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I prepared a little story for the season.

I wish everybody cheerful holidays.


35 Days till Midwinter Fest

Midwinter Fest was coming soon. It would be my first while not living at home anymore. I was 19 years young and had just enlisted at Edori university. My dorm room was half the size of my old one back home but it was my own. It had been important to me to have my own place, rather than to share with a room mate, even if I had to settle with something as tiny as this. There was just enough space for a bed, a wardrobe and a small table. I had a little restroom with a toilet and sink but for eating and hygiene I had to rely on the floor kitchen and shower rooms.

Despite all this, I greatly enjoyed the taste of this new independence. For the first time I felt like an adult. Even better, Thalia lived only five minutes away in one of the other dorm buildings. She had been part of the reason why I had chosen Edori. We had been together for two years now, having first met at school. Thalia had managed to graduate a year early and gone straight to university. Since then it had been my primary goal to get as close to her as possible.

Winter break was about to start soon, though, and I would go back home to Remmas, spending the holidays with my mother. On the one hand I was looking forward to it, on the other I was less happy about saying goodbye to Thalia and not seeing her for almost a month. It couldn't be helped. At least we could make plans for after our return here.


19 Days till Midwinter Fest

“You are going to do what?” I asked, unsure if I had heard right.

“I am joining you for Midwinter Fest,” Thalia replied with a wide smile. “I've already called my aunt and uncle, they will spend the holidays with my cousins, so I am free to go with you.”

That was something I hadn't expected. Thalia's parents had disappeared a decade ago, probably victims of a roaming demon that had plagued the region back then, but she still had enough family left to spend the holidays with. Going with me was not because she would otherwise be alone, but because she wanted to spend the holidays with me. It was speechless. All I could think of was to hug her and kiss her on the mouth.

“I love you,” she whispered into my ear.


17 Days till Midwinter Fest

My mother was overjoyed to hear about Thalia joining us. “That's wonderful, Jeremy. The more the merrier,” she said. I understood why. We had not much other family. My grand parents were all dead and I had never met my father. There was only auntie Heather, my mother's sister, but she lived all the way over in Feldearth, half the Empire away.

The following days we planned all the details for our trip to Remmas and the time, we would stay at my mother's house. We also decided to not get each other any gifts but Thalia was weirdly quick to agree with that. I smirked inwardly. After all I was not going to keep to the agreement, either. Instead I had already gotten her a new pair of ear rings, cute little silver stars.

I had no clue what she would get me. Quite frankly, I did not care much. It would not be what I really wanted, anyway. She would not transform herself, I had made my peace with the fact that she was not into it a long time ago and I would not ask her to do so, either. In fact I had kept my fascination for the transformed a secret. I would not let it come between us, even if there were moments when it frustrated me. There were moments I wondered whether or not it was the right decision to stay with Thalia but in the end, I genuinely loved her. Being together with her was more important to me than my secret fetishes. It was not like she was unattractive, either. Any guy would be lucky having a girlfriend as beautiful as her. She was tall, almost as much as I, and slender with long legs. She had wide hips and cute, perky B-cups. Transformed or not, thinking about her like this got me hard every time. It would have been better if she had her own hard on but one could not have everything.


14 Days till Midwinter Fest

It was still two weeks till Midwinter Fest when we arrived. My mother was over the moon. I almost felt like she wanted to crush me when she hugged me. She tried not to show it but I was sure the recent months had been hard on her, all alone without me in the house.

At least she was genuinely excited to have Thalia with us for Midwinter Fest. Of course they already knew each other. I had introduced her the first week we were officially an item and had spent who knows how many nights in my room. However, it was the first time she joined us for the holidays.

“It is almost like you a married couple,” my mother commented while preparing some tea for us. Thalia and me only replied with an awkward chuckle.

The following days were not very eventful. Just as I had hoped. I wanted to relax from mid-term exams. We went to the Midwinter Market in Sebao, the closest town nearby, and did some shopping. Presents were no worry of mine, I had already ordered the gifts for Thalia and my mother to be delivered in a few days.

However, Thalia and my mother were acting a little weird. At one point I walked in on them whispering to each other just to act a if I had imagined it afterwards. It was like they were conspiring. It was probably just something regarding the present for me or such, so I did not question them. In fact it was not much different from the way they acted when they wanted to get me something for my birthday or previous Midwinter Fests.


12 Days till Midwinter Fest

“Sweetie, would you care to come with us?,” my mother announced out of the blue, Thalia standing right behind her. “We have a surprise for you.”

I looked at the both of them, my eyebrows raised. This was definitely unusual.

“Its an early Midwinter gift, so to speak,” Thalia said with a reassuring smile.

Of course I agreed to join them. All I knew was that we had to take the car to Sebao. Neither of them was willing to give me any clues what exactly they had planned beyond that, and I could not think of anything I might have mentioned that could not be bought in a store. Even when we ended up in front of an alchemist store, the only answer I got was “Its a surprise”.

I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. Something was definitely wrong. Why would they go into an alchemist's shop. None of them had any need for medicine and this particular shop did not look like the ones specialised in ordinary wellness and beauty products. In fact I quickly noticed all the brand potions and secondary products that were all for sexual transformations, especially those of the more extreme variety. Slowly I got an idea what the “surprise” might be but could it be? It seemed like a ridiculous idea. Neither my mother, nor Thalia had ever shown any interest in the transformed. In fact my mother had often made offhand remarks about how many of them weirded her out.

Thalia and my mother talked to the old shop owner and he pointed towards a back room. Thalia turned around and came up to me. She gave me a passionate kiss and asked me to stay behind.

“It will only take a few minutes,” she said. “You will like it.”

I was about to say something but her expression made it clear that I would not get an answer anyway.  With a dumbfounded expression, I watched the two go into the back room together with the elderly alchemist, leaving me to just stand there and look at what the shop had to offer. Weirdly enough it helped me to relax. There was a small collection of transformation porn on offer, including a few I hadn't even heard of. Indulging my secret hobby helped to distract myself. The sound of the door opening made me turn around at once. I sighed with relief that I hadn't gotten a boner while looking at the porn covers. Nonetheless I made a few quick steps away from the stand. The first person to come out was the old alchemist, looking rather pleased with himself.

Then Thalia and my mother passed through the door. At the same time. It was easy enough, for they now shared a single body. My eyes widened and I was sure my mouth had been comically agape. At this point I was already convinced that they had come here to get transformed in someway but the reality of it was still a shock, even if their changes were relatively mild, compared to what I had seen on the porn covers just a moment ago. The two women shared a single body now, two heads on a slightly widened set of shoulders. Otherwise they still looked like ordinary women, though. Their heads were unchanged, while their body looked essentially like that of a normal woman. It was hard to tell if there was any more changes because they wore a knee length skirt and a blouse with two neck holes, I recognized the skirt as my mothers but the top was new. Most likely they had bought it beforehand. Their body was tall and voluptuous, more so than either of them had been before. It was almost the parody of a porn star, almost comically wide hips and bubble butt combined with a extremely narrow waist and huge breasts, e-cups at least.

