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Drugs 6
by Demon-Man

Tags: Female to Male, Multiple Transformations, Public Humiliation, Extreme Changes, Immobility, Plant-like Form, CTF, Dehumanisation, Sex, Tentacles, Lots of Cocks

Here is an unfinished draft of what had originally been Drugs No 5.
I still don't know how to continue from here. I am reluctant to go with a incestous romane again but not sure how to end the story in a good way otherwise. Suggestions are welcome.


In the summer of 2506 a bizarre series of self-inflicted transformations occurred in the small town of Jizza. Even years later imperial authorities couldn't determine the reasons for this bizarre phenomenon. Almost only women had been affected and decided to undergo unusually extreme alterations, even though relatives attested that they never showed any such interests before.

The most popular and persistent theory today is that a mind-altering drug had been released in the groundwater which somehow subtly planted those cravings into the women of the town without even being aware of it. Despite numerous tests, no such substance has ever been identified, though. Since no other possible cause has been found and because of alleged cases of women outside Jizza unexpectedly having undergone transformations after having drunk imported water from the town, some scholars have pointed out the possibility that the substance is too diluted to be detected but yet strong enough to have an effect on people.

While the local alchemist guild had been suspected of intentionally contaminating the groundwater for financial gains, no evidence has ever been found, nor sign of any other culprit.

A few months after the first transformations, the phenomenon showed its second face. Most transformed women noticed changes in their personalities and a strange desire to be no longer female. Most explained it with an urge to complete their transition into someone new and thus further altered their bodies to be completely male, also changing their registered sex accordingly.

Today Jizza is more or less running normally again, although approx. 98% of all adult women in the town have been affected and undergone transformations into beings commonly compared to creatures from Karma's Realm or the women from Freya's domain. More than 90% of these transformees have also gone so far as to make themselves purely male. Logically there has been a large-scale social impact: Families broke apart while others grew closer together (sometimes literally). The hospitals hired dozens of psychiatrists (mostly to help the transformees' relatives) and social therapists. Due to many transformation related disabilities,  Regena has expanded its presence in Jizza, too, and provides support for all women (or former women) that cannot care for themselves anymore and have no relatives to do so. Strangely all of them are content with their choices and do not think that they may have been caused by an exterior source.

The phenomenon is not considered over yet and authorities warn any non-locals from drinking the local water, just in case the theory turns out to be true. Not even 5% of the women entering the town leave it as normal humans again or as females.

While the phenomenon had so far been considered to only affect women, recent studies have proven that men are indeed affected, too, but in a more subtle way. Local government officials noticed that the divorce-rate in the town hadn't changed at all since 2506, in fact it has even slightly decreased. Considering the intense alterations of nearly every woman in town, this is a massive statistical anomaly. Despite romantic believes, usually two thirds of all marriages where one partner underwent an unexpected transformation of get divorced.

Further investigations revealed that while the phenomenon makes women want to be transformed, it causes men to feel sexually attracted to transformees, especially heavily modified ones. It also alters the individual's sex-drive to a bisexual nature, which explains while so surprisingly few of the questioned men had a problem with the complete gender-change of their once-female spouses.

There are also a few reported cases by now of men forcefully transforming their female partners against their will. Usually these women were either not yet affected by the phenomenon or the men acted out of a desire to control the outcome.

“You want me to do what?”
Gloria Constein couldn't believe what her own son had just asked of her.

“I...I just mean it would be cool to see you transformed in some way,” her son Samuel replied, blushing heavily. “You....could consider it my birthday present?”

Samuel knew that this was an embarrassingly odd question. Not just that. It was also one that could changed the relationship to his mother for a long time. Depending on her reaction in a very negative way. The now-18 year old student didn't know exactly where this idea had come from. After seeing many of his female friends and classmates get themselves transformed in bizarre ways, his thoughts had drifted more and more to what it would be like to see his own mother do the same. He didn't even know exactly why. He didn't feel sexually attracted to his mother. In fact he was dating a classmate called Keira, yet it was quite arousing in a weird way. While at first only a curious idea, the thought had become so intense that he could no longer hold it back. Although doing so on his 18th birthday might have been either the best or the worst timing.

Sam kept quite for now, allowing his mother to catch her breath and process his shocking wish. Even though he felt no sexual attraction, he couldn't deny that his mother was rather good looking. Just 40 years of age, she was of a voluptuous built, not chubby but with wide hips and large d-cup breasts. In contrast her face was rather slender with high cheekbones, framed by red-brown locks. Yet he wished he could see all that change into something gross.

To his surprise his mother's expression suddenly turned from shocked to thoughtful. She was seriously contemplating his wish. Sam didn't try to get his hopes up but then she looked at him with a mirthful smirk. One he had never seen on her face before.

“Alright. I'll do it,” she said.

Apparently Sam's jaw must have dropped because she giggled seeing his reaction.

“I must admit I was contemplating to get a little bit modified anyway for some time. So..if it makes you happy. Why not?”

For a moment Sam realized how bizarre the whole situation was. Not only that he wanted to see his own mother get transformed so much that he actually asked for it but also that she agreed to it so easily. Rationally he knew that this was wrong on several levels but the thought was quickly swept away by pure joy and the excitement to see his wish come true.

“Awesome,” he replied with a wide smile. “Would you mind if I chose the result?”

Two weeks had passed by since their unusual conversation. Their initial doubts had vanished. The common excitement for what was about to happen had united mother and son more than ever before in a bizarre fashion. It was a common interested they had discovered to share, even if only very recently. Beyond discussing the possible outcomes of Gloria's transformation, they had also started watching TF-related shows together and visit TF-clubs which seemed to become more and more popular in town for some reason. They had even grown unashamed enough to watch TF-related porn together.
Despite their in detail discussions about possible modifications for Gloria, Sam had kept his plan for her eventual form secret. It was meant to be a surprise but now the time had come. They had chosen a large alchemical workshop to do the transformation. It had a good reputation and was specialized in radical alterations.

Mother and son were standing in one of the workshop's chambers. It was a sterile open space with enough room for the patient to change. The alchemist was standing at a nearby workbench, making the final preparations .

“You're sure about this, mom?” Sam asked. He felt it necessary to ask but hoped she'd not change her mind.

“No, I trust in your choice,” his mother answered. She was dressed in large t-shirt she had borrowed from her son. It was all she wore but it was big enough to cover most of her body, almost resembling a hospital gown. She had made it very clear she would not get naked, too embarrassed go nude in front of her son. Samuel's had been about to protest but then relented, his mother had always been rather shy and he was more interested in the outcome anyway. He had no massive desire to see his mother nude as she was now.

“It is ready,” the elderly alchemist said, handing the potion-vial over to Gloria. “Just drink and the changes should occur immediately.”

