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Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Nikki's New Anatomy

Chronivac Version 4.0

This story is based on the Chronivac Diaries located at http://www.geocities.com/uniclock/stories.html. CHRONIVAC is copyright 1999 by Mark Kwestin.

TransDem Labs has just completed its newest version of the Chronivac Machine. Thanks to advances in technology the user can now use their Personal Computer to make changes to themselves or others.

Chronivac version 4.0 includes a CD-ROM that contains the altering software, a portable emitter, and a USB connection to a PC.

The portable emitter can be programmed with up to ten customizable changes that can be processed without the use of a PC (although higher detailed altering can only be made with the help of a computer). The portable emitter also contains a revert button to undo any changes made.

Connected to a computer the Chronivac program can now change almost anything imaginable both physically and mentally. The only main limitation is that only living things can be changed into something else living (excluding any type of plant). So a person can be altered into any type of human or animal.

When connected via PC you have the ability to scan any possible transformee to upload their personal information to make alterations easier.

Here is a list of major alterations that can be made: Age, Species, Gender, Nationality, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Body Sizes, Hairiness, and almost anything you can think of. Many mental changes can also be made; major mental changes include: Age, Species, Sexual Orientation, Perception of Reality (EX: transformee either knows that he has been changed or thinks that he has always been the what he is), and much more. Most alterations use a slider bar to control the change.

Alteration can be made through the software by selecting the feature to be changed from a list or by searching through the entire list at once.

Chronivac version 4.0 does not offer a preview of changes being made but will apply the changes once the save button has been pressed. If the save button is not pressed again within one hour of the first save the change will be reverted for safety reasons.

The Chronivac emitter will transform whatever being is in front of it and has a maximum distance of 20 feet.

Now TransDem Labs is looking for a possible tester for their new software and will send the program to a random person with no instructions on how to use it.

Who Does It Get Sent To?

*Two female roommates


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Nikki's New Anatomy

The Beginning

"Whatcha got there Jess?" Nikki remarked as her friend Jessica brought in a package.

"Some kind of computer game equipment thing...called a chronovac." Jessica replied.

"Hooking it up?" Nikki asked.

"You bet."

"Need help?"

"Nope, but you can atch if you want."


The girls sat by Jessica's computer as she hooked it up. Once finished, they started the program which instantly scanned the two.

"Woah. Weird." Jessica remarked as she read the instructions.

"What?" Nikki asked, distracted by spinning her onscreen counterpart in the circle platform she was standing on.

"This thing, it says it can change a person. Mind, body, everything."

"Pffft. Yeah, right, whatever."

"Ooooh thou art a non-believer Nikole? Just you watch."

*Jessica Experiments on Nikki


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Nikki's New Anatomy

Nikki's new anatomy

Nikki, always the skeptic of the pair, snorted dismissively at Jessica's excitement about the strange computer program, "It sounds like some weird joke to me. It'll probably fill your computer with like a hundred viruses and pieces of malware. You'll be getting ads free Viagra and natural herbal supplements to grow your dick or grow your tits for the rest of your life if you use the stupid thing."

"Well, I'm going to try it anyway," Jessica shrugged, "You've been bugging me to get a new computer anyway with the way this one's been acting up lately. Frying it with a virus would be just the excuse I need."

"Have it your way," Nikki laughed and headed to the kitchen to fix herself a snack.

It was just like Jessica to want to try some silly thing on a whim, not caring if it would work or not, or what the consequences would be. Of course she had a lot of fun with all her crazy ideas, so maybe it wasn't that bad a way of going about things. Still, Nikki thought it was silly.

Not sure of what she wanted to eat she wandered aimlessly around the kitchen, opening the fridge, closing it with a frown when she saw that it was pretty much empty. Unless there was something in the cabinets the pair of them were going to have to do some serious grocery shopping.

She checked the cabinets over the counter first and they were pretty full, albeit with cereal and junk food that she wasn't in the mood for. That was the problem with sharing a house with a friend who had a wildly different way of organizing things, not to mention a different idea of what counted as a good snack. There was never any way to be sure what they had or where it was in the kitchen.

Shifting her weight as she rummaged through the cabinets, she felt her panties pressing against her clit in an way that was not all that unpleasant. In fact she kept looking long after she normally would have given up and moved on, just because of how good the pressure against her clit was. It was strange that she had never noticed how sensitive it was before, but that might have been because this was a new pair of panties. Perhaps it was because they were tighter, pressing harder against her clit than any of the old pairs, or maybe the fabric they were made of was softer and silkier. Either way it felt good.

"How you doing in there?" Jessica asked with a laugh.

"Fine," Nikki sighed, "But we're going to need to go shopping soon."

She squatted down to look in the bottom cabinets and let out a small hiss. The movement cause her panties to press so hard against her clit and pussy that it was almost painful.

"And not just for food," Nikki said as she quickly stood up, trying to adjust her panties. For some reason they felt unusually tight today, especially in the crotc, "I might need to get a few other things.

"Really? Like what?" Jessica asked, sounding a little too innocent and maybe a little surprised.

Nikki rolled her eyes, used to putting up with teasing form her housemate, "You know exactly what I mean."

