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This was Wendy's last day in the small town Jizza. Since she lived in the nearby city Tammund, she had decided to spend her weekend in the smaller town. After nearly all of its female population had transformed itself into various, bizarre ways, it had became some sort of tourist-attraction: A town full of bizarre, sexual creatures. It was like a Freyan settlement right in the neighbourhood, just with a larger variety of transformees.

Wendy had never been a transformee fetishist. Personally she preferred ordinary guys and had no intentions to get changed herself. Nevertheless she always regarded the transformed ones with curiosity. That's why she wanted to get a closer look at Jizza. She had heard about the rumours, that  drugs in the water had caused all these women to go crazy and changed themselves, but had no fear the same could happen to her, too. Especially because she had come with a large supply of bottled water, just to be sure.

The previous day had been a really interesting experience. It was so surreal, seeing almost no women on the streets but lots of inhuman....creatures that all still behaved like humans. The waitress at the restaurant had been some sort of large spider: Four giant fingers surrounding a flat, round body, four giant tits had been hanging on her underside, almost touching the ground...and it had been totally nude. She had carried the tray on her back like a walking table, allowing the guests to take their food and drinks themselves.

Wendy had already noticed that most of the former women were hermaphrodites or even completely male. In fact, she had heard rumours, that the majority of affected women was sooner or later changing themselves into pure males. Although many of these creatures (who rarely wore any kind of clothes) had very large, attractive cocks, she had no desire to hire a prostitute or just ask one of the former women nicely (they all seemed very horny all the time and quite open for sex. In fact, she had seen several of them masturbating or fucking each other on the street). This was a trip out of curiosity, not a sex tour.

It was 9 pm already and for her last night in Jizza Wendy had decided to visit a nightclub called „Overdrive“, which seemed to be very popular among the transformees. She had gone for a simple, short black dress and only very little make-up. Since most of the guest were probably nude anyway, it wouldn't make sense to prepare herself as much as she usually would.

The club itself was...okay, possibly a hotspot for such a small town, but Wendy was used to establishments of a higher level.  It was a decent place anyway, with good music and a relaxed atmosphere. While the bouncer was a guy, the other employees inside the club were all transformees. Despite their lack of clothes and widely different anatomies, they could be easily identified by their purple skin, which matched the colour of the club's logo. I didn't look like bodypaint, thus Wendy assumed that they might had had their skin alchemically  altered.

After some time she really began to like the place. Everyone was in a good mood. Nobody was pathetically drunk or aggressive, nor did she see the usual high-society affectations from the clubs in Tammund. Some of the guests were guys, some good looking ones among them. A few were together with their „girlfriends“. It looked weird, seeing those attractive guys together with these heavily warped beings, some of them purely male. Most of the other men had their eyes on the transformees, a few however were paying more attention to Wendy and the two or three other, untransformed girls in the club. It seemed not all of the men in the town had grown to prefer transformees. Wendy was considering to take one of them to the hotel later.

But first she needed a drink. The bartender was another purple transformee. She, he or it reminded her of a large octopus made of penises. Its round head or body looked like its backside was a large, chubby butt and below a pair of very human eyes were eight thick tentacles, each of them ending in a cockhead. Looking a little closer, she could see, that at the base of each tentacle was an impressive scrotum. The creature was preparing multiple drinks at once, using all of its tentacles with surprising dexterity. Many of the cocktails were made with the creature's very own cum, which it could ejaculate at will into each glass.

Wendy was curious about the taste and after the penis-octopus had confirmed her in an extremely unfitting, feminine voice, that its cum was harmless, she ordered one. It tasted quite interesting, slightly salty, which worked surprisingly well with the strong alcohol. Wendy felt a nice warmth spreading in her body. The drink was getting into her head, making her feel light-headed. Maybe she should get another one....



Wendy's head felt like a bomb had exploded inside. She shouldn't have gone for the fifth glass...or was it the sixth. She couldn't remember anything after the wild dance with one of the taller transformees.

Slowly she opened her eyes even, though her brain seemed to need some more time to get the picture sharp enough. Where was she?....Wait....it was her hotel room. Yes, she could see her dress on a nearby chair. Her dress was on the chair? Was she nude? Has she done something stupid? How did she get to the hotel? Her memories were absolutely blank.

She noticed, that she was lying on the bed, and wanted to turn around to see if one of the cute guys was there, too. Her right side felt strangely numb and unresponsive, however. She couldn't move. Her left arm felt strange, too. As if it wasn't there at all.

