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My pride and Joy.

The day begins like every Friday does: With my alarm going off way too early, way too loud and way too annoying. At least it gets me out of bed in the morning. Anyways, here I am, bleary-eyed and head still foggy from lack of sleep. Should I just stay in the dorm today? But I have Advanced Analytics in the morning, I can't skip that again...

Groaning, I push myself away from the soft, warm pillow and rub my face with both hands once I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, feet resting on the floor. My morning wood throbs fiercely, tenting my pajamas. Damn, I shouldn't have watched the whole season yesterday... probably caused all those weird dreams and the unrelenting boner I'm sporting.

"Good morning..." a voice mumbles, sounding just as in need of sleep as I feel - and undeniably female.

"Good morni--" I begin, interrupting myself as I suddenly feel much more awake. I was alone yesterday. No lady visitor to spend the night with. Did someone break in? Do I have a stalker?!

I look around the room, finding it empty, twist my body to look behind me on the bed... Nothing. I'm alone in the room. But then, I feel my morning wood ... wiggle.

"Phew, it's so stuffy in here," the voice grumbles, and I feel my pajama pants move, the air of the room hitting my dick. Only now do I realize that it feels very different than usual. Heart thundering in my chest, I slowly turn my head to look down at my crotch, and my eyes bulge.

"Morning, sleepyhead. Did you sleep well?" The tiny woman that has replaced my cock asks with a friendly smile, looking up at me while her hands grip my pajama pants.

How do I react to that?


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It's a dream. Aaallll a dream.

Nnnope. This is not happening. Not real. My dick didn't get replaced with a seven inch girl with auburn hair, a light dusting of freckles on her cute button nose, the perkiest, fullest, albeit tiniest breasts I have ever seen, a trim tummy and... well, the swell of her hips disappears into my crotch, but I'm sure they would be spectacular. At least I'm dreaming up a major hottie. And she's still looking up at me with a playful smile.

I look up at the ceiling and grit my teeth. The first shock worn off, I realize I can feel her body as I did feel my cock - but just like I couldn't control my hardons, I can't control her movements. Aaand now she's poking the inside of my thigh.

"Hey! Seriously, don't ignore me!" She huffs, slapping my thigh twice. "That's really rude, y'know."

Not answering. I will not talk to someone who stole my dick and took its place, even if this is a dream.

"Hellooo, earth to Matthew! I'm talking to you!"

"How do you know my-- no, not going there. I'm not talking to a dream."

"Hmph," she pouts. "Does this feel like a dream to you?"

With that, she pinches my thigh. Hard. Even though she's that small, it hurts like the dickens.

"Ow! What did you do that for?!"

"To get your attention, dumbass." The teasing smile on her face takes the sting out of the insult. "And it worked, didn't it? You're talking to me now."

"And I'm stopping again right now. Not gonna talk to my dick, even if this is a dream."

"I'm telling you, it's not! And I'm not your dick, I'm a strong, not-so-independent woman!"

"Well, you sure as hell took its place, miss strong woman." She's starting to piss me off a little. "Where did you even come from, crotch girl?"

"Hey! No need for insults," she replies indignantly, crossing her arms under those perfect, tiny breasts. "I know as much as you, we woke up together and that's it."

"You're jutting from my crotch, and you don't have a name. That wasn't an insult, it was just facts."

"It still hurt my feelings!" The retort definitely sounds angry. Seems I'm getting to her. "And I so do have one! It's, uhm..."


Suddenly, her face lights up with a smile.

"Joy!" She beams up at me. So much for getting a little revenge on the dick sized cock thief. "Call me Joy."

"Seriously? That's what you came up with?" The name is a little on the nose. "But okay, I'll humor you. It's just a dr--"

My second alarm goes off, the one that tells me 'get your ass in gear, slowpoke'. Great. Wasted enough time bickering with Joy that I'll have to go to class without breakfast. I really don't like this dream...

"Great. I need to get to class... With you betwen my legs? Good thing I'm dreaming."

"And I keep telling you you're not," Joy grins.

Groaning, I get up and start taking off my pajamas, trying not to jostle Joy around too much. I really don't want her pinching me again. She leans back against my stomach, trying her best to hold on. At least she's trying to help instead of just bobbing around. Why does she feel so much like morning wood would?

"Mmh, me likey," Joy comments when she sees my reflection in the mirror next to the bathroom door. Just what I needed. My cock is commenting on my physique. Granted, swimming keeps me in great shape, but damn, does it feel weird to have that complimented by the woman in my crotch. But getting dressed presents another problem.

"No way am I getting in there!" Joy is referring to my boxers she's pushing down with all her might, preventing me from pulling them up all the way. I could easily overpower her, but for some reason...

"What, do you expect me to go commando?"

"Yes? And you better wear clean pants!"

"I always wear... oh, screw it."

Pulling a new set of clothes out of the dresser, I put on fresh pants, Joy's head peeking out just over the waistband as her hands grip it tightly. With a slightly loose shirt on, she's hidden perfectly. More or less. Because Joy is lifting up the shirt and beams up at me.

"It's a bit tight around the chest, but we're good to go. C'mon, I wanna see what it's like out there!"

"Yeah, right. Dream or not, the shirt stays down. I don't want people to think I stuffed a doll down my pants."

"Spoilsport," Joy grumbles, but she lowers the shirt again.

Taking a deep breath, I grab my backpack, slip into my shoes and out of the door.

How's the lecture going to go?


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Kind of boring for Joy. At first.

Damn, it's bright outside. Even though I got up this early, I still have to squint against the glare of the sun as I trudge over the main campus, cursing internally as I feel Joy's nipples rub against the rough fabric of my pants. This whole sensual feedback is rather freaky. Wonder what my brain is trying to process with this dream... Because this has to be a dream. Cocks don't just randomly turn into tiny, smoking hot women. That apparently can't resist lifting the shirt meant to hide them.

"Stop it!" I hiss towards my crotch, feeling a bit silly as I smooth my shirt back down. "I told you, stay hidden."

"He-hey, Mattster!" Great. Nick is just the dumbass I need right now. Don't get me wrong, he's my best buddy, no one better to game with, but he's still a dumbass. "Talking to yourself? I told you, just a matter of time before all that computer stuff makes you snap."

"We can't all study Liberal Arts and coast by on our step-dad's money," I grouse, trying to ignore the feeling of Joy shifting under the fabric, apparently trying to stare through the thin shirt to get a look at Nick.

"Oh, you wound me, man!" Nick grasps his heart and mock-faints, straightening up with a grin. "But seriously, are you alright? You look a little frazzled 'round the edges."

"Yeah, yeah, I just... overslept is all," I reply, looking off to the side. On the off-chance this isn't a dream, I shouldn't tell him the truth. But it definitely is a dream.

"Alright, if you say so..." Nick doesn't sound completely convinced, but thankfully let's it slide. "We still on for tonight? I wanna farm some legendaries!"

"Sure, sure..." Right now, I have my mind on other things than gaming, but maybe I can get my mind off them with some gaming tonight. "Listen, I'm already late. Talk to you later, 'kay?"

"'Course. Later, man!"

With a languid wave, Nick turns around and heads over to the dining hall. Lucky him, enough money to eat out and enough time to get breakfast. Me, on the other hand, I have to... duuuuck into the on-campus grocery store to avoid her.

"Hm? Where are we going? Don't we have to get to the lecture?" Luckily, the store is completely empty except for a bored sales clerk behind the counter, because Joy's voice isn't as quiet as I'd like.

"I'm... I'm getting a sandwich first. I'll eat it in class."

No way I'm explaining to Joy why I try to avoid Ellie, or Eleanor Titania Smith, as her full name goes. She looks exactly like you'd expect someone with such a name to look, somewhere between hippie and ren faire performer. Yes, she's pretty, and has much better hygiene than your stereotypical member of those groups, but that's just her looks, and I'd rather not run into her.

Much to my relief, Ellie passes the store without noticing me duck behind the shelves, pretending to check out the sandwiches while I keep an eye on her. And luckily, a grocery store doesn't seem too interesting for Joy to peek out of my shirt. I take another minute to make sure Ellie is gone, pick out a sandwich at random and make my way to the lecture hall after paying. Of course, I'm more than a few minutes late and have to sneak in, taking a seat all the way in the back in an empty row, quite a bit away from the next student. Better safe than sorry.

I'm barely sitting when I feel Joy lift my shirt again, making a disappointed sound as she looks around and sees nothing but the underside of the table. Tough luck, but at least no one will be able to see her back here. I pull out my notepad and a pencil and try to get my head into the lecture while munching on my sandwich. It's surprisingly easy, mostly thanks to Professor Walters' engaging lecture style, and soon I've almost forgotten the tiny woman in my crotch. Almost because she's twisting this way and that inside my pants, trying to get a look on anything that's less boring than the table. I try to ignore it.

Which is why I can barely stifle a gasp when suddenly, pleasure races through me like an electric shock, making me sit up ramrod straight. I grip the rest of my sandwich and my pen tightly, my surroundings becoming blurry as my eyes lose focus at the intense sensations. My attention now firmly returned to Joy, I can feel that her fingers have found what would be her crotch - and it seems to have exactly the equipment one would expect from her. Oh, so it's one of those dreams, a distant part of my mind thinks, the rest almost shutting down in bliss as Joy gasps and writhes in my pants, stirring up her pussy.

And I can feel every second of it. Joy is only teasing her labia, rubbing her tiny slit up and down, but even that is almost to much for me, my breath catching in my throat. I'm trying to form words, tell her to stop, but I can barely think. Letting go of my pen, I move my hand down to grab Joy, make her stop that way... That's when she finds her clit. I clap the hand that was moving downstairs over my mouth, silencing an involuntary moan just in time, eyes brimming with tears of pleasure as I begin rolling my hips without conscious input.

Joy has less reservations, but her moans and gasps are not loud enough to be heard by anyone in the auditorium, thankfully. Hopefully. Maybe someone does, but by now, I'm beyond caring. It just feels so good, better than any boner ever felt! Joy has now brought up one hand to her tits, playing with their stiff nipples. They seem hard enough to poke holes into my pants, and feel oh so amazing, despite - or because of? - their small size. Even the pressure of my waistband against them is setting Joy's body, and by extension me, on fire.

Throwing my head back, I stare wide-eyed at the ceiling, unable to suppress a squeak when Joy slowly pushes two fingers into her sopping wet, twitching tunnel. Or... is it... mine? I can feel her finger slip over every fold inside of me... of her, the knuckles spreading our entrance, and it's becoming hard to tell where Joy ends and I begin. Not that it was easy to begin with. Finally, Joy's fingers are in as deep as they will go, her palm squeezed against our clit, and I begin bucking my hips uncontrollably, shaking the tiny woman taking us to greater and greater heights of lust as she begins moving her fingers in and out of or snatch, producing tiny squelching sounds.

All I can do is fight to keep quiet and hope that I... that we cum soon. My arms twitch and my legs shake, kicking against the wood forming the backrests of the row in front of me. That's probably going to get the attention of someone... But with the searing heat that's building in my... in Joy, only a very, very small part of me seems to mind. Joy twists her fingers, stretching our pussy this way and that, until she finds a spot that's somehow even more sensitive, curls her fingers... and the wave that has been building crashes over us, washing away all conscious thought as I barely manage to suppress a blissful cry into a strangled grunt.

It doesn't feel like a normal orgasm - while there is intense pleasure in my groin, or rather, in Joy's whole body that is shaking and twitching in lust, it radiates out far beyond normal, filling my whole body. And it keeps going a lot longer than I'm used to; the last waves of pure bliss slowly ebb away as I slump over onto my desk and start drooling on my notes.

What's going to happen once I recover?


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Well, it did look and sound like a medical emergency...

The afterglow is a little negatively affected by pants sticking to Joy - the crotch is soaked with our juices. But I'm instantly jerked awake, adrenaline replacing the prolactin coursing through my veins, when someone taps me on the shoulder.

"Hrrfffwha?!" Apparently, the language center of my brain is still rebooting. It doesn't deter the woman before me - kind of rocking the mousy librarian-style - to look at me with worry.

"Excuse me, are you alright?" She asks, reaching for my shoulder again. "It... it looked like you were having a seizure."

"Uh, wha... what?" I recoil from her hand and pull down my shirt in a panic, desperate to hide Joy. Her muffled protests are definitely audible, which doesn't exactly help. Luckily, the woman doesn't seem to realize where the voice is coming from. "No, I was just... it was a cramp! I'm fine, okay?!"

Frantically, I gather my stuff, the lecture completely forgotten. Presumably also ground to a halt due to the commotion, but all I care about is getting out of here and into fresh pants. And out of this nightmare. But... why didn't I wake up after that orgasm? I've only had one or two wet dreams in my life, and I always woke up after cumming. Does that mean this isn't... No. Not even thinking about that. It's just way too crazy.

"It didn't look that way! Are you sure you're feeling alright? You should probably go see a doctor!"

The genuine concern on her face makes me feel bad for just brushing her off like that, but I'm not about to tell a total stranger 'Well, the tiny woman that replaced my dick just got both of us off in public', so I just stammer some more excuses and scramble to get out, backpack in front of my damp crotch to hide the stain. Luckily, there's next to no one in the halls as class is still in session, so I manage to reach the next toilet unseen, if a little bowlegged. Getting into a cubicle, I lock the door, drop trou and stare down at Joy with barely restrained anger. She at least has the good graces to look to the floor sheepishly.

"What. The hell. Was that?!"

"W-well, I was bored... and then I let my hands wander a bit... and, you know, I didn't have any opportunity to check out my body, and then... it felt way too good to stop..."

"Way to good?!" I'm trying to keep my voice low, but it's getting a little hard to control its volume. "We were in a lecture hall! You made us cum in public! Do you have any idea--"

"Why didn't you stop me, then?" Joy cuts me off, putting her hands where her hips vanish into my crotch. "You could have grabbed me!"

"I... that's because... well..." That takes the wind out of my sails pretty quickly, my face growing hot as I look away and focus on a particularly interesting spot on the cubicle wall.

"Because it felt... way too good?" Joy teases me relentlessly, and I can hear the smug grin on her face.

I have no answer for that, because she's right. Even with one hand occupied with keeping my voice muffled, I still could have used the other to stop Joy. Why didn't I?

"It... it doesn't matter. This is all a dream anyways," I say, retreating into the only fact that keeps me from snapping. But still, there's a shadow of doubt creeping into my conviction even as I say it. "Soon, I'll wake up and then, I'll probably have to wash my sheets."

"And I keep telling you it's not," Joy replies, elbowing me in the side lightly. It does hurt a little. Should it be like that if I was dreaming? "Seriously, you're so stubborn."

"Oh yeah? Then how do you explain, well... you?"

"I dunno," she muses, cupping her chin in one hand as she rests her elbow in her other hand. "Magic? Quantum entanglement? Alien experiments?"

"As if any of that wasn't ridiculous," I reply dismissively. "I'm going to go with dream, thank you very much."

"What do I have to do to convince you that this is. Not. A. Dream?!" Exasparated, Joy looks up at me with creased brows, putting her hands where the swell of her hips disappears into my own.

Look at that, our little miss sunshine is getting frustrated. Kind of makes me want to be even more stubborn on purpose. I do have a sneaking suspicion that maybe, just maybe, this insanity is my new life, but... No, this has to be a dream.

"Hm, how about turning back into my cock?" I ask her, and I'm being rather serious. A plain old dick was a lot less trouble.

"Listen here, Matt--" Joy begins angrily, but the sound of the door opening makes her shut up very quickly. Both of us freeze as another student walks over to the urinals and begins taking care of business. I look down at Joy wide-eyed, and she returns the stare with one of her own. We barely dare to breathe - which makes me realize that Joy's magnificent chest rises and falls with her own breaths. If she's my cock, why does she have to breathe on her own? Wouldn't she be supplied with oxygen by my bloodflow? Are our veins even connected?

While I think about these only medically interesting questions, whoever is outside finishes up and goes to wash his hands.

"Don't mind me," he comments as he passes our stall, making me jump and Joy duck under my shirt. A rather ineffectual way to hide, as with me wearing no pants, everything below Joy's navel is visible. Why does she even have a navel? "You guys can continue your little spat, nothing I haven't heard before."

Somehow, neither of us feels like taking him up on his offer, and we wait until he finally leaves.

"Oh fuck, that was close, wasn't it?" Joy asks as she ducks out from under my shirt again.

"Way too close," I answer, feeling my heart thump in my chest. I can also feel Joy... throb, for lack of a better word, but the rhythm seems to be off from my own heartbeat. Don't tell me she actually does have her own bloodflow?!

"We should probably continue this in the dorm."

"Y-yeah, probably for the best..." I reply, heartrate only slowly returning to normal.

Cleaning up as much as possible with toilet paper, Joy and I get ready to start the trek back to my room. Screw the rest of my classes, it's just Intro to Philosophy and Debating 101. Why did I even take those? Oh, right. To pad out my electives. With Joy, my thighs and my pants in a much better state than before, I pull up the latter and close them over Joy. She reaches over the waistband and pulls up the zipper before going back to hide under my shirt, her head rubbing against my navel, tickling me with her hair. Did it do that befo--?

Shaking my head, I unlock the cubicle and go to wash my hands. I'm not gonna worry about this right now. First, I need to get back to the dorm and then find a way to wake up. If this is even a dream at all... But it has to be. What else would explain all of this?

Will retreating to the dorm help?


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It'll at least give us some privacy.

With classes still in session, we make it to my room without running into anyone I know. Which is good, seeing as I have to shuffle over the campus with my backpack in front of my crotch to hide the stain. The latter is also the reason why I start undressing as soon as the door falls closed behind me. My legs just feel way too sticky, and I need a shower. As I pull off my shirt, Joy helps by opening my fly, driving home once again how weird this whole situation is. But bit by bit, I can feel my conviction that this is a dream crumble - it's all too real, to vivid, and most of all, consistent in its weirdness. Still, it has to be. Even if I just tell myself so to keep myself sane.

"Are we taking a shower?" Joy asks as she stretches in front of my groin, giving me the weird sensation of a straining boner without me flexing any muscles. "We should, I think. I don't exactly feel clean after that lecture. Good, but not clean."

"Don't remind me," I grumble, stepping into the - thankfully not shared, albeit tiny - bathroom after throwing my pants into the hamper. "But you're right, although I feel a bit weird showering together. I've only known you for a few hours."

"Aww, look at you, all gentleman-like," Joy grins up at me. "But seriously, you've seen me naked, I've seen you naked, I've gotten both of us off--"

"I told you, don't bring that up," I cut her off, annoyed mostly that she doesn't listen, but also because it reminds me of the best orgasm I ever had - and I don't like how it starts making me feel randy again. "But you're right, it's a weird thing to get hung up on."

"Tell me about weird," Joy mumbles, her usual cheerful personality a bit dampened. I crane my neck to look at the woman slumped over between my legs. "You think I'm not this close to freaking out? I'm tiny, I'm stuck to your crotch, no offense, it's a mighty fine crotch, and I know next to nothing about anything, I have no idea what'll happen, and sorry, I'm rambling."

I stay silent, a bit stunned by her tirade. And my thoughtlessness. I never considered how she feels, being in the place of my cock. It must be terrifying, being at the mercy of what is effectively a giant, yet she remains, well, joyful. Maybe I should be a bit more considerate. We're in this together, after all.

