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Transformative Night
by nikita_sk

- 1 -
Leanna and Dan left the TV studio together with a large group of the studio guests and walked towards the big parking lot in front of the huge building. The unequal couple - the blonde, tall and well-trained man was quite a contrast to the small, slender woman with dark curly hair - just visited a recording of a very special game show and were both still excited.
"That was a memorable night!" said Dan. "Oh, yes, it was! Especially the grand finale!” they strolled together along the road beside the parking lot to Dan's car. "The tickets for the show were a great idea, Dan!"

The show was all about "Improve Yourself", and players could win some fairly harmless body modifications ranging from additional limbs to animal body parts, like horns or hooves.
"I didn't think it would be so much fun watching others transform. Maybe we should do this again sometime?" said Dan. "Sure, anytime! Who knows, next time maybe even as participants, what do you think?" Instead of answering, Dan just laughed. "Oh, man, the fusion at the end was really intense! I wonder what it feels like to share a body with another person." Dan shrugged. "I don't know," he replied,"but I don't think i would like it. I prefer my independence."

A fusion was actually rather unusual for the show, where normally only minor transformations were shown. In the beginning, for example, one of the players grew an additional pair of arms after he drank a potion. The humantaur transformation of a woman would normally be the highlight. It was quite a sight when the woman grew another torso out of her ass. In the end she was looking a bit like a centaur, but with human instead of the horse parts. But the most spectacular transformation came at the end. A couple who had just gotten married took the vows quite seriously. They decided that a common life also included a common body, and on stage they were transformed into a hermaphrodite with two heads sitting next to each other on their shoulders. Usually, such far-reaching transformations were only seen in special pay-TV programmes, which were usually nothing more than pure porn shows.

"Your independence, eh? It sounds like you've been thinking about your preferences for a while now." she teased him. He knew she wanted to find out what he exactly liked. But instead of answering he asked: "Would you want to change something about yourself?" he asked carefully.

She smirked, but it didn’t really look like she was enjoying the question. Probably the subject was a little unpleasant for her. It was obvious that Leanna, who looked more like a teenager than an adult woman, was dissatisfied with her appearance.
Her face was one thing. Yes, her nose was a bit too big and her ears were a little bit too protruding to be really called beautiful, but this was completely countered by her big brown eyes and full, sensual lips. No, her real problem was her figure.
She looked like a teenage boy, with virtually no breasts and hips and was just under 150cm tall. Nevertheless her winning smile and her open mind gave her a charisma that many superficially

better-looking people did not have. Although she was single right now, and just undergone a bad break up, she had never had any trouble to find a partner before.
Dan, on the other hand, was a typical Sunnyboy. Good-looking, girl crush and always in a good mood. The blonde man had a sporty body, in which he invested a lot of his free time to keep him in shape. Usually Leanna would not be in his target group, but after he accidentally found out that they both were into body transformations, this changed fundamentally.

"Well..." she began. "A few curves wouldn't be bad for the beginning," she started. "Besides, I'd like to be bigger and stronger." - "Nothing else?" - "Oh, yes, a few more arms would be really handy for typing."
Both worked in the same company, she was a programmer and he worked in marketing. He imagined her with four arms at the keyboard. "Well, I don't know." he replied amusedly. "Would that really be helpful when typing? But having four arms would be pretty handy for other things..." he said, thinking about the possibilities this would open up in bed. Nevertheless, he was a bit disappointed, as he expected more. But maybe she just didn't tell him her dirty secrets. After all, he hadn't said much about himself. After a short awkward break he switched the topic and they talked about the show while he drove her home.

- 2 -
She lived in a secluded place on the outskirts of the city, in a former shed of a large villa. When the original owner died, the town bought the land and some public authority moved into the villa. The small house had been renovated and converted into a small apartment that the caretaker was supposed to occupy, but by chance Leanna had gotten her hands into it. It was situated in a beautiful small park with a pond and several willows that belonged to the villa and offered her the peace and quietness she needed to relax, especially on weekends and evenings when the nearby authority was closed.

He stopped the car and looked at her. "All right, I'll see you then... Monday?" - "Oh, wouldn't you like to come in for a cup of coffee?" - "Of course, I'd love to!"

The apartment was small, but clean and tastefully furnished. That surprised Dan, because he had considered Leanna to be a chaotic nerd. After he sat down on the couch, she disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of wine and some snacks. "Interesting coffee!" he grinned when she served them two glasses of wine and sat down next to him on the couch.

"Earlier in the car, we talked about what our secret fantasies are. What we want to turn into..." she paused while he looked at her with anticipation. "Well, I've always dreamed of having a strong, strange body. Nothing too different, I don't want to end up in a Regina care-centre, but enough to distinguish myself clearly from the other ordinary people. On the other hand i don’t like the fashionable clean forms that are so common today." - “Oh yes, i know what you mean. There are many humantaurs and Satyrs around.” - “Yes exactly. The Freyan women on the other hand … i don’t know. Too weird, i guess?” She laughed.

He thought about it for a moment she clearly expected a similar revelation from him.
"I like transformations, especially in others. With me? Hmm... I've always wondered what it would be like to have an orgasm as a woman. I mean, not instead, but in addition to my cock." - " You want a pussy?" asked Leanna. "Hmm, yeah. Indeed." He grinned. "Having multiple orgasms. That would be something!"

She nodded and sipped at the glass and smiled. "So inconspicuous in everyday life, but still kinky! And what would you turn me into? Imagine that you have all the possibilities in the world?" - "Well, you were pretty fascinated by the merger... say, do you happen to have a sister?" She laughed up. "Do you think I’m not enough for you? But you're right, that would be very cool, but something impractical in everyday life, right? Besides, I don't know anyone with whom I wanted to share a body. Especially not with my sister!" she joked. She took a big sip of wine and put her head on his chest.

The moment they touched each other, they felt a change in their mood. Suddenly there was an intense erotic crackle in the air. She was shivering when he kissed her in the neck. She turned her head and returned the kiss. She could still taste the wine on his tongue. Her hand reached into his crotch and she raised her eyebrows in a playful surprise as she felt his erection.

"Somebody's in dire need of something!" she grinned. "What do you think about switch to the bedroom and make ourselves a little more comfortable?" he whispered in her ear. “With the greatest of pleasure!” she replied with a lascivious undertone in her voice.
As they ran into their bedroom, the sexual tension increased to almost unbearable levels, so that they literally tore their clothes off.

"Oh man, I want to feel you in me. Just lie down and enjoy it!" she said, looking at his large erect cock as he made himself comfortable on the bed.

