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Sorry for the late release folks, but Real Life struck.  So without further adieu...  and a mangling of german words...


    It's ironic that sometimes when we're at our best, we can often be at our worst.  My best is being a mercenary alchemist with a deep, abiding love of absorption transformations, as my current boyfriend, and his best friend discovered during a bit of piqued delight while I was playing the meat in the middle of a sex sandwich.  As a half-demon I am capable of warping and re-weaving the flesh of normal, mortal people like clay on a potter's wheel.  While I normally use alchemy so I'm less obvious, last night's escapades were... special to me.

    Unfortunately when I'm at my worst, my self-control slips, and can become a danger to almost anyone around me, as more than one of the various once-people making up my odd anatomy can attest.

    Charles, whom I believe I've mentioned once before was rather shocked as the changes started, but he knew it would happen sooner or later. Freya bless him, he took everything in stride, including being blinded by his lover.  His friend, whose name I barely bothered to learn found fate a little more interesting.  He probably regretted tagging along with Charles to have some fun time with me once he figured out what I had done to him.  I'll admit, the look of surprised shock and ecstasy will be one I treasure for a long time.

    As I stretched out on the bed, I languidly slid my two left hands across my lovers' body, I let the poor, trapped boys who's existence was forever trapped in my four generous, lip-capped breasts kiss along Charles' body.  The tongues exited copies of the mouths on my face, toothless passages with labia and vaginal passages with deft tongues behind sexy, all-too-human lips as the blind and helpless creatures sought sensation with kissing lips and probing tongues.  The four of their favorite game is to find a nipple to latch onto and suckle.

    Charles had changed.  His body was more feminine, a gift he'd received after he delighted me by taking the penis between my legs and caressing her with his tongue, suckling her glans as the former woman silently shrieked in protest and ecstasy.  I'll never cease being impressed as he kept working his mouth along the shaft of my sentient dick even as his mouth and nose pulled tight, teeth absorbing, tongue dissolving as I gave the masculine face bobbing on my cock a lovely, feminine pussy that squeezed and caressed me tightly and delightfully.

    His friend and I kissed while my newly transformed lover slid his new pussymouth up and down my shaft, and the tongue of the man dancing between my lips fluttered in the soft, toothless passage of the pussy hidden behind my own normal lips, flicking past the labia and rubbing the clit hidden just inside the top of my mouth while my tongue danced with his.  The poor boy who's form padded the inside of my slick mouth could do nothing save endure the stimulation as that lovely tongue drove my reformed mouth into delightful orgasm after orgasm.

    I wanted to return the favor, and as we kissed, Charles' friend's body shrank. I kept kissing the disembodied head he had become in my upper hands while my lower pair hands ran through Charles' hair, slicking his head with pussy juices from the vaginas embedded in the palms of my hands, and precum from the delicate cockheads tipping my fingers as the pair of men shared that experience.

    Both of my playmates were oblivious to the cacophony of emotions ripping from my various sexual organs, each individual one a former human who had become trapped in my form, riding my ecstasy, some willingly but most of them not so much.  I wanted to share the exquisite pleasure of feeling someone joined to you as part of your form with my lover and his friend.

    Charles' now labial lips pulsed and massaged my penis as the first waves of cum flooded his mouth-slit, frozen, jerking at the unfamiliar sensations of his face involuntarily tightening around my penis rapidly in a pleasurable orgasm.  My own happy cry was awash with greater intensity as I felt him orgasm for the first time with his new sex.  The fact that he no longer required to breathe simply made it easier, I would imagine.  He couldn't choke on the pearly spunk that was smearing all over the inside of the tight, warm, cock-sleeve his mouth and nose had become, even though a bit of both our juices slicked off his lips onto me.

    I coaxed Charles' face off my shaft, letting the poor, overwhelmed organ rest a moment so I could get him to climb on top of me and set his own cock to the pair of feminine lips that had once begun life as my first male lover.  I let my legs spread and felt his cock slide into the slick sheath between my thighs, gasping with delight as my first boyfriend engulfed Charles' delightful member again as he had so many times since I'd lost control and reduced him to nothing more than the feminine sex I'd learned to enjoy having so much.  The now-bodiless head of his friend lay to the side like a discarded toy, gaping and trying to form words to protest its reduced state of being.

    Charles grabbed my ass as I rolled on top of him, squeezing as the pussy between the cheeks of my butt quivered in protest, both at the grand fucking Charles' now-reduced friend had given it a few minutes before, and the fingers now gripping the cheeks of it's existence for a few moments before I arched up and began riding my lover slowly. 

