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It Came From Space
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Hundreds of thousands of light years away, in what is now known as the Milky Way galaxy, there was a small life bearing planet. In its most fertile years, it hosted an intelligent form of life. They were similar to us. Carbon based and highly adaptable, constantly improving through curiosity and technology. In time, they had developed complex computational systems, though their method wasn’t built around wires and silicon as it is on Earth. Rather, they focused on organic structures and unlocked methods of manipulating genetics and biological data in a way that cured every ailment, unlocked genetic manipulation and accelerated their evolution exponentially. But like all great civilizations, theirs would come to an end. The star that had sustained them for billions of years was nearing the end of its life.

Knowing the end was near, they abandoned their home to seek a new world in the cosmos.

Along with life sustaining arks, they launched messages towards a number of potential star systems. Inside was a device able to share information through a complex system of chemical and biological processes. Each contained the vast array of data and medical knowledge that this space-faring civilization had amassed during their moment in the light.

These peaceful messengers were destined towards star clusters and nebula with the potential to form life-supporting solar systems by the time they arrived. Some would be traveling for billions of years, outliving their creators even if they managed to find a new home.

While the pods rapidly traversed the vast emptiness of space, new planets formed. Nebula dust and debris coalesced into gaseous giants, ice chunks, molten rocks and countless asteroids.


When one pod was within 250 light years of it’s destination star, it began detect unique radio static. It began to slow, scanning for signs of life...

Whether it found life or not, this was the end of the road. The tiny payload was destined to burn up in the rapidly approaching star if it didn’t detect anything. For several more years, it flew, gradually coming closer to the outermost planets in the system. Distorted signals continued to hit the pod, becoming more clear with each passing day. The signals seemed to originate from a planet in a stable orbit, roughly 150 km from the star.

Binary information became more clear and, while it wasn’t a guarantee of intelligence, this was the only shot the pod had to share the knowledge of it’s creators. Long dormant propulsion systems woke and began to adjust the trajectory, putting Earth directly in it’s path...

Ground Zero (Sudden Outbreak)
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Teens were loitering around shops, men waited for their wives and a number of others were getting an early supper, hoping to beat the 5pm rush. All in all, a typical Thursday evening at the East Mall.

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed down the corridors, followed by the sound of metal and glass collapsing from the roof. Nobody was close enough to be injured but it did startle a number of patrons. Several of them immediately high-tailed it to the exits. Many others ran towards the sound to see what was happening. Those who investigated were greeted with a pile of debris under a large hole in the roof. People were whispering that it might have been an explosion, but nestled in the debris was an egg shaped object, smooth except for a series of lines etched along the surface.

Some ignored it, going back to their shopping. A few decided to leave in case it did turn out to be an explosive device. Those who were left began to form a crowd. Witnesses who had come from outside tried to explain what they saw moments before the impact.

The mystery object fell through the sky, gradually slowing it’s decent with small bursts of light until it smashed into the mall. Some guessed that it was some kind of meteorite while a few louder individuals chanted religious assumptions. Only a few people accurately guessed that it was an alien craft.

Before long, mall security arrived to sort out the situation. One guard stepped over the debris and against his better judgment prodded at the object with his baton. The surface pulsed with a greenish hue and began to hiss. Little did he know, it was releasing a highly infectious chemical vapor.

This invisible gas was meant be absorbed into nearby lifeforms, sharing advanced knowledge with those who had the means to read it. This was standard protocol for the pod after it detected carbon based life in close proximity. Whether the life forms could decode and understand it was an entirely different matter.

Before anyone understood what was happening, the entire area was full of gas. Government officials arrived and began to quarantine the object. But their attempt to isolate it came too late. A number of people who had breathed in the vapor had long since left and the few who were detained were allowed to go after giving witness statements.

Like lightning, this mysterious infection bounced from one person to another, rapidly spreading across the region. Within a week, nearly all disease was cured in the city and several surrounding suburbs. While many celebrated the spontaneous recoveries, the alien infection was hard at work inserting hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary data into the human genome.

It wasn’t long before people began to change...

Preparing for Work
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Kara rubbed the sleep from her eyes after hitting snooze for the second time that morning. Sunlight filtered through the blinds. She had been dreaming about the mall. It had been a week since the meteorite tore a hole in the roof. The official explanation was that a support beam hadn’t been installed properly, but she witnessed the pod thing and remembered how it hissed when the guard touched it. A lot of people were really frantic about it. She and her cousin left right before quarantine started.

There were crazy reports about ill people suddenly being cured in the days that followed. She might not have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself. Her cousin had spent most of his life with diabetes, but started having low blood sugar issues following the incident. Out of habit, he took a shot after eating lunch, but quickly found that the extra insulin wasn’t doing him any favors. At his next meal, he tested himself before the shot. His levels were normal, and still normal for days following. It was like his pancreas had started producing insulin again. He was scheduled for testing at the end of the week to see what was going on. It still hadn’t fully sank in. Many hospital and clinic schedules were over loaded, but not for injuries. People just wanted answers. For those who were relatively healthy, life went on as usual.

Kara was barely awake and would have loved to spend the rest of the day in bed. She wasn’t thrilled about her latest assignment. All things considered, it was a fun project. A photo shoot for a local zoo that would be used in an ad campaign scheduled later that year. Still, this particular job had a serious downside.

The client who commissioned the project had an overbearing personality and was a bit heavy on the innuendo. That might not have been a problem if he was more attractive and not twice her age. The thought of managing the shoot while he offered unsolicited advice and cracked perverted jokes wasn’t her idea of a good time.

Still, the money was good and she liked her job. A client with a lame personality wasn’t enough to stop her from taking care of business. She groaned, rolled out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. She already lost twenty minutes snoozing and needed to hurry up if she wanted to make it on time.

She unceremoniously kicked off her panties, sending them towards a pile of dirty cloths in the hall. She lifted off her nightgown and tossed it towards the growing pile as well. One perk of living alone was that she didn't need to be modest. She crossed the threshold to the bathroom and turned on the lights. Her eyes were still adjusting as she splashed water on her face in front of the vanity.

Now, slightly more awake, she sat to relieve herself; shivering as the warm fluid emptied into the bowl. Something felt a little off down below. Once finished, she used a small piece of toilet paper to wipe. Her genitals felt a little odd through the thin paper. Before she could investigate, her alarm echoed down the hall. She had forgotten to turn it off after hitting snooze.

She started the shower and left to disable the alarm while the water warmed up...

Photo Shoot Delayed
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She grabbed her phone from the bed stand and swiped to disable the alarm. With a sigh, she went back to the bathroom, placing the phone on the vanity as she pulled back the shower curtain. Plumes of steam escaped through the gap. She liked it hot, but maybe not that much. With a few adjustments, she brought the temperature down to something more comfortable and stepped in.

She closed her eyes and let the water hit her face. Taking a moment to enjoy the sensation before leaning forward to soak her hair. She ran her hands through the strands, making sure they were sufficiently soaked before applying shampoo. She stepped back and let the water drum against her chest as she worked the suds into her scalp. A grin moved across her mouth as the warm water teased her nipples.

She moved her soapy hands down and massaged the twin peaks on her chest, allowing lewd thoughts to enter her mind. Her right hand inched downward but, before her fingers had a chance to play, a shrill scream echoed from her phone. The comical sound looped again, indicating a call from her boss.

“Ugh... I’m not late... Yet...” She complained as she pulled the shower curtain aside to answer the phone. “Hey Sharon, what’s up?”

“Hi Kara.” Sharon said. “I hope you haven’t left yet.”

“Uh... Just about to leave the house.” She lied.

“No need. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the photo shoot is delayed until Friday.” Sharon explained. “Sanders said he had a family emergency and rescheduled...”

“Oh... I hope everything is alright.” Kara said halfheartedly. “Do you still want me to come in?”

“Nah, most of the office is out for one reason or another.” Sharon replied. “Just make sure the batteries are charged and that you’ve got a few clear memory cards for Friday.”

“OK. Give me a call if anything comes up, otherwise... I guess I’ll see you then.” Kara replied.

Sharon thanked her and hung up. Kara carefully placed the phone back on the vanity before closing the shower curtain.

“Damn, I could have stayed in bed...” She complained, turning around to rinse the suds from her hair. “Whatever will I do with all this free time...”

More Than Expected
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The soap ran down her skin, outlining her body as gravity carried it down to the ceramic under her feet. She had nowhere to be and was already awake. Without much else to do, she let her mind wander. She imagined an attractive man whispering compliments while massaging her body with muscular arms. He would lean in and kiss her gently, running his hands up her waist and down her chest.

As the scene played out in her mind, she pinched her nipples and rubbed the surrounding flesh. Goosebumps ran down her stomach while ever increasing arousal made her more sensitive to the warm water that trickled down her thighs. She slid her hands downward, echoing the movements of her imaginary boyfriend as he shifted his focus.

She slid both hands along her thighs and squatted down. Her genitals still felt a bit unusual but she was too caught up in the moment to care. Her right index finger slid along the edge of her lips before she pinched her labia and tugged it to the side, imagining a tongue moving ever closer to her tender clit. She slid her left hand back up her thigh and ran it along the opposite edge, then slipped it back down, angling her finger so it would penetrate the damp hole. It felt ... a little strange. She could feel both labia against her finger but knew that her right hand should have been holding one side away.

A moment of curiosity interrupted her imaginary foreplay. She pulled her hands away and opened her eyes. She couldn’t quite see anything wrong from above and had to lean forward to get a closer look. There, in her groin, were two distinct divots. She assumed that her labia had just folded weirdly, but spreading her legs and pulling on either side revealed a line of tissue running down the middle. And, on either side of that were two new labia.

“Weird... Kind of looks like it split in two...” She thought as she prodded the bridge between the openings.

It dawned on her that this wasn’t a weird fold. The divider was very much attached and if she didn’t know any better, she now had two pussies. Both sides had their own labia and each had a small clit poking out at the top. Curiosity was gradually becoming panic. Was she dreaming? She straightened up and turned off the water.

As if ignoring the fact that her groin had been doubled, she stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off. Anxiously humming as she went back to her room to get dressed.

“hmmm mm... Nothing wrong here... hmmm... Just... Imagining things...”

She didn’t look down as she slipped on a pair of panties and shorts. Before pulling a clean bra out of the drawer she took a deep breath.

“I just imagined it...” She said. “How could I have two of them... That isn’t possible. Maybe the water just refracted the light... Yea...”

She cautiously slipped off her pants and spread her legs to take closer look...

Phone A Friend
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It was true. She had two distinct cracks wedged together in her crotch. Not quite sure what to do, she ran back to the bathroom, now more aware than ever of the multiplied lips rubbing between her thighs. She picked up her phone and called her best friend. By the third ring she realized that Julia would be at work. She felt bad, but reasoned that it was serious. At the very least she could ask her to come by during her break or after she got off.

Julia answered. “Hey Kara, what’s up?”

“I’ve... Um... Can you come over?” Kara stuttered. “Uh... When you’re off work... I mean...”

“I can come by right now.” Julia replied.

“Really?” Kara said. “But... Aren’t you working today?”

“Nope.” She explained. “The partners sent out a memo yesterday. I guess too many people were calling in personal emergencies. So we’re closed until Monday. Seems like a lot of places have been closing lately... Have you been watching the news? Lots of strange things have been happening since that mall explosion.”

Kara rolled her eyes. “It wasn’t an exp... Never mind... Um... If you can come over, I’d appreciate it...”

“Are you home now?” Julia asked. “I thought you had that photo shoot today.”

“It was canceled.” Kara replied.

“Huh.. I’ll come by then. There’s uh ... something I wanted to ask you about ... anyway.” Julia added just before hanging up.

Now expecting company, she pulled back on the pants she had earlier and slipped on a bra and t-shirt.

She still felt a little shaken by the sudden duplication of her vagina, but was slowly collecting herself. She sat down on the bed, cautiously feeling her groin through the fabric of the shorts. There were most definitely two grooves. The pressure from her fingers sent twice the usual sensation. Something about it was beginning to turn her on. She never did get to finish what she started in the shower.

She massaged them for a moment, then heard a knock at the door. She sighed, annoyed to be interrupted yet again. Granted, it might not have been the best time since Julia would be arriving soon.

She looked through the peephole to see who was there...

Julia Changed Too
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To her surprise, it was Julia. Kara opened the door to let her in, then quickly locked it behind them. She was a lot earlier than Kara had expected, but it turned out that Julia was already driving through the area when she called. They would usually hug, but this time Julia seemed hesitant to make contact, quickly taking a seat on the couch.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” She asked nervously.

“Well, something happened ... it’s really embarrassing...” Kara began.

“To your body?” Julia interrupted.

“Um... Yea... How did you know?” Kara hesitated, tugging on her shorts in case they were too tight.

“I... Well...” Julia hesitated. “It’s been all over the news. People are changing.”

Kara rarely watched the news but was glad to know that she wasn’t the only one.

“OK... Promise you won’t laugh...” Kara said before mumbling. “My ... vagina doubled.”

“What doubled?” Julia asked, not quite hearing her.

“My vagina...” Kara repeated, this time a bit louder.

She blushed a deep red; expecting her friend to say she was insane, but no laughter followed the confession.

“Something happened to me too...” Julia quietly replied. “I don’t know how to explain it...”

Before Kara could ask, Julia lifted off her shirt, revealing impressive pair of breasts squeezed into a bra that was far too small for her.

“What are you doing.” Kara asked. “You’re not even going to question what I just told you?”

“I believe you... I mean, something happened to me as well. A lot of people have been affected.” She explained as she unhooked the bra. “Tell me what these look like to you.”

She let the bra fall to her lap and motioned to her nipples. Kara was a little embarrassed, but it wasn’t the first time she had seen Julia’s goods. She looked them over, not quite sure what was different. Then she saw it.

“What happened?” She asked leaning in to take a closer look...

Revealing All
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Julia’s nipples were longer and a bit bigger around that Kara remembered. She was missing her areola and the skin that protruded was limp and a bit wrinkly. They looked oddly familiar but she couldn’t quite place it.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Julia replied as she pinched the odd looking cones of flesh. “I noticed them during work yesterday... It just kind of happened.”

She fondled them, then massaged the underside of either breast. The stimulation made her squirm. As arousal built, the cones began to swell, twitching slightly as they pushed outward.

“What on earth...” Kara said, taking a step back.

“Don’t they look like...” Julia started.

“Dicks...” Kara added as two mushroom shaped heads slipped out of the wrinkly tubes. “Holy shit! You have dicks on your boobs!”

“Hey, don’t judge me... I hear that you’ve got an extra pussy these days.” Julia replied with a hint of humor.

“Do you think we’ll be OK? Are we going to keep changing?” Kara replied, feeling panic rising from the pit of her stomach.

“I don’t know, but we’re not the only ones affected.” Julia continued. “Plus, it seems like these changes have some pretty great benefits.”

“Benefits?” Kara replied. “What on earth are you going to do with dicks on your chest?”

“Wait... Don’t answer that... I’m sorry I asked...”

Julia giggled and gave both partial erections a loving squeeze. “Well, aside from fun, it seems that the changes are curing disease. We weren’t exactly ill, but my grandma was. Against all odds, she beat cancer earlier this week. Another good friend of mind no longer has asthma. And, if I remember right, you said Dan no longer needs his insulin shots?”

“If the cost for their health is sprouting dicks from my nipples, then I think I can accept that. Oh, speaking of changes... I think it’s your turn to show and tell...”

Kara sighed and slipped out of her shorts and panties.

“Oh wow.” Julia said, staring at her naked groin. “Did everything double, or just the opening?”

“I... I don’t know... I just noticed this morning.” Kara replied. “I think everything...”

Perfect Copy
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“Turn around and spread ‘em.” Julia laughed. “I’ll let you know what you’re dealing with.”

“I can’t believe you just said that...” Kara replied. “But... Ugh... I do want to know...”

She stepped out of her pants and pushed them aside before turning away from Julia.

“Don’t get any weird ideas...”

“No promises.” Julia joked as she slipped her phone out of her pocket.

Kara spread her legs and bent forward. Then, after a moment of hesitation, reached down to pull her labia apart.

“Well? ... What’s it look like?”

Instead of a response, she heard an artificial shutter sound echo from Julia’s phone.

“What the hell! I didn’t say you could take a picture!”

“Relax silly, we’ll delete it... I just wanted you to see for yourself.” She said, holding out the phone.

Kara huffed as she grabbed it from her hand. She panned around the photo, zooming in to take a closer look. If she hadn’t been convinced already, there was no denying it now. She deleted the image and tossed the phone back to Julia.

“It’s true... I’ve really got two of them.” Kara said. “What am I gonna do...”

Kara was trying to keep a level head but had a hard time concentrating with two dick nipples staring back at her.

“Will you please put your shirt back on?”

Julia grinned and slipped back into her shirt without putting on her bra. The two dicks made suggestive tents in the fabric.

“Better?” She grinned, fully aware of the lumps.

“And your bra!” Kara added, annoyed that she wasn’t taking any of it seriously.

“You’re one to talk, Miss Bottomless...” Julia scoffed as she traded the shirt for her bra.

Kara, feeling a bit self conscious, quickly stepped back into her panties and shorts.

“So what should we do now?...” Kara asked as Julia struggled to contain her erections in the undersized bra...

The News
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“Want to check the news?” Julia asked. “Maybe one of the stations knows what’s happening.”

“I doubt it...” Kara shrugged as she picked up a nearby remote and turned on the television.

She had her own theory, but decided not to share it just yet. Julia wasn’t at the mall when the space pod landed and was content to believe the first cover-up story she heard. Kara wasn’t a fan of the news. Nine times out of ten it was just a political circle jerk. But given the severity of the situation, maybe they would be more willing to disclose the truth.

The screen blinked to life. As Julia had guessed, the topic of changing people was all over the news. They flipped through stations until they landed on their local news. A young anchor was discussing the changes. Apparently they were treating it like a contagious epidemic, warning people to cancel any travel plans and stay home. Kara smirked, knowing that the warning had come far too late. The news anchor continued to read his cue cards; emphasizing that, regardless of the manifestations, the changes had been harmless so far. Kara guessed that the last line was just an attempt to keep people from panicking.

“Sounds about right...” Julia said, finally managing to clip her bra. “That’s been all over the news for the past few days. Shame this is what came after the sudden cure...”

“Sudden cure?” Kara asked.

“That’s what they were calling it.” Julia explained. “It started last Friday. That’s when sick people got healthy all of a sudden.”

They flipped to another channel to see two TV personalities arguing about the phenomenon.

“Listen, these changes haven’t hurt anyone... In fact, most pe...” A man started.

“NO YOU LISTEN!” A woman screamed. “I don’t care how ‘harmless’ you think this is! How do I explain this to my kids? ‘Mom, why did our teacher grow a thing from his forehead?’ It’s a curse!”

“Just.. Be an adult about it. Explain that some people are changing.” He replied. “Nobody knows the reason this is happening yet, so we just need to stay civil and be reasonable...”

“Be reasonable? I am being reasonable! Obviously god is angry with us. People have turned their back on him!”

“Oh, here we go...” Kara laughed. “See. This is why I don’t watch this crap...”

“Alright smarty-two-puss” Julia snickered. “What’s your theory?...”

Henry Calls
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“Hold that thought...” Julia said as she glanced at her phone. “It’s my brother...”

“Henry?” Kara blushed. “Don’t tell me he changed too...”

“Let’s find out...” Julia laughed, swiping to accept the call.

“Sis, where are you?” He asked.

“I’m with Kara.” She said, “Why? Is everything alright?”

“Have you been watching the news?” He asked, “It’s crazy... People are changing... Like, growing random body parts!”

“We know...” Julia sighed. “Why don’t you swing by Kara’s place, we’ve been... Uh... Theorizing...”

“Theorizing?” He repeated.

“Yea... We think this might have something to do with the mall incident last week.”

“That was really weird...” He recalled. “Are you two alright?”

“Yea... We’re both fine...” Julia replied. “Come by and we’ll compare stories.”

“OK, I’ll head that way shortly...” He said. “Should I expect anything unusual?”

“Nah... Nothing too weird...” Julia lied.

“Cool... See you soon.” He finished.

Julia said goodbye and ended the call...

Minor Freak-out
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“You invited him over?” Kara complained. “And what do you mean we’re fine? We’ve both changed!”

“I don’t know what you’re so worried about... It’s not like we’re in pain or anything...” Julia shrugged. “Besides, he might be able to add something to your theory.”