"No, I'm sorry," I say a bit sheepishly. "I never thought about... How... how does that even work? Do you have any memories, or knowledge? You did know my name."

"Apology accepted," Joy replies, back to her little miss sunshine routine. "I have bits and pieces - names, places, concepts - but there is no rhyme or reason to them. Maybe I downloaded your common sense when the aliens grafted me to your crotch?"

"I'm telling you, this is a dream, nothing to do with aliens," I chuckle as I get into the shower. Taking the detachable showerhead, I first check the temperature and then - force of habit - let the jet of water splash against my chest, soaking Joy completely as it flows down my torso.

"Hey!" She sputters, moving to avoid the spray as much as she's able. "Be careful, you oaf!"

"Sorry!" I quickly move the showerhead away, enabling Joy to glare up at me. "I didn't mean to..."

"But you did," Joy replies, pushing her thoroughly soaked hair out of her face. "Forget about it. At least now I'm feeling cleaner. How about you hand me some soap and shampoo?"

"Sure, let me just..." Careful to not drench Joy again, I move the showerhead over my own body before grabbing the shampoo. As I begin to hand it down to her, I realize another problem: The bottle is bigger than her. Without thinking, I squirt a glob on my fingers and begin massaging it into her hair.

"Hey, what... mmmhhh," Joy's startled reaction is quickly replaced by a contented hum. I pride myself on nimble fingers; more than one girlfriend has melted under my massages. But none of them were attached to me - a fact that is biting me in the ass again. Because it feels good. About as good as playing with my cock. Which I'm technically doing, I guess.

"Mhmm, that's nice," Joy moans, leaning back against me. Now, without pants and shirt, I can definitely tell she seems bigger, her head easily reaching my navel. But with the waves of contented pleasure spreading through me from Joy, I don't care. I just share Joy's sentiment: "Don't stop..."

While I rub Joy's head with pointer fingers and thumbs, I use the knuckles of my pinkies to rub her shoulders gently. It's not a proper massage as I'm afraid to hurt her, but through our weird shared senses thing, I can tell Joy is enjoying it immensely. As am I; and when Joy decides to play a more active role in this sensual endeavour by caressing her skin, making goosebumps run over both our bodies, my knees buckle and I have to lean against the tiled wall to stay upright, feet braced against the opposite wall so I don't slip. To think I'd ever be thankful for this small, cramped shower stall...

"Oh god, where did you... aannnhh, learn that?" Joy groans lustfully, her hands travelling ever higher on her body. "It feels amazing..."

That much is obvious. The nipples capping her tits - ample in relation to her body - look hard enough to cut the glass of the shower door. Feeling them, and Joy's whole body, throb with her heartbeat almost makes up for losing Little Matt. And looking down at her like this give me the perfect vantage point to marvel at those magnificently shaped orbs. In fact, they are big enough to hide her hands from view that I nevertheless feel sliding up towards her bosom, higher and higher.

But even knowing that it comes, I can't keep myself from doubling over when Joy cups her breasts and begins tugging and twisting her nipples, bliss exploding through both of us. When my eyes regain a bit of focus, I find my self face to upside-down face with Joy, who is still playing with her boobs, looking at me with a mix of pure pleasure and mirth.

"Feels good, right?" She half-moans, her grin spreading wider. "Wanna touch 'em yourself?"

Do I?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Uh, yeah?!

My heart skips a beat, and my fingers stop moving. The sensations don't. Which is why I stand up straight, and... begin moving my hands down from Joy's head and over her shoulders. I'm way too horny not to take her up on her offer. Besides, I've been having a dry spell, mainly because of Ellie, so who am I to look a pair of gift tits in the bra? Okay, the metaphor sucks, but no way am I passing up this opportunity.

My hands are actually shaking a little as I move them ever lower, basically cupping Joy between them. She's definitely bigger than my cock ever was, and soft in all the right places. Joy raises her hands over her head to give me unrestricted access to her boobs, and who am I to deny this offer? They feel just as perfect as they look, soft, yet not without firmness, their excitedly throbbing tips pushing against my palms. And I can feel myself touching them. It's actually a little disorienting, feeling my giant hands on my tiny... no, Joy's tiny tits, but the lines are kind of blurred right now.

I pull both hands sideways and carefully pinch Joy's throbbing nipples between two fingers, making us gasp in unison. Just to be safe, I sit down, legs splayed out to have enough room. My hands never leave Joy's breasts, caressing, massaging, pinching. A tingling, throbbing sensation spreads throughout her body as she arches her back, pressing her breasts into my fingers. I wrap my hands around her lightly, careful not to hurt us, and begin to stroke her back with my thumbs, not letting up on her tits.

"Fuck, this is... they're so soft and sensitive!" I gasp, barely able to breathe as indescribable pleasure assaults my mind. With my hands going up and down on Joy's body, it feels almost as if I'm jerking off - but with the sensitivity turned up to eleven. I can barely think, a pink haze seeming to cloud my mind, and my ragged breathing mingles with Joy's unabashed moans as her hands grab two of my fingers, encouraging me to keep going. Her whole body feels so soft and smooth and sensitive! With our shared senses, I can find the most sensitive spots and keep my attention on them - or move away and tease both of us deliciously before I dive back it, playing a lustful game of keepaway with our arousal.

"Ooaannnhh..." Joy breathes, letting her wet hair fall back as she leans into my thumbs. "My whole... aanngh, body feels on fire..."

I already know, as I feel the same burning desire. And the heat is concentrated in one spot, right where our bodies are joined, where the lines blur the most, where I can feel an incredible wetness gushing forth that has nothing to do with the shower. My heart thunders in my ears as I move my hands lower, leaving Joy to gasp breathlessly as she takes over at her boobs, realizing why I abandoned the magnificent orbs. Inch by inch, my fingers slide deeper over Joy's soft, wet skin, ever closer to their destination.

When I touch our sweltering honey pot, our backs arch in unison, sparks flying before my eyes as I grip the place where Joy and I are joined tightly with by thumbs, curling the tips of my fingers to put more pressure on our pussy. I can barely breathe, shallow gasps all I - or Joy, for all I can tell - can manage. We're writhing on the floor of the shower, Joy hanging onto my wrists for dear life, fingers digging into my flesh. Though I have no experience with pussies from this angle, I do know how to make their owners beg for more, and the fact I can actually feel the results of what I'm doing does the rest.

Our pussy has the correct size for Joy, so my hands feel gigantic compared to it, but I don't even think about fingering myself. Just teasing and parting our pussy lips, rubbing them and finally, finally thumbing our clit is more than enough to almost overwhelm me. I'm biting my lip, trying to stave off what I can feel inexorably approaching - I don't want this to be over! But I can't help chasing after ever greater heights of pleasure, my fingers now wet not from water, but from our own juices gushing forth. I can hear my pussy squelch with every desperate stroke, Joy babbles incoherently as she archs her back so hard the back of her head presses into my stomach, and then, the dam breaks.

My... our... pussy spasms so hard I can feel sticky girl cum spatter against my hands and hear it hitting the tiled wall, but I can barely process any of this. My mind is blank, all thoughts washed away by pure bliss, stronger even than during the lecture - because this time, I don't have to worry about getting caught. Crying out in unison, Joy and I let the world know our bliss, even if no one but us will hear it. I can't feel anything but pleasure, all other sensations becoming muted as my legs shake uncontrollably, my whole body writhing in beautiful agony, so intense it's almost painful.

When it finally ebbs away and my body falls limp, I feel sore from the muscle spasms, but the post-orgasmic daze more than makes up for it. The memory of my old, male orgasms feel pale in comparison. But one sensation marrs the perfect contentment I'm feeling, and it's not the way I'm lying on the shower floor all crumpled up: My hands, still wrapped tightly around Joy's technically-hips are being forced apart, Joy's head seemingly sliding upwards on my body. Is she just... stretching?

Drowsy, I look down, and for the second time today, the afterglow is impacted negatively. Before my eyes, I see Joy... growing. Her whole body is expanding, her breasts swelling, her torso lengthening. Already her head has passed my navel, and it shows no sign of stopping. I should probably be panicking, but I can only stare in wonder as the woman that has taken the place of my cock grows ever bigger.

When will she stop growing?!


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Big enough to be troublesome.

Luckily, Joy's growth stops as suddenly as it began, her head now resting on my solarplexus. I don't think I could wrap one hand around it anymore - or around her body, for that matter. I'm still weirdly calm about having a 20 inch woman attached to my crotch, but maybe... yup, there it is. It just took a while for realization to set in. Or maybe the pleasure hormones had to be flushed out by adrenline and whatever it is that makes humans feel this sense of mounting dread.

"Joy? Uhm, Joy?!" There is a rather indignified squeak in my voice. "You... you're..."

"Mmmffh, what?" Joy mumbles, annoyed that I disturb her relaxation. "I was dozing off. What do you want?"

"You... you're bigger!" My voice is a bit louder than I expected. Forget dread, this is starting to feel like panic. "Like, way bigger."

"Oh, wow," Joy says, looking down at her body and comparing it to my hips. My stomach drops as I realized that she's now almost two thirds of the width of my pelvis where her hips disappear into mine.

"Don't you 'Oh wow' me!" I fume, looking down at her as she pokes her body, carefree as ever. I struggle to my feet, the slippery shower stall, my own weak legs from the admittedly amazing orgasm and Joy's increased weight giving me no end of trouble. She must be almost thirty pounds now - but then again, I've always been bad at guessing weights. The things you'll resort to focus on to not panic completely... "Don't you realize what this means?!"

"It means that we need to finish showering and then think about what's happening. Calmly." Joy replies, reaching for the shower head and starting the water again. Her new size allows her to actually do this now where before, she would have been to small and too weak.

"How are you so calm?!" I almost shriek, much to my embarassment. Good thing, though - being embarassed about panicking actually seems to help me with getting rid of the actual panic.

"I'm actually kind of freaking out," Joy admits, directing the jet of water over our reddened pussy lips, making both of us wince and almost double over due to the sensitivity. Which, again, good thing; I am a lot calmer now. "Ffffuck... but that won't help anyone, and it does feel a bit gross down there."

I have to admit she's right, so we get done quickly and step out of the shower, but when I grab the towel, I freeze. The last time I touched Joy with rythmic motions - like for example toweling off would require - it ended in disaster. Blissful disaster, and maybe I'm exaggarating, but still.

"Oh, give it here, you wuss." Joy, her tone once again making the words teasing instead of insulting, grabs the towel herself and begins drying herself off, taking extra care with her breasts and our snatch, but it still makes us shudder and gasp, and we are both breathing heavily once she's done. I can feel Joy's nipples throbbing and twitching, but this might be partly due to the effect of the evaporating water. She's way too sensitive, much more than my dick ever was. What's up with that?!

"Uhm, earth to Matt?" My thoughts are interrupted by Joy who is trying to hand me the towel. "You're still dripping wet."

"Did you have to say it like that?" I wince as I begin drying my legs - which, thankfully, aren't as sensitive as Joy's body.

"What? You are." Joy grins, and I'm starting to have trouble believing that she's actually freaking out. While I get myself dry, I feel myself pulled over to the sink by Joy, who tries to look into the mirror above it, but ist just a few inches too short. Indulging her, I raise myself onto my tiptoes so she can see herself.

"Wooow, I'm... really pretty!" She gushes, and I realize that she hasn't seen her face from up close. Ever. Which once again reminds me that we're both in this together and I'm not the only one that has it bad. At least I get to decide where we walk. "Those freckles look really cute on me, don't they?"

"Mh-hm," I mumble while I finish drying off and hang up the towel. Joy looks at me through the mirror with an exuberant smile.

"You know, I think I can deal with being attached to you when I look like this!" As soon as she has said this, her face falls a little and she half-turns around to look at me properly. "No offense, of course."

"Don't worry about it. It's not easy for either of us," I wave off her concerns. Not that I wouldn't love to just go and curl up in my bed - but Joy is actually too big for a proper fetal position. Ah, gallow's humor, where would I be without you. "C'mon, let's try to find something to wear."

Can Joy pull herself away from the mirror? Will we find something to wear? Find out after these ads.


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Seeing as I still control my legs, she doesn't have much choice. Clothes on the other hand...

"Mmmh, alright..." Joy pouts a little, clearly wanting to check herself out a little longer. But me, I'm feeling a little chilly, so clothes sound good.

Turning to step out of the bathroom, I'm once again reminded how much heavier Joy is now. With every step I make, I feel her weight pull down at the front of my pelvis, and once again my mind decides to focus on basically inconsequential stuff to keep me from panicking: How the hell do our skeletons work? There are no bones in a penis, but Joy obviously has a skeleton, if a scaled down one. But how are they connected? And how long will it stay scaled down?

"Hey, Mister Head-in-the-clouds!" Always having someone with you is going to take some getting used to, I think as Joy interrupts my thoughts. "Are we getting dressed or not?"

Indeed, I walked right up to my wardrobe while I was thinking, only to keep standing in front of it. Joy is in fact pulling on the door, but her strength isn't enough to make them budge. Yet... Taking care not to hit Joy, I open the wardrobe, only for the redhead on my crotch to make a disappointed sound.

"Hm, I don't know why, but I expected your stuff to be... cuter?"

"Yeah, right." I start rifling through shirts and underpants while Joy grabs one of my jeans from the lower shelves and pulls it halfway out to examine it. "I'm a guy, Joy. The cutest thing I own is probably the teddy bear I got when I was five."

"Wow, and you still have it? That is cute." Joy pushes the jeans back and pulls herself higher on the bottom of a shelf, dragging my pelvis higher with her. "Can't say the same for your shirts, though. Do you have anything that isn't super dark?"

"I have some plain white ones and this button-down one..." Pulling out my best shirt, I suppress a wince - I definitely should have ironed it before putting it away. Thing is, I don't own an iron. "Okay, maybe not."

"Yyyeaaah, even the wrinkles have wrinkles." Obviously, Joy is not up to wearing it either. "Wait, what about the green one there?"

I pull out the shirt in question, holding it out in front of us. The elf hero that's printed on the front brandishes his sword at us, green tunic and hat flowing with his implied movement. I almost forgot I even owned this one.

"Oh, that one isn't bad. I like that guy, he looks cool!"

"That settles the question of the top. Let me just..."

Grabbing a pair of boxers, I start getting dressed - but we hit a snag immediately as I pull the boxers over my - our? - hips. Joy's increased size pulls them down and makes them slide down over my ass again if she doesn't press her body against mine. And seeing as she normally leans forwards a little, it's going to be exhausting for her.

"Uhm, that's a problem, right?" Joy asks as I groan in frustration, my boxers crumpled up around my feet. "Now what?"

"It's okay, it's okay," I reply as I rub my face. Not like I'm going out anytime soon with my newly grown, mouthy appendage. Also, if the boxers don't fit... "I have no more lectures today, so we'll have to go commando and wear... this."

As I say that, I pull out my slightly aged sweatpants. They're still nice, and super comfortable, but they're in no way 'cute'. But as long as we don't have to sit around naked... Luckily, Joy seems to share my sentiment.

"Hmm, your jeans were tight before, so it's probably for the best if we wear the sweatpants..." But she definitely isn't happy about it.

Making a non-committal sound in place of a proper answer, I step into the sweatpants and pull them up with Joy's help. As we find out, we have to tie the string between us so it keeps the pants up by wrapping around Joy's body - maybe if I had a bigger butt, it would stay up on its own, but as it is, we'll have to work with what we have. After I put on the shirt, we face yet another problem. Who knew that even getting dressed would become an issue when your dick turns into a not-so-small-anymore woman? Aah, sarcasm, my savior in the face of insanity.

"Maatt~?" Joy cranes her neck and looks up at me, the perfect swells of her breasts jutting out as she arcs her back. Ironically, my attraction to women and by extension tits is still intact, and I feel our pussy twitch and grow warm at the sight. "I know it's asking a bit much, but... I don't really wanna stay naked, myself."

"Sure, but I don't have anything that fits you..." I answer, the gears in my head already turning to take my mind of the slowly mounting arousal. Maybe if we... "Here, let's try this."

I take out one of my still-white undershirts and help Joy put it on - of course, it's way too big for her, but I already have a solution for that. Pulling it up until the neck hole rest around her clavicle, I take the straps and tie them together on her back. The result looks almost like a dress, even if it's a little shapeless and hangs off our front. But at least none of us is naked now.

"You know, I'm actually impressed, Matt!" Joy gives me one of her exuberant smiles, and I'll be damned if I ever admit that my heart just skipped a beat. "Now we could--"

Before she can continue, my phone rings.

Who's calling me?


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Nick. Apparently our little stunt in the lecture hall has made the rounds.

"Uh." For some reason, after realizing I'm not dreaming, any contact with the outside world with Joy stuck to me sends me into a panic. My brain basically shuts down, my hands still holding the straps of my undershirt. Joy obviously doesn't have that problem. Stretching herself a little, she reaches for my phone lying on the desk and swipes to unlock it before I can react.

"Hiii~, you've reached Matt, this is Joy talking?"

In the pause that follows I barely register Nick's voice answering. If I thought I was panicking before, the heartbeat thundering in my ears tells me otherwise. Now I'm panicking. My legs feel weak suddenly, and I barely make it to my desk chair and plop down heavily.

"Of course not, I only met him yesterday! He did mention you, though. You're always gaming together, right?"

Hearing only half of the conversation, I have to guess what Nick is asking. But at least trying to do that helps distract me from the fact that Joy is on the phone with my best bud! Happily chatting away! Groaning, I put my hands on my face and slump forwards, only to hit my head on Joys.

"Oww!" Turning around as far as she can, Joy shoves me away roughly, and dazed as I am, I don't resist and end up leaning back in my chair. "What the hell?! Watch it!"

I can't even fault her for that reaction. It hurts quite a bit... Rubbing my head, I realize that the knock to the head seems to have calmed me down a little. What's done is done. And really, this was bound to happen. I won't be able to hide Joy anymore, so easing my friends into this might be the proper way.

"Hey, headbutt boy! Nick wants to talk to you!" Joy interrupts my thoughts, holding up my phone over her head. "C'mon, my arm's getting tired."

Numbly, I take the phone and put it to my ear.

"Hey..." My voice sounds like a croak, and I have to clear my throat before continuing. "Hey Nick. 'Sup?"

"'Sup yourself, man!" I can hear the shit-eating grin on his face over the phone. "Why didn't you tell me you finally got yourself a new girlfriend?!"

"Uh, she's not... It's complicated, okay?"

"Yeah, nah. Not buying it. She told me you're inseparable, dude!"

"She did what?!" I give Joy an angry stare, and she answers it with a giant grin as if she just pulled off a great prank. "Listen, man, it's... we're not..."

"Hey, I dunno why you want to keep her a secret, but I get it. You don't want her to meet me so your brother from another mother doesn't steal her away."

"You know I hate when you say that." Still, I can't help but grin. Nick might be crass and annoying at times, but if he realizes he's pushing too far, he always backs off.

"Sure, that's why I keep doing it, bro. Alright, since you're not going to introduce me to Joy properly, are we at least still on for tonight. Last boss of chapter three is still standing!"

"You bet I am! Been looking forward to it the whole week."

"Awesome, man! And... think about maybe introducing me to Joy, alright? She sounds cool."

"Mmmaybe. Depends."

"On what?"

"Get a higher kill count than me tonight and maybe I'll tell you!"

"Oh, you're on, Matt! You... are... on!"

