Topic: Treasure Chest

Cat: BE, A, limbless, TG
Sex: H/M
Body: Colin (3/5) Atrea (5/5)
Mind: Colin (2/5) Atrea (4/5)

(Treasure Chest)

Blue skies, fresh air, warm day and cool shade. If ever there was a perfect day for a hiking trip, this was it. Colin had just wrapped up his five year contract with the royal army and it had taken its toll. Something had seemed off about Colin, a far off look in his eye. Nothing as severe as PTSD, but something was gone.

This weekend however would make it all better. The therapist had suggested a weekend camping trip. A safe, stress free environment, quiet, away from excess people, but most of all familiar. This would be the perfect place, far in the woods was a campsite next to a freshwater spring. Colin's family had used it for years and although Atria had only been there once she remembered it being very serene.

The only downside was that it sat at the end of a half day's hike uphill. Normally it wouldn't have been so bad, but lugging about 30+ lb of camping equipment on her back had taken its toll. Colin however had it much harder. She only carried the tent, sleeping mats, her own sleeping bag and personal items.

Colin had the chairs, fishing gear, a small cooler, fire axe, pots and pans, and his own personal items and sleeping bag. Colin was more cut out for this then she was. His large muscular arms and frame carried the load like it was nothing. His tight shirt hugged his chest as it slowly became damp with sweat. It only reminded her of how frustrated she was at having to carry her sleeping bag. It's not like we won't be using only one of them anyway!

After the grueling hike they reached the clearing. The bubbling spring filled the air along with the wild birds and wind brushing the trees. It was completely void of any civilization, nature at its fullest.
With half the day gone from hiking, setting camp took priority. Colin took the axe and made for the tree line in search of fresh fallen lumber. Atria set the tent, collected water from the spring, and started setting rocks for a fire ring.


As Colin searched for dry wood he took in the fresh mountain air, he'd forgotten about the family camping trips his father and brothers. Learning survival skills and appreciation of wilderness. Now for example what sense was there in chopping down a fresh tree? The forest will provide, only take what is given. As though to reward him for his memory a long fallen tree came into view, its white flesh stripped of bark. He lined up his strikes and swung into the husk, clean slivers sprung up from the hit.

Physical labor always proved to be therapeutic to Colin, he knew Atria had brought him here as some kind of "mental recovery trip" or some such. He saw the looks she gave him, with those special amber eyes of hers. Like she was examining his actions under a microscope. He knew what she thought she knew; that he was different after the army. It was true, nobody comes out exactly the same as when they join. Basic training was designed to do just that, break the civilian mindset. He was more alert, more aware of his surroundings. He'd zone out from time to time just taking it in, like now.

He stopped mid swing, the axe still over his head. There were no birds, not a shadow on the ground or a chirp to be heard!

He gripped the axe by its head and made a dash for the clearing. The tent was set and a fire ring was made but Atria wasn't in sight. He gripped the axe tight ready to draw it if need be. It was still quiet, it put Colin on edge, he called out her name but to no response. Staying alert he approached his bag still sitting on the ground. He riffled through it pulling out the flare gun and two extra shells. It wasn't as good as a handgun but it was better than an axe.

He grabbed the gun just in time. Behind him bursting through the brush, a hulking mass of a man, dirty clothes, a baton in one hand charging at him. Colin raised the flare gun and fired! A white plume and trail of smoke collided with the man square in the chest, knocking him flat on his back like a brick wall.

Colin started to load another shell when three more men charged at him from the surrounding brush. He was surrounded and only had one shot. He threw his arm into the air and fired the flare into the sky, just as he was tackled to the ground and something bashed against his head

--- --- ---

Colin woke up with a pounding pain in the back of his head, his vision blurred and fuzzy. The cold floor beneath him was hard steel and vibrated faintly, wherever he was it was moving. The lights were dim, little less than a flickering bulb within a cage hanging from the ceiling. Looking around he saw four walls, behind him was a soot covered window, the other three walls were made of steel cage bars. He struggled to keep his balance as he stood, bracing against the cage, and falling onto the window wall. He brushed through the dirt only to see bright blue sky over a sea of swirling white clouds. "Shit..." He mumbled under his breath.

