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Transform or Dare?

Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to.

Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...

Dare: A month of changes


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

Jenny didn't believe in the curse, but just in case she picked dare, it had less potential to damage her.

"Dare me then"

"Well I'm a little disappointed that you didn't pick transform but there's always plan B. For your dare, each day for the next month you will pick one of the 31 fortune cookies from the bowl that will appear in your room. Each cookie will have a different instruction or transformation on it that will instantly change you accordingly. There will be 3 cookies that will change you back to normal, so you better hope you pick them later because once you have picked the 31st and final cookie all of the changes that you have at that point will be permanent." Kyle said.

Jenny screamed when she heard the sound of something being put down and saw a glass bowl of fortune cookies sitting on her dresser.

"Oh my god! You freak!"

"Now now Jenny, I think soon you will be the freak, but don't worry only you and I will notice any of these changes. Oh and you'll be unable to pass on the curse until you've picked the last one and everyone else will ignore the cookies existence. Have a good month; I'll see you at school"

With that he hung up. Leaving Jenny stunned, scared and angry.

She is compelled to take one of the cookies

Jenny slowly put the phone down and avoided looking at the bowl that had appeared in her room, she dreaded having to take one of the cookies and the "Ëœchanges' that it would make, what did that mean?

She slid along the wall and rushed out the door as quickly as she could to avoid going close to the bowl. Once she'd found her remaining clothes Jenny decided it was best to try to ignore the whole thing and go to school as normal.

But as she went to leave the house she found the door handle wouldn't budge, then she felt dizzy and blacked out, when she woke up she was standing over the bowl with her right hand hovering over the cookies inside.

"No!" she screamed and ran from the cookies, but as she ran she felt the dizziness return and blacked out, awakening once again looking over the bowl.

This happened several times, each time she would run a shorter distance before she blacked out, until she realised that there was no way for her to avoid taking a cookie.

"Please be good..." Jenny said to herself as she reached into the bowl and picked a cookie at random. With trembling fingers she broke the small biscuit in two and pulled out the small slip of paper inside, turning it over she read...

...the first fortune.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

...the fortune, which took the form of a poem:

"#1: Despite your best efforts,
It could not be stopped;
From now on, your pussy
And mouth shall be swapped."

Jenny had just enough time to shout out, "No! Not that!", before the changes took hold. In an instant her mouth closed tightly, and her lips seemed to melt together until no opening was left. At the same time, she was disturbed to find that she could feel the same thing happening to her vagina. As her interior anatomy rearranged itself to adjust to the new decree, she fell to her knees sobbing. She wanted to scream, but she could not.

At last, after several excruciatingly heartrending moments, she felt an opening reappear where her mouth was supposed to be. As she put her hand up to her face to feel, she suddenly recoiled in terror when she realized she had indeed just felt her genitals. She let out a startled, "Oh!", which, originating from inside her panties, was quite muffled. Quickly, anxiously, she sat on her bed and slid down her panties, to find that, where her vagina had once been, she now had her mouth, complete with teeth and tongue.

"Oh my god...," she said despondently. Finally, she stood up and rushed over to a small mirror hanging on her wall. When she gazed into it, she was devastated. Staring back at her, beneath her nose and above her chin, was her pussy. In disbelief, she put her hands up to her face, and held open her labia. Everything was right where it always was-- except now, it was right there beneath her nose, where everyone could see it. Again she repeated, "Oh my god...," before adding, "I'm a freak..."

Before she had time to fully digest the horrifying change that had just occurred, she was hit by another terrible feeling. "Oh no," she cried. "No... not now..." It was really rotten timing.

She had to pee.

Jenny ends up going to school


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

Jenny ran to the bathroom, the urge was growing but the pressure was focussed inside her head. The alien sensation meant she panicked when she got to the bathroom, not knowing what to do she leant over the toilet and started to cry as a stream of hot piss started to leave her face, because of the proximity to her nose she could smell everything and closed her eyes tightly wishing the ordeal over.

"Why?!" she sobbed, the sound coming from between her legs.

When the stream had subsided Jenny sat still for a few moments before reaching across and wiping her pussy-mouth. Walking gingerly back to her room she grabbed a scarf and wrapped it so that it covered where her mouth should have been. She decided not wear panties as the fabric made it difficult to breathe or talk properly.

Having calmed from the initial shock she now began to experiment, she had to stand with her legs slightly apart in order to talk properly.

"Hello, my name is Jenny" she said slowly and clearly. Her voice sounded distant; as her mouth was so far from her ears she could hear herself as though someone else were talking to her.

She stuck her tongue out and tasted the fabric of her cheerleading skirt as well as her own thighs on either side. She quickly retracted her tongue when she heard a familiar car horn outside, she ran to the window to see Katie and Susan, her best friends and fellow cheerleaders, climbing out of Susan's car. Katie waved up at her.

"Shit! They saw me!" Jenny said to herself, Susan always drove Jenny and Katie to school.

The pair started knocking on the front door, "Jenny! Come on we're going to be late, traffic's really bad"

"Just coming!" Jenny called back, "Why did I say that? I can't go to school like this!"

"We'll wait in the car!" Susan called as they walked back down the drive.

Jenny panicked, she would have to go out and talk to them, like this. Pulling her scarf up higher she walked carefully out to the car, Katie gave her an odd look.

"What's with the scarf?" she called.

"It's...I... Ulcer problem" Jenny called back, now aware more than ever that her voice wasn't coming from where it should.

The two girls in the car started laughing, "What on your pussy?"

Jenny stumbled; Kyle had said no-one would notice, it seemed everyone was going to treat this as normal.

"Get in; we'll fix it with make-up" Katie said.

"No, I can't... I'm ill" Jenny said, backing away.

Susan rolled her eyes, "Jenny, the Principal said that if you missed another class then you'd be off the squad"

Jenny stood in silence, weighing up her options, if Susan and Katie thought this was normal then perhaps everyone would... Jenny grabbed the door handle and climbed in, beneath her skirt she bit her lip nervously.

The school day


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

As the three girls drove to school Jenny became more and more nervous.

"Let me see" Katie said, grabbing the scarf and pulling it down to Jenny's chin, Jenny gasped in fear.
"Where's this terrible ulcer then? I can't see it"

"Irr Mrr Shh..." Jenny realised she'd crossed her legs and now couldn't talk properly.

Jenny uncrossed her legs, opened them slightly and tried again, "I must've imagined it"

"Well you've got scarf fluff in your pussy" Susan said. Katie giggled and reached across, Jenny felt the girls hand on her exposed genitals and went cross eyed as a piece of strings from the scarf was extracted.

"T-thanks" Jenny said nervously. "So you don't think this is weird then?"

"What? The traffic? It's not normally like this but I wouldn't say it's weird" Susan responded.

"No I meant... you know... my... mouth" Jenny said sheepishly.

"What that your pussy and mouth are in the wrong places?" Katie said. "No, well no-one else has it like that, so I guess it's kind of weird but I never really thought about it."

"Why? Are getting self conscious about it?" Susan asked.

"A little..." Jenny said as they pulled into the school parking lot.

The three went to different classes and agreed to meet up again at lunch. Jenny spent the whole morning terrified that suddenly everyone was going to realise that she was a freak but they all seemed to treat her normally. She briefly spotted Kyle Perkins during lunch, he'd given her a smirk and then disappeared into the crowd again when she sat down and realised that eating was now a problem.