Gloria nodded and gave her son a final smile before gulping down the glowing substance. True to the alchemist's word, her body began to change immediately. Primarily it shrunk into the shirt. Her arms vanished into the sleeves while her legs shortened to the point where they were hidden behind the cloth themselves. The odd movements underneath the cover hinted at more changes happening but the only visible process was that of Gloria's head. She only had a change to voice a surprised gasp before her skull seemed to implode into itself. Her hair fell out while her facial features disappeared in the twisting flesh, with only one exception. Her right eye stayed completely unchanged, left at the centre of a spiral of twisting flesh, a literal eye of the storm. Eventually her eye was the only thing left of her head, set within a ball of flesh barely big enough to hose it. Below the eyeball Gloria's neck had contracted and elongated into nothing more than a flexible stalk. In the meantime her skin colour had darkened into a bright, unnatural magenta, bordering on pink.

A few moments later the transformation finally ended. Gloria's new body was entirely hidden beneath her son's shirt but it was obvious that she was now barely larger than a basketball. Her singular eyeball was moving around in a curious manner, baffled by the new perspective from so low. Samuel stepped towards her and was just about to lift up the shirt to reveal his mother's new form.

“No, you won't!,” Gloria's voice came from beneath the shirt, stopping Samuel in his track. She trailed of, her eye widening in surprise. “How did I speak? I got no mouth.”

Samuel smiled, “You'd know if you got a better look at yourself.”

His mother focused back on him. “I will but I am still not going to go around naked.”

She turned her “head” towards the alchemist standing nearby. “Mr Xava, I got a variety of clothes in my bag over there. Would you mind assisting me. And you, Samuel, wait for me in the waiting room.”

Her voice left no room for discussion. A little bit disappointed Sam left the room. He'd have to help his mother getting used to the reality of her new form.

After about fifteen minutes the door of the workroom finally opened. Samuel immediately turned around but it was the alchemist stepping out. However, the man held the door open, allowing Gloria to come through and giving Samuel a first good look at her new body.

Her body was little more than a ball of flesh, however it was supported by a trio of legs, rather than the usual two. They were arranged equally around her spherical body. Humanoid in form, they were short and chubby. Her feet on the other hand were massive, at least twice as long and twice as wide as they had been before, appearing even larger due to her reduced frame. Furthermore each foot had only two fat toes and a cartoonishly symmetric form, befitting the rest of her odd body.

Samuel knew what was between each pair of legs but couldn’t actually see it, for his mother had put on a trio of underpants in order to keep her modesty. It was an awkward arrangement but it did its job, all Sam got to see were three barely contained bulges. With some amusement he noticed that two of the three pants were his. His mother must have anticipated a change of such a kind. With the singular eyeball growing from the centre of her body and her bright skin colour she looked like some otherwordly creature, making the pants look even more out of place on her.

She had visible trouble shuffling along, still unused to her odd configuration of limbs. Her son noticed some kind of glistening trail behind her as she moved towards him. He had almost forgotten, despite the wet sheen on her skin. She was going to produce slime like a slug or frog. Right now it looked like little more than sweat but soon she would produce far more copious amounts. He also noticed the wet spots forming at the centre of each pant.

“What do you think?” Gloria asked her son in an almost demure kind of tone. She appeared quite embarrassed about her new body.

“You like great,” Sam replied truthfully. He couldn't say why but he was thrilled by seeing his mother now as such a weird creature.

“Really? This still feels so awkward. Let's go home. I need some rest.”

Samuel didn't protest. The transformation must have been quite an ordeal. Her first time in public might be quite interesting.

Gloria got used to moving with three legs surprisingly quickly. Her initial shuffling had turned into a rather confident, if odd, walk even before they had reached the subway station. Samuel doubted that she had actually noticed it herself, he could tell from her nervous glances that she too much focused on how people might react to her new form.

Her anxiety seemed to increase even more once they were on the train. Ironically there was not that much reason for it though. Nobody was paying them any attention, aside from a few curious glances. By now there were so many transformees in Jizza, that most people didn't care anymore. In fact a few passengers in the compartment were transformees themselves.

On the other hand Sam's mother seemed to have some issues with the very thing that was covering her naughty bits. She was twisting awkwardly on her seat. The way the pants were stretched across her three legs made it impossible to comfortably lower her body down.

“Ah, this just doesn't work, darn,” she complained while still trying to somehow find a position that was comfortable.

“Why don't you just remove these,” Samuel suggested, pointing at the overstretched pants. “I bet you would have a lot less trouble without them.”

Gloria's single eye widened in shock at the suggestion. “I cannot do that. Not here.”

Sam sighed. “Many transformees are nude in public. Nobody cares. Do you see any with pants here?”

He discreetly pointed at the nearest transformee. It looked like a large chubby crocodile man, his enlarged penis was free for everybody to see. Another one looked like a monkey with a penis for a head, it was sitting with its legs spread wide, revealing a vagina twice as large as normal.

“I don't know,” his mother retorted weakly. She was reluctant but his arguments were sound.

“The sooner you get used to it, the easier its gonna be for you,” Sam replied with a smile. He was carefully pulling at one of her pants, just to edge her on.

“Alright, alright,” she finally gave in. “Can you lend me a hand? I don't think I am good enough yet to do this with my feet.”

Her son didn't mind at all. Sam carefully removed the pants one after the other, until his new mother was entirely nude. For the first he got a good look at her new genitalia, or “his” genitalia from a biological point of view. She had three impressive penises with suitable balls, located in the gaps between her legs. Each one was five inches long flaccid but three inches thick, the glans hidden behind a thick foreskin. Her testicles were the size of eggs, tugged away in an extremely wrinkly scrotum. Sam knew that his mother was entirely male now, hidden beneath her body, right at the centre of her underside was only an anus. He noticed that each penis was leaking thick drops of pre-cum, despite being flaccid. It had been part of the changes he had chosen, constant production of pre-cum to mix with the slime from her skin.

With the pants gone, Gloria finally manage to fold her three legs together in a manner that allowed her to sit comfortably. In she gave a sigh of relief. Her anxiety quickly returned though, guessing by the nervous movements of her singular eyeball. Samuel noticed with amusement how her legs twitched now and then as if to cover up her genitalia. It would take her some time to get used to public nudity. His eyes widened though in surprise, when her penises suddenly start to swell. Slowly they began to rise until they were fully erect, the stream of pre-cum intensifying at the same time. Each dick was easily a foot long. Funny enough, still nobody in the train gave her any attention. Gloria, however, began to panic as her genitalia showed a life of their own.

“Oh...oh...that won't do,” she stammered. “How do I stop this?”

Samuel smirked at seeing wriggling like this. Her embarrassment was kind of...cute. He could swear that the skin around her eyeball was blushing.

“There is nothing you can do,” he replied. “You got three times the libido of a normal man. Whatever triggered them, they won't go down by themselves for a while.”

His mother squirmed in her seat some more.

“See, nobody cares. Just relax.”
Gloria gave her best but couldn't manage to hide her embarrassment. All the while her penises stayed perfectly erect and leaking cum all over her seat. It wasn't until they had almost reached their house when they started to soften again.


