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Salve of Transformation: Steve's Beginning
Unending BE - episode 405446

Steve woke up and stretched. He had just moved into a new college apartment just the night earlier. He hardly had got time to check out the whole place before he went to sleep last night. It was the weekend and he had the whole day to himself. "Well" he thought to himself, "I can look around the place." After looking around the bathroom and the kitchen, he finally got on his knees and looked on the under the bed. There was a small chest. So naturally he picked it up and opened it up. Inside was a small bottle filled with some creamy liquid. On the label there was the inscription "SALVE OF TRANSFORMATION". What the... Looking on the back there seemed to be instructions. It read "Just a dab and your wishes shall be granted..." Well should I try this stuff out?

*There is a knock at the door

Steve is just about to use the salve when he heared a knock at the door. "I'm coming!" Steve whips on a shirt and jeans that were laying around.

"Yes?" Steve opens the door to see...

*Carly, the nerdy girl across the street

Steve openned the door and Carly waltzed in. Steve quietly sighed. Carly had been the girl across the road all his life and simply had never measured up to the Girl Next Door fantasies. She had a crush on him - that fit the bill - but she was such a nerdette... and they'd been friends as kids, and his parents didn't quite catch on that Steve really didn't want Carly around anymore. She kind of knew, but she still came over all the time and chatted endlessly about school and homework and whatever. And then she'd come to the same college as he was attending and lo and behold, somehow she'd gotten his address... and now...

"What's this?", Carly said, holding the bottle.

Steve was about to respond when she spritzed herself and said, in a mock husky voice like she was trying to seduce him or something...

*Something Else

Steve was about to respond when she spritzed herself and said, in a mock husky voice like she was trying to seduce him or something...

*"Ooh!" She quickly runs to the bathroom

She quickly hunches over. "Ooh!" She groaned. "Steve. Where is your bathroom." Steve just pointed and she ran towards it. "Hmm. I wonder what that was about..." Steve waited. He finally decided to check on her.

He knocked on the door. "Carly! Are you alright in there?" No response. "Please answer me." Still no response. "Geez. She could be passed out or dying in there!" Steve opened the door to find...

*She is Gone!


Re: Salve of Transformation: Steve's Growing Carly

"Carly! You alright!" Steve walks through the door to the bathroom. He was sure she wouldn't mind too much. Infact she was the one that was madly in love with him.

He look around. She was gone. The window was too small for her to squeeze through. "Carly! Where are you! I don't have time for games!"

*"steve! who turned out the lights!" Steve looks down his pants to find a penis Carly.

Steve has a strange feeling in his groin. Then a twitching. Soon he sees a movement under his pants. "Steve! Who turned out the lights!" Steve fell back in shock. He carefully unziped his pants and pulled them down as well as his boxers. His mouth fell open. There in place of his penis was a phallis-Carly wiggling. Litterally everything was shaped like her down to her hips which was connected to his body. Her arms were fused to her sides and her legs were fused together. She was facing him with her bare breasts showing. She was limp.

"Carly?" Steve lifts up the limp girl-penis. She was staring right at him. "Wha-what happened Steve? I can't move well" She succeed in wiggling back and forth.

*Steve can feel his blood flowi … !
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*Carly starts to grow until full size but still connected to him at the groin.
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Re: Salve of Transformation: Steve's Growing Carly

Steve held Carly in his hand. "Steve?" Carly looked up to Steve's face, "What happened, what's happening, Steve." Carly asked. Steve saw Carly in his hand but felt his cock, in fact the sight of a small naked Carly was giving him an erection. For Carly, it started as though something was being pushed into her, something long and thick slowly being pushed inside her, deep inside her. As it pushed deep inside her, she felt herself changing to accommodate it, like she was growing around it. She was also receiving a very sensual massage as it slid deeper within. Steve noted that Carly's eyes lit from within as his Carly-cock started growing and that his usual sensations from an erection seem to be brighter, more intense, ot just better. He had noted that Carly was bigger then normal and as she hardened, she retained that largeness though her breast seem to spring forward, increasing in size faster then the rest of her. Steve sat on the toilet as Carly reach the raging hard-on stage and pre-cum started to flow from her mouth when he brought his hands to her oversized breasts and started to massage them, increasing the sensation to both of them. Carly had the first of several orgasms that were helping drive Steve to his first when...