Her friend giggled, "You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not," Nikki reached into her pants and tried to adjust her panties, the pressure having gone from pleasant to uncomfortable, but no matter how she tired, she just couldn't get them to sit right over her clit, "These stupid panties must have shrunk in the wash."

Forgetting all about getting a snack, she limped out of the kitchen, the pressure getting worse with every step she took.

Jessica was watching her with a sly smile as she hobbled past.

Nikki rolled her eyes at her friend's intent gaze and expression, "If you get your magic computer program working let me know. I'll be in my room changing."

"Sure..." she said slowly, "You sure will."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nikki stopped, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh, nothing," Jessica said airily and went back to staring at the computer monitor.

Discomfort getting the better of her, Nikki hobbled into her room, unzipping the fly of her jeans as she went. Even that little bit helped and as soon as she was in her room she flopped down on the bed and flung off her jeans and panties, letting out a sigh of relief as her clit was released. Rolling to her side she looked down at herself, her clit sticking out above her neatly shaven pussy. Everything seemed okay down there. Just to be sure she gave it a gentle rub. Yeah, everything felt okay, better than okay really. She rubbed a little harder, giving it a careful squeeze for good measure.

Well, it wasn't like she had anything better to do anyway. Moving her fingers a little lower she dipped them into her pussy for lubrication, then went back to working her clit, smiling as it perked up, its little pink head peeking up from above her folds. She ran a finger wet with pussy juice along the head of her clit and let out a soft moan of pleasure. Having such a big clit made finding comfortable panties difficult, but the pleasure it gave her more than made up for that small hardship.

Taking its inch length between two fingers and her thumb she rubbed it until it was fully engorged to twice its normal length. Stopping for a moment she admired the two inch long nub, watching as it twitched slightly with each beat of her heart. With a smile she ran the tip of her finger along the crown of the head of her clit, its most sensitive part.

While she was at it she figured that she might as well go all out. Sitting up she opened the top drawer of her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator. To warm it up she put it in her mouth and sucked on it for a moment, not wanting to put it into her pussy cold and risk ruining her mood, not to mention, since she didn't have a boyfriend yet she liked to pretend that it was a real cock that she was sucking on. Once it was satisfactorily warmed by her mouth she turned it on and gently eased it into her pussy, savoring the way it parted her folds until she had it in as far as it would go, which was only half its length. Despite having such a big clit she had a fairly shallow pussy, but she was willing to take the good with the bad.

She thrust it in and out for a bit, but as good as the vibrations made her pussy feel, they weren't really going to get her anywhere. Slowly she pulled it out and ran in along the underside of her clit, the vibrations sending tingles of pleasure through her whole body. Oh yeah, that was just the trick. She ran the vibrator up and down the three inch length of her clit then held it there for a moment, keeping the full length of the vibrator pressed against her throbbing clit.

Not ready to cum just yet she released her clit and dipped the toy back into her pussy, sliding it back and forth between her moist folds. With her other hand she gently grasped her clit, gently sliding up and down its length.

Putting her toy down on the bed she reached back into the top drawer of her night stand and took out a bottle of lube to really get things going. Pouring some into her hand she lubed up the full length of her clit and thrust into her hand, in the process knocking her toy off of the bed.

She kept rubbing herself for a bit longer, feeling the pleasurable pressure building in her stomach until she was on the edge of climax.

A knock on the door caused her to freeze.

"You okay in there?" Jessica asked, mercifully keeping the door closed.

"Yeah," Nikki said breathlessly, "Just a little busy is all, if you know what I mean."

"Sorry," Jessica giggled.

Nikki listened to the sound of her friend's footsteps moving away down the hall and let out a sigh of relief. The sudden fright had caused her to go soft, but she could fix that easily. Reaching over the side of the bed to the floor she retrieved her toy.

A little squirt of lube and the pocket pussy was ready to go. For good measure she rubbed her cock a bit more, making sure that it was fully hard again before plunging it into the pocket pussy and thrusting. Her balls and breasts bounced with her efforts until, with a tensing in her balls, she came.

Flopping back down on the bed she let out a contented sigh and flopped back down on the bed.

A moment later there was another knock on the door, "Are you done yet?"

"Just," Nikki panted, "Just give me a few to clean up and get dressed. Is that too much to ask?"

Of course, Jessica being Jessica that was indeed too much to ask and her friend opened the door without even giving Nikki the time to cover herself.

"Really," Nikki slid her still half hard cock out of the pocket pussy with a moist sucking noise, lube and cum dripping down her balls, "And stop staring."

Jessica blushed and looked away.

"Jessica," Nikki continued, getting up and grabbing some tissues to gently blot her cock dry, "Staring at me like that, it's like you're gay or something."

"Hey," Jessica countered, "You're the one with a cock and balls."

Nikki ignored her friend's comment and took her time cleaning herself, careful not to leave any lube stuck under her foreskin where it would cause a most annoying itch if left to dry there. Despite Jessica's teasing, she saw nothing wrong with her anatomy. Yeah, she was more of a grower than a shower, just shy of four inches when soft, but once she was hard she was a respectable six and a half inches, bigger than most guys form what she'd heard.

Not willing to let the matter rest, Jessica continued, "And you were using a pocket pussy. You know, a pussy, like girls have."

