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Topic: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

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Chapter 1: First encounter 
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It is an ordinary day, just like any other. However, that will soon change as a force from outside of our world once again worms its way back into reality. A gemstone, of a dark purple and cut into an oval rests in the middle of a sidewalk on a normal urban neighborhood. Its glimmer catches the eye of the curious. Who picks it up?


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Chapter 2: Male start 
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Alan was walking down the street and to the mall to pickup the latest videogame from the local mall, when he a twinkle a few feet in front of him caught his eye. Curious, he walked towards it and picked up the glimmering object. To his surprise, it appeared to be a valuable jewel! It was a deep purple, one that had a curious iridescent glow inside of it, like there was something else inside the gemstone. It captured his gaze like nothing ever had before. He looked around, making sure nobody was watching and thrust the gem into his pocket, his head filled with the treasures that he could buy after he had sold the gemstone. After all, he reckoned that it had to be worth a pretty penny. He decided that, after he had picked up his game, he would stop by the local jeweler's to have it appraised.

And with that, he made his way for the mall...


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Chapter 3: Head to the game store   
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Alan made his way into the game store and went to the register to pick up his game, 'Super Fighter Man 8: Alpha Bros". As he was finalizing the transaction with the cashier, another patron in the store, this one a 20 something man with a balding spot and a my little pony shirt shot Alan a snarky comment. "Why would you even play that game? It's way too hard and everyone online is a douche."

Shrugging, Alan responded with the ever popular, "Don't be such a big pussy then," retort, and was about to leave it at that when something rather strange happened. Firstly, he could feel the gem begin to heat up in his pocket. Secondly, he saw that the man's form was changing. His upper half disappeared as his shirt fell to the floor. His legs, covered in a pair of baggy shorts, slimmed as his hips expanded and became much more feminine. Finally, his shorts dropped, but much to Alan's surprise, instead of what should have been a dick, there was in fact a large, gaping vagina. One so large that it pushed the legs apart, and it's lips with thicker than his thumb.

To his shock, the man had become exactly what Alan had called him, 'a big pussy'. The legs shuffled nervously, obviously a little turned on as with every movement his/her huge snatch was squished and squeezed between her shapely thighs.

In light shock, Alan stood their, gazing at this weird thing. Did the man even realize what he had become?


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Chapter 4: Only the two of you notice   
    an addition by: bobboled

He, or rather 'she' fell on her ass in apparent shock. She crossed her legs, trying to hide the giant pussy nestled between them, but to little avail. Even with her legs crossed her lips still pushed out between her thighs. Alan found this erotic yes, but he was more preoccupied with the fact that this had happened at all. Then, another shock, as the he heard a female voice come from the legs, winch was weird because she had no mouth right?

The voice was a little muffled, but when the legs slowly spread and revealed her large vagina, the voice was much more clearly heard. It was very sultry, even without trying to be so, but there was also the hint of a lisp as though she were trying to speak through pursed lips. The first coherent words were, "What the fuck is going on?", and as she said this Alan saw quite clearly that her pussy lips moved in time with her words. It was clear to him that somehow, in order to make up for her lack of a mouth, her body had instead combined it with her cunt.

She shakily stood up, not an easy thing when you have no upper torso to balance with. When she finally got up, she once again closed her legs in embarrassment but it also muffled her voice. Feeling pity, Alan walked over to her, picked up her fallen shirt, and tied it around her waist for some modicum of modesty. The legs relaxed a little, but she was still on the edge.

"Thanks," she said, "But what the hell is going on? I feel so weird! And my hands, I can't feel those either!"

"We-well, it looks like you have. Um. Turned into a pair of legs..."

"What?," The legs turned to face the glass front of the store, and in it she saw a faint reflection of her new self. "Oh my god, how did this happen? How am I going to eat, what will I-

But the store clerk cut her off before she could get any further. "Ma'am, I'll have to ask you to leave the store. I can't have you shouting at our customers like that."

"But can't you see-!" , but she was interrupted as the employee motioned for security. Beaten, she left the store, as did Alan. The legs went and sat down in a chair in what appeared to be utter defeat. Alan, on the other hand, was very curious. He remembered that right before he had changed, the gem had grown hot in his pocket. He felt bad for the leg woman, and deciding that anything was worth a shot, he pulled the gem out from his pocket.

Not sure of how to use it, he pointed it at the legs and muttered beneath his breath, "Change him back". Nothing happened. Maybe he had to use her current gender, "Change her back into a man". Nothing yet again. He thought that perhaps it was out of juice, or maybe it required a keyword, but nothing he did to change the legs back worked. Deciding that the gem was not the catalyst and did not work, he jokingly pointed it at her and said, "Big ass." As soon as he said it, he felt the gem heat up in his hand as the woman's ass expanded until it was a pleasing peach shape with good amount of juggle. Alan very nearly dropped the stone at that. He was getting results though. Now he tried to give her a smaller butt, but it stayed the same size.

Now he had it figured out. The stone could change, but it could not undo. That leg woman was stuck like that forever. Alan felt a twinge of regret knowing that it was he who had done this to her, but he how could he have known it would happen? At the very least he could make it easier for her.

The legs were now weeping, bemoaning their fate. It was a pitiable sight, one that he hoped to rectify. He pointed the stone at her and said, "Thinks this is normal."

The weeping stopped and the legs stood up with renewed vigor. Alan was going to ask her if she was okay, but the legs just up and skipped away, her sadness forgotten. Alan, however, now had to figure out what he was going to do with this magic gem he had picked up. he could obviously use it on himself and no one would be any wiser. On the other hand having such power was dangerous and he had seen enough fantasy movies to know that magical items always corrupted the owner, eventually... What to do?


