Topic: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

Diary of Transformation
By Von Krieger

Day 0

Nothing much to write about tonight, Diary; I've just come back to school after spring break, and classes don't start until tomorrow. The break could stand to be a little longer, but to be truthful I'm glad to be back on school grounds.

We celebrated my birthday, and I can't believe my parents had to gall to invite Beryl the Bitch to my party. I can't believe it! After that whore gets herself transformed into some sort of canine she-beast as a divine punishment for her sexual deviance, they go and invite her to my party!

It totally ruined the mood, and probably my parents' social reputation. There's a reason mother and father sent her off to live in the summer home. So she wouldn't march around the house and be an embarrassment to us all with her fur, her tail, those obviously canine ears, her fangs, oh, and I did mention her rather prominent extra additions?

It's disgusting. There's no way you can cut a dress or apply a corset to hide those four extra melons and that... urgh! It's disgusting!

Thankfully she doesn't come around often, so I'm spared the sight of her humping guest's legs, or whatever it is that she does. Utterly repulsive.

That's why I'm glad I attend Madam Dominia's School for Pure Girls. No one with a physical mark of their loathsome transgressions is allowed to attend, or even to set foot on campus.

I'm proud to attend such a prodigious school where only true humans are allowed.

It makes me feel even better to be here ever since I've learned what's taking place down in Freya's Realm. Supposedly to celebrate the great demoness' 2500th birthday, they're mandating that every single woman subject themselves to sickening transformations.

It's disgusting, turning an entire nation of women into little more than living sex objects.

There was a fashion show some months ago where the same sort of thing happened. The same "phallus with legs" form as the result.

And it was called terrorism.

And now when some great bitch of a demon decrees it, it's now a celebration!


Mother and father have begun selling their holdings in Freya's Realm because of it. We actually lived down there for a few years in my youth. It was a disgusting place, and it's made me all the gladder to be here.

I'm going to go to bed now, Diary. I have a bit of a stomach ache. Perhaps the new cafeteria chef's style of preparation doesn't agree with me. I'll have to complain in the morning.

Day 1

Oh Diary, it's horrible! I woke up this morning and there was a weird, stiff feeling between my legs! Some hateful bitch must've slipped something into my food, or someone spread some disgusting alchemical concoction on the train ride here, or something!

I have a cock, Diary! Someone has gone and inflicted me with this terrible disfigurement. I'm not sure what to do, since if I go to the school staff to report this, I'm going to be expelled. But it wasn't my fault!

I'm trying to figure out where I could have possibly come into contact with something of a transformational nature. You're supposed to be able to know immediately when some terrible person has poured the vile, transformative, sexual essence of a demon on you.

Maybe they did it while I was sleeping? My roommate isn't back yet, so it couldn't have been her.

It's terrible to think that we could have a transformation terrorist here like has happened at some other schools. Some hateful bastards who hates themselves for their own transformations, and want to inflict pain on others by giving them shameful alterations.

I thought this place was supposed to be safe. There's never been an incident like this in the history of the school, and if there had been I certainly wouldn't leave my door unlocked as I have been.

I've been a na�ve fool, so trusting of the others around me.

I think it's somebody here at the school. If it was one of those terrorists, my change would've been a bit more sensational and harder to hide. They'd want the publicity and they'd want everyone to see the work they'd done.

This change seems more vindictive and personal. Such a comparatively small change; it's not even one of those massive, disgusting, things that leaks arousal all the time. From what I've seen of men's bits, it's not really much of anything. And it's not even the whole unit, just the shaft, no testes or scrotum. Just a bit of a rod where my clitty used to be.

Except for the initial discomfort upon awakening, which I think is normal; it's not even very intrusive. Without arousal to keep the blood flowing, it actually gets rather small and unobtrusive. At times I can scarcely remember that it's there.

The more I think about it, the more positive I am that being inflicted with this deviation of gender is meant as a personal humiliation, since I've made my opinions on the transformed rather clear, and it seems that some people are just lustful beasts deep down and can't stand it when I point this out.