She managed a system of carefully carrying spoonfuls of food down to her mouth under her skirt before she realised that no one was paying any attention so she spread her legs wide and lifted the front of her skirt to her waist allowing her full access to her mouth.

She had to drink through a straw as holding a cup down where her pussy had been was difficult.

Jenny was still not used to the strange feeling of the food being carried upwards towards her stomach by the time lunch was over but she kept telling herself that everyone thought this was normal and she still had the change back to normal cookies left so she wouldn't be stuck like this.

But that caused her to remember the other cookies and she spent the rest of the school day terrified of what other changes the magic cookies would make. She was a nervous wreck and cried to herself in the girl's locker room, convincing herself that by the end of the month she'd be able to use the curse to change back to normal and get revenge.

When she got home, Jenny found a note from her mother and father informing her they'd be back in 2 days. They were going on a business trip. Martha still wasn't about and Jenny found herself alone in the house. She made herself a sandwich and following some difficulty while arranging her limbs and removing her skirt she managed to find a position that allowed her to eat it easily.
Wrapped in a blanket she watched TV most of the evening, trying to make the day go for as long as possible to avoid the inevitable. But she eventually dozed off as she found herself waking to the news the next morning, she was brought back to reality quickly when she yawned and felt the place between her legs stretch.

Getting up off the couch, still wearing just her cheerleading top Jenny headed upstairs, deciding to get it out of the way sooner rather than later.

Cookie #2


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

Knowing that she should just get it over with, she grabbed one of the cookies and broke it
open. It read:

'#2 You'll grow four more arms for this new surprise.
Your greatest assets will grow five times their size."

Feeling a tingle in her body, she only knew that this month was going to get worse.

Jen gets changed again

Before Jenny had time to react, she felt the vague tingling sensation in her body grow much more focused in her back-- specifically, around her shoulder blades. The tingling quickly became a burning sensation that was very painful. The sudden agony dropped her to her knees. Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she struggled just to remain up on all fours.

"Wha... what's happening to meee?" she sobbed.

That was when she looked back over her right shoulder to see if she could examine the source of the burning. As she did so, however, she was horrified to see two fleshy appendages tear through the back off her cheerleading top, one rooted right on her shoulder and the other at her armpit. And worse still, she could feel the same thing happening to her left shoulder as well. With a mix of morbid fascination and sheer terror, she watched as the appendages grew and grew, taking a familiar shape, until she had a pair of new arms attached to each shoulder, giving her six in total.

Jenny tried to be optimistic about her situation. "Well... on the bright side... I guess this could be pretty useful..."

But all optimism quickly faded when the second part of the fortune began to kick in. As Jenny picked herself up, she began to feel the tingling move to her chest.

"Oh God, no..." she sighed.

There was a distinct feeling of warmth in each of her breasts-- not as bad as the burning from growing four new arms, but still impossible to ignore. As Jenny looked down, she could see her breasts swelling up. She had initially been modestly endowed, with fairly average B-cups. Now, however, she could see them ballooning way past what could be considered normal. Beneath her shirt, the growing tension on her bra to carry the rapidly expanding load resulted in it riding up and her breasts falling out of the cups.

Finally the growth stopped, and Jenny stood leaning against the wall, not used to the sudden shift of weight to her chest. "Oh... my... GOD...," she wailed from between her thighs. "They're, like... a pair of basketballs!" Actually, to be more accurate, they were slightly larger than a pair of basketballs, and they stretched her shirt to its limits. Again she glanced in the mirror, just as she had the day before, and again she was horrified. She scarcely recognized herself anymore-- staring back at her was a girl with six arms, monstrous N-cup-sized boobs, and her vagina where her mouth should be.

"I have to do something about this," she said, letting go of the wall and trying to stabilize herself. "I'm not going to last another 29 days at this rate..."

At that moment, she glanced out the window and noticed Susan's car approaching her driveway. "Shit!" said Jenny. She was torn-- she really didn't want to go to school looking like this, despite the knowledge that no one would really notice the changes. It was too humiliating. On the other hand-- at the moment, she had the overwhelming urge to find and throttle Kyle Perkins.

Jenny hastily put on her skirt. At the very least, she knew she was going to have to talk to Susan and Katie. But was she going to say? Was she going to go with them, or give them some excuse and stay home?

Going to school


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

Lifting up her breasts through her clothes with four of her hands, she walked outside and
got inside her friend's car. After a fair bit off effort, she finally managed to get inside the
car but not able to put the seatbelt on.

"Hey Susan," said Jen.

"Yeah Jen," said Susan.

"Don't you think that it's odd that I have giant breasts, three pairs of arms and my pussy
and my mouth are the wrong way around?" asked Jen.

"No, you've always had those things." said Susan. "You were born with them."

At that moment the car stopped in front of the school and Susan and Jen got out, with
some help, and walked into the school. Getting to her locker, she got her books for her
first and second class. With some difficulty getting into her desk, she made it through to
lunch. Sitting down at the lunch table, she rested her breasts on the table and opened up
her legs to eat her food.

Making it though school with only a few pleasurable moments of her breasts rubbing
against things, she got on the bus and squashed her breasts against the seat in front of
her to sit down. As the bus started up, she felt the vibrations of the bus send her into
pleasure. After managing to get off the bus at her stop, she went upstairs and looked at
herself in the mirror.

She was slouched over from the weight of her new breasts and their was a bit of pussy
juice on her chin from the bus experience.

"I hope that I get changed back to normal on the last day," said Jen. "I don't want to look
like a freak for the rest of my life."

After several hours of doing her own things, she went to sleep, with fears about what the
next cookie will bring.

Cookie #3


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

Jen woke up and rolled out of bed, the unfamiliar weight of her breasts throwing her off balance for a moment, she walked over to the cookie jar and took one, hesitantly she opened it.

All the changes, you wish you were dead,
how about a 20" penis instead.

"No, not that!" A familiar heat built up, not in her crotch but her nose, it was going to grow in above her pussy now. She ran to the bathroom and froze, her nose became more distorted, more round and long. "I don't want a penis!" She cried, but it grew all the same, it finally stopped at twenty inches, throbbing, creating new feelings of lust, she grabbed it with two of her new arms, and started to rub, she cried as she watched herself masturbate, unable to stop.

She finally came into the sink, but the penis didn't soften. She then realized her erection would be permanent "Oh God! I'm a freak! I can't got to school like this!"

Forgetting Something

She stared at herself in the mirror, her new endowment sticking straight out from her face, throbbing with excitement. She touched her penis again, it jumped and she winced at the pleasure, she grabbed and started rubbing again, but stopped, noticing a new growth just below.


The growth started to swell, it formed into two small testicles.

"I have balls?"

At this statement the new growth swelled with excitement, they filled growing larger until they were the size of softballs. Jen started to cry, not only did she now have a 20 inch penis sticking out of her freakish face, but now she couldn't see her pussy because of the balls.

"Oh God! I can't go to school like this!"

Just then there was a knock at the bathroom door.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By Demon-Man

The bathroom door opened. It was Martha getting in with a bunch of fresh towels.

"Oh, I am sorry Miss. I should wait till you are dressed," the young maid said, looking to the ground while her face became bright red. Quickly she left the room and closed the door before Jenny could react.

Dressed? She still wore her pajama even though it was stretched to its limits by her boobs, and nobody had taken offense at her vagina mouth earlier. She noticed a strange pile of fabric on the shelf below the mirror. After closer examination it turned out to be somesort of small facemask with a sock-like tube where the nose would be.

