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The House of Mysteries: The Start
Unending BE - episode 424005

"What's wrong Katie, chicken?" Both Katie and Tiffany were staring at the old mansion. "I don't know about it, Tiff. It is supposed to be haunted." Katie was sixteen years old. She was petite for her age with raven black hair and a cute, innocent face. She was wearing glasses. Tiffany was her best friend. She was taller by almost a head and older by a few months. She had long light brown hair and her face was spotted with freckles. Both of them were walking home from school together. They have been best friends since elementary school.

"H-hey wait!" Tiff was already walking towards the old house. It was supposed to be owned by an old mad scientist that would create strange experiments. That is what she heared anyways. Anyways he was killed in an electric shock many years ago. His body was not found for months after death. Katie was running to catch up to Tiff her school uniform was fluttering in the wind. The house was boarded up. The grass was overgrown with weeds.

Tiffany stopped at one of the windows and tugged at one of the boards. "Ugh!" She groaned. The nail broke loose hitting her in the face. "Ow ow ow ow." She stopped for a second to regain her composure and let the sting to fade. "You alright Tiff?" Katie asked. "Yeah, yeah. Let's go in." Tiffany said poking her head through the window. The room was dark. The shards from the window was laying across the ground. "You have the flashlight right." Katie handed the flashlight to her. Tiffany crawled in and Katie followed. The place scattered with furniture and scraps of paper. Katie hit the lightswitch. Amazingly lights came on creating a orangish glow over everything.

"You'd think they would turn off the electricity to this place, right." Tiff remarked and turned off the flashlight. And started to look around. The floorboards creaked under their footsteps and the lights flickered. Katie felt her hair stand up on the back of her neck. "I still think this place is pretty creepy." There was a staircase off to the right going upstairs. Tiff looked back. "Quit being a wuss, no-cans. Maybe we can find one of his inventions. We will be sure to get an A on our report." Tiff would poke fun of Katie for her obvious flat chest. It was more of a innocent joke and it did not get to her that much. There was also a door leading to the dining room and stairs down to the basement. "So what is the plan?" Katie askes.

*"Let's check out the kitchen. I am sure that there would not be anything worthy to eat in there, but it's worth a shot."


Re: The House of Mysteries

Tiff looked around thinking.

"Hey let's go to the kitchen. I am sure that there will not be anything worth eating, but lets check it out anyways!"

Katie nodds and follows her down a hall to the kitchen. It was pretty typical, black and white checkered floor. A refridgerator in the corner and cabinets lined the walls.

Katie opens the fridge and was shocked by how the food appeared to be completely fresh.

"Hey Tiff. This food looks alright."

"Yeah I know. It's amazing!" Tiffany was looking through the cabinets.

"Why don't you try something?"

*"I am kinda hungry." Katie tries something to eat from the refrigerator.


Re: The House of Mysteries

Just at the thought of food made Katie's stomache rumble.

"Well I am kinda hungry." She opened the fridge and looked around.

Amazingly it was quite full. There was fruit at the bottom, cake, pie. All sorts of delicious foods.

"Okay Tiff." Katie stated. "I think I will try the...

*...one of these strange looking fruits."

At the bottom of the refridgerator was a bin full of strange and exotic looking fruits of many sizes and colors.

"Check this out." Katie states pulling the bin out and put it on the table.

"Wow." Tiff says picking one up. "I bet this guy grew these."

The first fruits that Katie noticed were the blue ones. They were shaped like breasts!

"Hey Tiff. Look at this one." Katie picks it up. "It looks like a breast!"

Tiff laughs. "And it is bigger than yours!"

Katie sighed it off like usual.

"Now check this one." Tiff lifts up a yellow one that was shaped like a penis.

Katie just giggles. "What was this guy thinking when he made these?"

"I do not know, but I dare you to eat one."

Katie stops giggling. "I am not sure about that."

"But I am pretty hungry. Maybe you first."

*Katie tries one of the yellow fruits.


Re: The House of Mysteries

Katie's belly rumbled at the sight of the fruits. She was going to pick up one of the blue ones but quickly retracted her hand. "I cannot decide." Katie sighed. Tiff smiled. "Just close your eyes and open your mouth. I will choose for you."

Katie closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She could hear Tiff giggling and picking up a fruit. "I cannot believe myself. She is obviously picking the..." Katie's thought was cut off my Tiff shoving the penis-shaped fruit into her mouth. "Mph!" Katie bit down and chewed up the fruit. She looked at Tiff with a red face.

"You moron! You could have choked me!" Tiff was laughing all the while. "You know what, you'll get your turn on of these da..." Katie was cut off by a strange feeling that swept across herself.

*Katie and Tiff watch in shock as Katie's skirt slowly tent upwards.
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*Katie's tongue seems strange somehow. Like it is more sensitive or something.
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Re: The House of Mysteries

The feeling rushed through Katie's entire body from her head to her toes like an electric charge tingling through each nerve fiber. Then slowly it began to fade, starting at her head and toes, making its way toward her midsection.

Seeing the odd look on her friend's face and slight tremor running through her body Tiff stopped laughing, "Are you alright?"

"I-I don't know," she stammered, holding her hands to her stomach as the tingling continued to fade. But it wasn't really fading, yes she didn't feel it throughout her entire body any more, but as it moved toward a more specific point it intensified.

Tiff was decidedly nervous now, thinking that the fruit was either poisonous or causing her friend to suffer an allergic reaction, "Can you breath? Where does it hurt?"

Katie didn't want to answer, the electrical tingling had condensed as a highly specific point, one she had no desire to tell her friend about. It didn't seem like an allergic reaction though, so she decided to tell a half truth, "I'm fine, I guess I was just a little startled by how you nearly choked me."

"Oh, alright. You had me worried there for a minute. I'm going to keep looking around in here to see if there's anything else like that weird fruit. You can take a breather if you want...Sorry."

With that said Tiff began to look through the rest of the kitchen while Katie leaned against a wall and waited for the feeling to fade the rest of the way. Since it wasn't getting any worse she figured that it wouldn't last much longer, besides she had no desire to tell her friend that she was alright save for an odd feeling in her clit. Just thinking about it made her wiggle her hips slightly. It wasn't a pleasant feeling like she was about to orgasm, it was more like the feeling of pins and needles that came when one of her feet fell asleep and the feeling of her panties, tight across her crotch, did nothing to help. In fact it felt like her panties were pressing harder against her clit, forcing it into an increasingly uncomfortable position. Looking over to Tiff she saw that her friend was engrossed in the contents of one of the cabinets. Confident that she would not be noticed Katie reached her hand under her skirt to adjust her undergarments. In the process of doing so she brushed her hand across the general area of her clit and was surprised by what she felt. The small nub of flesh seemed to be higher up on her body and slightly larger than she recalled.

