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Gosh, normally i don't really like f2m. But this TF is great!


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Thank you Demon-Man. Here is another one. Just finished it.


By the way how can i post pictures here?


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Wolf wrote:

Thank you Demon-Man. Here is another one. Just finished it.


By the way how can i post pictures here?

Use the 'img' tag on the top right of the comment form. Though since you're uploading those pics to Furaffinity, another way you could do it is upload them here as attachments (you have to click the 'preview' button in the bottom first).


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Also, keep em' coming DM, these are great!


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Use the 'img' tag on the top right of the comment form. Though since you're uploading those pics to Furaffinity, another way you could do it is upload them here as attachments (you have to click the 'preview' button in the bottom first).

Thank you


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The mother is a squid, and the daughters octopuses. Curious about what's next.


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Too bad this is just male-on-male! The triple CTF at the beginning really had me going.


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Faye wrote:

Too bad this is just male-on-male! The triple CTF at the beginning really had me going.

Agreed. Love the story so far, but hoping to see some more CTF, FTP, or other body part transformations in the latter chapters (be they on animals, humans, or whatever else is there).


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Soooo, how's progress on the next chapter?


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Almost done but I had no time lately to do the editing. I hope I can post some more this weekend.


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Awesome. big_smile. Take whatever time you need.


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While the Ottrich sisters were still making out underneath the table, Lord and Lady Varhaun were discussing the fate of their daughter.

“Lord Semander's sons are already courting the daughters of House Dolgar and Ummjarf. This means that all the young men here are already promised to someone or in the process of arranging the engagement,” Casper explained.

He wasn't shocked by the prospect of his wife getting transformed. He had never considered it but then again it appealed to his fantasies. He knew Farah was looking forward to it, too. Neither of them, however, was willing to let their daughter end up as part of some animal. Thus they had to make sure that she was promised to another noble by the end of the night, at least formally.

Unfortunately there were not that many young bachelors present to begin with, for one reason or another. Obviously they had been approached immediately after the king's speech by those families with daughters that were still unengaged and thus threatened by the king's final declaration. By now there was probably not a single boy left not yet promised to someone.

“I've heard that a few houses have arranged for their daughters to be promised to one another. But I do not know how many of the ones left would be willing to do the same,” Farah explained. It sounded like a good tactic. By the end of the night, everybody left would be male, anyway. Thus the prospect of offspring was no longer relevant for arranging a marriage.

“Maybe we need to accept that Simonna will have to be fused to a horse, I've heard those turned into penises are quite happy with their new lives,” Farah continued. It sounded more like she was trying to convince herself.

Casper knew that it was not so much the idea of her daughter becoming some bodypart that she objected to. He knew his wife's opinion on this kind of transformations well enough and agreed. The real problem was the thought that she would become part of an animal, most likely deprived of the touch by another human.

Around them the celebrations were rather calm. Most of the guests still seemed stunned and insecure how to go about what King Irek had demanded of them. Many were huddled in small groups whispering among each other, while others gulped down glasses of whine with a bit too much haste, probably in order to calm their nerves. Aside from the dakini-spawns they had not seen any transformees yet. At least until they heard a familiar voice.

“Farah, Casper. It is good to see you. I missed you in the crowd earlier,” a high pitched, female voice called from behind them.

Farah would recognize that voice anywhere. It belonged to Lady Bhelbrecht. Her house was one of the most influential with close ties to the royal court. And she was a good friend of Farah. The creature approaching her and her husband didn't look anything like Lady Bhelbrecht, however. At first sight Farah thought of a pear on legs. The being was a good bit dmaller than herself and its body had almost the exact shape of the fruit, a round, almost spherical lower body and a smaller, round bulge on top. The upper portion was obviously the head, bald and only sporting two bright, eyes and a wide mouth with blown up lips so thick that they no longer looked human at all. Without a neck, it appeared more like an extension of the torso, which in return was little more than a sphere with a belly-button. There was no chest or even nipples. The creature had neither shoulders nor arms but short and thick legs sprouting from its hips. The feet were large and ended in two fat digits. Between those legs swayed a surprisingly small penis, no larger than Casper's thumb. Farah couldn't see any testicles underneath it which struck her as odd.

She hesitated at first but then noticed Lord Bhelbrecht following a few steps behind the transformee.

“Matilda, is that you? You look different,” she finally replied, her lips curling into a smile. “Its also nice to see you, Robert.”

