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joekilla187: So yeah, I kind of went with one of Demon-Mans story ideas and I kind of got carried away from the initial plot, So I decided to cut into parts while I'm still writing in an effort to improve upon my story telling skills and get some feedback from you folks.


Mona and Miral
by joekilla187

It was becoming harder and harder to raise a teenage son these days, Mona had to quit her old life after she found out she was pregnant. making money these days was becoming increasingly difficult for a single mother. Mona doesn't regret having her son, she wished she could have given him a better life or at least was born into better circumstances. Mona used to work in a very popular brothel in her home village, it was a ways away from one of the main cities and was a popular spot for wary travelers, adventurers, mercenaries and the like. However, Mona wasn't born in the village, she grew up as part of a caravan of nomadic gypsies. Her parents were alchemists, something that was often frowned upon in regular society, seeing them as demon worshipers and makers of evil magics and carnal concoctions. Her parents weren't like that though, they made simple brews of spirits, ales as well as medicinal ointments and the occasional snake oil elixir to make money off the gullible townspeople that fell victim to their theatrics.

She loved the caravan, she missed the carefree days she had with her parents, they loved her dearly and she loved them very much. Her father would often sing songs by the firelight as her mother served drinks for the entire caravan, every night they would partake in the song and the drink and fall asleep in a merry mood. Then the caravan would move to a new town, or city and entertain, and sell and trade and pick up the occasional hitch hiker or wayward spirit. The gypsies were a very kind and generous caravan, considering you caused no trouble and pulled your own weight, they considered you part of the family. Mona remembered how that kindness was re payed when the caravan offered to help out one such stranger those many years ago.

A Caravan of Dreams and nightmares.

She could still remember that grin, that evil smile with so many teeth that It looked like a salivating saw blade.

The day before the caravan had just heard of a village off in the distance that was being siege d by one of the great demons. Little Mona witnessed some of the people that were changed by the demons a while back during a visit to a town near the edge Freya's realm to trade supplies, she was horrified about encountering them or the demons themselves. The people didn't even resemble people anymore, some of them were nothing more than piles of undulating genitals, arms and legs, others an amalgam of animal and human, or not even human at all. The thoughts of becoming one of those things made her shiver. Normally they wouldn't travel anywhere near any of the demon realms but one of the caravans members got notice that her home village was beset by a demon and need to see if her family was safe.

Her name was Koral, she was a young fair haired girl who was picked up by the caravan when they found her on one of the main roads, she had left her home and was trying to make it to the city to become a singer. Koral's wagon had broken an axle, in exchange for help and protection she offered her talents and promised to help and provide for the rest of the caravan and a chance to sing at every town they stopped at. Soon Koral became like one of the family, Little Mona remembered how her jovial smile and beautiful singing voice that would often serenade her to sleep when she sang traditional lullaby's. She was a hit with all the men, and a friend to all the women, of course she was a popular attraction whenever they stopped in town, whether it was her youthful beauty or her entrancing voice. Koral often daydreamed of the day she would be "found" in one next place they stopped at, and she would never forget the kind and honest people she met in the caravan, offering them free admission to any of her future concerts. It was during one of her last recitals of the night near a village she got wind of a small farmers town beset by a demon, gossip rang out of strange figure wandering around clocked from head to toe in rags and garments like a mummy. The stranger warned them that a small farming community to the south had been attacked by a demon, it's residents becoming twisted and perverted creatures and to keep their distance. Koral was alarmed she knew the place they spoke of, her home town before she started her quest for fame. She begged and pleaded to the caravan leaders to travel or give her a horse to check on her family. After nearly half a day of debating it amongst themselves they offered to help her and come along as protection.