I was genuinely speechless. There were a thousand contradicting thoughts going through my mind.
Why had they done this? Did they know about my fetishes? How? How would Thalia continue her studies like this? How would this affect their sex life? How would it affect my sex life? I couldn't tell how I felt about my mother now being so intimately bound to our relationship. However, I could not help myself getting aroused. It was Thalia who snapped me out of it before I completely lost track.

“Taddaaa,” she said with a wide smile. “What do you think about our new look?”

My mother looked a bit embarrassed but smiled, too. I stammered something unintelligible, causing both of them to giggle.

“You mean why we know about your special likes?” my mother said.

“I found your magazines a month ago,” Thalia answered for her. “Remember when you had to go to the shop because you forgot the wine? I got bored and looked at your book collection. You must have accidentally forgotten one of your magazines in there. Do not pretend it is not as it seems. The way you do not want me to use your computer or see you browsing the web? It all made sense.”

“I guess you got that from me,” my mother interrupted. “You never knew but I got a thing for the transformed myself. I just suppressed it for all these years, so you wouldn't get into trouble for it.”

I knew what she meant. Our home village was quite rural, despite being within the capital province. There were not many transformees around and thus considered an oddity at best, while some of the more conservative villagers saw them as sexual deviants. School would surely have been a hard time had I been the son of a transformee. In a weird way it explained, though, why my mother had gone through with this so easily.

There was one question I could not suppress, though. I looked Thalia in the eyes and said: “But why have you done this?”

She smiled warmly as if looking at a puzzled child. “Silly question, because I love you. Of course I had a hidden thing for transformations and such myself, but wasn't sure what you would think about it. Now I got a good idea, so I thought I'd make you a Midwinter present you'd never forget. I asked your mother if she might be willing to help me. The conjoinment was actually her idea.”

My mother continued: “It has always been a bit of a kink of mine. I simply couldn't resist when Thalia told me she wanted to be transformed. However, this is not all yet.”

My eyes widened quizzically hearing that.

“Master Vorlorn prepared a brilliant injection for us. Its effects are delayed,” Thalia began to explain. “From now on, every day we will change a little more. One surprise at a time. The last will be on Midwinter Fest itself. I made sure our final form perfectly fits your likes.”

Even better. I should have said something grand. Something fitting. All I could think of, though, was to give them a hug and thank them.

“Oh, and by the way,” my mother said in an oddly serious tone. “There is going to be no sex until the last change.”

I blushed involuntarily and my mind was again racing with thoughts about how awkward things would be.

The rest of the day was weirdly calm. We went home, had dinner and talked a bit about our mutual secret we had hidden from each other for so long, while sharing a bottle of wine. It turned out that my mother and Thalia had very similar tastes for conjoinments and a bit of gender-bender. It felt like an appropriate moment to also come out as bisexual. I did not mentioned, though, that I was hoping for them to grow a penis or two. Not knowing what else they had planned, it could have ruined the whole thing.

Eventually we went to bed. There was a surprising pang of disappointment when the two went for my mother's bedroom. It was very obvious that they, or perhaps just my mother, did not want me to see them undress before they had changed even further.

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Re: Twelve Days

11 Days till Midwinter Fest

I woke the next morning, feeling as if the events of the previous day had been nothing but a dream. However, the memory were too vivid and I quickly realized that it had really happened. My girlfriend and my mother had gotten themselves conjoined. Remembering what else they had told me, I wondered if they had already undergone the next step in their transition. That was when I noticed the smell of toast and fried eggs.

I was already dressed when I heard two voices calling for me to come down. It was a great way to wake up. Unable to keep down an almost childish smile, I ran down the stair and into the kitchen. Despite my wildest speculations I was still surprised at what I saw. Thalia and my mother were swinging the pan...with a foot. Their arms were gone, ending in rounded off shoulders. Otherwise they still looked like the day before. They wore a custom made sweater and jogging trousers.  There had to have been some changes to their hindbrains. for their coordination was flawless. I was mesmerized by how they handled the pan with a foot while balancing on the other, as if they had done this all their lives. On top of that each one only controlled her half of the body.

I sat down, mouth agape, as shocked at the loss of their arms as I had been about their conjoinment. It was so surreal to see them like this. It was like a weird dream.

“Enjoy, sweetie” my mother said as she handed me my plate, full of scrambled egg, with her foot. Neither her, nor Thalia, mentioned their new condition in any way, letting the empty sleeves speak for themselves. The rest of the day was surprisingly ordinary. We went to the supermarket and we watched a movie after dinner. When I went to my bed again and started to miss Thalia's presence there, I wondered what they would surprise me with tomorrow.


10 Days till Midwinter Fest

At first I actually didn't notice what had changed about the two conjoined women this day. When I entered the kitchen, I saw them sitting at the table, breakfast already prepared. They were putting together a sandwich with their feet. To me they just looked the same as the day before. They even wore the same sweater and pants. I took the seat across from them and looked at them quizzically, too embarrassed to word the obvious question. All I got in return were two knowing smirks. Rather then telling me what I was missing, they stood up.

“You want some orange juice, too?” Thalia asked playfully.

I was unable to answer, though. My mouth was slack as I stared at the large bulge in their pants, they had been obscured by the table just a moment before. Their pants were not especially tight, but the bulge still had a distinct enough shape for me to immediately realize what it was. The two now sported an impressive set of male genitalia, just barely within human limits. Seeing my expression, Thalia and my mother simply giggled and went on to the fridge. Its hard to describe how bizarre a sight it was to see them open the fridge and fill a glass with orange juice, only using their feet, while that huge bulge bounced around in their pants. My eyes widened even more when I saw their new manhood grow erect, forming a distinct tent. Neither of the two tried to react to it but they could not hide the mix of embarrassment and barely contained arousal from their faces. I was glad the table was now hiding my growing erection.

It wasn't until after dinner that I managed to bring up the courage to bring up the topic of today's alteration.

“So....” I began, struggling to find a good way to talk about this. I failed and so decided to just be frank. “So, you have a penis now?”

Both of them giggled like schoolgirls. It was Thalia who answered: “Well spotted. What gave it away?”

I blushed despite myself.

“Yes, it is a penis,” my mother began to explain with a less mocking tone. “If you want to know, we still have a vagina, too. At least for the time being. Let me tell you, using the toilet was quite the experience.”