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Chapter 5: Use it on himself   
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Alan decided that as long as he wasn't hurting anyone and was careful, it should be fine to keep the stone. And while he had it, why not make some changes to himself? He could be built like a body builder, handsome like movie star. he could change his skin color, his height, his gender. He could be beautiful or grotesque. His options seemed limitless.


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Chapter 6: Something else 
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What did he choose?


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Chapter 7: Detachable penis   
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Alan scurried to the public restrooms and rushed inside a stall, making sure to lock the door behind him. There did not seem to be anyone in there at the moment, but nonetheless he kept his voice down as he whispered his commands to the gemstone. "My dick and balls are detached from my crotch." No sooner had he said that when his genitals sort of 'slide' off of his body. He reached into his underwear and pulled out what were without a doubt his own cock and balls, still very much alive and able to feel. Curious, he licked it, something he had always wondered about (his, not others). It felt alright, but having a girl do it for him still felt better. it was getting quite hard however. Deciding that it was fun and would probably lead to some fun in bed, he tried to reattach his dick. It did not stick. A little worried, he sat down on the toilet cover and shook off his pants revealing his now bare crotch. He placed the base of his dick against where it should have been, but it would not reattach. he had meant for it to be re-attachable, but apparently he had fudged the wording! Now he was stuck cock that he would always have to keep on hand, and that prospect bothered him a little, but it excited him as well.

Alan decided that, since there was no going back, he might as well make a new place keep his dick. His cock in his right hand and the gem in the other he said, "I am a hot redhead woman with big tits and an athletic body with a deep wet pussy in my groin." Right before his eyes, the blank space in his crotch bulged out a little and split in two becoming his new vagina with a little tuft of red hair above it. Meanwhile, his torso sunk in a little as his chest pushed outward into size DD breasts. His hair grew as well until it reached a little past his shoulders and was a scarlet red. His hips expanded and his legs became more pronounced. Lastly, he could feel the features on his face shifting as he donned a much more feminine appearance. His, now her transformation complete, she desired to explore her new body but not before one last change. She spoke to the rock, "My dick is hairless and is also ten inches long and two inches thick." In his hand his dick grew to the desired length and lost all of its scraggly pubic. Alan, or rather Alice as she was going to start calling herself, gingerly rubbed the head of her cock against the lips of her moist new pussy. However, right before she was about to enter herself, she quickly said, "Cannot get pregnant from my own sperm." Alice breathed a literal sigh of relief. That would have been bad! Getting pregnant from myself, sheesh!

With that matter complete, she slowly pushed her own cock into her slit. Her slick juices made insertion easy, but it was still fairly slow going as this would be her first time. Soon though she was able to fit her entire member in and let out a sigh of contentment. She had done this before, had sex that is, but he had always been on the giving side. Now that she was technically on the other end (se was giving and receiving after all), she wondered why women didn't do this more often. She reveled in the feeling of fullness that washed over her, and the dual sensations of being penetrated and penetrating sent her over the edge very soon. She had not but gotten a couple of strokes in before she blew her load, her pussy contracting around her large cock as she was filled with her own seed.

She was not fully satisfied, but Alice also decided that doing this in the men's restroom may not be the best idea. Once more she slid her cock into her pussy, all the to the base and then shoved her balls in too so that her pussy had engulfed her entire dick. She pulled up her pants and made her way out of the restroom, being careful to make sure that no one saw a woman coming out of the men's room. As she walked she could feel her dick moving around inside her rubbing against her insides. It was too much, and soon her cock came again as she walked through the mall. She bent over a railing, trying to catch a breath. People walking by gave her a strange look but kept to themselves.

having caught her breath, Alice decides too...


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Chapter 8: Take her cock out and hide it somewhere else 
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Alice couldn't handle having her her cock constantly massaged by her new pussy, and made her way back to the women's restroom as carefully as she could, trying her best not to squeeze her cock while it was inside her. She awkwardly shuffled to the restroom, ignoring the odd looks she got along the way. Once she got there, she opened the nearest stall and sat down, pulling her pants down as she did so. She then spread her legs, revealing her cute pussy, with her size-able balls hanging just outside of it. With some hesitation, Alice reached down and pulled her cock out, all ten inches of it. It finally came free with a squelching noise and Alice had to grab some toilet paper to clean herself up as a torrent of built up come came sloshing out of her used hole. She had cum several times since she had shoved her cock into herself, and this was the aftermath.

After cleaning up, Alice placed her exhausted dick on her keep and contemplated what to do. She couldn't just leave it, and she didn't want to wish it away with the stone either. So she took stock of what her clothing could offer her. First she tried shoving it into her pants pocket, but this had several problems. For one, Given the size and girth of her cock, which was eight inches when soft, she could barely fit it into her pocket. The best she could do was try to curl her dick up and shove it in, but as soon as she did so it unfurled itself and the head would poke out the top. Her next idea was to hide it in her boxers, but her dick kept falling out from one of the leg holes.

Agitated and out of ideas, Alice tried one last thing she had seen other women do, or had at least seen it done in the movies. She pulled on the neck of her shirt and peered down into her ample cleavage. "I really hope this works," she whispered to herself. She squeezed her fat prick in between her large DD breasts, blushing as she felt her soft breasts rub against her penis. It felt good, yes, but not as good as her pussy had. And, after doing a couple of movements, including some light jumping, she found that with the combination of her large breasts and tight shirt, her detached penis was more or less safely tucked away.