They kept a far distance from the village while Koral trod off, however there were those transformed by D-cum who still had mobility wandering the far roads trying to either escape or find something to sate their inhuman lusts. Every one of them were fused, conjoined or absorbed into another person or even animal. The men of the caravan formed a guard around it and kept any transformed that came near at bay. Little Mona was terrified by these creatures, she saw one of them that was still in the process of being transformed. A humongous dog, almost as big as a small pony was panting it's away across from the caravan. The size of the dog itself was enough to terrify her, but what was behind it was what scared her the most. It's hindquarters were low to the ground and between it's legs it was clear why, A pair of furry canine testicles hung down low, being dragged along the ground of the dusty road. They were massive, each nearly the size of one of the wagons wheels and bulging with veins. The dog waddled forward dragging it's testicles, as she could see more of this giant dog. Behind the humongous balls, part of it's humongous shiny pink canine penis was being dragged along the ground behind them. She curled up in horror as she saw something that made her still in shock, It looked as if the head of the giant dogs penis was merged with the lower torso of a man. He looked like some sort of bizarre mermaid, everything below his navel was overtaken by a shiny pink tube covered in veins, he was trying desperately to claw at the ground to pull himself away as the giant dog dragged him limply behind him. He saw the caravan guards and tried to cry for help, but the only thing that escaped his mouth was a choking gurgling sounds as copious amounts of yellow, whitish liquids spurted from his lips and nose. The dog ignored the caravan while it continued it's slow journey forwards, the man attached to the head of it's penis futility clawing at the ground as his changes progressed further the more he struggled. The veins crawled up his torso and quickly overtook his face, his eyes began to bulge from the pressure, he grabbed at his head with both hands and was not able to release them again, as they soon melted into the flesh of his face to become nothing more than a pair of large throbbing bluish veins. Flesh from his torso was sucked up within the pink tube he was attached to and built up into a large bulb shaped knot near dogs testicles, his torso became thinner and more cylindrical while his head began to shrink and then flatten itself. When she last looked she saw his face bulge out as it shrank and become bell shaped, his mouth and nose melting into itself to make a large sharp slit at the end. The giant dog stopped panting and stopped in it's tracks as it made a full body shudder and lowered it's haunches, the giant testicles being squished beneath it and spreading between its rear legs. The humongous knot swelled up like an inflating balloon so large that it raised the dogs rear legs off the ground a few inches, It's penis that was once a human man gaining a dark red hue as it swelled and swelled and finally with a loud yelp from the dog it let loose a gushing torrent of dog spunk as it unleashed its first load with it's newly transformed penis. Looking closely little Mona could just make out the last part of humanity that was left of the former man turned into a huge dogs cock, his eyes bulged out in bliss and pain near the bell end of it's cock head.

She turned away from the sight, sickened by the violence of the transformation. However as the day progressed she saw more and more victims of similar fusions wandering the roads, they passed by a woman who was fused with her stallion, her torso was bent backwards on the horses back, her large breasts and stomach almost looked like a perverse saddle, her arms and legs fused to each side, her legs spread eagle. The horses necked seemed to sprout from the inside of the woman's vagina, it's size greatly distended to make room as the frilly shape of her labial lips were spread tightly around it's strong neck. The skin of the horses neck and head took on a fleshy appearance, complete with veins and splotches of pink and dark shiny skin. The head of the horse was normal in appearance until you saw it's muzzle. No longer did it have a nose, mouth and teeth, but at the far end of it was now the large blunt tipped shape of a horse's cock. It seemed to shrink and grow with every breath and dripped large amounts of pre-cum from it's tip as it did. The woman fused with this bizarre horse was as equally damaged. Below her breasts on the horses back from where her neck would be was fused directly into the horses backside. As it turned away she could see clearly now the face of the woman, her head now fused and taking the place of the horses anus, it's dark brown hole now turned into a plump pair of bow shaped human female lips, painted dark red. A par of blue brilliant eyes could be seen above a pair of bulging horse testicles attached to a truly humongous stallions cock.