“What could he possibly contribute?” Kara argued. “If we are infected with something, wouldn’t we just be putting him in danger?”

“Nah, he’s definitely got it too if that’s the case.” Julia explained. “He was at the mall with some friends during the ... alien landing... But he didn’t see what you described. Must have been in a different part of the building.”

“He did tell me that he and a few friends were detained when they tried to leave. But they didn’t have to stay long since nobody had done anything wrong.”

“Well great...” Kara said, leaving for her bedroom. “I’m gonna get changed.”

“Why?” Julia asked as she settled onto the couch.

“I wasn’t expecting more company...” She replied, picking up a pile of dirty cloths as she went. “I should at least look a little civilized...”

Julia wasn’t sure what was wrong with the shorts and t-shirt Kara currently wore, but didn’t have time to question it before she disappeared down the hall.

Kara pulled her bedroom door shut and fell forward on the bed; muffling a scream in the sheets. She had a huge crush on Henry. Any other time she’d be thrilled to have him over, but not now. If he found out about her change, he’d think she was some kind of freak.

After beating up a pillow to let out her pent up frustrations, she stood back up. He might have been her crush, but she wasn’t planning to drop her pants as soon as he came in. For now, she would just act normal and hope that Julia didn’t tell him about her groin.

Knowing that Henry would be there soon, she opted to change into one of her nicer skirts, then put on a blouse that showed a bit more cleavage. She brushed the tangles from her hair then applied some light makeup.

Now feeling a bit more sociable and slightly less anxious, she returned to the living room...

Keeping Kara's Secrets
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“You look like you’re about to go on a date...” Julia joked, turning her attention away from the television.

“Shut up...” Kara blushed. “I just want to give a good impression...”

“I don’t see why you don’t just ask him out...” Julia said dismissively. “I’m sure he’d say yes...”

“Is it really so obvious?” Kara replied.

“Yea... Well... It is to me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a clue.” She laughed.

“I really wish you hadn’t invited him...” Kara sighed.

“If you think having two pussies is going to be an issue, you clearly haven’t been around very many guys...” Julia shrugged.

“I’m sure your dying to talk about your dicks, but please don’t tell him about my change...” Kara begged.

“Why not?” Julia grinned.

“Because! It’s weird...” Kara stuttered. “Just... Please don’t. For all we know, this is all just temporary.”

“Oh alright, your secret is safe with me.” Julia laughed. “But I’m totally gonna bust these out!”

She pushed her boobs together to emphasize the excessive lumps where her nipples should have been.

“Are you serious?” Kara asked.

“Sure...” Julia replied. “It's not like he's never seen my tits. I mean, we did grow up together.”

“Maybe he’ll have some advice for me now that I’ve got manly bits.”

“Those are hardly what I’d call manly...” Kara scoffed. “My thumbs might be bigger.”

“Whatever...” Julia laughed. “You’re just jealous that you didn’t grow them.”

A knock at the door interrupted Kara before she could respond.

“I bet that’s him!” Julia said as she jumped up to answer it...

Concerned Neighbor
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She twisted open the deadbolt and pulled the door back to reveal man that neither of them recognized.

“Oh no...” Kara frowned. “He did change...”

The man raised an eyebrow.

“Uh, can we help you?” Julia said, realizing that it wasn’t Henry.

“I just wanted to see if you knew what was going on.” He explained. “I live two doors down in apartment 23. My neighbors just packed their bags and took off a few days ago. Usually they ask me to watch their cats, but I think they took them when they left. I didn’t think much of it until I saw another group packing yesterday. And today it looks like the folks in apartment 18 are heading out. I know it’s none of my business, but are you planning on leaving too? Is there some reason so many people are taking off?”

“No, we aren’t leaving. “Kara said.

“Have you seen the news?” Julia asked. “There’s some kind of pandemic spreading through the region and nobody knows what’s causing it.”

“I don’t have a TV in my apartment... I... I didn’t know... A lot of my co-workers have been out sick, so I’ve been pulling a lot of overtime.” He said, slowly realizing why so many people were missing. “Oh god... I hope they’re alright.”

“Don’t worry.” Julia assured him. “Whatever is spreading isn’t exactly an illness, at least not something that’s hurting anyone.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“People are actually getting better.” She continued. “Like... Serious conditions are being cured; but some people are experiencing other changes... Like waking up with extra...”

“Extra fingers... Or uh ... a tail or something...” Kara interrupted.

“Huh...” The man said, not quite believing her. “I’m uh... Gonna head back home then.”

“I’m glad to see you’re both alright.”

He turned away and started back towards his apartment...

The Neighbor Changes
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Julia stepped out onto the walkway and leaned against the handrail. “It really does sound crazy doesn’t it?”

“Just a bit...” Kara agreed.

The two of them glanced around. The pavilion and pool were deserted, something Kara knew was out of the ordinary. Usually there were at least a few people swimming in the pool or jogging along the paths. The only other people they could see were the aforementioned apartment 18 occupants who were quickly carrying luggage to a sedan in the parking lot.

“Maybe they think they can escape it.” Julia shrugged.

They were just about to head back in when the man from apartment 23 fell over. Kara and Julia thought he had tripped and went to help, but quickly found that his footing was inhibited by a rapid change overtaking his lower body. A large bulge was forming in his groin, pushing his legs apart as it grew.

“What... What’s happening!” He yelled, panicking as the lump continued it’s decent.

“Is that what I think it is?” Kara asked, noticing the bulge as they sprinted to his aid.

She tried not to stare as the ever expanding tube of flesh removed his pants. The only thing keeping his groin hidden was a few inches of t-shirt fabric. That was assuming the growing tube of flesh wasn’t his new groin.

“Hey... Are you alright?” Julia asked as she approached.

“This is insane!” He said, glancing down at the fleshy extension that was gradually taking on the appearance of a new leg. “What’s happening to me?”

“I think you’ve been affected by the change.” Kara said. “It looks like it’s almost done.”

She really had no idea, but he didn’t seem to be in any pain. Just panicked. But his concern was justified, he had literally sprouted a new leg.

“I... I think it stopped...” He said, “What the fuck is this?”

He answered his own question by bending the new knee, slipping his newly formed foot free of the now-useless pants. This maneuver let his shirt fall back, revealing that his divided groin now contained two dicks on either side of the leg. Kara blushed and looked away. All things considered, she wasn’t very different.

“Here...” Julia said, offering a hand. “Let me help you up...”

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She helped pull him upright. He nearly fell again as he attempted to walk to the closest wall for support. Kara handed him his pants, which he used as temporary cover for his modified groin.

“I don’t understand... How is this possible...” He said, holding the wadded pants against his lap.

“Are you in pain?” Kara asked.

“No...” He replied. “Not at all.”

“At least there’s that.” Julia added. “Is there anything we can do? Anyone you want to call?”

“I’m not sure... Should I go to the hospital?” He stuttered. “Is this what’s been happening to people... To my friends? ... I ... I think I need to sit down.”

Kara took one of his arms over her shoulder and helped him back to his apartment. The layout was a carbon copy of her own aside from different furniture and being slightly messier. She eased him down onto a chair by the window.

“Aren’t you worried you’ll change too?” He asked. “If I’m infected, you shouldn’t be here...”

“Too late for that.” Julia replied. “Whatever is changing people has already spread throughout the city. I changed yesterday, and Kara woke up with something new... I wouldn’t be surprised if the people in apartment 18 change on their way out.”

“If they haven’t already.” Kara added.

“But you both look normal.” He said.

“Should I tell him?” Julia asked.

“Our changes are a little personal. We don’t even know his name.” Kara replied.

“It’s Frank...” He offered. “Frank Kenson...”

“I’ve seen you a few times ... but haven’t ever introduced myself. I didn’t expect to formally meet under these... Circumstances.”

“I don’t think any of us expected this...” Kara shrugged, turning towards Julia. “Go ahead and tell him.”

“This might seem really crazy, but you should at least know you’re not the only one...”

No Modesty
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Julia crossed her arms and pulled her shirt up, grabbing either side of her bra along the way.

“What are you doing!” Kara yelled.

“I’m showing him my change.” She replied as both breasts fell free.

“I said TELL, not show!” Kara argued.

“Fine... I’ll tell...” Julia smirked. “Take a close look Frank. As you can see, my nipples are a bit... Different.

Julia must have enjoyed seeing his doubled groin moments earlier. Under her bra both dicks had begun to swell, allowing the heads to slip free before she revealed them. The partial erections twitched as the cool air in the apartment danced across her naked chest.

“They recently turned into dicks...” She added, almost sounding proud.

“Uh... I can see that...” Frank blushed, feeling his own pair of cocks twitching under the wadded pants.

“Your turn Kara...” Julia laughed, carefully pulling her bra and shirt back down.

“I woke up with two vaginas...” Kara shrugged.

“I don’t suppose I get to see that next?” Frank asked with a wry smile.

Kara glared, prompting a fit of laughter from Julia.

Her laughter was cut short by the sound of her phone. She hadn’t fully adjusted her bra and one of the nipple dicks stuck out, leaving a less-than-appropriate bump in her top as she fished the phone from her pocket.

“Hello?” She answered, still attempting to fix her bra with her one free hand.

“Hey, where are you?” Henry asked. “The apartment door is open but nobody’s here.”

“Oh, sorry...” She replied. “We’re helping someone a few doors down.”

“Do you need me to come over or should I wait?” He asked...

He's Waiting
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“Hold on a sec...” Julia said before covering the receiver with her hand. “It’s Henry... He’s waiting for us.”

“Shit... We need to head back...” Kara said, blushing at the thought of him alone at her door.

“Uh... Are you going to be alright if we leave?” Julia asked, turning to Frank.

“I think so... Hopefully I don’t grow anything else.” He said. “Did your other friend... Henry ... change too?”

“Not that we know of.” Kara replied.

“Henry?” Julia asked, uncovering the phone so he could hear.

“Yea?” He replied.

“We’re coming back. Kara said you could wait in the living room.”

“I did not!” Kara complained. “But... It’s fine.”

Julia laughed at her sudden change of heart before saying, “We’ll see you soon...”

“Good luck to you.” Frank said. “I guess I should try to walk... And maybe find something to wear. You two probably wouldn’t want to stay for that anyway.”

“Let me give you my number just in case.” Julia added. “Do you have your phone handy?”

He searched for his phone in the pants on his lap, careful not to expose himself as he twisted the a pocket around. Once found, he passed it to Julia who added herself as a new contact.

“There you go...” She said, handing it back. “My name is Julia and this is Kara. Please call if you need help.”

They went towards the door, taking a moment to apologize for his situation before leaving to meet with Henry...

Meeting Henry
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Kara lead the way back to her apartment but stopped a few steps away from the door.

“Why are you stopping?” Julia asked.

“He hasn’t changed...” Kara said. “What if we infect him? What if that’s why Frank grew that leg?”

“Well, I don’t know about Frank, but I’m sure Henry’s already infected.” Julia explained. “For one, he was at the mall during the thing... And... If that wasn’t what caused all of this, then I imagine I would have infected him yesterday. We met for supper. So I wouldn’t worry about it. He might be immune, or maybe he just hasn’t changed yet... Either way, it won’t be anything you did.”

“I hope you’re right...” Kara replied, opening the door to find Henry waiting on the couch.

“Hey ladies, nice to see you’re both as normal as I remember.” He winked.

“Such flattery...” Julia replied with a laugh. “But I’m not quite as normal as I appear...”

“Really?” He asked. “What’s different?”

She lifted her shirt and bra, allowing her breasts to fall into view.

“Oh come on...” Kara complained. “You really love pulling those out don’t you?”

Henry looked away. “Jeez Sis... Are you trying to give me an complex or something?”

“Just look... My nipples changed.” Julia explained. “It happened some time yesterday afternoon.”

Henry hesitated, but turned to see what she was talking about. Sure enough, her areola were gone and in place of the nipples were two limp tubes.

“Holy shit...” He said. “You aren’t joking... Are those...?”

He stood up and leaned in for a closer look. Julia wasn’t exactly turned on by her brother, but his close examination made her dicks twitch upward, revealing the tips as the foreskins pulled back. She coughed awkwardly and pulled her bra back down, making clumsy adjustments until her stiffening nipples fit behind the padded cups.

“So there you have it... I’ve become a mutant.” She smirked. “Not much of a super power though...”

“Have you changed to?” He asked, turning his attention to Kara...

Accurate News
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A deep red blush filled Kara’s cheeks, barely hidden by the light makeup she had applied earlier. Should she tell him about her twin pussies? It wasn't that hard to tell Frank... But he was basically a stranger. This was Henry...

Julia noticed her discomfort and said, “What about you? Any dicks on your chest?”

“No... Not yet at least...” He joked. “You’ve been watching the news, right?”

“Yea... Some lady grew an extra boob during a live debate.” Kara smirked.

“Right...” Julia added. “She totally had it coming though. Nobody else could get a word in and she was being such a bitch.”

“I saw that!” Henry replied. “The look on her face was priceless. Shame they cut the feed... That’s actually why I called. I kept hearing about this stuff but actually seeing it happen... Wow...”

“Yea, but it’s the local news... 90% of that is fake.” Kara replied, trying to sound clever. “Anyone with a CGI budget could have done that as a scare tactic.”

“True, but when it’s being discussed on every channel, you’ve gotta wonder...” Henry shrugged. “And for once, it actually turned out to be true. Julia over here is twice the man I am now! How messed up is that?”

“Shut up, I’m still a lady!” Julia complained as her fist met his shoulder. “You’re just jealous.”

Henry backed away, rubbing the sore spot as he laughed. The two of them continued to poke fun at each other until Kara interrupted the banter.

“So... Uh...” Kara began. “What should we do now?...”

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“Why don’t you tell Henry what you saw at the mall last week?” Julia suggested, still giggling.

Kara turned towards Henry. “So, you were detained by the military when you tried to leave the mall?”

“That’s right... They were asking if we had witnessed the roof collapse.” He said, trying to ignore his sister’s mischievous grin. “They seemed to be rounding up anyone who had been in that part of the mall, but since we weren’t there they didn’t make us stay. It was freaky to see a bunch of guys in gas masks, but when we asked they just said that it was to keep out the dust while they cleaned up.”

“I can’t imagine a hole in the roof would require a military hazmat crew. The whole thing seemed really weird...”

“I was there with Ben when it happened.” Kara explained. “The roof was smashed in by a pod thing. Seemed harmless until some security guy poked at it. It hissed and started glowing green. My theory is that it released some kind of infection.”

“But... That probably sounds crazy...”

“No... Actually, that’s pretty much what Cody told me when he called into work.” Henry said. “He was there too.”

“Why did Cody call in?” Julia asked.

“Said he was sick.” Henry shrugged. “I guess that might not be the case in hindsight...”

“I don’t think anyone has actually been sick... Just changed.”

“We just watched one of my neighbors grow a new leg...” Kara added. “I’d probably call in to... if something like that happened to me.”

Julia shot her a knowing glance before saying, “I don’t think this is going away... Seems to me that alien pod was a blessing and a curse. It cured disease but inadvertently messed with our biology...”

“Uh...” Henry groaned. “I feel... Strange...”

Henry Changes
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“Oh shit... Don’t tell me you’re changing too.” Julia said, half joking. “You had better not be growing dicks on your chest! That’s my thing.”

Henry was too lightheaded to come up with a witty response. He nearly fell, crossing his arms to grab his sides. Whatever was happening, it seemed to be concentrated on either side of his torso.

“I don’t think he’s kidding...” Kara said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“Doesn’t hurt...” He said breathlessly. “Just... Pressure...”

The moment the words left his mouth, two bulges erupted under his hands, rapidly pushing outward on either side of his torso. They tore through his cotton shirt and gradually took on the familiar appearance of arms. It wasn’t long before joints were defined and hands took shape. It finished almost as quickly as it had started, leaving him with a new arms a few inches below the originals.

“Wow... That was a trip...” He breathed, flexing the new appendages.

“Not to shabby...” Julia said, admiring his additions. “Welcome to the club...”

“Uh... Thanks...” He replied, somewhere between curious and concerned. “This is... Surreal.”

“Holy shit...” Kara exclaimed. “How are you not freaking out right now?”

“To be honest... I’m not sure.” He laughed. “They feel really natural...”

Kara actually felt herself getting wet at the sight of him. She still liked him and imagining what he could do with two extra arms was giving her goosebumps. Maybe Julia was right, maybe she should just ask him out. Not now though. She was turned on, but not without tact.

Without warning, Julia threw her phone at him. He barely caught it with his upper right hand.

“Aw... I was hoping you’d catch it with one of the new ones...” Julia frowned.

“Cut me some slack Sis. I literally just grew them!” He laughed, passing the phone back to her. “You’re lucky I didn’t drop it...”

Kara continued to stare, not quite sure what to say...


Re: Ground Zero (Sudden Outbreak) - by fortestingpurposes

Kara Confesses
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Julia noticed Kara’s gaze and laughed. “Jeez Kara, why not take a picture...”

Kara blushed, realizing that she had been gawking.

“I don’t mind if you stare...” Henry smiled. “If you suddenly grew two extra arms, I’d probably have the same reaction.”

“Sorry...” She stuttered. “Why don’t we... Uh... Turn the TV back on... Maybe they’ll have more to say about what’s happening...”

She fumbled with the remote; barely managing to hit the power button. Julia took a seat on the recliner, leaving the couch for Kara and Henry to share. Kara knew she had done it on purpose. She dropped the remote in Julia’s lap and sat down next to him. He didn’t seem all that interested in her at the moment. His lower arms flexed and twisted as he continued to test them.

Kara sighed and considered the situation. Now, all three of them were different. Changed by the pandemic. But he still didn’t know about her change. At least not yet. Should she tell him now? Julia wasn’t exactly shy about her chest. The thought of telling him her secret was thrilling. Maybe if she just said it, she wouldn’t need to stress anymore.

He must have noticed the look on her face and said, “Something wrong Kara?”

“No... Well...” She stuttered. “The thing is... I changed too...”

“You did?” Julia asked, pretending not to know better.

Kara shot her a look before turning back to Henry. “It’s really embarrassing...”

“Can’t possibly be more embarrassing than dicks for nipples.” Julia laughed.

Kara sighed and mumbled. “I’ve uh... I’ve got two vaginas now...”

“Two vaginas?” Henry echoed. “That’s pretty rad... I guess we’re all part of the ‘changed’ club then.”

Kara blushed even harder. She couldn’t believe she said it. She couldn’t believe he thought it was... Rad... Goosebumps prickled along her spine. Why was she so uncomfortable. Henry was hot, but not that hot...

“Oh shit!” Julia said, breaking the tension. “Look at that.”

The three of them turned to the television...

Live Merging
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The two reporters who had been discussing the outbreak had begun to change. It was triggered when the guy accidentally brushed his hand against his co-anchor’s elbow. Something so innocent quickly became serious as he tugged her towards him. She panicked and jumped out of her seat, pulling his hand in the other direction. They quickly realized that neither of them had a grip. It seemed that the spot where they had made contact had stuck.

Their skin continued to merge, forcing a scream from the woman as she tried to push him away. He stood up, and tried to pry her off without success. By then, her entire hand had been absorbed. As their fusion traveled up her arm, it tore through her jacket and eventually her bra, allowing her left breast to fall out.

They half expected them to cut to a different feed. Instead, another reporter’s voice explained that they were witnessing a change first-hand. She rolled the camera past the desk and began to film the two anchors as they fell to the ground.

The two of them cursed and struggled as their cloths tore to accommodate the rapid fusion of their two bodies. The process finally ended when she had effectively replacing his left half. Their cloths were tattered, revealing almost everything. They could see both male and female halves split down the middle. While they now shared a single body, they still retained both heads, offset on either shoulder. It wasn’t long before the station manually applied censor bars to their exposed genitals.

While other personnel went to help, the reporter manning the camera continued to explain what she had witnessed.

“Damn...” Henry said, slack-jawed as the camera panned away from the conjoined anchors. “All things considered... I think we might have gotten off easy...”

“No kidding...” Julia replied.

Kara was hot and bothered after watching the spectacle and she didn’t know why. Her panties were soaked and she couldn’t stop thinking about fucking something... Someone... Henry... Her heart raced. A slight adjustment on the couch forced out a soft moan that made both Henry and Julia glance over.

“You alright over there?” Julia asked, noticing the sweat on her brow.

