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Chronivac Version 4.0

This story is based on the Chronivac Diaries located at http://www.geocities.com/uniclock/stories.html. CHRONIVAC is copyright 1999 by Mark Kwestin.

TransDem Labs has just completed its newest version of the Chronivac Machine. Thanks to advances in technology the user can now use their Personal Computer to make changes to themselves or others.

Chronivac version 4.0 includes a CD-ROM that contains the altering software, a portable emitter, and a USB connection to a PC.

The portable emitter can be programmed with up to ten customizable changes that can be processed without the use of a PC (although higher detailed altering can only be made with the help of a computer). The portable emitter also contains a revert button to undo any changes made.

Connected to a computer the Chronivac program can now change almost anything imaginable both physically and mentally. The only main limitation is that only living things can be changed into something else living (excluding any type of plant). So a person can be altered into any type of human or animal.

When connected via PC you have the ability to scan any possible transformee to upload their personal information to make alterations easier.

Here is a list of major alterations that can be made: Age, Species, Gender, Nationality, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Body Sizes, Hairiness, and almost anything you can think of. Many mental changes can also be made; major mental changes include: Age, Species, Sexual Orientation, Perception of Reality (EX: transformee either knows that he has been changed or thinks that he has always been the what he is), and much more. Most alterations use a slider bar to control the change.

Alteration can be made through the software by selecting the feature to be changed from a list or by searching through the entire list at once.

Chronivac version 4.0 does not offer a preview of changes being made but will apply the changes once the save button has been pressed. If the save button is not pressed again within one hour of the first save the change will be reverted for safety reasons.

The Chronivac emitter will transform whatever being is in front of it and has a maximum distance of 20 feet.

Now TransDem Labs is looking for a possible tester for their new software and will send the program to a random person with no instructions on how to use it.

Who Does It Get Sent To?

*Two female roommates


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Jessica and Nikki

The Beginning

"Whatcha got there Jess?" Nikki remarked as her friend Jessica brought in a package.

"Some kind of computer game equipment thing...called a chronovac." Jessica replied.

"Hooking it up?" Nikki asked.

"You bet."

"Need help?"

"Nope, but you can atch if you want."


The girls sat by Jessica's computer as she hooked it up. Once finished, they started the program which instantly scanned the two.

"Woah. Weird." Jessica remarked as she read the instructions.

"What?" Nikki asked, distracted by spinning her onscreen counterpart in the circle platform she was standing on.

"This thing, it says it can change a person. Mind, body, everything."

"Pffft. Yeah, right, whatever."

"Ooooh thou art a non-believer Nikole? Just you watch."

*Jessica Experiments on Nikki


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Jessica and Nikki

Nikki's new anatomy

Nikki, always the skeptic of the pair, snorted dismissively at Jessica's excitement about the strange computer program, "It sounds like some weird joke to me. It'll probably fill your computer with like a hundred viruses and pieces of malware. You'll be getting ads free Viagra and natural herbal supplements to grow your dick or grow your tits for the rest of your life if you use the stupid thing."

"Well, I'm going to try it anyway," Jessica shrugged, "You've been bugging me to get a new computer anyway with the way this one's been acting up lately. Frying it with a virus would be just the excuse I need."

"Have it your way," Nikki laughed and headed to the kitchen to fix herself a snack.

It was just like Jessica to want to try some silly thing on a whim, not caring if it would work or not, or what the consequences would be. Of course she had a lot of fun with all her crazy ideas, so maybe it wasn't that bad a way of going about things. Still, Nikki thought it was silly.

Not sure of what she wanted to eat she wandered aimlessly around the kitchen, opening the fridge, closing it with a frown when she saw that it was pretty much empty. Unless there was something in the cabinets the pair of them were going to have to do some serious grocery shopping.

She checked the cabinets over the counter first and they were pretty full, albeit with cereal and junk food that she wasn't in the mood for. That was the problem with sharing a house with a friend who had a wildly different way of organizing things, not to mention a different idea of what counted as a good snack. There was never any way to be sure what they had or where it was in the kitchen.