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Re: Drugs 6

Fun stuff. I always enjoy your writing.

Why not have the story from here centre around Gloria getting over (or accepting) the shame/arousal of exhibition and maybe have her fall in love with Keira? (Is Keira already changed? If so maybe she could teach Gloria acceptance. If Keira isn't changed maybe she teaches Gloria about her body and is inspired to change through that.) The son could just find the entire situation arousing and weird in like, a benign not-involved way. Or maybe he keeps dating Keira and it's a polyamorous situation where Keira dates Gloria and Keira dates Samuel, but Samuel and Gloria are not involved?


Re: Drugs 6

A possible suggestion would be to have Gloria fall in love with one of her son's male friends.  The son could invite him over to work on a project for school and end up having a meet cute moment with Gloria.  This could lead to some embarrassing scenes where the son walks in on his good friend and mother together.  Seeing them together could even inspire the son to try and talk his girlfriend into similar changes.

     Though it goes a bit against your writing preference, another option would be to have the son become so enamored with his mother's form that he decides to transform himself.  It could be a transformation similar to complimentary to hers.  This could also apply to his girlfriend, the transformation encouraged by his changed mother.


Re: Drugs 6

Redstar00 wrote:

A possible suggestion would be to have Gloria fall in love with one of her son's male friends.  The son could invite him over to work on a project for school and end up having a meet cute moment with Gloria.  This could lead to some embarrassing scenes where the son walks in on his good friend and mother together.  Seeing them together could even inspire the son to try and talk his girlfriend into similar changes.

Or maybe his mother and one of her son's female friends (who eventually ends up transformed herself, maybe together with her own mother or sister)


Re: Drugs 6

I like the suggestions but I must admit that I had a quite different idea that I intend to write down soon.

Redstar00's idea could also work nicely in a different story, more focused on the romance between the mother and her son's friend and how she might actually transform even further as a result.


Re: Drugs 6

Well written, even if the males only aspect is disappointing (personal preference).

As to what I particularly liked, the whole thing with being shy after being newly transformed and breaking down inhibitions is always a huge plus. And there's no better way to do that than with erect penises if newly transformed futanari are anything to go by, with their bodies betraying their minds.


Re: Drugs 6

First draft of the next part. Haven't decided yet what to do with Keira:

Three months had gone by and Sam's mother had adjusted to her new body, at least to a certain extend. She was still extremely uncomfortable with its more sexual aspects, even though they now made up a large portion of her anatomy. It was just too hard to overcome her shyness. As a result she had barely left the house since her transformation and when she did, it was always with some sort of cover or clothing. The incident in the subway hadn't helped.

At least she had accepted to being around nude at home early on. She could not hide her embarrassment when around her son but she was slowly getting used to it. Still, staying at home all the time wasn't good for her. She also needed some company to satisfy her libido. She was trying to suppress it, but Sam had seen her trying awkwardly to masturbate with her feet when she thought she was alone. Samuel already got an idea how to help her. It was her birthday today and he had organized the perfect gift.

“You like the omelette? First time I made it with blue mushrooms,” Gloria said, sitting on the opposite of the kitchen table.

She and her son were having breakfast together in the kitchen. Her anatomy was massively reduced now but she had learned a few tricks to still make herself useful. There were a lot of things she couldn't do without help anymore but making an omelette was not one of them. Doing what she was used to, helped her apparently to adjust. Sam could tell, though, from her expression that eating would take more time to getting used to. His mother was awkwardly sitting on a stool, using two feet to use fork and knife. She would cut the omelette into small pieces and carefully bring them to her purple anus. Sam was still fascinated by the sight of these little bites of food being suddenly sucked into her butthole, never to be seen again. He knew that she could still taste, despite the lack of a tongue. When he had decided on her changes, he hadn't thought about what this would mean when she went to the toilet, though. The first time she had been cursing like a sailor.

“Its good,” Sam replied absent-mindedly. He pulled out an envelope he had in his pocket. “By the way. Happy Birthday, mom.”

He handed over the envelope and watched her take out the card within. He smirked when he saw her eye going wide as she read it.

“Oh....oh thank you,” she answered, sounding a bit unsure. “You think this is the right thing to do?”

Sam smiled even more, having anticipated such a reaction,”Yes. You really deserve some time off. This place is perfect for you.”

The card contained a receipt for a booked 4 week stay at Greenhill Falls Resort. It was a wellness resort specialized for the needs of transformeed guests. That didn't just mean that the place was prepared to deal with all kind of restricted anatomies but also the increased sexuality of most transformees. The flyer advertised casual sex, professional sex workers, weekly orgies and other services that would surely help her mom to finally embrace her new form wholeheartedly.   

“I...I am not sure,” Gloria began to stammer.

“Oh come on. You will like it. Take a risk,” Sam said. “You got nothing to lose, anyway.”

“I...I suppose.”

She didn't seem too convinced but accepted the gift nonetheless. Sam assured her again that this was probably the best for her to relax and adjust properly to her body. Maybe she'd even make a few new friends.

Despite her doubts, Gloria left for the resort two days later. She had gone with only very little baggage, only her wallet, phone and a few other items. Sam had insisted on her not to take any clothes, in fact not even to wear anything on her way to the place. It had taken some convincing but she had relented eventually. Sam's primary argument had being forced to go around nude, she get used to it quicker.

She had been quite emotional when saying good bye. It was the first time for her to be on holidays on her own, since Samuel's birth. Leaving him alone, even for only a month, was not an easy thing for her. After a few shed tears and an awkward hug, she had boarded the train. Before it left, she had promised to write Sam every day. True to her word, Sam got an email from her every night, often with an attached picture she had taken with her phone or somebody else had taken for her.

The first few days proofed to be a rather frustrating experience for Gloria and as a result for Samuel, too. The resort itself turned out to be a very pleasant place. Her room was clean and better suited to her anatomical disadvantages than home. She also praised the food and staff, as well as the more ordinary services offered at the resort. Apparently she very much enjoyed the food massages and mud baths. She had more serious trouble with the sexual aspects of the place, though. She just couldn't overcome her shyness. She was very self-conscious about being nude all the time and too embarrassed to engage the other guests, although she mentioned that she'd like to socialize with them. She didn't write about her own sexual needs but reading between the lines, her frustration was becoming quite apparent. Sam feared that his idea might have turned out to be disaster after all.

At first he thought that his mother might return early, seeing her getting more anxious as time went on. This changed however after about a week. The first surprised was a picture showing his mother standing together with three other people, a man and two transformees. One was a very feminine cat-woman with a foot long penis, the other a mansized ball of flesh resting on a nest of penis-tentacles and a massive anus as only feature on its body, lacking anything resembling a face, even eyes. Apparently, sick of keeping herself back, his mother had taken a leap and gone for a stroll around the resort. Two of the people on the picture, the man and the tentacle-creature, apparently his former wife, now husband, had approached her and started conversation. Despite her embarrassment, Gloria had quickly warmed up to the couple. In the end, they had ended up spending the evening with drinks at the bar and were later joined by the cat-herm. To his mother's surprise, nobody had even talked about sex the entire evening. She ended the message, writing that she wanted to meet with the couple the next day again.

