you close the door and leave the two alone. "Time to get serious."

You get to Emily's house. There is a dark and ominous looking cloud above her house and the street is strangely quiet. It's giving you the creeps. You notice that there is no car in the driveway, so her parents aren't around. This at least is good.


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Chapter 5: Emily binds you to her (ID #1522304)
an addition by: bobboled

This is a terrible idea, you think. I mean, what the hell am I thinking? For one, she is a psycho dominatrix who, not to mention, has been tailing me for nearly a year now. Two, and possibly even more important, she can see through my magic, to what degree I do not know. But, what if being able to recognize me is not the full extent of her powers?
You halt to a stop, just several yards away from her doorstep. You stand there complacent, but it does not take long to make up your mind.

This is too risky, I should get out of here while I have the chance.

You spin on your heel to and turn away from the house, ready to leave this, and hopefully Emily, behind you, when suddenly the wind is knocked right out of you. You fall to your knees and gasp for air. It feels as though something is pulling, pushing on every square inch of your body. It so mighty that you have trouble just sitting up straight. The force shifts, and centers directly on your heart. The pain is intense and you grip your chest in agony, desperately clawing at your shirt as what feels like invisible hands pull on your naked heart. Then, without the slightest notification, the pressure immediately dissipates.

This happened all within a timespan of about ten seconds.

You pant and wheeze, your breath still coming out in ragged gasps. Slowly, and meekly you pick yourself up and try to walk away from Emily's house, inexplicably hurt, but still determined to get as far away from Emily as possible, when you hear her voice. It is both sickly sweet and debilitating sour, like a lemon.

"Oh, and just where do you think you are going?"

You swivel and reply, "I am getting the fuck out of here, to hopefully be done with you forever."

"Mmmm, I don't think so."

"Yeah, well I-!" The pain strikes you again, causing you to grit your teeth in pain as your chest aches once more.

"If you disobey me, then I make it hurt. If you obey me, then everything will be just hunky-dory."

"Wh-what the hell do you mean?" you spit at her.

"Follow me inside, and I'll explain everything."

"Fuck that, the last thin-." Pain once again racks your body, and it takes every ounce of strength in your body to keep you from crumpling to the ground.

"It wasn't a question, it was an order. Now come inside, or do we have to do this the hard way?"

You glare at her, hoping that along with the goddess' sex powers, she also gave you laser vision. You stared as hard as you could, trying to fry her where she stood. Nothing happened.


You slowly shuffle over to Emily, who gleefully takes your hand and drags you inside her house. Despair fills your heart as you enter.

The inside of her house is actually pretty normal, especially compared to the girl lived there. The floor is tile, there is an antique set of furniture, and the paint scheme of the house was a mellow beige. Her parents were actually very nice people, the direct opposite of Emily really. It absolutely baffled you as to how someone like her could have come from the loins of such an endearing couple.

Emily, with her vice-like grip, drags you to her room upstairs in the attic of the house. Her room was a stark contrast to the rest of the house. Being that her room resided I the attic, she had quite a lot of space, and most of it was taken up either by occult books and the like, or sex paraphernalia. Her dresser was the worst of them, with dildos literally spilling out of it, and the top covered in ancient texts. She motioned for you to stay put in the middle of the room while she went over to the desk and retrieved an open book. She excitedly flips to a certain page. She shoves it in your face, but you can't make out a single thing on the page. The page was covered in what looked like runes, possibly Nordic, or Greek, you couldn't tell. You came to the college to study writing, not dead languages. In the middle of the page, there is an archaic depiction of a man in a robe apparently casting a spell, said spell aimed at a demonic figure surrounded by a faint circle. Emily pointed to the picture.

"You see this? This is a binding spell, one that has been passed down through my family for generations. It is very powerful, and was forbidden even during the age of sorcery. The reason being is that it tied one's life, one's soul to a spirit or demon in your case, and gave the caster dominion over their subject."
You gave her a blank stare.