She screamed and passed out at the sight. When she awoke she was told that Koral came back unharmed, she told that her family was far too gone. Her mother and father were fused together as some sort of human sized double headed living cock worm, wriggling around for any willing hole or partner. Her sister was fused with the family bull they used for plowing, becoming a sort of perverse reverse bull-taur. Her sisters lower half sprouted from where the bulls head used to be, her ass having become rather enlarged while still retaining it's pleasing feminine qualities with the addition of two large cow horns sprouting from each but cheek. however her legs tapered off at her thighs to become a pair of hideously thick dangling limp human like penises which constantly drooled cum like faucets. On her sisters ass cheeks were two large bovine like eyes, her anus retaining it's original size while below it her pussy was viable between her cheeks, upside down but drooling lubricant in torrents the bottom ending in large bulbous clitoris the size of a door knob. She could not find any other trace of her sister while trying to keep off the advances of the change bull, Koral explained in detail.
Koral was strangely calm in her description, something that little Mona noticed however the rest of the caravan just ignored, believing she had become numb from shock. They gave her their sympathy and decided they would head out away from this area and return to their original routes.

The fox reveals itself

It was a few days later after they established themselves back on them main roads that Koral approached Mona's mother and asked for some help on making a calming tea to soothe her nerves, Mona's mother being the kind soul that she was agreed to help the poor girl. That was the night that Mona would never forget.

Mona's parents were engaging in their usual festivities for the night, they had made many good trades at one of the nearby cities and were celebrating with food, wine and dance. Her father singing and making jokes at the fire side while the others joined in and her mother passing out beverages. However, Mona noticed that Koral was handing out drinks as well, her mother dipping mugs and cups from a big cauldron near her wagon and handing them off to her to pass out to everybody. Koral was beautiful and friendly and so everyone took a glass they were offered. Everyone in the caravan, guards and even children alike were soon drinking and becoming drunk on the liquid from the cauldron, some coming back for seconds, other became so joyous they were offering sips to their pets, horses and anyone else within reach. Mona became worried, their celebrations never got this out of hand before. She approached her mother but gasped as she found her mother, her head dipped into the cauldron of liquid lapping at as much as she possibly could.

"Mother..." Mona called out, her mother might as well have not heard her cry, too busy lapping up the beverage in the cauldron.

"Mother!!" she tried again, too no avail.

"Don't you want to try some my little one? One sip and all your worries will melt away!" Mona turned around sharply at the voice. It was Koral. In her hand was a small wooden cup with the liquid from the cauldron.

Her voice was off though, it wasn't normal. She still sounded like a young melodious girl, but underneath her words she could hear low harsh undertones that sounded like glass being scrapped on metal. Mona backed away and tugged at her mothers dress. Her mother ignored her pleas as Koral began to smile, her teeth seemed to multiply and her lips grew thinner as her jaw nearly segmented her head in half as her grin grew larger and more menacing, her face becoming more teeth and mouth then anything.

Mona screamed and pulled hard at her mothers blouse, her mother finally paying attention to her as she turned around. Mona gasped as she took in her mothers face, her eyes were crazed and mouth slack drooling the potion of the cauldron. Her skin was dripping with sweat while it took on crimson hue. She began to laugh and dance while she slipped free of her clothing, rubbing at her perspiring body as she danced to the rhythm in her head towards the firelight and her husband drowning himself in more of the poisonous brew. Mona stood breathlessly as her parents began to molest one another in public, her father stripping as well. Dancing and grinding against one another lewdly as the rest of the camp followed suit

Mona scrambled up against her parents wagon and began to scream for help, She felt a hand on her shoulder and flinched. It was Koral, her crooked grin had taken a more feral appearance, her eyes had become pitch black with red glowing irises, her ears melted into the side of her head and taken on a more vulpine formation at the top of her head, looking like two knives from within her hair. The rest of her face had warped into a very sharp pointed muzzle, she looked as if some form of hairless demonic fox, her grin never stopping.

"Kekekekekekekeksssssssss" It whispered, laughed in her face. The demons voice was like ice in her ears, the sound of it made it feel as if her mind was being poked with needles.