    I smiled down at my very confused, aroused lover as I took his hands with my lower arms and crossed them under his pectorals, putting my upper hands to said muscles and began kneading as the hot bar of my penis slid across his belly with each rise and fall of my hips.  I leaned in and slid my tongue into the slit gracing his face, picking up a bit more of our mutual juices before grinding my tongue-tip into the clitoral nub which had replaced his nose.

    The two luscious breasts rising from his chest were generous, full, shapely.  His wide-eyed expression of confusion and ecstasy bore out as my lower hands massaged his arms, reshaping them, kneading away the bones, sculpting the former limbs into two new breasts. Each one was a twin of the soft teardrop resting above it, leaving my new sex pet's shoulders bare, smooth and rounded.

    I leaned in and let the toothless mouths replacing my nipples latch onto his newly-made nipples, using my hands to coax his flopping tits into position so I could suckle at the sensitive bits gently while my hands traced along his torso and hips.  The moan came from somewhere in my pretty lover's chest as my long hair slid across his face, caressing him as I rose and fell in my steady rhythm, the girl comprising my blood-red locks gently sliding along his forehead, cheeks as they became more feminine as she silently came inside me, arching fully as she gave a protesting moan.  It was my turn to drip our juices from my lips below.

    Womanly curves, with artfully empty shoulders replaced the masculine form I'd dove into bed with many, many times.  I wondered idly if Charles realized what he'd gotten himself into when he offered himself to become my transformed plaything whenever I wished, however I wished.  Two more breasts joined Charles' four mammaries on a whim while I focused my magic on keeping his cock hard and ready.  I had special plans for that. 

    As I leaned back my hands reshaped legs into feminine shapes, arching backwards as my two lower hands found the delightful feet of my lover, and reshaped them into fleshy, rather than bony, hooves with a cleft marked by a clitoris. The bottoms of his new "feet" became sensitive, labia-wreathed pussies that would forever provide my lover with pleasure whenever she took an awkward step.

    It's impossible to describe an orgasm that takes your entire body. Even my heels, which still had the penises buried at the bottoms of my boots thrust into them quivered and fluttered exquisitely with their own silent screams. My first absorbed lover involuntarily clenched around Charles' penis in delightful orgasm, his former sister began spraying her load across the chest and face of the former man beneath me as my sentient penis joined the fun. 
    My breasts, excited and frantically using their tongues on the clits hidden behind their upper lips drooled helplessly as they quivered, spasmed and danced.  The former men who I'd merged with my arms felt their toothless, tongue-less mouths quivering as the pussies in my palms gave their resolve and the precum dripping from all twenty of my cockhead-tipped fingers spurted their tiny loads while my poor ass involuntarily squeezed more cum from himself as the pussy that was his mouth joined the hurricane of sensation. 

    I actually screamed when my mouth involuntarily spasmed and every nerve of my body was engulfed in the whitest fire of pleasure.  This was a treat that I didn't get to enjoy often, and resolved to have the opportunity for more often.  Full-body orgasm, delirious pleasure mixed with the heady, addictive rush of reshaping mortal flesh with my hands awakened the demon in me, and the changes I had wracked my lover's form with were suddenly not enough.

    When the fire subsided, the aftershocks washed pleasantly through me as I slid off Charles' still-erect cock.  I reached behind myself and picked up the confused, seemingly discarded head that was frantically trying to speak without lungs or vocal cords while I kept my dear pet occupied with yet more kisses, and tonguing of her facial pussy while she moaned in frustrated ecstasy.  I pushed two fingers into the back of the head, feeling more than seeing his mouth go wide as the new, sensitive passage and my dripping fingers penetrated his brain.

    I slid the pussy on the back of his head onto Charles' shaft as I pressed, and my lovers both got to feel the unique and exquisite sensation of flesh joining flesh, bone dissolving as muscles absorbed the hair, skin and skull into my lover's hips.  Nose and mouth receded as my work finished, leaving nothing but a surprised pair of baby blue eyes staring outward silently above the delicate vagina his mouth had become. 

    My squirming lover's eyes nearly popped out of her head as I set myself between her thighs, then pushed. My cockhead slipped tightly into the brand-new passage between her legs as her involuntary bodymate came for the first time, teeth and tongue dissolved entirely into the juices that would lubricate my cock's entry into his mouth, penetrating his whole being as I began thrusting into the squirming, writhing toy in my arms, letting my breasts suckle her nipples while I flicked my tongue along her labia and clit, even as I penetrated her in completely unexpected ways.

    It didn't take very long, and it still wasn't enough, even as I came hard, spurting yet more seed deeply into the tight, quivering, orgasming passage that was once a man's mouth.  I gasped and purred softly, whispering into my excited, ecstatic, overwhelmed and terrified lover's ear.  "Would you like to feel more, sweetling?"

