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Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Transform or Dare?
added by T. Sins

Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school

colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...

*Animal Parts


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Animal Parts
added by CYOC Guy

"What the hell are you talking about freak?" asked Jen.

"Well your minutes up Jen", said Kyle. "So you get both."

"Go ahead, it doesn't do anything."

"Fine then, for your transform any time you see an animal it will go over to you, even if it
didn't see you. It will then crawl into your pussy, which will fit any animal. When it has fully
crawled up your pussy, it will disappear and you will grow a feature from that animal, adding
to your body not substituting. If you see more than one animal they will all fit into your
pussy. Everyone will know of the animals crawling up your pussy and treat it as normal. Only
you and I will know of your original form. For your dare, you will never wear panties or a bra.
Have fun at school."

*That's a stretch


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

That's a strech!

Jen decided to skip school today, she decided to take a walk through the woods. Fortunately there weren't any animals around except for one. Had Jen stayed home she would have seen the news report that the zoo had an elephant escape into the surrounding woods.

Jen walked into an open field and looked out, she saw the elephant, and remembered the curse. She tried to run, but her body froze in terror. The elephant now upon her, it reached below and slid its trunk in her pussy, she let out a scream realizing that it was going to get inside her. It knocked her on the ground as it worked its trunk deeper into her body, it then slid its tusks into her pussy, she screamed as her body stretched to accommodate the beast. It slide it's head into her pussy, writhing she tried to stop it futilely, screaming as loud as she could didn't help, no one was around. It stretched further as it slid is legs in, she then felt something massive stiff and warm go inside, it was a male elephant! It kept going, she resembled and overstuffed turkey as it slid its back legs into her body followed by it's tail, then the mass started to decrease as her body absorbed the elephant. She trembled afraid of what was about to happen, she noticed a warmth on her crotch and nose, her nose started to grow longer, as the elephants massive manhood assumed its role on her crotch. She cried out in horror as it grew.

Her new trunk complete she instinctively reached down with it and wrapped it around her new penis, it started to grow, it's weight of 60 pounds heavy against her pelvis got worse as she experienced the erection. It grew to its full 6 feet, throbbing demanding attention, she sat there crying as she stroked it with her trunk and hands, she then ejaculated, semen blasting from her cock, covering 4 feet of grass. She was a freak, all she wanted was to die, but her cock just wanted more attention, she tried to stand up, but it weighed too much for her to move. She was stuck, crying she did the only thing she could do, masturbate.

*Jen meets the Rhino Beetle


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

The Strongest

Jen crouched against her new endowments, still stiff and throbbing, she had stopped masturbating an hour ago, and the sun was going down.

"Oh my God, I just can't live like this, I can't even move." she had at least accepted that she was stuck with this, now she just wanted to move a little. That's when she noticed something tickling the broad mass of her penis. She looked down and noticed a Rhino Beetle. Then she remembered what it could do, it could lift 850 times it's weight, she quickly snatched it and shoved it into her pussy. This time, she thought, my changes might just be good. She noticed a throbbing coming from under her arms. She lifted her left arm and saw two more arms shoot out, they were covered in a hard shell, but were shaped at least human like, her two other arms shot out of her right side.

Then she noticed that the weight of her new penis felt lighter, and was getting lighter still, she stood up, it felt light as a feather. She swung it around, its mass moving like a club, it banged against a nearby tree she cam and giggled as she fell to the ground.

"Now I can live, I may not like it, but at least it feels good."

She made her way back to her house, and walked in.

"Jen! There you are! Did you have fun out in the field today?" Her mom asked.

"Ye.. Yeah." She blushed.

"Oh don't be so neurotic, your much more well hung than any man in this town. You should be proud!"

Jen just blushed as she made her way upstairs to her bedroom, she looked at herself in the mirror, testing her limbs, moving her trunk and stroking her cock.

"You know, I think I'm going to like this." Jen whispered.

*The Next Day


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

The Next Day

Jen woke up with what had to be the most massive case of morning wood in the world, her elephant penis stood at attention, naked in front of her, throbbing with excitement as she stared at it, she touched it gently and stroked, she used all of her hands, enjoying every second until she cam. She shook with intense pleasure by the explosion, and smiled panting knowing that this "curse" was her's to keep.

She got up and walked downstairs naked, obviously nothing unfamiliar to her mother.

"Hi honey, have something to eat before you go out."

"But mom, I'm going to be late for school."

"Oh you silly girl, you don't go to school, with that package you have you would just disrupt everything."

"Really?" Jen asked surprised at the thought. She had always hated school.

"Yes, now you go out and have fun, maybe you can get into some mischief."

"Okay." Jen walked out the door.

"That girl, if she doesn't cum all over the house she off letting animals in her pussy. Such a pip." Her mother smiled.

*Day 2 in the field


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Day 2 in the field

Jen went out to the field where she had changed the day before, if was still covered in cum, dried by now. She walked out and looked around.

"Maybe I can find some more neat changes." She said.

Just then she saw something wriggling toward her, she looked and saw that it was a snake, a python. She remembered her neighbor talking about loosing it last week, she sat down and spread her legs, it would get there anyway.

"I wonder what you'll do." She smiled.

She felt the python slide into her pussy, it coiled inside of her and then was absorbed. A few moments went by, then she felt a strange feeling in her penis, it started to writhe, it grew another foot, now 7 feet long, she tried to control it but she couldn't.

"Oh shit, what did I just do?"

It continued to grow, longer as it swung, stretching out to 10 feet. It hit the ground and Jen moaned with pleasure as it slid back and forth continuing to grow, cumming again and again. It stopped at a full 16 feet, and she regained control of it's movements.

She made it slide to the left.

"Wow, I can really have fun with this!"

She coiled her newly modified penis, rubbing it against herself, cumming repeatedly. She was so busy that she didn't notice the horse that entered the field. He was a Clydesdale, a massive 3300 pounds of flesh, his member stiff with excitement, smelling the juices of Jen's pussy, she looked up and scrambled but the horse rammed her to the ground.

"NO! NOT YOU!" She screamed as the horse shoved his muzzle into her pussy, her legs spreading wide as the beast pushed further. Her penis wrapped around it's body, betraying her wishes, she screamed as it reached it's front legs. She could feel the bulk of the creature inside of her, her legs flailing in feeble protest as the horse reached it's penis, she felt it slide in.

"WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE TO BE GUYS???" She screamed as he finally slid his tail in, it's mass diminished inside of her, she stood up shaking with fear and excitement to see what changes she would have. She felt her body shifting, she was growing taller, but when she looked down she screamed, she saw another pair of legs growing in, her feet changing into hooves as her lower body grew longer, she could feel the horses member grow in above her first, her balls enlarged a little to accommodate it's semen. Her body still growing she tried to move, but her new lower body didn't respond. She saw the ground getting farther and farther away.

"How big am I going to get?" She cried.

She finally stopped growing, her mostly human half sat 7 feet off the ground, her elephant penis massive even on her Clydesdale frame, she forced it to wrap around her powerful horse chest.

"Great, just great, now I'm a centaur. How do I get in the house like this?"

Jen's question was soon answered when she got to her house.

*In the Stables


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

In the Stables

"Jen, how's are big girl, did you get all that horny out?" Her mom asked as she trotted toward the new stable that wasn't there this morning.

"Um, yeah, I did." Jen replied.

"Good, you know you can't breed with this huge member." Her mom patted her massive penis, it sent a shiver down Jen's spin.

"Now you be a good girl and go rest, I'll go make dinner."


Jen trotted into the stables, closing the doors behind her, they were empty except one mare.

"Oh no, not again!" Jen screamed trying to get away, but the mare galloped toward her, lowering her head to level with her human pussy, it hit and Jen screamed in pain and pleasure as her back legs forced themselves apart, the mare sliding into her, another Clydesdale, taking massive amounts of room in her small pussy, bulging the flesh of her equine stomach out like a water balloon. The mare finished her climbing in and the bulge shrank, Jen crying in fear of getting larger in her bottom half. She felt her pussy warming up, it expanded and became anatomically for her lower half.

But then she noticed something in her upper half, she got warmer, she looked down at her arms and noticed the shell on her extra for was cracking, her arms became thicker, more muscular, her elephant trunk all but disappeared as she notice her face pushing out, becoming a horses head. She felt her ribs growing larger, her whole upper frame was getting bigger. It stopped except for the warmth in her breasts, they grew bigger, her once petite but ample C cups now growing larger, she watched in a mix of fear and fascination as they passed DD's, stopping just before FF's. There was a mirror in one end of the stable, she looked at her new changes and saw a truly anthropomorphic centaur, her large eyes taking in all she the changes, she shook her breasts they felt good.

"Wow, that is better, at least I match now."

Her mom walked in carrying a large kettle of steamed vegetables.

"Now you eat this all up this time, your a big girl, and I won't have my daughter starving herself."

"My daughter?" Jen thought "How can I still be your daughter? I don't even look human!"

"You know ever since that little accident with that magician you've seemed much happier."

"Y.. Yeah, I am."

"Good, I do like having you for heavy work around the house, now you eat and I'll be by in the morning to get the kettle, good night."

"Good night."

Jen took the ladle and ate a little of the vegetables, she had never liked them, but now they seemed absolutely wonderful. She looked around and found that she had a full size bed, as well as a shower and a flat screen television.