Ouh....yeah...the penis. Obviously its fine to run around with a nude pussy in your face but an erect dick is a no no. Jenny sighed inwardly. Looking back into the mirror she noticed black stubbles around her "mouth" and "nose". Oh no, don't tell me I got to shave, she thought. But she had to. She simply used the razor which she usually shaves her crotch and legs with anyway and wondered if that's what if feels like for a man, shaving his face.

After her usual morning routine (although she left a mess because she realized too late that she now had to pee with her new penis) and getting dressed, she put on the strange facemask to cover her penis and balls. Katie and Susan were already waiting outside for her.

The rest of the school day was not that much different than the last ones: Nobody noticed the boner on her face. They noticed the pre-cum however that had formed when Jen had seen Nathalie Mullins, the prettiest girl in school. She had never had any interest in girls before but when seeing the other girl's bust and hot curves, she had felt a strange, hot sensation in her face. To her own surprise she had started to leak pre-cum which had left a clearly visible spot on her mask. It was so embarrassing, they all giggled and made fun of her for the rest of the day.

Eventually she was back home and masturbated a bit more with her new equipment. It was not that bad and at least a pleasent compensation for the embarrassment earlier.

The next morning she opened the cookie, fearful of how much more she would mutate into a sexual freak.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By fayesfurry

She read the little rhyme with in the cookie and her shoulders slumped as she read the next change to visit her body.

"I expect by now you've realised, your parts are becoming supersized, Your pussy though it seems quite small, shall soon be biggest of them all."

The tingling warmth began to build up in her face. It began in her clit which began to swell pressing into the back of her balls.

As it did her pussy hole began to migrate, it swam through her flesh getting larger as it did till eventually it settled at the top of her chest so that it was partially hidden between the mounds of her gigantic breasts.

Her clit by this point was the size of a soft ball and was throbbing with need while her labia, now rubbery and thick, ran right down her neck and into the cleft of her breasts framing the giant pink pussy.

She shivered with pleasure as her balls rubbeda against her clit. Knowing she could go no where she reached up a pair of arms to rub at her massive clit and penis at the same time. Her second pair begand to toy with her oversized labia and breasts while her last pair explored her new hole first sliding into it and then stretching it out feeling a kind of pleasurable discomfort while she figured out exactly how big this thing was.

It was awkward to slide her arm into the depths of her pussy, particularly in its new position but she had an old champagne bottle by her bead which she had been collecting her spare silver in. Using it on herself as a makeshift dildo it dissapeared into her pussy with eases, sliding deep into her chest. She briefly wondered how there was space for all her organs but it was tough to think about anything for too long while pleasure wracked her brain.

Stretching her pussy out she found it could easily accomodate something the size of a head and possibly bigger, the thought of having such a large object force its way into her body finally tipped her over and she came. Not only from her penis but her gigantic pussy created a huge gush of juices as it contracted forcing out all the accumulated lubrication.

Surveying the mess of her room she decided she couldn't bare to deal with it now and she threw on a simple one peice summer dress. One of the few things she owned that could accomodate her massive breasts and allow her arms to work freely without having to rip new holes in it. Though her breasts stretched it out considerably and made it ride so high that when she turned or leaned in any way either her mouth or bum would be clearly visible.

The girls picked her up as usual however today they did look at her like they were a little shocked. For a minute Jen thought that finally someone saw something wrong with her bizarre form. However Susan soon crushed those hopes.

"You in a rush this morning Jen? You er... you forgot to clean yourself up."

Jen pulled a compact out of her bag and looked at herself. She had forgotten her cock covering mask and not only that cum still dripped off the tip. Also her breasts neck and half her face was smeared with her more femenine juices where her playing and strong orgasm had sprayed smeared and splattered herself with the stuff.

"Oh God" She exclaimed, "I'm so sorry, have we got a minute?" she said sounding flustered as she climbed out the car and raced to the house.

Susan followed her in replying. "Hey its ok hon, its not like its the first time, here i'll help you out."

As they passed her room Martha was already hard at work cleaning up her mess like it was a regular part of her daily chores. Jenn was thankful atleast she wouldn't have to deal with or explain that later.

In the bathroom Susan cleaned her off with a large supply of wet wipes which had seemingly come from nowhere to fill an entire cupboard of the bathroom.

Her tender ministrations to Jenn's penis and vagina elicited the odd moan causing Jenn to blush with embaressment, however Susan just giggled and cleaned Jenn up like a trooper, giving her a little pat on the penis when she was done.

"Come on now or we shall be late" Said Susan as she headed out to the car while Jenn found her mask.

That day at school the lessons seemed to drag and she had trouble concentrating as her dangling testacles constantly rubbed against her engorged clit. By the end of the day a low gurgling noise was coming from her pussy and the act of her breathing was cause her gigantic pussy to expand and contract in her chest and causing all the built out juices to bubble up.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By Demon-Man

Cookie #5

The next morning Jen hestitated at first a moment but then looked at the text that had been inside the cookie. She couldn't escape ot anyway.

You feel like finally falling apart?
No worry, let's go back to the start.

At first she wondered what that was supposed to mean now but her line of thought was interrupted by a sudden surge. It felt funny, like her skin was turning inwards all over her body.

It took her a moment to come back to her senses. At first she was fearing what might have happned to her body now but she couldn't see anything....in fact the changes from the previous days were missing, too. She was back to normal.

"Oh thaks god", she yelled happily. She was a normal human being again.
Her joy didn't last long however when she realized something.


The cookie had been wasted. There were 27 more cookies to go. She would be turned into a strange freak again anyway. It was more important that one of the three "undo"-cookies was the 31st so that she wouldn't have to spend the rest of her life as a mutant and now only two were left. Shit. She could only pray she wouldn't grab one of these cookies again until the last day of the month, even if it felt great being normal again.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Nobody remembered her bizarre alterations, except for Kyle. The bastard grinned at her in the cafeteria, knowing she had wasted one of the precious "undo"-cookies.

The next morning wasn't a good one. Taking one of the cookies felt even worse now. Jen didn't want to be changed again, although there was no way to get around it. She took one, openened it and read....


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By Demon-Man

Cookie #6

You are ready for the shock? Your body is going to be a cock.

First came puzzlement what the message could mean. Then pure shock and panic when Jen started to imagine the script's meaning.

She had little time to react before her body suddenly imploded. With a painful BUMP she landed on the ground, right on her head....for there was not much body left she could have landed on.

With tears in her eyes she saw how her pajama was spread over the ground, the only bit of body visible was a thick bulge right below her neck. This was too much. The other changes were weird but this was truly horrifying. She couldn't even move, due to the lack of limbs.

Her screaming alarmed Martha who came right into the room and picked up Jen from the ground.

"I am so sorry Miss. I forgot to wake you. You surely need to the toilet urgently."
She was right. Jen felt an uncomfortable pressure but inside her neck.

Still apologizing repetitively the maid brought the transformed girl to the bathroom and removed the pajama. In the mirror Jen could see her new body for the first time, causing her to moan in furstration. Just as she had expected, she had no body to speak of, instead there was a large set of male genitalia right below her head, approx. a foot in length with orange sized balls in a scrotum hanging below. Martha who didn't seem very disturbed by Jen's penis this time, interpreted the moan wrongly, apologizing again and holding the young Miss carefully above the toilet.

Peeing felt weird as it basically ran through her entire body. At the same time Jen wondered where all the pee came from. There was no space for a bladder large enough to hold such an amount of pee.