*...someone walked into the bathroom...

Steve was recovering when he heared footsteps. "Awe Shit!" He looks up at the doorway which he left open and saw...

*Carly's sister, Mandy!

Steve was on the edge of cumming when he heard footsteps in the adjacent room. Just as he looke up into the open doorway, he sees Carly's elder sister Mandy. Mandy looks in, "Have you seen..." stopping when she sees Carly in Steve's hand. "Aaahh, there you are..." Mandy moved into the bathroom, bent down and licked some pre-cum from Carly. "Not bad taste there sis." Then Mandy engulfs Carly's head, shoulders and breasts with her mouth and licks Carly's back with her tongue. It's when she brings her tongue over Caly's breasts that Steve loses it and cums. Mandy's mouth soon fills with the amoung of cum coming through Carly and some spills out of her mouth down Steve's shaft to his balls yet he is still puming cum out!

For Carly, it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had, first the few she had had just from the erection she was having, then having her sister engulf her then having her breasts stimulated by a tongue then having Steve finally cum! Her mouth opened and fluid just flowed out, quickly filling Mand's mouth, even though she was swallowing as much as she could. Carly felt cum slid past her breasts and out over her abdoman as well as some sliding down her back (not to mention her sister's tongue moving around her breasts).

Steve solved part of the problem when he grabbed mandy's head and pulled her forward, feeling his balls hit her chin, forcing his Carly-cock into her throat. This caused most of the cum coming out to flow down her throat but blocked most of what had been in Mandy's mouth from going down. Mandy, already breathing through her nose, was surprised when Steve force her sister into her throat but adjusted except for the amount of cum still in her mouth. She couldn't swallow very well and her mouth was overflowing, so she pushed more out onto Steve's groin while massaging Carly with her throat muscles. Mandy realized that Carly was deeper than any cock she had deep-throated before but feel good where she was (hopefully due to the amount of cum there). She brought her own hands up to Steve's rear so that he didn't try to adjust her head a second time.

Steve and Mandy stayed near frozen for a bit of time as Steve continuted to pump more seed into her stomach through Carly's penile form. When it finally petered out, Steve lilfted his hands from Mandy's head though Mandy kept her hands on Steve's rear as she began to 'clean' the shaft within, her tongue darting out to like some cum that remained on his balls. As Mandy ran her tongue over Steve's ball, Carly started to wiggle in Mandy's throat as she felt her butt being caressed. This cause Mandy to stop and slide up the shaft until she hit Carly's breasts with her teeth as she was using her lips to keep much of the remaining cum to stay inside her mouth. Mandy then licked her sister's face before releasing her, still hard, from her mouth. Then...

*...Mandy sits in Steve's lap, Carly going inside her sister...

Mandy stood, licking her lips, enjoying the taste in her mouth. She looked down and noticed that Carly as still hard and that Steve was looking back at her. Dropping her panties, she maneuvered to sit on him, making sure that Carly went against her lower lips. Carly slid againt one. Mandy, knowing she missed on the first try, moved her hips and felt CArly slid by one more time, but closer. Carly look up just in time for her face to hit the line between her sister's labia lips. Mandy felt Steve's maleness hit her lips but sliding along them rather then penetrating. Carly reached up and grabbed as her face was pressed against something that was yeilding and wet. She had grabbed her sister's clit! Mandy felt her clit being juiced and froze, enjoying the sensation, but when she felt Steve's cockhead moving away from her slit, she sat down, hard! This pushed Carly inside her, knocking Carly's hands off Mandy's clit as her penile form was pushed deep inside.

Steve, a bit out of it due to the sheer orgasmic high, locked onto Mandy's face as she pull his cock out of her mouth and stood. As Mandy came forward over his legs, his gaze went to her breasts which were just above him in his seated position. Even when Mandy sat on him, hard, he just kept his eyes on her breasts, bouncing when they did.