Shifting her weight as she rummaged through the cabinets, she felt her panties pressing against her clit in an way that was not all that unpleasant. In fact she kept looking long after she normally would have given up and moved on, just because of how good the pressure against her clit was. It was strange that she had never noticed how sensitive it was before, but that might have been because this was a new pair of panties. Perhaps it was because they were tighter, pressing harder against her clit than any of the old pairs, or maybe the fabric they were made of was softer and silkier. Either way it felt good.

"How you doing in there?" Jessica asked with a laugh.

"Fine," Nikki sighed, "But we're going to need to go shopping soon."

She squatted down to look in the bottom cabinets and let out a small hiss. The movement cause her panties to press so hard against her clit and pussy that it was almost painful.

"And not just for food," Nikki said as she quickly stood up, trying to adjust her panties. For some reason they felt unusually tight today, especially in the crotc, "I might need to get a few other things.

"Really? Like what?" Jessica asked, sounding a little too innocent and maybe a little surprised.

Nikki rolled her eyes, used to putting up with teasing form her housemate, "You know exactly what I mean."

Her friend giggled, "You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not," Nikki reached into her pants and tried to adjust her panties, the pressure having gone from pleasant to uncomfortable, but no matter how she tired, she just couldn't get them to sit right over her clit, "These stupid panties must have shrunk in the wash."

Forgetting all about getting a snack, she limped out of the kitchen, the pressure getting worse with every step she took.

Jessica was watching her with a sly smile as she hobbled past.

Nikki rolled her eyes at her friend's intent gaze and expression, "If you get your magic computer program working let me know. I'll be in my room changing."

"Sure..." she said slowly, "You sure will."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nikki stopped, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh, nothing," Jessica said airily and went back to staring at the computer monitor.

Discomfort getting the better of her, Nikki hobbled into her room, unzipping the fly of her jeans as she went. Even that little bit helped and as soon as she was in her room she flopped down on the bed and flung off her jeans and panties, letting out a sigh of relief as her clit was released. Rolling to her side she looked down at herself, her clit sticking out above her neatly shaven pussy. Everything seemed okay down there. Just to be sure she gave it a gentle rub. Yeah, everything felt okay, better than okay really. She rubbed a little harder, giving it a careful squeeze for good measure.

Well, it wasn't like she had anything better to do anyway. Moving her fingers a little lower she dipped them into her pussy for lubrication, then went back to working her clit, smiling as it perked up, its little pink head peeking up from above her folds. She ran a finger wet with pussy juice along the head of her clit and let out a soft moan of pleasure. Having such a big clit made finding comfortable panties difficult, but the pleasure it gave her more than made up for that small hardship.

Taking its inch length between two fingers and her thumb she rubbed it until it was fully engorged to twice its normal length. Stopping for a moment she admired the two inch long nub, watching as it twitched slightly with each beat of her heart. With a smile she ran the tip of her finger along the crown of the head of her clit, its most sensitive part.

While she was at it she figured that she might as well go all out. Sitting up she opened the top drawer of her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator. To warm it up she put it in her mouth and sucked on it for a moment, not wanting to put it into her pussy cold and risk ruining her mood, not to mention, since she didn't have a boyfriend yet she liked to pretend that it was a real cock that she was sucking on. Once it was satisfactorily warmed by her mouth she turned it on and gently eased it into her pussy, savoring the way it parted her folds until she had it in as far as it would go, which was only half its length. Despite having such a big clit she had a fairly shallow pussy, but she was willing to take the good with the bad.

She thrust it in and out for a bit, but as good as the vibrations made her pussy feel, they weren't really going to get her anywhere. Slowly she pulled it out and ran in along the underside of her clit, the vibrations sending tingles of pleasure through her whole body. Oh yeah, that was just the trick. She ran the vibrator up and down the three inch length of her clit then held it there for a moment, keeping the full length of the vibrator pressed against her throbbing clit.

Not ready to cum just yet she released her clit and dipped the toy back into her pussy, sliding it back and forth between her moist folds. With her other hand she gently grasped her clit, gently sliding up and down its length.

Putting her toy down on the bed she reached back into the top drawer of her night stand and took out a bottle of lube to really get things going. Pouring some into her hand she lubed up the full length of her clit and thrust into her hand, in the process knocking her toy off of the bed.