Afterwards the maid further prepared Jen for the day as if she done so for years already. She brushed the girl's teeth, combed her hair, put on make-up and eventually got her into a sock-like dress. It was nothing more than a blu tube made of silk, with a pouch at its base for her balls. A small cord made sure that it wouldn't fall off. Short time later Susan and Katie arrived to take her to school.

As it turned out both were not only her friend but personal caretakers now. They carried her around and talked about her cool new dress, as if if a girl with a penis for a body was the most normal thing in the world.

She was sitting on Katie's desk during lessons and listened (she couldn't write anything down anyway). During lunch Susan had to fed her. Jen had never felt so embarrassed before, being fed like a little baby. It was even worse than the pre-cum stained mask. Kyle erupted into roaring laughter when he saw her. Of course their fellow students looked at him confused, not understanding what was so funny.

The rest of the day was pretty boring since she could do so little. Her friends helped her to the toilet two times during the day....the boy's toilet and eventually brought her home into Martha's hands.

The maid had already prepared a warm bath for Jen. She didn't seem even a little bit ashamed about cleaning the large phallic body. Not even when it got hard.
Jen couldn't help herself, the young maid's gentle hands felt too pleasent. She wanted to cry. It was so embarrassing and humiliating.

The maid however stayed perfectly calm and said: "Oh now problem Miss. Let Martha help you out. I know how much you like it."

Suddenly she gripped the large penis thightly, causing Jen to gasp. She wanted to protest when the maid began to jerk her off with practiced motions but it felt too good. The girl couldn't resist. The pleasure was even more overwhelming than it had been with her giant vagina-mouth or penis-nose. This time her whole body was one erogenous zone.

She couldn't hold back anymore when a gentle hand began to fondle her large balls. She came and shot a large jet of cum into the bathing tub.

"Was it good, Miss?" The maid asked with a smile.

"Oh....yes." Was all Jen could sigh.

Afterwards the maid put the exhausted girl onto the couch where she spent the evening watching TV before she was brought to her bed.

Being so helpless and dependent on others was depressing but at least the orgasm made up for it a little, Jen thought. She wondered if the next cookie would make her situation better or even worse.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By fayesfurry

Cookie number 7

The next morning there was a knock at the door and Martha excused herself before informing Jenn she had a guest and slipping her dress over her phalic body.

Jenn was suprised when shortly after Kyle stepped into the room. She wanted to scream at him to get out but she knew why he was here and the curse wasn't going to let her. The best she could do is shoot him a filthy look which was unfortunately missed by Martha as she fled the room.

"I knew you'd have problems cracking open your cookie this morning, so i thought i'd pop round and be a good samaritan." Kyle said with a cheerful voice.

He picked Jenn up squeezing her cock body perhaps a little harder than he should and eliciting a moan from Jenn's lips and a blush on her cheeks. He carried her over to the bowl of cookies and closing his eyes dipped his hand in and brought one out.

Cracking it open Kyle smiled at what he read before placing Jenn on the floor and removing her dress.

"I don't think you'll fit in that dress anymore once i've shown you this." he said supressing a chuckle before holding the piece of paper infront of her face.

You've found yourself in quite a fix, your body now will have eight dicks. No mere cocks will see yo done. Instead a cocktopus will be more fun.

As Jenn wondered what these latest changes would mean her body was quick to answer.

Kyle turned her towards the window so she could see the changes occur.

A ring of nodules appeared around the base of her cock body. They began to swell and turn purple before extending out from Jenns body on long thick tentacles.

Labia like flaps of skin joined the eight tentacles at the top making them like a living skirt though that still left a metre or so of cock tipped tentacles free to writhe and curl like the octopus limbs they mimicked.

As if to continue the octopes theme the cock limbs gre broader and more flat at the base except for the last 12 inches or so. Finally they were finished off with suction cups along the underside.

Jenn looked at her new forms and despite the shock at how alien she looked couldn't help thinking something didn't look quite right. As if to answer her confusion her cock body started to shrink. However as her body shrank, the back of her head began to expand.

Her hair dissapeared as her head grew to three times the size and took on a dark purple colour. Her cock body was now a fat cock head mimicking the body of an octopus however she kept her human face in front. She could feel the slit which now pointed behind her leaking pre cum slowly.

Jenn found she was much more mobile in this form and with a little effort she was able to control her eight limbs and start crawling towards her wardrobe to see what clothes her new reality came with.

She was nearly there when she felt Kyle's hands lift her cock body and place it on the bed. She writhed her tentacles and tried to wrap them around the Kyle's arms but soon just the feel of those hands against her body had her excited.

"You don't mind if I have a little fun with you?" Kyle gave her time to answer but knew she was so overly sexed she could only answer yes even dispite loathing Kyle.

Jenn could feel a familiar sensation growing between her eight new limbs and knew her pussy had returned and was wet and ready. However unexpectedly it wasn't here that she felt Kyle enter her. Instead she felt the tip of his cock begin to slide its way into the tip of her cock head.

"I've always wanted to take you from behind." Kyle joked as he slid the rest of the way into her with a hard jolt. Turned away from him as she was Kyle couldn't see her expression but she knew it would hold a mixture of longing and resentment.

With little thought to Jenn's pleasure Kyle rammed himself into her cockhead repetitively until he came hard. He stood there for a while his penis still sheathed in her body enjoying the lasting memory of his orgasm, his member plugging his cum inside her.

In the meantime Jenn had been working on her own orgasm though. She had directed two of her cock limbs to her pussy while the rest writhed with eachother and over her body. Before Kyle had a chance to pull out her whole body shuddered as she came from every cockhead on her body at once.

As the haze of orgasm cleared Jenn could hear Kyle curse and swear and she began to laugh. The first time in this whole ordeal she felt like she'd taken a little control over her situation or made Kyle pay even a little for what he'd done to her.

"You Bitch!" He exclaimed, "I'm covered, i'll have to go home and change and I shall be late for school now."

Jenn heard the door slam and was left alone. Shortly after Martha returned to clean her up and get her ready for school.

Her new clothes were akin to a sort of bizarre body stocking, it was thin and black and covered her main cock head body leaving her face and octopus like limbs free so she could move around.

School that day held its usual trials. She had to be carried from lesson to lesson still but once there she had her own desk and a special large pen than her cock limbs could grip

. She anticipated the carrying with a mix of dread and pleasure as it turned her on incredibly all the touching. Especially as she was often pressed to Susans breasts as she was carried. However it was awkward and she had to concentrate hard to stop her limbs creeping up Susans Skirt or down her cleavage as she got more and more excited.

Lunch was bizarre. She had been placed in a large fish tank with a live crab. Instinctively she had pounced on it her powerful cock limbs working to crack its shell open and get at its soft meat. Instead of her mouth her limbs seemed to want to carry the food to her pussy.

It did occupy the place an octopuses mouth would so Jenn gave it a go and soon found she was able to suck the soft meat up and away into whatever passed for a stomach in her new form.

Returning home she found that instead of her bed which now appeared merely for show she had a shallow pool she could sleep in. She had to keep her face above water to breathe but it kept all that labia from getting too or dry as she slept.

The next morning she woke and had to wait for martha to come in and towel her dry. She enjoyed the toweling so much she found herself sliding her limbs up Martha's skirt. She found that Martha wasn't wearing Panties and was already wet and waiting. This shocked her and she withdrew her tentacles a little.

"Whats the matter miss? I left my panties off as you like, I know you need the release go ahead."