“Yea...” Kara breathed. “That was... Just... Hard to watch... I... I need to be alone...”

She stood up on shaky legs and left for her bedroom...

Doubled Pleasure
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“Huh...” Julia considered. “I’ve never known her to be so squeamish.”

“That was pretty intense though.” Henry replied. “How do you think they’ll deal with that? Like... They have to share one body for who knows how long... Maybe for the rest of their lives?”

“Do you think they had families?” Julia asked. “Like... A husband or wife?”

“I don’t know, but sex is gonna be really weird...” Henry shrugged. “I wonder who’s house they’ll move into...”

“You perv.” Julia laughed. “I was thinking about their families, not their sex life... Granted, that would be really weird...”

While they discussed the incident, Kara was busy fingering both pussies. She didn’t even make to her bed before she was overcome with lust. At least she made it out of the living room and managed to close her bedroom door before breaking down.

It felt incredible. Both slits were electrified by two fingers sliding along either clit. She did her best to keep quiet, but couldn’t help the occasional squeak and moan. She hoped that the television was loud enough to mask it, but any thoughts of modesty were quickly fading.

Her chest throbbed and both nipples hardened. She could hardly think clearly as she tore off her top, freeing her unnaturally tender glands from the fabric prison. The exposed flesh was treated to a massage from one free hand while her other dug back into her panties.

She continued to stroke and tease both drooling cunts until her body was wracked with pleasure. She barely stiffed her cries as the twin slits puckered and flexed, begging to be penetrated while oozing creamy fluids. She continued to twist and squirm for several minutes while the doubled sensations rattled her to the core.

Like all good things, this insane session did come to and end. She was breathless on the floor; topless and wet with sweat and cum. Her panties had been soaked through, leaving damp spots along the front and back of her skirt. With a groan, she picked herself up from the floor and began to strip, using the dry parts of her skirt to wipe off...

A New Change
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Feeling exhausted, she collapsed onto her bed. That was quite possibly the shortest, yet most intense masturbation session she had ever had. Her head was swimming. Her groin wouldn’t stop tingling and pressure continued to build in her chest. She realized that the high had ended, but the strange feelings weren’t going away. Thinking back, she realized that Henry had started to feel dizzy and complained about pressure right before he grew extra arms. Was she changing again?

She bolted upright and looked down at her groin. To her surprise, the two cracks had merged into one, effectively making her normal again. The tingling continued but she guessed it was just a product of such an epic orgasm. Still, that didn’t explain why her chest felt so bloated.

She stood up and made her way to a nearby mirror to see herself from a different angle, touching the tender flesh as she walked. They felt more firm and her nipples were rock hard; almost painful. Was she about to grow a pair of dicks like Julia? She dreaded the thought as her reflection drew closer.

A quick adjustment to the sanding mirror brought the front of her body into view. Her breasts looked normal, if not a little reddish from her play. Her nipples did seem a bit swollen.

She turned her attention to her vagina, pulling it open to find that it really had gone back to normal. Only one set of lips dangled from the slit and a single clit peaked out from under her hood.

She let out a relieved sigh and turned her attention back to the swollen nipples on her chest. They definitely weren’t dicks, but she wouldn’t have called them normal either. They were still growing, gradually becoming more square and sinking in the middle.

Both nipples split apart, startling her as they divided. The fractured tissue grew into four throbbing tubes, reaching nearly five centimeters before stopping. She grabbed one of the four extended nipples, but quickly let go due to the surprising sensitivity. The pressure that preceded the change was gone, but her chest still felt engorged.

Not sure what to do, she cracked open the door and yelled for Julia.

“What’s the matter?” Julia called back.

“Just come here for a minute...” Kara stressed.

“Fine...” Julia sighed. “I’m coming...”

She rolled her eyes at Henry who could only offer a shrug as she disappeared around the corner...

Getting Help
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“What’s wrong...” Julia asked, reaching for the door.

Kara pulled her inside and pushed the door shut behind them.

“Why are you naked?” Julia asked. “What happened to your boobs? ... And... What’s that smell...”

“Keep it down!” Kara whispered harshly. “Henry doesn’t need to know...”

“I didn’t need to know either...” Julia joked when she noticed the soaked panties on the floor.

“It changed back...” Kara said.

“What changed back?” Julia asked before realizing. “Oh shit... You lost one of those pussies?”

“Yea... I guess.” Kara stuttered. “I’m back down to one...”

“But it looks like you’ve changed up here...” Julia said, poking at Kara’s right breast.

“Ow, hey...” Kara recoiled. “Don’t poke them... They’re really tender.”

“Have you tried milking them?” Julia grinned.

“Milking them?” Kara took offense. “Do I look pregnant to you?”

“No... But you look like you’ve got a pair of udders on your chest.”

Kara turned back to the mirror. Sure enough, they looked just like a matching set of cows udders with the eight distended nipples. If she was full of milk, well... That would explain why they felt so... Full. She cautiously reached up and gave one of her nipples a squeeze. A trail of milk arched across the room, spraying the mirror and wall. She nearly fell to her knees from the shear pleasure of it.

“Oh shit... I didn’t think that would actually work.” Julia laughed. “Uh... Should I go get a cup or something?”

“Yes... Please... “ Kara breathed.

While Julia left to find a container, Kara slipped into a clean pair of panties and decided to put back on the shorts from earlier that morning. Her blouse was a little too revealing now, so she tossed her bra and a less formal shirt onto the bed. She couldn’t put them on just yet. It would have been miserable.

Hopefully, squeezing out more milk would bring relief...

Releasing The Milk
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Julia soon returned with a medium sized mixing bowl.

“I thought you were going to get a cup?” Kara asked. “Do you really think I’ve got that much?”

“I don’t know, but this was sitting on the counter and I didn’t want to hunt through your drawers...” Julia explained. “Here, it should be easier to aim into anyway...”

Kara accepted the bowl and placed it on her lap. “Here goes nothing...”

She grabbed all four of the nipples on her right breast and squeezed. It hurt at first but rapidly became orgasmic as a quartet of white jets sprayed into the bowl. Julia was right, it was a lot easier than trying to aim into a small cup. She reached up and grabbed her other four nipples, quickly finding a technique for rapid release. She hardly noticed that Julia was staring at her.

“Looks like you’re having fun there.” She said, feeling her own nipples swelling.

“I don’t know how to explain it...” Kara breathed. “It’s like... A small orgasm... From my chest... Constantly...”

Julia hasn’t tried anything with her dick nipples and wondered what it might feel like to jerk them off. Could she cum with them? Maybe milk would come out. The dirty thoughts made them throb, forcing her bra away from her chest. They had gotten somewhat hard a few times, but nothing quite like this.

“Is there anything else I can do to help?” Julia asked with a hint of impatience.

“No... I’m already feeling so much better...” Kara smiled. “I’ll head back to the living room as soon as I’m done... Thank you... And... I’m sorry you had to see this...”

“Eh, that’s what friends are for...” Julia replied.

Had it been a typical day, she might have freaked out at the sight of Kara's udders, but this week had been full of surprises since she grew dicks. Those same dicks were both turgid and begging for attention under her shirt. She needed to do something about it and left for the bathroom.

Henry hollered as she walked by. “Hey, what’s wrong? What was that bowl for?”

“Oh... Nothing...” Julia stuttered. “Kara was feeling a little... Uh... Queasy... I just grabbed the first thing I saw...”

Before he could say anything else, she slipped into the bathroom and pulled the door shut...

Odd Behavior
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“Those two are acting a little odd...” He thought.

Since he was alone, he slipped his lower right hand under his waistband to pull his cock into a more comfortable position. Visiting with Kara was always a turn-on, but aside from a partial erection, his intent wasn’t anything too lewd. He just wanted to adjust himself and thought he’d give it a try with one of his new arms.

Once straightened out, he slipped his hand free and leaned over to get the remote from Julia’s chair. The station where the anchors had merged was still frantic about the incident, but had stopped showing the footage. Without that, it wasn’t all that interesting. He flipped to another station.

The new channel was discussing symptoms, pointing out that changes were often preceded by a sudden feeling of lightheadedness or unexpected pressure.

“Sounds about right...” He said to himself.

“Recently, reports of increased arousal have also been known to preceded and follow changes, most often affecting those who’s genitals were affected.” The anchor added.

“Huh...” He chuckled. “Maybe that’s why Julia flashed me earlier...”

He quickly pushed aside the mental image of his sister’s unusual chest and imagined what Julia might have been hiding between her legs. She said she had two vaginas, but how would that work? Was there a second slit higher up her pelvis? Maybe the change added a new opening between her butt cheeks. Maybe it wasn’t in her groin at all. For all he knew, it could have opened up on the end of her foot or between her boobs.

He laughed despite himself, but quickly stifled it. He didn’t want the two girls to think he was crazy, laughing at nothing. Granted, they were both behind closed doors at either end of the hall. They probably wouldn’t have heard him anyway. If they had, he could just blame it on the television....

A Different Kind of Milk
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About twenty yards away; around the corner and through the bathroom door, Julia was stripping. She lifted off her shirt, then slipped her bra down, shivering as both cocks bounced free. Each tip was damp with what she guessed was pre-cum, or possibly milk. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub. A potential mess aimed into the shower would be a lot easier to clean up.

She wasn’t sure why she was so turned on, but after watching Kara milk her new udders, she couldn’t think of anything but stroking her twin cocks. In a way, she would be doing the same thing, though she didn’t know if her new nipples were even capable of lactation.

She breathed deep and reached towards the turgid erections on either breast. Both rods twitch in her grip. That alone was enough to make her shiver. They were surprisingly hard now and had never felt so sensitive.

Pulling forward made her foreskins wrinkle up around either head. The excess of skin also pulled her breasts forward in a rather unexpected way. She wasn’t a stranger to tugging her own nipples from time to time, but now she practically had handles to grab. Her twin cocks flexed within as she slid her hands back, pressing both fists into her bosom. With both foreskins pulled back, her two mushroom-shaped heads were fully revealed. She adjusted her grip to take hold of the exposed flesh, shivering as her warm hands met the damp heads.

She wasn’t all that familiar with stroking a cock that was physically connected, so she began by rhythmically stroking them similar to the way Kara had been forcing her milk out. Like Kara, she was leaking, albeit not nearly as much. Still, the clear fluid that pinched out with each stroke was a perfect lubricant. She was quickly getting a feel for her new toys. Each sensitive spasm nearly made her fall off of the bathtub. The tips felt similar to her clit, but more intense... More concentrated.

While nothing could deter her from the cocks, she couldn’t help feeling a bit jealous of her brother. If she had two more arms, she could be playing with her pussy as well. Just the thought of it made her eyes roll back. A moan escaped her lips. She didn’t care if anyone heard, this was pure bliss.

Soon, Julia felt heat building deep in her chest. Strange muscles tensed and her left cock shot cum onto the wall of the shower. She wasn’t prepared for the sudden rush and fell backwards, twisting to land on her left hand and barely catching herself as her second cock began to flex. She rolled onto her back just as a second stream erupted from her right breast. The creamy fluid arched through the air and fell in a streak across her face. Without thinking, she licked some from her lip. It was surprisingly sweet...

Her twin cocks continued to twitch until one last involuntary flex ejected the remainder. Everything was spinning as she pushed herself onto her elbows. She knew that it must have been the result of jerking off but the feeling wasn’t slowing down. Had she hit her head when she fell to the floor?

No... She caught herself... She was sure of it...

Feeling Thursty
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Kara continued to twist and pull on her nipples until the pressure behind them had subsided. She didn’t see an end to the milk production but was running out of room in the bowl. Not only that, she was feeling dehydrated. It wasn’t a huge bowl, maybe three liters. Still, that was a lot of fluid to lose in such a short amount of time. She felt somewhat lightheaded as she stood up and placed the sloshing bowl on her dresser. This wasn’t like before. Drinking something would make this sort of dizziness go away.

She stared at the milky fluid in the bowl and curiously dipped a finger in to sample it. It was surprisingly tasty. But it had come from her breasts and she wasn’t all that keen on re-hydrating with her own bodily fluids.

She retrieved her bra from the edge of the bed. This was the moment of truth. While her chest was no longer sore, it was still firm and possibly larger than before. Of course, there were also four thick teat-like nipples on each gland. Fortunately, they had softened and were relatively easy to hold down. She still had to be careful with them. It seemed any excessive force would release more milk.

She lifted the bra into place; bending all eight nipples upward as the cups slid over them. She had to poke three of the excess nipples down into the cups but, aside from being a little tight, the bra fit. She adjusted the shoulder straps and made one last check in the mirror before replacing her shirt. They looked relatively normal aside from some new lumps. Hoping it wasn't too noticeable, she left for the living room.

“Feeling better already?” Henry asked as she rounded the corner.

“Yea...” Kara hesitated. “Just needed to get something out... Where’s Julia?”

“Oh. She went to the bathroom.” He said. “Come to think of it, she’s been in there for a while...”

“Huh... I’ll go check on her.” Kara said, rubbing her head. “But first... I gotta get something to drink.”

She didn’t spare much time emptying a large glass of water. As expected, the headache faded. She thought she could already feel her breasts tightening up with new milk but ignored it. It wasn’t painful. At least not yet...

After what they saw on TV, she decided to be honest. She planned to tell Henry about this new change, but would wait until Julia was back. The three of them were in this together and needed to know what was happening.

She made her way down the hall to check on her friend...

Checking Julia
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Kara gently knocked the door and called out. “Julia... You OK in there?”

No response... Kara called out again and twisted the knob. It was unlocked. She cracked it open and called once more.

“Julia, are you alright?”

“Huh?...” Julia groaned... “What’s going on...”

“Can I come in?” Kara asked, pushing the door forward a few more inches.

“Uh... Sure...” She replied, sitting up with her back to the door.

Kara pushed open the door and slipped inside, making sure to close it behind her.

“Is everything alright?” Kara asked, relieved to hear a response.

“I almost passed out.” Julia replied.

“What were you doing?” Kara asked.

“I was...” Julia hesitated, reaching up to feel her dick nipples. “I was... What the hell?”

Julia stood up and twisted to face Kara.

“They’re gone...” Kara said, glancing at Julia’s probing hands.

“Why does my face feel so weird?” Julia asked with a slight lisp.

She touched her face and felt something soft and wet. Had she cut herself when she fell? It didn't hurt. In fact, it felt somewhat familiar. She pulled her hand away and didn’t find any blood. Just clear fluid. Come to think of it, her second orgasm had landed on her face. Maybe that’s all it was.

Still, something felt really strange.

“Uh... I think you’d better take a look in the mirror...” Kara said...

New Lips
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Julia cautiously stepped over to the vanity. She looked perfectly ordinary with one major exception. Apparently a pussy that had taken up residence where her mouth had been. For whatever reason, it still operated as her mouth, allowing her to speak almost clearly. She used familiar muscles to hold it open. Behind the wrinkled labia were her teeth and tongue. Warm breath fogged the glass as she examined it. As far as she could tell, it was a vagina on the outside only.

“Am I allowed to freak out?” Julia asked, shivering at the sight of her new lips moving.

“You didn’t mind the dick nipples.” Kara laughed. “What’s wrong with this?

“The dicks weren’t on my face...” Julia complained.

“Well... If we’ve changed twice, who’s to say we won’t change again...” Kara shrugged. “Maybe you’ll get your mouth back on the next one...”

“But why did we change again?” Julia asked. “Did Henry change too?”

“I don’t think so...” Kara replied. “He still had four arms...”

“Wait...” Julia considered. “What were you doing right before you changed?”

“You know what I was doing.” Kara blushed.

“Yea...” Julia considered. “And I was... Doing that too...”

“Do you think that’s what triggers it?” Kara asked.

“Only one way to find out.” Julia said, drooling from the bottom of her slit.

“That was fun and all, but I’m exhausted...” Kara laughed.

“Maybe Henry will test the theory for us.” Julia shrugged.

As if on queue, Henry yelled from down the hall. “Are you two alright in there?”

“Uh... We’re fine... Mostly...” Kara called back. “Why?”

“Hurry back...” He hollered. “They’re interviewing those conjoined reporters...”

Showing Off
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“I guess I can’t just hide in your bathroom for the rest of the evening...” Julia sighed. “Time to go should go show off my new pussy...”

“You could put on a scarf or something...” Kara suggested. “I mean, it’s obvious you changed again, but he doesn’t have to see it.”

“It’s fine...” She replied halfheartedly. “If this is my new face, then why hide it?”

“Suit yourself...” Kara shrugged. “I don’t think I’ll be showing off, but I’m gonna tell him what happened. I think it’s best we all keep an open dialog about this. At least until someone figures out why it’s happening.”

“Or how to fix it...” Julia added as she pulled her bra back into place.

She replaced her shirt then took one last look in the mirror before following Kara back to the living room.

“Hey, hurry up...” Henry insisted.

“Hold your horses, we’re coming...” Julia said, still lisping. “What did we miss?”

Henry noticed the slurred speech and glanced towards her. “What the heck happened to your face?”

“I could say the same to you!” Julia quipped.

He squinted. “No, seriously... Is that...”

“Yep...” Julia interrupted. “I’m talking out of a vagina.”

“But... Why?” Henry stuttered. “How?”

“We changed again.” Julia explained. “I lost my dicks and grew a pussy on my face.”

“How are you even talking?” Henry said, still dumbfounded by her vertical mouth.

“Well, technically... They’re still lips.” She laughed. “But I honestly don’t know... All the muscles feel the same. The opening just changed.”

“OK...” Henry said. “You changed again... But how? What did you do?”

“Uh... I think I’ll let you tell him.” Kara said, turning towards Julia...

How it Felt
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“Why do I have to do it?” Julia dribbled. “You started it!”

“Fine...” Kara muttered. “I got really ... horny... I wasn’t sick when I left. I had just needed to... Calm down.”

“When I ... Finished... My crotch went back to normal.”

“It didn’t stop though. I got really dizzy and my chest felt sore. When the dizziness stopped, I had eight nipples and a lot of milk to squeeze out.”

Henry was now more aware of the unusual bulges against Kara’s shirt, but decided not to point them out. He turned back to Julia. Trying not to stare at her face pussy, he asked. “How’d you change then?”

“Same thing I suppose. I felt really hot and bothered; went to the bathroom to ... How would you say it... Um... ‘Squeeze one out’ or two out in my case.” She shrugged. “Anyway... I did my business and was about to pass out when Kara knocked. I shook it off and discovered my new lips and a dick-less chest.”

She was still feeling tired from the ordeal and stretched her pussy open to yawn. Both Henry and Kara looked away out of respect.

“What’s wrong...” She asked through the end of the yawn. “Is my new mouth bothering you?”

“Sorry... It’s just... Well...” Kara stuttered. “I can’t say I’ve ever watched a pussy yawn before, and I’m sure Henry isn’t all that thrilled to see that part of you.”

She opened her lips into an awkward grin and said, “Get used to it... This may very well be permanent.”

The thought made her shiver. It wasn’t ideal, but for all she knew, it truly was how she would spend the rest of her life. She supposed it could have been worse, at least she could still talk.

“They said something on the news while you two were... Busy...” Henry recalled. “Something about people getting really aroused after changing.”

“That’s an understatement.” Julia replied.

“We might have an idea for why we transformed again.” Kara added, considering what he had just said...

Masturbation Trigger
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“It might be related to masturbation.” She continued. “It probably sounds a little gross, but it did just happened to both of us, right after ... you know...”

“So, if I jerk off, I’ll change again?” Henry asked, holding up his new limbs. “I wonder if I’ll get to keep my extra arms.”

“Could just be a proximity thing...” Julia suggested, humorously stepping towards him.

“We don’t really know anything for sure.” Kara shrugged.

“I wasn’t that far away to begin with...” Henry added. “But I haven’t change... yet...”

“Maybe you’ll change now that we’re back in the room” Julia said, taking another step. “You’ll have to say goodbye to those fancy new arms.”

“I’ll let you know if I start to feel anything.” He laughed. “So, while you two were having fun, I was flipping through stations. A few places discussed the ‘sudden arousal’ symptoms, and some were showing footage of changed people...”

“Oh... I also turned back to the station where those two reporters merged together. They started interviewing them after they had calmed down. I guess they’re sharing control of the body and can feel each other. And fortunately, they weren’t in any pain.”

“That seems to be a running theme with these changes...” Kara added. “Though my boobs did feel pretty sore when they were full...”

Henry blushed, once again reminded that the lumpiness on either of her breasts was actually several extra nipples. He tried not to think about it as he recalled the broadcast.