Tugging her panties into place she prodded at her clit. There was no doubt about it, it was larger and not in the right place, not to mention the tingling only got worse when she touched it.

Tiff was still distracted so Katie chanced lifting up her skirt to see if what she felt was real.

At first she saw nothing wrong, but a closer look revealed that her clit was pressing up against the thin fabric covering it and was at least an inch long and much thicker than normal.

Letting out a gasp she dropped her skirt.

When Tiff heard this she turned around so fast she nearly hit her head on the door of the cabinet she was looking through. She was expecting to see the worst, instead she saw Katie frantically trying to smooth her skirt, "What's wrong now?"

"Nothing," Katie smiled weakly, but her actions only served to draw attention to her skirt and, more importantly, the bulge growing under it. The growing and shifting of her clit was causing increasing discomfort, until with an odd sliding feeling it began to slip out of her panties. There was a slight feeling of relief, but now her clit was being held an an unpleasant angle by the elastic of her panties.

Tiff's eyes were riveted on her crotch, "That doesn't look like nothing to me."

"Fine," Katie whimpered on the verge of panic. She didn't know what to do, but she did want to do something to ease her discomfort and she didn't care that Katie was watching. Lifting up her skirt she revealed a penis snaking its way out of her panties.

*"Is that what I think it is?"


Re: The House of Mysteries

"Is that what it looks like?" Tiff's question was unhelpful to say the least and only served to upset Katie.

"Well what do you think it looks like?" Katie said sharply as she shifted her legs to try and make herself more comfortable. When she realized that it wasn't going to work she removed her panties and let her new penis hang free. Feeling much better now that the discomfort was gone Katie let out a sigh of relief.

Tiff was silent for a moment then went over to Katie and before she could stop her Tiff had lifted up her skirt and gave the penis a yank, "Oh my god! It's real!"

"And that hurt!" Katie slapped Tiff's hand away. The pull had hurt, but the initial feeling of Tiff's fingers around it had been very pleasant. Absentmindedly she stroked at it, trying to sooth the pain from Tiff's action.

Looking thoughtful Tiff spoke again, "Sorry about that, but can I see it again. There has to be a reason for this."

"Fine, be my guest," Katie rolled her eyes and lifted her skirt. Having a penis was not her idea of a good time and though she doubted Tiff's ability to do anything about it she wasn't going to turn away any possibility of help.

Tiff knelt down and began to examine her friend's new organ, "It's about six inches long. That's average I think. It's in the proper position too, not too far between your legs, but," she paused to lift up the organ, "your clit's gone and the rest of your vagina seems a little farther forward. I guess your clit turned into a normal looking penis, other than that everything about you is the same. Your vagina is intact and you don't have a scrotum. The strangest thing about it is that it's circumcised."

Standing back up Tiff shrugged, "I think the fruit did this to you. There might be something in the refrigerator to reverse it. Let's look."

Katie was glad that Tiff was able to remain so calm and was already looking through the items on the shelves. She was probably right that there was an antidote in the refrigerator, all they had to do was look. What bothered her the most now was how nice it had felt to have Tiff handling her penis.

"Hey!" Tiff turned around smiling and holding a little bottle with a label that read...

*Normalizing Solution


Re: The House of Mysteries

Katie took the bottle from Tiff and examined it. There was nothing on it other than the label 'Normalizing Solution'. Deciding it better to be safe than sorry she drank the whole thing. A shudder ran through her and then everything felt perfectly fine. Katie couldn't help but feel relieved that the ordeal was over now and they could go back to exploring the house to see if there was anything of interest.

Noticing Katie's look of relief Tiff smiled, "Is everything back to normal?"

"Yes," Katie smiled in return and lifted her skirt to show her friend that there was nothing wrong any more, everything was exactly as it should be.

"But," Tiff's eyes went wide, "You still have a penis!"

It was typical of Tiff, to be making a big deal of nothing like that. Smoothing her skirt down Katie spoke "So, I have a penis. What's wrong with that?"

Tiff stammered, "The fruit did this to you and you took the Normalizing Solution so you should be fine."

Now this was starting to get silly, how Tiff had to keep stating the obvious, "I know the fruit gave me a penis, but was there really any point in my drinking that stuff? I mean, why do you have to make a big deal about my new penis?"

Choosing her words carefully Tiff decided to ask her friend a few questions, "You didn't have a penis earlier, right?"

"Yeah, I used to have a clit," Katie was being tolerant of what she thought to be a pointless question. Of course she hadn't had a penis earlier, she was a girl.

"At no point did you ever want to have a penis, right?"

"No. Why would I just randomly decide to want one? You gave me that weird fruit and I grew one. It's a penis and it's there. End of story. I didn't ask for it and I don't see why you think it's so strange," Katie just couldn't figure out why Tiff was so bothered by something as insignificant as a penis.

Tiff's last question was a real shock, "Would you let me play with it?"

Katie was alarmed, it sounded like Tiff was asking to have sex, "What, now that I have a penis you're a lesbian or something? Why would I want to let another girl touch me there?"

"Sorry, I was just wondering if having a penis had changed the way you thought."

"Oh," Katie nodded understandingly, Tiff was just worried that having a penis had made her start thinking like a guy, "I'm still me. Don't worry about it."

Tiff smiled weakly, "Glad to hear it. I'm going to keep looking around in here, but why don't you take a break? I feel bad that I dragged you along with me so I won't make you do anything more if you don't want to."

"Fine," Katie dusted off a chair and sat down to rest for a bit. At first she tried to cross her legs, but her penis got in the way. Since she was wearing a skirt and didn't have any panties on there was no way she was going to sit with her legs open. Making sure that Tiff wasn't looking Katie reached into her skirt and adjusted her penis so that she could cross her legs. Having a penis was going to take some getting used to, but it was nothing to worry about. It was just a shame that she'd have to wear boxers from now on since panties wouldn't fit right and skirts were out of the question since you couldn't wear boxers under a skirt and without them she'd end up flopping out all over the place. She'd have to go on a shopping spree to get some more pants and shorts and new underwear. Shopping would be interesting since there was no way she was going to buy clothing designed for guys. She could get lots of loose fitting things to conceal, but then again she would probably look very attractive in something really tight that really showed off her new penis. Maybe after looking through the house Tiff would want to go to the mall with her.

