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Here is a draft of the modified version of the first Drugs story.
I decided that I wouldn't just reupload my old stories but give them a bit of an update. I never felt entirely happy with some elements here and there in many of my stories. Thus I take the chance to make a few changes here and there. In this particular case I decided to make some alterations to Kathleen's first TF and more importantly Navelle's fate.


Kathleen had no idea why but over the course of the last month she had grown a bizarre interest in transformees. At first she had noticed how stories and pictures of transformed people had strangely aroused her, a phenomenon that grew ever stronger the following days. Although she was surprised by it, she didn't worry. Sure she never had any interest in anything but normal humans before but she didn't feel as if anything was wrong. Two weeks ago she had finally gone to a bar featuring a transformed stripper, a woman with six tits and a penis for a tongue. She hadn't told Richard, her husband or Navelle, her daughter, since there was no way to logically explain it.

She hadn't regretted the show however. It was great, in fact she had lost control and found herself masturbating secretly. From that moment on she had grown a craving to be just like this sexualized person, no, to be even more heavily changed. Still she did not worry about this strange change to her mindset, in fact, she had more the feeling that something hidden deep inside her psyche had come to the surface and it was wonderful.

Now was the time she would embrace her fate. The will to be changed had grown so strong over the last days, that she could barely keep herself in check. Luckily it hadn't taken long for the alchemist to prepare the serum for her. It was only barely refined demon-cum of the strongest form. She had only very few wishes, so her new body would be a surprise for her, too. The same counted for her husband. She hadn't spoken with him about her new desires, especially not about what she was going to do in a few moments. Officially she wanted to make it a surprise for him but secretly she had feared that he might try to talk her out of it or worse that he might actually succeed.

It was 11pm. Kathleen had relished every moment of their love-making earlier that evening, especially since it had been the last time for her as a normal human. As always Richard had fallen asleep right afterwards. Usually she had been annoyed by this habit of him but now it perfectly suited her. Carefully she took the vial from the shelf in her night stand. For a moment she regarded the potent glow of the green fluid and then looked into the large mirror on the other side of the room in order to regard her human self for the last time.

She saw an attractive woman in her early 40s. Despite some small wrinkles around the eyes she stilled looked as hot as the day of her marriage with full lips on a narrow face framed by long brown hair. She had taken good care to keep her body in the right shape and it showed: Long, smooth legs, well trained belly which showed only the slightest hint of fat below, two full D-cups, her most favourite asset. But no matter how sexy she looked, she didn't saw her own body in the mirror. No, her true form was now in the glowing fluid. In a swift motion she opened the vial and emptied it in one gulp.

And then her body turned inside out in one violent burst of change. The alchemist had warned her the serum would work fast but it still took her fully by surprise. Waves of pain, pleasure and far stranger sensations hit her so hard that she passed out for a moment. When she regained consciousness the women in the mirror had gone, instead Kathleen finally saw herself.

Her body was a melon-sized ball of flesh with a single tentacle ending in her one remaining eyeball.
It was so flexible that she got dizzy at first by the constant movement but she got the hang of it pretty quickly. The underside of her spherical body was surrounded by a ring of massive dicks, at least a dozen (she later counted thirteen), each more than a foot long but lacking any testicles. Unconsciously she moved what felt like limbs and saw her penises wriggle. Apparently each of her new appendages was actually a prehensile tentacle. It was so simple and at the same so inhuman. Kathleen could barely contain her joy. A month ago she would have been freaked out just by the idea to be such a creature but now it was the happiest moment of her entire life. She was not only happy however but also incredibly hot. Just seeing her new self made her more horny than she had every felt before. Possibly it was due to her many penises, which, even though they couldn't get really hard, leaked thick streams of pre-cum already.

Not willing to wait any moment the creature crawled over to its husband, climbing up his belly until it was in front of his crotch. He was still deep asleep and did not even notice how Kathleen carefully removed his shorts. Afterwards she began to gently massage his penis with some of her dick-tentacles. She was surprised how easily she could control them already. To her surprise Richard got hard very quickly, although he was still asleep, just moaning while still in his dreams.  No wonder, he had always been impossible to wake up once asleep. When his member felt hard enough, she awkwardly raised herself up. In the mirror she could see her body's underside for the first time. She still had her vagina, now at the centre of her lower body and entirely unchanged except for the fact that the surrounding skin was perfectly smooth now, not even a hint of stubble.
She was already dripping wet and her pre-cum had lubed her husband's dick in addition, so that it slid in with ease, filling most of her reduced body. She closed her eye blissfully while riding him, her many penises leaving pre-cum everywhere.