"I could get used to this." She thought grabbing the kettle and settling down at her bed to watch t.v.

*That night and the next morning


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

That Night and the next morning

Jen slept stretched out that night, she found it rather comfortable to lay forward, her snake like penis stretched before her. Later that night a caterpillar managed to wriggle it's way into her pussy, she smiled and giggled at the sensation in her sleep. It disappeared and a few moments later changes occurred.

Caterpillars have six eyes, not refined, but the eyes that formed at the end of Jen's massive shaft were complete functioning eyes like the ones in her head. They were closed for now, but it would only be a matter of time.

Jen woke up the next morning, stretched her six arms yawning, presenting her breasts as if for inspection, she then opened her eyes and screamed at the vertigo that she got from her six new eyes.

"What the hell?' She cried as her penis swung, her vision blurred by its movements. She closed her eyes in her head, but found that she could see out of her penis. She opened her eyes again and curled her penis around to face her.

"Now how did these get here?" She looked at her six new eyes for a moment, they blinked in unison with her first two. She closed all six and opened each one slowly.

"Now this is just weird." She said, "But damn I look good."

She soon set her new senses to the test as she closed her eyes and watched television through her penis.

"This could be useful."

*Back to the Field


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Back to the Field

Jen's mother walked in an hour or two later. Jen lifted her penis and pointed it in her direction.

"Hi mom." Jen smiled.

"How's my girl." Jen's mom reached her hand up and scratched the underside of her penis' head, she closed all six eyes and made a low moan.

"Oh I know how you like it when I do that."

"What'cha need mom?"

"Why don't you go out to the field, I need to clean in here today."

"Oh... Okay." Jen said, she was apprehensive because of all the changes, and didn't want of incur anymore then she had anytime soon.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine."

Jen trotted out to the field again, she lifted her penis up and looked around, at least she could see if there were any animals in the field now. She didn't see any, but she still wasn't sure about this. Instead of playing today, she decided to keep a watch out, and sat in the shade near the house. She then spotted another snake, a garden snake, she tried to move fearing what would happen, but she couldn't, her body wouldn't respond because of the curse. The snake slid into her pussy, and disappeared. Strange sensations grew in her penis again.

"No no, no not bigger please not bigger." She panted, suddenly her horse penis grew longer, stretching out enough to reach just half the length in front of her.

"Oh thank you, at least my mammoth didn't get bigger."

It was just then that she noticed more snakes, four of them, coming toward her.

"No!" Jen screamed unable to move, the snakes penetrated her and her cocks began to feel weird, her horse cock split in two, and the second into a third. She now had three horse cocks, a length of 6 feet each. But it was when her elephant penis split that she screamed in horror and pleasure, the second penis grew eyes like the first, now she had 14 eyes, her balls began to feel awkward as she felt them shift, they split into four testicles to accomidate the semen needs of all of these cocks, they swelled larger, she stood up and could barely walk forward, her balls forced her to stand bow legged, they touched the ground ever so slightly.

She slowly made her way to the stables.

"Jen! What are you doing out here, you know you can't walk with those monsters between you legs."

"I..." She didn't know what to say so she improvised, "I just wanted some sun."

"Well I could have opened a window you silly girl, go on and get in the barn, I'll open the window and get you some of you favorite porn, you look like you need to be stroked."

"O..Okay." She apparently watched porn now, but okay, at least it would calm her sudden arousal down, she felt like a monster, but she couldn't help but want to grab all her cocks at once an stroke them all.

*The changes aren't over yet!


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Eating the Snake instead of the Apple
added by flicker

Just as Jen was about to move, she felt a tingling sensation in her cocks. Then she remembered that there were five snakes, and that she had only gained four major changes!

"No, not again...", Jen moaned.

As much as she was repulsed at what she was becoming, she couldn't deny that she was beginning to like the experience.

A pair of snake eyes formed on the head of each of her three horse cocks, and her mind reeled before adjusting to the feeling of having twenty eyes. Then all five of her cocks grew a forked tongue at the end.

They came in and out constantly, licking at the heads of their respective cocks as they withdrew. She could also smell the air with them. It smelled of raw animal sex. Unfortunately for Jen, the mixed pheromones coming from both her male and female parts caused them to react to one another as her bestial body craved itself.

Jen moaned in pleasure as her cocks stiffened and began to drool precum. She shifted her rear legs to get rid of the feelings coming from her moistening pussy to no avail. Desperately trying not to make a mess of herself, Jen tried to control her tongues, but it was an instinctive behavior and was out of her control. If anything, it only made them move faster.

They continued to lick away. Jen lost all inhibitions, her mind filled with thoughts of sex. She gyrated her horse body back and forth, her cocks rubbing against each other and against the grass as she did so. Jen's arms flew to her breasts while her lower two pairs went to stroke her cocks. Jen closed her human eyes, but kept her other ones opened. She was so sexy, so powerful. She wanted to feel the freakish beast that she had become.

It wasn't before long before she climaxed. Cum began blasting out from her five cocks in rapid succession, landing several feet in front of her in a wide arc. The sight of cum spraying out from the perspective of each of her cocks was too erotic. Meanwhile her pussy gushed with juices that drenched her buttocks and ballsack. Her gargantuan balls churned fiercely as they continued to pump cum for several more minutes.

When it was all over, Jen blacked out in a still growing puddle of her own liquids.

*Life in the stables


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Life in the Stables
added by Pillas

Jen awoke groggily, her head was ringing and the heady smell of barnyard animals wafted thickly through the air. She scrunched up her nose at the earthy salty smell of animal sex that assaulted her every where she turned her head. The smell was enough to remind her without opening one of her many pairs of eyes of that stupid curse that had made her into this bizarre animalistic freak.

Jen used one of her massive elephant cocks to scan over her entire body, having enough control over her double elephant pricks while her reptilian horse cocks writhed around without her say so. Each of her elephant cocks had six insect-like eyes on it's glans while her six uncontrollable horse members each sported a pair of snake eyes allowing her see in infa-red vision whenever she felt like. All of her cocks were connected to a truly massive pair of horse testicles, each the size of a large beach ball. Jens massive balls dangled from her gigantic rear legs, her lower body having become fully centauric after absorbing the stallion and the mare. Swerving her elephant cock around towards her massive horse buttocks she saw that she now had a fully equine pussy nestled just above her balls and below her raised tail which surprised her. She sweeped over the rest of the her horse body the fur on her hide was a dark brown with shiney white spots in some parts, her four hooves covered in feathered downy hair as typical of the clydesdale breed. She could see that she was at least three to four times larger than a normal clydesdale to accommodate her body and eight powerful penises. She craned her penis forward maxing out her length as she scanned her upper body. At the junction of her forehooves below where her waist was attached to the horses body her human pussy remained obscured by a large tuft of white fur. Her human pussy having enlarged to fit with the rest of her body and her original clit poking erect from the fur as large as a golfball. Jens torso now housed a massive pair of G cup breasts covered in silky soft fur with dark brown chcocolate nipples that poked out nearly two inches and just as thick. Her six arms nestled on each side of her torso filled with muscle and strength each finger topped with heavy hoof like fingernails. Jens pretty teenage face was forever changed and now was entirely animal like having taken the form the mare she absorbed. Her head had become entirely animal like, a large brown horse muzzle with pink and brown lips and large brown eyes leading up to her pointy ears which she could swivel at ease.

Jen sighed internally, glad for the small freedom of letting her mentally choose which eyes she could see out of and block the rest. Jen concentrated opened the eyes on her head and stretched her six arms high above her ears. She cringed at the hefty smell of animal sex and semen that covered her body and the entire floor and barn. The smell was offputting but also started to stir something deep within her making her pussies and her cocks twitch and grow hot. Jen groaned as her body betrayed her, her snake-cocks hissed and lapped with their tongues at the still warm cum that littered her body and floor without her control, allowing her to taste her own seed and body at the same time. Jen shuddered as her elephant cocks stiffened and she swiveled them to wrap around her body in an attempt to stem their arousal. Her horse pussy grew hot and wet and her tail lifted away from her body. It took all of her willpower not to dip her lower hands into the pussy below her waist as she struggled to take control of her oversexed body. While she was deep in meditation she heard a high pitched whistle that disturbed her from her thoughts.

"Hey honey....how are you feeling this morning?" Jens mother asked as she walked in. Her mother dressed in typical overalls and farmhand clothes. Jen observed that the more animal like she became the more reality adapted to her changes and her mother along with it.

"Ugh...umm okay" Jen mumbled as her pricks became even more restless and she could feel her massive testicles churn and swell.

"Well its time for your morning routine Jen, lets get you out front and washed down...you've got an appointment in an hour and you need to be nice and fresh before they arrive" Jens mom said which confused her but she had already turned around left before Jen could question her.

When her mother came back Jens eyes widened when she came back leading a large holstein cow by a rope. The cow became agitated at the sight of Jen and Jens body began to react the proximity and the smell of the animal in front of her. Her cocks pulsed and throbbed and her reptilian horse cocks lapped at the air at the smell of the cow.