Mona was held in place by the demonic form of Koral as she was forced to watch her parents perverted dancing. Nude, drenched in sweat-slicked bodies grinding off one another, their skin becoming more flush as they lost full control of their bodies. They were no longer dancing, and were now just rutting animalistically. Mona's father grabbed at her mothers hips, grinding his crotch into her ass, as the flesh around his pelvis seemed to liquify and melt into his wife's backside. His back began to arch in an UN-natural angle as the rest of his legs and lower torso was absorbed into his wife's, her thighs, legs and feet thickening in exaggerated feminine curves. His penis was the only thing left of his former lower body, which soon migrated towards his wife's groin. His body continued to contort backward until he was doing an upside down handstand to keep his balance. Mona's mother fondled her self unabashedly as her husband contorted in their fused form. Loud cracking sounds could be heard coming from her fathers upside down torso, as his spine lengthened and his shoulders cracked forward. Their body resembled something of an odd human centaur, as their body began to inflate with muscle and fat, and course fur began to sprout like moss on their skin. More violent cracking sounds could be heard all over as the changes sped up. Her fathers arms bulked up with muscles as his fingers fused into large horses hooves, however the hooves pointed inwards. His back inflated and grew until it swallowed his neck and fused to the back of his head. His reversed shoulders soon followed as they inflated like great balloons and almost obscuring his head behind two very plump horses buttocks. Her fathers beard grew longer and revealed itself to be a long maned horses tail. Mona trembled in horror as she watched the last vestiges of her father distort, his mouth puckering into a large brown anus, his nose twisting into one large moist vertical teardrop shaped pocket. The last of his humanity vanishing as his forehead swelled into two large fleshy orbs with teats attached. The only remaining trait was her fathers kind eyes rolled back in pleasure upside down beneath the large diamond shaped clit of a mare's vagina.

Mona whimpered as she looked back at her mother, her transformation progressing as she watched her father disappear into her mothers new backside. Her mothers torso was covered in the same thick horses hide as the rest of their body. Her feet had already morphed into strong powerful horses forelegs and stomped at the ground from her pleasure. However her torso seemed to cave in on itself rapidly, her head sinking into her shoulders as her arms melted into her torso. As her head sunk deeper into her torso her breasts grew at a rapid pace, inflating to monstrous proportions. The rest of her upper body began to sink into her hips, her legs bulging with beautiful equine muscle. The only thing left of her Mona's mother was her inhumanly sized breasts below a large fleshy hole where her head used to be, attached to the neck of horse. Mona stumbled to the floor, surprised when a truly humongous black fleshy appendage soon shot forth from the fleshy hole where her mothers head once was. A large thick eight and half foot long stallions cock erupted from the sheath that was once her neck, twisting around and moving in odd animal-like fashion, as it's turgid tip seemed to "sniff" at the air, It's neck stiffening and veins along it's shaft swelling as it seemed to pick up a familiar sent. The perverted equestrian beast that used to be her parents stumbled awkwardly towards Mona's direction. It's tip began to drool thick precum as it advanced. Mona screamed in fear, and struggled out of the demonic Korals grasp. Taking off as fast as her little legs could, not noticing how her mothers head shaft seemed to droop in disappointment and retreat into it's sheath.