Jenn took her permission and slid two of her cock heads into the maid. To Martha's credit she kept toweling off Jenn stoicly only pausing briefly as an orgasm took her. She recovered quickly and finished the job wiping down Jenn's now slightly mucky cock heads afterwards.

While Martha excused herself to take care of Jenn's cum which was currently trickling down her inner thigh, Jenn managed to pull her way up ont the table. Cracking open the cookie she read her next "fortune".


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By Demon-Man

Cookie #8

A bond to another seems to grow stronger,
why not stay between her legs a little longer.

What the hell is that supposed to mean now, Jen wondered.

Suddenly she felt two gentle hands on her swollen cockhead. It was Martha carefully rubbing it. Jen wanted to interrupt but the pleasure was already clouding her mind.
Thick streams of pre-cum were leaking for every cockhead.

The mai seemed like in trance, her eyes blank. Suddenly she began to rub her crotch at Jen's purple head, driving the penis-octopus mad with lust. The girl didn't even notice how her flesh became unnaturally soft and flow into Martha's skin like melting wax.

She noticed that something was wrong, when she was suddenly sucked into Martha's body. After snapping out of her arousal she found herself stuck. Looking down she only saw her penis-tentacles dangling dowards between two feminine legs.

"What happened", she said...or wanted to say, for no words left her mouth which, by the way, felt odd. It felt as if it was between her tentacles...and she couldn't move her lips. Oh no...what had happened now.

Martha awoke from the trance, blinked once.

"Oh Miss Jen. I better make you ready for school. It still feels a bit odd after that alien abduction."

She behaved as if nothing had happened. And what about the aduction...is that the explanation for the newest change?

Jen knew she was somehow stuck between Martha's legs. Its was pretty obvious. It was strange being carried likes this when the maid went to the bathroom. On the large, wall-mounted mirror, she could see herself for the first time. She had been indeed fused to her maid's crotch. Her eight tentacles and testicles hung from where a man's genitals would have been. Above the small square of pubic hair were two eyes, Jen's eyes. There was nothing else left of her face. She wanted to cry but then remembered the remaining "undo"-cookies. She relaxed a little, knowing that this fate was only a temporary one at least.

At first Martha took position in front of the toilet, allowing Jen to pee. Luckily she still could controle her tentacles which made aiming pretty easy. Afterwards Martha washed her. The gentle motions made the girl horny again but the maid was careful enough not to go too far. Otherwise she would have to wash her misstress again.

Eventually Martha got dressed met Susan and Katie outside the house. The maid was wearing her usual uniform but only above her waist. Below she was completely nude, allowing everyone to see her. Funnily her friends did not just greet the maid but herself, too, acting as if it was perfectly normal for Jen function as her maid's genitals. Even though she could not speak herself, her friend chatted with her normally, ignoring Martha stayed silent.

It was the same in school. Martha assumed the role of just carrieing Jen around.
She didn't interact with many people but allowed them to greet Jen or talk to her. During classes she was sitting on a special chair with bent backrest, so she could lean back easily. She spread her legs widely, putting her feet on the table. She looked like a whore or pornstair waiting for a guy to finally fuck her. Due to this position Jen to easily follow her lessons and make notes, using her tentacles to hold a pen.

During lunch she sat down in a similar position, allowing Jen to feed herself. Here she finally found out why her mouth felt so funny, it had fused with Martha's vagina. She still had a tongue but otherwise it was a normal cutn hidden behind all her dicks and balls. Due to the lack of teeth and jaws, she only ate a soup and pudding. In exchange eating was a pretty pleasureable experience now.

Later at home Martha prepared a bath. Despite her ministrations making Jen horny as hell, the maid allow her to cum again. Afterwards the maid went to Jen's bed however, completely nude and finally said with a smile:
"I am sorry Miss that it took so long. I think its time now for you to have some fun.
I am yours to do what you want."

Then she just lay down and stayed still. Jen understood and took the invitation immediately. At once she pushed a tentacles into her vagina-mouth and into the maid's anus. Causing the woman to gasp with lust. While fucking her host feverishly, she also moved two tentacles up to play with her breasts, even though they were too short to reach them. Luckily Martha became active now and bend forwards, making easier for Jen to tough her large tits and play with them. Furthermore the maid began to stroke the remaining tentacles. She even took one in her mouth and gently sucked on it.

Even though she had been reduced to little more than someone else's bodypart, it felt great. She could only feel the sensations from her own organs: The penises and the shared vagina but it was still overwhelming. Never before had she felt so close to somebody...literaly.

Finally she came. An orgasm so strong it blew her mind away, even stronger than those of the previous days. She blasted huge loads of cum all over Martha who just experienced her own, mindblowing orgasm, possibly feeling the sensations from Jen's penises, too.

Exhausted Martha fell asleep almost immediately, nude and covered in cum.
Jen woudl have prefered a shower now but didn't want to wake up her loyal maid and thus just waited for sleep to come. The day hadn't been that bad and strangely she found herself enjoying the weird experience of her situation a little, wondering what the next cookie would do to her.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By Rippin Yes

Cookie #9

A man on the outside you feel you are,
An ultra feminine woman's brain hidden from afar,
Your dick and testacles will emerge to hide your pussy,
A hairy man's chest will arrive to hide your breasts to make them appear less mushy,
A goatee will appear over your mouth, as all the ladies will be gushy.

As Jen read this, she thought, wait, I'm a man today?
He/she did not really know how to react today.
As soon as she read this, she received phone messages from Susan and Katie, while Martha the maid was lusting after him/her.

Jen went to the bathroom to put on makeup over his eyelids, and noticed a goatee that made him aghast at first, but then grew quietly aroused at the site of being a feminine young man, who now had the body of a full on cismale today.

He thought to himself, "This should be nice."

Jen sat on the toilet in his room, gave a few quick tugs, before yelping and crying out in ecstasy. He fell asleep with his hand on his hairy dick, dreaming of ways to get his revenge, and of assfucking Kyle.

Jen had drifted asleep, when he felt a tug on her cock that was underneath his pants.
Martha said, "Hello handsome. I know you want me to hump you, your brains inside, and out."
Jen responded nervously as his lip quivered, "Ma'am, I'm late for school. Maybe another time, please, I have to go now."

Martha replied flirtatiously, "Well, I can always drive you there. Why do you reject me now? I'm all over you."
Jen replied, "Because I'm a girl, a dickgirl, who likes boys. At least I think I do."
Martha retorted, "No Jen, you're a ultra-feminine, bicurious gentleman, and probably gay, who I need to straighten out."
Jen replies nervously, "Perhaps."

Martha says, "Jen, are you a faggot? A fag boy? Because I can send huge, 300-pound burly men to gangbang you. But that's not what I want."
Jen at first nods his end, then shakes his head.
He whimpers nervously, "No, I'm straight. Please darling, don't let me get gangbanged."
Martha replies emphatically, "So you need to trust me that we'll have a good time."
Jen quivered nervously before giving in, saying, "Alright. How will I get us to have fun while I get to be pleased, too?"
Martha replied, "Since you're the lone gentleman in the household right now, maybe you can let me crossdress. I'll wear a suit, we'll go get Susan and Katie, and we'll fuck them together. Then, you get to fuck me, when we're done and send them adrift to make love together."

Jen replies nervously, "Alright."
Martha says, "And calm down, I will soothe your feelings."
She grabs Jen's cock, and grabs his face to kiss him as Jen tries to pull away, before they go on to drive to school.

Jen helps Martha get dressed in the bedroom, as he binds Martha's chest with a loin cloth and ace bandages. He draws a goatee on Martha, and stuff a sock down her underwear. Jen decides to cut Martha's hair, but is apprehensive.