    The naked fear and lust at the thoughts of what I might do next warred in her eyes as she rightly realized that I might not stop even if she said no, her halting nod an affirmation of my intent.  I purred and kissed her again as I swept her hair from her head, leaving a bald, shiny skull that rapidly grew bizarre lumps all over while I kept my penis stuffed in Charles' new pussy, whose wide eyes were stuck staring at the hips bearing the meat so rudely, pleasurably thrust into his whole being, disbelieving.

    The bumps grew tiny slits at the tips as I rolled on my back, sitting up, forcing the newly-minted sex-creature to sit on my crotch while the tendrils slipped from her head. Each one was an inch-thick, prehensile penis that extended to her mid-thigh like a medusa's serpentine locks.  Dozens of tentacles tipped with lovely glans poked, writhed and prodded while she tried to learn how to wield the closest things to hands she would ever enjoy again.  Fully prehensile, her cock-hair would be the way she interacted with the world.

    And it still wasn't enough. 

    I licked her pussyface from the base of the labia to her clit, then took her cheeks in my slick hands and guided her eyes down to the helpless eyes staring from just above the impaled flesh of her pussy.  as her eyes went wide with recognition I purred out "You really only need two eyes, lover.  You should really learn to communicate with yours."

    At Charles' confused, questioning look I slid my tongue across her right eye, amused as she shut it to protect the vulnerable organ contained behind her eyelids.  She gave another moan as my tongue slid into the socket, suddenly gushing its own pussy juices as her newest penis receptacle replaced the eye.  My top-left hand slid an index finger into her left eye, pressing out the juices of the pussy there as she, too, discovered what a full-body orgasm felt like, cumming from her mouth and eye-pussies, her tight vagina between her legs clenching my cock pleasurably as all of the cock-tentacles attached to her head spewed white, ropy streamers of cum all over the bed, and me.

    Poor Charles, the stimulation was far, far too much for her as her exhaustion gave out, and she passed into unconsciousness in my arms.  I lay her on her back, smiling at the two eyes staring from her hips, half-lidded in pleasure, trying to muster fury against becoming nothing more than a sex organ on his friend's body, an orifice I fully intended to use for my own pleasure over, and over again.  I let my lower-left hand slide over him, teasing his lips as Pussy's eyes rolled back into its "head" with pleasure, feeling it try to clench around the two cock-tipped fingers I slid into its mouth gently.

    It's a good thing I hadn't bothered to learn Charles' friend's name.  Pussy was so much better than anything it could have been.  As I leaned into my lover and spooned myself against her, I pressed my shaft once more into her, ass this time.  When she failed to react as I mirrored our favorite sleeping position as she had done with me so many times, I focused one more time and decided to let her wake up with the familiar-to-me sensation of waking up with the pussy ensconced between my ass cheeks still filled with a cock.

    And it wasn't enough. 

    As soon as I let the exhaustion take me, my eyes snapped open, the tension returned, the sleepy lethargy was gone and I felt the mana suffusing my flesh surge.  I slid out of my unconscious lover, unceremoniously feeling the need to clean myself, to get a layer of... something... off my skin.  Soap didn't help.  Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing lotion, nothing helped.  Even after my hair (whom was shrieking silently in ecstasy as I lavished her with my attention) was dried and styled just so, I still felt like I needed to be free of... something.

    It was sheer frustration that caused me to grab my hair and pull.  My head slid out of the skin like it was a glove, my back and skull slipping out of a sudden seam behind me as I peeled my skin off, shedding the human flesh with so many, now dormant, minds trapped within its curves.  As I stepped out of my own skin, that feeling of needing to clean myself left.  I found myself holding my skin, the face of Alisaundra, Master Alchemist in a spindly, thin, ghost-white hand, following the wall to a full-body mirror showing... me. 

    I suddenly understood what people meant when it was said every demon, and Half-Demon has a "true form."  I had simply thought I would modify my skin and create my form the way most demons could simply reshape the mana that made up their flesh and make themselves into any number of grotesque shapes, or perfectly normal and human for infiltrating society.

    The lanky, hairless, androgynous shape was sexless, featureless, ghost-white.  It was bald, and had no mouth or nose.  Two blank indentations where eyes should have been stared, seemingly blankly, into the mirror.  It only had two arms, two legs, nothing between its legs, and no ass to speak of. 

    I was featureless, a blank slate, a mockery of the careful sculpting I had done to make my artfully woven skin as though a tailor on clothing.



