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“You're sure that was the right decision?” Casper asked, his voice neutral. No matter what, seeing his sweet girl turned into a scrotum had to have shaken him at least a little. Matilda had just left again with his husband, going back to the private chambers. It was obvious that the fusion had left the creature horny again. Lord Bhelbrecht didn't seem to mind, in fact he had a broad smile on his face when they said their good byes.

With the couple out of earshot, Casper felt free to express his concern. Farah new the perfect way to lift his spirits.

“Of course it was. Matilda is surely going to take good care of her. You saw her eyes, she is going to love her new life,” she said. Then she snug up close to him, just so her breasts gently brushed against his arm, and whispered into his ear. “Now it is my turn for a make-over.”

That got the reaction she wanted. Her husbands eye went wide with expectation. She kissed his cheek and grinned. Together they went past the alchemist's stand and took a potion. Farah had contemplated for a moment to have the man craft a custom transformation for her but then dismissed it. She preferred to be surprised. Luckily one of the private chambers had been free. Now she stood in the small bedroom, entirely naked and striking a pose, giving Casper a good look at her body for the last time. It was also the final time she would get to see her unaltered self. Her looks had always been important to her. Thanks to a healthy diet, exercise and a few minor alchemical aids, she was a stunning beauty. Tall, slender, with wide hips and equally large breasts that were still youthfully firm. She had put so much work into her body but oddly enough, felt an exhilarating thrill at the idea to destroy it now, like the childish joy of kicking over a sand castle that had taken hours to build.

She was just raising the vial to her mouth when she was struck by an idea. She slowly lowered her arm again and put the cork back into the vial, her eyes wide. Casper noticed and asked if something was wrong.

“I just had a thought,” she replied, staring into the distance, as if she was talking to herself. “Wait a minute. I just need to get something from the alchemist.”

Farah then rushed out the room, leaving a dumbstruck Casper sitting at the edge of the bed. She didn't even care that she was still naked. He knew how easily she could obsess over something. Nonetheless it had been years since she had so easily forgotten her surroundings like this. Whatever idea she had, it had to really have enthralled her. A few minutes later she returned, a second vial with a different substance in her other hand.

“What is this about?” Casper asked.

“Its for after the transformation,” was the only explanation he got. “I always wanted to try it.”

That said she carefully put the new vial on a nearby drawer and uncorked the previous one. Without saying anything else she drank the content in one.

“Tastes like strawberry,” she muttered surprised. Then her body turned around so suddenly and quickly that Farah shrieked in shock, while the vial flew out of her hand and shattered against the wall. What shocked Casper even more, though, was the fact that only her torso had made the turn. Her lower body had not moved at all, so that her waist was now twisted by 180°.  For a moment he thought the potion had somehow broken his wife's spine but then he noticed that her body's upper and lower half still blended into one another seamlessly, as if she had always been like that, no twisted flesh or broken spine, as far as he could tell.

Farah was equally perplexed by her new point of view and how natural it felt. However, there was a tickling sensation spreading all across her body that promised further changes to come. Before she could wonder what else might happen, her fingers started to go numb and slowly recede into her hands. The process accelerated quickly. Before her eyes first her fingers, then her hands and finally her arms simply melted away. There was no pain or discomfort, she just lost sensation in her limbs and saw them shrivel away until all that was left were smooth shoulders.

She was not afraid or horrified by the disappearance of her arms. She didn't worry about what it meant for her future. All she felt was an immense excitement at seeing her once beautiful body change and become something more simple and, a lot more bizarre. Her transformation continued to pick up speed. While she still marvelled at her empty shoulders, her upper torso began to deflate and fall into itself. Her once full and perky breasts turned into formless sacks of skin in seconds before being absorbed by her contracting chest. Just a few moments later her head was sprouting from her hips, just above her butt.

“Oh my,” Farah said, sounding rather amused than shocked. “I didn't expect that. Oh..uh.”

Her feet suddenly started to twist around, in a manner not unlike her upper body before. The sudden motion caused Farah nearly to fall over but she managed to keep her balance, while carefully shifting her weight to allow for each foot to finish its rotation. Once set in their knew position they began to grow rapidly. Not just in length but also in width. Her toes were splayed wide and grew longer until they were all of equal size, as long as a man's fingers but twice as thick.  She was left with her feet splayed like fans and easily three times the size they used to be.

Farah only had a moment to marvel at her new feet before she was hit by a sudden wave of pure arousal. Her vagina was already wet but now began to feel increasingly hot as if burning up from the inside. The warmth spread all through her body, overwhelming her senses with a sexual charge she hadn't experienced since she had been a teenager.

While his wife closed her eyes in bliss and moaned erotically, Casper had a good look at the final stages of her transformation. At first her skin seemed to blush but then darkened into a more unnatural shade of red. A moment later and she was the colour of a ripe apple. At the same time her legs had shortened visibly, losing half their length, although they actually gained a little bit more in thickness. Since her knees were still pointing the way they used to, Farah was left with a very odd, almost birdlike stance.

Her head began to change, too. When her skin had changed colour, her hair had simply fallen off. All at once, almost sliding off like a bad wig. It allowed Casper to appreciate the changes now happening to his wife's skull. It was flattening while her face pushed outwards. Her facial structure completely reconfigured, her entire head taking on a spade-like shape. Her features were taking on a rather reptilian look, reminding Casper of a snake or lizard. Farah's ears simply disappeared, while her nose shrank away to leave only slit-like nostrils behind. Her eyes were left high on her wide head, just short of poking out like a frog's. Meanwhile her mouth had widened with the reshaping of her jaw, while her lips had vanished away, leaving her with nothing more than thick, fleshy flaps but no distinct lips. It made her face resemble a lizard even more.

By now Farah was lost in pleasure. Her entire body was on fire while an intense pressure was growing inside her guts. She had never felt aroused like this before. She was sure she would orgasm any moment. As if as a response to her thought, the pressure reached the breaking point. Something exploded outwards, washing away any coherent thought with a climax unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Casper saw his wife tense and scream loudly. It was not in pain but pleasure. What took him truly by surprise, though, was the massive lump of flesh suddenly erupting from her vagina. It was three feet long and as thick as his thighs. The sudden weight caused his wife to finally lose balance and fall onto her bum, which ironically was now her front. Taking a closer look Casper realized that the odd, rigid piece of meat was actually an enormous penis, thick veins snaking across its surface, pulsing with need. A moment later thick ropes of cum shot from its tip. He was not really surprised by that. He had seen enough similar transformations to know that a freshly grown penis would often ejaculate straight away. The amount of cum was not unusual either, considering the size of the organ, and he was sure she would continue to cum for at least another minute. The only thing that got to him was to see such a specimen on his wife.

Almost two minutes later the stream of cum slowly died down. A few remaining drops fell off as the shaft began to soften. Farah was panting heavily, still dazed and exhausted from such a climax. However, suddenly a large orb pushed out of her overstretched vagina, squeezing through beneath her shaft. The process caused a small eruption of cum from her cock and a weak but surprised shriek. A second orb squeezed through right after the first, followed again by more cum and another yelp. Casper noticed that the two orbs were both covered by a layer of skin. It took him a moment to realized that he was looking at his wife's scrotum and testicles. Each organ was easily the size of a watermelon fitting the size of her penis. He also saw the edges of her vagina slowly merging into the base of her penis and scrotum. A moment later and her womanhood was gone for good, leaving nothing behind but her new set of male genitalia. A satisfied sigh escaped Farah's mouth and she finally relaxed.

Casper started at his transformed wife with intense fascination. His own hard on was perfect evidence for how much the spectacle had aroused him. Her, no, his short legs were bent, so his feet were touching the ground, while sitting on his bulbous butt. His head was resting gently between both cheeks, while his massive genitals lay behind him like some bizarre tail, cum still slowly leaking from the urethra.

“You look good, sweetheart,” Casper said truthfully.

“Thanks, but I am not done yet,” Farah replied and carefully stood up, a little bit unsure on his new legs.”