Martha replies, "Don't worry dear, it'll grow back in a day."

Later, Jen gives Martha men's pants to put on that are slightly thin around the waist, and gives Martha a white T with a flannel shirt to button up. Jen finds a dildo in his room, and a strap-on harness underneath the maid's bedroom, and helps strap it on the maid. He uses a welder to cut a small hole on the tip of the strapon dick, and instructs the maid to learn how to pee standing up.

Jen says in a hyper feminine, nasal voice, "You lift the top of your labia, bend your hips forward, hold your dick, and let your pee flow. Don't let it drip!"

Martha replies, "It's hard! My body's not used to this!"

A few times, Martha's unsuccessful, but the maid finally learns how to pee standing up after they find a way to make the strapon dick into also a STP device. Then, Jen grabs the eyeliner kit to draw a dark brown goatee on Martha to make it look realistic. Then Jen gets a collared shirt, suit and a tie out of the closet to give to Martha for her to wear.

Then Martha goes to the mirror to stare at herself, with Jen standing behind her. Martha then appears to be a young man, with a painted on goatee, with a dick inside her pants, with her breasts pressed and bound beneath her tailored men's suit as she's pretending to be a man alongside Jen.

Jen smiles alongside Martha and replies, "I think you look hot now, Martha. Marty will now be your chosen name, as you'll be a bisexual boy who'll make love to whoever you feel is hot."

They smile and embrace gleefully, as the two kiss with a fierce passion. Then, the young man escorts the now seemingly handsome young man who was a busty maid minutes ago to the car.

At the school, Susan and Katie start drooling over Jen and Martha, with Jen now having the body of a cisman, and Martha looking like a man, too.

Susan replies, "Damn, Jen! You're such a hot man, you magnificent, buff piece of ass!"

Katie says flirtatiously, "Wow! You and your buddy are the hottest men we've ever seen! Oh my!"

Shocked, and nearly offended, Jen replies, "How dare you objectify me like I'm a piece of meat!"

Pleased, Martha replies, "Name's Martho-I mean, Marty. I'll take you up on your offer. Jen is just nervous, aren't you boy?"

Jen replies, "Yes, ma-am. I mean, sir."

Delighted, Katie grabs the forearm of Martha with one hand, and Jen's pecks with the other as she feels them up. Susan then grabs Jen's penis and Martha's cock, which arouses Jen greatly and pleases Martha.

Susan says, "Jen's a rather feminine name for a boy like yourself, Jen, right? I will call you Jon."

Jen replies timidly, "But my name's Jen."

Susan responds sternly, "You want my ass? Your name's Jon."

Meekly, Jen nods his head in gradual approval.

Martha replies, "Well, we should get away from the lockers to carry our love conquest."

Katie asks, "Where would we take it to?"

Susan inquires hotly with full on eagerness, "How about Jon's bedroom?"

Suddenly, Jen's dick grows in arousal, against the wishes of her mind, as she says with tepid excitement, "Let's do it!"

Together, the four of them go to Jen's house, and the bedroom. Katie grabs Martha's tie, and starts to undress her by taking off her suit jacket, while Susan takes off Jen's collared sweater and vest, and white T-shirt, to reveal Jen's hairy chest, before loosening Jen's belt on her boyfriend's pants.

Susan says hotly, "Oh my, Jon! You've got a nice, chest, with beastly abs!"

Jen blushes with feigned disapproval and with slight excitement, as Susan then pulls down Jen's men's jeans and underwear to suck on his cock. Jen gasps with great arousal, as Susan bobs her head and down using her mouth to arouse Jen to the fullest. Susan sucks on Jen's fleshy, meaty pole until Jen explodes with cum and semen drenched down the back of Susan's mouth, as it drips all over her mouth and face.

Susan says, "Mmm, Jon. You're so well-hung!"
Jen replies meekly, "Because I'm an awesome man."
Jen slaps his own butt to try to increase his arousal, as he's secretly loving this.

Meanwhile, Martha refuses to take "his" T-shirt off that would reveal "his" chest bindings. Katie inquires her to do so, believing "him" to be a young man. Then, Martha pulls his pants down slightly to get Katie to suck on it, which Katie obliges to great passion.

Then, Martha fucks Katie in her vagina from behind, giving Katie great pleasure.

Katie asks Martha, "Marty, you fuck so well!! Yeah!!!! Do me harder, sir!!!!!"

This goes on for fives minutes, when suddenly, Katie inquires him to take off his T-shirt. Martha does so reluctantly, as Katie stares for a second, before suddenly passing it off as rather large moobs (aka manboobs). Martha fucks Katie in the ass for ten more minutes, as they climax, and kiss each other.

Meanwhile, Susan grabs a whip to demand more sex from Jen.

She tells him, "Sir, fuck me like you're a straight gentleman. Do it, fagboy!"

Jen decides to hop on Susan's body nervously, humping her in the missionary position. He thrusts his hips, as his dick stiffens into Susan's moist clitoris, throbbing inside, waiting to unload cum. Jen continues to hump Susan effeminately, trying to appear to be as masculine as they feel he should be.

Susan grabs the whip, and whips her boyfriend's butt.
Flustered at her boyfriend's timidity, Susan whines, "Harder, Jon! At least go straight for me! God, you're such a top!"

Nervously, Jen accelerates the velocity between his hips, to thrust his dick deep and fast inside Susan's pussy until she screamed with joy and ecstasy. Jen then decides to slap his right butt cheek harder and harder, until they both came, as he unloaded semen inside Susan's wet, swollen vagina.

Susan smiles at Jen, and tells him, "Jon, you did great. I want to marry you someday, and make you my husband."

Jen realizes suddenly that he forgot to wear a condom. Before he met Kyle, he never had to wear a condom on his dick, since it wasn't until he met him that he grew a dick and had the body of a cismale. He thought to himself, 'Oh crap, I've impregnated Susan." Then again, he thinks to himself, 'But that's what she wants, right? Okay, I'm happy to be a father!"

Jen tells Susan, "Susie dear, I've dropped semen inside you. Lots of semen, I think I forgot to wear a condom."

Susan says delightfully, "No worries, Jon. I want your baby! You'll make an excellent father!"

As Susan grabs the pregnancy kit, she tests positive, and is delighted with happiness. Meanwhile, Martha fucks Katie laying down in the missionary position, as Katie screams with joy.

Katie replies, "Thank you, Marty! You're the best boyfriend, ever!!!!!!!!!!"

But, Martha's vagina was starting to feel moist as he came inside his dick (prosthetic), and wanted Jen to himself.

Katie kisses Martha, replying, "I want your babies, Martha. I hope you unloaded semen in me."

Martha, actually wearing a condom underneath his cisfemale body, replies, "I'm wearing a condom. Someday, maybe you'll get your wish."

As Jen and Martha kiss the two ladies (Susan and Katie) goodbye, Martha decides to have sex with Jen. Forgetting to give Jen a condom earlier, he gives his own to Jen, as he grabs a hair bun to tie his hair, and goes to the bathroom to wetten his hair. He unloosens the hair bun on his head, letting flowing hair suddenly drop to his shoulders. Then, Martha grabs a white collared shirt, and buttons it, before unbuttoning it in front of Jen.

He drops his pants and takes them off, as he puts his moist vagina inside Jen's cock, as he hops it facing away, while grabbing his own cock. Martha, with a painted on goatee, and an unbuttoned white collared shirt, with bare breasts in full view, is humping Jen's penis with full on excitement as his hair flows lustily, rubbing atop his shoulders.