Kathleen felt wonderful. She was happy, content and extremely aroused. It felt so natural, so right. She had no doubts about her decision, no matter how much her body had been reduced and lacked even basic things like a mouth. She didn't even know if she was a “she” anymore or more of a “he”, considering the configuration of genitals but she was too busy being fucked to care. She never had so overwhelming sex. The pleasure was beyond anything she had ever felt before even though it was a new and alien sort of pleasure. Later she'd get to know from her doctor, that it was due to her new prostate glands surrounding her altered birth canal, multiplying the pleasure a normal woman would have felt with what anal sex would be to a man.

The orgasm hit her like a tsunami. Instinctively Kathleen knew that she still had a voice and could still talk through her vagina but her scream of joy was muffled by the penis filling her. Thus the room was rather silent when Kathleen came with all her penises, all thirteen of them. After a minute resting on her lover's relaxing dick in order to regain strength, she slowly got up. She had left quite a mess on the bed and all over Richard's torso but she did not care. In fact she giggled inwardly at the sight.

Now however her bladder was calling. Crawling down the bed and across the corridor wasn't easy and the way the carpet stimulated her tentacles and even more so her moist pussy, was quite arousing. Nevertheless she managed to get into the bathroom where she decided to crawl inside the bathing tub. She could feel the pressure on all her penises and had no idea how to successfully use the toilet without leaving a mess. Thus she emptied her bladder inside the tub. Peeing with all her dicks felt funny and weird since it came from all around her body. She didn't even notice the stream coming from her vagina.

Once finished she cleaned the tub and herself with some warm water. Unfortunately it took her some minutes and a lot of effort to get out again since the water left everything slippery. Back outside she just wanted to get back to her husband, cuddling with him and getting some rest.


The next morning was very unpleasant for Richard. Despite waking up in some sticky substance he could not identify, there was a bizarre thing made of penises hugging his chest. Logically he had completely freaked out. He had even tried to drive it away with a broom, not realising who it was. It had been pure chaos until Kathleen had finally managed calm him down enough to explain everything to him. It took some time and frequently he asked her why she had done it or why she hadn't told him. Eventually he became silent, staring calmly at the ground in order to process what he had just heard.

„So....you...can you still love me?“ Kathleen asked him carefully. She felt unsure for the first time. She still had no doubts about having been transformed and felt not a tiny bit of regret but there was a very real fear Richard might leave her, even though she had known the danger all the time and still taken the risk. She loved him dearly and being left would break her heart.

„I...,“ He began but then broke off. It was clear that it was just too much to wrap his mind around at once. He was just about to try again when he was suddenly interrupted by Navelle storming into the room.

„Mom, is that you? You look fantastic...so whoaaa,“ she screamed.

„Thanks honey. Great, eh? Even though you can call me Daddy, too, now,“ her mother answered while wriggling her penis-tentacles. Being reminded about how much she loved her new body, immediately distracted her from the fear of losing her husband.

„I cannot wait until it is my turn..Daddy?“ Navelle said with a big smile. The „Daddy“ clearly directed towards her mother.

“But remember what I said, not until you turn 18,” Kathleen replied.

Oddly enough Navelle had developed the same cravings as her mother at the same time. She had finally told her about a week ago and even though mother and daughter developing the same inexplicable wish to be transformed in the same month could never be a coincidence, neither of them had even started to wonder or dwell any more on it. Instead of questioning their desires, they had cheerfully talked about weird transformations and what to do to themselves. In the end Kathleen had decided to leave her changes to chance and also clarified that her 17-year-old daughter was not to get transformed until she was of legal age. Despite all depravity, she still felt very responsible as a mother. It was only a few months anyway.

While his wife and daughter were happily chatting about changing their bodies, Richard was watching them dumbfounded. It would take him some time to process what had happened.


Six months had passed since that fateful night and morning. Things had been really hard for Richard after he could no longer deny reality. As a result he had spent a week in a psychiatric clinic to cope with it, while Kathleen and Navelle stayed home. All the time his wife had been fearful of losing her beloved husband. Sure she had been selfish and she loathed herself for it, for hurting him so much. She had spent every night crying herself to sleep. And yet, she still did not regret her new body, which she loved to no end.

