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The Ashland Incident, Part One

7 AM, Monday


Sara awoke in a sweat, her alarm clock blaring. She just had the strangest dream, but already forgot almost everything about it. Just that it was weird, and strangely sexual. She absent-mindedly gazed through the darkness of her room as her mind awoke. She couldn't shake this strange erotic sensation. Something felt different. Something felt... stiff? Her gaze drifted downward.

"What the hell?!"

She quickly covered her mouth with both hands. Down at her crotch was a fully erect dick, complete with a set of balls.

"Shit, this is a fucked up dream."

She pinched her cheek. Nothing. She pinched a little harder. Still nothing. She then lay a healthy smack clear across her face. No dice.

"What the fuck... what the fuck...." She repeated her mantra as she got into a better position to assess the situation. As she hung her head down over her addition, her long wavy brunette hair created a sort of veil.

Sara was concerned. For the first 18 years of her life she had gotten along just fine without male genitals. Why was this happening? For what seemed like forever, she just sat there staring at it, poking its little head out of her panties like it had always been there. She figured it was about six inches long, same as Josh. This was only the second time she'd seen a dick in person. The first one that wasn't circumcised. The only sexual relationship she had been in was with Josh, and they never went very far. Sure, they would make out and mutually masturbate, but that was the extent of it. They had broken up over the summer.

Sara's mind quickly snapped back to her current situation. She didn't know what to do. Her dad would be in soon to make sure she was out of bed and getting ready for school. Still, her curiosity got the better of her. She slowly reached forward, as though she were afraid it would bite. She made contact and it jumped, causing her to snap her hand back with a gasp. She felt a number of emotions, fear and disgust being quite prevalent. To her horror, she realized that she was also pretty horny. She glanced over at the clock. There was no harm in... She touched it again. It was warm. She explored its shape with her hand. She slowly traced along the subtle veins hidden just under the smooth skin. Her breathing deepened, causing her b-cup breasts to rise and fall with a slow rhythm. After a brief pause she moved on to her balls. They felt so strange. Foreign. They seemed to be churning on their own accord. With as much inadvertent suspense as possible, she walked her fingers around to the backside of her ball sack. She felt around, cautiously at first with growing desperation. She squished and kneaded the stretchy flesh, just trying to find her womanhood. A chill went down her spine when she realized it was gone. She had lost it, like a set of keys, or a lucky pen. What the fuck? Her deep breaths grew heavier. Poor pussy...

Pussy... yes, pussy indeed. Involuntarily, her mind began to wander. Before she knew it, she was thinking about not just hers, but other pussies while slowly stroking her dick. When she realized what she was doing, she let out a yelp. She had always been straight as an arrow. Sure, she sucked when it came to relationships, but she at least knew she was attracted to guys. Whenever she masturbated, her thoughts were always of all the hot guys at school. She tried to bring her thoughts to guys, but they always seemed to come back to pussies, as well as big tits and nice heart-shaped asses. This caused her to bring her unoccupied hand to her right tit. She rubbed it, squeezed it, teased it. She briefly noted that her boobs felt a little ore full than usual. The thought soon passed though, as she got pretty caught up in the task at hand. Before long, she felt the unfamiliar sensation of a male climax. She wasn't prepared for what came next, and was blasted in the face by a jet of her own jizz.

As her rational though came back to her, her eyes went misty. She felt tears mixing with the semen on her face as she looked down at the mess she had made. There was a small bit of comfort to be found at the sight of her new appendage softening and shrinking. Her underwear was ruined, and she felt filthy. Her spiral of remorse was abruptly interrupted by heavy footsteps outside her bedroom door. Dad! Sara quickly lay down and pulled her nasty sheets up to cover all but her head, and pretended to be asleep.

"Sara?! What the Hell? You're not even awake yet?! It's 7:32! You're gonna be late for school! What the Hell's the matter with you?!" Dad clearly wished that he himself was still in bed.

"Oh, sorry Daddy, must be something wrong with my alarm.... I'll be right up." Sara responded, cringing as she felt semen dripping down her face and soaking into her pillow.

"Yeah, you better get a move on. I'll see you tonight." With that he shut the door, perhaps a little loudly.

Sara lay there for a few moments, feeling totally lost and helpless. How could she tell her parents? There was no way! Maybe it's just a passing thing. Maybe it will go away the same way it came. "I'll just see what happens "Ëœtill tomorrow," she thought. She felt the last drop of cum ooze from her now flaccid cock.

"Right, better get ready for school." She said to herself, rather uneasily as she slowly uncovered her body. "Shit, what am I gonna do about these sheets?" She huffed. "I'll worry about that later. Gotta shower off now. This is fucking gross."

She stood up and threw her underwear/sleepwear on her bed before making for the shower. She thought to herself how glad she was to have her own bathroom. 20 minutes later, she finally felt clean again for the most part. That stuff was harder to clean off than she thought it'd be, and that thing was still a little messy. She couldn't stand looking at it.

"Now, what to wear? What time is it? Shit! It's 7:55, the bus gets here in 5 minutes! I wish I had a fucking car..." With that she threw open her closet so see what she could pull together in a hurry. After she put on her bra (which seemed to be fitting a little snug) and panties (which were definitely very snug) she grabbed a pair of blue jeans. She foresaw a problem with the lack of room provided in the front of the jeans, but she figured she could just deal with it for the day. She was mistaken. "Holy fucking god that hurts!" she exclaimed as she practically ripped the buttons off in a mad attempt to free her new package from the extreme pressure. "Shit, I'm in trouble." She informed herself as she looked through all her jeans. Her tight fitting jeans.

She looked over at her meager collection of skirts. She didn't like wearing skirts. She never actually bought any, they were all given as gifts on various occasions. She let out a sigh and grabbed a simple blue skirt that ended just above her knees. "It'll have to do" she thought. She threw on a plain white t-shirt and some white tennis shoes to finish it off, and ran towards the door. She got outside just in time to see the bus's tail lights fading away in the morning mist.


Sara headed into the kitchen, where her mom was still drinking some coffee and reading yesterday's news. "Oh, sweetie, I heard you running, did you miss the bus?"

Sara sighed "Yeah..."

"So I guess you'll have to put up with me driving you? Think you'll be able to survive you're little friends seeing old Mom driving you around?" her mother joked.


"Alright, just a sec. Lemmie finish my coffee. You should eat something anyway."

Sara inhaled a strawberry pastry and they were on their way. "Sweetie, isn't that top a little tight?" Sara looked down. It did seem a little tighter than it should be.

"Mom..." And it was left at that.

Sara got to school not a moment too soon. She had about a minute until class was suppose to start. After a frantic dash through the halls, she flew into Mrs. Durian's intro to Trig class. Math. What a great morning class. Sara quickly took her seat.

"I didn't think you were gonna make it today. What's with the skirt?" Katie Callahan, Sara's best friend, was sitting to her left.

"I wasn't feeling well." Was Sara's only response. Katie made a quizzical face, and Miss Durian promptly entered the room, carrying with her a distinctly boring aura.

As the lesson dragged on, Sara's mind began to drift. She looked over at Katie. She was cute. A couple inches shorter than Sara, she was about 5'5''. Her straight hair was dyed black and purple, and made a slight swoop over her left eye as it fell down to her shoulders. She had these amazing deep green eyes that seemed to suck you in. She was kind of quirky, and something of an artist. Mostly sketches. Her current sketch seemed to be an apple fighting some bread. She had an 'artistic' fashion sense as well. Today she was wearing a slightly ruffled, tight-fitting black blouse, and some skinny white pants. Sara found her focus drawn to Katie's chest. Her c-cup tits were packed in lusciously.

Sara quickly looked away, but it was too late. She could feel her dick begin to tighten and swell. She frantically looked around as her face turned bright red. No one seemed to notice anything. She tried to sneak a peek downward, but her boobs and her desk were in the way. She did, however, notice that her nipples were at full attention, and clearly visible. She quickly crossed her arms and leaned forward. "What if it doesn't go down before class is over?" she thought. Just when she was about to start panicking, she looked at Miss Durian. Miss Durian was an old, grey haired, wrinkled woman. There was nothing attractive about her at all, so Sara put all of her focus on here and the numbers she was spouting forth. She cringed a little, but it was working! Her stiffy was slowly subsiding. She kept her attention locked on her decrepit old teacher for the remainder of the class. After an eternity, the bell finally rang.

"Wow, Sara, you really seemed to be into math today. Are you sure you're not still feeling off?" Katie puzzled.

"Oh, Kat, I just though I'd try a little harder. My grade's been slipping in here for a while." Sara fidgeted.

"Whatever flies your kite. Anyway, I missed you on the bus today. I had to contend with those noisy little bastards all on my own. Oh, which reminds me! You'll never guess what I'm getting for my birthday!" Katie's deep eyes suddenly lit up.

"A car?" Sara responded with tentative enthusiasm.

"Yeah! I can't believe it! Fuckaround! I'm finally getting my own car, and we won't have to ride that damn bus anymore!" Katie said, slightly jumping.

"Hell yeah, that's awesome! When are you getting it?"

"Today! Even though my birthday's not "Ëœtill tomorrow. Dad thought it'd be nice if I could celebrate the big 1-8 by driving to school. Aww, this is so awesome!"

"Totally. We'll talk about this later though. I gotta get to science now. I'll see ya at lunch!"

"Right, later!"

Sara was power walking to the science hall. It was all the way on the other side of the damn school! It was at that inopportune time when she realized just how badly she had to pee. She quickly dashed into the ladies room and secured a stall. She briefly considered the fact that she could now pee standing up, but she decided to have a seat. Now was not the time to try out gross new tricks. After she was done relieving herself, she grabbed a tissue to clean up her new member.

"Ug, this is so fucking gross!" She grimaced as she gently blotted the tip.

"Gah, can you believe that dick?!" Sara turned bright red as the bathroom door burst open, and two girls walked in. She sat perfectly still as not to be discovered, as if she didn't belong in there.

"So he just grabbed you boob? Out of the blue?"

"Well we had been talking about... stuff... but still, that gives him no right... although it did feel kinda good..."


"Yeah... in fact, I think my panties are a little wet!"

"Gah, shut up Kelly, I don't want to hear that!"

Their conversation went on as they went into stalls. One of them was right beside Sara. Kelly's story had somewhat excited her, and it didn't help that she could see the girl next to hers' panties around her ankles. By the time the two girls left, Sara had a raging hard-on.

"For fuck's sake! I can't go out into the hall like this!" She informed herself. She checked the time. "Fuck... only one thing to do..."

Sara's sense of self worth came crashing down as she wrapped her fingers around her shaft and began jerking it violently in the public stall. In spite of herself, she let out a moan. As she felt herself getting ready to cum, she remembered what happened in bed that morning, and quickly leaned forward, pointing her dick straight ahead. Within moments she could feel her balls tighten and she shot her load onto the stall door. She quickly pulled up her skirt and panties, washed up, and ran into the halls.

"Shit, I'm four minutes late! Ms Serpera will have my ass!" Sara berated herself as she checked the time again.

Sara burst into the science room to see that the day's lesson had already started.

"Ah, Ms Schuler! How good of you to join us." Ms Serpera said with a sly grin. There was always something evil about her. Some called her sadistic. There were rumors that she was some sort of mad scientist. That would be silly though, right? No one knew how old she was, but she looked to be in her 20s, with knowledge of science that far surpassed someone in their 50s. She nonchalantly gave Sara a detention slip as she went on with her lesson. Wednesday after school, a whole hour of detention. As if she didn't have enough problems.

Lunch couldn't come soon enough, but it finally did. Sara sat at her usual table. She was always the first one there, given the location of the cafeteria and the science hall. She was slowly munching on a carrot, reflecting on the bizarre events of the day, when Myra Groton arrived. Myra was a quiet girl, and something of a bookworm. She had short black hair with loose curls that stopped at her jaw line. It was often unruly, and she usually held it back with a black lace headband. She wore simple black horn rimmed glasses. She obviously liked to wear black, and often wore black lipstick. She was wearing a black long-sleeved v-necked shirt with a black and white plaid patterned skirt. She almost always had a book with her. Sara couldn't help but give her breasts a quick study. They were somewhere in the larger range of B. Sara quickly changed her focus.

"Hey Myra, what's up?"

"...Mmm... not much..." She mumbled. She was never much for conversation. She was fairly timid and reserved, but once she warmed up Myra could be incredibly thoughtful. Sara decided to wait for Katie and Jessica to arrive before attempting any more exchange.

After a few minutes of listening to Myra crunch on an apple, the other half of the usual crowd arrived. At that point Sara discovered there was a problem. She, Katie, and Myra looked pretty nice by anyone's standards, but Jessica Winters was downright hot. She had long curly blonde hair, and a smile that could brighten anyone's day. Sara's eyes were immediately drawn to her nice, firm D-cup tits. Her blue striped blouse did nothing to conceal their glory. Sara wondered for a moment how Jessica even managed to squeeze into her form-fittingly skinny jeans, but such sentient thought was soon washed away at the sight of her perfect ass. Needless to say, Sara was incredibly hard at this point, and her nipples echoed the situation.

"Earth to Sara! Are you absolutely sure you're feeling alright?" Sara was so caught up in her thoughts that she hadn't even noticed that Katie was talking to her.

"Oh, yeah, maybe I'm still feeling a little ill. Sorry about that. What was it you were saying?" She shifted in her seat. The pressure on her dick from her panties was getting pretty intense. She could have sworn that she just felt...


With that, her panties suddenly and unexpectedly lost the fight with her dick, and she felt the appendage spring free. She cautiously reached inside her skirt to find that they came right off. Her package was now totally exposed to the elements, and her erection would be plainly visible under her skirt if she were to stand up.

"Sara, what's wrong? You're face is all red, and you're not paying any attention to anything we say?" Jessica looked worried. "Do you want me to get you some water?"

"Yes, please...." Sara could feel tears of embarrassment and shame building up as Jessica went to fetch a cup.

"Hey, hey... what's the matter?" Katie puller her chair right next to Sara. Sara looked into those deep, enchanting eyes and leaned against her best friend, sobbing heavily.

"There's.... th-there's...s-s-omething....wrong w-with....m-m-me..." She glanced over at Myra, who had lost all interest in her book and was watching Sara with a look of concerned analysis.

"Come on, what do you mean, Sara? You're feeling sick?"

"N-n-no.... it's.... I'm.... I-I... I can't say....."

"...You can tell us anything Sara... we're your friends..." Myra offered.

Sara knew she was right. She should be able to trust them, especially Katie. They had been friends since before she could remember. They lived right next door to each other. She trusted her with her life. She just couldn't tell her about her strange change. She didn't want her best friend to think of her as a freak.

"Aww, here you go. Maybe this will help?" Jessica gave her a little paper cup of water.


"Aw, look, you're a mess, let's go wash you up, ok?" Katie offered.

"No!" Sara suddenly shouted involuntarily. "I... I mean... no thanks. I just want to sit here for a while. I'll be alright. It must... it must just be stress. I have a test next period." She sipped some of the water.

"Alright, whatever you say Sara. Just know that I'm always here for you." Katie gave her a nice hug. Sara couldn't help but feel her breasts press against her.

"Thanks Katie, I know." She said, surprised to find herself smiling.

After lunch, Sara made her way to the bathroom on her own, using her backpack to hide her stiffy in the least suspicious way possible. After checking to make sure the room was empty, she set her backpack down and started splashing water on her face. "Ahh, guess I'll have to rub another one out," she thought to herself. "This is the third time today. I feel so nasty, so wrong." She locked the stall door and pulled her skirt off as she started teasing her dick. "Wow, it feels a little sore. I must be wearing it out" she thought. She jerked it frantically for six straight minutes to no avail. "Gah, it hurts, and it's not working!" She thought back to that morning. "Maybe I just need a little more stimulation," she though, pulling off her shirt and bra. She grabbed her right tit and gently tweaked the nipple, eventually causing her to moan and squirm. She slowly picked up the intensity while cautiously tickling her balls. "Yeah," she thought, "that's the stuff," and resumed the jacking. Three minutes later, she finally came, noting a much weaker stream, and a pain in her balls.

"Fuck, this sucks!"

She quickly cleaned up and ran off to English.

English class went of without much drama. There was a long boring test over a long boring book she had skimmed through. She was pretty good at bullshitting through essay tests. She noticed some hot girls in the room, but it wasn't much of an issue as her dick seemed to be completely exhausted.

The last class of the day was art. Sara wasn't particularly into art (though she would never admit it to Katie), but it was an easy class, and she had it with Katie, so it was her favorite class of the day. The whole period was discussing their next project, which would be a clay sculpture. Seemed like fun. For the first time all day she was able to get her mind off of her new addition, and secretly chatted with Katie just like she always had. Class soon ended, and the girls road the bus home one last time.

"Well, it's time for me to go get my car!" Katie said as the got off the bus. "It may take a while, so I'll just see you tomorrow morning. We'll ride to school in style!"

"Alright, see ya then!"

Sara unlocked her door and went inside. Her parents were still at work, and her little brother, Kyle, was spending the night at a friend's house. This was the first time all day that she was truly alone. She sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV, mindlessly flipping through the channels. She absent-mindedly scratched her crotch. Of course, she was soon reminded of her recent troubles. With a heavy sigh, she got up and went to her room. It was time for some exploration.

She looked at her reflection in the full length mirror beside her closet. She stared closely at her crotch, and much to her dismay, could detect a slight bulge. In a fit of rage, she pulled all her clothes off. Breathing heavily, she looked up again at her now naked reflection. There it was in plain sight. A dick. A ball sack. Her vision became blurred as she felt tears stream down her face.

"NO!" She screamed. "NO NO NO!! GO AWAY!" She gave her own balls a hearty whack and instantly crumpled to the floor. "Jesus fucking christ!" She lie there on the floor, clutching her crotch with both hands and sobbing uncontrollably. "I'm such a fucking freak! What the hell did I do to deserve this?! God..."

After eventually pulling herself together, Sara decided to do a little research on the internet. After hours of searching everywhere she could think of, she was no closer to an answer. She was, however, successful in finding all manner of "male enhancement" medication, and of course, porn. The closest she got to anything were fictional stories about girls facing a similar fate. "Seriously," she muttered, "who gets off on this stuff?"

Monday, 7:00 PM

"Sara, dinner!"

Sara was snapped out of her daydream by her mother's call. She didn't really remember what she had zoned-out thinking about, and was sure she didn't want to know. The family briefly discussed their day over an acceptable meal, after which her parents retired to the living room to watch TV.

"Hey, I think I'm gonna turn in early tonight, I'm not feeling all that well." Sara told her parents.

"But it's only 7:30! What's wrong sweetie?" Her mom inquired.

"I'm just... bleh.... I'll see ya tomorrow though."

"Alright, 'night hon."

It wasn't until she was about to get into bed that she remembered the mess she made on her sheets. "Ah, damn it. Oh well, I can deal with it for tonight."

That night, Sara was again haunted by a strange dream. This time, though, she could remember it. It felt so real. She was sitting in some generic classroom at school, and was wearing an elaborate gold and white formal dress. All the desks around her were filled with faceless students. Sara looked around and tried to speak with them, but they did not respond. Suddenly, their was a bright flash of light, and all the students and their desks vanished, and at the front of the class was an angel. Upon closer inspection, Sara recognized the angel as a girl from school. She didn't know her name though. She just stood there. She had long black hair and glorious white wings. She was wearing a simple white robe. She seemed to be emitting a golden aura. Her gaze turned to Sara, and the angel started crying. She brought her hands to her face, and disappeared in a white glow. Suddenly, Sara's desk vanished and she was standing. She felt very strange. There was a loud ripping sound as her dick burst through the front of her dress. It was at least three feet long! To her horror, Sara's parents appeared, and gazed upon her with extreme disgust. They turned their backs on her and vanished. Next, the large group of students reappeared, pointing and laughing at Sara. She looked down to see that her dress had completely disappeared, and her balls were the size of grapefruits!

"No, please!" She shouted at the faceless crowd, with tears in her eyes. "Don't look at me! Leave me alone!"

She turned to look for somewhere to hide, but found nothing. She was surrounded. Falling to her knees, she put her face in her hands. Suddenly, out of the crowd walked a very naked Katie. She was smiling and looking directly at Sara.

"Come on Sara, it'll be alright. Don't cry anymore, ok?" She crouched down and pulled Sara's hands away from her face. "Look at me. Look into my eyes."

"What do I do, Katie?"

Silently, Katie got down on all fours and wiggled her ass. She turned her head around to look at Sara.

"I want you to fuck me, Sara. I want you to fuck my little pussy. That'll make you feel better, won't it? To put your big strong dick into my little pussy? I know you want to, just look how hard you are! I want you to fill me with your hot seed!" Katie moaned seductively.

Sara slowly got to her feet. She looked at the laughing crowd, and then into Katie's impossibly deep gaze, which pointed her back to her dripping pussy. Katie wiggled her ass again, and with that Sara lunged forward. Somehow, Katie's little pussy was able to take it all in. The crowd slowly faded into the background. In and out she thrust at a fevered pace. She lost all control, submitting to her animal instinct. Katie's breathing got heavier and heavier. Her grunts and moans increased in pitch. And then,

"Sara, I'm cumming!" Katie shouted, as they both climaxed in unison.

Sara could feel wave after wave of semen gushing forth from her dick into Katie's undulating pussy. Katie was crying out in ecstasy. It seemed to go on forever. It did, however, subside eventually.

Katie dismounted Sara's enormous dick, which remained as hard as a rock. As Katie stood, an endless stream of jizz flowed out of her snatch. Without a word, she slowly walked up to Sara, pushing her dick up so it wouldn't get in the way. They stood with their faces only inches apart for a few instants, and then kissed each other deeply for what seemed like an eternity. As they moaned into each others mouths, Katie casually slid her hand up and down Sara's upward-pointing meat. When it was finally over, Katie slowly walked away and vanished into the faceless crowd, leaving a train of semen behind her. Sara made a move to run after her, but something felt off.

To her horror, she looked down to see her dick growing even more. It was rapidly growing longer and thicker. Her balls, too. The crowd, now once more painfully apparent, laughed even harder. Desperately she tried to run after Katie, but her balls were so big that her legs kept hitting them, making it too painful to run. She fell forward only to land on her own gargantuan dick. It was at least 10 feet long, and so thick that the base of it was resting on the ground when she stood up. She slowly pushed on forward, with her gigantic balls dragging behind her. She could have easily fit inside of them had they been hollow.

As she walked forward, the sensitive tip of her shaft was rubbing on the ground, which started to excite her even more. She felt another strange sensation. Around the base of her dick, she could see more dicks sprouting forth.

She desperately tried to swat at them, but it only caused them to become more excited. Her nipples started elongating and multiplying, and to her dread, she could see them transforming into even more dicks. She tried to scream, but suddenly her mouth felt full. Her tongue felt really weird. It was sticking out, and she couldn't close her mouth. It kept growing and growing, until she could see it. It too had taken the form of a dick. Sara let loose a barrage of muffles screams and her eyes had the look of pure terror.

Suddenly, a prison of crystal clear glass formed around her. The crowd gathered on the other side, watching, like she was an animal at the zoo. She wept uncontrollably, but despite her immeasurable distress, she started to cum.

First, her tears were replaced with semen. Then, her tongue/dick started going off, followed by her nipple dicks. Her secondary dicks followed, which were about two feet long each. Finally, her main monster cock started unleashing wave after wave of spooge. Sara was totally overwhelmed. As she was frantically looking around, she noticed that her enclosure was starting to flood.

As she thrashed about, her cum-matted hair kept slapping her n the face. Her tits jiggled wildly. The semen was already up to her knees, and she didn't feel the end anywhere in sight. She couldn't stop herself. Terror mixed with pleasure in an incredible way. The people outside kept on staring and laughing as the pool of jizz came up to her ass.

Sara frantically tried to call out for Katie, but her tongue/dick made it impossible. The semen filled up to her tits... her chin... until finally she was completely submerged. She couldn't breath, she couldn't see. All she could feel was terror, and the throbbing of all her cocks.

End Part One


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Two

Tuesday, 5:36 AM


Sara awoke in a deep sweat. Everything was black. No, it was just dark. Her eyes came to rest on the red glow of her alarm clock. Ever so slowly, her heartbeat relaxed as she realized it was just a dream. A very scary dream. Suddenly her dad burst through the door.

"Sara, what's wrong?!" His figure was little more than a shadow.

Sara was startled. "Oh, dad... I'm sorry. I must have had a nightmare. I'm alright."

"Oh, alright. You get back to sleep now." As he turned to leave, a strange look appeared on his face. He hesitated. "Hey Sara, what's that smell?"

"Oh!" Sara thought quickly. "That's... from art class. I accidentally got some funky smelling paint on my backpack."

"Uh." He wasn't sure what to think. "Well, "Ëœnight." He said, closing the door behind him.

Sara looked down at her sheets. Even in the dark, she could tell that she'd ejaculated all over them.

"Shit, I think I'm gonna have to just burn these sheets. That's so fucking nasty. I can't believe that fucked up dream actually made me jizz all over the place. I don't even want to think about it." She let out a prolonged sigh. "No way I'm getting back to sleep now."

She pulled her sheets off and balled them up. Looking down at her sleepwear, she did the same with that. She then made her way to the shower. In the light of her bathroom, she could see herself glistening with what she hoped was mostly sweat, but could tell by the smell that was not the case. After a nice wash, she went to her mirror, still naked.

"Well, it's been almost 24 hours, and you're still here. What do you want from me, you little prick?" She looked at her boobs, just to double check that there was nothing phallic about them. "Is it just my imagination, or are my boobs bigger?" She looked closely. "Well fuck me..." They were indeed larger. She seemed to have been pushed into the range of C. She took a strange solace in that fact. At least they weren't shrinking. Her gaze drifted further downward. She suddenly fell back a step, remembering a scene from her horrible dream. If her tits had grown... She quickly ran for a ruler. "Seven inches. I didn't measure it yesterday. Maybe I'm just imagining it. I hope to god I am."

She looked at the clock. "Five "Ëœtill six. What the hell do I do now?" She looked down. "No! I'm getting dressed!"

She went to her closet and grabbed another skirt. A denim one. "No use in panties," she thought to herself regrettably. "Damn, I think I'm gonna have to get some bigger bras soon." She said as she put one on. It didn't fit well, but it was bearable. After throwing on a short-sleeved flannel, she sat down on her bed and let out a sigh. She looked out the window. There was enough light to see. She thought she'd take a walk.

Outside it was still very dark, but it didn't really matter. She mostly just wanted some fresh air to clear her head. It was cool, but comfortable. She paced up and down the driveway for a bit, and then looked to Katie's house. She could vaguely see her new car, but not well enough to identify it. "Too bad Kat's not up yet" she thought.

With nothing else to do, Sara walked up to the side of Katie's house and looked into her bedroom window. She thought briefly about how sketchy she must look, creeping around in the dark, looking into other people's bedrooms, but she didn't really care. She knew Katie wouldn't mind, and after her horrible dream she felt like she needed to see her.

It was pretty dark in there, but Sara could make out Katie's shape in the bed. It didn't look like she was sleeping well. She was moving around a lot, sometimes thrashing. Looked like a nightmare.

"What is she......" Sara turned bright red. As her eyes adjusted she was able to make out Katie's fingers, furiously thrusting in and out of her vagina. "Is she masturbating in her sleep?"

Katie was completely naked, and her sheets had been pushed to the side. Her movements were frenzied. She was covered in sweat and her own juices. Her face held a look of peril. Her brow was furrowed and she was whimpering a little. Her lips seemed to be repeating a single word. Sara.

"Is she dreaming about me? What the fuck is happening to her?" Sara asked herself. She realized she was rock hard from witnessing this spectacle. "You'd think it'd be all worn out from my dream..." she remarked cautiously.

She glanced back through the window, and then down to her substantial bulge. "Damn it..." She surrendered and began jerking her meat to the sight of her best friend's fevered nightmare. She could almost hear her conscience screaming at her for following through with such fuckery. What if someone saw her? It only served to add to the excitement.

"Kat... I'm sorry..." Sara whispered, and both the girls came. She unloaded directly onto her neighbor's white siding. In a daze, she watched it slowly ooze down the side, before quickly coming to her senses.

"Damn, what the fuck did I just do?!" Sara was genuinely disgusted with herself. She didn't know what to do so she ran into her own home and sat quietly in the kitchen, waiting for her friend to take her to school.

Tuesday, 7:33 AM

"Hey Sara, you ready for school?"

Katie and Sara stood at the front door of Sara's house. Of course Sara was ready.

"Yeah, actually I am. Isn't it a little early to be heading off though?" Sara searched the ocean of Katie's eyes. She knew something was wrong.

"Aww, what? You don't want to spend a little more time with your best friend in the whole wide world?" Katie smiled and averted her gaze down, pretending to examine the flame design at the cuffs of her jeans. "Actually, I couldn't sleep. Too excited about my new ride, I guess."

Sara didn't want to press right now. "Well, there's nothing wrong with taking a joyride for the next half hour. Besides, it"Ëœs your birthday!" She said, reminding herself. "Oh shit! Happy fucking birthday!"

"Bwahhh, yeah yeah. What'd you get me?" Katie blushed.

"Fuck! I forgot to wrap it!" Sara replied, slapping a hand to her face.

"You bitch!" Katie giggled slightly. "Oh well, screw it. I'll just get it later. Let's go for a ride!" She said, playfully punching Sara's shoulder.

"Fuck yeah!"

And with that, the girls got into Katie's brand new (used) white Mazda MX-5. That little thing could move! They zipped all around the back roads, hair flowing free. Not a care or cop in sight. The late summer air felt amazing. It was a huge relief for both girls.

Something that fantastic could never last long though.

"Hey Sara, what time is it?" Katie already knew that she would be disappointed with the answer.

"Shit, it's already 8:08." Sara's sigh was lost to the wind. "Guess we should start heading schoolward, huh?"

"Yeah... I guess." Katie said, even as she considered taking the day off. "We'll have to make up for it this afternoon."

Six quick minutes later, they had arrived. North Ashland High School. It was built in the late 50s, and it's age was showing. It hardly seemed an appropriate place for a celebration of any sort. Fucking obligations.


Sara sat fidgeting in her desk as the class waited for Mrs. Durian to arrive. She was late, which was strange. That old lady lived by numbers.

Sara's mind was practically pulsing with thought. Images of Katie her kept haunting her head and tempting her loins. She thought about the dream Katie she fucked. She thought about the sleeping Katie she watched. She thought about the Katie sitting right next to her, who's boobs were getting a slight boost from the tailored vest she was wearing over her t-shirt. Without Miss Durian's ugliness to save her, the beast in her skirt was getting out of control.

Fortunately, Katie seemed to be distracted by something. She had a far off look, like she was deep in thought. Was she thinking about her dream? She kept looking at all the guys in the class, and it looked like she was trying to smell something. She also made the occasional attempt to secretly glance at Sara. She seemed to be troubled, not sharing her eyes with anyone.

"Ack, where it that wrinkly old bitch?" Sara finally snapped.

Of course, just as she said that Mrs. Durian entered the classroom. It didn't appear as though she had heard. Something was different. She seemed somehow more youthful. There was this energy radiating from her. Her hair wasn't as grey, and her wrinkles seemed less noticeable. Still, she was decrepit enough to keep Sara's girlcock at bay. Sara didn't put anymore thought to it.

After class, Katie still seemed dazed.

"Kat, what's up? Something on your mind?" Sara asked with a concerned eyebrow.

"Oh, no. Nothing. It must just be... nothing. Sorry. I'll see you at lunch." Katie gave a small smile and headed out the door.


Sara got to class on time. She felt slightly strange, but for once in what seemed like a year, she actually knew why. She has just peed standing up for the first time. She figured it would save time. It didn't, as the concept was quite new to her. She felt embarrassed, but it was nothing compared to all the other shit she'd been up to.

Nothing remarkable happened in class really. Ms Serpera seemed to be even more harsh than usual. A few guys weren't there. Out sick, Sara guessed. After class Ms Serpera reminded Sara of her detention, and she was on her way.


Lunch was quieter than it had been in the past, despite the slightly festive birthday vibe. Sara's mind was full of questions. Just what was happening with her body? And her mind? She couldn't stop thinking about that dream, and the shameful incident that followed. She felt awful about it, and felt like she needed to confess to Katie, but how could she? They had known each other since before either of them could remember. They did everything together. How could she tell her about this? "Oh by the way, I jacked off to your sleeping, tortured body" just didn't seem to be appropriate. The more Sara thought about it though, the more she realized that it was just a matter of time before Katie found out.

"I have to do it." She told herself. "And I have to tell mom and dad."

She knew she should really see a doctor, and her parents would find out one way or the other. She was just so afraid of what Katie would think about her. She didn't want her best friend to see her as a freak.

"I just can't..."

She looked over at Katie. At that point, she realized the table was deathly silent. No one was saying a word. Sara could see a troubled look in Katie's all-encompassing eyes. Jessica was quietly eating with small, concerned bites. Even Myra's silent reading seemed somehow even more hushed.

Jessica finally spoke. "Is everything alright guys? No one's saying anything. We're not in the library!" She was having a blonde moment. "It's your birthday Katie!!" Jessica enthusiastically referred to the balloons and cupcakes she had brought. "What, are you afraid of getting older?"

Katie looked shocked, like someone had just caught her doing something wrong.

"Oh! I was just, oh, I was thinking... lost in thought, you know." Katie looked around. "Reflecting?"

Jessica turned her attention to Sara. "Sara, you alright? Feeling better since yesterday?" She asked hopefully.

"Oh, yeah. I just didn't get much sleep last night, but I'm alright." Sara responded, trying and failing to sound more enthusiastic.

"Oh, ok..." Jessica looked at Myra's book. Nope.

The silence came back for a few moments. Jessica sighed.

"Well, hey, I gotta go help Veronica with the banner for the game this Friday." She was defeated, but there was no way in hell she'd let it show. "It's the first one of the season! You guys gonna be there?"

Affirmative answers all around, even Myra. She didn't care about sports school spirit or anything, but she was always a loyal friend. Sure, she would spend the whole game at the back of the stadium, reading. She was there for Jessica though.

"Alright, great! Well, I'll see you guys later!" She smiled as she retreated.

Jessica was on the cheerleading squad. Veronica was the squad leader. She wasn't quite as hot as Jessica, but she tried to make up for it by dressing like a slut and being a popularity whore. Jessica probably could have been squad leader, but the fact that she hung out with the likes of Katie and Sara, and especially Myra, took her down some in popularity rating. That didn't bother Jessica though. She loved her friends and defended them left and right. She had a very strong will, and quite frankly people were often intimidated by her.

With Jessica gone and Myra not providing any real distraction, Sara was left to secretly focus on Katie. She looked so troubled. What was her nightmare about? Then a sudden realization. "Did she see me?!" Sara's mind was racing. How could that be? Wasn't she asleep? Wouldn't she have stopped if she thought she was being watched? Sara found the implications of that last though to be highly erotic. She tired to catch herself, but it was too late. The switch had been flipped, and her head was full of thoughts and images of sex.