After this initial break-through Gloria was warming up the resort with surprising speed. Although she spent most of her time with the couple, she befriended first, the Handasons, she made a lot more friends over the following days. Although nothing they did or talked about was apparently of a sexual nature, his mother soon mentioned how she was getting curious about finally making use of the resort's other services. Later she even described how she was getting erections from time to time, surrounded by so many other very sexual creatures, but still too embarrassed to act on it, even though some of the other guests were actually offering to help out. Samuel was quite surprised by that particular email. He would never have expected his mother to write about her own sexuality so openly but that was a good sign, that she was finally embracing her new body. So his gift was no disaster after all.

Thus Sam was not surprised when his mother finally decided to join one of the resort's sex parties, almost three weeks into the trip. The pictures she sent him of that night a day later were quite a shock nonetheless. The first one showed her riding a man's penis, the picture probably taken by him, guessing from the perspective. She was sitting on his crotch and one could clearly see his cock penetrating her anus. There were two more showing the same scene, only that she was ejaculating from all three cocks on the last one. There were a few more pictures showing other transformees and normal people having sex and some that showed his mother being fondled and given blow-jobs.

From that point onwards things became only more extreme. The dam was broken and Gloria was now exploring her sexuality without any inhibitions, apparently making up for all the time she had been suppressing it. One the one hand Sam was very happy that his mother was enjoying herself and accepted the way she was now but at the same time he got a bit worried by the extend of it. Every day she sent him pictures of her sexual adventures, being pleased or pleasing others. He also noticed changes in the way she wrote, she was getting more....rude, for a lack of a better term. Were at first she'd still awkwardly describe her escapades with all manner of harmless metaphors, like usual, she was now getting more direct and a lot more into detail than Sam would have ever expected or wanted to know. In most recent message she freely wrote how she “sucked off” someone's “juicy cock” and then have him “fuck her hard”.

Four days before the end of her stay at the resort, Samuel got the email that surprised him the most. It started with “This is the last message from your mother, for now you have a father”. Without even mentioning it once in any of her previous emails, Gloria had apparently been growing unsure of her gender identity, as she was embracing her masculine anatomy. This had culminated in her finally deciding to become a “he”. The resort had handled the paperwork, which had been made easier by the fact that she, he had declined to have his name changed. Made Sam should have seen it coming, since his mother had been biologically male since her transformation but somehow he had never thought about how that might affect her mentality in the long run. The message was had pictures attached from the party the other guest had been throwing to celebrate Gloria's new identity. They had even organized a mild growth serum for his penises. The pictures clearly showed how they were now twice the size as before. His balls were now almost touching the ground.

Despite his shock at how much his mother, or was it father now, had changed during her time at the Greenhill Falls, he was looking forward to seeing him again. Even though the three-legged creature had adjusted to his body even more than Sam had anticipated, he was happy for Gloria being finally at peace with his new form. He rather had a oversexual father who was happy with himself, than an anxious mother who'd barely ever leave the house. Unfortunately Gloria didn't come back home at the end of the four weeks. Sam couldn't reach him via phone either. Maybe he had gotten the dates wrong. He waited till the next day but still no news from his parent. He was about to call the resort, worried that something might have happened, when he saw a new email in his mailbox. It was not from Gloria but from the Greenhill Falls itself.

The content of the message was an even bigger shock than the one about his mothers transition into his father. He was in such disbelief that he had to read it twice. It said:
“Dear Mr Constein,

at request of Gloria Constein, we are sending you this transcript of a message she wished us to record for you.

Hi Samuel,

the resort is sending this message for me,as I cannot write you anymore. I cannot speak anymore, either, for that matter. Thus they have a trained telepath write this down for me. Don't expect many more messages from me any time soon. When you look at the photos, you'll know why.

You need to know, I really like this place. I've never felt so alive before, being so much at peace with myself and those around me. Quite weird saying that, considering my attitude when I arrived here. This place completely changed me for the better. Made me a new man, quite literary in fact. Ha. I'll be eternally thankful to you. First for having my body changed like this and second for having me come here.

Unfortunately I'd come to love this place so much, that I don't want to leave it again. I came up with a unique idea to make myself useful and the management loved it. They organised the necessary serum and had me changed just yesterday. Now I look like on the pictures. The staff is still hiding me behind a small curtain wall. Tomorrow they will reveal me to the other guests. I am so excited. The telepath is going to come back in a week. I will have them send you a follow up message then.

Although I'd like to see you again, don't bother visiting, as I will probably be quite too busy for the next few weeks. I cannot talk to you anyway.

I love you, my beautiful son, and I am so thankful for this new life that you made possible. You will hear from me in a week.

In love
Your Mom.”

Sam was touched how his former mother still signed the message with mom, despite his recent registration as a male. The pictures showed a creature that was still recognizable as his parent but now almost resembled a plant. His body was a lot larger now, easily two metres high, but had grown more in length than width, fatter at the bottom than at the top. It kind of resembled one of those short palm trees. He had lost his legs, though, instead his body was rooted straight to the ground, like a plant. In fact he had lost his pink skin colour but was a bright green instead. While his body seemed even more inflexible as before, his neck was apparently as prehensile as ever, although it now almost seamlessly flowed into the torso. Even his eyeball had changed, not the eye itself but it was surrounded by what looked like a circle of large, yellow petals. It looked like a sunflower with a large eyeball, making him look even more like a plant.

Gloria's penises where fully erect on all the photos. While they seemed no bigger than since the last enlargement, about two feet long, Sam guessed, there were now dozens of them, each with its own pair of balls. The entire lower third of his body was covered by them. They were spaced almost a foot away from each other, making it look not too crowded. Now Sam understood what his “mom” had meant with making himself useful. He was now a bizarre mix between a garden plant and a sextoy. With his anus apparently gone and lacking legs, it also explained why he could neither speak nor write. Sam guessed that his mother didn't intend to do much talking in the future anyway.

In a weird way, Sam couldn't decide if he was happy or sad. It was actually a bit emotionally overwhelming. On the one hand he was devastated that his mother would never come back home. Sure, he could still visit him but that was quite a different thing, nonetheless. On the other hand, he was happy for him and that he decided to start living for his own enjoyment. He was also strangely excited about seeing his mother changed even more. He decided to spend the evening with Keira. He needed company after this message. He reflected on the irony of getting excited, even a little aroused, by seeing his mother turned and twisted into an entirely new creature over the last few months but was together with an entirely untransformed girl, feminine and beautiful on top of that, and actually preferred her that way.
The next week he spent mostly at his girlfriend's place. She was acting a bit weird, though. She seemed distracted, as if something was bothering her. She assured him that everything was alright, though. Maybe it was just Sam being hyper-sensitive, though, after all the revelations lately considering his mother. Probably Keira found him to be quite distracted, too. There was so much to consider, nonetheless if he was to stay alone in the family house or if it was better to sell it and find a new place. Maybe it was time to move together with Keira. Furthermore his mind was involuntarily wandering towards how his mother was now nothing more than a toy for the other resort guests to play with. Somehow that thought was hard to shake off.