"Nice. See ya tonight!" I laugh, hanging up after Nick has said goodbye as well.

"Sooo... what were you planning for me to do tonight?"

Damn. Right, Joy would probably be bored out of her mind just watching me and Nick play. And I know what happens when she gets bored. Judging by the mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she looks at me, she knows that I know and is willing to use it to her advantage.

Okay, what do I do?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

We have a whole day ahead of us. I'll create a character for her and boost it until she can play with us.

"Okay, listen. Nick and I have been planning this for a week. I'm not gonna blow him off. But... how do you feel about joining us?"

"What do you mean, exactly?"

"Well, I have an extra game pad, and we have a lot of time until the evening. Let's create a character for you, I'll help you get to where we are in the game."

"Sure! I have nothing else planned." Joy looks up at me expectantly, clearly curious about this new experience.

"Right." I would have been surprised if she did. Joy's maybe half a day old and stuck to my pelvis, after all. "Let's set this up and get started, then."

My gaming rig is... modest, me being a college student and all, but it's enough. Booting it up, I connect both my wireless controllers and hand Joy the better one - it even has a rumble pack.

"Here. It might be a bit too big for your hands, but I don't have any smaller ones. Let's try it, shall we?"


Lounging down on the bed, fashioning a comfy backrest out of the covers, I'm once again reminded how glad I am that big screens are so affordable now - and when Joy leans back to lie on my body, head resting just under my chin, I'm once again reminded how weird this day has been. But still, it feels kinda good, technically cuddling with someone again after... no, not thinking about her right now. Let's enjoy this, even if the feeling of having someone lie on you and experiencing their sensation of lying on top of you is kind of disorienting.

"Alright, what do I do? Did you already start the game?" Joy interrupts my thoughts. Of course she would be less affected by the situation, she only feels her own body after all.

"Hm? Oh, no, sorry. Let me just..."

After starting the game, I show off my fully kitted out characters a bit before helping Joy create her own, fresh one. She chooses on the wood elf and I decide to dust off my dwarven warrior. I haven't played that one in a while... But seeing as we're playing on the easiest mode so Joy can level up fast, it shouldn't be a problem. As we start playing, I find my hands rest on Joy's stomach, feeling her body rise and fall with every breath. It's a bit distracting, to be honest, but as we get more into the game, I focus on what's happening on the screen. Joy starts having fun as well, whooping and taunting the enemies as she fires arrow after arrow into them while I bury my axes in their skulls.

Everything goes well until I miss one enemy which of course immediately runs up to Joy and whacks her, setting off the rumble feedback for hits - and Joy has the controller resting right against our pussy. The vibration, however short, sends a jolt of pure pleasure racing through us, and we moan in unison as I throw my head back while Joy becomes stiff for a second. I can feel Joy's nipples stiffen in an instant, poking through the undershirt she's wearing.

"Nnnfffgod, I'm sorry! I didn't think that would happen!" Joy stammers, gasping as she tries to compose herself.

"It's... it's alright, I could have told you." I swallow hard, my legs twitching as our pussy tingles. "Let's just keep playing, alright? Take our mind off it."

We do so, and even though Joy takes care to hold the controller a little higher, the buzz of pleasure does not seem to go away, providing a slightly distracting background noise. The game goes on, and we make good progress getting Joy to the proper level. Of course, it takes us a few hours, the sun already having passed its zenith, but soon, we reach a point where we can start getting Joy's character geared up. All goes well, until we get to socketing her new stuff. I completely forgot, but when you move the gem on the socketing interface into the socket, the rumble pack is set off as well, vibrating harder the closer you get to the socket. And in the hours we spent leveling and farming, Joy has lowered the controller again.

"Ghk!" After our lust has been simmering on the edge of perception until now, I can't even moan as bliss races through me and Joy, setting our every nerve on fire. And seeing as it's a continuous vibration.

"Haaannh... oh gaawd..." Joy moans throatily, moving the vibrating controller between our legs. "Th-this feels..."

I let go of my controller, letting it slide sideways off Joy's body, and begin reaching for the controller that's giving us so much pleasure. I don't want this to end, but who knows how big Joy is going to get this time?!

"J-Joy, stop... we can't..." I try to close my legs, but the sensations from our moistening slit are sapping my strength and I can barely make them twitch. "We n-need..."

"I knoooow," Joy whines, wiggling the stick so the vibrations swell and ebb slowly, flooding our body with lust. "But I... I can't..."

I can feel Joy's whole body throb with arousal, much like my old cock, only several times bigger. But I can also feel our juices flow freely, seeping into the track pants, pussy tingling and aching as the vibrations travel through it. It's unbearable, my hips rolling to meet the movements of the controller as if they have a mind of their own. So, although I started reaching for the controller to wrest it out of Joy's hands, I instead begin rubbing the sides of our pubic mound, right next to were Joy is driving us wild with the controller.

My fingers quickly get coated with our juices, but I can't really heighten our pleasure like this, so I decide to bring my hands back up. I slide my left below the undershirt Joy is wearing, painting a trail of wetness on her tight stomach until I can wrap my hand around her firm, perky breast, squeezing it, pinching the nipple. As I can feel exactly what feels best for both of us, we soon gasp and moan in a chorus of bliss - that is, until I move my right hand to Joy's mouth, letting her suckle and slurp our juices from my fingers.

"Mnnfff, sho good..." she mumbles around my fingers, never letting up with the controller. Her lips feel so soft on my fingers as her tongue dances over them, quickly cleaning them off. But even when there's nothing left, Joy doesn't let go; keeping my fingers in her mouth, I caress her cheek with my thumb as she arches her back to press her slowly swelling breasts against my palm. I can feel her rock hard nipples brush against it, and the sensation sends electric shocks through us.

But not as much as when Joy pulls down the sweatpants and presses the vibrating controller against our bare pussy. I can only grit my teeth and groan while Joy squeaks and moans loudly, pressing her head back against me while her whole body rises away from mine. It's not quite an orgasm, but our lust spikes and I can feel myself starting to breathe much more deeply, almost moaning with every breath. And when Joy lets her body fall back on mine, I finally notice the obvious: As I feared, she is getting bigger again. But with the makeshift vibrator pressing against our clit, I'm so far beyond caring that the realization can't even make my stomach drop.

Instead, I even find myself looking forward to it. Looking down, I see Joy's beautiful face inch ever closer, framed by the halo of her auburn hair, her eyes barely focused, panting moans washing over her full lips that are curled into a lustful, happy smile. Cupping both her breasts in my hands, I realize that I could gaze into these beautiful grey eyes forever, while my hips buck and twist to meet the vibrating controller as if they have a mind of their own. It might be the incredible, all-consuming lust speaking, but right now, I feel connected to Joy on much more than a physical level.

"Kiss me," Joy suddenly breathes, and I feel her breath tickle my lips. Without me realizing it, she has become almost as tall as me, those luscious lips well within kissing distance. "C'mon, gimme some--mmmffh..."

We both melt into the kiss, our tongues dancing around each other, muffled moans filling the room. I can taste the faint aroma of our juices on her, but it only seems to make the kiss more intimate. While we explore each other, Joy keeps up her skillful teasing of our snatch, liquid lust drooling onto the bed and seeping into the linen. She has stopped simply pressing the middle of the controller against the twitching lips, instead parting them with one of the handles. While the vibration is less intense, she is able to reach more sensitive parts of our pussy, and I can feel the ache deep within intensify, my legs twitching helplessly.

"Oh... oh god, Joy," I gasp when we finally have to separate. "Keep doing that, it--nhg! Feels so good!"

"I knooow," she moans in reply. "We should buy a real vibrator... aaannh... then we could go deeper than this!"

With that, she shoves the handle into the sopping hole we share. Now, I actually moan, while Joy's own moans get louder. Being spread open like this feels so alien, so insane, so divine that my mind literally goes blank for a second. Joy does her best to not let me recover, slowly teasing us with slow, deliberate movements. Or maybe she herself is so desperately aroused that she can't manage anything faster than these languid strokes.

Either way, the slow build-up of lust only serves to drive us wild. I can feel my nipples throb as two gentle hands tease and pull them, barely realizing that these are _my _hands teasing Joy's nipples, our snatch is twitching and clamping down around the hard plastic invader stirring me... no, us up... Two bodies twist and writhe on the bed, and I can't tell where Joy ends and I begin. Something keeps building deep within, making both our hearts race, thundering in my ears, and it takes Joy's breathless gasping to make my lust-addled brain realize what is happening.

"Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm... I..." Stammered moans give way to an exultant scream of pure bliss - one that I find myself joining as pure, white-hot lust floods our joined bodies. It blots out everything else, seemingly going on forever as I arch my body, Joy pressing hers against mine. I squeeze down on Joy's tits uncontrollably, and it's just shy of painful, but only serves to keep us on top of this incredible wave a little longer.

When it finally ends, we collapse onto the bed together, Joy nuzzling her head against mine. In all my life, I've never been this exhausted after I came. Just like Joy, I can only lie there and wait for my breathing and my heartbeat to normalize. That is, until my eyes snap open when I realize that there's a burning question that needs answering.

Is the controller alright?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Should be good after wiping it down. But all of this made us hungry.

I try to sit up to get the controller from Joy, but with my muscles all weak from our incredible orgasm, all I can do is grab her wrists after struggling to lift her body together with mine. Joy's a fully grown woman now, and even if she doesn't have legs, her weight is pinning me to the bed. Thus, I have to pull Joy's arms up to get a look at our makeshift vibrator... and breathe a sigh of relief when I see that while it is dripping with our juices, none of them got on any of the keys where they would have seeped inside and done who knows what to the interior. It also reminds me how weird all of this is - I'm worrying about fem-cum on my controller. My own fem-cum!

"Uh, is it going to be alright?" Joy mumbles sheepishly, apparently feeling bad that she was the one to coat it so liberally. "I didn't break it, did I?"

"Should be alright..." I take the controller from Joy and bring it closer to my face, the smell of feminine juices hitting me and making the situation all the more real. "But--"

A loud gurgle from first mine, then Joy's stomach interrupts me - and I realize that after three orgasms and, I don't know, growing a full-size woman where my penis was might be kind of hard on the body and make you hungry. With everything going on, it kind of flew under the radar, but now...

"Wow, I'm starving!" Joy says what we both think, pushing herself up until she's technically sitting, her body 90 degrees to mine. I swallow and try to ignore the feeling of her breasts shifting on her torso - I don't think I'll ever get used to these shared sensation. "I've never been starving!"

"Of course not, you're not even a day old," I tease as I sit up myself and realise for the first time how much bigger Joy has gotten. The crown of her head almost reaches my nose, her hair tickling its tip. "But I'm really hungry too, so let's get..."

I trail off as it dawns on me that we can't really go into the kitchen like we are. For one, Joy is wearing nothing but one of my undershirts which now struggles to contain her incredible, shapely bust. And on the other hand, I would have to explain to my room mates how I grew a siamese twin overnight. Which brings me to other things I'll have to deal with sooner or later (like telling my family), but I'm not doing that on an empty stomach. With a conscious effort, I focus on the problem at hand - get something to eat - to avoid a downward spiral of anxiety.

"Get something to eat?" Turning her body and head, Joy manages to look at me and I swallow as her beautiful face stares at me inquisitively. "Are you alright? You look queasy."

"Yeah, just... Trying to deal with all this, one step at a time," I mumble, looking away to search for my phone. "It's going to be... tough."

"Hey, we're in this together. Don't think it's not weird for me! I'll help as much as I can, whether you like it or not." Joy's teasing smirk is missing its edge. It almost seems warm. "Now, you said 'one step at a time'. The next step is getting food, so let's get to it. Your phone is by the monitor, by the way."

"Oh, right. Thanks!" Getting up, I am faced with yet another problem - my legs have to carry almost twice the weight now. Not that I can't deal with it, but I can already tell it will take some getting used to and tire me out much more quickly. "I'm going to order something to be delivered right to my room. Not going out today, no offense."

"None taken. What are we going to get?"

"Burgers. I want meat! And some fries, of course. And a coke, maybe some ice cream, and... damn, I'm hungry." Wrapping my arms around Joy's waist to stabilize us, I walk over to my phone and sit down on my desk chair, putting the slightly sticky controller down on some tissues I have lying next to the keyboard for... reasons.

"Same. Are you going to share?"

"I'm going to order something for you as well, dingus. You're not going to mooch off my nutrients!"

"Is that how it works?" Joy picks up the controller and begins wiping it down while I open the food delivery app and start looking for burger meal deals.

"No idea..." I reply absentmindedly, putting together a couple's menu with double everything, adding some desserts and drinks. "Probably? I mean, I can feel what you feel, and..."

"Wait, you can? Does that mean you can feel when I do... this?" I gasp and almost drop my phone as Joy pinches her nipples after setting the cleaned controller down, gently twisting them through my undershirt. "Oooh, I thought it was just our pussy, but you really feel everything I feel?"

"Y-yes..." I grind out, feeling Joy's nipples hardening between her fingers. "But you really sh-should stop that, or we..."

"Alright, alright. But just think about the possibilities!" Mischievous excitement is clear in Joy's voice. I sigh with relief as I feel the building lust ebb away instead of building until it overwhelms us like it did before.

"I am, and I wish I hadn't told you," I grouse, ordering our food and putting my phone away. "Now, we have about half an hour until the food gets here. Want to get your character ready? As long as we take care with the controller, it should be fine."

Does Joy want to?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

It's not like there's a lot left to do.

While Joy is happy to finish her character, it doesn't even take 15 minutes until the final preparations for the evening are done. Socketing, some enchantments and her character is good to go. While the wood elf is a little weaker than my foot soldier or Nick's mage, Joy's going to be able to run with us no problem. Which leaves us with nothing to do until the food arrives... and we decide to spend it browsing the internet, laughing at memes and, well, cuddling.

Somewhere during our gaming, we have settled into the desk chair, Joy leaning against me with her head on my shoulder, my left arm pinned against her stomach by her crossed arms while my right hand is free to use the mouse. But still, it's exactly like what I often did with Ellie when we hung out - save for the fact that our connection wasn't quite as close. And somehow, I don't mind one bit, even with the threat of telling everyone I know looming over us. It feels... soothing, someone being there again after the messy breakup with Ellie.

"Are you alright, Matt?" Joy's question snaps me back to the present where I find her looking at me with raised eyebrows. "You stopped scrolling. C'mon, I want to see the next funny kitten!"

"Hm? Oh yeah, sorry. I was... thinking about--"

A knock on the door interrupts me, and both our faces light up. Finally, our grub is here! I get up to walk to the door, still holding Joy's waist with my left, and have my hand already on the door knob when I freeze. I can't open the door like this! The delivery guy will see us. Could I maybe--

"If you don't open the door, I will!" Joy pipes up and twist the knob down energetically. I can barely duck out of sight behind the door as she pulls it open, leaning sideways so only most of her upper body is visible. "Hiii~, are you the guy with our food?"

"Uh, yeah, hi..." The delivery guy seems to be dumbstruck by Joy's beauty. And really, who can blame him? I have the next pageant queen stuck to my pelvis! But I'm also forced into a really awkward position trying to balance out Joy's leaning sideways and forwards. "I have a couple's menu and a few desserts, already paid via our app?"

"Yup, that sounds about right." I hear the plastic bag rustle as my legs start burning due to the strange position with me leaning back and holding onto the radiator on the wall so I don't get pulled to the floor by Joy's body. "Uh, is there something else? Do you need me to sign or something?"

"N-no, I just, uhm..." After stammering around a little, the delivery guy takes a deep breath and continues. "Could I... could I get your number?"

"Buddy, we ordered a couple's menu. Take a wild guess why!" The words burst from my mouth before I can stop myself. How dare he flirt with my... wait. Am I really...? "Don't... don't you have some other deliveries to make?!"

"Oh, uh, sorry, I thought...."

"She'd eat all of this herself? Scram!" My heart is thundering in my ears as I cover my eyes with one hand and continue much more quietly: "What am I doing?"

Rapidly retreating steps tell me it at least had the intended result and I got rid of the delivery guy. Heaving a deep sigh, I begin carrying Joy away from the door after pushing it closed behind us, the big bag of food adding to the weight I lug around now. At least after she righted herself again, the angle is much better - and I can smell the mouth-watering aroma of the burgers and fries. But Joy is not quite ready to eat, turning around towards me as far as she can.

"What was that all about?" She grins her mischievous grin that looks so dazzling on her. "Don't tell me... are you actually jealous?!"

"No, not at all. I just wanted him to leave." Even I can hear how unsure I sound. Which isn't surprising, I am unsure! But can I really have... Do I really see Joy as my girlfriend? I barely know her a day, and she replaced my cock, damn it!

"Suuure. Y'know what, I'm letting it slide until after we've eaten something. Mind taking us over to the table?"

My answer is a non-committal grunt as I do just that, and once we are sitting and our food is unpacked, I realize we face yet another problem - with Joy now so much bigger, her head is in the way and I can't even try to eat without messing up her hair. Which she lets me know loudly when I grab my burger and move it towards my face and, by extension, her head.

"What are you doing, Matt?!" Twisting around, her own burger already missing a bite, she glares at me. "You're not marinating my hair in that."

"And how do you suppose I should eat, then?" I grouse, pulling a face. I'm hungry, damn it!

"Easy, I just... lean over to the left..." Doing just that, Joy rests on her left elbow and gently pushes me sideways with her right. "And you lean to the right. See? Now we both have enough room."

"Eh, I suppose..." Actually, we barely do. Of course, my left arm is blocked by Joy's body, so I can't really use it to eat without knocking into her, but I'm too hungry to care and start eating one-handed, my left resting against the place where the swell of Joy's hips disappear into mine.

It's kind of like eating with someone sitting in your lap. Not exactly easy, but it's not like we have a choice in this. And, now that I think about it, it's not like we have a lot of time, either: It's soon time to go online and play with Nick! We keep eating like this, actually managing to eat like civilized people and don't make a mess.

"Mhf, damn, I can't... could you pass my fries?" I mumble around a bite of my burger, swallowing and putting down the bun dripping with sauce.

I expect Joy to push the cardboard container over, but I should have known her mischievous nature better: She opts to instead take a few fries and holds them up for me to eat them out of her hand. And again, I fall for her trick - when I try to bite down, she pulls them back, giggling.

"Not so fast, Mattie boy. You're not getting any fries until you're honest to me about earlier."

"What... uh, what do you mean?" I really don't want to talk about this right now. I mean, I'm not really sure about my feelings myself!

"I mean you acting all jealous when the cute delivery guy flirted with me. What was up with that?" Yep, that's the Joy I know and lo-- that I know. Always up for a little teasing.

"Ah, so he was cute, huh?" I grumble, feeling the undeniable pang of jealousy. Not that I'd admit it, though.

"You are jealous!" Joy sounds downright gleeful. And plucks one of my fries from her hand and eats it.

"Ooh, now you've done it! I draw the line at food theft!" Grabbing Joy's wrist, I pull her hand over and grab the rest of the fries, making a triumphant sound, muffled by the amount of fries in my mouth.

Joy's surprised shriek turns into loud giggling, before grabbing another handful of my fries to wolf them down.

"Food theft, huh?" She asks, barely understandable as her cheeks bulge with the amount of food in her mouth.

"Yes, exactly." I lean over until I can just barely grab Joy's fries, pressing against her warm body as I do so. "Wanna see how it feels?"