She grinned wickedly, "Basically, this means that I am forever tied to you, and you must do as I say, or suffer." She then ripped of her shirt, revealing her supple breasts and toned abs. However, what really drew your attention, was the tattoo that lay nestled between her breasts. It was a pentagram that held many of the same symbols that were in the book.
She then jumps you, causing you to land on the floor with her straddling your chest. She places a finger on your chest, just between the breasts. You lift your head to look, and are aghast when you see that there is the same symbol on yourself.

"This symbol is our bond, and as long as it remains on your body, I am your master." She cooed. "Now, let's see just what kind of gift that sex goddess gave you."

She then commands you to ...


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Chapter 6: She makes you grow a dick(s) (ID #1523075)
an addition by: bobboled

"Now, if my guess is correct, and it usually is, then that goddess gave you quite an interesting power, no?" She said with a cruel grin.
You glare at her as she sits atop your chest.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"But I think you do" she said as she traced circles around the arcane symbol on your chest. "And you had better show me, or I'll make you show me. And I know you really don't want that."

"Mrm... fine, what the fuck do you want?"

"I wanna see you change, I wanna watch you morph, I wanna get freakin' weird!"

"You wha-?"

"Grow a dick, a huge one!" she all but yelled excitedly. You figured it would best to follow her demands, at least until you could figure out how to remove the binding symbol from your body. You could actually feel it, very faintly, like a scratch you couldn't quite itch. But, more importantly, you could feel sections of it, like pieces of a puzzle. And a puzzle can be solved, can be broken into pieces. You just had to figure out how. For now though, you had to take it in stride and follow Emily's demands, no matter how twisted. She would get her come-uppance. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Transforming wasn't so hard, you merely had to think about it and it would happen. From your groin, right above your vagina, a mound formed, like something was pushing its way out of your body. The mound pushed upward and expanded, taking shape as it grew. Within seconds you had grown a perfectly healthy if not fairly large dick from your crotch. Emily pushed herself off you, only to tear off the remainder of your clothes, leaving you totally exposed on the floor, your new penis proudly erect in the open air.
"Well, well, that's a pretty impressive magic trick, but you aren't going to turn any heads with that." She said. "Why don't we just try a little harder, mmm?" She pointed to the circle, indicating what would happen should you fail to impress her. You didn't want that to happen. Three more cocks burst from your groin alongside your new penis, and each grow to about a foot long. They drool lubricant across your stomach and throb from their aching need.

"Pretty good, pretty good. Now detach yourself from your waist."

Part of you hated her for this, but another part of you, one that was both new yet familiar, found these transformations arousing, invigorating. Obeying, you stood up, your bundle of cocks swinging and rubbing against each other as you rose. You spread your legs a bit for balance, then placed your hands on your hips and pushed. The area just below your belly button separated on a perfect horizontal line, and as you pushed yourself off your hips and landed somewhat gracefully on the floor, you noticed how instead of blood, there was only smooth flesh where you had separated.

"Good, now give me a dick too,' she said coldly. Her tone was even, but her body was not. Her left hand was buried in her panties and massaging her wet lips. Her hand was pushed away as a new penis sprouted out from her underwear, surfacing from the confines of her pants until it was a good ten inches long.
"No, I want balls too." Two bulges formed in her jeans, each roughly the size of an egg. Emily ripped off her pants and panties, freeing her new testes from their prison and allowing them to dangle freely under her new girl-cock. She idly stroked her new endowment whilst eying your feminine ass.

"Alright," she says, "You may enjoy the pleasure of sucking each and every one of your dicks as I ass-fuck you, and you will thank me for it."
You cross your arms and glower at her. She picks up your legs and sits them right in front of your upper half, so that your cocks are shoved onto your face, smothering you in girl-cock.
"I don't hear a thank you?" she said coyly. You felt the pain your chest begin again, but it dissipates as you quickly mutter under your breath. She places her ear next to your mouth, and asks. "Oh, what was that?"

You begrudgingly mumble, "Thank you for letting me suck my dicks while you ass-fuck me Emily."