She kept rubbing herself for a bit longer, feeling the pleasurable pressure building in her stomach until she was on the edge of climax.

A knock on the door caused her to freeze.

"You okay in there?" Jessica asked, mercifully keeping the door closed.

"Yeah," Nikki said breathlessly, "Just a little busy is all, if you know what I mean."

"Sorry," Jessica giggled.

Nikki listened to the sound of her friend's footsteps moving away down the hall and let out a sigh of relief. The sudden fright had caused her to go soft, but she could fix that easily. Reaching over the side of the bed to the floor she retrieved her toy.

A little squirt of lube and the pocket pussy was ready to go. For good measure she rubbed her cock a bit more, making sure that it was fully hard again before plunging it into the pocket pussy and thrusting. Her balls and breasts bounced with her efforts until, with a tensing in her balls, she came.

Flopping back down on the bed she let out a contented sigh and flopped back down on the bed.

A moment later there was another knock on the door, "Are you done yet?"

"Just," Nikki panted, "Just give me a few to clean up and get dressed. Is that too much to ask?"

Of course, Jessica being Jessica that was indeed too much to ask and her friend opened the door without even giving Nikki the time to cover herself.

"Really," Nikki slid her still half hard cock out of the pocket pussy with a moist sucking noise, lube and cum dripping down her balls, "And stop staring."

Jessica blushed and looked away.

"Jessica," Nikki continued, getting up and grabbing some tissues to gently blot her cock dry, "Staring at me like that, it's like you're gay or something."

"Hey," Jessica countered, "You're the one with a cock and balls."

Nikki ignored her friend's comment and took her time cleaning herself, careful not to leave any lube stuck under her foreskin where it would cause a most annoying itch if left to dry there. Despite Jessica's teasing, she saw nothing wrong with her anatomy. Yeah, she was more of a grower than a shower, just shy of four inches when soft, but once she was hard she was a respectable six and a half inches, bigger than most guys form what she'd heard.

Not willing to let the matter rest, Jessica continued, "And you were using a pocket pussy. You know, a pussy, like girls have."

Against her better judgment Nikki took the bait, "Yeah, I use a pocket pussy, but it's only because the texture feels so good on my cock, much better than just using my hands. Unlike you I don't have a boyfriend so I have to make due with what I can."

Jessica smiled another one of her sly smiles, "And if you had a boyfriend what would the two of you do?"

"Oh, probably suck each other off for starters," she smiled dreamily, "Maybe try anal."

"You or him?" Jessica said quickly.

"Oh, I'm not sure how I'd feel about a guy doing that to me, but if he let me do it to him I guess I'd have to -" she stopped when she realized the direction the conversation was going, "You're such a pervert, you know?"

Jessica started to say something more, but Nikki cut her off, "And speaking for perverts, did that program fill your computer with viruses or horrible porn?"

"Neither," Jessica beamed, "It works."

"Oh, really," Nikki rolled her eyes as she picked up her boxers and pulled them on, adjusting her balls as she did, "And what did you change?"

"Oh, not much," Jessica continued to smile, "I just made it so you had a cock and balls instead of a pussy and changed it so reality would adjust and you wouldn't think there was anything strange about it."

"You're so immature," Nikki tried not to get mad at her friend, "Teasing me like that. I'd know if there was anything different about me and you know I've always been like this."

"You want me to prove it?" Jessica asked, eyes gleaming.

"Sure," Nikki decided to go along, just to see where her friend was going to take things, "If it really can change reality make it do what I'm sure all the spam emails you'll be getting are going to promise. Give me a bigger cock!"

She burst into giggles after that, unable to keep a straight face in the absurdity of it all.

"Sure," Jessica said, laughing just as hard, "Bigger balls too?"

"Sure, big, bouncing balls filled to the brim with cum and a cock that would make a horse feel insecure!"

"Right away sir," Jessica threw a mock salute and hurried down the hall to the living room. At the computer she clicked a few things, opened some menus and typed for a bit. When she was done she turned to Nikki with a grin, "In a minute you'll be literally hung like a horse and this time you'll see the difference."