"Alright," she said, "There's one challenge toppled. Thank goodness I didn't wish for smaller ones..."

Confident with this arrangement, she got up to leave the restroom. She went to the sink first, to wash up and calm herself down, but on her way there two things happened. One, she felt he cock hit something very hard, causing her to double over the sink. The second thing was, two college girls had entered the restroom as well, and one of them let loose an excited gasp at what they saw.

As Alice bent over the sink in agony, she felt a hand placed on her shaft. "Hhah, omigod Janet, can you believe this?! Someone left a dildo out here!"

"Shut the hell up! No way, lemme see it!" said the other girl.

Alice felt another pair of hands tug on her cock, making her hard. She wanted to tell them to stop, but she was still trying to catch her breath. "Woah, look, it's getting bigger. Gross! Here, you take it Sydney!"

"Haha, no way Janet, just toss it."

"Yeah, whatever. I need to go wash my hands anyways."

Alice had recovered somewhat, and watched as a blond girl, Janet it seemed, placed Alice's dick in the trash bin. She panicked, but tried her best not to let it show. She waited until the other two girls had gone into the stalls before she reached in and retrieved her dick. She breathed a sigh of relief as soon as it was on her hands. "Okay, that was way to close... I need a better solution." To which she immediately found one. In the trash can was a discarded plastic bag. It was thankfully clean, with only an empty shoe box in it. She placed her dick in the shoebox, placed that in the bag and left in a hurry.


Alice made it back to her house without anything dramatic happening, although she deeply regretted taking her bike to the mall instead of her car. There were several times were she thought the box had fallen out of the bag, or that her dick wasn't in the box all along, but each time she checked, everything was okay. She rode into the parking lot of the student housing area were she lived. Alan/Alice was, or at least she hoped she still was, a student at the university and rented a single room apartment on campus. It was more expensive, but now given her situation she couldn't have been more happier. She made her way back to her room without raising any alarms, but she knew she wouldn't anyways, the stone had made sure that she seemed this way to everyone. Event he name on her door had been changed to Alice. Tired, she took her dick out, threw away the bag and box, and plopped down on her bed, asleep in seconds with her cock nestled against her chest, and the stone next to it.

As Alice slept peacefully, the stone glowed brighter and brighter as it began to melt. The stone, now a glowing amorphous blob, oozed into Alice's detached cock, entering through the slit. In mere seconds the liquid stone had poured itself into her penis, which itself glowed for several moments before looking normal again. Normal, that is, except for a small purple rune at the bottom of her penis...


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Chapter 9: Worldwide consequences
    an addition by: bobboled

When Alice awoke, it was nighttime. Her clock read 11:37 PM. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and briefly wondered if all of what had happened was a dream. That notion was crushed, however, when she pulled her cock out from between her breasts. "Yeah, definitely all real," she said to no one in particular. "At least I am technically enjoying this, even if my weener has caused me more trouble in one day than my entire life..." She stroked her detached cock, loving that she could watch such a feminine hand stroke her dick, even if that hand was hers. And she probably would have done more, but she caught a whiff of herself,and in between panicking and racing back home on her bike, she had worked up quite a sweat.

"Okay," she said in a mocking tone," We can play, but let's do it in the shower mister peen."

She shed her clothes and walked into the very cramped shower/bathtub of her apartment. She placed her cock on the shower rack as she soaped and bathed, washing and scrubbing her new curvier sexy body. She couldn't deny that she enjoyed it immensely, getting to watch a hot woman bathe even if the viewpoint was of the woman herself. She washed the last of the soap off, and then moved onto the fun portion of her shower. Having watched herself rub herself in the shower had turned her on, and when she grabbed her dong, it was fully erect and about to fall off the shower rack. She snatched it up, and began seductively licking the head of her shaft. It felt amazing, and soon she was fondling her balls too as she worked herself. Precum began to ooze out the tip, but before she started to get close, she switched positions. She squatted down in the shower and placed held her cock steadily to the floor. Then she sat on it, and felt her dickhead push gently on her anus, teasing her as she slowly lowered herself. She had never been to interested in anal as a man, but now that she was a woman,and with the means to do it, she hardly hesitated. She felt her rod slide up into her butt, and winced a little at the pressure. IT eased up soon, though, and after a moment she was able to fit the rest of her shaft into her ass. She started to rock a bit, enjoying the full feeling, but she could tell she was going to cum soon. The whole thing was just to much for her this early on, and she came in her ass almost instantly. As she came, she lost control of her legs and slipped, sliding her entire cock into her ass. "Ooooh, fffffuck! This feels soo good." She said through a haze of pleasure, "I wish everyone could feel this good!"

As she said this, she felt her cock become incredibly hot, making her yelp as she hurried to take it out of her butt. As she took it out, she found much to her surprise that her penis was glowing the same color as the stone had. The gemstone! Alice remembered. Naked, she ran back into her room, tearing through her clothes, looking for the mysterious object. But alas, she couldn't find it no matter how hard she tried. "But, if I don;t have the stone, then what the hell was that?" She picked up her cock and studied it intently. At the base of her cock, she found the rune, which looked like a complex pattern of circles in a triangle. "The hell? That was not there before... but that color. It looks the same as that stone?" She studied it closely, and was surprised to see it glow for a moment, watching the power coursing through the rune.

"If this means what I think it means, then when my penis glowed... of fuck I caused another transformation!" But, as far as Alice could tell, nothing on her had changed. "Huh, maybe nothing happened?," she said, hoping for the best.