An airship, and judging from his surroundings he was in the brig or cargo hold. Considering his capture it was a safe bet that it was sky pirates. Which most likely meant this was the cargo hold.

He looked down the rows of other cells finding them empty, Atria wasn't anywhere to be seen. Colin had a sinking hole fill his stomach as he began to panic over what they could have done with her or to her.

He had to get out, if this was the cargo hold that put him in the center of the ship. From the window view he was on the middle deck or somewhere near the middle...


His plans of escape were cut short as the bulkhead door rang out against the metal walls of the cells. "They're coming for me, damn!" He looked around the cell for something to defend himself with, only finding it bare.

"Ok, hand-to-hand, if I can surprise them I might be able to break for it." He thought as he laid back on the ground appearing still knocked out. The footsteps grew closer on the metal floor. "Two of them perfect I can handle two." The door creaked open, one of them kicked him softly in the gut trying to wake him, Colin took it, remaining limp on the floor. "He's still out, help me drag him." One said, picking Colin up by the arm hoisting him onto his shoulder. The other helped lift him further tossing Colin's arms over their necks with some effort. "Bastards a heavy S.O.B. how'd they even put him down in the first place?"
"Beats me, took like three guys they said, and that was after he put down Bruno!"
"Bruno went down! No way!"

They'd just dragged him out of his cell when Colin made his move. He planted his limp feet on the floor and flexing his arms putting the two into a headlock. Colin twisted his body slamming the man on his right head first into the stud of the wall, his body went limp instantly and slumped to the floor.

The other threw weak punches at his ribs, Colin took the hits holding his lock around the man. In one fluid motion Colin slipped his leg behind the man as his right arm grabbed the man by the neck and released his lock, slamming the last man flat on his back. He groaned on the floor, weakly rolling about clearly having the wind knocked out of him.

Colin wasted no time in his escape, running down the cell hall and around the corner. Suddenly he was laying on the floor his head spinning. A hulking muscular arm hung above Colin having clotheslined him. The body of the arm stepped through the doorway. a large black scorch mark burned onto his chest. "I've been waiting to return the favor little man." He grumbled before picking Colin up over his shoulders and carrying him away.

Colin wasn't sure how far he went into the pirate's ship before he was thrown onto the ground. As he gathered himself he heard chuckling. He was surrounded by the crew in a large chamber. The walls were lined with glass, looking out onto the forever blue sky. The crew were dressed in rags, bare chested and a thin film of dirt and grease from keeping the airship running.

The most imposing member however sat in the back of the room atop a stage and throne. It was a monstrous creature, it held an air of authority over the rest of them, Colin could only imagine that it must be the captain of the ship, heavily transformed.

It sat in the throne one foot resting on its knee and a hand propping its head up. Its feet were covered in plate like scales and tipped with razor sharp claws, its hands were the same covered in the scales and claws. Between its legs in plain view rested a limp horse penis, stretching off the throne to the floor, its balls the size of grapefruit. Draping down its chest sat three pairs of ample breasts. D cups at least. Behind the creature a long barbed tail swished in the air. Its face like the rest of its body was beastial, a flailed snout and muzzle littered with short fangs. A set of curved horns curled around feline ears and a thick mane of hair covered its neck and head.

"So, Bruno. This is the merchandise that gave you such a hard time?" It spoke in a demanding female voice. "Doesn't look like much if you ask me." the rest of the crew chucked at the remark.

Colin sprung to his feet in rage, he struggled to free his hands but they were bound tight. "What did you do with Atria!" He shouted, lunging forward only to be yanked back by his bound hands.
"Who?" The captain asked.
"Atria! The girl you kidnaped with me!" He shouted again still pulling on his restraints.
"Oh her! That's right. Bruno let him go." The she ordered.
Colin dumbfounded by the order slowly approached the captain. She waved him closer with her finger, inching him forward.