Fortunately Richard had decided to stay with his family. Despite everything he still felt responsible for them. However he was cold and distant, he refused to touch Kathleen or sleep with her in one bed, which hurt her badly. Luckily it didn't last long. After a few more weeks of couple therapy, he learned how to live with his wife again and forgave her. Eventually they even had sex again, even if it started rather awkwardly. In the following weeks it became a lot more passionate though. It quickly went beyond Richard just trying to have a normal marriage despite his wife's mutated body. It was like he genuinely enjoyed it, like he actually found her new form attractive. Kathleen wondered if he just had discovered a side of himself he hadn't known yet or if he had been undergoing similar changes in perception as she had before getting transformed. It didn't matter, she
was happier than ever before and could fully enjoy her new life now. Richard had even given her a blowjob just the other day.

„Darling, breakfast's ready,“ Richard called from the kitchen. This Sunday he had decided to prepare breakfast. Usually Kathleen cared for the house and meals, since, despite her new form, she could perfectly play her job as housewife. She had gotten several, small stepladders arranged all over the house, due to her small size, but otherwise her tentacles were a surprisingly usable replacement for hands.

One might wonder how a creature without a mouth can enjoy breakfast. Kathleen had quickly found out that she still needed to breath (even though she had no lungs. Instead she absorbed enough oxygen from the air with her skin), eat and drink like before but instead of a mouth she used her vagina for these tasks. Her doctor had informed her that many creatures like her had a similar anatomy where food would come it but not come out, as all bodywaste was converted into more cum for her tentacles.

Tomorrow would be Navelle's birthday. The main event was going to be her own transformation and they had talked a lot about what could be done. Just discussing all the possibilities had made Kathleen hot and instilled a desire to maybe change even a little more. After throwing around a lot of ideas, they had eventually come up with the perfect plan.


„So to I get this right. You will be my husband and Navelle my son?“ Richard asked with a puzzled  look on his face.

He was lying in his bed, with his wife, or soon to be husband, on his naked belly. They just had had sex as every night and both of them were still covered in her cum. Richard's own sperm was slowly leaking out of Kathleen's pussy onto his belly. He was sure he would miss that particular bodypart of hers if she decided to become fully male.

„Technically yes but there is more to it. It is a surprise. Funny enough, I've been at the city hall today and got our official genders changed already. So in a way I already am your husband.“ Kathleen giggled, which more like a wet blurt.

„Is it because of our neighbours? I saw Benril yesterday without her four breasts and a large...you know.”

„Well...maybe she was an inspiration.“

Of course Richard had heard about it. If the rumours were true, almost all of the transformed women in the town were turning themselves into pure males.

For a strange reason he was not really shocked hearing that his wife and daughter were going to be his husband and son by tomorrow. Perhaps it was because she already had a lot of penises anyway, so he had already gotten to that. At the same time he also realized that he kind of liked the idea of her changing even a little more. He couldn't really tell why but his sexual tastes had changed. He still found normal woman attractive and didn't care much for guys but nowadays most transformees managed to turn him on, whatever gender or bodyform they had. He'd miss her pussy but imaging his wife fully male was kind of pleasant.

The next morning Richard was woken up by Navelle knocking at the bedroom door. She didn't bother to wait and came straight in anyway.

“I am sorry,” she exclaimed. “I just can't wait. Shall we do it now, mom?”

Kathleen answered with a wet sounding yawn, rubbing her eyeball with a dick-tentacle.

“Well, I thought we would do it after breakfast but we can do it now, if you like. You got the exlixiers?”

“Of course,” her daughter replied, revealing two glowing vials she had in her pyjama pockets. To her father's noticed they were of two different colours.

Navelle handed her mother one vial and immediately gulped down the content. Kathleen uncorked it, turned her eyeball towards Richard and said: “I hope you like this.”

She then poured the glowing substance over her body. Her entire body was suddenly expanding, swelling outwards like an inflating balloon. Her almost spherical body flattened out and became slightly softer while it grew until it was approx. a meter wide. Her tentacles grew in size, too, but didn't keep their even proportions, similar to an ordinary if very large penis. Instead they grew far thicker at the base while they only slightly swelled at the tip. In addition they elongated until each was more than a metre long. At the same time Richard noticed some odd bulges popping up beneath his wife's penises. They inflated very quickly, though, and he realized that they were turning into testicles. After a few seconds Kathleen sported a pretty loose and wrinkly ballsack beneath each tentacles, containing testicles the size of oranges. At last thick black hairs started to sprout all over her body. For the most part it was only a thin coating but around each penis was a thick, dense bush of pubic hair.