Absentmindedly she stroked it, smiling at how good it felt.

*Tiff doesn't find anything so they look else where


Re: The House of Mysteries

After several minutes of searching Tiff sighed and turned to Katie, "There's nothing here, but let's keep looking through the house."

"Sounds fine to me," Katie stood up and adjusted her skirt again, if she had known that she would have ended up with a penis she would have worn something more comfortable. What was wrong with clothing designers, that they didn't think about what their products would feel like once you put them on? Even worse was how uncomfortable her panties had been, forcing them to take them off. Having her penis flopping around unrestrained and brushing up against her every time she took a step was nearly as bad as having it pressed up against her leg by her panties.

Leaving the kitchen they made their way into a long hallway with several doors. Tiff, always ready to act as the leader decided what to do, "I'll take this side, you take the other. That way we can get through this faster. Tell me if you find anything interesting."

The last part struck her as a bit unnecessary, but Katie was willing to let it slide without comment, "Alright, there has to be something in here more interesting than those fruits."

The first door that Tiff chose was a closet full of strange items. Katie opened a door that went into a bathroom. That wasn't too bad, she had to go anyway. Stepping inside she called to Tiff, "I'm just going to use the bathroom, don't worry."

Closing the door she looked at the bathroom and winced. Not outright dirty, the bathroom was still covered in a great deal of dust and there was no way she was going to sit down on the toilet seat, but she realized that she didn't have to. Lifting her skirt she aimed her penis and relieved herself, pleased at how she no longer had to sit to pee. It would be great whenever she had to use public restrooms.

With that out of the way she took another look around the bathroom and spied a medicine cabinet above the sink. Inside there were all sorts of vials and bottles the likes of which she had never seen before. One look was all it took for her to know that she had found something, "Tiff, you've got to take a look at some of this stuff!"

*In the cabinet they find 'BE cream'


Re: The House of Mysteries

While Tiff looked for something to make Katie's penis go away, Katie noticed a small, green glass jar. Next to the dusty bottles, cartons and containers it just begged to be noticed by someone. Curiosity getting the better of her Katie read the label, 'BE Cream', and took it out of the cabinet. In such an interesting little jar that BE Cream had to be something fascinating, or at least more interesting than fruit that did nothing other than make you grow a penis. She was still a bit bothered by the way Tiff insisted on dwelling on her penis. Maybe Tiff was a lesbian, that would at least explain her interest in the the anatomy of other women.

Almost as soon as she thought it, the idea made Katie feel guilty. Just because Tiff couldn't stop thinking about a girl's penis didn't mean that she was a lesbian. Katie realized that her friend's interest might be like the way she felt about breasts, because hers weren't all that impressive she was keenly aware of those of other girls. Yes, that made sense, since Tiff didn't have a penis she was prone to worrying about them. The only strange thing about that was that Katie couldn't see why Tiff would want a penis as badly as she wanted to have nicer breasts.

And thinking of breasts...

Katie's eyes went wide as she read what BE Cream was for. The label read, 'BE Cream, for improving the size of small breasts. Rub one teaspoon on each breast for each cup size desired.'

"Tiff, you won't believe what I just found!"

Tiff turned from the cabinet and looked at the little jar, "You found something to get rid of your penis?"

"No," Katie laughed, "I found something even better. If I rub this cream on my breasts they'll grow!"

Looking skeptical Tiff read the label, "Are you sure you want to try this?"

"Of course, this is my chance to get breasts!" Katie couldn't believe that Tiff was being so hesitant, but that wasn't going to stop her.

Taking the jar she she unscrewed the top and looked at the pale lavender cream inside, it even smelled slightly floral, which was nice. Katie wasn't too keen on rubbing something on her that smelled bad, but this was like any other body cream she had encountered.

"Turn around Tiff. You can see when I'm done."

Sighing Tiff did as told and Katie took off her shirt and bra, which would soon be too small if all went well. Having experience measuring ingredients for baking, Katie had no problem estimating how much a teaspoon of the cream was. Putting a dab on each breast she began to rub it in. Cool at first, the cream quickly warmed in her hands ans was soaked into her skin with remarkable speed. The feeling of the warm cream making her breasts slick under her hands was very stimulating, making her nipples perk up, which in turn caused a slight stirring in her crotch. She couldn't be sure, but it felt like there was slightly more flesh under each hand than when she had started rubbing.

When the cream was completely rubbed in her breasts went from feeling warm to slightly hot, not unpleasantly so, just as though she had a slight fever localized to that area. Marveling at the feeling, she cupped her hands over her breasts and realized that they filled her hands much more than before. Her delight at having breasts was so great that she forgot the sensations emanating from her crotch for a moment.

For a comparison she put her bra back on and noted with pleasure that it was too small, not uncomfortably so, but just enough to prove that she did have larger breasts, "Tiff, turn around and look at this. I've got breasts!"

"That's not all you've got," Tiff looked slightly embarrassed as she said this. Here eyes had first gone to her friend's breasts, but then dropped lower. Katie followed her glance and saw that she had a rather large erection. As though encouraged by her realization, it began to throb with renewed urgency, begging for attention.

*Tiff offers to help Katie with her problem


Re: The House of Mysteries

The sight of her skirt tented up by an enormous erection wasn't all that upsetting for Katie. She could have done without Tiff seeing it, but she was more concerned about taking care of it so they could get on with looking through the house. Giving the matter some thought, she realized that her biggest worry was that she didn't want Tiff watching her masturbate. Maybe if she had more experience with having a penis it wouldn't have been so bad, but since this was going to be her first time she didn't know what to expect.

"Don't worry Katie, if it's got you so upset I can help."

Katie put her hands protectively in front of her penis, horrified at what her friend implied with such a statement, "Why would I want another girl touching my penis? Or are you a lesbian or something?"

Taking a step back Tiff held up her hands, "Sorry, I was just thinking that because I have a boyfriend I might know more about penises than you."

A statement like that struck Katie as being a low blow, but she did remember how good it felt when Tiff touched her penis earlier, "Fine, but just this once. Having a penis doesn't make me a lesbian after all."

As she lifted up her skirt, revealing her thickly veined and throbbing erection curiosity got the better of her, "What are you going to do Tiff?"

"Nothing kinky, just a hand job. We just need to get this taken care of," done talking for the time being Tiff began to tend to her friend's need, gently stroking at first, but then as Katie began to thrust into her hands she increased the pace and applied gentle pressure.