Colin stood only feet away from her. She gave him a toothy grin and reached for her balls pulling them to the side and leaning back revealing a bright amber eye set into its taint. It was rather animated it squinted as though it was smiling? But undoubtedly it was Atria's eye, it wasn't hard to connect the dots.

"YOU MONSTER!" Colin shouted he charged at her but was met by two of the crew as they again took him by his restraints.
"Well I hope so, that's the look I was going for." She laughed examining her talons, the crew laughing with her.
"Why did you do it!"
"Her skin of course, it was so soft and gentle, I just had to have it" she started to caress her firm balls and sheath. "Then I thought 'hey, why not have a little companionship?' Am I right?"

Atria's eye blinked once.

"Wait! Can she still hear? Atria I swear! I'll figure something out, i'll get you off this bitch if it's the last thing I do!"

Atria's eye blinked twice

"Such a passionate display of determination! How could I possibly part these two from each other?" The captain remarked sarcastically. The crew chuckled loudly at their captain before she began again. "But, shouldn't we get Atria's opinion first? I'll let you know boy it's one blink for yes, two blinks for no. Now, Atria was it? Would you like to be separated from me sweetie?" She pet her balls like a small animal.

Atria's eye blinked twice

"I didn't think so. I know! Should we add your little friend to me? I like his muscular arms."

Atria's eye blinked twice

"Well then, how about we just transform him like we planned? I'm sure he'll turn out just lovely, we can even take him for a go after."

Atria's eye blinked once.

"Ok ok, settle down, that's enough out of you." The captain dropped her balls obscuring Atria from view.

"You did this to Atria! You changed her when she fused!" Colin shouted again, outraged by the situation.

"I did no such thing." The captain gawked. Waving him off with a clawed hand "she was in a perfect state of mind once I took her for her skin, adding her body to my cock. After a few romps she was begging for more."

Colin fell silent.

"Oh? Nothing to say? Lost all that fight?" The captain stood from her throne and walked behind the stage, "what a shame, I like my merchandise to have moxie! It really brings it home for the clientele." Behind the throne clinking glass rang out with the sound of swishing fluid and a few small bangs. The surrounding crew gathered around peering over shoulders to watch whatever was happening as the captain continued to speak out. "So boy, what regiment were you stationed with? I caught a glimpse of that tattoo on your arm, I can tell you’re military."

Colin kept quiet.

The captain stuck her head out from behind the chair with a displeased look on her demonic face, "you're really trying to sell this 'stoic' act ar'nt you..." She said before darting back to her work but continued yelling over it. "Fine suit yourself, you won't be able to talk very well soon, figured I'd give you the chance." There was a loud bang and black smoke pluming from behind the throne as the captain coughed loudly. She emerged fanning the air from her snout holding a large bottle of pink fluid.

She strolled over to him swishing the bottle in her hand. Colin remained silent, a dead stare into the distance. "Don't you even want to know what I'm going to do to you?" Colin raised his head looking her dead in the eye. "Fuck you." Her mumbled under his breath.

"Honey, I'm afraid you have it backwards." She gawked splashing the pink fluid all over Colin. With amazing speed it ate through his clothes but not the iron shackles around his arms. Colin stood up completely nude, his modest seven inch member on full display. The captain sat down in her chair ready for the show. She lifted her leg onto the seat letting Atria watch her boyfriend’s transformation as her cock began to bob with excitement.

Colin first noticed the fuzz of his short hair falling from his scalp like snow, leaving his head smooth and glossy. A warm tingling began to dance across his lips as a weight began to build. His lower lip swelled, plumping up like a balloon dragging his lips into a permanent feminine pout. His ears stretched up moving towards his crown in a cutesy fashion, his face now resembling a cartoon deer.