It wasn't easy to accept that these words had come from my mother but I had to get used to this sooner or later. I wondered why they had not kept their old genitalia but I guessed that I had to do with the changes to come.


9 Days till Midwinter Fest

The next day I was greeted by Thalia and my mother without any obvious changes, not even any new bulges underneath their clothes. The question had to be on my face, for I was told right away, that some changes might occur during the day. Even the most precisely tuned alchemy could not guarantee perfect timing.

We spent the day at home, the two did some housework and cleaning, while I read a book. During tea time we shared some more of our likes and dislikes in regards of transformation porn. I used the conversation to lure out some hints about what more alterations they had planned but they were on to me and carefully avoided giving me an answer.

Eventually my conjoined mother and girlfriend started preparing dinner. I sat at the kitchen table watching them, still mesmerized by the impossible coordination with which they handled everything. Cutting the meat and vegetables, frying it in the pan and all without hands. Everything was ready and they were just about to put food on plates, when they suddenly bent backwards and moaned loudly. To me it looked as if they had a sudden and strong orgasm. Their penis went hard in no time and I saw a dark spot forming on their pants. I blushed and felt a similar tightness in my own pants. These were not the only two tents forming, though. I watched their nipples go hard and push out from their breasts far more than should be possible. Slowly but surely they elongated and seemed to thicken. It was almost comical how their sweater was pushed away from their chest by their changing nipples. It was hard to see on the dark fabric but I noticed spots of wetness sparkling in the light. The similarity to the tent in their pants became obvious and I could put one and one together. Their nipples hard turned into penises. I had no doubt. When the changes stopped, their new dicks had to be at least ten inches long. At last the two screamed in pleasure and white cum gushed through the fabric of their sweater and pants. I couldn't believe they were ejaculating from three penises at once.

Thalia and my mother slowly calmed down while the tents in their clothes shrank and disappeared. When they came back to their senses and noticed me staring at them, there was a quick flash of embarrassment and shock, quickly replaced by an awkward smile. They excused themselves and rushed upstairs, obviously to change their soaked clothes. I used the time to calm down myself and put food on the table.

“Sorry about this,” my mother said while we ate. She looked at lot more embarrassed than my girlfriend. Thalia actually seemed rather pleased with herself. They had changed into a new pair of pants and a sweater similar to the one from before. Even the thick material couldn't hide the new bulges sitting on top of their breasts. I wondered if they had balls attached to their new dicknipples.

“No worries,” I replied, very distracted by their shared chest. “It was an impressive show.”

We all laughed, even if my comment had been not very funny. It dissolved the tension at least.

“Only a few days and we have to get used to a lot more embarrassing things,” Thalia told my mother with a smile.


8 Days till Midwinter Fest

This morning I turned out to be first to get downstairs. I felt a pang of disappointment not to see Thalia and my mother. Not necessarily because I had gotten used to them having prepared breakfast by the time I woke up but more importantly because I wanted to see what new change might have occurred. Thinking about that I actually got a little worried. What if something had gone wrong and they had changed too much or in an unplanned way? 

I called out for them and was quickly greeted by their voices from my mother's bedroom. They told me to wait a little longer. So nothing to worry about after all. Satisfied with the reply, I began preparing breakfast myself. I was in middle of getting the bread out of the oven, when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked up, so full with expectation I almost laughed at my childish glee. However, I almost dropped the bread when I actually saw them.

Thalia and my mother had not grown any new appendages. It was easy to tell because they were dressed only in their underwear. That probably had to do with the fact that they had lost quite a lot of their shared anatomy. Their torso and stomach were gone. Their heads were directly attached to what was left of their waist. Their legs and hips looked unchanged, as far as I could tell. However, I also noticed that the bulge in their pants was a lot larger than yesterday. It took me a moment to realized that they now sported three sets of male genitalia, obvious by the form of the bulges. The underwear had to be a custom design for transformees with oversized packages or multiple sets of genitalia. Their three penises and six balls were perfectly encased.

“You...you look....different, today,” was all I managed to stammer.

I got a double giggle in return. The two smiled at me and took a seat. I almost laughed how their heads were just above the table, as if they were little children. Despite the change in balance, they had not lost any dexterity with their feet. They had no problems at all eating breakfast all by themselves.

When I pointed out the bulge in their pants, they confirmed that they sported two more penises. In fact they used to be their dicknipples. Apparently their breasts had deflated and their nipples had wandered downwards to take a more appropriate place between their legs. However, my mother quickly pointed out that I was not allowed to see them yet. That had to wait till tomorrow.


7 Days till Midwinter Fest

In a weird way I felt quite giddy about getting to see my transformed girlfriend in the nude for the first time today. The fact that I would also see my mother naked in her new form was an odd aspect that I wasn't sure yet how I felt about. For now I chose to ignore it and focus on the excitement. I was just about to get up when I heard a knock at my door.

“Can we come in?”, my mother asked.

“We got a little early Midwinter gift for you,” Thalia continued.

I quickly put on some pants and jumped towards the door. Opening it, I was at first greeted by empty space. To my own shame I had completely forgotten the loss of their torso. But even then I had to look further down than I would have expected. It took me a moment to realize that the two had shrunk by at least a foot. The reason why became obvious when they strutted into the room. Their legs had been completely altered.

Where there had been two shapely, feminine legs before, they now sported chubby, digitigrade limbs. To me they resembled the legs of a chicken or turkey, with fat short thighs and very long feet. However, rather than ending in three splayed out digits, each foot only ended in a single fat toe. It was so thick that it was impossible to tell where the lower legs ended and this single toe began. I was impressed by the way Thalia and my mother managed to keep their balance so easily on these stilt like appendages. Once in the room they elegantly turned to flash their butt at me, which seemed a lot bigger now with their modified legs. Their genitalia were still hidden inside those custom underpants. In fact I could have sworn it was exactly the same pair as yesterday.

“Alright,” Thalia announced, either not noticing or not caring about how I was involuntarily staring at their behind. “We promised a gift.”

“You may undress us,” my mother said. That got my attention and I looked up. At least my mother had the decency to blush.

As was not sure if I heard right. My immediate response was a simple “What?”.

“We want you to undress us,” Thalia repeated. “With these legs we cannot dress ourselves properly anymore. So we thought it is finally time to get used being nude all the time.”

The two of them smiled at me, while my mother continued to explain:
“We kept these on over night. Since we would have trouble getting them off, you have the honour to do it for us. Help us to undress for the last time in our lives.”

I gulped. Things were getting a lot more real now. I felt weirdly excited and a little bit embarrassed considering my mother was involved. However, I would also undress my girlfriend. What got me really, though, was the reality of the fact that they would never wear clothes ever again after this. In its own way it was quite an important moment.