She usually enjoyed a lengthy foreplay with lots of oral sex and stroking, but today she behaved as if she had been replaced with someone else. Her pussy was so wet that she nudged him, so he fell his back and immediately mounted him. Both moaned when his penis entered her. Both were so horny that the first orgasm would not be too long in coming. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and began to move her hips up and down.

"Wow!" he moaned. It was incredible how well she could ride him. It was like she was milking his cock. "Oh, damn it." She bent over him and grinned at him in lust. Her small firm breasts danced in front of his eyes. "Fuck, the little beast is... Oh shit, is she good!" he thought. He never expected such furiosity from that little nerdy girl. Dan clenched his hands to fists and tensed his muscles to hold back the orgasm for a little while, but he approached the climax inexorably.
Leanna also had to be close, because she closed her eyes and increased the rhythm of her movements.

He came first. While she was still riding his cock as if in a trance, he screamed at the force of the orgasm. She still felt Dan's sperm pouring her in before her mind lost itself in ecstasy. Dan, on the other hand, was paralyzed. He was also trapped in his climax, but a part of his mind registered how he began to transform.

His limbs started shrinking, losing their muscle mass. More and more of him shot from his penis into her body, and it didn't take long until the first change in her body became visible. Her small breasts filled up slowly but steadily, and the small a-cup breasts quickly grew into a stately bosom. But other parts of her body also became increasingly curvy. Her bony hips filled out, while her legs and buttocks were growing with strong muscles and a thin but soft layer of fat.

Dan's thoughts began to work again as the intensity of the orgasm slowly decreased, but his penis did not stop pumping. As if through an open water tap, his body mass flowed into her. Meanwhile, several litres of his sperm had to be inside her. That was impossible! Leanna just kept on going, with fluttering eyes, as if the orgasm had catapulted her into other spheres. "Stop! Stop!" It took great effort to form words. He tried to push her away, but he couldn't. His limbs ignored his orders. He turned his head with a tremendous effort.

His arms were already half gone and he could not feel anything from his legs "Lee, please stop it!" he begged the woman sitting on him, who got more and more feminine curves. A second pair of breasts began to grow under her first pair, while his upper body became thinner and thinner.

“Leanna!” He wanted to say more, but his voice failed when his lungs were absorbed by her. With eyes wide open he watched their transformation. Her body soon resembled that of an exotic dancer with heavy breasts and an extremely curvy body. Thick pulsating veins stretched across her breasts and around her bellybutton. His remaining mass flowed almost exclusively into her belly, and the last thing he saw before his head was pulled into her vagina was her pregnant looking abdomen.

- 3 -
When Leanna woke up the next morning, she couldn't remember the transformation last night. Her memory of the late evening was blurry and ended abruptly with the first orgasm. She thought she must have fallen asleep after that. "Dan?" she asked faintly. When she wanted to turn around, she noticed the weight on her chest and her round lower body. "What the hell...
Dan! What have you done to me?" she screamed with anger and surprise. Without a doubt, he had poured some substance into her wine. She jumped out of bed, but couldn't cope with the weight change and fell to the ground. At the same time the duvet slipped from the bed onto Dan's clothes, before she noticed them. Groaning, she sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at her image in the bedroom mirror in disbelief.

Little Leanna, the skinny little Leanna, didn't exist anymore. In front of her sat the parody of a woman, with a double gigantic bust and broad, sweeping hips, lush thighs and a matching

bouncy bottom. Due to her huge rear part it felt as if she was sitting on thick cushions. The four breasts crowded on her chest, with the lower couple resting on her belly, which looked as if she was pregnant with twins in the third trimester. An angry red outie belly button was added to complete the picture.

"Dan! You son of a bitch! What did you do?" She got up carefully and tried to keep her balance, which wasn’t easy, a fact that increased her anger even more. "Where are you?" She looked through the room, but couldn't see his belongings anywhere. He must have run away after her metamorphosis yesterday!

She snorted and staggered into the living room to call him. Her four head-sized breasts swung so heavily that she almost lost balance again. With trembling hands she picked up her mobile phone from the dresser and dialed his number, but instead of dan, she could only hear the automatic voice of the mailbox. She got dizzy and had to sit on the couch, which crunched under her weight. "When I get my hands on you..." she breathed deeply and looked down at herself. "Calm down, Leanna!" she said to herself. "It's not that bad. At least the asshole doesn't like penis-tentacle monsters or anus-women."

She examined her body more closely. There weren’t any really grotesque changes, it seemed to be completely human, and except for the breasts, she had no excess body parts. Her face looked even better than before. All small blemishes were one and her face had perfect proportions. Also she wasn’t constantly horny, unlike many other involuntarily transformed ones she had heard about. She already gained some several centimeters, she guessed she was now nearly 1.70 meters tall.

Slowly she calmed down. "All right. It's far too much of a good thing, but I always wanted to have a sex bomb body, but I could never afford it." she thought. "But why the fuck do I have to look pregnant? Do you like mommies, you stupid idiot? And why four tits?" She tried to call him again, but again she only reached the voicemail.

The breasts can be removed, the fat on the buttocks and belly can be sucked off. And I already know who's going to pay every single cent for it!" she hissed.

She struggled to get her emotions under control. She stared at the phone in her hand, indecisive as to what she should do next. Maybe she should make a few calls, call her lawyer, a hospital or a local alchemist. But first she needed new clothes. Nothing she had in the house would fit her now, except maybe the old bathrobe of her ex, which had to be in a cardboard box somewhere in the basement.

That's when she remembered her colleague Clarice. The overweight woman had only recently had a child and had a similar height. That would mean that she would have to confide in someone, but realistically speaking, that would be hard to avoid anyway. She got along well with

her, maybe she could convince her to keep her mouth shut until she could fix her body. She had no doubt that this was possible.