"I hope you dont mind, since we bought this farm to take care of you I managed to find a nice prize winning heifer. This here is Daisy I know you get lonely sometimes and maybe Daisy here can keep you company. She's a premier milk cow as well so maybe we can make some extra cash while you're out on contract." Jens mom said as she tied off the cow to a post near the door.

"I'll go get the brushes and buckets and we can give you a proper scrub down before the ranchers arrive, I know you normally have a nice wank before breakfast but try and stay full for the clients" Jens mom said as she walked back out of sight.

Jen was struggling against her self. Her body wanted to pursue the cow and shove it into her pussy but phsyically was unable to. Her large ballsack was too heavy and her eight members weighed her down so much that she was stuck. She could barely move her massive lower body and it's genitals and she was thankful. However the cow began to become increasingly more frantic and agitated. It pulled and pulled at the rope until with a swift pull it broke free from it's tether. With a loud moo it quickly trotted towards jen it's sights aimed directly at her gaping dripping front pussy.

Jen screamed as the cow dived towards her and she managed to hook her lower pair of hands on it's horns before it touched her pussy and used the other two to struggle with the entranced animal. No matter how much stronger she got she could night fight against the curse and soon lost the fight when the cows large toungue reached out to lap at her clit. Jen faltered and moaned loudly before her hands lost their grip and the cow rammed on home. The head slipped in easily and her magically cursed pussy eagerly swallowed the rest of the bovine easily. Jen screamed in pleasure and bliss as she could feel the entire cows body being absorbed within her. Her cocks spasmed wildly and her pussies erupted in intense multiple climaxes while her cocks dripped gallons of pre-cum. When the cow was fully absorbed Jen groaned in pain as she felt her body changing once again.

Her chest and abs burned with an intense heat while below her massive breasts another pair started to grow and swell in size and her original pair began to grow in mass as well. When the swelling subsided her chest was overcrowded with four massive breasts each an astounding PP cup each with large thick teat like nipples. Below her breasts she was surprised to find a gigantic bag of flesh that obscured her frontal pussy having grown an udder the size of a large medicine ball below her quad of breasts. She could feel each of her breasts and udder sloshing with warm milk. using one of her elephantine penises she saw that her entire centauric body had gained even more mass and muscle allowing her the abilty to carry her many genitals and balls.

Jen used her six arms to grope at her massive breasts and tweak each of her teats, beads of milk budding at their tips as she struggled to relieve the pressure within and failing with her her large hooflike fingers. Jen moaned and whined in frustration when she heard another whistle from the front.

"Hey Honey, sorry im late...I cant believe I forgot to get the ladder and the milker. Cant give you a proper wash down without milking you first. However I guess i forgot the time but the clients are here and are very eager to see you now" Her mother explained while she came in dragging a cart filled with mechanical equipmemnt and which had to be the milker and a large step ladder. Jen moaned as her mother positioned the ladder underneath her large udder and began the process of attached hoses to each of her eight teats. While this was happening Jen scarcely remembered what her mother had been rambling about.

"Who...what clients mom?" Jen asked gasping. Her mom just smiled.

"Well the breeders of course! how else did you expect to maintain this barn and you. Your semen is highly adaptable to any breed and always produces strong powerful foals and it's highly sought after. you know this honey" Her mother explained proudly. Jens eyes bulged out of her head.

"You....you sell my cum!?" Jen screamed.

"Well of course, you make so much of it, might as well put it to use and since your semen is super fertile and you produce so much we get nearly $10,000 a gallon. You're possibly the most sought after breeding stud in the world and I couldnt be prouder." Her mother explained while smiling.

"Now enough stalling, it's time for your milking session. We usually get at least ten gallons from you in the morning but you look a bit more than full this morning. We gotta get that cream out of you before your burst!" Her mother giggled and then flipped the switch on the cart. The nozzles attached to her nipples began to suck and Jen was awash with pleasure all of her body parts twitched and writhed in pleasure. Meanwhile an entire entourage of people in suits and cowboy hats walked into the barn and began to converse with her mother while Jen was busy moaning with her cocks waving wildly in the air and everybody watched her lose control of herself once more during her milking.

*Jen gets milked in more ways than one


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

A World in White
added by flicker

Author’s note: Since there are conflicts in continuity, some things need to be established moving forward. Jen has four testicles and five cocks: two elephant cocks and three horse cocks (all prehensile with eyes and snake tongues). The only retcon I am making, for the sake of the scenes I envision, is that she has control over her horsecocks.


Jen was unprepared for the intense pleasure that accompanied her milking. She moaned, nickered, and whinnied in equal measure, seemingly more horse than human now. She even heard herself moo a few times. It just seemed the natural thing to do.

A curious tickling at her rear tore her attention away from her breasts and udder. The quick tongue of one of her snake-like cocks flicked upon her horse pussy, giving her a taste of her own cunt and a whiff of its alluring aromas. Her body reacted, her cocks stiffening, her tail lifting to fully reveal the glistening pussy underneath.

Unbeknownst to Jen, her reptilian horse cocks had begun to move of their own volition. Having blocked out their sight and presently distracted by her milking in front of some forty-odd people, she had failed to notice two of them making their way around to her backside. All she could make out was a flurry of movement, not quite able to see what was happening back there despite having nearly 360-degree equine vision.

Panicking, Jen unblocked her vision from her cocks. She did so just in time to catch a glimpse of her horse vagina in the split second before her vision in that horsecock cut to black, the tentacle-like appendage having plunged deeply into it. Into herself.

Jen froze, mouth agape. The double sensations of the perfectly matched cock and vagina shot up her spine in a moment of mind-numbing bliss. She had only begun to register the thought that she was literally fucking herself as her second horsecock decided then to join the first. The two worked into incredible depths, thrusting in tandem, one pulling out as the other thrust in.

Jen cried out in pleasure, her human screams shifting into equine whinnies at their peak. The twin cocks quickened their pace gradually. The sensations overpowered her ability to think. “Why can’t I control them?” she thought desperately.

Under normal circumstances, Jen was in full control of every part of her body. But like a true cow her now partly bovine mind made her docile when being milked, freeing her cocks to do as they pleased. And pleased they did, entirely against her wishes.

Jen stamped her hooves in place. She wanted to get away. She needed to get away. Nevertheless she was unable to get away from what her own body was doing to itself. She was too engrossed to notice something pressing against her udder and slithering up between her breasts.

Jen was about to cry out once more before that something cut her off. There, hovering in front of her face like a snake about to strike, was her third horsecock. It hung suspended, flicking a forked tongue through its slit obscenely, menacingly, tasting the sex-filled air.

Jen stared into its brilliant green serpentine eyes as they stared back at her, reflecting her own visage in infrared. A mirror of madness.

Then, the two horsecocks in her rear thrust together in unison, throwing Jen out of her stupor. Her knees buckled, and she gasped from the sudden onslaught. This was all her third snakecock needed as it lashed out into her open lips, silencing any cries of panicked terror Jen may have had. Any cries that is, if she weren’t moaning instead, the carnal pleasures corrupting her fear into felicity.

Inside, the thick horsecock moved with purpose, exploring the inside of her mouth before moving back and forth, fucking the long length of her horse mouth with complete abandon, the salty taste of precum landing heavily on her horse tongue.

Her obligate nasal breathing went from panicked short breaths to calmer deep inhalations. Little did she know how this would seal her fate, pushing her past the point of no return.

In. Male. Mate. Out.
In. Female. Heat. Out.
In. Male. Mate. Female. Heat. Out.
In. Sex. Male. Heat. Need. Fuck. Female. Heat. Out.
In. Mate. Fuck. Sex. Male. Mate. Fuck. Sex. Female. Heat. Need. Fuck. Penis. Cock. Pussy. Out.

The pheromone-saturated air increasingly sent her body into overdrive with each ensuing breath. It was as though every animal that composed her chimeric body came to life, stallion and mare craving the opposite sex regardless if they shared the same body.

Her horse pussy clenched, hungry for cock. Her horsecocks responded, eager to provide. With renewed vigor they rocked her massive frame front and back with savage force, never faltering in their frenzied determination to fuck Jen of their own accord.

Resigned, a victim to her own body, Jen surrendered to lust.

She began to move her hips in time. Her cocks penetrated even deeper as foot after foot of the alternating appendages vanished into her equine cunt. She wondered why she had ever resisted at all.

She also bobbed her head, licking and sucking at the cock in her mouth. The textures ran deliciously across her lips and tongue. The tip of it met the back of her mouth, kissing it over and over with sticky splatters with precum.

She needed more. Jen fixated on the large mottled cockshaft moving up and down between the twin valleys of her four breasts. With four hands she pressed her voluptuous, cowlike breasts against the thick shaft, eliciting a sharp burst of precum that flooded her mouth. The viscous fluid passed her lips and continued down along the shaft. It dampened the fur on her breasts to a dark sheen, marking Jen as the slut she revealed herself to be. With her remaining bottommost hands, she lifted her udder with one and fingered her human pussy with the other.

Her milk flowed more freely now, spurred on by her body’s traitorous, wondrous rape of itself. One of the pumps failed as it was overwhelmed by the sheer volume. Yet still creamy streams of white continued to shoot from the exposed, teat-like nipple. They flew in wide arcs into the open air for everyone to see.