“Sure,” was the only response I could manage and immediately went for their pants. Without thinking I pulled them down and helped them to carefully wriggle their legs out of them one at a time. The moment I pulled them down, I was hit by a musky smell. A weird mix of feminine and masculine fragrances. It reminded me of evenings after Thalia and I had had especially sweaty sex. It was strong but not unpleasant in an odd way.

The last toe-foot came out and I threw the pants into the corner, they would not need them anymore. Finally I got a good look at their shared genitalia. The first sight greeting me was their brown pucker squished between those generous buttocks and below a perfectly normal vagina, maybe a little larger than what Thalia's had been. The pubic hair had been shaved away but stubble was already growing back. Directly beneath their female sex I saw three pairs of dangling balls.

Without thinking I moved around to get a better look at their male genitals. In response I got an embarrassed grin from the both of them. What I saw was exactly what I had expected. Between their legs hung three impressive penises, thick and ten inches long, despite being flaccid, with long, rubbery foreskins what covered the glands. Each penis had its own wrinkled scrotum containing two egg-sized testicles each.

My unbroken attention got the two rather excited themselves. I was surprised to see their three cocks twitch slightly and then slowly rise in a half-erect position. Without any conscious thought I was already reaching out to touch the central penis but I was interrupted by a cough.

“Ah, ah, ah. No touching until Midwinter Fest,” Thalia said in a false admonishing tone.

“You got to wait,” my mother added.

I felt a bit embarrassed but had problems hiding my own excitement.

“So, would you like to accompany us into town,” my mother asked, completely changing the topic.

Of course my answer was yes. It was so bizarre seeing them going out completely nude. Their own anxiety was obvious but they at least tried not to show it. Nonetheless I noticed the way they were nervously scanning their surroundings wherever we went, especially during the train ride to Sebao, looking out for how people reacted to them. Most simply looked away, trying hard to ignore them. I wasn't surprised, considering how few transformees lived here. They were simply not used seeing a two-headed creature with three large penises flopping around and had no idea how to react to that.

Thalia and my mother didn't seem to take these reactions badly, though. Despite their visible embarrassment, they seemed to enjoy this blatant exhibitionism. After all their penises got hard several times during our trip. I was about to make a remark but decided not to. I'd rather tease them later when they were more relaxed. In the end we got some more Midwinter decorations and went to the supermarket. I quickly realized that they had asked me to join them so I could carry the bags. When we were back on our way home the two seemed to be a lot more comfortable being nude.

“You know,” my mother said at one point and turned towards me. “I kind of like being naked like this. It feels more natural.”


6 Days till Midwinter Fest

Despite the previous day I was still kind of shocked seeing my girlfriend and mother nude in the kitchen. Things were getting increasingly surreal. Especially since they still managed to prepare breakfast. Rather than using their feet, they now used their mouths to carry things and put them on the table. It was made a lot easier by the fact that their necks had elongated dramatically over night. Almost two feet long and very prehensile, there was something serpentine about them. Combined with their short, roundish body and bird-like legs, they reminded me a bit of a two-headed ostrich.

There was also one more alteration that had occurred but being so distracted by their new necks, it took me a while to notice. Their entire body was now covered in a dense layer of very manly bodyhair. The stubble around their crotch had been replaced by a dense bush of black curls, spreading up their belly and backwards to surround their vagina and anus. Their legs had probably more hair than mine now. It made their still unaltered heads look completely out of place on such a masculine body.

“At least we won't have to worry about how to shave like this,” Thalia said with a lopsided grin when I mentioned the hair.

The rest of the day was spent mostly by me putting up the newly bought Midwinter decoration, while my mother gave me directions. The mood was becoming increasingly festive.


5 Days till Midwinter Fest

The day started similar to the previous one. I went into the kitchen just to find Thalia and my mother getting everything ready for breakfast, using their mouths as hand replacements with the same ease as they had used their feet before.

I was disappointed to see no new changes. I carefully walked around them in case it was something small but I found nothing. However I did not comment on it, knowing from the last time that it could happen anytime during the day.

As it turned out, I was right but not in the way I thought. This day we spent lunch at a local pub and I realized that it was also the first time that my mother and my girlfriend were eating in public since their legs had been changed. During our last trip into town, we had been too busy to grab anything to eat. I wondered how they were going to go about it, being unable to use cutlery anymore. To my surprise they just went for the same solution as the days before – the most direct one. Both of them just ate straight from the plate using their mouths. They looked almost like animals in the way they picked up individual fries with their lips and just tore out pieces from the steak with their teeth. At one point they went for the steak at the same time, pulling at it like two feral dogs fighting for the same piece of meat. I was a little stunned seeing them like this. It just reminded me of where the journey was going. At the end they would be more like a pet than two people.

While ate, I also noticed something new about their body. There were two dark spots just beneath the base of their necks, on the tiny space of the abdomen that now had to stand in for a chest. At first I just took it for some flecks of gravy but then realize it was actual discolourations.

Over the course of the remaining day I witnessed both spots pushing out and growing into what looked like warts. I quickly realized that they were nipples. It didn't stop there, either. The flesh underneath began to swell, very slowly but just six hours after lunch it was undeniable that they were regrowing their breasts. The growth accelerated in the late evening and continued until I was ready to go to bed. By that point their new breasts had reached quite an impressive size, probably D-cups on a normal chest.

“I hope you are not disappointed,” Thalia said when she caught me staring at their growing titflesh. “We did not intend to become fully male. Instead we thought it to be most fun to become both instead.”

I was definitely not disappointed and said so. After all I was bisexual, so I liked the idea of them ending up with the best of both worlds. I couldn't wait to see how much their breasts would grow until next morning.


4 Days till Midwinter Fest

The two's breasts had indeed grown quite a bit during the night. However, the growth had apparently kept them awake all night long. This time I woke up first. It wasn't until it was almost noon that Thalia and my mother came downstairs.

I was awed by the size of their tits. Dangling from their small body were two mammaries the size of footballs. They were a little more saggy than firm, causing their nipples to almost touch the floor. I could barely see their cocks behind the dangling titflesh.

Aside from that I could see no other alterations, though. I didn't feel disappointed. Seeing their huge tits was already rewarding enough.

The day itself was rather uneventful. We just did a few more preparations for Midwinter Fest and watched some movies. It was during this that something odd happened. We were at the finale of Midwinter at 7th Street that I noticed a wet spot on the carpet underneath where Thalia and my mother were sitting. At first I though they had spilled their drink but then realized that it was still on the table, two straws allowing them to drink without having to actually touch it. It was then that I noticed something drip from behind their breasts. It took me a moment to understand. Their three cocks were leaking pre-cum. They were not erect, but yet white slime was dripping from them.