Against her better judgment Nikki took the bait, "Yeah, I use a pocket pussy, but it's only because the texture feels so good on my cock, much better than just using my hands. Unlike you I don't have a boyfriend so I have to make due with what I can."

Jessica smiled another one of her sly smiles, "And if you had a boyfriend what would the two of you do?"

"Oh, probably suck each other off for starters," she smiled dreamily, "Maybe try anal."

"You or him?" Jessica said quickly.

"Oh, I'm not sure how I'd feel about a guy doing that to me, but if he let me do it to him I guess I'd have to -" she stopped when she realized the direction the conversation was going, "You're such a pervert, you know?"

Jessica started to say something more, but Nikki cut her off, "And speaking for perverts, did that program fill your computer with viruses or horrible porn?"

"Neither," Jessica beamed, "It works."

"Oh, really," Nikki rolled her eyes as she picked up her boxers and pulled them on, adjusting her balls as she did, "And what did you change?"

"Oh, not much," Jessica continued to smile, "I just made it so you had a cock and balls instead of a pussy and changed it so reality would adjust and you wouldn't think there was anything strange about it."

"You're so immature," Nikki tried not to get mad at her friend, "Teasing me like that. I'd know if there was anything different about me and you know I've always been like this."

"You want me to prove it?" Jessica asked, eyes gleaming.

"Sure," Nikki decided to go along, just to see where her friend was going to take things, "If it really can change reality make it do what I'm sure all the spam emails you'll be getting are going to promise. Give me a bigger cock!"

She burst into giggles after that, unable to keep a straight face in the absurdity of it all.

"Sure," Jessica said, laughing just as hard, "Bigger balls too?"

"Sure, big, bouncing balls filled to the brim with cum and a cock that would make a horse feel insecure!"

"Right away sir," Jessica threw a mock salute and hurried down the hall to the living room. At the computer she clicked a few things, opened some menus and typed for a bit. When she was done she turned to Nikki with a grin, "In a minute you'll be literally hung like a horse and this time you'll see the difference."

"Sure I will," Nikki smiled at her friend and absentmindedly scratched her balls through her boxers, "Until then I'll just stand here in shirtless and boxers looking stupid while you grin like an idiot."

"Yup," Jessica agreed.

"Yeah," Nikki snickered.

"Hung like a horse," Jessica reminded.

Determined to get the last word in, Nikki thought fast, "A real stallion under the sheets."

"Total stud."

"Cock like a -" Nikki stopped abruptly, realizing that her balls were resting heavily against the fabric of her boxers and her cock felt oddly constricted. Looking down she saw that the front of her boxers was bulging, "What the...?"

Hands shaking, Nikki pulled down her boxers and looked at herself. What she saw shocked her.

Her cock was growing before her very eyes, and not in the sense that it was getting hard, more than that her foreskin was darkening and thickening, taking on a mottled appearance. Gingerly, she pulled it back to get a better look at herself and gasped. Her cock head had grown wider and flattened out, no longer looking remotely human. Below her balls were swelling and darkening.

When the changes finally stopped her flaccid cock, was a foot long and if she was sure if she hadn't been so frightened by what she was seeing it would have been even longer. Her grapefruit sized balls bounced against her thighs, aching and full of cum. Through her fear she could tell that it was easily the worst case of blue balls she had ever had. Weak with fear, she fell to the ground, her massive equine cock and balls resting on the carpet.

"Believe me now?" Jessica asked, staring at Nikki's enormous endowments.

Nikki nodded, fearfully, "Can you...can..."

She trailed off, unable to get the words out.

"Change you back?" Jessica finished for her, "Sure."

A click later and Nikki's cock and balls were back to their normal, human proportions. Gingerly, she touched herself, just to be sure everything was as it should be.

"So, Jessica said slowly, "You want to have your pussy back now too?"

Nikki looked at her uncomprehendingly.

"Right," Jessica nodded to herself, "The settings. I put it so you and everyone else would think you always had a cock and balls. You believe me about that?"

Nikki frowned, looking down at her anatomy. This was what she remembered, felt so normal for her that it was impossible for her to imagine having a pussy. Just the thought made her shudder. Having a guy penetrate her...that was frightening, but at the same time she had seen first hand a demonstration of what the Chronivac could do.

After a time she shrugged, "I believe that you could do something like that, but I don't know. I mean I remember always being this way and it feels natural enough. Honestly, I don't think I'd even like having a pussy, sitting down to pee, having to worry about periods, getting pregnant and all that. I like what I've got now."

"Suit yourself," Jessica turned back to the computer, "There anything you would want to change?"

That was an interesting question, one she had never considered before.

*Nothing Too Crazy


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Nikki's New Anatomy

Just the Normal Kind of Crazy

Nikki took a deep breath, seaching her mind for things to change about her current body. Being comfortable with herself already, the sudden question had caught her off guard. Maybe she could ask for something simple like a hair color change? Even that might be a little weird to deal with, perhaps an eyesight improvement?

While Nikki explored the possibilities of her change, Jessica let out a sigh of her own and started working on something on the computer. Probably watching a video or something, Nikki thought.