She felt a stirring in her skirt. She quietly clenched her teeth and tried to think about boring stuff, but to no avail. As her dick reached maximum extension, her gaze drifted back to Katie. She was softly and discreetly sniffing the air again, like in math. Eventually she looked over at Sara, and their eyes locked. For what seemed like hours neither of them could look away. Sara was totally overwhelmed by Katie's eyes, which at the time seemed to be constructed out of the very essence of confusion. Katie's face turned bright red and she looked away.

"Kat, what's wrong?! You've been acting strange all day!" Sara paused for a moment to reflect on how she'd been hearing different incarnations of that phrase a lot lately.

"Oh.... Um.... It's just... I must be stressed or worried.... or... bleh. I don't know Sara I just... I just feel so confused.... Like there's something wrong with me....." Katie put her face in her hands and Sara rushed over to her side, carefully and craftily concealing her still strong erection.

"...guys.... didn't we just do this yesterday....?" Myra interjected. "...I mean... oops..." She sheepishly went back to reading.

"Hey, Kat, it'll be alright. I've been having trouble too, remember? We'll be alright." Sara had her arm around her and they were both sort of hunched over.

"I know.... We'll always be good as long as we're together..." As she said that, Katie put her hand on the bare skin of Sara's leg. Any other day this wouldn't have been out of the ordinary, but somehow the words seemed to resonate throughout Sara's head.

"You're absolutely right." Sara said.

There was a moment in silence. Clarity. She knew she had to tell her what had happened. She had to...

Sara's thoughts were interrupted when Katie's hand slowly but surely started sliding up Sara's leg and toward her crotch. "What the hell?" Sara thought. Katie wasn't looking. It almost looked involuntary.

"Hey Myra, what time is it?!" Sara nearly shouted.

Katie snapped back to life . "Oh! Well! Class time, right?!" She was obviously unsure as to what she had just done. "I gottago! I have a test! History." She rarely spoke that fast.

"Ok, but are you gonna be alright Kat?" Sara asked, still clueless as to how to react.

"Oh, yeah, I'll be fine! Great!" Katie replied, already walking away at double time.

"Ok, good. Of course you will! I'll see you in Art, alright?"

"Of course!" Katie shouted, already gone.

With a heavy sigh, Sara gathered up her books. In the process she noticed that Katie had left a sketchbook behind. Sara picked it up and hurried off to class.


Sara was very tempted to go jack off in the girl's bathroom before English, but there simply was not enough time. Even then, she almost resigned herself to another day of detention just to get some release.

Poetry was the topic of the day. Unfortunately, the hidden focus seemed to be on the most boring poetry Mr. Stills could find. Of course, some of the poems could have been halfway decent, if only he hadn't insisted on reading in his most monotone voice possible. On the plus side, he seemed to be content to just read the entire section with no input from the students whatsoever so no one really had to pay attention.

With nothing else to do, Sara decided it would be a good idea to look through Katie's sketchbook. Sure, it was an invasion of privacy, but she had already established that her relationship with Katie didn't really have any boundaries.

Sara simply loved Katie's style. She could make anything look good. Everything seemed fun and whimsical through Katie's eyes. As she flipped through the pages, Sara found that she could accurately gauge Katie's thought processes day to day based on her drawings. Some of it was a bit of a stretch, but it all made sense in the end.

Then Sara turned to Katie's most recent pages. She gasped aloud. Three and a half pages, front and back, completely covered in drawings of cocks. There were cocks of all shapes and sizes. Long ones, fat ones, pointy ones, bulbous ones. Some of them were in the shape of a corkscrew, some had wings, there were even some that split into octo-cocks.

Sara quickly closed the book. What did this mean? Was she just feeling horny? Was this part of her dream? Did she KNOW?


When Sara entered the room Katie was still acting sheepish, maybe even more so than at lunch. She was quietly and nervously talking to some guy, Luke, but Sara couldn't tell what they were talking about. Apparently neither could Luke.

"Huh, what?! What'd you just say?" The generic young lad held an incredulous eyebrow.

"Never mind.... No... just forget it! I was just kidding!" Katie's face was bright red. She quickly walked over to Sara.

"What was that all about?" Sara asked as they sat down.

"It was nothing!" Katie wouldn't even look at her friend. She was shaking. Luke cautiously came over.

"Hey, uh... did you just ask me if you could suck my dick? "Ëœcause I mean..."

"No! I didn't, you pervert! Get the hell away from me!" Katie said quietly but with moxie. She looked like she was on the verge of tears. Sara's eyes grew wide. Luke shambled off in a confused and hurt manner.

"Kat... what? What was that about?" Sara asked, bewildered.

No response.

"Kat? What's wrong?" As she spoke, Sara put a hand on Katie's shoulder.

"I did..." She whispered.

"You what?!" Sara's eyes grew even wider.

I.... I asked him if I could su... suck his dick!" Katie whispered, not even believing herself.

Sara was speechless.

"Fuck, what's wrong with me?!" Katie asked, growing more red.

"Oh Katie, sweetie, there's nothing wrong with you! Come here!" Sara gave her friend a wonderful hug. As she did, she could hear Katie sniffing.

"Alright class, sorry I'm late! Here's the clay!" Mr. Frosch burst through the door with a cart full of clay.

The clay was distributed and the class got started.

"Bleh, why am I suddenly reminded of Elementary school?" Sara recollected, trying to get Katie in a better mindset. "Any idea on what you wanna make?"

"Nope, not really." Katie really looked down as she mindlessly rolled the clay into lumpy cylinders. They sat in silence for a while.

"Hey, I really wanna talk after school." Sara said as she tried to form some kind of dog, or maybe a turtle. "There's something I need to tell you. Wanna drive out to the park?" She felt a great tension rising as she spoke.

"Um... yeah. Actually, yes. I need to talk with you too. The park would be a much better setting." Katie smiled a little, in turn causing Sara to smile. Inside however, Sara's guts filled with dread.

"Uh, Kat, your clay's looking a little..." Sara gestured toward the phallic shapes that Katie was mass producing.

"Oh god! I didn't even mean to do that!" Katie exclaimed, somewhat horrified. Unwittingly she drew the attention of Mr. Frosch.

"Hm? What happened? Drop something?" Frosch innocently walked over. "Oh! Pushing the envelop are we?" He smiled. "Unfortunately, the school won't let me accept anything sexual in nature, but it'd be a shame to make you destroy 'em. I'll just get you some more clay. Don't tell anyone though, right?" Frosch winked.

"Oh... thanks Frosch." Katie said as he went off.

After School

Sara and Katie made their way to Katie's car.

"Hey, you left your sketchbook at lunch. Here you go." Sara said as she handed Katie her book.

"Oh fuck!" Katie exclaimed as she grabbed it. "Thanks... did you look in it?" She asked conspiratorially.

"Yeah, I skimmed through it a little. You have some really amazing stuff in there." Sara tried to play it off.

"Thanks..." Katie said, trying to analyze Sara's reaction. She gave up quickly. "Let's just go. I REALLY need to talk."

Tuesday, 4:10 PM

After a nice but deathly silent ride, Katie and Sara finally arrived at the Ashland Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful park indeed, and quite expansive, with plenty of secluded areas just perfect for intimate conversation. They found a beautiful clearing well off the beaten path. Unfortunately both girls were quite nervous, and therefore made poor conversationalists.

"So." Sara broke the ice. "Things have been pretty strange lately..."

"Yeah..." Katie replied, tugging at the lush green grass.

More silence. This was not a good thing for Sara. She was all alone in the woods with a girl she's been having intense sexual thoughts about. She tried to focus on some dazzlingly-purple flowers nearby. They matched the purple streak in Katie's hair perfectly. There really was no escape from the inevitable. The sexy thoughts came back to her, and she started getting stiff. Katie started sniffing the air ever so slightly.

"Katie...." Sara started.

"I can't stop thinking about dicks!" Katie suddenly blurted.

Sara mouthed something that didn't come out. "What?!" She said finally.

"I can't stop thinking about dicks! They're always on my mind... in my head! It's like I can feel them, smell them, everywhere! And I want them! I want to touch them, taste them!" Katie started breathing heavier.

"Kat! What are... really?!" Sara didn't know exactly what she had expected Katie to say, but this was not it.

"YES!! It's like... I want them inside me all the time, NEED them! And the spooge! I need it! It's like... it's like I'm an addict!" A tear streamed from one of her beautiful eyes. "You remember that thing with Luke in art class? Well I... I did the same thing earlier with a guy from my Econ class.... except........" Katie buried her face in her hands.

"Except what?" Sara's heart-rate was climbing.

"Except I actually went all the way!" Katie took one hand away from her face.

"There was this guy, I don't even know his name, but I was going crazy, so after class I grabbed him as he walked by and took him to the guy's room." More tears fell from her eyes, sparkling in the sunlight.

"I... I hardly said anything to him, but.... but... I practically r-ripped his pants off... I.. I t-took his c-c-cock out and l-licked and kissed all o-o-over it.... I-it w-w-w-was like the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen, right?" Katie put her other hand on the ground and made a fist. She was staring straight down.

Sara couldn't say anything. She extended a hand and Katie grabbed it hard.

"A-and so I just shove the whole thing into m-m-my m-m-m-mouth-th.... Like I was starving and it was a s-sandwich..." Katie was sobbing heavily at this point. "A fu-fucking s-s-sandwitch! I j-just w-wanted it SO MUCH!"

Sara carefully put her hand on Katie's back.

"I.. I c-could feel it in my throat! I... I... was sucking on him and licking his b-b-balls at the same time...it...it seemed like forever.... And I was s-s-so fucking hot! My p-pussy was j-j-just gushing... it wouldn't stop! It wouldn't STOP!! S-so I reached down into my p-pants and started f-f-fingering myself...a-and I was pinching my n-n-nipples with my other hand... i...if h-he wasn't holding the back of my h-head like that I... I would have fallen over....I j-just kept s-sucking and sucking!" She stopped to breath for a moment.

"Kat, you..." Sara started, but Katie cut her off.

"I-it s-seemed like forever.... fuck, why wouldn't he just c-cum?! B-but he finally did.... ah.... and it just went directly down my throat...blast after blast... I.. I actually pushed him out some s-so I could taste it better! But it tasted so good... fuck..." Katie sat and sniffled silently. Slowly, she looked up.

"Shit... Katie... you're alright! Don't worry... we can work through this!" Sara was being as supportive as she could, but she couldn't deny that story had made her horny as hell. She noted likewise that despite her obvious emotional pain, Katie was also aroused. Her high beams were on, and her crotch looked pretty wet.

Katie made no response, and continued with the story.

"He... he tried to leave after that...b-but I pushed him to the ground... I... I wanted to suck every last fucking drop out of h-him! I just kept s-sucking.... l-long after it was all gone.....it...it made me feel warm or something...." Katie shivered a little.

"Then I came back to reality.... I... got up and started screaming at him.. "you'd.... you'd better n-not fucking t-tell anyone!" and I got r-really mad a-at him...a-and I ran off... I could still taste.. taste it on my tongue.... It... it was really g-good... but I was so fucking ashamed! Sara....I'm turning into s-some kina freak! A slut!" Katie wiped her face with her sleeve. Her makeup was a mess.

"Kat, you are not a freak or a slut! We just have to find out what's happening! If anything..." Sara was again cut of by Katie.

"Last night I had a dream.... I was surrounded by dicks.... They were everywhere.... Some of "Ëœem were just.... Floating around...." Katie's tears started to subside. It was clearly doing her some good to finally let it all out.

"I started to chase them around.... I grabbed them and they came in my hands..... then there was this big one flying around.... I jumped up and caught it in my mouth.... It started pumping it's jizz into my mouth, and I tried to let go but I couldn't! It started to float away, and I went with it "Ëœcause I couldn't open my mouth.....my tongue kept licking at it... it just kept licking and darting around... I didn't have any control over it!" Katie blew her nose into her hands and wiped them on the grass.

"And then.... It floated over to a stage and we landed on it. I was on all fours..." Katie absently put her hand to her crotch. She didn't even notice.

"I was still sucking on this huge cock.... And there's this big crowd watching me! They're pointing and laughing at me, and all I can do is stand on all fours on a stage, sucking this huge dick..."

Sara recalled the crowd in her own dream.

"Then....then... then YOU showed up! You said "I'm going to set you free." And... and then you s-started fucking me from behind with another gigantic dick!" As she said this, Katie's gem-like eyes were glues to Sara's.

Sara was stunned. Why were their dreams so similar? Was there a connection here? There was no time to dwell on that at the moment.

"It's gonna be alright Kat!" Sara said as she held Katie tightly. Then, as if in slow motion, Katie reached up under Sara's skirt and firmly grasped her cock.

"What?!" Both girls were stunned.

"Sara, what is this?! What IS THAT?!" Katie started getting hysterical again.

"Katie... relax... this is what I wanted to talk to you about..." She gripped her friend tightly, looking her in the eyes, trying to calm her down. "Monday morning I woke up and... well... I had grown a dick...and balls.... my pussy's gone...." Sara reported sadly.

Katie slowed down. She was speechless, and had not yet released Sara's cock.

"You see?" Sara was quite somber. "You're not the freak among the two of us..."

Sara didn't know what to do. She felt like there was so much to explain, but she couldn't find any words. The feeling of Katie's hand grasping her cock was extremely erotic.

She did the only logical thing she could think of and leaned forward, delivering a deep kiss to unto Katie's face. Katie's eyes grew very wide at first, then they closed and she started kissing back. For the two plus minutes they made out, not once did Katie let go of Sara's cock. Instead, she started to massage it. She could feel Sara's heartbeat. As their impossible soft lips danced together, Sara inched closer and closer to climax.

"Kat.... I'm gonna cum!" Sara finally gasped, breaking the kiss.

"Sara, I love you!" Katie replied, almost urgently.

"I love you too!" Sara said, still trying to breath.

And so, Sara shot her load all over the inside of her skirt and onto Katie's hand. Katie quickly brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean. Her eyes lit up. Without missing a beat, she pulled up Sara's skirt and started licking the spooge off of it. Sara could only watch, dumbfounded by what just happened. Katie's efficiency was remarkable.

"Kat...." Sara offered sympathetically.

In response Katie simply grasped Sara's hand tight as she tried to milk out any semen that might remain in Sara's spent dick. Katie made some muffled attempts at speech.

"I'll always be here for you." Sara sighed, patting Katie's back and trying not to moan.

End Part Two


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Three

Tuesday, 6:01 PM

Sara sat silently in her living room, almost staring out the window. Her mind was still reeling from that passionate exchange between her and Katie. Little more than an hour ago her best friend was furiously fingering herself as she carefully searched and sniffed the ground for trace amounts of semen. Sara had wanted so much to help her somehow, at least give some release, but she was too spent and too ashamed to try. It was all she could do to put on a brave face.

"Oh, hey sweetie, where've you been all afternoon?" Sara's mom broke the trance as she entered the house.

"Um... uh, just hanging out with Katie." Sara said as she came back to the present. After stretching her neck lightly, she added: "She got a new car you know!"

"Oh yeah! That's really great! I sure would have loved to have a car when I was your age..." Sara's mom said as she walked into the kitchen.

Sara thought that was as good a leaving point as any. Earlier she was so sure of telling her mom and dad about her new appendage, but now she wasn't so sure. Now that she knew about Katie's condition she got to thinking; maybe it was part of something bigger?

And as for Katie, she really seemed to need it. If she couldn't get her fix from Sara, then every day would be like what happened in Econ. She'd get a reputation very quickly, not to mention the simple inherent horror of being dependent on a stranger to shoot their load down your throat on a regular basis.

Sara couldn't stand the thought of Katie facing such humiliation, though she still wasn't sure about the idea of being someone's personal spooge cow.

Then again, she thought back to the words they had said. "I love you." Was it just something said in the heat of the moment? This was something Sara decided she would have to think about.

Tuesday Night

That night Sara dreamed once again.

She was in class. Ms Serpera's class, inexplicably wearing a tiny tank-top and a super short mini-skirt. She was sitting at a lab table, cool hair blowing across her balls.

Serpera was lecturing about something obscure. She was dressed in her standard attire, a modern-ish take on the standard black-skirted suit of a businesswoman. Her skirt ended about four inches above her knees, with the rest of her toned legs dressed in the classiest of dark thigh-highs. Her classic black four inch heels tapped loudly and purposefully. Her straight brunette hair was almost always done up into a formal bun, and her semi-rimless glasses always served to put a cold, analytical layer between her and everyone else.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of North Ashland High was the fact that the hottest teacher was also the biggest bitch. She had tits bigger than anything that most of the student body had ever seen outside of porn. Tits that jiggled and wobbled to such a degree that, had they not been so perky, one would assume that she never wore a bra. Much to the delight of her male students, Serpera often spent prolonged amounts of time writing on the chalkboard. As she did, the class was given ample opportunity to appreciate her generous but toned ass.

Of course, Serpera knew all of this.

"Schuler, come to the front of the room and demonstrate this problem to the rest of the class." Serpera commanded.

"Uh, alright..." Sara said as she slowly started to get up. At least, she tried to get up. Something was pulling her down. She looked down to see Katie sucking away at her dick.

"Kat! Kat you have to let go! I have to get up!" Sara whispered, mortified.

Katie didn't say anything. She just pierced into Sara's eyes with a sort of sad, hopeless look. Sara looked for an out. One of the students caught her eye; that angel from last night's dream. She was in a far off corner. Again she was staring at Sara and crying. Sara looked back at her friend under the table.

"What the fuck Kat?! Let go!" Sara's whispers grew more urgent.

"Schuler, I said get up here!" Serpera demanded. Here dark eyes gleamed.

Sara searched Katie's helpless little face. Katie stared back, her eyes reflecting Sara's horror. She kept sucking silently.

"I can't..." Sara finally admitted, slowly looking back up at her teacher.

"What do you mean you can't?! Get up here NOW!" Serpera was forceful, but there was a tell-tail hint of a smile. An unpleasant one.

Sara didn't know what else to do.

"Ok Kat, I'm just gonna stand up." She whispered.

And she did. This act, however, returned some unexpected results. She felt a strange sensation. Looking down, she saw that Katie was still sucking her dick from under the table. Her cock had simply stretched. Any hope she had held for her mini-skirt concealing her dick had vanished.

"Um.... Kat...." Sara's voice wavered, but there was no response.

"Well Schuler? I'm waiting!" Serpera said with a laugh. She grinned wildly as she watched Sara's dismay.

Horrified, Sara slowly backed away from her seat and walked around the left side of the table. Her dick continued to stretch and followed her around the table's corner. It was as though there was a bungee cord tied to her crotch. She could hear giggles erupt from the class as they all watched.

She finally made her way to the front of the class, her dick clearly outlining the path she has taken. It firmly pushed against various tables and chairs and even some classmates, who kind of poked at it. She could feel waves of pleasure flowing all the way from Katie, who hadn't moved an inch.

Serpera stared directly into Sara's soul, then dismissively tweaked on of her student's erect nipples through the thin, stretched fabric of her shirt. A bit of viscous fluid spurted out.

"Spooge Cow huh? I like that! How does that sound to you, Angel?" Serpera playfully remarked.

The angel simply lowered her head. Serpera began to walk up and down beside the nearest part of Sara's cock, sliding her hand along it as she went. The ripples of pleasure echoed off the walls of Sara's mind. She could feel her testicles churning for the whole class to see.

"You're really quite a stud, eh? It's amazing that you haven't had a girlfriend before that pathetic little cunt hiding under the table." Serpera mocked as she tickled the elasti-cock. Sara could feel droplets forming at her nipples.

As Serpera walked back toward her, Sara was hypnotized by the bouncing of her teacher's tits. Before she realized it, Serpera standing directly in front of her. Without a word, she seized one of Sara's swollen balls and inspected it. Sara gasped. She couldn't speak.

"Don't you think it's about time you gave her something to drink, Spooge Cow?" Serpera suddenly spat. It wasn't a rhetorical question so much as it was a snake bite.

Sara could feel her dick start to twitch and convulse as wave after wave of semen began their long journey to Katie's waiting mouth. Sara fell to her knees. She let out a shuttering sigh. Her nipples began to drip more. Semen.

Sara felt weak. She tried supporting herself by leaning on her arms, but they started to give out as well. Her hips continued to buck involuntarily as her balls seemed to be trying to squeeze themselves dry. Her skin was rippling with pleasure. Sara collapsed onto her left side, head on the floor. She could only speak in squeaks and shrill gasps. A shiny black high-heel stepped into her sideways line of sight. She turned her head to look up. She was treated to a look up Serpera's skirt, featuring her dripping, panty-less pussy.

"I'll bet you miss it already, don't you?" Serpera's voice rained down.


Suddenly Sara was awoken by a large thump against her window. Dazed and startled, she nearly flew out of bed. Once again the smell of semen was everywhere.

"Damn it!" She wiped a hand on her bare ass. She couldn't remember weather or not she had gone to bed naked.

All that was soon put out of her mind though, as she looked to see a hand pressed firmly against the outside of her window.

"Oh fuck! Jesus! Who the fuck?!" Sara jumped.

After holding still for what felt like a very long time, Sara cautiously crept closer. The hand didn't seem to be doing anything other than quivering. And sweating. It was small. It looked harmless. With the greatest of naked, jizz-covered stealth, Sara slowly made her way to the window and peaked out.

It was Katie. Her right arm was supporting her weight against the window. She was leaning over, naked, frantically fingering her pussy like a woman possessed. Her heavy, troubled breathing could be heard through the window. Sara could even hear the occasional sniffle. The grass was wet with liquid love.

"Kat!" Sara yelled as she opened the window, causing Katie to stumble forward briefly.

"Oh... oh fuck! Sara!" Katie was understandably embarrassed. "Sara I'm so sorry! I... I just couldn't sleep, and I couldn't..." She was nearly incoherent as she started to walk away.

Sara stopped her by grabbing her hand. Katie spun around to look at her friend. As she did, some light from the house caught her eyes, causing them to flash briefly.

"Kat, don't go! Come inside." Katie still didn't seem convinced. "Don't worry about it, just come inside!"

Sara helped her shivering friend through the window and lead her through the dark room. They sat down together on the edge of Sara's sticky bed.

"I just, I couldn't sleep, you know?" Katie finally said after claming down a little. "I was afraid of dreaming, and just so, you know, thirsty..." she said, looking away from Sara.

"Oh.... do you... want me to get you some water?" Sara asked, already knowing the answer.

"No...no.... I... I just need some... sperm. You know?" Katie looked back at Sara. "I NEED it!" She accidentally put her hand down on a wet patch, at which point she reflexively jerked her hand back up and looked at it. "So... so... I came over here.... to talk...." she said, sniffing her hand. "And see if maybe I could... you know.... Get some..." She paused, licking her hand thoroughly.

"Kat, I already said-" Sara started, but was cut off.

"But I got to your window..." Katie continued, vaguely feeling around the sheets for more wet spots. "and..... and I knew you were asleep, but you were jacking off.... And your cock.... And the jizz..." She licked her hand again. "it was just so beautiful... I... I couldn't stand it.... I c-can't stand it..." Katie started sobbing again and leaned against Sara. It wasn't long before she grabbed one of the dirty sheets and began licking at it like the top to a pudding container, moaning softly.

"I... I know this must be so strange to you Sara.... You... you only just grew that th-thing.... And here I am.... T-taking advantage o-of it.... I'm s-so sorry..." Katie covered her face in the fabric.

Sara didn't respond. She was deep in thought. She couldn't chicken out now... Katie needed her. She gently lay Katie down as she continued to lap at the sheets.

"Hush. I love you, Kat. You have no reason to apologize." Sara said, her hands still on Katie's shoulders.

There was a pause. Katie uncovered her shining eyes. Sara was pulled into them for a moment before diving downward into the soft expanses of Katie's breasts.

She began by gently sucking on Katie's right nipple. She was slow and careful. Her tongue circled the firm, fleshy little nub. She paused, letting the nipple casually slip from between her lips. Katie gasped slightly as she felt Sara blow a light, cool breeze onto the moistened point.

When she resumed the suckling, Sara ran her fingers through Katie's silky-straight hair. With her other hand she gently caressed Katie's abdomen.

Katie was finally starting to calm down. Her muscles had relaxed dramatically, and her breathing went from uncomfortable to sensual. She slowly cast the sheets aside.

Sara's hand lightly and cautiously skimmed circles around Katie's slightly-toned stomach. Each pass moved ever further south, and eventually Sara found her fingers lazily orbiting Katie's snatch. She would tickle the outside of the lips a bit before widening her orbit again, only to come back in for another tease. These little close calls increased in frequency, more and more, until finally Sara traced her fingers along the opening of Katie's cunt before slipping a couple of digits inside. As Sara explored Katie's inner walls with her middle and index fingers, her thumb was able to toy with Katie's shy little clit.

As her hand was working below, Sara slowly licked her way up Katie's boobs and neck, until finally she planted little kisses on Katie's chin before arriving at her mouth. Their lips met, and Sara kissed deeply.

"Sara, jesus...." Katie finally managed to whimper.

"Just relax, Kat. I'll take care of you." Sara breathed before going in for more.

Wednesday, 7:00 AM

Sara snapped awake to the sound of her alarm clock. She smelled sex. She was not alone.

"Mmmm..... mmmuhmmm..." Katie rested peacefully despite the nerve-grating alarm.

"Oh shit... Kat.... You gotta get up and get out of here!" Sara's mind suddenly cleared as she frantically flipped the switch on top of the alarm clock..

Katie lazily shifted around a bit before grabbing Sara's dick. "Mmmm, it grew..." She casually remarked, still mostly asleep.

"What?!" Sara shook Katie suddenly. "What do you mean, how could you tell that?!"

Katie slowly woke up. She blinked lazily.


A look of concern grew on Katie's face as she realized what she had absently discovered.

"Oh my god... yeah, it definitely grew! Trust my Sara, I know." She closely scrutinized her lover's member. "It's a good 8 inches now. Eight and a half actually...." Katie said with a bit of a blush. Then a slight smile came over her. "You know, you look like you could use some attention" She subconsciously licked her lips and wiggled her ass.

"Gah, sorry Kat. There's no time for that, we gotta get ready for school!" Sara shouted as she assessed the state of her room. Cum stains all over she bed and part of the adjacent walls. Then there was that unmistakable smell.

"Go get ready, Kat. I have to make sure my dad doesn't come in here. I'll meet you outside in half an hour!" Katie ordered. She had no idea how she would explain it in the long run, but she needed a solution now.

"Alright Sara," Katie said, quickly slipping on a pair of Sara's jeans and a ratty black shirt. "I'll see you in a bit!" She said quietly but cheerfully. She blew Sara a kiss as she slipped out the window.

Sara quickly threw on yesterday's clothes and left her room. She needed to show her dad that she was awake without being too obvious, so she went into the living room and turned on the TV. She would pretend she was interested in the news.

Then she saw her. The angel. The morning news was running a special report. Apparently, six high school students had gone missing in Ashland since the month began. There were photographs of the missing students, and Sara briefly caught the angel's image. She was so distracted that she didn't hear her dad enter the room.

"What, getting an early start today?" her dad asked suspiciously.

Sara jumped.

"Yeah, I have a test. I wanted to get a little more studying in." she lied. "Well, better hop in the shower!" she said, making a hasty retreat. She knew she reeked of sex. She hoped her dad hadn't gotten close enough to notice.

Back in her room there was a moment of panic when Sara realized that none of her bras could fit anymore. After some quick thinking, however, she realized that she must now be the same size as Katie. She quickly called her friend, asking her to bring a spare.

After a quick wash, Sara changed into some fresh clothes: a brown skirt with a dark blue, breast-pocketed button-up shirt. Katie was already waiting outside. She hadn't changed clothes at all. Sara jumped in the car and the two of them sped away.


Mrs. Durian was late again. Very late. Quiet murmurings gave way to open casual conversation which in turn gave way to a cacophony of chattering fitting for any unsupervised high school classroom. Ten minutes passes and still no Durian. Then suddenly:

"Good morning class!" The youthful, blonde-haired beauty beamed as she burst through the door. The room fell silent. "Sorry I'm late, there was some sort of silly mix up! No one seemed to recognize me for some reason. I'm like, "Ëœhello! I'm Miss Durian? I've been teaching here for, like, ever?'"

The class was stupefied. No one knew what to say. Durian didn't notice a thing though, and began with the lesson. Her bubbly, oversized tits jiggled with every gesture, and her perfectly shaped ass seemed to dance whenever she walked across the room. Her semi-conservative clothing could never hope to hide the fact that she looked like a statue of a goddess, or at least a stripper.

Sara didn't stand a chance. Her hard-on raged throughout the entirety of the class, and Katie knew it. She would occasionally glance over, her face a strange mix of concern and desire.

Class ended and without a word both girls raced off toward the restroom. Sara tried to be as discrete as possible, but her giant cock was flailing everywhere. They had been let out of class a little early, so there weren't many in the hall who could have noticed.

Much to their relief, the ladies' room was empty. They quickly entered a stall and locked it behind them. No sooner had the latch closed, Katie fell to her knees and all but devoured Sara's dick. She hungrily licked and sucked on it.

"Jesus christ..." Was all Sara could manage. She looked down at her enthusiastic friend, who was ravishing her girlcock. Katie's face was obscured by Sara's skirt. Sara pulled her skirt up so she could see Katie's eyes.

"It's alright Kat... I'm.. I'mmmmmm. Mmmmm! Jesus..." Sara's breathy voice was trying to be supportive.

Katie closed her eyes and began fingering herself. Even still the range of emotions on her face remained apparent, determination not being the least of them. The room was full of wet, sloshing, sucking sounds with the occasional slight gag.

The sense of urgency inherent in the act of public sex was increased by the fact that there was a brief window of time between then and the next class. Sara tried to cum as soon as possible. She relaxed as fully as she could, simply drinking in the pulsing sensations of her cock.

Katie's mouth seemed to have the power of 30 cum-thirsty sluts. Despite what she had said previously, Sara starting thinking about Katie in the context of slut. It seemed as though she would do anything for cock. How is that not a slut? Sara cursed herself for these thought, but she couldn't quiet them. She tried to think about something else.

She thought about boobies. Soft, round warm. She wanted to lick them. She wanted to squeeze them. She wanted to dive into a sea of bouncing, jiggling, loving female flesh. Sara took a moment to think about the breasts in her life. Katie's, Jessica's, Durian's, Serpera's... shit, Serpera.

"Kat..." Sara gasped. "Here it... comes!" she announced mere instants before erupting into Katie's mouth.

Sara could feel Katie's mouth tighten. She could feel her throat swallowing every last splash of cum with shocking efficiency. Sara felt her mighty river give way to a modest stream, which was soon little more than a trickle. After making sure there was nothing left to glean, Katie slowly slid the shrinking meat from her lips.

"Thank you so much Sara..." Katie said, wiping her mouth with her arm.

Sara laughed. "You know, I should be thanking you. You're amazing!" she said shakily, nearly collapsing onto the toilet behind her.

The two friends caught their breath in silence together. Sara sat and quietly watched with a smile as her dick shrank back under the veil of her skirt. Their moment of peace was soon broken, however, when they heard the restroom door creak open.

Without a word, Katie leapt onto Sara's lap and clung on tight. Two intruders seemed to be discussing something, but Sara wasn't listening. She was more worried about the re-hardening of her dick due to Katie's ass being placed directly on top of it, as well as her tits being shoved into her face. Then she felt her mind shift once again to sex.

"God... what the fuck? I just got off..." She whispered.

Moments later her rational mind left. Her left hand slid up Katie's shirt to grope her tits while her right hand began squeezing Katie's ass.

"Sara.... Now's not the...." Katie started, but she could tell Sara wasn't listening. She tried to quietly push Sara's hands away.

Sara was not deterred. Her left hand stopped momentarily to pull Katie's shirt up so that her tits would be exposed, then it returned to its business. She then leaned forward and began sucking on her left breast. As she did this, Sara's hips began to buck slightly.

"God... Sara..." Katie's whisper was almost a moan.

Sara didn't respond. She was a sex robot. She knew only to fuck. Her dick was back at full force. It tried it's hardest to pierce her own skirt and Katie's soggy jeans. Sara's hands instantly left their posts in a mad bid to rid Katie of her pants. Katie intensified her resistance, which frustrated Sara to no end. In a fit of rage, Sara threw her best friend and lover to the floor of the stall, making a rather audible thud.

"What the hell?" A girl's voice inquired from outside the stall.

Katie was frozen on the floor.

"What's going on in there? Eww, sick! This is school, you fucking pervert!" Two sets of footsteps left, disgusted and confused. They weren't really sure what was happening, but they knew they didn't like it.

Sara's frustration was soon joined by shock, confusion, and regret. She didn't know what she was doing or why. She pulled her skirt back and began to jack off in an attempt to shed some tension.

"Sara!" Katie didn't know what else to say. She was still on the floor, hurt and confused.

"Kat... I.... uh.... Uh!....eh..." Sara began panting and sobbing simultaneously.

For the first time in a while, Katie was the level-headed one.

"Sara, calm down. It's alright. I'm ok. We're ok." She slowly got up and gave Sara a gentle hug.

Sara hugged back with her left arm while her right hand continued jacking off.

"I understand. I just didn't wanna make any noise." Katie continued with as soothing a voice she could manage. "Here, let me help with that." she gently cooed as she slid her hand with Sara's up and down the length of Sara's cock.

Their lips met and they kissed passionately until Katie could feel Sara's load warming her left leg. She lovingly scraped some off with her finger and licked it.

"I love you Sara, but we really gotta go now." Katie said reluctantly. "We're really late for class..."

Sara slowly nodded and they were off.


Sara slipped through the classroom door as silently as possible, which of course was pointless. The entire class simply stared at her. They seemed to be in even more of a daze than usual. Even stranger was the fact that there weren't any guys in the class at all. It was still a full class though, and there were girls in there Sara hadn't seen before. Something was definitely off. Even the air felt strange. She didn't know how long she stood at the door, staring at the class as they stared at her. Suddenly, Sara felt her skirt begin to tent. She dashed to her seat without any further hesitation.

Ms Serpera scowled as Sara. "Don't worry; you can make up for it in detention today." she said coldly, but with a slight grin afterward.

Class went on a normal, except for one thing. Sara's cock was as hard as a rock. She was at a loss. "This is ridiculous" she said to herself. "I know this room is full of pussy, I mean girls, but.... still I shouldn't be reacting like this.... I'm not even looking at them!" she told her throbbing erection.

She could feel the breeze from the AC blowing across her foreskin. "Is it.... did it get bigger?!" Her pulsing intensified and her whole body tingled with a strange, synthetic pleasure. Sara was feeling pretty uneasy. Then she felt something drip on her leg.

"Pre-cum? Seriously?!" She looked to the door, but there was nothing she could do. There was no way she could run out without being seen. Her mind was racing to the ends of the Earth, when suddenly;

"Kinda like a cow, right Schuler?" Ms Serpera shot directly at Sara, who in turn blew her load instantly. It took all of her power to keep from crying out. Instead she simply hunched over, trying to hide her face.

"Schuler? Something wrong?" Ms Serpera questioned with mock innocence, barely covering a sadistic tone.