How good it all felt amazed Katie, never would she have expected having a penis to feel so wonderful. It was nothing like the gentle warmth and slight pressure in her pussy that happened when she was aroused before she grew her penis, it was an intense and highly focused pleasure. The fact that she was now starting to get sensations of pleasure from her pussy made it even better, having a penis served to double how good it felt to be aroused.

The sensations were so incredible that before she knew what was happening she orgasmed and a jet of clear fluid shot from her penis, similar to that which was flowing from her pussy. Clearly not expecting her to ejaculate, Tiff stumbled back in surprise and bumped into the medicine cabinet, causing one of the jars to shatter and spill its contents all over her.

"Oh my god Tiff I'm sorry!" The thought of some of the things in the cabinet hitting her friend terrified Katie.

*Dots start to develop on her torso.


Re: The House of Mysteries

Some thick, viscus substance flowed down Tiff's back and sides as a jar clattered to the floor. Afraid of what she would see she bent down and picked it up.

It was the BE Cream.

As long as none of it got on her breasts she figured that she would be safe, "It was just the BE stuff so I'm going to try and wash it off."

She could already feel the cool cream soaking through her shirt as she went over to see if the shower still worked. To her great relief it did. Removing her clothes she stepped in without waiting to see if the water would warm up and let the cool flow wash over her. She saw a bar of soap in the corner of the shower, but left it alone out of fear that it would be like the rest of what they'd encountered. Just because it seemed harmless didn't mean that she was willing to take the chance. Instead she made due with rubbing her hands over her body, stopping abruptly when she felt hard little bumps all over her stomach, sides and back. She must have been allergic to the cream, for when she looked at them the bumps looked a bit more pink than the surrounding skin.

The little bumps didn't itch and seemed to be getting larger and darker before her eyes. Between that and their all too regular spacing she quickly realized what they were. The cream had caused nipples to pop up all over her torso. An examination of her arms, legs and face left her somewhat relieved since the skin there was nipple free.

They hadn't stopped at being nipples though and by the time she turned off the water they were perky little A-cup breasts, jiggling disconcertingly all over her.

Katie stared as Tiff took a towel and frantically began to dry herself, "Are those..."

"Yes they are," Tiff threw the towel to the floor in a motion that made her still growing breasts jostle against each other. When she tried to put her arms to her sides she found that they rested against some of her new breasts. Sobbing she sat down on the toilet seat, her dozens of breasts shaking with every move of her body. They had stopped growing when they were the same size as her original pair, not that it was much of a comfort.

She felt the breasts on her back pressed and pushed around as Katie tired to put an arm around her to comfort her.

"Don't be sad Tiff. We can find a way to fix this, I mean if they have cream to make breasts grow then they must have cream to make breasts shrink."

Tiff stopped crying and looked up at her, "Do you think?"

"I'm sure," Katie then gave her a big hug, making shudder at the feeling of so many of her breasts being pressed all over her body.

Still badly shaken Tiff put on her pants. She tried to put on her shirt but realized that it would be a lost cause. So many breasts bouncing all over the place without support was not her idea of a good time and she didn't want to walk around with them all exposed, even if Katie was the only one who would see her. Taking the towel she did the best she could to wrap it tightly around herself to help keep her breasts from bouncing so much.

It didn't work very well, but was better than nothing, "Alright Katie, where should we look first?"

She couldn't believe that they had gone from looking for a way to get rid of Katie's penis to try and find a way to stop her from being a freak. More than anything she wanted to go home, but she couldn't like this, not to mention she couldn't leave Katie with a penis that she wasn't even aware was a problem.

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Re: The House of Mysteries

She stopped in mid word an ran her tongue along the inside of her mouth. Something didn't feel quite right, like she was getting more sensation than normal from the inside of her mouth.

Tiff watched her friend's odd expression with mild fascination, trying to figure out why Katie had stopped talking.

Katie licked her lips, trying to figure out what was wrong with her tongue. The rest of her mouth felt fine, but there was something just not right about the way her tongue felt. She closed her mouth and let it lay still, only to feel that it was pressing up against her teeth more than normal. Had the fruit caused an allergic reaction that was making her tongue swell up?

"Tiff, is there anything wrong with my tongue?" she stuck it out for friend to look at.

"No, not that I see. Why?"

She pulled her tongue back into her mouth, "Oh, no reathson."

The instant the words left her mouth she knew them to be a lie. Her tongue was pressing up against her teeth and felt more round than it should have. Again she moved it around inside her mouth, getting the oddest sensation from the action. As it went along the side of her mouth she was able to feel a difference in it though, the tip felt rounder, more broad. When she tired to let it lay flat it pushed against her teeth, forcing her to open her mouth slightly. The feeling of the soft, moist interior of her mouth sent a not entirely unpleasant feeling running through her tongue, "Tiff I fink th-ere'sh thomething wrong wif my mouf."

Her attempt to speak only intensified the feeling, making her tongue slip out between her lips. This time when she tired to pull it back into her mouth it wouldn't fit. The pressure of her lips against her tongue made her shiver. It definitely felt more round than it should be, not to mention it was much longer.

Tiff looked on in horror at what was sticking out of Katie's mouth.

"Waa?" Katie tired to ask what was wrong with her, but she couldn't get the words out. Her tongue had started to stiffen, making it impossible for her to speak or even get it back into her mouth. That didn't stop her from trying, though by now it was sticking out a good four inches from her face.

Clamping her lips tight against it only caused it to harden faster and create a delightful throbbing feeling.

"Mmmmm," a moan of pleasure escaped her as her tongue throbbed harder, continuing to stretch farther out of her mouth, a perfect cylinder, slightly larger tip with thick veins running down its length. Her fear and pleasure mixed in a most delightful way and she continued to try and move her tongue while keeping her lips pressed firmly against it.

It stopped growing when it stretched nine inches out in front of her face with a proportionately wide diameter. There her eyes were able to focus on the tip, now a throbbing cock head. Her eyes went wide, but she was too engrossed in her pleasure to care. Saliva dripping from her mouth mingled with pre-cum flowing from her new, oddly placed cock. Amazingly she was still able to taste with the cock and the salty flavor of the pre-cum drove her wild.

"Nnnmmmmmm," she groaned and clamped her lips tighter as she felt a tensing from somewhere inside her throat, spreading up into her mouth. A thick, creamy spurt of cum jetted out of the cock sticking out of her mouth and she could taste it. There were two more spurts, lacking the intensity of the first and then her tongue began to go flaccid.

As it slightly decreased in length and width she realized what had just happened. With the pleasure gone the fright returned full force. Her tongue was now a long, thick cock, far too large for her to pull back into her mouth.