Little Mona ran ran through the rest of the caravan camp. The rest of her family, friends all succumbing to their different mutations, merging with one another, man or animal alike. She ran as she saw more people being fused with one another. Each one she passed seemed more perverse than the last. A man had merged with his wife, their bodies becoming a mass nothing more than large centipede like creature that used it's many flexible short stubby penises for movement with a insect like head at each end and large drooling vaginal slit for mouths. Another man had fused with his daughter, his body being absorbed into her stomach, making her look as if she was pregnant far beyond the nine month term. His face becoming fused between her breasts, his head losing definition and becoming a smooth fleshy mound that inflated to a similar size to her now growing breasts, her nipples developing into thick veiny human cocks that dribbled precum. Her father's head having transformed into nothing more than a third breast in the middle of her torso, his eyes situated above a large pinkish aureola, however instead of a nipple, a large drooling cunt situated in it's center, the clit that used to be his nose now dribbling droplets of a white milky substance. She ran faster as the conjoined daughter spotted her, her eyes clouded with lust and drooled a wicked smile towards her. As Mona ran she tripped over a large object on the ground, she looked and scrambled back immediately. A woman was being held down on the ground by four of her family members, her husband had taken her left arm and her daughter her right arm, her son her left leg and her youngest daughter her right leg. They straddled her limbs and seemed to be humping and grinding on each them. Soon their flesh looked runny as it their features were smoothed over and skin crawled like webbing across all of her limbs. Her family members were soon absorbed completely into the long tubular swollen protrusions jutting from her shoulders and hips. Each turgid limb terminated in bulbous pink penile head. The woman was lost to pleasure as her head soon followed suit with the rest becoming another albeit stubbier version of the rest of her limbs as her facial features were replaced with smooth swollen cock flesh, her mouth thinning into a vertical slit atop it. The piss slit began to change subtly becoming a pair of feminine nether lips. Her breasts grew and grew as below them one more pair blossomed from within, each the size of large melons. The final change saw the nipples of each breast plumping up to become large bee stung feminine mouths, each with a tongue that swirled and drooled copious amounts of liquid. The phallic creature that was once an entire family struggled to right itself on it's erect limbs, using jerking motions to stand upright on both it's penis-legs, her medicine ball sized cock heads served as makeshift feet as they bent forward at the tip to keep it's balance. Mona clawed her way from the ground and began to run once more, not taking heed of her direction only save to escape from this nightmare she encountered another obstacle.

Mona stood deathly still as she faced the reason for this horror, It's still had the familiar look of Korals old body, but it was far from it. Staring into the demons face was enough to give her nightmares alone, A hideous fox like head, it's skin pulled taught against it's lips and eye sockets and that mouth filled with many many sharp teeth. It drooled profusely, it's body was slim but framed with curves, six pairs of breasts crawled down it's naked torso, each pair becoming smaller the closer it got to it's pelvis. Nestled at it's groin were two swollen canine like penises, throbbing with need. A twin pair of slits were centered right below each as well. What terrified her the most was the creatures skin, it looked almost to be made up of many different shades and patterns, but upon closer inspection she could make out patterns and forms that undulated and rose from her skin like forming clay. Monas breath caught in her throat when she finally saw it's true form. The skin of the creature moved to and fro across her body like a living tapestry, every now and then a human face, man or woman would rise up from it's prison, it's expression either one of pain or pleasure. Human eyes, inhuman eyes, and even demonic looking eyes were dotted at random places of her body, some appearing at random spots and dissolving the next.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrr.....Rrrrrr" A voice rang out from the creature, one she recognized as singing her lullaby and reading her stories to bed. Koral, she was trying to saying something, Mona figured that she was absorbed by the beast and used as disguise to infiltrate the caravan, but Mona could not find a trace of Korals features anywhere on the creatures moving flesh.

"Kekekekessss....Ssshee's right herrreee little onesss" The demon hissed with laughter, and with a flourish the demon turned and mooned little Mona, wiggling her vulpine backside at the girl lewdly. She noticed over the creatures taunting that it had multiple long furry fox tails, each one a different color.

"Rrrrrruuuuuuu....RUUUuuuu" Korals voice could be heard much more clearly now.

"NOOOOOOOOOoooooo" Mona cried as she fell to her knees, Korals fate finally revealed to her. Settled in between the demons generous ass cheeks was Korals beautiful face, sinking ever slowly inwards, her mouth was toothless and distorted and her lips were being forcefully contorted into an ugly wrinkled O shape. Koral, had tears running down her eyes, the liquid slipping into her gaping mouth hole as with her last ounce of strength she yelled the last word she would ever speak.

"RrrrrrrrUuuuuuuuNNnnn...ppppppthhh" Her words trailing of into an awful wet squelch, as her entire face was swallowed into the backside of the demon.

Blinded by her tears she began to run, as fast as she could in the opposite direction, the demons cackle could be heard in all directions in her ears. So she ran, she ran until the sun shone in the sky and her feet gave out from underneath her. She shivered in fear, her mind still wracked by the deafening laughter of the fox demon, it's dark cold eyes boring holes into mind as exhaustion overtook her.

That's part 1 so far, I got carried away with a backstory for Mona that It turned into it's own thing.

hope you liked it and leave some feedback!.