What follows is basically a competition of who can eat the other's fries the fastest. And I have to admit, it gets kind of close. And even better, I have avoided the talk about my feelings. First, I need to understand them myself, after all. And I think Joy kind of understands that; I don't think she has forgotten just because we stole each other's fries.

The rest of dinner, we talk about everything and nothing, until it is time to go online and meet Nick.

How is that gonna go?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Quite well, actually. The gaming, that is...

When we finish eating, we're almost late to our gaming session with Nick. Thankfully, there's two of us - technically - and cleaning up is a cinch. Especially since we don't have any dirty dishes. The only real problem we have - or at least, I do, Joy doesn't care either way - is that we have to use the in-ear headphones I use for my phone instead of my headset. Which means less quality. But it's the only way that both of us can hear Nick and the game and be able to use the same mic. After sitting down on my desk chair, Joy and I take one earbud each, settle down and start the game after joining the voice channel Nick and I use. Nick, of course, is taking his sweet time, and Joy and I dick around in the central hub until he graces us with his presence.

"Wwhaaat's up, party people, it's ya boy Nick, in da houuuuse!" Even for Nick, that's an over the top greeting.

"Dude, you're aware that you're not a streamer, right?"

"Hey, can't I greet my two favorite people in the whole wide world?"

"You've literally talked to Joy exactly once. Over the phone."

"And that was enough, man!" Nick has this tone of voice that seems to be teasing, but I've known him for years. He means it. "I think I fell in love..."

That, he doesn't mean. I hope. Not only would them dating be awkward as fuck, but Joy is my-- wait. I... really?

"Aww, thanks, Nick." Joy actually seems to like Nick, too. Weirdo that he is; not that I'm one to talk, what with Joy and all. "Now, let's get this going, shall we? I wanna shoot some dudes full of arrows!"

"You bet your a--absolutely beautiful tush!"

Joke's on Nick, Joy's behind is actually mine, as well. Okay, joke's on me, too, really. But nevermind that - we have a boss to kill. The three of us do our best murder hobo impression and kill everything in our way, Nick's spells flying left and right, me throwing enemies right and left as I charge through them, and Joy snipes everyone still standing. We make good progress, until right before the boss area...

"Matt, are you in there? Matt!" Oh no. It's her! And she's knocking on my door! "C'mon, Matt! We need to talk."

I'm completely frozen - why is Ellie in my dorm?! She doesn't live here, she shouldn't even be able to get past the lobby!

"What? Oh come on, we're right in the middle of gaming!" As usual when I'm speechless, Joy has more than enough to say.

"Matt? Is that you?" Wait, what? Is she... My voice does sound nothing like Joy's! Why would Ellie... "Please, let me in. I screwed up... let's just talk, alright?"

"Guys? What's going on?" Nick apparently doesn't hear Ellie calling out to us through the door. "Did something happen?"

"Y-yeah, Ellie is right in front of my door..." I stammer into the mic, and hear Nick suck air in through his teeth.

"Ouch. You gonna be alright?"

Before I can answer, Joy yells back at Ellie.

"Nope, Matt's not here! And I'm not letting you in without his okay!" Seems Joy realized why I froze and tries to protect me. And it unironically warms my heart. What did I do to deserve he-- aw, damn. I did fall for her, didn't I? "Now get lost, before I call... someone to get you out of here!"

"What? Come on, Matt, I know it's you! I... I did something stu--"

"What's with all the yelling!?" Oh thank god. It's the RA! Bill's a big, burly guy, and I made sure to tell him about me and Ellie after our messy breakup. He knows she shouldn't be here. "Oy, Smith! Aren't you banned from this dorm?!"

"I-I just need to... please, let me talk to Matt! I have to--"

"Sorry, no can do. I don't exactly know what happened between you two, but I do know it's best you go your seperate ways. So do us both a favor and scram, alright?"

Good old no-nonsense Bill. There's a reason he was made RA for a dorm full of rowdy guys. I can practically see him, arms crossed and legs firmly planted, a withering stare directed at the offending party - in this case, Ellie. And like many before her, she crumbles before his imposing presence and slinks away, but not without muttering a few half-hearted protests. Breathing a sigh of relief, I still can't help but wonder - why the hell was she so convinced that Joy is me? But before I can think more about this, Nick butts in.

"Guys, I'm totally out of the loop here. Care to fill me in?"

"I, uh... Ellie tried to barge in, but Bill threw her out." Only now do I notice how much my heart is racing. "She said she just wanted to talk, but..."

"Suuure she did. After what she did during your breakup, I really don't think you two should meet again."

"Why, what did she do?" Of course, Joy would want to know that. Inquisitive and mischievous as she is. "You make it sound really bad."

"Eh, weirdo paganist shit and good old-fashioned possessiveness slash stalking." I don't know if I should be thankful to Nick that he takes care of the explaining instead of me or if I should kick him next time we meet for doing it so flippantly. "It was bad, but Matt should explain it to you in more detail. If he's cool with it."

"Yeah, but... let's do that later, alright? I just wanna kill the boss right now and not think about Ellie." Thankful it is, then. In his own, crass way, Nick is looking out for me as usual.

I'm still a little shaken as we start playing again, and it shows in my performance. In the end, it takes us almost three hours and dozens of tries to finally down the boss, although we do take a few breaks to shoot the shit. Nick and Joy get along really well - not really that surprising: She's really outgoing, and Nick's a shameless sweettalker. Even after the boss is down, we still hang out a little and keep talking in voice chat until Joy and me simultaneously have to yawn.

"Goddamn you guys are in synch!" Of course Nick would needle us about this. "Well, off to bed, you lovebirds. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and keep it PG! Okay, maybe PG-13."

"What the hell does that even mean, man?" While I'm tired, I don't think Nick would make any more sense even when I was awake. Actually, I know he wouldn't.

"Dunno, but it sounds good..." Joy yawns again, stretching and pressing back against me. "Let's do this again sometime soon, though. G'night, Nick..."

"See ya, and sleep well, Mattster!"

"Yeah, yeah, you too, dude..."

Dropping the call and shutting down my PC, I get up and take us over to the bathroom, where we're faced with another problem - Joy doesn't have a toothbrush. But our sleep-deprived brains are in luck: I do have one in reserve, still packaged and all. Having gotten around sharing a toothbrush, we get started together and I'm once again reminded how weird my life has gotten in a single day. There's two faces looking back at me, I can't really see my own body behind Joy's, and if I look down just a little, I can see...

"Like whaff you fee~--oop'." Thrusting out her chest, which I may or may not have been ogling, Joy promptly drips foam on the magnificent swell of her bosom. "Damn."

"And that's why you don't talk with your mouth full of toothpaste." I think I'm allowed a little smugness after all of Joy's teasing as I rinse and spit - not an easy feat with Joy's torso in the way, but since she's leaning sideways to grab a towel, I manage. "Almost done?"

"Sure, wise ass. Just let me cleaned up..." As usual, I feel whatever Joy does to her body, and I'm convinced she's taking care to make the cleaning extra stimulating.

But while it does feel good, there is no irresistible lust this time, and we manage to make it into bed after washing up without having to touch ourselves. Thanking god that I'm a sidesleeper and we can basically spoon, I wrap one arm around Joy's body and feel her grab my hand, intertwining my fingers with her. If this is what my life is like now and until the foreseeable future, I can live with it.

What will tomorrow bring?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Realizations big and small.

When I wake the next morning, I'm thankful that it's Saturday and I can keep cuddling with the cutie I seem to have taken home yesterday. She smells so nice... Putting my nose into her hair, I take a deep breath and let my hand run over her stomach. And as I feel fingers caress my, or rather Joy's, toned abs, I'm briefly confused and then wide awake. The memories of yesterday come crashing back. So it wasn't a fever dream, my dick really did turn into a woman. But somehow, I'm not really upset, particularly as Joy grabs my hand and squeezes it lightly. This just feels... nice.

"Mornin'..." Joy mumbles, snuggling against me.

As I groan contentedly and snuggle back, I feel my sore nipples press into Joy's shoulderblades. Why are they sore, exactly? I'm not going to grow little women from them, too, am I? I can't help but grin to myself - with all the insanity of yesterday, it doesn't actually seem completely impossible. And while I do feel a hint of trepidation at the prospect, at least with Joy it worked out rather well. So far.

What hasn't worked out is the fact that I didn't remember to change the sheets yesterday after our little sexcapade with my controller. My left calf is stuck to the formerly wet, sticky spot of our juices, now only sticky and feeling kinda gross. Now I face a little dilemma - besides the one where my cock has turned into a woman I find myself falling in love with, of course: Do I move and risk fully waking Joy or do I just bear with it? Luckily, as Joy squirms a little and I can feel her perfect chest brushing over the covers, I'm presented with another solution, hopefully enjoyable for both of us.

"Mmh-hmm~... so you did like what you saw yesterday..." Arching her back, Joy pushes against my hand as I cup her left breast and squeeze gently.

"How could I not?" I murmur into her ear, bringing my other hand to Joy's right boob where she squeezes it encouragingly, the nipples stiffening under my palms. "They're perfect..."

Definitely enjoyable for both of us. It's kind of like taking care of morning wood, except more sensual, with Joy moaning and sighing... okay, it's not all that much like taking care of morning wood. It's way better. I roll us on my back, with Joy lying on top of me, and keep going to town on her breasts. They're so big and soft and sensitive, and I can feel everything I do to them as if they were my own, their nips throbbing and pulsing under my hands, and my nipples, the ones on my flat, male chest, ache and throb as if in sympathy. But as Joy moves her free hand towards our crotch and the damp slit waiting there, I think nothing of it and decide to just enjoy this weird, lustful, two-party masturbation.

"Mmh~, best way to start the day..." Joy mewls as she teases our outer labia before slipping her middle finger between them, making us gasp in unison. "Fffuuuck~..."

"Y'can say--god! That again..." Groaning, I move my hips to meet Joy's teasing fingers, our clit brushing against her palm as it begins to engore and slip from its hood. "Wanking nnh-never felt this good..."

"If you're gonna be this crass, I'll have to shut you up..." Joy whispers as she twists her body to look up at me, stretching to reach my lips - and I'm happy to bridge the remaining distance. "Mmmfh~..."

As Joy's smell fills my nose once again, I begin gyrating my hips while Joy teases our entrance. Our clit, now fully hard and throbbing, grinds against Joy's palm, making the breath hitch in my throat and in Joy's; this whole shared senses thing is still driving me wild, and I think it always will. Just having tits... no, feeling everything Joy feels on hers is already insane, but feeling something enter me... us... it's so alien still, and absolutely sublime. Then again, this all started yesterday. No wonder I'm not used to it.

"Mnhaah~..." Breaking off the kiss, Joy let's her hot breath wash over my face. I'd have expected morning breath, and I probably have it something fierce, but somehow, Joy avoided that and thankfully doesn't comment on mine. Instead, she penetrates into our depths with one finger. "You like~?"


"I'll take that as a--mmh! As a yes..."

My legs are trembling as Joy gently spreads our slick, twitching tunnel, first one, then two more fingers joining the third. There's an aching emptiness in there, an itch that even three digits can't quite scratch, and for the first time in my life, I find myself fantasizing about something big, thick and throbbing spreading me open wide, pushing into me again and again, someone sucking on my titties while he rails me... Joy's moans keep mingling with mine, unabashedly announcing our pleasure. I've never been so vocal when masturbating, but this seems much more like sex, seeing as there's two people involved, but we're basically siamese twins that aren't actually related - the whole situation is beyond anything I've ever even thought about. Then again, I haven't been very loud during sex, either.

"Haannh..." With our juices dripping down my ass and into the sheets, we're making a whole new wet spot - at least we only have to one set, then. "Mmnnyees~..."

Joy writhes on top of me, and with myself feeling so good, so bathed in pleasure, I can barely tell which moans belong to whom. Gasping and sucking in hiccups of breath, I can only marvel how different this is to jacking off. There, you have this peak you're chasing, a target to reach. You go higher and higher, you crest it, feel like the king of the world, and then you tumble down again. Now, with our pussy squelching and slurping around Joy's fingers, it's more like being in the ocean, waves made of pleasure carrying us with them. I would almost be content to just let them wash over me, luxuriate in the sensations, but I know from yesterday that these waves will become higher and longer until they wash away all thought, making us tremble and twitch... So in a way, we do have a target, but the way there seems that much more enjoyable.

"Oh god, yes!" But maybe it's the company that makes everything feel better. Right now, I can think of no one I'd rather share this with than Joy. "Oh Matt, I'm so close... I... we're so wet..."

And if Joy is close, so am I. Humping Joy's hand buried deep inside our twitching snatch, I can feel her breasts jiggle under my hands as I work to heighten our pleasure, the last, biggest wave building to crash down on us. Excited breaths wash over our lips, we squirm and writhe and buck as Joy goes from teasing to properly fingerfucking us, I squeeze and pull and maul our tits, biting my lower lip to keep from screaming in lust, and then it comes crashing down, the wave of pure bliss that washes away all thoughts like with pure, white light. I can't even make a sound as we arch our backs, but Joy makes more than enough noise for both of us as she practically shrieks in pleasure.

When we finally recover, weak and sweaty and breathing hard from our shared climax, Joy pulls me into another deep kiss, one which I find myself sink into unquestioningly, bringing one hand to her cheek before digging it into her hair. As our lips slide over each other and our tongues dance, questing forth into each others mouths, I feel a little dizzy, and it's not just because of the mindblowing orgasm or the fact that I can feel both sets of lips taking part in this kiss, which is rather disorienting; it's also because my lips seem to be more sensitive than yesterday. Or ever, for that matter.

"That was nice~..." Joy breathes when we finally have enough of this kiss - which obviously took a while. "Can we start every day like this?"

"Only if we get up half an hour early during the week..." I murmur, letting my hand slide over Joy's side, making both of us shiver sensually. "Other than that, I'm all for it."

But there's another issue with doing this every day: It has to do with our juices and my ass. Yep, the soaked sheets clinging to my posterior are kind of a mood-killer...

What are we going to do about it?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Get up, take a shower and get new sheets. Yes, in that order.

Luckily, even though Joy can't feel the unpleasant stickyness on our ass, I can convince her to get up and take a shower. Although, of course, the sodden state of our pussy might play a role, too. After cleaning ourselves - no massage followed by masturbation this time, though - and then changing the sheets, we run into the issue of clothing. Joy is, compared to yesterday, enormous, pretty much doubling the circumference of my hips. Us wearing Jeans? No chance. For now, overstretched boxers and an old shirt for me and one for Joy have to do.

And then, as I think about what to wear with Joy offering helpful advice - or rather teasing comments - I realize what I'm doing: Solving one little problem after the other so I don't have to face the biggest, most unsolvable one. How are we supposed to go out like this? As I sit down, I realize I can't even put my head into my hands and groan, not without hitting the back of Joy's head. But of course she notices me slumping down and worries.

"Hey, something wrong, Matt?"

"Uh, yeah?" I don't want to sound so flippant, but the whole situation is too much for me. Again. "We... are basically stuck here. We can't go out."

"Why not? Just tell everyone we're Siamese twins or something."

"Right, and everyone of my friends is going to be like 'Oh hey, weird I never noticed you and your sister were joined at the hip. Or that you had a sister.'" Besides, there's something else that irks me about that cover story. "And... you know, if we tell them we're brother and sister, we... couldn't be a couple."

"Aww, so you do love me!" Joy twists her body and pulls me into a quick kiss before grinning that mischievous smile that makes my heart beat faster. "I knew, of course. I mean, lovable old me?"

"Mhm, right." Self-esteem issues are just nowhere to be found in the Book of Joy. "Till death do us part, and looking at us, probably not even then. Now, how about we brainstorm a way we can go out?"

And so we do. Joy wants to be stuck inside even less than I do, so we begin wracking our heads on what to do. And as we do, I keep scratching my chest absentmindedly; it feels itchy and a little sore. Maybe because I had Joy's hair brush against my pecs all night? Anyways, we keep bouncing ideas at each other, throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. And in the end, it's Joy who comes up with something workable.

"We need a baby carrier."

"You're pregnant?!" What? My head feels like mush after almost two hours of dumb ideas. Sorry for jumping to dumb conclusions.

"No, dummy. How would I even... No, we put me into the baby carrier and tell everyone I was born without legs." For emphasis, she slaps mine. "That way, my loving boyfriend can carry me around. Lovingly. And without arousing suspicion."

"That's..." 'fucking dumb' I want to say at first. But... it really isn't. It's the first working idea we had. "Huh."

"See? One day old and already this smart!" The proud smile on Joy's face is infectious. Although that might also be because we probably share one endocrine system. "Now, where do we get one?"

"Not so fast. By now you're kinda too big for a baby carrier. No, we..."

"Are you calling me fat?!" Mock-outrage. Would be more believable if Joy wasn't visible trying not to giggle.

"These are pretty hefty!" I grab Joy's marvelous breasts, making her squeal and giggle as I squeeze and grope, her back pressing against me as she squirms until I stop. "But seriously, you're pretty much regular sized now. A baby carrier won't cut it. We need... straps..."

"Kinky!" Breathing a little heavy, Joy leans her head against my shoulder.

"Not that kind! No, I think I have..."

And I do. Good old hoarder instincts I got from my grandma - I went through three different backpacks since I got to college and couldn't bring myself to throw them away. Which means we now have more than enough material to cobble together something that at least looks like it could carry Joy. And it actually doesn't look like fetish gear. Thank god.

"Decidedly less sexy than I hoped," Joy says, striking a pose in the mirror, pouting a little.

"It wasn't supposed to be," I reply, adjusting one of the straps running from under Joy's arms over my shoulder. "It was supposed to allow us to go out."

"Hmm... still, can't we add something... cute? Lace, or at least... I don't know..."

"Sorry, but I'm not studying fashion design. That's the best I can do," I reply and immediately realize how flippant it sounds so I continue: "But we can go shopping, get a few supplies!"

"Ooh, can we? I want to see the city, and go to a café, and..."

Joy keeps on gushing, and I smile. She's always so full of energy... So, after putting on two of my better shirts together with my gym shorts (hey, they're one of the few pants that fit uns now, lay off me!) and then the strap contraption - constraption? -, we head out.

How is our first outing gonna go?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

We're DEFINITELY turning a few heads.

The second we step out of the dorm, I begin having second thoughts. Is my dumbass con-strap-tion really going to fool anyone? Or our so-called cover story? Not that my worries are shared by Joy in any way - she's grinning hugely, practically bouncing with excitement and looking around at buildings, trees, skies, other people, like she hasn't seen any of that before... I stop in my tracks as I realize that that's exactly the case. She's been outside once in her entire life, and I made her hide under my shirt the whole time. Some boyfriend I am.

"Hey, what's the matter? C'mon, I wanna see the city!" Joy turns in the harness and her exuberant grin gets replaced by a look of worry as she sees my expression. Whatever face I'm making, it seems to give her pause. "Something wrong, Matt?"

"Huh? Nah!" I quickly play it down - won't do to cry about the past if I can live in the present with Joy. "Just lost in thought for a second. What do you want to check out first?"

"The café! A café? I guess there's more than one." And she's back in good spirits. "We kinda need to get some breakfast."

"Trrrue that." I completely forgot; among all the stuff going on this morning, we actually didn't eat anything. "I know a neat little café just off campus, let's grab a bite there, and afterwards I'll show you the city."

