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Transform or Dare?

Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...


Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Handful

"What are you talking about nerd." Said Jen.

"Your time is up, now you get both." Said Kyle.

"Fine then, hurry up."

"For your transform, you won't control your left hand anymore, instead it will always be rubbing your pussy. If you try to get someone to change you back to normal, you will just grow another pussy and another hand to rub it. People will accept this as normal, so you could have rubbed yourself into an orgasm in class and everyone will think it is normal. For your dare, you will always stay naked, no matter what. You will also go to school and stay there for the whole dare. Have a fun day at school."

*Her hand feels numb


Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Handful

“What a loser!” Jen said as the line went dead, she went to put the phone back in the receiver when it slipped from her fingers, shrieking she grabbed her wrist and flexed the fingers on her left hand experimentally. Nothing further happened so she picked up the phone and put it back.

“It’s nothing” she told herself, “you just dropped the phone, God I can’t believe he’s actually getting to me!”

A nervous tingle ran through her body, “snap out of it!” she said aloud, “nothing’s wrong with you!” but when she looked in the mirror across from where she was standing she noticed that she was rubbing her left hand slowly up and down her hip.

“NO!” she said stepping backwards and grabbing her arm, she seemed to regain control. And stood looking at her hand for a few seconds before letting it go and beginning to walk upstairs to finish getting dressed. Jen failed to notice her hand start to trace circles around her buttocks.

“Doesn’t look like I’m going to find the rest of my uniform, I’ll have to change” she said as she stripped out of the small amount clothing that she had been wearing. Her left hand obliging to move out of the way as she removed her skirt before resuming its touches, Jen remained oblivious. “Now then, what to wear, what to wear…”

She failed to realize that as she stood there looking through her closet her left hand had crept down to her pussy and had started to tenderly play with her sensitive cunt. As Jen looked for an outfit she became aware of her growing arousal and realized that her hand was playing with her pussy.

Powerless to stop it she tried to grab the wrist and yank her hand away but it seemed to now possess strength that her right arm didn’t. “Nooo!” she screamed in frustration between pants as her body started to betray her and she fell victim to her hands expert touches.

She heard the bus pull up outside her house and with no control found herself walking towards the front door, naked and openly fingering her beautiful pussy.

“Oh my god, no!”

*Jen gets help


Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Handful

Jen started to panic as she saw the school bus from her window. She couldn't go outside like she was. But she had no choice, she looked around for some clothes but could find none, they all seem to have disappeared. She heard the bus outside honk its horn she had turned to look but suddenly stopped. Her hand had continued to touch and pleasure her pussy and before she realised it she has getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Her knees bent slightly she tried grabbing and pulling the hand away with her free one, but to no avail. She could feel herself get flustered and knew she was getting even closer. Her self-pleasuring hand increased in tempo and was more forceful now, lewd noises coming from her pussy.

"Ooh GOD!" Jen shouted half with frustration and half with pleasure "Why C-can't I s-s-stop!!"

Her knees finally give way and she falls to the floor on to her knees with a thump. Her hand, undeterred, inserted three fingers into her vagina and was going at a fevered pace.

Susan. She was on the bus. Maybe she could help.

Getting on the bus Jen waited for people to laugh at her, but no one did. Sitting down she looked beside her and she saw  Susan.

"Hey Susan, you have to help me," said Jen.

"Help you with what?" said Susan.

"Some freak named Kyle cursed me this morning to constantly masturbate," Said Jen while pointing to her crotch. At that moment, she felt a tingle go through her body and remembered the other part of the curse. She felt her asshole get tight and realised her asshole had turned into a pussy. Thinking that was all over she felt a bulge form above her new pussy. A few seconds later, it was a fully formed hand which working her ass-pussy.

"You always masturbate your two pussies" said Susan.

*Jen reaches orgasm


Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Handful

Susan smiled and turned away, to talk to Rachel, another cheerleader who was sitting behind them.

Jen sat in stifled silence, desperately and uncomfortably trying not to draw attention to herself, morbidly embarrassed as her hands worked her pussies and her naked body squirmed and writhed. Her bare feet brushed against the dirty bus floor as she continued to finger herself, her toes curling and her breathing coming in short excited gasps she couldn’t help but notice the amount of sweat that was sticking her back and ass to the cheap plastic seat.

As she sat there, mindlessly masturbating and approaching her inevitable orgasm all Jen could think about was the fact that she didn’t have her bag with her, she had no purse, no books, no pens, no notes, everything was still at home in her room.

She started to pant and gasp out load, Jen was experiencing more pleasure than she had ever felt before as every feeling was magnified by her two pussies. The new hand that had formed below her tail bone, nestled between her ass cheeks, expertly worked her ass pussy in unison with what was happening between her legs.

Rapidly approaching orgasm Jen closed her eyes and turned towards the window, “no... no... no....” she said panting, desperately trying to stop her hands but it proved pointless as she felt herself crest.

When she opened her eyes she found her head was resting on the window, her throat was dry and sheen of moisture from her breath had formed on the glass. Her legs were splayed apart and her right arm was pressed into the seat in front. She became aware of some clapping and looked around to see everyone on the bus cheering and applauding her orgasm, lifting her head off the window she heard someone shout, “That was a screamer!”