It took him three attempts to climb up the bed, his giant balls making it hard to drag himself up. His husband offered to help but Farah wanted to do it by himself. He had to learn how to get around in his new body.

“Would you mind giving me the other serum. Its over there,” he said once he got himself into a comfortable position, without danger of his penis or balls falling off the edge.

Casper picked up the vial and turned around to look his spouse, a frown on his face.

“What is it for?” he asked. “I see no need for further modifications.”

“Well, it is a mind-scrambler. I was about to tell you, anyway,” Farah began to explain. “I've always wondered what it would be like to be nothing but a sexpet. Since I had to be transformed, whether I want to or not, due to young Irek's little game, I thought I could give it a go and just become a sexpet myself.”

Casper's expression made it clear that he did not fully understand yet.

“The potion will not cause much in the way of physical changes but instead reduce my mental capabilities to make for a better pet. It won't get rid of my personality, though, this is one of the less extreme mixtures. The alchemist said it would only remove inhibitions, lower my intelligence and remove the ability to speak.”

“You are really sure about this?” His husband asked in return, but he uncorked the vial nonetheless.

He wasn't surprised by the answer. Farah nodded and gave him a very confident “yes”. He kind of liked the idea of the little creature being more of a dumb pet, even though he was ashamed to admit it. He held out the vial and helped his lover to drink its content. A load and very unladylike burp escaped the former woman after swallowing the last of the serum. Rather than to apologize or laugh it off, he became very still. Casper saw his eyes turn to a solid black. Meanwhile he began to pant slightly. His tongue began to poke out. At first Casper thought that he was just sticking it out to go with the panting but then he realized that it was actually growing. The growth accelerated quickly. A moment later the tongue stopped at a foot's length, no longer flat and like it should be but thick and swollen. Suddenly Farah shook his head as if waking up and looked up at his husband. 

“Farah?” he asked gently, not sure what to expect.

The creature replied with an enthusiastic “meep”. His voice was high-pitched and didn't sound human any longer. Farah was no longer his wife or husband but his pet. The thought was staggering. It was enough for his own penis to jump back up to full erection. The little creature clearly noticed that, too. Seeing him stare so intensely at his cock, made Casper smile but also reminded him that he hadn't had yet any fun himself.

“Alright then,” he said and lay back down on the bed getting into a comfortable position himself. “If you want some of that, just go ahead.”

Even if his wife's intelligence might have been reduced, he still understood that. The creature jumped up happily and trotted over towards his new master. His tongue was still hanging from his mouth and Casper suspected that it would not fit into his mouth ever again. He also noticed that the creature's teeth had disappeared, replaced by soft gums, so it was probably not as uncomfortable as it seemed.

The little creature awkwardly moved towards his crotch until his butt was just above Casper's rigid member. It was quite an odd sight. Farah was facing him, yet his anus was pointed towards him. Casper quickly found out how handy this configuration was, as the little creature lowered itself down.


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Anyone up for drawing the creature in this part?


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An hour later a very happy Lord Varhaun left the private chambers and went back into the main hall. Trotting along by his side was his lovely new pet Red Butt. It had been a spontaneous idea. “Farah” didn't seem right anymore considering his former wife's looks and self-chosen status as a pet. He probably could have come up with something better but the little creature had reacted quite positively to his new name.
They had left Farah's clothes in the bedroom. There was no use for them any longer. Casper looked at his pet and felt an odd sense of pride when he noticed the stares Red got from the other nobles. He was sure that the creature noticed them, too. Despite his awkward gait, he strutted out of the corridor, head held high and hips swinging. His heavy tail and balls were trailing behind him, still leaking a little bit of cum. Casper was just about to greet an old friend who was curiously looking at his modified partner, when Red meeped and suddenly ran off.

Despite his odd leg configuration and heavy genitals, the little creature was surprisingly fast. With a weird mix of hopping and running he headed straight towards the buffet table, with no regard for the other guests. Several people nearly stumbled over him or had their ankles slapped by his swinging penis-tail. Casper had barely noticed the food. With all that had been going on, eating had simply not been on his mind. Apparently his pet had different ideas, though. True to the theme of the evening, most of the dishes were different variations of sausages, Ondorian roast-sausage, Salfori minis, Unthal long-ones and so on. Even the vegetarian options were all of phallic shape like cucumbers, sautéed carrots and tuber-rolls.

Red attacked the buffet like a hungry dog. Even if he was clearly a lot more intelligent than an animal and in possession of Farah's memories, the potion had done its job to make the creature act upon his urges with little inhibitions. The table was just low enough for his head to reach over the edge and grab whatever was closest to his snout. He was not very picky, either. He used his enlarged tongue to shovel the food into his waiting mouth. The other guests gave him a wide berth, some looking at him with disgust, while most seemed rather amused.

Casper decided to intervene before people might get genuinely upset. Red wouldn't listen, so he had to carefully push the creature away. Once the buffet table was out of sight, his pet seemed to regain his senses and realize that he had done something wrong. He looked at Casper with an apologetic expression, similar to a dog that knew its master was unhappy with it. Then a loud fart escaped his frontal anus. Casper sighed. Having a pet instead of a wife seemed to be a lot more tricky than he had expected.

“Maybe I better get you to our quarters,” he said.


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Half an hour and a blowjob later, Casper was back in the main hall. He had left an exhausted Red in their room to wait for him. He could have stayed there, too, but he wanted to get another drink and have something to eat. He was slowly getting hungry himself. Most importantly, he wanted to see how the party would develope and what the other noblewomen would get turned into.

Back in the hall, he was surprised by the shift in atmosphere. When he had left, people had just started to warm up and overcome the initial shock. There had been maybe one or two other transformees in the crowd but more women had been standing at the alchemist's stand.

Now the celebration was in full swing apparently. There were transformed people everywhere now and there was a cheerful mood in the room. People were gossiping and joking with one another or openly fondling the dakini-spawn waiters or transformees. Aside from a few guests that still looked rather worried or frustrated with the situation, most of the people seemed to enjoy themselves. Casper went to the bar, got himself a glass of whine and sat down to have a good look at the spectacle.

There were a lot of nobles he recognized but instead of their wives, they were now accompanied by creatures of vastly different shapes and sizes. He saw Lord Ottrich leaving the side corridor, one arm around the waist of an especially scary looking squid-man. Casper knew the man to be rather conservative but he seemed happy with his wife's new look. A moment later Lord Primutt left the corridor apparently alone. Only when he looked again, did Casper noticed that the man was cradling something in his arms. The flesh-coloured thing was spherical and about the size of a watermelon. It was entirely smooth except for two visible appendages. One was a long eyestalk ending in a human looking eyeball and the other was a small, flaccid penis just a few inches beneath the eyestalk. It was maybe five inches long but there was not even a hint of testicles underneath it.

Near the buffet he noticed Lord Karozwisk but instead of the ageing Lady Karozwisk he was accompanied by an extremely tall and slender creature. It was almost like a living stickfigure, its limbs far too long and even the thighs barely thicker than a normal woman's wrist should be. Even its torso was less then half the width it should be. Nonetheless the penis between its legs was anything but thin, even flaccid it was easily two feet long and half a foot thick. The testicles swinging beneath the impressive specimen were the size of apples. Overall Lord Karozwisk's new companion looked pretty humanoid, despite its odd proportions and dark, leathery skin. However its head was an entirely different matter. It was nothing more than a smooth, egg-shaped skull, just about the right size, but with no facial features except for a large, pulsing anus where a mouth should be. Casper saw it curiously pick up a large roast-sausage with a fork and then swallow it hole, pushing it into its facial orifice like a dildo.