Sara tried crossing her legs to hold back some of the flood, but it just kept coming. It went everywhere. She tried covering the head of her dick with her hands, but that only caused her spooge to spray all over the place. In between blasts of ecstasy and humiliation, she tried to wonder how she came without any physical stimulation.

Eventually Sara's mystery orgasm subsided. No one seemed to notice anything, but Sara sat there with her face down for the rest of the class all the same. When class was over, she quietly watched and waited for everyone to leave before she herself left. As she sat, Ms Serpera approached.

"Be sure you clean up before you leave." She said off-handedly as she placed a stack of paper towels in front of Sara.


Sara arrived late to lunch and found Katie sitting alone.

"Where's Jessica and Myra?" Sara asked.

"I don't know, I haven't been able to reach them all day... oh fuck Sara... it grew!"

"Shit... I was afraid of that... how big is it?"

"Well, you're not hard right now, but if you had a stiffy it'd be... fuck... ten inches!"

Katie reflexively reached under Sara's skirt.

"I mean, have you even felt your balls? They're huge!" Katie suddenly blushed intensely as she recalled her surroundings. She was sitting there in public with her hand up the skirt of another girl.

"Sorry Sara, fuck. I got a little carried away." Katie cleared her throat as she withdrew her hand. "What the hell happened anyway? I thought it only grew in your sleep?" she asked, running a hand through her inky-black hair.

Sara proceeded to recall the strange happenings of science class as they ate lunch. Katie listened intently, but she also kept shifting in her seat, and her nipples were clearly poking out.

After Sara was done, Katie half sheepishly asked "I guess you threw away all those paper towels?"

"Yeah." Sara replied flatly.

"Well... I mean... you know I know your hard again, right?" Katie was fidgeting with her hair.

"Wanna go to the bathroom?" Sara shrugged.

"I think we can do it here...." Katie looked impish.


"Look how busy this place is! Who's looking at us? No one!" The 10-inch girlcock sitting beside her fueled Katie's enthusiasm.

"Kat, that's just ridic..... AH!"

Katie was under the table with her mouth latched onto Sara's meat. Despite her protest, Sara was secretly pleased. She briefly wondered if public sex was going to become a thing with her. All she could do was caress Katie's hair.

The rest of the day passed without incident. Everything seemed to be going relatively smoothly. Well, besides what had happened in Science. And the fact that even when flaccid, her cock threatened to hang below her skirt. Also, whenever she was sitting down it was difficult to be lady-like and cross her legs on account of her huge balls. Still, Sara was adjusting as well as could be expected.

"Alright." Katie said as she wiped her lips with her wrist. "I'll come pick you up in an hour?" As she waited for a response she licked up a bit of spooge that had landed on her arm.

School was out for the day. They were in Katie's car in the school parking lot; a discreet enough place for another quick blowjob. The air in side was near stifling with the top up, and the body heat of the two friends didn't help matters. Still, it was a small price to pay for privacy.

"Yeah..." Sara said with a sigh. "I have a bad feeling about this though, and it's not just "Ëœcause it's detention." Sara paused. "She knew what was happening to me in there! I'm pretty sure she's the one that caused it!" she whispered conspiratorially.

"I wouldn't be surprised. Serpera's one crazy-ass bitch." Katie thought for a moment. "I wonder what else she knows? You think she has something to do with me? And Durian?"

"I don't know. There's a lot of weird shit going on right now. The closer I look, the more I see it. I doubt she's the only factor, but she is involved somehow."

"Sara, why don't you just blow it off? We can leave right now. Fuck, we can call the cops on her!" Something lit up from deep within Katie's eyes.

"No, it's not as easy as that. What would we even say to the cops? Besides, I won't be the only one there. She wouldn't dare try anything with other witnesses. I'll be fine." Sara resolved.

"You sure?" Katie's eyes were concerned.

"No, not really." Sara admitted. "Wish me luck."

Katie leaned in and kissed Sara deeply.

"How's that for luck?" Katie said in a breathy voice, lingering on top of her lover before slowly climbing off. She leaned against the opposite wall of the car and rubbed at her crotch from outside her jeans. "Don't keep me waiting now."


Sara timidly walked into Ms Serpera's room. Much to Sara's horror, it was empty except for the queen bitch herself. She was sitting at her desk, apparently grading some tests.

"Sit down Schuler." Serpera said without looking up. "No one else is scheduled for detention today. Looks like we have a whole hour of quality bonding time." When she finally did look up, the glare from her glasses blocked her eyes.

Sara was instantly uneasy. Well, even more uneasy. She quietly walked over to her usual seat.

"No, sit here." Serpera gestured toward a chair on the opposite side of her desk. Sara quietly obeyed. Her guts trembled.

"So, you seem to be making a habit of arriving late to my class." Serpera accused, going back to grading.

Despite all of her dread, Sara found herself transfixed by the slight jiggling of Serpera's tits caused by her forceful writing. They were truly gorgeous. Sara began to imagine just what exactly she could fit into that cleavage. Bounce, bounce.

"What do you think that says to me when you keep coming late?" Serpera asked, glancing at her prey.

Sara just stared blankly.

"It's very disrespectful, you know. When you show up late you are disrespecting me. Are you trying to offend me, Schuler?" She was looking up again. She was staring right at Sara. Her glasses gleamed.

"N-no! Not at all!" Sara stammered.

"So you're saying you respect me?" Serpera tilted her head slightly.

"Yes..." Sara said, almost cowering.

"Then tell me, why do you keep staring at my tits instead of my face?" Serpera finally hit home.

Sara turned fire red. Serpera adopted a sly smile.

"Well?" She twisted the knife.

"I... I wasn't!" Sara was nearly choking.

"Oh really? Schuler, do you take me for an idiot?" Serpera leaned in.

"No! Of course not!"

"Then why are you lying to me?"

Sara was speechless and ashamed. Her mouth was agape.

"Well, it was a rhetorical question anyway. I know why you keep staring at my breasts. You want them. You want to touch them. You want to feel them, lick them, suck on them." Serpera's gaze would not relent.

Tears started forming in Sara's eyes. She kept mouthing the word "no" to no effect. Serpera suddenly stood up and leaned against her desk, both hands resting on its surface to support herself. Then, in one quick motion she opened up her shirt, letting her huge tits jiggle free. Though she wore no bra, her lovely mounds were incredibly resistant to the effects of gravity. She centered her weight on her right arm and started teasing her own left nipple with her free hand. She inhaled deeply.

"So Schuler, what do you think?" Serpera continued to fondle herself as she stared down at Sara.

Sara simply couldn't react.

"What do you want to do? Just stare at them?" Serpera chuckled mockingly. "No, I know what you want to do. You want to tit-fuck them, right?" She jiggled herself casually. "You want to shove your rock-hard cock right between them, don't you?"

Sara felt ready to die. Serpera slowly leaned forward over her desk until their faces were mere inches apart.

"What's the matter Schuler? Don't know how to be a man?" Serpera had the most wicked grin.

"It's alright, I'm not all that into men. Just the cocks." Serpera looked downward. "Oh, and speaking of which, you've grown to be quite a big girl! Just look at that thing! I don't know how you've managed to hide that in your skirt all day."

Serpera was now sitting atop her desk. She slowly reached down and started stroking Sara's overly engorged member. She was obviously well-versed in the art of the hand job. She knew just when to squeeze and the best way to slide.

"Well, you'll just have to forget about the tit-fucking." Serpera spoke as she continued to massage Sara's dick. "I don't get anything out of that, and you're here for me." She ticked the underside of Sara's cock. She knew the young dickgirl was about to cum. "Right now I just want to watch you squirm!" Serpera's voice was almost a growl.

She released Sara from her expert hand. Sara was in a daze, so she was nowhere prepared for the speed in which Serpera handcuffed her arms and legs behind her in the chair. The sudden and sharp metal clicks snapped Sara to her senses.

Sara was outraged when she realized what was happening. Then she noticed how horny she was. Her dick was begging for attention and she couldn't do anything about it.

"You bitch! What the fuck?! You can do shit like this, you stupid cunt! What the hell's wrong with you?! You can't get away with this!" Sara was furious at her treatment and frustrated over her lack or release. "You stupid bitch! The least you could do is finish jerking me off!" Sara couldn't even believe what she was saying.

Serpera didn't even respond. She was getting something out of her desk. Scissors.

Sara froze. "What are you gonna do with those?"

"Relax, little Spooge Cow. I'm just removing all of your clothes." Serpera replied coldly while slowly snipping the air as she examined the blades.

"H....how are you in my head?! You... you bitch!" Sara thrashed, trying to get free.

"I'm not in your head, Spooge Cow. I'm simply putting things there." Serpera said matter-of-factly.

"Stop fucking calling me that! I'm not a fucking cow!"

"I know, it's a shame, isn't it? You almost were. Last night you woke up before I could finish. That's why more direct methods are required, little Spooge Cow." As she spoke, Serpera got off of her desk and stood beside her captive.

Despite her anger, Sara couldn't help but stare at those gigantic tits, still swinging free.

"You're not turning me into a fucking cow!"

"I know. I've since decided to go a different rout with you. I'm sure by the time I'm done you'll wish you were out in a pasture somewhere though." Serpera began systematically cutting Sara's shirt and bra off, briefly stopping to fondle her. Sara moaned despite herself. "These could be bigger I suppose." Serpera stared at Sara's chest for a bit before continuing the cutting. She made short work of the skirt.

"There, that's much better." Serpera admired the naked Sara, vaguely teasing her nipples. Sara's cock was throbbing like the heart of a beast.

"Jesus...... please..... just let me cum....." Sara was sobbing. She'd never needed to cum so much in her whole life. It was unbearable. A bead of pre-cum streamed down her shaft and tickled her balls.

"How can I help you if you can't help yourself?" Serpera was almost glowing with satisfaction. She stepped forward and pushed Sara's head down. "Come on Spooge Cow, eat up!"

With a final push, Sara's mouth was around the head of her own cock. She instantly started sucking and bobbing as hard as she could. Her tits jiggled wildly, and she could feel her nipples brush against her stomach and thighs. Her tongue licked and reached, trying to trace the ridge of her glans.

It was difficult for her to breath. Part of her seemed to actually be trying to suffocate herself. Her mind was a cockscape of pleasure-seeking. It was as though her one purpose in life was to get off just this one time.

A thousand thoughts were racing through her head, but none were as clear as the one that screamed "CUM CUM CUM!"

And so she did. Wave after wave of her own semen passed from her dick to her mouth. Her hips began to buck involuntarily as she fucked her own face. She couldn't stop her throat from swallowing mouthful after mouthful. Her frenzied pace didn't let up though, and she simply couldn"Ëœt ingest everything. She did have huge balls after all. Cum started spurting back out through her lips. What a mess. Most of her seed began to run down the length of her dick, forming a pool on the chair. It just kept coming and coming. She had to stop for air, and so at last her lips and her cock parted ways. She still wasn't quite done though, and little spurts of spooge kept hitting her downcast face.

"It's too much..." Sara mumbled almost incoherently with sperm drooling out of her mouth and down her face.

"Well, I don't know about too much, Spooge Cow, but you've certainly lived up to your name."

Sara glared at her captor. It was, however, difficult to feel intimidating as the last few spurts from her own cock landed on her face. As the semen cleared from her eyes Sara noticed that Serpera now stood before her, overtly fingering herself.

"Why the fuck are you doing this?" Sara spat.

"Why? What a silly question. Because I get off on it, of course!" She dug her fingers deeper inside to emphasize her point.

"Mmmmm, now, it's time for a little experiment." she continued, picking up a glass vial from her desk.

She removed her fingers from her snatch and let her juices drip into the glass container. Then, she bit a small wound into her thumb and let the blood mix in with it. As the two liquids mixed she pulled out another, larger container of what looked to be the same sort of concoction. Pussy juice and blood. She poured a small amount in with the newer mixture. She then walked over to Sara with the vial, straddled her lap, and wrapped her arms around the back of Sara's neck.

Their tits pressed against each other. Sara felt as though her nipples were locked in a losing battle with Serpera's.

"Oh, you want to bite me so bad, don't you?" Serpera smiled. "But then, it's hard to feel so violent when there's a warm, wet pussy sitting right on top of your hardening cock, isn't it? You have remarkable stamina, by the way." As Serpera spoke, she wiggled her ass around, rubbing her pussy all over Sara's member.

Sara was speechless. She knew it was true. As much as she wanted to bite Serpera's face off, she was apparently just too damn horny.

"Here, Spooge Cow, drink up." Serpera shoved the new concoction down Sara's throat. It was useless to resist.

"Ahh, good!" She praised condescendingly. "Now, it's my turn!"

Serpera began licking large amounts of semen off of Sara's face. Sara was completely lost in both pleasure and confusion. Serpera seemed to have an abnormally long tongue. The sensation of that soft-yet-firm appendage was otherworldly as it caressed her face. Sara was almost ready to melt. She was brought back to reality, however, when she felt a sharp pain on her thumb. She opened her eyes to see Serpera biting it and sucking the blood out. Sara could have sworn she saw the bitch glow for an instant.

"Ah, yes! Now, let's seal it with a kiss." Serpera growled.

Before she knew it, Serpera was vigorously upon her. Sara felt as though her soul was being eaten in that kiss. Her mind seemed to be hurtling through the universe. Back on Earth, however, she began to cum. Again.

A couple hours later, Sara woke up to the sound of Katie moaning. Things were hazy, but slowly coming together. She was still naked, but she was free of her bonds and lying on the floor. She was in a huge puddle of semen. She needed a shower. Katie was nearby, her face to the floor, lapping up a section of the spooge.

"Uh... Kat...." Sara managed groggily.

"Sara! You're awake!" Katie's eyes beamed as jizz dripped from her chin. "I just came in a couple minutes ago... "Ëœcause I was tired of waiting and worried about what that bitch might be doing..... I saw you lying there in all this... well... I guess I kinda lost control." Katie licked her lips.

"Kat....." Sara was still in shock.

"What happened anyway?" Katie crawled closer, getting sperm all over her pants.

"I don't know... but I think it was really really bad..."

End Part Three


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Four

Wednesday, 5:38 AM

Jessica Winters was hot.

She was writhing in her bed, sweating profusely as she dreamed.

She founder herself in downtown Ashland. The sky was red, which made sense in a dream sort of way. Jessica knew she was on her way to the grocery store to get some milk.

Besides the red sky, it seemed to be an ordinary day. She soon noticed something else askew though.

Everyone she came across seemed to be either masturbating or fucking someone else. She was trapped in a world of sex. Also, if she was just trying to buy some groceries, why was she was wearing her cheerleading uniform? Where were her panties?

A threesome blocked the sidewalk, so she briefly stepped onto the road to bypass them. As she did, however, she was nearly run over by a flashy sports car being driven by a distracted businessman who was receiving road head. She jumped backward and fell onto a bench.

She sat for a moment, letting her rattled nerves recover. There was a low buzzing sound and the rhythmic breaths of a panting woman. She looked to her left to see a woman with large breasts playing with a vibrator.

"What the hell is going on?" Jessica asked the woman.

No answer. The woman simply sat, moaning as she plunged the humming toy deep into her vagina.

Jessica got up and continued walking.

The city streets were truly a bizarre sight. Few cars were actually driving. Most were parked haphazardly on the pavement. About half of them were being used as sex platforms. Some of the fancier cars had become makeshift hives for swarms of deadly-blonde bimbos.

Jessica just kept walking. She thought she could just ignore it all. She felt a few drops land on her head and shoulders.

"Great, rain." She grumbled, looking up. She didn't see rain clouds. "Oh hell no... what the fuck?!"

Three stories above, two men were raining down sperm from open windows and onto the sidewalk. As Jessica tried to scramble away, she got a face-full of tit. Four bouncing sluts with enormous boobs were vying to drink up as much of the falling jizz as they could. They had inadvertently trapped Jessica in a nipply prison.

Jessica was getting extremely irritated. She forcefully pushed one of the girls out of the way, who landed on her ass with a squeak.

"Has everyone lost their goddamn minds?!" Jessica huffed as she stormed away.

The slut didn't seem to care about or remember what had happened. She bounced back up and wiggled as she returned to the semen shower.

Jessica continued to bitterly trudge through the orgasmic sexscape, until at long last she arrived at the grocer.

"Finally!" She shouted, bursting through the door with a little too much enthusiasm.

Inside, her nose was overwhelmed with the scent of pussy. Jessica's eyes were wide. Apparently, the grocery store had recently been converted into a lesbian orgy fuckatarium.

"What... the... hell?!" Jessica was awestruck. She was flabbergasted.

The aisles were in disarray. Most of the floor was covered in writhing, sweating, moaning female bodies wielding the most phallic of fruit and condiment containers. The floor was wet. Slippery. A dainty hand reached for Jessica's ankle, and she ran back outside.

She was the only person not having sex. She was getting to be quite frustrated. As the only fuckless person left, she realized that it fell to her to bring everyone else back to everyday life.

She ran up to the first couple she saw. It was a man holding a woman in the air, pressing her against a wall as he fucked her. Jessica approached the lovers, trying to get their attention. They weren't listening. Nothing outside of their penetration mattered.

Around the corner, there was a woman on her knees surrounded by three men. The woman was licking and caressing each of the men's cocks. Her face and hair were already matted in semen, and her makeup was running. Jessica tried to tell the men to stop. She tried to get them to leave the woman alone. She told the kneeling woman that she didn't have to suck those cocks. She could run away, escape. No one listened though. They were all smiling.

Jessica refused to accept defeat. She looked around the street and saw a woman on the hood of a car, dancing and masturbating for a group of spectators. The woman's long blonde hair whipped and flashed around like a flame. She wiggled and shook her shoulders, causing her melonous breasts to jiggle and bounce delightfully. Her thighs glistened with pussy juice as her fingers flickered and curved in and out of her pulsating cunt. Her succulent hips and ass flared outward as she gyrated them hypnotically. The crowd swooned.

Jessica shouted, trying to get everyone's attention. She waved her hands and stamped her feet. She felt invisible.

That was enough. She started running toward the crowd. Just before she crashed into the spectators, Jessica jumped. As she soared through the air her skirt flew up and a cool breeze blew across the lips of her exposed pussy. She landed miraculously on the hood of the car beside the blonde dancer.

"Oh, my shifts up already?" The dancer said in an unbelievably breathy, sexy voice.

Jessica was speechless. The dancer slowly leaned in an wrapped her arms around the cheerleader. Jessica could feel the dancer's careful, practiced hands pressing lightly on the back of her head, pulling her in for a kiss. Slowly, their soft lips met. The dancer tasted like cherries. Jessica found herself disappointed when the dancer pulled her lips away after their brief connection. She savored the taste of the foreign saliva in her mouth, on her tongue.

"You'll be all right sweetheart." The dancer reassured with a wink. She playfully pinched Jessica's bare ass, then vanished.

Jessica was naked and confused. Her pussy started twitching. She reflexively felt at it with her hand, which lingered longer than she expected it to. In fact, she soon found she couldn't pull it away. She started to massage her moistening lips.

"What the fuck?" she said as though she were waking up.

She looked around. She was alone. The car she was standing on was now properly parked. As she was looking down, she also noticed that her tits had grown to match the dancer's.

"Hey lady, you wanna get a room or something?" Out of nowhere a normal, clothed sort of man appeared.

"What?! Oh.... I..." Jessica turned red.

"Excuse me! I have children right here! Do you mind?!" An angry mother glared.

"But... everyone was just... just... fucking...." Jessica slid down to her knees. She felt the warmth of the car on her pussy, which was slowly dripping, causing a stream to slide down the hood.

"Watch your mouth you whore! And for the sake of decency would you stop playing with yourself for just a second?!" The woman was getting more perturbed by the second.

"I can't... mmmmmhhmmm... I... I can't stop! Oh!" She began thumbing her clit.

A crowd started to gather. No one was having sex.

"I don't... I don't understand...." Jessica spoke to no one in particular as her free hand began to massage her huge breasts. She felt so hot and horny. Both sets of her lips pulsed.

She had to awkwardly crawly off the hood of the car without the use of her hands. She stood on the sidewalk with uneasy knees. Her legs were soaked, and a puddle of love juice was forming under her.

"Please... you were all just.. just fucking... would one of you please just fuck me? Please?!" Jessica was begging.

The crowd started to disperse, some making comments of disgust or disapproval. Jessica slid down to her knees. "Oh God! No! Don't go! Please?! PLEASE?!?"

But the crowd started to dwindle. She was breathing heavily, tears streaming down her face. She looked around wildly like a panicked animal.


Jessica's own scream woke herself up.

"Oh my god.... It was just a dream..." She said softly, almost catching her breath.

A sudden click. Jessica's mom cautiously opened the door.

"Are you ok dear?" She asked in a tiny voice.

Jessica turned deep red. "Oh, mom, sorry. Just... it was just a dream..."

"Well... ok dear." She left as quickly as possible.

"My god... I could die.... So fucking embarrassing...." Jessica covered her eyes with her hand and sighed.

Then she noticed something was wrong.

"Fuck.... My sheets are soaked.... Damn it... that's just... ...oh....oh shit!" As her head cleared of sleep, she realized she was still horny.

"How much of that dream was real?!" She threw her sheets off and looked down. Somewhere along the line she has lost her pajamas.

"Holy shit, my boobs!" In the darkness of her room she was able to make out the two huge fleshy mounds. They were exactly as big as the dancer's tits from her dream.

Jessica's head was swimming. She so felt strange. Her pussy was still letting out a trickle of juice.

"This isn't right... I shouldn't feel like this... why am I so horny?!" As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she made an even more shocking discovery.

"Oh fuck! What the fuck?! What the fuck happened to my clit?!" It had grown to a dramatic degree, and was sticking out about three inches. She could feel cool air blowing across it.

"Oh God..... it's way too sensitive!" She reached toward her enlarged love button but didn't touch it. "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?!"

She climbed out of bed and started pacing around. It didn't last long though, as her legs felt quite wobbly. She sat at the foot of the bed to think. She could feel fresh pussy juice seeping into the fabric. The wet spot quickly spread to under her sensitive ass cheeks.

Naturally, she found thinking to be fairly difficult given the circumstances.

She pawed at her newly engorged breasts and started squeezing her nipples. Much to her surprise, milk began to squirt out.

Jessica proceeded to freak out. She wanted to scream, but she didn't want to get her parent's attention again. She grabbed a pillow to scream into. However, in her carelessness the pillow brushed up against her giant clit, causing her to convulse.

Her hips bucked involuntarily and she began to hump the pillow. Her snatch was gushing now, and her movements became very dramatic. Every thrust sent a blast of pleasure though her body, which caused her to thrust again and again. She was caught in a loop. Her breasts began to swell as the bounced and jiggled wildly about. The sensations were too much for her already confused mind. She was grunting and screaming loudly. She came over and over again. It wasn't long before her mom came back.

"Jessica.... Oh my God!" Jessica's mother timidly covered her mouth.

There's really nothing else she could have said. It was quite a shock to suddenly come upon her once level-headed daughter now 100% naked, humping a pillow, her sheets soaked with her juices, and milk dribbling down her gigantic tits. It was concerning to say the least.

The intrusion brought Jessica back to Earth.

"Oh god, mom, don't look at me!" She frantically looked for a place to hide. Her mind was reeling.

"It's.... ok dear.... I'm...." She noticed her daughter's gigantic clit. "I think you need to see a doctor."

Jessica's mom left the room to allow her daughter some privacy and let her clean up a little. She had to come back, however, as Jessica had obviously started masturbating (noisily) again.

"Mom, I'm so sorry.... I don't know what's wrong with me...." She sobbed.

"It's ok dear... Dr. Fellson will know what to do. She always does." Jessica's mom spoke uneasily. One could almost hear her denial mechanism running at full force.

Jessica really couldn't be left alone, so her mother decided to help her clean up and get dressed. It was almost as though Jessica was four again.

After a few dressing mishaps, they both decided all of Jessica's pants and panties were far too rough and tight on her clit. She would just have to risk wearing a skirt without underwear. Likewise, her breasts were much too large to fit any of Jessica's or her mother's bras. She simply wore a t-shirt under a white sweater.

The two of them tried to have a nice relaxing breakfast, but Jessica's hands kept slipping down to play with herself. Her mom had to implement a "both hands stay on the table" rule. Jessica squirmed and squirted a little but was able to survive.

Wednesday, 9:00 AM

The doctor's office was finally open at nine. Jessica's mom asked if they could see the doctor immediately, and was finally able to convince (bribe) the receptionist despite her unwillingness to divulge the reason for the visit. The two waited for the doctor in a small, quiet room. Jessica fidgeted a little as she sat on the examination table. The paper under her was getting soaked.

"Thank you so much mom, for, you know, not freaking out. Thanks for understanding." Jessica said nervously.

"Oh, Jessica, I just...." Her mother's hesitant reply was cut off.

Dr. Jane Fellson strode confidently into the room.

"Good morning Jessica, Cindy. What seems to be the problem today?" Dr. Fellson said warmly. "My receptionist told me there was some kind of scheduling mix up?"

"Well," Jessica's mom (Cindy) started. "I think I'll just wait outside." She quickly left the room.

"Ok then." The doctor blinked. "So Jessica, how are you?"

Jessica hesitated.

"Well?" Dr. Fellson quizzically cocked her head to the side.

"Well..." Jessica started. "It's kind of embarrassing." Jessica could hear her juices start to drip off of the examination table and onto the linoleum. She froze again.

"Come on Jessica, I've been your doctor for years!" Dr. Fellson smiled. "You can tell me anything." As she spoke, she extended a well rehearsed hand onto her patient's shoulder.

Jessica could only think about how hot her doctor was. She was about 35 years old, but she look 29. She had dark shoulder length hair, and fairly athletic build. Her tits were average, but they did look nice in that white coat. "Wait, what?" Jessica thought to herself. "I'm not a lesbian... not at all...."

"Jessica?" Dr. Fellson looked at the troubled girl. "What's going on?" She finally heard the dripping, and looked to it's source. Then she looked back as her patient.

Jessica saw her doctor's confusion and began to cry. This had been a very strange and humiliating morning.

"Oh, Jessica, come now! What's wrong?" she leaned in and gave Jessica a hug. Wrong move. Their tits pressed against each other's, and Jessica started to wiggle a little. She pushed her face forward into Dr. Fellson's neck and started rubbing against it. Then she reached down and squeezed her doctor's ass. Dr. Fellson jumped back.

"Jessica! What the hell?!" Dr. Fellson immediately covered her mouth. She had to remain professional.

Jessica was shocked. She put her face in her hands.

The doctor analyzed her from a distance. Where was that fluid coming from? She hesitantly concluded that it was indeed coming from Jessica's skirt. She smelled the air. Her eyes grew wide.

"Jessica, I'm not mad at you. There's something wrong, and I'm here to fix it. I need you to tell me exactly what's happened." Dr. Fellson proceeded calmly.

Jessica was not calm. She couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm just so horny!" She suddenly shouted.

"It won't go away, this lust, no matter how many times I cum! I'm still so fucking horny!" She pulled her shirt and sweater off, letting her huge tits jiggle free.

"Look!" She said, squeezing a nipple, letting milk squirt forth. "I'm not pregnant! Why the fuck is there milk in my boobs?! How did they get so BIG?! And then there's this!" She said, removing her skirt. Her giant clit jutted out angrily.

"What's wrong with me?!" she demanded.

The fact that she was now totally naked only added to Jessica's excitement. Her cunt started running more.

"My pussy's been dripping wet all morning, almost five hours... Why do I have a fucking mutant clit?" Jessica was losing coherency.

"Jessica...." Dr. Fellson tried to calm both herself and her patient down. "It must be some kind of hormonal problem."

She thought quickly. As far as she knew, this was unprecedented. She had no idea what to do. She decided to come clean.

"Jessica, I'm sorry but this is way out of my league. I'm going to refer you to my gyno-" Dr. Fellson was cut off.

"What?! Please! You have to be able to do something! Right now!" Jessica was pleading. Drops of milk started dripping from her exposed nipples. Her breasts started expanding.

"Jessica... I'm sorry..." Dr. Fellson felt awful and overwhelmed. What could be happening to this poor girl?

Jessica stood and stared walking toward her doctor. She cupped her milk-filled boobies, jiggling them while tweaking her nipples.

"God, my titties hurt... They fill up with milk more when I get really excited... some milk shoots out when I cum, but it's not enough... there's too much pressure!"

Dr. Fellson's professionalism was starting to fail. "Well... I... recommend you milk yourself regularly.... You can invest in a breast pump for..."

Jessica lunged forward and kissed the doctor directly on the mouth. Dr. Fellson wouldn't kiss back. Jessica kept pressing, but her would-be savior would only struggle to speak. They both eventually fell to the floor. Jessica crawled up and shoved a nipple in Dr. Fellson's mouth.

"Please... just suck it! I'm so, so sorry! But please! I need to you suck my tits!"

Dr. Fellson was flailing around, trying to get free. She couldn't breathe on account of all the tit-flesh. Jessica's hips started thrusting involuntary, her giant clit ramming into her doctor's body. Finally, after spending all of her breath on muffled screams, Dr. Fellson succumbed and started drinking the milk out of Jessica's breast.

"Oh God, that feels so fucking good!" Jessica arched up a little, allowing the doctor an opportunity to escape. "No! Don't stop!" she cried.

Jessica was on her hands and knees, furiously fingering herself and looking up at Dr. Fellson helplessly. She started crawling along the floor, letting her clit slide along it's smooth surface.

"Jessica! I'm sorry, but this is too much! I wish I could help you but.... but... ohhh.. mmmmmm.... Oh my god... what?!" Dr. Fellson's heart-rate increased dramatically. She could feel herself suddenly getting very horny and very wet. Her fluids had already begun spurting and running down her legs. She was getting weak in the knees.

"Oh God... the milk!" She cried out. "No! It must.... Mmhmmm... oh! It must work as an.... aphrodisiac...! OH GOD!" She bit her own hand. "This is WAY TOO STRONG!!"

She ripped her clothes off and started fondling and playing with herself. As her pussy throbbed desperately, she fell to her knees and started dragging herself toward Jessica.

There was a valiant struggled deep in both of their minds as they tried their hardest to regain control of their lust, but in the end they could only watch in horror.

They met up and instantly became a tangle of thrusting, licking, moaning, soggy flesh. Dr. Fellson wrapped a hand around Jessica's enlarged clit and made a light jerking motion. They passionately pressed their lips together, tongues entwined. Jessica thrust four fingers deep into her doctor's cunt and massaged her inner walls. Her sudden fullness caused the older woman to gasp, breaking off the kiss. As her facial muscles spasmed, Jessica slowly licked her up from her mouth to her eyes.

Dr. Fellson pushed Jessica onto her back. At first it was an attempt to escape, but after seeing those huge boobs jiggling she couldn't stop herself. She brought her mouth to Jessica's nipples and once again suckled on her milk. There was, however, no relief to be found. The potent fluid only served to fuel the already furious fire within her. Her pussy nearly exploded with juice as she climaxed again and again.

An hour passed.

Curiosity got the better of her as Jessica's mom cautiously peeked into the examination room. She saw her daughter and her doctor locked in the 69 position. They sounded quite a bit like wild beasts in heat. She quietly closed the door and ran off to get help.

The last thing Jessica saw of Dr. Fellson was the poor doctor frantically masturbating on the floor of her own waiting room. Jessica's mom dragged her disturbed daughter to the car. There was a big mess with the police, and Jessica was supposed to sit and wait for questioning. That was asking a lot, given Jessica's condition.

After dribbling her juices all over her mother's leather seats for a good five minutes, she quietly slipped out of the car and ran away from it all.

End Part Four


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Five

Wednesday, 5:56 AM

"Foolish girl, I'm through with asking. You have reached the limit of my patience!" A great twisting shadow hissed and cracked.

Myra Groton stood naked upon a tall, lonely spire in the midst of an immense cavern. The only apparent light was the soft glow of the foreboding stone itself.

"Well..... whatever.... None of this is actually happening anyway, and I never remember it when I'm awake. So.... the point is.....?" There were only a couple types of situations where anyone would ever hear Myra speak in more than mumbles.

"The point?! You have a unique mind, Groton, but I see now it only exists to taunt me. It's time for you to discover the price of tempting me!"

The shadow launched forth a rain of black spears that pierced Myra's body. She cried out, and awoke.

"Mmmm mmm.... What....?"

She had no recollection of her dream.

"Myra... awaken..." a disembodies voice softly whispered.

"Gehh.h... huh?!"

Myra curiously and timidly glanced around.

"...I'm awake..." she announced to the darkness.

She reached for her glasses and put them on, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. She wasn't really alarmed as she was actually fairly used to waking dreams.

Something felt different though. She had the strangest feeling that she was remembering something she never knew.

She turned on a light and looked at her vast wall of books. She was wearing the black cotton shirt and pants that served as her pajamas.

For some reason she knew to look for one of her books about demons. Her hand felt almost drawn to it. Before she even realized it, she felt it's spine and pulled it off the shelf. There was a strange symbol etched on the worn leather cover that caught her eye. She didn't know what it meant.

Lazily, she tossed the book onto her desk. It landed with a heavy slap. There was more weight to the book than was apparent.

Sitting in her comfy wooden desk chair she searched page after page for... something. She knew she'd recognize it when she saw it. Unfortunately, her early awakening was apparently catching up with her. She began to feel quite groggy. Hot too. She casually slipped off her pajamas and continued reading naked. It seemed as though she could hear voices.

"They usually have to be asleep for this.."

"Yes, I-"

She began to ignore them, which wasn't hard considering how faint they were.

"Uh.... Even my boobs feel heavy... sleeeeepyyyy.... Ok... I'm just gonna...." Myra mumbled as she started to drift off to sleep.

She leaned forward, resting her boobs and head on the table and closed the book. Or at least, she tried to close the book. Something held it open. Something she felt. It felt good too.

"Whaa..?.....WHAT?!" Myra's eyes suddenly went wide. There was a dick holding her book open.

"A penis..? Why is there a penis in my book?" Myra woke up a little more and started connecting the dots.

"That thing... that thing's..... ummm....uhh..that thing's attached to my boob...."

She sat up quickly and looked at her breasts.

"Wha... why are there dicks on my boobs..... why did my nipples turn into dicks?! And ummm...! Why are my boobs so big?"

That wasn't all. There was a third dick. This one in a more traditional location, just not for a woman.

"So... so there's a regular one too...? Along with testacies it seems.... Buy my vagina's still there...." she drifted off as her brain processed the information.

"So......I'm some weird hermaphrodite?"

She stood there very still, as she often did in moments of extreme stress. Her tits had grown from Bs to Ds in a very short span of time. Five inch cocks had replaced her nipples. Her "main" cock was around 8 inches, with a couple of meaty balls dangling below. Her pussy was still intact, and although she didn't realize it yet, Myra's clit was an inch bigger. It poked into her ball sack.

"Uh.... This doesn't make..... any sense....uh...."

Of course she was horny as hell.

Myra took a few deep breaths and looked around, feeling her tits and dicks wobble about. She turned her chair around to face the rest of the room and sat in it. After a few moments of hesitation, she took her main cock into both of her hands and started rubbing it.