She pats you on the head. "That's more like it. I love it when you talk sweet," right before she grabs your right most penis and shoves it in your mouth. There is barely enough room to fit half the girth into your mouth, but you begin frantically sucking, not wanting to feel Emily's wrath again. You lick the tip of the head before you drive your own cock back into your mouth. You have to admit, you may hate Emily, but this feels way too good. The dual sensations are almost too much. You are almost enjoying yourself when you feel a pinch and gag on your middle cock. The pain is bearable, but unpleasant. Emily has begun inserting herself into your anus, without any lube of any kind.
"Nngh, you're a little tight. Loosen up will ya?" Not needing her to tell you twice, you enlarge and lubricate your anus to accommodate for her size and girth. She pushes a little harder and she accidentally slips all the way in. The cock currently in your mouth cums and you can only gulp it down as your shaft is at the back of your throat. You make like you are about to yell at her, but she wags her finger at you.

"Nuh uh uh, you still have three more cocks to satisfy, not mention my own." You shoot her a glance, but you get back to work, and not without a little excitement. You caress your thighs and fondle your pussy as you continue to suck off your detached lower half, all while Emily's thrust shove your dicks into your mouth further than you would have liked. Amidst all of this you manage to cum with a second dick, and then a third. By the fourth, however, you have trouble putting it in your mouth as Emily is brutally stretching your hole with each frantic thrust. It bobs up and down, but you manage to catch it and shove it in your mouth. Each one of her thrusts causes your dick to jerk and you would never tell her, but her anal actions have made it a lot easier to get yourself off, and her thrusts have been in time with your orgasms.

She suddenly grabs your hair and pulls you into your crotch so hard that your dicks shoves itself down your throat. You gag and try to pull away, but Emily's grip is firm.
"Nnnn, hold on, I-I-I'm cumminnnnnnngggg!" She gives one final jerk of her hips, and her hot seed spills into your butt, filling you to the brim with her evil seed. At that same moment, you final dick ejaculates directly into your stomach, filling you completely. Emily unsheathes herself from you with a lewd sucking noise. Your ass leaks some off her cum onto her floor, but your vision is obscured when she pushes your lower half on top off you.

She is still panting, nearly out of breath, when she says, "That was good. For starters. Now pull yourself back together, we have some places to go, people to see."
On weak arms and weaker knees you pieced yourself together and removed your dicks as well. Emily chose to keep her penis, a surprise to literally no one. You both put your clothes back on in complete silence. You didn't have to ask why or where she wanted to go. You had a pretty damned good idea of what she wanted to do, and that knowledge frightened you.

The two of you left her house and headed towards main street.


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Chapter 7: She has you transform people she doesn't like   (ID #1527315)
    an addition by: Blakgers

"It's quiet in the streets at this time of night. The occasional car passes you and Emily as you walk to destination unknown.
"Where are we going?"
"We're paying a visit to a friend, my slave."
Emily stressed the last part. It was probably a hint to shut up.
You keep pondering a way to get out of this mess. You could try to remove the symbol by transforming your skin, but you're not certain if it would work. You think back to a movie you once watched where the magic of a symbol was broken by breaking a line. But you don't think that's possible these are magic lines after all. It's not the same as a tattoo.

Emily comes to a halt in front of a large white house. She walks across the well kept lawn to the large front porch. You follow in silence.
Suddenly Emily turns to you. "You will do what I say immidiately if you know what's good for you."
You notice a bulge underneath Emily's skirt and nod.

Emily rings the doorbel. The light in the hallway behind the door comes on. The door unlocks and Sarah opens the door. Sarah was the school's 'Queen'. Her long blond hair and soft facial lines make her a real beauty, not to mention the perfect body. You had nog idea she lived here. She looks at you and Emily and for a moment looks surprised.
She focusses on Emily. "What are you doing Freak."
"Now now, be nice. We're just here to visit." You don't like the look in Emily's eyes as she says that. "Why don't you let us in?"
"And why would I do that?" Sarah asks, she's starting to sound impatient.
"Because if you don't you'll be stuck with a cock for a nose for a llong long time" You feel a slight pinch from the magic symbol on your chest. This was obviously a signal. You focus your powers on Sarah's face.
" What are you talking.." Her voice dissappeard as her nose was quickly growing in length and coming in her view. You decide to make it as large as Emily's dick. For completion you give her a matching ballsack. The ballsack droops over her mouth and ends at her chin.

