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Excellent to have more!  If only John asked Kim what she thought about her new situation...


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Adding to the Curriculum

Jon leaned back in his chair, pleased with his latest round of wishes. While it had been fun watching Kim get transformed into an asshole, it was a bummer that she had become Zoe’s asshole. The way Kim was now nothing more than a helpless body part was somehow incredibly enticing to him, and the fact that she had made Zoe’s ass incredibly luscious and made her practically a nympho only added to the thrill of the change. But it was still his sister. There was no way he was going to explore that any further. So, that meant plan B...

Jon took his first good look around the room. Sure, he had glanced at the class when he first walked in, but Zoe had been his primary focus. Now that she had left, he had the chance to take in the room in its entirety. Ms. Lee was jabbering away about the structure of government bodies. The students were in various levels of alertness, but most had settled into the hazy stupor that so many find themselves in during a boring morning class.

Jon focused on Ms. Lee. She was a short woman in her late thirties, her black hair was pulled up into a conservative, but fashionable, style. She had on a pair of glasses which perfectly accented her almond shaped eyes and she was dressed in a professional looking black pencil skirt with a white blouse and cream colored heels. In many ways, she reminded Jon of Jaqi Pyon. But as where Jaqi was practically the walking stereotype of the sexy teacher, Ms. Lee was just a teacher who happened to be attractive.

Attractive, but not very exciting, Jon thought. Let’s see if I can change that.

“Ms. Lee, honestly, what’s your first name?”

The teacher stopped mid-sentence and focused entirely on him. “Melinda,” she responded casually. Jon smiled and stood up. He strolled confidently towards the front of the room and moved next to Ms. Lee, Melinda, then turned to look back at the class. His eyes roamed over the female students. To his right, sitting on the outside aisle was a particularly cute girl.

“Melinda, do you enjoy teaching civics?” he asked as he made his way towards the girl he’d spotted. “Not really,” the teacher answered behind him.

“Then why are you teaching it?”

“I had wanted to teach sociology when I’d first gotten hired, but there wasn’t a position available. A crappy job is better than no job, so  I took what I could get. After being involved with this curriculum for so long, the administration didn’t really want to let me go into a different area so they stonewalled me. A crappy job is still better than no job, so here I am.”

Jon was only half listening as he had made his way to the girl who had caught his eye and was now inspecting her closely. She had prominent cheekbones, full lips, and stunning ice-blue eyes. Her body was attractive, but not particularly noteworthy. But that didn’t matter for what he was planning. “Honestly,” he said as he stares into her piercing eyes, “can you stick your tongue out as far as you can?” The girl immediately opened her mouth and her tongue poured out of her mouth, reaching all the way to the bottom of her chin.


Jon looked away from his discovery and returned to scanning the room. “Melinda, honestly, what was that you were saying about sociology?” He began to walk up and down the rows of desks, checking out all of the girls in their seats as he passed.

“I was always fascinated with the study of subcultures within society and the interactions between people, but I had always wanted to teach, too. I had hoped to combine my two interests and be able to teach my passion.”

Jon looked up from the latest girl he had been checking out during Melinda’s explanation. Teach her passion... now there’s an idea. Jon looked at the next girl in the row and froze in his tracks. She was incredibly thin, well toned arms, and had a flat stomach. She had to be an athlete of some sort. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. Jon leaned in so he was looking into her eyes and asked, “Honestly, could you please stand up?” The thin girl lifted herself gracefully out of the seat and stood before him. She was almost completely flat chested with only pert A-cups at best and a small, but toned, butt.


Jon pointed at the pretty girl with the beautiful face. “I wish she,” he then pointed to the thin girl in front of him, “was her ‘fucking asshole’ the way Kim is Zoe’s ’fucking asshole.’”


The change was exactly what Jon had hoped for. The once rail thin girl standing before him now sported an absolutely enormous bubble butt that looked ridiculously out of place of her otherwise highly toned body. The icy-eyed girl made had one hell of an ass.

It suddenly dawned on him that he didn’t even know either of these girls' names. They have been arbitrarily picked and now their lives, especially the newly created butt-girl’s, had been changed forever. Nobody, not ever her or her new host, would ever realize that she had even been a person in the first place...

That was so hot.