Her elephant cocks unfurled themselves from around her horse body, hitting the ground with a wet thud and sprawling out at 45-degree angles to either side of her. Freed from Jen’s control, they too began to stimulate themselves in earnest, making their partly caterpillar lineage evident in the way they moved. The impossibly large shafts reared back, forming a tall curving loop between base and end before straightening out and launching long streams of precum.

On the other side of the barn, Jen’s mother had been busy narrating the entire process. “We’re about to begin the second half of the collecting process.” Jen’s mom signaled and the farmhands that had been standing by rushed up to Jen, fixing enormous condoms onto her elephant penises.

It was at that point that the two horsecocks fucking Jen’s pussy gradually slowed, and eventually reached a standstill. They nearly withdrew from her sopping wet folds, bringing Jen back to her senses for the time being and giving back some of her ability to think.

Not one to miss out on such an opportunity, she used this short moment of clarity, this brief reprieve from insanity… and mewled.

Tears in her eyes, cock pounding her mouth, she whimpered, begging for the climax being denied to herself, by herself. She was a truly pathetic sight. Still she begged with every ounce of her being for release, for the kind of salvation that only orgasm could provide.

Then she felt it.

Starting with their heads, she felt the serpentine cocks begin to entwine. Slowly but steadily the snakelike appendages twisted around another, inching deeper into her at the same time. The coiling horsecocks spread Jen apart to her very limits, filling her beyond what she could have ever imagined.

Jen started to roll her hips, feeling the twin cocks shifting deliciously along with her movements. It was all she could do as the achingly, torturously slow process threatened to break her mind, her sanity as fleeting as the displaced precum splashing down in a heavy stream behind her.

Then, after the twin cocks within her could coil no further, they moved as one, pulling back before hammering forth with such speed and force that Jen was almost knocked off-balance.

Once, twice, three more times, Jen shuddered as she felt her balls grow tight. She struggled to remain conscious as several things happened at once.

The horsecock in her mouth gave a violent twitch, and before she knew it, a torrent of hot white cum came rushing into her maw. There was too much. She tried to pull it out, but couldn’t find purchase along its slick surface, her cock slipping through her fingers. As though sensing her intentions, the giant shaft pressed forward into the back of her mouth, giving her no other choice than to swallow.

Inside her pussy, Jen’s coiled cocks grew taut like a rope. Twin feelings of cum ran down their lengths, looping around each other over and over before reaching release, her horse pussy spasming as she filled herself with hot seed. Warmth spread as it entered her womb. Even still the semen kept coming, her horsecocks maintaining a tight seal and ensuring no way out. Her four massive testicles thumped, one pair churned after the other, feeding a seemingly endless supply of cum.

Jen’s elephant cocks ceased being prehensile. They straightened, surging high, mighty, and hard before erupting with blast after blast of cum into rapidly expanding condoms, filling them with gallons of her valuable horse semen. Her vision inside the condoms was a swirling sea of white, and eventually faded to black as the sheer volume of her cum rose above what she could see. So strong were her orgasms that her cocks continued to lift the condoms off the ground with each spurt, even after they had grown heavier than what two grown men could lift.

The ceaseless pleasure battered away at Jen’s sensibilities. There was no respite, no breaks in between. Every waking moment was filled with the release of horse semen into and out of herself, the overlapping cascades racking her brain with every savory spurt of cum. Her mind a blur, she wasn’t even aware several more pumps had failed and fallen away; the feelings went uninterrupted by her kneading hands.

Soon her humanity became one with animal desire. She couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended. Her mind was forever changed in that moment, and even as her vision darkened along the edges, even as her consciousness began to fade, Jen knew she could trust in her body’s ability to continue pleasuring itself without her.

And it did.

Jen stays human in mind


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Digging herself out of a hole
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Sometime later, Jen slowly came back to her senses. She found herself once again slumped over in a messy aftermath of her own making. Unlike last time, however, the only eyes available to her were the ones in her head. All the others were either inside her, submerged in cum, or both.

Yet even now her balls occasionally churned, ushering a few last spurts of cum from her cocks. She was too exhausted to do anything about the one lodged in her mouth, which had at some time point pushed itself down into her throat where it remained, continuing to feed her her own cum.

With one final spurt, she felt warm cum trickle out from her pussy and down the back of her ballsack. It only just now overflowed. Her bellies, human and horse alike, sat heavy and bloated with the stuff. With a half-crazed smile of disbelief, she wondered if she could get herself pregnant. She could probably give birth to two if not three horses. She already looked the part.

Then, just like that, she felt her cocks come back under her control.

She gagged as she withdrew the horsecock from her throat. Frothy horse cum came pouring from her mouth. She would have vomited if she could. The heavy strand of cum that ran from her lips to the tip of the cock shone brightly in the light. She waved her cock around, trying but failing to break the strand. Distance didn’t even seem to have an effect. It taunted her. Just how thick was this stuff? She sighed and wiped her cock along her flank.

The twin cocks in her pussy proved a trickier manner. At first, she tried to simply pull them out of herself. Her tugging merely squeezed the cum out of the tightly wound cocks. She blushed as the warm excess ran down her backside.

No, Jen would have to unwind them first. Her walls continued to conform around the shafts as she reversed their coiling. Her shame and humiliation were almost outdone by the sheer pleasure. “God, this is embarrassing,” she thought. “Even unfucking myself is like fucking myself.” It required a great deal of concentration, and an even greater amount of restraint as to not simply leave her cocks buried inside herself. They felt so good, the growing emptiness they left behind bitterly unsatisfying in comparison. Getting her cocks out of her own snatch would still take some time, to say the least.

By now her strength was returning. She picked herself up off the ground. Her matted body dripped with milk and cum.

Farmhands moved toward Jen to clean her and collect her prized cum. They worked over every inch of her body with warm soap and water, unphased as though they’d done this a hundred times. Her intimate parts weren’t left out either, leaving Jen moaning under their ministrations.

Something resembling a ring of rolling pins was brought out. Jen groaned in slight discomfort it was secured around the base of her left elephant cock. Two workers, one on either side, pulled the contraption along the large shaft, squeezing it tight and forcing the unejaculated cum out into the condom. Her right elephant cock received the same treatment after which both condoms were removed.

Filled to bursting with the world’s most potent horse semen, the condoms took several workers to lift them. Jen huffed to herself, feeling a strange little bit of pride at how prolific she was. They sloshed heavily as they were wheeled away on the kind of carts she’d only seen in hardware stores.

A short while later and Jen finally worked her coiled cocks free of herself. Huge torrents of cum came spilling out from her pussy with a loud, indecent noise. She sighed in relief as she felt herself empty, her horse body returning to normal proportions. However, one farmhand was too slow to get out of the way. This left the unfortunate worker sputtering as he was covered from head to toe in Jen’s cum. Jen blushed and apologized. To her surprise, however, the worker apologized to HER.

“Sold, to number 29!”

On the other side of the barn, the auction of her milk and cum had begun. Jen watched as ridiculously large numbers were thrown about in rapid succession, giving her a clue as to why she was being treated so reverently. It was more money than she could fathom.

Before long, the sound of gavel hitting wood marked the end of the auction. By now only a handful of workers remained. Jen lay patiently, admiring herself in a nearby mirror as they brushed her mane and tail into a luxurious shine.

Jen’s mom approached her, arms opened. “You did great Honey, a whole 15 gallons! You’da thunk it was your first time!”

Jen returned the hug awkwardly. Had she referred to her milk, or to her cum? Probably best not to ask. “Th-thanks mom, always happy to help,” she said sheepishly.

*Happy Birthday


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Happy Fucking Birthday
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“Come on, I’ve got something to show you. Keep your eyes closed, all twenty of them.”

Jen did as she was told and closed her eyes. Her mother led her forward by her lower right hand. Warm sunlight fell upon her as they stepped out the barn. The crisp morning air was a welcome reprieve from the pungent scents of the barn.

“Okay. Wait right there,” Her let go of her hand and jogged away.

“Mom? What is this about?” Jen asked.

“Happy Birthday!”

Jen opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of her smiling parents. A large birthday cake with candles sat on a table behind them. She had completely forgotten today was her birthday! Shrieking with joy, she ran to embrace her parents. She was careful in doing so, they seemed so small now.

“Well? Make a wish!” urged her mother.

Jen took a moment to reflect on these past several days, and everything that had happened. It was a lot to take in. She felt a sense of loss that her face was gone, but she couldn’t deny she was enjoying her new body. Plus, she was practically treated like royalty.

Something still nagged her however. An especially punchable face came to mind.

“I wish there was some way for me to get back at Kyle,” she whispered, and blew the candles out with a puff.

Her dad spoke up. “I got you something special,” he said stepping around the corner, “I know how much you love to rub one off… or several for that matter, and yes I know your mother doesn’t like to indulge that strange obsession of yours, what with letting all manner of creatures into your pussy,” he said. Jen suddenly became unsure about where this was going. “But I think you’ve earned this.”

Jen’s dad came back around the corner, towing an animal by a rope. A horse. And one in heat too by the smell of things, the scent catching on her reptilian tongues. It turned and ran at Jen.

“Ah fuck it,” she said to herself.

She repositioned herself, preparing for the charging beast.

However, what she’d just said gave her an idea. Instead of simply resigning herself as usual, Jen took the initiative. She grabbed the horse by its barreled chest with her elephantine cocks, lifting it into the air with immense strength and stopping its charge for the time being.