After a fairly long silence between the two, Nikki finally piped up. "I don't know, this is still kind of weird for me, maybe I'll let you know what I want to do later."

"Sure, take your time," Jessica replied, looking around the room.

Nikki sat down to watch TV, hoping to be inspired by something on one of the shows she watched. Nothing in particular was on, however, so she instead left the channel on a sitcom for Jessica and opted to travel back to her room to lay down.

Nikki stood up, her dick hanging freely in the open, giving pleasurable feedback as she felt the winds of her movements rushing across it. The sizable tool of hers was quite sensitive, making boxers more or less a no-go, unless she needed to look especially good for an event of some sort. Luckily, she was at ease around Jessica, not really caring whay her roommate saw or thought of her member.

As sensitive as it was, Nikki's member immediately hardened as it made contact with the loose sheets of the bed, something Nikki was all too accustomed to. Nikki berated herself for thinking she could get sleep with her 14 inch organ so excited.

Nikki turned back to head to the living room cock-first, the meat pole hanging from her groin, jumping with every step she took.

As Nikki arrived back in the living room with Jessica, she noticed that her roommates gaze seemed transfixed on her body.

"What? Did you change something?" Nikki inquired her roommate.

Choosing to respond with a question of her own, Jessica asked "You mean you're not uncomfortable? Not even a little?"

"Why would I be? It's not like you've ever seen me soft. Or anyone else, for that matter." Nikki stepped forward resting her cock's impressive weight on the couch. If anything was an inconvenience, thought Nikki, it was her own roommate all of the sudden treating her like she's never seen her before. Nikki picked up her hardened member, holding in her arm so that it was level to her head, a full 32 inches from its base.

"Ugh, whatever," Nikki grumbled as she moved over to the refrigerator to attempt to find ingredients for a sandwich to eat with the slim pickings at hand. Letting go of her dick, Nikki tilted her head to one side in order to see around her massive cock so that she could find the jelly, which just so happened to be in the space of her field of view her dick was always obstructing, the pillar being slightly thicker than her wrist.

Sitting down to prepare her snack, Nikki felt a sort of itch on her dick. Attempting to ignore it Nikki looked over to Jessica, who seemed to have just turned her head back to the computer, as Nikki could still see her roommate's hair trying to catch up with some sort of a sudden movement. There was a strong blush apparent on Jessica's cheeks.

After finishing her meal, Nikki went over to the couch, her hands returning back to their natural positions, pumping away furiously.

"You need any help with that?" Jessica calmly asked.

"With what?"

"You know... THAT," Jessica said, making the lewd gesture with her hands.

"What, you wanna jerk me off?" Nikki guessed. "I mean, if you want to, I guess you can, I'm not really horny right now though."

"What do you mean you're not horny?" Jessica asked, biting her lip softly.

"Does it look like I'm horny to you?" Nikki replied, now beginning to be perturbed by her friend's implications. Her hands were wrapped around her towering length, pumping furiously, in what Nikki knew to be their resting positions, just like they always did whenever she didn't have anything to do with her hands. The sensations felt great, and kept her mind at peace.

Nikki knew she couldn't possibly be horny, she wasn't that kind of person. Sure, her cock was hard, and the strokes felt great, but the end results were more easily likened to drinking water after a short walk in the sun, simple and refreshing. The concept of arousal made Nikki uneasy, since she's heard gross stories of people committing absolutely insane acts just to get their rocks off. She couldn't imagine feeling that kind of desperation.

With her large balls knocking against her thighs Nikki calmly walked over to Jessica, an idea finally presenting itself to Nikki. She knew what she wanted to change.

As Nikki approached, she made herself comfortable by trying to rub as much of her cock against the back of Jessica's chair as she could. In the midst of her pelvic thrusts, Nikki told Jessica "You know what, I think I know what I want from your magic machine here." After she finished speaking, Nikki held her mouth open the throes of yet another orgasm approaching.

Jessica laughed as she wiped her monitor clean, ignoring the mess made on her hair or the wall in front of her.

"What now, Jess?"

"Nothing, nothing," Jessica let out between breaths. "Maybe I'm a little power crazy," she said to herself after calming down.


"What? I said what do you wanna change, lady?"

"Oh. Well I was thinking maybe I could get some new hair. I think a deep blue would be cool."

With a triumphant look on her face, Jessica turned back to the computer. "Sure thing, just sit on the couch and I'll take care of you."

Nikki walked over to the couch, brief pondering why there wasn't more of a mess from her today. She knew she hadn't started cleaning up yet, since she usually waited until before she went to bed for that. Nikki chalked it up to a particularly long display of self control, and dropped the issue from her mind. The day was still young, and the state of the building would certainly change soon enough. Nikki finished her stroll to the sofa and sat down with her legs spread to accommodate her endowments. She had just resumed stroking her dick when she let out a simple "ready" to Jessica.

*Just the normal kind of freaky


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Nikki's New Anatomy

Just the normal kind of freaky

Nikki braced herself, waiting for the change to happen. She could hear Jessica furiously typing away at the keyboard, not sure why she needed to type so much for a simple change to her hair color. In the meantime Nikki’s hands were busy doing what they always did, pumping away at her gargantuan cock. Her immense balls churning and groaning with unspent seed at every single stroke, Nikki grunted at how backed up she was today.