    I felt naked, and the limp, six-limbed, four-breasted, five-mouthed, twenty-one penis'd, thirteen vagina-having, heavy suit of flesh had been my clothing.  That flesh was complete, had been for months since I'd absorbed the five obnoxious fraternity pranksters who'd snuck into my guest house at the University where I was speaking on methods of Alchemy into my breasts and mouth after they'd woken me taking pictures of one of them pressing his dick to my sleeping lips.


    This suit of flesh was complete. 

    I don't know why, but I took the skin I had worn for so very long, and simply hooked her onto a hangar in my closet before letting her hang and drape down to the floor.  I suddenly knew what was wrong...

    I had only one proper outfit in my wardrobe. 

    This would not do at all.

    I felt like I needed to go shopping.

    As I stepped out into the world, it was late in the afternoon, pushing towards dusk.  I didn't bother hiding myself, instead walking naked, and showing nothing through the streets until I came upon the celebration in the middle of town, and I realized what had happened.

    Costumes lined the streets of the capitol, as people celebrated "Daemonsnacht" in older forms of the imperial language.  Modern parlance called it Demon's Eve, the day when Demons walked the streets in a trance-like state, gifting changes to all while watching for more potent Demonic creatures which might simply take them, absorb them, devour their essence.  People could protect themselves by wearing costumes of transformees, confusing the Demons, and making it so that they could not tell mortal from demon, making transformation dangerous.

    Total bullshit.

    I've gone through enough of these nights to know that on Demon's Eve, the mana of the world surges, infusing mana creatures with energy that affects each one uniquely.  Some do, in fact, follow the rules mortals believe of Demon's Eve, losing their mana sight and bumbling about in a daze.  Some who cannot become human do so for one night, and can reflect upon their states.  Some go berserk, some give into orgiastic lust.  Some become more potent, change, become reborn.

    I had never felt much on Demon's Eve save an upsurge of hunger.  I fed that hunger through sex, and a few involuntary additions to my body each year.  Now I had changed, and something was up.  I felt like I could breathe, feel the mana, grab it... and make the three pretty young women sporting mock-ups of my favorite transformations besides body merging, pussy-mouths and multiple breasts, merge with their now-flesh costumes which left each of them with a cock-hungry cum-receptacle in place of her mouth and nose, and the falsies merged to their chests and torsos to become true breasts they would bear until the day they died with but an act of will.

    It didn't exhaust me.

    I could see the transformed, subtle patterns of reshaped flesh and mana standing out among the crowd of normal people as I slipped through, ignoring the odd looks and shrugging and nodding when asked if I'd gotten my changes this night.

    The Empire is strange compared to my homeland of Freya's Realm.  Most people deride transformations here, but fleshwarping received on Daemonsnacht held a lesser stigma, almost a badge of honor for braving the deadliest night to humanity and sanity.  Those who awoke altered the next morning would find tradition protecting them rather than ostracizing them.

    The demon and I barely acknowledged each others' passing as we moved within arm's reach of each other.  Each of us had a purpose, a mission, a goal this night.  I did not know his, nor did I care.  He gave me the same courtesy as he stalked the crowd, watching the people like a predatory animal gazes upon sheep. 

    I glided past my own shop, Casual Wickedry, noting the closed sign and my lovely, dark-haired apprentice Mikaela dutifully studying one of the alchemy manuals I had given her.  She, or Zasha would make a lovely suit, unspoiled and barely changed, with merely four breasts and each other alternating as person and pussy, changing as they slept.

    But they were a good student, so I moved along, searching.


    Demon-Hunters are an annoyance.  For every half-demon they slay, dozens of them fall into gibbering insensibility, transformed into helpless things that could strike at no one, or becoming dangerous beasts with infectious transformative powers.  For every avatar slain, hundreds might fall.  This demon-hunter was enjoying a night with two lovely creatures whom tittered at his blades, and the crossbow at his hip. 

    They would make a lovely suit.


Re: Daemonsnacht (Edited this time)

I followed discretely, passing time as they approached a hotel, wandering in.  I crept behind, keeping out of their sight and followed them to their room on the third floor.  When they entered the room, I slipped around, crawling like a spider along the outside wall of the building, then slipped into the cracked window of the room and under the bed while the three indulged in a bit of foreplay. 

    One of the girls was blonde, with an ok figure and cute face.  The other had raven hair, luscious breasts, and a figure to be envied.  The blond was beautiful in her own right, but it was the dark-haired woman with the Ice-Blue eyes that captivated me.  I wanted her, had to have her...