More happy couples were leaving the private chambers. However, some of the guests apparently were too impatient to wait for their turn to get a room or wanted to share the experience of their transformation with the watching crowd...or maybe they just didn't care anymore. On a nearby table Casper saw two transformees fucking one another. They looked almost identical, small round bodies standing on two short humanoid legs with oversized feet, no arms or shoulders but massive butts in relation to overall size. They had long necks ending in nothing but a single massive eyeball. The only difference was that one creature looked a lot more mature. Between its legs was an impressive ten inch cock, thick and veiny with a surprisingly wrinkled scrotum, all of it surrounded by a dense bush of grey pubic hair. The other creature, however, only sported a puny, hairless cock, no longer than Casper's thumb, and a tight scrotum filled by two grape-sized testicles. He was not surprised that the mature creature was the dominant one, fucking its fellow from behind like a horny dog. Later he would find out that the two creatures used to be Lady Jarwint and her daughter. Apparently the younger Jarwint had just been promised to a young nobleman and both had decided to celebrate with incestuous intercourse, while Lord Jarwint and his future son-in-law were having a drink at the bar.

Meanwhile three young noblewomen were being transformed in front of an audience in the middle of the dancefloor. Casper recognized two of them as Lady Semander and her younger sister who was married to Lord Rofehrt. The third woman he did not know. She looked like she was in her early twenties and was easily the prettiest of the three. At the alchemist's orders the three had undressed and taken up position in a small circle, facing each other and holding hands. For a moment Casper almost thought they were about to start singing a children's rhyme. Instead the alchemist waved over three guardsmen, magi-staffs in hand, that had just come from the garden. Most likely he had called for them beforehand. At the alchemist's orders the three men took up position around the waiting noblewomen, one for each, aiming their weapons at the women's backs. They were too far away for Casper to hear a word but he could tell from the alchemist's motions that he was counting down. At three the soldiers opened fire.

The resulting process was the most brutal and fast Casper had ever seen. Just from the intense glow, he could tell that the guardsmen were firing their weapons at maximum strength. One such overcharged beam was already enough to turn a person into a quivering blob of genitals within seconds. Three seemed like overkill to Casper. All he could see within the blinding glare of the beams were three rough outlines immediately melting away and blending together.

Rather than shutting off their staffs after mere moments, the soldiers kept their weapons going for several minutes. Such an overexposure to a magi-staff was absolutely unheard of but Casper was curious what the result would be. By the time the guardsmen stopped firing, he was already among the watching crowd, intent to get a good look at what was left of the noblewomen. He was not to be disappointed. The thing lying at the centre of the circle had no resemblance to the women it used to be.

There was only a single creature. If anything, it kind of resembled a millipede. Its body was maybe six feet long, flattened and almost as broad as a woman's torso. It stood on dozens of small legs, although at closer inspection they turned out to be nothing more than oversized human fingers, each one about the size of Casper's forearms. Squeezed betweens these limbs were dozens, if not hundreds, of penises. They were all of the same size, maybe seven inches, and each with its own set of balls. Every inch of the creature's underside was covered in male genitalia. Casper could see erect penises poking out from between neighbouring testicles, struggling for space. He couldn't decide if it looked painful or pleasant. Maybe a little of both. What surprised him the most, though, was that the creature had two heads, one at each end of its body. They were little more than worm-like extensions ending in what looked like a thick, brown sphincter. Surrounding each anus were five surprisingly human looking eyes.

The numbers didn't really add up. How did these two heads relate to the three women that went into making this thing? Later he would ask the alchemist out of curiosity and find out that overexposure to the staff's beams had merged them on every level, physically and mentally, just to then split this unit up into two separate minds, each one containing aspects of each noblewoman but also being its own, unique being with the intellectual level of a sexpet. Once the transformation was done and the soldiers had withdrawn, the alchemist approached the creature.

“You've turned out very nice,” he said. “From now on your name shall be Buttface. The guardsmen will be very happy about you joining them in the barracks.”

One of the three soldiers actually nodded and looked at the creature with a  wide smile. Buttface didn't seem to mind its rather insulting name. It seemed to distracted with its numerous hard ons that were leaking copious amounts of pre-cum by now. Casper noticed a few actually going off and shooting a proper load. Without any further comments the three guardsmen left the hall, taking the creature with them. The one who had smiled at it was gently nudging it forwards with his feet.

It turned out that the three noblewomen had volunteered to become a new, shared sexpet for the palace guard. Casper had known that Lord and Lady Rofehrt hadn't gotten along well with one another. Like most Odorian nobles, their marriage had been arranged for economic and political reasons. Unlike most such couples, they had never warmed up to one another, though. Considering their infamous fights, Casper could easily imagine Lady Rofehrt volunteering to be away from her husband for good. Why Lady Semander or the other woman had agreed to such a transformation, he had no idea.

Nonetheless this little stunt had been quite entertaining. He got himself another drink and came back to watch the next noblewoman to be transformed by the master alchemist.


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BrotherOriginal wrote:


Anyone up for drawing the creature in this part?

Here you go

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Whoa, that's awesome big_smile . Great work!

I'm a sucker for lineart, and I really love the detail you put into this.


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Thank you, it's nice to know someone like it smile


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Very well done. smile Its rare to see artwork based on my writing.
I am more used to the reverse.


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Wolf wrote:
BrotherOriginal wrote:


Anyone up for drawing the creature in this part?

Here you go

Of course I'm also wondering if you could do the human versions of the noblewomen as well especially nude?


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Ok. I did the Lady Katharina Ottrich in her female form. smile

Hope i did't overdo Demon-Man, using part of your story an an description. If you like me to i will delet it.



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Wolf wrote:

Ok. I did the Lady Katharina Ottrich in her female form. smile

Hope i did't overdo Demon-Man, using part of your story an an description. If you like me to i will delet it.


Now do Farah's human form perhaps this time her standing nude presenting her form.


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Everytime I see this story, I can't help but think of this;



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Wolf wrote:

Ok. I did the Lady Katharina Ottrich in her female form. smile

Hope i did't overdo Demon-Man, using part of your story an an description. If you like me to i will delet it.




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I love the dakini part, wish a could turn myself into a nice spawn.


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Are we going to see an update to this story anytime in the future?


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Already working on the next chapter but I've been away on vacation.

Should have an update in about a week.


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Ah, alright. No rush.

Been somewhere nice I hope smile .


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On a gallery overlooking the main hall King Irek was watching the festivities. Despite the initial shock, most people had loosened up and either accepted their fates or even embraced the opportunity he had provided them. Not only was there a growing number of transformees but not a small number were openly engaging in sexual activities already. Most amusing were the public transformations Master Haberich was performing in the middle of the room. Even Irek was slightly surprised by the queue that had already formed.

“It seems like people are enjoying themselves,” Irek's companion said

Both of them were sitting next to the railing, on two finely crafted and overly upholstered armchairs with a small coffee table between them. The entirely gallery was off limits for the guests, unless King Irek granted them an audience. The stairs down into the main hall were nearby, two members of the royal guard blocking entry. They were part of Irek's personal elite, better equipped and more imposing than any of the palace guard.

“I agree.” the king finally answered. “I guess some people just have to be forced to their luck.”

He was about to say more but suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Not just walking but running. He was unaware of anyone requesting an audience at this point. Of course that had never stopped people trying to approach him. A young woman appeared and was immediately blocked by the guards. The noise from below and size of the gallery made it impossible to hear what she was saying exactly but it was obvious that she was very agitated. There was no doubt she desperately wanted to talk to him. Irek was used to such situations.

“Let her through,” he said loudly and waved her over. Most likely the guardsmen didn't hear his words but the gesture was enough. They stepped aside to let the young woman pass. Only then did Irek notice Lady Dornstein standing a little further behind, remaining at the landing. She looked nervous and afraid. The girl, which had to be one of her two daughters, probably the younger one, walked towards King Irek. There was a determined look on her face, almost angry. She only faltered once she noticed his companion lying in the chair opposite of him.

“Gwendolyn Dornstein, I assume?” he began. “May I introduce my familiar, Doris.”