Anyway, I'm going to make sure to lock the door tonight when I go to bed, and will try to avoid anything with sauce in the cafeteria, as that would be the easiest place to slip me something.



Re: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

Just a note here at lunchtime, Diary. Things have gone well so far. My disfigurement isn't very large, perhaps six inches or so, and as no one is paying close attention to my crotch, likely it will escape notice for quite some time, allowing me to perhaps find the perpetrator of this foul crime.

The organ itself has been a bit of a nuisance, as I find it becoming engorged and erect at rather inopportune times. I wonder if a true male has to deal with such a thing springing to attention at inconvenient moments, or if this is merely something else that is meant to be an embarrassment upon me.

I also find myself somewhat curious as to what it would feel like in a proper sexual encounter, but I am most certainly going to refrain from doing so. One cannot fault a young woman for wanting to release tension every so often, and there are studies that show that it is good exercise and an excellent way to maintain the cardiovascular system.

But to explore the disfiguring addition to my anatomy would be like embracing and accepting it. It would be something that a lustful harlot would do, ever eager to enhance her library of sexual pleasures and experiences. So I shall ignore it, no matter how curious I become.


No additional changes or oddities now that it's time for bed, Diary. Though I've made no progress in discovering who has done this to me, either. My roommate, Sera, has moved out. It seems that she was only sharing a room due to her late sign up, and as several girls have withdrawn from the school, a single room has opened up for her.

They're not sure when they're going to get me another roommate, but for the time being I feel that it is all for the best. All Sera's things have been removed, so I'm quite sure that if the culprit was her, or something amongst her things, that I will be fine from here onward, and will likely not see another thing relating to this gruesome thing between my legs.

I am not quite sure, but I think that it might be a little bigger than it was this morning, I didn't measure it, and I don't feel that it would be a proper idea to play with it enough to get it rigid enough to get a proper measurement. Perhaps I will in the morning when it is erect anyway.

Day 2

Oh so disgusting! It's repulsive, Diary! I recall strange dreams, filled with darkness and sensation, and I awoke to this strange pleasurable eruption and felt a liquid warmth surging forth from me!

I had at first thought that I had wet myself, but darting to the bathroom to clean myself up, I discovered something else entirely!

The hated disfigurement has grown, most definitely, and even though I lack the anatomy for producing seed, it has seen fit to spew forth some sticky, pearlescent, something upon me.

My panties were saturated, the wetness spread to my nightgown, both of which I stuffed into the laundry hamper. Thankfully I am of the mind to keep myself tidy in such an area, and was spared the humiliation of having to wash the slime from my nether hair.

The damnable thing is ten inches long, I measured. And it seems somewhat more attentive than it was yesterday, as it sprung back to erectness as I washed myself. It did not do so yesterday during my morning shower.

I shall return to bed, hopefully bereft of further incidents with this cursed thing.

But at least no new changes have appeared.


Damn them all, Diary! I had spoken too soon. Upon awaking at my usual time, I discovered another alteration. Or perhaps it was there to begin with and only activated upon the climax of my masculine aspect. Or perhaps it just grew too slowly to notice upon my previous awakening.

But it appears that I am pregnant, my belly rounded as if I had been with child for several months. I do not believe that I actually carry a spawn of lustful transformation inside me, as I have felt no movement, which I would if it were a true pregnancy.

Nor is my belly rigid; it compressed quite easily and without discomfort, and I am easily able to keep it hidden with my corset, be it a little tighter than normal.

My door remained locked, and the outside lock does not appear to have been tampered with. Meaning that my alteration was either with me originally, applied some time during the day, or my tormentor snuck in through a window, or had a key. Or that the method of transformation is something within my nightly routine, or in my bed.

Tonight I will take no chances. I will wedge a chair beneath the knob, place hairs across the windows to see if they are broken upon the entrance of the fiendish individual that humiliates me with these changes, and sleep in Sera's former bunk.