She had no qualms about what she was about to do next.

“If it’s going to be a part of me anyway,” she thought, “then this may as well be masturbation.”

With a mad grin she plunged the mare into her cursed pussy, its head sinking almost effortlessly. Her mind reeled as the unique pleasure of absorbing the oversized animal came crashing into her. The rest of the horse began to flail wildly, desperate to drive its way home into Jen’s inner depths.

If this were any other day, she would have lost her grip on the beast.

But no, today was her birthday. Today was her goddamn motherfucking birthday, and she, Jennifer Smith, was going to enjoy it.

Redetermined, Jen adjusted her grip. And with a mighty thrust, she pulled the horse partly back out. A second later, and she thrust it back in. Then she did it again, and again, slowly building her pace up over the course of a minute. Soon she was pulling and pushing the horse frantically in and out of herself, reducing the majestic, powerful beast to no more than a mere tool for her pleasure.

Over the course of the next several minutes, Jen moaned and gasped in full view of her parents. The rapidly flowing fur and muscle against her inner walls brought her climax after climax. As the horse’s mass diminished, pride took its place. Nothing was going to ruin her fucking birthday, and a birthday of fucking it turned out to be.

Caught up in blissful orgasm, Jen almost didn’t notice when her pussy sucked the horse’s last remaining leg out of her grip and into herself, her pussy continuing to spasm even when there was nothing left to absorb.

*Jen feels her mouth tingle


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth
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Expecting some pain, Jen braced herself for the change. Jen instead felt a pleasant heat radiating from…her face? No, her mouth!

She brought an elephant cock around to look at her face. Jen watched dumbfounded. Shrinking in front of her very eyes, her lips drew together and nearly sealed over before suddenly stretching vertically. It settled into a familiar shape – the teardrop shape of a horse vagina, complete with clit on the bottom.

Her mouth turned into a horse cunt! And, as if by some cruel joke, the white stripe that ran down her equine face changed to resemble a cock and balls like the ones she’d seen scribbled on bathroom walls. It pointed toward the vertical slit as if to say, “Insert penis here.”

Teeth receding into softening flesh, her pussymouth grew tight around her tongue as it completed its change. She recoiled as the flavor of her new face cunt hit her. Sticking her horse tongue out, it parted the labia obscenely. “Great, not only do I taste cock all the time, I’m also literally eating myself out 24/7,” she thought.

It didn’t end there, however. She felt suddenly restless, flustered over…over SOMETHING. It was only when the vulva on her face grew puffy and warm liquid dripped down her chin that she realized why. She absorbed not just the mare. She also absorbed the mare’s heat! Worse, all its sexual energy was concentrated in her mouth, and Jen had been inhaling the feminine estrus through her nose.

Jen groaned. She remembered how her body reacted to its own pheromones. The stallion parts of her mind stirred, sensing a fertile female nearby in need of fucking. Her cocks rose to full erection, throbbing and growing slick with precum. The taste and smell of it caught on her snake tongues and momentarily overwhelmed her senses. The mare parts of her mind reacted in kind, sensing virile males to be fucked by. Her rear horse pussy grew wet with anticipation and her cuntmouth drooled profusely. It was a never-ending cycle.

The morning air around her became tainted with the smell of horse cum. The precum from just one of her cocks was at least as potent as an average horse’s semen, and she had five of them. She would reek of horse cum and always taste it no matter where she was.

Jen sighed. This was probably her new normal. She had just begun to enjoy the feeling of being clean too. Perhaps a shower of horse cum would do her good.

What the-? Jen shook her head, catching herself and holding back the intrusive thought. Her new mouth was playing with her mind, her brain swimming in a flood of sex hormones. The mare that composed her mouth hungered for horsecock, and now so did Jen. Images of horsecock and the intense need to swallow horsecock flittered through her mind. The constant barrage twisted her thoughts and obscured her ability to think clearly. For however long this horse’s heat was going to last, she was going to need to keep herself in check.

Making a series of sounds, Jen was relieved to find she could still talk. Her voice was as human and girly as always. That is, whenever she wasn’t making horse or cow noises. The movement of unfamiliar muscles and the vibrations of her voice on her mouth felt strange, pleasurable even.

“Jen, honey, did you say something?” asked her mom, catching Jen off-guard.

Fumbling for an excuse, she said the first thing that came to mind. “Umm, I just need suck a good horse penis.”

Her eyes widened. That wasn’t AT ALL what she meant to say! “I-I mean, I was just clearing my throat!” A horse penis did sound good, however.

“Oh sweetey, it must be that time of month again. There’s no need to hide it.” Jen’s mother cooed.

“I’ve got just the thing!” her father interjected. “I think it’s time for you to blow out the candles!”

“Umm, I thought I did that already?” She looked to where the birthday cake was, but there was no trace of it. Reality must have shifted again. “Where’s the cake?”

“What are you talking about, silly? Your cake is waiting for you inside,” he said with an implying tone.

They stepped back inside the barn. Jen observed how this too had changed.

For one, it was larger, and her hooves reverberated off the floor which was now a polished concrete. Many of the same things were still there, just rearranged, making way for a new walled off addition that caught her attention. At the moment it was closed.

They headed toward the door. “I had to pull a few favors to bring only the best today,” her father said, pushing it open. “Happy Birthday, Jenny.”

Inside, holes lined the wall at mouth level. Through them were the half-hard cocks and balls of horses.

“They took some extra restraining, but aren’t these just the best darndest candles you’ve ever seen? They’re the biggest, finest stallions in a hundred miles. When they really get going, they’re just over two feet long – perfect for your mouth! How can that be you ask? Well, they’re your offspring! Only our fine daughter could father such fine beasts, and it’s only fair that they show their dad some love, right?” Her dad continued to talk, placing his beloved daughter on a pedestal and getting caught up in his own monologue.

Jen however had stopped listening the second the door opened. She was enraptured by what she saw.
Her rational mind never stood a chance; it crumbled before the sight of Providence itself. It was as though the pearly gates themselves lay open before her. She took a step forward, trembling as though trespasser to sacred ground.

She approached the closest horse penis. Black and mottled with pink, the horse’s member flared into a beautiful broad shape. It was the most glorious thing she’d ever seen. Yes, she had three of her own just like it. They were the best, but this was also the best, like all horsecocks were.

Jen traced a finger along the half-flaccid length. This wouldn’t do. She’d have to nurture it. She held it with a hand, placing several kisses along the horsecock with her mouth cunt until she reached the dark skin of the horse’s testicles, which she promptly covered with her saliva. The rough, warm textures were like forbidden fruit, the intoxicating scents like heavenly ambrosia. She couldn’t stop herself from paying the ballsack a few more tributes with her tongue before letting go.

The heavy shaft slapped her in the face, splattering it with precum. She wiped it off, not to clean her face but to bring it up to her lips. She licked the precum off her hand, savoring every drop of the nectar. At the same time, she teased the cock with four hands, coaxing it with ritual tenderness. Her remaining free hand cupped the horse’s balls. The cantaloupe-sized orbs filled her palms as she alternated between them.

Next, she closed her eyes, and nuzzled the cock with her face. She let it slide up her muzzle and rejoiced in the hardening flesh against her face.

Finally, Jen bowed her head in prayer. The horsecock lay along the bridge of her face and the tip rested upon her forehead. With each intensifying throb, she could feel its warmth radiate into her very being. Warm precum covered her face in copious amounts. Satisfied with her purification, Jen lowered herself slightly, breaking contact.

Then Jen opened her eyes, and she was filled with awe.

She could not begin to express what she saw, for what she saw was God Himself.

He towered before her, mere inches above her face. The pillar of cock’s presence subsumed her own. In Him she saw the universe, the meaning of life itself. She was so small, so insignificant. How could she begin to compare to His magnificence? She was not worthy. And yet He had shown Himself to her, basking her in His divine erectness. He offered His wisdom to her now. She only need drink of Him.

Hand shaking, she grasped the base of the horsecock, and guided its tip into her mouth. The cock bulged under her skin as her wet feminine lips parted around its broad head.

A part of her wanted to simply impale herself on her Lord, He was so irresistible, so marvelous. But that would be blasphemy. She could not cum before He did. Her Lord demanded respect. He commanded it. And so, God willing, she gave it, moving her head forward slowly, carefully as to not to make herself cum.

The medial ring passed her lips. The sensitivities of mouth and pussy combined such that she could intimately feel every groove and texture of every inch of the cock. She wanted this to continue forever. But before long she reached the end, her labia meeting sheath and ballsack, horsecock hitting the back of her throat. A perfect fit.

She had taken Him fully into herself. Now she was free to please her God as she wished.

Jen began to move her head back and forth down upon its length. Faster and faster, she swallowed the horsecock repeatedly. But this wasn’t enough. She needed more speed, more power.

Jen placed her hands against the wall. She found handles built into it that she hadn’t noticed before. There were six of them, one for each of her hands.

She grabbed onto them, never slowing her sucking and licking as she did so. Then, gripping all six handles tightly, she pushed and pulled with her arms in zealous fervor, pounding her horse face on the horsecock over and over with tremendous force. Her face was nothing more than a sleeve, her mouth no more than a receptacle for the almighty horse penis to bless with his holy horse semen.