Jen, loving Martha's body and his appearance at being a pre-op transman, takes full advantage to hump him with great excitement and ecstasy. He thrusts his hips from the ground very rapidly back and forth, and until he grinds his loins and thrusts his dick into Martha's vagina, making moist, prompting Martha to yell girlishly at the top of his lungs.

Martha yells, "Yeah, Jon!!!!!!!! I'm Marty, and I'm a gay femme boy!!!!!"

Jon/Jen then cums into his condom, and spasms into Marty/Martha's vagina, as no cum actually gets into Martha. The two boys then clean up, with Jon being fully satisfied, at making love to (and impregnating) Susan, while also making love to Marty.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By Green Stallion

Cookie #10

Back to normal, as things seem,
But a cock out of your butt will protrude and gleam,
Breasts instead of a hairy chest will now show up to beam,
The people who've drooled over you may now become neutral or mean.
Your contemporaries upon arrival may now become neutral or mean.

Jen had finally started to enjoy being an effeminate cisman, before he received another fortune cookie. However, this one seemed rather ominous, as he rather enjoyed himself last night.

All of a sudden his cock now no longer appeared between his legs, but out of his butt, while his breasts grew back again. Back to a slightly more female form, and losing the facial hair on his chest and face, he became more of a feminine figure, as Susan and Katie now vaguely remember a sexual encounter with a boy named Jon (that was actually Jen as a cismale), but never being able to connect the dots.

For now though, everything appeared to go back to normal.

Jen gets dressed, as she eats a bowl of cereal that her maid had made.

The maid replies politely, "Hope you've been enjoying a nice bowl of cereal, Jen."

Jen thought to herself, the maid was unusually nice for such a weird fortune cookie. This gave her the will to go outside to go to school despite reading the fortune cookie as bad. She contemplated to herself whether to google the word, contemporary, but opted not to.

For safe measure, she felt she should go in dressed as a guy, and hide the fact that she's Jen. Going as her Jon persona, she drew a brown mustache on herself with an eyeliner, wore a binder to cover her boobs to wear over a thin black shirt, put on a pair of women's jeans, and used a jockstap to wear backwards to cover her backwards dick.

At the school, Susan and Katie gossip together, as Katie babbles on about her lustful adventure last night with Marty, and tells Susan that her boyfriend is a dreamboat.

Meanwhile, Susan tries to one-up Katie, and tells her that her boyfriend Jon gave the best sex ever, and that he even impregnated her because he had the gall and the balls to not wear a condom on their first date.

Trying to avoid them, but suddenly deciding to talk to them, Jen decides to engage in a conversation with them.

She says, "Hello, girls. How's it going? I'd like to thank you guys last night for the wonderful time we had. Since I'm Jon the buff boy here, maybe we can have a second date, and I'll ring Marty a call."

Katie replies heartily, "Will you do that? I'd love to call my man, Marty."

Susan replies warmingly, "Maybe."

Delighted, Jen lets out a sigh of relief, while Susan smiled at him. Katie starts to make a move on Jen before Susan intervenes. Susan rebuffs Katie's advances towards Jen, before noticing a large member sticking out from Jen's pants.

She smelled Jen, who reeked of a cross between sex and perfume, and felt the back of her pants. It was Jen's cock.

Susan then felt Jen, who somehow didn't bind as well, and felt Jen's breasts underneath the black shirt.

Susan replied, "Wait, you're not Jon! You're pretending to be him! You're Jen, the weird-membered dickgirl with a backwards cock!"

Jen responded nervously, "No, I'm not Jen! I'm a boy! Look at my face!"

Susan laughed harshly and replied sarcastically, "Yeah. You're a boy-with tits! Katie get your arms around tit-boy!"

Offended, Jen responded, "Well, that's an offense to the transgender community. Men can have tits! Why are you so mean to me? Be nice, or I'll run away, crying!"

Katie replied, "Ha! Then run away, you crybaby! If you'll stay, maybe we'll fondle your cock."

Jen ran away, with tears running down her cheeks, sobbing loudly as she ran away in the halls.

Meanwhile, Susan and Katie talk to each other in hushed tones.

Katie says to Susan, "Susan, I think we were overly harsh on Jen."

Susan replies, "Yeah, especially when she thinks she's a boy. All I know, is that she couldn't be Jon, because Jon doesn't have women's breasts. Jon has a hairy chest, and a dick between his legs."

Katie laughs and says, "Yeah. But wouldn't it be awful if that were actually Jon, how bad would we have treated Jon then?"

Susan replies, "Yeah. But that was her brother. I mean, his brother. I don't know why Jen's being such a queer tranny boy lately."

As Jen is running in the hallway, Kyle walks up to Jen.
He laughs, points at her, and says, "Hahahaha! Your dick is backwards, and protruding out of your ass!"

Jen shoves Kyle, and yells at him, saying, "You're mean!"

Stunned, Kyle says as a matter of factly, "Don't blame me, blame the fortune."

Jen runs into the men's bathroom, and locks herself in a stall, while men look at her, confused, before looking away.

Jen tries to pee standing up, but the cock pees away from the toilet. She then sits down, as it pees directly into the toilet, as her dick hangs down beneath her butthole. With pee stains on the floor, she cleans it up, before washing her hands.

All the men in the room looked at her, as one man laughed and said, "Whoa dude, how did you pee backwards?"

Jen dries her hands with a towel, and proceeds to run out of the bathroom, and proceeds to run back to her house.

Susan and Katie think of saying that they're sorry to Jen, but Jen doesn't see them, and that it's too late.

Meanwhile, Martha the maid consoles Jen as Jen is bedridden with tears.

Martha strokes Jen's cock underneath, as she rubs against it back and forth until it explodes, drenching Martha in cum. Jen breaks out a smile, before hugging Martha, and drifting off to sleep, waiting for cookie #9 to return and come back, so that she and Martha can live life as bisexual men.


Re: Transform or Dare: A Month of Changes

By Rippin Yes

Cookie #11

Your body this time will return to normal for real,
But your vagina will appear to them as a small cock made of fleshy steel,
Since you'll be regarded as male, with your boobs appearing as a man's chest
To everyone except you; as the ladies will lust after you with great zest.
You'll need glasses to view yourself as they see you to pleasure yourself the best.
Maybe you'll need Viagra to fill them with sperm to get them to stay in your nest.

To Jen, she felt this was a weird, but an interesting fortune cookie. She felt this was much better than the last one, but she had just grown to like her cock. She looked in the mirror, and saw herself as a full on lady, with bouncy breasts, a hairy vagina, and everything. Deciding that the fortune cookie may not be true after all, as she should see herself as a man but cannot see herself as anything but a woman.

She decides to walk naked in her house in front of her maid, Martha.

Martha responds awkwardly, "Whoa, Jon! Don't surprise me with your naked bare ass body around me like that! You scared me, with your small, hairy dick hanging out all flaccid like that."

Surprised, Jen replied, "Oh. I thought you viewed me as a woman."

Martha replied, "No, sir. You are all man, honey."

Confused, Jen replies, "Try feeling me up, Martha."

Jen grabs Martha's hands to reach onto Jen's breasts, as in Martha's view, she's grabbing Jen's hairy chest.

Martha grabs what Jen is asking her to grab, before pulling back with confusion, while timidly admiring Jen's body.

Martha replied, "I don't know what you're doing sir, but it just feels like an ordinary man's chest."