What the hell was wrong with her? If just her head wasn't hurting so much. She could hear someone breathing close to her. So she had had a guest tonight. She also noticed the strong smell of cum nearby. So she had had sex, too? Damn, why couldn't she remember? Wendy relaxed for a moment and took a deep breath. Then she pulled her body up, even with her arms still being asleep, and moved her head to the side, so she could get a proper look at the her recent lover.

What she saw, however, was too surreal to comprehend. There was not the face of a young man, but a bizarre lump of flesh. A featureless, bald head fused to a thick, serpentine neck. There were no eyes, nostrils or ears, just a large, swollen feminine mouth, forced into a permanent kiss or pout by its swollen lips. The worst part, however, was how close the head was to Wendy. Following the neck downwards with her eyes, she saw it flowing into what seemed to be her very own shoulder, although it lacked an arm.

Wendy thought for a moment about what she was seeing.....then she screamed. Suddenly the almost faceless head shuddered and then began to scream, too.


„What the hell does this mean? Who are you?“

That was Wendy's first question after she had stopped screaming and calmed down enough to speak. Her head still felt like a car crash but she couldn't care less right now.

„What....I....How shall I know?“ was the head's response. „Who are you?“

Wendy wanted to panic right now and just scream again, but she forced herself to stay as calm as possible in face of this confusing horror. Maybe it was just a bad dream after all.

„My name is Wendy...Wendy Marquez.“

„Okay...I am...I am Orfalesqua, just call me Fal. What's going on? What are you?“

„What...what do you mean >What are you<?“

The urge to scream and panic was growing stronger.

„Well....you do not look like an ordinary human.“

„You not either.“

„I....I think I am gonna panic.“ said Fal, her lips quivering with fear.

To her own surprise Wendy responded with a reassuring smile...or at least the attempt at a reassuring smile.

„It's surely not as bad as it seems.“

„Y...you think so? I fear we are somehow connected. I cannot feel my left side and I cannot see any arms.“

Fal was right. Now with her mind cleared by the shock, Wendy took a closer look at her...or their...body or at least what she could see. Her neck seemed a little longer and more flexible than before. Indeed, Fal's and her own head seemed to emerge from the same set of shoulders, which suddenly stopped where the arms should be. Below she only saw a far too small torso, actually just a belly. A little further she saw a pair of hips and legs that seemed normal from her point of view. It didn't look exactly like her former legs but at least like those of a human woman. The only problem was the flesh coloured bulge she noticed between those legs, covered by short, dark pubes. She didn't have to be a genius to realize that she..no they had a set of male genitals now.

„It...doesn't look good.“ Wendy finally agreed. She was fighting to keep her voice level.
„I think we should try and get to a mirror to see the whole....the whole...damage.“ She added.

„Okay....but how do we do that?“ Fal's voice was getting shriller.

„I can still feel one leg. So I'd suggest we get up, when I count to three and then use one leg after the other.“



With some effort Wendy and Fal managed to slowly push their shared torso upwards and force themselves into a sitting positions. From there they slid off the bed. Using their legs in concert wasn't as easy as it had sounded. They had to carefully announce each step, so they could keep balance. They got onwards only at an awful pace, but at least they managed not to fall. On their straining journey to the wall-mirror in the vestibule Wendy noticed how strange the weight of their new genitals felt. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, however.

Once in the vestibule both girls could finally see their shared form. Both needed some moments to truly realize that they were watching themselves, for their form was so utterly different from their former selves. Wendy's fears from looking down themselves in the bed were completely validated. While their legs and hips were those of a beautiful, slender woman, their torso was just a belly from which their necks sprouted. They had no chest or actual shoulders at all. They had no breasts, either.
Their necks were quite thick and long, but seemed more flexible than normal. Their heads were only bullet-shaped extensions and Wendy saw, that like Fal she only had a large, swollen mouth for a face. She had no idea how she could see without eyes, even though she wasn't so sure if that was a blessing.

Their new genitals were far larger than Wendy had assumed. It wasn't inhumanly large, like those of some transformees she had seen, but with about 10 inches very impressive, nonetheless. Below the penis was a set of suitably sized balls in a wrinkled scrotum, that was lightly covered by dark hairs. After turning around and spreading their legs, both former girls could clearly see, that there was no vagina hidden behind their scrotum. Wendy's last hope, that they might at least have become a hermaphrodite were gone. Without breasts or vagina, they were physically as male as one can be. They were for all purposes a man now.