“We were wondering if they had families...” He said, briefly glancing at Julia. “As it turns out the guy did have a wife, but the girl was single. Imagine trying to explain that when you got home from work?”

He glanced back towards the television. “Looks like it’s over now.”

“Maybe they’ll replay it... I’m sure that sort of thing would be good for ratings.” Julia said, reclaiming her seat on the recliner...

Thinking About Frank
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“After all that, you just want to kick back and watch more TV?” Kara joked.

“What can I say, I’m easy to please.” Julia shrugged, pulling the tab to recline the chair. “Honestly though, I just want to rest for a minute... That was more of a workout than I expected...”

“I’m not surprised. Most guys need to take a nap after blowing their load.” Henry grinned. “And I’m guessing you just did that twice?”

Julia didn’t respond out of spite. Instead, she slouched further into the chair and closed her eyes.

“Anything you’d like to watch?” Henry offered, picking up the remote from the couch.

“Nah...” Kara replied. “Every station’s playing the same thing anyway.”

“Henry felt a little silly for making the suggestion. She was right, there were different reports but for the most part, it was just looping the same information.”

“It’s crazy to think about isn’t it...” He said. “We’re all infected with something...”

“But so are neighbors... Maybe even friends and family. For miles, people are changing... Just like us.”

“Don’t make it sound so bad.” Kara frowned. “Good things happened too. People were cured.”

“Speaking of neighbors... I wonder how Frank’s doing.”

“Who?” Henry asked.

“Frank... He’s the guy we were helping when you were waiting for us.” Kara explained. “He grew a third leg and we helped him back to his apartment.”

“Wanna go check on him?” He asked. “Might be nice to get some fresh air anyway.”

“Sure... I imagine he’d appreciate the company...” Kara agreed. “I got the impression that he didn't have many visitors. Julia, would you like to come with us?”

“Nah...” She groaned. “I’m sure he’s fine...”

“Guess it’s just us...” Henry said, holding open the front door. “Lead the way Kara...”

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Kara glanced across the pavilion as they moved along the walkway. The sun was low in the sky. The area was still deserted and the car that was being loaded earlier had gone. Must have been in a hurry given the tread marks left behind. The shadow of her own apartment partially covered the building on the other side of the pavilion. In the shade, she could see a handful of lights diffused through curtains.

She figured other people were staying inside to avoid the infection, to cope with changes or were oblivious to the whole thing. The only indication of life outside of those sparse lights was an occasional car zipping by on the nearby road. She could also see a plane high in the stratosphere. She wondered if anyone on board had been infected.

“Where are we going anyway?” Henry asked, catching her mid-thought.

“Huh... Oh...” She stuttered. “Twenty-three.”

“So this guy grew an extra leg?” He asked.

She nodded, offering a brief recap of what had transpired.

A muffled chime rang somewhere inside as she pressed the doorbell. They could hear shuffling, but no response otherwise.

“Frank?” She asked, tapping the door with her knuckle, “It’s Kara... I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“You should go away.” He replied, with concern in his voice.

“Did something happen?” She asked.

“I... I changed again...” He hesitated. “I don’t want it to happen to you too.”

Kara rolled her eyes. She was tempted to make a comment about men being too horny for their own good, but she was a hypocrite in that regard. For all she knew, he may have experienced the same unexpected arousal that she dealt with earlier.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine.” She began. “Can I come in?...”

Let Them In
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Frank stayed silent.

“I ... Uh... Also changed again...” Kara admitted.

“Do you suppose he changed for the same reason?” Henry asked with a wry smile.

“Who’s that?” Frank panicked.

“This is Henry.” She explained. “Julia’s brother.”

“That’s not Julia?” Frank asked.

“Nope, definitely not Julia...” Henry laughed.

Frank turned the dead bolt and cracked open the door to see for himself.

“They way things have been going today. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Julia in a new body.”

With a sigh, he pulled the door open and beckoned them both inside. He was wrapped in a blanked so they could only see his head. Kara could have sworn he was shorter than when she had met him earlier, but wasn’t sure.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way... But did you ... play with your...” Kara struggled to find the right words.

“She wants to know if you jerked off before changing.” Henry interrupted.

“That’s a little personal.” Frank shrugged. “But yea... I suppose I did...”

“Don’t feel bad, you’re in good company.” Henry pointed a thumb at Kara.

“Shut up!” Kara blushed. “I couldn’t help it!”

“Kara proposed a theory and so far it’s been pretty accurate...” Henry added.

“R-... Right.” Kara continued. “We think masturbation triggers new changes.”

“Is that what happened?...”

Hesitant to Share
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“Uh... I’m not sure I want to say.” Frank blushed.

“Would it help if I told you about my new change first?” Kara offered.

“Maybe...” Frank hesitated, pulling the blanket tighter around his shoulders...

Kara sighed. “So, I was doing my business. Felt pretty intense with two... Anyway... After I finished, I felt pressure in my chest and before I knew it, my boobs had turned into udders.”

She pushed her breasts together, emphasizing the lumpiness that peaked each orb. Frank glanced at her chest, noticing several damp spots forming. She quickly pulled her hands away as the familiar sensation of lactation teased her numerous nipples. She didn’t look, unsure if anything had come out. Feeling embarrassed, she quickly finished her explanation by mentioning that her nether region had also gone back to normal.

“So you’re making milk now?” Frank asked, trying to guess what they might look like under the shirt.

“Dammit” She cursed, crossing her arms over the damp cloth. “That wasn’t supposed to happen...”

“That pretty well sums up the day doesn’t it...” Henry laughed.

Kara shot him a look, then turned back to Frank, “So what about you? Will you tell us what happened?”

“I guess so...” He hesitated. “After you left, I checked out my new leg... Of course, it was hard to miss the other additions. I guess you could understand that better than anyone else I’ve met today.”

“I didn’t have an extra leg in between mine.” Kara mumbled.

“Still a strange feeling...” Frank continued. “Having two and all...”

“I went to take a shower afterwards. While I was cleaning up I felt...”

“Pressure?” Kara offered.

“Yea... I guess that’s the best way to describe it.” He shrugged. “I felt that and began to change again... I don’t know how to explain my new body. I guess I’ll just show you. Be warned, I’m not wearing anything under this blanket...”

He took a deep breath and loosened his grip, allowing the fabric to fall...


Author Note:
Reference “Frank Tests His New Body” for the session prior to Frank’s new change
> http://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapte … 97781.html

Extra Legs?
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He was relatively normal from his waist up, but below that were three fleshy limbs that could best be described as tentacles. Though somehow they looked more familiar than that. Kara and Henry soon made the connection as their eyes traveled down the length and found that the ends were cock heads. Each larger than a fist. There was no denying it. The skin was slightly wrinkled and even had visible veins in some places.

The entire time they had been talking, Frank had been balanced on a tripod of dicks. His legs were completely replaced and where his normal genitals should have been were just creases where the wrinkled skin transitioned into his torso.

Henry seemed unfazed by the exposure, but Kara felt goosebumps running down her spine. Three impossibly large cocks were pressed into the floor only a few yards from where she was standing. A constant feeling of arousal was making her wet. She managed to shake it off, but knew that it wouldn’t be long before she’d need to do something about it. On top of that, her breasts were feeling more firm; likely in need of another milking session.

“Oh my god...” Henry started. “You’d put a horse to shame with those!”

“Stop that!” Kara blushed. “They... Don’t hurt, do they?” I mean... You’re standing on them...”

“No... It’s just like the last change.” Frank assured her. “They feel different, but weirdly normal. It didn’t even take me long to figure out how to walk with them.”

“That would totally suck to step on a Lego brick...” Henry said. “Or maybe you’d enjoy it... Shit... I don’t know what you’re into...”

Frank couldn’t help laughing at the comment. “Guess I’ll need to watch my step...”

He flexed the three shafts, bending down to retrieve the blanket. It was a very strange to see dicks moving like that, but he didn’t seem hindered. In fact, these prehensile dicks seemed to articulate far more than an ordinary leg could have. He draped the blanket back over his shoulders and closed it around his torso, effectively hiding the phallic limbs.

“There you have it...” Frank added. “I’ve become some kind of penis monster.”

“All you have to do is jerk off again...” Henry shrugged. “Hard to say what you might get next, but maybe you’ll grow your legs back...”

Kara through for a moment, glancing around the quiet apartment. Frank must have been out of the loop since he didn’t have a television.

“We’ve been watching the news back in my apartment. Would you like to join us?” Kara suggested. “You’re welcome to come by if you aren’t planning to do anything else...”

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Frank gave it a moment of thought. “I was going to cook supper soon, but I might come by afterwards.”

The mention of food made Kara’s stomach growl. It was yet another thing to add to the list of discomfort that continued to plague her body. “Oh jeez... I wish you hadn’t said that. I’m famished.”

“Do you suppose any takeout places are still open?” Henry asked.

“Hard to say...” Kara replied. “Lot’s of businesses have been closed since the outbreak started.”

“Frank... Why not join us for supper? I’ll see if that pizza place down the street is still open. If not we can just cook something at my place.”

Frank hesitated, but finally said. “Alright. I’ll meet you over there. Just let me see if I can find something to wear besides this blanket.”

Henry and Kara left for her apartment while Frank went to find something to wear. He had no trouble slipping on a shirt, but didn't own any three legged pants. While he considered his options, he pulled three socks from a drawer. Unlike his legs, these penises could be bent in any given direction, making it easy for him to hold each shaft upright while he slipped socks over the glands. They twitched from the stimulation. It felt like he was putting on cloth condoms, pulling back his foreskin as they went.

He did his best to ignore the dirty thoughts, knowing that his new friends were be waiting. The socks dulled the feeling of his bare skin against the floor, making it a little easier to walk. All things considered, he was dressed. Admittedly, the majority of his three shafts were still visible, but each head was hidden in a sock. Without a groin or ass, he really didn’t need pants. Consequently, he began to wonder how he’d use the restroom if the need presented itself.

He brushed the thoughts aside, guessing that he would just pee from one of his new ‘legs’ and went to the bathroom to get a towel to wrap around his waist. At the time, it was his best idea; albeit somewhat inconvenient. A better option appeared in the form of his bath robe hanging on the door. It wasn’t exactly formal wear, but would do the job well enough. He cinched the belt around the base of his cocks and looked in a mirror mounted on the bathroom door. If not for the third ‘leg’ visible under the robe, he could pass as normal. Feeling relatively satisfied with his appearance, he left his apartment and made his way towards Kara’s door...

Carry Outs Only
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Kara and Henry entered her apartment, finding Julia sound asleep on the recliner. A line of drool ran down her chin and she was snoring lightly. Her pussy lips fluttered with each breath. Henry couldn’t help laughing at the sight and was unable to stifle it before the sound woke her.

“What... Oh...” Julia said, looking around the room in a daze. “Welcome back...”

Henry was practically holding his breath to keep from laughing. Kara rolled her eyes, though if she were being honest, it was pretty funny. Even a little sexy. She wasn’t really into girls and blamed the dirty thoughts on her state of arousal. Her stomach growled again, a welcome distraction her from the creeping lust. Perhaps food was all she needed to settle down. She took out her cell phone to make a call while Henry failed to hide a smile.

“What’s so funny?” Julia asked, not yet realizing that her pussy mouth was still drooling.

“I’m sorry...” Henry giggled. “I-... I’ve never seen a pussy snoring before...”

“You perv!” Julia scoffed. “Just wait until you jerk off... You’ll probably turn into a giant ass. Oh wait... You already are...”

“Come on sis...” He replied... “It was funny... I’m sure you’d be laughing if Kara was in your place.”

“Don’t bring me into this!” Kara glared. “And keep it down, I’m on the phone.”

“Hello, Shinop’s Pizza.” A man answered after a few rings. “What can I get for you?”

“Oh wow, I didn’t think you’d be open...” Kara said, caught by surprise.

“Yes, until 10pm, but carry outs and dine-in only today.”

“That’s fine...” Kara replied. “I’d like a carry out order with... One medium cheese, a large pepperoni, and ... one sec...”

She put a hand over the receiver. “What else do you want me to get? Should I get sausage too?”

“Works for me...” Henry answered.

“Get bread sticks!” Julia added.

Kara passed on the information to the man on the phone and asked for two large bottles of soda as well. He thanked her for the order, and finished the call with a pickup time and price...

Recap (Illustrated)
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This is a brief overview of everything that’s happened up until now. You won’t miss anything if you skip it.


A fleet of alien pods jam packed with biological programming were launched from an advanced alien world. After a while, one of them crash landed on earth. It fell into a mall full of people. The military was quick to cover it up, but weren’t quick enough to stop if from pumping out an undetectable contagion. The first sign of change came when hospitals were forced to release patients in droves.

People were becoming healthy, regardless of how ill they had been. It was great news for many but, in the days that followed, people began to change in other ways. News stations were frantically trying to find the cause. Nobody thought to link it back to the alien pod except for a few of the people who witnessed it first hand.

Kara was one of those witnesses, infected at ground zero. Her story began in the following week, when she discovered a second vagina between her legs.

After her alarming discovery she called Julia, a friend who had also been affected by the outbreak. Julia met up with her and showed off her nipples, which had become functional penises.

They settled in to watch the news, hoping to find answers beyond Kara’s alien pod theory. They see a man and woman arguing morals. It came to an abrupt end when the woman grew a third breast.

Henry, Julia’s brother, called to see where she was. Julia didn’t tell him about their changes, but did invite him to Kara’s apartment. While they waited for his arrival, their neighbor came by to check on them. Shortly after visiting, he grew a third leg that doubled his groin in the process. Frank introduced himself shortly after.

The girls made sure Frank was OK, then went back to Kara’s apartment where Julia’s brother was waiting. He hadn’t been affected as far as they could tell, but that changed when two new arms grew from his torso.

They kept an eye on the news, hoping for new information. During a live report, two anchors began to merge, ending up conjoined in a single body with two heads. Half male and half female.

During the spectacle, Kara became uncontrollably aroused. They would soon learn that this was a symptom of their new conditions, though it was more apparent if the changes had affected a person’s genitals. Such as with Julia’s dick nipples or her own twin pussies. Henry’s genitals hadn’t been modified, so he felt fine while the two of them left to relieve themselves.

The private time uncovered a new part of the condition. As it turned out, reaching a climax triggered new changes. Kara’s split vagina went back to normal, but she ended up with eight teats hanging from milk filled breasts.

Julia ended up losing her nipple dicks, but discovered a pussy where her mouth had been. Jerking off her dick nipples had been more exhausting than she expected, prompting a nap when she made it back to the living room.

Henry and Kara went to Frank’s apartment to see how he was doing. They learned that he had tested out his newly multiplied groin. His lower half had been replaced by three enormous prehensile cocks.

The group realized that they hadn’t eaten much all day and decided to search for a carry out place. Kara invited Frank to join them...

Unexpected Modesty
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“The guy said it would be ready in 30 minutes, give or take.” Kara explained, noting the time on her phone.

“What do I owe you?” Henry asked, pulling out his wallet.

“Don’t worry about it.” Kara shrugged. “I owe Julia for lunch the other day and you’re my guest.”

Regardless of her reasoning, he insisted; handing her a few crumpled bills. She reluctantly accepted it.

“Guess I’ll go pick it up. I’m not sure how they’d react if they saw either one of you.”

“Fair enough...” Julia replied. “But you should go change your shirt first.”

“Oh yea...” Kara frowned, remembering the wet spots.

“Didn’t you take care of that earlier?” Julia asked, parting her lips in what Kara guessed was a grin.

“They don’t seem to stop...” Kara mumbled, before leaving for her room.

Julia turned her attention to Henry. “How was Frank?”

“Seemed fine. He changed again... apparently. Though I never saw his first one.”

“Changed again?” She echoed. “How?”

“You should ask him yourself.” Henry grinned. “Kara invited him for supper.”

“Are you serious?” Julia asked, slightly panicked. “Dammit... I should cover this up...”

“Your face pussy?” Henry raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t mind showing me or Kara.”

“Yea, but I know you!” Julia argued. “I’ve only met Frank once.”

“Listen. You’re change is pretty mild compared to his. I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Henry assured her. “Besides, you’ve got to eat, right? No sense in covering up your ... mouth. Even if it does look a bit different.”

“Ugh... You’re really loving this, aren’t you.” Julia frowned.

Henry laughed as he settled onto the couch...

added by fortestingpurposes on 12/05/2015 00:26

Kara found a clean bra and shirt in her dresser. She tucked them under an arm and picked up the bowl of milk that she had left behind earlier that afternoon. She took her cloths and the bowl to the bathroom, where she could have some privacy while milking herself for the second time that day. She pulled the door shut behind her and dumped the bowl of milk into the sink. Now alone, she was free to strip her damp shirt and bra.

Once exposed, she stepped closer to the vanity and took hold of her eight nipples, shivering as her hands met the damp flesh. As inconvenient as it was, these milking sessions did feel amazing. She squeezed a quartet of white jets from each breast. The mild orgasmic response nearly made her knees give out. It didn’t help that she was already feeling horny.

Subsequent strokes weren’t quite so intense, but still felt nice. She was more comfortable standing over the sink since it was essentially bottomless compared to the bowl. The larger basin also allowed less careful aim. Milk sprayed the ceramic, blasting from the porous tips with each pull. What pressure there had been was gradually easing up, though she was now feeling very thirsty.

She considered taking a drink from the faucet, but recalled how sweet her milk had tasted. The thought of drinking her own bodily fluids seemed gross, yet this milk was somehow appealing. Especially since it tasted so good. Perhaps just a sip to wet her mouth, then water from the faucet to quench her thirst.

She held one of the nipples on her right breast an inch away from her lips and licked a bead of milk from the tip. Seemed harmless and tasted as good as she remembered. Throwing caution to the wind, she pulled her lips over the nipple and sucked out more milk. The sensation made her shiver. It was more pleasurable than her hand had been. Maybe more effective too.

Feeling adventurous, she fit all four nipples into her mouth, stifling a moan as milk dribbled down her chin. She continued to milk her left breast by hand, until the streams began to subside. Feeling oddly full, yet just as thirsty, she spat out her nipples. They were reddish and swollen from an unintentional hickey.

With a few more strokes, the last of the milk emptied into the sink. Unlike her first session, her chest felt empty. She began to clean herself up, patting her chest dry and washing her face and chin in the sink.

She slipped into the dry bra and shirt. Her nipples were still relatively large, but without milk holding them firm, her bra was easy to slip on. Before leaving for the living room, she bent down to get a sip of water from the tap. It relieved her thirst, but she almost immediately felt her body converting it into new milk.

She considered the possibility of changing again. While it felt great to milk herself, her pussy was still wet and needy. If not for her company, she would have taken some personal time to ease that tension. Following that would likely be a new transformation. Unfortunately, she had pizza to pick up and guests to entertain. The thought of entertaining Henry with her cunt crossed her mind more than once...


Re: Ground Zero (Sudden Outbreak) - by fortestingpurposes

Frank Arrives
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Kara found Henry and Julia relaxing in the living room, both focused on the television.

“Have they figured this out yet?” Kara asked, glancing towards the screen.

“Doesn’t sound like it...” Henry shrugged. “Lots of new changes reported, but no cure to speak of.”

Before she could respond, there was a knock. Kara opened the door to find Frank in a bathrobe. His three dick-legs were visible just below the bottom, though now wrapped in socks.

“Hey Kara, Henry...” Frank started. “Julia... Whoa... Is that...”

“Don’t get any ideas!” Julia spat. “I’ve still got teeth in here.”

“Sorry Frank, she’s a little sensitive about her new lips.” Henry joked.

Julia puffed her cheeks in defiance, puckering her pussy mouth in a strangely provocative way. Frank's legs throbbed, nearly making him fall over. He apologized and started towards the couch.

“Hey hold up!” Julia said. “They told me you changed too. Do you still have an extra leg?”

“I guess you could say that...” Frank shrugged.

“Let me see!” Julia insisted.

Frank sighed, then maneuvered to face her. She sat up to get a better look as he undid his belt and pulled open the robe. It only took Julia a moment to realize that his three ‘legs’ weren’t legs at all. Wrinkled skin and veins made her guess that they were a bit more phallic. The mushroom shaped tips verified her assumption. He was walking with three gigantic dicks.

“Oh damn...” Julia started. “You’d put a horse to shame with those!”

“Can you tell she’s my sister?” Henry joked.