Casper also greeted the two and for a short while their worries were forgotten. Instead the two men engaged in a discussion about local politics while Farah congratulated Lady Bhelbrecht on her, or rather his, new form.

“Its just a shame with my new genitalia. I do not mind the size of my penis but I had hoped for some testicles to go with it. Don't mind me saying that but if I have to become a male, I deserve to have an appropriate set of balls, don't you think?” he said and giggled. Then his expression suddenly shifted, though, into one of genuine concern. “But tell me, dear, are you alright? You looked like something was wrong a moment ago.”

Farah sighed and explained the whole situation concerning Simonna to her friend. The odd pear-creature nodded at every important point, which looked like its head sunk a little more into its body.

“Ah, that sounds like quite a pickle,” he replied. “We did not have to deal with such a problem. Our Willard couldn't come here with his wife since he is currently wrapping up the campaign in Feldearth. If I can help you with your daughter, just let me know.”

It was a nice gesture but Farah shook her head. She told her friend the same she had told Casper, that they probably just had to accept Simonna's fate. Lady Bhelbrecht nodded but then looked away as if in thought.

“Wait a moment,” she said. “I have an idea. Maybe we can help each other.”


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At first Simonna had outright rejected her parents' proposal. It had sounded insane.

“You remember Lady Matilda Bhelbrecht? We used to visit them at their winter mansion,” her mother had said. “She asked if you where interested in becoming her testicles?”

It was the most bizarre and outrageous idea she had ever heard. Yet, her mother's arguments had begun to make sense. There was no way to avoid being fused to someone. So at the very least she could make sure that it was not an animal she became a part of. In addition the gesture would improve relations with House Bhelbrecht and thus improve her family's standing with the royal court. It was not that Simonna was necessarily afraid of such a fate. It was not one she would have chosen, but she had spent so much time around the transformed that she knew that there was something to enjoy even about the most extreme alterations. What vexed her was the fact that she had no real say in the matter. In the end she had reluctantly agreed nonetheless. She was not happy but it was probably one of the better options. She had not been thrilled about the idea to be married off to some random guy, either.

Half an hour later Matilda Bhelbrecht was waiting for her in the middle of the ball room, sitting on a stool with his legs spread wide. One of the alchemist's assistants was standing next to him, a small bottle in his hands. A crowd of curious onlookers had formed around him, standing in a semi-circle.
With so many eyes on her, Simonna finally felt the first onset of anxiety. She had not thought the fusion would occur here. Her mother gave her a final hug and her father squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. To her surprise the both of them looked proud. Before she could say anything they gently turned her towards the waiting creature that she was supposed to become a part of.

“Don't worry, child,” Matilda said. “I will take good care of you.”

“I am sure you will enjoy it,” Simonna's mother said, sounding genuine.

She gulped and tried to muster her courage. It was dumb to be nervous about this. It was beneath the daughter of a noble house like her. She took a step forward, ready to face her fate. But then the alchemical assistant cleared his throat.

“I fear the young lady has to undress for the process to work,” he said.

Simonna was about to protest. That was just too much. She could barely force herself to have the fusion done in front of other people. This was enough to make her nearly panic. Lady Bhelbrecht must have noticed the shift in her expression and snapped her out of it.

“Nothing wrong about that, right, Simonna,” his voice was warm and comforting. “I do not intend to ever cover my new genitalia. So what difference does it make if you undress now? As my testicles you will stay naked forever, anyway?”

This twisted logic actually helped Simonna to calm herself. The creature was right. She was about to become the former woman's genitalia, so who cared if anybody got to see her naked now? At least some people might remember what she looked like as a human. With renewed courage, she began to take of her dress. Layer after layer fell away until she was entirely nude. She still felt embarrassed, despite herself.

“Okay,” she mumbled, feeling every pair of eyes on her exposed skin. “Lets get this over with, okay?”

The waiting assistant motioned her to sit down in front of Lady Bhelbrecht with her head resting against his crotch. It was a humiliating position, causing Simonna to blush even more. It didn't help that she could feel the tiny penis resting on top of her skull. Before she could tell the alchemist's aid to hurry up, the man poured the content of the bottle over her head. It was a thin, green slime which made her scalp tickle instantly.

At first the sensation just spread across her head and down her neck but nothing else. She even wondered if the substance had been a dud. If all this embarrassment had been for nothing. Then all her muscles tensed at once. It felt like an all-body cramp but strangely without pain. The sudden tension was immediately followed by an odd sense of motion, as if she was dragged backwards. Her head stayed where it was, however. Instead Simonna saw her legs slowly pull back into her body, shrinking at an increasing pace. The same was happening to her arms. Even though this had to be expected, she could not suppress a surprised shriek. Only that no sound escaped her lips.