"Sure I will," Nikki smiled at her friend and absentmindedly scratched her balls through her boxers, "Until then I'll just stand here in shirtless and boxers looking stupid while you grin like an idiot."

"Yup," Jessica agreed.

"Yeah," Nikki snickered.

"Hung like a horse," Jessica reminded.

Determined to get the last word in, Nikki thought fast, "A real stallion under the sheets."

"Total stud."

"Cock like a -" Nikki stopped abruptly, realizing that her balls were resting heavily against the fabric of her boxers and her cock felt oddly constricted. Looking down she saw that the front of her boxers was bulging, "What the...?"

Hands shaking, Nikki pulled down her boxers and looked at herself. What she saw shocked her.

Her cock was growing before her very eyes, and not in the sense that it was getting hard, more than that her foreskin was darkening and thickening, taking on a mottled appearance. Gingerly, she pulled it back to get a better look at herself and gasped. Her cock head had grown wider and flattened out, no longer looking remotely human. Below her balls were swelling and darkening.

When the changes finally stopped her flaccid cock, was a foot long and if she was sure if she hadn't been so frightened by what she was seeing it would have been even longer. Her grapefruit sized balls bounced against her thighs, aching and full of cum. Through her fear she could tell that it was easily the worst case of blue balls she had ever had. Weak with fear, she fell to the ground, her massive equine cock and balls resting on the carpet.

"Believe me now?" Jessica asked, staring at Nikki's enormous endowments.

Nikki nodded, fearfully, "Can you...can..."

She trailed off, unable to get the words out.

"Change you back?" Jessica finished for her, "Sure."

A click later and Nikki's cock and balls were back to their normal, human proportions. Gingerly, she touched herself, just to be sure everything was as it should be.

"So, Jessica said slowly, "You want to have your pussy back now too?"

Nikki looked at her uncomprehendingly.

"Right," Jessica nodded to herself, "The settings. I put it so you and everyone else would think you always had a cock and balls. You believe me about that?"

Nikki frowned, looking down at her anatomy. This was what she remembered, felt so normal for her that it was impossible for her to imagine having a pussy. Just the thought made her shudder. Having a guy penetrate her...that was frightening, but at the same time she had seen first hand a demonstration of what the Chronivac could do.

After a time she shrugged, "I believe that you could do something like that, but I don't know. I mean I remember always being this way and it feels natural enough. Honestly, I don't think I'd even like having a pussy, sitting down to pee, having to worry about periods, getting pregnant and all that. I like what I've got now."

"Suit yourself," Jessica turned back to the computer, "There anything you would want to change?"

That was an interesting question, one she had never considered before.

*Jessica changed herself instead


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Jessica and Nikki

Jessica's Pussy mouth

Nikki thought her friend's question over, trying to decide if there even was anything about herself that she'd change. Back when she had been in high school the answer would have been a resounding yes. Ever since she had been little she had known that she was different from the other girls and her parents had tried to prepare her for any problems she might face. They had been accepting, treating her just like a normal little girl, and for all intents and purposes, she had been even if she had a penis. She had taken in as a part of who she was and thought nothing of it until she reached high school. Girls were mean of course and she had been though more than her fair share of tormenting because of her penis, but that wasn't the worst of it. Like any other teenage girl she had been insecure and as her friends started entering puberty she had started to worry about what it would mean for her. She knew that she was a girl, but she worried that somehow that might change. There had been many nights where she had cried herself to sleep, afraid that instead of her breasts budding and her hips widening she would start changing into a boy, getting muscular and hairy, growing taller and having her voice get deeper. During those miserable nights she would have done anything to have a pussy, even if the thought of having a period terrified her almost as much as the thought of becoming a guy. She had been a late bloomer, but finally she did enter puberty and what a relief it had been. Her chest became tender as her breasts budded, even as the first sparse dusting of hair sprouted at the base of her cock. Her balls dropped and her cock grew, but so did her breasts and she went from being frightened of her body to accepting it once again. Besides, as embarrassing as it had been getting a boner in class from time to time, she had learned to enjoy her cock by the time she had graduated high school and went to college. True she hadn't had any luck finding a boyfriend in college, but she had been so busy studying and trying to get good grades that her social life had suffered a little. Her cock had not nothing to do with it though.