Not being able to stand the horror, shock and life-changing irreversibility of the whole situation,
Wendy began to cry...


The weeks following Wendy's and Fal's fusion had been hard and painful.

The police had investigated the case, since it all seemed like illegal transformation at first. However, eye witnesses later revealed that Wendy and Fal both had gotten unusually drunk and had started to flirt with several of the transformed guests. Eventually Fal had joined Wendy, overhearing her discussing with a transformee, how curious she was about being changed herself. In their reckless stupor both had eventually decided to just try it out and left the club. The police assumed, that they then had bought a transformative substance from a still open alchemical shop or illegal dealer, which they had not been able to identify, and then later had used it in Wendy's room. The investigators had even found a bottle with traces of the substance under the bed.

So the transformation had been Wendy's and Fal's very own fault. This also meant, that they could only claim the most basic support from Regena instead of any further financial help.

They had spent the first two weeks after the incident in a Regena recovery-station, where they had learned to coordinate their movements in order to properly control their shared body. It had been easier than either of them had expected, because, like in many cases of conjoinments, their fused spines led to a subconscious combination of their reflexes and general body-control. When they had left the station, they could move as easily and fluidly as any other person.

Afterwards had come the hard part: Combining their once separated lives into a shared one. They had chosen to live in Fal's apartment in Astart which was the larger one, and had gotten Wendy's belongings moved there by a transportation company. All the time they had kept things secret. They had barely contacted  friends or family and when they had done, they had come up with all kind of explanations why they couldn't see them. They were just not ready yet to face anybody they knew.

In fact they felt so ashamed of their body that they had stayed in the apartment, ordering food, water and other products via phone (they used a sheet to cover their body, whenever they had to confront the delivery boy). However, this was a kind of life they could not continue forever, especially since they neither got financial support from Regena or the government, nor did they have any jobs (Wendy got fired because she had been on sick leave for just too long, while Fal had simply quit herself, unable to further work as a desk clerk).


It was the day, they left their apartment for the first time, when things got better. Feeling imprisoned and forsaken, both former women had eventually found the courage to leave their home, although they chose to wear trousers, not willing yet to go out nude like so many other transformees. It was just walk in the park, but the impact was incredible. They had  been treated like normal people. Almost nobody looked at them oddly or treated them any differently. Eventually they had gone to a café and gotten their first good cup of coffee in months. Both knew that transformees were not really that unusual in most parts of the empire and only regarded as outcasts in the most rural areas. Nevertheless it made a huge difference to actually experience that kind of acceptance.

The event gave their self-esteem a huge boost. Afterwards they went out more often and began to get used to their situation, no longer regarding it as a curse. They even got a new job, as a desk clerk in a small company for kitchen appliances. Thanks to this, they were eventually able to accept their own new body and confront their families and friends. Some were shocked but for the most part they welcomed them more positively than they had expected.

In the end they also began to go out at night, again. They wanted to get back a sex life. Of course they had masturbated all the time within their apartment to satisfy their increased libido. Even if they had not been willing to admit it, Wendy and Fal had actually started to like their new organ and the pleasure it gave them. It was very different from a vagina, but no less pleasurable. Aside from several one-night stands, they also found a few regular fuck-buddies, men, women and a few transformees. They didn't feel ready for a relationship yet, however, especially because both former women had begun to see their own situation as a form of very close relationship.

After some months, Wendy and Fal no longer just accepted their situation, but actually loved it. Sure it had a lot of disadvantages, but being so close to another person, never being alone anymore, that was worth it. They were no longer sure if they wanted their of lives back, if they were given the chance. With that kind of new self-assurance and complete acceptance of their new body, they eventually started to go out nude. Trousers and skirts looked silly on them, due to their lack of a proper upper body. Furthermore they loved the idea to present the world their impressive dick, which they had become very proud of (especially after their first dates with other men). Fortunately, nobody minded it, not even at work. Naked transformees were nothing unusual and there were no laws against it.

At last they had chosen to change their names and official gender. Wendy was now Wen and Orfalesqua was only Fal. They didn't really care that much about their gender-identity anymore. In fact they still felt rather feminine and liked to be treated like women. But since most people regarded them as guys for very obvious reasons, they had chosen to make it official to no longer confuse people. There was no problem with being an effeminate guy, anyway. In fact, they have begun to shave more often and go out at night wearing lingerie and high heels to emphasize their very feminine legs, hips and butt, in order to play a little with their new gender-identity.

Finally life was good again.


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