    The Demon-Slayer took the Raven-haired woman first, while the Blonde caressed them both.  When he came, there were no throaty moans from Midnight, as I named her in my head.  When she got up to go to the bathroom, and the other two began fucking like animals on the bed, I followed low and slow, creeping in and getting behind her silently as she fussed with her makeup, disappointed with the sex.  A thought froze her in place, silencing any screams as her mind and emotions whipped to confused, then terrified as I quietly closed the door.

    When she saw me stand behind her, she wanted to scream, terror ruling her as I slid my finger down her back from the nape of her neck to the crack of her ass, peeled her skin open and crawled inside her body.  I'd taken a girl as my skin before, but the heady feelings of my flesh melding with hers, skin sliding into skin, bones and muscles quivering orgasmically as every part of me invaded and merged with every part of her was something I would treasure.

    I was Midnight, and I was beautiful.  I wasn't perfect though, and I intended to rectify it as the helpless girl behind my eyes watched and felt as her body moved against her will, looked in the mirror and slid a hand to her-no-my wet snatch and smiled.  "I'm going to enjoy wearing you," I whispered just for her as her mind went live with fear, and arousal as what I felt, I shared with her.  I tossed the lipstick she'd been fussing with into the sink and sauntered out to meet my two new playmates.

    He'd finished again, a disappointing experience I'd imagine as my partner stood and greeted me.  I whispered in her ear my plan, and she grinned.  The money on the tabletop told the tale.  This demon-hunter had paid two prostitutes to keep him company on Demon's Eve.  Little did he realize he was going to become part of my Midnight suit.

    He was leaning up against the headboard as I slowly crawled up to him, putting my mouth between his legs and coaxing him hard once more.  When he was fully Erect I moved up and turned, sitting on his lap as I slowly began pressing his shaft into the unfamiliar sensation of an anal sphincter.  As I pushed down, and he filled my backside he looked shocked.

    "I thought you said no anal."  It was almost adorable, the expression on his face.

    "I changed my mind, love."  As I seated myself fully on his lap, I beckoned my partner over, and she put her face between my thighs and began licking my pussy while I purred.  He put his hand to my ass and slowly began pushing me up and down on his shaft while the blonde licked me out.

    Neither of them realized what was happening until it was too late.  When the blonde realized that her hands, wrapped around my thighs, had merged with my sexy legs and hips, it was too late.  Her scream died on her lips as her face suddenly was pushed firmly into my crotch, mouth lips merging to labial lips that would now serve an entirely new function as she tried to scream with the ecstasy of the change.  His legs had pulled in, beginning to merge with my ass as his entire being became overloaded with sensation, and his hands had fused to my hips as he realized the danger and desperately tried to free himself to get at his weapons.

    He tried to escape me, and found that his struggles pushing and pulling only fused his arms and legs deeper into my hips, penis and anus merging, forming an odd organ for my pleasure.  My legs had sunk into the blonde's body, merging with her back as her arms vanished, head smoothing over with my hips as my hips and legs fully transformed into a long, thick, fleshy tube as her thrashing form pleasurably smoothed out, engulfed in the cylinder of flesh that her body was becoming.  Her legs kicked frantically for a few moments before fusing, thrashing, thickening into a long tube with a massive glans at the end.

    The Demon-Hunter was boneless and losing definition as I rolled over onto my belly, smiling at the new sensations.  His flesh sagged, skin became wrinkly like a sack of skin, shrinking bonelessly and spasming, pushing, then pulsing as his being split, merging with my ass completely to form the sac containing a pair of sentient testicles that involuntarily contracted, squeezing cum into the prostate where his cock and my anus had merged, then pushed the delectable, milky drops of pre-cum from my new testicles, through the tube of my former pussy, and blondie's mouth, down her throat , through the length of my new serpentine shaft before erupting exquisitely from the piss-slit of the eight-foot long, serpentine cock that now engulfed my hips and legs.  This new sensation was utterly lovely, and I slid the tip of my new body-cock across the wall, smearing it with sticky fluid.

    As my changes settled, I felt my new, massive balls clench tightly as the panicked demon-hunter tried to do something, anything, and I experienced my very first orgasm as a cock-naga, moaning helplessly for over a minute, my new cock-tail sprayed several gallons of hot, ropey cum across the wall of the room while the three trapped minds were overwhelmed by the orgasm. 

    When it was over, I smiled and slid my lower body to the floor, settling upright, trailing three or four feet of penis behind me as I slithered gently through the cum-pools slicked all over the floor of the hotel room.  Each motion caused my balls to clench, delightfully squirting a little more pre-cum onto the floor behind me.  I grabbed a large suitcase as I left, dumping out the Slayer's weapons in his room. I slithered to the elevator, trailing small puddles of cum, then exploding again, and jetting gallons more cum across the hallway, drenching a couple as they exited their rooms while I slid into the Elevator.

