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Wow, that's actually a really good idea!  I was trying to think of a means for Alice to lose her cock, but I kept on leaning towards just having her get drunk.  I think the spin the bottle idea is really good though, and that it's a good way to get the story rolling


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Chapter 16: Alice plays "Spin the cock"   
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// A thanks to pandaria from Legends of Belial for this idea!

Alice arrived at Elizabeth's a little after six o' clock, parking her car on the side of the street before heading in. Elizabeth lived in the nicer neighborhood of the college town, and as such she had a much nicer place than Alice. Where Alice's room was a small apartment on campus, Elizabeth and her two other roommates, Ingrid and Jamie, enjoyed a sizable off campus apartment that made Alice rather jealous. She walked into the main lobby and rang for Elizabeth. "Alice! You made it! Come on up." She took the elevator up to the third floor and made her way to her friend's door. She could hear music thumping behind the walls, and it took several seconds of pounding on the door before it opened up. Elizabeth greeted her at the door, embracing Alice in a bearhug that lifted her up off her feet. Elizabeth was a tall and energetic girl, with short blonde hair and slim and muscular build that had gotten her a scholarship on the swim team. Her dick was in a purple pouch that was strapped across her left leg. Alice noticed how big it was, and gulped. "C-can't breathe," Alice wheezed as she was crushed by her overbearing friend.

"Oh, hah! Sorry there, I forget to hold back sometimes." She came in for another hug this time, much more gently, and smothered Alice with her breasts. Elizabeth was a touchy person. "Still can't breathe," Alice reminded her." Elizabeth just laughed again and led her into the apartment, which was full of food, drinks, and most terrifying to Alice, tons of people. There had to be no less than a dozen and a half people crammed into the apartment. "I-I thought you said that there'd only be a couple of people!"

Elizabeth giggled, "Well.... guess I lied!"


"Oh, come on, no one's going to bite you. Besides, what are you so worked up about, huh?"

"Nothing... it's nothing. Just having an odd week..." Alice mumbled.

"Well then, let's cheer you up! C'mon, let's get some drinks in you." She grabbed a pair of full shot-glasses from a table and handed one to Alice. Alice politely held her hand up in a 'no' gesture, but Elizabeth was not one to back down. She quickly downed hers, likely not her first either, and saddled up to Alice. In her grip, Alice couldn't escape. "it's just one," she cooed, "You need to loosen up." She brought the glass to Alice's mouth, and she drank it begrudgingly. She was never able to handle her liquor well, but "one shot shouldn't be too bad" was what she thought as she downed the drink. "Okay! Now let's have some fun!"


She took Alice by the wrist and led her to Ingrid's room. Inside where six women, all students of the college, sitting on the floor around a bottle. They were introduced, one by one, to Alice by Elizabeth.

The girls were; Alexis, a petite punk girl with purple hair and small breasts and a very large dick pouch. Sasha, a brunette girl with large curves and bigger breasts and a medium sized dick pouch. Lin, an Asian girl with an average frame and a pink stripe in her hair, who surprisingly had three matching large cock pouches in her lap. Danny, a tall black woman with a long ponytail, large hips and an average sized cock pouch. Janet, a red haired girl with freckles and the body of a runner, and had a shockingly long cock pouch that she draped over her neck like a scarf. Lastly, there was Ingrid, Elizabeth's roommate. She had long blonde hair tied into a French braid, had the body of a model, and a cock pouch nestled in her breasts.

Elizabeth pushed Al;ice into the room, causing her to stumble and fall on her butt next to Lin. Lin greeted her politely as Alice tried to find the words to speak. "What is this?"

Ingrid gave her a confused look. "What, you mean you've never played 'Spin the Cock'?" Alice shook her head vehemently. "Wow, you really wasted your social life so far..." She gave Elizabeth an evil look as she sat down next to Alice, "Soooo, I think you should go first, then." She handed Alice the empty beer bottle, who grabbed it as though it might go off in her hands.

"Uh, so how do we play 'Spin the Cock,?" she asked meekly.