I also cannot rule out food contamination. Today I shall avoid the condiments and anything of a liquid nature, drinking mere tap water with my meals. Fresh fruit, eggs, and meat slices seem my best bets for sustenance today. The heat of the fire loosens and discorporate the power of non-fire based magics, so if someone is slipping something into the food during preparation, it ought to at least lessen the effects.

I will pay careful attention to my classmates today, looking for odd behavior, or alterations in movement and dress to cover perhaps similar changes to my own. Such would confirm that it is something in the food, or something that we all have access to.

I still cannot reveal myself, even in questing for the truth of these circumstances, as I do not want to be expelled from the school, especially when I may be able to uncover some sort of sadistic plot by a transformee-loving whore, or coven of such whores upon the campus.


Lunchtime, Diary, and no further alterations to report; my belly continues to grow, however, and the blasted phallus has made itself more of a nuisance than ever. While watching the other girls for signs of similar transformation, I felt it begin to ache and throb.

There is a slight dull ache in my loins, even when un-erect. I recognize it as sexual need, and if this sensation were present in my form as it was before this disfigurement, I would see no problem with relieving it.

But it is an unnatural lust, and I must do my best to not travel down the road of the brazen bitch who embraces the sexualization of her body and delights in frequent, gleeful masturbation. I've witnessed my sister decline to such a base creature, and have no desire to join her in such a state.

But if I find it growing to uncomfortable and distracting to either my studies or my pursuit of the coward who is doing this do me, I will have no choice but to drain it and clear my mind.

Blasted thing, of course it chooses now of all times to grow turgid.

I am a touch worried that it has affected my mind, as perhaps its increased stirrings are the result of my careful study of my classmate's bodies, the damnable length misinterpreting my good-natured interest for one of despicable lust.

If it keeps up like this, I wonder how I will manage to keep attention in my afternoon classes.


Bed time now, diary. The windows are still secure after an entire day, and the chair is in place at the door.

I am increasingly more thankful that the school's dormitories are more apartment than the barracks style that some places think is suitable for habitation. Though merely a tiny room with a stand up shower, sink, and commode, I am increasingly thankful for each room having a private bath.

I couldn't imagine what it would be like if I had to use the bathroom and shower in a communal area. It would make exposure of my terrible condition infinitely more likely.

Through having had two days worth of practice, I am able to utilize my disfigurement to urinate standing up. Truthfully I find it somewhat convenient, though problematic when said organ has decided to be in arousal.

This convenience, however, is not worth the humiliation that accompanies possession of such a length.

My belly has continued to grow, and without my corset I know appear to be at the stage of full pregnancy. It is also no longer malleable, and appears to be somewhat rigid to the touch.

I can only hope that there is not some hideous monster growing inside of me.

I have taken precautions to shower only with water, avoiding my usual soaps and shampoos, and will wear nothing as I sleep in Sera's former bed, in case it is my clothing that is tainted.

I can only hope that the morning brings no surprises as it has the past few days.


Re: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

Day 3

Oh Diary! No such luck! Not only was I stricken with dreams of an erotic nature, but as I cleaned myself I was struck with another strange leaking sensation. Oh it was terrible, and yet wonderful in a way.

I thank providence once more that I am blessed with my own bathroom, as in these early morning hours, I have laid an egg.

Thankfully not an egg containing a beast or anything of the like, but rather an egg identical to those produced by the brood-females of some species of riding lizard, harnessed by desert faring cultures to serve, essentially, as large chickens that can also serve as beasts of burden.

The markings are identical, as are the porous portions of the shell where the seed of a male is meant to soak in.

I cracked the shell and let the yolk and white go down the shower drain, then I broke up the eggshell and flushed in down the commode. So humiliating.