“Eh, Mom, Sweetie,” I said carefully. “I think you are...ehm....leaking.”

They looked down their body as if they hadn't noticed anything yet and then grinned at me.

“That is the new alteration for today,” my mother said.

“Well...actually this is,” Thalia added and then the two jumped off the sofa and turned around.

I got a good look at their brown pucker and vagina. The latter was glistening with wetness, clear drops falling down and joining the pre-cum on the carpet. What really surprised me, though, was the  white, sticky substance leaking from their anus. It looked like cum. In fact it looked like they had just been fucked and their partner's semen was pouring out.

“It is lubrication,” Thalia began to explain. “We are going to be always ready for sex. Always wet for penetration.”

Both of them actually blushed at that. I did too. For the last few days I hadn't even thought about the fact that we would have sex again after their transformation was complete. Then I  saw their penises again and pointed out that they were leaking, too.

“It is a side-effect,” my mother replied. “We were told it was unavoidable. If we wanted our rear to be lubricated we had to live with our penises leaking, too.”

“Well, I do not mind it,” was all I could reply. I was rewarded with two gentle smiles.

“No worries,” Thalia said. “Its supposed to be easy to clean away.”


Re: Twelve Days

3 Days till Midwinter Fest

Only three days left till Midwinter Fest, which meant there were only four more changes to surprise me. I woke up curious what I would get to see today. There were not many things left I could imagine to happen, considering how massively altered my girlfriend's and mother's shared body already was.

One thing I hadn't considered was something so simple as colours. When I left my room I saw a slimy trail leading from my mother's bedroom down the stairs. It was still wet, so I assumed they hadn't been up for long. Easy to clean or not, things would be rather messy from now on. It would take time to get used to. Carefully avoiding the white slime, I entered the kitchen where Thalia and my mother were already sitting at the table.

“How do you like our new look,” Thalia said jokingly.

Their body was unchanged from yesterday with one major exception, their skin was a bright purple colour, turning a pale lavender on their belly and underside of their necks. Their pubic hair on the other hand was a dark, purplish blue.

“I love it,” I said and meant it. I greatly enjoyed the colour combination.

My mother grinned, her still human face looking bizarre in its new colours.

“I still remember when you were painting pictures as a child. You always went for purple and blue,” she said and chuckled.

In a weird way I felt touched. Based on such an old memory they had deliberately chosen one of my favourite colours for themselves. I could not stop smiling while we ate. Although that was also due to seeing their body's weird perma-lubrication in action. Their penises were dripping cum non-stop, leaving a large puddle underneath their chair, all the while more slime erupted from underneath their butt, dripping down the backside of the chair. Meanwhile they ate breakfast and drank their coffee as if nothing was happening. And this would be the new normal from now on. I couldn't help myself, I loved the thought.

There was one more change I didn't, in fact I couldn't, notice until later once the two were off the chair and we began to clean the kitchen. At one point when they had their rear towards me, I finally noticed it.

“Your vagina is gone,” I exclaimed in surprise. There was only smooth skin where it used to be. As if to make up for it I noticed another pair of testicles hidden behind the three pairs underneath their cocks. With their breast regrown I hadn't expected a change of such nature. Why would they become more male again?

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Thalia said as if it was no big deal.

“Just wait and see,” my mother added. “There is a good reason for that. The balls are just there to help with the lubricant production.”

I did not further push the point. They had something in mind with this and they would certainly not tell me to not spoil the surprise. However, it made me even more curious what their final form would look like.


2 Day till Midwinter Fest

The transformation was getting closer to its conclusion. I was very aware about my own growing excitement which mixed with my joy for Midwinter Fest in an odd way. If it wasn't for the sexual component involved, it would have been almost exactly like when I had been a little child.

Thus I could hardly hide my joy when greeted my mother and girlfriend in the kitchen, like so often in the previous days. I did not notice their new alteration of today right away. It was not as obvious as their previous shift in colours. They had grown a little tail. It was a stubby, hairless nub right above their butt. Despite its little size, it could move. Whenever the two felt happy, their tail began to wag like a dog's.

I could not suppress a chuckle when I saw it. My mother and Thalia reacted with mock indignation. However, apparently they couldn't control their tail, as it continued to wag happily. Eventually I broke in open laughter which quickly spread to the other two.

After that I dismissed their new alteration until the late evening. It was not before then that I noticed that the little tail had grown quite noticeably. What started as a little nub, no larger than a finger tip, it was now a six inch long sausage, hanging flaccidly over their butt. While my mother and girlfriend were lighting some candles, I sneaked up on them and took a closer look. It was not only that the tail had grown but there was something off about its tip. It was slightly more bulbous at the tip and a pointy flap of skin. It took me a moment to realize that I was looking at a foreskin. It a bit too long which was why it looked so weird at first, but there was no doubt, their tail was a penis. It was smaller than the ones between their legs and lacked testicles. Yet once I realized what it was, I noticed the subtle details of its shape and thick veins hidden beneath the skin.

At this point the two had noticed my intense stare and where smiling at me like one might smile at a curious child. I was just about to point out that their new penis was not leaking like the others when a white spot formed at the wrinkled tip of their foreskin. It swelled rapidly and the first drop of pre-cum fell from it. As if a dam had been broken, this drop was quickly followed by more and then a thin but constant stream of pre.

“You know I was just about to ask you about this,” I said, pointing at their now leaking tail.

“Yeah, it was not entirely complete, yet,” Thalia replied. “It took a bit of time. I hope you like it.”

“It looks cute,” I said in return.

I was not just rewarded with two wide smiles but the compliment had been enough for their new appendages to start wagging. Not surprisingly this also meant that they were flinging cum left and right. It took a moment for the two to notice. They blushed and my mother visibly crinched seeing how far this spread the mess they were already making anyway.

“Darn,” she said. “Didn't think about this. I guess cleaning is not going to be as easy as I thought.”


1 Day till Midwinter Fest

When I left my room I was hit by a strong and very distinct smell. It was musky and masculine, something that seemed familiar. It took me a moment to realize that it was the smell of cum. Seeing the additional trails of wet pre criss-crossing the floor, all over the trails from yesterday, I understood why. I was so focused on the cum that I almost overlooked the small envelope right in front of my room's door. That was new. I picked it up and pulled out the small letter inside.

Dear Jeremy,

don't be shocked when you see our surprise for today. It is a slow alteration, so it will probably take all day until it is complete. However, we already lost the ability to speak, thus we will use letters like this one to communicate over the course of today and tomorrow.

Love you
Thalia and Mom

Things were truly getting close to the end. The letter could only mean that whatever changes were left would be rather extreme and most likely affect their faces. I experienced a bizarre mix of excitement, anxiety that even the last of Thalia's and my mother's old features would be gone and also a bit of sadness that the transformation was reaching its conclusion. After taking a deep breath I went downstairs, finding the two sitting in the living room with a glass of water.