    I hit the button to keep the elevator stopped as I peeled off my new outfit, gingerly pushing Midnight into the suitcase, cheating with magic to make her fit before letting the elevator move again, finally stepping out of the lobby, hauling the case out the door as though the heavy, fleshy thing inside were nothing more than a bag of light summer wear.  I had to get back home quickly, so I could put my Midnight Suit in my closet for later.

    When I got home, Charles was still mercifully asleep and I was able to hang midnight up properly.  It had only been a little over an hour since I left, and it still wasn't enough.  I had more shopping to do.  Every step brought another surge as I left again to find another outfit.  A man and woman, were crossdressing together as I walked by in celebration of the holiday.  When I was gone, the man was a slender woman with chestnut hair and maddeningly high libido while her now-male partner tried to comfort her and get her home while trying to fight the straining, torturous erection he now sported.

    I began walking towards...

    I saw her, I saw Donna, or a woman who looked very like her.  It was impossible of course, as Donna had left Milly's Bar & Grill on the border of Freya's Realm as a sexy blue-ringed cocktopus, and this woman lacked the scarring on the cheeks.  Nostalgia won out as I trailed her, slipping into the bar behind her as she entered.  The people here were transformed for the most part, and the blonde went to the bathroom with an odd vial she removed from her purse.  The excitement she felt was palpable, and I decided that her name was Donna.

    Donna had been an Alchemy student scarred, and then for the delight of a crowd, I used alchemy to paint a tantalizing transformation upon her body.  She had been an able assistant, but when we parted ways, I had no way to showcase the work I'd done on her in my shop.  It was an oversight I intended to correct.

    I stopped her before she could drink the vial in the bathroom, whatever transformation she was about to take aborted as I slid myself into her body after dissolving her clothing.  As my flesh merged with hers I smirked and mussed my hair, then changed her eyes to the pretty green Donna had sported.  I shook my head as my passenger was forced to watch as I puppeted her form like a body glove, transforming her blonde hair into a vivid blue that bobbed at her shoulders.  Her shock and horror were mixed with amazement as I began warping her flesh, and she felt her body decide that she was no longer in charge.

    My skin turned yellow, bright yellow, then blue rings in a lovely pattern made themselves known on my flesh.  I took one hand and smoothed out my right arm, elongating it until the newly-formed tentacle could comfortably reach my ankles.  I pushed the tip into my mouth, sucking on it, dissolving my own teeth and merging my tongue to the pussy that took my mouth and nose.  I told you it was one of my favorite transformations.

    When I was done, I wrapped the tentacle around my remaining arm, smoothing and stretching it out until I had another octopus tentacle with a normal cockhead at the tip, suckers forming on the undersides, boneless below my elbows.  I looked critically at my legs, pressing them together, forcing them to pleasurably merge, then thicken, then erupt outward, splaying in eight directions as eight more tentacles connected to one another by a "skirt" of webbed skin made themselves known to the world while I moaned through the sensitive, toothless mouth that lay at the center of my new appendages, where my original pussy once had been.

    "Oh my that is delightful" I mouthed as the words were as pleasurable as when I wore Alisaundra and her vuvlva-concealed mouth, only coming from between my hips this time.  The thick tongue behind the lips played merrily with the fleshy passage as my whole body shuddered.  I didn't bother trying to be discrete, slithering out into the bar on eight tentacles that were each twice as long as my original legs and about as thick, each tipped with a normal cockhead.  I got dozens of compliments on my new form, three impromptu blowjobs of my tentacle tips that rewarded someone with a shot of spunk as I felt the pleasure of more orgasms, and gave another transformee a thrill by getting him to cum in my toothless pussyface before leaving with a smug, "just fucked" expression written all over me.  My involuntary bodymate was nearly losing her mind with glee, and lust, similar to my living mannequin as she realized that she was a mere puppet, and had to live vicariously through me.
    My parting gift to the bar was spiking the drink of a loud, drunken hermaphrodite who was incapable of keeping hir top on with the vial Donna had been preparing to drink.  When I left shi was delicately, and silently propped up in a stool, naked.  What was left of hir was a living, fleshy love doll parked in the bar for anyone who wished to use at a whim.

    It still wasn't enough.

    I hung Donna next to Alisaundra and Midnight, then slipped out again, hopping onto the street as the sunlight was fading.

    I went out five more times, coming back each time with a new addition to my wardrobe of flesh.  The first was a complex change, a poker game interrupted as I changed one man into a woman, then wore her as I absorbed her friends into myself.  I named her Viola, and her sandy blonde, curly hair offset the pussyface I gave her and lovely, coffee complexion of brown skin. 