Jon had warped them for his own amusement and it had gone perfectly. And he wasn’t done yet. While his one wish per person had changed a random classmate into this girl’s ass, a wish had not been used on the host yet. He still had a wish remaining he could use on her. And he knew exactly what he wanted to use it fo-

“Jon, I don’t mind if you join my class, but please refrain from being a distraction.”

Jon looked at Melinda and found that she was staring him down. And so was the girl standing in front of him. And the rest of the class. Someone snickered and it was then Jon realized his pants were tentpoling with a noticeable erection.

Jon blushed and internally cursed his mistake. He went unnoticed by everyone while he had someone enthralled with his truth trance, but his wish to make a new ass-girl had ended the trance. He was standing in the middle of the room, face-to-face with a random girl, sporting a hard-on.

This wasn’t how this was supposed to work. He was in charge. Nobody embarrassed him!

“Melinda, honestly, what’s two plus two?”


Now that he had reestablished the trance, he was free to do as he pleased. And what he pleased was getting payback for being laughed at. He turned towards the girl he had transformed and looked into her eyes. “Honestly, why don’t you wait out in the hall for me?”

The girl turned and walked towards the door, her hips swinging wildly and her new ass bounced noticeably with each step.

Jon looker across the faces of everyone in the room. Although he had seen a few of these students in the halls, he didn’t know any of them. They had laughed at him, they had never torment him or really done anything to him. Jon took a breath and calmed himself. He would show them mercy for their slight against him.

He would only mess with them a little bit.

He looked back at Melinda Lee, who had gone back to teaching once he had moved the focus of his questioning to the girl who now stood in the hallway. She was a little older than he’d usually go for, bust still pretty fuckable. And she had said she wanted to teach “interactions between people” and her “passion,” so Jon would benevolently help that be the case.

Jon stepped out into the hallway and was pleased to find his new prize was obediently waiting for him, staring off with an empty gaze into the distance. “Would you please start heading down the hall and look for an empty classroom?” The girl started walking forward, glancing into the classrooms she passed as she made her way down the hall. Jon looked back into the room he had just exited.

“I wish Melinda Lee’s class was not a civics class but was instead a sex immersion class that was open to those of legal age and it explored positions, acts, fetishes, toys, and all aspects of sex and even incorporated practice between the classmates and Madame Lee herself providing hands on instruction.”


Jon smiled widely as the class had changed from an everyday classroom lecture to a male student kneeling in front of Madame Lee, whose red latex dress was hiked up to expose her black thigh high boots and dripping wet snatch, which the boy was eagerly licking away at. Through her gasps and coos, the instructor was explaining the nuances of his technique to the rest of the class, who were in various stages of dress as they fondled themselves, as well as each other, openly at the sight of the demonstration being presented at the front of the room. This was made easier by the fact that the room was no longer filled with desks but was instead equipped with couches, a couple beds, and even several love-swings hanging from brackets in the ceiling.

Not so unusual to have a hard-on in the room anymore, is it? Jon though. But, he felt like the students weren’t getting the full experience. After all, only the guys in the class knew what it was like to have to deal with an erection in class. That wasn’t very fair.

“I wish that whenever these students experience an orgasm or give an orgasm with anyone else who is currently in the classroom that their genitals would swap with their partner and that these swaps would not continue after the class has ended until the next class period for this course.”


Jon watched as one boy reclining on a couch tensed up and the girl who was jacking him off leaned forward and open her mouth wide, ready to accept his load. Just as the boy bucked at the beginning of the orgasm, a pussy instantaneously replaced his dick, which started to twitch and leak as its new owner came. The boy let out an aroused whimper as his partner slowly inserted two fingers into his slit and began to pleasure him again with his unnoticeably new equipment. A different girl moved closer to the pair and laid down on the floor between the first girl’s legs before beginning to suck on her new cock.

Meanwhile, Madame Lee let out a loud moan and then a groan as she grabbed onto the head of the student kneeling before her. She stood ridged for several moments, visibly week in the knees. After some heavy panting, she let out a content sigh and stepped back, her new dick sliding out if the mouth of the student it had formerly belonged to with a wet slurp.

“Very good, Brad,” the sex teacher praised the kneeling boy as she looked down at her wet cock. “You even swallowed it all. Class, take note of that.”

Jon nodded to himself. Melinda was sure to enjoy her job much more now, the class was much less boring for everyone, and there was even a chance that the students might actually end up with their original parts once the class was done (although he doubted it). But after laughing at him, they go off lucky.

“Now, where did my newly created ass duo end up?”