Astonished, Jen puts on some underwear and a robe, before disrobing, and putting on a T-shirt, and jeans.

Jen replies, "But I don't understand. I feel like a lady today. Can you please dress as Marty to get me to ask out Susan and Katie?"

Martha replies, "Okay. But someday, you'll need to ask Susan out on your own."

Jen replies, "Well, Susan keeps me feeling like the man I think I need to be, but you as Marty gets me all hot and bothered. I start rubbing my loins, and my chest, and have to consciously tell myself to not masturbate to you when you are him."

Martha asks, "Because I'm being a woman pretending to be a man, right? You are straight, right?"

Jen replies, "Er, no. Because you become a pre-op transman in the guise of a cisman. Get your facts straight, Marty. And I'm a queer fag, femme boy, pretending to be straight. And you have the greatest ass ever to fuck, when you're a man."

Puzzled, Martha replies, "Okay, give me a call when they're here, and I'll dress as him accordingly."

Jen resumes goes to the supermarket to buy some Viagra, and keeps it in her pocket, all the while not thinking she is going to need any.

Then, she goes to school to meet Susan and Katie. To her slight disappointment, only Susan is there, as she tells Jen that Katie ran off to class.

Jen replies, "I can send her a message, that Marty will be home to fuck her."

Susan laughs and says, "No, it's okay, Jon. Maybe you should let yourself, and him, double team me this time."

She grabs Jen's belt, and tugs at his jeans. She grabs his vagina (to her it's a penis), and tugs at it until Jen comes inside his pants. She kisses him and walks away.

Jen goes to P.E. class, as she's about to sneak into the women's locker room, where the gym teacher says, "Jon, Jon, Jon. How many times do I have to say to you? Stop trying to hit on ladies, and go on to the men's locker room."

Jen goes inside the men's locker room, with a slight smile across his face.
He decides to walk around naked, as he walks into the open shower room, as water hits his breasts and vagina (in their eyes, his hairy chest and small dick).

As steam rises from Jen's section, the other men stare at him quizzically before quickly turning away, before one of them says, "Jon, can you please wear some swimming trunks? Nobody wants to see your dick in the nude."

Jen asks, "My dick? In the nude? Brent, I have a question."

Jen grabs his classmate's hand to rub his pussy (in Brent's view, a dick and balls), as Brent's hand starts rubbing Jen's crotch.

Jen moans and starts panting heavily, before letting Brent's hand go, as semen and cum stains unleashes from his crotch (in Brent's view, atop his dick).

Taking his hand away, Brent responds, "Gross, Jon! You had me grab your balls, and rub your cock with my hand as I masturbated your dick! God you're gay, Jon! Next thing we're touching dicks!"

Jen says pleadingly, "I swear I'm not gay! I promise!"

Brent says disapprovingly, "Sure, Jon. I'll get you some shorts. Please wear them this time."

Jen hugs him, and says, "I'll promise I'll be a good, straight boy!"

Brent says begrudgingly, "Whatever."

Brent looks at Jen quizzically, before walking away.

After P.E. class, Jen meets up with Susan, as the two go back to the house. Jen sends a text message to Martha via the pager, as it beeps back. Susan inquires what it was, before Jen said that it was just her friend asking something that wasn't important.

When Jen and Susan get back, they find Martha dressed as Marty, wearing a dark brown painted on goatee, with a strap-on dick tucked in between his cargo pants, with his chest bound underneath his T-shirt and sweater vest. He has a pair of glasses inside a pocket to give to Jen.

Susan kisses Jen, saying to him, "Jon, you're the most flamboyant, straight man I've ever seen. Love the trim goatee. And I'm glad you've taken up the courage to be more of a man's man."

As Martha hands Jen a mirror, Jen finally sees a goatee on her face, as he now looks like a man to himself as well as to everyone else.

Impressed, Jen says, "Wow, thank you."

Susan kisses him, and points to the glasses, saying, "I don't think you need these."

Jen replies flirtatiously, "I think I do, it helps me see better."

Reluctantly, Jen throws them aside, as it lands over the bed, and onto the ground.

Meanwhile, Martha unzips his pants to show his cock, while Jen unzips his pants to grind his crotch upon Susan's butt from behind, while Martha leans his strap-on cock against Susan's vagina from the ground.

Jen thinks to himself, that it would be hard, since to himself, he feels he has a vagina, but with the glasses, he would appear to have a small dick.

Jen leans his pussy (in their view his dick) into Susan, and grinds upon her butt.

Jen tries to fuck her hard, but doesn't feel hard at all, and starts to spasm when grinding against her butt. While Martha is fucking Susan hard using his raw leg and butt power as he thrusts his hips to get his dick into Susan, Jen has hard time trying to please Susan.

Susan replies half-orgasmically, "Yes, Marty! Jon! Give it to me harder! Why are you so limp? Damnit, Jon, stop being such a gay fagboy, and give it to me harder! Don't make me grab my whip, and I know you impregnated me, so figure it out, my man!"

Jen grabs his pants while thrusting his small crotch upon Susan, as a water bottle happens to be nearby. He stops for a second, puts on the glasses, swallows the Viagra pill as he drinks it down with water, as a dick suddenly sprouts between his legs.

He takes one hand to his chest, as his breasts suddenly become a muscular hairy chest, as Jen now grows aroused, now possessing the body of a cismale, which becomes congruent into the view of both Susan and Martha.

Jen suddenly becomes erect as his penis stiffens, as he then puts it in Martha's butthole, and he thrusts powerfully to fuck her hard, and harder each time he goes back and forth. Afterwards, he and Martha explode simultaneously into Susan, as both drench her whole body, as Susan's body becomes dripped in cum.

Susan yells orgasmically, "Yeah, Jon! You my boy! You my boyfriend! And you're hot too, Marty!"

As Jen unloads his semen onto Susan's asshole, he starts to wear pants again. They put back on their clothes, and wave Susan goodbye.

Meanwhile, as Jen and Martha close the door, they have sex once Susan is no longer in sight.

Martha takes down his hair bun, to unleash his long, lusty, flowing long dark brown hair onto his willing shoulders. Later he removes his shirt, to bare his breasts, before taking his pants off completely.

As Jen sees Martha, with a painted on dark brown goatee, bare breasts, a strap-on dick harnessed between his thighs, and his drooling, wet , hairy vagina now showing as he slides the strap-on harness up, Jen can't help but masturbate.

Jen grabs a condom to put over his dick, as he puts his dick into Martha, as Martha rides atop Jen, facing him, as they have sex.

Martha bounces up and down, and moans with great pleasure, "Jon! I love you, man! You're the best boyfriend I've had!"

As he rides Jen's cock, Jen replies in an effeminate tone, "Thank you, Marty! You're the best boyfriend I've had! I love your vagina, and your trans-male body!"

As Martha rides atop Jen's dick, Martha hops up and down with great pleasure until his whole body spasms, cumming atop of Jen's dick. Meanwhile, Jen cums into his condom, and pulls out, as the two jerk off together upon each other's chests, as Jen cums heavily on Martha's chest, while Martha cums lightly upon Jen's body.

Jen replies, "Eww. We have cum stains on each other. Let's clean up, shall we?"

Martha replies, "Yes, sir."

They then go to bed, as the two young men embrace. Jon/Jen is pleased with having had sex with Susan by teaming up with Marty/Martha.

Moreover, Jon's pleased at making love to Marty again, and the young man now hopes that cookie #12 will be just as good as this one was for him.