Leanna sighed and dialed Clarice's number.
"Clarice Hicks speaking." - "Hello, Clarice. It's Leanna." - "Hi Lee, what a surprise. How are you?" - "Not good, that’s because I'm calling you. I have a huge problem. I..." she hesitated for a while because she didn't know how to explain it.
"What's the matter? How can I help you?" Clarice asked. Leanne swallowed. "Clarice, I've been the victim of a D-Cum attack." - Clarice didn't say anything for a while. "Oh, by Freya! How bad is it?" - "Don't worry. The transformation isn't too bad, but I don't think there's a single T-shirt in my house that fits me anymore." she tried to sound funny, but failed miserably.
"You were on the TV show yesterday, too, right?" Clarice asked.
Leanna was confused. "Yeah, why do you ask?" - "Well, because... don’t you know?" - "Clarice, I woke up half an hour ago and had to realize that I turned into a pregnant bimbo with four huge tits overnight. What do I not know?" -
"Then you've been really lucky. The Police says probably every visitor has been transformed. Most of them were hit badly."
“What?” So Dan wasn't responsible for her situation? She looked out the window and saw his car outside. Probably he was transformed last night, panicked and left her flat. Who knows where he was wandering around right now.
"It's on the news right now..." Clarice started, but Leanna interrupted her. "Clarice, listen to me. I need some clothes. Do you still have your maternity clothes?" - "Yes, of course..." - "Can you please bring some of them by as soon as possible?"
Clarice hesitated, what if Leanna was contagious? Nothing like that has been mentioned on the news yet, but one could never know. Leanna guessed her thoughts and added: "You don't have to come in, just put them on the stairs. I haven't been outside yet and I'm certainly won’t until I can cover myself." - "OK. But I'm not gonna make it today. I went over the weekend to my parents' and I won't be home until tomorrow morning. Can you wait that long?"
Leanna silently cursed, but she had no choice. "Yes, of course." - "OK. See you tomorrow, then."

She hung up, surprised from the turn of events. What the fuck happened to Dan? Has he been turned into a monster and were now stumbling through the streets? She turned on the TV and searched for a news channel. In fact, the dominant theme on nearly all channels was the attack at the show.

The police suspected a sect worshipping Karma behind the attack, but nobody sent a letter of confession yet. Probably they contaminated the buffet with a D-Cum potion, which transformed every single visitor. The D-Cum Emergency Centres of the local hospitals were completely overloaded, which wasn’t surprising as more than hundred people were in the audience. It must have been the worst attack since almost ten years!

She turned up the volume and tried to get up to get a drink, which wasn’t easy in her current state. After several attempts to rise from the couch, she finally succeeded and waddled to the kitchen. In her previous anger she hadn't noticed that her labia rubbed pleasurably against her legs while she was walking. It was increasingly irritating her. She returned with the rest of the wine and sat on the couch.

More than 50 victims were already found. Most of them weren’t able to speak anymore and many were completely driven by lust. "So far, no pattern in the transformations could be identified..."

“I was really lucky. In comparison my own changes aren’t really so bad.” she thought. In fact, she didn’t find her changed body so repulsive anymore, but rather sexy. Only her stomach bothered her. And the breasts were a little too big, a few cup sizes less wouldn't hurt, but maybe she even kept the second pair. "Fuck, i really should be worried about Dan’s transformation, but at the moment i’m just turned on by my own one."

"... So far, none of the victims is infectious or produces transformative body fluids. That's probably the only positive news we're getting today..."

She listened to a reporter who apparently had just finished an interview with a doctor in a hospital emergency room.

"... an exclusive conversation with one of the victims. She's one of the easier cases. Please understand that we cannot show the heavier transformations on TV at this time of day.” Another person came into the view of the camera. “Melissa, how are you feeling?"

The TV-Screen showed a small woman whose head was completely wrapped up by a towel. Her upper body was naked except for a bra. Instead of arms, a few tentacles of more than two meters in length grew out of their shoulders, each with their ends pixelated. A face peeked out from under her big breasts.

"It's terrible. When I woke up this morning and found out what happened, I freaked out. I don't know what to do next, I can't do my job like this anymore," she said.
"My husband had to bring me here, I can't drive anymore. And then I had to wait for hours, I was always put off. I wouldn't have any priority!"

"... Did you notice something during the night?" - "No, I was asleep. I woke up by my husband's screams. He was totally panicked by my sight." - "Were you alone at the show or did you have acquaintances with you? …”

Leanna was fascinated by Melissa. She wondered what could be covered by the towel. It must be something overly sexual. It was the same as the tentacle ends, she knew that there had to

be an glans or sometime similar there, otherwise it wouldn’t be pixelated. A lewd thought entered her mind: how would it feel if she were fucked by all four tentacles at the same time?

Involuntarily, her arms wandered between her legs. It was not easy to reach her vagina because the big belly was in the way, but her effort was soon rewarded. She has not been able to look at her genitals properly so far, but the changes were not really surprising. Her clitoris was huge, at least as big as her thumb. She stimulated it almost like a penis: she held it between her thumb and index finger and began to massage it gently.

Apparently, Leanna was wrong about not being affected by any lust-increasing effects. Although the most dramatic experience of her life happened last night, she could hardly think of anything else but satisfying herself. With her other hand, she searched for the vaginal entrance, moaning softly. Without any problems she was able to push her entire fist inside. "Ahh. Oh man, I'm gonna fuck up the whole couch!"

- 4 -
Dan felt surrounded by pleasant warmth. His surroundings were dark, but he could see a very slight reddish glow. He heard a pulsating noise that reminded him of something, but he couldn't quite pinpoint what. When he tried to move, he realized that he couldn't. It was like he didn't have any muscles to control. Nevertheless, he didn't panic, not even when he could feel a movement. His dark prison deformed, he felt the changing pressure in different parts of his body. He concentrated on the movements and tried to find out what situation he was in. Was he dreaming? Slowly he realized that he was wrong before. He still had some muscles which he could move, he just couldn't tell which parts of the body they were responsible for. The only thing he was fairly sure about was his tongue and mouth. But he also felt wrong somehow. He tried to say something, but wasn’t able to make a sound. As he licked his lips, it caused a cascade of these strange movements. But not only that, it also felt very arousing. Again he could sense movements, but then something touched his lips. It felt tremendously pleasurable and made him squirm. The sudden movement caused a faint moaning sound. But it sounded strange - like he was underwater. He didn't mind. He wanted to enjoy this wonderful state of mind for as long as possible and relaxed. Something touched his lips, which felt wonderful and felt somehow similar like someone was stimulating his cock.

Where the fuck was he? Despite the exciting touches, he forced himself to remember the last thing he knew. The evening with Leanna, then the sex and... The memory of the transformation hit him like a steam hammer. The rising panic probably gave him access to previously hidden muscles because his attempted uprising caused a kind of trembling. The pleasurable touches stopped and the movements started again, but this time much faster than before. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he heard a muffled voice. It was Leanna! He tried to make himself noticed somehow, but apart from the trembling he couldn't achieve anything. After some time he was exhausted and tried to listen if Leanna would say anything else.

Some movements followed, which he identified as steps. Then she stopped and stood still. He could sense her anxiety and something else, probably their nervous systems were connected somehow, but before he could identify the new sensations he heard Leanna’s voice again.