"Oh..." she whispered, as though she didn't expect it to feel good.

She sped up her pace. Her other two dicks swayed back and forth as the ached for attention. The cool, dark air tickled their moistened tips as they drifted atop their busty perches.

Myra didn't know how or why she had three dicks all the sudden. All she knew was that they felt good to touch, and there wasn't any harm in having some fun before getting down to business.

She could feel her pleasure compounding. There was a rush at the base of her cock. Her body began to jerk violently. Her tits and dick-nipples flailed everywhere, sometimes smacking her in the face. Her glasses flew off. She blew her load, and it spattered and tangled in with the carpet in front of her.

"Weird..." She looked down at her shrinking cock, then at her still stiff dick-nipples.

"Well, there's one down anyway..."

Disregarding the mess she had made on her once immaculate carpet, she grabbed her dick-nipples with the corresponding hands and began to jerk them in unison. It was a very strange and highly erotic feeling. She wondered if she was the first to experience such a thing.

"Uh... mmm... ohhhh god..."

She didn't know what to do with herself. She threw her head back, causing her short curls to swing and dance. She closed her eyes as strange sounds leapt from her open mouth. It wasn't long before jets of sperm started spurting from her tits.

Her body convulsed. It felt as though someone had injected adrenaline directly into her big, bouncing titties.

Her chair would have tipped over backward had it not been positioned next to the desk.

She breathed heavily as she looked down at her dick-nipples, which casually leaked a few last drops. They were shrinking and transforming back into seemingly ordinary nipples. Myra felt relief, but only for an instant.

"oh....." She looked down further to see that all the stimulation to her boobies had caused the "main event" to reawaken.

"uh... well....I guess I can go again...." she said a tad nervously.

Myra started to cautiously stroke her cock again, keeping an eye on her nipples. Sure enough, she could feel blood starting to pump directly into them, and before long they began to elongate and take on a distinctly phallic shape.

"hm..... I guess... I have to get them all off at the same time......uh..." she said, taking a moment to think about how best to accomplish this.

She paused for a moment, then put her left hand on her main cock and her right hand on her right dick-nipple. She looked really hard at the unattended dick. Swallowing once, she grabbed it with her left hand and put it in her mouth before returning the hand to the big dick.

"Mmmmphh... mmphhhmmm..." She tried to say pointlessly.

She started sucking and jerking simultaneously. She felt like a junkie getting her fix after a week of sobriety. It felt amazing, but it was tricky. Amid the dysrhythmic waves of pleasure coursing through her body, she had to try and keep a level head. One cock would get close to a climax, so she had to slow it down and speed the others up, but then another one would get ahead.

She was getting frustrated. She felt like an alien. She tried no to think about how this was something she would have to master and perform on a daily basis, assuming of course she couldn't find some sort of cure.

The taste of semen was foreign to Myra. As her tongue darted and flickered around the head of her tit dick she wondered if everyone's sperm tasted different. As more and more pre-cum began to trickle into her mouth, she assumed that her milk glands had been altered in such a way as to make them more akin to testicles.

She was performing admirably, even valiantly. She was the virgin of the group, and before this day had never even seen a dick in person. She had three of her own now to suck and stroke, and she was almost taking it in stride. Pumping three cocks at once almost felt natural.

Then suddenly, she felt it. They were all three about to climax. She had to focus, now more than ever. One slip up and she'd have to start all over again. She maintained her steady and consistent stimulation.

Her hands were simply covered in pre-cum, making them extremely slippery. She found that she was almost choking on the gentle spooge bath in her mouth. She almost lost her rhythm. Almost.

Myra was overjoyed as she felt the unholy trio release simultaneously. Semen was flying everywhere. Down her throat, into her hair, on her breasts, some even went between her toes. She couldn't care though. She had finally succeeded. More importantly, she found herself crushed under a wave of ecstasy.

She didn't know how long her 3X orgasm lasted, but throughout the duration she could only see in terms of lines and colors. Her other senses left. There was only the pulsing, squirting, throbbing, bouncing, stretching, pumping, gushing, and exploding of her twisted body. She couldn't even feel the chair she was sitting in.

Was she flying? No, just falling.

After landing on the soft and wet carpet, Myra was still for a while. She was adrift.

"unh....eh..." she said, looking for up. "...that was pretty neat...."

Her victory, however, was short lived. It was not long before she realized that her sexual appetite lingered still.

"I... uh....oh..."

Her vagina was sopping wet, and crying out for attention. She sighed as she slowly pulled herself up.

"Can't forget the basics I suppose..."

She walked over to one of her more hidden drawers and pulled out a huge black vibrator. She touched her nether lips on the way to her bed and felt all of her dicks respond. Myra sighed again.

"This is gonna take a while to figure out....."

11:41 AM

Myra woke up with a jolt at the sound of her cell phone. Gazing upon the sticky mess of her bed, she regretfully confirmed that everything had actually happened.

She looked at her phone. Katie was calling.

"eh.... sorry Katie...." she said to the closed phone as she turned it off.

She hadn't had any trouble skipping school. Her parents were always off to work early in the morning. They let Myra take care of herself. Some call it freedom, some call it neglect. As with most things, Myra didn't really care.

"So... let's figure this out..." She mumbled as she went back to that strange old book she had tried to read just hours earlier.

4:09 PM

After a day of reading and another complicated masturbation session, Myra was ready to collapse. She felt as though she were wasting her time. She knew she had the right book, she just didn't know what she was supposed to do with it. If only she could keep her cocks under control.

Suddenly, Myra's brain sneezed. There was no other word to describe it. It was the strangest sensation. After recovering, she realized a foreign thought had entered her head. Jessica was in trouble. Somehow, Myra new this, and somehow she knew where to go. There was a patch of woods just a couple miles away.

"uh.... guess I'll go there.....?" she mumbled to her book.

Myra opened her closet. There was a subtle sense of urgency. She was still naked.

"um..... what will fit me...?" she said, shifting her weight impatiently.

She completely ignored her bras and reached for her only shirt that stood a chance. It was some manner of long-sleeved black athletic wear from when Myra's mother had briefly tried to get her to exercise more. It was made of a sturdy, stretchy, spandex-like material.

She didn't really know or care what it was. She was, however, very happy to find that she could in fact slide it on, and it was able to stretch enough to fit her new tits. Of course, it didn't leave much to the imagination, and she prayed she didn't get horny while wearing it.

Then she reached for her favorite black and white skirt, again forgoing the underwear. Sliding it on, she realized that her ass had filled out a little as well.

Finally, she reached deep into her closet and pulled out a dusty old pair of black running shoes and socks.

Myra was not a runner. Myra hated running. She was bad at running the day before, but now she was even worse. She didn't know what else to do though. There was no time to waste, and she hadn't been paying attention all those times Katie was talking about her getting her own car.

How bad could it be?

Her shirt did nothing to hold her giant tits in place. Her shiny new dick kept flapping around violently under her skirt, which was barely long enough for her to be running in public without any form of underwear. Every few cars that passed by would honk annoyingly, and sometimes yell out indecipherable phrases.

She wasn't even halfway to her destination when she collapsed on the side of the road, totally out of breath.

"uh.......uhh.....this was... a bad idea...." she huffed as cars swooshed by.

After a time, Myra once again rose to her feet and began to walk briskly toward her destination.

6:25 PM

Myra sat down on the grass. She had finally reached her destination: a nice but rather plain clearing in the woods that separated some subdivisions. She was alone. Jessica was nowhere to be found.

"uh.... great....." Myra said, feeling more and more foolish by the instant.

Just then there was a great rustling nearby, and sounds of a struggle. Two large figures could be seen dragging a Jessica-like figure toward the clearing.

"Quit squirmin'! Well be off soon enough!" A gruff, country voice commanded.

"Is she tryin' to break free or is she tryin' to hump you?" his more lanky, lazy counterpart inquired.

"Don't matter." the first grunted.

The two rednecks came closer and closer, but Myra just stood there. They had her friend. She had to do something. It wasn't long before she was spotted.

Both men were almost comical caricatures of simple country troublemakers. The one in charge was a hunched brick gorilla of a man who was all forehead and knuckles. His companion was a skinny straw of a man but stood a good two feet over his friend. They were both dressed in well used flannel and jeans.

They eyeballed Myra with suspicion and aggression. The air was still save for Jessica's grunts.

"uh.... hey.... You two might wanna run away....." Myra addressed the men.

"Whut thuh fuck you talkin' "Ëœbout cunt?" The gorilla growled.

"uh..... I called the cops.... They're on the way..." Myra lied.

"Whuh?" The gorilla craned his neck.

"I said I called the cops!" Myra shockingly annunciated.

"Oh... yuh know you mumble. Wait, really? Yuh git sarvice out here?" The gorilla furrowed his immense brow.

"uh... yeah...."

The gorrilla looked up at his accomplice.

"Well shit... I do believe we best be on our way." The straw man said thoughtfully.

The gorilla grunted, letting Jessica fall to the ground. Then the two turned around and calmly left, disappearing into the shadows and leaves.

Myra waited in tense silence until she was sure they were gone before going to check on her newly freed friend.

Jessica was naked. Naked and squirming.

"uh.... Jessica... you ok?" she asked, crouching down.

"Oh! Myra! Oh my god! This has been such a fucking weird day! I'm so glad to see you!" Jessica said almost hysterically.

She was a wreck. She was covered in sweat, tears, and scratches. Even still, her hands kept restlessly tracing all over her own body in an erotic fashion, occasionally dipping into her vagina briefly before zipping off to tweak a nipple.

"Jessica... what happened?"

"God, this is so....uhhhhg... so embarrassing! I can't stop masturbating in front of my own friend... god...."

Jessica tried to turn away from Myra, but all she really succeeded in doing was giver her a lovely view of her charming butt.

"Jessica... it's alright... trust me, I've had a strange day too."

"Mmmmmm.... Really?" Jessica said, turning her head around to once again face her friend.

"Yeah. Don't be embarrassed Jessica, it's me. I'm as weird as it gets, remember?" Myra said, managing a quirky smile.

Myra helped Jessica to her feet. They stood smiling in silence for a moment, then Jessica went in for a hug.

"I fucking love you Myra, you know that? You're always there when it counts..." Jessica said as her hands wandered.

"Oh.... Jessica... eh... um.... You're..... you're rubbing...."

But it was too late. As the two altered girls stood there in their embrace, their boobs mashed together.

Myra's nipples were stimulated enough to being their transformation. As she felt it happening, she tried to look far away. If only she could just disappear. Anything to escape the awkward sensation of her blood shifting its influence to her more unnatural appendages.

As her dick-nipples started poking into Jessica's delicious tits, her main dick extended and lifted up the front of her skirt as it rose to meet the heat emanating from Jessica's pussy.

Naturally, Jessica could feel the phallic shapes prodding her once private areas. She looked down to see what was happening. Her eyes widened.

"Myra.... Myra! Myra, oh my god! Your nipples! OH MY GOD!" Jessica jumped back defensively. She saw her friend's skirt tenting. "Oh FUCK! WHAT'S THAT IN YOUR SKIRT?!"

Myra turned blood red as she quickly tried to somehow cover herself. Giving up, she spun around, leaving her back to Jessica.

"I.... I know.... I.... changed....somehow....." Myra never cried. Under the circumstances, however, some tears did run down her cheeks. "I... I just can't figure it.... figure it out.....why did this happen?!"

Jessica cursed her insensitivity.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry I just freaked out Myra." Jessica sighed to herself. "I didn't mean it. Considering what I've been through today, I shouldn't have been so surprised that I'm not the only one going through some changes."

No response.

"Hey, really. It can't be that bad. Let me see..."

Jessica's eyes twinkled as she started thinking with her sopping wet vagina again. She gently put her hands on her friend's shoulders and slowly started pulling her shirt off. The feeling of that fabric against her dick-nipples was almost orgasmic.

"...how did I know this was gonna happen...." Myra mumbled to herself as she began stroking her dick under her skirt.

Jessica finished pulling the shirt off and slowly wrapped her arms around Myra from behind. Their skin slid together, soft and warm.

"So your nipples turned into dicks, hm?" Jessica cooed into her ear. "I think they're cute." she whispered before licking the inside of Myra's ear.

She grabbed both of the dick-nipples with her hands and began squeezing them as she tenderly kissed the right side of Myra's neck, exploring her skin.

Myra couldn't take anymore. She removed her skirt as she pulled away from Jessica, only to turn around and embrace her head on. Her dick-nipples jabbed into Jessica's heavenly tits. They made out like they were trying to eat each other's faces.

"God, Myra, your cocks are so beautiful! They're so hard! I need them inside me!"

With that said, Jessica pushed Myra to the ground and mounted her shaft. She gyrated her hips. She leaned forward and began sucking on the left dick-nipple while jerking the right one with her hand.

Myra could do nothing but writhe. Jessica was a living flurry of stimulation with unparallel attention to detail. As she sucked, she would occasionally glance up at Myra's eyes with a look of sheer fulfillment on her face.

Before long; "J-Jessica! I'm.... I'm gonna.....!"

First the dick Jessica was sucking on came. Myra shuttered. She was pleased to find that even though her cocks were not directly linked to ejaculate at the same time, the others were brought closer to climax when one of them came.

Aided by the first, her other dick-nipple began shooting it's load all over Jessica's still pumping hand. Myra arched her back. It was only a matter of time now.

Jessica made no attempt to dismount before Myra's main dick shot its load into her.

Myra looked horrified even through her immense pleasure. All Jessica could do was focus on the sublime feeling of Myra's seed filling her up. Milk squirted from her nipples as Jessica came over and over again.

"Oh god!" Jessica exhaled as she got off, letting Myra's soft and wet dick slide free. "That was so good...."

"...Jessica... this is a real dick..." Myra emphasized by grabbing her big floppy member. "...I'm pretty sure I can get you pregnant..."

Jessica's jubilation quickly subsided. "Oh god! What the fuck did we just do?!"

"uh... you started it..."

The two sat there quietly. Jessica watched at her friend, attempting to fathom what they should do next. She noticed that all three of Myra's dicks were starting to get hard again. Myra's face turned red.

"eh... I can't help it.... It's...... my pussy's still wet..... they all have to be satisfied, or else....."

Jessica crawled over to her friend and gave her a hug. "I'm sorry Myra... I practically raped you..."

Jessica looked up just in time to catch Myra staring at her tits.

"eh... it's amazing how much these things affected my thought process..." Myra said nervously. "...did your boobs grow?"

"Yeah, they did. A lot. You can... touch them." Jessica was being pretty shy considering the two of them had just fucked.

Myra slowly reached down and started feeling her friend's tits. Some of the milk got on her fingers, and she licked it off.

Jessica reached forward to stop her, but it was too late.

There was an electrical storm in Myra's brain. She needed more milk.

"um...." Myra said, timidly leaning forward. "Jessica... I..."

Without another word, Myra dove onto her friend and started suckling her breast wildly. Jessica tried to crawl backwards, but Myra held tight.

"Oh fuck! Myra, don't! That stuff'll drive you crazy!" Jessica shouted as she frantically tried to separate her friends from her nipple.

It was already too late. Myra started humping at Jessica's leg as she continued to drink the aphrodisiac milk. Jessica tried pushing Myra's head directly. Myra bit down on her nipple with her teeth, causing Jessica to cry out in pain.

"Myra! STOP! PLEASE!" Jessica screamed in exasperation.

Having no other alternative, Jessica finally broke free by punching Myra's balls. As Myra howled in pain, Jessica quickly scrambled to her feet and ran back a few yards.

Myra writhed alone on the forest floor. Her pussy was gushing ever harder than Jessica's. She got to her knees and started violently stroking her main dick. Her tits and their cocks flailed around wildly. Tears of desperation streamed from her eyes as she tried in futility to satisfy all four of her burning sex organs at once.

"OH GOD JESSICA HELP ME!" she finally managed to yell out.

Jessica quickly ran forward and pushed Myra on her back as she began to simultaneously lick her pussy while delivering a hand job. She had to be sure to keep her enormous breasts from dangling too closely to Myra's mouth. Myra rapidly jerked both of her dick-nipples.

Jessica's mind was worried. Myra drank way more than Dr. Fellson had. She had no idea what was going to happen to her poor friend. She knew she'd do anything to help though.

Myra started to cum with her whole body. All three of her dicks and her pussy were gushing fluids in nearly every direction. Jessica fell back so as not to choke. She watched in disbelief as Myra thrashed about, spraying everywhere like some kind of human fountain. She wasn't letting up either.

One minute passed.


Myra tried to rise to her feet, but her knees were useless. She looked around frantically as her hips continued to buck involuntarily. She tried to crawl away in shame, leaving a thick trail of cum in her wake. Her arms gave out and she landed face-first in her own viscous path. Jessica ran up to her. Myra's face was a strange mix of terror and pleasure.

"Don't go anywhere Myra. Stay with me. It's my fault... I should have warned you about...."

"I'm... going..... to.... loose... my.... mind.... if.... this... keeps.... up....!" Myra gasped between waves.

Jessica tried to comfort her friend for as long as possible. Of course, a hyper-sexed girl can only sit beside a fountain cum for so long before jumping in.

End Part Five


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Six

Wednesday, 5:45 PM

Sara and Katie were racing toward Jessica's house in Katie's car. They were worried about Myra as well, but she had been known to vanish every now and again. Jessica never missed school though, especially on the weeks leading up to a football game. They knew something was wrong, and suspected who was the cause.

"I can't believe this.... Things like this can't happen..." Katie said, not noticing quite how fast she was driving.

"Well, believe it Kat it's.... eh... it's happening." Sara replied. Katie was using her dick as a stress-relief toy.

"I know... it's just weird." Katie's eyes were fixed on the road.

"Uh.... huh..... yeah..." Sara was beginning to suspect that Katie didn't realize what she was doing.

"What the hell's wrong with that bitch?! Why would she do this?" Katie said, squeezing even harder.

"Well you.... Uh..... uh..... you......... uh....." Sara could feel herself getting closer to climax.

"Are you ok Sara?" Katie turned to look at her friend.

"You are aware you're... uh... at this very moment...... uh..... giving me a hand job?"

Katie glanced down and turned red, releasing Sara's meat.

"Oh shit! Sorry... I'm just really worked up..."

Both girls stared at Sara's throbbing dick.

"Yeah, and now I'm really worked up!"

"Hang on, lemme pull over.... We can do a quickie right here..."

Katie pulled off to the side of the road. She didn't waste any time leaning down and shoving Sara's cock into her mouth. Sara nervously played with the dazzling hair on the back of her friend's head as she watched for oncoming traffic.

She could feel Katie's tongue dancing around her throbbing shaft. It tickled in a most enticing way.

"Do you really think this is the best place for this?" Sara said nervously.

Katie removed the cock from her mouth briefly and looked up.

"You know I need this more than you." she explained in a more serious tone than she would have liked.

It was true though. Sara didn't say anything more and resumed scanning the horizon.

Katie returned her focus to the task at hand, bobbing, moaning, and slurping. She breathed in deeply, like a wine connoisseur sampling the finest.

Sara came with a whispering gasp.

They sat for a moment in silence, forgetting their urgency and basking in the afterglow.

Suddenly Katie perked up.

"Three cocks." She said with hushed excitement.

"What?" Sara raised an eyebrow.

"Three cocks. There's three cocks nearby... but it's strange..."

"How?" Sara leaned in closer to her friend.

"They all belong to the same guy... and they're cumming really hard..." As Katie spoke, her eyes were beaming.

"Say what?!" Sara thought back to her multi-cock nightmare from a few nights ago. A chill ran down her spine.

"This is impossible.... They're cumming far too much for far too long... it's just not possible! We gotta go see!" Katie was already out the door.

"What?!" Sara scrambled to get her seatbelt off and follow her friend.

"Whoever this guy is, he needs help." Katie said as she sniffed the air like a dog. "He shouldn't even be alive with the amount of fluids he's lost." She directed her deep eyes into Sara's. "Besides, he's probably a victim of Serpera. He needs to know there are others like him."

"I guess you're right... we're probably the only ones who even know he's out here. Lead the way."

With that the two girls ran off into the woods. Unfortunately, Katie was having some difficulty keeping up the pace. The unfathomable amount of delicious, life-giving spooge was assaulting her senses, even from far away. Her crotch was soaked and her legs were quite wobbly. What kept her moving forward was a mixture of concern and hunger. Before too long, they had arrived.

Whatever they were expecting to find could in no way prepare them for the reality of the situation. Jessica and Myra, two of their closest friends, were writhing naked in a forest clearing that was absolutely covered in sperm.

Myra was humping the ground with a dick she didn't have yesterday, as two more dicks continually spurted semen from the tips of her enlarged breasts. Her fuck-crazed face was shoved into Jessica's crotch, and it looked as though she were trying to literally eat her pussy.

Jessica lay with her head back, eyes closed. Her hips were continually thrusting her huge clit into Myra's face. Her hands were massaging her own nipples, which sat atop boobs even larger than Myra's. As she did so, little streams of milk would squirt forth.

Sara was frozen at the spectacle. She was speechless. She didn't know what to do.

Katie did.

With only a half-hearted pause, Katie rushed into the mix. She grabbed one of Myra's neglected dick-nipples and stuck it in her mouth, trying to drink it every last drop. Myra hardly noticed Katie's arrival.

"What the hell is happening...?" Sara whispered amid the chorus of fevered grunts and moans.

Sara was a statue, save for her right hand slowly sneaking under her skirt. After reaching its destination it slowly ran up and down the length of her rock hard cock. It was only after she let loose a moan that she realized what she was doing.

"Oh shit!" She exclaimed as she seemingly tried to throw her dick to the ground. It waggled around violently.

Her eyes drifted once more to threesome at hand. Katie's ass was stuck up in the air, and it's wiggling was driving Sara crazy. The big wet patch at the crotch of Katie's jeans called out like a neon target.

Sara had a sudden and unstoppable urge to free that ass from its confines. Before she even knew it, Sara was sprinting forward. In no time at all she found herself unbuttoning Katie's jeans. She pulled them off to find her prize; Katie's bare gushing pussy. Without even thinking Sara thrust her dick inside.

Katie chirped in approval. Her pussy instantly started milking Sara's dick for all it was worth.

Without even realizing it, Sara had crossed a threshold. Up until that point, she hadn't actually penetrated anyone with her new member. Sure, she had fooled around with Katie plenty in that short span of time, but now she had stepped up to a new level.

Sara wasn't thinking about that though. She wasn't thinking about anything. With one hand on her nipple and the other on Katie's hip, Sara seemed to be some sort of fuck zombie. Her entire world revolved around pumping her meat in and out of her best friend's love hole.

In the back of her head, there was a voice was screaming "You can't cum inside her!" and it just kept repeating itself. Sara was able to easily ignore it at first. There were so many thrusts left to deliver. So much more squishing and squirting to do. However, that small amount of reason slowly sunk in, and Sara understood.

Just as she felt the start of her climax, she pulled out and blew her load all over Katie's back and hair. Katie reached back, trying to grab hold of her lover's shaft and stick it back into it's rightful place. Sara way able to keep away though, and finished up glazing Katie's sweet ass cheeks in spooge.

When her mind finally caught up with current events, Sara passed out.

6:30 PM

"What the hell happened to us?" Sara asked aloud for the thousandth time.

The four girls were trudging through the woods. Well, three of them were trudging. The fourth, Myra, was being dragged like a dead deer as she continuously writhed around and shot semen every which way.

She was a sight to behold. None of the girls understood how she could be generating that much sperm. She couldn't talk. She only made animalistic grunts of both pleasure and desire. Her face, however, was rather hollow. She had been defying the laws of physics and biology for what felt like forever. She was dehydrated, to say the least.

"God, this is all my fault! I should have told her about the milk." Jessica lamented.

Jessica was trying to help transport Myra, but Sara was doing most of the work. Jessica was all fidgets and pussy juice.

Katie was following in an almost hypnotic state. Every now and again she would scoop up some of Myra's cum.

"So it's some kind of aphrodisiac?" Katie asked between slurps.

"Yeah. This is all just too weird..." Jessica replied, looking down at some fallen leaves.

They finally reached Katie's car. A new problem became apparent.

"Katie... this car is tiny." Jessica sighed. "How the hell are we supposed to all fit in there?"

"We can squish in, right?" Sara offered. "I mean, it won't be comfortable, but it's our only option."

Katie looked on nervously as she came to another realization.

"Um.... I know this is gonna sound really harsh and even hypocritical, but I don't really want the inside of my shiny new car to be plastered with jizz..."

"Well, what do you suggest?" Jessica asked with growing agitation.

The girls stood and thought silently as Myra gushed.

"Do you have any bottles or anything?" Jessica asked.

"No... we'd need a bucket anyway... she's like a fucking river..."

Myra let loose a particularly sorrowful moan. Jessica clenched her fists.

"It's not like she's gone deaf, you cunt!" Jessica shouted.

"I'm just fucking saying!" Katie defended, slinging a handful of semen to the ground.

"Hey, chill out!" Sara stepped in between them. "It's been a long day, I know, but now's not the time to get hostile! We won't get anywhere if we don't work together."

They all stood in silence for a moment. Katie turned a bit red and spoke up.

"I.... I have an idea..."

Jessica and Sara looked at her.

"Jessica, how good are you at... swallowing?" Katie asked.

Jessica turned red. "Um... I get by..."

"Get by?"

"Yeah. I can... I'm pretty good..." She finally admitted.

"Ok. Sara, will you drive?" Katie held out her keys.

"Yeah, but are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do?" Sara asked nervously.

"Eh, it's the only way. What would my parents say if they found out my car smells like a used condom? Besides, doesn't your dick need a rest? I know I've been pulling from it a lot." Katie said with a sigh.

"Ok, point taken, but you seem to be forgetting that Myra here has three dicks, and the two of you add up to two mouths. What about the third?" Sara asked, briefly concerned that she may have to suck dick while speeding.

"Well, I was thinking maybe we could tie our clothes around it..."

"And her gushing pussy? You don't wear enough to cover both."

"I can handle her third dick." Jessica quietly chimed in.

"What?" Sara and Katie said in unison, turning to look at her.

"I can handle it... I can stick it in my twat..."

"Jessica, this is most likely fully functioning sperm. With the amount she's putting out there's not way you'd not get pregnant from that!" Sara objected.

"She.... She already came inside me earlier today... besides... I have some pills at home."

The girls were speechless.

"That way we can use our clothes to absorb her juices."

"Well, it's your call Jessica." Sara shrugged.

With that, they began preparations. Katie and Jessica both stripped, using their clothes to cover the passenger seat. They carefully sat Myra on top of them and Jessica quickly impaled herself on Myra's spurting main cock. Katie climbed into the back of driver's seat and latched onto Myra's left nipple-dick as Jessica hunched forward and took the right one into her mouth. Sara squeezed her back against Katie and sat on the very edge of the driver's seat.

No one could move.

"This is such a shitty idea." Sara muttered as she started the car. She was fairly sure they would be dead along side the road in about five minutes.

Sara slowly pulled onto the road. Her forehead was pressed against the windshield and her arms were at awkward angles for steering, but it really wasn't all that bad. The main problem was a lack of visibility and the constant fear of cops. Of course, the inherent distraction of everyone else in the car having sex didn't help.

The only sounds to be heard throughout the ride were the multitude of slurps, moans, gags, and squirts. There was also plenty of labored breathing. Sometimes Katie would let loose a garbled curse through a thick layer of semen as a few splats landed on her seats.

They didn't have to go far to get to Myra's house. It was the best place they had to go. Myra's parents were almost never there, and it was secure. Plus, the girls thought it might help Myra overcome her struggle if she were at home.

Sara had never been happier to see Myra's gothic-inspired house. It's quiet brick walls promised protection and seclusion. She could barely stop herself from jumping out the door before properly parking. Never again would she take for granted her ability to stretch her arms and legs.

The Groton residence's driveway was semi-concealed by trees. There didn't seem to be anyone around who could see them, so Sara signaled the all clear. She opened the passenger door and dragged Myra onto the grass. Wet slipping sounds emanated from Katie and Jessica's orifices as the multi-cocked girl was extracted.

"Oh my God! I'm so fucking full!" Katie managed to gasp after a few final swallows. She relaxed in the driver's seat as excessive amounts of semen drizzled down her face and breasts.

The plan had succeeded to some degree, but Katie's car was still a mess. Even with Katie and Jessica's considerable sucking skills, some spooge was bound to fly free. Their clothes were already a little dirty, and could never have hoped to hold back the flood anyway. In addition, both Jessica and Katie's exposed and dripping cunts had contributed a fair amount to the overall mess.

Jessica didn't say anything. She simply stumbled out of the car and onto her hands and knees. She threw up a great deal of spooge onto the pavement. At the same time a constant stream of semen leaked from her snatch. Her abdomen looked to be quite bloated.

"Jessica, are you alright?!" Sara ran up.

"My twat.... So full.... jesus..." Jessica moaned.

"How the hell can it even hold that much?!" Sara stared at Jessica's seemingly bottomless vagina with amazement.

"Guys, we should probably discuss this inside." Katie remarked. "Most of us are naked, and at least one of us is a human fountain."

"Good point Kat. Grab the clothes." Sara said as she strained to hoist Myra onto her left shoulder. Jessica helped with the right, and they went into the cover of Myra's house.

Somehow the girls were able to get their perpetually orgasmic friend upstairs with only a minimal amount of mess made. It seemed that she was finally starting to slow down.

Once they were safely locked inside Myra's room, the girls were finally able to catch their breath. They laid Myra's writhing body on her bed. Sara sat at Myra's desk to think. Jessica sat on the floor and Katie excused herself to the bathroom.

"I think she's finally starting to recover from the effects of the milk." Sara said hopefully.

"Yeah, thank god." Jessica said. "I didn't know if it would be temporary or not." she squirming slightly as she spoke.

As Sara quietly tried to make sense of the situation, Jessica moved over and sat beside her legs.

"So, some day, huh?" Jessica offered.

Sara didn't really have a whole response. The two girls sat in silence a few more moments.

Without warning, Jessica's mind flipped. She began tenderly kissing her way up Sara's thighs. Sara's mouth released a shuttering sigh as she slowly parted her legs. Jessica seized this opportunity to latch onto Sara's dick.

Sara came back to her senses.

"Jessica, stop!" Sara shouted as she pushed her friend away.

It wasn't enough though. Jessica came back. She crawled onto Sara's lap so that they were face to face and started softly licking at Sara's lips. As she did so, she ground her exposed pussy on Sara's knee. After a longer hesitation Sara pushed her away again.

This time Jessica regained some senses.

"Sara I'm..... so sorry..."

"It's alright, Jessica." Sara said in an exasperated tone.

"I'm so horny.... I need..."

"Yeah, I'm horny too Jessica, but we can't just keep fucking each other all day! Jesus Christ!" Sara accidentally raised her voice.

Jessica quietly looked down as she observed the sensation of the soft carpet on her sensitive lips. She looked up again with renewed passion.

"You don't understand! It's like my pussy's burning!" Jessica's voice became more pleading.

She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at Sara.

"Shouldn't you still be recovering from that pussy-full of cum you got?" Sara felt her resolve slipping.

"I need it Sara, please..." Jessica said as she hung her head.

Moments passed. Finally, Sara gave in. She didn't want to admit how much her giant hard-on was getting to her.

"Do you at least have any condoms, Jessica?"

"My purse is all the way at my house. Besides, I've already been stuffed to maximum capacity. Anyway, I'll take care of it.... Now PLEASE!" Jessica was starting to whimper like a bitch in heat.

Was this right? Thus far, Sara hadn't actually used her dick on anyone but Katie. They had something... maybe it was special. Sara couldn't think. Once again her mind was fogged by her cock.

Ever so slowly and carefully she approached Jessica from behind. Using her hand she guided her cock to meet Jessica's pussy and slowly thrust forward. The soft, loving squish of penetration. The cheerleader's cunt was hotter than hell.

She could instantly feel Jessica tighten around her, squeezing her desperately. They throbbed together for an instant while Sara became acclimated. She had only done this once before. Then, she began slowly thrusting with a gradually building pace.

"Ohhh, yeahh... fuck! Fuck yeah! Fuck me!" Jessica started panting.

Sara was silent.

Her rhythm increased in frequency and intensity. She gripped Jessica's hips tightly with both hands. Soon she had worked up to powerful thrusts that sent both girls' breasts bouncing everywhere. Jessica was screaming in ecstasy.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Katie was trying to clear her mind of all the rivers of cum that seemed to surround her. She thought maybe she could finger-fuck herself back to clear consciousness. She watched her own cum-smeared face contort with pleasure in the mirror. Her fingers searched her interior walls. She felt so empty without cum. Sara's cum.

It felt good nonetheless. Her knuckles dripped. Soon, however, her own moans were interrupted by screams from outside. She splashed her face with some water.

Katie emerged from the bathroom, deciding to not bother with her jeans. She was nervous. What could be going on?

She saw Sara fucking the hell out of Jessica.

Katie found herself heartbroken and frozen as she watched her friends humping.

Sara looked almost like a machine. She was thrusting away like a piston, but her face didn't show much emotion.

In contrast, Jessica had a look of pure bliss as she was rocked by each thrust that shook her body, causing her luscious tits to swing around and let loose the occasional spattering of milk.

Sara finally came, and Jessica simply collapsed to the floor. Sara just stood there staring as Jessica's jiggling ass.

"Sara...." Katie said timidly.

Sara woke up and spun around at the sound of her dear friend calling her name.

"Oh... Kat..."

Katie turned red in the face and walked back into the bathroom. Sara already knew she had fucked up.

Sara ran after her and tried to open the door. It was locked.

"Kat, open up." Sara calmly demanded.

No response.

"Kat, we need to talk. Open up."

Katie opened the door. Her cheeks were a little wet. She stood silently.

Sara's mouth hung open as she looked at the wall, trying to think of what she should say. After an eternity of agonizing silence, she spoke.

"Kat, that wasn't the same as me and you. You know that." She chose her words and inflections carefully.

"You know I love you, and only you. You have to understand the situation by now. Honestly, I mean, whose cock were you sucking there in the forest? "ËœCause it certainly wasn't mine!" Sara's voice was serious, but not combative.

Katie's eyes were first shocked before melting into understanding. She sighed heavily.

"I know that Sara... but we... I mean... I know we fucked in the woods, but..."

Sara put an arm around Katie's waist.

"I understand what you're saying Kat. We just.... there's a difference between fucking and making love. I fucked Jessica because she needed it, and yeah I was horny too, but in the end it was no different than eating a sandwich." Sara sighed. "You and me are different than that. We're better."

Katie simply smiled.

"You know, we're really dysfunctional."

End Part Six


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Seven

Thursday, 6:00 AM

"Time to wake up girls."

Sara, Katie, and Jessica woke up with a start at the sound of the quiet yet somehow alarming voice. It was Myra's. She was standing over them, dressed in a miraculously cleaned version of yesterday's clothes. She seemed to have made a full recovery.

"Uh, what time is it?" Jessica grumbled from the nest of blankets on the floor. She, along with Sara and Katie, had all slept on the floor together, letting Myra have the bed all to herself.