Without even noticing, her mouth had fused shut. Not just her lips but she could actually feel her tongue being absorbed and her jaw merging into her skull. Her nose also began to melt into her changing face, while she was that her ears were disappearing, too. Meanwhile her limbs were entirely gone, her body only kept upright by leaning against the chair and Matilda's body.

At this point her stomach began to grumble loudly. She felt no pain or nausea but she could clearly tell how her insides were rearranging and changing. It was the most surreal experience so far. At the same time her stomach began to bulge outwards while her torso lost its form. Her ribcage seemed to dissolve, causing the mass of her body to sack down into her inflating belly which was absorbing her abdomen into itself. Simonna's eyes widened when she felt her vagina suddenly pull together and disappear into her changing flesh.

The transformation continued to accelerate. The skin of her lower body became thicker and developed deep wrinkles. She noticed her hair falling out, while her head was slowly pulled into Matilda's crotch. Her breasts and shoulders had vanished together with her remaining bones, leaving her body little more than a formless sack resting on the ground, while her head was just a smooth sphere with only her eyes left.

Simonna could now easily see her organs moving and swelling inside the loose skin of her body. To her it was like seeing invisible hands working with putty. The twisting mass reformed into a single round shape which then separated into two. In the end there where two large egg-like shapes, two testicles filling what was obviously a scrotum. Simonna wondered if that was it, but there was still that pull at the back of her head. However, she also felt a growing pressure inside her two new organs. She could tell that they were filling up. Within seconds the sensation turned from mildly uncomfortable to almost painful.

Suddenly a voice screamed loudly just above her. It took the former girl a moment to realize that it was Matilda. Was he in pain? It did not sound like pain, more like...lust. Before she could wonder any more about what was happening, a thick, white substance landed in front of her, half a metre away. It was only a tiny amount, maybe a tea spoon's worth. It was immediately followed by another load and then another. A second later it was a continuous stream. Finally Simonna understood. The creature was ejaculating. She had not even noticed the little penis lifting off her head from going erect. However, she could feel the pressure inside her lessening. It was a wonderful sensation. Not just the relief itself, which was brilliant on its own, but also something other, more sexual. The pleasure was almost orgasmic and Simonna lost herself in it, to the point where she did not notice how her body continued to change.

After what felt like hours the sensation finally stopped. It took some moments for the former girl to come back to her senses. She hadn't experienced a climax per se but it was very close. A part of her wanted to doze off, hazy from the pleasure but then she realized that she was no longer resting on the ground. Instead she was hanging freely, her head now firmly merged  into Lady Bhelbrecht's crotch. The fusion was over, she was no more than a scrotum and pair of balls now.  Oddly enough it was a liberating thought. Her fate was sealed and she could focus on making the best of it.

“Oh she looks great,” she heard her mother's voice say. “I am sure she will enjoy this new life.”

Farah and Casper Varhaun had witnessed all of their daughter's transformation and were now having a good look at her final form while congratulating Lady Bhelbrecht to the new addition. Below the tiny penis was now an oversized pair of balls. The loose scrotum hang rather low and contained testicles the size of apples. The only remainder of their daughter were her eyes, slightly smaller in size now and positioned to either side and a little below Matilda's penis. They still looked a little dizzy.

“Don't worry, I will take good care of her, as promised,” Matilda replied and swung her hips for emphasis, causing her new balls to sway back and forth.

The motion made Simonna slightly nauseous. The boneless nature of her new form did not help. It was such an odd sensation to feel her insides, no more than two large, solid spheroids moving around in a loose sack of skin. It reminded her of her stomach dropping whenever she had jumped off a tree as a child or ridden a horse at full gallop. It wasn't as pleasant as her transformation had been, making her wonder if she would get used to it with time.

At least she was sure she could adjust to the little penis in front of her eyes. It was almost like having an oversized nose, only that she could not feel it. All she could experience was her own scrotum of a body, everything above her eyes did not exist, including that little cock she now served. Thinking about it, she noticed that the faint pressure in her two testicles which was slowly increasing once more. She was pretty sure she would get emptied several times more this night. She was looking forward to it.


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This was definitely worth the wait. Great TF!  And well written too.


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specifically testicle tf is wild. Nice work.