His lips helped to signal the rest of his changes. The small scars and blemishes that littered his body faded away into smooth silky skin, spotless and the color cream.The military tattoo brushed away like chalk His bulging muscles deflated into his body becoming soft feminine curves accentuating his rear as his waist thinned into a pinch.

A tightening in his chest drew his attention. His nipples stiffened at the sensation of his excess muscle mass pouring into his chest grouping into two large soft mounds becoming breasts. Generous ones at that! Easily DDDs, their weight pulling him forward.

His arms began to tingle like his lips, he could feel a weight lifting off his shoulder so much so that his shoulders seemed lifted right off him with it, literally! His arms and shoulders sank into his back. The manacles restraining his hands with them, moving with the shifting flesh. One at his waist the other to the small of his back. It didn't take long for the extra mass to find a new in her breasts, swelling them into perky H cups, nipples swelling to the size of tuna cans. The new weight was almost too much to hold.

A cool sensation built in his crotch, like a cold draft. Between his imposing cleavage he watched as his penis shrank, pulling into his groin. Colin expected it to disappear completely and turn into a vagina jugging from the rest of his body, but instead shrank to a measly two inches, his balls the size of grapes.

Colin started to lose his balance as his thighs rapidly ate his legs, engulfing his knees and feet before his thighs themselves sank into his hips, leaving him upright if only propped up by his gargantuan breasts. A small pinch signaled the sprout of a tail from his spine, a soft plume of fluffy fur at its tip.

Colin struggled to look at his body over his many curves and impaired movement. Behind him the crew rolled out a small crane above him. Slipping two chains though his makeshift piercings and hoisting him up off the ground to head level. His breasts tugging him down uncomfortably, the balance left him hanging horizontally.

"I have to say, aside from the cock I think I did a bang up job on this one." The captain praised herself. Atria blinked once in agreement. "Yeah, I could have made it smaller." She stood up from her chair, Atria's large horse cock standing fully erect, bobbing with each step. As she approached Colin tried to scream at her for what she'd done to him but all that came out was a muffled mumble. His fat pouty lips too heavy to speak with.

"Is something the matter hun? Having a hard time speaking? Well, no matter, I have other plans for that mouth of yours." She cood, brushing her hand over his smooth scalp and soft ears guiding Colin's mouth to her throbbing black cock. He looked at her with rage filled eyes, helpless to do anything.

She thrusted forward, parting his lips with the hot flared tip. Colin clenched his jaw trying to resist, but the sheer weight of his lips strained his muscles. Colin gave out, letting the flat headed length into his mouth. The captain continued to push, shoving the pulsing organ further, deeper down his throat. To his surprise he didn't choke, couldn't choke, his neck seemed to fit the cock perfectly despite its size. Colin resisted still even though there was something inside him.

The captain pulled out, only to drive it home again, her balls slapping against his chin, no Atria's balls. She pulled out and thrusted again. That's right it was Atria, this thing in him was his beloved. Again another thrust. Colin took it, something inside him clicked, the awful way of using him, knowing it was for Atria, somehow made it better, made it right.

He took in her new smell, the subtle floral breeze replaced by hot, musky, oak smell. The soft curves replaced by rigid, pulsing veins. Colin let out a moan, his voice unchanged by his body. Atria couldn't speak, so he'd do it for her. He was so lost in the embrace he'd forgotten the very act until Artie's cum flooded his mouth. The warm salty fluid lined his mouth, small jets spurt as the captain pulled out. Colin swallowed every drop, lapping it off his lips even.

"Oh my, that was a good one." The captain cheered, stroking her cock of the last few squirts of jizz. "Wouldn't you agree dear." Though no one could see her Atria was in a daze, her eye dilating in bliss. "Well that's one hole..." She said. Patting Colin on the cheek before spinning him on his chain only to have it unravel and the captain grip into his ass cheeks "lets see how the other fares."