She sighed, that's the problem with sleeping in she guessed. Never have enough time in the day to make sure she drains her balls in the morning and gets to class before she’s full to bursting again. It’s a hassle, but one she’s always dealt with. She silently thanked the heavens she was situated with a roommate that didn’t mind dealing with her extreme output, and the fact that their flat was situated with industrial style drains every five feet or so. Otherwise they’d be up their ankles in fresh semen by lunchtime.

She wasnt sure where the semen went, or if it drained into the sewers. She didn’t care really, just as long as it wasn’t in her balls giving her a bad case of blue balls.

Jessica turned around at the computer and was now staring at Nikki with her jaw hanging open, Nikki was confused, she didn’t feel any different.

“Did you do it?” She asked, twisting her head around and using a sticky cum covered hand to paw at her natural neon blue hair. Grabbing her bangs and looking at them, she saw nothing different about her hair besides it now being coated in a fine film of her warm cum. Then again, her entire body was almost entirely coated in it anyway, like it always was. Wearing clothes was such a hassle when every waking moment was spent with your dick in your hands spewing hot thick cum at random intervals just to stay stable. But that’s just how life is sometimes, wearing clothing was for other people. Besides, her cum was like a natural moisturizer.

She grabbed a few handfuls of her own cum that was sliding off the edge of her balls and started to rub it into her stomach, chest and breasts as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Then brought a large dollop up to her mouth and began to lick her fingers clean, enjoying and savoring its taste like it was her favorite candy. She noticed Jessica staring at her with wide open eyes, jaw agape and blushed. Of course she was being rude.

“Oh shit, I'm sorry…did you want some? I was starving, woke up too late to catch some breakfast jizz before classes started” Nikki offered, while going back to unconsciously jerking off her two foot long, six inch thick dick.

“Uh, no…I'm alright. Are you that comfortable eating your own cum?” Jessica wondered, Nikki gave her friend a strange look.

“Yeah? Whats wrong with that…It’s not like I can eat normal food or anything. Besides, I make more than enough for everyone to eat. It’s hard to stop sometimes, gotta watch my figure if you know what I mean” Nikki laughed, her body jiggling massively with every giggle from her chest. Her cock flopped up and down wildly as she tugged at it furiously with both hands, and her beach ball sized breasts surged and bounced all over her lap. Her fist sized nipples thick and fat pulsed alongside her heartbeat, with shiny pink areola that covered the surface of each breast like a dinner plate sized dome.

“My hair still looks the same? Did you even make any changes…what was all that typing anyway?” Nikki asked, confused as to why she still had her shocking blue hair. With some practiced effort Nikki tugged her cock upwards to nestle it tightly between her massive breasts, this unfortunately left her with limited range of vision since her thick cock blocked out the entirety of her face and surged past the top of her head by a good half a foot.

Standing up took some effort, but like always she had the trained muscles to compliment her unique physique. Walking took some time, since she had to alternate between peering to the left or right to see where she was going while using both hands to squeeze her breasts up and down her shaft as she always did. Walking, and giving herself a titfuck was normal. With her balls bouncing heavily with every mincing step, her hands squashing her tits up and down her massive cock she moved to take a look at Jessica’s changes. As always she had to stop looking once in a while to lick up some of the large amounts of precum that drooled intermittently from the top of her cock. Her mouth was just in range to make sure she caught any of it that came down, and it was a nice quick and convenient snack for her anyway. Especially vital for those long hikes or whenever she went jogging.

“I don't really see anything wrong, do you have to write everything about me just to make a simple change?” Nikki pondered, looking at the detailed descriptions of her body and life.

- Two and a half foot long penis that is permanently erect at all times.

Nikki knew that too be true otherwise she wouldn’t have to stand sideways just to look at the computer screen, she kept reading after licking up a large dollop of precum from the side of her dick in front of her face.

- Basketball sized testicles that are always full and produce gallons of cum every load, very short refractory period between each orgasm.

Nikki wiggled her hips, feeling her aching balls churning with fresh seed waiting to be let out. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary there.

- Is constantly in a state of masturbation

Masturbation? She frowned at the description. She didn’t do anything obscene like that. Fondling her tits against her cock, rubbing them up and down her shaft was stimulating. But that wasn't masturbation, she didn’t do it for her pleasure. That was just simply how she was, she wasnt some form a sexual deviant trying to get her rocks off like that every waking moment. She didn’t understand that one in the slightest. Only pausing slightly to moan out loudly as at the moment the ministrations from her auto-titfuck had finally brung her to a shuddering climax. Wisely she turned around and bent over at the waist away from the computer to make sure not to damage it. She came explosively all over the plastic coated furniture, and laminated floors. Thankfully the flooring was of such a material for the couple gallons of semen to harmlessly slide off every surface and drain into one of the many convenient shower drains that were built into the flooring.

Nikki collected herself, panting furiously as the climax had taken its toll on her body. But like always she felt refreshed and invigorated after a huge orgasm, like she had just jogged a mile and was feeling a runner's high. It also felt great to not feel like her balls were going to explode every few minutes and she’d have a nice sense of relief for at least a couple of minutes before her balls grew taut and tight once more with freshly made cum.

