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He was lying on the floor. Grandma was humming in the next room. A sweet aroma in the air made his stomach growl. He was starving.

Kat stirred nearby. She blinked a few times and looked over at Dan. She wanted to know if it had worked moved towards him on unsteady legs. By then, he had lifted himself into a sitting position but still felt too dizzy to stand. Without a word, Kat fell to her knees next to him. She reached down and grabbed his crotch.

“Wha?” Dan gasped as he felt her hand.

She let go. “... Nothing... I didn’t feel it at all...”

Dan laughed. “Heh... Seriously? You were still feeling me down there?”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

With a blush, Kat replied, “I didn’t really know for sure until we spoke with Mom and Dad...”

Dan felt weak and laid back down. Kat didn't have a chance to ask what was wrong before their grandma came in with a tray of cookies. She set it on the table just next to them.

“I baked some cookies while you two were resting.” She said. “Dan, I’m sure you’re famished and thirsty. Would you like me to bring you a glass of water?”

He nodded as he shoved a cookie into his mouth.

Kat realized how long it had been since he had eaten and felt terrible.

Before grabbing another cookie, he noticed her expression and said, “Don’t feel bad Sis, I’ll be fine...”


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Their grandma returned with a large glass of water for Dan. He drank it down as quickly as he could and ate another cookie from the tray.

“Since you two are here, I aught to explain some things.” Grandma began. “Honestly, I’m surprised your mom didn’t give you the magician’s version of the sex talk...”

“I guess I can’t blame her. It’s not the best way to introduce magic to young girls... Or boys in this case.”

“In her defense, most witches don’t go turning people into genitals as soon as they get their wand.”

Kat blushed.

“Oh, speaking of which. Where’s your book and wand Dan?”

“My book is... Wait... I can still use magic? Even though I’m a guy now?”

“If you’d prefer to be a girl, I’m sure I have a spell around here for that...” Grandma laughed.

Dan’s eyes went wide with fear. “No... No... Um... I don’t have a wand, but the book should be in my room back home.”

Grandma continued. “You should have brought it. Kat, go ahead and get your book out. You two can share.”

Their grandma directed them to a few different pages and pointed out some of the more useful spells and techniques. After a while she offered Dan one of her extra wands. She didn’t hide how impressed she was that he could cast without one, but still felt like he should learn proper wand techniques. They spent most of the afternoon there, learning and trying out basic spells...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan took to magic easily and impressed both Kat and Grandma. While there, he recalled memories of two years that never happened. Grandma explained that his age had shifted when their souls were bound. He really was 18 years old, just like his sister. Whatever sort of education and mental growth she had in the last two years was shared with him while they were joined. They would even be attending the same classes as seniors come Monday. Dan was happy that he didn’t need to endure another two years of high school. The transition also helped to explain why he and Kat were suddenly getting along like old friends.

The two of them continued their magic practice until late evening. It wasn’t dark just yet, but they knew that their parents wanted them home. They said goodbye and thanked their Grandma before leaving. The moment they stepped out of the house, Kat’s skirt vanished and Dan was fully naked again. They laughed as they got into the car. They didn’t have anything to put on, and opted to let the earlier spell conceal them until they were home to do something about it.

Dan couldn't help looking at his sister's naked bottom every so often. Related or not, it wasn't typical for a girl to be bottomless all the time. Kat noticed but didn't give him any grief for it. They had spent enough time conjoined that it really didn't bother her. She was guilty of sneaking peeks as well, but felt bad since it was her fault that he was nude in the first place.

Once home, Dan was happy to be addressed as an individual by his Mom and Dad. The only thing that made it unusual was that he was still naked. Fortunately they were completely oblivious to it. Dan spent the rest of his evening reading his spell book and testing out some of the new spells he had learned.

He managed to reverse the spell that made it OK for him to be naked... Sort of. He found a way to make it so he could go either way. With that, he could be naked in public without drawing any attention, but still had the option to put something on. After the spell, he put on some shorts and a t-shirt, then went to relax in the living room. He met his sister on the way. She was still walking around without pants and he asked if she planned to do something about it.

Kat shrugged. “Eh... Maybe eventually... It’s not causing me trouble, so I wasn’t really worried about it.”

“I see you’ve dressed up. Do you suppose our parents will say anything?”

He chatted with her for a while, first about the method he used to fix that spell, then about her chest. In his reading he found something that might be able to reverse it. Kat seemed indifferent to removing her new assets and said he could give it a try if he wanted to, but not that night. She had her fill of magic for the day and decided to shower and head to bed early. Dan didn’t mind waiting, he could take the time to do more studying.

He spent some time watching TV in the living room, then went to take a quick shower. The air was still warm and foggy. He guessed that Kat had only just finished. He lathered on some soap and stood under the water. He would have taken a longer shower but had trouble keeping his eyes opened. He decided to finish, dried off, then went back to his room without bothering to put anything on. He was exhausted. The day had finally caught up to him and he was ready for sleep. He collapsed on his bed and dozed off...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

The following afternoon, Dan met Kat in her room. With her permission, he cast a spell that was meant to shrink her extra breasts. She was expecting to loose them and was confused when nothing felt different. He told her to concentrate on making them smaller. As he had hoped, the lower six breasts deflated. She pulled off her shirt to examine the changes.

“What are you doing?” Dan asked as he looked away.

“Don’t act so embarrassed,” Kat laughed. “It’s not like you haven’t seen them before.”

“Don’t you want to see if it worked?”

Dan was curious, albeit confused at her nonchalant behavior. He still wasn’t used to her new attitude towards him. He cautiously turned back to see if her torso was restored. Her top most pair was exactly as he remembered. The six extra nipples had also remained, but the orbs below had flattened into her stomach.