"It's 6:01 in the morning. We need to get ready for school."

There was a pause.

"You still wanna go to school?!" Katie suddenly blurted.

The girls blinked awake slowly.

"Hmmm..." Sara thought, casually poking at her morning wood as she leaned against the bed. "If we don't do something we'll go crazy... and probably fuck all day."

"We need to keep up a sense of normalcy..." Myra continued. "Going to school will help give us perspective on the situation... We can't become dropouts just because of a few life-changing alterations to our minds and bodies."

"I'm pretty interested in seeing what Serpera's up to." Sara added, her face turning more serious. "There's no way she can avoid me when she has a full class. I..."

Sara was distracted slightly when Katie silently started sucking her dick. She collected her thoughts and continued.

"I think I can get some answers, or at least make her pay." Sara grinned darkly at the thought as she gently pet the back of Katie's head.

Myra and Jessica looked at Sara with confusion.

"...what are you talking about?" Myra inquired.

"Oh... shit! You don't know yet!" Sara said, putting a hand to her forehead.

She then proceeded to recount her tales of Serpera, both in reality and in dreams. Katie pulled away from Sara's dick a few times to help with the details.

"So in short, Serpera is responsible at least in part for some of our problems." Sara concluded, breathing heavily as she neared climax.

Myra was speechless.

"Jesus, why would we go to school when we know that bitch has that kind of power?" Jessica spoke up as she played with her nipples. "Besides, I can't go... I'll just fuck everyone..."

"...come on Jessica... Serpera wouldn't dare try something with that many people around..." Myra mumbled. "...and as for you... I know you... you have a strong will... it must be in there somewhere still... it won't be easy, but if you don't lean to control yourself now, you may never..."

Jessica hung her head. "Thanks Myra."

The girls reflected, listening to Katie's sucking sounds as they mingled with Sara's high-pitched gasps.

Jessica could no longer refrain from fingering herself at the sight of the two lovers.

The licks, gasps, and moans steadily increased in frequency until finally Sara's face contorted as she shot her entire load down Katie's eager throat. They gazed into each other's eyes for a moment before breaking into a deep and passionate kiss.

Suddenly, Jessica's fingers stopped and her eyes went wide as she remembered something.

"Oh god! My mom! The police must be looking for me already....I mean I kinda ran away...." Jessica looked around nervously. Her fingers slid free.

Sara and Katie stopped making out.

"Well we all have explaining to do I'm sure, so let me go get my phone from Katie's car." Sara said, lips red and glistening with Katie's saliva.

"I'll get yours too Kat. You can use one of ours when we're done, Jessica." Sara added as she slowly started getting dressed.

"...actually Jessica, just use mine. It's right here." Myra said, handing her phone to her big-clitted friend's wet fingers.

And so the big cover-up started. The story was that they had all decided to have an impromptu sleepover at Myra's house. At least, that was Sara and Katie's story.

Jessica told her mother that she had been under a lot of stress lately and that she was so sorry and blah blah blah. Her mother didn't seem thoroughly convinced, but no trouble seemed to be on the way either.

The girls got ready for school.


"Man, it seems like forever since we've been in here, right?" Sara looked nervously around the classroom.

"Yeah... What's the deal with Durian anyway? You think Serpera?" Katie said picking at a crusty patch on her sleeve. It would seem that not everything came out in the wash.

"Of course... it's the only thing that makes sense, and of course here I'm using the phrase 'makes sense' contextually."

"But why?"

"That seems to be the million dollar question, Kat."

At that point Durian walked into the room. Words could scarcely do her justice. Her tits were larger and more perky. Her ass was a perfect heart. Her luscious lips glistened and looked ready to suck every cock in the room. Her skin was silk-soft and flawless. Her hair was like golden rays of cosmically spiraling light. She was wearing some manner of tight, golden, lightly-sequined stripper clothes. She was obviously operating well beyond the boundaries of regulation.

A soft, sexy aura of pure desire emanated from her.

Then a peculiar thing happened, and Katie was fully aware of it. Sara blew her load at the sight of the glowing goddess.

She looked in helpless horror between Durian and Katie as wave after wave of spooge issued forth from her cock. She grabbed the tip of it with both hands, trying to stop its flow, but of course she was powerless. The warm fluid quickly slipped between her fingers as though she were trying to block a garden hose.

Both girls realized something was dreadfully wrong. Even if it was possible that Durian was the sexiest thing Sara had ever seen, it didn't make any sense for her to cum without her dick ever getting any physical stimulation. And even then, the magnitude of sperm was far too large. She thought back to the day before in science class. Serpera.

Sara was panicking. There was a lot of spooge sloshing in her vicinity. She could hear it. She knew other people could too. She was also pretty sure she was getting some on the ass of the girl sitting in front of her, who was transfixed by Durian. At that point Sara bolted from the room, closely followed by Katie.

Sara had finally stopped cumming by the time she reached the girl's bathroom. There she sat and cried as Katie tried to consol her.

"Sara, it's alright. She's just unnaturally hot. I creamed my jeans too. C'mon." Katie smiled supportively in silence for a pause, then added: "I don't think anyone saw you."

Sara took a deep breath. "It just shouldn't be this way."

"I know Sara, but it's what we have." Katie sniffed the air. "Speaking of which..."

She slowly flipped up the front of Sara's skirt and inspected the huge wet spot.

"If I don't clean this up, your pretty skirt'll get all crusty." Katie briefly flashed her bright eyes up at Sara reassuringly before going down to lick up the cum patch.

Sara felt strangely comforted in this act. Maybe it wasn't even what she was doing; just the simple fact that Katie was right there with her made the world seem not quite so bad.

"Thanks Kat." Sara finally said.

"Don't thank me yet..." Katie made a sly grin as she snuck her fingers around Sara's semi-firm cock.

The still-slick penis responded favorably to Katie's gentle touch. It almost seemed to squirm with delight. Katie's breath brushed softly along the shaft and tickled playfully at Sara's ball sack as she drew her face closer to Sara's girlcock. When at last her lips wrapped around the meat of her lover, Katie produced a low saucy moan as she savored such sublime suction.

Sara breathed in sharply as she looked up at the ceiling. She felt each vein on her cock pulse and press against the undulations of her friend's tongue. She closed her eyes. She had spent the past few days wondering why she had been made a big-dicked freak. She now found herself wondering more and more why it felt so good, so right. She couldn't put into words the feeling she got whenever Katie slid those loving lips up and down her unnatural appendage.

Sara found herself holding back her orgasm so as to prolong the moment. She soon thought better of it though, and released her seed onto Katie's grateful tongue.

After the pleasure-haze had lifted, Sara's mind snapped back toward Serpera. She tried to fathom what strange authority that evil woman commanded. She knew the changes would continue, getting more and more extreme. Something had to be done.

Katie watched the expression on Sara's face slowly change from satisfaction to angry determination.

"That bitch..." Sara finally spoke. She had worked herself into a deep anger, and was ready to raise hell against Serpera.

"We'll get her, Sara. She's fucked." Katie could almost read her friend's mind.

Sara checked her phone.

"Yeah. In fact, I'm gonna go see her right now. It's time for 2nd period." she grabbed her lover's arm as she stood.

"Good luck." Katie said, unsure as to weather or not she should try and stop her.


Sara burst into the science lab, ready to raise hell. Unfortunately, her momentum was abruptly cut short.

Serpera stood at the head of a classroom full of particularly hot girls. Every last pretty face in the room was fixed on Sara and her noisy intrusion.

"Ah, Schuler. We've been waiting for you! Come, sit down!" Serpera gestured to a stool sitting by her desk. "Now!" Her inflection suddenly became quite stern. Sara silently walked to the front and sat down awkwardly. Alarms were sounding in her brain.

"Face the class, Schuler!" Serpera whispered harshly.

Sara was shocked to find herself complying.

"Good. Now, for today's class I thought I'd try something different. Something a little more fun." Serpera's glasses flashed. "Today, I'm going to give you girls a lesson in anatomy."

Sara's blood ran cold. She wanted to stand up and run out, but for some reason she simply couldn't. She willed her legs to move. Her mind screamed for her body to lunge forward. Nothing.

She could hear Serpera drawing something on the chalk board.

"PENIS." She loudly proclaimed to the class. Subdued snickering could be heard throughout the room.

"I'm sure most of you girls have seen your share of them, but I wonder how many of you actually understand and appreciate this organ." Serpera turned her gaze toward Sara. "That's something that I hope Schuler here can help you with."

Sara felt a stirring in her cock. It wasn't the usual sensation of getting hard and horny. It was more like a strange rush, like it was being forced.

As her member engorged, Sara was grateful that she had made sure to confine her meat in the waste of her skirt so that it would be held tight against her abdomen. It prevented both dangling and tenting. Sure, there was some distortion of her waste line, but with some clever shirt placement it wasn't really a problem.

Unfortunately the feeling of security was short lived. To her horror, she felt her rock-hard dick growing even larger. It pressed firmly against her stomach and was creeping higher.

Up up up, it slid between her boobs. She could feel her racing heart beat directly on the head of her shaft. Despite her panic she still couldn't run. The smooth skin of her cock generated a horrible sense of pleasure as it slid against her warm flesh in it's ever-upward growth.

At last, her horror was realized as the head of her penis emerged from the top of her shirt. It stopped growing as it attained chin-level. She could feel her own shallow breath on the tip.

Some of the girls started giggling, but most looked astonished. Sara was mortified.

"You look to be a pretty healthy girl there Schuler! But girls, of course you know this isn't all. There's more to the package than just the penis." Serpera's dark smile revealed itself briefly as she turned to look at the dickgirl.

Sara felt the growing sensation again, except this time it was in her balls. They pulsed outward, forcing her legs apart as they grew to roughly the size of a bowling ball. Serpera folded Sara's skirt back to give the class a better view.

"Now, of course in everyday life you'd never see a penis or testicles of this size. These are enlarged merely for demonstrational purposes." Serpera said as she rested a hand on one of Sara's giant balls.

Suddenly, a sharp urge overcame Sara. Her cock was suspended right in front of her face, and for some reason she just HAD to suck it. She didn't understand at all. She never had the desire to suck anyone's cock before, and now sitting there in front of all those girls, all she could think about was putting her own cock in her mouth. She was able to resist for a few moments, but everyone just kept staring at her. She jerked forward and began savagely sucking at the tip.

As she was madly sucking away, she could feel her own hands slipping her skirt off. Then she took her mouth away from her cock just long enough to remove her shirt and unclasp her bra.

When she was totally naked she resumed sucking. As she did, her hands caressed the length of her dick. She didn't understand. It was as though someone else was controlling her.

"You see class; Schuler has a very high appreciation for her penis. Unfortunately, Ms. Schuler, I'm going to have to ask you to stop that if I'm going to continue with this demonstration." Serpera turned around and flashed a wicked smile that only Sara could see.

Sara tried her hardest, but she couldn't stop massaging her own cock. A slight choking sound emanated from her throat as she tried to protest. Her lips began to glisten with moisture.

"Schuler! Stop that this instant!"

Sara looked around in a panic, tears streaming down her face as she continued to suck.

"Alright Schuler, have it your way. If you won't remove your penis from your mouth, I'll just have to restrict your access!"

Sara felt both her dick and balls start to grow again, this time at a more rapid rate. Her cock was quickly becoming too thick to fit into her mouth. She felt her balls getting heavier.

Soon her meat sprung free of her lips, but even then she found herself hungrily licking at it. It kept lengthening and increasing in girth, extending above her head.

Sara was suddenly caught off guard by the weight of he balls and fell forward off the stool. The class erupted into laughter. By the time the growing stopped her testicles were the nearly the size of beach balls. Sara lay on her side, arms embracing her huge fat dick as she licked as much of it as she could.

"Schuler, your dedication is commendable, but this really must stop." Serpera said with mock exasperation.

All of a sudden Sara's dick-lust subsided. She slowly got up and sat on her knees. Her ball sack was situated behind her. Her great big balls echoed the shape of her ass. Her giant dick jutted out in front of her, partially resting on the floor. It was about three and a half feet long.

"What have you done to me?" Sara almost whispered in defeat, looking down at the floor.

"No talking during the demonstration, Schuler!" Serpera shot down at her. "Now, I want you girls to-"

At that point Sara stopped listening. Serpera was telling the class, in great detail, all about the male body parts that poor Sara now possessed.

Sara was totally lost. She didn't know what to do. She didn't even know if she could stand up.

She felt someone pull up on her arm. Serpera was helping her back up onto the stool. The sadistic bitch began pointing at the various parts of the monstrous girlcock. Every time the metal pointer touched Sara's meat she jumped a little. She tried to ignore it.

What was she going to do? She was exposed in front of an entire class full of her peers. There's no way word wouldn't get out.

"Alright girls, now it's time for you to do some exploring of your own. Everybody up here. You can do whatever you want. Think of it as a petting zoo, only much better." Serpera smiled.

Sara's eyes grew wide.

All at once every girl in the room stood up and walked to the front of the class. They surrounded here. Sara lost sight of Serpera.

"Nice cock Sara."

"You have the biggest balls I've ever seen Sara."

"Why are you so hard Sara? See something you like?"

"You really like the taste of your own cock, don't you Sara?"

Sara was overwhelmed. The comments of her classmates cut to the bone. They were relentless in their mocking. Their sexy bodies crowded closer and closer.

Suddenly, one of them touched her. Then another. Then another.

"Why do I feel so weird?"

"Ah, what's happening?"

"What the hell?!"

"What am I doing?!"

It was obvious that the girl's bodies had started to betray their minds. She could feel hands rubbing all over her. First on her huge cock and balls. Then her ass. Then her tits. She began to feel moist tongues licking her in intimate places.

Suddenly one girl leaned in and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Others started sucking on her nipples.

She escaped from the kiss and looked around the room. There were girls all over her, and they had very puzzled and distraught faces. Some girls couldn't get close to Sara, and were masturbating uncontrollably.

One of the girls was trying to escape from the room, but she couldn't take her hands away from her pussy to open the door. So instead she desperately tried to open the door with her mouth.

One girl started to gingerly make out with the tip of Sara's cock. Her soft lips pressed passionately against the dick-hole as her tongue slipped inside. It felt amazing.

Awash in a sea of stroking fingers and flickering tongues, Sara could feel her climax fast approaching. Her massive organs tightened up, and then she felt the flood start.

At first, the make-out girl tried to swallow. It wasn't long before she was overwhelmed, and she was knocked on her back by the sheer force of the spray.

As the torrent issued forth, the girls who couldn't get in the cum shower started to flock around the newly forming spooge puddle and lap it up like kittens at a saucer of milk.

Sara fell back, overwhelmed by the powerful orgasm. She didn't hit the ground though; the wall of grasping female hands made for a slow descent. As she tilted back, her ever-gushing member pointed upward and soaked the ceiling. The girls acted as one; catching the falling dickgirl and gently lay her on the damp floor. Two girls even made sure her balls landed safely.

The swarm was upon her, and Sara blacked out.


Sara woke up to the sensation of her dick being sucked. Thinking she was still under a mob, she groaned. However, when her eyes opened and her head cleared, she saw that it was only Katie.

"Wha? Uhhhh...... ohh...... Kat..... what...."

Katie mumbled something.

Sara could never understand what Katie was saying when she had a dick in her mouth. She knew better than to try and stop her. After a while Sara finally came (again!) and the questions began.

"Kat... what time is it?"

"One foot exactly."


"Your she-shaft. It's exactly one foot long."

"Huh? Oh shit! What?! Wait a minute.... Well at least it's not 3 feet anymore."

"WHAT?! Three feet?! Oh God.... How did I miss that?!" Katie looked very excited as she reflexively stuck a hand down her pants.

"Kat, can you stop for a minute and consider the fact that when you came in here I was unconscious and naked?!"

"I'm sorry Sara, you know-" Katie started.

"Yeah I know you get caught up." Sara said impatiently.

"I did come looking for you, you know. You didn't show up at lunch, so of course I knew Serpera was up to something." Her hand was still working furiously in her pants.

"I know." Sara sighed. "I'm sorry." Sara leaned toward her friend with the intention of making out. Kaite stopped her.

"That's sweet and all, but we really gotta go. Myra and Jessica are still in the lunchroom, and I'm kinda afraid to leave those two together unsupervised."

"Good point."

Sara quickly dressed and they were off.


Sara and Katie quickly made their way to the lunchroom. Sara didn't even bother to get food, they just sat down. As Sara retold what had happened in Science, Myra kept giving Jessica sharp looks.

"Um, Myra?" Katie finally spoke up.

"...yeah Katie?" Myra grumbled.

"Are you aware that your... um... nipples..."

"Yeah... I know.... Jessica can't keep her feet off my dick...." Myra said in an exasperated tone.

She didn't even bothering to look down at her nipples, which were visibly growing and lengthening under her shirt. Soon enough the impression of two cocks could be seen being pressed upward against her huge tits. Jessica could only stare like a kid in a toy store.

"HEY!" an angry female voice suddenly shouted.

Sara spun around to see a mob of angry girls standing behind her.

"On your feet, bitch!" the leader of the group commanded. She was from Serpera's science class.

"What the hell?!" Sara said as she stood. People all over the cafeteria started to look at the ruckus.

"That's what we should be asking for whatever the hell you did to us in science!"

"Oh shit...." Sara whispered. This wouldn't end well.

"Come on ladies, I clearly wasn't the one in control there." Sara's voice was trembling. "Could you keep it down please?"

"Me keep it down?! Ha! Pretty fucking funny coming from you! I'm amazed you can hide that giant cock of yours in that ugly little skirt!"

The lunchroom buzzed with confusion, speculation, and "wtf"s.

"Shut up! You don't know what the hell you're talking about!" Sara was red in the face.

"You can't just ignore what happened, bitch!" The accuser added a light shove for emphasis.

"Hey, what the fuck's your problem, bitch?!" Katie quickly stood beside Sara.

"Stay the fuck out of this!"

"Listen, you have to believe-" Sara was interrupted.

The confrontationist delivered a heavy kick directly on Sara's balls. This of course caused the poor dickgirl to collapse in a heap, grabbing at her crotch.

Her accuser had a victorious look on her face as she continued spewing forth all manner of incriminating details. Sara wasn't listening though. She was seething.

She climbed back up onto her feet.

She was about to say something when she suddenly felt that dread-feeling once more. Her dick was growing.

The girl from science looked down to see a gigantic dick and balls hanging below Sara's skirt. Smirking, she and the other girls dragged Sara to where everyone could see her. Her dick was still growing.

"Everybody look! See this 'girl' here? Watch out for her! She'll fucking rape you!" The ringleader was indignant.

After taking a deep breath, she lay a heavy smack across Sara's face. Gasps emerge from the cafeteria as Sara's dick and balls became more and more visible.

In a burst of adrenalin, Sara broke free of her captors and started running for the door. The growth rate increased. Her cock was becoming unwieldy. Her balls began slapping painfully against various body parts. She looked down just in time for her dick to spring up and slap her in her face, which sent her falling backwards to the ground.

Sara was about to simply lie there in defeat, resigned to her fate as a freak, when someone grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Katie! They shared a brief smile and ran from the hellish scene, hand in hand. Myra and Jessica soon followed.

They kept going until they were in the school parking lot. Upon exiting the building Sara's cock reverted to it's 1 foot size. She was silently thankful.

"I think we should skip the rest of the day." Katie suggested. Sara simply nodded. They began walking to the car, when Katie suddenly stopped.

"Um, Sara?"

"Yeah Kat?"

"I.... I...." Katie suddenly fell to her knees and shoved Sara's cock in her mouth hungrily.

"Kat! For fuck's sake!"

Katie looked up at her. Something was different. Sara could see it in her eyes. She truly didn't have any control over herself at the moment.

"Skipping school, girls?"

Sara's hair stood on end. Serpera.

"Oh my, girls. Skipping school is one thing, but skipping for oral sex? Shame." Serpera smiled with half of her mouth.

Sara couldn't speak. Katie squeezed her hand tightly.

"Alright you sicko, we've had enough of you! Just tell us what you want!" Myra was uncharacteristically fiery.

"Hold your tongue, girl!"

"The hell I will! Tell me right now how, and wh-" Myra was suddenly silenced as she surprised herself by pulling up her shirt and sucking on a dick-nipple. After the look of surprised washed from her face, she tried to say something else, but her mouth was far too occupied. She finally settled for a defiant glare and gave Serpera the finger.

"You know, girl, that would be much more intimidating if only you could manage to stop sucking yourself off for a moment."

Myra only reiterated her outstretched finger, which much to her dismay soon found itself buried in her sopping pussy.

Jessica had fallen to her knees long ago in a fit of masturbation.

Serpera addressed her.

"You pathetic creature. I didn't even have to use my mind control on you!"

Jessica looked away as she climaxed again.

"How can you get away with this?" Sara finally managed.

"Oh, such a trivial question. I haven't even gotten started yet anyway. This is nothing, but you'll see soon enough." Serpera glanced around dismissively.

"Anyway Schuler, I simply came out here to tell you that you may want to try to keep a lower profile now. The police have been alerted to keep an eyes out for you and your little group of sexual deviants. That is all."

As Serpera slowly walked away, Sara tried to attack her from behind. However, Katie was like an anchor attached to her dick. As soon as Serpera was out of sight, the four girls all began to climax in unison.

Myra had a difficult time of it as she wasn't use to such intense swallowing, but she couldn't remove her dick from her lips so she had to manage.

After the cumstorm was over, the girls regained control of their bodies and collapsed to the ground. As they lay there, defeated, they could only wonder what further torments Serpera was planning.

End Part Seven


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Eight

Thursday Afternoon

"Get the hell out of my house!"

The words of her father echoed in Sara's head.

News had spread quickly about the lunchroom incident. It had spread all the way to her father. He was not an understanding man, to say the least.

The girls had decided to each go home and check in with their parents. Sara's father lost his shit. He heard of the depraved acts his daughter was committing, and try as she might, she couldn't hide that foot long cock in her skirt. So he disowned her. Her mom never even said a word. It was as if she had turned to stone.

Sara stood for a moment, dumbfounded, and then ran next door in tears. Unfortunately, the house was empty and Katie's car was gone. Sara tried calling her cell, but it went straight to voicemail.

"God damn it!" Sara screamed to the heavens and started running.

There was a sick feeling in her gut. The remains of her former life had finally been eradicated. She kept running, beyond thought and reason. She didn't even know where she was going. She was simply going away. Far, far away from Serpera, her family, all her problems. Well, all except her biggest problem, which slapped across her legs with her every lunge forward.

Time seemed frozen as her flight stretched for an eternity.

Finally she came to rest somewhere past the edge of town. She saw an old barn that was falling apart and decided it looked like home. It was filthy inside, but she was exhausted. She found the cleanest patch of dirt and lay down. She passed out instantly under a veil of sweat and tears.

Hours passed.

Sara was awoken by a bright white light.

There she was: the angel. She was shimmering in long, flowing white robes. Her gentle, feathery wings flexed soft and slow behind her.

"Shit... this has to be another of those fucked up dreams.... You're always in them!" Sara said accusingly as her eyes slowly adjusted to the overwhelming white.

"No." The Angel replied softly and timidly.

Sara was shocked. She'd never heard her speak before.

"Who are you?" She finally asked.

"My name is Angel." The angel replied with reserved drama.

"Oh... clever..." Sara said, still trying to categorize the situation.

They stared at each other.

"I need your help." Angel said finally.

"What?! I think you're confused... I'm the one with the freakish dick... you're a fucking angel. What can I do that you can't?"

"I've been captured."

"What? You're standing right here. I didn't capture you."

"I'm not really here. It's an illusion."

"You're shitting me."

"Try to touch me." The angel extended a hand as she spoke.

Sara reached forward to grasp it, and sure enough her hand passed straight through.

"Ok, sure. Stranger things have happened. How can I help you? Who has you?" Sara stomach sank as she anticipated the angel's response.

"Serpera." Angel's soft voice held the impact of a gunshot.

Sara's blood boiled. "That bitch! She... she fucked up my life! She made me into a freak!"

Angel's eyes widened in surprise briefly, then she tilted her face downward.

"Actually..." the angel hesitated. "Actually, I am technically the one who altered you."


"She's using me." Angel quickly continued. "I have the power to transform things, but she has superior mental prowess. I am bound to her, under her command."

"What the hell?! How is that even possible? Where do people like you and her come from?"

Angel blushed.

"Tell me." Sara demanded.

"My father was a promiscuous angel. He hooked up with my mom, but didn't stay around."

Sara tried to collect her thoughts.

"So... you're telling me that angels are a real thing? No shit?"

"Well," Angel started. "Angel is a term we use to help mortals contextualize us. I know what you're thinking, but this has nothing to do with our religions."


"Yes. In fact, Serpera is technically of the same ilk, but we classify her as a demon due to her malevolent nature."

"Serpera's a demon?!"

"Yes, she is an ancient demon of lust, sometimes referred to as a succubus."

"Demon of lust?"

"That's the proper name for a demon who's always... horny..." Angel paused. "Demons are generally classified according to the Seven Deadly Sins."

"I thought you said... never mind. Go on."

"She's been waiting for me for a long time. Fifty years ago she learned of a prophecy that I would be born, so she positioned herself to get me when the time was right. My powers only arose recently. She knew this immediately, and bound me in chains of blood."

"She would."

"There's something big she's planning tomorrow night at the football game. It's the main reason I'm asking for your help. I only just figured it out."

"She's gonna mutate everyone there?"


"That fucking bitch! Shit! Well what the hell am I suppose to do?!"

"If you set me free, she won't be able to pull it off."

"Why me?"

The angel closed her eyes and hesitated before continuing.

"I'm not sure. You are the only one who I can reach out to. I believe that perhaps we might be distant relatives. Some small amount of angel blood runs dormant in your veins."

"What?! Seriously?" Sara was shocked.

"Yes. I believe this also may account for some of Serpera's interest in you."

"Wow, umm..." Sara tried to think. She gave up. "Alright then, what's the plan?"

There was a white flash in her brain.

"I've just implanted my whereabouts into your subconscious. You will instinctually know. It's the best I can do from here."


"You may want to bring your friends."

"...Of course."

"There's one other thing you should know."


"I.... I.... there's two parts to me."

"What do you mean?"

"My dad was a fallen angel; on the verge of crossing the demonic line. My mother's purity helps, so I have both good blood and bad blood. Sometime, especially due to Serpera's corruption, I... transform."


"Well, normally I only have the power to heal. Right now I can't alter anyone. I could restore the your original form, though only if you were here with me. When I get... when I'm horny... I become demonic. That's why most alterations are sexual. This is why Serpera wanted me so much..."

"I see..."

"So, when you find me, be ready to see a demon instead of an angel. I can fix everything as soon as we escape."

"You got it."

For the first time, Angel smiled.

"Thank you so much, Sara." The angel bowed slightly and vanished.

The air was still. Sara sat in a daze. She wasn't sure if she had imagined the whole thing.

Suddenly, the silence was disturbed with the sound of a car engine and tires crushing gravel. A door slammed shut.

"Oh shit!" Sara whispered to herself. She silently scrambled behind an old box.

A light silhouette slowly crept into the barn.

"Hello?" Katie's voice carefully called out.

"Oh my god, Kat!" Sara sprung from her hiding spot.

"Sara! Jesus, I've been looking for you! Somehow I just knew to come this way... a woman's intuition?" Katie's eyes were overflowing with ecstasy.

"I wonder..." Sara said, trying to keep her heart from exploding.

The two lovers embraced tightly and began recounting what had happened in the past few hours.

Katie, as it turns out, had gone shopping with her mother. She knew that Sara's father was difficult to say the least, but she never would have guessed the magnitude of his reaction to his daughter's plight. Katie was mortified, and vowed to help make things right.

Sara tried to lighten the mood my getting her friend to talk about her shopping trip, but soon she could see Katie fidgeting discreetly.

"Kat, it's alright. I know it's been a while since you've had some." Sara said gently.

Katie smiled as both girls began to strip.

"Fuck, it's so big... and look at those balls...." Katie almost whispered.

They slowly moved toward each other and met with locked lips, passionately caressing each other's bodies. Sara's cock slowly crept up between Katie's legs so that she had to straddle it to hold the embrace. Her pussy juice dripped silently onto the shaft. Katie's right hand started to gently rub Sara's balls as she gently lay her down onto some hay.

"Sara... can I? Katie said, indicating her crotch.

"That's a good question... I don't think you can take it Kat. I'm too big." Sara's voice was disappointed.

"Nonsense. We were made for each other." Katie said almost matter-of-factly.

She stood up and grabbed the tip of Sara's huge member. Her eyes gleamed as she positioned it right at the mouth of her pussy and started to lower herself. Suspense pulsed in the air.

"Holy fuck!" Katie squished her face as her vagina stretched dramatically.

"Kat, there's no way!" Sara gasped, trying to stop her friend.

But Katie kept impaling herself on the giant girlcock.

"Fuck!" She finally managed to say.

It was a miracle, but Katie was right. They were made for each other. Angel worked in mysterious ways.

She started painful and slow, but her tempo gradually increased. Soon Katie was bouncing up and down, milking the length of Sara's dick.

The feeling for Sara was unreal. It was as though she was penetrating Katie's beating heart with her cock. The impossibly tight, wet warmth acted as a soothing lotion for her misery.

They were both lost in the unfathomable bliss of that unprecedented union.

Suddenly, Sara wrapped an arm around Katie and flipped her onto her back, thus switching positions. The look in Katie's eyes was that of shock and rapture. Sara teased her breasts for a moment before laying her hands to rest on Katie's hips. Sara was thrusting hard and fast, sending Katie's tits into a chaotic dance.

Animalistic grunts escaped from both lovers as Sara poured her heart and soul into every thrust. Katie gyrated her hips like a riot. Sara's wild hair swung wildly as beads of sweat flew.

The girls shouted each other's names as Sara lunged in for one final thrust.

The combined power of their climax put nuclear energy to shame. Wave after wave of hot love gushed into Katie, filling her utterly.

There were no words.

The girls' passions slowly subsided, and eventually they both fell asleep, still locked in embrace.


Sara awoke to the sensation of Katie licking her cock.

"Oh, 'morning Kat." Sara said groggily.

"I woulda said... rise and shine... but I saw that... you... were already up." Katie smiled impishly between licks. "Anyway... it's not morning yet... it's not even eight!"

"Ug, Kat, what time is it... aren't you tired?" Sara instinctively looked for her clock/realized she was still in a barn.

"Sorry!" Kat said playfully as she kissed the head of Sara's meat.

"Hey, what's in the bag?" Sara asked, referring to the bag beside Katie.

"Mmmm!" Katie gave the shaft one last lick before switching to a handjob. "I got you that when I was shopping!"

"Oh... uhh.... Really?" Katie's manipulations were finally starting to push Sara.

"Yep!" Katie replied with a mischievous look in her eyes, pretending not to notice Sara's building pleasure.

"What...... Mmmmm... what is... it?" Sara threw her head back and closed her eyes. As she did, some soft cloth landed on her face.

"Hm? What's this?"

"Well, I know how hard it must be trying to go anywhere while keeping this girlcock hidden," She vigorously stroked the shaft for emphasis. "So I got you this."

Sara held it up and looked at it. It was a long flowing white skirt with a simple lacy hem.

"Aw, Kat. You're so sweet!" Sara said, waving the skirt through the air.

"Try it on!" Katie said, releasing Sara's dick.

Sara was still totally naked. She stood up with the skirt in hand to examine it. She had a raging hard on, no thank to Katie's attention. One foot, then the other, Sara slid the skirt up to her hips. The elastic waste band pinned her dick up against her torso, her shaft between her boobs.

"Not like that! Pull your dick under the waste band!"

"If you didn't notice, Kat, I kinda have a rather large stiffy right now!"

"Do it anyway!" Katie giggled.

And so, with some effort Sara was able to get her cock under her long flowing skirt. Of course, there's was a giant protrusion. Sara checked herself out, swiveling right, then left. As she did, a pocket of air was caught in the protruding fabric, causing a billowing effect with the movement.

"I look like I'm about to fucking set sail..."

Katie frowned.

"Sorry, I suppose I should have finished what I started first." Katie pulled back the fabric on Sara's dick so that it was exposed, then she knelt down and gave it some oral attention.

She planted a quick succession of kisses on the head before adding a few licks and moving on down the shaft. Sara leaned against a wall as Katie began using her hands as well. As Katie's pace gradually picked up, Sara started massaging her own nipples, eventually bringing one of them to her mouth. Pretty soon, Katie could feel Sara start to tense up, so she braced herself for her prize. Sara marveled as she pumped wave after wave into Katie's face. She swallowed it all.

"Shit....That was amazing...." Sara finally managed.

"Thanks." Katie said with a shy smile. "I was really thirsty. Sorry for waking you up."

"Aw, don't worry about it Kat."

The girls shared a brief but tender kiss as they curled up together and drifted back to sleep. In that instant they were satisfied.

End Part Eight


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Nine

Thursday? Friday? A year later? Who knows.

Jessica's mind was hazy.

“Where am I? What time is it? Won’t somebody fuck me? God damn, my tits are full…” She couldn't tell weather or not she was speaking aloud.

Slowly, her vision cleared. She seemed to be surrounded by a dull, stained white. The air smelled chemical.


She struggled to move. She was on a soft floor. Her arms were bound.


Jessica was wide awake.

She was in a padded room, bound by a straitjacket. Besides the jacket, she was naked. Her enlarged clit pulsed in the recycled air. The floor was soaked with her pussy juice. Her boobs were absolutely full of milk, and they strained against the jacket.

Despite the fact that she had apparently been locked away, her body still craved sex.

“God… maybe I actually belong here…” she grumbled to herself as she wobbled to her feet.

Even as she spoke, she was contemplating the best way in which to masturbate without the use of her arms.

Suddenly, the door opened and three figures walked in. A female doctor and two huge male orderlies. Jessica was now acutely aware of her huge clit jutting out to greet them. Her face turned red and she quickly turned to face the wall.

“Hey, can I get some fucking privacy?! Maybe some pants?” she shouted angrily at the intruders.

“Oh my, she’s actually showing signs of modesty.” The doctor looked genuinely surprised. She turned to address the orderlies. “Wait outside. I should be alright.”

The two men left silently and the doctor turned her attention back to the helpless, mostly naked girl in the corner.

“It’s alright, they’re gone now.” The doctor tried her best to sound comforting.

“What makes you think I want you gawking at my clit?” Jessica turned her head to look at the doctor briefly.

“You certainly have changed your tune from earlier.”

“I’m sure.”

“Do you remember what happened?”


“Your mother brought you here because you were exhibiting some worrisome behavior. You ran away from home. Suddenly you mother came home yesterday to find you on the couch, watching TV and masturbating.” As she spoke, the doctor sounded not unlike a recording.

Jessica’s face turned even more red as the doctor came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Turn around. Let me see you.” The doctor tried once again to sound warm.

Jessica turned around with her head hung low, long golden hair concealing her face. There were large wet patches over her boobs, and even though she was attempting to stand still, her hips occasionally thrust forward ever so slightly.