As we set off again, I notice that we've already caught our first 'admirer' - some guy I've seen around university a few times is staring at us from the other side of the plaza in front of the dorm, somewhere between leering at Joy's admittedly marvelous tits and freaked out by her lack of legs. As he notices us return the stare, Joy with a wave and I with a raised middle-finger, the guy's eyes go wide and he legs it. Asshole, treating my girlfriend like a piece of eye-candy slash freakshow...

And surprise, surprise, he's not the only one. A gaggle of college girls points and talks in hushed voices, as we step off campus, a mother with a stroller stops and stares - it goes on and on, and it is starting to make me angry. If people aren't staring or throwing glances, they're awkwardly trying to avoid looking at us at all. I mean, the good news is that our 'disguise' seems to be working. Still sucks that everyone seems to be looking at my 'disabled' girlfriend with either pity or barely concealed sensationalist interest - 'Oy, look at the legless lass over there!'

Makes my blood boil. And being hungry doesn't exactly help. Ironically, I get so furious that I almost walk right past the café; only Joy's excited gasp stops me in my tracks. That and her hand grabbing the fence around the outside sitting area.

"Woaah! It's. So. Cute." It's... a little above average, I'd say. If Joy wasn't so hyped up about her first breakfast in a café, that is. "C'mon, where do we sit? What do we order? Oooh, can I get a cinnamon roll? Also, what`s a cinnamon roll, and how do I know that name?"

"Pipe down a little, please!" I shush Joy, squeezing her hand lightly. "Remember, you're a normal, college-age woman, who definitely had cinnamon rolls before, and will totally get one now."

"Yay!" Joy twists her body around and gives me a quick peck on the lips, giving me that damn smile I want to see as often as possible before turning back around, flicking her hand in a dismissive gesture. "I mean, sure, whatever. I'll just have, like, a cinnamon roll and a pumpkin spice latte. Gotta love the cinnamon rolls."

"It's summer. That pumpkin spice latte will have to wait a few months." I grin and lean forwards to give Joy a kiss on the cheek. Even with some of the patrons of the café staring at us, I find myself enjoying this first outing... no, date with Joy. "Good valley girl impression, though. Where did you learn that?"

"As with many things in my brain... I have no idea."

Chuckling, we begin walking towards a free table and sit down, Joy smiling at one of the staring groups while I stare down another. And of course, as soon as either of us returns their looks, everyone turns away and acts innocent. I sigh in annoyance and look for someone that will serve us. Luckily, we're rather late, so not much is going on, and a server soon walks up to our table and is actually professional enough to treat us as patrons, not a freakshow.

"Welcome to Darcy's Delights, I'm Lewis, your server. What can I get you folks?"

"A CINNA--" Joy interrupts her excited almost-yell with a cough. "I mean, a cinnamon roll, thank you. Totally had them before. And, uhm, o-orange juice?"

"Certainly. And for you, sir?" Lewis is completely unperturbed. I'm sure he sees a lot of weird people in his job.

"A cream cheese bagel and a coffee, black with one sugar, please."

"Of course. That will be just a minute, thank you for your patience."

With that, he's off, leaving us to fend with the looks of the other people in the café. And while it annoys me how they look at us, I also begin to worry again - with us being the center of attention, will anyone notice the truth about me and Joy? It's not like the shirts barely conceal the fact that she's growing from my hips! Why did I think this was a good idea again? Oh, right, because staying inside wasn't really an option and I felt bad that Joy had never been outside properly. Let's just hope that we...

"He-heeey, Matt!" ... don't run into people I know. Like known motormouth and resident best friend Nick. "Aaand going out on a limb here - Joy?"

"Oh, hi! You're Nick, right?" Of course Joy recognizes the guy; for all his faults, he is most definitely a unique kind of guy. "So good to finally meet you - not over a call, I mean."

"Abso-effin'-lutely. I have to say, you look even more beautiful than your voice made me think." Laying it on way too thick, Nick sits down across from us with his cock-sure grin. "Dude, why didn't you tell me you were going to get breakfast with your girlfriend? Seriously, if I hadn't run into you..."

"Dude, it's almost noon. I figured you'd already eaten." Although I'm still nervous about getting found out, the way he's treating Joy is rather reassuring - not as a freak, not as a pity case, just a normal girl that I happen to carry around in a mess of straps. Would he be that calm and flirtatious if he knew the truth? "Besides, I knew you'd do your Mr Steal Yo Girl routine as soon as you saw her."

"How could I not, man?" Putting on a smile he definitely thinks is dazzling and suave, Nick turns to Joy. "I hope I'm not too forward, ma'am, but you're a major hottie and my buddy is a damn lucky man."

"My, thank you, sir, you are most kind." For a one day old woman that took the place of my cock yesterday, Joy manages a quite convincing British accent. "But Matt isn't too bad, either."

Reaching down, she grabs my ass before I can react and squeezes it playfully. I can't suppress a yelp, and of course Nick and Joy can't help but laugh at me.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, you guys." Aren't I witty today. But hey, I'm the one with the gorgeous redhead as a girlfriend, even if it cost me my dick.

"Sorry, dude." Nick chuckles, wiping his eyes. "But seriously, I already have a better feeling about you two than I ever had about you and Ellie. Ms Smith was never quite... you know."

"You know what?" Joy twists around to look at me, the straps pulling tight around our bodies. "One day, you'll have to tell me more about her."

"Iiii'd rather put all that behind me." Wincing, I look to check where Lewis is. Our food can't take that long, can it? "Maybe after some proper therapy sessions."

"I'm not gonna say 'it wasn't that bad', man. I've seen the fallout. But maybe talking about it with Joy is gonna help you work through it. Therapists don't come cheap..." Nick flags down the waiter - which, technically, wouldn't have been necessary as Lewis was on the way to our table anyways. After ordering a coffee for himself, my best friend leans back and watches us eat breakfast, raising an eyebrow at the way we bend around each other to reach our food. "Y'know, if you set Joy down on her own chair, you guys would probably have an easier time eating."

"Uh." He's right. He's absolutely right and my mind is blank, no excuse forthcoming - at least not a believable one.

"Nah, the harness is a pain to put on and take off. Besides..." Joy is definitely quicker to think on her feet than I am. Snuggling back against me, rubbing against curiously sensitive nipples, she continues after smelling her freshly baked cinnamon roll and moaning appreciatively. "I like being close to Matt."

"Damn, quit making me jealous," Nick laughs, grinning at me. "Seriously, where did you find Joy? She's almost too good to be true."

"We just sorta... bumped into each other." As I explain or rather bullshit my way through things, I try to focus on my bagel. Let's hope Nick doesn't feel like digging too deep. "One thing led to another, and here we are."

"Fate, kismet, destiny then. How romaaantic." Nick's such an ass, but his grin tells me that he's just teasing.

"Magic and intervention by aliens were in the running, too. And Matt did say he felt like he was dreaming when we first met..." Joy takes a bite of her cinnamon roll and trails off, head lowering to look at her pastry. "Oh. My. God. I LOVE this stuff!"

"Wow, you look like you never had one of those!" With Joy practically creaming herself - crude expression, I know, but with how she's writhing and moaning as she takes bite after bite, relishing the taste, it seems rather fitting - it's pretty easy to see how Nick gets that impression. "If it's really that good, I'll have to try one myself..."

The rest of our breakfast is spent with banter, baked goods and bad jokes, although Nick doesn't feel above flipping off one particularly hard-headed starer that can't be persuaded to turn away just by giving her angry looks. Funny enough, the middle-aged woman seems scandalized by Nick's behavior... But at least there is no major incident that either reveals the secret of Joy and me or leads to altercations of whatever other kind.

The thing is... after breakfast, the next hurdle of our outing presents itself.

Which would be?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Going shopping for clothes. With Nick in tow.

"Oh. My. God. I'm stuffed. I can't take a single step." Joy groans and leans back against me, rubbing her stomach. The tingling from that is just a little too pleasurable for her to do this in public, but I decide not to say anything. After all, that would kind of give away that we share some senses.

"Hey, it's not like you actually have to--fuck, sorry. That was insensitive." Yes, Nick has a habit to put his foot in the mouth. But lucky for him, he's a good guy, too. "Have Matt kick me or something."

Forget I said anything. He's an ass. Why do I hang out so much with him again?

"You heard him, Matt. Kick him for me!" Joy seems to enjoy the banter, at least. And with her batting her eyes at me from where her head rests on my shoulder...

"Ow! I didn't think you'd take me up on that!" Laughing, Nick rubs his shin where I lightly bumped my foot against it. Alright, maybe not that lightly. "Have mercy, please. Alright, now that I've been suitably punished: Got anything planned for today?"

"Uh, well, we kind of wanted to go shopping for clothes, get Joy some new threads, y'know?" I say, in the hopes that Nick would rather go back to his place and game or learn or whatever he does in his free time. But...

"Awesome, I'm in!" No such luck. That damn weirdo... "Going shopping with my best friend and his smoking hot girlfriend? Yes, please!"

"Sure, why not," Joy answers while I still wrack my brain for an excuse to shake Nick off. Whelp... now we have to get through an extended shopping trip with one of the smartest smartasses I know and hope he doesn't find out his best friend turned into a siamese twin over night.

"Aalrighty then, here we are!" Even though he invited himself on our trip, Nick puts on a showmaster impression as we enter one of the lower end clothing stores in the mall just off campus. It has a lot of cheap stores that prey on-- excuse me, target... that sounds sinister too... that offer their goods and services to college students with mid-sized or small wallets. "Everything a lady needs. From makeup over toiletry to clothes - upper- and underwear! And as I'm most assuredly not a pervert, I shall not ogle anyone in here. Much."

See, I know he's joking, and Joy probably suspects it, but Nick manages to get one hell of a stink-eye from the cashier within half a minute of entering the store. To his credit, he does look slightly embarassed and mouths a 'sorry' her way. Hey, he's an ass, not socially inept!

"Okay, now that we've got the ill-advised jokes out of the way, what do you want to check out first?" I adress Joy to fill the slightly awkward silence someone created.

"Let's see. I need..." To my mounting horror, Joy begins counting off her fingers. And keeps counting. And counting. "At least 10 bras, one or two--no wait: I also need about 15 panties, shirts and blouses of course - depending on how many I like, but at least 8, maybe a hat or two, a few scarves and/or bandanas, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and if we can get my ears pierced, some ear rings, too!"

And there goes my entire gaming budget for the rest of the year. I mean, what kind of guy would I be if I didn't give my girlfriend everything she needs? Alright, she only needs the clothing, but who doesn't like to dress up a little? I do have a smoking with a fitting vest that makes me look smoking hot, if you'll pardon the pun. And if Joy has something to dress up with, I'll have a super hot and stylish girlfriend. Who's attached to me at the hip, but whatever.

"That's quite a list. You lost everything you had in a housefire or something?" Leave it to Nick to make a quip that's just on the verge of being insulting.

"Something like that..." Joy replies before I can answer.

"I am. So sorry." As quick as Nick is to put his foot in his mouth, as quick is he to spit it back out again. "Aaanywhoo, want to get to the actual shopping?"

Joy actually can't wait and practically pulls me through the shop, even though I am the one wearing the pants in this relationship. Literally. But then again, Joy is wearing the metaphorical pants, and that's the thing that really matters. Nick offers to do penance by being Joy's pack mule and is soon disappearing under a heap of stuff - clothes, accessories, underwear... This is gonna be murder on my bank account. I probably can afford most of it without having to eat ramen for the rest of the month. Probably.

Of course, the shop has the usual 'three pieces only' policy at the dressing room. The good news: We can circumvent this by having Nick stand in front of the cubicle with the rest of the stuff. The bad news: We circumvent this by having Nick stand in front of the cubicle. This will require utmost care so he doesn't catch on. Or catch us. But first things first: After stepping into the cubicle with Joy's favored tops, we get rid of the straps that 'hold' Joy so she can try on the first one. But there's one thing I didn't take into account...

"Woah!" Smitten with the way she looks in a proper women's shirt - well-tailored, pastel turquoise with abstract, circular designs on the front - Joy stares at her reflection, then at mine, a huge smile spreading on her face. "This is... I love this! It looks awesome!"

And before I can react, Joy pushes herself off the mirror, twisting me around on the spot, and pokes her head and part of her torso out of the cubicle to grin at Nick.

"Look, Nick! The first shirt, and I look great in it!"

"So you do..." Nick sounds confused, and I know why - as far as he knows, Joy doesn't have legs. So why is she so high off the floor, now that I should have set her down? And I bet he's going to ask himself why I haven't left the cubicle to leave Joy to try on her clothes and shoot the shit with him. "But, uh... what..."

Before he can confirm that he's thinking what I think he's thinking, I pull Joy back into the cubicle and glare at her via the mirror. To her credit, she turns bright red as soon as she realizes what she just did. She opens and closes her mouth, eyes wide open, trying to think of something to say, something to do to salvage the situation, but neither of us can think of something.

So Nick recovers faster than us.

What is Nick going to say? Or do?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

He's an inquisitive guy with boundary issues. Take a guess.

"Yo dude, I think you can let her... down now..." Nick has pulled the curtain aside a little to take a peek inside - after all, he knows Joy is dressed and I shouldn't even have gotten naked.

But of course, what he sees is the harness lying on the floor, and Joy just jutting from my hips without me holding her in any way, shape, or form. No wonder he trailed off. And is now staring at us staring at him in the mirror. And to make matters worse, Joy recovers first...

"Uh, hi, Nick, this is just, uhm, you see, I... no, we..." Joy deflates. Her bullshitting skills leave something to be desired - after all, she was born... no, came into existence literally yesterday. "Alright, I got nothing. Nada. Zip. It's exactly what it looks like."

"Really?" Nick's voice sounds weirdly strained, and I can see him turning white as a sheet. Gripping the side of the changing cubicle, he continues. "'Cause it looks like my best bud is a Siamese twin. Which is impossible. I'd have noticed that, I think. So what... the fuck. I... I need to sit down..."

And of course, where else would Nick sit down but on the stool in our cubicle. It's getting crowded in here. I turn Joy and me around and lean into a corner to alleviate the room situation and look at my best bud. He looks like shit... hey, I'm his best friend. I'm contractually obligated to say and think stuff like that! But still, I need to start explaining.

"Listen, man, I... we have no idea ourselves what happened," I begin. And that's also were I stop. How do I explain to my buddy that my cock turned into a smoking hot, super cute and all around adorable girl? That I fell in love with?"

"It just... happened. One day - boom - I just wake up and... am!" Luckily, Joy picks up the slack. Well, lucky for the pacing of our story. "After that, a whole lotta stuff happened, and Matt first thought I was a dream, and, uh... yeah, we decided to get me some stuff to wear and then we met you."

"So... all the time? Even when we were gaming together? You... you guys were like this?"

"Never knew anything else!" Joy replies, sounding rather chipper for someone that's dependent on me for even walking her everywhere.

"That's... fuck. This so fucking crazy, I... I had a fucking crush on a girl that isn't even real!"

"I'm plenty real, thank you very much!" Joy tries to sound flippant, but even though I've only been with her for about a day, I can tell she's hurt. And even beyond that, I get it. Someone telling you you're not real has to hurt. And besides...

"Dude, you had a crush on Joy?" Major bro code violation. Also, I seem to be using humor to get through this situation; I've never seen Nick like this and am a little out of my depth.

"I--shit, I can't deal with this!"

With that, he jumps up and storms out of the changing cubicle. By the time Joy and I have put on our harness, he's gone.

Should we try and find Nick? Call him, maybe? How the hell do we deal with this?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Seeing as we're literally joined at the hip, we can easily do both at the same time.

"Well, fuck." I strain upwards to look across the racks and shelves of clothing, trying to see hide or hair of Nick. "Do you see him anywhere?"

"Matt, I'm literally strapped to your front. All I see is totally cute tops," Joy replies, only to quickly continue: "Sorry, I know I'm not helping. What do we do?"

I have no idea, actually. Does Nick just need some time to think things through? Should we chase after him in case he does something rash - like tell someone about Joy and me? If he does, what will happen? I have no idea. Ever since Joy popped into my life, I seem to end up in a lot of situations where that happens. And somehow, even with the sudden stress of being found out on our very first outing, I feel like I can make it through this. Okay, not 'somehow' - with Joy by my side. Or front, if we're being hyper-correct.

"Dunno," I finally say, shrugging - and then cursing internally, because the motion causes the straps to pull on Joy's body, squishing her tits... and I'm still not used to them being fondled or touched in any way. With the way Joy stifles a gasp and how her nipples harden, neither is she. "Uh, I... well... I say we look for Nick and I call him. If he doesn't answer, I can at least leave a message and tell him... something?"

"Solid plan. Okay, yeah, I'm just being supportive. Even I can see the holes, but it's not like I have anything better..."

"So much for being supportive, huh?"

Joy just looks up at me and sticks out her tongue playfully, a grin pulling at her lips. Since, unlike our sensations, our emotions aren't linked, I can't easily tell if she's just putting up a front. But considering the situation bothers me, and Joy is the one most affected by it, she's probably definitely putting up a front. Or something. Argh, can I just go back to the time where the biggest problem in my pants was if my boxers were pinching my balls?!

What do you know, it's like Nick vanished into thin air. And his phone is off. And I am not surprised. To be honest, if I found out that my best friend suddenly had a beautiful woman stuck to his hips, I'd probably react much the same. Although it's probably for the best that Nick doesn't know the full picture. Where Joy used to be my dick and I can feel every inch of her body.

"Whattt~ do we do now, Matt?" We're sitting on a bench in the sun, with Joy leaning back into my body as I slump down, trying not to feel defeated.

"I can tell you what we won't do - stress out over this." Truth be told, I'm trying to convince myself as much as Joy. "Nick has been my best friend since before middle school. I think I trust him not to fuck us over. Do you... do you still feel like shopping? I mean, we went out to get you some stuff of your own."

Does Joy feel like putting together a wardrobe?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Just a few things so she doesn't have to wear my old stuff.

In the end, we cut our shopping trip short, only getting Joy a few tops, shirts, bras - thank god for smartphones, neither of us would have figured out how to measure Joy without help, and the sales girls were not an option for obvious reasons. Oh, and two cardigans for when it gets cold. Or rather cold-er in these parts, but there are months where just a shirt doesn't cut it. The entire time I can tell Joy isn't really into it anymore, mind elsewhere as she's picking out whatever fits and is comfy instead of running the gamut of styles and colors and what have you.

Then again, I'm not much better. With one word - okay, one conversation, but please allow my nervous ass this hyperbole - Nick can bring Joy's newly started life crashing down. And mine with it. And all I can do is trust my buddy that he won't do it. Oh, Joy. No, not the one attached to my hips.

On the way back, Joy carries the two bags with our new clothes while I wrap my arms around her stomach; I try to be supportive, give her some warmth, but feeling my own arms on Joy's body is still disorienting. And the slight rubbing with every step is lowkey enjoyable. Not surprising, considering Joy is technically my dick, and I can feel her nipples pulse and stiffen slowly.

What does come as a surprise is the little package in front of my dorm room - there is no address sticker on it. Instead, a letter is taped to the package, blank except for my name scrawled over the middle.

"Matt? What's this?" Joy asks, with genuine interest and only a hint of worry. Figures she'd bounce back from what has happened at the slightest distraction, or maybe she's shoving things deep down...

"A package, dingus."

"Harr-dee-harr. Did you order anything?"