Alice was still puzzling this, turning her penis this way and that, when she heard a knock on the door. Alice wondered just who it could be at this hour, and she really didn't want to talk to anyone right now anyways. But the person at the door was persistent, knocking and ringing the doorbell repeatedly. Annoyed, Alice swallowed her apprehension, dressed and stashed her penis in her underwear drawer, and made to answer the door. "Who is it?" Alice said, very annoyed.

"It's Brenda! C'mon, open the door man!"

Brenda? Who the hell is Brenda? Curious, she looked through the spy hole in the door, and saw a petite blond girl with short hair dressed in jeans and a baggy Mass Effect shirt, a shirt that looked curiously like the one his good friend Brendan wore...

Alice hesitated, but eventually opened the door, letting this Brenda person in. She walked right in like she had owned the place, and plopped down on Alice's bed. "Dude!" she said," Where were you? I've been trying to call you all night to get my game back!"

"Uhhhhhh-" was all she could say. Alice felt like her brain wasn't working properly. That this must be a trick of her mind. The girl before her looked nothing like her friend Brendon, except for the blonde hair and shirt. However, her gut told her this was Brendan, somehow. She had to know.

"Uh, Brenda, before I give you that game back, can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, sure."

"What was out homework for design this week?"

"Oh, we had to animate something in Flash. Why? Did you not finish it?"

"Oh, uh, yeah. I need to finish that tomorrow."

"Okay, cool."

"Yeah..." Well, ALice was pretty sure this was Brendan, and she was absolutely certain it was the gemstone's fault. She looked intently at her friend, now a cute woman, as she lay on her bed, admiring Alice's paintings and posters. Then she did something Alice had certainly not anticipated; 'Brenda' took a large penis out of her pocket, scratched its balls, then placed it back in her pants. Alice was stunned to say the least.

"Y-y-y-your cock!" Alice choked.

"Oh, yeah. You wanna borrow it for a bit? I'm not really using it right now. I've got a date with Jennifer tomorrow and she never let's me use it." She tossed her penis to Alice, who caught it after several tries. The first thing she noticed was that it was very warm, and the second was that Brenda's cock was almost as big as hers.

While Alice was trying to take this all in, Brenda had already retrieved her game and was making her way to the door. "K', later Alice. Hope you liked the game, and take good care of my penis, ok?" And then she was gone, leaving Alice behind to figure out what to do.

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Chapter 10: To google! The internet must know something
    an addition by: bobboled

"Shit shit shit!" Alice cursed as she paced about her room. Alice's formerly female friend's detached penis lay on the bed,next to her own magic infused dick that she had pulled out of the drawer for reasons that weren't quite clear to her. One thing she was sure of, though, was that she had messed up big time. The accident with the man at the game store was one thing, and her transforming herself was another. Both were isolated incidents, and even though he regretted changing the guy against his will, he had been glad that nothing had happened to anyone else. The same went for herself, as she could accept the consequences as long as they hadn't hurt anyone. But now, all thanks to a slip of the tongue she had altered one of her closest friends, who was now a petite blonde girl, and possibly affected more people.

She had to know the full extent of the damage, and Alice figured that the best place to start would likely be the internet. She woke her PC from sleep and got into a web browser. She typed 'human physiology' into Google and clicked on the Wikipedia page that popped up. On the page were the summation of all of Alice's worst fears, crushing any hopes that her wish hadn't done too much damage.

The page read off like some ridiculous sex parody. The article explained that all humans were a rarity in the animal kingdom, being a species that was technically monogendered, but with an advanced external male organ that was used in reproduction. The article further explained that these detached genitalia were connected through some sort of wormhole/biological function that scientists still didn't quit understand. The average human body communicated with the external penis and shared fluids and genes through means that were not entirely obvious. The issue of puberty was addressed as well; human children started puberty around the ages of 13-14, but did not gain a penis until the age of eighteen, making the age of consent more or less the same as it was before. Around the age of eighteen, a human( of which all were now physically male ) would begin to look somewhat pregnant as their penis grew inside of their womb. After nine weeks of gestation, the girl would 'birth' her cock and then be able to sexually reproduce with it. It also went on to state that there were anomalies, as there are in all things, and that sometimes a girl would never birth a penis, making her only capable of getting pregnant. Other times, a girl would birth more than one penis, and there was even a case listed in 1956 of a woman growing eleven cocks, and summarily had several wives and many children before she was arrested for polygamy.

Alice took a moment to collect herself, visibly shaken by the events. From what she could tell, no one thought this was odd, and for the most part, nothing in the world had changed all that much. People still went about their daily lives, celebrities (all of them now female) made movies, like X-Women, people still married normally, and all of history was more or less the same, except for the fact that everyone had changed into a woman. The only things that looked as though they had really changed was that there was no concept of homosexual relationships, nudity and sexuality were more open, and that even without men, there was still a distinction that many people were either more masculine or feminine. Alice looked at fashion online and saw ads with beautiful women in pants and and a tank top bent over another girl in a dress while the two exchanged their erect dicks, with an advertisement for Old Spice splashed over the picture. Also, somewhere along the road of history, someone had invented the cock pouch, designed to hang off the hip and carry ones penis.

She sat back in her chair, overwhelmed by all of the information she had just been presented with. She had drastically underestimated the power of the gemstone, and now that it appeared to have taken refuge in her cock, she wasn't sure what her life was going to be like. She would have to always be careful about what she said, because now the gemstone was tied to her physically, and anything she said could have consequences.