There was no caution this time, the captain forced herself between his cheeks plunging into his ass. Colin let out a cry, his voice still his but changing the pitch in a vain attempt at a feminine tone. The captain continued pound his ass, the room was filled with the sound of Colin's chain rattling. Some crew members cheered the captain on, others seem uninterested at but watched anyway. Colin could care less, he was closer now to Atria than he'd ever been before. The base primal love they shared boiled down to its purist form. She was completely a part of him now, in this one moment when he could feel her filling him with her seed.

The captain continued to pound away, stuffing Atria's still hard body into him. The sensation so over powering he didn't notice his small prick reaching orgasm so quickly and repeatedly. Atria came again, filling Colin like a balloon.

"Whooo, tight one. I think you'll fetch us a pretty penny on the strip." She commented, taking the time to wipe Atria off between his ass cheeks. "Take him to the hold, feel free to break him in if you want. Set course for North Port."

--- --- ---

The North Port was a large docking zone on the small island north of Erindon. Although the port sat on the water it was easy to dock airships as well. The surrounding forest that covered the east end of the island creating the perfect cover from the surrounding shorelines of the Grave,Aerolin, and Ilaarikon kingdoms. And because of its location between the three territories it was ignored, all sides too afraid to claim it for themselves or the other may think it was a step towards invasion. This made the island very valuable for smugglers, traffickers and pirates alike.

Colin had learned all this from the clients of the brothel. After he'd been transformed the pirates shipped him off to this quaint little outlet called The Rack. Daily Colin could be found hanging in the window for passersby to view the 'merchandise'. Only for a few minutes though, as the conveyer belt paraded him about the room like a sex-dry-cleaner. If he was lucky they'd hang him in the window mobil, those were the best days. Colin was cared for; cleaned, fed, the radio wasn't too bad, they could do worse.

His trip stopped at the front desk as the clerk, a rather strapping man. He lifted him off the conveyer and carried him to the window display, hanging him on the small spinning hook of the mobil. "Yes!" He thought looking out the window onto the bustling streets. Passersby glanced at him in the window, he'd present his plump lips, blowing kisses to them, a wink here and there.

For the few that stopped to watch, Colin did his best to give a show. Arching his back as best he could to bob his tits, bouncing them together, swaying them to-n-fro. He could hypnotize any man that glanced at him, he had one right now! He started to swing his weight and with one good trust through his fat breasts against the glass, gets them every time. Until his small cock flashed out between his cleavage. Damn. The man cringed and walked away, but a woman stared on from behind him, clearly intrigued. Colin blew her a kiss and she walked towards the front door. Score!

His days were now consumed by sex, pleasing and being pleased, it became him in a way, a monotonous cycle of fucking day in and day out never losing its bliss or savage edge. His only escape was the short glimpse out the window onto the port, looking at the ships as they docked. Always hoping to see 'The Stolen Kriss' the ship and crew that had abducted him. It came to port from time to time to collect the brothel's revenue. If he was lucky the captain would pick it up herself. When she did Atria would be with him again, it made it all worth it! Every time she did, she'd stay the night, not sleeping of course.

*ding ding*

The bell to the front door rang, Colin hadn't made it to the window yet today, he prayed it would be Atria. All he could see was the other 'worker' hanging in front of him, a spinning pile of breasts, hung by a ruby set nipple piercing.

The conveyer belt traveled the length of the brothels main hallway, the rooms on his left. As they traveled into the lounge the hall dropped into a staircase while the conveyer continued along the ceiling to a large window. From there the belt coiled down to the lounge and over the front door then to the front desk.

And their she was in her soft, flaccid beauty. Nestled between the fuzzy thighs of her captor, the nameless captain of The Stolen Kriss. The conveyer sped up placing him at the desk. His eyes were fixed on Atria, wishing she could see him, it always made her hard and watching her always got him horny.

The captain spoke words but he didn't care to listen. He just waited to be placed on the room belt to be with them. The captain gave him a playful pinch of his engrossed nipple as he shifted tracks and was zoomed up the stairs and into the master suite, his soft ass smacking the door open, a taste of what was to come.


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