Kathleen looked at her husband with an expression he could only interpret as joy. Meeting his eyes, she lifted her enlarged body slightly, revealing the changes to its underside. Were her vagina used to be, was now only a very thick, large puckered anus. It almost looked like a small donuts, far larger than any asshole Richard had seen before, at least on an unmodified human. The whole underside was as hairy as her topside or maybe “his” topside. There was no doubt now that Kathleen had become his husband.

The transformee rumbled contently, a deep, unfeminine moan escaping his sphincter. He turned his head and pointed towards the door. Richard realized that he had completely forgotten about his daughter. He was very surprised by what he saw. Where Navelle had been standing a few moments ago, was now a perfect copy of his new husband. Size and skin-tone seemed absolutely identical, he noticed that even his daughter's remaining eye had changed to match that of her mother in colour. The creature was making them same happy, rumbling, moaning sound.

“You really got me,” he exclaimed. “I didn't see this one coming.”

Mother and daughter looked at him but said nothing. Richard found that odd and immediately had a suspicion. A moment later Kathleen pulled an envelope from her drawer and handed it to him. It was a letter just for him.

“Darling, when you read this, we have most likely just gotten transformed and you see two big, sexy penis-squids in front of you. As you might have guessed already, we are not longer able to speak. Its not an accidental result of our new and improved forms but by design. So is the fact that Navelle looks exactly like me. Take a look and see if you can find any differences, I promise you, you won't.

I mentioned that we would be your husband and son now, being fully male and all. In truth, what we really want, is to be your pet-servants. We do not want to be Kathleen and Navelle anylonger, either. From now on you can just refer to us as your pets. We have no need for names or gender for that matter, neither “he” nor “she”, only it. Do not worry about not being able to differentiate us, either. We want to be interchangeable, to be a unit of two rather than separate individuals.

In love, your pet”

Richard was flabbergasted. He had expected a lot, in fact the physical changes of Navelle and Kathleen hadn't surprised him that much, but this revelation was quite a shock. His pets, nothing else, nobody else, that's what they want to be.

Suddenly he felt something rub the front of his pants. The creature that used to be Kathleen was using one of its tentacles to massage his crotch. It felt good and he had to kind of admit that the whole situation had turned him on a bit. If that was what they wanted, who was he to deny them. Feeling a lot more relaxed, he leaned back and allowed his former wife to continue. Feeling his member slowly rising, it pulled down his pants with two other tentacles, allowing it to wrap its tentacles around his cock and start jerking him off properly. At the same time the other creature moved onto the bed to join the fun.

A few moments later all three were involved in a wild and a bit confusing orgy. Admit the storm of phallic appendages, Richard quickly lost track which creature used to be who, just as they had wanted. He didn't care. He simply fucked the first one that presented its ass.

Richard quickly got used to his new and very unusual relationship to what had once been his wife and daughter. To his own surprise he didn't see them as such anymore. They were his pets now, although they almost behaved more like servants. He never made any demands, even requests were rare, for he never cared for being anybody's master. Nonetheless the two apparently enjoyed the role of loyal servants, treating him like a king.

They cooked for him every day and took care of the household. They made good use of their tentacles and were probably a lot more efficient than any human maid would be. It wasn't uncommon to see one of them preparing dinner and cleaning the kitchen at the same time or doing laundry and dishes simultaneously. When Richard wasn't home, they would spent most of their time playing with each other, though, for their libido had grown insatiable.

He didn't complain, though, for he got most attention from them, when he was home. It always surprised him, how much he had grown to love their massive penises and heavy balls. He didn't even mind the prickly hair that covered their bodies or the masculine musk that had replaced their once feminine odour. The only thing he missed was actually being able to have a conversation with a partner, for neither of the pets ever bothered to try communicating beyond the most simple of meanings. That's why he had started playing with the idea to start dating again. After all, the two were not his pets, not his partners, even if they would always be the two most important beings in his life. In fact they would probably enjoy him introducing an attractive woman to them.

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I liked the one with the CTF better, but that's just my taste.

It's still good though, it's neat to see another version of the same story. I'd love to see alternate versions of the other Drugs chapters.


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I know what you mean and I might transplat the CTF into a new story.
Especially after adding the 2nd part of the story, it always felt a bit out of place to me. I always thought there was a better way to align it with her mother's TF.