"Hello, this is Leanna McPherson. I'm calling because I was at the show yesterday where the attack took place. ... Yes, I've changed too..." Dan couldn't hear what the opposite side replied, but suspected that Leanna was calling a hospital. "I think there's something inside of me... I look like I'm pregnant in the ninth month and I just felt a movement in me..."
She didn't know he was absorbed by her? How could that be?
When Leanna replied her voice had an excited sound. "What do you mean? You don't want to help me because the change is not big enough? I don't care if the other cases are worse. ...
Listen, something's inside of me, and you must get it out of me!..... Tomorrow? Are you nuts?
Who knows what it is? What if it decides to get out? What if it will rip me apart?” Leanna’s voice sounded now really fearful. “I don’t care if this never happened before, i need help now!” Dan didn’t know what the person on the telephone said to Leanna, he could only hear very faint noises, but he could feel how Leanna relaxed. “Ok … Yes. And you are hundred percent sure? What if your analyses are wrong?” The voice on the telephone talked a long time to Leanna until she finally answered: “I don’t remember anything about the transformation. I woke up this morning, thinking my colleague had transformed me     No. Certainly not…” He could literally feel
Leanna’s embarrassment. “Yes, i felt the movement while i orgasmed… OK. Good, i’ll be there tomorrow at 8 am.”

Leanna let out a deep sigh and hung up. Then she moved a few steps, sat down and began to examine her belly with a few groping movements. Dan didn't move because he didn't want to worry her. If she went to the hospital tomorrow, he was sure they'd be able to free him.

He could hear the faint noises of the news show and almost fell asleep if the comforting touches wouldn’t suddenly start again. Then something big and round entered his mouth. He licked it off, which made Leanna moan again. He could even taste that this time it was a cucumber...

- 5 -
It was well after midnight when Leanna finally fell asleep. The initially erotic dreams of transformations quickly gave way to darker and more unpleasant scenes that filled her restless sleep. Dan and Leanna were back in the show. But instead of sitting in a studio flooded with light, the place was more like the gloomy atmosphere of an ancient dungeon. While the volunteers tried out potions and tinctures on the stage at the front, which caused grotesque transformations, they sat alone in the audience and received each of the alterations as well.
Within a short time, a dozen limbs, breasts, heads and genitals grew out of their bodies, and the two of them were completely overtaxed by their control. In the end, the young couple merged on stage, which promptly hit Dan and Leanna. The feeling of Dan flowing into her made her wake up in a sweat.

It must have been around 5 am, since it was already dawning. Leanna lay uncomfortably on her side and tried to turn around, but her belly and heavy breasts made it almost impossible. She cursed and pulled herself up when the first contraction seized her body and forced the air out of her lungs.

"Shit!" she gasped. She understood that the transformation of last night was probably not yet complete. Did she gave birth to a monster now? She had to call 911!

She was trying to get back on her feet, but another contraction stopped her efforts. Breathing heavily, she fell back onto the bed. Not only the belly, her whole torso were contracting!
She did not feel the pain she would expect at birth, only an overwhelming pressure that concentrated on her vagina. Something pressed against her cervix with enormous force left her with no choice but to spread her legs and hope that it would soon be over. The pressure on her vagina became more pronounced with every following contraction. She felt dizzy as something slowly squeezed out of her vagina. Yesterday she had thought about how she might disguise the huge vagina in the future, but now she thanked Karma for it, because her old sexual organs had long since been torn apart by the thing.

With every inch that left her body, her pregnant belly got a little smaller, but something else happened: her torso shrunk as if her spine was being pressed out, too. The next contraction and the nascent panic made her scream.

"Help! Fuck, why can't anybody hear me? Nnng." Again her back had become a few centimeters shorter. Her neck was practically gone and her chin touched her big breasts. "Help!" Why did she live in this godforsaken fucking neighborhood! To top it all off, more foreign perceptions filled her head. The pulsating mass of the thing that exited her body must have reached the floor and they could feel how she touched the carpet. It was part of her!

With a tremendous effort she rolled over on her belly. She had to get up! But her struggle was in vain. The transformation reached her arms and they went limp when she tried to push herself up. She couldn’t move her head anymore, but with her peripheral vision she saw how her arms were pulled into her shoulders, while the hot wet tube that was sliding out of her, was moving on its own. She cried out in frustration, when she realized that she was completely helpless.

Her whole head felt hot. With her shrinking feeble arms she touched her face and immediately flinched. Her cheeks were sensitive like her clitoris! She moaned, but before she could investigate the changes in her face, she met the next wave of transformation. This time several things happened at the same time: her hips crunched and shifted. Since her face was now fixed directly between her shoulder blades, she could no longer see exactly what was happening, but only guessed which parts of her body were affected. From the corners of her eyes she could see that her shoulder area, into which her face was sinking deeper and deeper, turned red and the last parts of her shrinking arms were absorbed by it. Only her fingers reminded like four short tentacles, sticking out of her transforming shoulders. The colour and moisture of the skin

reminded her of mucous membranes. The slimy thing between her legs rubbed against her changing legs, a different feeling crept into her brain besides all the horrors: sexual arousal.

Helplessly she tried to keep herself under control, but it was almost pointless. While she was still trying to contain the nascent excitement that the tentacle, or whatever it was, caused by touching her legs, her belly and bedlinen, another contraction was going through her body. This time it had something orgasmic. As her spine was further shortened, her face had become deeply submerged in her torso and lay in a depression, so that parts of her transforming body severely restricted her field of vision. She had lost control of her legs, which began to twitch and massage the tentacle. It occurred to her how much her metamorphosis resembled that of a Daikini worm victim. As a fan of transformations, she of course knew the effect of the worms, and although her own transformation did not fit entirely into the scheme, the parallels were undeniable.

This insight made her resistance to the transformation collapse. It was hopeless anyway. Soon she would lose control of her remaining body parts and probably her tongue would turn into a huge penis. She no longer struggled against the second upcoming orgasm, which heralded the coming contraction, but closed her eyes and waited for it.

Nevertheless, she was staggered by the force with which the last contraction flooded her body. With a final jolt, her face was pulled deep into her body the world went black.

- 6 -
In contrast to Leanna, his birth was an orgasmic experience for Dan from the very beginning. Already the first contraction pushed his head out of Leanna's body and he could see again, even if the sense had changed significantly. It was only later that he realized that he could no longer perceive normal light and no longer had eyes, but that his whole head had become sensitive to heat radiation.
But he didn't care about that at the moment, just like the Leanna's cries for help, which he could hear of course. He was overwhelmed by his lust and completely unable to resist.