And what makes it even more so is the immense sexual pleasure of the act. The birthing process was not accompanied by any sort of pain. I am ashamed to say that I delighted in the sensation of dual climax that I felt as the egg slipped from me, my member erupting in sympathetic ecstasy.

On that topic, said organ has changed again, lengthening several inches, and growing somewhat thicker. Despite my privilege to wear slacks due to my outstanding academic record, I will be wearing the school uniform's long skirt in order to hide what is now an obvious bulge, as length and girth are not merely the only changes in that area.

Though absent at first, I am now in possession of the matching testes and scrotum that accompany the male organ on a proper male. I can only imagine that this will heighten my already obnoxious arousal cycle, and I will be taking full advantage of the fifteen minute breaks between classes to relieve myself of the sexual tension.

I do this not because I enjoy it, but rather because I cannot concentrate on intellectual exercises when my member aches and throbs as it does.

Unlike yesterday, I have not gone back to sleep, and in the four hours since my egg laying, my member has become painfully erect and has begun to leak precum, even though I have no source of stimulation.

This only adds to my outrage. Much like a cow, I will have to milk myself to prevent discomfort.

I am confident that no one snuck in overnight, and will be skipping breakfast and lunch here at school. I will purchase something from the nearby marketplace, as I am allowed to do so for lunch due to my academic record.

I am also going to borrow an item from Miss Dominia herself, who instructs the advanced magical theory class that I attend. I came to her with a story about having recurrent tormented dreams, which is true in a way, and asked to borrow a magical detector to see if someone had placed a curse upon something in my room.

If there is something here that is doing this to me, than I will most assuredly find it.


Blast and buggery, Diary, so occupied was I with the egglaying this morning that I somehow managed to miss the next alteration. I had some discomfort through the day, as my bra seems to be tighter than usual, and the rate at which the eggs grow inside me seems to have increased.

But in addition to that, I felt an uncomfortable chafing on my belly. Once back in my room, I was able to disrobe and find the cause of it. An additional pair of nipples, about where my ribcage ends. Though several cup sizes smaller than my original pair, the new additions are somewhat noticeable and uncomfortable.

Despite the increased discomfort, I will have to continue keeping them bound with my belly.

Now I need to go drain myself before afternoon classes. Disgusting.


Miss Dominia's magic detector didn't find anything. The only object in the room that has magic to it is you, Diary, what with your arcane lock enchantment to remain shut to anyone other than myself.

My sister has, despite her lustful and bestial nature, remembered to purchase me a new volume to write in upon my birthday every year as she has since I was nine. I find it comforting that despite her canine disfigurements and obviously sluttish form, she can remember to keep up with obligations and traditions.

I begin to wonder if her alterations weren't the result of some sort of deviant thoughts and retribution of fate for them, but rather something like my own, a sadistic warping of the flesh by an unknown assailant.

If her alterations were anything like my own, I could see why she, at times, became so lust-crazed. After three years of being in that form, she seemed to be much more in control of it than I recall her being at first.

I wish I could talk to her about it. Right now she might be the only person I feel I could talk to about this who could both understand what I'm going through, and keep it a secret.

I am increasingly convinced this is a personal attack upon me, as I've been able to hide all my alterations so far, but they have intruded more and more upon my life, bringing increased discomfort.


Back later, Diary, I'm laying an egg again.


By the fates, Diary, the feelings I get from laying eggs are so intense. From the first egg to the second, there's been a span of around twelve hours. If this continues, I'll be awakening once more in the night to birth another one.

I can only hope that the cycle doesn't begin to increase, as I might suffer the humiliation of needing to expel my ovoid burden in the middle of class.

I am finding myself increasingly at a loss with how to discover the method of my alteration.

I think I may have to go to the school authorities soon. Despite my not wanting to be expelled, if my transformations continue as they are, I will quite soon be unable to hide them.

Time to drain myself again, and then head to bed.

I pray that I don't wake up with another alteration.


Re: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

Day 4

Eight hours between the second and third egg. I'm just about in tears, Diary, of what I've discovered.