Mandy sat on Steve, wiggled her rear to adjust the feel of her sister inside her and felt her sister expand a bit in response. The full feeling she had became extremely pleasurable as she felt her sister hit her cervix deep inside her. Carly, for her part, had just pushed her face away when Mandy's labia parted and Mandy sat down hard, pushing Carly deep inside her. CArly felt herself shoved into a tight, warm, wet, tunnel that slide 'by' her until she felt something stop the slide at her waist. Carly then felt the tunnel tighten on her then she felt it move and hit her head on something that pushed on the top of her head, no the to top but on the top of the back of her head. Carly's arms were trapped to her sides but she could move her hands, mainly her fingers. Carlt's nipples were hard and stiff and felt larger and they poked the tunnel in front of her.

Mandy had just settled and adjusted herself on Steve's lap, just enjoying the fullness when Carly arced her back, pushing her tits forward and hit two of Mandy's smaller G spots, causing Mandy to orgasm rather explosively which caused to Steve to cum. Carly felt the tunnel fill with more fluid, felt it flow over her head and breasts, felt herself cum as well and something that was now going through her. When she opened her mouth, nothing came in as something else poured out. Carly felt this second wave of fluid pour down her front, flowing over her breasts and sides, allowing her to mmove her arms a bit as it (and the previous flow)enlarged the tunnel she was in. The fluid from her mouth went from a steady flow to spurts adn she started to feel them flow from her butt to her mouth. She could taste what was comming from her mouth and some of what had been there beforehand as well as a mixture of the two between spurts. Mandy then tried to move, wiggling as the tunnel started to tighten and although this did cause a bit more fluid flow (she was tasting less of whatever came out of her and more of the 'original?' taste), the tunnel tightened on Carly again.

Steve, after having a second great orgasm on top of his previous one, was still in the enjoyment phase, eyes half-lidded and locked onto Mandy's sizable breasts. Mandy was surprised by the strength of her orgasm, as it came just as she had adjusted herself, became even more surprised when she felt the internal wiggling along with another orgasm. Then...

*...Mandy resat herself on Steve then began to...

Mandy, surprised by her double orgasm, shifted her hips and repositioned herself on Steve, firmly pushing as much of him inside her as she could. Carly, feeling the tunnel sliding around her, tried to move her arms but they were pinned. Mandy did feel Carly moving inside her and waited for her to settle before doing anything else. Once Carly settled down, Mandy pushed with her legs and allowed her rear to move off Steve's lap, exposing Carly's cum-coated lower torso to air before reversing herself and slamming Carly back inside her and feeling her head slide against her cervix. Then she repeated it, and kept repeating it. Carly, surprised by the first few strokes, felt the movement through the tunnel on most of her skin, especially as her nipples pushed upward against the yeilding tunnel wall. Carly also found that her arms moved up and down her torso slightly when the tunnel slid the other way and soon had her hands near her breasts as she went with the flow as it were.

When Carly's hands reached the bottom of her breasts, the taste in her mouth stated changing from the original to a mixture of original and whatever she had spewed earlier. Carly's hands crossed under her breasts before pushing her breasts upwards, allowing her nippled to engage Mandy's main G-spot and stay in contact through her two lesser spots at the top of the stroke (when she felt the top/back of her head slide along the cervix). This caused Mandy to speed up her strokes and Carly came, on every other stroke. Carly know had her hands on her breasts and rubbed them with her fingers, and aafter reaching her nipples began to play with them as well. There was something slightly different this time, though, Carly could feel each of her orgasms moving out of her. Each one flowed out of her cunny, then down (around?) her rear then up(?) her back?? Carly was still coming and each one slid out of her along her rear and was now pushing up her back, the first three were now combined and push up further, aided by the fouth and fifth. The mixture in her mouth tasted more of internal juices than external, then the taste changed back to the outer as Mandy orgasmed then changed as her seventh orgasm push more up her back and it seemed as if it was pushing behind her breasts, the eighth pushing it into her neck and the ninth into the back of her mouth and Carly knew that on the next time it would fill her mouth. It didn't just fill her mouth, it now pushed out and into the tunnel.