As she dwelt upon this and other things, she remembered the two dicks that lay on her bed. She spun around to look at them and saw that...


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I wanted to do more with the Alice character, soooo, here we go.  Didn't really know what to do with the other arc, and I remembered someone saying they liked worldwide changes, and I wanted to do that to.  Yeah!


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I'm glad you told me the title wasn't misleading! Always enjoy reading detached body parts stories, even if they're not my personal kink.


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Chapter 11: Change Brenda's cock 
    an addition by: bobboled

It was getting late, and Alice noted on her computer's clock that in half an hour it would be the next day. At the sight of this, she felt very tired and made her way to the bed. She stripped her clothes off, tossing them carelessly into her clothes basket as she plopped down on the bed. When she hit the bed, the cocks on the bedside flipped up into the air and landed on her stomach, reminding Alice of the stark strange reality she lived in now. Curious, She picked up both of the dicks and compared them. Hers was larger in every aspect compared to Brenda's, which was still larger than most males had been, but Alice realized was now pretty common in this new reality. She held her friend's cock up, and had an idea, one to help her friend out. Brenda had said that her girlfriend Jennifer was the dominant in the relationship, and Alice thought it might have something to do with the size of her genitalia.

To Alice, Brenda's seemed somehow more feminine a cock than hers was, and Alice felt she could help her good friend out in this aspect. The way she rationalized it was, if Alice had to remain in this warped reality, and had to keep the tool of its creation at her side at all times, she might as well master it rather than live in constant fear and panic. And, she decided, the best way to try this out was to help her friend, so why not?

She figured that in order to help Brenda, she would make her cock twice as large as her girlfriend's. Brenda's was a little over six erect, so Alice figured Jennifer couldn't be much bigger. Besides Alice thought, the way things were now, what would be the worst that could happen? Alice thought she had learned her lesson anyways. She would word it carefully, no world changing events, no ruining of lives, nothing too weird.

"Okay, here we go..." Alice held her own magical dick in her right, Brenda's in her left, and detailed her wish. "Brenda's penis while be twice the dick that Jennifer's is in every aspect." Her cock glowed with the supernatural light and heat that Alice had come to expect, and she felt confident on her decision. "There, it worked just fine"

She placed Brenda's penis down on the bed and watched it grow. Seven, eight, nine, ten inches and growing. As it grew, it's girth and balls grew too to match the change in size. Alice thought it would have stopped around fourteen or so, but it just kept growing at an alarming rate that caused Alice to panic as she watched her friend's detached penis grow and grow until either end of it almost touched the sides of her bed. After a few more seconds it had apparently finished, coming in at just shy of two feet long, as thick as her fist, and with nuts the size of oranges. "Oh my god, it's enormous! Jennifer must be hung like a freaking horse for this to happen!"

She swung the massive cock over her shoulders, noting with horror that it wasn't even hard yet, and took it over to the shower. She had no idea were to keep it safely, and she figured that, worst case scenario of Brenda cumming, the shower would be the easiest to clean. Carefully, she laid it down in the shower and was about to leave and go to bed when her interest got the best of her. She didn't know it was because of the new hormones coursing through her blood, or if it was just the way the world had changed, but she just had to see the giant dick erect. Out of curiosity, of course, she told herself.

Alice's face turned beet red as started to stroke the massive cock, and felt the heat emanating off of it. Brenda's monster penis grew under her ministrations and Alice was surprised to find that the penis only grew a couple more inches when it became fully erect, which was probably a good thing for her friend. However, even after seeing it, she couldn't stop. She continued to stroke it as the large dick gushed precum into the tub. Alice felt the muscles in the shaft twitch, and pulled away just in time to avoid getting splattered with what looked like a gallon of cum from the monstrous dick. Brenda came so hard that the tube was nearly a quarter filed before it stopped.

Alice thanked the gods she had picked the bathtub, which made cleanup miles easier, and all she had to do was rinse it off. Alice felt a conflicting mix of emotions afterwards. She had just jacked off someone else's cock, and that notion sent a sharp spike of shame down her spine. But, at the same time, there was something exhilarating about it, something that excited her like never before. She didn't know what it meant though; was she gay(although that was technically impossible now, and the thought of a male body still disgusted her...), was she perverted, was she a bad person? These things went over and over in her mind as she drifted off to sleep, her own magic infused prick cuddled in her arms.

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bobboled wrote:

I wanted to do more with the Alice character, soooo, here we go.  Didn't really know what to do with the other arc, and I remembered someone saying they liked worldwide changes, and I wanted to do that to.  Yeah!

Thank you for that smile

Even though I'm not a big fan of detachment, I'm really liking it (as I said in other topic, it's like the fact of something spreading or going worldwide is my actual fetish)

I think from here on it would be fun for Alice to do more screw-ups and accidental transformations and nobody but her noticing, have her panic more and everybody treating the accidental transformations as normal. Either by not knowing how the wish will work, choosing the wrong words or by the "stone" misinterpreting the wish or simply not realizing she did a wish (like she did in the bathroom that made the worldwide transformation).


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Glad you like it!  I will definitely continue in the same theme the story has so far, but I think for the sake of options, I am going to make the next addition have the choice for people to notice/not notice.  Sometimes one is more fun than the other, but I think for now I rather like the reality shift.  Most likely make it so that if someone has Alice's penis and makes a wish, the reality shift will not affect them as well, so I can add some more interesting additions.