"Nope... someone on campus must have handed this to someone in the dorm, I guess?"

"Probably. Here, hold the bags and let me..."

Joy leaning forwards to pick up the package almost topples us over - the straps pull me after her and I have to hold on to the door so we don't fall. And of course now some rando walks past, raising an eyebrow at us... and slows down. I have seen him around, rowing like crazy at the gym, running on campus, dark skin glistening with sweat, and I realize I'm staring and he stopped in front of us and--

"Uh, Matt? How about standing up straight again? And saying hi properly?"

"Ah, so you're Matt!" Tall, dark and handsome, and a deep, rich voice to boot. And why the heck does this make me all hot and bothered? Is it something bleeding over from Joy? Is this entire situation messing with my-- scratch that, this entire situation is definitely messing with my head. At least I finally manage to stand up straight. "I'm Finn, short for Finnegan, but no one calls me that if I can help it. And your friend here is?"

"I'm Joy, nice to meetcha!" Tucking the package under her left arm, Joy extends her right hand to shake Finn's. It feels warm and smooth and strong and somehow, it makes our nipples as hard as rocks, a by now familiar heat building deep within Joy. And somehow, she doesn't let it show at all. "I basically just moved in with Matt today, 'cause I need some help what with the whole lack of legs and us being a couple and stuff."

Point taken, Joy. We're weird, but we're together, and I can't go lusting after random guys like a budding bisexual. Not that I take issue with that sexual orientation or discovering I even am in the first place, but I do take issue with unfaithfulness. And drooling over Finn's muscular arms and tight shirt over bulging and-- god dammit.

"Yeah, uhm, Joy's my girlfriend, and, uh... yeah." I try to catch myself, putting down one of the bags to shake Finn's hand myself after a second. After feeling Joy shake his, I almost forgot that I haven't. "I've seen you around here before, you're always working out and stuff."

"Well, I'm here on a sports scholarship, so my days are busy. Whenever I'm not learning, I make sure I stay in shape," Finn grins, revealing white teeth in a stark, striking contrast with his skin.

"Sports scholarship? Football, baseball, basketball?" Joy seems genuinely interested, although not in a flirty way. Even if we're both really affected by how unfairly hot Finn is.

"Rowing, actually. Listen, sorry for gawking and running, but I need to get to our training sesh. It was nice to meet you guys, I'll see you around!"

"Don't worry about it, nice to meet you too!" Joy waves after Finn as he jogs off, giving a little wave before turning around properly and disappearing down the stairs.



We need a minute to catch our breaths, and I use the time to pull my keys out of my pocket and let us into our dorm room, where I flop down next to the dinner table, dropping the bags to the floor as Joy puts the package on the table itself.

"That guy was so sexy!" I blurt out, my heart dropping even as I say it. Should I really be saying this when I'm with Joy...?

"I know, right?! Holy fuck, it should be illegal to be this attractive. Seriously, just being close to him made me super horny! Can we, I mean, get out of these straps and let off some steam? I need you to fingerfuck me into oblivion after this."

"Oh, I'm definitely with you on that one!" I can feel our pussy drenching my shorts. Our self-control - selves-control? - is in shambles. "Let me just get this..."

As I get to freeing us from the contraption I... contrapted, Joy gently caresses her breasts, making both of us sigh and shudder lustfully - but when I need her to let them go so I can pull the straps aside, her ADHD brain locks in on the package, and while I keep working on the straps, Joy rips the letter off and puts it aside. The box itself isn't even taped shut, but when Joy opens it...

"Uhm, Matt?"

"Mhmm~?" Humming, I drop the straps to the floor and let my hands run over Joy's stomach towards our slick honeypot.

"There... there's a cock in the package. Like, a real one."

That douses our lust somewhat. It's definitely still there, but there's an edge of anxiety creeping in.

"But there's no blood...?" As Joy reaches into the package and gently grabs something soft, spongy and warm, I feel a phantom, a faint suggestion of sensation. "And it's... alive? I think I feel a pulse..."

Joy pulls the shaft out of the box, and my jaw drops. It's definitely a cock, it's definitely alive and not attached to anyone... and I know it, albeit not from this angle or distance.

It's mine.

What, and I can't stress this enough, the fuck?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Well, fucking is the right idea, considering both our states.

"Lookit the little cutie!" Joy coos, pulling the disembodied member closer and petting the top of it, near the glans. It throbs and pulses, slowly beginning to swell in her hand, gently pushing her fingers apart. Again, there is this faint, familiar feeling, almost lost in the pleasure radiating from Joy's entire body. Rationality rapidly declining, I can only stare as Joy strokes the hardening shaft that I thought I'd never see again. "Ooh, it's excited to see us, so eager!"

Considering how she came to exist, it's probably not necessarily strange that Joy is not fazed at all by the fact that she's holding a dick that is rapidly becoming impressively erect - particularly so due to the fact that it's all on its own. The balls dangling from the one end twitch as Joy caresses them with one fingertip, and I can feel the wrinkly skin through our shared senses. This is so weird. My cock turned into a small woman that turned into a big woman, and we're in love, and now there's a cock looking just like mine did and it's hard and throbbing and fuck I want it inside our pussy so bad.

I want to be filled by this thing, and after living two decades with a dick, this irresistible need is as disorienting as the confusing sensations trying to fry my brain with overwhelming lust and pleasure.

"Mmh, you came at the perfect time..." Joy moans as she runs her thumb along the swollen underside of the throbbing shaft in her hand. At least one of us is still able to actually do something about our near-debilitating lust. Probably because she's not reeling from seeing a bodypart she ran around with all her life suddenly _dis_embodied. "I need you sooo bad. But... Matt? Are you... okay with this?"

Instead of an answer, I grab both of Joy's spectacular tits, making both of us suck in a sharp breath as pleasure jolts through us. Fuck it, I'm too horny; let's worry about consequences later.

"Just do it," I breathe into her ear, more moan than sentence. "Pound our pussy with that thing."

Just saying it makes the breath hitch in my throat, and Joy's and my heart beat, no, race in unison. Technically we're both virgins, at least when it comes to our pussy, and oh god this cock looks huge as Joy moves it towards her mouth. As she sticks out her tongue to give the fat, purple head a slow lick, I realize we're still wearing pants. As this is generally not conducive to most sex acts, I begin to frantically push them down our hips, wriggling on the chair until our glistening, reddened snatch is revealed, ready and eager to take this strange and yet so familiar shaft.

"Mmh, tashty..." Joy mumbles around the fat tip of the cock my excited movements pushed between her lips. And... I know my cock. I held it in my hand many times while I jerked off. And yet, just the tip feels gigantic in Joy's mouth, her lips all tingly as she gently spreads saliva on the throbbing member's tip. "God, it'sh sho hard..."

Me, I can only pant and writhe, my hands twitching and caressing Joy's taut belly haphazardly. I feel everything she feels - the warm, wet emptiness between my legs, the pulsing, rock-hard nipples on her chest, the tingling of her lips, the throbbing shaft as her tongue plays over it... And there the weirdness begins. Or continues; ever since I woke up with Joy attached to my crotch, things have been decidedly weird. I can also feel each throb of the shaft, the warm wetness of Joy's mouth, the buzzing length and the burbling balls of the member that looks exactly like mine... it's faint, but it's there, and disorienting as heck. Enormously enjoyable, but dizzying in more than one way.

"Mgh..." With a slurping *pop*, Joy pulls the cock out of her mouth, she herself panting with excitement as she moves the twitching shaft lower and lower, almost reverentially. "I can't wait to have this thing inside me..."

And so help me, neither can I. This is my own cock, for Pete's sakes, or one that looks just like it! And yet, I can feel our pussy drool, twitch, burn with the incessant need to be filled by this thick, throbbing, veiny... just listen to me. I'm mindlessly horny for my own dick, and every second Joy spends with savoring the anticipation instead of just plunging that thing into us threatens to make me rip that disembodied shaft from Joy's hands and do it myself.

Instead, I decide to busy myself with Joy's fantastic tits. They're so big and round and soft and perky that they're a suitable distraction while Joy bites her lower lip and uses one finger to tease the underside of that dripping shaft, the freely hanging balls twitching as I faintly feel precum bubble up its length. It drips on Joy's taut belly, and she gently puts the spongy tip against her skin, right below her belly button, the heat and sticky wetness against her skin a promise of what's to come. I lean my head forwards, intending to tell Joy to hurry up finally, but the sensation of the disembodied member inching towards our snatch makes the breath hitch in my throat, and I instead elect to nibble on Joy's ear gently, making the breath hitch in her throat.

And finally, as I cup Joy's marvelous breasts and pinch her nipples between two fingers, the engorged head of our living dildo touches our lower lips, already red and swollen and gaping to receive that fat prick. My heart thunders as I stare down past Joy's head and tits, barely able to breathe as Joy teases our entrance for all of two seconds before her will to build our anticipation evaporates, her patience finally snapping like mine almost did what felt like hours ago - and simply plunges the cock inside of us until the balls are squeezed against my thighs.

I thought I couldn't breathe before - I was wrong. The shaft fills us so completely that there doesn't seem to be any room for air left. My legs shake and twitch as my mouth gapes open, both our backs arching as every thought, every sensation except pure, agonizing pleasure is burned from us and I squeeze Joy's tits involuntarily, spasmodic twitches making me maul the soft orbs. And the sensations only enhance the pleasure roaring through us. Little gasping sounds are all we can make as the cock filling us strains and twitches and drools into our depths, and the dizzying sensations of being penetrated and penetratingat the same time make my eyes roll up in my head.

When it finally ends, Joy and I hang limply on the chair, panting and gasping as we try to recover, our pussy twitching and massaging the shaft inside of us as if it wants to pull it deeper inside. Only we're already filled to the brim, almost making it impossible for both of us to breathe, and boy, do we need to catch our breaths after what just happened.




We find our voices at the same time, and our sentiments to what just happened are pretty much the same. I caress Joy's tits absentmindedly as she pets the base of the cock stuck inside of us - before grabbing it by the balls to pull it out partway and push it back in.


It's either Joy or me that makes that noise, or maybe it's both of us, and Joy sure as hell doesn't stop. Hell, I don't want her to! With a cock, things would have been largely over after cumming like that - even if I usually tried to do my best with my fingers and mouth if my partner wasn't quite satisfied - but with this pussy that came with Joy? It feels insanely good even with Joy's inexperienced stroking, back and forth, in and out, and the alien sensation of our slick hole being filled combined with the faint, but noticeable and much more familiar feeling of pounding the same slick hole make pant and gasp, my brain in no way equipped to deal with what's happening.

Which doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, and I do so immensely. It's a much more full-body pleasure compared to sex with a cock, and at least I get double the fun with the way I feel what Joy feels. It's amazing, with my hands on her breasts teasing the stiff buds on these soft orbs, squeezing them together lightly, doing everything I can to support what Joy is doing down below. The thick member pushes our inner walls apart, the swollen helmet scraping over every quivering fold and belching pre into our depths with every twitch, every surge, every straining pulse. I can feel the balls churn with their heavy cargo as they bounce against my ass, and I know what the excited buzzing and all the spasms mean. Joy, being all of one day old and of the female persuasion, doesn't.

"Oh my god, oh god, thank you, whoever send us this, this--"


Where the sensations the disembodied shaft broadcasted into my brain were a little faint and just the cherry on top of this amazing pleasure pie, the climax is a sharp stab straight into the center of my brain, every thought gone in an instant as I feel hot stickiness flooding deep into us. Joy giggles at the feeling, cooing as she slows her thrusting, gently rubbing our clit with one thumb as she keeps the twitching rod buried deep inside us as its fat nuts contract and force their contents to splatter against the entrance to our womb. The electric jolts racing through us do not help my mental state, and the noises this has me make would be embarassing - if I could find it in me to care, or do anything but ride this wave of pleasure.

And then, Joy manages to rub herself to a second climax - and by extension, me.

I make a strangled noise and slump down on the chair, my chin coming to rest on Joy's shoulder as I groan and twitch, brain basically short-circuited by three climaxes, two of them more or less simultaneously.

Am I ever gonna recover? And how soon can I do it again?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Joy is definitely gonna get a nasty shock from this.

"Matt? Matt?!" Feeling me slump against her cuts Joy's afterglow short pretty effectively. Twisting around as far as she can, she begins to lightly slap my cheek. "Are you alright?! Please, I... hey, come on, just..."

"Mmrbl." Speech cortex: down. I try to move and only manage twitch weakly. Motor cortex: down. "Mmfh."

"Oh god, please tell me I didn't... We didn't..."

"Mmfhnnh." Brain: rebooting. "Imfnh... I'm ffnnh... fine."

"Thank god..." Breathing a sign of relief, Joy turns back around and leans against me. "You scared me! I mean, that was intense, but you really didn't take that well, hm?"

I only groan in reply, in part because I can feel the cock - my cock? - slide out of the snatch I share with Joy, softening all the while, until finally, it drops to the floor. The jolt of pain I feel from this is faint, but helps bring me around all the same. And it also brings me to the problem at hand: We just fucked ourselves with a copy of my old cock. It felt amazing, but it also raises a lot of questions. Beyond the whole Joy thing, I mean. I'm way past the 'Why' by now; it's happened, I even like it if I'm honest.

The real question is 'Who'. I never believed in the stories about magic, about stores with old wizards appearing in a mall to sell stuff that changes people only to never be found again and all that jazz. But what happened with Joy appearing and all is definitely just that, magic - and could have been a freak accident, for all I know. But that cock was delivered in a package. Magic does a lot of things, but it probably doesn't send packages. People do. So who is behind all this? And why did they do this? Huh. Guess I'm not past the 'Why' after all.

Still. Find the 'Who', get the 'Why'. But... 'How' do we do that?

"What'cha thinking about?"

"Huh?" Joy's sudden question throws me for a loop. I briefly consider not telling her about the dick and what it means, but one: we're literally stuck together, so I wouldn't be able to do anything about it without her noticing and two: I love this girl, no matter how weird that is. So I tell her everything.

"Wow, I... Wow, I mean... what?" Ayup, she's taking it well. "You mean this dick..."

She holds up the flaccid, still drooling shaft after she picked it up during my explanation.

"Is your dick from... before? And someone sent it here? And you have a connection to it, like some ESP stuff?"

"No, I said it looks like my dick. The rest is true."

"And there I thought our lives couldn't become any weirder."

"You tell me..."

Joy puts the disembodied cock on the table gently, knowing now that I can feel what happens to it. Although now that neither of us is aroused, I can barely feel anything, even if I focus.

"Now what do we do?" Joy says, eyeing the penis suspiciously.

"I dunno... Maybe give me the box it came in?" As Joy does, I push my lower lip forwards a little. I am stumped, actually clueless. Literally. We have no clue about whoever did this stuff and sent the cock. "Hmm..."

Examining the box yields no further information. No return adress, no brand logo, nothing. But there was that letter, wasn't it? Picking it up where Joy dropped it on the table, I feel a tingle race up my arm like an electric shock, but it's definitely not that. It's lustful, erotic, and it makes me moan involuntarily, just as Joy when the sensation reaches her.

"Okay, what..."

"... the fuck?"

We are, once again of one mind. I rip the letter open in front of both of us and... am sorely disappointed. It's far from a convenient letter saying 'It was me, Matt! It was me all along! - Signed, Whoever McDidAllThis'. Instead, it's a postcard. With a weird, circular drawing on it, surrounded by what can only be runes and if there was ever any doubt that what happened to us was caused by magic, now that doubt is gone. This is definitely magic. And I have no idea what it's supposed to do. But it's a clue.

"That is weird. Do you think it's what made us so horny? I mean, with that weird shock and all..."

For someone that is not even two days old, Joy has some great deduction skills. And me, I'm apparently an idiot.

"So it wasn't Finn then, but this thing..."

"Well, Finn is really hot." Joy is definitely right on that one. "But I guess this stuff made us lose control like that. It still feels tingly..."

Joy pokes the postcard in my hands with one finger. There is a constant gentle tingle, making our recently-fucked pussy and Joy's nipples pulse with subdued lust. Probably better to put the postcard back on the table then. And what do you know, as soon as I do, the lust begins to ebb.

"Wow. Alright. So, magic is real. I mean, the other ideas in the running were 'dream' and 'alien experiment', so nice to know what's what." Joy stretches, and I feel her breasts wobble gently. It's still distracting, but that might be the lingering effect of the lust spell. Even thinking that feels kinda crazy, despite everything... "What do you say we take a shower and think about what we do with this thing?"

What do I say?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

We have just creampied ourselves. Cleaning up is pretty high on the list.

Taking a shower is actually a good idea, considering the cum leaking from our pussy. Whelp, there's a sentence I never expected to think... But still, it's what we have to deal with for now, dealing with the whole magic situation comes later. And learning who the heck curse me by taking away my dick and bless me with giving me Joy instead. And making sure I don't flunk out of college. I must be becoming an adult, my life is getting complicated. While I'm thinking about important things and walking us into the bathroom absentmindedly, Joy takes care of the important stuff, like pulling off our shirts in an impressive display of flexibility.

"You back with us, Matt?" Tapping my nose, Joy grins at me in that upside-down-and-from-below way that makes my heart race, just like every other smile she gives me. Yep, I've fallen for this girl - head over heels. "Whatcha thinking about?"

"Mh, just trying to wrap my head around the fact magic exists and someone put a spell on me. On us." I grin back down at Joy. "You certainly put a spell on me."

"You cheesy dork," Joy giggles, bumping her elbow into my side. "C'mon, let's take that shower."

"Excuse you, I consider myself an impeccable romantic," I express gravely as I step into the shower, Joy opening the door for us. "I don't blame you for not realising, you were literally born yesterday."

"Psh, born is a stretch. Also, I do think I know a dork from a romantic." While we tease each other, Joy turns on the shower on, the water feeling heavenly on our skin.

"Shows what you know..." I reply, squirting soap into my hand before handing the bottle to Joy.

"Thanks." Taking the bottle from me, Joy begins to lather herself up, as do I. "And I do know enough. Dork."

Chuckling, I lather up myself, idly noting that even though Joy thoroughly cleans herself, breasts and pussy included, there is no insane sensitivity or uncontrollable lust. I guess magic was to blame for all of that...

"Ma-aatt~?" The singsong of Joy's voice tells me she probably wants something. "Could you, you know, put shampoo in my hair... and give me one of your head massages?"

"Hmm..." I knew it. Just you wait, Joy... "So a dork is good enough to rub your head?"

"Okay, okay." Joy giggles and rolls her eyes as she turns her body halfway to smile up at me. Even drenched with water she's breathtakingly beautiful. "Please, Mr Impeccable Romantic, will you give me a head massage?"

"I guess I can't say no to that," I reply, even if the twinkle in her eyes tells me Joy is still teasing me.

Of course, the fact that our shared senses mean giving Joy a massage also feels really good for me helps with my decision, and soon, I find myself gently rubbing little circles on Joy's scalp with my fingertips. She groans in satisfaction, making me smile - it's fun to do nice things for the people you love. And as weird as it is, having met her yesterday, I do love Joy. Still can't quite wrap my head around it. Then again, being stuck together like this would be a fair bit more awkward otherwise. In the end, we spend an inordinate time under the shower, making me glad I don't have to pay for utilities in the dorms, and afterwards, we take our time drying off, sneaking in kisses and playful little pokes.

It's a lot more fun than showering alone, that's for sure.