    When I was finished, I had six breasts, each delicately capped with another pussy in place of a nipple.  I left her pussy intact, save for an incredulous pair of staring eyes that matched the pair on Charles' hips, complete with person trapped inside.  Viola's hands had been replaced with a delicate vulva flower each, with passages traveling up her forearms capable of accepting eighteen-inch cocks. 

    Each of my breasts, and my pussy on my face once were one of the card players, as were my two vuvla hands.  My lower body extended out, centaur-like as a second feminine form was merged into my ass.  My new lower-body extended behind me to give me balance, and the cock between my rear hips was perfectly positioned so I would be able to fuck Charles' pussy easily.  All four of my feet had been replaced with pussy-hooves, the same way I had reshaped Charles' feet.  The five girlfriends in attendance enjoyed being my legs and hooves, or the quivering vagina up front, or the hermaphroditic penis and pussy I had in the rear.
    Viola went up in the closet next to the others, and Charles, so very exhausted from her ordeal, still did not wake as I passed in and out of my home.

    The naga skin I created was exotic, and delightful.  I created the delightful, redheaded creature with a group who collaborated to make themselves into a naga with colored cloth and Belly Dancer regalia.  The end result was a ravishing, female creature with a mouth built the same as I'd had with Alisaundra, pussy behind lips, exotic curves, two arms and a glittering, white-pearl scaled tail replacing my legs that extended twenty-five feet behind my imposing, six-foot tall form. 

    The redhead's five friends comprised the glittering, scaled appendage that trailed behind me.  Twin penises hidden behind split scales bearing soft spines that were delightful to touch completed the image with the matching vaginal passages immediately below.  As I slithered my new body home I made plans to share with Charles, wrapping her in my tail and sliding my sexy hemipenii into her eye-pussies in an erotic, sinuous face-fuck while my tailtip violated her sentient sex between her legs.  I named my Naga-suit Lamia.

    Twin lovelies with doe-brown eyes and mahogany, wild hair became siamese twins as I merged with them.  Having two heads, and being able to hold two conversations was delightful.  Having four arms and eight breasts in two rows on a sexy single body was amazing, and seeing through two sets of eyes, holding kissing two people at once?  It was sublime.  Gemini was the name I gave to this form.

    Another brunette became an interesting change with four breasts and no head, a simple vagina where my neck should be.  Underneath the four bouncing, luscious globes on my new chest, my eyes rested above my pussy and my tongue slid in and out of my toothless "mouth" on my crotch delightfully.  Her boyfriend let me fuck him, sliding my mouth on his shaft in odd mirror of some of my favorite changes as I gave him the best blowjob of his life.  He joined his puppeted girlfriend as another pussy in my ass that would quiver and flutter pleasurably as he tried to beg for help, or for mercy.  I called her Ally.

    Roan started as three College girls out on the town.  When she ended, I was an imposing, seven-foot tall creature, muscular and feminine with a lovely face any narcissist could covet and a mane of snow-white hair that traveled down my back.  I delighted in the red-brown fur covering my back, my arms and legs  My chest was furless, sporting four massive tits that looked perfectly reasonable on my large frame, my hips were graced with a horse cock as long and thick as a man's forearm, and a mare's vagina that could easily accept the same.  My legs were digitigrade, and ended in massive clydesdale-like hooves capped with white "socks" of fur.  The horse tail coming from my rear was a given, but my hands were a joy, three-fingered, black-skinned and those thick, long fingers were sensitive cocks I could used to pleasure any feminine creature short of a Size Queen.  Suckling on the tips was rewarded with a spurt of cum that I drank down with gusto.  One of Roan's girlfriends was the massive horsecock between my legs, the other my mare's pussy. 

         My last trip out found me at a sex show.  The finale was supposed to be a transformation, and I had just the one in mind.  I sabotaged the alchemy they prepared quietly, and hijacked a volunteer just before he took to the stage.  His confusion was priceless as I approached the man and woman, no, shemale and a lovely one at that, coupling on the large, round bed.  I climbed onto the bed with them as the "demon Cum" was poured out on us, and I grabbed the liquid mana with my will to guide the transformation mostly the way I wanted.

    I feigned a long moan and began rubbing my body as I let myself reshape into a wildly curly-haired redhead before the crowd, not too different from my Alisaundra skin, except retaining only two breasts and arms.  The man and shemale were fused toegether, her back to his front as they pulsed and flopped bonelessly, their bodies thickening and elongating.  Their limbs were absorbed as the amalgam-creature sprouted row after row of generous breasts without nipples, flesh turning pink on those breasts and her originals while the two heads merged, hair vanishing entirely as their shared mouth widened. 

