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Topic: Chaos Storms [cyoc]

I would this criminally abandoned branch on CYOC. Let's give this branch some TLC. 6 years and nothing has been added. The OP has been silent for 2 years. Ugh. Let's fix this.

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Chaos Storms

By: loony28

Five years ago an inventor had built a transformation machine. It harnessed the chaos in the universe to modify the human body. He had hoped to sell his invention to plastic surgeons but something went wrong when he tested it. Instead of confining the chaos to the transformation chamber it burst from it creating areas of chaos that pop up all over the world. These areas have become known as Chaos Storms.

There is always at least one storm on the planet at any time. When a storm pops up it shuts down all electrical devices for the as long as the storm lasts. Also the temperature in the area becomes nice and warm though curiously nothing that's frozen melts or thaws unless it's placed over or near a flame and this effect lasts for about 24 hours after the storm ends. The shortest observed duration of these storms is just seconds and the longest is a year. They have been seen to cover only a few feet up to an area half the size of the United States.

The storms only affect humans or what used to be humans since the storms can transform anyone into literally anything. The energy left by the storm around someone when they're transformed can be sensed by humans and what used to be humans though they don't know who it is unless they see them transform. Since the storms only affect humans or what used to be humans most people take off most of their clothes only leaving what is necessary to cover the genitals on.

Even though the storms can last a while over a large area it may not transform anybody. There's pink lightning within these storms that is the actual agent of change when it hits somebody. Fortunately it doesn't seem to hurt anyone and people report that the transformations tingle.

Now another Chaos Storm is popping up. Who's going to be affected by it?


Rachael Murphy: an Unfortunate College Student
By: Ya boi, TheDeceptiveDuck

Rachael Murphy walked back to her dorm room. She had adjusted well to her college life. Her studies had been going well and she was a rising star in the classroom. But right now, it was 12:18 and it was time for her lunch break.

She didn’t have much of a need for food now, though. Not since the Chaos Storm 4 months ago altered her biology. Rachael’s body was now powered by the same energy that had transformed her. Rachael instead of eating, used this break to get some extra studying done and maybe watch something if she felt like she deserved it. Rachael had been called a recluse even before the storm, but she didn’t care then and she especially doesn’t care now.

“Hey, Ray,” her roommate, Holly said to Rachael after she entered their dorm room. Rachael tooted a greeting in response. Holly placed her things on the ground. “Oh, and what are we watching today? Some weird Japanese pornography?”

Rachael hated it when her roommate made fun of her like this. Not because she felt guilty for watching and enjoying anime, but because she didn’t like Holly taking advantage of her inability to speak and defend herself. Rachael let out a series of toots in protest, but that only made Holly chuckle. Rachael focused her attention on the TV and tried to tune Holly out. Then the phantom pains came.

She suddenly had a mouth, again. She had a proper face, again. Rachael felt her teeth, again only to feel them withdraw back into her jaw. She was in the middle of an episode, now. She felt her her tongue wither away as her mouth changed its shape. Her nose withdrew into her face. She felt a strange weight on her checks. She moved her hand up to her touch her cheek only to be met with the firm flesh that now resided there.

Holly saw the tension in her roommates body and her teasing attitude changed. “Rachael, are you ok?” Rachael paused for a second and then subtly nodded her head. Holly squeezed Rachael’s shoulder to comfort her and then went about her business.

Yes, Rachael’s face had indeed been replaced by a pair of buttchecks. Her mouth had taken up its new function as her face’s new sphincter. This made her incapable of speech. The only way she could communicate was by blowing air passed her checks in a way that mimicked Morse Code or, simply put, farting. Where there had once been a fair face was now two, firm mounds of tush. Rachael counted herself as lucky as fate allowed her to keep her sight. Her two, burgundy eyes rested in her face-flesh.

Holly, on the contrary, was a stunningly beautiful women with a face made out of marble and a chest fit for a goddess. Her oddest feature was her pale, pink hair. Holly’s hair was long, thick, and wavy and it had an almost iridescent quality to it. Another one of Holly’s peculiarities, where her rose-colored eyes.

Rachael had always suspected foul-play of some kind involving transforming lightning but had never built up the courage to ask her before she lost her ability to speak. Now, she hoped that Holly had always been perfectly pink lest she be confronted with how unfair the world can be.

The episode Rachael had been watching ended and she grabbed her things and left for her next class.

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Since this is my first time posting any of my writing, give me some feedback. What do you guys think?

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Good stuff! Keep writing, definitely!


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Re: Chaos Storms [cyoc]

Please write more. If you wanted it to become a continuous story, told us.

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Re: Chaos Storms [cyoc]

Left and Right
By: TheDeceptiveDuck

Rachael walked through the campus to her next class. It had gotten cloudy all of a sudden. It was very disconcerting but she had a class to get to. She saw movement in the corner of her eye. The lights in a nearby window flicker. A warm wind blew over her checks. “Oh no,” Rachael thought as she began to walk faster.

Rachael stood at the crosswalk, waiting for the signal. She could feel the energy in the air. Something powerful was coming.

There was a flash and a bang. The street lights cut out and the cars stalled. For a moment, there was silence as the thunder echoed through the campus. Then, the alarms sounded. A Chaos Storm had begun.

The innovation behind the alarm system captivated Rachael. Because Chaos Storms stopped electronics, engineers had to think outside of the box. They had devised a low-tech solution that ran entirely on compressed air. If the alarm system was without power for more than 5 seconds, a pneumatic trigger was sprung and the alarm sounded. This system was not perfect, but it did its job.

People got out of their cars. Some panicked, some ran for shelter, while other just stood there in either shock or indifference. Rachael was is the later category. Chaos Storms had already given her their worst. She couldn’t care less if she was struck again. But, since class was now canceled and she had nothing better to do, Rachael, nonetheless, made her way to the Chaos Storm Shelter.

The Chaos Storm Shelters or the CSS were little more than a front. An act by the government to pretend they had things under control. Little evidence was given that proved that they actually worked. It didn’t matter what was over your head. Be it wood, cement, or the plain, open sky, if a Chaos strike was coming for you, there was no way to stop it.

Rachael’s walk to the campus CSS was interrupted by a loud and thunderous crash nearby. Now, the lightning didn’t always hit a human target, but this one did. A female student had just been touched by the Chaos Storm. She was pure and uncorrupted but that was soon to change. Her scream was brief and cut short as her head quickly sunk into her shoulders. Both of the woman’s hands felt the area where her head had just disappeared. A bulge was quickly forming in the woman's jeans. The tightening grew to much for her and she undid her belt.

“So that’s where her head went,” Rachael silently thought.

The transforming woman pulled off her pants and underwear. Her lovely head now hung upside-down between her thighs. In her shock, the woman began to stumble. She fell backwards onto her ass, bonking her newly relocated head in the process. She was out like a light.

Rachael waved for help but was interrupted again as another lightning bolt struck. She watched as the victim changed right before her butt-mounted eyes. This time, the storm had chosen a man. He drew his arms close to his stomach before a sudden growth pushed out from him. His flimsy shirt ripped in two as two breasts appeared on his chest and grew to inhuman proportions. The man felt his basketball sized pair of man-titties. He seemed to enjoy the storms blessings as he dropped his stuff to play with giant boobs.

The ass-faced Rachael continued walking. A little faster now that she had just seen two people be transformed by the storm. Suddenly, her vision flashed white.

Oh no, not again.


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