Jessica smiled broadly for some reason, but Nikki ignored that. And focused back on the issue at hand, trying to find out what Jessica had changed about her.

- Massive breasts the size of large beach balls. With perpetually erect nipples sized to match.

Nikki looked down, or tried to pass her ever erect cock. Forced instead to curl her neck around her shaft at her hands doing their best to mash her tits against every square inch of her dick. And not seeing anything out of the usual, her breasts were the same size they’ve always been ever since she hit puberty all those years ago. With the exception that her puberty was unlike any other girls, she had no problems with the body that nature had blessed her with.

- Addicted to semen, loves its taste. Especially her own.

Nikki frowned deeply once again, that was a very insensitive thing to write. She looked at her roommate with a sigh. Licking up a stray glob of cum from her shaft, and swallowing it deeply before talking to Jessica.

“That’s kind of offensive Jess” Nikki said, pointing to the screen.

“What? It’s not true?” Jessica asked innocently. Nikki shook her head with a slight frown.

“It’s a medical condition okay, not an addiction. I mean some people are diabetic, or they can't eat gluten or have nut allergies or something. This is nothing different” Nikki explained.

“Yeah, but thats normal…eating…umm cum is normal for you? Have you always done that?”

“No dummy, it’s like a thing that you develop over the years. I mean, when I was growing up all I could eat was my mom's breastmilk, but when I got older and after puberty it was getting less and less fulfilling and well my mom couldn't really keep up. My body just sort of naturally reacted and well, it’s just easier, convenient and it’s just really really delicious…I mean, you should really try some” Nikki offered, grabbing another handful that collected in a crevice of their loveseat. Jessica for her part did look a bit interested before silently shaking her head.
“Fine, more for me then” Nikki smiled before slurping up the large dollop of cum from her hands greedily. When she was finished she gave a satisfied sigh with a smack of her lips, and went back to forcing her tits across her dick.

- Has bright neon blue hair.

“Huh, so do you have to write about someone in order to make a change or what? I’ve always had blue hair. If I could see my pubes I'm pretty sure they’d be blue too” Nikki stated.

“Uhm, yeah, I gotta write about someone first and then I can go over it and edit all the details” Jessica lied. Nikki nodded, believing her. Since as far as Nikki could tell, she had yet to be altered by this chrono thingy or whatever.

*Just stating the obvious


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Nikki's New Anatomy

Just stating the obvious

Nikki read through the rest of the descriptions not finding anything worth notice, nothing about her being nude, or loving the feel of her cum on her body was wrong. She liked to think most others agreed, or no one had ever minded it whenever she came explosively in public often. Everything else was accurate, if a bit crudely detailed. She flipped her shocking blue bangs from her eyes, turning to Jessica. She was careful to leave enough space for her generous endowments to not knock her roommate down on the floor, since her line of sight was limited by the girth of her cock.

“So did you want to try your hand at changing me? Or was that horse cock thing like a one off thing? Does it only work once?” Nikki wondered, still shaking the feeling and images of having that horse cock Jess had given her earlier. Not only did it just feel plain wrong, it was so small. Walking around without her tits sandwiching her cock at all times was an extremely discomforting experience, like stepping on legos or having an itch you just can't seem to scratch. Not only that, but it was flaccid. She’d never been soft in her life, she almost had a panic attack that her cock had died. Not having that feeling of a large pulsing warm pillar of flesh that pressed against her body twenty four seven was horrifying, she didn’t know how other people lived like that. Nikki shuddered, she never wanted to feel like that again. Thanking that Jessica had agreed to change her back.

Nikki sighed in contentment, licking up another large dripping of her own precum of the shaft sticking up through her cleavage. At least she was back to normal.

“No, no…it works fine. But it just takes time” Jessica lied once more, trying to assuage her friend's worries.

“Are you sure? Because besides that whole horse cock episode. Which by the way was fucking terrifying...you havent really showed me what this was capable of” Nikki spoke, tweaking at her erect nipples from her bouncing tits idly.

“Yeah, sure let me finish up with all the descriptions and I’ll get back to you” Jessica said, albeit breathlessly. She smiled mischievously as Nikki moved her tits and cock out of the way for Jessica to sit back down.

“Alright, but It already looks like you’ve gotten everything about me…not sure what else is there to say.” Nikki said a bit concerned that Jessica wasn’t being entirely forthcoming, but not having any evidence to support that idea. “However, I’m gonna be standing right behind you to make sure” She said, after turning to the side so she could get a clear glimpse of the screen without her own cock getting in the way. Just in time to catch Jessica finishing up typing something and clicking enter. Nikki scanned the document over and over for the latest changes, looking over the line that was just entered but not really knowing how to decipher it.

- Nikki will not notice any changes made by the chronivac.

She read the line over and over again, but just blew it off as random lines of code that was used to make the software function or something or other. Nothing to really even bother with.

“Alright, whatever so keep going” Nikki grunted, trying to choke down a moan as she felt the beginnings of another one of her heavy loads building back up in her heavy testicles. Surging like water balloons being filled against her thighs. Her sister often joked that if you put your head to her balls, it sounded like a freeway or a running waterfall. She was distracted enough to not even notice that Jessica had already finished entering another line.