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is there gonna be a part 2...


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The dog part was excellent.


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Oh hey, I wrote a small continuation to this a while back.

I'll post it. unfortunately I havent had any time to write for a while since I work nearly 6-7 days a week most often.


Mora sighed, it had been nearly twenty years since that day. Her dreams and nightmares were haunted by the visions of her family and that dreaded fox demon ever since. She became a vagabond soon after, dreading to return to the camp site where she last saw her family, she walked forward without looking back. The years were harsh and cruel, she fought to survive on her own. Mora had become many things over the years, when she was younger she learned to be a thief. Her small lithe body steathily snatching whatever food her fingertips could grasp, weaving nonchalantly through crowds, snatching coinpurses and jewelery. Mora wasn't proud of her actions, but it became necessary to survive. She learned early on that men were weak simple minded creatures and just the hint of skin and a smile would be enough to distract them from her true intentions. It wasnt long before she started to use her feminine charms more directly. It was while she was scoping out a potential mark that she was spotted by the maddamme of the local brothel, she had been following a rich fat man who seemed to have the weakness for any young women he came across. Mora had readied herself to approach the poor rich bastard before she was forcefully grabbed by the shoulder and turned around to face the elegantly made up face of Madamme Luvre, the owner of the Kittens Prayer brothel.

“He looks easy doesn't he girl?” Luvre purred as she dusted off Mora's shoulders. Mora stared silently.

“I know what you're thinking, But unless you're packing something extra in your garters he's not likely to give up the satchel” Luvre chuckled, seeing Mora's looks of confusion she continued.

“Lets just say he prefers women who are more endowed than him” Luvre laughed, as Mora's face scrunched up in distaste.

“Oh, dont be such a prude dear. Those kind of women can give you the fucking of your life and they're bit more attentive than you're average man, and more withstanding as well” Said Luvre. Mora kept her silence and blank stare at Luvre's suggestion.

“Quiet one eh? Well, how about I help you. You look positively dreadful in those rags, I know some men are easily impressed just by any pair of tits, but even prostitutes have class honey” As Luvre held Mora by the shoulders and gently guided her along to the entrance of the Kittens Prayer.

Mora gasped in awe at the impressive luxurary of the brothel, The oustide had the look of an old abandonned gothic church while the inside was furnished with the most lavish of silky curtains, and gold studded leather and plush furniture of various colors. There were many women inside, she blushed as they were all in states of dress and undress, one petite red headed woman walking across the hallway with nary a stitch of clothing save for a single nylon stocking on her right foot. She smiled enticingly at Mora as she walked away.

“We're not shy here in the Kitten, We're proud of our bodies, dont be intimidated” Luvre explained as she snapped her fingers, right on cue two women dressed in what seemed leather corsets with leather hoods approached. They circled around Madamme Luvre and proceeded to undress her

Her petticoats fell away as her women undressed her revealing Luvre to be wearing a similar corset however where the two hooded women wore sheer lingiere to cover their nethers whereas Luvre was completely bare. Mora gasped as she noticed the twin penises that flopped against both her thighs. Luvre noticed her stare.

"Dont be shy girl, im not. A gift from an alchemist friend, always willing to serve the Kittens Prayer for a favor" Luvre nodded her head and motioned for the two hooded women to disrobe as well. Mora was once again taken back as their hoods left their shoulders and their faces were revealed. Each girl was identical to eachother in nearly every way. Beautiful crystal green eyes framed by black and red bangs and their heads topped with triangular twitching feline ears, the fur tinged with black and red exotic stripes. Below their eyes however each girl sported a tight vertical slit that had replaced their mouth and nose. A small nub protruded from the top of the mouth slit, no doubt recognizable as a delicate clitoris. Their clit noses wriggled cutely as they attempted to use them to sniff something in the air and the pussy slits on their faces parted slightly with glistening wetness.