My cock has not only grown again, now two feet in length, but it has taken on a bestial shape. Being an accomplished equestrian, I am quite familiar with horses, and the large, brown-black thing hanging between my legs greatly resembles what I can recall of the equine equipment.

Seeing fit not only to shame me with the member of a beast, but my feet seem to be in the process of joining my length in horse-hood. My nails, fingers and toes alike, have turned black, but thankfully the ones on my fingers are not growing. The ones on my toes, however, have taken over the toe, and are now in the process of consuming the lower portion of my foot, which has taken the shape of a hoof.

So degrading. This change has hit me the hardest. Everything before has been merely an addition. But this? This is an outright warping of my body, I'm losing a portion of my humanity as my feet become hooves.

My belly is already slightly rounded with my next egg, and it seems that my body has decided that in my pregnancy, despite it being that of a reptile, that aspect of the mammalian cycle of pregnancy should activate. My original breasts have increased in size, and the lower are now the size my original pair started at.

I will be taking the morning off from class to purchase new clothes in the marketplace. I truly hope I can find something that will fit, and that will help to hide my condition.

Oh... I... I'm leaking now, Diary. Sorry for the drops on your pages, but it appears that I'm soon going to have a need to milk myself properly, not merely use it as a euphemism to relieve the pressure of my aching horse cock.


Birthed an egg in the park, walking back from the market. So humiliating, so terrifying, and yet so erotic.

Crouching hidden in the bushed, squatting like some simple beast as the egg slid from me, it was the greatest feeling of my life. I couldn't help myself, Diary. I found myself lost in the pleasure, craving more. Rather than simply leave things to progress as they do, I began to... play.... with myself.

Purposely enhancing the pleasure I felt from the egg slowly moving lower and lower inside of my, making each part of my womanhood light up with pleasure in turn. The way I moaned, one hand wrapped around my cock, stroking faster and faster, the other toying with my nipples, expelling the milk.

I'm so ashamed, and so thankful no one saw me. I couldn't show my face for afternoon classes, I was so ashamed.

And I'm hard again as I think over it, writing this account.

Gotta get rid of the ache, Diary. Then a nap. I'm skipping dinner.


Another egg, that makes three today. It woke me from my nap.

I need to go talk to somebody. It's getting to the point where I'm beginning to feel the sexual need all the time. I've found myself thinking about my classmates as I pleasure myself.

It's not merely to banish a distraction or an ache anymore. I'm pleasuring myself, stroking and caressing my transformed flesh in order to feel pleasure.

I can't stop myself, I'm so ashamed.

I wish I had someone I could tell about this, someone to talk to.

I should go talk to Headmistress Dominia, or somebody. Expulsion from school shouldn't matter now. They ought to be able to find out what is making this happen to me, and make it stop.

But I'm too frightened to go right now, and what with the eggs coming so quickly now, I don't think I could make it across campus, talk with the Headmistress, and be able to come back before I needed to birth an egg again.

I'll go in the morning, once classes begin. Miss Dominia doesn't teach until the afternoon.

I'll go in the morning, right after I lay an egg and empty myself.

I should be able to go for an hour without touching myself.

One hour, just an hour.

I can manage that, can't I?


Re: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

Day 5

I can't, oh by the fates I can't. I've changed again, so horny, so beasty. Just thinking about it makes my loins go slick with delight at the prospect of caressing myself.

I have a tail now, a long, thick, muscular, sensitive lizard tail; a flexible, dexterous, wonderful lizard tail. I can wrap it around my length, I can use it to squeeze the milk from one of my plentiful breasts, I can use it to fill my aching sex when there are no eggs to slip out.

No scales, just perfect, smooth, slightly freckled skin. So smooth, all of me is so smooth. No need to shave anything anymore, only the hair on my head now. Everything else is smooth and soft, like a lizard. A sexy, soft lizard.

I want to leave, I want help, I want to stop needing to masturbate, to play with myself, but it feels so good.