With each contraction he was able to move more of his body and soon he began to rub it against everything he could reach, so that he slowly approached climax. Only incidentally did he noticed that Leanna's legs changed, they became more muscular and the orientation of her joints changed. The cracking of the changing hips made him startle briefly, but the intensity of his lust was too strong to think of anything but finally reach the fucking orgasm. When he noticed that he gained control of his legs, he did not hesitate for a second to use them to stimulate his body. His feet became his new hands when the toes lengthen and became more flexible. Deep inside his consciousness, he knew what he had become: nothing more than a huge, walking dick, but he didn't care. His only goal was to maximize the pleasure. He didn’t care what happened to Leanna, neither he was aware how her screams muffled and became silent.

At last he felt like the orgasm coming. It reminded him vaguely of last night, but the intensity was much stronger that he lost all sense of time. The orgasm filled every fibre of his body. It was by far the strongest sensation he ever experienced, so strong that if his brain wouldn't have adapted to this impulses, they would drive him crazy in a second.

It felt like it had took ages until he regained his senses. Thick drops of cum were still dripping out of his ‘mouth’ and his body was still jerking from occasional post-orgasmic spasms.

Completely exhausted, he lay there motionless. His thought processes only slowly started to get going again. His lust was still there, but it had become a slight background noise that permeated all his thoughts, but it did not control them.

"What had just happened?" he thought. He lifted his "head" and tried to recognize where he was. The way his new facial sense worked confused him, but he realized that he had to be in Janna's bedroom. He remembered that he had stimulated himself with his limbs earlier and tried to use them to get up. To his surprise, he managed to do it the first time. He stood on a slimy bed and examined his new body. "Where was Leanna?" He could only vaguely remember the birth process. Everything had been superimposed by this super-orgasm. Probably he had been away for a long time and Leanna must have escaped from what she had just given birth.
His "legs" were muscular and ended up in a kind of mixture of hands and feet, with a sole, but 5 flexible fingers that he now carefully moved. He was able to move his long neck freely, which was nothing more than the movable shaft of a penis, which was long enough to give him an overview over his entire body.

Apart from the two "larms" (as he called his mixture of legs and arms), he had no other limbs. The main part of his body had the shape of an oval one metre in size, like an egg lying on its side. His two limbs grew left and right from the sides of the oval and the two huge gluteal muscles, which were slightly offset to the front, bulged on the upper backside. On the front side between his legs was a sheath-like organ from which his long neck grew.
At the lower front side of the egg-shaped torso, directly below the sheath, a huge scrotum hung in front of the legs. It didn't seem to contain any testicles and looked like a huge empty, wrinkled, beachball-sized bag. Behind it was another, much smaller, but still very large ballsack. But the backside was the strangest part of his body. A huger vagina dominated the space between his gluteal muscles. It looked like he had a huge muscular ass, in which asscrack was resting a one meter long pussy. Four long tentacles, each sprouting directly from the to the taut labia, made their way down to his knee-level, each divided into three small laces at the top.
Right underneath was a couple of basketball big breasts with three long teat-like nipples. Her weight pulled at the labia minora and pulled her apart slightly at the bottom and reminded him of a pair of udders. Together with the frontal scrotum they slightly impaired him with every movement of his "larms", which did not disturb him but on the contrary excited him so much that he had to concentrate not become horny again.

On the upper side of his posterior vagina, a huge clitoris peeped out between the labia. The vagina alone was huge. The gap between the labia had to be about one metre long, maybe even a little larger, but even for these dimensions the clitoris was disproportionately large. It had to be nearly the size of a honeydew melon.

He also wondered what the four tentacles were for. When he touched it with his head he could feel it, but it seemed to contain no muscles and was a pure excess of skin. The grotesque appearance of his body excited him again, but he forced himself to calm down. He was worried about Leanna, since there was no trace of her in the bedroom. On top of that, the dampness on the bed could be cum, vaginal fluids or maybe even blood from the birth. His new sense of sight wasn’t able to distinguish these three. The dimensions of his body alone must have torn Leanna apart, he thought. But then he remembered that her body had already been transformed when she gave birth to him. He tried to call her, but as he had already anticipated, he was mute.
However, the mere attempt to form words with his mouth sent a cascade of arousal into his body.

The latent lust made it difficult to think calmly. His entire front body was a single erogenous zone and his rear end was hardly less sensitive. “I gotta get out of here, Leanna is probably somewhere else in the house.” he thought. With great ease he raised and jumped out of the bed. It was easier than he anticipated to move around. The legs were strong and dexterous “Ideal for … chasing!” he realized.

Instinctively, he pulled back his penis neck while jumping and discovered that he could retract it. Immediately he began to experiment with his newly discovered muscles. Further and further he pulled himself back into the sheath, until only the glans looked out of it. His penile part was now almost completely contained in the bag, which he confused with a scrotum at first. Now it was only possible to run with a lot of effort, because the bag pressed against the sides of his legs and the weight distribution was very unbalanced. With a slurping sound he pushed his ‘head’ inside himself. He now heard the rhythmic beating of his heart. It felt almost the same as it did before his "birth". The feelings from outside were subdued. He forced himself to remember how exactly his birth process had proceeded and a dark apprehension crept over him.

- 7 -
Leanna had only stayed unconscious for a short time and woke up when Dan jumped off the bed. Of course, she had no idea who had taken over her body and was sure that she had now become the host body for a Daikini worm-like creature. She had surrendered to her fate in such a way that she did not even try to make any movements. Blackness surrounded her, but she could feel Dan body moving and retreating into his sack.
Afterwards 'her' body moved through the apartment. With the coolness of the tiled floor, she realized that they were just in the kitchen and moving into the study. What was that thing doing? The thing sat down on the soft flokati carpet and took something in his hands. The breasts pressed against the labia of the posterior vagina, causing them to shift a little bit and expose her

eyes. She was completely surprised by the fact that she wasn't blind. She could see the wall clock hanging on the wall of the study through a small gap.

It was now 8:00 in the morning. "Clarice had to come by at any moment!" The knowledge passed through her like lightning. She feared that the monster she had become would attack her friend. That alone would have been bad enough, but she was also afraid that it had transformative capabilities and change her. She moaned and was surprised by the fact that she was not mute but could move her mouth. Something was lying on top of him and she could not form clear words, but the realization that she was not completely helplessly trapped in her body let her try out more. The thing had stopped moving and seemed to be sitting still, as if it had to cope, too with having to share "its" body with someone else. Her "hands" seemed to work, but they felt strange. Other muscles affected her head. She tried them out and did something she felt like stretching her neck. It worked! Her face moved out of the humid, warm prison into the cold of her study.

Before she could try to say anything, the thing continued its strange movements. Without seeing what happened, she couldn't categorize what exactly it did, but it used his hands - or were they feet? - and touched rhythmically some flat smooth things.