As promised he got another email from the resort a week later. He was at home when he got it. Keira apparently had to work the night shift, so he had decided to spend the day at the family house. Luckily the transcript of Gloria's message at least seemed very positive:
“Hi Sam,

this was the best decision I ever made. The revelation of my new self was the best day of my life. Well...after your birth of course. Anyway...everybody was there. The staff introduced me as “the eternally horny Yellow Fuckflower”. The Handasons, Jim, Fancy and the McSocks were still there but nobody recognized me. I was only addressed by the name the resort people gave me. I must admit, I like that name so much, that I had them change my registered name into it. So from now on you are the son of the eternally horny Yellow Fuckflower. Ha. Don't think I am joking. I'd mean a lot to me if you called me by that name, too, from now on. No more Mom or mother, only Fuckflower.

The evening was so awesome. Everybody made use of my many cocks in one way or another. Well, I got not much else to offer to be fair, as I got no face, boobs, even my asshole is gone. I liked getting fucked but all these dicks make up for it.

I love my new life here. People use me less often that at the unveiling night but that was to be expected. Nonetheless I get enough action all day. I get blowjobs, handjobs, boobjobs and often enough people fuck me straight away. Luckily they didn't put my dicks too close together, so people wouldn't be able to ride them. The fact that I have no hand in all of this, makes me even more horny. I am absolutely helpless. People can do with me what they want and I love it. Yesterday a couple was making out in front of me, they were deliberately teasing me. It was so cruel but also so hot. In the end I came without them touching me even once.

In fact that happens from time to time, even without any teasing. The “eternally horny” part of my new name is no joke either. My cocks are permanently hard and leaking pre-cum. My libido is so much in overdrive that once in a while one or two will randomly ejaculate without any warning. Its amazing. The same way I still pee. I guess it wasn't planed but the new changes have left me apparently incontinent in some way. A few times a day some cocks will just randomly release a stream of piss. I only notice when its already too late. Quite weird but then again, I do not have to worry about hygiene anymore, anyway. I don't mind being all sweaty and dirty, as the staff cleans me up every evening.

Its a simple life but awesome. So much sex to look forward to. I know you might want to see me with your own eyes. So, I'd like you to come for a visit in three days. Please don't come before that. I can finally tell you. I had a message sent to Keira after the one for you was recorded. Communication wasn't easy but we got a little surprise planed for you. I am sure you are going to love it.
See you in three days.

Love you,
the eternally horny Yellow Fuckflower.”

Sam immediately jumped up after reading the last part of the email. What was going on? What surprise? Did Keira decide to get transformed after all? Did he want to? Or was there something else going on? He needed to know, so he called his girlfriend. Unfortunately it switched straight to voicemail. Whatever was going on, he guessed he wouldn't find out until in three days.


Re: Drugs 6

Curious to see what his girlfriend has planned. Is there any chance to know if Keira's mother has or will succumb too?


Re: Drugs 6

Got one last part in mind after this:

As expected, Sam couldn't contact Keira for the following three days. She wouldn't answer neither emails nor phone calls. Her parents said, that she wasn't home either but wouldn't tell him where she had gone or why, although their behaviour made it obvious that they knew more than they claimed.

Obviously there was nothing else to do than wait for the time his mother....no not his mother, the Fuckflower, had requested. Honouring its wish, Sam tried to no longer think of the plant-like creature as his mother but only as the Fuckflower, an ever-horny sextoy. It was not easy but he was slowly getting used to it. In fact the though was kind of turn on, he had to admit.

On the third day Sam took the train to Greenhill Falls. Luckily the place was less than an hour away. From the outside one could not tell that the resort was specialized for very sexual guests with very sexual needs. The entrance hall was clean and looked like what one expect from any other wellness resort, only advertising its more ordinary services. The only give away were the few transformed guests that were around. He introduced himself to the receptionist, a young woman in light green robes, explaining that he didn't want to book a room but visit the Fuckflower. The woman seemed to have been informed already about him.

“Ah, Mr Constein,” she said. “The Yellow Fuckflower has already told us about you. I'll call somebody who will bring you to it.”

“I was also told that my girlfriend Keira was somehow involved,” Sam inquired, “my age, quite tall, red hair?”

The receptionist just smiled at home politely: “My colleague will explain everything. Just let me call him.”

So Sam was left to wait some more for some answers. A few moments later a young man in similar robes arrived to lead the way. He was acting like a tour guide, explaining about the resort's history and layout while they walked through the complex. Eventually they reached an expansive garden in at the heart of the resort. It was very lush, full of exotic plants and beautiful flowers, with a natural looking stream running through it. It almost felt like being at the centre of a paradisical forest. Samuel actually recognized it from some of his former mother's photos. At one corner of a small paved square he finally spotted the eternally horny Yellow Fuckflower. The creature seemed even taller than on the photos. It was just standing there all alone at the moment, its penises fully erect and leaking thick streams of pre-cum. Just a second later Sam even saw one of the many dicks releasing a quick stream of what must have been piss.

A moment later the sunflower-head turned around and spotted him. The eye went wide and Sam noticed its body tremble all so slightly. Guessing from the reaction the Fuckflower was happy to see him.

“Hi Yellow Fuckflower,” he greeted his former mother, emphasizing the being's new name. “Nice to meet you.”

Obviously the creature couldn't reply except for nod. Sam walked around the large green body, getting a first good look at its new form. He also noticed the strong masculine smell that the Fuckflower's cum-covered skin extruded. It was almost overwhelming.

“You look even better than on the photos,” he said truthfully. “So I guesses you still like it here?”

The green creature nodded intensely.

“Then I am glad. So you came out of your shell and went all the way.”

Another nod.

“So, where is Keira? What is it you have planned?”

The Fuckflower's yellow head turned towards the staff member who had been politely standing back so far. After a moment the man got the cue and stepped closer.

“Ehm...well. Its like this....Where to be begin..”, he began to stammer. “You see. The young woman is now one of the Fuckflower's penises.”

Sam was quite shocked by that revelation. In fact he had trouble believing it. It sounded more like a joke. But he allowed the man to further explain.

“Well, she said it was meant to be a kind of game. I am told not to point out which penises is the girl but you are meant to find out yourself. Apparently there is some feature left that you would recognize.”

Sam had an idea what he meant but the how thing was still hard to believe.

“So you mean, I am meant to inspect every single penis?” He asked while pointing at the Fuckflower's lower body.