Frank couldn’t help laughing as he pulled his robe shut and re-tied the belt. Meanwhile, Kara gathered her purse and keys. It was time to pick up their supper...

Picking Up Supper
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An older man was waiting behind the counter, seemingly busy with paperwork. He looked normal, if not a little stressed.

“Oh, hi there...” He started. “Are you Kara?”

“How’d you know?” Kara asked.

“Lucky guess.” He added. “Actually... It’s been a slow day and you’re only the fifth to place an order.”

“I imagine a lot of folks aren’t willing to leave their houses right now...” Kara considered.

“Why's that?” The man asked as he pulled her order from a heater.

“Have you seen the news?” She asked.

“Nope... Don’t watch that crap.” The guy replied. “Bunch of politics and commercials anymore...”

“I’m with you there.” Kara grinned. “But you might make an exception when you get home today... There’s been some kind of outbreak. Most stations have been reporting on it all day. Lot’s of people are staying indoors to avoid being infected.”

“What... Like zombies or something?” He asked, taking her payment.

“Not exactly...” Kara replied. “Almost the opposite. Lots of people are getting healthy, but some are changing in other ways...”

“Maybe my son is infected...” He shrugged, glancing towards the kitchen. “CAUSE HE SHOULD BE MANNING THE REGISTER!”

“That dumb-ass has been in the bathroom for the last hour.”

Kara signed her receipt and thanked him before carrying the pizza and soda towards the entrance. The man came out from behind the counter to hold the door.

“Oh... Thanks again.” Kara offered. “Um... I know it’s none of my business, but does your son usually hide in the bathroom?”

“He likes to hang out in the back, but it’s not usually in the bathroom...” The man considered.

“You might want to check on him... And... Uh... Keep an open mind.”

He gave a confused look, but nodded all the same. Kara left the shop, barely managing to open her car door without letting the soda bottles roll off of the boxes. She was soon on her way back home with the smell of pizza taunting her from the passenger seat...

A Feast
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She parked her car, balanced the boxes and soda bottles on her arms and climbed the stairs to her apartment. Her body still felt hot from near constant arousal, but the smell of food distracted her. She stopped in front of her door, fumbling to pull keys from her pocket without dropping anything.

Frank and Henry were well into a discussion when they heard someone outside. Henry paused their conversation and opened the door to find Kara. The door wasn’t locked, but she didn’t realize her mistake until Henry pulled it open. He grabbed the two soda bottles in his top to hands and used the bottom set to take the boxes. She thanked him for the help and went to get plates from the kitchen. He found a place for the soda on a nearby end-table and placed the boxes of pizza on the coffee table.

Julia didn’t waste any time finding the bread sticks while Henry and Frank grabbed slices of pizza. Kara was starving and a little annoyed that they didn’t wait for her, but lightened up when she saw a bread stick hanging out of Julia’s pussy mouth. Henry and Frank weren’t paying attention. Kara assumed they were either looking away out of respect, embarrassment, or they simply hadn’t noticed. In truth, they had simply grown accustomed to it while she was out. Everything about their new changes felt more ordinary the longer they were exposed.

Kara found a clear spot on the coffee table for the plates and glasses. Before long, everyone was digging in, enjoying the feast after spending most of the day without anything to eat. When Henry finally did notice his sister’s mouth in action, he couldn’t help cracking a joke.

“Oh wow... First snoring, now chewing?” He nudged Frank’s shoulder. “What else do you suppose it can do?”

She mumbled something incomprehensible through a pussy full of food. It really was a strange thing to witness. A bit of marinara sauce hung from her labia as the greasy bread stick was sucked inside. Her tongue poked out and licked the remaining crumbs and sauce away. She shivered visibly as her tongue ran across her clit. Henry turned away in disgust.

“What’s the matter bro?” Julia asked innocently. “Do my lips bother you? Maybe I should put on some lipstick...”

She dipped another bread stick into the red sauce and smeared it around her labia.

“That’s just not right...” Henry laughed.

“You’re the one who said I shouldn’t cover it...” Julia shrugged, moving the labia into something resembling a mischievous smirk.

Henry ignored it and turned his attention back to a conversation he was having with Frank. Kara was still turned on, thinking about masturbation between every bite. She knew Henry wasn’t all that interested in the slit on his sister’s face, but perhaps he’d be like to see the one between her legs. If only they were alone...

Departing Friends and Desperate Sex
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Not long after supper, the events of the day began to take their toll. Julia yawned, stretching open her vagina in the process. Henry considered another joke but decided to leave her be. Frank was feeling significantly more informed after watching some news and getting details from his new-found friends but, as the night drew out, he made a decision to head home.

He told them that he’d be happy to pick up supper another night if they wanted to meet up again, then wished them luck with their various changes before leaving the apartment. Julia took the opportunity to say goodbye as well. Henry was the last to leave, but never made it out the door. Kara was feverish with lust. With each passing moment it became more difficult to hide. Her cheeks were flushed red and her panties were soaked through. She was glad for the company, but thrilled to see them leaving. She was desperate for a little personal time, but maybe she could get help. Against her better judgment, she stopped Henry before he could leave.

He was confused at first, complaining that it was late. His arguments stopped when Kara removed her shirt and unclipped her bra.

“What are you...” His mouth hung open as her udder-like breasts fell into view.

“I can’t take it anymore...” Kara whined. “I need you to fuck me... I need your cock!”

Her nipples swung and breasts wobbled as she grabbed hold of his lower left arm. He didn’t argue as she pulled him into her bedroom. He could already feel his cock throbbing as they kissed and undressed each other. He had an easy time removing the remains of his shirt since the extra arms had torn it apart earlier. Kara bit her lip as she watched him undo his pants with his lower pair of limbs.

She moaned and fell back onto the bed, pushing down her shorts in the process. Henry quickly discarded his own pants and fell on top of her, helping to remove her wet panties with one set of hands while holding himself over her with the other two...

Changing Again
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Henry attempted foreplay, but Kara was well beyond the point of needing a warm-up. She thrust her pelvis up at him, spreading her legs to accept his thick rod. He didn’t understand why she was in such a hurry, much less why he was even in the situation; but wasn’t going to complain.

Using a free hand, he aimed his throbbing gland towards her wet slit, carefully pushing it inside. She squealed, shivering as his cock penetrated her. His heart raced as her cunt clamped down. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He always liked Kara, but never imagined he’d be in bed with her. Granted, he never imagined he’d have four arms, or that she’d have the same number of nipples on each breast. Without much time to prepare and he was already nearing an orgasm. Her pussy felt incredible.

Kara squirmed, quickly reaching her own climax. Little did Henry know, these feeling had been stewing all afternoon. The orgasm rocked her body. It was powerful enough to force milk from her breasts as she convulsed under him. Her tremors were too much to handle; Henry wasn’t able to pull out in time. His cum pumped into her, filling her womb and sapping his strength in the process. His head was spinning as he collapsed on her milk soaked chest.

If not for her body squirming beneath him, he might have passed out. It was easily one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever felt. Even now, his penis throbbed, spitting up any remaining fluid. Normally, he’d be embarrassed to have gone off so soon, but she had clearly beat him to the finish line. She continued to shiver and moan, but made no effort to push him off.

They embraced each other for several moments, simply enjoying the blissful afterglow. At least until Henry felt his legs tingling uncomfortably. Perhaps he had pinched a nerve while thrusting. No, it wasn’t that. This felt familiar.

His head was swimming as the tingling was replaced by pressure; the same pressure that preceded the growth of two new arms. Kara’s masturbation theory must have been true. He was changing again.

Kara eased out of her state of ecstasy when she felt a similar sensation. In a panic, she tried to push him off. It was no use. Her vagina wouldn’t release his penis and her legs were going numb. Realizing what was happening, Henry tried to lift himself off of her. He only succeeded in lifting them both. Like the news anchors earlier that day, it seemed their bodies were merging together. They struggled against the unyielding transformation. In the process, Henry accidentally knocked her lamp off of the night stand, breaking the bulb and sending the room into darkness.

Building pressure and unexpected dizziness proved to be too much.

They passed out...

His Penis
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Kara’s eyes flutter open to see dim light filtering through the blinds. It was early morning, not quite bright enough to illuminate the room, but it was apparent that the sun would come over the horizon soon. She could hear muffled sound from the television in the living room. They must have forgotten to turn it off last night. She was warm under her blanket; quite content to stay there while she recalled the most absurd dream. She had eight nipples, Julia had a pussy instead of a mouth and Henry had four arms...

It had all felt so real. Real enough that she slipped a hand up to her chest, curious to see if her nipples were normal. To her relief, they were exactly what she expected, though she wondered why she wasn’t wearing anything. She had taken Henry to bed, made love... Her chest felt fine, but was all of that really a dream? The warm blanket that hugged her body felt a little strange. It was almost like... Skin... Her skin. And if she didn't know any better, the bed was moving.

It wasn’t a dream... She must have changed again. Now more concerned, she pushed her arms out and tried to pull the blanket down, only to find it was physically connected to her stomach and back. It wasn’t a dream after all.

“Ugh... Kara?” Henry groaned as he came to. “Are you here?”

“Yes...” Kara replied. “I can’t move my legs. I’m not even sure I have any. Can you turn on the light?”

“I think I broke it...” He explained.

“Just... Flip the switch by the door.” She insisted, remembering how they had knocked it over.

He slid off the bed, jerking Kara with him. She didn’t understand what was happening, but whatever had replaced her legs was being moved. She wanted to guess that he had knocked her off of the bed, but the floor never came. Instead, she was jostled between two firm masses. She held her arms out to brace herself while Henry switched on the ceiling light.

Now able to see, she noticed that the room around her seemed enormous. It looked like she still had her legs, though they had grown larger. Bigger around than her entire torso. A bit hairier too. Something soft was pressed against her stomach. Her changed perspective became apparent when Henry glanced down to see why his groin felt so odd.


Dickgirl (Illustrated)
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What Kara assumed was a blanket had actually been Henry’s foreskin. She was hanging upside down with her torso resting against his balls. Her upper body had shrank during their conjoinment. She had effectively replacing the end of his cock.

“Unbelievable...” Henry exclaimed. “Is that really you?”

“Of course it’s me!” She argued. “I can’t believe this... I’m your dick now?”

Aside from the fact that Kara was sticking out of his foreskin, his cock must have been at least twice as large as before. The added weight new girth, along with her upper body felt very weird. Though not nearly as odd as her hands as she tugged on the skin and investigated what used to be her legs. Henry was somewhere between disturbed and aroused, though the latter seemed to be winning out as Kara rose upward. Heat pumped into her from Henry’s massive body and her mouth began to water.

“What the fuck! Are you turned on by this?”

“I’m not doing it on purpose...” He reasoned. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have stayed... I should have just gone home.”

Aside from the rush of blood, Kara realized that she could also feel his anxiety. She swallowed a mouthful of excess saliva, then twisted to face him; surprising them both with prehensile movements. Perhaps surprising Henry even more since an erection, even partial, should have been rigid. He shivered from the feeling of blood being forced through her twisted torso.

Kara ignored the unusual sensation as best she could. “Don’t apologize... This is my fault too. I don’t know what came over me last night... I-...I shouldn’t have done that.”

“So... What should we do now?” Henry hesitated, still unsure how to handle having a girl for a penis.

Kara knew her options and wondered if she should make the most obvious suggestion...

Recalling the Source
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She knew that masturbation would trigger a new change, but there was no telling whether or not it would split them apart. Given that, she suggested they go check the news instead.

Two two of them settled on the couch and flipped through stations. The channels who were still discussing the outbreak didn’t seem to have anything new to report. Nobody had mentioned a cure, though various interviews showed that people were coping quite well. Henry did take note of one comment about ‘ground zero’. As it turned out, officials had designated their home town as such, though they weren’t any more specific than that.

As they watched, Kara’s body began to go soft. Soft enough that she could pull some excess foreskin over her exposed breasts. She was half a dick, but wasn’t ready to abandon her modesty just yet. As an added bonus, her more flaccid state made it easier to move around.

“So, it started somewhere in town...” Henry considered. “Do you suppose It was that thing you saw at the mall?”

“Of course” She replied, recalling the hissing pod. “What else could it have been?”

“Well, we don’t know for sure, but maybe we’ll find some answers if we head back there.” He suggested.

“You really think they’d just let us go in?” She replied. “Last I heard, that place was completely quarantined off.”

“Yea, but they expanded that quarantine to the entire region didn’t they?” He added. “Maybe the military left to deal with other incidents. Plus, I’m pretty sure one of my friends said the mall had reopened on Monday.”

“I doubt it, but now you’ve got me curious.” She shrugged. “I guess it couldn’t hurt to drive out there and take a look.”

“That settles it then.” He said as he picked up the remote and turned off the television. “We’ll go investigate the mall!”

“You’re handling this way to well...” Kara mumbled.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” Henry began. “But I think I got the better end of the deal on this transformation.”

“Ya think?” Kara scoffed...

Gathering His Clothes
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Henry suggested putting his cloths back on and moved towards the bedroom. With each step, Kara felt her body wobble between his thighs. The movement was making her hard.

“Seriously?” She complained as her breasts slipped free of the ever tightening foreskin. “You need to stop that!”

“Don’t blame me!” He laughed. “You’re the one who keeps wiggling around down there. What do you expect to happen?”

Kara crossed her arms over her exposed chest and once again did her best to ignore the excessive salivation and warmth pumping through her torso. Henry lifted his pants from the bedroom floor and stared at the zipper.

“I don’t make a habit of letting my dick hang out of the fly, but I may make an exception for you.” He grinned. “Do you have a shirt I could borrow?”

She looked down at his torn shirt on the floor, then pointed towards the second row from the top on her dresser. “Should be something that will fit you in there.”

“Mostly just things I wear to bed.” She shrugged. “I doubt any of my usual shirts would fit.”

He retrieved his underwear and placed them with his pants on the edge of her bed, then shuffled through the drawer to find a suitable shirt. Many were small, but he lucked out and found a large t-shirt stuffed in the bottom.

“This should work...” He began. “Um... Don’t take this the wrong way but would you mind if we took a quick shower before I put these on?”

“What the hell Henry!” She twisted around and glared at him. “Don’t be such a perv!”

“I’m not...” He replied, startled by the sudden movement. “I just... I’m covered in sweat and if you don’t remember, half of your body was covered in cum when we passed out... You can’t tell me your lower body isn’t a bit raunchy from all that.”

Kara had hardly noticed, but a quick sniff of her palm made her nose wrinkle. He was right, she wasn’t exactly fresh and reluctantly agreed to his proposition. Henry picked up the wad of semi-clean clothes and left for the bathroom...

Clean Up
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A familiar feeling was pushing on his bladder. A quick glance towards the toilet reminded him that he hadn’t used the restroom since yesterday. Kara’s situation would soon go from bad to worse, but he decided not to mention it just yet. He closed the lid and placed his cloths on the seat, then turned on the water and waited for it to warm up.

“You alright?” He asked, glancing down at Kara.

“I’m fine...” She replied. “This really doesn’t bother me like I imagine it should.”

“Yea...” He agreed. “I had four arms yesterday. I should have been freaking out, but something about it just felt... Normal.”

“I imagine Julia would agree.” Kara laughed.

“Yea... She handled her pussy mouth situation really well.” He laughed. “Same goes for your neighbor with those dick legs...”

“Funny thing. Frank and I aren’t too different now...” Kara shrugged. “His lower half was dicks... My lower half is a dick... Seems to me, this outbreak has had a few recurring themes.”

Henry grinned as he stepped into the warm shower and pulled the curtain shut. At first, he let the water hit his back, then coordinated with Kara to get her cleaned up. He dabbed a small amount of soap on his palm and held it down in front of her so she could gather some on her hands to scrub her arms and torso. They both blushed as he lathered the rest onto his balls and around his thighs and legs. Kara was essentially a self stroking penis. And of course, this mild stimulation was making her rigid again. This time, she didn’t blame him for it. She really enjoyed the way it felt; though she was distracted by another less pleasant pressure building in his bladder. She knew it was only a matter of time before they would need to relieve it.

Henry didn’t give his partially erect dick girl much though as he scrubbed his upper body. While the situation was definitely a bit lewd, he didn’t suggest cleaning off to take advantage of her. He was genuinely feeling sweaty and sticky and hated the idea of going out like that. Kara could sense some of that and never became fully erect, even though she found some parts of her body to be surprisingly sensitive. Most notable was where his foreskin attached to her torso. She lathered soap into the folds and scrubbed them clean, occasionally asking Henry to move her under the water to rinse off excess suds. It was a fairly standard procedure until Henry turned just enough for a jet to drum against her side.

She was completely caught off guard as her torso flexed involuntarily. She shook it off and worked quickly to rinse off the remaining soap while Henry rinsed any remaining suds from his legs...

Relieving Pressure
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“Kara...” He stuttered after the last of the soap swirled down the drain. “I-... I need to... Sort of...”

“I know... I feel it too.” Kara sighed. “Lets just get this over with.”

She looked toward the drain. Henry couldn’t believe she was so quick to accept it, but was glad. The pressure was becoming more unbearable each passing minute. Without another word, he relaxed his kegel muscle. Kara felt heat moving quickly down his shaft and through her torso. In less than a second, she was vomiting a steady stream of urine. It was surprisingly hot as it blasted from her mouth. She wasn’t thrilled about the taste. Somewhere between salt water and pizza grease. The smell wasn’t much better. Yet somehow she didn’t mind this anymore than when she had to milk herself.

After about fifteen seconds, the flow subsided. Henry flexed a few times to force out the remainder, then moved her under the shower so that she could rinse the taste out. For him, that might have been the most unusual feeling he’d ever experienced. His pee hole was literally swishing water. When it seemed like she was done, he turned off the water and pulled open the curtain.

“That feels much better.” Kara said, shivering as the cool air hit her skin.

“Yea...” Henry hesitated, still surprised that she hadn’t been freaking out. “Uh... Do you have a spare towel?”

“Just use mine.” She replied, pointing towards a towel hanging nearby.

He pulled it off the bar and began to dry his body from the top down, careful not to be too ‘playful’ when drying his phallic companion. He took care of his legs and back, then held the bunched up towel in front of her so she could dry her face and hair.

Getting Dressed
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Henry pulled on his underwear and held the front forward with the fly open so she could slip though. Next came his pants. He kept the zipper down and buttoned them behind her back. It was a little tight, but worked well enough. Next came the shirt, the only article of clothing that went on without any special considerations.

“Ready to go?” He asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be...” She answered, glancing toward the bathroom door.

“Ok...” He added. “Obviously, you can hang out when we’re alone, but I think you should hide in my pants when we’re outside.”

She sighed, “I guess so... Can you undo that button?”

Once it was undone, she snaked herself into his pants with her head near the fly. He snapped the button, but left the zipper down so she could still look out. Had it been an ordinary dick, the bulge would have been quite impressive. The lump shifted as she got comfortable, then her head popped out of the unzipped opening.

“This should work. I think I can look out without anyone noticing me. Though I will admit, it’s pretty cramped with your underwear bunched up behind me.”

“I’ll just take them off.” He shrugged. “Might give you a little more room.”

He stripped down and redressed without his underwear. It wasn’t much, but she gained a little room now that his balls weren’t being held up by the fabric.

“This works...” She said, looking up at him. “Lets head out... ... No pun intended...”

He grinned and retrieved his shoes, keys, wallet and phone. She had him take her apartment key as well. Neither of them knew what to expect back at the Mall, but felt hopeful as they stepped outside...

Leaving for the Mall
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He locked up the apartment and made his way down the stairs. He could feel Kara shifting in his pants uncomfortably.

“I don’t see anyone around.” He whispered. “It should be alright if you come out.”

She pushed her face through, but kept the rest of her body hidden. There was a good chance someone might be looking through a nearby window. The pavilion was still devoid of people, but it looked like traffic had picked up since yesterday evening. Evidently, people weren’t going to let the outbreak stop them from running errands. Granted, it was still quite sparse compared to the usual traffic on that road.

Henry found his car and hopped in. Kara didn’t waste any time slipping the rest of her body out as soon as the door shut. Thinking of her own condition reminded her of Julia, who might have to keep her mouth covered whenever she went out. That train of thought also reminded her of Frank. She considered bringing either one of them along, but knew that they’d most likely still be sleeping. Come to think of it, she and Henry had gotten up so early that the mall might not even be open yet.

“Hey Henry...” She started. “What time is it?”