Steve, starting to recover, still had his eyes on Mandy's breasts and felt himself ramping up for another monster orgasm and felt Mandy orgasm around his cock for the third and fourth time. He exploded into her for his third time! Before a second shot was hard to do and Steve, if he could consider the matter, would have known that he hadn't had a third shot in this short period of time in his life. Also each shot had been longer and fuller(?)/larger(?), then everything shut down. Mandy felt Steve cum into her again as she ramped up for another great orgasm which would be her fourth or fifth, not counting any of the minor tremers that she had felt. Mandy bottomed herself on Steve and just enjoyed the afterglow and the fullness she felt inside herself and wrapped her arms around the out-of-it male under her, though she did wiggle herself just a little before she also joined Steve in blissful slumber.

Carly, for her part, jad quit counting the cum packets that flowed out of her and just enjoyed the feeling of it flowing through/around her and into the tunnel. As the taste stablized back to its 'original' taste, she felt herself tingle a bit and the tunnel grew tighter, it still gave a bit if she pushed, but the space, 'shrank' for lack of a better word. Her hands were now oon her breasts, a finger and thumb combination had each nipple and each nipple felt bigger and thicker to her. Then...

*...Steve recovers enough to walk out of the bathroom to the bed (keeping a sleeping Mandy impaled)...

Mandy, impaled on Steve's cock (which is also her sister Carly) while Steve is sitting on a toilet, both asleep. Carly is not asleep but in a fugue state, drinking Mandy's internal juice plus Steve's occasional contributions. To Carly, she's in a tight, warm, wet tunnel that does yeild, allowing her to have some movement but since her breasts and hands are pressing two of Mandy's (minor) G-spots, Mandy continues to have minor orgasms that triggers Steve into having orgasms as well. The fluid(s) has flowed around the base of Steve's shaft and covered his balls, the seat he is on and over the seat to the floor. Mandy, being on Steve's lap, is dry except for her labia, which has a nice sheen as more fluid pushes out of her (most of it comes out along the bottom of his shaft, some still comes out over the top). The irritation of his seated positon finally breaks through and Steve recovers enough to move.

Steve notices that he is uncomfortable, in a seated position, has something large in his lap and that something is warm and soft, plus his cock is hard and covered with something. Steve partially opens his eyes and notes that there is a pair of breasts in front of him, 'Must be Carly,' he muses, 'and I think I'm inside her. In bathroom, must move.' Steve moves his hand slightly to Mandy's rear, to support her form and starts to stand. Standing, he doesn't notice the amount of fluid that the pair (trio?) have produced and starts moving out of the bathroom. His feet leave outlines on the floor as he tracks fluid out of the bathroom. As he reaches the bed...

*...he turns, falls on the bed asleep with Mandy on top of him...

Steve heads for the bed like a drunken sailor and as he gets to the edge, he turns and falls so that Mandy is on top of him. Steve's knees hinge at the edge of the bed allowing him some comfort but Mandy's legs, spread to either side, are not but in the time it will take to register, Mandy will orgasm several times (and Steve will orgasm at least twice). Carly, for her part, just continues to play with her breasts and nipples, drinking the fluid around her head , barely noting the taste difference after Steve's orgasms.

Mandy's leg position finally gets a response as Mandy shift her legs 'upwards' to a more comfortable position, which raises her rear and pulls a bit shaft out. This registers as a slight empty feeling and Mandy then trys to correct by pushing her butt down which does return that full feeling but pinches her feet. Mandy continues to try and find a comfortable position that leaves her with that full feeling. She finds it when she feels it change to over-stuff, too much inside her. Still not awake, she leans forward, pushing her breasts into Steve's face and pulls a few more inches out of her. Carly feels the air flowing around her cum-covered lower torso and starts to wiggle inside, not realizing that she is larger and causing Mandy a bit more discomfort. Mandy responds by moving her hips to the side as well as up and down and succeeds in releasing more of Carly's lower torso, until Carly's enlarged breasts (and her hands) become stuck at Mandy's entrance (acting like a canine knot). Carly could feel her elbows peaking in the air as she twisted herself, but had no leverage.