“Yes,” the man replied while the large creature nodded, too. “As I said. Its meant as a game.”

Still having trouble to accept what he was told, he decided to just play along. He got on his knees and got even closer to the Fuckflower's many genitalia. Up close its penises looked even larger, thick pieces of meat that would make many men jealous. He looked each member up and down, searching for anything that would make it stand out, while carefully avoiding getting covered in cum. At one point he dodged a sudden ejaculation just by an inch.

“Careful where you shoot,” he said with a smirk, “You almost hit me in the eye.”

As if to reply, another of the Fuckflower's penises ejaculated suddenly, luckily further away from him. The smell was even stronger up closer but Sam got used to it quicker than he expected. In fact it was kind of arousing. He had gone over half of the creature when he finally noticed something out of place. One of the penises facing away from the paved square had some dark mark on its topside, near the base. Sam took a closer look. It was not a mark, he realized, but a tattoo. It was a stylized horsehead. Keira used to have such a tatto above her butt. So it was true, she had been turned into a penis.
“Keira, is that you?” he asked without thinking how a penis would be able to answer.

The dick suddenly squirted a small wad of cum. He wondered if that accidental or an answer?

“If its you Keira, cum again.”

The penis squirted another wad of cum. That was not a coincidence.

“I was told that the girl was given the ability to ejaculate at will,” the staff member interrupted.

So Keira had a way left to communicate. Even if even more restricted.

“So you are a penis now,” Sam mumbled barely noticing the reply-squirt.

“Tell me, is this what you wanted? Do you really enjoy being like this? Squirt twice for a yes.”

A second later the penis released a wad of cum, followed by another. Before Sam could asked another question, he was interrupted by a polite cough from the resort member. He had pulled out a tablet computer from his robes.

“Excuse me, we recorded the transformation if you want to see,” he said.

Unsurprisingly Sam didn't refuse the offer. Instead he stood up and took the tablet after the other man opened the appropriate file. The video started with Keira naked and smiling right next to the Fuckflower. She had been such a beauty. She had a perfect hour-glass figure with a very small waist but nice, round hips. Her d-cups were firm and covered in cute little freckles, like her angelic face. Sam had loved her long, curly red hair and the small red bush between her legs. There also seemed to be some resort guests standing around, forming a small audience to the coming spectacle. Keira was waving at the camera.

“Hi Sam,” she said. “I hope you'll like this. Your Mom...I mean the Fuckflower's idea sound great. I love you, sweetheart. Hopefully you've already found me by now.”

With that she took a vial from somebody outside the frame and drank the green fluid inside. She gave the empty vial back and then turned away from the Fuckflower. Her smile widened, as she shuffled closer towards the eternally erect geen penises. She bent down and carefully impaled herself on one of the dicks without further ado. Sam noticed a few cheers coming from the audience. His girlfriend was grinding one of the creature's many penises, moaning loudly. At first all that seemed to happen was Keira fucking Sam's former mother. Then he noticed her skin slowly turning green. At the same time her proportions seemed to subtly change, almost bloating slightly. The changes accelerated visible, as her legs seemed to fuse together and her arms started to shrink. Within seconds her legs turned into a gigantic pair of balls. Meanwhile her arms disappeared altogether and her torso became more phallic in form. Her breasts shrank away and her neck thickened until it virtually became part of her changing torso. The last to change was her face which had turned pink. Sam noticed what look like white froth on her lips, as she was moaning even louder now. Suddenly her entire head seemed to puff out. Her hair fell away and her face seemed to melt away. At last her voice suddenly cut off as her mouth twisted around into a lipless slit. Within only moments Keira had been replaced by a monstrous green penis. A second later the mammoth organ erupted like a geysir. The giant stream of cum didn't seem to stop. Instead Keira's new penis-body began to shrink. Eventually it was no bigger than all the other penises of the Fuckflower, absolutely identical to them except for the shrivelled tattoo. The stream of cum didn't so much stop as trickle down until it was no more than constant dropping of pre-cum. The surrounding people applauded and the recording stopped.

Samuel handed the tablet back. He needed a moment to contemplate what he had seen. His girlfriend was essentially gone. She'd never come back with him, like his mother. In some way it was rather tragic. But he could not deny, that the video had turned him on immensely. Seeing Keira transformed like this had been a sight to behold. His former mother had been right. He really enjoyed this. Knowing that Keira was no more than one of the Fuckflower's cocks, turned him on. The realization lifted his mood immediately. In a weird way, he like this. In fact he had a great idea. He turned towards the other man: “Is there a change you could get me something?”

About an hour later Sam returned to the Fuckflower and his girlfriend, accompanied by the same staff member who by now had introduced himself as Dan.

“Sorry you two, I had to organise some things,” Sam said and then bent down to face the erect penis that used to be Keira. “I had an idea, I am sure you are going to like.”

He took a vial with a clear liquid from a tray Dan was holding for him. The uncorked it but didn't use it yet.

“Two squirts for a yes, one for a no. You really like being a cock, right?”

Like before Keira released two wads of cum in quick succession.

“More than your previous life?”

After a short pause he saw two more spurts of cum erupt from his girlfriend's former face.

“So you prefer being the Fuckflower's penis over being Keira Vaughl?”

Two more spurts.

“Good,” Sam replied and used poured the liquid onto Keira's body, right over the tattoo at its base. The wrinkled horsehead slowly faded away, leaving only smooth skin behind.

“I just erased your tattoo with this. This means you look exactly like all the other penises around you.”

Sam noticed the stream of pre-cum intensifying.

“If you want to embrace being a penis,” he continued, “Then why keep your individuality. Beginning with your former identity. The guy's at the resort where so nice to request a name change for you, too. You are no longer Keira Vaughl, now you truly and officially are only “One of the Fuckflower's cocks”. You like the idea of being no more than one penis of many?”

Rather than getting the usual answer, the penis in front of him had a true ejaculation, for the amount of cum was far too much and too wild to be one of its controlled spurts. Sam guessed that his former girlfriend had been turned on to the point where she lost control. He waved for Dan to hand him the tablet he used earlier to show him Keira's transformation.

“You see this? Its the recording of your transformation. In fact its the last copy left. Dan was so nice to delete the files from the main-system and other devices. If I delete this one, too, there will be no more visual evidence for you having become this penis or that you were fused to the Fuckflower at all. Basically its the last link between your former self and your new existence as a cock.”

Sam made a bit of a show of how he opened the menu and deleted this one file in front of what used to be Keira.

“There its gone. Now there is only one more step left. I was given a substance that will remove your ability to spurt cum at will. Your bodily function will all be relegated to the Fuckflower, you will have no more control than any of the other cocks. Not only will that remove even the last shred of control you have over yourself but also the last possible way you could identify yourself, how you could stand out from the other penises. Essentially nobody will ever be able to tell which one of all these dicks is you. So be truthful. Do you want me to continue with this.”

The answer was a short spurt of cum, followed by another true ejaculation.