"Ahhhh." she moaned. "It’sh working!" In fact, her mouth worked almost as well as it used to. She didn't have any more teeth, she remembered weakly that they probably had withdrawn into her palate, so her words were a little unclear and her mouth was oddly soft, and when she pressed her jaw - which was also very pliant - she felt an incredibly good feeling as if she had stuffed a dildo into her pussy, but she could speak!

The thing accelerated his movements. "I don't shink you expected shat, eh?" Leanna said out loud. Her body shook. Every word felt like sex! She tried to move her "hands" again and discovered that these muscles controlled the four tentacles she could see from her corners of her eyes. Leanna tried out to coordinate her movements and discovered that they were in fact four weak little arms, each with three small short fingers. “Better than nothing!” She felt hope again.

She felt the thing make a single chopped-off movement with its arms. Suddenly she heard a computer voice: "Leanna! Don't be afraid! It's me, Dan!"

It wasn’t Dan’s voice! It took Leanna a while to understand what this meant. Not one monster had taken possession of her body, it was Dan. The shock prevented further conversation at first, but Dan's "head" bent back and "looked at" Leanna's face. "I can't cope with my new sense yet. but it looks like you're still pretty pretty."
As it was his way, he tried to loosen up the bizarre situation with a joke, and in fact Leanna laughed at him with relief. Your situation was still pretty crappy, but now there was at least one reason to hope.

"Dan! I..." she stammered. "It's all right." the voice said. "I think we're gonna have to get used to our new life.

- 8 -
The next hour was a challenge. Every movement was exciting, but neither of them wanted to be the first to give in to his lust. Unlike yesterday, they wanted to make sure that their transformation was over and stable.

Moreover, Leanna always expected Clarice to knock on her door, so they took care of the non-sexual parts of their common body, although they had to admit that there was hardly anything she could do, which did not arouse any erotic feelings in them.

At least she soon had the lisp under control. "Strange. She should have been here a long time ago," she said. Unfortunately, the phone was completely soaked with sticky juices and didn't work anymore, just like Dan's phone.

Finally Dan went back into the living room to turn on the TV. It was still a strange sensation to feel her own body controlled by another will, especially when she were walking backwards all the time and not seeing where you were being moved.

"Be careful!” Dan couldn't answer because he had left the computer in the study, but now he tried to walk more slowly. He sat down on the couch, which squeezed Leanna into the backrest. She immediately acknowledged this with loud protest. "Hey! Watch it! In case you forgot, I'm back here and you're sitting on my face!"

Dan rose up again and seemed to think for a while about how best to sit, so that both had a clear view of the TV.

Meanwhile, the excited sound of a reporter's voice penetrated her ears. Obviously something terrible had happened, because the voice was fluttering with excitement.

Dan had put himself across the couch and turned his back towards the TV. He bent his neck back to see something.

"... summarize the events of the night once again. The city is in a state of emergency. It is obvious that yesterday's action was only a preparation for the real attack. Yesterday's victims have transformed again this night. They changed into extremely dangerous, fast and powerful creatures that attack every untransformed human as soon as they spot one. The beasts spray a transformative liquid, which leads to an immediate ..." The reporter swallowed… "transformation into further monsters. The authorities are completely overwhelmed and since the outbreak occurred in all D-Cum emergency stations in the city at the same time, there is no way to

counter all the transformations at the moment. Stay at home and barricade yourself. I repeat, the victims have nothing human about them and will attack as soon ..."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Leanna. "But you're in control, aren't you? You don’t wanna attack anybody?" Dan made a nodding move with his glans.

"We should barricade ourselves too. Who knows if they're going to attack us. Dan jumped up and ran to the door to see the situation outside. They couldn't see anything, but after they opened the door, faint police sirens and occasional bangs, like shots could be heard from downtown. A slight smell of burning was in the air. The neighborhood was dead quiet. Dan pulled his head back into the apartment and locked the door.
He was quite dexterous with his limbs, doing so. He balanced on one leg while picking the key up with the other one.

Leanna, on the other hand, was frustrated not being able to see anything what happened in front of them. At least he could get an occasional glance on the television, where the newsreader in the studio had replaced the reporter on the street.

“... As we have just learned, the Minister of the Interior ordered the Imperial National Guard to close off the city on a large scale a few minutes ago. The entire district is quarantined until the outbreak is under control. From 12 o'clock today, there will also be a strict curfew. All people who are still on the streets after that are considered infected..."

Then Dan moved back to the study and got the computer. "I guess we'd better stay in here and wait until things calm down." said the computer voice.

"Like there was any other possibility," she thought sarcastically. "Good. The best thing to do is to get some pillows out of the bedroom and we'll make ourselves comfortable in front of the TV.”

- 9 -
Soon it became apparent that the National Guard would get the problem under control and the excited "Breaking News" gave way to the first talk shows about the cause of the disaster.

Now, when the first excitement had subsided, Dan and Leanna quicky began to be affected by their easily arousable body. When Dan finally put his "head" on one of the breasts underneath her face, this little stimulation was enough to cause break all dams. Within seconds, Leanna kissed Dan's glans and caressed the penile tube with her little arms.
Her mouth filled with a slippery liquid that covered Dan's neck and head more with every kiss. With her prehensile labia, Leanna clasped the slippery shaft, which rubbed up and down on her face with rhythmic movements. She had sunk back into the body so that it was almost dark

around her and she could only see the walls of her pussy and the gliding erectile tissue of their penis.

Dan's legs were flexible enough to massage her common breasts and scrotum, and soon the room was filled with Leanna's moans and screams. Dan broke away from Leanna and instinctively she knew what was coming. She opened her mouth and waited for the shaft as it entered her. It turned to be the best sex they ever had...

Dozens of orgasms later they lay exhausted on the now completely filthy couch. The TV had long since stopped broadcasting the special programme and showed some meaningless pre-prime-time-serial.

"I could almost get used to a life like this," she whispered. Her face was still hidden, she liked the warmth that lay on her face. Nevertheless, she was able to speak because her mouth was not covered.

"We have to let our friends know. And then call the police." said the cold computer voice. She groaned. That voice was the purest turnoff. "Yes, I know..." Her sentence was interrupted by a loud pounding at the door.

"This is the police! Open the door!"

Leanna cried out from surprise and move her face out of the warm, humid but sticky prison. "Open the door now or we'll break it down!"
Dan jumped up. "Don't move for the love of God!" Leanna screamed. "If they see us like this, who knows what they'll do."

The police officer had heard her, because he shouted: "Listen, miss, we have reason to believe that there is a victim of the attack here. Just stay calm. We'll get you out."