"Easy," said Elizabeth, "You spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on has to suck your dick. After that, it's their turn."

"WHAT?!" Alice yelled, "You do what? I-I-I-I couldn't suck a dick!" But much to her chagrin, she felt her cock swell in the bag at the thought of licking one of these girl-cocks that lay before her. She tried to squeeze the thought out of her mind, but it kept returning. She started to blush all over out of embarrassment.

Everyone laughed at this sudden declaration. Elizabeth placed her arm around Alice's shoulders and patted her head. "That's cute, but that's not how the game is played. And if you aren't going to, I'll spin it for you." She took the bottle from Alice's hands and spun the bottle.

It slowly came to a halt, pointing at...


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// Name change on writing.com and maybe other places if I like it

Chapter 17: Sasha gets bigger lips   
    an addition by: Bananas-san (11)   

The bottle slowed to a stop, pointing at Sasha. "Yes, I always wanted a shot at your monster Alice!" She crawled seductively over to Alice, who was currently being fondled/restrained by Elizabeth. Every time Alice would try to make a move, Elizabeth would do something to make her squirm or squeal in embarrassment. Seated firmly in Elizabeth's lap, with her toned thighs wrapped around her waist, there was no escape for Alice. She wasn't to upset about this predicament though, despite her protests. She had, as a man, been attracted to Elizabeth because of her approachable demeanor and fit body, but could never say anything to her. She was always making fun and teasing, so could never bring himself to do anything about it. But now, even though it was embarrassing her incredibly, she was enjoying being held by her, but she would never admit it.

She struggled to keep Sasha from taking her cock off of her belt loop, but Elizabeth started biting her ear, making Alice unable to fight back. Sasha grabbed the large dick with glee and unzipped the pouch hastily in order to get at the prize inside. "Wait Sasha, you should be careful," Alice said, defeated but still wishing the best for the innocent people who held her cock, not knowing the danger it held.

She laughed, "Oooh? Worried you'll blow your load to soon, hmm?" She giggled and started stroking the dick, ignoring Alice's mumbled pleas. It didn't take much stimulation for Alice to get fully erect, and Sasha had her cock hard as ever. It throbbed in her hand as she stroked it. "Wow, this is probably the thickest one I've had! Although, I haven't had Alexis' yet. The small girl blushed as Sasha shot her a seductive look. Alice bit her lip as Sasha began to lick it, up and down, pausing every so often at the top.

Elizabeth whispered in her ear, "Sasha's a great cock sucker Alice. Enjoy it."

Sasha had finished polishing off Alice's balls and was now trying to fit it into her mouth. It wasn't going to happen. Being over two inches thick, she could barely fit the head in, much less the rest of the fat shaft. She struggled with it as Alice moaned in Elizabeth's arms. "Damn girl, this thing is huge. If wish I could fit in my mouth, really, but I can't." Alice's dick began to glow and Alice, realizing what was about to happen, felt a sinking feeling in her gut. She watched as Sasha's nose disappeared into her face, leaving only smooth skin behind. Her mouth rotated ninety degrees as it became vertically aligned. Then her lips stretched upwards, absorbing the area of her nose and a little past her eyes. Her lips fattened and wrinkled as a hole appeared at the bottom. Her lips spread as the skin around them puffed up into a mound. Sasha's face was Alien now, devoid of mouth or nose. Instead, placed between her eyes and taking up most of her face was a massive, big-lipped pussy that was drooling with arousal.

Without skipping a beat, Sasha took the throbbing cock in her hands and plunged it balls deep into her face pussy with little effort. Alice moaned in pleasure as Sasha greedily sucked and licked her dick with the tongue that had remained in her face. It snaked out and wrapped itself around her balls and shaft, and dragged it all the way into her face pussy where it disappeared. She could still feel it though, being licked and pushed and squeezed in inside the girl. Sasha was experiencing bliss too, as she was rubbing her breasts and fingering her lower pussy as she used her tongue to shove Alice's penis further into her. Alice could feel it traveling, somewhere. She came several times during her cocks journey through Sasha, all while Elizabeth held her in place as she twisted and panted. She watched as Sasha flipped her skirt up and took of her soaked panties, revealing her sopping wet pussy. To Alice's surprise, she spread her lips and Alice felt another pushing movement. No sooner had she felt it than she saw something peek out of Sasha's cunt. It was the head of her dick, coming slowly out of Sasha. She gave a final push and out plopped her cock, covered in sexual fluids from both girls.