Nervously she looked across at Susan who smiled at her, “Wow! I don’t think I’ve seen you orgasm like that since you first started!”
Jen could still feel her hands continuing their insistent rubbing, but it was less intense than it had been before the orgasm, and had reduced to a gentle stroking.

“What do you mean?” Jen said deliriously, “When I started?” She knew she couldn’t attempt to get Susan to help her, but maybe if she realised the absurdity of the situation on her own she would help her.

“You know, when you started...” Susan repeated, “You’re obviously tired after that... You’re not remembering right...”

“Just tell me” Jen said, almost aggressively, quickly regaining composure.

Susan’s smile dropped slightly, “Ok Jen...”

*Susan explains Jen's "past"


Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Handful

“... But only because you’re obviously not feeling too good today and I care about you” Susan said, looking around the bus conspiratorially before leaning in closer to the naked girl.

“You hit puberty, which isn’t unusual, but when you stopped... you know... pooping... the doctors got involved and that’s when they noticed the whole second pussy thing developing. And then when you were about 14 you grew that hand and the doctors got really concerned. There were all these theories flying around, no one could understand where your food was going, why you’d grown this strange third hand, they did a study on you but couldn’t work it out. You spent months in hospital before they gave up and let you go home. I think that’s when you stopped wearing panties too...I’m not sure... but you came back to school when you were 15.”

Susan stopped and sat thinking, considering what to say next.

“ Then when you reached 16 you started to... touch yourself, with your rear hand initially, it was discreet at first, I don’t think anyone really noticed. It was comforting you said, to just sort of rub your rear pussy during the day, under your clothes; it’s so compact it wasn’t noticeable. Then you told me that you were having difficulty remembering to get dressed, and clothes were irritating you. I remember coming over to your house and you would start to take off your clothes before you remembered that people were around. It was a few months later when you told me that you’d been waking up in the night rubbing both pussies and had to really concentrate to get your hands back under control.”

“I think it was after a few months you started doing it during the day as well, I remember sitting in class and looking over to see you with a hand down your pants, after a while it became less discrete and people started to notice. You couldn’t help it; it just seemed to happen when you didn’t concentrate on stopping it. Almost like it was where your hand naturally went. The school got involved and told your parents...”

Susan giggled, “It was funny, you started to touch yourself when the principal was talking to your parents about it, they didn’t know what to do, it seemed it was becoming harder and harder for you to fight it.”

She sighed, “They took you out of school again, for ages, they sent the work home to you and you did loads of tests but there was nothing ‘wrong’. And you kept touching yourself more and more, your mum told my mum that it had reached the stage that you didn’t notice until you had an orgasm, and as soon as it had passed you’d start again. You stopped wearing pants and shoes and socks before you were 17, but you hadn’t been at school for months so I don’t know the exact time. I just found out when I came over and your mum warned me to not mention it. It was pretty shocking; you didn’t even know you were naked from the waist down, and you were masturbating all the time, your hands didn’t stop. I spent like 3 hours at yours and you never stopped, even when we ate dinner you only used your right hand. I think your parents had given up, nothing was working.”

“On your 17th birthday there was big party at yours, your parents had organised it, and lots of people were there because we hadn’t seen you in nearly half a year! But before it started there was this sort of tension, your parents told us that things had got really bad and we were to act normally when you came downstairs. When you came down completely naked, masturbating all the time, there was this weird silence, until your dad put some music on and people got more comfortable. You had several orgasms in front of us, we were all a bit scared, and when you told us that the school board had said you had to go back to school I don’t think anyone knew what to say.”

Susan put an arm around the naked girl, “But that was nearly a year ago, most people at school are used to it, obviously going out in public is difficult... I think that sort of covers it... ok sweetie?”

Jen didn’t say anything; instead she closed her eyes as her hands worked faster.

*They reach school


Re: Transform or Dare: Jennifer's Handful

Jen had another two orgasms before she reached her school. Somehow, she could build up to orgasm in both her pussies at once, so they alternated.

As she walked into class, she was acutely aware of the air on her bare skin. She was even more aware of the fact that everyone was seeing her masturbating- but nobody seemed to care. Yes, the boys leered at her, but they didn't act out of the ordinary or anything.

Concentrating in class was harder than ever before. The hands constantly stroking away at her kept her in an almost constant haze of pleasure. Having an orgasm just made her more horny. Both her clitorises throbbed. Every few minutes she would be consumed in a orgasmic torrent that left her panting and unfocused.

On the bright side, her teachers didn't ask her questions any more- they knew she wouldn't be able to answer.

She was awakened from her lust-filled trance at the end of every lesson by Susan, who acted as though she had to do it all the time. After a while, everybody looked hot to her, even Susan. Especially Susan, because she saw her so often at the end of her blissed-out trances.

When she had to walk, she had to walk with her legs further apart, in an almost-waddle, because her hand was between her legs. Her legs were also wobbly most of the time.

When school finally ended, she was a wreck. She stumbled through the hall, her skin hypersensitive, detecting every brush past another person as a sensuous burst of sensation.

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