So, looking back she realized that she was fine with who she was.

Jessica was looking expectantly at her and she smiled, "Not really. Believe it or not, I'm fine the way I am. How about you? Why don't you change yourself some how if you're so big on wanting to change someone?"

She turned the question back on her friend, curious what Jessica would have to say. She stopped short of suggesting that Jessica give herself a cock and balls, but it was tempting with how interested Jessica was in hers.

"Hmm," Jessica tapped her finger against the computer desk, staring at the screen, "Maybe I will. Any suggestions?"

Again Jessica had brought things back to her and again she was tempted to blurt out the first thing that came into her head, the suggestion that Jessica grow a cock and balls, but she stopped herself. There was no sense in limiting herself to that sort of thing and honestly, having a cock and balls wasn't all that interesting, at least not in her opinion, especially not when the machine could do all sorts of other crazy things.

"I've got nothing," she said at last, "I'm happy being me and I guess I'm not as interested in changing things as you are. If you want to change yourself I can't think of any suggestions for you."

"Suit yourself," Jessica shrugged as she stared at the computer, "I was just wondering if you wanted to get in on the fun, that's all. I am going to change myself, I just haven't decided how yet. Even though I can make as many changes as I like and undo all of them, I want the first one I try on myself to be as fun as possible."

Looking at it that way Nikki could understand. What would she do to herself to make things more fun or at least more interesting? She wasn't sure, but if Jessica thought of something really good that might give her some ideas too.

Jessica went silent as she clicked though the different menus, scrolling down to see what options there were. Nikki watched over her shoulder, hoping to see one that would catch her attention, but most of them seemed weird to her, especially all the animal options. Those ones really creeped her out and she hoped that Jessica wouldn't choose one of them. Much to her relief Jessica clicked away from them and moved on to the next set of menus. This one made Jessica burst out into a fit of giggles.

"Oh, that's too out there," she laughed, pointing one of them out to Nikki, "And with the other options for messing with reality that one should be a real riot."

Nikki looked at it, her eyes going wide when she realized the implications, "So this one lets you duplicate body parts, put them in different places or turn parts from one sort to another?"

"Looks like it," Jessica smiled wickedly, "I'm going to try it. I'll set it so that you and I are the only ones who know and then we can go shopping. I want to see if people really won't notice something as wild as what I've got in mind."

"What are you going to do?" Nikki asked, curious about what had her friend so excited.

"Don't look," Jessica said, waving her away, "You'll find out soon enough."

A moment and some rapid fire clicking later, Jessica pushed away from the computer desk, "All done. I set it so the changes will take an hour and you and I are the only ones who will notice. That should let us go shopping and stop for lunch on the way back while they're happening."

"Sounds like a plan," Nikki hurried off to finish getting dressed, picking out a nice orange top, because she liked warm colors, and a pair of rather tight fitting jeans. They were a little uncomfortable, but she kind of liked the way they were just tight enough to show off the bulge of her cock and balls. Being a part of who she was, she saw no sense in hiding what she had going on, to the contrary, she was proud of her endowments.

When she was done getting dressed she went back to the living room and looked Jessica up and down, hoping to see some indication of what was going to happen, but nothing was visible yet.

Smiling, Jessica licked her lips, "Nothing yet, huh?"

"Nah, nothing I can see," Nikki said after a while, "Are you going to give me a hint at least?"

"Nope," Jessica giggled, licking her lips again, "I don't feel anything different yet either so there's probably nothing to see."

Nikki continued to watch Jessica as they got into her car and drove to the grocery store. The trip there was only about ten minutes, but it by the end of it she was sure that there was something slightly different about Jessica's face. her lips looked, not exactly fuller, but maybe softer, and it looked a little like she was frowning, though that may have been her imagination. Not knowing what she was looking for and only able to see Jessica's face as Jessica drove meant that there may have been far larger changes happening elsewhere that she was still unaware of.

As she parked the car Jessica gave a small smile and licked her lips, "I'm starting to feel it now."

For good measure she leaned over and looked at herself in the rear view mirror, "Yup. I can sort of see it, can you?"

She turned to Nikki and while Nikki could see a slight difference, she wasn't able to put her finger on exactly what it was that she was seeing.