Ingrid laughed heartily, "You know, that never get's old! Almost as good as when Jennifer does it!" Meanwhile, Alice felt like a limp noodle in Elizabeth's arms. She had never felt anything so intense!

"Did you like it?" Elizabeth asked teasingly.

"Ub whuh?..." was all she could muster.

Sasha wiped off Alice's cock with a towel that had been placed on the floor for that exact purpose and gave her the cock back. Now it was her turn. She spun the bottle and it landed on...


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That... was a hot transformation.  I'll say it, I totally jizzed in mah pants. smile


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Chapter 18: Alexis becomes half the woman she was 
    an addition by Bananas-san
The bottle pointed at Alexis, the petite purple haired girl. She smiled at the pussy faced Sasha and bent over to take her average sized dick. As she bent over, she whispered something in her ear and gave her a peck on her 'lips' which made Sasha blush. Her pussy burned hot in embarrassment and began to drool once more. There was a slurping sound as she sucked it back in and wiped her 'mouth'. Then Alice had to hold back a gasp as Sasha facial pussy started to undulate as she began to speak from it. "I'd really like to see that, you dirty girl." Each word caused her lips to move and pulse. Alice briefly wondered if the same was true for Jennifer, but her attention was yanked elsewhere as she felt a pair of hands on her penis once more.

Elizabeth had taken Alice's pecker while she wasn't watching and was now idly playing with it in Alice's lap, her arms draped across the perplexed girl's shoulders. "Hey, give that back," she cried, but her friend just held it higher above her head. Alice aimlessly swiped at it as Elizabeth taunted her.

"Ahaha, you're just like a cat!" She said as she dangled it above the bewildered redhead.

"No I am not!" she replied, her pried as a former man hurt. Elizabeth rubbed her head, which only pissed Alice off even more. She was made even more angrier by how much she enjoyed it. "Stop it, I don;t like being teas- ah!" Elizabeth was rubbing Alice's cock with more vigor now, and was making it hard for Alice to concentrate.

"Shh," Elizabeth said, "You're not gonna wanna miss this. Sasha is a slut, but Alexis is fucking crazy. I wanna see what she'll do!" Alice relented, if only because with her friend's attention on Alexis, she had stopped her ministrations. However, she hadn't given Alice her penis back either...


Alexis was currently sucking Sasha's cock, fondling her balls as she played with tip. Her skills wasn't as great as the previous girl, but it was enough to get Sasha moaning and writhing in her spot on the floor. Alexis then shoved the girl's cock into her mouth, up to the balls which dangled lewdly out of her juicy lips. Hands now free and mouth effectively sealed with six inches of dick, she began to strip, much to everyone's surprise, except for Sasha. She knew what was coming and watched with rapt attention,as well as a hand on each of her pussies.

Alexis pulled of her tank top, and revealed her skinny body to the group of girls. She had small A-cup breasts; something that had always bothered her, especially at age twenty-two. Each nipple was pierced with a small silver stud. Her physique was slim and healthy, the skin of her torso was milky white. Down her left side was a tattoo of a snake wrapped around a bat. She slid off her pants with sensual slowness, teasing Sasha and the others she pulled them ever so slowly down. As she did so she wiggled her tight butt at Sasha, egging her own with the little strip-tease. Her underwear came of soon after, and everyone, including Alice, got to see her very tight cunt, which itself had a small clitoral hood piercing, and her round pleasing ass. She picked up her large cock back, and removed her dick. It was almost as the girls arm, and nearly as thick too, with a hefty nut-sack like a pair of oranges. Alice guessed it was about twice her own cock's size.