The girl stared wide eyed at the creature on the chair. Despite having seen so many extreme and in some places downright brutal transformations, she was still taken aback. It was less its form and more its relation to the king. She had known that he already had a familiar, the closest thing to a wife one of the royal family could have, but she had not known that it was no more than a giant penis. Leaning back in the chair was a three feet long male penis. Beneath the shaft was a wrinkly scrotum containing testicles as big as cantaloupes. The glans was the size of a human head, half of it was covered by a tight looking foreskin. Gwendolyn could not see any human features on it, not even eyes. Yet she had the undeniable impression that it was looking at her.

“Ehm....I. Nice to to meet you,” Gwendolyn stammered. She had come up here to voice her anger and disappointment. The sweet prince, she remembered from so long ago, had turned into a cruel and callous tyrant, not the noble ruler she had imagined. Her world view had been shattered and all her hopes for the evening ruined. If she had to end up as a horse's penis, at least she wanted to confront the man. It had taken her an hour to build up the courage but now that she was in front of him all that was gone. Instead she felt like a little, insecure girl again. Anxiety was catching up with her.

“Do not worry that the audience was not agreed upon beforehand. How can I help you?” King Irek said, a friendly smile on his face, his voice warm and gentle. It was hard not to see the noble prince in him that Gwendolyn had fallen in love with.

She stammered some more, not having expected this reaction. How was she to proceed? Her original intention had been to just shout at him and let him feel the full brunt of her anger. She had lost the initiative, though, and the courage, born from righteous anger, had dissipated. So how was she to answer?

“Just relax, sweetheart,” the giant penis said. Bizarrely its voice was that of a young woman. “There  is nothing to fear from us.”

To her surprise, the familiar's kind words actually worked. Gwendolyn calmed down. She simply asked the question that had bothered all evening.

“Why are you doing this?” she said. It was not an accusation. Her tone was curious for she genuinely wanted to know. “Why this declaration? Why do you force all these people to be transformed?”

“It is as I said before,” the king answered. His expression changed, becoming neutral.
“I want to share some of the experience of what romance means to those of my bloodline.”

Gwendolyn frowned involuntarily. Even without saying it, it was obvious she did not believe him.

“To be truthful. I also felt rather mischievous,” he added with a smile.

“But,” was all the young girl managed. She had been determined to accuse him of cruelty and madness. Now she was not entirely sure anymore what to think. Something did just not want to come together in her mind. There was this charming man, as regal as she remembered, who apparently was just a bit playful and had a genuine interest in sharing a bit of how he experiences life. But then there was also the fact that all the invited women were forced to be transformed into sexual freaks, of the opposite gender even, or, like in her case, facing to be turned into nothing more than a bodypart.

“Why...why in such a brutal manner?”

“You think me cruel?,” King Irek suddenly asked. It was as if he was able to see right through her. “Maybe I am. It is easy to lose any sense for balance growing up in this palace. My father was not a nice man. He would not only transform innocent people but also torture them. Just for his own amusement.”

He tilted his head towards his familiar that was still staring at Gwendolyn.

“It was not me who chose Doris' form. Although our engagement had been arranged long beforehand, we actually had genuine feelings for one another since we first met. There was no one else I wanted to be at my side. Unfortunately my father realized how we felt and decided to test us, just because of his sick sense of humour. Making use of his rights, he decided for Doris to be reduced to this form, rather than something both of us would enjoy.”

“I am...I am sorry,” Gwendolyn began but then a thought crossed her mind. “So you do all this just because of what your father did?”

For the first time Irek's mask fell. The polite smile faded and instead there was a thoughtful expression. He fell silent for a moment and the giant penis looked at its partner, as if worried. Gwendolyn had the distinct impression that it was not the first time the king was contemplating this idea.

“No,” he eventually said. “And maybe yes. I won't claim my father's cruelty left no scars. However, I am happy having Doris. Even if it was not our choice, we have learned to live with the situation and love one another nonetheless. Maybe my father's test had even strengthened our relationship.”

“It is true,” the giant penis added. Gwendolyn was still taken aback by its gentle voice. “We had a hard time adjusting but our love is genuine. It might sound impossible to you but living through such a situation like we did, will most likely improve the lives of many of the people here. It is something worth sharing.”

“What is it like to be a penis?” The young girl asked. It was maybe off topic but for some reason she could not stop to wonder.

“Its not as bad as it might look like,” Doris replied. “There are many limitations but the benefits make up for it.”

Suddenly King Irek stood up. His face still looking solemn.

“I admit that my methods were not entirely right,” he said. “I failed to consider the point of view of those from regions less accustomed to the transformed as we are in the capital. Furthermore the second part of my ruling is certainly too harsh. To me it is no more than a game. I appreciate being reminded that those affected might feel differently.”

Gwendolyn didn't know how to react. She did not even know how to feel about this. For all intends and purposes King Irek just apologized and admitted that he had made a mistake. How would that affect her own fate? There was a glimmer of hope she could escape it after all.

“Unfortunately I cannot change it now,” he said, sounding apologetic. “I can make up rules as I like but even as the king I cannot break them. To do so would undermine my authority and invite anarchy.”

Gwendolyn's heart sank.

“Can't you at least let my mother go unscathed,” she pleaded. Even if she had to become an animal's genitalia, it seemed unfair that her mother should suffer the same fate. She had been married after all, it was not her fault that her husband had passed away.

The king sighed.

“I see,” he said. “I did not consider the situation of widows like her. But rules are rules.”

“There might be a way,” Doris interjected. “I have an idea that could help the both of them.”


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

Warning: Anus-TF ahead, the only one for this story.

In the meantime Gwendolyn's sister Tabatha sat at the bar and looked gloomily into the crowd, watching the party slowly, but surely, dissolve into a straight up orgy. She had been looking for her mother and sister everywhere but with no success. The annoying game of political niceties had kept her from meeting up with them until now. It hadn't been easy, for she desperately wanted to see them after the king's insane pronouncement. But now that she managed to get away from her husband, she couldn't find them. A few of the other guests had told her they had seen them walk upstairs to where King Irek was. Unfortunately two guardsmen were now blocking the stairs. They wouldn't even let her know if her family was actually up there.

So left with nothing else to do, she had taken a seat and ordered the strongest drink on offer. The whole evening was nothing but a disaster.

“You look pretty angry,  my dear,” a familiar voice said “What is wrong?”

Tabatha turned around, immediately recognizing the voice. Lady Wolvgront, her mother-in-law. Unlike the rest of the family, she had always been welcoming and nice to Tabatha, not caring about her own family's low status. They had met her husband's parents only for a short while at the start of the evening. Apparently a lot had happened in the meantime, for it was not the Lady Wolvgront she knew that was sitting on the stool next to Tabatha.

The creature resembled a fat worm or maggot. Its body was maybe four feet long and curled up to comfortably rest on its seat. Tabatha couldn't suppress a short flash of revulsion but managed to keep it from her face. The creature's flesh was a pale, milky white and glistened wetly. There was no hint of any limbs, instead its body was just a fat, segmented tube. The tail ended in what looked like a swollen, pulsating sphincter, while halfway up the body was a massive penis. It was easily half the length of the creature's body and not that much thinner, either. Tabatha wondered what challenge it had to be to move with such a thing attached to it. The impressive organ was currently flaccid and lazily hanging over the seat. There was not hint of testicles underneath it.

The most unusual thing about the creature was that it had not one but two heads. The body split
like a Y into two short necks, each ending in a black, flat head, shaped like an almond. The pointy ends of these heads sported surprisingly human looking mouths, the thick lips standing out due to their bright red colour. Above that were four eye, that, too, looked very human in shape. Tabatha noticed that each of the two heads sporter slightly different eye colours, one more blue, the other greenish.

“Lady Wolvgront?” she stammered, wondering if she had been wrong. It was impossible to imagine her mother-in-law having turned into this maggot-creature.

“And Ronda,” the right head said with a smile. The voice was that of Tabatha's sister-in-law. She had seen the girl earlier, like Gwendolyn she had just turned eighteen and invited to a royal party for the first time.

“I should explain,” the other head began, talking in the voice of Lady Wolvgront.