Next up: Planning. Who the hell is gonna be able to help us with this magic stuff?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

The internet. The internet knows EVERYTHING.

Freshly showered, dressed in fresh clothes, and still with no idea where to start. That's us right now. Sitting in front of my PC, we do our conjoined couple snuggle, with Joy's head resting on my shoulder and my hands hugging her abs, while her hands rest on the keyboard. The browser is open on a search page, and the cursor is blinking as if it wants to mock us.

"What do I even type? 'Dick replaced by woman'? 'Disembodied cock'? 'Magic turned my life upside down'?"

"Dunno if we're gonna get any results like that... Maybe try 'transformation magic uncontrollable lust'."

"Uh-huh..." Joy does, and the results make her facepalm and me laugh out loud. "Of course it's all goddamn porn!"

"Okay, okay," I try to calm down, still giggling occasionally. "Maybe try 'magic shop near me'. Let's go less specific and try to find an expert on magic first. Maybe they can help us."

"A magic expert with an internet presence. Sure."

Not even ten seconds later, Joy eats her words.

"Look at that. A magic expert with an internet presence." I can't help but smirk a little, earning a playful jab from Joy's elbow. "'Madame Mesmeric's Magical Emporium'. Not too far from campus, too. Worth a try?"

"Worth a try."

Madame Mesmeric's Magical Emporium looks exactly like the place Ellie would frequent. Frequently. In short, it's a stereotypical 'quaint' shop filled with esoteric crap. Healing crystals, incense, self-help books talking about chakras and inner goddesses. But: First impressions can be deceiving. Case in point, me and Joy with our strange strap contraption. No one would ever be able to tell we're actually connected.

"Hmm, how strange. You two... share a body and a soul..."

I stand corrected, on both counts. Madame Mesmeric seems to be the real deal, as she instantly knew what our deal was. Which still comes as a surprise and stuns me and even Joy into silence.

"Oh, don't look at me like a faerie in the face of cold iron. Whatever happened to you is writ large in your aura."

"And you just see that." Joy sounds skeptical, arms crossed under her bosom. Created by magic (apparently), and she's the skeptical one? "See anything else?"

"Yes. That you should get some Plan B, just to be sure."

Joy stammers, and I feel my face heat up. Madame Mesmeric has Second Sight, for sure, but she doesn't have much in the way of tact. She gets up from behind the counter, a portly, stout woman looking for all the world like the stereotypical owner of a stereotypical 'magic' shop, from the bandana with the little jangling coins to the impressive amount of amulets and trinkets around her neck to the richly embroidered dress. But knowing that she knows things, sees things, I can't help but think that she's playing to the expectations of her customers with her outfit.

"It's a fine mess you got yourselves into there," Madame Mesmeric grumbles as she inspects Joy's face closely - so closely, in fact, that Joy shrinks back and presses her body against mine. "Everything's all tangled and knotted, I can't even begin to understand what exactly happened... Your spell got away from you, hm?"

"Wait, what spell?" Confusion is clear in Joy's voice, and I continue the question I know we both have. "We didn't do any spells. I didn't do any spells. A few days ago, I didn't even know magic was real!"

"That's what most people think." Looking smug, Madame Mesmeric makes her way past salt lamps and stacks of incense packets before she turns the 'OPEN'-sign around. "They're wrong."

"Obviously..." Joy mutters under her breath, but Madame Mesmeric either doesn't hear the remark or chooses to ignore it.

"That said, the spell that did this to you had to be both very powerful and very amateurish," the shaman/witch/whatever the term is shakes her head and presses her lips together. "Think of it like programming. There are no annotations to your 'code', it was written by someone who barely had any idea what they were doing, and then the compiler tried to make sense of the code, only to complicate everything further. I can barely tell what the intention was, beyond something with genitals and femininity."

"Uh." That doesn't sound good, and to keep my mind from spiraling, I latch on to the one thing that seems most incongruous. "You own a magic shop. Why do you know about programming?"

"Everyone needs a hobby," Madame Mesmeric shrugs, pulling one of the talismans around her neck over her head so she can let it circle in front of me and Joy - and the arc the gemstone takes does not seem to follow the path I would expect. The wince on Madame Mesmeric's face also doesn't raise our hopes. "That's what I feared. I think my great-niece would use the term 'borked'. I don't think anything in my shop or my power can help you, my dears. Your one chance is to find whoever did this to you and pray to the Ancestors that they can do something."

"That... well." Hopes thoroughly dashed, I slump slightly and hug Joy from behind, her hands quickly finding mine.

"It's less than we hoped for, but more than we feared," Joy says dejectedly, giving Madame Mesmeric a weak smile that the witch answers with an apologetic one.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help, dears. But look at the bright side, you seem to be getting along splendidly." The pointed look she gives Joy's lower abdomen makes us both blush again. "But there's one thing I can do for you."

Taking off another one of her charms, Madame Mesmeric holds it out to us - on a fine silver chain hangs a little white crystal that once again swings in a way that doesn't quite mesh with physics.

"This talisman should help you trace back the magic to its originator, the one that did this to you." Taking Joy's hand and putting it in her palm, Madame Mesmeric smiles warmly. "Only 25 dollars. I do run a business, you know."

Joy sputters, and I raise my eyebrows, but the decision is already made. I'm the one with the money, 25 bucks isn't that much, and finding whoever did this takes first priority. Although I have my suspicions.

Are we going to go looking for the culprit straight-away?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

No. We run into Nick first.

Pendant paid, we step back out on the street, Madame Mesmeric's words still in our ears. Magic is real, but even worse, the spell that made us the way we are is a mess. Such a mess that even a professional like her can't even make sense of it. Good bye, hope for a quick fix, we hardly knew ye. Then again, a quick fix would probably mean making Joy disappear, and besides the whole ethical conundrum, I don't want Joy to disappear. Ideally, we find a way to separate into two people. But if my choices end up being 'keep things as they are' and 'never see Joy again'... Well, that's not a choice at all.

"Hey, Earth to Matt... whatcha thinking?"

"Huh?" Joy's question breaks the spiral of my thoughts - and my brain doesn't supply a coherent answer. "Buh."

"Very elo--wait! We need to go to a pharmacy, get some Plan B!" Slapping her forehead, Joy looks up at me. "I mean, better safe than pregnant, right?"

"Yep, sounds good. Carrying around one extra person is already murder on my back and legs."

That earns me an elbow in the ribs, and deservedly so, even though Joy can't help but giggle. Bickering good-naturedly, we make our way to the nearest purveyor of legal drugs, only to find ourselves face to face with none other than Nick right as we answer. Who stares at us like a deer in the headlights. And Joy and I respond by doing the same. It takes the more or less polite cough from a middle-aged gentleman that we're holding up to break us from our mental bluescreens, and we hurry to get out of the way, ending up a few steps to the side, in front of the big shop window of a place that sells custom-made cakes of all things. Only to continue the awkward silence for a bit.

"Listen, man, I..." Nick is the first to break it. Haltingly, but still. "Guys, I'm sorry. I was... What I did wasn't cool, no... no matter how freaked out I was. I mean. Uh, I figure you two were even more freaked out?"

"Ha!" The barking laugh surprises me most of all. But thinking back to that first morning... 'freaked out' is definitely right. "I... uhm, sorry 'bout that. First of all, apology accepted, and man, you wouldn't believe how freaked out we were."

"You were," Joy interjects, and I can hear the smugness in her voice. "I was just happy to see the world."

"Joy, I distinctly remember you freaking out in the shower--"

"Shush, you!" Joy twists around to look up at me, blowing up one cheek in mock anger. "I was, like, not even one day old at the time!"

"Oh, right." Nick looks rather pale, leaning his back against the shop window as he swallows hard. "Sorry, I'm trying to be cool about it, but... it's all a bit much, magic is real, and my best friend has a--"

"Shush!" This time, I join Joy in shushing - what good is my con-strap-tion if Nick just goes and gives everything away? "Listen, we're not keen on everyone knowing. But... thanks for at least trying to be cool about it, yeah?"

"Yeah... man, I... you know why I was at the pharmacy? Got some over the counter stuff to calm my nerves. I..." Poor Nick. He's really taking this kinda hard... I'd never have thought he'd be this shaken be the realization that magic is real. "Listen, I'll go home, take some of my fancy new pills and lie down. You... you two feel like gaming tonight? I'm gonna need something to take my mind off stuff."

"Of course, man!" And why wouldn't I? My best buddy is doing his best to support us, so gaming with him to support him is the least I can do. "Anytime. And if there's anything else I can do for you..."

"Or I!" Joy interjects, crossing her arms and nodding decisively. "You're being real cool about this, about us, so if there's anything we can do..."

"M-maybe there--no. No, I'll be good, once I lay down a bit." Shaking his head, Nick gives me a fistbump and, after a splitsecond of deliberation, also one to Joy before setting off towards the campus, leaving us behind.

"Phew, he's shaken." Pouting as she looks after Nick, Joy puts a hand on her cheek as I scratch the back of my neck. "But he's trying."

"He really is. Wonder why he's taking it this hard?"

"He'll tell us once he's ready, I guess. Now, we better get some Plan B, yeah?" Twisting until she can give me a peck on the cheek, Joy grins impishly. "Don't want you to have to carry two people, after all."


With Plan B in the bag, we finally begin Plan "Use a necklace as a pendulum to find who wrought the spell that created Joy". Yes, I suck at naming things. Sue me. The problem is... Apparently our campus actually belongs to the American School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The necklace that was supposed to lead us straight to the culprit keeps freaking out, every place we try swinging it showing at least three distinct directions. And following them at random sends us on a merry chase all over campus, to secluded spots between buildings, in the shrubbery between the bundles of trees that have been placed for human enrichment... If I apply my copious amounts of fantasy gaming knowledge, the campus must be a conflux of ley lines or whatever.

"Well. That got us nowhere fast!" Joy sounds just as grumpy as I am when we finally return to my room, carrying our dinner for today, bought at the campus shop. Which, by the way, also hat five directions the pendulum pointed us towards. The clerk barely even lifted a brow as we used the necklace. "The entire day, and nothing to show for it."

"Yeah. What the hell is going on in this place?" Kicking the door closed behind us, I walk over to the table as Joy opens the con-strap-tion and throws it to the ground. The flaccid dick still lying on the table gives us pause for all of a second. Our life is weird! "Is everyone and their mother casting spells?"

"Apparently... Okay, food first, then we think, and then we game with Nick." Hands at her hips - or rather the spot where they disappear into mine - Joy reasserts that bubbly personality that is never subdued for long, pulling out a chair for us so I can flop down. "There has to be a solu--we're such dumbasses."

"Why, what do you mean?" As I open our sandwiches, Joy pulls the necklace over her head and let's it swing free. And I immediately see what she means. "Oh god, we are!"

Starting at the place where Joy came into being, the necklace shows two directions - one pointing straight at my bed and the other out into the campus somewhere. Palm, meet face. Why didn't we think about this before wasting the entire day?!

"Well, nothing to it. We screwed that one up, but tomorrow is another day." Well, look who's characteristically optimistic! "Now we're gonna eat, then we play some games with Nick!"

"And tomorrow, we'll find whoever is behind this shit!"

What will the gaming session bring?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Yet another surprise.

We've eaten our sandwiches and Joy is reading through the leaflet that came with our Plan B so she can take the little pills, when my phone buzzes with a call via the social app Nick and me normally use for gaming. And what do you know, it is Nick calling me. Almost 10 minutes early. Nick is, if anything, habitually late a few minutes, so I get kinda nervous before I even tap to accept the call.

"Hey Nick, what's u--"

"Guys, I-I-I... I think I screwed up." I freeze, my finger still hovering just over my phone. I thought my best bud sounded shaken in front of the pharmacy... now he sounds like he's falling to pieces. "I went... went and got... drank it, and-and now... dunno what I was thinking!"

"Oh shit." Joy sounds just as shocked as I feel - and my fingers feel numb as my heart starts racing. Suffice to say, I'm pretty shocked. "Nick, you're in your room, yeah?"

"I... I... yes, I'm..."

"You stay right there, we're on our way."

Grabbing my phone without cutting the connection, I jump up and speedwalk to the door, and once we're out, I start running. And despite wearing one of her new bras, Joy still has to hold on to her breasts to keep them from bouncing all over the place as I barrel through the hallway and down the stairs. Why does Nick have to live in another dorm?! I feel everything Joy feels, of course, and as it turns out, big tits and racing along at full tilt don't mix. That weight jiggling around hurts! We soon reach the front doors, and as Joy pushes them open, I realize we forgot to put on our straps. No matter now, we need to get to Nick's room in the neighboring dorm. It's not that far. I dunno what he took, but he definitely needs our help!

As it's early evening, we run into - or rather past - quite a few other students, and I can't fight down a niggling worry in the back of my head, about them seeing the two of us with no extra layer of deception, but we've already reached Nick's dorm, and I get to catch my breath a little as Joy pushes open another set of doors. I go running regularly, so I'm pretty fit, but with Joy, I'm probably half again as heavy as a few days ago. It's not exactly helping things any as I set off again, breathing hard and legs burning.

"Nick?! Nick!" Slapping the door I carried her in front of, Joy makes use of the fact that I am panting and sweating while she is good as new. More or less. Except the slight ache in her boobage due to excessive bouncing. Sportsbra when? "It's us, open the door!"

There is shuffling and strange sounds between the noise of Joy's palms hitting the door, until finally, Nick cracks the door open and ushers us inside. And I can tell immediately that something is wrong. Or at least weird. Which would be wrong in and of itself. In any case, Nick is flushed, hunching over, holding his midsection with both arms, as if he upset his stomach.

"Okay, what did you do, man?!" I sound harsher than intended, worry about my best bud making the question sound like a bark. "Sorry, that sounded... No, what happened, Nick?"

"Do we call someone?" Joy interjects, but Nick holds up a hand to stop us, and points to something lying on his dinner table. Which, for all intents and purposes... looks like a potion bottle. Joy's next words are full of disbelief. "You... you didn't."

"I... fuck, I did." Nick stumbles over to a chair, panting and sweating... and with an undeniable bulge in his pants. "Listen, I... 's'long as I remember, I had body dysmorphia. Like, I knew I wasn't looking too bad, b-but my brain was al-always like 'You ugly fuck'! When I learned that magic was real..."

"You went to a witch or whatever and got yourself a potion." I pinch the bridge of my nose and squeeze my eyes shut.

"Yeah..." At least Nick knows he screwed up, giving us a rueful smile as he looks at us from dilated eyes. "Asked around on campus, found a coven of wiccans, they sold me something to fix me. Saw you two wandering about, t--"

"You're a dumbass, Nick. You think some students in their early 20s know what they're doing?" I shake my head at him as Joy worries at her lower lip. "We got ourselves checked by a professional today. Whoever did our spell screwed up royally, so..."

"Fuck, you think I d-doooh god!" The bulge in Nick's pants visibly throbs, and I feel Joy react - and myself as well. My heart begins beating faster, as does Joy's, her nipples begin to tighten, our pussy grows moist. Swallowing hard, I think back to what happened after we found my dick in the mail (which is a brandnew sentence I never thought I'd even think). Is the same thing happening again? "I wasn't exactly mentally sound all day, thanks to a certain couple! I-I just thought... you don't know what it's like, I thought m-maybe I could fuh-finally live without..."

"Without your brain hating your body." For someone born yesterday, Joy is pretty insightful, even with her erect nipples digging into her bra. "I get it, it's--ngh."

I feel it too. What has been a sort of undercurrent assaulting our esoteric senses (or something, I am not a wizard, I don't know how that stuff works) has now become a raging flood, with our pussy growing inexorably moist and Joy's nipples so hard they almost hurt. My legs grow weak, and I stumble over to a free chair, plopping down heavily as Joy's hands caress my inner thighs and send pleasant tingles up our spines. I know exactly what is happening, as presumably does Joy, but we're powerless to stop it. As is Nick.

"Oh ffff~... It's... starting, I thinnnngh~..." One palm rubbing his chest, the other between his legs, Nick pants and groans helplessly as he writhes in his seat.

"Wh-what is?" Somehow, my hands have found Joy's breasts, so big and soft under her top, while hers have found our pussy. "What's it even supposed to do?"

"Th-they said it'd... guh-give me a body that fit my mind..." And his mind is horny, it seems. Already his pecs are swollen, with nipples that grow more turgid by the seconds, breath coming in short gasps. "No one told m-me it'd feel this gooood~!"

And somehow, we can feel it. Waves of lust batter our minds, Joy's entire body throbbing very much like back when she was just my cock, and I push my right under her top at her trim belly while my left quests up her back to find the hooks of her bra. Joy's own hands are busy fighting the fly of my pants, arousal making them shaky and rather uncooperative, the gentle rolling of my hips not necessarily helping. But I can't help moving them, not with the gentle ache deep in our loins, the emptiness that keeps growing.

As does Nick, as it turns out as I throw a glance over to him. His left has something to grab by now, shirt tented by ever fatter nipples, the buttons doing their best to hold on, but the gaps between them keep growing wider. Nick's entire shirt is getting tighter and tighter around his frame as his arms and shoulders swell - not with fat, but muscle, despite a certain softness that gives his limbs a feminine look, even with Nick's biceps bulging with every squeeze and stroke and caress of his hands. Of course, his face isn't spared either, losing what little stubble Nick had as his cheeks grow more pronounced and his lashes thicken. It's not enough to make Nick centerfold material or even cute, but he does inch away from masculinity with every passing second.

"Hnnfh~..." With Joy finally opening my fly, she wastes no time to tease our slit, languidly and without hurry, ample lubrication helping to make my legs twitch at every touch. "K-keep going, Joy..."

Meanwhile, I have managed to free my conjoined girlfriend's perfect pair - seriously, my subconscious must have influenced Joy's form, her boobs are divine. Pulling up her top so it and her bra rest on her clavicles, I set out to increase both our lust, the throbbing of Joy's body growing deeper and more intense with every heartbeat pounding through us. Her breasts pulse under my fingers, the sensation of feeling them give under my fingers and feeling my hands squeeze them gently still dizzying, but so very lustful, too, only growing stronger as I roll Joy's nipples between two fingers.

The sound of ripping fabric brings at least part of my attention back to Nick, who has grown to impressive proportions, the arms of his button-down shirt ripping around his powerful arms, parted lips just that little fuller, hair just that bit longer to bring him ever closer to the equilibrium between male and female. Although his bulbous breasts do a fair bit to make him look more like a woman than a man - until, that is, Nick staggers to his feet, trying to push down his much to small jeans, an action that is doomed to fail and sends his well-muscled body to the floor, where he stays on his hands and knees, panting and moaning in a deep, yet almost feminine voice.

Finally, we see Nick in his entire, changing glory as he brings one hand between his legs, fighting to free his twitching length. Much like his upper body, everything down from the waist has swollen bigger, filling his clothes past capacity, but struggling to rip them to shreds properly. For now. Because Nick is not yet done growing, breasts so large now that the buttons of his shirt decide to quit rather suddenly, pinging off the ground after Nick's shirt simply explodes open, leaving his swelling breasts to bounce free, almost reaching the floor as Nick's elbow buckles.

I can feel Joy struggle to breathe past the lustful throbbing filling her, and she bites her lower lip as I mash her boobs together, her fingers finally parting our snatch to play with our entrance. Now I struggle to breathe; being penetrated like this is still so new and exciting, even if it's just Joy's slender fingers. Nick's fingers are less slender, but more powerful, finally managing to rip open his jeans at his crotch - and the monster that flops out to drool pre onto the linoleum floor makes both Joy and myself gasp.