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Chapter 12: Morning lumber 
    an addition by: bobboled

Alice awoke to a knocking at her door. It was early morning and sleep still clouded her mind. She wrapped her blanket around herself, leaving her cock on the pillows, and went to answer the door. She was hardly surprised to see Brenda there, with her girlfriend Jennifer. Jennifer was almost as tall as Alice, putting her half a foot taller than Brenda. She had long auburn hair and tanned skin, and cock pouch hanging off the side of her skirt that was almost as long as her thigh. She patted Brenda's head as she spoke. "Hi Alice, Brenda and I were about to go on our date, and I was wondering if we could get her little buddy back before we left."

"Uh, yeah, sure. Come on in..." she said, not sure how to handle the situation. Brenda would freak out once she saw what had happened, but Alice knew she would have to find out sooner or later, and sooner was what was happening right now. "

She pointed to the bathroom, "It's just in there, in the tub." Jennifer and Brenda made their way to the tub while Alice pulled the blanket around her closer, cringing at what awaited her when they found out what she had done. As soon as they opened the door, she heard the two of them scream. Alice rushed in to find Brenda and Jennifer hefting the monster cock out of the bathtub, which was no easy task. Brenda turned to Alice and said...


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

There we go


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Chapter 13: Alice tries to adjust   
    an addition by: bobboled

"Thanks for keeping my cock here for me. I thought I wouldn't need it today, but Jennifer really wants it right now, soooo, thank you!"

"You-you're not surprised your dick is this big?" Alice asked, astounded at her friends reaction to suddenly having a much larger detached penis.

"What do you mean? It's always been this big. You feeling okay?," Brenda said, placing a hand on Alice's forehead, "Maybe you're sick?"

"N-no, I-I-I'm fine. Just a little tired I guess."

"Okay. Anyways, Jennifer, help me lift this thing up. Jennifer?" They both looked around, but while they were talking, Jennifer had vanished. Alice was about to ask where she had gone, when she felt a pair of hands grab her cock. She twisted around and saw Brenda's girlfriend holding her misplaced penis. She held it up, studying it intently. "Uh, Jennifer, you should probably be careful with that," Alice said as she broke out in a cold sweat.

"Why, is it going to bite? " Jennifer laughed, and Alice laughed half halfheartedly too, not wanting to show how unnerved she was. "Ya' know Alice, you have a really pretty cock. Nice size and all that. I bet it'd fit me pretty well."

"Hey!," said Brenda, her cheeks flush with jealousy and anger.

"Haha, just kidding babe. I love you and your cock. I just wish I could fit al of it inside of me, instead of just the tip..."

Alice watched, frozen in horror, as her cock began to glow, signaling the change that was to follow. Jennifer's hair began to retract into her head, getting sucked in like a play-doh toy,and in moments she was completely bald. Her facial features then disappeared, melting into her face until her head was completely smooth, bare of all features. Then her head split in half, like a Venus fly-trap, and sunk into her neck, then her shoulders as the mass was distributed evenly. The sides of her split head then sank into her shoulders and begin to change color and shape, while in the middle a hole took shape. The skin inside turned a deeper hue of pink, as her malformed head took on the shape of a large vagina. After several seconds, the changes stopped, and Jennifer was now down one head, and had gained a pussy in its place. It was large too, beginning at the top of her back and reaching several inches down into her sternum, flanked on either side by her ample bosom. Alice noticed that, as this had happened, Jennifer's legs had spread slightly apart, and even through the skirt, she could tell that her original cunt had enlarged too.

Jennifer, now headless, dropped Alice's cock onto the bed and went over to Brenda. "Alright Jennifer," she said, "Open up so we can get my dick out of here and take this show on the road." Alice looked at Jennifer, who got on her knees so that her large neck pussy was within Brenda's reach, and pulled her lips apart. Brenda then took her massive erect dick and pushed it into her pussy headed girlfriend, pressing down until only her balls were visible outside the pussy. Jennifer stood up, and Alice could see that Brenda's cock had actually gone from one end of Jennifer and out the other, even going so far as to push her underwear off as it came out of her original vagina.

"Alright, we'll see you later Alice. Have an awesome day," she said as they left the room, Jennifer's headless impaled body waving goodbye as they left.

Alice awkwardly waved goodbye, and closed the door. "Okay," she grabbed her cock and held it close to her, "New fact, do not let others touch your cock. It will only bring trouble..."


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

...From zero to hard in one paragraph.  That was hot!


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Haha, thanks!  Glad you like it


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Nom nom!!


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Oh, chapter 12 is the best so far (IMHO) can jennifer still talk somehow?  and how can she see?

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Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Well, while I didn't specifically state her adaptations, I also didn't say what she couldn't do.  The gemstone adapts reality, so it's entirely reasonable that her body has adapted to her changes.

The other side would be that her body lost all of the abilities of her head.  I might revisit it later in the storyline.  Or someone else could write it in.  Whatever happens first.

Btw, you mean ch.13 right?


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Chapter 14: New clothes, new changes   
    an addition by: bobboled

Alice sat down in front of the TV in her underwear and ate some cereal. It was her regular morning ritual, and happened regardless of circumstance, even if said circumstance involved accidentally turning a friend's girlfriend into a headless sex toy. Alice wasn't sure how Jennifer was going to go about her life now, but she made a mental note about improving Jennifer's condition.