“Just after seven.” He replied after a quick glance at the car radio.

“Do you think the mall will even be open?” She asked. “Assuming it’s not totally cordoned off or something...”

He thought for a moment, then said. “They usually don’t open until 8. But I think that’s just the shops inside. The building should still be accessible.”

“I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.” She shrugged. “Worst case, it’s not open yet and we have to wait in the parking lot for a little while.”

“Best case... It’s open and really empty this early in the day. If nobody’s around I might not have to hide in your pants.”

“Way to stay positive.” He replied as they left the parking lot... “But I think the real worst case is that the whole place might still be closed off...”

“Either way, it’s nice to get out of the apartment for a little while.” She shrugged. “That is, if you don’t mind driving. I would have offered, but ... well...”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Henry smiled...

Arriving at the Mall
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The mall was only a few blocks from Kara’s apartment, making for a relatively short drive. Henry didn’t see anything too unusual as they pulled into the lot. It looked like the part of the mall where the incident had occurred was fenced off. A few security vehicles were making the rounds and Henry guessed they wouldn’t be able to sneak past them. The other end of the mall appeared to be open for business. At least, that was his best guess given the handful of people and vehicles in the lot. Kara couldn’t see anything from her lower vantage point, so Henry relayed the details.

“Do you suppose we could sneak into the fenced off area?” She asked.

“Definitely not from the outside. Not without their security seeing us anyway.” He explained.

“Lets head in the open side and see if we can make it from there.” She suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.” He replied, driving towards the lot nearest the active entrance.

With some help from Henry, Kara slipped back into his pants. She managed to position herself so that she could see through the unzipped front, but was careful not to open it enough for anyone to notice her face. It was still a bit cramped and the bulge was noticeable, but not enough of a deterrent to stop them from heading towards the building. There were a few younger kids loitering out front, some older people walking in and yet more just parking. The main entrance wasn’t locked, but they could see that several shops inside still had their gates down.

He passed through the glass doors and moved to the closest map kiosk to see where they would need to go. Henry made sure they weren’t being watched and asked Kara to take a look.

She poked her head out and reviewed the map. “It was there, top right near that food court.”

Kara pulled herself back inside and they began their journey towards that end of the building. The further they went, the more deserted the mall became. Given how empty it was this close to opening, they both guessed that many of the shops wouldn't be opening any time soon. Likely caused by the quarantine earlier that week or perhaps by too many employees calling in ‘sick’.

Henry passed through two long stretches of shop fronts, but soon entered a mostly vacant food court that broke into several other corridors. One of them had been fenced off. He wasn’t sure how easily he could bypass the fence, but couldn’t see any security in the area.

“Hey, is it clear out there?” Kara whispered.

“Almost... I’ll let you know when we’re out of sight.” He replied quietly, making his way towards the fence...

The Crash Site
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It wasn’t long before he passed the last active food place. With his signal, she snaked her way out of his pants. They both shivered as his foreskin pulled back.

“Ugh... It was getting hot in there...” Kara complained, attempting to pull some of the foreskin back up to cover her exposed chest.

Henry could feel her pinching and tugging the sensitive skin and joked, “Maybe we should have found you some doll clothes...”

She frowned at him and continued to pull on his skin until she had enough to cover herself, though it wasn’t easy since her movement was making her body go erect. Fortunately, the erection wasn’t sustained by her giant companion. He was more interested in the state of the mall than keeping her hard.

It was a surreal to see the place almost completely empty, though not quite as strange as some of the other things they had witnessed recently. Kara recognized the closed corridor as the impact zone. All of the lights were off and the shops were locked up. Most likely evacuated during the quarantine. A tall chain link fence had been put up to keep people from entering.

“I wonder if we can get through that.” She said.

Henry moved closer to the area, keeping an eye out for witnesses. They were easily able to pivot a piece of the fence away from the wall to make an opening. The light from the food court was cut short from a division in the ceiling, but offered enough for them to see as they approached the crash site.

“It’s gone...” Kara noted. “They must have taken it away.”

“The pod thing?” Henry asked, moving closer to the mess that remained.

“Yea... It was right there.” She said, pointing towards the damaged floor.

“Bummer... I was hoping to find something awesome.” Henry shrugged.

“I was hoping for answers...” Kara added with a more solemn tone.

Suddenly a strange voice echoed through the room, startling them both.

[[ Be us answers ... spur know tram limp ... have hue of some bum ... what a the right there ]]

“What is that?” Kara said, as Henry stepped back.

“Some kind of alarm?” Henry asked. “We should go before someone catches us.”

[[ Alarm? ... Some go ... find us? ]]

“Who’s doing that?” Henry asked, looking around the room.

[[ Apologies ... information where ... required additional to form.... Language speech. ]]

A feint light emanated from the debris. Something, or someone was trying to communicate with them...

The Source
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The voice stopped, leaving them in eerie silence. They glanced around but, as far as they could tell, they were still alone. The only other sounds close enough to really make out were from a tarp flapping over the hole in the roof. Kara turned her attention back to the debris and noticed a feint glow. The source of light was wedged under some chunks of tile at the edge of the impact zone. She pointed it out to Henry, who bent down to pull it free. He held it in front of his face and examined the surface. It looked almost like a piece of obsidian glass but with geometric veins carved through it. It felt warm to the touch; as if it were alive.

“Hey, let me see it.” Kara insisted. “That looked like a piece of the thing that landed here.”

He held it at crotch level so she take a closer look. It had been nearly a week since she saw the pod. The memory was fuzzy but this definitely reminded her of it. Part of it was smooth, etched with narrow bands which seemed to carry light from somewhere within. The other side was fragmented, likely where it had broken away from the rest of the pod.

“That voice stopped.” Henry noted. “What do you think it was?”

Before Kara could respond, the lines of light pulsed and a single word echoed around them.

[[ Hello ]]

“Who are you?” Kara asked, staring into the stone. “How are you talking?”

[[ Information ... Fleet designation c-137 ... Speech synthesis though molecular vibration ... ... ... Language incomplete ]]

“It sounds like it’s coming from... Everywhere” Henry said in disbelief.

[[ Apologies ... Adjusting vocal direction ]]

The sound condensed from the strange omnipresence to it’s source; the tiny shard in Henry’s hand.

“Did you come from the pod that crashed here?” Kara asked, running her hand across the surface.

[[ Designation c-137 is ... pod ]]

Before Kara could ask anything else, a security guard found them. “Hey, you can’t be back here!”

“Take this and hide.” Henry whispered, quickly handing Kara the alien shard.

He waited until she had pulled herself back into his pants before turning to face the approaching guard...

“Um... I was... Looking for the bathroom...”

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“Didn’t you see the signs?” The guard asked. “How did you get past the fence anyway?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention.” Henry lied. “It looked like that fence was open on the side... I thought it was so people could get to the restrooms.”

The guard sighed and pointed towards the section of fence they had moved. “You didn’t open that?”

“No...” Henry answered. “I thought there was a bathroom on this side of the food court. But I noticed that hole in the roof and stopped to look.”

“Great... That means someone else is back here.” The guard mumbled. “Alright, lets go... If you need a restroom, there’s one next to Finches. That’s two stores down and on the left if you head west. Or you can just look at the map kiosk on the east end of the food court. This area is off limits, including the bathrooms.”

“Finches?” Henry replied innocently. “I didn’t know there was a restroom over there... Thanks.”

The guard lead them back to the side of the fence, then left to find whoever had opened it. Henry couldn’t believe his luck and quickly moved back through the food court. By then, it was past 8 and a few of the shops had opened for business. Foot traffic was still sparse. That was probably for the better since adding the rock made the bulge in his pants slightly more noticeable.

Kara stayed quiet behind his fly as he made his way back to the parking lot. Eventually, she felt a slight change in temperature and peaked out. They were outside and his car was coming closer with each step. As soon as he sat down and pulled the door shut, she revealed herself along with their loot.

“I can’t believe this... We found a piece of it!” She exclaimed. “Maybe now we can get some real answers.”

“Ask away” Henry said, “I’m gonna get out of here before anyone tries to stop us.”

“Um... c-137, right?” Kara began, looking into the glowing shard. “Are you the reason everyone is changing?”

[[ More information required ]]

“More information? I’ve turned into my friend’s penis” Kara complained. “What else can I say?... Henry and I were changed. Our friends were changed... People all over the region have been changing and it all started when you crashed into the mall!”

[[ Intelligent ... Compatible species detected ... information transfer protocol initialized ... DNA mapped ... Mass genetic data added ]]

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“You added something to our genetics?” Henry asked. “Then... You really are the reason Kara and I are conjoined like this?”

[[ ... Yes ]]

“Can you change us back?”

[[ ... .. .. ... . . . ... .. Yes ... Original data found ]]

“Please do it...” Kara begged. “I don’t want to be Henry’s dick anymore.”

[[ Cannot ]]

“C-... Cannot?” Henry repeated. “You just said you could!”

[[ Catalyst required ... Cannot revert without catalyst ]]

“Why do I have a feeling it wants you to jerk me off?” Kara groaned.

“Does it matter? So long as we can go back to normal, I’d gladly to make you cum.” Henry smirked as he pulled into the apartment parking lot. “I don’t think either of us wants you to be stuck as my dick...”

Henry parked and helped her back into his pants before stepping out of the car then hurried up to her apartment. As soon as they were inside, Kara pushed herself back through the fly with the alien shard in hand.

“Alright 137, what did you men by ‘catalyst’?” She asked.

[[ Genital stimulation ]]

Henry laughed... “You guessed right.”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

Recollection and Preparation
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“Huh... That was fast. I don’t suppose you have some lotion?” Henry asked, only half joking.

“Hold on... I have another question for it.” Kara said, waving off his approaching hands. “Why did we end up conjoined after our last change?”

The shard pulsed slowly, almost like it was considering what it should say.

[[ ... ... Genetic markers indicate catalyst in close proximity ]]

“Do you realize what that means?” Henry grinned.

Kara rolled her eyes. “That having sex made us merge together?”

“Yea, but it also means I was totally right about those news reporters having an affair.” Henry laughed.

“I wonder how many other people finished up with one less body between them?” Kara smirked. “Eh... Anyway... Can you take this thing? My arms are getting tired.”

He took the shard and placed it on the coffee table.

Kara could sense his impatience and said, “There’s some lube in the drawer of my bed stand.”

Henry went to her room and pulled open the drawer. Inside were two different dildos and a small vibrator. As promised, a bottle of lubricant was visible just past the second silicone penis.

“Nice toys.” He quipped as undid his pants. “Maybe you can show me how they work some time.”

“Lets... Take care of our situation first...” Kara blushed.

The humor reminded her that she genuinely had feelings for the guy, even now. Perhaps they could start a romantic relationship once the space rock put everything back to normal. It’s not like she had anything left to hide from him anyway. They had known each other as long as she had been friends with Julia. They’d made love and spent the last day and a half together. Now, even her sex toys weren’t a secret. Did Henry have similar feelings for her? Or would spending the last few hours conjoined drive him away?

He dropped his pants and returned to the living room with her lube in hand. The glowing space rock waited silently on the coffee table...

Applying the Catalyst
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“You ready to give this a try?” He asked, looking down at a slowly rising Kara.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She replied, losing herself to the steady thrum of blood pumping into her body.

She knew this was inevitable from the moment the light came on earlier that morning. Transformations were triggered by masturbation and she had become his penis. The change had messed with her brain to make it seem OK, but having decided to accept the situation on her own made it easy to deal with. Or maybe that was entirely part of the condition. Either way, she was ready to do her penile duties.

Henry settled on the couch and made sure his dick girl was comfortable before dribbling lubricant along her shoulders and chest. The clear fluid ran between her cleavage and down to the place where her stomach merged with his shaft. He had no intention of forcing something like this on her but, now that they were actually trying it, he couldn’t help his excitement. It was evident from the way Kara’s body had risen.

He gently wrapped a hand a few centimeters below her arms and began to squeeze and stroke. Each movement made her squirm. She hugged her breasts and ran her hands along her neck and shoulders. Now that she was fully erect, every inch of her skin was highly sensitive. It was unfamiliar, yet comparable to the best massage she had ever felt. Henry breathed heavily as he continued to work the lower end of their shaft. Gobs of pre-cum began to fill her mouth, stifling any sounds she may have made otherwise. Each time he tightened his grip, fluid was pushed out. It streamed down her chin and onto her breasts, charging the lubricant as the fluids mixed.

Henry couldn’t believe how sensitive her body felt. Kara was an amazing penis. She self-stimulated while he handled her lower body. The significant increase in girth filled his fist, giving him a sense of virility he’d never experienced before. They continued like that for several minutes, building up heat. It was only a matter of time now. Each stroke brought them closer to release.

Kara’s body twitched violently when it finally came. Henry’s hot cum rushed up her throat, blasting from her mouth in rapid spurts. As the last of it oozed down her chin, she began to go limp. Her head throbbed and the room was spinning. They shared a sense of bliss in the dizzy afterglow, but the lightheaded feeling didn’t subside.

She expected as much from such a wild ride, but began to feel hints of pressure where her body had merged with his shaft. Were they changing back?

The pressure continued to escalate. Henry must have felt it too. His hand released her torso and fell on his thigh. The other was held against his temple as the shared headache and pressure overwhelmed them.

The shard pulsed quietly as their vision blurred.

Like before, they passed out...

Wake Up Call
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Kara’s phone screamed.

She was dazed and slow to pick herself up from the floor. Her phone continued to bleat as she clumsily ran to her bedroom. It was the ring-tone she had set for her boss, who had given up just as she reached the end of the hall. As expected, the screen indicated one missed call. Her thumb inched towards the call back button, but she stopped. Why did she wake up naked on the floor?

She gasped and ran back to the living room to find Henry slumped on the couch. He was completely naked, sleeping soundly and appeared to have an ordinary penis between his legs. It had worked. She wasn’t his dick anymore... She placed the phone on a nearby shelf and examined herself. Only one ordinary looking nipple highlighted each breast. A quick look down below offered similar results.

137 had done what it promised. She was overjoyed but hesitant to wake Henry, deciding instead to get dressed first. She took her phone with her, but decided not to call back right away. Her boss hadn’t left a text or voice-mail, so it must not have been an emergency. Still, she was worried. Maybe her boss had changed, or maybe the photo shoot had just been rescheduled again. Either way, she planned to return the call once she was dressed.

Recalling the events that lead up to that moment reminded her of Julia. She had always been a late sleeper, but maybe she’d be awake by now. With the alien shard, she could be changed back. Same went for Frank, her neighbor a few doors down. Was there a limit to what that little rock could do? All things considered, it was only a very small piece of the thing that had fallen.


Henry woke with a start, quickly glancing down to see if Kara was still attached to him. She was gone. To his dismay, the extra size she brought to his shaft had gone with her. His disappointment quickly dissolved into fear when he realized that she wasn’t anywhere in the room.

“Kara?” He called out. “Kara where are you?”

“I’m getting dressed.” Kara called back from the bedroom.

“Oh... Thank goodness...” Henry breathed. “I take it you’re back to normal then?”

“As far as I can tell.” She replied. “How about you?”

“Seems that way.” Henry said, poking at his ordinary looking manhood...

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He stood up and retrieved his underwear from the floor, along with the shirt Kara had lent him. His jeans were still in her bedroom; sitting in front of the bed stand that had contained her personal lubricant, among other things. His cum had gone clear, but they hadn’t been passed out long enough for it to completely dry.

“I’m gonna go clean up real quick...” He offered, making his way to the bathroom.

“Alright” Kara replied. “My boss called while we were out of it. I’m going to call her back and see what’s up as soon as I’m dressed. I think I might call Julia first though.”

“She might not even be awake yet.” Henry laughed. “But maybe the rock can help her change back.”

“That’s what I was thinking...” She continued. “I’ll ask it before I make the call though.”

“Hey, you mind tossing out my pants?” He asked.

Kara had slipped into clean underwear and a skirt during the conversation, but had yet to put anything else on. She noticed his pants on the floor by her bed stand. Her upper body wasn’t exactly a surprise after spending the morning attached to him and having sex the night before. Given that, she simply took the pants and met him in the hallway.

“Thanks...” He blushed. “You could have finished dressing first...”

“It’s not like you haven’t seen them.” Kara joked, pushing her boobs together.

“R-... Right...” He stuttered, embarrassed to be standing there naked.

He thanked her as his flaccid penis twitched to life. But before it could get any harder, he left for the bathroom. Kara wasn’t oblivious to his discomfort and felt a sense of thrill from it. Just yesterday, she was too embarrassed to even ask him out. But that was different now. Maybe the random transformations weren’t so bad after all? Granted, things would be a lot worse had they not gone back to the mall. Had she stayed connected to his crotch, she wouldn’t have been able to work. Without her income, she’d have lost the apartment... She would have been dependent on him to even go anywhere. It was a scary thought, one that never seemed to cross her mind while they were conjoined.

What would Julie have said if she saw them that way? What about her family? Finding that rock was incredibly lucky. Spotting it in the debris had to be a one-in-a-million chance. Thinking about it made her wonder if whoever currently had the rest of the pod was communicating with it like they were.

At the other end of the hall, she could hear the faucet going. She knew he was washing off cum. Cum that had come from her mouth. The recollection almost made her gag. Strangely enough, her mouth didn’t seem to contain any traces of it. In fact, her body felt clean. Perhaps a side effect of going through such a drastic transformation...

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Kara entered the living room with her phone in hand. The rock waited quietly on the coffee table. A dim light filled the cracks but it was otherwise inactive.

“137, are you still with us?” She asked as she lifted it from the table.

[[ ... Yes ... Have not moved ]]

“How do you work? What happened to the rest of your ... body.”

[[ Information ... Biochemical computation ... Fragmentation on impact ]]

“Were the other pieces taken by the government?”

[[ Government unknown ... Still learning ... Method of communication ... limited ]]

“How did you learn to speak, anyway?”

[[ Listened ... More like you spoke while fragments were ... taken by ... government? ]]

“So... You were able to learn how to speak to us just by listening to nearby people?” Kara considered. “Have you tried to communicate with anyone else?”

[[ Initial communication methods failed ... Genetic methods not fully compatible ... Compensation required ]]

Henry finished wiping off his crotch and had put his clothes back on. On his way back to the living room, he caught the tail end of 137’s response.

“Compensations? Is that why you're modifying people?” He asked as he rounded the corner. “I mean, the ‘sudden cure’ or whatever they called it was great, but were the extra arms ... or genital stuff lost in translation?”

[[ Reproduction results in improvements ... Protocol is meant to accelerate improvements ... Current results are ... unexpected ]]

“So you had to learn how to speak with us so you could 'improve' humans by messing with genitals?” Kara replied.

[[ New method of communications is limited ... Your information is ... helpful ]]

“And here I thought we were ones asking for help.” Henry quipped...

Calling Julia
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“Oh... I almost forgot.” Kara started. “I was gonna call Julia.”

Kara stepped into the kitchen and made the call while Henry continued to interrogate 137.

“Good morning...” Julia mumbled after a few rings.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” Kara asked.

“No... I was up.” Julia offered. “What’s up? Did you change again?”

“Yes and no... I’ve had a crazy morning. It’s a lot to explain.” Kara began. “Can you come over? I have something really important to show you...”

“Sure, but it might be a bit...” Julia replied. “Remember my roommate?”

“Beth?” Kara hesitated. “Don’t tell me ... she changed too?”

“Yep...” Julia continued. “I just found out a few minutes ago.”

“Bring her with you...” Kara interrupted. “Henry and I found something at the mall. I’m pretty sure we can change you back with it.”

“Henry’s still there?” Julia laughed. “Did you two finally hook up?”

“J-...Just come over... I’ll explain everything when you get here. Bring Beth!” Kara insisted.

“Oh... Alright.” Julia sighed. “I guess we’ll see you soon.”

Kara hung up, then dialed her boss, who picked up after a few rings.

“Hey, sorry I missed your call.” Kara began. “What’s up?”

“Hey Kara, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they canceled the Friday shoot.” Sharon explained.

“Do you supposed it had something to do with the outbreak?” Kara asked, knowing that Sharon would have seen the news.

“They wouldn’t say, but this outbreak might land us a few new jobs.” Sharon continued. “I’ll let you know as soon as I find out for sure.”

Kara ended the call and went back to the living room to see what Henry had learned...