"Iff, waa o ee o?" Her horror only grew as she struggled to speak, her now limp tongue was too large to pull into her mouth and too soft for her to speak properly.

"Stay calm Katie, I'll see if there's anything in the refrigerator that can fix you."

While Tiff frantically rummaged through the refrigerator Katie slumped down in a corner, whimpering softly. She was a freak, unable to talk and horrific to look at. It was also terribly uncomfortable, the cock was far to large for her to fit in her mouth and made swallowing very difficult. It wasn't that she couldn't swallow, it was just that when she did the movements of her mouth and tongue felt both strange and pleasant, making her nervous that it would become erect again. Swallowing very cautiously she realized that she couldn't get the cock to sit properly in her mouth again, it was like there was something under it.

She took it gingerly in her hands, able to both feel and taste the sweat on her palms, she tried to put it into place. It didn't work and now she could feel something pressing against the back of her bottom teeth. Afraid of what she would find she prodded gingerly at the soft, fleshy mass. Smooth, thin skin coated a pair of lumps that shifted under touch. Whatever they were, they were growing fairly rapidly until they pushed out over her teeth, there they stopped. Afraid of making her tongue orgasm again she explored the new addition to her mouth, feeling that it was sort of attached to her tongue. Cupping it in her hand she tested its weight and feel and groaned when she realized what it was. To go with her new cock she had grown a set of balls, all inside her mouth. And if that wasn't bad enough she began to feel a pressure in her bladder, reminding her that it had been quite a while since she had gone to the bathroom.

Tiff was still looking through the refrigerator, muttering to herself as she did. Katie didn't have a way of expressing her need to her friend and didn't want to wander through the house on her own. The pressure in her bladder was getting even worse, accompanied by a feeling in the back of her throat like she was about to throw up.

Rushing over to the kitchen sink she leaned over it and opened her mouth wide only to feel an odd relaxing sensation in her cock as a stream of urine began to flow from it. It was absolutely repulsive, she could taste it and while the cum had been sort of nice this was disgusting.

The flow slowed to a drip and she shook her head to make the last drops go faster and when that didn't clear the taste away she lifted up her shirt to wipe it, not caring about dirtying her clothes. Such an action was a mistake because as she rubbed she felt little jolts of pleasure run from the cock to her mouth and a stirring in her new balls.

Just as she was getting hard again she heard Tiff shout, "I found it!"

*Something Else...


Re: The House of Mysteries

Tiff came running back into the kitchen carrying a small vial.

Ignoring the feeling of her cock, which was starting to swell again, she turned to see what Tiff had found. In the process she knocked a small bottle off of the counter next to her. It fell to the floor and shattered with a quiet tinkle.

"What was that?" Tiff asked as she came up closer.

"E don ow. Eu mells wealy gud..." Taking a deeper breath of the smashed bottle's fumes, Katie started to feel really good. Really good. Her cock shot up to attention and her panties started getting damp. Tiff also smelled the liquid and she too started getting horny. She let out a small moan as her pussy and nipples started getting aroused. As the two girls stared at each other all rational thoughts fled their heads.

"Katie...we shouldn't...Uhg, so horny...need to..." Tiff abandoned all resistance to her logical mind and threw herself at Katie. By now Katie's cock was at full attention and was the perfect fit for Tiff's hungry mouth. Tiff, over come by lust, deepthroated Katie's cock to the point that the girls were lip locked.

Moving to the floor, the girls continued their carnal craze. Tiff moved her head up and down over Katie's member, giving her a enthusiastic blowjob. Katie's eyes rolled back in her head from pleasure as Tiff massaged her cock in the warm wet tunnel of her mouth. Katie wasn't the only one feeling pleasurable feelings. As the blow job continued, Tiff, through her hazy, lust filled mind, thought it felt more like she had a cock filling her pussy instead of her mouth. It wasn't long before Katie felt her balls tightening and she quickly released her creamy load into Tiff. Almost simultaneously, Tiff felt her mouth contract around Katie's cock in waves of pleasure. If she had been thinking clearly, she might have thought something of it.

As the two lay locked together in the afterglow, the feelings of overwhelming lust slowly faded away. Tiff pulled off Katie's cock with a slight sucking noise. Her mouth felt funny. She tried to call out to Katie, who was still out of it, but no intelligible sound came out. She could only make muffled moans and murmurs. As she felt around with her tongue, Tiff felt a chill pass through her. No teeth. Reaching up with her hand, she let out a silent scream as she felt something that should only exist elsewhere on her body. Her mouth had morphed into a vertical slit. Her cheeks merged into fleshy outer lips which protected her delicate inner ones. Her new pussy also had a clit, which blended with the bottom of Tiff's nose. Just then, Katie came to.

"I od! Ew av eh puffy!" Katie exclaimed, stating the obvious.

*Tiff and Katie can't help themselves and go at it again...


Re: The House of Mysteries

The two girls stared at each other's altered faces, flickers of fear and on going arousal flashing in their eyes. The load Katie deposited in Tiff dribbled out and down her chin. She wiped it away, never taking her eyes off the thick cock that jutted from her friend's face. The arousal was winning.

"Ah con't halp et!" Katie exclaimed, moving towards Tiff again. Tiff nodded and allowed Katie entry to her new feminine folds. Collapsing into her, the two fell to the floor, Katie on top of Tiff, her head bobbing up and down into Tiffany's pussy. With their free hands, the girls groped at each other's bodies, caressing skin and boobs, until finally they reached each other's panties. Two times two hands on pussy drove the girls to repeated orgasm, each time Katie sending a load deep into Tiff. Her supply seemed as endless as the quaking orgasms wracking their bodies.

Twisting and rolling across the floor, clothing was shed bit by bit, with the girls only separating long enough to remove a troublesome article. Soon their sweaty bodies were pressed against one another bare skin to bare skin. Their hands still groped and penetrated the other girl's pussy, all the while Katie pounded into Tiff, filling her with more spunk.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the two shuddered and were still. They lay breathing heavily against each other. Their sweaty breasts pressed together, compressed by their labored breathing. Their hands still were sunk into each other's sticky pussies and Katie's dick filled out Tiff's pussy face. Struggling, Katie pulled herself off Tiff.

Staring blearily at Katie, Tiff's eyes widened in shock and she pointed at Katie's face. Katie tried to speak but could not, not even the muffled words she could manage before. Her cock had fused with her lips, replacing her mouth entirely. Her balls had also grown, now the size of small oranges, their wrinkled sack hanging over Katie's chin.