- Nikki’s cum and semen has the flavor of sweet coconut creme, as well as the pleasant smell of a pina colada.

Nikki licked at her shaft, savoring the strong "tropical" flavor of her own cum. She was always proud of that fact, nobody else beside her mother had that quirk about their bodily fluids. She supposed that's why nobody really minded, despite how much cum she got everywhere. Socially it was always a blast, at parties, at big events, and even her high school graduation. Whenever she came in public, it was like getting a cooler of gatorade tossed on the coach's head after winning the football game. Everybody had fun, sure your clothes got stained. But the smell was delightful, she even had some of her sisters bottle it up as a perfume on occasion.

Not to mention that it was fucking delicious, her mother used to combine it with her own breast milk to make desserts for the entire neigborhood and block parties.

She really didn't understand Jessica's hesitation with eating some of her cum, everyone loved it! the fact that she didn't want to at least try it kind of made her just a little angry. She had pride in her cum, she produced a high quality product that was strongly desired and she didn't even want to try a free sample? Nikki was a bit miffed.

Her mother's chocolate flavored breast milk, and her coconut creme cum was damn fine. She never knew anybody that could decline it, let alone her own roommate? Nikki would have to rectify that problem someday. Whatever the case, her internal monologue was once again cut short as she missed Jessica submitting yet another line into the program.

She sniffed, feeling like a sneeze was coming on and preparing for the inevitable to happen and was disappointed when the stuffy tingle in her nose only grew more and more uncomfortable. She groaned, scrunching her face up in discomfort. Just her luck, now she was going to be annoyed from her aborted sneeze. She rubbed the tip of her bulbous nose, irritated and slightly red from the failed sneeze.

She grew more and more annoyed, that warm tingle never left her face. No matter how much she scrunched up her face, or breathed in and out. It had become seriously distracting. She brought up one of her cum covered hands to rub at the ridge of her nose, the wrinkled flesh at its base stretching away slowly. Thumbing at the piercing adoring the glans of her nose, the more she thumbed it the larger it grew and the thicker it became. Her nostrils flared, trying to force the sneeze out but to no avail.

She closed her eyes, trying to meditate to get the feeling to dissipate. However she was disappointed when she opened them to see that her nose was now fully erect and mashed up obscenely against the skin of her cock in front of her face. No amount of rubbing her cheeks and face alleviated the pressure. Her upper lip rubbed sensually against the the sensitive veins of her nose-shaft, which finally and blissfully sent her over the edge.

“Aaaaahhhccccchhhhaaaaaaaaa!’ she sneezed, explosively. Her mind blanking out from the climax as her nose finally let out its denied orgasm. Splattering cum all over her main cock, and the wall behind it, as well as dripping down her tits and hands. Nikki calmed down, relieved and feeling better than she did before. Jessica was giggling as Nikki wiped the excess cum off on her own naked thighs, and licked them lovingly from her fingertips. She looked back at the screen for what new descriptions she had written down.

- Instead of a nose, she has a fully functioning penis. Nikki is able to talk normally despite this as well as the testicles used to supply this penis are located in the space under her tongue. This cock too is always erect.

Nikki went cross eyed as she looked down the shaft of her cock-nose, seeing the bulging tip pulsing with every breath. The thick purple helmet was a miniature copy of the one she was gyrating up and down through her heavy tits. Her nose-cock dripped with clear pre-cum, its ever present pina colada smell permeating the nostrils at the base of her shaft.

Nikki was wondering when Jessica would get to her cock-nose, one of her most defining features besides her other dick and her giant tits. It was a bit of a hassle as it directly got in the way of licking at her own dick whenever she was standing, but it made up for in when she just wanted to relax every once in a while and tilt her head up to let the cum drip from the tip of her nose directly into her mouth. She didn't even have to jerk it off, all she had to do was swirl her tongue around in her mouth a couple times and the balls underneath it were sensitive enough to stimulate a direct orgasm. Instant self service meals she always joked, even as she swirled her tongue around right now.

Also proud of the fact that despite its miniscule size, it was still twice as big as any other guy she's seen. Standing at least ten or more inches erect from her face.

"Are you done with the descriptions yet? I'm getting tired just standing around" Nikki said, while her hands furiously fondled her tits up and down her shaft sensually and rhythmically. Her hips bucking in tune as she thrusted through her own immense cleavage, already drenched in a thick coating of cum from one of her previous sessions. Tilting her head up so she rubbed her main cock, with the shaft of her cock nose while licking up any residue of cum pouring down it.

"Just a few more things!" Jessica said cheerfully, the mischievous grin on her face having given way to a full body blush, her legs squirming against the office chair. Nikki was wondering if describing her body was turning her on or something, which was weird to her. She couldn't see anything about her that was arousing, was Jessica Bi-sexual? Nikki herself wasn't particularly turned on herself, just curious and kind of bored. And just a tad bit wary, thanks to that earlier experiment with the program.

- Has a sentient tail attached to the base of her spine, a fully prehensile and functioning cock. It is attracted to any available human orifice in its range of motion. Will default to autofucking Nikki's asshole when standing, or trying to fuck her mouth when sitting.