At first I did not notice anything different about their faces, feeling a little disappointed. When they smiled at me, however, I thought that there was something off about their features after all. I just couldn't tell what exactly. It took a while until I realized what was wrong. Their features were noticeably flatter and smoother. The subtlety made it far more bizarre than any obvious modification would have been. The effect was as if they wore wax-masks that had begun to melt slightly.

“Good morning,” I said, only getting two nods and smile as an answer.

“So, you want me to prepare breakfast?” I asked, not surprised, when they nodded again.

While we ate I noticed a few more subtle changes. Their hair had visibly thinned, which also made me realize that the shape of their heads was off. It was a little too flat. Rather then mentioning it I watched the two eat. Like the days before they just ate straight from the plate, tearing off pieces of their sandwiches. They seemed a lot more clumsy doing so, however. I saw Thalia struggle with hers quite a lot, even though it was only soft white bread with a bit of jam.

Afterwards I cleaned the kitchen and spent some time reading while the others watched television. By lunchtime I got ready to prepare some food. We still had lasagne from yesterday. Thalia and my mother refused, though. Apparently they were not hungry. Ironically they had started to salivate heavily, though, in fact they were drooling, clear fluid running down their chins. I wondered if that was a temporary symptom of their changing faces or permanent, maybe even linked to their constantly leaking cocks and anus. Their features had further flattened, in fact their noses were little more than nostrils by now, while their hair was so thin that I could easily see their scalps.

Over the course of the day I studied how their faces continued to change. Their skulls essentially shrank, while their faces started to puff up in the afternoon. By the time we were ready to go to bed their heads were almost perfectly spherical. Noses and ears were entirely gone, too. Not even nostrils were left. Their eyes had been pushed slightly sideways and bulged slightly out due to the alterations to their skulls. I couldn't help but be reminded of a puffer fish. All that was left of their hair were a few strands loosely clinging to their scalps. What made me most curious, however, were the beginning changes to their mouths. Aside from the constant drooling they had not changed much, yet. Only in the late evening did they start to shift, drawing into an involuntarily kiss while the upper lips had just begun to pull upwards. I wondered were this was going. Maybe some kind of animalistic maw or an actual fish mouth? The two had still not eaten anything since breakfast. The only reason I was not worried was because I knew it had to do with their transformation. There was some kind of plan behind it and I was sure it had to do with their changing mouths.

When I went to bed my mind ran wild with all kind of ideas what they might look like in the end.


Midwinter Fest

Despite all my varied speculations, I still didn't manage to predict what I saw the next morning. Even though it had been so obvious in hindsight. Thalia and my mother didn't even smile at me when I greeted them this morning. They couldn't.

Their heads were perfectly spherical now, with not even a hint of cheekbones or a jawline. With even the last of their hair gone, their skulls were perfectly smooth. Their eyes were bulging out from the upper end of the sphere, rather far apart. It looked like a childish interpretation of a frogs face. At least in regards to their eyes. Their mouths were a whole different story, though. If one could still call it that. Where their lips had been a day ago where now perfectly formed vaginas. They were of average size and form. They would not have looked out of place between the legs of an ordinary woman. The two had even grown dense bushes of dark pubic hair surrounding their newly altered mouths. What hadn't changed was the drooling, though. Their slits were leaking clear fluids into their pubic beards. I blushed. It was among the weirdest but also most arousing things I had ever seen. My trouser felt really tight out of a sudden.

I asked if they wanted something for breakfast but they shook their heads, flinging clear liquid all over the sofa. It didn't matter, for their tail was wagging with so much excitement that half the living room was already covered in pre-cum. They pointed at a small envelope on the table. I picked it up, noticing dried patches of fluids all over it. They must have awkwardly carried it with their new mouths. I pulled out the letter inside.

Dear Jeremy,

We hope you like our new looks. That's why we sacrificed our shared vagina, for we knew we would regain our womanhood in a different way. It also means there is one surprise left but you won't get it till tonight.

Do not worry about food, we cannot eat anything, but we wouldn't mind something to drink. Our digestive system is still changing.

Much Love
Thalial and Mom

I smiled and turned towards them, saying “You want some orange juice, then?”

This time they nodded.

The rest of the day we spent together lazing around, or rather them watching some films while I marvelled at their new appearance. There was so little left of their former forms that it was like looking at a completely different creature. They were masculine and feminine at the same time. Bizarre and inhuman but also so sexual. Part of me was freaked out by the fact that I was getting aroused not just by my girlfriend but also my mother, but it was something I would have to get used to. It was amazing to see them drink their juice with their facial vaginas, using straws, or scratch their hairy butt by awkwardly bending on of their legs around. Each movement made their massive breasts jiggle wildly or caused their cocks to fling cum around,especially the tail. Not to mention the involuntary puddle underneath their butt that they essentially wallowed in. I felt ashamed to admit but to me they had become the sexiest creature I had ever seen.

When the evening drew closer I prepared dinner for myself. We rarely celebrated the holiday with more than maybe my grandmother when I was a child, so I was used to small dinners rather than the massive feast many other families put together. Nonetheless it felt odd just making something for myself. In the end I had steak with roast potatoes while the two most important women in my life shared a bottle of wine. They didn't bother with glasses. Instead they had two straws right in the bottle.

Afterwards was time for presents. Time for my the surprise. For the first time in years I felt like a little child again. It was hard to keep down my excitement. To cover it up I gave the two my present first.

“To be perfectly honest, I had already organised presents for the two of you but the way you have changed yourself, I doubt they'd be of any use to you now. So instead I got you something new last minute,” I said as I gave them the wrapped box, feeling a bit embarrassed as it was definitely not as big or impressive a gift than I would have liked to.

The two poked at it with their toe-feet, quickly realizing that they had no means to unwrap it anymore. With an apology I unwrapped and opened the box myself. The thing I had gotten for them was a warmth-stone, a little yellow gem attached to a black string. There was a simple enchantment on the stone, commonly used for dalsur but also popular among many transformees. From their looks I could tell that neither of the two recognized what it was.

“It is enchanted,” I explained. “It will keep you warm, even in the middle of a blizzard.”

The two nodded their thanks, genuine happiness in their eyes. It reached over and realized that I had completely forgotten that they shared a body but still had two separate necks. For a moment I hesitated and then put the necklace around what I was sure was Thalia's neck. With their new faces it was hard to tell, they looked absolutely identical and their eye colours had been very similar from the start.