She popped Sasha's penis out of her mouth, covered entirely in her slick saliva and showed it everyone, making sure they saw it. She bent over and revealed the biggest shock of all; in stark contrast to her tight pussy, it was very clear that her butthole had been thoroughly used and abused. "By the way", she said with a sly look, "In case any of you are wondering; yes, I already had several enemas before this. And they were wonderful. So don't worry, this is a clean, so to speak." She bent down with her ass in the air and placed the head of Sasha's dick against her loose hole. She teased it a little, bringing it in and out, making Sasha plead for her to "Do it already!". Luckily for Sasha, she was quick to oblige. With the help of her saliva, the dick slid in easily and was quickly swallowed by her hungry asshole, balls and all. Sasha was laying on the ground now, both hands buried in her pussies as she moaned on about how she could 'feel everything'.

This wasn't the end of it though. Far from it. Now that her ass had eaten the other girls dick, she turned her attention to her own prick, all while wiggling her butt to stir up the cock inside it. She took her massive prick, which was already very erect, and began to lick it too, up and down, coating her entire penis in her saliva. It took almost a minute to coat it, what with its massive size, but she was able to do it. With her meat stick thoroughly lubed up, she stood up and lined her dick with her ass. She took a second to wink at Sasha, who may or may not have noticed it in her orgasmic stupor, before she sat down of her dick, riding her shaft all the way to the floor.

Alice, wide eyed, could see the outline of both of the dicks underneath Alexis' skin. There was Sasha's, just below her ribcage, and Alexis' pushing hard against it. Alexi's straddled her cock, making minute movements of rubbing and grinding as she rubbed both of the dicks inside her. Beside her, Sasha was gasping in big breaths, unable to adequately cope with what she was feeling.

"Th-that's fucking amazing," Alice stated blankly.

"Hohoh yeah. I heard she was some kinda sex freak, but this is something else!" replied Elizabeth. She pointed Alice's magical penis at Alexi's," Hey, Alexis, that's pretty impressive. Just how much do you love anal?"

"Sssssooooo much! It's-unh!-all I ever do! I fucking love it!"

"Yeah, I can tell! It's like, all you are is a hungry butt on legs!" All the girls laughed at this. All of them , except for Alice that is. She saw her dick glow with power as Elizabeth's words changed the small woman forever.

"Hahaha, yeah! I bet you'd love having a tongue in there too! You wouldn't even use you real mouth!"

The laughter continued, excluding Alice, and now Alexis. The reason was, her head had disappeared, along with a good portion of the upper half of her body. Everything several inches above her belly button had melded into her legs, stomach, hips and ass. As the mass was drained from the top of her, it was converted into more flesh for the rest of her abbreviated body. Her legs became longer and her calf and thighs became more toned. Her stomach remained the same, but she now had child bearing hips which caused her to walk in a sexy gait. Her ass plumped up, becoming pleasingly pear shaped and jiggly. When it was finished, Alexis was left as a pair of luscious legs and a large plump booty.

What was left of Alexis was now furiously humping the cocks impaling her, their outlines still clear of her half-body. She bent over and did a curious movement with her legs, and both cocks shot out of her anus, spewing cum all over her ass. While both dicks lay on the ground, spurting jizz on a tactfully placed towel Ingrid was quick to use, the Alexis butt bent down over the dicks. A tongue snaked out of her hole and began to lap the cum off of the dicks, greedily slurping it up until they, the towel, and herself were sparkling clean.

With a very dextrous foot, the Alexis butt picked up Sasha's cock and placed it on her stomach. Sasha thanked her with a gurgle, her mouth too full of girl-cum to properly reply. "Glad you liked it," she said from her ass. She then took the bottle and spun it around, where it landed on...


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Chapter 19: Alice   
    addition by: pillas (27)

Alice gasped in shock as the bottle stopped, pointing dead center at her. The half girl that used to be alexis bounced on her knees before quickly grabbing her inhumanely large cock with her dexterous feet and rolled it over in Alice's direction. Alice watched as it became harder for her legs to handle it as it swelled to erection, passing more than twenty four inches in length nearly four inches in width.