Kat closed her eyes. After a moment the top-most-pair below her originals swelled back outward. “Heh, look... I’m just like Grandma now.”

They both laughed, though Dan still felt a little awkward. Seeing her breasts made his pants tight. He hoped that she wouldn’t notice. She still hadn’t undone the spell that allowed her to be bottomless so, without a shirt, she was completely naked. Of course, any outside observer would just think she was topless. He tried not to let her see his discomfort, but had a feeling that she was doing it on purpose just to mess with him.

Kat sucked back in the two extras and ran her hand down the line of nipples that remained. “I can’t make the nipples go away...”

Dan explained. “I couldn’t figure out how to make them go away completely... Just how to change their size.”

“I combined that with a spell that lets you control it.”

“Thanks Dan.” Kat answered. “I don’t mind the extra nipples. At least I can wear a bra again.”

“Maybe you aught to share this spell with Grandma.”

He followed Kat’s advice and went to Grandma’s house later that day...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Grandma was almost annoyed that she had never thought of his spell, but was excited to give it a try. With a few of her own changes, she shrank her extra row of breasts. Dan looked away as they deflated. For whatever reason, Kat’s chest didn’t bother him, but Grandma was a different story. The mental image made him queasy.

As soon as the changes stopped, Grandma lunged towards him. There was no escape as she pulled him into a tight hug. It was a little unusual to feel her chest pressed against him. He had never even thought about it growing up, but any hug prior would have offered more padding. She kissed his forehead and thanked him. He couldn’t believe how emotional she was. Just yesterday she brushed it off as a joke.

“Most sarcasm is just the truth in disguise.” He thought.

Dan was a little embarrassed by the ordeal, but decided to stay for a while to get more advice. Grandma was happy to share and seemed to have an answer for just about anything he could think of. It was a wonder she never figured out how to remove the boobs. Then again, she technically still had them, they were just small. His interest in her chest diminished as she began a new magic lesson.

The witch version of his Grandma was so much different than the illusion he had know all his life. She was truly amazing. She let him read some of the books in her collection and taught him a few tricks that he wouldn’t have found in the old pages. She even shared a few tricks that were, for lack of a better explanation, just for the boys. Grandma had a naughty side that Dan had never seen. Perhaps it was because the illusion was gone, or perhaps it was because he was eighteen now. Her new personality gradually felt more normal to him as she continued to teach spells and more complex magic.

He lost track of time. As the sky darkened, his Mom called to request that he come home. Dan wanted to stay and practice some more, but Grandma insisted that he listen to his mother. With a heavy sigh he picked up his book and wand. She thanked him for coming over and gave him another hug before sending him out. The walk back was uneventful...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

On Monday he went back to school. It was confusing at first. He accidentally went to his sophomore classes a few times during that first week, but was directed to Kat’s classes soon after. None of the teachers seemed upset about it. Like their parents, they knew that he had been sixteen only days earlier. But things were different now; they accepted his new age and grade level without hesitation. Dan truly was a senior. To his surprise, working at that level came easily. In no time at all, he was acing every subject.

In the following weeks, he became more accustomed to his new classes and even made a few friends. Visiting Grandma had also become routine. She always had something new to share. Kat didn’t go at first, but began to tag along when she saw how proficient he was becoming with his spell casting. He embraced his new powers, but followed his mom’s example; never harming people with it. His sister seemed different since the incident. More kind, though she would still occasionally curse someone who made her angry. Dan often undid the curses after he heard about them. In a funny sort of way, they would balance each other.

That gradually lead to a close friendship, something neither of them had ever imagined...


Re: The Witch Sister: Dan the Pussy

Dan’s life had sucked. He was bullied at school and had no friends. Even his parents treated him poorly. Everything began to change when he became his sisters pussy. During that time, he got to know his sister in very unusual ways. Some were good. Some were not so good. When he finally returned to normal, he was older, wiser... And a magician.

Several months had passed since the incident. Dan and Kat sat with their class mates, each listening for their names to be called. Kat wore a gown that was custom made to end at her waist. Dan could have been naked but decided to wear a standard gown, if only for tradition’s sake.

The principal called his name. After a short walk, he accepted his diploma. Draped over his shoulders was a yellow sash that represented his cum laud status. Not only had he become a proficient magic user, he had also excelled in his school work. The senior level assignments seemed easy. He guessed that his new found intelligence had a lot to with the soul binding incident earlier that year.

Quite a lot had happened since they separated from each other. Since Dan had been imbued with his sister’s knowledge and perspective, his opinions had changed. Kat went from being his bully, to his closest friend. One of the most peculiar changes was his age. Their parents knew they were born years apart, but had no problem accepting that Dan now matched Kat’s age. They would even share her next birthday.

He stood there with the diploma in hand and a smile on his face so his friends and family could take a few pictures. Kat was called a moment later and the process was repeated. He blushed a little as her friends and their parents took pictures of her with a naked snatch in full view.

“At least she retracted her extra breasts for the ceremony.” He thought.

He was quite literally the only person there who would ever notice, thanks to her spells. He shrugged and went back to his seat. She joined soon after. Dan fully intended to graduate and put this part of his life behind him, but had never expected to graduate with real friends and support from his family. It was almost too much and he had to fight back a few tears.

The ceremony ended and it wasn’t long before they received acceptance letters. By some twist of fate, they were both accepted into the same college. They agreed to share a dorm room to save money. In no time at all, Summer break ended and they enrolled. With help from a few friends, they moved into their new dorm room and acquainted themselves with other students on the floor. A new chapter in their lives was about to begin...