“I take that as a yes,” Sam said with a grin and poured the other serum onto the penis. His girlfriend Keira was now gone forever, replaced by what was nothing more than one of Fuckflower's dicks, no more special than any of the others.

“Thanks for this wonderful surprise,” Sam told the dick. “I hope you enjoy your new life.”

Samuel turned around and was about to leave for today, when Dan stopped him.

“I almost forgot Mr Constein. Mrs Vaughl left another gift for you, meant to be given to you after you identified her. Its a one-year membership for all of the resorts services, excluding the use of the hotel. You get a discount for overnight stays, though.”

The man handed Sam a plastic wrapped membership card and explained him what he could do with it and what not. It was quite a surprise. Not only did it make it easier to visit what used to be his mother and his girlfriend but also came with some nice bonuses. Sam had been about to go home but now he had something better in mind.

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Re: Drugs 6

Very interesting direction the story has taken. Looking forward to the last part.


Re: Drugs 6

Too extreme for me, especially for Keira. If this wasn't LoB-based, this is one of those times I would have preferred temporary transformation in Keira's case. For the same reasons that I don't like feral animal transformation, losing all sense of humanity is on the same level as killing someone, and that's not a line I'm willing to cross.


Re: Drugs 6

Well. Everybody got a different taste. smile However, Keira is not "dead" perse. Her mind is still fully intact.

Nonetheless, my thought was to play with the dehumanisation aspect from an outside perspective, making her invisible to the casual observer. If somebody really wants to (e.g. her parents), there are still ways to identify her and even communicate (telepaths).

Either way. Here is the last part:

“Yes, I am free. I cam serve you right away,” said a very feminine voice behind the door. “Just come in.”

Sam felt especially lucky. Given the membership card he had decided to immediately make use of one of the resort's services: The sensual Massage. The flyer advertised that all masseuses were transformees. With a broad smile, he couldn't suppress, he entered the room. He had to admit that he was quite excited. He never had any sexual contact with a transformee before. Removing his former mother's pants had been the closest thing so far. This was quite different, though.

The room was dark, only lit by a few fake candles. The interior almost looked like it was in a brothel, with a soft red carpet and an overabundance of pillows. Instead of the usual bench or hard bed expected in a massage parlour, the room was dominated by a large square bed with a thick, soft matress, emphasizing the appearance of a brothel. 

On the bed waited his masseuse, lying in what he assumed was meant to be a seductive pose. She was still humanoid in form, not as heavily transformed as his mother had been. Her body was rather short and stocky, with a bit of a pot belly, although her wide hips still gave her a very feminine silhouette. Her short, smooth legs ended in oversized feet, although she still had all of her toes, unlike his mother before becoming the Fuckflower. Lacking any arms, her shoulders simply ended in round nubs. On top was a thick neck which smoothly transitioned into a coneshaped, bald head. It was dominated by a gigantic mouth with impossibly swollen, feminine lips. There were no other features, not even eyes.

To Sam's surprise, the modified woman was wearing clothes, or rather lingerie in this case. Her massive breasts, probably f- or even g-cups were straining against a silken, purple bra which barely covered her oversized nipples. She also wore suitable fishnets and a small, purple g-string. Guessing by the big cameltoe it left in her crotch, she was entirely female.

“Please come here and help me undress,” she said in a seductively sweet tone. By the way she was swaying her head, rather than directly facing him, Sam got the suspicion that she was indeed blind. “My name is Hannah, by the way.”

“As you please,” he replied and stepped towards the bed. He complied happily and didn't hesitate to undo the masseuse's bra. While fiddling with the clamp he asked: “Why the clothes? I thought most transformees like to run around naked?”

“Oh, I do. But guests like the look and the undressing adds some extra fun,” she explained with a smile.

After a moment, Sam succeeded in freeing her imprisoned boobs. Despite their size they were very firm and bouncy, they barely sacked at all. Furthermore her nipples turned out to be even bigger than he thought. They were the size of strawberries. Afterwards he helped to remove her string, which allowed him to get a good look at her vagina. It was human in form but very swollen. Sam noticed a wet shine around the outer labia and inner thighs. Apparently he was not the only one enjoying this.

“Now, please, just lay on her belly,” she asked him nicely. Again he gladly complied, although he had to be a bit careful with his growing erection.

“Just a moment, I need to orientate myself,” Hanna explained, as she was awkwardly taping around his body with her foot. It just confirmed what Sam had assumed. She was blind and need to feel her way around. He didn't mind.

Once Hannah had gotten an idea of Sam's form and position, the actual massage began. She sat down on his lower back and began to knead his shoulders with her oversized feet. Turned out her toes were a lot stronger and more dexterous than he thought. It felt great, just like an ordinary massage. She knew what she was doing, to the point where Sam caught himself almost dozing off.

After about 20 minutes of this Hannah suddenly stepped off from Sam.

“Please turn around,” she asked timidly. “Its time for the fun part.”

Sam obliged happily. Despite himself, he was quite nervous. He never had had sex with a transformee before, nor did he ever use the services of a prostitute. Nonetheless he penis was standing already to attention.

“I've been looking forward to this,” the blind transformee said, while she carefully used her mouth to find the exact location of Sam's dick. All the while she was playfully kissing his belly and crotch. Finally her lips landed on the tip the erect member and gave it a kiss, too. Hannah giggled and shuffled around to position herself on top of her client.

She slowly lowered herself onto Sam's cock, moaning seductively all the while. Her pussy felt incredibly tight and moist, possibly a result of her modifications. Sam was moaning himself, as he laid back and let Hannah ride him. The little creature slowly increased the pace by what she was moving up and down. Sam found himself mesmerized by the way her tits were bouncing around. Both of them were in heaven, moaning and enjoying the ride, until Hannah finally reached the tipping point, screaming as she orgasmed. Her vagina clenched tightly onto Sam's cock, pushing over the edge, too, and filled her with his seed.

After a few moments of rest, Hannah jumped off the bed and into an adjoining bathroom in order to take a quick shower.

“You want to join me?” she asked playfully.

After they had cleaned themselves, Sam got dressed and helped Hannah to get back into her undergarments. This was far better than he had expected. So he asked the masseuse if he might be able to visit her again the next day.

“Of course you can,” she replied, giggling. “But be warned. These will be gone tomorrow.”

She shook her chest, as she said that, making her breasts bounce.

“I decided to go with the whole gender-swap thing. Not sure why but I like the idea of having a cock and being all manly and stuff. Tomorrow morning is my appointment, after that no more tits but I am gonna have a large juicy cock.”

For a moment Sam wasn't sure what to think about this. He was looking forward to the same treatment again but then again, he liked seeing people changing even more. The way his mother's and Keira's changes had excited him, was proof enough. So being served the next day by a male Hannah wasn't a bad thought at all. However, there was one thing he would surely miss.