"No...I couldnt possibly think of doing that to somebody's cock...especially on on so...fucking huge!" She sputtered as Alice watched Alexis's cock grow to it's full thirty inch length, it was more like a fleshy baseball bat then an human appendage, if the girls thought they were gonna shove that down her throat without choking her they were surely mistaken. No matter how much she tried to deny her true feelings her disembodied cock proved otherwise as it grew hard and hot in Elizabeths hands.

"Ohh, wow Alice cant wait to suck on that monster Alexis, you're so lucky" Elizibeth teased, as she idly stroked Alice's cock for her, fully erect at twelve inches.

Alice groaned at her touches, she had seen the other girls having their cocks fondled, licked, masturbated without consent, sucked and fucked without it having too much affect on them but all these sensations were new to her, the familar feeling of a pair of feminine hands fondling her junk caused it's intended distraction, with the added efffect of causing her new pussy to flush with wet hot need. Her thought processes were halted nearly everytime someone held her cock, as she was not naturealy born into this world like everyone else. To her friends however this just caused her friends to laugh as everyone knew Alice as the girl with the most sensitive cock, something they would often take advantage of.

"Oh man, there she goes again, it's like she just turns to mush when you so much as breath on her dick." Sasha gurgled from her moist pussy mouth, as she reached over and tickled Alice's glans. Alice shuddered and toppled onto Alexis's cock bonelessly, twitching and subconcsiously grinding her body on it.

"Yeah, she's so easy to manipulate as long as you get your toes on her cock" Alexis muttered while enjoying the sensation of Alice snuggling on her giant prick, her breaths growing deeper as her loose pink anus pulsed up and down with her words, just underneath her anus a dripping liquid could be seen flowing from behind, her pussy growing wet with arousal. The half girl couldn't wait until Alice finally gave in and fucked her cock, her giant prick made up for lack of an upper body more than ten-fold in her mind.

"Come on, speed this up I want to get my turn. She's just flopping on her dick like a dying fish" Danny huffed, as she tossed her cock pouch around carelessly, fully erect from the scene in front of her.

"Give it time Danny, she's always like this...I can get her into the swing of things" Elizibeth smiled as she stroked and licked Alice's more than willing member. The effect was immediate as Alice went into a frenzy, she cradled the giant bodiless cock like a lover and began to make out with it's large softball sized cockhead. She licked and sucked at it's ridges and dug her tongue into it's urethra, she coughed as she breathed in the copious amount of precum her ministrations produced but kept up her actions.

"Oh god, thats my girl, I love it when people make out with my dick, it's so hot!" Alexis moaned, as she grinded her pelvis into the towel underneath her butt.

"Yeah, just look at her lap at that cum, it's like she lives off of it!" Elizibeth laughed, unknown to her causing Alices warm pulsing cock to glow hot and ejaculate strongly as it granted a desire. Alice's cock spurted it's load in a long arc as it landed over Alexis's bobbing form as she ground her pussy into the towel, splattering across her toned round butt cheeks.

"Oh, man, now I cant see!" Alexis yelled between panting, her anus puffing with each breath. Causing the girls to giggle at her predicament.

"Oh Lexi, dont even worry about it, just wait until Alice is done feeding from your cock and she'll be more than happy to lick you clean" Danny groaned, she waited impatiently until Alice was done. Leave it up to that girl to use "Spin the cock" as way to gorge herself yet again. Danny sighed as she fingered her own cock pouch. Alice was a really unique girl, no matter how shy she claimed to be once she was in sight of some fresh spunk she practically became a wild animal.