After the king's fateful speech, Lady Wolvgront and her husband had first focused on arranging for their daughter to get engaged in order to be save her from becoming no more than a bodypart. Pulling some strings, they had been able to get her together with the youngest son of Lord Jarwint. Apparently Ronda was not too upset about it, she knew the boy and had a bit of a crush on him.

When Tabatha asked why the Lady had been merged with her daughter, the former woman hesitated as if embarrassed. She admitted that her motherly instincts had gotten the better of her. It hadn't been her plan to have her daughter married off so early. Worried about Ronda's inexperience, she had insisted to stay with her.

“It was a spontaneous and rather irrational decision,” Lady Wolvgront said.

“But now its too late, so we make the best of it,” Ronda added, the tone of her voice betraying her opinion on being accompanied by her mother for the rest of her life.

Apparently neither Lord Wolvgront, nor Lord Jarwint's son were fuzzed about the situation. Tabatha knew that there had not been much passion between her parents-in-law for decades. She was sure Lord Wolvgront would not miss his wife.

“That is enough about us,” Lady Wolvgront finally said. “Why is it you make such a face? Is it the whole transformation thing?”

“Yes and no”, Tabatha thought. She was worried about her mother and sister. Both were in danger of suffering the worst transformations that were on offer tonight. She genuinely wanted to help them and the fact that she was powerless to do so, frustrated her. That was not what truly perturbed her the most, though. It was not even so much her own transformation, as inevitable as it was. Instead it had to do with her husband. Their marriage had been nothing more than a desperate move to save her family financially and politically. If it had been up to her, Tabatha would have preferred to never see the man again. He was like the personification of all she hated about the Ondorian nobility. He was arrogant and blunt, a bully who had no qualms abusing his power and who regarded Tabatha as little more than his property. She also knew that he had a thing for the transformed. Every fibre of her being revolted at the idea of becoming the man's sexual pet. Despite talking to his mother, she could not resist to speak the truth. It had become to heavy of a burden and if there was ever an opportunity to speak her mind, it was now.

There was a moment of silence afterwards. Tabatha expected an angry retort from her mother- and sister-in-law. Instead Lady Wolvgront talked to her in a soothing tone.

“Oh my dear,” she said. “I know Detlef is quite the buffoon, despite all my efforts. Its his father's side, I tell you. His uncle is no better than him.”

Ronda did say nothing but nodded, agreeing with her mother's assessment.

“I don't know what to do,” Tabatha admitted, close to tears. “I wish I could just run away.”

“You know, you kind of can,” Lady Wolvgront said in reply, her voice contemplative. “It might be a bit radical but think about it. I've virtually divorced by husband by doing this.”

She looked down at the body she know shared with her daughter. Tabatha's eyes widened as she understood what her mother-in-law meant. Radical was an understatement.

“You can't be serious? Fuse with somebody else?” Tabatha asked, visibly shocked. “Who would even volunteer for that?”

Ronda blushed while Lady Wolvgront looked sheepish.

“It does not have to be another human,” she replied.

Her daughter-in-law was speechless. How was she supposed to react to such a suggestion? She was about to argue that only unengaged women could be fused to animals but quickly realized that the king would certainly not stop anyone from volunteering. Tabatha fell silent. She didn't like any of the choices before her but at least she had choices now. There was no way for her to get out of this party unscathed, one way or another she would get transformed. So the question was only whether she wanted to become her husband's customized fetish-pet or become some animal's bodypart to get away from him. Thinking about it like that, the choice was surprisingly easy. In fact she felt an odd rush of determination once she contemplated it as a real possibility. But with that came also a huge wave of anxiety.

She ordered a glass of pure rum and downed it in one. It didn't do much good to calm her nerves.

“Are you alright, my dear,” Lady Wolvgront said, sounding worried. She and her daughter were still sitting next to her.

“I am going to do it, I am going to fuse with one of the king's animals,” she said, maybe a little to quickly, and stood up. No matter how horrible a fate it seemed to be, it was still better than staying with her husband. In fact the thought was strangely liberating.  Nonetheless her determination was brittle. She was afraid if she did not rush it, she'd lose it and falter.

“You're sure?” her mother-in-law replied. “It was only a wild idea. Don't you want to think about it?”

While she sounded genuinely worried, Lady Wolvgront's penis betrayed how she and her daughter truly felt about the idea, as it slowly stiffened and rose to its full length. Tabatha only shook her head and headed towards the master alchemist at the centre of the hall. He had just transformed another noblewoman. Her husband had to pick her up, for she was now nothing more than a featureless ball, the size of a watermelon, with only a penis sticking out from it and an anus beneath. Her nerves almost got the better of Tabatha when the alchemist noticed her and smiled. So she decided to be blunt and direct.

“I want to fuse with one of the horses,” she blurted out. Even the alchemist looked surprised at her request but quickly recovered to a professional smile.

“I assume you are talking about the royal horse's and not your own,” he said. “That is not a problem but which bodypart would you like to become part of?”

Tabatha hadn't thought about that. Keeping to her decision to fuse with an animal had already been hard enough. What bodypart would she even want to be? The penis seemed like a popular choice. However, if she was about to go for the worst type of transformation she could imagine, just to win back at least some form of freedom, then why not go all the way?

“The anus,” she said and couldn't believe she had done so.

“A fine choice,” the alchemist replied with a salesman's smile and waved over a guardsman standing near the door to the garden. Master Haberich asked the man to get one of the horses but instead of just nodding and doing as told, he took a step forward and whispered something into the alchemist's ear. What followed was a whispered conversation, too quiet for Tabatha to overhear. In the end both men nodded and the guard left the hall.

“Apparently there is a specimen in the menagerie far more interesting than the horses,” he said. “I am sure you will approve but for now, please undress.”

Tabatha felt taken aback by the blunt request. She almost protested but then realized how stupid that would be. Considering that she had just asked to become an animal's asshole, it seemed rather pointless to be anxious at getting naked now, even if it was in front of an audience. And so she took off her dress for the last time in her life. Despite a surge of embarrassment that she could not suppress, there was something oddly liberating about the act, the first step to lose the shackles of her life as a noblewoman. The crowd seemed to approve and cheered when she dropped her final piece of clothing. There were even a few wolf whistles, that Tabatha chose to take as compliments. Even though she had never really cared as much about her looks as many other of her fellow nobility, she was aware that she had been blessed with a stunning figure, tall and slender but with the wide hips of her mother. Thanks to her joy for running and swimming, her body was perfectly toned, slightly athletic but in no way masculine. As if that was not enough, Tabatha also possessed firm D-cups and a flawless, round butt, as well as smooth, unblemished skin. She was well aware how some of the other women were looking at her with undisguised envy. There was a certain irony that it would be all gone in a few moments. So why not flaunt what she got then? With a confidence that surprised her, she swung her hips and struck a bit of a pose while waiting for the guard to return with the animal she was going to be fused to.

Fortunately she did not have to wait for long. After about ten minutes he returned accompanied by the stable-mage that had helped calm the king's horse at the beginning of the evening. What surprised not only Tabatha, but the entire crowd, was the creature between the two men. She recognized it as a form of wyvern. It was not as massive as the infamous specimen of the mountains, that were said to grow dozens of feet long, but still an impressive animal. It was maybe fifteen feet long, with half of that being the tail alone. Its shoulders reached up to four feet. Like its larger relatives, this wyvern possessed relatively short hindlimbs, while its front limbs were stretched into vast wings, not unlike those of bats. Currently they were folded together, so it could walk on its knuckles. Its long, serpentine neck ended in a spate-shaped head, topped by a row of short spikes and a single pair of long, straight horns. The creature's most striking feature was its vibrant colouration. The underside of its body was covered in leathery, creme-coloured skin, which gave away to spiky scales that shone in a beautifully rich red. From its forehead to the tip of the tail, it possessed a crest of bright orange feathers. Despite having the anatomy of a powerful and ferocious predator, the beast calmly followed its handlers. Tabatha was sure it was only so docile, because of the mage's influence.