"Don't know what it is yet?" Jessica laughed, "I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

Together they got out of the car and went to do their shopping. Since each had their own shopping list they each grabbed a shopping cart and split up, which Nikki was fine with. When she next saw Jessica that should help to make even slight changes more obvious.

Checking off each item as she went she went up and down the aisles until she had found everything she needed. Most of what she had gotten had been fresh fruit and vegetables since she was more fond of cooking than Jessica. She figured that Jessica would get plenty of junk food and pre-made stuff on her own, besides, if they were going to be having lunch out she saw no reason to purchase any meat or fish. She at least was on a budget and stuff like that was a bit expensive to be buying when she was going to be treating herself to lunch.

Sure enough, when she met up with Jessica in the checkout line the changes to her face were obvious, though she still wasn't sure what they were adding up to. Around her mouth Jessica's face looked slightly puffy and her mouth itself was looking decidedly odd. At first Nikki thought it looked smaller, but when Jessica looked at her and stuck tongue out she saw that it looked more like her mouth had shifted to open vertically. Her lips also looked puffy and very soft.

"Figured it out yet?" Jessica laughed as they paid for their groceries.

Nikki shook her head, "Not yet. I get the feeling I should know what I'm seeing, but I just can't put my finger on it."

For some reason this made Jessica laugh, "I guess it's because it's something you probably don't see in person very often. That's a hint by the way."

It wasn't much of a hint though...or was it? She took a closer look at her friend's face, especially at her lips, so soft looking and slightly wrinkled. Nikki wasn't about to blurt it out in the store, but once they got to the car she had to ask. She had to be mistaken though, because why on earth would Jessica do a thing like that to herself?

She finished paying for the groceries as fast as she could and hurried back to the car. As soon as they were both in and the doors were closed she stared at Jessica, wondering if she was mistaken, but in the end she still had to ask, "Did you make your mouth a pussy?"

Jessica took out her cellphone and looked at the time, "It's only been thirty minutes so far, so not yet. In another half hour it will be though."

"But why?"

Jessica's half changed mouth twitched slightly, lips parting in a small smile, "Chris really loves it when I suck his cock and I like it too, but I got to wondering if there was a way I could make it even more fun for both of us. Not to mention, I've always wanted to do something really crazy like walk around naked in public, and this is sort of like that, except no one will care."

That was a lot for Nikki to take in at once. Clearly there was a side to her friend that she had never known about. They drove in silence, Nikki occasionally glancing at her friend's changing face until they arrived at the burger joint that Jessica had decided to eat at.

The waitress seated them without so much as batting an eye, even though Jessica's lips had grown softer and drooped down slightly, looking more like a pussy than a mouth at this point.

"Hmm," Jessica muttered to herself as she looked over the menu, her lips pressing together and then parting slightly, "What do I waah?"

The last word was slightly slurred and she stopped to lick her lips, delicate pink tongue darting out and flicking over the soft folds of her lips, leaving them glistening with moisture. Her eyes went wide when her tongue brushed against the upper most part of her mouth, "Ooh, tha feels good. Look an tell me waah you see."

Putting down her menu Jessica carefully parted her lips, revealing the unmistakable little pink nub of a clit. Nikki's wide eyed stare much have been all the answer she was looking for because she let go of her lips and they parted slightly in a smile, "Thought so. Buh tell me, you like whaah you see?"

Nikki shook her head, "I think it's creepy."

Just because she used a pocket pussy to pleasure herself didn't mean that she had any interest in the real thing. In fact, seeing an actual pussy up close like that made her decide without a doubt that she was straight. Honestly, she thought it looked disgusting, with its soft, gently sagging folds all glistening with moisture and seeing how small an actual clit was made her feel bad for other girls. Now more than ever she was thankful for her cock and balls. The idea of going through life with a moist slit where here cock and balls should be turned her stomach and she could never imagine what sex would be like when a clit was so tiny. How did you stimulate something that little?

Jessica rolled her eyes, "Suit yourself. Have you decided what you're going to order?"