Six days, just six says ago I was a normal girl, now I'm an egg laying, milk dripping, cum spewing, lizard-cow-human-thing.

The hooves make it easier, make it easier to crouch down and lay my eggs, my wonderful, pleasurable eggs. It's not just my feet, my legs aren't human anymore, they bend the other way.

I'm such a slut. I'm milking myself as I write. It's so easy now, I have wonderful, thick, long teats instead of nipples. So much easier to coax the milk out, so much more fun with so much sensitive flesh.

I can suckle my own milk.

I can suckle my own cum too.

Why did I wait so long to try it?

It's been so big for so long, why haven't I thought of it until now?

So warm, so thick, it fills my mouth perfectly.

Mmm... yummy.

One more egg. One more egg. Then I'll go to Miss Dominia. Beg her to help me.

Maybe beg her to fuck me?

Mmm, Miss Dominia, my shaft inside her, smooth, pale skin against mine. Oh yes.

Yes, I'll go, I'll beg.


Re: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

Day 6

Sex. Can't stop thinking about sex. Can't stop touching myself. Can't stop loving myself.

Don't want to be changed back.

Not now, not ever.

Feels good.

So good.



Feeling so good all the time.

Good and messy.

So very messy.

Makes me thirsty, plenty of water in the shower, though.

Also hungry.

Very hungry.

Need to go get food soon.

Need to go have sex with Dominia soon.

Almost forgot about that.

About sex with Dominia.

So many cute girls around, though.

Not sure if I can wait until Dominia.

Mmm.... so many eggs. Not getting rid of them anymore. Too many.

Noisy all of a sudden. Sound at the door? Knocking! Yay, someone to visit, someone to have sex with.

It's Sera. Busty, blonde, sexy Sera.

I haven't been in class, forgot to pick up homework, missed assignments.

Homework doesn't matter. Assignments don't matter. Only sex. Only sex. Mmm.... sex with Sera?

Yes, sex with Sera. Going to let Sera in. Make love to her, maybe make her lay eggs too?

Then we can have fun. We can snuggle. Lay eggs together. Make love.



Re: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

Day 27

It's been awhile since I've written, Diary, but there have been some big changes in my life.

School isn't a concern anymore, and truthfully I think the place is stuffy and stuck up anyway. It's not like I wanted to be like this. They should make an exception for those who were changed, and had no say in it.

But I'm having fun at our summer home, there's a lake nearby where I can swim. I'm much better at it than I used to be, with my big, sexy tail and rounded, but still slender body.

I've stopped changing, which is good, I guess. I'm not getting any more beasty or anything, but it was kind of fun to wake up and find something new.

I'm still doing my best to get an education, and I can see how my presence in schools would make some people a bit uncomfortable.

I'm still horny as hell all the time, but it's more manageable now that I'm used to it. And a lot easier since I've got this milking machine thing and a large, wonderfully shaped toy that buzzes deliciously inside me.

It makes things less messy and it makes it easier to think.

I've had a few more changes since I've last written in a coherent manner, Diary, and even if I hadn't been a bit too horny to be in control of myself, I would've gotten kicked out of the school anyway, since I couldn't possibly hide the changes to my face.

I think they're cute. Tiny little horns on my temples, pointy ears, fangs, a forked tongue, I really like my tongue. It's fun to flick out and taste-smell things. It's a whole new sensory experience.

My breasts have gotten a bit bigger, and are the same size now. They're even more fun to play with since each one has four long teats. The milking machines feel really good, but I can't turn them up any higher, or else I get a bit caught up in the moment and go all sex crazy again.

My complexion has kind of cleared up. Sort of. No more freckles, but I have a light dusting of tiny scales on my face, shoulders, arms, legs, back, neck, and on top of my cute, sexy tail.

I've also got slit-pupil eyes, like those riding lizards I mentioned earlier that I lay eggs like. We have a few here, and they're fun to ride and to play with. They think I'm one of them and we do all sorts of fun stuff.