The two happily observed the glowing gem for a moment and then turned towards me. A leg pointed at two small envelopes identical to the ones they had used before. However, this time they were labelled. I went for the one that had “Open first” written on it. There was not only a letter inside but also a small red capsule. I immediately had an idea where this was meant to go. The letter only confirmed my suspicion.

Dear Jeremy,

this is it. Our physical transformation is already at its end. The alterations to our faces were the last changes left. However, there is still something missing and we would like you to do it for us. The pill inside the envelope is actually a suppository. It contains a customized, mind altering drug. It will change our minds, reducing them to the level of an animal, albeit a clever one, and overwrite our personalities to some degree. We will be nothing more than your pet. It might sound like a very drastic decision but we want to go all the way. We want to become something entirely new. Don't think of it as if we were to be lost in the process. Our memories will stay. So think about it more like a renewal.

That's why we would like you to insert the suppository. We want you to be the one to complete our journey.

Afterwards you can open the other envelope. It contains a little introduction of the creature we will have become.

Both of us love you from our deepest hearts and we want to stay in your life forever.

Happy Midwinter
Thalia and Mom

I was speechless. They hadn't been joking about wanting to be my pet. Going so far as to have their minds scrambled. It was hard to believe. In fact I was going through a whirlpool of emotions. Part of me was aroused, excited and deeply touched by how far the two were going just to make me happy. But there was also a flash of guilt for the very same reason and an odd pang of loss, knowing that my mother and my girlfriend would stop existing as the people they used to be for good.

Taking a deep breath, I thanked them, trying hard to express how much I meant it. Then I took the little red capsule and said: “Alright, now turn around.”

They did as I told them, lifting up their butt so I got a good look at their overflowing asshole and flaying tail. I had to be careful not to be hit in the face by cum. I pressed the suppository gently against their sphincter, very slowly, brushing it a little around the puckered ring. It was in part to tease them a little but also to draw out the moment.

“I love you, both of you,” I said and finally pushed the little red capsule deep into their rectum.

“I love you, too,” each head said almost simultaneously.

I saw the emotions in their eyes as they looked at me, then suddenly their stares turned blank for a moment, just before rolling back into their sockets and then being tightly shut. Whatever was happening to them had to be incredibly arousing, as I saw their three penises quickly rise and leaking more pre-cum than I had seen them do ever before. Their tail stopped waging, due to becoming too erect to move. I could not take my eyes off, noticing that my own member was getting hard, too.

What took me by surprise, though, was when they began to moan. I had thought they had lost their voices entirely. What began as feminine moans quickly shifted into something less human. As their breathing became quicker and more erratic, the noises they made turned into little more than bestial grunts. They almost sounded like dogs in heat. It was a priceless sight. After what felt like hours, the two finally shouted out in wet, guttural roars, not feminine or even human in nature, a moment before their penises erupted. They shot thick streams of cum all over the living room, some of it landing on the the far wall. It was unreal. Four dicks ejaculating more semen each than any man could ever produce. It only lasted for a few moments but that was enough to leave small puddles of white slime all across the room. Thalia and my mother slumped back down into the sofa, their breathing slowing down. They looked exhausted.

Then they opened their eyes. My jaw dropped. Where before their eyes had still looked human in nature, despite their position, they were now nothing more than solid black orbs. The two looked at me and tilted their heads slightly. I was reminded of two curious dogs. There was no sign of human intelligence left in their expressions.

“How do you feel?” I asked, unsure if I would get a response. I didn't. Instead they just continued to stare at me, almost as if they expected something from me. Either their minds had truly been reduced or they were playing me for a fool. I wasn't sure what I rather preferred. Then I noticed the other envelope on the table. I had almost forgotten about it. I picked it up and began to read the letter.

Dear Jeremy,

Congratulations to your new pet. My name is Cocksucker.

With the suppository inserted I am now little more than dumb pet. My two heads still sport a separate mind each. So technically I am a “we”. But since each of my two minds has been dumbed down to the level of an animal, there is not much of a point to address each individually anymore.
Thus I'd prefer you to treat me just like a single entity.

My new name might sound a little rude but it is also very appropriate. There is a reason why your mother and your girlfriend haven't eaten for more than a day. While I can still digest drinks and other light liquids, I cannot eat solid food any longer. Instead my body has been rewired for a single main sustenance – cum. I won't need a lot. A single man is more than enough to keep me fed. Take a guess which man I have in mind.

I won't be much good any more for housework or other tasks but you won't regret having me around. That's why I will stay with you in your dorm. Your mother and your girlfriend already got you a permission from the university administration. Meanwhile this house will be maintained and managed by an agency until you have graduated. Then you can either move in or sell it. Don't worry about the costs. Your mother paid the agency in advance with her savings and the right to sell off all her belongings that she knew you wouldn't want to keep.

With all said and done. I love you. Both my minds do.

I am hungry now, however. Please feed me.

In love

I smiled at the stylistic choice to write the letter from the point of view of their new self. I was sure it had been my mother's idea. She had always liked such a level of detail. I struggled not to shed a tear. The little creature was still staring at me, its expression unchanged.

“Well then, Cocksucker,” I said happily. “Are you hungry?”

That it understood. The two headed creature jumped onto its feet and bounced up and down in almost childlike excitement, tail wagging happily. It got a chuckle out of me. Knowing what my new pet wanted, I had no reason to hold back anymore. I pulled down my trousers and then my pants, throwing both to the side. Then I sat onto the sofa next to Cocksucker, avoiding the wet spot where it had sat. It is hard to describe how anxious I felt. It was like having sex for the first time all over again.

My penis was still hard, now finally freed from those uncomfortably tight pants. I spread my legs and lifted my pelvis slightly, signalling to Cocksucker that it could approach. No matter how Thalia and my mother had their brains altered and dumbed down, the little creature understood right away. Joyfully it jumped towards me, its massive boobs and cocks bouncing all over the place. In fact its balance was so off that it stumbled, almost falling off the sofa. Only in the last moment did it catch itself. Cocksucker shuffled closer towards me and both heads darted towards my penis. Both of them were so focused on it that they actually got into each other's way. I chuckled, amused to see them fight with each other for the right to suck first. Both heads pushed each other away until the right one won and wrapped its wet lips around my dick before the other could get in the way.

I grunted in pleasure. Cocksucker's facial vaginas were surprisingly tight, squeezing my shaft in just the right way. When I closed my eyes I could almost see Thalia riding it like she would have done not so long ago. The right head intensified its pace, moving up and down, never letting go of my cock, sucking it instead like a lollipop. Even the way its pubic beard tickled my balls was pleasant. I was in absolute heaven, especially considering that I hadn't had sex for more than two weeks by this point. There was a faint, distracting thought whether or not it was my mother who was fellating me. I did not dwell on it, preferring to just enjoy the sensation. After all it did not matter any longer.