Nikki's stomach was churning from the sight of her friend's face and food was the farthest thing from her mind. In fact, she had no clue if she would be able to eat without throwing up. When they left the restaurant she was going to ask Jessica if she'd be willing to change her face back to normal. The idea of sharing the house with her when she looked like that seemed like something out of a nightmare.

A few minutes later the waitress came back to take their orders. Nikki quietly asked for a salad and a glass of water and Jessica ordered a burger and milkshake, her words slurring more than ever as the changes to her mouth neared completion.

Unaware of Nikki's disgust, when their drinks arrived Jessica eagerly took the straw of her milk shake into her mouth and took a sip, her eyes closed in pleasure as she sucked on the straw.

"Thaa waah goo," she sighed, her lips glistening with moisture, "Aah caa waith for thaah buhguh."

Nikki had to look away when the burger came, staring resolutely at her salad and trying to ignore the sort wet munching sounds and small sighs coming from Jessica. When Nikki finally dared look up Jessica was blotting her mouth dry on a napkin, "Foh ah geff we 'ay a heah 'ome ow?"

It was nearly impossible for Nikki to understand what she was saying, but she got the general idea.

They paid and left the restaurant, Nikki still not able to bring herself to look at Jessica's face. She had barely picked at her salad and she was still afraid that she might lose what little lunch she had eaten if she looked at her friend.

Making matters worse Jessica's phone rang on the way home and she was stuck listening to moist sighs and wet smacking noises as Jessica talked to her boyfriend, Chris. Somehow it seemed that he was able to understand her since the conversation went on for the whole ride home.

When they finally got back Nikki all but jumped from the car and started unpacking the groceries to get away from Jessica.

As soon as she could she was going to say something about what Jessica had done to herself and hopefully convince herself to change back to normal or come up with some less horrible change for herself.

*Nikki uses the Chronivac


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Jessica and Nikki


Nikki was miffed - her friend had acquired this computer program, changed her genitalia (allegedly) and was now mucking with her own body to try and get thrill at her boyfriends expense...

She sat down at the computer and found that the Chronivac program was still running - she grabbed the mouse, opened the window and looked around the program. Jessica's profile was still active, her changes represented in the avatar on screen. Nikki clicked the 'Undo' option and set the awareness option to 'unaware'.

Minutes later, Jessica came down stairs - Nikki flinched, expecting a rollocking from her friend for undoing her changes... "What's up babe, looking to make some more changes? Chris will be over in a minute - make sure it's not something obvious as I don't want to tip him off!" Jessica quickly said, continuing into the kitchen and started fumbling in the kitchen.

Nikki uttered 'Yeah, sure...' as she looked down at her prominent crotch.

Scanning over the profile options, she saw the option to drill down into different body parts, changing features beyond just 'adding' and 'removing'. She clicked on the crotch of Jessica's avatar, then expanded the 'Advanced' tree. Clitoris, Labia, Vagina, Hair were all available to alter. Moving down to the Male tree, the options for penis size & girth, a separate option for testicles were available (pretty much confirming that Jessica had probably just done a bait & switch on her private parts). Interestingly, selecting 'Penis' did not remove any options from the female tree.

There was a knock at the door - Jessica ran past & Nikki quickly minimized the window. "Found anything cool? Tell me later... me and Chris are going upstairs for some, ahh, well... you know. Speak later!" She ushered him in and up the stairs, firmly closing the door.

Nikki rolled her eyes and returned to the screen. She looked through the File menu and saw the Recent tab - she clicked on it and saw her name in the list. She clicked on it and the avatar swapped to a fascile of her body, complete with her hair in its current pony tail, her ample breasts and the penis and testicles she had carried for her entire life. She clicked on the history tab and was presented with what was (apparantly) the truth:

Recent Changes -
Added: Male Genitals.
Options: Replace existing; Awareness (Self): None; Awareness (Other): None; Awareness (User): Full; History: Complete.

Nikki was distraught. Her friend had lied to her. Or had she - the computer program worked, such was clear. But this was her penis. She'd had it from birth. The confused acceptance from her parents & doctors. The changes during what could be considered her 'puberty'. Her outwards appearance as a girl at all times, apart from sports at school, where the teasing happened, but wasn't bad - she was one of the girls, although she had a penis. But was it all true? Had this computer magically invented this entire history for her?