Emily made a motion just as Sarah opened her mouth. She was screaming her lungs out, but there was no sound.
"You can't scream, let us in and we'll talk about what you can do to become normal again. Unless you like kissing your own balls. And just for emphasis how about a second one, after all you normally have to nose holes." You feel the tingle again and quickly obey. Another large erect dick sprouts from Sarah's face.

Sarah quietly let's you both in and motions to follow her. You move upstairs and into her room. It's spacious and contains a bed, a desk and a full length mirror. The floor is carpeted.
Sarah turns to face us. "What did you do to me?" Her normally smooth voice now sounds a bit nasally.
Just then you get an idea. What if you were to fuse Emily with someonne or something, but don't let her keep her chest. Maybe that would free you.


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Chapter 8: Emily has you transform Sarah further   (ID #1528843)
    an addition by: Blakgers

"Right." Emily looks around the room. The walls are covered with pictures of her and her friends. "It's very simple really." She looks straigt at Sarah. "Thanks to my friend here I now have ultimate power. You were always calling me a hag for believing magic exists. Well, who's the hag now?"
"I can't believe it, this is magic? And you use it for petty unjustified revenge. Get real. Change my nose back and make something of yourself." Sarah puts her hands on her hips and looks past her nosecocks defiantly at Emily.

"How DARE you! You don't get to tell anyone what to do! I came here to teach you a small lesson, but that little outburst will cost you dearly." Maybe it was your imagination, but it seemed like Emily was literally glowing with rage.
"Slave, reduce her to what make most sense for a cheerleader like her, a head and a pussy."
You feel the slight tingle on your chest again and comply. "Yes.."

"What are you talking abou...Am I shrinking?" Sarah's whole body starts shrinking. Her arms and legs recede back into her body. "Stop!" Sarah tries to get to the door, but her body is already to small to support her head. Her head rolls forward due to the weight of her cock noses and comes to a stop facedown. Emily picks her up and looks Sarah in the eyes as her mouth gets a vertical orientation and become a nice smooth pussy. "Don't worry, this is just temporary. I need to be able to take you with me easily for the next bit." Sarah's new pussymouth makes wet noises as her lips move. Her eyes looking around wildly. She stares at the pussy for a bit and you notice the tent growing again in her pants. She sighs. "Let's go visit your parents downstairs." The wet noises become faster and harder in protest as Emily put the head under her arm. She briefly turns to you. "Well done. Let's go downstairs."

Together you go downstairs and into the livingroom. Sarah's parents look up from the tv. Her mom screams and her dad gets up from his chair with his fists raised when they see their daughters head. "Make them have seks while I instruct you what I want." Dad changes his course from you and Emily to his wife and they start tearing eachothers clothes off as you increase their drive to unbearable heights.
Emily takes the fathers seat and pulls up her skirt. Her dick large and begging for attention. She looks at Sarah's head. "Time to get to work for your new misstress." She grins. Sarah's pussy mouth makes furious movements and wet noises up untill the point where her lips are parted when Emily pushes her down on her cock. "mmm" She moans as she moves the head up and down slowly. "Slave" She begins through her moans. "I want to visit more people and we need a steed for that. Merge her parents, but leave room for the head and don't make any of the fun parts dissappear." She then spreads her legs further and removes her panties. She twists Sarah's head around her cock and pushes one of her dick noses in her own pussy. "Yes!"