"Meet Sonya and Syliva, our personal mascots here in the Kitten, and my personal handmaidens." Luvre explained as they sidled up to the brothel mistress and flanked each of her hips lovingly. Mora could here muffled purring noises as Luvre embraced each one and caressed their waists tenderly. Mora had barely noticed the black and red striped tails they each sported from above their backsides, however each tail ended in a large puffy tuft. Sonya and Sylvia both noticed Mora eyeing their tails and entwined them with eachothers. As their tails rubbed against one another the tuft at the ends shrunk until each sported crimson skinned barbed penises at each end. Mora backed away slightly.

"Dont be frightened dear, these girls were like you once" Luvre explained as she hugged them closer to her. Mora just stared warily.

"You see Sonya and Sylvia had run afoul of a particularily greedy magistrate who had caused them to become little more than beggars. Sylvia offerred up her body to support them, but Sonya..." Luvre reached over and lovingly began to pet the ears of the cat woman on her left.

"Sonya...could't bare the thought of Sylvia by herself using her body to support her and came to me for help. What Sonya requested was so romantic I could hardly say no." Luvre had reached down her tall neck and used a longer than normal tongue that slithered from her painted lips to part the left womans pussy mouth. The cat-girls ears twitched wildly as the tongue played with her developing labial folds and tickled at her clit-nose. Mora heard loud purring as the cat woman on the right began to mewl and moan with pleasure as she watched her counterpart get licked. Her pussy-mouth twitching and undulating in tandem with Luvre's ministrations. Luvre slurped her longue tonge back into her mouth and clacked her lips loudly.

"Mmm delicious as always Sonya" Mora was just staring on in wide eyed shock at the lewd acts in front of her, some parts fear and revulsiona and worringly larger parts arousal.

"Sonya didn't want Sylvia to be alone in her efforts and the alchemist came up with a solution that let them be far more intimate than marriage had ever been for them" Luvre explained. Mora's eyes widened, prompting for the first time since meeting the brothel mistress to speak.

"What...you mean...they're..." Mora trailed off as she came to a conclusion.

"Yes my dear, Husband and Wife. Well...more like Wife and Wife but it's now a more equal and mutual relationship. They took part in a ritual that allows them to share sensations and emotions with one another. Their love can never be denied, they'll always be with one another even when apart...it's sweet really and personally I find them to be wonderful and attentive cocksuckers" Luvre added, each cat woman then reached down and began to eagerly stroke at their mistresses twin cocks.

"Ah..Not now dears, later let our new charge get settled first. Dont want to shock her too much now" Luvre exclaimed as she gently pried her hands from her cocks. However it took her a moment to breath in deeply to contain her arousal as both of her members surged with blood and hardness.

"What? Umm...look lady, Im sure you're nice and all but I dont work for you" Mora explained defensively.

"Sorry love, but unless you'd rather be sent to the local dungeon to be used by the local garrison as entertainment...I'd suggest you get more aquainted" Luvre explained advancing on Mora menacingly. Mora backed up againts a couch and fell ass first onto it's exquistely silked cushion.

"I've been watching you for weeks stalking our streets, preying on our regulars. That coin was rightfully belonging to the Kittens Prayer and your little games have been digging into my employees salary. Now I can be merciful with you like I inteded to be originally. But if you refuse to accept my polite offer then I shall have no choice than to let the constable deal with you and I can assure you he is most definitely no friend of mine" Luvre punctuated as she held the large coinpurse of Moras right before her eyes. Mora gasped as she checked her belt for the satchel and came back empty. Luvres eyes danced with mirth.

"You're not the only one who's fast with her hands girl...you've got a lot to learn if you want to compete with me" Luvre explained as she poured out a third of the contents of the coinpurse in her hand and gave it to Sylvia who walked off and tied up the remaning and tossing it back to Mora.

"Maybe you'll learn a thing or two...depends on your choice really" Luvre explained as she outstrerched her hand. Mora stared at the offered hand as she mentally battled with herself. She only had a few options, she could run, however she would probably only get so far before Luvre sicked her friends on her meaning she'd have to once again flee another wealthy town once again. The marks in the rural villages were pitiful and forced her into more drastic and risky endevours


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needs more chapters.