After feeling around her new developments, Katie pointed at Tiff's body. Where once had been a toned body, Tiff's belly now bulged like a fleshy melon. Pressing against it, Tiff could feel the gallons of cum she had shallowed slosh around her midsection. It was as if her belly had become a giant cum water balloon.

*The changes continue to alter their bodies, fueled by an unholy lust.


Re: The House of Mysteries

Looking at Tiff's bloated form, Katie's gaze was drawn to her breasts, or more precisely, he lack of breasts. Her pink nipples lay flat against her chest, with only the barest hints of curve beneath them. In contrast her belly was round and turgid, creating a striking contrast. But it was her breasts that Katie couldn't seem to break away from. She began moving towards Tiff almost as in a trance.

At the same time, Tiff was similarly entranced by the cock protruding from Katie's face. She couldn't remove her eyes from its long length and fat balls. She too began moving towards her friend unconsciously.

Katie made contact with her dick against Tiff's left nipple. Still in a trance, she began to push against it rhythmically as if attempting to fuck it. At first she was pressing almost against bone, but quickly she found herself pressing into more and more pliable flesh. Tiff's breast was growing quickly under the attention of Katie's member. Soon it was no longer pert, but round and then drooping into a perfect teardrop. Within minutes the breast was easily three times the sexy D's Katie had hanging from her chest. Finally the growth slowed and then stopped, but Katie's thrusting only increased in intensity.

It pressed deeper and deeper into Tiff's new soft breast flesh until with a wet pop, Katie's dick penetrated the breast. Jiggling wildly with each thrust, Katie fucked the new pussy that had replaced Tiff's nipple. Finally with a deep push that brought Katie's face flush with the rotund surface of the boob, she came. But instead of squirting out, Tiff's belly only increased in size, gathering even more of Katie's cum. Wet with fluids, Katie pulled her cock free and began on the other tit. Within a few sweaty, jiggly minutes Tiff was the proud owner of two massive pussy-tits and a massively bloated cum belly.

Finally finished, both girls were released from their strange trances. Within seconds they exchanged horrified looks as they realized what had happened. Unable to speak, this emotion was conveyed primarily with wide, fear filled eyes. Tiff hefted one of her massive boobs and looked at the wet pussy which had replaced her nipple. It looked completely normal except for the fact that it was on her boob. Meanwhile Katie discovered that her large balls had almost doubled in size, each the diameter of a softball, and now hung below her chin.

*Or suddenly the two friends find they are no longer in the kitchen.


Re: The House of Mysteries

It was then that Katie realized that they were no longer standing in the kitchen. Somehow, quite transparently, they Tiff and herself had been transported to a quiet, grass covered hilltop. They were standing on a strange round stone platform. The platform was very old looking, deeply embedded into the hilltop. In the middle of the platform there were strange glowing symbols, but the glow slowly faded as Katie watched. Soon they were dark and black against the grayish color of the stone.

Looking around, the girls found themselves surrounded by forest. However the hill was fairly high and the two could see over the trees for some distance. Off to the right, perhaps a mile or so away, there was a settlement of some kind. They could make out buildings and a large wall just over the tops of the trees. But that was the only sign of other people. In every other direction the forest stretched away unending. In the far distance, one could just make out the sight of tall mountains.

Tiff, coming out of the shock of having her body so transformed and then transported here, touched Katie on the shoulder and pointed to the base of the hill. There a rough path led away from them and into the forest. It was heading in the direction of the settlement. Katie nodded and the duo set forth down the path.

They walked down the path through the forest for several hours. The town, or whatever it was, seemed closer from the hill, but obviously it was farther away than they had anticipated. But that wasn't the only strange thing. Looking around at the trees and bushes, the two girls realized that the strange fruit that Katie ate must have come from this place. Most of the plants seemed normal, but here and there a tree or bush appeared that grew penis or breast fruit. And there were others, some quite obvious others less so. There were fruit shaped like pussies and some shaped like miniature bubble-butts. But then there were some odder spiral shaped ones and other more abstract shapes.

Rustle Rustle

Up ahead the bushes near the path started to rustle. The girls braced themselves for whatever strange creature would inhabit this place. The rustling grew louder and louder until a short old woman popped out. Short of course was an understatement, the woman was only two feet tall, almost gnome-like in appearance. She was dressed in an odd material that seemed to be constructed of woven leaves, but they were fresh and bright looking - not wilting as one would expect.

"Oh, hello there. Pardon me, I didn't know you were there. I hope I didn't startle you."

Both Tiff and Katie shook their heads, still mystified by this odd little woman. She appeared completely unconcerned by their altered bodies, or their blatant nudity.

"Oh my, are you new arrivals?" Again the girls nodded. "Well I'll be! We haven't had a new arrival in, oh, maybe ten years now. This is a surprise. Well, may I be the first to welcome you to Temptila. Is there anything I can help you girls with?"

Tiff and Katie exchanged looks. Then they started pointing to their bodies, trying to get across their issues to the woman. She looked puzzled for a few seconds and then her eyes widened.

"Oh my, I am sorry. I didn't realize you couldn't speak. Here, take these." The woman rummaged between the leaves of her clothing and produced two cherry red fruits. They were shaped like pursed lips. The girls looked at them warily. "Take them, take them. Just crush them against your skin."

Shrugging, Katie and Tiff did as they were told. The bright red juices quickly wicked away into their flesh, leaving no stains. Almost immediately, they both felt a strange churning sensation in their midsection. Looking down at their bellies, they watched as their bellybuttons stretched and swelled, until with a slight pop, they became a set of full, cherry red lips.

"Oh my god! Katie I can talk again!" "Me too!" Both girls cried out, hugging each other as best they could. Tiff's new endowments prevented true hugging action and Katie wanted to avoid sticking her face were it didn't belong.

Recovering, Katie turned to the woman. "Thank you, who ever you are. Its not quite what we expected, but at this point we'll take all we can get."

"Wait, I may be going batty in my old age, but did you girls mean to come here?"

"NO!" Both said at once.

"Oh dear. Oh dear. I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

"Its alright, we were not really in a position to tell you earlier." Tiff said, trying to calm the obviously distressed woman. "We just need a away to get home and get our bodies back."

"No. no. no. You do not understand. Whatever happened that brought you to this place could have been undone, but only if you did not take of these lands into yourselves. Now that you have done so, you are bound to these lands like all of its inhabitants. You can never go back."

"What!" Katie yelped. "What do you mean bound? And never go back!?"

