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Hi Guys,

For years writing the continuation of Diary Princess Revenge I've always had this idea of an anthology based on the life of a group of university students knocking around in my head.

I've always wanted to write properly in the Belial setting and finally decided, no time like the present.

The story will start small, centred on a few characters, but I have a rough outline of additional content to add in over time.

My writing pace is slow, work and life ensure that, but I do find that having something written is the biggest incentive for writing more; no point in having a full story in my head if none of it is on paper.

So to begin these tales I have below, the starting point of our first character, Alexandra (Ally) Kyre. I hope you enjoy this and many tales to come.


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“The salty taste in your mouth is seminal fluid Ms Kyre. It’s caused by a mana induced change to your spit glands, and is the first symptom of a condition called Autogonadal-metamorphosis, which these test have confirmed you have.”

Forty-eight. There were forty-eight of those white chipboard tiles on the roof of Dr Grayson’s ceiling. A quick multiplication established that.

“The first and most important thing to remember with this condition is that it is not catching, and not your fault. Nothing you did, or didn’t do caused this directly. One in a hundred thousand people get this condition, and a pattern or cause has never been established. It’s an auto-mana condition.”

It’s odd that you tend to fixate on strange things when being given life-changing news. Like roof tiles or the hairy mole on our family doctor’s cheek.

“This means it’s a condition whereby your body’s mana begins to modify your make-up at a cellular level. As the name suggests, in this case it is the slow change of all of your bodily functions into the production and excretion of semen”

The mole had at least three big black hairs sticking from it.

“The metamorphosis starts with liquid producing organs Ms Kyre, such as spit glands, changing to produce seminal fluid instead. From there gonadal nodules will begin forming throughout the body, producing spermatozoa to mix with the seminal fluid. At his point the production of semen begins overwhelming the body’s ability to remove it.”

Four, it was four hairs. I could make that out once he turned his head.

“Penises begin sprouting from various places on the body, in most cases in a symmetrical way to relieve the build-up. Sperm production and the subsequent penis growth continues until the whole body has been converted, save the patient’s nervous system.”

From behind my mother piped up. “And how do we treat this doctor?”

A pregnant pause descended.

“Well, it can’t be.”

My mother’s hand tightened on my shoulder as I dropped my gaze to look at my feet. Open-topped sandals revealed my pale toes, with each nail painted orange to match my hair.

“There is, unfortunately, no cure for this condition. Nothing you do Ms Kyre will slow or speed up the progression of your condition… Do you understand this.”

I nodded, still not tearing my eyes from my feet.

“The good news, Ms Kyre, in this, is that it is one of the slower acting Auto-Mana conditions out there. You can expect several years from diagnosis to the final stage, which I can promise you, will not be painful at any stage.”

Another pause descended upon the doctor’s practice. Eventually broken again by the dulcet tones of Dr Weissman.

“Ms Kyre, you’re young, you’re healthy, and you’re a smart girl, but I can tell this is a lot to take in right now. I think it best to give you some reading material and give you a few days to learn about your condition and prepare for what it entails.”


Eighteen years old, fresh out of Ondorra’s most prodigious school with perfect scores, and an acceptance letter to the Ondorran Empire University, the finest third level education institution on the continent.

Two days ago the world was my oyster; two days ago the funky, persistent taste in my mouth became worrying enough for me to see professional advice; two days and my world had changed.

Standing in front of a full length mirror I regarded myself. Pale skinned, with long blazing orange hair an untidy, partially plaited mess hanging from my head. Slenderly build, there was not much in the way of curves on me, on the bottom or top. I had always hoped that age and time would take care of that; turns out age and time had different plans.

Pale, pouty lips puckered as I rolled my tongue around the inside of my mouth, gathering salty viscous fluid. I raised one hand to my face and let the viscous clear liquid dribble into my cupped palm. Seminal fluid, on my hand… A sudden thought occurred that this was the first time that I was touching it, an all-girls education and strict parenting had ensured that. I laughed despite myself.

This wouldn’t beat me. This wouldn’t change who I was. Alexandra Kyre was my name and I had a life to live. I had plans, and I was going to follow through with them.

Over the past few days I was asked repeatedly, by my mother, by my father, by the doctor and by my brother what I was going to do. I knew what I was going to do. What I was always going to do. I was going to go to University, and I was going to enjoy every moment of it. Full of self-determination I made a fist, feeling the silky fluid in the palm of my hand lubricating my grip. Auto-mana condition or no, I was going to university.


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Great Start


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Rad smile always excited to see more work by you. Also, ever since you collabed on body art, I've been keen to see your Belial take.


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Highly interesting. Very promising beginning!


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Always had an idea to do a change like this. A condition that slowly changed someone over time due to a genitic disorder or weird messed up puberty or something, but this is another cool way of doing it. Good stuff so far.


