Topic: Transformania Time

This game is a multiplayer transformation experience that has you exploring a town, finding spells, and transforming other players or NPCs. It has open PvP as well as safe modes that allow for better RP. When it comes to role playing, the community is very hit or miss when it comes to quality, but it does offer tools such as RP ads that can help search for themes you enjoy. Overall the transformations are a bit tame for LoB material, mostly being spells that reduce players into genitals or erogenous zones. That being said, I have found a fair number of players that are happy to descend to the level of depravity that is more accustomed to this site through the RP and derivative of the forms that are offered.
Below are the links to both the site and the wiki. I'd be happy to answer any questions.

https://www.transformaniatime.com/accou … urnUrl=%2f