Nikki stood on her tiptoes, adjusting her gait to allow her tail access to her asshole. Standing with her legs spread as to brace herself for the pounding her always abused anus was about to receive. Silently she sighed in relief, it was getting a bit uncomfortable to have her ass so empty. She was wondering when her tail would wake up and get down to business. She bit her lip as the well lubed and dripping cock tip penetrated her hole and slithered its way deep inside of her. Letting out a deep sigh of contentment. Her insides were squirming from not being filled for at least a couple minutes. Her tail could be finicky at times, but she could always count on it to do its job. By now her entire body was undulating, hips rocking, tits bouncing, ass shaking, and hands desperately fondling every surface of her tits, nipples, and cocks. Just as she always remembered it, she was a little bored standing idle this entire time. But hanging out watching Jessica was amusing, as she tried her best to keep her descriptions nice and simple. Speaking of…

“What are you doing?” Nikki asked a bit muffled, while rubbing her cock-nose up and down her shaft. Jessica was staring with wide starry eyes, as her tail roughly plowed her asshole. She didn’t understand what her roommate found so fascinating with her backside, sure her fleshy sentient cocktail was a conversation starter. But it was no different than talking about having a mole on your cheek or being able to use both hands to catch and write with. Everybody’s got some quirk or another, she was no different with her semi-intelligent cock-tail. At least it was her tail, and not her main cock or her nose that'd be weird. A few key clicks later, and Nikki spread her legs a little wider. Forced to accommodate her wider hips, thicker thighs, and ginormous ass cheeks only eclipsed by the roundness and size of her own tits.

- Ass cheeks, thighs, and hips in proportion to the size of her breasts.

“Please tell me you’re done? I'm getting a little bored here just standing around doing nothing” Nikki asked. Jessica smiled that same odd smile.

“Just a few more small descriptions and then everything will be ready” She said, with a slight huff of being out of breath. Nikki rolled her eyes and continued to watch, finally able to focus on the things she was writing down.

- Has fully functioning penises instead of nipples, twice as sensitive as the rest of her cocks. Mammary glands converted into testicular tissues, always full of cum.

Nikki read the line over, trying to find any fallacies and finding none. Of course she had nipple cocks, just the same size and girth as her nose. With all the cum she produces, it’d be strange for her to not have two more outlets from her breasticles. From the outside they looked like normal, albeit extremely large soft breasts. But internally they were nothing more than another pair of big fat balls hell bent on churning out as much cum as humanly possible. Her own two hands were barely enough to keep up with all the rubbing she had to do to keep herself sane and stable, but it became second nature to her. She’d never spent five mins without having a climax and cumming from at least one of her dicks every moment that she got.

“This is going nowhere Jess” Nikki huffed, getting impatient. “I see you clicking and clacking away at that dumb keyboard, and all you do is just keep typing up boring descriptions about me” Jessica pressed the enter button one final time and turned around in her chair, a bold grin crossing her face ominously.

“Hey this isn't easy, this is a complicated program. If you think it’s so simple, why don't you come and type it yourself Miss smarty pants?” Jessica teased. Nikki’s only response was to frown, which was hard to see over her erect and thick cock-nose, she settled for taking one of her hands which was busy tugging off one of her ever hard dick-nipples and flipping her roommate off with the thick cock she had in place of a middle finger.

Jessica knew how hard it was for her to use traditional keyboards, or smartphones with the way her hands were and was doing that thing where she teased her about one of her disabilities. Just like with her nose, her nipples, and her tail. Her body simply produced too much semen to not have more than a couple outlets for release, besides it was simply convenient.

Some people suck on their fingers when they’re bored, or a pen when they’re not doing anything and are just spacing out. Nikki was no different in that regard, except that when she did she was rewarded with a fresh batch of sweet coconut creme cum. Not to mention it got the stiffness out of her arms for a while from all the cum pumping up and down her veins.
- Has fully functioning penises in place of both middle fingers.

Yeah, that was nothing new or noteworthy. Nikki sighed, walking away from Jessica as she went to sit back down on the couch. Her tail sensing she was about to sit down, increased it’s pumping and Nikki’s hips shuddered violently as it came deep inside of her ass. So much that her belly could visibly be seen distending slightly as if she had just eaten a big meal. Afterwards her tail ejected from her ass and curled around her waist, where she began to pet and rub it like it were her beloved pet cat. The cum poured out of her ass like a leaky faucet, and she sat down while it pooled out beneath her expansive ass. The cum sloshed all over the plastic covered furniture, down into the drains in thick slimy rivulets. Nikki squeezed it between her feet, and toes as if she’d done this a million times and watched as it bubbled down the drain.

Nikki sighed, finally off of her feet. She felt good to be resting her balls against the couch again. Standing was seriously taxing on her muscles, not to mention her asshole. She’d feel good until all the cum drained out and then her anus would be itching for another session with her tail soon.

“You know what, fuck it. I will take you up on your offer. Just fetch my special keyboard, and set it up…dont want to fuck it up like I did with your last cell phone” Nikki spoke smugly, rubbing one of her finger cocks along the veiny ridge of her nipple dicks. Jessica giggled with a nervous titter.

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