Deliverance was close.

She shoved her face forward one final time, face buried to the hilt. Her feminine lips met the dark skin of the horse’s balls, and she felt them suddenly shift. The cock reverberated through the entire length of her pussymouth, pulsing and throbbing, before pure white seed came pouring down her throat.

Jen met the horse’s orgasm with her own as her face cunt contracted, twitching and spasming wildly around the horsecock that filled it completely. And through it all, Jen gripped the handles with herculean strength, keeping her face pressed up against the horse’s churning balls even as the pressure threatened to separate them.

Again and again the horse came into her mouth, pumping her stomach full of horse cum. Jen didn’t even have to struggle swallowing. The equine cunt that was her mouth was made for this. No, Jen was made for this. She was made to suck horsecock, and to drink of horse semen. Nothing had ever tasted this good. Nothing on this plane of existence was or would ever be as good. Only more horse semen would suffice.

Eventually, the orgasms subsided. The horsecock grew soft, and Jen pulled back to let it slide out of her mouth.

Yet she immediately cupped her hands together, collecting what little emerging semen remained to pool into her hands. However, even this amount seemed a great deal by the time the flow stopped. Head pointed upward, she raised her hands up, and poured the leftover horse semen into her willing, gaping mouthcunt.

The first holy fountain finished, Jen turned to look at the others. She looked as though possessed, already hungry for more cum.

There were so many more to go, awaiting homage from their anointed priestess.

Jennifer Smith was nothing less than willing to oblige.

*Jen is faithful


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Priestess of the White
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By the time she was finished, the sun dipped past the horizon.

Jen was truly happy. She sat on the ground, her stomachs bloated with the semen of countless horses. Her faith had been rewarded. This was her reason to live. No one else but her could worship the God of horse penises like she could. This was a pantheon of horsecocks and she had become its guardian. She was lucky to be so blessed. Jen relaxed in the afterglow.

However, as her sexual high began to recede, her rationality increasingly returned to her. She felt her face grow hot as the reality of what happened dawned on her.

Oh my god, what was I doing!? I’m such a cocksucking whore! Did I seriously just treat freaking horse penises like god? I think dad said some of them were my children and I was their father!? I gave blowjobs to horses who I thought were my god and they were my children!? Jen hid her face in embarrassment. This was too much!

“Jen, dinner time!”

Oh boy.

*Yum yum in her tums


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

So hungry she could eat (like) a horse
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“How do you like it, Honey?”

Jen forced a smile, or an approximation of one anyway. “I-I love it!” she said. Internally, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Her house was now a mansion. But that wasn’t what bothered Jen. It wasn’t the luxuriousness of the dining room or even the attending maids waiting at her beck and call. No, it was the several plates of fruits and vegetables that lay in front of Jen.

“We got you only the best, just the way you like them. Big and thick.”

From carrots to cucumbers to ginormous daikons, they were positively phallic in nature without exception. Sauce boats with a white liquid sat beside them. At first, she thought it was ranch, but on closer inspection, she was surprised to find horse cum instead. Her meal stood in stark contrast with the other end of the dining table where her parents sat with their normal human food. For the moment, they looked at her.

Trying to act natural, Jen picked up one of the smaller vegetables. A carrot. Thinking it a safe choice, however, Jen hadn’t seen how hairy it was. Jen held her smile. It was raw. They all were.

She brought the carrot to her lips and hesitated a moment, before pushing it in. The carrot’s rough hairy texture nearly drove her orgasm right then and there. Her pussymouth contracted, tightening around the carrot. Unfortunately for Jen, this effectively forced the conical vegetable out of her mouthcunt back into her hand, only now covered with her juices. She recovered, and tried again. Same result.

Again and again she tried, succeeding only in pistoning the vegetable in and out of her face cunt and making herself more aroused. Her moaning interrupted her parents who had been deep in conversation. “Please Jen Honey, stop playing with your food. It’s bad manners. I know you love horse cum but you’ve already had plenty of protein today. You can’t be drinking it all the time. Now eat your veggies.”

Not wanting to make a scene, Jen dipped the carrot in horse cum and tried eating it again. It helped a little. Her mouth give less resistance, as if inviting the semen into it. It was delicious. However, Jen was only able to push the carrot in as far as its length. Her hypersensitive pussy for a mouth wouldn’t allow it to go any further. The carrot top stuck lewdly out of her mouth, her juices ran down the drooping leaves. She would have been embarrassed if she weren’t so damn horny.

“Jennifer Smith! Eat with your cocks, not your hands!”

Jen paused. Why hadn’t she thought of that? It was so obvious. Stupid, stupid! She berated herself. The answer to everything was more horse penis. It always was. Why did she even think otherwise?

Without a second thought, she brought one of her reptilian horsecocks up against the carrot and pushed. Her cock-hungry mouth gave way as it received what it was meant to receive. Deeper and deeper her cock pushed the carrot until it completed its journey and began traveling to her stomachs.

At this point, Jen was so horny that she grabbed fruits and vegetables one after another. Cucumbers, bananas, zucchinis, and even entire corncobs, each was a different size and texture than the last, bringing her equine cunt of a mouth to entirely new heights of pleasure. The feelings of vegetable and cock in her mouthcunt pushed other thoughts aside. It wasn’t long until Jen purposefully started fucking her rear pussy with a horsecock while she “ate” using the other two.

Half-way into her meal, her maids brought forth a large pitcher of white liquid. More horse cum. Without so much as a second thought, she grabbed the pitcher and poured its contents into her mouth. Delicious. Absolutely intoxicating.

Inebriated, drunk on horse semen, Jen lost control of herself. She giggled as she brought her elephant cocks up from underneath the table and doused the rest of her food under thick layers of precum. This was the missing ingredient. She wasn’t satisfied until her precum started to overflow the table, the rest of it splattering onto the floor and collecting into a drain under the table.

That was when she saw the kabob sticks.

*Putting the Shish into Kebab


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Iron Chef Jennifer
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Jen froze upon seeing the kabob sticks. She stood there, motionless. A minute passed. Then two, then three. The only indication that she wasn’t completely suspended in animation was the one horsecock still thrusting away in her rear pussy.

One of the attending maids, a newbie, was puzzled by the motionless centauress she was in service to. Was this usual? Was something wrong with her? Did she need help? She was about to step out of line when she was held back by another maid, a veteran, who looked at her and shook her head.

In reality, Jen was busy piecing together the optimal way to use these sticks. Countless combinations of fruits and vegetables on a stick flew through her head. For Jen had come to know of the fruits of the earth, not by their taste but by their size, texture, and weight. The simple variables seemed like calculus to what little rationality remained in her lust-addled mind. She accounted for them now.

She loved the hairy, rough texture of the carrots. However, they were a little on the thin side. They were like good ketchup on otherwise dull French fries, only instead the carrots were more of an excuse to taste more of her horsecock and its delicious precum. No, the carrots were an better as an appetizer or side dish.

On the other end of the spectrum were the daikons. The guaranteed orgasm generators were huge would make her come over and over just trying to push one down. They gave so much resistance and were so, so much fun. But while on the stick, they wouldn’t leave room for much else and the daikon’s girth would overpower anything else. No, the daikons were better by themselves.

She considered the cucumber. Oddly enough they were somewhat disappointing. They were generally smooth and generally lacking in any discernable features. What few bumps they occasionally had only made her left wanting more which they couldn’t provide. For the makeshift dildo of choice the world over, they were overrated. No, the cucumbers were too plain, too vanilla.

The bumps reminded her of corn. Now those, those were amazing. The bumpy ears of corn had an excellent mouthfeel that made her wet just thinking about them. They weren’t too large either, and the deep crevices would be able to hold a lot of horse cum inside. She licked her lips, imagining squeezing the horse cum out of the corn with her mouth like a sponge. Yes, they’d do well as her bread and butter.

But by far her favorite had to be bitter melon. It had the most bizarre texture of any of them with irregular bumps and grooves. If the corn made her come in regular intervals, then the bitter melon made her made her come utterly unpredictably. Oh yes, they’d do well as a dessert.

She continued like this, regarding the fruits and vegetables on an individual basis. She weighed their merits and weaknesses, deciding which were kabob-worthy. The hormones from her mouthcunt combined with the sensations coming from her rear in a way that kept her from even questioning the line of thought.

When she was done with her calculations, Jen took the boats of cum and poured them all over the corn, letting them marinate in the stuff while she moved other things around in preparation. Then one by one she stuck various fruits and vegetables onto the kabob sticks. She laid them onto the table before her.

Jennifer Smith would later be able to recall only bits and pieces of what followed that night. She would remember shoving and pulling the kabobs in and out of her pussymouth. She would remember the shishing sounds they made and how she took them apart piecemeal in a sexual frenzy. She would remember how they felt inside her, their taste by texture imprinted onto her mind for all time.

What she wouldn’t be able to remember was what came after she started to skewer herself by sticking them into her ass and pussy. No, that would be a mystery for another time.

*Guzzle in her muzzle


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Pour me more, my paramour
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When she came back to herself, Jen had just finished ejaculating into the mouth of a maid with one of her horsecocks.