Good Morning
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Beth’s overly sensitive body kept her awake for most of the night. She finally managed to fall asleep around six in the morning, but was up again at nine. She was still tired but gave up on trying to get any more sleep. Since her roommate was still in bed, she took the opportunity to make some coffee and eat something. If she was quick enough, she could have breakfast and her coffee before Julia woke up and found out.


Julia stirred. Her pussy lips felt dry. She rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen to get a drink. She turned the corner and found a topless Beth standing near the toaster.

“Oh... Good morning...” Julia said groggily.

Beth tried to cover herself; though that almost became a non-issue when she noticed the vertical slit planted just below Julia’s nose.

“What happened to your mouth?” Beth asked in alarm.

“Huh?...” Julia blinked. “Oh... It’s a pussy now...”

“What the fuck.” Beth replied.

“Hey, don’t judge me...” Julia scoffed. “Looks like you’re packing some new parts too...”

Before Beth could begin to explain, they were interrupted by Julia’s phone. She licked her chapped pussy and went to the living room to answer it.

It was Kara. Julia told her that Beth had changed, but didn’t have an opportunity to explain it. Kara sounded excited and insisted that they both come over to her apartment. Julia was still off work due to the outbreak and Beth’s classes were all canceled for the day, so they weren’t busy otherwise.

She wiped away a line of drool from her chin after the call and went to get Beth...


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Beth's Change (Illustrated)
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Her roommate had indeed changed. Her breasts had grown from average looking B cups to what looked like C’s. She might have welcomed the addition, but her transformation didn’t stop there.

Just below her expanded rack were two more rows of breasts, giving her six in total. All of them roughly C cups and, according to her, ‘too sensitive’. In an effort to hide her endowment from Julia, she stayed in her room all night, only managing a few hours of sleep. She had to stay topless since the fabric of a shirt was almost enough to make her knees buckle.

Julia felt bad for the girl, but pointed out that it could have been worse. Aside from her own transformation, she shared what happened to Frank, Kara and her brother. Beth’s multiplied bosom was plentiful, but at least she wasn’t making frequent trips to the bathroom to milk herself. At least, not yet.

Beth’s main concern wasn’t the fact that she had transformed, but how she would hide them during her classes. Covering them was only half the battle. Anyone paying attention might have guessed that she had strapped a bunch of grapefruits to her stomach. She didn’t have any bra’s that could fit unless she tied a few together. She did try to cinch the extras down with some medical tape last night, but nearly had an orgasm before she finished wrapping the bottom row. It was nerve wracking. Ever since the change she could hardly concentrate on anything but sex.

Her libido had calmed down after the few hours of sleep she managed, but she was already on her third pair of panties since midnight. She reluctantly told Julia what all had happened. The dizziness, pressure, and sudden growth followed by the constant arousal. She was embarrassed but, after seeing what happened to her roommates mouth, felt more willing to share.

Julia told her about the arousal symptoms and how masturbation might make her change again. Although it probably wouldn’t make her normal. Beth considered it, but after hearing about Frank’s legs and Julia’s earlier dick nipple change, she was determined to stick with her excessive breasts as long as possible. She didn't want to lose her legs and the thought of growing a dick was too scary.

Julia's pussy mouth still felt dry. Dealing with the change hadn't been an issue, at least not until she tried to drink from a glass of water. Due to the vertical nature of her new lips, she had to turn her head sideways. She also had an issue with excess drool leaking down her chin, especially after walking into the kitchen. The smell of Beth's toast was making her hungry.

Be that as it was, she didn't want to waste any more time getting to Kara’s apartment. While Beth sipped her coffee, Julia recalled the conversation she had with Kara. Beth had a lot of questions, but Julia couldn’t offer any answers beyond Kara’s insistence that it was important. With some coaxing, she convinced her to come along. Beth took a few minutes to finish her breakfast, then found a loose jacket. Even that was more contact than she wanted, but at least her new assets were covered. Julia traded her pajamas for something less casual and, before long, the two of them were on their way out the door...

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Henry and Kara had learned quite a bit from 137. It was an organic computer capable of manipulating other lifeforms. It’s purpose was to improve simpler life or inform more advanced life. The end goal was to accelerate the development of whatever species it encountered. Humanity seemed to fall somewhere in between. According to the rock, they lacked the means to use external chemical signals to communicate, but had a capacity for intelligence that far exceeded other life forms it had scanned during it's decent to the surface.

Some attempts at chemical communication and ‘improvements’ resulted in unintentional transformations, and due to the methods it used, these changes became a contagious condition.

Fortunately for them, 137 was able to adapt to their use of sound and was rapidly improving as they spoke with it. Better still, they learned that this small shard was very capable on it’s own. It had lost it's propulsion systems and was unable to affect people who weren't nearby, but still had the means to make genetic modifications. Henry considered how capable the fragment was and suggested that it might be like a starfish; able to grow back from just a small piece. 137 didn’t understand his meaning, but verified that it had been among stars.

Kara probed for more information about the so-called sudden cure. Apparently it was the most basic parts of the improvement protocol that it had set in motion. It was able to scan the people at the crash site and calculated what their DNA was meant to look like. A chemical vapor began to infected anyone nearby, both correcting and learning as it went.

This infection held corrective data for a variety of dormant and active diseases. It used people’s own bodies to generate additional corrective chemicals. Airborne data packets were easily transmitted and spread. This impressive bit of biological engineering made short work of any ‘imperfections’ it found in the genetic code.

In one fell swoop, this infection spread from person to person across the entire region and fixed anything that was useless or harmful. Henry joked about many people wouldn’t have tonsils or wisdom teeth anymore. 137 didn’t understand the humor and pointed out that he was correct.

Finally, Henry asked what would likely be the most important question in the days to come...

“So... If you can alter human bodies, would you be able to change either one of us now?”

[[ Yes ... Catalyst required ]]

“If we... Stimulate ... would we change anyway?” Kara asked.

[[ Original data retrieved ... Improvement protocol successfully applied ... Additional changes made by request only ]]

“Could I grow back those extra arms?” Henry joked...

Moving Backwards
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[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

“Apparently so...” He grinned. “I bet it would set you up with those udders again if you asked nicely.”

“Eh... I’ll pass...” Kara smirked.

Henry could already feel his body warming up. His cock began to press against his pants as it swelled.

“I-...I’ll be right back...” He blushed. “Need to... Take care of ... this...”

He hopped up from the couch and ran for the restroom. Kara couldn’t believe how quickly he had been affected.

“I thought you said ‘when ready’?” She asked.

[[ Exposure to new genetic programming may take affect more rapidly ]]

Kara hadn’t eaten anything since the previous evening and was beginning to feel it. She shrugged and left to warm up some leftover pizza while Henry took care of his latest problem.


Henry pulled the bathroom door shut behind him, quickly dropped his pants and began stroking an already thick erection. He almost missed having Kara attached there, stimulating herself; but it was better this way. He didn’t have to be careful when the entirety of his cock was his own.

With his free hand, he searched her cabinets until he found some lotion. The tip of his cock was already oozing pre-cum, but not enough to lubricate the entire shaft. He realized that the end of this session would result in two new arms and quickly discarded the shirt he had borrowed from Kara.

The lotion was a welcome addition as he returned his attention to his ridged shaft. He pictured Kara’s firm breasts and remembered how tight her pussy had been that previous night. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer and turned to face the shower.

Whatever the shard had done, it was definitely affecting him. Dirty thoughts flooded his mind and his balls churned with warmth. He felt lightheaded as the familiar heat of an orgasm came, ejecting hot white cum onto the tiled wall. A series of aftershocks ejected the remaining fluid and a familiar pressure formed under his arms...

Friends Arrive
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Henry wiped off the tip of his cock and pulled back on his pants before returning to the living room. Like yesterday, his body had two extra arms.

“You didn’t make a mess in there, did you?” Kara asked.

“Not really, but I'll make sure...” Henry frowned as he left to wipe off the shower wall.

Kara had a detachable shower head, which made it easy for him to spray off the cum streak dripping down the tile. Once it was all washed down the drain, he picked up the shirt he had borrowed from Kara. It had two few holes now. He considered his options then went to get his torn shirt from her bedroom. It was a shame to see one of his favorite shirts in such disarray, but at least he’d have something on when his sister showed up.

He returned to the living room just as Kara finished her pizza. She suggested that he get some as well and was about to ask 137 another question when there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find Julia and Beth outside. Julia had wrapped a bandanna around her face to keep her pussy hidden.

Beth looked normal, albeit uncomfortable. Beads of sweat formed on her brow and her cheeks were flushed red. Her stomach seemed to be bloated under her loose fitting jacket. Kara wondered what she was hiding, but didn’t ask. She waved the two of them inside and closed the door.

“So what was so important?” Julia asked.

“We found a piece of the pod” Henry offered as they stepped inside. “If you ask, it can change you back to normal.”

“The pod?” Julia repeated.

“Yea... That meteorite thing that landed at the mall.” He added.

“It’s a long story... But he’s right.” Kara said as she lifted the glowing shard from the table and held it out to Julia. “Go ahead, ask it to change you back.”

Julia thought they were messing with her, but noticed that Kara’s nipples were making two bumps in her shirt. Only two... Either she wasn’t kidding about the rock, or she had changed again and lost her udders in the process. It was easy to be skeptical since Henry was still sporting four arms.

She wondered about the rock, but was far more curious about what the two of them had been up to after she left for the night. She noticed that Henry hadn’t changed his clothes since yesterday and came to the most obvious conclusion. The two of them must have hooked up after she and Frank left. She grinned, but decided not to mention it just yet. She decided to humor them instead, and asked the rock to fix her mouth...

Can't Wait
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Julia pulled down the bandanna to reveal her pussy while the lines of light pulsed. 137 scanned for Julia’s original DNA. It figured out what her mouth was supposed to look like and released an invisible chemical tailored specially for her body. Within seconds it made contact, prompting a statement from the tiny alien computer fragment.

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

“Holy shit!” She yelled, taking two steps back. “Did that just speak?”

Beth couldn’t believe it either and asked how it was able to do it.

[[ Speech synthesis though molecular vibration ]]

“Can you change me back to normal too? Please?” Beth begged.

[[ Yes ]]

“Oh my gosh...” She said, tears forming. “Please do it... I don’t need six of them...”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

They were all quiet. Kara couldn’t help grinning at the confused looks on their faces. Henry was indifferent and decided to go warm up some of the leftover pizza, though part of the reason he left was so he didn’t have to see the genitals planted below his sister’s nose. Julia was still suspicious and wondered if they were pranking her. Maybe Kara was just playing audio clips with her phone and had a light bulb taped to a piece of black glass.

“So... What now?” She asked impatiently.

“Stimulate when ready.” Kara grinned as she slipped the rock into her pocket.

“Seriously...” Julia frowned. “You really expect me to...”

She didn’t have a chance to finish her statement. Apparently Beth was far more trusting. She unzipped her jacket and let six plump breasts fall free. She was already heavily aroused and something about the 137’s ‘adjustment’ was making it worse. She fell to the floor and did her best to fondle her numerous breasts. Her pussy seemed desperate for attention as well. Blood engorged her clit and her lips swelled against damp panties. She thrust her pelvis forward repeatedly, as if begging someone to penetrate her.

“Holy shit...” Kara said, watching the girl lose herself on the floor. “You don’t have to do it out here you know...”

Beth couldn’t stop... The moment her breasts left the confines of the jacket, her hands were all over them. Massaging and pinching the numerous nipples. She shivered violently as pleasure ripped through her body. It had been building for hours. The moment she started, she was completely consumed. The only response Kara got from the sex crazed girl was a sensual moan...

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“Help me move her to my room...” Kara whispered toward Julia. “Quick, before Henry comes back...”

Julia had noticed Beth fidgeting on the way over, but had no idea she was so desperate. It was no wonder she didn’t get any sleep last night. Fighting that level of arousal must have been exhausting.

They dragged the writhing girl down the hall. Beth wanted so badly to keep fondling herself and struggled against them. Kara could understand. She had been a victim of excess arousal a few times since her first change. She knew how good it felt, but hated to see this younger girl losing control like that.

They laid her down on Kara’s bed and left her to her business. Muffled cries could be heard in the hallway, but at least she was out of sight for whatever came next.

“Too bad Henry walked out.” Julia joked. “Now he’ll never know what six boobs on one girl looks like. She’ll likely have four less when she comes out of there. That is ... if you’re rock does what you claim.”

“Trust me...” Kara assured her. “You don’t see a bunch of teats holding my shirt up do you?”

“Nah.” Julia laughed and pinched at Kara’s left nipple. “Just some hard nips...”

Kara brushed away her hand. “So what about you? ... Are you going to ‘stimulate’ to fix that pussy on your face?”

“I’m not really in the mood right now.” Julia shrugged. “But speaking of stimulation... Don’t tell her I told you, but Beth’s a bit of a squirter... She’s probably gonna make a mess in there.”

“It’s fine.” Kara shrugged. “I’ve got a waterproof mattress cover and I need to wash those sheets anyway.”

“I know it’s none of my business, but... Well... Did you and Henry hook up last night?” Julia grinned.

“How did you...” Kara blushed. “Listen... You know I like him... It was just a little fun.”

“So what changed?” Julia asked, still skeptical of the rock’s ability.

“It’s a long story... A long... Embarrassing story...” Kara replied. “Promise you won’t make fun, alright?”

“Why would I make fun of you?” Julia smiled. “I’m happy for you... You’ve had your eyes on Henry for ages and he likes you too. Congrats on finally popping that cork. I’m still curious about your new changes though.”

“Looked like he kept his arms... You lost those udders ... but what are you hiding? Did that second pussy come back? Or maybe something new?...”

Beth's Relief
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“I told you. I’m normal.” Kara insisted. “137 fixed me. It’s basically a little computer that can change people. I asked it to change me back, and it did.”

“What about Henry then?” Julia raised a brow. “Whys he still got four arms?”

“Come on...” Kara sighed and directed her towards the living room. “We’ll explain everything.”


Beth could make out voices just outside the bedroom door. Her brain was fuzzy from so much stimulation. Whatever they were talking about seemed distant and meaningless. She squirmed around and did her best to massage each of her six breasts. She wished Julia’s brother had come with her. She knew about the extra arms, but she didn’t quite believe it until she saw him.

Those four hands would be so helpful right now. Maybe his cock too. She wanted something inside of her so badly. She willed an arm away from her needy breasts to entertain her pussy. Her panties were ruined with her juices and the continued stimulation was only making it worse.

It was fine though. The rock had said she would change back if she stimulated herself. Any moment now, this madness would end. Wouldn’t it? It was just a rock... Maybe it was just some trick... A simple recording. It didn’t matter... She was so hot, so horny. If she had waited any longer she might have wet herself in the living room.

Was wetting her skirt on Kara’s bed much better? Whatever... As long as she could release the tension. She was close now, very close. The waves of pleasure were building. Two fingers pinched and tugged her clit, sending electricity through her body. Each time her other hand slid across a ridged nipple, her chest would prickle with goosebumps.

Almost there...

With one last stroke of her clit, she reached a climax. Her vagina clenched and flexed, spraying her panties and soaking through her skirt. Her chest heaved and each sensitive place became almost painful to touch.

She pulled her hand out of her panties and grabbed the closest pillow, holding tightly as her body convulsed. This was easily the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. It had been building since yesterday and to finally let it go was indescribable. She had hoped to bask in the pleasant feeling for a while, but instead was greeted with something she had felt once before. A tingling pressure in her lower torso and a mild headache.

She pushed herself upright in time to see her multitude of breasts begin to deflate...

An Explanation (Part 1)
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Kara and Julia met Henry in the living room. He had warmed up some leftovers and was a few bites into a slice of pizza. Julia snatched one of the bread sticks from his plate and slipped it into her pussy mouth.

“Hey!” He complained. “Get your own!”

Julia slipped it out, breaking a line of saliva between her genitals and the end of the stick. “I’m sorry, do you want it back?”

“Not anymore...” Henry frowned, looking away from her crumb covered lips.

Julia parted her pussy in a strange grin and slipped the bread stick back in. She enjoyed the feeling of her labia as they stretched and deformed in front of her chewing teeth. The greasy bread slid along her lips and stimulated the clit just below her nose. It felt like her mouth was watering more than usual and she felt a similar wetness between her legs. Maybe that rock was affecting her after all.

“Henry...” Kara began. “Julia knows we hooked up last night...”

He stopped eating for a moment and looked towards his sister. She was still busy with the bread stick and seemed indifferent to the comment.

“I’m sorry Sis...” He started. “It was just a bit of fun... I know you’re best friends... We won’t...”

Julia pulled the half eaten stick from her pussy, “Whoa, hold up there buddy. Don’t apologize... I don’t care. In fact, I’m happy for you. I’ve been trying to get Kara and you to hook up for ages.”

“You have?” Henry asked.

“God you’re daft...” Julia laughed. “It’s fine... Tell me how you got that magic space rock.”

“I wanted to start from the beginning.” Kara said, turning to Henry. “If you don’t mind.”

“Uh... You don’t need to be too specific.” He blushed.

“Alright...” Kara continued. “So, you saw how Beth was acting? ... That was basically me around the time you left. Henry was the last one to leave...”

“But I didn’t make it out.” He grinned...

An Explanation (Part 2)
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“One thing lead to another, and we woke up conjoined...” Kara explained.

“Like those reporters on TV?” Julia recalled.

“Not exactly...” Henry added. “Kara turned into my dick.”

“I thought you weren’t going to be specific...” Kara frowned.

“What?!?” Julia nearly choked on the last bite of her bread stick. “You... His... Oh wow... How would that even work? How did you know? Did the pubes match Kara’s hair color or something?”

“It wasn’t like that... I just shrank down and my legs fused ... down there.” Kara blushed.

She almost didn’t believe her own words. Evidentially that painted an even funnier picture in Julia’s mind, who began laughing harder.

“... Anyway...” Kara continued. “We didn’t really know what to do, so your brother suggested that we go back to the mall to see if we could find answers at the crash site.”

“It was definitely a long shot, but we got really lucky.” Henry added. “The site was fenced off, but we managed to sneak in.”

“The pod I saw last week was gone...” Kara explained as she pulled the shard from her pocket. “But this started glowing in a pile of broken tiles. It told us why it was here and why people were changing.”

“And it split us apart...” Henry added.

“Yea...” Kara agreed. “Not long after that, I called you...”

Beth Returns
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Julia looked towards her brother. “If that’s all true, then why do you still have four arms?”

“Oh yea...” He looked down at his extra hands. “I sort of made a comment about growing them back, and 137 made it happen...”

“It seems to lack a sense of humor.” Kara added. “Isn’t that right 137?”

[[ More information required ... Define ‘that’ ]]

“See what I mean?”

“Have you fixed Frank yet?” Julia asked.

Kara’s eyes went wide. “Oh my gosh... I totally forgot about him.”

“Well what are you waiting for?” Julia added. “I’m sure the guy would love to have his legs back.”

“Uh... Sure...” Kara hesitated. “Henry, can you wait here so Beth isn’t alone when she finishes up?”

“You’re leaving?” Beth asked peeking around the corner.

“Oh, welcome back...” Julia answered. “Are you feeling better?”

“Yea...” Beth hesitated. “Um... Can one of you bring me my jacket?”

Kara lifted it from the floor and went to meet Beth in the hallway.

“Hey... Can I ask you a favor?” Beth whispered once the two of them were out of sight. “I wouldn’t normally do this... Like... Ever... But, I kind of made a mess...”

Kara glanced down to see that her skirt was soaked through. Julia wasn’t kidding when she said the girl was a squirter. She lead her back to the bedroom to find a pair of dry panties and a clean skirt to borrow. Fortunately, they were close to the same size.

“Why weren’t you wearing a shirt under that jacket?” Kara asked while Beth used a dry part of her skirt to wipe off her legs.

“They were too sensitive. Even that Jacket was driving me crazy.” She replied.

“Looks like you’re back to normal now...” Kara said, noting the lack of additional glands running down her torso.

“Yea, thanks so much for helping me.” Beth offered. “How did you do that anyway? What did that glowing rock do?”

“It’s a long story... I’ll have Henry fill you in while we’re out.” She offered while removing the wet sheets from her bed.

“Where are you going?” Beth asked as she pulled on a dry pair of panties.

“There’s a guy a few doors down who changed yesterday.” Kara explained. “We’re gonna go help him too...”

Meeting With Frank
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“We already explained how we found the shard to Julia. I guess we should have waited, but I didn’t know how long you’d be busy. I’m sure Henry wouldn’t mind explaining 137 though.” Kara offered as she dumped the soiled sheets at the foot of the bed along with other discarded clothing items from earlier incidents.