“Poor girl. You don’t have any idea what’s going on, do you? You feel betrayed by your own body." The doctor sighed. "We tried to put some pants on you, but you wouldn’t let us. You broke an orderlies nose. We hadn’t intended on putting you in such restrictive settings, but you were clearly out of control.”

Jessica didn’t say anything.

“We’re going to get to the heart of this. Don’t worry. You’ll feel better in no time.” The doctor said superficially. She started flipping through the papers on her clipboard.

“I’d feel better if I could drain my boobs.” Jessica suddenly reported in a low, brooding voice.

“What?” The doctor's hand froze.

“My boobs. They’re full of milk. I can’t milk myself with this jacket on.” As she spoke, Jessica turned her face up to look at the doctor. Her blond curls parted, revealing a determined and exasperated expression.

“You’re pregnant?!” The doctor's eyebrows shot up as her hand dropped the page it was holding.

“No. It’s not like that. Just lactating. You do see these wet patches, right? It’s milk.” Jessica's eyes sharpened.

The doctor examined her patient's jacket closely. After a few moments of silent observation, she wiped some of the milk onto her finger.

“Um, be careful with that. It’s a powerful... aphrodisiac.” Jessica warned in a half-assed manner.

“Alright sweetheart, you’re the one in the jacket, not me.”

The doctor smiled to herself as she put her finger in her mouth.

“You know what? Go ahead, you stupid cunt. Pretty soon you’ll be begging to set me free just so we can fuck.” Jessica smiled angrily.

Her facade of compassion finally washed away as the doctor smirked at the bound girl.

“Why would I want to fuck you when I have two gigantic studs waiting for me outside?"

The doctor blinked.

"Wait… what did I just say?” she almost whispered.

She turned red as she looked around, apparently looking for the source of her unprofessional comment.

“Well, as you said, I’m the one in the jacket. So, why don’t you tell me?” It was Jessica's turn to smirk.

The doctor's movement's were sporadic and uncertain. Her brow furrowed. She briefly rubbed one of her own nipples through her coat, then stopped.

“They might, I mean… what if…” The doctor's tone was hushed.

Jessica could see that the doctor was putting some effort into keeping her hands off of herself. She kept slipping up; fidgeting with her hair, casually caressing a breast, brushing a hand near her crotch.

She cautiously leaned in close to Jessica.

“I mean… they can’t be trusted… right?” The doctor discreetly indicated the men standing outside the door.

“Can’t they?” Jessica mocked.

“They don’t…” The doctor trailed off. Her eyes were stating to glaze over.

“They don’t have my milk.” Jessica subtly wiggled her chest for emphasis.

“Yes, uh… no. What I mean is… what I… can I just…” The doctor slowly reached out toward Jessica’s breasts.

“Someone’s awfully curious. What, don’t see enough tits at home? Don’t get enough pussy?” Jessica was feeling uncharacteristically vicious.

“That’s ridiculous. I’m not… I’m not a lesbian. I’m a doctor. I’m just… I’m inspecting you.” The doctor's train of thought was failing.

“I though you were a head-doctor.”

No response.

“You know, you could get a better look at them if I wasn’t wearing this jacket.” Jessica finally said after a few more moments of vague grasping.

“That’s silly… I couldn’t jeopardize…” Was all the doctor said as she removed Jessica from her confines.

“Jesus, finally!” Jessica nearly screamed.

She immediately set her hands to work on her breasts and vagina as she slid down to her knees. She was starved for some serious rubbing. Her body was pumping.

The doctor stared with absent interest.

“You – gonna – take – notes – or - somethin’?” Jessica panted after remembering where she was.

“Yeah…” the doctor said as she slowly crouched down to Jessica's level.

“Here….. you want the…. some milk? Please?” Jessica huffed and grunted as she spoke.

“Oh, of course… the sample…”

The doctor suddenly lunged forward and latched onto one of Jessica’s nipples.

“Yeah… fuck… yeah… fuck…!” Jessica chanted, her voice slowly rising in pitch as the doctor gave in to the aphrodisiac.

As the doctor grasped blindly at Jessica's soft, hot flesh, Jessica attempted to disrobe her captor. She didn't have the patience for buttons however, and ended up ripping the doctor's lab coat clean off. Though still bound by a simple white bra, the doctor's slightly larger than average breasts were at least now visible. They rippled delightfully as the two women struggled for one elusive moment of satisfaction.

“Drink up… fucking choke on my tits!” Jessica’s passion mixed with her anger and frustration.

“I… fucking…?” The doctor gasped as she managed to pry her lips from Jessica’s nipple.

“No! You can’t stop! Mmmm…uh! You don’t get to stop!” Jessica grabbed the doctor’s head and held it to her breasts. The doctor failed to resist and resumed sucking.

“See! Uhhh… oh! Ah! I’m FUCKING! I mean… uh… I’m NOT FUCKING CRAZY!” Jessica declared as she humped the doctor’s leg with her massive throbbing clit.

“I… I…” As the doctor tried to speak, a mouthful of milk and one fat nipple fell from her lips.

Suddenly, or perhaps finally, the two orderlies burst into the room. Jessica and the doctor instantly went for their dicks. Unfortunately the men were all business.

The doctor was ripped from her.

Jessica was against a wall. Soft, yet firm.

A strong arm suspended her. Hands, grasping.

A needle. Penetration.

Something was in her veins. She could feel it flowing deep into her body.

Then, black.


“I feel…” Jessica started.

“Lying cunt. You feel nothing.”

She was alone. Her voice was everywhere.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“You and fucking, right? It’s all you know.”

“How did you get in here?”

“In? I got out.”

“I’m not crazy! You aren’t me!”

“You’re right. I’m much better than you.”

“Bold words. You cunt’s gushing just as hard as mine.”

“You’re…fuck! Why can’t I get away?” Jessica looked down at her sopping crotch, then up at herself again.

“So… wanna fuck?” Her smile was devilish.

Without a response Jessica leaned forward and started licking her breasts. Her tongue was electric, or maybe it was her breasts. Maybe both.

Jessica grabbed the face of her mirror image and pulled it to her own. As they made out they rubbed their engorged clits together. Wet jolts of pleasure squished and tingled through their bodies.

“You have the power to do anything you want.” Jessica moaned.

She told herself this, but it was news to her.

“I want to get out of here.” she whispered.

“Are you sure about that?”

She went to her knees and started to suck on her clit.

“…yes….I want…. I want you…. Fuck me….” She looked around the empty room. “We need a bed.”

A bed appeared instantly.

Jessica was shocked, but wasted no time. She sat on the edge of the bed with her fingers in her pussy as she thought of what to do next. It wasn’t long, though, before she tackled herself and they were making out again. As they rolled about, they quickly discarded the sheets.

Their bodies were burning, hands reaching everywhere. Now a breast, now an ass cheek, now a pussy.

Jessica broke away briefly.

“Your clit…. Ten inches….”

Jessica watched satisfied as her mirror image’s clit grew to be ten inches long. It stood tall and rigid, pulsing like a cock. Something was amiss though. She could feel it. She looked down to see that she too had a ten inch clit.

“What?” she inquired as she started to play with it. She squirmed violently.

“We are the same person after all. Whatever you change on me will change on you.”

Jessica was horrified. Unfortunately, in her condition her horror only served to add to her arousal. She stroked her clit more frantically as she tried to clear her mind.

“Return your clit to…” She couldn’t get it out, cumming instead.

“Yes?” Jessica cocked her head as she tweaked a nipple.

“Turn your clit back…" she tried again. "back to…”

“Your going to have to finish our thought.”

Both girls gushed a few more orgasms.

“Turn it… turn your clit into… a huge cock…” She gasped as the words left her lips.

Looking down she watched her clit transform into a proper cock. It grew to a length of 15 inches.

“No! This can’t be happening!” Jessica squealed. She could feel conflict welling inside her. “Bigger! And nice big balls too!” she added.

Jessica clasped her hands over her mouth.

She watched in horror as her cock rapidly doubled in length. She could feel the strange sensation of two softball-sized balls forming in front of her pussy.

She tentatively touched the giant cock. It was rock-hard. It was hungry.

She looked over at her mirror image. She was jacking off with both hands. The sound of her breathing and gasping was driving Jessica crazy. A wet sliding, squishing soon became audible as pre-cum began coating her grasping palms.

“Get on your hands and knees!” Jessica commanded herself. The clone silently complied. Jessica came up behind and attempted to enter her pussy.

She pressed her massive cock-head against her other self's soggy twat. The mirror image squeaked as she fell face-first into the bed. She stroked her meat rabidly as Jessica continued to push in vein. The clone seemed too far gone to experience pain.

“Damnit! Your pussy needs to be bigger.” Jessica growled.

As she spoke she could feel her own leaking pussy expand and loosen. At last, she could feel her girlcock start sliding into it's mark. She moaned deeply.

“More juice!” Jessica commanded as she slowly slid further and further in. On some level she realized that she was getting careless.

She could feel her own juices as they gushed out. It tickled her glistening inner-thighs. Too much, she thought. But she couldn’t do anything about it. She could only keep banging away. Her pace quickened. Her pumping intensified.

She reached up and started playing with her breasts. The sensation couldn't stand up to her new massive appendage.

“Bigger… boobs… Give us huge tits!” Jessica raved as she clenched at her nipples.

She could feel her boobies start to expand. The swelled outward like magnificent balloons, and so too grew the sensations they returned. Her pleasure doubled when she looked down at her mirror image, tit-flesh bulging out from under her collapsed, face-down posture.

Her breasts had grown to nearly the size of beach balls.

“Bigger.” Jessica was insatiable. “Bigger!” she screamed her demand.

Still humping the magnified copy of her own pussy, Jessica hefted her ever-expanding boobs in her hands. She shuttered. Her skin was alive with pure sensational bliss. She extended her hungry tongue and began ravenously licking her own tits.

Unfortunately, she began to feel quite top-heavy. She quickly tried to lean back, counterbalancing the new weight, but it was too little too late.

She fell forward on to the bare, sweaty, writhing back of her mirror-image. Her dick was plunged up to the hilt in her clone's twat, and she couldn't get loose.

Meanwhile, the bottom Jessica was pinned down by two massive tits, held in place at the pussy with a huge cock, and trapped in the valley of her own generous cleavage.

Neither Jessica could go anywhere, and neither could stop cumming. Their big, fat balls churned and rolled together as they pumped out a seemingly endless supply of sperm. As her pussy was being overstuffed with semen, bottom Jessica's face was getting plastered with wave after wave of jizz from her own cock.

There was no escape.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous shattering followed by a blinding light.

End Part Nine


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Ten

Thursday Afternoon

Myra had always been kind of strange. Well, strange in the stereotypical bookworm sense, but strange nonetheless. No one knew much about her. Even less about her parents. That being said, it came as a big surprise even to Myra herself to learn that her parents had died. Seven years ago.

"That's..... impossible.... I just saw them.... At some point this week."

She was talking to her book. The same mysterious demon book from the day before.

She had come home to find her demon book glowing brightly. As she cautiously approached, it called out her name. They had been speaking since then.

"Why is a demon book telling me my parents are dead?"

"Well, I'm not really a demon book. It's kind of a disguise." The strangely ordinary male voice echoed from the book into Myra's mind.

"Well then what are you?"

"A magic book."


"It's different."

"Alright... whatever."

"Your parents left me for you to find, just in case."

"In case of what?"

"In case they died. Demon hunting is dangerous work, after all."

"Eh?" Myra's eyes grew wide.

The book let out a sigh.

"Your parents were demon hunters."


"...you're going to have to explain." Myra said finally. "Demon hunters?"

"Demon hunting is an ancient and secretive profession. The Hunters have been keeping demons in check since the dawn of civilization. They are a loose confederacy of solitary individuals. Your parents were a rare exception. They worked as partners. Their bond was unbreakable, and their love was a devastating weapon against the hateful beasts."

Myra rolled her eyes.

"...that's really beautiful and everything but... my parents never seemed to give a shit about me..."

"Obviously those that have raised you are not your biological parents. The life of a Hunter is far too demanding to allow for the raising of a child. Your caretakers were hired by the Hunters to watch over you until your 20th birthday, at which point you were to be inducted into the world of demon hunting yourself."

The book paused.

"You were also to be reunited with your parents at this time, so that they could train you, but that is now impossible. It is very rare for one to be born into demon hunting, but you certainly fulfill all the requirements."

Myra was having a hard time figuring out how to react.

"...don't I have any say in this?" she said finally.

"Not really. You will find that this is in your blood. Eventually."

More silence.

"Ok. Whatever. What does this have to do with my dicks?"


"Ok. Just making sure."

"You current affliction is most assuredly caused by Serpera. She was frustrated by your defiance."


"Myra, you have a great power inside of you. You are, after all, the spawn of two great Hunters. Serpera had been trying to recruit you through conversations with your dream form. You may not even realize it, but you have remarkably strong resolve. Had your powers awakened before you were cursed, you may have even been able to avoid this fate."

"...what powers?"

"Oh, this and that. Part of being a Hunter is learning various spells and magics. It's a little different for everyone. There was suppose to be a ritual, again when you turned 20, to awaken your potential. It seems, however, that Serpera's meddling has somehow started you awakening process without need for the ceremony. All you really need to do now is just study these pages."

"Well... I mean... can't I do something about it after... I get some powers?"

"It is difficult to say. Curses are much easier to prevent than to cure."


"All I can tell you now is that you must seek our your friend Sara Schuler. I've detected a massive anomaly centered on her location."

"Alright, where is she?"

"It will do you more good to find her yourself. You have all that you need before you. I have faith that you will pull through in time."

"...what? Just tell me!"

The book was silent.

"Come on! Stop fucking around!"


Myra opened the now silent book. She was surprised to find that it no longer was about demons exclusively. It now held an intimidating range of information and instruction regarding mystic secrets and techniques.

As she casually flipped through, the pages began to glow slightly.


She stopped flipping and stared at the shimmering paper. The glow slowly increased in intensity, and before long the book drifted up and out of Myra's hands.


The light was blinding, and the pages were wildly flapping about. Myra could feel a presence in her mind. She felt as though she were about to collapse.

Then it stopped. The book fell flat on the floor.

Myra's mind tingled. She felt exhausted, like she had just read an entire library. The book suddenly felt incredibly familiar to her. She found that if she concentrated, she could see its pages in her mind's eye.

"...huh... that's handy.... Could give me a headache though..." Myra said wearily.

She took a deep breath as she touched her fingertips to her forehead. Even her hair felt heavy.

"I guess I need to find Sara..." she finally told herself, despite her strong desire for a nap.

And so, Myra consulted her book to try to find some sort of locating spell. As she skimmed the various spells and techniques, she realized why not just anyone could be a Hunter. To execute most of the abilities required various mental mechanics that the average human lacked on a basic, biological level.

Eventually she found a spell to suit her needs.

It took about two hours to get it right. Thankfully, most of the misfires caused nothing to happen, but every now and again she triggered some strange effects including, but not limited to; turning her wall clock orange, blowing out a light bulb, teleporting one inch forward, and summoning a strange eyeball with bat wings that now flittered around her room. Her most dangerous mistake was when she launched a fireball into her wall, burning a hole straight through.

"...fuck... I'll have to remember that one..." she muttered, mouth agape as she stared at the smoldering aftermath.

After regaining her focus, Myra continued. It wasn't much longer before she achieved success. Suddenly, she saw the world quite differently. It was as though a lens had been placed in front of her eyes.

She saw her surroundings as hazy shadows. Everything appeared to be made of smoky, translucent glass. In the distance she could see colored points of light. Each light was someone's aura. By focusing, Myra could read the personality and emotions of anyone within a six mile radius.

This was much more than she had anticipated. It was like trying to pinpoint one star in a galaxy. She was about to give up, when suddenly she noticed a pink light glowing brightly, almost violently. It was far away, but Myra poured all of her focus onto it.

"...Jessica! Oh shit..."

She forgot all about locating Sara for the moment. Jessica was in dire need of assistance. Something intense was happening to her, and Myra knew she needed to be there.

She blinked, and her sight returned to normal. She had to get to the Millbrook Mental Ward, and fast. She quickly consulted her book again.

Teleporting was out. Too dangerous and complicated. Flying involved someone else's bones, so that was out too. Finally, Myra came to a section about how Hunters could augment their physical abilities by simply focusing. It was a draining process, but a small price to pay for temporary super-powers. It looked as though she would be running again.

Despite her enhanced physical capacity, Myra still ran quite awkwardly. The whole time she had to keep one hand steadying and protecting her package while the other arm suppressed her huge boobs. Ridiculous as she looked, her powers made all the difference. She could have ran circles around a world-class marathon runner with perfect form. Before she knew it, she was at the facility's parking lot. She was also quite winded.

".........oh god..... I'm gonna die..." she told herself. "Good thing she's on the first floor..."

She hobbled over to the exterior wall of Jessica's room and flopped down on the ground beside it. She could sense Jessica inside. She could feel her panic.

".....just gotta get..... This fucking wall down...." Myra gasped.

She closed her eyes and consulted the mental copy of her book. She found what she needed almost instantly. Thankfully the spell was much more simple than the location spell.

After five minutes of quick practice, she had it. A nice, controlled explosion. She focused on the side of the building and unleashed.

It was loud, but thankfully not all that dangerous. The spell was specifically designed for walls, so it pulverized the bricks into a safe powder. A nice, fairly neat opening allowed sunlight to penetrate the foreboding facility.

Unfortunately, the strain was too much on Myra's mind. That was the last straw. She blacked out.


Jessica awoke with a start.

"Holy shit!" she gasped.

She sat on the floor, breathing heavily as she caught her bearings. She realized that she had been dreaming. Slowly, she turned her head to look at the wall.

"Holy shit! That explosion actually happened!"

She was still in the same cell as earlier. Still naked and unbound. She didn't have a huge dick, and her tits, while still quite large, were not nearly as big as the ones in her dream. Her juices were everywhere. Cautiously and wobbly, she got up to inspect the hole. She was still feeling the tranquilizer a little. Then she saw Myra, lying limp on the ground outside.

"Holy shit! Myra!" Jessica jumped through the hole and kneeled beside her friend. "Are you alright?!"

She suddenly realized an alarm that had been going off since the blast. She quickly looked around for somewhere to run, then back down to her savior.

"Oh my god, we have to get out of here. Wake up Myra!"

No response.

Jessica shook her friend vigorously.

"...grahh...uh?" Myra finally said.

"Come on! We have to go!" Jessica practically yelled.

"...yeah... I'm here..." Myra mumbled, still mostly out.

Thankfully, much of the facility's security forces were busy "watching" one of the doctors who had apparently snapped. She had seemed fairly stable for the past three years she had been working at the ward. Still, no one would have guessed that the doctor's newfound lust was due to external forces. Really, no one was trying to guess. Security had played down the whole incident, thus allowing everyone a turn with the newly slutty doctor. She had gone through all of them at least twice.

Meanwhile, Jessica dragged her rescuer into the bed of a truck. They lay hidden while Jessica tried to think of the best course of action.

"Jesus, this won't hide us for long." Jessica said in a dire tone. She was scared and horny.

"Where the fuck did you get explosives anyway? And how did you find me? What the fuck's going on?!" She tried not to get any more worked up.

"...I... mmrmmm.."

Jessica ignored her incoherent friend. She saw a woman sneaking away from the crowd that had gathered outside the building. She was going toward her car. Jessica had an idea.

Like some kind of naked woman cat, she stealthily crawled out of the truck bed and stalked along behind the rows of cars. The asphalt was warm beneath her feet. Her ass wiggled and her pussy dripped with anticipation, leaving a faint trail among the shadows of the cars. Once she identified which car belonged to the woman, she pounced.

Jessica was on her in an instant, her nipple pressed firmly against the woman's mouth.

"Open up!" she demanded.

The woman gasped, and in doing so got a mouthful of boobie. More importantly, she got a mouthful of freaky milk. Jessica kept her pinned and watched as the woman became more and more accepting of the milk. Soon enough she could see that the woman's arousal reach a breaking point, and she actually had to fight a bit to get her boob back.

Left to her own devices, the woman quickly stripped naked. This is the instant that Jessica seized. She grabbed the woman's purse and got her keys. She quickly got into the car and pulled around to the truck. After loading Myra in, she took off like a bat out of hell. The car's former owner chased after them on foot briefly. It's not that she wanted her car back, she just wanted a nice fuck.

"God damn Myra I wish you had seen that!" Jessica shouted excitedly as they headed down the road.

She felt on top of the world, fingering herself triumphantly as she recklessly maneuvered through light traffic.

What made the victory all the sweeter for her was the fact that through the whole event she was able to control herself. Sure, it was a hard fight, and it was all she could do to not fuck Myra right there in the truck's bed. And then, she could have easily stayed with that woman she attacked. Hell, she could have just stayed in her room fingering herself. But no, she overcame her lust and saved the day.

Speaking of which,

"God, I really need a fuck! Myra, is your house safe?" Jessica said, overcoming her daydream. The thrill of her crime pulsed in her moist lips.

"....yeah..." Myra slowly responded.

They were there in a flash. Thankfully, the stolen car was easily hidden in the garage. Jessica helped Myra to her room and onto her bed.

"What the fuck? Myra, why is there a hole in your wall?" Jessica said cautiously as she fluffed Myra's pillow.

"...practice..." Myra replied simply.

Jessica was about to respond when she saw a bizarre, bat-like creature flittering about near the ceiling.

"Oh, fuck! What IS that thing?!" Jessica shrieked.

"...eyeball... with bat wings... I think it's harmless..."

The strange creature landed on top of a bed post and Jessica poked at it nervously.

"Gross. However, I'm still really fucking horny. Are you fuckworthy?" Jessica turned back to her friend, quickly blocking out the little monster sitting beside her.

"...I'm mostly..... Unconscious you know..." Myra reported.

"That's ok. I'll do all the work."

Jessica stared eagerly at her prostrate companion in silence for a moment.

"...eh... knock yourself out..." Myra finally consented.

Jessica felt a little guilty, but not very.

"I'll be gentle." she reassured.


Through sheer force of will, Jessica held back from leaping on top of her friend. Instead, she slowly and carefully removed all of Myra's clothing and knelt at her bedside. It was almost as though she were praying. She gingerly reached forward and lightly held Myra's cock. As she massaged it gently with her fingertips, she slowly drew her face closer and closer to it, until finally her breath caressed the foreskin.

"....oh........mmmmmm...." Myra moaned as she slowly started to warm up.

"Good." Jessica cooed. "Just take it easy."

In an almost painfully slow fashion, Jessica started licking up the length of Myra's expanding member. Jessica's clit throbbed unbearably, but she did not fold to its will.

She directed her gaze upward to watch as Myra's nipples transformed and expanded. She watched as the red, fleshy nubs fattened and elongated. Their tips changed shape, developing phallic heads. The smallest drips of liquid oozed from the ends, glistening.

The bizarre spectacle only served to fuel Jessica's desire. She kissed Myra's cock lightly before slowly crawling forward. As she crawled, her breasts swung back and forth just millimeters shy of making contact with Myra's body. When she passed over her dick, Jessica lowered her torso slightly so that her tits caressed the shaft. The soft flesh rubbing against her meat caused Myra to squirm with pleasure.

As Jessica advanced, she gently planted kisses about Myra's stomach. Her unyielding lust made the anticipation unfathomable, but Jessica knew she could maintain control. She had to. Not just for Myra's sake; she had to prove to herself that she wasn't a slave to her pussy, which was currently getting Myra's sheets quite soaked.

Jessica moaned. Her clit was on fire. She could feel her hips starting to buck.

"Nice and easy..." She counseled herself.

She looked down at her crotch. It was positively gushing. She slowly, oh so slowly, brought her cunt to rest on Myra's dick and started to grind. She closed her eyes and took in the sensation of soft, wet flesh rubbing against firm, slippery skin.

"....Jessica... ah..... Oh...."

"Are you alright Myra? Is this too much?"

"...don't you dare stop..."

"Thank god."

Jessica reached down and grabbed Myra's cock. She teased her lips for a bit with the head before finally plunging the full shaft deep inside herself. Her face contorted in agonizing pleasure and she let out a long, amorous moan/growl.

"God, Myra, you have the best fucking cock I swear to fucking god!"

"......uhhhh....... Thanks......"

"Oh god Myra, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Jessica's voice was raising in pitch as she pumped harder and faster. She was trying to squeeze every ounce of sensation from that dick. Myra hardly moved. She still didn't have much strength, but her face held the unmistakable look of bliss.

Jessica leaned forward and kissed Myra deeply on the mouth before moving down to her breasts. She briefly stared in awe as the dick-nipples bounced and flailed around.

"Fucking beautiful..." she muttered to herself before shoving one into her mouth. She attended to the other with a free hand.

It felt to Myra almost as though Jessica was trying to drink her heart out through some kind of dick-straw. She moaned and panted quietly as she reached into her bedside drawer, pulling out her favorite vibrator. She fumbled to turn it on for a second before squishing the device into her cunt.

They were quite a sight to behold. Myra's impressive array of genetallia could easily intimidate a lesser mortal, but if anyone could handle the cocktopus that Myra had become, it was Jessica.

"...Jessica... I..."

"You gonna... uh... cum?"


"All your parts... fuck!... synchronized?"


"Good.... Hrh... me too!"

And they did. And it was good. Fluids went flying everywhere with hurricane force. Jessica could feel wave after wave of cum blast into her twat and down her throat as well as land in her hair. Both her and Myra's pussy juice exploded all over their legs, mixing together as it dripped into the bedding. Streams of milk burst forth from Jessica's nipples, totally drenching Myra's midsection in white, nutritious aphrodisiac.

"Uhh... oh god... oh fuck... Myra... oh fuck... oh yeah...." Jessica withdrew the vibrator from Myra's snatch and started to lick it clean. "Remember not to drink that milk..." she added warily.

"...yeah..." Myra panted. "I think I'm gonna take a nap..."

"Don't you want some clean sheets?" Jessica asked, still short of breath.

"...nah... fuck it..."

"Ok, suit yourself. I'm gonna go wash up. Mind if I take this?" She indicated the vibrator.

"...knock yourself out..."

Myra fell asleep instantly. Jessica gave her a quick kiss of the forehead and went off for a lengthy bath.

End Part Ten


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Eleven

8:37 PM, Thursday

Sara found herself standing in a sea of dim, grey light. There was a solid ground to stand on, but that's about it. There was no clear horizon line.

"Shit! Another dream." She glanced around nervously with her fists clenched. "Sepera! I know you can hear me! I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"...relax Sara... it's just me..." Myra said, suddenly emerging from the grey.

"Myra?! What the fuck!" Sara didn't put her guard down. "Prove to me this isn't just one of Serpera's tricks."

Myra looked around and shrugged.

"...how?..." she said blankly.

"I don't know." Sara admitted. She began to relax a little. "Well, I suppose if this was her doing there would be a lot more sex happening right now, or at least some over the top theatrics. Hm, we are naked though..."

The two dickgirls stood in silence a moment.

"...well.... I went to sleep naked...." Myra said.

"Me too."

"...also....we don't have boners. Well, I don't anyway."

"Right." Sara blushed and cleared her throat. "So, what's happening?"

"...I'll spare you the details... just know that I've... come to learn a few things about myself. Basically, I can do magic now. Anyway, I was told you might know something about Serpera..."

"Do a trick." Sara challenged.



"....I did create this dream-meeting, you know..."

Sara raised her eyebrows.

"Good enough." She admitted.

"...tell me dammit!" Myra was losing her patience.

"Look, all I know is we have to free an angel, which I may or may not be related to, from Serpera. The angel is under her control. She has the power to change people, and she can return us to normal. She put her whereabouts in my head."

"..and angle huh? What's her name?"

"Angel." Sara shrugged.

"...ok... that's a stupid name..."

"Doesn't matter. That's not all.

"....Oh? What else?"

"Serpera's planning something big. She's gonna attack the football game tomorrow night!" Sara flashed a smile. "We can hit her there!"

"...why don't we "Ëœhit her' before?... so she can't do any damage?..." Myra said after a pause.


"...I can locate her and everything..."

"Ok, sure. Whatever. Sounds great! Where are you now? Do you know where Jessica is? Katie is here with me."

"...yeah... Jessica is with me.... I need to rest all night though..... Had a long day.... Come to my house around nine tomorrow morning..."

"Sounds good. I'll see you then."


In an instant, Sara was back in the barn. Her sudden awakening caused Katie to stir. She was nestled at Sara's crotch.

"Mmmmmm, everything ok Sara?" Katie yawned.

"Yeah. Just spoke to Myra. In a dream."

"What?" Katie's eyes sparkled in confusion for an instant.

"Apparently she can do magic now."

"Cool. Why didn't she just call though?" Katie wondered as her lids slowly closed again.

"Beats me. She's always been weird about phones."

"So. What's the plan?"

"Her house, tomorrow morning."

"Sounds great." Katie said sleepily.

She curled up again and suckled lightly on Sara's meat. It was kinda cute, but Sara knew she wouldn't be getting back to sleep anytime soon. All she could do was lie there and think as she enjoyed the pleasurable sensation.

"How the hell can we take on a horny demon?" She whispered to herself. "Well, Myra's superpowers should be able to help. Still, is only we had a gun or something. I mean, what does it take to actually kill a demon?"

Sara breathed in sharply and bit her lip. Her Katie's sucking had intensified. Sara looked down to see that she was doing it in her sleep.

"God, she's so fucking good at that."

Sara's mind tried to drift back to demon slaying, but she was getting to be too horny. Her thoughts turned to Angel's demon form.

"I bet she can really fuck." she thought. "She can do anything she wants... uh... she could... ah!" As she shot her load into Katie's waiting mouth, flashbacks of the nightmares flashed through Sara"Ëœs mind.

"God... this could get ugly." she said after solemn silence.

She looked down at Katie as she finished swallowing. Her soft breath brushed gently on Sara's shrinking member. Sara was overcome with a sense of peace and tenderness.

"Well, no use spending the night worrying." Sara said as she lay back. "May as well try to sleep."

And she did. For about an hour. She was feeling restless and could not sleep.

The stars were starting to come out, so she decided to have a look. Gently she removed her lover from her crotch and onto the soft ground.

"That's..." Katie remarked in her sleep.

After a bit of stargazing, Sara finally had an idea.

"Kat, wake up!"

"Uh... oh yeah?" Katie mumbled to the ground.

"Come on, we have something to do."

"Like sleep?"

"We have to get a gun."

"What?" Katie was suddenly wide awake. "That's not very sexy. I thought we were suppose to be doing sexy things."

"We'll do plenty of sexy things later, but right now we have to get a gun!"

"You're crazy. You don't know how to use a gun. Who even has one?"

"It can't be too hard. Just point and click, right? And my dad has one."

"...but didn't he disown you or something?" Katie was suddenly timid.

"Yeah, he did. That selfish, ignorant asshole. I'm his fucking daughter for fuck's sake!" Sara composed herself. "But, I think we can steal it. He keeps it "Ëœhidden' in a closet in his bedroom, but I know exactly where it is. And while we're there, I can finally give you your birthday present!"


Katie suddenly changed her tune. She could be incredibly childish.

10 PM, Thursday

Sara and Katie crept silently toward Sara's former home. They had parked discreetly a few blocks away.

"Oh, here's the plan. I'll hide right here. I need you to go into the garage and smash a window in my dad's car." Sara whispered.

"What the fuck? Why?"

"It will trigger the alarm. He'll come barging out to see what's happening. Mom won't be far after. My brother's either gone, or he'll stay in his room. Either way, I'll then be able to slip in and get what we came for."

"My present?" Katie's eyes gleamed.

"Yeah, now go! I don't wanna linger here too long. Just smash the window and sneak around back, then bolt for the car when you get the chance. Go!"

As Katie slinked away, Sara gave her a healthy pinch on the ass.

Her heart was racing. This was so fucking stupid, but she couldn't let Katie know that. She heard a smash, then an alarm. Katie's shadow disappeared around the corner.

She saw the silhouette of her father. Obscured as he was, she could still see the red of his face. He was shouting. He was always shouting. Her mom appeared. He shouted at her.

Sara was on the move. Everything was a blur. The living room, the hall, her room. She opened a drawer and grabbed the present.

The hall, her parents' room, the closet. She reached up and seized the cloth-wrapped gun. She heard heavy footsteps behind her.

She spun to see her father, voice blaring. Was he using real words? She ran past him, through the dark house. The front door was open. She flew through it.

She locked eyes with her mother as she crossed the lawn.

"Sara!" her mother cried out pleadingly.

Tears blurred her vision, but she couldn't stop. She heard her dad yelling again. Before she knew it she was back at Katie's car. Her lover was there waiting patiently.

"I have them! Let's go!" Sara yelled.

"Where?!" Katie's mind had gone blank.

"Anywhere, just go!"

And so off they went into the darkness. It was a strange mirror of Tuesday morning. They slowly haunted the local back roads under a starry sky. No destination in mind. Lots to talk about. Katie, in her wonderful way, was able to comfort Sara to some degree. The gently, cooling night breeze was incredibly liberating, even in such dire circumstances. They stopped at a park and sat at a picnic table.

"So, let me see it." Katie finally said.

After some shuffling, Sara extended an open hand. Resting in her palm was a pendant comprised a small, transparent crystal formation affixed to a thin white metal chain. Katie took it and held it up to the stars. As the starlight passed through the crystal, it produced a chaotic prism effect.

Sara marveled as the shattered, sparkling light danced through the stone and deep into the heart of Katie's shimmering eyes.

"Oh my god, it's beautiful!" Katie whispered after a long silence.

"Happy birthday Kat." Sara said gently.

"Where the hell did you find this?" Katie inquired as she squeezed her friend.

"Remember when I was out of town a couple months ago? I found it at a nice second-hand store then. I knew it would be perfect for you."

Katie silently leaned over and began kissing Sara sensually about the neck. Sara closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Her mind was still heavy with concern over the next day's events, and she knew that she may well be dead or worse in the next 24 hours. That made this moment all the more important. She opened her eyes to the sea of stars above her and soaked in the electric sensation of Katie's kisses.

"I'm in heaven..." Sara's voice was soft.

Katie smiled and tightened her grip.

"Oh yeah? Just wait." Katie challenged as she began undressing the both of them.

She took her time, and made sure to caress every inch of the newly exposed skin. She straddled Sara's lap and went in for a proper make out session. While their eyes were blinded by love and passion, their hands knew exactly where to go.

Katie slowly stroked Sara's cock hypnotically while her other hand was getting a nice feel of her lover's ass and back.

As Sara ran her fingers through Katie's hair with one hand, she used the other to deeply finger Katie's pussy, which was primed and ready to go.

They communicated in muffled moans and slowly worked themselves up on top of the table. Sara's back was lying flat, with Katie on top of her. When their lips parted, Katie crept downward and started kissing Sara"Ëœs breasts.

Through her pleasure, Sara slowly realized this was something new. Katie had never played with her boobs before.

"Mmm Kat, I never knew you were a tit-lover."

"Oh, come on Sara. Everyone loved boobies. Especially when they're attached to someone they love."