She ate her cereal and flipped the channels, trying to get a feel for the new world. All of the channels, from CNN to Cartoon Network only featured female's, and from Alice had seen, at least on the more adult oriented programming, that her wish had changed sexuality in a noticeable way. While practically non-existent on shows geared toward a younger audience, other programs showed women's detached penises, as well as their genitalia and breasts, but, Alice noted, without trying to sexualize it (unless it was a drama). It seemed that people were in general more accepting nudity and the like, and that leaked into everyday life. Alice found it strange, especially when she was watching a news reporting about a thief who was stealing women's dicks, with the women showing wanted posters for them in the hopes of reclaiming them.

Alice continued watching, absorbing as much information about this world as she could. She idly scratched her balls, only to rub her pussy instead. She laughed nervously, before reaching over on her bed to itch her balls. She also noticed something else, namely that her clothes did not fit her nearly as well as before. Her underwear were a good four sizes to big for her, and her larger butt was the only thing keeping them from slipping off her hips. A commercial came on then, advertising a collection of clothing for both the masculine and feminine minded, showing of several women enjoying their new clothing. "I guess I need some new clothes, huh?" she said, idly fiddling with her failing boxers.


Alice chose to drive to the mall this time rather than face another series of challenges on her bike. She wasn't all that excited to be going back to the mall so soon, but it was the only place that she could afford to buy clothing at while she was in college. She had dressed herself up in a pair of baggy sweat pants and a shirt from several years ago,which almost fit right, and shoved her magical penis into the much deeper pockets of the pants. It was the weekend, and as such the mall was packed with people, and it took Alice longer than usual to find a spot. Once she got inside, she made a b-line for the clothing shop. Inside it looked more or less the same as it always had, although now the walls of the store were lined with posters of only women, with half wearing the clothes the male models had worn.

As she stepped inside, she was greeted by a pretty employee with bright blonde hair and a curvaceous body. Alice thought she had gotten used to the idea of everyone being a pretty female, but it was still new to her. There wasn't a plain face in the store, and it unnerved her a little.

"Hello and welcome! My name is Ashley. Do you need any help?" the employee inquired a little to kindly.

"Ummmm, no. I;m good. I'm just need to get some new clothes." She paused for a bit, " I, uh, lost a lot of mine in the move, so. So I need some more!"

"Ok miss. Just let me know if you need anything."

Alice walked past her and headed directly for the masculine department. She was a girl now, but in her head she was still Adam, and Adam did not wear girl clothes. For now, at least. She looked over the selection, mostly from the for sale rack, and ultimately decided on just buying about a dozen different colored shirts and some jeans. Nothing special, and Alice had always been practically minded when it came to clothes anyway, always avoiding anything flashy.

However, there came then the real challenge, underwear. The selection of bras and panties were not something Alice had ever had any experience with, and in minutes she was confusedly picking up and then returning bras and panties as she aimlessly tried to figure out what she needed. The employee form earlier took notice and walked over to Alice. "I see you're having some trouble with our lingerie department. No need to worry though, I can help you out. We can do some measurements in the changing room and get you the appropriate clothes."

Alice blushed in embarrassment, not exactly liking the idea of having to get naked in front of a stranger, but she had little in the way of choices. Ashley led her to the back of the store and into an empty changing room. She told Alice to undress and that she would be back in a moment to measure her. Alice slid out of her clothes, folded them neatly and placed them on the bench, and then placed her large cock beside them. She stood in front of it to block the view when Ashley returned with several bras and panties, and a measuring tape. Alice blushed a deep red as Ashley seized her up, and Alice did the same to her. Ashley wore a blouse and a mini skirt with the store's logo on it, and both accentuated her large breasts, jiggly but, and wide hips. Alice scooted closer to the bench in order to hide her hardening dick.

"Okay then," Ashley said in a chipper tone, "Let's begin. Please raise your arms miss." Alice complied and raised her arms above her head as the employee rapped the tape around her bust. She shivered as the woman's hands touched her skin, and did her best to remain calm. This was even harder to do when Ashley cupped her breasts with her bare hands, supposedly gauging their heft. She then scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed Alice a black bra. "Looks like your a double D, so your going to need a bra with some padding and back support." She bent over and put it on, allowing Alice to get a whiff of her perfume. She felt her cock throb and Alice wished that she would hurry up.

Ashley then measured her hips, causing Alice no small amount of discomfort, and found a suitable size for that as well. After getting her sizes, Ashley went and brought back several pairs for Alice to get, as well as some small handbags Alice did not remember asking about. "What are those?" she asked.

"What, these? They're our line of penis holders. We have some plain colored ones and some with designs. Or-" she said raising her skirt up, revealing a similar bag, although this one was attached to her thigh. "We also have some that you can strap to your leg if you want to conceal your penis."

"I-I-I-I don;t think I'll need one of t-t-those," Alice sputtered.

"Oh come on, just try one on. Besides, we're not done measuring yet."

"W-we're not?!"

"No silly, I still need to measure your penis," she said as she moved for Alice's erect dick. Alice wanted to grab it before she did, but the employee was to fast for her. "Oh my, I'm glad I brought the extra large sizes. Must be hard to carry this bog old thing around with you?" She brought out her tape measure again and measured the penis, ignoring Alice's mumbled pleas to give it back. "Haha, good thing your erect already! It can be hard to measure accurately when they're soft." She wrapped the tape lengthwise and width-wise, and paused to wipe the precum leaking from Alice's dick her skirt like it was an everyday thing. " Okay, clocking you in at- wow! Eleven inches long and just over two inches thick. You need one of our bigger pouches - here ya go." She handed Alice a crimson red pouch that was a little over her length, and with a flared part at the end to house her balls. As Alice took the pouch in trembling hands, the employee was still admiring her cock.