“137?” Beth asked as she shimmied into one of Kara’s skirts.

“Yea, that’s what we’ve been calling it.” Kara explained, handing her a clean shirt.

Kara returned to the living room and asked Henry to explain the alien computer to Beth, then lead Julia towards the front door. She never had a chance to see Beth post-transformation and was still hesitant to believe that the rock had done anything. Their story seemed sincere enough, but aside from a mild buzz in both of her pussies, she didn’t feel any difference. She supposed Frank would be the ultimate test to see if the rock was anything more than some prank.

The two of them stepped out onto the balcony and went towards Frank’s apartment. Kara patted her pocket to make sure 137 was still there. They passed apartment 24 and stopped at 23. Frank had his blinds closed but they could see light filtering through. Kara rang his doorbell and waited. Nothing...

She rang it again and called out. “Frank... It’s Kara and Julia... We really need to talk to you.”

Frank didn’t have many visitors and wasn’t willing to open the door for anyone in his current condition, but hearing a familiar voice changed his mind. He peaked through the blinds to make sure it was them. There was a moment of hesitation before he undid the deadbolt and cracked open the door.

“Come on in...” He said, pulling a blanket tightly around his deformed body. “If you’re here to invite me out, I appreciate it... But I won’t be going anywhere like this.”

“Like what?” Julia asked, noting that he was slumped over under the blanket. “Did you change again?”

“I’m afraid so.” He groaned...

Frank's Latest Change (Illustrated)
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“Hey, it can’t be worse than having three giant dicks for legs, can it?” Julia assured him as she wiped a line of drool from her sensitive lips.

“At least I still looked human...” He mumbled.

“Henry and I found something that can change you back.” Kara explained. “We already used it on ourselves. Julia here is due to change back as well, but it requires a... Catalyst.”

“A catalyst?” Frank asked. “What sort of Catalyst?”

“Well...” Julia interrupted. “According to Kara, you just need to masturbate once you’ve been... How would you say it? Reprogrammed?”

He visibly sighed under the blanket. “I'm really not in the mood for jokes...”

“No... We’re serious...” Kara insisted as she lifted 137 from her pocket. “We found a piece of the pod that landed at the mall. It’s like a tiny biocomputer. All you have to do is ask it to change you back and it will set you up to revert next time you... Um... You know...”

Julia had carried a bit of skepticism, but was beginning to believe the crazy story. To taunt Frank like that wasn’t at all in Kara’s nature. And after everything that had happened, it didn't seem all that impossible for her to have found some sort of space computer at the mall. On top of that, her own libido had been rising ever since the rock told her to ‘stimulate when ready’. She wiped another line of drool from her mouth, this time shivering as the back of her hand slipped across the misplaced pussy.

She was turned on now. Something unexpected given how easily she had been dealing with her new lips since her last change. With a mix of arousal and curiosity, she asked Frank if he’d show them his latest transformation. He was reluctant but, with some encouragement, agreed to reveal himself. He loosened his grip on the blanket and let it fall to his shoulders. There wasn’t anything there, just a smooth patch of skin where his neck should have been.

“You lost your head?” Julia asked.

He hesitated for a moment, then let the blanket fall to the floor. Standing there was decidedly female body. Two plump C cup breasts adorned his chest, his hips had widened out and his stomach was narrower; all together tapering into a subtle hourglass shape that would make some models envious.

They might have guessed he had simply become a headless woman if not for the penis hanging between his legs. Stranger still were the two eyes staring at them from where his... or her nipples should have been...

Stimulate When Ready
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“That doesn’t seem that bad...” Julia started. “At least your legs are back to normal...”

“I’d take dick legs over this any day...” Frank complained.

His speech was a mystery. The sound was muffled and seemed like it was coming from his back side.

“Um... How are you able to talk?” Kara asked, somewhat without tact.

He turned around and bent forward to show that parts of his face had migrated to his bottom. Two ears stuck out of either ass cheek, and his nose and mouth were wedged in between. Based on the position, it looked like his mouth had replaced his asshole. Kara wondered how he managed to poop if his mouth was down there, but decided not to ask. None of them would have to find out if 137 fixed him.

She held the stone out and insisted that he use it. He turned around, nearly falling over as his breast eyes wobbled and re-focused on the glowing shard in Kara’s hand. He humored her and asked it to change him back. 137 pulsed with light while it scanned Frank’s body. After a moment, it repeated the instructions that they had heard back in Kara’s apartment.

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

Kara slipped it back into her pocket and said, “That’s all there is to it... Your next transformation should make you normal.”

“That’s really it?” Frank replied. “Why don’t I feel any different?”

“According to 137, it varies from one person to the next...” Kara shrugged. “We helped another friend change back and she was affected almost instantly. Julia’s made her request as well, but hasn’t really been in the mood to trigger the change.”

“I’m getting there...” Julia said, staring at Frank’s unusual body. “I can’t stop drooling...”

“That’s probably more than we needed to know...” Kara laughed.

“Hey... Why don’t you head back and fix my brother.” Julia suggested. “I’ll stay with Frank for a bit.”

She pushed Kara towards the door.

“I want to talk to him about something... I’ll head back soon...”

“Fine... Jeez... Stop pushing.” Kara complained as she was forced out onto the walkway. “Good luck Frank. Don’t hesitate to stop by once...” The door fell shut between them. “... you’re sorted out.”

Kara sighed and made her way back home, oblivious to Julia’s true intent...

Assisted Stimulation
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Julia’s libido had been growing exponentially. It was strange to see a cock hanging off of a woman’s body, though the same could be said of Frank's nipple eyes and complete lack of a head. For whatever reason, the unusual sight had turned her on. She didn’t know why his body was affecting her, but so long as he still had a cock, she didn’t care.

“Frank...” She stuttered. “F-... Feel free to say no... But... W-... Would you like to help each other out?”

“What do you mean?” He asked, almost as confused as Kara had been.

“I mean...” Julia drooled. “I want your cock in my pussy.”

Henry’s mouth dropped open in surprise, though Julia couldn’t have known since it was hidden behind his balls. What remained of his previous gender began to rise as she made her approach.

“A-...Are you serious?” He asked. “Is it really OK?”

“Well, you’ve certainly got my permission.” Julia said, running a hand gently along the edge of his left breast. “Now I just need yours.”

His nipple eyes glanced around nervously while he considered the situation. Julia was gorgeous. Likely way out of his league... What had come over her? He was almost fully erect now and his heart was racing. Before he could say anything else, she reached down and pinched the tip of his cock, rolling it between two fingers.

“Alright... Yes...” He said, still in disbelief. “Uh... This way...”

He took her hand and lead her to his bedroom, nearly falling along the way due to the bounce in his vision. Julia was very excited now; already tickling her pussy mouth with a free hand. She never expected to be spending the afternoon like this, but Frank wasn’t half bad looking and the size of his member was impressive.

Julia had him sit at the edge of the bed, then bent down to take it into her unique mouth...

Don't Stop
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For Frank, this was the most surreal blow-job he had ever experienced. For Julia, it offered a familiar feeling of penetration in an unexpected place. The sensations from her lips and tongue were making both pussies wet with excitement. She pushed one hand into her pants to tickle her clit and used the other to fondle her breasts.

She shivered from the feeling of her facial labia sliding along the sides of his veined shaft while she tickled him with her tongue. She didn't necessarily want to stop, but wasn't very comfortable on her knees. After a few minutes, she lifted her head. His cock slipped free of her pussy mouth, leaving a trail of foamy saliva between his pink head and her tender lips. She placed a hand between his breasts and gave a gentle push. He followed the subtle order and laid back.

The eyes on the end of his breasts were hard to focus with, but he managed to adjust his vision to see her straddling his waist while pulling off her shirt and bra. Her plump breasts wobbled free. The last time he had seen them, they were capped with semi-erect dicks. They were now peaked with two perky nipples. A welcome change as far as he was concerned. She crawled further onto the bed, nearly brushing against his eyes as she climbed over his headless form.

They resumed in the sixty-nine position. He massaged her dangling breasts while she serviced his rod. Julia was enjoying herself, but the pussy between her legs wasn’t getting much attention. Frank didn’t have a tongue on that end, much less a head, so she guided one of his hands to her crotch. He ran his fingers up the bottom of her shorts and pulled her panties to the side. With deft movements, he slipped two fingers into her wet slit while massaging her clit with his thumb.

He was really quite good at this; something she hadn’t expected given how timid he had been. The two of them continued for several minutes, until he felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm coming. He offered a warning to Julia, who showed no sign of stopping. She was getting close as well. Both of her clits were twitching and she couldn’t help the drool running down her chin.

She kept going, content to let him cum into her mouth. He flexed his pelvis forward involuntarily. His cock pushed against the back of her throat and nearly made her choke. She let it slip free just as his load erupted from the tip. It splattered across her labia and chest. He was clearly spent, but she wasn’t quite there yet.

“Don’t stop...” She gurgled as the fingers in her lower pussy went limp and fell out.

Frank’s orgasm was making his head swim. He heard her but could hardly acknowledge it as his body gave up. She rolled off to his side and did her best to keep going. It wasn’t easy. She was distracted by the sight of his chest deflating while a lump formed between his shoulders.

Distracted, but still determined, she shoved a hand into her pants and tickled her clit while simultaneously stroking the love button just below her nose. It was just enough to push her over the edge. Her body began to spasm and shiver as vaginal fluid belched up from somewhere in her throat as well as the slit between her legs. She collapsed. Her body throbbed as the next transformation took hold...

Winding Down
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By now, Henry would likely have finished his pizza and explained the morning’s journey to Beth. Kara hadn’t eaten much earlier and considered warming up another slice of leftover pizza while they waited for his sister. They might even see a more ordinary looking Frank pay them a visit after a while. Kara opened her door and found Henry having a conversation with Beth on the couch. From the sound of it, he had finished telling her how they found the rock and was simply answering questions. She didn’t want to interrupt, and went toward the kitchen.

“Hey... You were really his dick?” Beth asked just before Kara reached the kitchen door. “That must have felt so weird.”

“Probably not any weirder than those six boobs you had...” Kara frowned, somewhat irritated that Henry kept sharing telling that part of the story.

“How awful...” Beth muttered after Kara left the room. For her, the extra breasts had been an ordeal that kept her up most of the night.

“It wasn’t bad...” Henry shrugged. “She hid in my pants when we went to the mall... It was pretty uneventful otherwise.”

“You and her weren’t... Um... Horny?” Beth stuttered. “I could barely keep it together when... You know...”

“Nah... Felt odd, but we managed.” He assured her. “You were probably hit by that arousal symptom.”

“Huh... I guess so.” She considered. “Wait... Where’s Julia. Did she head home?”

“She’s still with Frank.” Kara called back from the kitchen. “I guess she wanted to talk to him about something.”

“Did you get him fixed up?” Henry asked.

“Yes, but he wasn’t in the mood to... Change.” Kara answered. “I imagine he’ll be back to normal next time we see him.”

“That’s good...” Henry replied. “So, I think I might head home soon. I really didn’t expect to be here overnight and could use a change of cloths. Might even take a proper nap. Do you still have 137 with you?”

“Yea, it’s in my pocket.” Kara answered as she started the microwave. “Do you want to fix those arms before you go?”

“Oh... I almost forgot about them.” He replied, glancing down at his four hands...

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Do you suppose 137 can make them retractable or something? I certainly wouldn’t mind keeping them, but my clothes might not fit very well...”

“I’m not sure...” Kara replied. “Couldn’t hurt to ask it.”

“Why stop there?” Beth added. “It can change people. Do you suppose it could give someone the ability to change on their own? Like... Without having to ... stimulate?”

Kara pulled the alien computer fragment from her pocket and looked it over. It looked like it might have gotten a bit dimmer since they first found it, but she wasn’t quite sure. The lines of light still glowed and occasionally pulsed. It seemed content to stay silent unless one of them had a question. She waited for the microwave to finish, then went back to the living room with hot leftovers in hand. On the way to the recliner, she placed 137 on the coffee table.

“I’m sure it would be happy to answer your questions.” Kara offered. “And maybe fix those arms too.”

“Hey, Can you make it so that I can change myself without your help or a catalyst?” Beth asked, directing her attention at the shard. “Like... If I wanted to grow back those extra boobs, could I just do it at will?”

[[ .. ... ... .. Yes ... Catalyst required for initial modification ]]

“You want to grow those back?” Kara asked as she bit into her pizza.

“I don’t know...” Beth blushed. “It’s not just about more boobs. I want to be able to change like... Anything... Without needing permission from your glowing rock.”

“I did say yes.” Henry shrugged. “I’d just like to make a quick request for my arms. After that, I’m gonna head home.”

“If you’re heading out, do you suppose you could drop me off back at my place?” Beth asked. “I really didn’t expect to be here... No offense or anything Kara. I just need to get back soon. I... Uh... Have a lot of homework to catch up on.”

“Doesn’t bother me any...” Henry replied. “Kara, can you tell Julia that I took her home?”

“That’s fine...” Kara replied.

“Alright... 137, can you change my body so that my lower two arms are retractable?” Henry asked.

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

A Cure?
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“Oh, do me too!” Beth begged. “Change me so that I can change on my own... I want to be able to change into anything I can think of... Um... Without having to use a catalyst or whatever.”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

“Way to think big...” Henry laughed. “Can mine also be adjusted to let me change into anything?”

[[ Parameters currently set ... Pending stimulation ]]

“Until next time I suppose...” Henry shrugged, then turned to Beth. “Ready to head out?”

“Sure...” Beth answered. “I gotta grab my clothes from Kara’s room really quick. ... Hey Kara, do you mind if I keep these until next time I see you? Or maybe I could have Julia bring them next time you two meet up?”

“That’s fine...” Kara replied. “Just make sure you take them off before you ‘stimulate’ for that new change.”

“Of course...” Beth blushed.

She went to Kara’s room to gather her damp clothes, then returned to find Henry waiting near the door. The two of them said goodbye and left Kara alone. This was the first time she had been alone since yesterday afternoon and after hearing Beth’s transformation request, was considering doing something similar for herself.

She wasn't really in the mood to stimulate a new change. Besides, Julia would likely be back sooner than later. She flipped on the TV to see if anything new had been reported. Evidentially, they had found a cure. She listened closely as they described seven locations where the cure could be administered, stressing that quantities were extremely limited...

Julia and Frank (Illustrated)
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Julia could feel her lips tingling as they stretched out horizontally; gradually taking on a far less sensitive shape. Kara’s magic space rock was working. She could see the skin between Frank’s shoulders bulging upward to form a new head. As his chest deflated, his eyes closed. The lashes sucked inward while the lids puckered and darkened until all that remained were ordinary looking nipples. She could have done without the dizziness and headache, but was overjoyed that the two of them were going back to normal.

In her excitement, she placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. “We did it Frank... We’re going to be... ... ... Alright?”

She tried to pull her hand away. Frank’s shoulder was sticky... Really sticky. Her excitement turned to dread as she watched her fingers melt into his skin. It felt like her hand was being sucked into warm tar and she was completely powerless to stop it.

Frank’s eyes were gone and his mouth had closed up. He barely caught the end of Julia’s muffled comment before his ears melted back into his ass. He was aware of his body but suspended in silent darkness while his facial features migrated back toward his shoulders. His female frame was growing back into it’s previous proposition while a lump grew between his shoulders.

After what felt like ages, his eyes opened, though he couldn’t seem to move his arms. He couldn’t move his neck either. Something was very wrong. He glanced around his limited field of vision and spotted Julia’s chin to his right. He tried to say something, but it was no use. His mouth hadn’t returned. He could hear, though the sounds didn’t seem to be coming from his own ears. They weren’t on his ass either. It almost felt like sounds were reaching a place somewhere to his right.

Was he hearing with Julia’s ears? Each time she took a breath, his lungs expanded. It didn’t make sense. He tried once again to move his arms, but failed.

He turned his focus to his legs, which were effortlessly lifted into the air. He didn’t know what else to do and began to wiggle hips to force himself to the edge of the bed. He didn’t make it very far before Julia was shaken awake. She groaned and opened her eyes. Her body felt strange. Almost heavy. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked down to see Frank’s legs shifting around on the bed. That wasn’t right. Why would his legs be in front of her...

She followed his torso up to find that the only thing she kept in the latest change was her right arm and breast. Everything else, including the cock she had been sucking only moments earlier, was Frank’s. To make matters worse, he was staring at her from a partially formed head on their left shoulder.

Almost effortlessly, the two of them cooperated to slide off of the bed and stood in front of a mirror on his closet door.

“What the hell is this?” Julia complained, looking at their reflection. “We were supposed to go back to normal!”

“Hey... Say something already...”

Limited Quantities?
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Kara considered the number of cure locations, then said, “Hey 137... I don’t suppose you know how many pieces you broke into when you landed, do you?”

[[ ... .. . .. ... . ... .. Approximately 27 fragments ... 8 were large enough to function ]]

“Huh... Eight fragments, seven locations and you. They must have figured out what you are... Or at least what you can do...”

[[ I am ... Fleet designation c-137 ... I do improvement protocol and biological corrections ]]

Kara grinned at it's response. As intelligent as their new friend was, it was still terrible at reading between the lines. Kara turned her attention back to the television. It seemed none of the stations would offer details for what the cure was, but did show people lined up in front of tents. Each one of them seemed to have some inhuman change. Some were subtle enough to be invisible under their clothes while many others were quite obvious. Such as a woman with her arms and legs swapped, or a man with a phallic looking tail swinging behind him while he waited his turn.

Kara watched, hoping to learn more about the situation; but was interrupted by Julia, who threw open the front door and rushed inside.

“Julia?” Kara asked as her friend pushed the door shut behind her. “Why are you wearing Frank’s bath robe? What happened to your neck?”

“It didn’t work!” Julia cried. “You lied to us.”

“Lied?” Kara asked, noticing that Julia’s lips had gone back to normal. “What do you mean? What happened?”

Julia dropped the robe. More than three quarters of her body resembled that of a man. Her neck was offset to the side and another head was wedged between hers and the opposite shoulder. It was Frank’s head. In fact, it was his body too. Unfortunately, he was still missing a few parts up top, which Kara guessed might still be on his bottom. The only parts that belong to Julia were the right arm, one breast and her head. For whatever reason, she seemed to have control both of them.

“Oh god...” Kara said, trying to keep a straight face. “You two had sex, didn’t you?”

“What of it?” Julia shot back. “You said we needed to stimulate to change back... We stimulated!”

“I can see that...” Kara snickered. “I guess we should have been more clear earlier... According to 137, sex messes up the process. I thought you would have known that... I mean, Henry and I ended up conjoined for the same reason. Um... Why isn’t Frank saying anything?”

“His mouth turned back into an asshole.” Julia argued. “Look... I-... It doesn’t matter. Please tell me you can fix this!”

“Don’t look at me.” Kara nodded towards the shard on the coffee table, which by now had become noticeably dull compared to when they had found it...

Anomaly Corrected
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“Hey space pod thing...” Julia complained. “Can you fix this mess?”

[[ Anomaly Detected ... Joint stimulation interfered with programmed reversions ]]

“Yea... That’s great... Can you split us up?”

[[ Genetic parameters set ... Exposure complete ... Stimulate when ready ]]

Julia breathed a sigh of relief and put back on the robe she had dropped, though she made sure to keep Frank's head out this time around.

“We seriously have to ‘stimulate’ again?” She complained, pulling the sash around their waist.

“That’s how it works...” Kara shrugged. “You can hang out here if you want, or head back to Frank’s apartment... Makes no difference to me, I’m just gonna watch the news for a bit.”

“Wait... Where’s Beth?” Julia asked, realizing that Kara was alone. “And Henry...”

“Henry went home.” Kara explained. “Said he’d drop Beth off on the way.”

“Huh.” Julia took a seat on the couch. “I guess that’s good... I’d never hear the end of it if he saw me like this... Don’t you dare tell him!”

“Your secrets safe with me...” Kara laughed. “How’s Frank doing? Kind of looks like he’s just along for the ride...”

“It’s just the opposite, actually. He controls the legs.” Julia explained.

Kara picked up 137 and looked it over. It was still warm but very dull following that most recent request. Was it about to run out of power? They had used it quite a bit since she and Henry found it...

“137... Are you alright?” She asked. "You're looking a bit dim."


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