All this action caused Mandy to orgasm which in turn caused Steve to cum as well. Pleasuable as it was, Mandy still wanted whatever was inside to leave and continued to move her hips and rear in various directions trying to get the obstruction out of her. After a second double orgasm, Mandy settled on top of Steve, her breasts now above his head but still not fully awake (though steve was still slumbering). Mandy could feel herself being close to emptying herself and would put everyting she could into one last effort. Mandy moved her hands forward and felt the edge of the bed, moved both her hands to it and clamped down, raise her rear slightly so that she could get her feet into position. Feeling set, she pushed with her legs and pulled with her hands. She could feel the tightness along her insides, feel the pressure as the obstruction pressed against the inside of her cunny. Finally, it happened, Mandy felt herself open just a little bit more, felt something inside her slid just a bit and redoubled her effort, pushing with her legs, pulling with her arms forward. Carly felt an elbow pop into air and forced the attached hand into the open. Carly moved her hand upward soe that she could push more of herself out of this tunnel. Carly freed her other hand and had it join her first and pushed. Both hands slipped a bit but found something to push against, Mandy's clit. This electric touch pushed Mandy forward, popping Carly out of her, until Mandy fell to the floor, orgasming along the way. It also pushed Mandy back under to a fugue state, her eyes closed. Carly popped out of the tunnel and was pulled to her rear and fell onto something hard and yeilding. Carly spit out a mouthfull of something and looked around, recognizing Steve's bedroom. Then...

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Re: Salve of Transformation: Steve's Growing Carly

"Carly?" Steve held the limp Carly in his palm who managed to lift her head toward him. "Steve," she stuttered a bit, "What happened... I can't move well and my arms seemed tied down" Carly wiggled a bit in Steve's palm and he felt the beginnings of an erection. Carly stopped wiggling as she felt herself expand as Steve's blood started to fill her. Carly felt as though she was being massaged, especially around her breats with an internal massage started. A very sexual massage that atarted on her clit and vaginal walls, a sense of being filled and thrusted into. Carly made sensual sounds as she felt all her sensual buttons being pushed at once and then somehow get, well, better, stronger and - wetter(?). Steve watched as Carly stopped wiggling and started moaning, her eyes filling with something before she closed them. Carly then started to grow, expand in front of him. She lengthened and thickened until he could no longer hold her in one hand and she continued to grow. He also felt her legs slide under him as she grew. Steve also felt his erection, becoming harder as Carly grew. Stunned somewhat, Steve moved over to the toilet and (after dropping the lid) sat down and found that Carly's legs were there first. Steve looked around and saw that he was now sitting in Carly's lap and that her legs were bent under him but were connected to him as well. When he focused back, Carly's head was now level with his upper chest and her breasts were pressing into his stomach, somehow they became very large but firm. Then...

*...Carly continued to grow until she was level with Steve, then...

Carly was laying up on Steve's chest when she began to orgasm from the sensual overload. She never noticed that she was still growing as orgasms racked her. Steve, on the other hand, noticed when she started orgasming as he felt his raging hard-on reach mythical proportions, as Calry's head reach his own though it was off to one side. Each of Carly's orgasms caused some growth along Steve maleness, not only did her breasts enlarge, additional ones grew as her orgasms came. Pre-cum started to fill her mouth, and as she swallowed it left a wonderful taste in her mouth, unfortunately it flowed in faster than she could swallow. Each of Carly's orgasms went though Steve's body, but not as a normal male orgasm, he felt it though her, her legs under him, her torso against his chest, he even felt her new breasts growing in each orgasm. His hands wrapped around her and pulled her into him, her head on one side of his own, precum started leaking through her mouth onto his back. As her orgasms lowered (both in intensity and number), Steve allowed himself to relax and maneuvered Carly's penile body in front of him. He noted Carly swallowing constandly though fluid was still pushing through her mouth. he also noted that her breasts were larger (though he did not notice the four belowe them). The fluid from her mouth smelled rather nice and he brought her closer and kissed her and tasted the fluid that flowed out of her. It was - well, he didn't know, nor did he think of anything comparable. As he begin to drink it, Carly let more flow out of her and her orgasms began increasing in intensity and number. It effect both of them and then, Steve orgasmed! As Steve came, Carly's arms came free and she wrapped them around Steve, pressing herself and his arms also tighten on Carly. Their joint orgasms lasted quite a while, Steve's male orgasms being driven by Carly's female ones. Both passed out though they remained pressed together, their mouth remaining lock to the other and fluid still flowed from her to him. Still, even the best of orgasms must end.

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