“Sounds like a great plan,” he said and meant it. “But big cock or not, I must admit I would miss your breasts. They suit you. Please rethink going all flat-chested.”

He wasn't sure if he was stepping a line. He only knew her for less than an hour but he felt like he had to express his opinion. Hannah looked like she was thinking about what he had said for a moment and then grinned him.

“Don't worry. I will think about it.”

“Oh come in,” Hannah said. “Is it you Sam?”

“Yes. I was looking forward seeing you again.”

Sam had been thinking about Hannah and what she might look like now all day. He was strangely excited. To be truthful, he was probably more excited about meeting her again, than he had been about finding out about Keira's fate. He knew he should feel guilty about that but he was just in too good a mood right now to think about it.

He opened the door and stepped into the room, just to have his jaw drop at the sight that greeted him. He had expected Hannah to just have her sex rearranged, either just becoming a male version of herself or, with some luck, keeping her tits and just gaining a dick. Either way, he expected her to be largely the same. Instead the thing waiting for him on the bed barely resembled the masseuse from yesterday at all.

The creature waiting for Sam had the same size as Hannah and what appeared to be the same torso and ass but instead of two large tits, it sported a pair of monstrous testicles on its chest, as large as her breasts had been before. There was no mistaking, both balls were the size of honeydew melons and the in a very wrinkly scrotum that even had a few black hairs sprouting. On top of the testicles was the accompanying penis, which apparently used to be Hannah's neck and head. It had exactly the same size and seemed quite flexible, guessing by the way it was swivelling around blindly just like her head used to the other day. The former girl's legs had gone too. In their place were two thick penis-tentacles, each one at least three feet long and as thick as Sam's forearms. Each one had its own set of oversized testicles. Between the tentacles was a more ordinary set of male genitalia which had replaced her vagina. It was still very impressive, size-wise, though. Even flaccid it was easily a foot long and the balls were the size of peaches. Like her new chest-balls, all of her new genitalia had a natural covering of pubic hair. Not as dense and overgrown as he had seen on some other transformees but what one would expect on a young man his own age. Hannah hadn't bothered with lingerie, either, this time. She, or rather he, was entirely nude.

“You like it?” Hannah's voice came from the urethra on her penis-head which to Sam's surprise moved like a pair of lips, just vertical. He still sounded the same as before, very feminine, cute and demure. “I liked your suggestion but still wanted to be fully male. So I had this idea.”

He gave his chest-testicles a push with his tentacles as he said that.

“I must admit, though, that I got a little carried away.” He sounded almost embarrassed saying that. “You still want me to give you a massage?”

Sam blinked. Only now he realized how mesmerized he was by Hannah's new form. Not what he had expected but still exciting in a weird way.

“Yes, of course,” he said naturally and immediately started to undress.

Once naked he got onto the bed, lying face down, ready for the same treatment as yesterday. He was quite curious how the small transformee was going to do his job with only tentacles for limbs. Hannah giggled and crawled onto Sam's lower back. As it turned out, the massage was unusual but still felt great. His tentacles were surprisingly strong and managed put enough pressure onto Sam's body to make the massage work. Most of the time Hannah would bunch the tentacles up and use them almost like fists to knead his client's back, sometimes he would unwind them though and have them sliver around like snakes. The sensation was like nothing Sam had ever felt before. To his amusement Hannah's cocks produced their own lubricant. The small creature must be getting aroused himself, for Sam could feel sticky pre-cum being rubbed all over his back. Even feeling his now hairy balls and butt prickle on his skin was not too bad.

After about twenty minutes Hannah crawled off Sam's back and asked him once more to turn around. The young man was even more excited now than yesterday. Since his masseuse's had no more vagina, he was expecting to be about to fuck his butt now. Another first for him. This time Hannah used one of his tentacles to find the erect penis in front of him and gave it a playful flick before scrawling onto Sam's belly in order to get into position. From his new position, he got his first good look today at Hannah's butt. Maybe it was just a trick on the eye due to the fact that his hips ended in tentacles, not legs, now, but his butt seemed even bigger and more bubbly than yesterday. Something else caught Sam's eye. Something seemed to be sticking from the creature's buttcheeks. Without thinking he grabbed the ass in front of him with both hands and lifted it up to get a better look. Hannah gasped in surprise but didn't protest.

The thing he had spotted, turned out to be another penis. Unlike the others, it was rather short, despite being fully erect, maybe three inches long and two thick. It didn't even have its own scrotum. At first Sam took it for some kind of tail but then he realized that there was only smooth skin beneath. This penis had replaced Hannah's anus. He immediately realized that this made anal sex rather impossible.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that,” Hannah began. “As I said, I got a little carried away. But don't worry. I can still make this worth for you.”

He must have been reading his mind. Sam's let go of the transformee and mumbled an apology for just grabbing him like this. Hannah simply giggled and got back into position. Luckily this little surprise hadn't killed Sam's erection. He bent down and engulfed it with his urethra mouth. That's what he had meant, the young man now understood. His penis-head was big enough, so he just gave his client a blow-job or kind of. It felt more like the sex from yesterday. Hannah's new mouth was as soft, as tight and as moist as his vagina had been the other day. In addition he was using his more flexible tentacles to play around with Sam's balls.

He had to admit that it felt even better than the day before. Maybe he was a pervert after all, more into cock-heavy mutants than ordinary women. It didn't matter to him now, he was enjoying himself to much. He wanted to give some of that back and found himself playing with Hannah's cocks. He jerked the small penis growing from his butt off with one hand, while reaching over to fondle the cock between his tentacles with the other. The transformee's muffled moans just turned him on even more.

This time it was Sam who came first. It was just too overwhelming. Hannah came a moment later. After swallowing Sam's load, he leaned his head back, as his shaft-beck became fully erect, even growing visibly in the process. His moan turned into a gurgle and a massive geyser of cum erupted from his mouth. His other penises started to ejaculate, too, even his small butt-cock.

By the end both of them were just covered in cum and so was the bed. Not caring, they just rested for some minutes, exhausted and content, Hannah still lying on Sam's belly. Eventually he turned over, his cock-head facing Sam as if he was able to see him.

“I wasn't lying,” the transformee said. “You are the first customer today I gave the special treatment. In fact the first who got to enjoy my new body.”

It was weirdly touching. Sam had no response to that, except for a shy thanks. After a few more minutes he stood up to go into the shower. To his surprise Hannah didn't join him this time.

“I don't think there is much of a point to that,” he said, pointing at the bed with his head. “I am just gonna get messy again within moments. I think I just gonna shower after my shift.”

“Talking about your shift,” Sam began. “You got any plans for tonight? Want to hang out?”



Re: Drugs 6

Awesome as always. Though I did wish we had a final scene between Sam and his former girlfriend and mother.


Re: Drugs 6

Since this is page is about transformation, mental transformations are often a consequence of physical transformations, especially the most extreme ones. Which is why I suppose his former girlfriend eventually decided to burn all the bridges of her former life.