Jen was taken aback. She loosened the elephant penis wrapping around the woman, sending her crashing down onto the table from where she was held suspended in midair. Laying in a limp heap, the maid twitched and moaned in post-coital bliss.

What happened here? Was she just raping one of her maids? Jen gathered herself and took in her surroundings. A crunch resounded as she stepped on a kabob stick.

She was still in the dining room, only now it looked like a cum-fueled orgy had taken place. Streaks of bright white painted the walls and windows. From above, heavy streams of cum hung from slowly turning chandeliers, casting long revolving shadows throughout the room.

More moaning came from around her. Jen turned to find more maids strewn about her. All were barely conscious and in various states of undress. Cum leaked from their mouths and from between their legs. The distinct smell of Jen’s bodily fluids was instantly recognizable. She winced and shuddered as another ejaculation ran through her cocks. A cum-fueled orgy hadn’t merely happened here. Rather, Jen had happened here.

She blushed, feeling the two sets of kabobs still stuck in her ass and pussy. For better or worse, she could even tell exactly was on the sticks, their shapes and textures distinct against her tight confines. She twisted her tentacle-like horsecocks around and wrapped them around the protruding sticks, gasping and moaning as she pulled them out of herself. She came from her cocks completely unintentionally as the vegetables’ bulking outlines pressed against her prostate. Thankfully her parents weren’t there to see Jen embarrass herself.

Besides the ones she removed from herself, only a few vegetables remained scattered here and there. From how much heavier she felt, it was clear she had eaten the rest of the mountain of food. Already she could feel her emptied ballsacks growing firmer, her body busy converting her dinner into new horse sperm.

It was then that a door to her left opened. More maids poured into the room. They carried the disheveled ones away in wheeled stretchers. Rather than distressed, however, they looked… envious? Though they averted their gaze when she looked at them, she could see them sneaking glances at her cocks and balls. Some didn’t even bother hiding their excitement as they touched and rubbed themselves through their aprons.

“So,” Jen thought, “that’s new.”

Not only did she have a harem of maids that enjoyed being fucked by her, it was clear she had a strong rapport with them in this new reality. She had a sense this was supposed to be off-putting. Instead, the content faces of the semi-conscious maids made the stallion parts of her mind feel proud with having satisfied so many females.

*Primetime fun


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

When the cock strikes midnight
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After she got cleaned up, Jen walked back to her room, or rather, living area in the barn.

She had orgasmed dozens if not hundreds of times over the day and yet she didn’t feel the least bit tired. She glanced at the clock. There was still plenty of time left before bed.

“Time,” she thought, “for some self-discovery.”

Jen walked over to her desk. She paid little attention to the shelves upon shelves of porn DVDs along the way to her computer. She’d save those for some other time.

Turning the PC on, she was greeted by a password screen. That wasn’t there before. She tried her birthday, her childhood pet, her school name. No good.

After a few more tries, a hint showed up: ‘What I Love Most’

It couldn’t be. She typed “horsepenis”.

It worked. Jen rolled her eyes. Truly, horse penis was the answer to everything.

As her computer loaded, she saw a notification about new files in her SinkBox folder. She opened it to find what must have been terabytes of porn. She was surprised to see it neatly categorized. Opening a top-level folder, she found the content mostly horse-related, from horse sex to centaur porn to something called “horse futanari”. She opened the latter and grew hard at what she saw.

She plopped down onto the cushions beneath her and shifted to a comfortable position, preparing herself for a long session with the newfound treasure trove of masturbation material. Jennifer set her many hands about – two to browse, two to each a horsecock, one to her human pussy, and one to her mouth, giving the insatiable thing something to placate itself with. Below the table were two massive sleeves which she inserted her elephant penises into. Lastly, she directed the final horsecock into her horse pussy.

She did all of this slowly, carefully, before falling into a rhythmic pattern, keeping her masturbation at a controlled rate and holding back whenever she got too excited. She needed to make this last.

Elbow on desk, hand on chin, the oversexed centauress sucked on her forefinger in preponderance. With history reshaping itself to conform to her changed body, what else was this reality’s Jennifer Smith into? This was going to be interesting.

For one, Jen was apparently a furry.

Well she LITERALLY was one now, but she didn’t think much of the social deviants before. Now she saw what she was missing. Subdivided by species, the folder was filled with images of sexy anthropomorphic animals and people turning into them. She nearly came on several occasions.

Whether they happened to be male, female, or both, they all appealed to her. She had been secure in her heterosexuality before and probably still would be if she were still human. Clearly that wasn’t the case anymore, what with her entourage of cock-hungry maids. And now that she was both sexes several times over she couldn’t help but imagine herself fucking large-breasted, double-dicked snake babes as they too fucked her.

A short while later and she saw another notification for new files. Strange. She hadn’t downloaded anything. Did she have people downloading porn for her? If so, that was one hell of a job to envy. Whoever was doing this went as far as tagging and favoriting pictures. After opening some of these supposed favorites, she was liking what she was seeing. Truly, this was a life of luxury.

Jen lost track of time. Hours passed. She was about to move onto a folder named “Body Modification” before her mother walked in. “Time for bed Honey.”

“Okay mom.”

Jen got up and fell onto her bed. It was huge, soft, and comfortable and was coated with some kind of hydrophobic material that made her precum roll off.

“Let me tuck you in.” Her mother headed toward a nearby drawer.

Opening it, her mother took out what looked like a bunch of straps and belts. Were these harnesses? Bits? Jen didn’t know what to call them. That went doubly so the moment she spotted massive horsecock-shaped dildos amongst the straps.

“Mom!? What are those for!?” Jen asked incredulously. She shot straight up out of bed.

Jen’s outburst caught her mother by surprise. “Huh?”

“Mom, what,” she repeated, pointing at the harnesses, “are those!?” Jen now saw there were two sets. One set had a dildo by itself. The other had two which sat next to another. One of these was far larger than the other. She could make a guess as to what they were for.

Her mom held them up. “They’re what you sleep with, Honey, you know, ever since your change. You get so horny that you that can’t help but fuck yourself in your sleep. Your wet dreams cost us enough of your semen as it is, and you get them every night. We can’t go losing any more of it. Now quit complaining and let me tuck you in.”

Jen did as she was told. First was her mouth. This was the bit, her mother explained. She tightened a series of straps around Jen’s head. Next, Jen was to insert the attached dildo into her cuntmouth. She did so carefully, as not to set her mouth off. However, the dildo was a hyper-realistic replica of a horsecock. Her stimulated folds were unable to tell it apart from the real thing, and by time it was all the way in, she had come from her mouth more than a few times.

Next came her rear. This was the harness. The straps came first as they had with the bit, but the latter half was looking to be a totally different experience. Jen searched her oversized bed for something to hold onto, spotting an L-shaped body pillow with an anime centauress on it.

Hugging the pillow, Jen blushed as she presented her ass to her mother and raised her tail. Her mother promptly pushed the tip of impossibly large dildo into her daughter.

Jen moaned in pleasure. She thought she knew what it would feel like, seeing as how she had fucked this very pussy with not one but two of her own horsecocks that same morning. There, she had been mare and stallion both. She had thought the dual sensations intense beyond compare.

Here, she was just the mare. And yet, and yet, the sensations were just as powerful as she reached the first of several orgasms. Her hips began to move involuntarily once the medial ring passed her equine lips, welcoming even more of the dildo into herself and causing her orgasms to come faster.

She screamed in ecstasy, or at least, she tried to. Instead, her pussymouth clamped down on the dildo inside it, adding to the pleasure.

Above all, however, she wasn’t prepared for the moment when the other end of the dildo touched her ass. Her horse pussy immediately gave a motion so powerful that it sucked the rest of the dildo into itself, simultaneously pulling its companion dildo into her anus.

Though she hadn’t even so much as touched her cocks, they began to come just from the anal penetration alone. It was so sudden and unexpected that Jen couldn’t redirect them in time.

Five ropes of sticky white horse semen shot out from her in all directions. It splattered against the walls, against the ceiling, against the shelves of porn DVDs and against her monitor, sending it flying off her desk. It wasn’t long before Jen blacked out from the pleasure assaulting her from all sides.

Her mother stood in the doorway and regarded her daughter, unconscious but nevertheless thrusting away at that cartoon pillow of hers and making a complete mess. She smiled. Her daughter looked so adorable when she slept. With that, she turned off the lights, and closed the door, a second before cum splattered against it.

*Jen dreams while the maids play.


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

Sweet creamy dreams
added by Pillas

Jen hadn't really fallen asleep, more like fell into a blissed out orgasmic coma. According to this new reality, that's how she had always spent her nights. Her many cocks self stimulating themselves, while her trio of pussies massaged at the phallic facsimiles dislodged into their depths. The XXXXL sized dakimakura of an anime centauress becoming drenched in the combined fluids of her body, milk, pussy juice, and plentiful helpings of horse semen. Her four lower hooves wrapped tightly around the pillow and humped at it unconsciously, her body automatically trying to fuck anything and everything in sight with or without her input. Her trio of horse-cocks entwined themselves around the pillow squeezing at it and searching for any available orifices to penetrate. Her twin elephant cocks tangled themselves within one another trying to get themselves off. The gag and dildos were a way for her to sleep without endlessly fucking herself all night long and becoming too bloated with her own cum to move, and waste any of her valuable sperm. The floor of the barn was specially designed so that any runoff lead to cooling tanks stored beneath the farm, any excess was filtered of any foreign matter and stored for future auctions.