“May I present, the Ondorian scarlet wyvern,” the old alchemist happily announced, pointing at the animal as if it was not obvious what he meant. “A rare and proud creature. There is a small number of them living in the royal hunting grounds, although even the royal family is forbidden to harm them by ancient decree.”

The two men lead the wyvern to stand in front of Tabatha. It was hard not to look anxious, being so close to an apex predator like this. She tried not to think what those powerful jaws could do to her if the mage's concentration slipped for even only a moment. Master Haberich on the other hand seemed excited about standing so close to the beast.

“This impressive bull was raised in the king's menagerie,” he continued. “The egg it hatched from was found forsaken by its mother. Afters years of hard work, the beast handlers are going to release it back into the wild tomorrow. Fusing it with you will increase its health, fertility and life span even more.”

“Uh...thanks,” Tabatha said after a moment's hesitation. It was probably meant as an honour, so it seemed prudent to be polite. What worried her, though, was that she would never get a chance to see her mother and sister again, considering what she had just been told. For a brief moment she almost stepped back from this fate. She knew, though, that it was too late for that now. Even if she changed her mind, she would certainly not be allowed to go away now. All she could do was to move forward and embrace her fate. After all it had been her choice.

She stepped forward and took the little vial the alchemist had procured from his collection of potions arranged on a small table next to him. Meanwhile the mage gently guided the wyvern to move around and present its rear to Tabatha. It lifted its tail, so that she could get a good look at her future self. She was a little surprised to see a set of genitalia between the beast's legs that looked more at home on a mammal. Instead of a cloaca, there was a firm pair of balls and a sheath similar to that of a dog, behind which was a thick, puckered anus.

Master Haberich asked her to sit down with the back of her head resting against the wyvern's tailhole. Tabatha took a deep breath and collected her inner strength. There was no going back now. She'd be reduced to a feral beast's dirty anus. The entire situation was hard to comprehend. Just a day ago, the thought would have seemed impossible. There was no point further dwelling on it, though. She had made her choice and now she had to stick to it. She drank the content of the vial and threw it away, just before the world turned upside down.

It felt like her head was sucked into the wyvern's rear, with such force that she feared for an irrational moment that she could be pulled straight through the entire animal. Instead her head ended firmly inside the animal's body, only her face left exposed. Meanwhile her body was also sucked into the wyvern, from the inside out. While the sensation itself was impossible to describe, Tabatha was reminded of a deflating balloon. In fact she could see her lower body and legs shrivel up into an empty bag of skin and recede away outside of her new viewpoint. There was no pain. Only a mix or odd and impossible sensations. There was a pleasant but also sad flash of pure pleasure as her vagina fused shut and shrank away into her disappearing body. 

A few moments later and even the last remaining sensation from below her neck was gone. Tabatha was sure that there was nothing left of her body or only small scraps that would disappear in no time. Meanwhile her face was further merging with the animal's rear. Her cheeks and chin were starting to feel numb as the wyvern's leathery hide quickly spread across her features. Tabatha even had the odd sensation that her skull itself was dissolving, causing the structure of her face to crumble and merge into the original shape of her new host's body. The numbness spread to her nose, just before she saw it shrink away to probably vanish, too. During a few more, very confusing seconds, Tabatha experienced her eyes move slightly closer together and down, now that there was nothing else left of her face, except for her mouth. But even that was not to stay. Instead of growing numb, her lips seemed to become even more sensitive, while they pulled together into a forced o-shape. It stung painfully, yet felt weirdly pleasurable. While her lips began to swell and alter shape, she could feel her teeth recede into her gums and the inside of her mouth reshape into a circular tunnel, while her tongue shrank away. A moment later the changes stopped, Tabatha's face, or what was left of it, felt calm and unmoving once more. Even from the little she could actually see, it was obvious that her mouth was now no more than a swollen pucker, light brown in colour. She could feel her rearranged mouth, too, even the faint airflow in the hall teasing her former lips sensually.  Aside from her eyes that was all the sensation she had. There was no more body of her own and the rest of the wyvern's body was no more than a numb object that her face was attached to. It was done. She nothing more than an anus now. Without thinking Tabatha tried to sigh but all that escaped her lips was a weak fart. The foul taste caused an involuntary shudder.

There was a moment of panic, despite how exhausted the fusion had left her. Had she made the wrong decision? She hadn't even fully considered the consequences of having to pass the animal's excrements. She had expected a bitter but tolerable taste, if any at all. The fart, however, had promised something a lot worse.

“Very nice,” the alchemist said with a smile. “She looks perfect. Now get the wyvern outside. It is going to expel the excess mass any moment.”

Tabatha wondered what that meant, while the mage guided the beast into the garden. Not too far away from the door, though, so that the onlooker could still see what was going on. Docile as a lamb, the creature moved onto the lawn and turned around so that its rear was facing the crowd. Tabatha felt oddly exposed, considering how the stable-mage was deliberately keeping the focus on her. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted though by a wave of an incredibly foul taste followed by a growing pressure in what used to her throat. She had no idea how she was able to taste without a tongue but it didn't matter, for she realized the horror of what was happening. With her newly won freedom also came a particular duty. One she was now to perform for the first time.

The crowd watched with wide eyes as the wyvern took a dumb. There was a wide range of emotions written on their faces, some were amused or excited about the spectacle while others looked at it in horror or disgust. Tabatha didn't see any of it, her eyes were screwed shut, as her senses were overwhelmed by the wyvern's faeces passing through her new mouth. The taste was beyond horrible. It was not just bitter but acidic and had a foul, rotten quality. Furthermore it was not just warm but so hot, it almost burned her sensitive lips. Tears were streaming down her face and mixed with the dense, clay-like substance, expelled from the sphincter as a long, unbroken turd. It was so foul, Tabatha felt the urge to retch or vomit, even though she no longer had a stomach of her own. Worst of all the whole ordeal did not seem to end. Even the audience were impressed, as the wyvern expelled more waste than seemed possible, even for so large a beast.

After what felt like hours, Tabatha initial shock and horror seemed to abate. In fact, despite the horrid taste, she realized that it didn't feel too bad. In fact the pressure of the hot turd passing through her sensitive lips was actually pretty nice. Erotic even. The more her mind focused on it, the more pleasing it became. Slowly but surely the torment she experienced was replaced with a sexual pleasure that grew to orgasmic levels. The urge to vomit faded and instead she felt herself relax and allow the faeces pass through her more easily. To her surprise even the taste seemed to lose some of its foulness. It did not so much improve as she just seemed to adjust to it. By the end the former woman would have moaned in pleasure, relishing the experience that had started as such a tremendous shock to her. Eventually the pressure lessened and the last of the wyvern's turds fell from her mouth. For an irrational moment she cried in desperation, longing for more, not wanting the experience to end. However, she quickly calmed, as a feeling of relief and satisfaction fell over her mind like a blanket. She felt incredibly tired, yet happy. The rational part of Tabatha questioned these feelings. After all she had just spewed out the foul faeces of a beast. Yet she could not bring herself to care. She felt content, happy. Despite herself, she could not regret her choice.

Slowly she regained her senses and opened her eyes. She looked at the crowd staring at her, a mix of disgust and amusement on their faces. Among the nobles, she noticed her husband. He didn't seem especially happy about her decision. However, he didn't seem very upset, either, only mildly disgruntled. Most likely due to her defiance rather than him losing her. It didn't matter. She was glad she was away from this life. Her only regret was that she would not be able to say good bye to her family. She comforted herself with the knowledge of the life that awaited her. And so she dreamed of the next time her host had to drop a dump, as the stable-mage led the animal back to the royal menagerie.

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Re: The Royal Sausage Party

Great to see another part to this smile . I like it.


Re: The Royal Sausage Party

“Is this really necessary?” Lady Dornstein asked but immediately realized how pointless a question it was. She would not be able to avoid being transformed one way or another and it was only logical to undress before the process. Did it have to before in front of an audience, though?