"Wait! Wait! We're the transformed! We're the victim! For Freya's sake, do not break down the door!"

The pounding fell silent and they could hear how the officer talked with others by radio. After a while, he said: "I’m sorry for you, miss. Do not leave the apartment under any circumstances. A staff member of the Regena Care Centre will soon be he. They'll take care of you."

"What’ll they do with us?" - "That's not our jurisdiction." he said. "But you're very lucky. "So far, we only have one more case where the victim haven't gone completely insane."


Re: Transformative Night - by nikita_sk

- 10 -

8 years later...

Dan and Leanna got quickly used to their new body after the first shock. They both had to admit that they were really into very extreme transformations for a long time and although they both preferred to have their own bodies and Dan especially missed the opportunity to communicate without tools, they quickly learned to appreciate the advantages of common orgasms. Because of the complicated and chaotic proportions of the D-cum mixture of terrorists, it was also highly complex and risky to somehow alter the transformation, let alone separate them from each other.

The first and a half yea they actually lived in a Regina-Care-Centre and spent most of their time fucking themselves and other inmates. During this time, they got to know even more special features of their new body. Her torso and especially Leanna's mouth was extremely flexible and could even take the shaft of a penis woman. Leanna was also responsible for food intake. They learned that their main food source was now male sperm, although Leanna was able to use other fluids as well. Subsequent detailed investigations showed that Mana also covered part of her energy by mana, which also had an influence on the digestion, because otherwise it could not be explained that instead of faeces she only produced a tasty but sticky and viscous juice, which was excreted mainly by orgasms. In fact, they had to come at least once a day, otherwise their breasts and scrotum would swell so much that Dan's juice would constantly run out of his mouth and start to drip out of her teats.
Another disadvantage was that the juice was highly transformative. Even small quantities were enough to transform a huma, as a nurse had to realize about one year after the attack. In the public Dan therefore had to permanently wear a condom, which he didn't like at all. Within the Regena-Care-Centre, most of the people were immune to change, but as soon as old friends came to visit (which were almost exclusively Leanna's friends) special precautions had to be taken.

Later they moved into a kind of assisted living appartment. They lived there with the other two psychologically ‘normal' victims of the attack and sex determined a large part of their everyday life.

Steph-Linda was looking very similar to Leanna and Dan, as were many of the other victims of the attack. The body plan was the same, they were bipedal with an approximately egg-shaped torso, where Linda consisted of the buttocks and Steph had control over the legs and hand feet and had a penis at the front of the body. The two were much less muscular than Leanna and Dan, though. The main mass was their huge thick butt, whose fat masses were shaking at every step.

But there were other differences as well. The penis was rigid, permanently erect and much thicker, and Steph had a human and amazingly pretty feminine face where Dan's bag organ was. Spiritually, their fusion was so pronounced that they were almost one person. They shared their memories and preferences and could feel the emotions of their body partner as if they were their own. As time went on, it became more and more common for the two of them to say the same thing at the same time and they were very seldom divided over something.

Linda had been hit worse than Leanna, but she didn't seem to have a problem with it. She only had a single eye on her coccyx and her mouth had been transformed into a huge anus, through which she could speak without any problems. Unfortunately for her, Steph-Linda had to eat normal food, which had to be digested and excreted normally. But Linda didn't mind. However, she always paid close attention to the fact that both her oral interior and the exterior were always clean in the presence of others, and that potential visitors or sex partners were not confronted with bad smells. Apparently Steph had quite a lot of control over his digestive tract, because the other roommates never noticed anything unpleasant. Circularly around the anus, grew six slender and long tentacles, replacing Linda's arms.
Steph-Linda were Dan's favorite sex partner. He could pamper her butthole for hours and always stay close to the climax without crossing the threshold. Leanna liked to be piled and fed by Steph's big cock, but preferred Melissa's softer methods.

She was the other roommate and the same Melissa that Leanna had seen on television eight years ago. The second wave of transformation had hit her comparatively hard. Her body was very symmetrical and simple. Her legs shared the fate of her arms in the second wave and became a bunch of equally sized, two meter long penis-tentacles, so that her almost square torso had five penis-tentacles at each corner, which were just strong enough to move around. She was unable to stand up without help and was therefore in a horizontal position most of the time. On the underside there was a kind of cloaka for her excretions and on the upper side her unaltered face that was wedged between four enormous breasts.

On the long sides, one could see that their transformation failed from the terrorists' point of view. Four rudimentary glandes, without any openings dominated the sides, but the shafts were missing. Basically, Melissa was sexless despite the many male gender traits, as she did not produce any cum and had no urethras. This made her the only person who were transformed during the attack, who wasn’t dangerous to untransformed people. It could be never fully clarified, why  her transformation was so different from the rest, but it was thought to be probably related to the fact that, unlike many others, she was transformed alone without a body partner, and that she also came from near Grave-Town, where many people had a natural resistance to some mutagens.

The fact that she could only look upwards was her biggest nuisance and most of the time she wore a kind of pair of glasses (rather a double periscope) which gave her a good panoramic view. A further disadvantage was that she hadn’t any bones anymore and her body was very

pliable. Her tentacle tips were the most sensitive parts of her body and she had to wear a kind of glans protector when she moved around or used her tentacles for something other than sex.

While Leanna and Melissa were anxious to keep a certain amount of contact with 'normal' people and were often visited (Leanna even received some kind of VR-equipment, with which she could meet virtually with her family and friends, and which she could use with her labial limbs). Dan on the other hand got more and more absorbed in his existence as a moving prehensile dick.

Gradually he lost interest in any other activity than sex and sleep.
Recently, he even stopped using the voice computer and a week ago, he tried to transform one of Leanna’s friends on purpose and only narrowly missed her with a splash of his 'seed'. She could only play this down with great difficulty. After this incident she decided to draw the consequences.

Several days later she waited until they were alone in the house before she spoke to him. "Dan, it can't go on like this. We need to talk." Instead of replying, he immediately tried to stimulate them both. The penis head bent back and tried to bend its way into her mouth.
"DAN!" she fought him off, which caused her to feel more lust than she liked at the moment. "Don't do that!" she hissed.

He finally gave in and listened. "I know what you tried with Sandra. She almost got hit and would have been transformed into Karma knows what.Not to speak about the fact that we would have to move back to the Care Centre for the rest of our lives. You want that?" Dan weighed his neck back and forth like he was gonna say "so what?"

"It would really be easier if you were using your computer, you know?" he shook the penis head, which she sighed at. She knew that he had been fighting something for about a year, that his personality was slowly but surely changing. He was increasingly influenced by a kind of hunting instinct - like most other victims of the attack. She only wondered why it happened now, after all, eight years had passed since her transformation.