A clattering footsteps soon surrounded the barn and some hushed and muffled whispering could be heard while the barns employee entrance had opened a sliver. Some excited giggling followed and the door flew open allowing a gaggle of Jens maids to flow excitedly into her musky lair. They were all clad in their undergarments and barefoot, fluttering about the barn stepping over puddles of freshly strewn cum.

There were a total of eight maids. There was a tall older brunette, clad in a rather daring black laced lingerie ensemble, complete with sensual see through stockings and garters. She looked to be in her mid thirties, however her age only gave her a dominant smoldering vibrancy without detracting from her fit and well toned body. Her name was Darla, and she had been Jens first maid in service since even before she had hit puberty. She had looked after her mistress since before she had to be transferred out of school and helped home school her as well. Darla had watched Jen proudly as she matured into one of the most virile fuck beasts the world had ever seen, feeling as if her loving guidance had helped to nurture what Jen had become today. She was in charge of overseeing the team of maids in charge of caring for Jens many needs.

Darla smirked as she overlooked the seven new maids that had been hired a week prior, merely virgins (though not in the literal sense) to what lie ahead of them. The girls before her were of a chosen select, who had been through a rather vigorous and extensive interview process, most of which Jen used as part of her personal porn fodder. Many of them were veterans of the porn industry, or looking to expand their horizons. They all stood around Jens body, and whispered and giggled amongst themselves while watching her shameless lustful slumber.

Darla snapped her fingers and all seven of the girls snapped to attention. They formed a line before her and stood with their heels together and chest forward. Darla strutted before them, bare feet deftly sidestepping the puddles of cum and milk on the floor as if it was second nature. Her chest heaved with determination, her large firm DD cups held lovingly within their silk garments. She looked out above her new charges and gave a smokey smile.

The first two girls were twins, a prospect that immediately excited Jen as she overlooked their interview videos. Especially since they preferred to perform in tandem, making sure every coupling was a threesome. They were dark skinned and hispanic, The girls were identical down to the mole on their left ass cheek, save for the difference in hair color. Selena was blonde with red pubic hair, and Solana was a Redhead with blonde pubic hair. A rather striking contrast with their milky brown complexions, as well as their rather generous curves. They wore matching string bikinis, while Selena had a tattoo of a Yin symbol on her left breast, and Solana had a tattoo of her Yang symbol on her right breast. The twins had eager grins on their faces, as they looked out behind Darla at their writhing mistress.

Darla moved on to the next maid in the lineup, having to look down at a rather short ginger barely reaching four and half feet. But what she lacked in height she made up for in spades in abundance of curves. The little ginger was what was enticingly described as a "short stack" as her resume had said. She was a powerhouse of femininity, all in one small bite sized package. Her extensive catalog of reference videos were among Jens favorites, especially since she was a fan of the double penetration and deep throat tags on nearly all of her performances. She may be small, but her body was used to sizes many normal women would have trouble even attempting. Also she had a pair of rocking tits that nearly scratched her chin even when standing stock still, and hips nearly as wide as she was tall. Her name was Tera and she stood in the lineup licking her ruby red lips and one hand on her generous hips cockily. Darla could see a lot of potential in this small one.

The next maid was the complete opposite, tall and lithe and nearly dark as midnight. Her name was Ndjua and she had traveled far and wide to become one of Jens chosen. She had shown up at the assessment center one night and refused to leave until she had a chance to interview with Darla. Ndjua was different than most of their interviewees, she had been part of a family of farmers in her country and raised cattle, sheep, chicken and wild horses. She told the story of one day of beast of a horse that had shown up to their farm one season and relentlessly bred all their mares and milking cows to the point of exhaustion, not even the chicken and sheep were spared as it blasted it seed upon their dens and bodies as they were too small to penetrate, Ndjua was shocked at the virility of the animal. The massive horse had plowed through their stock like tissue paper in water, rutting one after the other, before a wealthy local farmer came by and reined it back to where it had come from. The wealthy farmer explained it had broke out while transporting and paid them a rather hefty sum for all their troubles. However that had only been the beginning of her tale, as within a few months every single female animal on their farm was pregnant in abundance. The cows bore litters of calves, and their wild horses gave birth to massive strong foals, the most surprising was the sheep and chickens had also bore young, somehow the mere exposure to the horses virility had impregnated them. That season their farm had experienced a great boon that brought them great wealth and prosperity. She had sought out to thank whatever gods had brought the divine beast to her lowly farm and found herself tracking down the source to Jen herself. Darla was intrigued by her tale, Ndjua seemed to hold Jen in high regard. She saw her as a goddess of fertility, and vitality. She was also quite beautiful, her lithe body was cut from stone and she had strong hands and muscles well suited for manual labor, a great asset on the farm as well as for handling Jen herself. Her pearly white bodice fit her rather well.

The next girl Darla settled her gaze upon was named Philly, rather aptly seeing as she was a spry young thing just barely touching nineteen years old. She was also a country girl, through and through. And the only one wearing any shoes, albeit rather raunchy red sequined cowboy boots with tassels. She was also rather bold, wearing nothing besides red leather chaps leading to an open red leather vest, her nethers and breast exposed. She was a raised on a farm just like the rest of her siblings and was sent to the city for being rather adventurous with some of the family stallions. Her father wanted her to go to a big city college and get an education, but her ambitions were clouded with her many nights spent availing herself to all types of alternative pornography. Most of the farms stock came from Jens seed and she had also been enamored with them as each of them held that same wild passion that came only from Jen herself. Philly was more a rather eager interviewee, willing to "service" any who crossed her path. Darla had partaken of the girls talents herself, and though she was an novice, she had more than enough exuberance to spare. She was rocking her hips anxiously as Darla looked her over.

The last two were an odd pair, Darla raised and eyebrow as she approached them. Sarah was young, innocent and fresh from college, Majoring in media and film. Delilah who stood next to her, hands upon her shoulders and smiling proudly above her daughter Sarah's blushing face. Darla and the rest of her team were a bit shocked when the pair showed up to interview, A mother and daughter. Delilah explained that she had been feeling lonely after her daughter went off to college and their father had passed away a couple years prior. While Sarah who was a wiz at computers helped her mother set up a rather prodigious set up so she could have a hobby showing her cooking skills on youtube. While Delilah was browsing how to get her videos more views, she came across how to videos on making "cam girl" videos. Sarah was quite surprised to come home to visit one summer only to find her mother filming one of her cooking videos, only she was rather lewdly squeezing her breasts into a mixing bowl wearing nothing but a fishnet apron, while vibrators attached to her garters buzzed away at her exposed holes. There were cameras set up all around the kitchen, multiple monitors and many angles featuring her milf body in all ways possible. Sarah watched her mother make a cake using some of her own organic freshly squeezed milk, and mixing it with some locally sourced "honey". Delilah greeted her daughter warmly, and the view and donation count nearly quadrupled as the scene played out. That summer "Fresh Milf" took the cam scene by storm, their "cooking" videos made a fortune especially with Mamas eager and shy assistant. Sarah held some fetishes of her own clearly as she blushed madly while being led by her mother lovingly into many carnal encounters. Jen was also a huge fan of their videos and live-streams, often a centerpiece of many milking sessions as well as background noise whenever she felt like relaxing. Being one of their biggest donors as well on all of their live streams, often making rather outrageous requests for large sums of cash. Delilah was actually wearing the least of them all, having grown accustomed to being perpetually exposed and teased she was wearing nothing more than a garter belt with portable vibes attached. Sarah wore a modest two piece white and black ruffled bikini top, however shear and tight as her hardened nipples were clearly evident beneath the fabric as she was highly aroused. Darla also noticed that her briefs were showing of a rather lewd camel toe that was extremely moist.

Darla stood stoically ahead of her new and promising maids, She inhaled the familiar scent of Jens fluids, mixing with the earthly smell of her titanic body. Darla turned and regarded her mistress, taking in her otherworldly form. Even when she was just an excitable little filly of a thing and before her other "friends" grew in and she matured into her full potential, Darla could see that Jen was bound for something more. She harbored more than just adoration for her mistress, she felt a genuine love for her that went beyond mere romance that mere humans could understand. Jen was a being beyond nature, untamed, unbound and wild. Darla would follow her mistress wherever and whenever they would go without question or pause, her body and soul were bound to her forever. She took pride in the fact the she was training so many young women to help Jen satiate her eternal lust, feeding her what she craved the most.

Tonight was an orientation of sorts for the newbies, she would slowly acclimate the girls to their new mistress before finally greeting her formally. It was often that many of the experienced girls spent some of their nights playing with Jens cocks and bathing in her cum while their mistress slept. Drinking her milk fresh from her udders, lapping at the sweet honey from her pussies.

Darla sighed and prepared herself for tonight's initiation rituals, tonight these new maids would be introduced into the service of their mighty mistress. They would give themselves unto her and in turn, they will reward her with many pleasant fantasies and dreams.


Re: Transform or Dare: Animal Parts Jennifer

I wrote a small offshoot a good while back that I forgot to post here, where Jen's selfcest leads to a melding of minds with the animals she merged with.