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Can't wait for the next chapter!


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“I’m fine Mom. Seriously!” Phone pressed between her ear and shoulder, and a large box of clothes hugged to her chest, Alexandra Kyre, struggled through the doorway of her new dormroom.

“No my room-mate is not here yet, and before you ask, no I’m not going to change my mind. I want to get out and live a little before…” Dropping the box beside many of its twins on the floor of the room Alexandra paused. She shouldn’t have said that, though she was coming to terms with the knowledge she had of her future, her Mother was still much more emotional about it.

“Mom.” She began softly. “Look you’re only an hour away from campus. I’ll be home every weekend. I’ll check in regularily, and if I don’t like it here, I promise I’ll come right home. I just want to do some normal things Mom.” The sigh on the other end of the phone was one of resignation, one Alexandra’s mother always made before giving in to what her daughter wanted; and so it was. Her mother acquiesced to her daughter and agreed that she could “give this a go”, not that she could have stopped her at this point.

A long drawn-out good-bye followed before Alexandra finally hung up the phone, throwing it on the bed and drawing her hands over her face in frustration.

“Hard saying goodbye?” Alexandra wheeled to the source of the voice speaking behind her. Standing in the precipice of her room, in the open doorway was another girl. “Oop… Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. Freshman?”

The girl stood tall, at least six foot from head to toes, and those toes were on show. The girl was barefoot, long thin legs bare, rising to a toned and tightly packed pair of shorts.  A strip of flesh showed off mid-riff, falling shadows showed that it too was well toned. A short, white, baggy tee completed the ensemble. Alexandra couldn’t make out with the baggy tee, but it didn’t look like the girl had much in the way of breasts beneath the material. Her face was warm, but unremarkable. Slightly long nose perched above two pink lips that pulled up at the side, as if hiding a smile. Two hazel eyes were framed above by brown bangs. The rest of her shoulder length hair was pulled back into a ponytail and held in place with a black hairband.

The girls hand shot out, long fingers stretched, “Saskia. Junior.” Finding her voice Alexandra stepped forward, almost tripping over a box she had left lying on the floor. Shaking hands firmly she replied “Alexandra, or Ally if you like, not junior, just Ally. So you’re named after your Mom?”

For a moment Saskia looked baffled, then she closed her eyes and chuckled with grace, “No I’m not ‘Junior’ I am a junior, here”. Gesturing all around.

Ally slapped her forehead, turning beet red in embarrassment. “Oh, of course! I’m sorry, that was stupid.”

Saskia waved it off. “Well Ally, it’s very nice to meet you. I remember my first day here. It can be daunting. So if you need anything,” She leaned to the side to reveal an open door directly across the hall “I’m there, so’s my room-mate Winter.” She leaned forwards, “Don’t let the name fool you, she’s completely opposite, would have been better if she’d been called ‘Summer’”

“Oh, of course. Thank you Saskia! If you ever need anything too I’m here.” Ally paused, “That sounded weird.”

Saskia smiled, “You don’t have much of a filter do you Ally?” She shook her head in response. “I like that.” She smiled widely at Ally, a set of buck teeth showing. “I’d better let you get to unpacking, but how about Winter and I take you guys out tonight and show you around campus? There’s no point in being stuck in the girl’s dorm on the one weeknight in the year with no lectures in the morning!”

The genuineness of her enthusiasm put Alexandra at ease and she nodded her assent. Swallowing hard on the viscous fluid in her mouth she cleared her throat and replied “Yes! That sounds great. Thank you Saskia, I’ll be here all evening.” The flourish that she ended the sentence with made her sound like a cheesy comedian. Saskia laughed and waved her goodbye. “I’ll leave you be ‘Ally not junior’.”

With a wave she retreated across the hall to her room shutting the door behind her. Alexandra paused for a moment before shutting hers too. She sighed looking at the boxes upon boxes of clothes and knickknacks on the floor. Six years at an all-girls school with a uniform had made her more than excited to empty her wardrobe and bring everything she had to university.

Looking around she assessed the room, currently bare. All rooms were decently sized, the campus was old, and sprawling, with many dorm buildings. Hers was the newest, built with contemporary styles of minimalism in mind. All the room sported was a two sliding panel doors to walk-in wardrobes at either side of the room, two desks, two beds and two large sets of shelves. The washrooms were common to each floor, but sported as many shower cubicles and toilets as there were rooms, so it was unlikely to cause issues.

Swallowing the salty viscous fluid constantly building in her mouth Alexandra thought back to her mother begging her to not move into the common dorms. With the condition her mother was convinced that she would be immediately set-upon and ostracised from the collective. It took Alexandra reminding her mother that no external physical symptoms were likely to manifest for some time, and when that time came Ally agreed she would move to the private dorm rooms.