Her face was glowing a bright crimson, as she stood at the centre of the ballroom, completely naked, forced to use her hands to cover her breasts and crotch as much as she could. Her daughter was in the same predicament, standing right next to her. She looked no more comfortable than herself. Even worse was that neither of them had any idea what the king had planned for them.

Rather than telling all of them, his familiar had whispered its idea into his ear. He had seemed thrilled by it and had immediately asked the two Dornsteins to follow him downstairs. There he had quietly talked to the alchemist Haberich and sent of one of his guardsman for an unknown task. After that he had told Lady Dornstein and her daughter to undress, just before calling for attention and announcing that the two would be transformed in a manner to circumvent the rules of the evening.

Gwendolyn was not only deeply embarrassed and humiliated but also confused by the situation. A part of her was terrified of whatever transformation awaited her, while another was strangely excited. Even more confused where her feelings for King Irek. His surprisingly kind attitude and enthusiasm to help them had restored some of her previous faith in him. Yet, his help consisted of presenting them fully naked to the crowd like some slaves up for sale, while preparing to transform them in a way they were not even told.

A noise tore her from her thoughts. The guardsman had returned with another man, both carrying a heavy armchair between them. It was a beautiful but old-fashioned, wooden piece of furniture in the form of a throne. It was not the royal throne, which was carved from stone, but probably a desk chair from one of the private chambers. The men put it on the ground and pushed it into the spot they were told to.

“Lady Dornstein, would you please sit down in this chair,” the alchemist asked Lady Dornstein pointing at the chair.

She hesitated for a moment but then obliged. It was clear the man would not explain what that had to do with their transformation or how it would help the issue of their marital status at the end of the night . She was certain the king wanted the solution to be a surprise. So with no other choice left she sat down, careful to keep her hands covering her privates. Unfortunately master Haberich had other ideas.

“Great. Now please spread your legs and lean back,” he said.

Lady Dornstein hesitated. Was this all just an elaborate joke? Was it just meant to humiliate them? The alchemist seemed entirely serious, however, and King Irek looked at her expectantly with an encouraging smile. She took a deep breath and did as she had been asked. There was a little comfort in the knowledge that she had little too lose. Becoming a horse's penis would hardly be any less embarrassing. It was still hard to look at her fellow nobles who in turn watched her expose her unshaven vagina for all to see.

“Wonderful. However, could you please try to put your legs on the armrests?” the man continued.

Gwendolyn saw her mother do her best to get into the position the alchemist demanded. In the end she lay slumped back in the large throne, her thighs on the armrests, so that her crotch and butt were on perfect display for the audience. It did not look especially comfortable. Then the alchemist turned towards her , the moment she had dreaded. It was her turn.

“My dear,” he began. “Would you please try to get onto the chair, too? Just sit on your mother's belly.”

For a moment she was about to protest but then quickly had the same realisation her mother had before. There was no choice but do as she was told. She could only have faith in Doris' plan. She exchanged an apologetic smile with her mother before she carefully climbed onto her. In the end she sat on her lower belly like a child, facing the crowd. Her anxiety was getting worse, her heart beating like crazy. She was expecting to be hit by a transformative beam or potion any moment but to her surprise King Irek stepped in front of them, facing the assembled nobles.

“As you remember, I set up a rule for tonight, that any unengaged woman will end up fused to somebody or something by the end of the party,” he said. “I know that some families have been quite creative in solving the problem. In fact it inspired my beloved familiar how to help dear Lady Dornstein and her youngest daughter. Thus I am happy to announce their engagement and sanction the marriage right here and now. From now on the two are both wives...or rather husbands by the end of this.”

Gwendolyn and her mother looked at one another in utter shock. They had not expected that. King Irek then turned towards the alchemist.

“In order to celebrate this unusual but joyful occasion, Master Haberich has come up with an especially unique transformation to unite the two and bring them much to enjoy in the future.”

Mother and daughter were just contemplating the meaning of the word “unite”, when the alchemist uncorked a bottle he had kept in his robe's deep pockets, and poured its content onto the two. It was a thin, bright blue liquid. Gwendolyn could not suppress a whimper, as the the cold substance hit her skin. It did not stay cold, though, instead causing a pleasant warmth to spread from where it had touched her body. Then she felt herself drop down, into her mother's body.

Mother and daughter both shrieked when their bodies began to merge. Despite the delayed effect, the transformation progressed quickly. Gwendolyn rapidly sank into her mother's belly as if the woman was made of quicksand, her lower body already entirely gone, while her legs shrank away to nothing. It only took a few moments until only the girl's neck and head were sticking out from Lady Dornstein's stomach, looking terrified. Meanwhile the older woman's body seemed to melt and spread all across the large armchair. Her arms and legs fused with its wooden arms, losing definition as the bones dissolved to nothing, until all that was left was a formless, flesh-coloured layer covering the chair. The rest of her body underwent similar changes, flattening and fusing with the inside of the chair to become what looked like a flesh-made upholstery. However, while her limbs were essentially gone completely, her torso seemed to remain some of its shape. Her ribcage and hips were still intact, while the form of her stomach was also discernible, although hidden underneath skin that was now stretched all across the inside of the chair. Ironically her plentiful breasts deflated during the process, until nothing was left of them expect for her thick nipples.

Still shocked by the sudden loss of her body, Gwendolyn suddenly noticed her head changing position, moving further up. She ended up between what used to be her mother's shoulders, pushing the other woman's head to the side. They looked at one another, unsure how to react, but instead faced a new surprise. With wide eyes they saw each other's faces melt. Gwendolyn saw her mother's hair fall out, while her skull seemed to deflate. At the same time her nose and ears shrank away. Her mouth seemed to actually increase in size, though. Then she saw her mother's eyes swell shut, just a moment before her own vision blurred and then turned dark altogether. She was just about to scream in surprise and fear, when a new sensation and warmth in what she realized was their shared crotch.

The surrounding crowd could still see what was happening to mother and daughter. The only part of their faces still left were their mouths which had easily tripled in size, their lips swollen exponentially to the point of looking like the parody of a woman's lips. They stuck out from flat, elongated skulls. Their necks become a little thicker and longer, allowing for a little more mobility. It was nothing compared to the serpentine necks some of the other transformees had gained, however. To everyone's surprise the both of them suddenly started to moan sensually. Their sudden arousal was made even more obvious by the copious amounts of liquid seeping from Lady Dornstein's vagina.

By this point Gwendolyn was no longer able to think rationally. She had never felt like this before. It was not just arousal, it was a deep, primal urge taking control of her, until all she could think about was the overwhelming need to be touched. Part of her was aware of a presence next to her, a face. She could feel hot breath on her neck. Running on pure instinct she turned her head and pursed her lips, aiming blindly for the other's mouth, not even aware anymore that it was her own mother. A plush pair of lips eagerly responded to her affection. Even better, a fat tongue was pushed into her mouth, encouraging her to do so herself.

People were quiet amazed by the heads of mother and daughter engaging in sloppy but passionate kissing. They were happily twirling their enlarged tongues around one another and down each other's throat. It did not seem to relief their arousal, though, but rather increase it. Their shared genitals had turned a deep red and seemed to swell. Their labia were puffing up while the clitoris slowly elongated, poking out from their folds like a shy animal. For a few more moments people watched this slow but obvious growth until they were startled by two loud, orgasmic screams. Then the two women's shared vagina seemed to explode. Within the blink of an eye their genitals turned inside out. The vagina fused shut, while the clitoris suddenly inflated and two heavy spheres dropped into the loose skin that used to be their labia. The newly formed penis was half a foot long and ejaculated immediately, shooting thick ropes of cum all across the floor, almost hitting some of the bystanders. It kept going for almost a minute, mother and daughter screaming all the while. Only when their new cock stopped cumming and became flaccid, did they calm down. They looked utterly exhausted, their heads resting weakly on their chest, breathing heavily. A few of the nobles actually applauded. The fusion had been quite a spectacle. Visually there was little resemblance to Lady Dornstein and her daughter. Their new form was little more than a fleshy form of upholstery covering the seat and arms of their throne, their chest and abdomen still largely intact, which meant that their genitalia and anus were pointing up and towards anyone who approached them. Their heads were conical, featureless things, all left of their faces being their enlarged mouths.