Danny remembered how Elizabeth explained it once, Alice was born with a unique digestive system, and it wasnt that odd when compared to the rest of her unique friends like Sasha and Alexis, but when she was born her body rejected any foods other than her mothers breast milk. Which wasnt a big deal seeing as even now ninteen years later Alice's mom was still lactating proudly as if she just gave birth. Due to her condition, Alice lived a very sheltered life, becoming mommy's little girl as she waited for her mother to come home and feed her every day, and using a thermos filled with her mothers milk every lunch. When Alice had turned eighteen however and the day after birthing her cock, she found that even no matter how much milk she drained from her mother, her hunger still remained. Nearly mad with hunger Alice tried to find something, anything to sate her appetite to no avail. Alice having grown frustrated from her hunger locked herself in the master bathroom and cried. However before she could succumb to despair she noticed a most mouthwatering aroma. She had never smelt anything like it before it was so wonderful and her stomached ached for her to find it. She gasped as she followed the scent trail to the large jacuzzi tub in bathroom.

Alice's mother was more than well endowed in the breast department but her cock was the stuff of legends. Danny had never seen it before but from what Alice had told her it was as big and as heavy as full grown adult, easily six feet long and two feet thick with balls the size of bean bags, permenantly erect and constantly leaking thick precum. Because of it's size it was strapped to the wall of the Jacuzzi pointed downward into it, so it would be easy to clean, and she could masturbate and use the bathroom with very little issue.

It was Alice's mothers cock that was making the smell, with it's permanent leakage of pre-cum into the tub the smell in the bathroom was heavy and thick, making Alice's head sway. Tentatively she reached a shaky hand forward and dipped her finger into the warm goop and brought it shaily up to her trembling lips. As soon as it touched her tongue she gasped as her stomach erupted with warmth, her hunger outweighed her brain and she dove into the tub scooping up globs of lifegiving cum as if she were dying of thirst in a desert.

Since that day the shy introverted mommy's girl became a rampaging albeit still shy cock hound. Eager to suck any dick in sight so she could taste some of their unique life sustaining spunk. Elizabeth said her puberty had forced a change in her metabolism, changing her dependency on lactic acid with a dependency on seminal fluid.

Danny sighed, Jealous of the attention Alexis's cock was getting from the eager cock sucker, as she made out with thirty inch flesh python, Alice's face covered in cum and sperm. She so much wanted to have her cock treated like that, but compared to the other girls she was was always self consious about what she thought was a smaller cock. Her friends all had such beautifully big cocks, even Lin had three all of them much much bigger than hers. It wasnt fair, even Elizabeth had a good four inches on her pathetic nine inch cock.

Danny wondered how Alexis felt, to have such a large one, or better yet how Alice's mother felt to have such a great big one that she couldnt even carry with her. She wondered how Brenda felt, especially with her girlfriend who served has her own personal cocksleeve. Danny moaned as she fondled her own prick and daydreamed about having a humongous cock. She was interrupted by a long moan from Alexis as Alice finally managed to bring her to climax. Alice hugged the giant prick agaisnt her writhing body and brought her mouth down upon it's slit clamping it shut as much as she could just moments before her cheeks nearly burst her neck bulged from the torrent of cum spewing forth from alexis member. The half girld bumped her "face" wildly into the carpet to muffle her moans, clear fluids dripping around her legs above her. Danny was in awe, Alice's cheeks bulged madly from the force of the cum against her mouth but she held on like a vise until it finally died down and she released the cock head from her lips with a suddon pop!.

Alexis had slumped over, ass first into the towel as lewd snoring noises eminated from her body, as always her orgasms took alot out of her.

"Whew girl, I bet your stuffed, but I hoped you saved room for desert!" Elizabeth shouted as she tossed Danny Alice's softening cock and picked up Alexis prone form, easily lifting the half girl and positioning her ass in front of Alice's face, Alice seemed confused at first until her highly sensitive nosed picked up a familar scent and she became alert and began to eagerly lap up and clean Alexis's firm butt cheeks with her tongue. Elizabeth chuckled, the girl was a slave to her cravings.

"Alright Danny, looks like it's your turn" Lin said as she deposited all three of her cock pouches on the table, Danny eyed them enviously, she wanted to have the big cocks, she wanted to have the most cocks she wanted more than what her friends had. As she idly stroked Alice's cock like one would a cat, she grabbed the bottle and spun.

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