The decision was made. Nikki was going to pay Jessica back. She looked up stairs, shook her head in response to the bed creaks, giggles and moans, switched profiles back to Jessica and lept into the options...

Addition: Male Penis
Location: Replace - Clitoris
Awareness (Self): None;
Awareness (Other): Full;
Awareness (User): Full;
History: None;
Duration till completion: 30 minutes;

Nikki sat back, took a deep breath and clicked 'Apply'. A smirk appeared on her face, satisfied that revenge would soon be hers. She closed the program, headed up stairs and to her room. Her pocket pussy was waiting...

*Jessica's change happens on cue...


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Jessica and Nikki

Heat of the Moment

Nikki was lying on her bed, one half clock watching, one half entertaining herself with the toy. It was hard to get into the flow when your best friend was having a noisy shag next door - it was even harder knowing your best friend was about to have the shock of her life, or not as the case may be.

She knew that Jessica's favourite position was the Reverse Cowgirl - heck, she'd walked in on her with Chris enough times - which was perfect to hide the change for as long as possible.

The moans were quickly turning into grunts and panting and the bed squeaking was picking up speed.

She closed her eyes, imagining the change happening right about now - 10 minutes left according to the clock - as Chris pumped her from behind, the sensation growing in her crotch as her clitoris grew, widened and morphed. She imagined the sensation building enough that Jessica would absent-mindedly start fondling herself, unaware of what was happening or why, just that it felt good. She imagined her reaching orgasm with both male and female equipment simultaneously (without the mess), then she imagined her climbing off Chris's penis, completely satisfied and turning to face him.

Chris's face when greeted by the site of his girlfriend with a penis that could match or exceed his own was an amusing development. She also imagined the confusion Jessica would experience, assuming the settings on the program worked...

The thoughts overwhelmed her so much that she hadn't realised that she had filled the pocket pussy. She continued up until the instant the moment was ruined...

"HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK JESS!", followed by a few words and a loud scream... muffled words were heard, followed by shuffling and bumping, a slamming of a door, steps down the stairs and the front door slamming on its hinges.

Nikki cleaned herself up and opened her door. Wearing just her t-shirt and socks, she leaned her head against Jessica's door and listened.

*Jessica is confused and lost...


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Jessica and Nikki

A shoulder to lean on...

Nikki entered the room...

"Hey babe, what's up. I heard the shouting. What's the matter?"

Jessica was sitting on her bed, her back to Nikki. "I... i'm not sure... One minute we were, I mean... We were having sex. The next minute he was freaking out because of my body. I'm not sure why. He's not said anything before. I mean, there's something different about me. I can't put my finger on it. Well, I can - it's my penis. But I don't really remember having a penis. It sounds strange, but if he didn't like it, why was he going out with me? I mean, you have a penis. People don't find you repulsive because I made it that way, but I don't have a penis. Well, I didn't, but now I do... Was there a problem with the Chronivac?"

Nikki just sat down next to Jessica and put her arms around her. She played with the idea of what to say next, whether to tell the truth about this being revenge, but honestly, she realised she hadn't thought the whole thing through - she'd just ruined Jessica's love life out of spite.

Then it just came out...

"Calm down babe. It's nothing to be upset about. This is the whole reason we live together, remember? We're both a little bit different in our own special ways. So what if some jerk decided to abandon you because you have the same equipment as him - it's not like it bothered him recently when he was filling your pussy. Speaking of which... about our, differences..."

Nikki felt her penis getting hard...

"It's strange really... two women, each with a special something, both living together under one roof. I've never really felt it before - I guess I always assumed that, what with most of my body being a girl that I should fancy men. I mean, I know i've never had a boyfriend because i've been open about being sexually 'one of the guys'... but seeing you, sitting here, crying because some fool has rejected your sexy body, with both your lucious pussy and that svelt, feminine cock sticking out of it..."

Nikki's feelings got the better of her and she reached her hand straight for Jessica's crotch. She grasped the root of the newly grown penis with her thumb and forefinger and inserted her other fingers into Jessica's pussy...

Jessica just stared at Nikki - the silence was awkward enough to cause Nikki to retreat, embarrassed...

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