Katie stuck out her tongue and stated tracing spirals around Sara's tits, stopping just shy of the nipple. She was such a tease. Finally, she closed in on the target and got a mouthful of nipple. As she alternated between the two nipples, she always had one hand tweaking the one she currently wasn't sucking, with the other hand of Sara's dick. Eventually, she started to lower her sights, but Sara stopped her.

"Hang on Kat. Swing your ass around here."

Sara guided Katie's hips and positioned her crotch just over her face. Sara had never 69'd before, and certainly never eaten pussy. She wasn't sure about Katie, who was apparently a master at tit-licking. She could feel Katie going to town on her dick, so she slowly brought her lips up to meet Katie's twat.

She gave it a light kiss first, followed by some shy licks. Then she stuck her tongue in deeper. She found bliss. The texture was heavenly, and taste was intoxicating. She could hear Katie moaning all over her dick as she tried to dig deeper with her tongue. Then she remembered the clit. The angle was a bit awkward, but Sara was finally able to wrap her lips around Katie's love button. As she sucked on it, she lavished it with flicks from her tongue.

Katie was really writhing now as she sucking Sara's cock like candy. Both of the girls were hanging on the edge, and they knew it.

There was one of calm silence, then fireworks. It was beautiful. Sara could feel her seed rushing up and into Katie's loving mouth as her lover's pussy juice rained down onto her face. Katie whimpered in delight as she ran her tongue along the smooth, warm, firm shaft that was pumping loads of delicious, slippery semen deep inside of her. Her pussy clinched and send waves of bliss throughout her tingling body.

The girls came long and hard. They caught a glimpse of eternity. The moon and stars seemed to shine a little brighter. It was heaven. They lay there entwined for a while.

"Oh god, Kat, that was amazing..."

"Best birthday present ever..."

End Part Eleven


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Twelve

9:02 AM, Friday

Sara was apprehensive. She sat silently in the passenger seat, watching as the morning sunlight poured over the city of Ashland. Katie wasn't driving very fast. The scenery seemed to float by, as if in a dream.

The two lovers couldn't seem to decide how to feel. With the way things had been going, the town they grew up in came to feel more like a minefield.

However, the drive was not far, and soon Sara found herself solemnly knocking on Myra's front door.

"Sorry, we're kinda late." Sara apologized.

Myra simply shrugged and lead her friends into the living room. At last, the four of them were together once more.

Myra explained the situation. She had been talking to her book again, which was somehow in contact with the upper management of the Confederacy of Hunters. Her surrogate parents had apparently skipped town in light of recent events. Myra was assured, however, that she would be allowed to stay in the house until she graduated. The Hunters would support her financially. Unfortunately there was no either willing or able to assist in the fight against Serpera.

"I guess that means they have faith in your abilities, right?" Katie said hopefully.

"Eh... I'm not sure. I don't know a lot about how they work, and I'm sure that's not gonna change anytime soon. They might be testing me some more. They might think the fight is a lost cause." Myra said, her tone grim.

Katie frowned.

"Fuck that." Jessica casually chimed in while nonchalantly sliding a vibrator in and out of her pussy. She was currently the only one naked. "We need some positive thinking! Mmmmm!" As if for emphasis, she ran the vibrator across her clit.

"Oh? How's that?" Sara said skeptically.

"Mmh! New clothes!" Jessica gasped.

"What?!" Sara and Katie said in unison.

"I should explain." Myra spoke up. "I made the mistake of letting Jessica look at my spellbook. She got pretty excited when she found the section about modifying clothing, never mind that it's intended to make inconspicuous armor."

"You want to go buy uniforms?"

"Hm, well armor wouldn't be a bad idea." Sara said.

"Actually, this is pretty awesome." Katie said, starting to get excited.

Jessica, however, was no longer paying attention. Her face contorted heavily as she half attempted to stifle a moan. She came hard.

Myra let out a sigh.

It was decided. Each of the girls got a new outfit.

Sara wanted something simple.

For a top she got a form-fitting powder-blue t-shirt. It was simple and sturdy. She was also pleased to finally get a bra that fit properly.

Initially she wanted very much to get back into some jeans, but they simply couldn't come up with anything that was both comfortable and concealing. Also, she had grown quite attached to the beautiful skirt that Katie had given her. Myra was able to enhance the strength and durability of the skirt without any noticeable aesthetic changes.

To accommodate her special needs, Sara got a specially fitted leather harness system for her cock. Basically it strapped her meat to her right leg and kept it from getting out of hand. In case of arousal, it helped to comfortably suppress an erection. On the opposite side of her leg was a holster to conceal her recently acquired weapon.

It took Katie a few moments to commit to a single outfit. She was finally able to proceed only after Myra's assurance that they could do more styling later.

Her shirt was long-sleeved and had nice, broad grey and red stripes alternating horizontally. Her faded-grey pants were perfectly-fitted skinny jeans with a stylish "K" stitched over her right ass-cheek. Her feet were clad in an incredibly sturdy pair of black steel-toed boots.

The once sexless Myra surprised everyone when she adorned herself in a stunning black and white leather corset with matching skirt.

Her panties were reinforced and had space built in to accommodate her dick. The cups of her corset had discreet patches just over her nipples. If her nipples were to elongate into dicks, they would protrude into the stretchy black material. The cock form would still be clearly visible, but they would at least be totally covered.

Once she was finished, her brilliant painted-red lips twisted into a smile as she took in the shocked expressions of her friends.

"Wow Myra, coming our of your shell, are you?" Sara said slowly.

"I'm not finished yet." Myra said as her glasses flashed.

Black leather danced around her feet as she made a non-steel toe and much more elegant variant of Katie's boots. There was a sudden dark flair as a long black gothic-style trench coat fell out of nowhere. Myra wrapped it around her pale shoulders with a flourish and buttoned it, concealing the fabulous outfit she had just assembled for herself.

Everyone was silent.

"Showoff..." Katie finally managed.

"Whatever. Jessica, your turn." Myra said as she pulled a black Mau cap over her ever-more-luscious curls.

For being so keen on the idea of new clothes, Jessica was certainly being difficult. She learned fast that she didn't actually want to be wearing anything at all. Even when she could think of something to wear, it was hardly street-legal.

After a lot of compromise, the girls finally came up with something.

Her bra allowed fore easy nipple access for when a quick milking became necessary. Her panties were made of an impossible soft silk as to not irritate her clit. Like Katie's clothes, it was also made to resist bodily fluids.

As for outerwear, she got a short pink skirt and a low-cut long sleeved white shirt. Her spotless white three-inch heels were polished perfectly. They were not practical for the mission of course, but Jessica was insistent. Myra was able to make them indestructible, for what that's worth.

So there they were, all dressed up and ready to go. Now they just needed a plan.

4:10 PM, Friday

Unfortunately, preparations took much longer than expected. It shouldn't have been much of a surprise, really, as most of the delays were caused my impromptu fuck sessions that were usually, but not always, initiated by Jessica. With the game starting at 7PM, they didn't have much time to find Serpera and put an end to her evil.

"Alright Myra, where is she?" Sara asked as she tied her shoe. Her tone was grim.

"...I don't know... she's not showing up for some reason... dammit... she must have some kind of magic countermeasures. I'm blocked out..."

"Shit." Sara composed herself. "Well, there's no time to waste. We'll just have to find her the old fashioned way. We can start at her office at school."

They arrived at school in short order. There was light activity about the building, but nothing to worry about. Mostly people were preparing for the game. The girls cautiously worked their way to the offices on the science wing. Tension was mounting.

"Are we really going to kill her?" Katie whispered nervously.

"We have to." Sara responded as she touched the gun strapped to her leg. "Don't worry, she's an evil bitch. She's not even human."

They got to her office, but the door was closed and locked tight. After a futile attempt at knocking, Myra stepped forward. She concentrated as she stared at the lock, which opened with a mild click. The girls quickly slipped in and locked the door behind them.

The office looked normal enough. Perhaps a bit too clean. Definitely no evil demons.

"Shit." Sara thought for a moment. "Everyone look around. There has to be something here we can use."

As the search commenced, it wasn't long before their findings started to get a little strange.

Under a flimsy scientific facade, the dominating subject matter seemed to be extremely detailed information about various students all over school. Not just personality traits either. There were detailed accounts of childhoods and specific biological and genetic measurements. There were lists and lists of impossibly mundane facts, as well as some extraordinarily insightful glimpses into psychology. And then came the photographs. Somehow, Serpera had amassed a wealth of exhaustive photographic documentation of the majority of the student body.

"Oh my god! You guys, look at this!" Katie exclaimed from behind the desk.

The girls gathered around a large file drawer that Katie had opened. It was absolutely packed with dildos, all in a variety of colors. It was as though Serpera had captured a phallic rainbow in her desk.

"Well, it's no secret that she's a huge pervert." Sara remarked.

There was something strange about them though. Katie picked one up.

"Kat, don't touch that! You know exactly where that's been!" Sara shouted.

"I..." Was all Katie could say before she put the tip in her mouth.

"...guys.." Myra said, a little disoriented. "...those are.... We have to..." Her voice trailed off.

Jessica grabbed two. She shoved one in her mouth and another into her pussy. She moaned loudly without any sign of stopping. Katie looked around with an expression of cautious fear fighting ecstasy. Myra and Sara succumbed at about the same time and both reached into the drawer to claim their prizes.

All four girls stood around the desk lost in confusion, fear, and bliss as they fellated the simulated meat. These were no mere toys. They held an irresistible aura. The girls realized that as they sucked on these shafts, they started to emanate warmth. They started to feel alive. Myra tried to say something, but she couldn't seem to free her mouth.

Sara could feel her cock straining against it's restraint. She was afraid of her need to keep sucking. She couldn't stop herself. She saw Katie's knees give out from under her. She was feeling a bit wobbly herself. She slowly let herself down onto the floor. With one hand still jerking the cock in her mouth, Sara crawled over to her best friend and lover. Katie was crying as worked the dick in her mouth with both hands. Sara gave her a one-armed embrace to try and comfort her. Just then, something caught her eye. Katie's dildo seemed to be stiffening. It was almost as though...

"Mmmm! Mmm!" Katie tried to scream through the cursed toy.

She started to thrash around. Her dildo was pulsating. Sara could see Katie swallowing large amounts of something. It was hard to tell if she was writhing in pleasure or panic. Then she went limp. A shock went through Sara's system.

"Kat!" Sara screamed as she clutched Katie's motionless body.

After the initial rush of terror let up, Sara realized her mouth was free. The demonic dildo lay on the floor beside her. She instantly missed the sensation, that warmth in her mouth, but her desire was overpowered by the concern she had for Katie.

Sara held her lover tight, with both arms this time. Much to her relief, she could feel a feint heartbeat.

"Jesus Kat, don't scare me like that." Sara whispered to her unconscious friend.

She looked over to see Jessica greedily swallowing the contents of her toy. Sara gently set Katie down and ran over to Myra, who was laying back with her eyes closed. Her hand was under her jacket alternating stimulation between her pussy and her dicks. Sara ripped the dildo from her mouth.

"Myra! There's some kind of poison in those things! Kat and Jessica are out!"

Myra scowled briefly before returning to her senses.

"Uhhh... yeah. These things have some powerful magic in them. We have to get the hell out of here." Myra said, straightening her glasses.

"Yeah, but how are we gonna get those two out of here? It'll look suspicious to say the least." Sara gestured toward her sleeping friends.

"...well at this point...." Suddenly Myra's face went to a deeper shade of concern.

"What's wrong?"

"...Serpera's coming... right now!"

"What?! Where is she?"

"...just entered the building... headed right for us..." Myra reported as she scrambled to her feet and buttoned her jacket.

Sara made a fist.

"Alright, we can ambush her!" She said with a gleam in her eye.

"...don't you think she knows we're here? The dildos were obviously a trap... she knows we're here..."

"Yeah, but then she probably assumes we were all knocked out. We can play dead, and as soon as we get the chance we'll blow her away!"

"...your logic is flawed..." Myra's face betrayed her disappointment.

"Do you have a better idea?"

"Yeah, we should escape..."

"What? We came here to kill her."

"... yes, but she was obviously ready for us... we need a better plan..."

"There's no time!"

"...you're right... meet me at the car..." Myra's tone was exasperated.

Then, much to Sara's surprise, Myra darted over to the two fallen girls, lifted them up, and swiftly ran away.

"What the fuck? I'm starting to detect an imbalance in the group dynamic."

Instead of following her improbable friend, Sara stood still with her eyes closed.

"This ends now." She whispered to herself as she drew her weapon.

She slowly lowered herself into a laying position on the floor. She hid her gun under her body, out of sight but ready for swift execution. She glanced over to see a dildo lying next to her face. Without thinking, she quickly stuffed it into her mouth. She closed her eyes and her mind reeled.

"Shit! Why did I do that?! Oh fuck!" She thought as franticly as she sucked hungrily. She felt her cock hardening despite the immanent danger.

Serpera stepped through the door and stared triumphantly down at Sara.

"Well hello little spooge cow, I see you have made yourself quite comfortable." The demonic bitch said, almost laughing.

Sara was failing ridiculously as playing opossum. If the constant sucking motion of her mouth didn't give her away, then the primal moaning certainly did.

"I must say, I'm quite disappointed in you Schuler. You actually thought that you could ambush me? I assumed you would be awake. Only two of the dildos triggered, and I saw your dear friend Myra carrying the others away. Even still, it seems I overestimated you. I thought I would find some manner of confrontation in here, not some weakling curled up on my floor and suckling on a synthetic penis. I must say it's a bit of a letdown."

A loud bang shattered the air in the small room. Serpera stumbled backward a few steps. Sara slowly lowered her gun.

Serpera mouthed something indecipherable. Her eyes were wide as she stared down at her own blood. The cursed draw of the dildo subsided, and Sara quickly spat it out.

"...Schuler... you bitch." Serpera finaly regained her voice. "Ignorant spooge cow... it will take much more than that!" Serpera held the wound on her stomach. Her face was a fearsome scowl.

Sara pulled the trigger again. Click. Click click. Nothing.

"Incompetent fool... you don't even know how to use that thing." Serpera seemed to be trying to focus. Sara could feel a slight tingling in her cock. Serpera was trying to force it to expand. It grew, but only about half an inch.

"No matter." Serpera resolved. "It won't take me long to recover. In the mean time, I'll let Durian watch over you."

The door opened, and two pitch-black shadows entered. They were in the form of two perfectly hourglass women with bald heads. They got on either side of Serpera and helped her away.

"I will see you later, spooge cow." Serpera said with her back to Sara, who was quite stunned after witnessing the ethereal beauties.

And then Durian walked in. There was no escape. Her sexual gravity was unshakeable. She was pure fuck. Sara's cock pushed it's restraints to the limit.

"Mmmm! I smell a nice big cock!" Durian reported cheerfully.

She wasn't wearing anything. Every last square inch of her flesh screamed out for cum. Sara was disturbed by her sudden desire for a fire-hose dick capable of dousing every last bit of Durian in her thick, slippery semen.

As she slowly walked forward, Sara knew she should be running. Running away, running after Serpera, running anywhere really. But she didn't. She could only stare. Such perfect breasts. Such an inviting pussy. Sara blushed as she approached the woman.

"Oh, come on, take those silly clothes off! Here, let me help you."

Durian grabbed Sara by the shirt and pulled her close. She slowly pulled the shirt up and over her head and casually cast it aside.

Then, as she leaned forward to unclasp the bra, Sara leaned forward and they locked lips. The women parted briefly to discard the bra, the quickly pressed back together. Their breasts, so soft and warm, rubbed together smoothly and sensually. The silky-soft sensation was punctuated by their firm nipples, which sent electric bolts each time they slid against another.

Durian broke off from the kiss and leaned into Sara's ear.

"I think it's time to free the beast." Durian whispered softly before licking the inside of Sara's ear.

Sara said nothing as Durian crouched down, pulling her skirt down with her. She was left standing , wearing only her dick strap. Durian saw the holster and had an idea. An impish smile appeared on her face.

"You know, it wasn't very nice of you to shoot Mistress Serpera." Durian kissed the leather of the strap.

Sara slowly fell to her knees, unable to resist. She started to whimper. The leather was really cutting into her cock. She was incredibly horny and needed release. As she reached down to undo her restraint, Durian stopped her.

"No no! I won't let you free just yet. You have to be disciplined!" Durian said, now constantly rubbing her pussy.

She was incredibly wet. She moved forward and raised herself up enough to position her snatch just above Sara's shaft. Hovering over it for a moment, she then started grinding her cunt up and down the bound meat.

"Durian... please..." Sara was in agony. She fell backward onto her elbows.

"But you've been so bad!"

Sara said nothing. She could only whimper.

"I'll tell you what." Durian said cheerfully as she lightly tapped the tip of Sara"Ëœs cock. "Lick my pussy really nice, and we'll see about your little love rocket."

Sara moved to lean forward, but Durian gently pushed her backward until she as lying on her back. She then slid her leaky gash up her captive's glistening abdomen, over her quivering tits, and finally just over her exasperated face.

Durian giggled lightly as her love juice dripped down onto Sara's lips. Sara craned her neck upward, extending her tongue into the moist slit that consumed her vision. Durian let out a squeal of delight and her hips began to dance.

Sara was overwhelmed by the otherworldly aroma of Durian's cunt, but she was unable to free her head from the two shapely legs surrounding her.

Her cock was simultaneously burning and suffocating. She could take no more. Quickly raising both her arms up, Sara pulled Durian down and got a big mouthful of pussy. Durian let out a gasp and let her guard down.

In one fluid motion Sara pushed up and forward, sending Durian onto the floor with legs spread wide. Quickly removing her meatbelt, Sara rejoiced at the sensation of blood flowing freely to and from her big dick.

With only a moment's pause she plunged her girlcock up to the hilt in Durian's vagina. Durian didn't seem to mind though. She was content to simply lie there squealing on her back as Sara gave her the fuck of her life.

The young dickgirl was finally in command of the situation for the first time that week, and she was unstoppable. With a hand firmly gripping each shoulder, Durian became Sara's fucktoy of vengeance. One wailing orgasm after the other, Sara's cock pounding in, out, in, out. Squish, squirt, oh!

Finally, Sara came. Durian said something that wasn't really a language and passed out with an absurdly large smile on her face. Sara wanted to say something clever or badass, but truth be told she was pretty well spent herself.

"Oh shit.." Sara remembered what she was supposed to be doing.

After quickly getting dressed, Sara ran out of the office.

A pitch-black hand grabbed her face. There was nothing.

End Part Twelve


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Thirteen

7:00 PM, Friday

At last! From all around town the citizens of Ashland came to celebrate the moment they had been waiting for since their bitter defeat in the playoffs late last fall. The Growlbacks would rise again!

The air was nearly buzzing with a single-minded excitement that seemed to crescendo in the seconds leading up to the first kickoff of the season. With a satisfying CLACK the two teams collided into what was promising to be a highly competitive and satisfying game.

Of all the smiling faces in the crowed, however, there was one woman who's smile didn't quite seem to fit. In fact, her smile was a little unsettling. Even still, no one seemed to notice her. She wasn't on the field, so she didn't matter.

Serpera had never attended a football game before. She always thought it was nothing more than a tactless display of ignorance and misplaced masculinity. There she was though, sitting and smiling in the midst of overwhelming team spirit. Her glasses gleamed with manic enthusiasm. Even with her amazing powers of control, she simply couldn't fully contain the excitement she felt at that moment. It wasn't just her face either. Under her subdued black skirt suit, Serpera's body was ready.

Her already prominent nipples pressed firmly against the dark fabric of her blouse, while her pussy drizzled juices right down her stockinged legs and onto the hard metal seating. Her breath was heavy, almost a pant.

Everything was in place. She had the power to bend everyone in the immediate area to her design. Their bodies and minds were hers. All she had to do was flex her will, and the entire stadium would fall under her command.

She didn't though. Not immediately. She was savoring the suspense. Serpera was in love with the power of denial, including self-denial. She wanted the people to really sink into their pathetic little game. She wanted them to get truly comfortable. She wanted to interrupt.

Serpera anxiously tapped her fingers on her knee and glanced at the people around her. As it turns out, she couldn't really wait all that long.


About halfway through the first quarter Grant was already feeling pretty good. He was the team's star quarterback and all around best guy at everything, so he shouldn't have been too shocked that his team had already scored a solid touchdown.

The crowd cheered him on. With adrenaline rushing through his veins he jumped in the air, yelling a primal yell, flexing for his peers. He had the biggest tits around!

"What the hell?!" Grant squeaked, and the crowed fell silent. He glanced downward to see that his shoulder pads had vanished, allowing his two enormous boobies to jiggle freely under his jersey. He closed his eyes tight, trying to will them away. His concentration was soon broken, however. He felt his balls vibrating rapidly before shooting up deep inside oh his crotch. As his ball sack transformed into a fully-functioning vagina, his dick rapidly shrunk and withdrew, becoming a cute little pink clit.

"Noooo!" Grant (or rather, Candy) squealed. "My dick! What happened to my dick?!" Candy whined as she grabbed at her crotch. Her muscles melted away, even as they strained with nervous tension. She shrank a few inches, and her features softened to super-feminine levels.

It was getting difficult to breath. Her helmet was making her claustrophobic, so she tossed her it aside. Doing so caused her hair to whip out dramatically. It quickly lengthened and transformed from a short shaggy brown to a luxuriously long, wavy, platinum blonde.

Her plump, lipstick-coated lips tickled as she felt the last of her moustache fall away. She attempted ridiculously to hold on to her facial hair before giving up with a pout. Most of her body hair seemed to follow suite.

Her uniform was suddenly a lot more sparse, and since when did it include a mini-skirt? She noted this as she watched her once flat ass become a delicious bubble-butt.

Candy finally checked her surroundings and found that she was in the midst of a multitude of hot, panicking women dressed in sexy mockeries of football uniforms like herself. She couldn't believe what was happening. She stood silently with her mouth agape, her soft lips glistening in the stadium lights.

She looked down at her body, but mostly she saw boobs. Her nipples threatened to poke straight through her tight little jersey, which itself was little more than a tiny t-shirt that left her sexy soft-but-toned abs exposed to the night. She began pawing all over herself, simply trying to get oriented.

There were no teams anymore. Some of the girls were screaming, some were fondling themselves. Candy felt someone pinch her ass. She spun around to see one of her best friends. What was her name? Lacy? Yeah.

"Lacy? What happened?!" Candy was still scared, but she was happy to see her friend, so she bounced a little.

"I dunno Candy, they stole out dicks!" Lacy nervously shook her ass. "I gotta say though, you got a really cute bum now!"

"What? 'They' who?" Candy had always hated how much of a ditz Lacy was, but she always made up for it by saying really sweet things.

"I dunno! Someone! Can I feel your bum s'more now?" Lacy was getting impatient.

"No! We gotta go find out dicks Lacy!" Candy was exasperated. Lacy was all tits, no brains.

"Whatever! I'm gonna go play with Chrissie's boobies." Lacy gave up, waggling her ass as she walked away.

Candy sighed and sat down on the grass.

Meanwhile, Veronica and her minions on the cheerleading squad were speechless. They didn't know of any cheers for this situation.

Veronica started sniffling as she searched the field for Grant. They had been dating, naturally. Their football captain/head cheerleader relationship was about as generic as it got. Still, they thought they were in love.

She wasn't sure he was still there though. There was some kind of curvy bimbo where he once stood. She watched her man shake his tits at some other blonde little ditz. She felt like she could die. Still, she had to admit that they were both deadly sexy.

As she stared on, Veronica began to notice that her erection was causing her skirt to tent awkwardly. Then she noticed that she had an erection.

"What the fuck!" Veronica finally broke the linguistic hiatus. She stared downward, eyes wide, at her enormous appendage. "Grant!" she cried out for her knight in shining armor.

She ran toward her bimbo of a boyfriend, her huge, unwieldy dick swinging opulently. Any comfort she had hoped to find in the strong arms of her man swiftly washed away as she approached Candy's soft and curvy body.

"Veronica..." Candy's cute little voice trailed off as she became enthralled at the sight of her girlfriend's huge dick. Her eyes were glued to it. She felt her pussy moisten.


Serpera was already fingering herself. No one noticed of course. All eyes were on the field. Some of the busty football bimbos had started making out with each other, while others gingerly approached the well hung cheerleaders. All the while another more subtle change was taking place.

The age distribution of everyone in the stadium seemed to be moving toward a disproportionate amount of young adults. Children rapidly matured and grandparents began to look a lot more like their descendents. Before long there was no one left in the area who was not in their 20s.

Serpera's mind was soaring. This was more satisfying than she could ever have believed. Never before in her long existence had a plan ever come together so completely. She was in absolute command of the situation, and she was totally getting off on it.

Screams started erupting from the crowd. Serpera came. Some people started running. The next wave of change had hit. There were no longer any men left in the stadium. They had all been replaced with all manner of gorgeous women. The ladies of the audience didn't get off either. With all of the men being turned to women, it fell to the natural born women of the crowd to compensate for the sudden lack of dicks. Serpera locked the gates.

"Gr-Candy, snap out of it! What's going on?!" Veronica looked down at her 'boy'friend. Candy looked up at Veronica's two foot cock. "Are you even listening to me?!"

"Yeah, I... I can't seem to think straight...." As Candy spoke, her eyes never left Veronica's huge meat. The air was full of screams. "Veronica, I'm scared. Also..." Her words trailed off again as she reached forward and grasped Veronica's shaft.

"Candy...! Don't touch it! This is so wrong! What... oooh!" Veronica couldn't say much more after Candy wrapped her lips around her cock head.

Veronica looked down into Candy's eyes, eyes that seemed to glisten with pleading confusion.

As Veronica slowly let herself down onto the ground, Candy started running both her hands up and down Veronica's length as she continued to lick and suck. Veronica gasped and started tweaking her own nipples. She could feel a massive rush of lust building within her. Before she could finish, Veronica suddenly pushed Candy onto her back and ripped her uniform open.

"Um! Hey!" Candy protested, self-consciously trying to cover her nipples.

"Jesus Candy, those are the biggest tits I've ever seen!"

Candy blushed at the complement.

Veronica marveled for a moment before running her huge slab between the big creamy pillows laying before her. Candy's sexy little torso began to glisten with Veronica's pre-cum. Candy pressed her tits together around Veronica's thrusting dick. With each deep thrust, Candy attempted to lick the head of Veronica's shaft as it neared her face.

Serpera was laughing audibly. People were really starting to flip out now. That last rush of breast growth really seemed to strike a nerve. When they realized that they were trapped, some people started to get a little violent.

There was one slutty policewoman desperately trying to keep order, but in the end she fell on her shapely ass and shoved her nightstick up her sopping cunt.

Serpera was quick to turn the violent energy into uncontrollable lust. The stadium became an orgy from which no one could escape.

Veronica's head was swimming. Deep feelings of both unwavering fear and insurmountable lust coursed throughout her heart. Her oversized penis felt so alien, so wonderful as it slipped and rubbed against the impossible soft breasts of her altered lover. Her climax was imminent. She tried to gaze into Candy's eyes, but Candy's attention was still fixed on trying to get a mouthful of Veronica's cock.

"Candy," Veronica panted. "Look at me!"

Candy looked up at her girlfriend and their eyes locked. They shared a weak but hopeful smile for a brief second. Then, without warning, Veronica came. She issued a strange scream/grunt from her throat as her balls churned at maximum capacity. Her dick pumped out buckets of spooge, most of which caked on and obscured Candy's face.

"Mmupumbua..." Candy tried to speak through her thick mask of jizz even as it dripped into her mouth and down her throat.

Veronica leaned forward and brought her face to Candy's. She licked around through her own spooge to find her lover's lips. They tasted like strawberries. Their tongue's danced as they moaned into each other's mouths, making out with reckless abandon in the midst of the strangest orgy that the city of Ashland had ever seen.

Meanwhile, back in the bleachers Serpera had one poor woman by the balls. The woman was pleading desperately to be let go, despite the fact that she was continually jacking herself off with her left hand. Serpera wasn't even paying attention to her. Instead, she surveyed the stadium broadly and smiled.

"Now." she said to herself. "Let's get started."

End Part Thirteen


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Fourteen

Saturday, Time Unknown

Black and pain, with growing clarity. What, where am I? This floor is...wooden, warm. I can hear fire crackling faintly. Torchlight? Creak, creak. I'm rolling around. Here are my feet.

Sara stood alone, naked in a dimly lit room. She was surrounded by sturdy mirrored walls and ceiling. The air held a strange perverted warmth. She could see no apparent doors or windows in our out. There were four lit torches standing on the floor near each corner of the room. Sara's mind was slowly waking up.

"Serpera! Where the fuck are you?! Let me out of here!" Sara ran straight forward, slamming against a wall. Nothing but pain. The glass was unharmed. She scanned the room. Nothing.

"Brilliant plan, Schuler! What are you trying to do, knock yourself out or cut yourself to ribbons?"

Sara saw Serpera's reflection over her shoulder. She spun to see the flickering image of that hateful bitch standing in the center of the room.

"Serpera you cunt! What is this, some kind of hologram? Come in here and fucking face me!"

Serpera laughed. "Why would I do that, Spooge Cow? You shot me just yesterday. I have no reason to humor your ridiculous ideas of honor, or whatever it is you're getting at. You are mine. I will do as I please."

Sara was starting to grasp the gravity of the situation. She really was trapped. "Fuck! What the fuck to you want from me?! Haven't you done enough?!"

"Oh, shut up Schuler. You already know the answer to that." A devilish smile crept onto Serpera's face. "We're going to play a game now."

"Great. I can't wait to kick your ass, bitch!" Sara's resolve grew a little.

"I seriously doubt that, Schuler. It's not that kind of game." Serpera said matter-of-factly.

"Oh yeah? Well, what the hell kind of game is it?"

"The rules are quite simple. Every time you ejaculate, your genitals will increase in size."

"Well, looks like you're out of luck, bitch. I'm not in the mood." Sara proclaimed defiantly.

"That's fine, Spooge Cow. In fact, that's better." Serpera said before vanishing into the dark.


The light of these images cast from the television were all that lit Katie's room. Of course, it's not that there was much to see. The room was a little smaller than Sara's and made completely of sturdy wood. No doors here either. Besides the TV, the only notable feature in the room was a startlingly lifelike dick sticking out of the floor. It was situated right in front of the TV.

"Well Callahan, what do you think of this show?"

Katie looked around for the source of the voice. Serpera was somewhere.

"I suppose it doesn't matter. You can't change the station."

"What were you guys talking about? I think the speakers are broken." Katie inquired, keeping her rage in check in order to try and get something to work with.

"It would be better for you if you didn't know, so of course I'll tell you. I was simply informing your lover that her penis and testicle will grow every time she reaches climax."

"Oh yeah? And why would it be better if I didn't know that?" Katie's patience was running out. She still couldn't find the source of Serpera's voice.

"Oh Callahan, must you be so simple? I'm sure you've noticed the floor-adjoined penis next to you. It is a direct copy of Schuler's. On top of that, she will feel any stimulation you administer to it. Think of it as a telephone, except for dicks. It works the other way too. If Schuler ejaculates, and she will ejaculate, this penis here will release just as much semen for your consumption."

"What?! Serpera, you fucked up bitch, what the hell am I supposed to do with that?" Katie yelled as she lunged into a random direction.

After a heavy sigh of exasperation, Serpera concluded. "Heavens Callahan, I can feel my intellect decreasing with every moment I speak with you. I'll leave you to your program."

"Fuck you! Serpera?! Fuck you!" Katie shouted to the walls.

Katie looked around. Her blood was pounding. She glanced to the TV, the floor dick, the blank walls, then back to the dick.


Meanwhile, Myra found herself powerless.

A network of strange thick lines pulsated from black to purple to red all over Myra's body. The curse seemed to lock Myra's powers down completely. The room she was in was vastly larger than Sara's. The ceiling extended a good 40 feet up. In front of her was a 15 foot wall. Suddenly, Serpera appeared.

"Groton, I must admit that your were the only part of my plan that failed. Maybe I was just a little too greedy. Using you as an amplifier, I could have easily taken at least half of the country. Hunters possess such amazing potential. If only you would consent!"

Myra simply stared.

"Of course, I know better. For one reason or the other you hold an unshakable allegiance to humanity. There's no point in dwelling on that. I can at least derive some pleasure in toying with your existence for the rest of eternity."

"I'm going to kill you." Myra stated simply.

"Indeed. Well, I believe you have more pressing matters right now. Your whore of a friend Ms Winters lies at the other end of this maze. She is, at this very moment, enduring an unending sexual onslaught provided by my Shadow Guard. You will find that if you don't reach he in time, her mind may very well snap. You'd better hurry."

Serpera vanished as suddenly as she had appeared. An opening formed in the 15 foot wall, revealing the maze. Myra stood alone, naked and furious. She could faintly hear Jessica's grunts echoing in the distance. With no further reason to hesitate, the cursed Hunter rushed forward.


Back in the TV room, Katie was in trouble. On the silence of the screen, Sara's frustrated thrashing and attacks against the mirrors almost looked like a dance. How much time had passed? Katie was hypnotized. She was the captive audience of her heart's desire. With each attack and failing motion that Sara delivered, Katie's eyes couldn't help but get caught up in the graceful arc of Sara's dick. It was taunting her, enticing her, like a worm twisting on a fish hook.

There was a familiar scent in the air. Katie sniffed around. She could clearly smell Sara's meat. She looked down at the dick lying before her. That WAS Sara's cock. Katie wanted to cry. Why was all of this happening? She just wanted to run off with Sara somewhere. She just wanted to be happy.

She reached out and laid a hand on the surrogate meat, almost my accident. Her pussy twitched. She couldn't let go. She looked up at the screen to see Sara looking a little shocked, gazing down at her member. She felt that alright. Her lips were moving. What was she saying?


"What the hell?" Sara looked down. It felt like something was touching her cock. She couldn't see anything though. "Damn it Serpera, it's not going to work."

Sara was mostly talking to herself though. She knew her accusation was somehow inaccurate. It didn't quite feel like something Serpera would do. There was nothing forceful about it. This sensation was soft. It was almost... loving. Despite herself, Sara cold feel her member start to engorge.


Back in front of the boob tube, Katie noticed a newfound throbbing to the magic dick in front of her. It was responding to her touch. It was coming alive. She paused for a moment, then...


Sara's heart rate was rising. A pair of ghost hands was apparently giving her a hand job. She tried gripping her dick to shake and rub the hands away. Of course, this only served to stimulate herself even further. It wasn't long before she had a full blown erection jutting out one foot in front of her. She was still at a loss as to where these sensations were actually coming from. Was she going mad? Was Serpera working a strange sort of spell? Just then, Sara felt the lips on her cock, and she knew exactly who they belonged to.

"Kat... oh god.. Where are you?! Mmmm! Kat!"

The brief relief Sara felt in learning that Katie was still alive soon gave way to a more urgent sense of panic. If this kept up, she was going to cum.

"Uh..oh....Kat....KAT! STOP! Oh god... you.."

Sara's knees gave out. She could feel her balls churning under her. What could she do? There was nothing. She could only sit and accept those loving lips of doom. She could feel her climax building. She was panting loudly.