"Just what I said. Temptila is a realm of strong magic and it holds fast to its residents. Come along girls. I will take you to my village and we'll see about getting you settled in."

*The girls quietly follow the woman to her village.


Re: The House of Mysteries

"And here we are girls. This is Fuckton Village." The old woman led the girls out of the forest and into a small collection of thatched huts arranged around a firepit. Unimpressive would be an understatement.

"Uh, not to sound ungrateful, but is this it?" Katie asked.

"Yeah, we saw this large wall from the hill where we arrived. Is that a larger town?" Tiff chimed in.

"Oh, no, dear me. This is all there is. That wall you saw is surrounding the Keep. It has been sealed for, well, I'm not exactly sure. No one in my lifetime has ever entered the Keep, I know that. Around here," she gestured to the huts and the few people, "it would have been big news, I assure you." The old woman answered.

"Oh." Katie sighed in disappointment.

"Come on, I'll take you girls to the Witch. She'll take a look at you and make sure you are both okay after your trip here." The woman lead the girls to one of the huts and ushered them inside. Seated among a pile of ancient looking scrolls, a youthful girl sat looking over them. Apart from not looking anything like a witch, her most obvious feature was a enormous belly. It jutted out at least a foot and half in front of her, cradled by her crossed legs. "Excuse me, Cum Dumpster, we have visitors you should meet. They are new arrivals from the hill."

"Oh? New arrivals? Its been some ti- Oh, my" The girl stopped when she looked up to see Tiff and Katie. "Come, sit. Let me have a look at you." She motioned for the two friends to sit in front of her and cleared the scrolls away for room. With some hesitation, the girls sat.

"I'll be around the village of you need me." The old woman said, leaving the hut.

"Now then, lets have a look at you." The witch said, placing her hands on either side of Tiff's massive belly. Her hands began to glow and a warmth spread across Tiff's stretched skin.

"Hey! What are you doing to her?" Katie yelled.

"Shhh, ch1ld, I'm only scanning her. No harm will befall her." The witch chided, not taking her gaze from Tiff's midsection. "Ah, as I suspected. This is most unusual. Yes, it has been some time."

"Unusual? I think its a bit more than unusual. Look at us!" Tiff shouted. "We are complete freaks!"

"Well, I'm not sure about freaks, but your friend here is completely normal for one who has consumed the cockfruit. You on the other hand are quite special. Its been over 300 years since the creation of a new Cum Witch. I was the last."

"Normal?...Normal..." Katie said, trying to come to grips that her condition was nothing to bat an eye at.

"Cum Witch? Is that why I look like this? Wait, that means that you are over 300 years old!" Tiff exclaimed.

"Yes. You are a Cum Witch. And yes, partially, that is why you the way you do. Cum Witches are created by drinking the Witching Potion, but the last vial was said to have been lost. You must have found it and drank from it. As to the rest of your appearance, the Potion has the side effect of encouraging pussy growth for a short while after consumption. If a cock is present during the creation process, its owner is magically compelled to fuck the new Witch to create new orifices. I suspect you were lucky to only have your friend here. More than one penis could have left you debilitatingly covered."

"Oh." Tiff said, remembering the trance like state she and Katie entered after she had consumed that potion. "But what about this?" She said, pointing at her massive belly.

"That is the source of a Cum Witch's power. We can use magic quite fluently by converting the cum we store in our bodies into pure magical power. The more cum a Witch has, the more power she can use at anyone time. That is the reason the potion commands the nearby cocks to fuck new Witches - the more orifices a Witch has, the faster they can refill. In the olden days, powerful Cum Witches were accompanied by several cock carrying servants in order to have a ready supply."

*"Unfortunately, there is a pretty serious downside."


Re: The House of Mysteries

"Really? Worse than our bodies being twisted into bizarre sexual monstrosities?" Katie quipped. The woman just stared at her. "Sorry. I'm just a little, well, stressed." Katie apologized.

"As I was saying, the downside is that while your substantial transformative powers are fulled by the cum stored in your belly, so are your life energies. All of our sustenance is drawn from our stored cum. We require no food or water, and in theory, we can survive without even air. I have not ever personally tested this, but it said to have been done. However, this existence draws from the cum, slowly depleting it. In time you will need to replenish the supply you carry, or quickly starve to death."

"Uh, how long? How often do I need to 'replenish'?" Tiff asked, still absorbing the information.

"If you do not use any power other than staying alive, I would guess the amount you have now could last you several days. Keep in mind that the amount used to keep us alive is much lower than the amount used for even the smallest of our powers. Even minor power use would drop that time to under a day."

"So you're telling me that I need to fuck my friend every day if she wants to use these 'powers'?" Katie said.

"No, not necessarily. If does not need to be you. Anyone with a cock can support a Cum Witch in her activities. However, the process which transformed your friend has also gifted you with above average capacity, all the better to assist her." The woman said, gesturing at the massive balls hanging from Katie's face. "Cum Witches, as you may suspect, require enormous amounts of cum if they wish to seriously use their powers. Therefore, individuals with enormous capacity to produce cum must assist them." Katie blushed at this reminder of how much semen she pumped into Tiff.

"You keep mentioning powers. What exactly do you mean by that? Can I do magic now?" Tiff asked, saving Katie from further embarrassment.

Turning her attention back to Tiff, the woman replied "Yes, but only of a certain sort. While most elemental magics are beyond the ability of a Cum Witch, we are true masters of flesh manipulation."

"So no fireballs then?" Tiff said jokingly.

"No. But Healing, Polymorphing, and other physical transformations are the standard retinue of a Cum Witch. The only limitation is that we can not act upon our own bodies. If you are injured, you can not heal yourself, but another Cum Witch could."

"You said physical transformations. Does that mean that we could get our normal bodies back?" Katie asked eagerly.

"Yes, either one of us could restore you. I could also restore your friend to her original appearance, but I can not undo the effects of the potion that transformed you into a Cum Witch. You would still be one, wholly dependent on cum to survive. Is that what you both wish?"

"Yes!" Katie cried.

"Me too, but uh, could you leave um, these? I kinda like having boobs for once. Maybe a bit smaller though." Tiff said, hefting her massive pussy-tits in each hand.

"Very well. I shall do as you ask. But first I must gather a reserve. If you would assist me?" The woman gestured at Katie.

"Uh, I'm sorry?" Katie asked, confused.

"I require your cum, dear. I will need far more than I have if I'm going to reverse the transformations done to your bodies. Now please, I won't bite. I assure you that you will enjoy it." She said, sitting back and spreading her legs. Her pussy was lightly furred and obviously well used by its stretched out lips and gaping opening. Her massive bloated belly settled over her spread hips, its round surface sloping upward from her clit.