For now though Ally wanted to meet as many people as she could. Tugging her long red braid gently, she bounced on the balls of her feet and closed her eyes. Smiling she though how glad she was to finally be in university, to finally be free. Eagerly she set about filling up her side of the dorm room.

-    -    -

It was two hours later when a rustle of keys at the door finally announced the arrival of Alexandra’s room-mate. Alexandra rose and brushed the pleats of her knee length dark green skirt. Her mouth dropped open as a large, bag like creature with short legs started making its way into the room, pushing the door open. The creature grunted once past the door and spun around. Alexandra left out a short bark like laugh as she realised it was, of course, not a bag creature, but a girl with a ridiculously large bag reversing into the room.

Rushing forward Alexandra pulled the door out of the way and stepped back. With a groan of great pleasure the girl slid the backpack from her back. “Ew, oh god” she rolled her shoulders trying to unstick the sweaty shirt from her back.

Taking a moment Alexandra took in the girl in front of her. She was incredibly short. Probably sub-five foot tall. Sleek black hair matted to her sweaty flat-featured face with almond eyes, betraying  Woaijan heritage.

With one hand she brushed her hair back, tucking it behind an ear, revealing her larger than average forehead. Despite the dishevelled hair and clothing this girls was far from ugly. A slightly upturned, button nose was perched above a full set of lips. Dark, exotic almond eyes regarded Alexandra for a moment. “Hey!” Her hand extended, “Yanni. Nice to meet you.”

A little less startled than at the previous meeting with Saskia, Alexandra was eager to make a good impression. Taking Yanni’s currently clammy hand she shook it confidently “Hi Yanni. I’m Alexandra, Ally’s fine though. I’m a freshman here. You too?”

“Yeah…” she responded. “First timer. Really looking forward to it!”

Alexandra smiled, “God me too! Just so excited to get learning and meeting everyone. I’m guessing by the accent that you’re not an Ondorran native?”
Yanni shook her head. “Nope, certainly not. Wouldn’t be dragging this monstrosity around if I was from anywhere nearby.” She gave her backpack a swift kick, as if it had done her grievous insult.

Alexandra giggled, “It is ridiculously big, isn’t it.” Yanni smirked. “You have no idea, want to help me drag it over there?” She gestured to the empty bed. “Of course.” Alexandra replied and the two girls began dragging the monstrosity across the room.

During the next half an hour both Alexandra and Yanni chatted about their backgrounds and making small-talk as Yanni unpacked and organised her belongings.

She was indeed from Wao, a small farming town well inland. The eldest of a large family she was hoping to get a degree in mana-mechanics to go set-up a farm equipment repair shop in her home town. She admitted that she loved machines and had always loved working with her hands since childhood.

Her demeanour was straightforward and unrefined, with no airs or graces about her, much different to the etiquette lessons Alexandra had received in her time at school. But she was kind and respectful also, and Alexandra was convinced very quickly that she would get on well with the girl.

Once Yanni had finished unpacking, Alexandra mentioned their dorm neighbours and the offer of a few drinks that night. Eager to make friends and connections Yanni agreed to come along. She excused herself first and said that she’d have to get cleaned up and change first. Alexandra nodded and accepted that, moving to her side of the room, expecting Yanni to grab her clothes, washing gear and leave for the communal wash rooms.

Instead, she simply began stripping in the room. First she pulled her long-sleeved tee free, reavealing her almost flat chest. Dark nipples stood proudly from puffy mosquito-bites. Revealed also by her exposed chest was a surprising hairiness. Her armpits were not shaved, with tufts of black sleek hair under each arm. Even more surprising was the dusted happy trail of silky black hair from her belly button down to the waist of her baggy blue jeans.

Alexandra barely had time to take this all in, blushing furiously, before Yanni unbuttoned her pants and unceremoniously dropped them. Half a heartbeat she hooked her thumb on the elastic of her plain white cotton panties and pulled them down too. As expected Yanni sported a significant bush, curly shiny black hair nestled between two short legs. Idly she scratched her bush as she gathered her towel and shower bag. Slinging the towel over her shoulder she gave a nod to Alexandra and announced that she’d be back in fifteen minutes. Without more words she up and left the room, strolling buck naked down the corridor towards the wash-rooms.

If Yanni had noticed Alexandra blushing, she hadn’t said anything. Alexandra was in awe of the girl’s confidence that she could walk so boldly through the corridors. She paused for a moment, she’d never seen a woman so hairy before. Idly she pulled at the band of her skirt and black tights underneath revealing her own soft smooth hairless mound.

An alchemist’s alteration some generations back had ensured that all females in the Kyre line were completely hairless from the eyebrows down. So the sight of Yanni’s hairy bush and happy-trail had Alexandra intrigued.