Katie was a mess of fluids. Her pussy dripped steadily on the warm wooden floor even as tears ran down her face, mixing in with the precum smeared across her cheeks. She grunted in an almost beastly nature as she ravished the beloved cock jutting up before her. As she frantically slid her grasping hands up and down the shaft, she took the head deeply into her throat. There was a shudder first, then the floodgates flew open. Wave after wave gushed down her throat and into her waiting innards.

Her moans of pleasure stopped abruptly as she swiftly unsheathed the dick from her throat and snapped her attention to the screen mid-orgasm. To her dismay she saw Sara screaming at the top of her lungs as her dick spewed forward and began to swell. The synthetic dick grew to match while still shooting a heavy rain of spooge into the air.

"Sara... I'm so sorry." Katie muttered to the screen. When it finally stopped growing, Sara's dick had reached a foot and a half, while also increasing in girth to match. Her balls were now the size of softballs.

"That's it! I'm done!" Katie told herself forcefully. It was pointless though. There was cum everywhere, and Sara's dick was now more juicy than before. Resistance was futile. Without a word Katie grabbed hold of the still-hard cock. After pausing to sniff for one instant, she positioned her dripping pussy over the slick dick and slowly squatted down. She teased the lips of her cunt with the cock head for a bit, then carefully began inching it inside. After her incredible vagina acclimated to the sheer girth of the dick, Katie began to bounce up an down. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed and enthusiasm.


Sara was gripping the base of her cock hard, trying to make a sort of cock ring. Unfortunately her impressive girth made this impossible. She could feel her meat pumping in and out of Katie's ghost pussy. She could feel the love box twitching, squeezing, gushing.


Up, down, up, down. Katie was on automatic. Even though she was taking the impossible 1.5 foot length to the hilt, it somehow wasn't enough. Her fever burned.

"Sara! SARA, fuck me!" She yelled at the TV.

Then, as if in response, Katie felt the fire hose blast of semen explode into her cunt. So much gushing, and then the growth. The feeling of that massive rod growing even larger inside of her successfully put Katie's sentient mind on sleep mode.


"Oh, Spooge Cow, I see I got here just in time for your milking!" Serpera's image mocked.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" Sara shouted through tears as she tried ridiculously to keep sperm from rocketing out of the tip of her unruly two foot dick.

"Don't be so upset, Schuler. You should be happy. Just look at that specimen! You are the picture of health and virility."

"Go to hell you cunt!"

"Once again I find you making demands from a position where you can't even control yourself." Serpera slid a finger up her skirt and started fingering. "It's just too pathetic. I can't get enough! Come on, why don't you stop me? Do you want to hit me? I have a better idea. Why don't you crawl over here and fuck me?" Serpera turned so that her ass was partially facing Sara and gave it a slight wiggle.


Myra was slowly making her way through the maze. Her measured approached was nowhere near giving in to desperation, but there was still an ever-present sense that she should be running. However, she knew that it was logic, not heart, that would see her through this task.

The maze seemed to be fairly straightforward at first. However, after a while it became apparent that Myra's impeccable spatial analysis would not be enough, as Serpera was somehow cheating physics.

Along the chaotic maze walls ran a continuous visual narrative composed mostly of demons, naked women, and combinations thereof, all engaged in various forms of sex. At first Myra had disregarded the images as little more than a psychological weapon, but after some inspection their did seem to be some sort of complicated pattern. At each fork the images proposed a sort of question which could be answered with the images associated with the corresponding paths. It was all very abstract, but their was enough substance to make a system.

As she slowly progressed, Myra was disturbed to noticed that she seemed to be getting aroused. Her primary penis had become slightly engorged and her nipples were starting to transition into more phallic shapes. That, along with the fact that Jessica's moans were becoming more dire, lent even more urgency to each decision. When she felt a few drops of pussy juice slide down her inner thigh, Myra started running.


At thee feet long, Sara's dick was now a little over half her height. She struggled to stand. If it wasn't enough to have her center of gravity thrown off my her meaty appendage, she also had to contend with weak knees, a sense of lightheadedness, and a floor made incredible slick with spooge. Serpera was still alternating between bouts of laughter and biting mockery.

"Ah, I see you're taking a more active stance Schuler. Are you sure you can handle that position?"

Sara started walking forward. After a few steps she slipped and almost fell, but after some ungraceful flailing she was able to stay on her feel. Her boobs and man parts jostled around dynamically.

"You know Schuler, for a girl with testicles that large, you should really be quite careful. The risk of injury is enormous!" Serpera giggled in an adult manner.

Sara could feel Katie's lips on the tip of her cock. Her lover's hands caressed the length of her dick, sometimes pausing to tickle the more sensitive bits.

"Alright Serpera, that's enough! What have you done with Katie?!" Sara tried a more composed approach.

"Isn't the real question what Callahan is doing to you?" Serpera smirked.

"I'm not stupid, bitch!" Sara's shouting seemed to be punctuated by the sharp increase to the intensity of Katie's massage. Sara was nearing the edge once more.

"You're using her against me!" A tongue ran along the underside of her shaft.

"You did this to her!" Sara's dick was embraced by the soft skin of Katie's tits.

"It's not her fault!" The pressure, the squishing, the slick rubbing was all too much.

"Let us go damn it!" Sara yelled just as her cock issued forth a particularly juicy stream of cum. It flew clear across the room, right through Serpera's projection. As Sara fell forward, her dick expanded by another full foot. Her face landed in thick puddle of semen. She remained in place as Serpera laughed over her.

"Schuler, I believe you're making a fool of yourself. Don't you understand basic physics?"

Even as she lay motionless on the floor, Katie's attention would not relent.

"Kat..." Sara finally said. "Kat! Don"Ëœt give into this cunt! It"Ëœs not your fault! We'll..."


Katie's soggy eyes were glued to the screen as Sara came again. She couldn't tell what was being said, but she could clearly see her own name on Sara's lips. The magic dick she was playing with was now at least six feet long and growing. She wanted to stop. She knew she had to stop. She absolutely could not stop.


By this point Myra had progressed pretty far, but then so had her mysterious state of arousal. At first it was only a slight concern. Then she had three full erections and a pussy that was dripping all over the floor. Still, nothing she couldn't handle. The maze was proving resilient though. Her erections became even harder, to the point of pain. Her pussy began to gush audibly. Her balls churned. Then, as she contemplating a particularly difficult puzzle, one of her dick-nipples unexpectedly let loose a brief spurt. Myra briefly examined the cum spot running down the wall before making a rash decision and continuing through the maze. She was starting to panic. She was moving too fast. Another spurt. Then another, another. Before long she was constantly ejaculating from all three cocks, and the pleasure was building. She fell to the floor, dribbling fluids everywhere. She was making quite a mess as she silently but forcefully jerked dicks at random. She was about to lose herself completely in the sensation, when suddenly,

"AAAAAHHHHHhhhoOOoo god! HELP ME!!" Jessica screamed, more piercing than a glass needle.

Myra instantly snapped back to the ask at hand. She was so close! Jessica had to be just around the corner...

Sure enough, Myra turned the corner to find her friend getting gang-raped by four shadowy futa demons.

"Get the fuck off of her!" Myra commanded, cocks still on full blast.

Much to her surprise, the four fiends vanished. Myra was wary.

"Oh my god! Myra, I'm so fucking happy to see you!" Jessica gasped. She had clearly endured a horrible ordeal and was on her last leg. Still, her appreciation was immediately apparent.

"Jessica! Are you alright? Well, I mean considering..." Myra ran up to her friend.

"I am now. Thank you so much!"

Myra kneeled down on the ground to pick Jessica up and give her a hug. For some reason though, she kept going down and ended up mouth to mouth with her violated comrade.

Jessica broke off the kiss. "I'm happy to see you too Myra, but we have to... Myra, get off of me. I'm... I'm too tired right now. What, what are you doing! Myra!"

Myra was not getting off. Instead she grabbed Jessica firmly by the shoulders and lined up her cock with Jessica's ravaged pussy. "Jessica... I can't... what's... what's happening!?"

Myra was no longer in control of her body. Out of nowhere the primal lust welled back up in her brain and she started thrusting hard and deep into her poor friend.

"Myra?!" Jessica's eyes were huge with fear and confusion. When she looked to Myra's and saw the same.

"Jessica... I can't stop! Oh god!"

Myra's humping grew stronger and more forceful with each thrust. Her dick-nipples shot cum all over Jessica's tits, face, and hair. Jessica screamed for a long time, then fell silent and limp.

"Jessica?! Jessica?!?!" Myra examined Jessica's body even as she continued to invade it. She had fallen unconscious. "God damn you Serpera! I'm going to fucking kill you!"

Myra's mournful yelling echoed throughout the maze and beyond.


Most of Sara's body mass was male genitals at that point. Perched atop her gargantuan balls, she struggled to simply touch the ground. Her feet dangled almost three feet above the flooded floor. She was laying face down on top of her dick, which was almost as long as the room. She was unable to walk. She couldn't get away even if she was in the middle of a field. The room was flooded about a foot deep in semen. Serpera couldn't get enough. Sara had given up. She tried to bury her face in her meat. She wanted to die.

"Schuler, I must admit this has been quite fun. I wonder if you would..." Serpera's image suddenly flickered drastically. There appeared to be heavy interference. "What's going on over there? What are you... oh shit! Not-" Her image suddenly vanished.

White noise filled the room, followed by a blinding light.

End Part Fourteen


Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Part Fifteen

Sunday Morning

As the blinding light faded, Sara found herself laying face down on a cold steel floor. She quickly snapped up and looked down. There was her cock alright, but it was back to it's now standard one foot length. She was somehow relieved.

"Unh, Sara!"

Sara looked around to find Katie as well as Myra and Jessica. They were all in a small, sparse industrial-looking room with no windows.

Katie blinked as she oriented to her new surroundings. As soon as she saw Sara, she rushed over to embrace her.

"Sara! Oh god, are you alright?! I'm so sorry, I-" Katie's emphatic apology was cut short by Sara's reassuring hand.

"It's ok Kat, really. Serpera fucks with people's minds. It's really not your fault." Sara's smile was weak but sincere. "She tried to use us both against each other, but it didn't work, did it? We understand each other way better than that." Sara looked over to Myra and Jessica. "Besides, it looks like Jessica's the one that needs attention right now." Sara said with growing concern.

Myra was hovering over the still unconscious Jessica. Her hands here glowing. "She'll be alright. I have some basic abilities that can heal her and wake her up."

As she spoke, Sara noticed tears running down Myra's face.

"Myra, what happened?" Sara asked solemnly.

Myra was silent for a moment.

"I... I raped her..." Myra almost whispered.

"Oh, Myra... come on, you know that no matter what happened, it wasn't your fault."

"It doesn't matter who's fault it was!" Myra screamed suddenly. "If you could have heard her screams, if you could have seen her face..." Myra covered her face with her hand. "There is no justification."

Katie put her hand on Myra's back as the Hunter went back to healing. Before long, Jessica's eyes fluttered open.

"Myra?" Jessica said weakly. Her eyes flashed with fear and confusion.

"Jessica! It's ok, you're ok now. You're safe. I'm not gonna hurt you." Myra gently held Jessica's hand. "Lie still. We can't stay here long, and you need all the energy you can get."

Myra's hand began to glow red. Jessica could feel life rush into her veins.

Everyone was silent.

"Myra, where the hell were we?" Katie finally spoke up.

Myra remained silent for a moment.

"It's pretty complicated and would take a while to explain, so I'll just say that basically I think we were taken to a pocket dimension." She continued to stare intently at Jessica as she spoke.

"...Oh yeah?" Katie responded, cocking her head to the side.

"Yep. Serpera is a pretty powerful demon. She has access to that sort of thing." Myra paused and turned her head toward Katie. "What I don't understand is how we got out of it. A dimension, even if it's just a pocket one, is a pretty stable thing. Generally the only thing that can destroy one is the same entity that created it. I seriously doubt this is what Serpera wanted though."

"What about the angel?"

"Nope. If angels had that sort of power, Hell would have been destroyed a long time ago. Unless... of course!" Myra's eyes grew wide with her realization.


"Serpera must have bound her soul to Angel's! That's how she was able to use her mind-control power to cause transformations! She put too much confidence in her dominance though... for one reason or the other, Angel was able to gain control for long enough free us and undo all changes and curses placed on us in that dimension. I'm sure they're together right now."

"Well shit! Let's go get them! Angle showed me how to find her." Sara scanned her sorroundings and felt a strange sense of deja-vu. "Yeah... yeah! I know which way to go! Come on!" Sara was nearly out the door already.

"Hold on Sara, we can't just rush in there without a plan. Let's take inventory."

"Myra, as far as I can tell we're all we have are birthday suits. We're gong to have to improvise."

"Well, our clothes are in a box right over there."

Sara blushed. "Oh."

"What do we need clothes for anyway?" Jessica suddenly spoke up, still a little weak.

For the first time in her life, Myra squealed with delight as she embraced her friend. The girls help Jessica to her feet, and they all started to get dressed.

"Fuck! That bitch stole my necklace!" Katie grumbled. "On top of everything else, why would she do that?"

Myra paused.

"...hm... Katie... what kind of necklace was it?"

"It was a really pretty rock on a chain. Sara gave it to me for my birthday."

"Tell me more. If Serpera had any interest in it, then it might be something we can use."

"Well, it was a lot like a prism. It was really shiny, and it seemed to magnify even dim light. It made these crazy little rainbow-stars even at night."

"Hmm..." Myra rubbed her forehead as she thought. She was still mostly naked. "I can't be sure without seeing it, but from your description, and the fact that Serpera saw fit to take it, I'm willing to bet it was some kind of augment stone."

"What exactly might that be?" Sara asked, tentatively hopeful.

"...Well, there's a few different kinds, but they're all pretty rare. If I can just get near one, I should be able to use it to contain Serpera."

"Fuck that!" Sara blurted. "I mean, that bitch needs to die. We can't go easy on her."

"...Sara.... You must realize that we aren't really in a position to be fighting her in the first place... this is really the only thing we can do. Besides, once she's in there, she won't be able to get out."

Realizing the truth of Myra's words, Sara relented.

The girls were off. They cautiously peaked out of the room to find a long hallway with the same combination of cold and steel. What was this place? Where were they? Try as they might, there were no windows to be found. There wasn't much in the way of decor anywhere, and nothing really to search. Just a bunch of seemingly empty rooms. Katie decided to try and start a conversation as an alternative to the echoing of their footsteps.

"So, why do you thing the angel came to Sara instead of Myra? I mean, no offense Sara, but Myra seems to be the best pick for the job."

"Well, she said that we could be related." Sara said. "I don't know. We don't really look related. She said I was the only one she could come to."

Everyone looked to Myra.


"Well, you've been pretty clever lately. What do you think?"

"...I... well it could be a number of things. Maybe she doesn't trust me... some angels do have issues with Hunters. We are trained to be able to take them down after all."

Jessica was losing patience, and it was starting to show. She kept finding her self subconsciously tweaking her own nipples from time to time.

"Blah blah blah! Can we get to some action already?!" Jessica suddenly blurted, surprising even herself. After taking a moment to compose her thoughts, she continued. "What I mean to say is, can we take a fuck break or something? I'm dying over here."

"I could use a .. snack myself actually." Katie added sheepishly.

Sara stopped and looked at her friends. "Well, alright then. It could certainly help moral, and there's no telling what we'll face when we finally get to that bitch. Let's keep it light though."

And so it was that the girls paused for a brief oral sex interlude. Katie loving slurped on Sara's cock whilst Myra dutifully attended to Jessica's engorged clit. Sara had to take one hand from the back of Katie's head to cover Jessica's mouth in an attempt to stifle her moans. It wasn't long before Katie got what she needed, but poor Jessica's was as boundless as ever. Myra brought her lips to Jessica's mouth, while Sara and Katie nibbled on her nipples and pussy respectively. After a prolonged bout of sweaty writhing and muffled expressions of pleasure, the girls were able to convince Jessica to continue, and off they went.

They hadn't gotten much further when Myra silently signaled for everyone to stop.

"...there's someone nearby..." She reported.

The girls listened closely. There was the distant sound of wet footsteps.

"...it's a human... cursed.." Myra noted.

"Sounds like they're directly in our path. Think we can take "Ëœem?" Sara said quietly.

"...I don't think they'll be a problem... probably just another of Serpera's victims..." Myra paused. "...in fact... I'm sure this place is crawling with them... she must have hit the football game by now. No doubt she took a few souvenirs..."

"Let's just be careful?" Katie suggested.

The closer they got, the more clearly they could her each uncertain step. There was a continuous drip.

"Pussy!" Jessica exclaimed suddenly.

"Yeah, that was kind of a given Jessica." Katie forcefully hushed. "We're sneaking, remember?"

At last, they could hear the stranger just around the corner. Her breathing was heavy and she was pacing uneasily. The girls decided it would be best to approach slowly and explain.

As soon as they turned the corner, the mystery girl was on them. She lunged for Sara first. Sara was able to dodge narrowly, and the girl almost fell down. Her huge tits jiggled wildly. The floor was slick with cunt sop. She recovered quickly though, and latched onto Jessica's boobs from behind. Jessica didn't really put up a fight. In fact, she spun around and the two of them began to make out. Before long she was naked on the floor with the unnamed girl as the other three watched.

"Maybe it's for the best." Sara said finally. She was about to say something else, when Myra suddenly spoke up.

"..there's more... they're coming!"

"What? More of her?" Sara spoke up over the feminine moans coming from the floor.

"Yes, and they all seem to have the same type of curse... in fact, I would go so far as to say they're all connected, almost like some sort of hive-mind. They know where we are, and if they get to us we'll never escape!"

"Wow, death by lesbo horde. Shit, grab Jessica, we gotta move!" Sara was getting excited.

Myra had to use more than a little super strength to wrench Jessica free from the gushing girl on the floor. With their lusty friend in tow the girls rushed off in a decidedly more hurried pace, leaving a slick trail in their wake.

"God, just leave me behind!" Jessica pleaded. "I'm so fucking horny. I belong with them anyway. I'm just slowing you down."

"Shut up! I know you're stronger than that. We're going to stop this, Jessica." Myra said forcefully.

They slowed down when they came to a large room with lots of doors. They had put significant distance between themselves and the pussy mob, and Jessica was getting heavy on Myra's shoulder.

"Holy fuck,-- how big can this place be?" Katie said as she tried to catch her breath.

"I think we're almost there." Sara said, examining Myra's expression. "What's up Myra? You sense something?"

"...this place is full of people..."


"...I think these area all holding cells..." Myra replied, gesturing toward the multitude of doors.

"I do sense a lot of cocks around here." Katie added with a bit too much saliva.

Sara cautiously approached one of the doors and peeked into the reinforced window. Inside the small room sat 20-something girl with huge tits and two cocks jutting from her crotch. With a dick in each hand she silently jerked with an expression of distant defeat. She didn't seem to notice that she was being watched. In the next room Sara found a girl passed out face-down on the floor. She couldn't tell if the sleeping captive had a dick or not, but she was resting atop four large breasts. She also seemed to have a strange sort of cow tail, and maybe even some horns. Sara's rage was already boiling over by the time she reached a third room wherein she saw a dickgirl pacing across her little space. This girl really wasn't all that different from Sara, besides the fact that she had two more dicks sticking out from the top of her head like demon horns. This girl was alert enough to detect Sara's presence, and she ran to the window.

"Fuck! Let me out of here! How the fuck did you get out! Get me out!" The dick-horned girl's shouts were muffled through the glass, but the still managed to pierce Sara's reserve. Sara put her hand on the glass and turned to Myra.

"We have to get these people out of here! Come on Myra, blast these doors open!"

"...I'm not gonna do that..."

"Why the fuck not?!"

"...we can come back for them... they won't be any help... we have to work small..."

"Bullshit! These people are suffering! Let them out!"

"....Sara... we're headed straight to the source of all there people's suffering... how much good do you think that will do them? There's no safer place we could take them right now."

Sara paused. "Goddamnit. You make too much fucking sense sometimes."

Sara turned back around and looked at the pleading girl in captivity.

"What's your name?" Sara asked.

"Molly, my name's Molly. Please, you have to let me out!"

"Molly, my name's Sara. I'm gonna get you out of there I-"


"What the fuck?!" Sara spun around.

Suddenly, out of fucking nowhere (a wall actually), a huge beast crashed into the room. It had a humanoid from, stood a good ten feet tall, and was made almost entirely out of dicks. Big, thick, sinewy dicks. The one oases from dicks on the body seemed to be the huge pare of tits bouncing from it's chest. The nipples on those tits however, were dicks.

"What the FUCK is that thing?! Myra, zap that shit!" Sara commanded.

"Sara, I hate to say this, but that's just another cursed human. Judging by Serpera's patterns, it was probably a woman... I imagine she's just confused, and probably really horny..."

The dickbeast clearly saw the girls. She was lumbering right toward them, squirting every step of the way. Her long, snaky dick-tail lashed about behind her as she wrung her huge, dick-fingered hands. It sounded as though she were either growling or crying.

"That's too much cock... even for me..." Katie was in awe.

"Well, she doesn't seem to be able to move very fast. Just run around her!" Sara ordered, before attempting just that. The beast made a surprising lunge, however, and grabbed Sara in a strong but squishy grip.

"Fuck, FUCK! Help!" Sara screamed. The beast was holding her up in the air, and she was getting soaked in monster sperm. Her own dick seemed to respond by quickly getting hard. Soon enough Sara's penis joined in the chorus of ejaculation. Her legs flailed uselessly as she tried to wiggle free. Her clothes seemed to melt away.

Suddenly, there was a blur of tits. Absolutely everyone was shocked to see Jessica jumping straight at the face of the beast. What at first seemed to be little more that a vigorous hump attack soon reveal itself to be a brilliant strategy. Jessica planted a nipple directly into the beast's mouth. She began to suckle a little at first, then with more and more enthusiasm. After a minute or so of this, the beast forgot all about Sara and dropped her on the ground.

Sara soon stopped cumming and recovered to her feet.

"Fucking brilliant..." Was all she could mutter.

The beast wrapped her arms around Jessica as best she could, but her movement was quite limited. The more milk she drank, the more vigorous her ejaculations became. Since she was made almost completely out of cocks, the poor beast was soon completely incapacitated by way of constant intense shuddering. Jessica was able to wiggle free, and after a brief silent apology, the girls were off. Not long after, the sex-seeking horde of gushy women arrived to find the dick-beast flailing around in a pool of cum. I'll leave the rest of that to your imagination.

"Alright ladies," Sara addressed her friends as the entered what appeared to be a huge, dark, empty warehouse. "We're almost there. The bitch lies just beyond these doors. We should rest up real quick, "Ëœcause this won't be easy. You know what you're doing Myra?"

The young Hunter nodded silently.


There was a moment's peace.

Then there was the sound of stilettos on metal.

From all around the surrounding darkness, they came. All in matching uniforms, the Bimbo Football Army. There looked to be around a hundred of them. Their cute little outfits were little more than a black micro-skirt with matching shoulder pads. Their nipples were almost covered with little black electrical-tape Xs. Their gorgeous hair, some with ribbons, flowed out from under their shiny black helmets. Fingerless black gloves revealed pretty painted fingernails, and lacy black thigh-highs extended up from their matching heels.

"What the fuck?! Who the fuck are these bitches?!" Sara demanded.

The bimbos were silent. They were clearly under orders. Still, some of them were cringing a little, biting their glossy lips as their pussies creamed. Then, a slight whirring sound from above. The cheerleading squad dropped in from overhead on cables like the motherfucking SWAT team.

"These "Ëœbitches' are the North Ashland Growlbacks! Also, the Springfield Lions, but mostly the Growlbacks!" Veronica hissed.

The cheerleaders, of course, matched the team. In fact, they had the same micro-skirts. Their micro-bikini tops, however, actually served to cover their expansive tits a little more than the shoulder pads of their counterparts. Really, besides the absence of the helmet and gloves, they had nearly the same uniform. One of the biggest differences between them and the football players was that the cheerleaders all had big fat cocks jutting obscenely from under their skirts and a pair of meaty balls dangling underneath.

"What the fuck are you doing Veronica!" Jessica spoke up. There was plenty of bad blood between the two as it was. "Let us through! We're trying to save everyone!"

"Are you kidding me? You stupid cunt! Mistress Serpera would break you in half! There's no way the four of you freaks can take her on."

"Are you really going to call us freaks right now?!" Jessica was getting riled up. "I can fucking see your cock right now!"

"Shut the fuck up Wonderclit!" Veronica turned red.

"Your dick's twice as big as mine, you know." Sara added.

"I said shut up! It doesn't matter! We already have a deal worked out. Mistress Serpera said if we help her out for a while, she'll return us back to normal."

"...and you believed her?" Myra said obviously.

"We didn't have a fucking choice!" Veronica was shaking. She looked over to see a couple of the bimbos making out with each other. "Stop making out damnit! Fucking fags! Do you want your dicks back or what?"

"Mmm! Mmmhmm! Sorry, it's just my titties are so ticklish right now, and she was helping me out!" One of the two squeaked.

"Enough! Captain Candy, take these bitches out already!" Veronica looked at her former boyfriend. She had been given special distinction as leader of the bimbos, but she was still subservient to the cheerleaders. A red serpent emblem adorned her helmet and shoulder pads.

"Right, you cunts are going down!" Candy shouted, failing miserably at sounding intimidating. After unleashing a growl that ended up sounding just vaguely sexual, she rushed forward and connected with Sara. It could have been a vicious attack if she weighed even fifty pounds more. As it was, however, Candy simply bounced off of her target and let loose an adorable squeak as she landed on her sexy little ass.

"Is that the best you've got, Veronica? Why don't you just come over her and fuck me with that huge throbbing cock of yours already?" Jessica smirked.

"You fucking-!" Veronica's retort was cut short as Jessica sailed through the air and wrapped her legs around Veronica's hips. They both landed on the ground, and Jessica caught the girlcock in her cunt.

"Fucking attack!" Veronica gasped at her minions.

As a group, the bimbos proved a much more formidable force. From all sides they pressed in. First Katie fell to the wall of tits and hard plastic. Then one of them got Sara in the balls. The floor was the exact worst place to be, as the danger of being stabbed by those incredible pointed heels was quite prevalent. Katie and Sara managed to get together and form a united defense. Fortunately, the bimbo's shoes (and all other clothing for that matter) came off quickly, and the violent assaults quickly gave way to a fledgling orgy. Sara and Katie were mostly safe for now, but also quite trapped in a mass of quivering, dripping flesh.

With Jessica still riding the hell out of Veronica, Myra was pretty much left on her own against the rest of the cheerleaders. They were surprisingly ninja-esque. Without her powers, Myra would never have lasted. Of course, it also helped that the cheerleaders were sometimes thrown off balance hilariously by their huge swinging dicks.

Finally, with all the cheerleaders incapacitated and the bimbos locked in orgy, Sara, Katie, and Myra gathered around to watch the spectacle of Jessica riding Veronica like a cowgirl.

"Oh, fuck! You fucking bitch! You fucking bitch!" Veronica moaned. She was clearly enjoying it despite herself.

"Yeah, fuck it! Fuck that pussy!"

"Come on Jessica! Let's get the fuck out of here already!" Sara finally shouted.

"Ah...ahh! AHlmost! AHH! YES!!! OH FUCK! YEAH!"

Myra had to drag her friend off of the glowing cheerleader. They ran toward the door.

"This is it girls, soon this past week's just gonna be a bad dream!" Sara was strangely optimistic.

The doors opened.

There she was. Serpera. Unconscious. With a futa demon fucking the hell out of her from behind.

The girls were quickly drawn into the room and the doors sealed shut behind them.

"Fuck! Myra! Get..." Sara started. She found herself transfixed.

Angel clearly hadn't bee kidding about the whole demon thing. This was not the same quiet, slight girl that spoke through dreams. This demon was tall and powerful. Her strange black and white striped skin rippled with energy. Black skeletal bat wings extended from her back, and two long white horns arched from her forehead. She didn't have any balls, but she did have two long dicks situated vertically just above her vagina. One was buried in Serpera's ass, the other stuck way up in her pussy. There was no telling how long these dicks were, but as she thrust in and out, there was no end it sight to them. Her tits were huge and heavy, and brushed across Serpera's back as she humped. Her hips and ass were hypnotizing.

No one seemed to be able to speak. Pussies and mouths moistened. Dicks and nipples hardened. Breathing became labored.

As Myra stared transfixed at the supernatural grace of Angel's demon tits, something else caught her eye. Dangling between those radiant, jiggling masses hung a glimmering stone affixed to a modest but sturdy necklace. That was it. Katie's necklace. It wasn't perfect, but it would do. If only she could concentrate.

Jessica was the first to cave. She ran up and started licking Angel's sweet ass cheeks. She hugged her legs and rubbed her engorged clit against them. As she did so, her clit grew and grew wile simultaneously becoming more and more phallic. Before long Jessica had a foot and a half of cock shoved deep into Angel's ass. Angel barely acknowledged this addition and continued to fuck Serpera's brains out.

"Myra... don't... for... get..." Sara trailed off.

Myra's mind was reeling. She was focusing hard, trying desperately to remember how to perform the binding technique. She was naked. Her cocks were already dripping. She looked over for support, only to find Sara and Katie fucking on the floor.

As they succumbed to temptation, Sara and Katie could feel their bodies becoming corrupted. As Sara squeezed Katie's boobs, she could feel them ballooning outward. She felt her own tongue start leaking cum as it became a dick. She jammed it deeply into Katie's mouth, and Katie drank it up. Tentacles began snaking out of Katie's pussy. They wrapped around Sara's expanding cock and drew it deep inside.

Meanwhile, Jessica's tits doubled in size and began spurting milk everywhere. Her pussy made a waterfall onto the floor below her. She grabbed greedily at Angel's boobies.

Myra's mind started to haze over. Her hands started jacking off on their own accord. In doing so, more dicks began to sprout. Two more on each tit, with seven dicks total just swinging from her crotch. In her foggy fight to stay conscious caused her to fall to her knees. She could see her 13 cocks stretching out in front of her. She could see her hands rubbing up and down their expanding length.

As they rolled around on the floor, Sara's nipples grew into cocks while a long dick-tail extended from the base of her spine. The tail whipped around and started rubbing it's tip all over Katie's ass. Katie, in turn, finally grew a dick of her own which quickly extended up to face level, where Sara started sucking it.

Myra began to shout. She couldn't remember why. She didn't know what she was doing. Her dicks started to bend and twist. They were turning around on her. They started to rub against each other. They started wrapping around her limbs. They crawled up her ass and pussy. They caressed her breasts. They shot directly into her face. They started tying down her arms. This was it. No more.

"No more! That's right! I can stop this!" A voice seemed to well from within Myra's heart.

It was as though some secret reservoir had opened. Some hidden failsafe had flipped. Myra's purpose was clear. She knew what she had to do, and how to do it.

She wiped the cum from her eyes and swatted her own snaking dicks away from her face. She locked onto the shimmering stone and projected her will directly into it.

There was a blinding flash of light.

Angel's face contorted. All of the sex stopped. The room shook and there was a strong pulling sensation toward Serpera. There were arcs of lightning, and a constant low hum. A black and white orb expanded from the stone, and from it extended grabbing tendrils that grabbed hold of both Serpera and Angel. There was a deafening roar and a thunderous crackling.

Then it all stopped. Everything was still.

Myra could feel her dicks shrinking away. She looked over to see everyone's tits reducing in size. Sara's tongue went back into her mouth, Jessica's dick became a clit again. It seemed as though they were cured, and yet...

"...no! Fuck! No!" Sara moaned, trying to sit up.

"What is it?" Katie asked, still a little groggy.

"We got her, right? Didn't we?" Sara looked at her wordless friends.

"So why do I still have this?" Sara referred to her foot long cock.

More silence.

"I mean, granted it's a lot better than it was a second ago, but shouldn't it have gone away completely?"

Myra looked around. Sure enough, she still had her dick too, and Jessica's clit was still really big. "...looks like we were reset only to the point just before we saw Angel."

"That's alright though, right?" Katie said nervously. She realized her thirst for cum still lingered. "Angel can just fix us up, right? Didn't she say that?"

"...about that..." Myra was hesitant. "Angel went with Serpera."

"What?! Why the fuck?! Why did you fucking do that Myra?!" Sara stared in disbelief. She was livid.

"...I didn't have a choice... they're bound together.... plus... having Angel in there will help balance it out.. Make it more stable..."

"What are you talking about?"

"The stone. It's still here. It's not as strong as I had hoped. Their spirits are locked inside of it... but their power can also be channeled through it...with Angel in there it's less likely that the stone can cause harm..." Myra sighed.

She walked over and picked the stone up. It had changed. It now bore the image of a naked female angel with a snake coiled around her. "Damn, this thing's going to be trouble..." She gripped the charm tightly in her fist.

Jessica was the only one still on the floor. She was laying face down with her head in her hands. Myra could hear her sobbing.

"I'm not giving up Jessica. I'll find a way to fix you."

"Let's just get the fuck out of here." Katie finally said, defeated.

"No, we have to go back. All those other girls are still locked up." Sara said.

"You want to go back? There's no telling what's still lurking back there. If we're still cursed, it's a safe bet that everyone else it too."

"I don't care." Sara's voice was firm. "They need our help. They're in the same boat as us."

And so, cautiously, the four weary girls traced back through the mysterious compound. The Bimbo Football Army had apparently retreated. The room had been cleared out save for a few stilettos and some lace.

When they finally got back to the holding cell room, the girls were pleased to find that both the dickbeast and the pussy mob had apparently gone elsewhere, though the air was still thick with their aromas. However, they were shocked to find that the captives had apparently been set free.

There was a large group of them huddled together. They seemed to be trying to make sense of the situation. One of them ran out of the crowd and directly toward out heroes. It was Molly.

"Sara, you came back!" She was grinning. Her dickhorns seemed to stand a little straighter to match her mood.

"Molly, what happened? How did you all get out?" Sara asked, noting for some reason that Molly had three balls.

"You don't know? That bitchy cheerleader with the huge cock came in and set us free. I don't really trust her, 'cause I saw her working with Serpera, but here we are. She said something like 'I'll need you later' and just walked off. She and her minions took Laura and the lesbian horde and left."

"What? Laura?"

"Oh... Laura... she's my friend. She's the one that... she's the penis monster." Molly looked down, and her horns drooped a little.

"Where's they go?!"

"I don't know. It's for the best though... Laura can't really help herself right now. Maybe they can help her." Molly looked a little hopeful.

"I hope so." Sara said. "Anyway, can you gather the others? We should probably get out of here as fast as possible."

"Where will we go?" Molly asked skeptically.

"Home. This is still our town. Serpera did this to us. We shouldn't have to run away just because of one evil bitch. There are enough of us to where we can't all be casts aside." Sara spoke as much for her sake as Molly's.

Molly smiled and hugged her new friend.

In no less than two hours the cursed multitude was able to find their way out of the vast complex. The exodus emerged from a hidden door in their schools gym. They quickly called the police and waited on the threshold of a strange new world.

The End