"We have to make a decision. I know what you want, but I can't accept that. We can't hunt people to transform them. We have to find another solution." Dan seemed resignedly staring at her. She could feel his feelings weakly since they were transformed, which mostly manifested itself in the fact that she thought she could read in his penis' face' - which was, of course, objectively completely impossible. She could read simple answers from these emotional impulses and she didn't have any longer conversations with him anyway.

“I have talked to an alchemist on the net who might be able to help us. We basically have two options. However, both have serious disadvantages."

Dan looked at her curiously. *And you would take that chance?*

"If I don't, you're going to lose control and slowly turn feral. There's nothing I can do to stop this. Afterwards we'll be moved to the Care Centre and stay locked up there, where I'll probably be bored to death. And so would you, we'll be able to have sex as much as we want, but you won't really be able to live out your hunting instinct there either."

*What options?* he seemed to ask.

"The first one is easier and safer. We complete our transformation as they had planned it for the terrorists. We're going to be one of the monsters. The Care-Centre will take us somewhere in the wilderness, to Karma's Realm or maybe to the National Park, and release us there.
There we will live a carefree life and we will be able to live out our instincts."
… ‘from time to time, a crazy adventurer.’ she silently added.
She smiled at the thought. Unfortunately, she wouldn't be aware of this any more, because most likely she would be transformed into a pussy like the other transformed victims, who were conjoined.

*And what about you?* He seemed to read her thoughts.

"We would both be nothing more than animals. But carefree and happy. I wouldn't miss anything."

*You're afraid of it!*

"Yes, i am. But I would do it if it made you happy. And after the transformation it wouldn’t matter anyway. It's still better than being trapped in a body controlled by a predator. And you know that's gonna happen sooner or later."

Dan’s tube indecisively back and forth.

"But there's another possibility. The alchemist has found a way to remove the hunting instinct without risking major transformations. But it would also remove the vast majority of your personality. You'd lose control of the legs and you wouldn't be much more than a penis after that. You wouldn't feel anything except orgasms. Maybe you would even loose your completee consciousness. Besides, a lot of things can go wrong. But if everything works out, I'd be free to go back to live a “normal” life."

He stared at her thoughtfully. He would prefer the first option, but basically he could also live with the second one. He'd have to think about it carefully.

- 11 -
Dan decided on the same day what kind of transformation he preferred, but pretended not having chosen yet. When they went to bed, he slowly and cautiously fetched his computer and used it one last time to find out about the alchemist. It was surprisingly easy to find out which alchemist Leanna had contacted, since she didn’t care to hide her communication. He wasn’t interested in anything non-sexual for a long time, and she guessed correctly that he normally wouldn’t notice anything. He found a piece of paper on her small work desk, she used for reading and surfing the net while he was asleep, scanned it and could read it on his computer screen. It had all the needed information.

He wrote the alchemist a long letter, explaining his reasons and wishes. It took several nights of secrecy to communicate with him, but finally they agreed upon everything and had the potion delivered on the next day.

The last couple of nights he dreamed about being nothing more than a cock, experiencing really pure lust and not the tainted one he was experiencing now. It was the one thing he was living for, his destiny. He had been unconsciously striving for this since the beginning of his transformation, maybe even before of that, but only realized it now. “How ironic!” he thought.
At the same time, he realized that out of misunderstood compassion, Leanna would try to persuade him to do the first option,or even worse, she would try to commit a stupidity without his knowledge, so he had to anticipate her.

On the next day, Leanna felt all day long his excitement, but didn't know what it meant. She indeed decided to choose the first option, but hesitated. She needed more time to prepare herself mentally to turn into a beast, but nevertheless she would do it for Dan.

Dan indicated to her that he had a surprise for her. She thought of a farewell party for their roommates, or something like that, and was completely clueless about his secret preparation. She did only realize what he had done, when he spilled the D-Cum potion on them. Now it was too late to have any objections. “Dan what did you do!” She shrieked, but before she could continue the transformation began. She felt a strong arousal and a warmth on HER backside. Suddenly the bones in the legs cracked and shifted when they again after eight years moved back to their original orientation. She fell down, when she gained control over the legs but long forgot how to use them. Inside her she felt his presence slowly fading until it was nearly but not entirely gone. Then the penis retracted into its sack without her gaining control over it.

Unfortunately for Leanna the instability of the original mutagen caused the transformation to continue. An additional growth appeared on the top of her egg-like body, and something happened inside her. A force similar to the one at the beginning of the birth process she experienced so many years ago, grew in her inside, blowing her slowly up.
She moaned and shuddered, but couldn’t neither reach her changing top nor see what was happening there. The only thing she perceived was that the torso grew in size, turning soft and smooth. Was she turning fat like Steph-Linda? No something else was happening to her. Her

body was filled with something! She could feel how her weight increased. Her comparatively small breasts grew so big that they nearly touched the ground, while the swelling labia was increasingly restricting her view until suddenly the transformation stopped.

“That wasn’t a very good idea.” she muttered, endlessly relieved that the transformation stopped before it turned too bad. She tried to stand up, when Steph-Linda entered the room, alarmed from the shriek she uttered before. “Dan, Linda, what happened?”

“He did it. He’s gone.” Leanna said, not sure how to explain what happened to them. “What do you mean? You look different … your body turned into a huge fat boob!” They said full of surprise.

Leanna felt like she had a lot of explanation to do. Just as she started tp tell them about the their problem with Dan’s growing urges, Melissa joined them and brought a letter from Dan. He wrote it last night and told Melissa that she should give it to Leanna this evening.

- Epilogue -
The letter explained everything. Dan was indeed gone, but a small rest of his presence remained in her body, which showed up every time when she was aroused, Then the backside cock extended from its sheath and moved on it’s own. It was a big source of pleasure for Leanna and the others. She learned to accept Dan’s choice and didn’t bear him a grudge, although she missed him sometimes.

She needed some time and much practice, but after a while she learned how to walk again, although her bigger body disallowed her to become as dexterous as Dan was. The growth on her upside turned out to be a fat nipple with an areola, which periodically was leaking a sweet honeylike substance, which unfortunately had the same transformative properties as her cum. All in all the final transformation was a mild one and she was thankful about it.

For the next years she stayed together with Melissa and Steph-Linda and they became a formal couple. Without being dependent on Dan, Leanna finally continued her former job as a programmer, while Melissa and Steph-Linda became activists for Transformee-Rights.

15 Years after the attack onto the Transformation-TV-Show they finally left the city and moved to Melissa’s hometown, but that’s a different story, which won’t be told here.