"Y'know, I really love cocks. Like, not sexually - well a of the time it is - but I just like the feel of them, you know?" Alice nodded numbly. "I mean, I play with mine every chance I get, and my girlfriend says that it's a problem, but whatever." Ashley was holding Alice's shaft against her cheek now, and Alice was having trouble finding the words to speak. "Yours feels really nice miss. Gosh, it's almost like I wish I knew what it was to be a cock myself!"

Finally Alice could speak, but all the came out was whimper. "No..." Her detached penis glowed with an eerie light as the girl's body was utterly engulfed in it's unnatural light. Alice had to shield her eyes until the light had gone away, and was able to see what terrible things her penis had done. Her view was facing down, and she saw that Ashley's feet were still there, with her cock laying beside them. As soon as she looked up, she had to stifle a scream. Two giant testicles hung out from beneath the miniskirt, which did noting to hide them. They were larger than basketballs, and completely smooth and hairless. working her way up, she took in the changed form of Ashley's body, a form that made her exactly what she had wished for. From the waist up, Ashley had been turned into a three foot tall penis that was as thick around as her torso had been. She stood completely erect, her cock head towering above Alice. "Uh uh, Ashley?"

"Yes miss?" Ashley spoke, but not from her mouth. Her reply came instead from the piss slit atop her cock body.

"I... I am definitely ready to check out." Alice grabbed her cock and clothing, nudging her way past the cock girl, and not without coming into contact with her soft balls an d hot skin rubbing against her face. "The dick girl bowed to Alice as she left, her hefty sack resting on the floor, and said "Have a nice day, and please mention me at the checkout. My name is Ashley!" Alice nodded automatically and dashed to the checkout. She purchased the clothes without a second thought, thanking the cashier and dropping the employee's name.

Alice got back to her room and tossed the clothes on the bed. It would seem that no matter where she went, changes were bound to happen.

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Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

I'm so glad you decided to go for a cockwoman instead of reducing her to just a small helpless cock.
Discovering more about the world and the interactions were fun too! You always make me look forward for your updates, bobboled. smile


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

bobboled wrote:

Well, while I didn't specifically state her adaptations, I also didn't say what she couldn't do.  The gemstone adapts reality, so it's entirely reasonable that her body has adapted to her changes.

The other side would be that her body lost all of the abilities of her head.  I might revisit it later in the storyline.  Or someone else could write it in.  Whatever happens first.

Btw, you mean ch.13 right?

yes of course!


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Love the "watch for what you wish for" reactions when someone's not actively wishing.


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Chapter 15: Alice goes to a drinking party
    an addition by: bobboled

Alice was trying on some of her new clothes and checking herself out in the small mirror of the bathroom. The clothes all fit pretty well and the shirt plus jeans combo gave her a very tomboy look that made her fell less insecure about her new-found femininity. She was also trying out the new accessory that she had purchase, the cock pouch. She unzipped it and and noticed that it was lined with velvet, nice and soft. She took her detached penis and slid it into the bag, and was surprised to find that it fit rather snugly. There was a metal carabiner at the top of the pouch which allowed her to clip it onto the belt loop of her pants. It flt pretty decent to her, and was a far cry better than carrying her dick in her hands everywhere she went.

She was trying on her bra, something she that profoundly confused her in how to get it on, when her phone rang. She threw the bra on the ground in frustration and picked up the phone. The screen showed a picture of her friend Elizabeth, who had been a girl before the change. She answered, "Hello?".

"Hey Alice, I wanted to know if you wanted to come over to a little party we're having tonight?"

Alice wasn't sure she wanted to go and party right now. She didn't feel like mingling with a bunch of strangers, and was not prepared for any new social situations that might take place due to her wish. Or, worse yet, get her cock taken away again and have something horrible happen. "I dunno Lizzie, i think I'm going to have to pass..."

"Oh, come on Alice! You never get out of that place! All you do is draw and play video-games! " Alice winced; what she said was true. "Listen, just come over for a little bit and mingle. If you want to leave after a little while, then I wont stop you, but please just come over for a little. Everyone's cool and and it'll be fun!"

Alice sighed. It was hard to win a battle with Elizabeth, she just wouldn't let up. "Okay, okay, I'll come over for a bit. No booze though, the last thing I need to do is drink."

"Yes! Sure! Meet me at my place at six, alright!?"

Alice agreed and set the phone down. "Okay Alice, you can do this. You're just going to go hang out with your friends for a little, chat with them and maybe play some games, then go. No drinks, no weird stuff."

She dressed quickly, forgoing the bra and putting on a red shirt and blue jeans. She hesitated before she grabbed her keys, not quite ready to leave. She breathed in deeply, and exhaled. "I am going to adjust, and I am going to have an awesome time. Nothing is going to go wrong." She picked her keys up, and left for Elizabeth's place, which was located just outside of school, in a apartment complex. As she drove there, Alice felt pretty good, and hoped that tonight was going to be a good one.


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

Gearing up for a couple of chapters of changes and awkward moments.  Any suggestions?


Re: Transforward: A girl and her detached dick

I had a fun idea for the party!

There could be some kind of game called "Spin the cock", like spin the bottle, but instead of kissing the one chosen has to give a blowjob on the cock of the one who gave the spin until it cums, then it's that person's turn to spin and get a BJ

I thought they shouldn't use an actual cock for the spinning, since I don't think it would work very well, that's just the name of the game. They do use a bottle to spin, and the one it points to has to give the blowjob.

I think it would give plenty of fun scenes to read, and also a lot of opportunities for Alice's cock to fall into someone's hands