While Cocksucker's right head continued to literally facefuck my dick, I reached out towards the left head. I gently stroked its cheek while it leaned into my hand like a dog or cat. With my thumb I carefully brushed over its labia, causing it to shudder. I brushed the wet lips again, getting the same result. It clearly liked the attention, so I pushed my thumb deep into its hole. Cocksucker's left head pushed back, sucking my digit like its companion served my dick. My new pet was really getting into it. A soft nudge against my thigh woke me from my own sexual haze and I noticed how the creature was rubbing its penises against my leg, completely lost to bliss itself.

It all seemed like hours to me. All those new sensations and the bizarre sight of Cocksuckers hypersexual body. The feeling of its cocks on my legs, the sensation of its warm and sticky pre-cum landing all over my lower body, the sight of those large, saggy breasts swaying back and forth, the thick nipples occasionally brushing against my thigh. So much to experience and on top of that the most intense blowjob I of my life, all while I fingered another vagina that happened to be in the middle of a face. It could have lasted forever, I wouldn't have minded. However, in truth, it all only lasted a few minutes. After weeks without sex, all while witnessing the two most important women in my life merge into my sexual fantasy, had essentially left me under such pressure that my whole body was begging for relief. The two former women probably felt the same.

I heard a deep, human moan and then realized it was my own voice. The pressure in my groin reached the breaking point, as I reached orgasm. I think I blacked out for a split moment. It was the most intense climax I had ever experienced so far. I didn't even know such a thing was possible. I could feel my seed disappearing into Cocksucker's throat, the creature greedily gulping down all of it. At the same time my little pet experienced an orgasm of its own. I felt the other head's slit pressing hard against my thumb, contracting as it experienced a female orgasm while at the same time its cocks ejaculated thick strands of semen all over my legs and the sofa. It was brilliant.

When my mind cleared, I found myself leaning back against the sofa. Feeling exhausted and satisfied. The cum covering half my body was pleasantly warm, although part of me already dreaded the clean up. Cocksucker was snuggled against my leg, eyes closed and looking very satisfied. I could see a little bit of white cum trickle from the right head's facial vagina. Meanwhile the other orifices were still leaking their respective fluids.

The evening was still young. Not even half an hour later both of us were ready for another round. After all I hadn't fed Cocksucker's left head yet. Once the creature had been fed again, we continued snuggling and fondling one another for hours, until I finally felt myself nodding off.

“Time for bed,” I said and went upstairs, my new pet staying close behind me. I entered my bedroom without even considering that my mother's bedroom was free for use now. It didn't matter, I was too tired. However, I was greeted by one last surprise. On my bed lay what I at first took for a pair of handcuffs. Giving it another look, it turned out to be two dog collars, though, connected by a thick chain. There was even a little brass plaque attached to that chain, the name Cocksucker proudly engraved into it.

I turned towards Cocksucker. The little critter was standing at the door, staring at me expectantly. I wondered how much intelligence it truly had left in both its heads. After all, I was told that their memories were still intact. There was no doubt they still knew about the collars.

“Alright then. I guess it will suit you well,” I said with a smile, my pet understanding well enough and jumping happily towards me. I took off the warmth gem for the time being and carefully fastened the collars around each neck. My reward were some sloppy kisses on each cheek, the equivalent of a dog licking a face and no less wet. Cocksucker seemed happy enough with its new accessory. It felt like it had been the last step in the two former women's transition. The collars essentially made their new status as a pet official. It even managed to give me an odd feeling of closure.

Before I could fall onto my bed and get some well deserved sleep, Cocksucker launched itself onto the bed. It bounced up and down happily and then turned around. Bending down, it presented its plumb ass towards me, its swollen sphincter in full view. The message was obvious. I sighed. The little creature had a lot more stamina than I had thought.

“You are  insatiable, aren't you”, I said but only got two almost pleading looks in return.

I chuckled and stroked my cock to get it hard. Despite my own exhaustion, it did not need much time. It was hard to describe how much my new pet turned me on, especially seeing its four pairs of balls sway around beneath its butt.  There was no foreplay or teasing. I was too tired and horny for that. I wanted to go straight for the main course and plunged my penis into that inviting anus. Finally I understood how great an idea the self-lubrication was, no matter how much of a mess it left everywhere. I never had anal sex before but I new that usually some form of lubrication was advised but in this case there was no need. My member slid smoothly into Cocksucker's rectum.

After having been facefucked twice by the creature, it was hard to imagine that there could have been something even better. Nonetheless I found myself enjoying this the most so far. My pet's swollen sphincter squeezed my cock in ways I had never experienced before. It was similar to the sex I had before but still very different. With my last strength I fucked the little creature, each thrust causing its tits and genitals to bounce around wildly. Keeping one hand on the bed to stay steady, I reached around with the other to fondle one of Cocksucker's breasts. They felt surprisingly firm, despite their saggy appearance. The nipples were rock hard and almost the size of wine corks, each squeeze caused the two heads to grunt happily, the voices deep and guttural.

Again, it did not take long for the both of us to reach climax. This time the little creature came first, its penises releasing as much cum as before. Even its two pussy mouths squirted clear liquid like their were imitating the massive members below. Cocksucker's sphincter squeezed tight involuntarily, the sensation just enough to drive me other the edge, too. With a satisfied grunt I shot my own load into its rear. Then the world turned dark.


2nd Midwinter Day

I woke up with most of my limbs aching. My head throbbed. The events of yesterday felt like a dream. It was impossible to think that my girlfriend and my mother had decided to merge together and become nothing more than a dumb sexpet. Yet the sticky dampness beneath me was proof enough.

With a groan I awkwardly pushed myself off the bed. It seemed like I had fallen asleep while I was still ejaculating into Cocksucker's ass, sleeping in the middle of the creature's mix of cum and vaginal fluids. I could feel dried gunk on my back and the right side of my face. I desperately needed a shower.

Cocksucker was still asleep, curled up on the carpet next to the bed. Its body was also covered in dried cum, while more of the stuff was leaking from every orifice, slowly spreading across the carpet. I gently nudged the creature with my foot. Both heads opened their dark eyes and looked at me like confused dogs.

“Time to take a shower,” I said with a smile. “And afterwards you can have breakfast.”

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Re: Twelve Days

Not bad! I really like the progressive transformation here.


Re: Twelve Days

Agreed. I think the slower build-up makes the end very rewarding!


Re: Twelve Days

An awesome Xmas gift. Thanks Demon-Man!


Re: Twelve Days

Like the others, I loved the slow buildup and process, it was great.  The only gripe I had was just personal preference....Identity death is one of the biggest turnoffs for me ^^;

Story was well written in format as well...nice spin on the twelve days of christmas.