    The pair fell on their back as I grew eight more large tits, the last pair on my upper thighs to the fascinated crowd.  The odd creature the other pair had become contracted, then splayed open, labial folds flinging juices all over the crowd before the pussy-slug thing they had become undulated towards me.  I rolled onto my breasts and feigned trying to escape as the heavy, slick, wet thing slid over me, engulfing me as I screamed in genuine pleasure as my lower body merged with the creature, legs dissolving bonelessly to join the muscles and meat the monstrosity had become.

    Ugh it felt good, so good that my unwilling skin lost him, or rather, herself in the sensations.  My entire upper body, un-absorbed by the pussy-slug thing turned pinkish as my skin became insanely sensitive.  My writhing caused me to shriek as my entire body below the hips contracted, cumming messily and agonizingly pleasurably with each spasm.  Trying to pick myself up the first two times resulted in more of these glorious orgasms.

    When I finally got myself upright, the crowd cheered.  I was the upper body of a massive, sluglike pussy, labial folds splitting up my front, below my hips with a gaping opening, that went from the front to the tip of my sluglike tail-body behind me.  I looked like a pinkish woman with red hair to my waist, lovely face, ten breasts capped with toothless, tongueless mouths concealing vaginal passages, facial pussy replacing my mouth and nose, and my hips were graced by a clitoral hood, surrounded by delicate labia traveling from behind me, around my front to conceal rows of massive, breast-like clits that would rub against the ground as I undulated forward.

    As I slid forward, someone slid a hand across my arm, and my whole lower body quivered pleasurably.  My upper body was a mobile, sensitive clitoris for the pussy I had basically become.  Each push forward dragged my sensitive flesh across the ground, floor, people in delightful waves of sensation that caused my body to gush more fluids to help me move more easily.

    A husband and wife had stripped and snuck around me while I was distracted by the intense sensations and I shrieked as each one pushed into the maw of the vaginal passage in front, almost hidden by my labial "petticoats" and joined each other, fucking with abandon within my slick, writhing, slug-like body.  I couldn't move the sensations were so overwhelming.

    Each motion drove me mad, and I cannot describe the massive orgasm after massive orgasm I felt as the two stimulated me from within, and others rubbed my upper body, delighting in the raw sensations they inflicted upon me while my pussy-body massaged and squeezed the lovers together, swelling immensely.  I finally expelled the pair, only changed.  The woman was squeezed out of me, followed by her own slug-like pussy-body comprised of her once-husband and upper body clit formed from her while my pussy-body deflated.  Two more couples took the plunge, and the two husbands wound up as the clits on top of the pussy-slugs.

    I didn't leave till morning, my need to acquire more and more skin suits sated as I slowly, exquisitely, enjoyed the orgasmic trip home.  Each slow push forward slid my slimy labia and clit-breasts along the uneven surface of the ground, stimulating my new cunt-form maddeningly. 

    This one felt right, and I knew I would be wearing this skin,  Lorelei, quite often in the future, along with Midnight and the others.  When I heaved my massive form back into bed, I gently, carefully took a shivering Charles and rolled onto my back, then fed her legs into my massive flesh cave, and let her warm up by sliding her inside myself to her shoulders, shuddering in pleasure as my massive pussy form tried to milk her gently like a cock.

    I don't know how long I waited, but when Charles started stirring, no longer shivering, I greeted her by kissing the splayed tendrils of her cock-hair with the lips on my breasts. I slipped the middle and ring fingers of my right hand, matching the motion on my left, into the fleshy, vaginal sockets left in place of Charles' eyes, massaging them from the inside until she moaned and woke to her face quivering in an orgasm that might someday match my own.


Re: Daemonsnacht (Edited this time)

I hit the wrong button, thinking I hit quote, and edited your post, I apologize.  It's been a long week.

Yes, you are correct, the people comprising the suits go dormant when not being worn.

Yes I think I need to go through and re-edit for grammar and coherency.  I was extremely tired when I wrote this.  Should have sat on it for a few editing passes, but my awareness wasn't so hot when I hit the end


Re: Daemonsnacht (Edited this time)

I'm a big fan of eye-socket pussies (I used to follow a guy named null-brainz who used them extensively) but I've always happens to the owner of said pussies' brain - does it get displaced? Something to flesh out.


Re: Daemonsnacht (Edited this time)

Ok, now that I had time and was actually fully awake today, I took the opportunity to make this story a little more coherent, with better descriptions.

Hopefully I can learn to reply to people without accidentally messing up their critiques.

Please give it a re-read and let me know what you think.


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Much improved!