Did you know that in order to get the unfertilized eggs out, that female riding lizards play-mount each other? It's fun!

And thankfully my seed doesn't work on their eggs or mine, I had to experiment, just to make sure, you know? Otherwise we'd be up to our necks in little riding lizards.

I'd probably be grossed out at the thought of it a month ago, but it seems so natural. They think I'm a lizard like them, I like the feeling of their smooth scales on my body, they like to play with me. It's not like I'm doing anything bad.

Oh! And I have spots now, too. Black patches on my skin which make me look a bit like a cow. The scales I have in the black bits are this really neat shade of purple. I wish I had more of them.

Reading over my old diaries, I can't believe what a stuck up bitch I've been, especially since Beryl changed. I guess I kind of made anger out of my loneliness. She'd always been there for me, and then she was gone, and I guess I really, really missed her.

I live with her now, at the summer cabin. Her fur is so soft. The first day I got here I just cried and cried and hugged her and wouldn't let go. And she petted me, and hugged me, and stroked me, and suckled me and said she'd help me get used to my new body and help me ease into my new life.

She must've gone out and had the craftsmen work overtime, since she'd already had the right tools to help me deal with my new shape when I got here, just two days after I went wild at the school.

Sera isn't pressing charges, and she actually comes every weekend to visit. Yummy, sexy Sera, though sadly not full of eggs.

We make love, and she makes love with Beryl sometimes, and so do I. Though I used to think it looked pretty gross, my sister's big canine cock feels just perfect inside. And the knot makes sure that there's plenty of cuddle time.

Sera has her own room here, apparently she visited my sister before she started visiting me, too.

They don't usually mix classes at Dominia's school, but since my family had paid for Beryl's occupancy for the whole four years in advance, they let me room with Sera last year and this year.

She's going to graduate soon, and then she's going to bring some of her things up her and live all the time, so we can make love all the time, not just on weekends.

Her family has a mail order alchemy and enchantment business, I didn't know that. It's interesting what new things you learn about people that you've known for awhile.

Sera says they still haven't found what changed me, Diary, and sadly none of the other girls in the school had any changes or anything. I'm kind of disappointed; I wanted somebody who could share the experience of laying eggs with.

Though once she graduates, I might be doing that with Sera. My sister is a very good artist, and has lots of drawings of the two of us, Beryl and me. There's some drawings that have us looking different, like me with big lizard claws instead of hooves, or Beryl as a goat or a cat instead of a wolf.

But we all agree that I look best like this, and the Beryl makes a great, soft, sexy wolf.

There's some sketches of what Sera might look like as something, but we haven't decided yet on what looks the best. So far it's been decided that she looks best with a sexy tail like mine, and a big, round egg-filled tummy.

Mmm... I can't wait until summer. That's when Sera graduates and she's going to summon Mammon to get her sexy new form once we all decide on what we want. Sera says he works well with Beryl's sketches and the extra cost is worth the fun.

She said something about him being amused by having a book with a minor compulsion enchantment on it, as well as the transformational spells woven into the pages. That seems like an interesting way to change somebody without their knowing it.

I wonder who they gave that book to? And what the book was about?

Must've been a really good book to have somebody keep reading it while they changed.

I think I'm going to go cuddle with my sister now, Diary. I always love writing little notes about my life and how things are going, it's so much fun!

Maybe I'll write about what Beryl looks like next time. She's so soft and fluffy, and I just love her cock.

So big.

So yummy.

Well, gotta go Diary, I'm getting myself pretty worked up, and the toys aren't quite doing their job of keeping me distracted.

Time to go play sneaky-growly-rape-lizard! Beryl loves that!


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Didn't someone illustrate this at some point?  Could swear I've seen it...


Re: Diary of Transformation - By Von Krieger

TheFwank wrote:

Didn't someone illustrate this at some point?  Could swear I've seen it...