It eclipses the dick lying on my dinner table by far, fat and veiny and throbbing, huge even in Nick's not exactly dainty hand as he strokes it, moans with deep satisfaction as he rests his forehead on his free arm, ass raised behind him and breasts bulging out under his upper torso, inching further and further out as Nick furiously masturbates. That is literally the only way I can describe the way Nick thrusts his hips and pumps his hand along his turgid pole as it grows even fatter and longer, the underside bulging obscenely together with his nuts as the purple helmet drools strings of pre that crisscross the floor under Nick's expanding body as more and more rips appear in his clothes.

"Oh fuck..." So help me, it's almost as hot as Joy, in a completely different way. Nick is huge in every way, his hair a mess of curls that hides his entire face, his raised behind so muscular it barely jiggles, but it's still perfect and round and fuck that cock is juicy. "God, I... Joy, do you... hffh~, d-do you see that thing?"

"Uh-huh..." Joy sounds a bit distracted, her eyes glued to Nick's massive rod as her fingers work our pussy. She's throbbing so much, and I buck my hips against her hands, almost thrusting her against my body, hands still glued to Joy's wonderful breasts. "God damn, s-so good~..."

It must be the magic, right? I love Joy, and she loves me, but somehow, I can't help but imagine Nick fucking both of us with that thing between his legs. It's so big that his hand barely reaches around its sheer girth, constantly drooling pre in thick, clear strands. It would split us open... would it even fit? And his truly oversized breasts... they would smother us when Nick would take us, bearing down with his powerful body and pounding again and again and again...

"ArrraaaAHH~!" Lucky for all of us, Nick starts cumming his brains out before our brains become so inundated with lust magic that we lose it and actually let him take us. "Ah! Oooaaah~!"

The sight of Nick's massive rod swelling and pulsing every time his oversized balls pump another rope of thick, milky sperm through it, splattering onto the floor with enough force to almost reach my feet... it's enough to make my heart skip a beat, and the throbbing in Joy's body reaches a crescendo. She grows rigid and archs her back with a strangled moan, straining against my body again and again, as if she's imitating Nick's gargantuan rod - only without cum blasting from her. But the sensations are the same.

"Nh--ah! Agh! Aah!" It robs me of my words just as it robs Joy of her breath entirely, my hips bucking helplessly as Joy's full-body orgasm makes us lose all sense of time, even though it can't last more than a minute. "Nnnffh~..."

"Hrrnh~..." After dumping a literal gallon (or thereabouts) onto the floor, Nick collapses sideways into the puddle of his own cum, not caring that his smooth skin and tattered clothes get soaked in the thick jizz. "G-gaawwd..."

He is a sight to behold, a fusion of bodybuilder and beacon of femininity, globular breasts married to a torso that could bend steel, powerful arms caressing a penis that gives most people's lower arms a run for their money without breaking a sweat, wide hips that lead to thighs that are almost as big around as Joy's entire body - it should look inhuman, right in the depths of the uncanny valley. Instead, it's perfection. At least to my eyes and presumably Joy's, who caresses her smooth stomach as she hums appreciatively in the afterglow.

How is Nick going to react to his new body?


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Implications of what happened to him notwithstanding, Nick embraces it with gusto.

"Holy fuck..." The murmur is barely audible as Nick sits up after a while, ripping off the last shreds of his clothes. "This... this..."

"Nick, man, listen, we can figure somethi--"

"Fuck yes!" With an almost manic grin, eyes wide open, Nick jumps up and pulls the fat orbs of his breasts apart to look down at himself, face disappearing behind his curly tresses. "I... I look hot! For the first time in my life, I think I'm hot! My brain finally shut up! My dysmorphia... gone!"

I can't help but smile as Nick does a dorky little victory dance that makes his oversized schlong flop around and his boobage bounce. Somehow, as posthuman as he looks, with barely a trace of old Nick in his appearance, he has barely changed inside. Still the same old--

"Whoa, whoa, hey!" Scratch that, he's a lot more touchy-feely now. Not caring that Joy and I are half- and he ist stark naked, Nick has made his way over to us, pulling us from our chair effortlessly and between his soft, mountainous breasts in a crushing hug. "I love you too, man, but whoa!"

"Aww~!" Joy has none of my reservations, hugging Nick's neck as I flail ineffectually. "I'm happy you're happy, Nick!"

"Thanks! Hey, I think I'll go by Nikki now, how about it?" Setting us down again, Nikki twists and turns to look at her smooth skin that barely hides her muscles under a layer of fat. "And considering my looks, they/them feels a lot better than he/him. Wow, I should have done that years ago! That... I... I..."

And with the biggest smile I've ever seen on their face, Nikki begins to cry, overwhelmed by feeling good in their skin for the first time ever, and this time, Joy and I hug them to the best of our ability.

Half an hour later, Nikki has cried themself out and is trying to improvise some clothes, the mess we left is cleaned up, and Joy and I start ordering some food. Not sure how healthy it is to keep ordering takeout, but screw it. My buddy is finally not being bullied by their own brain anymore, we need to celebrate that! Although all my thoughts screech to a halt as Nikki returns from their bedroom - they have taken a bedsheet, twisted it in the middle and used it as a makeshift bra that's tied together in the back, producing cleavage we could stuff our heads into with ease, and a second sheet forms a sort-of dress, with Nikki's oversized schlong making a distinct bulge at the front that moves side to side with every step.

"Buh..." I begin, and Joy picks up the eloquent comment: "Guh."

"I guess you like what you see," Nikki grins, striking a pose straight out of a pinup picture, clearly having fun with their body and its effects. "Look all you want, but as soon as you've winched your jaws back up, let's order that food. I'm starving!"

"Uh... yeah, sorry..." No idea why they're having such an effect on us. Is the magic still messing with our minds? Or am I bi _and _into cute red-heads like Joy as much as I am into towering, muscle-bound dommy mommy's like Nikki? Since this whole mess started, it's just revelation after revelation. "Here, we already put in our stuff. You go ahead and order yours."

"Thanks!" Nikki takes the offered phone - and takes a distressingly long time to order, putting in more and more stuff. "Okay, done. I'm gonna send you the money - it's my treat tonight, I wanna celebrate! I..."

Sitting down on the second chair, their face becomes serious.

"Listen, guys, I... I'm glad I get to share this with you. The circumstances were... uncontrolled and more than a little perverted..." All three of us blush at the memory of us masturbating together, but Nikki recovers rather quickly. "And I know things are going to get weird for me from here on out. I'm... a lot more in-your-face, I might just be the tallest human in the world now, and my... assets aren't exactly modest, but as much as I look like a circus freak, I don't feel like one. I'm... I'm gonna be fine, and I have you guys. I'm so happy we're friends."

"Me too, Nikki." Joy leans forwards to lightly touch our towering friend's muscular arm, the easy smile they exchange making me grin myself. "But do me a favor and never call yourself a circus freak again, okay? You're gorgeous, just a bit..."

"Unconventional," I supply, and Nikki guffaws. It's the same short laugh they've laughed when I made dumb jokes in the past, and it puts me at ease more than anything. I was a bit worried that the potion magic messed with their mind on top of everything else - which is a crazy thought to have, but ever since the three of us have come into contact with magic, crazy has become normal.

"That's certainly a way to put it!" Leaning back, Nikki makes their chair creak; not that surprising, seeing as their weight has likely doubled or tripled. "God, this world isn't made for people like me. I'm gonna have to shop at Livin' Large from now on!"

"Or make your own clothes," Joy shrugs, tapping on my phone to check how much longer the order is going to take. Judging by her slumping shoulders, it's rather longer than she'd like. "Maybe we can try that together, it might be fun! Also... I kinda like not being the only girl - or girl-adjacent person - that's been created by magic. Everyone wants to be special, but being special? Not as fun as you'd think!"

"Tell me about it..." Nikki and I grouse simultaneously, snorting at our shared sentiment. We might like our new circumstances, but we can also recognize the downsides. "But, hey, what were you guys even doing all day? I mean, I saw you and everything. What was up with that necklace?"

"Oh, we got that from... oh." Raising her hand to her neck, Joy realizes we forgot the necklace in my room, but shrugs it off. Not like we need it here. "Got it from a honest to god magic shop. It can follow traces of magic somehow, like, we swing it and it reacts."

"Yeah, we used it in my room and it pointed to my bed, 'cause..."

"Oh, I do believe the two of you did some magic there!" Nikki chuckles with a lewd grin on their changed face. And somehow, that grin is exactly like the one that I know from them. It's uncanny, really. "Soo, you're trying to find the wizard, witch, wiccan or whatever that cast the spell on you?"

"Yeah. Although I do have a suspicion." Crossing her arms, Joy leans back into me, and I put my arms over her stomach as we cuddle, the sight making Nikki smirk good-naturedly. "I don't want to stereotype, buuuut... that Ellie girl looks the part, and she almost kicked down Matt's door. What if she knows that her spell went wrong and, I dunno?"

"Well, that breakup was nasty! Man, I still feel sorry for you, Mattster." The slightly pleading look I give them doesn't deter Nikki in the least. I'd rather not talk about this, but they are right. So I let them continue, no matter how much my heart pounds or how I break out in cold sweat. "I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to teach you a lesson and fucked it up somehow."

"It's plausible..." Sensing my discomfort, Joy pets my hand lightly, turning her head to peck me on the jaw. "But we should still use the amulet tomorrow. I don't wanna waltz up to a person that gives Matt a panic attack just thinking about her and then be wrong, you know?"

"Totally. We're just spitballing, and look at the poor guy." From anyone else, I would not take such a pitying look lying down. From my best bud, now turned into a smoking hottie? I don't like it, but I also don't feel the urge to snap at them. "Different topic. Do you think I'll fit through the door?"

That came out of left field with a goddamn haymaker. Joy and I dissolve into laughter, and Nikki grins as she crosses her arms under her giant bust, clearly proud of herself for breaking the awkward feeling that had settled over us. The rest of the evening is then spent with topics much more fitting for college students, like books, games, and movies. And of course the mountains of food Nikki bought. It's so late at night that it's almost early in the morning when Joy and I finally get home.

Come morning (or maybe noon, seeing as we need SOME sleep), we'll go on the hunt again.


Re: My pride and Joy - by FlatCap90210

Although running over campus swinging a necklace looks a lot more ridiculous than running through the woods with a rifle.

When we wake up again, I am rather thankful it's Sunday - we almost slept until noon. And then I remember the dream I had, which left us rather... moist: Despite masturbating like crazy with Nikki yesterday, I still managed to have a wet dream. About Nikki pounding us like a mad-person while Joy and I took turns sucking the disembodied cock which is, I realize, still lying on my dinner table. It's... a thing I should probably talk to Joy about. I love her, but hell, am I horny for Nikki.

"Good morning, and fuck, I think I'm horny for Nikki's dick!" Aaaand I'm not the only one. Joy groans and puts her hands on her face. "Why are they so hot? Why is their cock so big?! God, I love you, Matt, but I keep thinking about her railing us!"

"Oh thank god. I thought I was the only one." The relief in my words is real. As is the playful poke Joy gives my cheek as she looks up at me. "Hey, at least now we can support each other!"

"In trying to get Nikki to get into our pants?"

"Yeah-- I mean. Uh." The question throws me for a loop, as does my blurted out answer. Do I want Nikki to bang us until we can't move? Apparently, if I am honest with myself... yes. Does Joy want Nikki to bang us until we can't move? Judging by the fact that she suggested it.. also yes. "You, uhm... I?"

"Yes, we're both lusting after our friend, because she got great tits and a huge dick," Joy shrugs, cuddling back into me as she pulls one of my arms over her torso. "It's something we should talk about. Maybe we can do a friends with benefits thing..."

"Okay, first of all, how do you not know what cinnamon rolls are, but this kinda stuff is pre-loaded into your brain?!"

"Who knows. You heard Madame Mesmeric, we're a mess." Sounding smug at first, Joy soon scrunches up her nose when she realizes what she actually said. "Magically, I mean. Don't change the topic though. FWB yes? No?"

"I... well..." Hey, get off my case. Two days ago, I was single and still had a dick. Today, I share a pussy with my girlfriend. Being a bit hesitant when it comes to letting my best friend fuck me because I'm freaked out that I want it in the first place is understandable! "Not... not that I don't want to, but... I need some time, okay? My life has gotten pretty freaky - no offense - and I need some time to adjust before I jump my best friends bones."

"None taken. I mean, hello? I've been there for all of it," Joy smirks as she rubs her head against my jaw. "And things have been pretty freaky. Sometimes enjoyable, but freaky. And seriously, it is not getting any more normal. Nikki becoming huge, ripped and hung? Par for the course."

"My new life, I swear to god," I grouse as I push myself up against Joy's protests, holding on to my recalcitrant girlfriend as she does her best to flop around and pull us back onto the bed. "C'mon, I need to pee, and breakfast doesn't sound too bad, hm?"

"Booo!" Joy continues flopping to the left and right, arms limp and swinging. "Cuddling!"

Alas, I _still _control the legs, so tough titties, Joy.

Relieving ourselves done, and the less said about that experience the better, Joy and I prepare some cereal, but when we go to sit down at the table...

"Aw, shit." I notice two things still lying on the tabletop. The disembodied copy of my dick... and the Plan B pills.

"We better take those now, huh?" Joy winces, picking up the blister and doing just that, using some of the milk in her cereal to wash them down. "I really hope that's still in time. Nikki's call had some really bad timing, eh?"

"Tell me about it..." As I go to sit us down, I register something about the cock - and I groan in frustration. "Oh, yuck."

"Wha--ooh! Oookay. Soo, we really had a wet dream then?" As Joy muses, I put down my bowl on a clean part of the table and go to get two wet cloths - because as evidenced by the ropes of dried jizz, the little guy went off while we were having a dream about getting boned by Nikki. This magic stuff is weird. And it shows that at least subconsciously, I'm very much into the idea of getting railed. Holy heck. At least even dried cum is easily wiped away when two people work on it. "Some way to start the day, hm?"

"Yup," I reply and crunch down on the first spoonful of cereal after sitting down, before continuing with my mouth full: "And it's gonna get weirder, I think. Once we find whoever is behind this."

And I hope to god it's not Ellie.

Breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, and new outfit for the day picked out - with Joy wearing one of her new blouses instead of one of my old shirts - we head out, the crystal swinging on its chain in front of us, showing us pretty clearly where the energies or whatever are leading. We do get some stares as we wander over campus with Joy staring intently at the crystal, directing me every now and then. Once or twice, there are spots where we seem to have multiple options where to go, but we take the strongest swing direction every time. And in the end...



"Oh no." In the end, we stand in front of a dorm I know all too well. Ellie's dorm. "That's where... this is... Ellie's dorm."

"Oh no, indeed." Still swinging the necklace, Joy chews on the nail of her thumb. "Okay, are we allowed to go in there? Do you want to go in there?"

"I..." Want? No. But we need to find the culprit. And maybe it was someone else. After all, Nikki didn't get their potion from Ellie, so there are other witches on campus. "Screw it. Let's do this. Ellie usually goes out on Sundays and we can always turn tail if we run into her."

"If you're sure." Joy pouts before bumping her elbow into me with a grin. "I mean, you're the one with the legs, so I can only support you. You need to to the actual walking."

"...Right." I have been standing around even after giving lip service to my conviction, so time to put my money where my mouth is. And put one foot before the other. "Let's do this..."

"Fuck." Ayup. I know this room number. Apartment 14 is where Ellie lives. Where we... where I ended it, sending my ex off the deep end. An even deeper end than I realized, judging by Joy's existence. "Oh, fuck."

"That's... it, then? It really was her?" The crystal doesn't leave much room for interpretation. It is no longer swinging through the air, instead pointing straight at the door as if pulled by a magnet. Only crystals aren't ferromagnetic, so a scientific excuse is out. "Oh, fuck, indeed. What now?"

"I... I need to g-get..." It's getting hard to breathe. I can't do this. Not now, not even with Joy, and... "Let's..."

I turn around and go back down the corridor, desperately trying not to run, to get my breathing under control, even as Joy talks to me, tries to get me to calm down, hugging my arms against herself. It helps, but it's not quite enough, although it prevents me from outright panicking, and I walk over campus in a fugue state while Joy keeps calming me down, until we find us in front of another apartment I know. Joy has almost succeeded in bringing me out of what might just be a PTSD episode, and the sight before us does the rest.

"Oh, hey guys!" I have to think back to Nikki's joke about them fitting through the door yesterday. Turns out, they do fit, but only by turning sideways and bending over. "Have you fou--Oh shit. It was her, then?"

"Am I really that easy to read?" I say wearily, and Joy twists and stretches so she can turn my head towards her and give me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Hey, it's alright. We're here for you, sweetie."

"For sure, Mattster." Stepping out of their aparment, Nikki pulls us into another crushing hug, both Joy's head and mine disappearing into their cleavage. This and feeling their enormous bulge press against us does... things to me and Joy. Things that take at least my attention away from the whole Ellie conundrum. "Your ex cursing you is par for the course, knowing her. You know what, let's go for an early lunch. I know a café a bit off campus that I wanted to try. That'll take your mind off of this, and maybe we can plan what we do later?"

"Sure..." I mumble into the softness of Nikki's breasts before they let us go, and something registers with me. "Hey, uh, where did you get those clothes? It's sunday. And they're, well, they..."

"They fit! And they suit you!" Joy finishes the sentence for me, and indeed.

Wearing grey yoga pants and a white cropped muscle shirt, Nikki cuts quite the figure, showing off their muscular arms, a fair bit of their sideboob, almost all of their shredded sixpack, basically every muscle of their legs and - worst of all - their massive package. Worst because it seems to have its own gravity. I can barely tear my eyes away.

"Like what you see, hmm?" Striking a classic pinup pose, one hand behind their head and another on their hip, Nikki shows off both their curves and their biceps and triceps. They really are enjoying their new body. "Can't blame you, I'm sssssmokin'!"

"I, uh, ye-- Did you just quote The Mask?" Before I say something I regret, my brain latches on to pop culture. Hey, whatever self-defence works, right?

"Yup. Oldie, but a goodie," Nikki smirks, turning Joy and me around before wrapping their strong arm around as and leading us out of the dorm. "Now, let's check out that café!"

"I mean, sure, but Matt asked you something before you shut off his brain with your tits. And arms. And legs. And di-- I mean." Joy interjects, looking up at our towering friend. "Where did you get those clothes on such short notice?"

"Online shopping and express delivery. Not cheap, but better than running around in bedsheets." Shrugging, Nikki pulls us against them a little tighter for a second. "But run that by me again. I'm hot enough to make your brain shut off, huh, Matt?"

"Errr..." I blush fiercely, feeling a certain itch down below. Weak, but undeniable. Just like the gently pulsing in Joy's nipples. Why does Nikki have to be so arousing?! "I mean, you... we... Joy and I..."

"Relax, man. Didn't want to make you uncomfortable. It just feels so great to be myself!" Grinning at me and Joy, Nikki lifts their free hand and flashes us a peace sign. "For the first time since I can remember, I feel good about myself, so I'm a bit hyper. Let me know if I go too far, alright?"

"S-sure..." But deep inside, I wish they would go further. The thought doesn't help my blush.

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