“Did you enjoy it?” King Irek whispered next to the head that used to be Gwendolyn.

She....no, not she. They shared a penis. That meant they were a he now. So, he just came back to his senses. He had actually blacked out during his first male orgasm. It took him a moment to contemplate the question, not just because of the post-orgasmic haze that still clouded his mind. If he was honest, he would not have chosen such a form and would have balked at the idea of being fused with his mother or become an immobile part of a chair. Especially his loss of limbs and eyesight were pretty big issues that he was not sure he could get used to. Yet, he could not deny that the parade of sensations had made it one of the most thrilling and sexual experiences in his young life.

“Yes,” he finally answered. His voice was still the same but slurred. His inflated lips made speaking awkward. Nonetheless his answer was truthful. He was willing to deal with all the disadvantages of this new body, so long he was going to experience another orgasm as before. It was worth every price.

“Good,” the king said in return and patted the former girl like a good pet. Then he straightened and addressed the crowd.

“As you can see, Lady Dornstein and her daughter Gwendolyn are not only a married couple but also share a single body now. Thus I shall allow for both of them to share the new title of Lord Dornstein and govern their territory as a single entity. I will gladly ensure their save return to their home. However, until then, I am sure they prefer to participate in the rest of tonight's celebrations.”

That said, he thanked master Haberich and the new Lord Dornstein, before excusing himself and going back to his little private spot on the gallery. The crowd began to dissipate, only a few lingered around, either hoping that the alchemist might transform another volunteer or eyeing what used to be Gwendolyn and her mother. The former women did not notice any of that, truly blind with the loss of their eyes. They did not particularly care, though, they were certain at least somebody was nearby.

“Could somebody please get us a drink?,”the former Lady Dornstein said, while the other head added. “And feel free to do with us whatever you like.”


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After the rather entertaining fusion of Lady Dornstein and her daughter, the party devolved into nothing but an orgy. Only very few of the women were still untransformed and their numbers dwindled quickly. Most of the transformees had given up on keeping their new found libidos in check. They masturbated or copulated all across the hall with one another, either not caring that everybody could see them or actually enjoying the attention. Not surprisingly several of the men, especially the younger ones, had joined them, all etiquette forgotten. Only a few couples preferred to make use of the private chambers.

Casper meanwhile had joined a loose group of men who had come together at the bar. They had chosen not to participate in these sexual activities for one reason or another. Some just felt too old or prideful to expose themselves publicly like this, while others already had their fill. A few, like Casper, were just loyal to their spouses which were occupied otherwise or already back in their chambers. It was an odd sight, these men drinking and chatting about the usual topics, like politics and gossip, as if they were in a common pub, while around them a wild and bizarre orgy was taking place.

Casper kept mostly to himself. He had no interest in any serious discussions tonight. Instead he enjoyed his drink and watched the activities around him. For a while some of the other noblemen would join him and comment on one former woman or another.

Nearby Matilda  Bhelbrecht was sitting at one of the tables chatting with another transformee. Lord Bhelbrecht had left for their chambers a while ago. Apparently Matilda had chosen to play with some of the other guests instead. There were cum-stains all over his lower body and some of it was still dripping from his flaccid cock. Simmona's eyes were half-closed as if either bored or exhausted. Casper hoped his daughter was content with her new existence. At least Matilda kept her busy.

“The new Lord Dornstein seems to have quite the appetite,” Lord Addelher told Casper, while both watched the two headed creature being fucked by the former Lady Jarwint. The small transformee had somehow managed to get a footstool to stand on, so he could reach the Dornsteins' forward facing asshole. Meanwhile one of their two heads gave a young man, probably one of the other houses' sons, a blowjob. So far the conjoined pair were pretty popular, there had been not a moment yet without at least one of their orifices being filled by a cock.

Casper nodded but he was actually watching something else. Lady Dettroll had just taken a vial from master Haberich and was now in the process of undressing. She was one of the last women that had not been transformed yet. Just past middle-age, she was still quite a looker, like many of the other noblewomen, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and some alchemical help. Once nude, she was approached by a large creature, that to Casper looked like a child's idea of a crab or spider. Its body was a fat discus, maybe four feet in diameter, with four long, spindly legs, like those of a crustacean. They held the creature's body almost six feet off the ground. Bright red chitin covered its back and legs, keeping the rubbery, pink flesh of its underside exposed. Despite the radial anatomy, it was easy to tell the creature's front. What passed for its face was dominated by a large pulsing anus poking out from underneath the rim of the heavy shell on its back, left and right of it sprouted prehensile eyestalk, looking more like those of a snail. The only human thing about it was the ordinary looking penis hanging from the rear end of its underside. Casper was pretty sure that the creature used to be Lady Dettroll's daughter. He was not entirely sure, though. He had only heard that she had apparently been promised to Lord Ruppelmar's daughter.

Lady Dettrol drank the content of Haberich's vial and then bent over, presenting her rear to what Casper assumed to be her daughter. The creature did not hesitate. In fact, the way it folded its legs to get to the right height, was quite fascinating. Lady Dettrol's transformation started the moment her womanhood was penetrated. Over the course of mere seconds her limbs shrank away while her body lost all definition, becoming more tubular. Her skin turned a dark magenta and thick veins appeared. Meanwhile she shrank rapidly, until even her facial features melted away. In the end all that was left of the older woman was an impressive equine penis. The form and size seemed to fit that of an ordinary horse. On the crab-creature it looked a bit out of place, though.

Casper kept watching the celebrations like this for a few more hours, until he felt too tired to care. Back in their chambers, he found Red curled up on their bed. He smiled and snuggled up to his pet.


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Is this the very last chapter?


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No. its gonna be a long. multi part epilogue.

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At the same time Lord Varhaun watched Lady Dettrol's transformation, Erica found herself in utter darkness. For her it was heaven, though, for she was currently deep in the rectum of one of the guests, a transformee that looked like two women's lower bodies fused at the waist. Despite having four beautiful feminine legs, between each pair was a very impressive male set of genitalia.

About an hour earlier the dakini-spawns had their trays removed and were given permission to mingle freely with the guests. Of course the hyper-sexual spawns would immediately fuck one another or try to get attention from the nobles present. Many of the transformed happily engaged with the creatures. Even a few of the men got involved. Even though she was unable to do any actual work, it had felt like finishing her shift for Erica. Except for the two young women from hours ago, she had been largely ignored, forced to stay painfully erect while watching more and more women getting turned into amazing new forms. Now she was finally getting the attention she had craved, though. 

So far, she had gotten a few more hand-jobs and blow-jobs. In addition her host had been taken from behind, at one point, which was still great, since Erica was connected to the prostate gland. This was the first time this night, though, that she was actually used for what she regarded as her true purpose, deep inside someone else. Her host had reacted without delay when the creature had offered its hole. It was the best. She didn't mind the darkness. The combination of all around pressure and motion meant that her entire body was alight with sensation.

Time became meaningless, as her mind lost all coherency, everything boiling down to nothing but indescribable pleasure, until her world exploded in white light. It was so wonderfully intense, she barely noticed the hot semen rushing through her body and out of her mouth. By the time she regained consciousness, her now flaccid body slipped from the sphincter. It was still dark, for her eyes were caked shut by her own cum. She didn't care, she was immensely satisfied, enjoying the sensation of the last drops of cum falling from her lips.

She thought things couldn't be better but then she felt something soft and wet caress her soft body. A tongue. Apparently some other transformee was kind enough to give her a clean. For Erica it was the best night of her life.


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Good epilogue start. And speaking of Erica. She was one of 20 girls that was ordered to become dakini spawn, but one of the girls tried to escape before that and became transformed, so there are only 19 dakini spawns. Does the king knows that there is one spawn "missing"?