Feeling aroused, but unwilling at this point to piss of your misstress. You look at her parents. It's easy to see where Sarah got her looks even at his age her mom was quite the looker. Her muscular dad was pounding away at mom's her mom's pussy. You work your magic. The pounding stops as dad finds his dick stuck in her cunt. Their flesh merges together. Mom's hands morph into feet and her arms elongate allowing her to stand at the same height as her husband. Meanwhile his upperbody bends forwards as his arms are pulled into his wife's body. When their body's touch they start flowing into eachother. Eventually even his head melts away into his wife back. Leaving a six legged near genderless form with the wife's head and the husbands backside. Remembering Emily's warning about the fun parts you make the man's parts lose it's body hair. The hips of the man widen as a the wife pussy opens up below his asshole. Between the legs you reform his balls and cock, making them quite a bit bigger. The cock quickly goes erect and two eyes open at the tip. The father's eyes blink in surprise and panic as precum leaks from the tip. You increase the size of the breasts dangling between the front legs down to just below the knees to give hime something fun to look at. Knowing that Emily wants to ride this like a horse you decide to use a bit of creativity. On the back of the creature three large bumps start growing. One right behind the woman's neck. One a bit away where the female body was merged with the man's body. And one even further down the body just above the ass. The three bumps quickly grow into large soft breasts, giving you and Emily a nice soft place to ride on. The mother's head starts melting away into the body leaving only a neck. Her eyes open up on the body's asscheecks, flanking her old pussy. As a finishing touch you give the body a nice long horse tail. The body stays perfectly still as neither the mother nor the father have any control over the body.

Just then you hear Emily scream in extacy as she cums into the cheerleaders pussy mouth. She survey's your handy work. With a wet plop she pulls the head away from her privates. "Well done" She pants.
She gets up from the chair, pulls up her panties and gives you a soft peck on the cheek. "Thank you." Emily walks to the front of the creature as she inspects it and shows it to Sarah. She even allows them to briefly lock eyes, which seems cruel to you. Tears well up in her eyes. "Give Sarah a penis neck and make a pussy in the neck of the body." You comply. Emily slowly lowers the penisnecked head into the pussyneck. Sarah's eyes roll up as the pleasure shoots through her. As soon as the dick is fully in the cunt the body starts moving as Sarah gains control. She seems pensive for a moment as she hears her parents thoughts. Emily looks her in the eyes. "Better listen to me now slave, if you want to have any hope of getting your old form back." She whispers in Sarah's ear. Sarah just nods, juices still dripping from her mouth.

You lead Sarah outside. Her tail and large tits swaying as she unsteadily moves, still getting used to the body. Emily climbs between the large backbreasts. They provide good back support and to ensure that you don't fall off you can hold onto the nipple in front of you.


Re: Magic of Perversion: The New Host

Chapter 9: To the next address!   (ID #1532633)
    an addition by: Blakgers

Riding along the road on your new mode of transportation you think back to when Emily thanked you. That was strange. You know she has a crush on you, but she should realise you're only going along with this because of the binding. You briefly review that thought. The binding was the reason, right? It's not like you enjoy going along and transforming people? Or do you. It did make you feel powerfull and kind of hot down below.

You are awoken from your thoughts when you pass a familiar looking tree. A very familiar looking tree. A tree you've passed over a hundred times. You were on your way to your own house! "Emily, where are we going?"
"We're going to your house, love."
As you feared, even worse, the way she called you "love" didn't sit well with you, especially not considering your destination. What if Morrigan was at home? You know Emily is jealous of your relationship with her. But maybe Emily just wants to have sex and experiment more in a location where her parents can't walk in on her. For normal people that would seem likely, but riding along on three fused people is far from normal.

Emily motion Sarah to stop in front of the building. She slides from between the large back breasts and lands on the ground. She then guides the creature behind the bushes as you slide from between the back breasts. Emily walks to the front of the creature. "Are you coming? Let's go inside." It was directed at you and not Sarah. She grabs the side of Sarah's head and with a wet pop pulls the head from the base. The main body immidiately stops moving. The eyes of her mother and father blink in surprise as they sense their daughter leaving them.
Emily notices you watching her. "It's like taking the keys to you car with you." She explain sweetly.

With Sarah's head under her arm and you next to her you go upstairs to youyour appartment. "Come my love, let's go inside."
With a heavy heart you unlock the door and step inside, followed by Emily.

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