"Um, Okay." Katie mumbled, clearly conflicted with the request. On one hand it would her body back, but fuck this strange woman? Making up her mind, Katie crawled forward and placed her cock at the hot entrance to the woman's womb. Her penis knew what to do and quickly became erect, pulsing with need. Pushing forward, Katie began to slowly fuck the Cum Witch, picking up speed with each thrust. "Oh god. OH GOD! I'm CUMMMING!" Katie screamed. pressing her face hard against the wet crotch of the woman.

"Yesss. Release your seed into me! I will help you. Ooooh yessss. More! More!" The woman moaned. She ran her hands over Katie's naked back, almost like a massage, except that they were glowing with a soft light. Her gravid belly swelled with each passing second, filled by Katie's spasming balls. The skin became shiny and then slightly translucent as the cum pumped into it. Tiff could see a bright network of veins and arteries, the reds and blues overlaid on the pale skin. And despite everything that had happened, Tiff began to feel rather horny. The sight of watching her best friend pump gallons of cum into the womb of a strange woman was turning her on.

Finally it was over. Katie pulled out with a wet pop, her cock spurting its last few jets over the hairy mound in front of her. Her balls were a dark shade of purple, over extended from producing so much cum. "Wow. That was intense." She said, sitting up. The woman was almost eclipsed by the massive belly that grew from her midsection. It looked big enough to hold both Tiff and Katie with room to spare.

"Come, come. Each of you, take my hand." The woman said, contentedly. She lay on her back under her belly, holding out a hand to each girl. With some hesitation, Katie and Tiff did as they were told. A warm light enveloped them both and they lost consciousness.

When they came to they discovered that

*they had been transported somewhere else.


Re: The House of Mysteries

When the two girls came around, they quickly noticed two important facts. First, their bodies were back to normal, except for Tiff's belly. But secondly, they were not in the woman's hut anymore.

"Tiff, where are we?" Katie asked, helping her friend to her feet. Her massive midsection still gave her problems with balance, but she was slowly adapting to its presence.

Looking around, the girls saw that they were standing once again in a forest. It was similar to the one they had walked through earlier, but nothing looked familiar. They were standing on a dirt road that, while empty, looked well traveled. Behind them the road curved away into the trees, but in front of them it turned into a wood bridge, crossed over a swift river, and continued into the forest on the other side. There were no signs or other markers visible.

"Well, what do you say? Should we go over the river and through the woods?" Tiff said jokingly.

"Sure, why not." Katie replied and the two set off once again, lost but certainly better off than before."

They traveled along the road for several days. However, despite the well traveled appearance, they saw not a single person the whole time. But that wasn't the biggest problem they had. Neither girl wanted to risk eating anything in this strange world they found themselves in, remembering the last time. But Katie was quickly succumbing to hunger. Tiff seemed to be unaffected, but they both saw that her once large belly was quickly shrinking. It would not be long before they both would need to eat.

On the third day, they found to their utter relief a small house on the left side of the road. To hungry to worry, they ran to the door and started knocking. However there was no response to the frenzied pounding. Katie tried the doorknob, and the door swung open to reveal an empty room. The house was small, and it seemed that this single room served all purposes to whoever lived there.

At the back wall, there was a simple bed covered with a fairly ratty blanket. But what was far more interesting was the table which had a bowl of fruit. Normal fruit. Apples. Plums. Pears. Katie ran towards the table and grabbed an apple.

"Wait Katie! You don't know what that will do to you." Tiff yelled

"It doesn't matter, Tiff. Anything is better than starving at this point." Katie said, and took a bite of the apple. They waited a few minutes, but nothing happened.

"Well? How do you feel?" Tiff asked.

"Well apart from hungry, I feel fine. It tastes like an apple. An ordinary apple. I'm going to eat the rest of it." Katie said, before devouring the rest of the apple. When she was done, her chin was sticky with its sweet juices, but nothing bad seemed to have happened.

Katie offered Tiff a fruit, but Tiff declined. She just couldn't see the fruit as food anymore. She had not told Katie, but over the last few days whenever she thought about food, all she could imagine were cocks. Cocks fucking her and filling her womb with hot cum. They now danced in her mind, begging her to find a supply of cum to fill her growing needs.

Shrugging, Katie left Tiff inside while she explored around the house. Tiff started looking around the solitary room, but apart from the fruit, there was nothing of any real interest. But then she heard a yell from Katie. Running outside, she saw what Katie was shouting about. A horse.

"Well, it looks like our luck has changed. I say we 'borrow' it." Katie was saying to Tiff, but Tiff wasn't listening. It was a horse. A male horse. Her eyes were riveted on its cock. She knew she shouldn't, it was a horse for crying out loud, but there was a deeper need that her normal feelings of disgust couldn't stop.

Moving towards the animal, ignoring Katie's questions, she crouched beneath it and started to stroke its shaft. Oddly, the horse didn't seem to mind the strange human playing with it's genitals, but instead started to get hard under Tiff's fingers. Within minutes the thick horse cock was hanging erect from under the beast. Katie just stood mouth open as Tiff turned around and presented her pussy to the animal.

Apparently needing no encouragement, the horse took a few steps forward and speared Tiff's pussy with it's cock. At first it was all pain as the massive penis spread her apart, but quickly her pussy seemed to adapt to the girth and Tiff was soon moaning in pleasure as the horse fucked her. It was a rough, animalistic fucking. Both Tiff and the horse pumped their bodies together with wild abandon, grunting, moaning, and neyying.

It wasn't long before the horse came within Tiff. Like before with Katie and the cum witch, the horse produced unnatural levels of semen. Katie watched in horror as Tiff's belly swelled once more, collecting more and more of the horse spunk. When she reached the size that she had been when they first arrived, she popped off the animal and collapsed on the ground. The horse sprayed its last few spurts over her ass and back before it too stopped.

Rushing to her friend, Katie pulled her from under the horse and helped her sit up. She was flushed with her exertion, and a total mess. Her body was sticky with horse cum and covered with dirt and grass. However, she had a satisfied expression on her face as she rubbed the massive dome of her swollen womb.

"Tiff, you just fucked that horse." Katie said in a whisper, not totally believing it.

"I know. I was just so hungry, I couldn't stop myself." Tiff said. She was too full to be completely disgusted with her actions.

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Re: The House of Mysteries

I'm so very tempted to continue this story here.