“You smuggling something down there or do you just like what you see?”. Alexandra’s head shot up to see Saskia giggling and standing by the door. With a snap and a wince she let go of the elastic bands of her dress and tights.

“Best to make sure your room-mate closes the door from now on when she leaves.” Saskia thumbed down the hallway. “She sure is a brave one! I like her moxie.”

Beetroot red Alexandra couldn’t formulate a reply, it didn’t matter though, as Saskia kept talking. “Just popping by to let you know we’re going to head in about an hour, so be ready… I’ll just… erm… leave you to your business then…” And with that she quietly closed the door with a *click*.

Groaning loudly Alexandra threw herself back on the bed and slapped her hands over her face. Beetroot red she rolled around the bed for a moment, trying to shake of the cringe. Spreading her fingers she revealed a smiling face though. She was here, in university, making friends, and living a life.


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The Ondoran Empire University, though not the most oldest or most high tech university, those honours went to the Kaidalon Mana Academy and the Empyres Technical College respectively, was certainly the largest. The several specialised buildings belonging to the university spread across the sprawling city of Ondora, from the trading floors of the Ondoran stock exchange, to the medical laboratories based in the Ondoran City University; the heart of the University, however, was a 3600 acre campus based a scant mile from the Pale Elven Community of Little Eden.
In the gloaming of an evening twilight, Alexandra and her three companions found themselves wandering the well-worn red cobblestones, taking in the sights and sounds.

“That’s the historical studies building!” Winter said, pointed out a large red sandstone building with a large mosaic fresco of the first meeting of elves and humans on the path leading up to is. As Alexandra watched Winter bounce on her heels as she excitedly pointed out more buildings, she couldn’t help but agree with Saskia’s assessment of the girl; A full two years Alexandra’s senior, and yet she behaved as excited as a Freshman on her first day. She was statuesque, standing 5’7” tall; Hourglass hips complimented her long legs, and her pert C cup breasts stood gravity defying from her thin chest. Her face was classically beautiful, high cheekbones and a narrow jaw gave her an ethereal look, almost elven, and her long straight silver hair moved almost as if it was underwater.

The silver hair was a family trait by all accounts, and she swore that none of her looks were due to alchemical alterations; at least, none bar her foot-long penis. Covered in a woollen sleeve, it currently dangling and bouncing between her legs as she walked. Winter was studying to become an alchemist, and an incident at her lab in her Sophomore year had left her with an extra appendage, far too large to hide down a trouser leg. Instead embracing the change, Winter had taken to wearing skirts short enough to show off her member in public, but due to campus laws forbidding outright profane nudity, was forced to cover it in a fabric sleeve.

While Alexandra couldn’t help sneaking an occasional glance at the monster, Yanni was not nearly as subtle. Openly she stared at the dangling member, loudly announcing that she’d never seen a modified person before. That started a whole conversation between her, Saskia, and Winter about her life growing up in a provincial Waoijan village. Entire seasons would go by with nary a visitor to her village, the only contact to the outer world a bi-weekly postman. Though him and her teacher she had managed to get all of the paperwork required to apply for the university, which included several assessment projects. Impressed with her responses, she was brought to the nearest large town for a live test and assessment, which she had aced, earning her place in the mana-mechanics course. Saskia, being a mana-mechanic junior was delighted to hear another person would be joining her undergraduate course. Listening and smiling at the girls chatting, Alexandra tugged at her braid. Yanni turned then to Alexandra, almond eyes almost as dark as obsidian, with a cat-like grin, and asked. “Well Ally! We all know what we’re doing, except you, what’s your plan?”

Swallowing hard to clear her throat, Alexandra responded, “Well, I’m not one-hundred percent sure. I thought I’d go into business like my father. But now that I’m here, and I can do what I want, I’ve been thinking of doing something more that interests me, you know.”

Saskia smiled, two front teeth peeking through the crack in her lips, “And what does interest you?” she inquired gently. Tugging her braid again Alexandra met Saskia’s eyes as confidently as she could, “People do.”

Saskia smiled, as did Winter, who pointed a long delicate finger at Alexandra, while looking at Saskia, “I like this one Sassky. She’s a good egg.” Winter gracefully stepped between Yanni and Alexandra as they strode side-by-side. Her arms snaked over both shoulders, bringing them in close. “Guys, I think that’s enough of a tour of the campus buildings, you’ll see the rest tomorrow at orientation. A more important mission awaits.” With that she dramatically threw one arm, palm out, sweeping across the sky and breathily whispered “Boooooze”.

Yanni chuckled, and Saskia face-palmed, grinning behind her hand. Alexandra tensed up, she had never been drinking before. A strict home life and draconian laws at her boarding school had ensured that.

Winter sensing how tense she was shifted her attention. “Ah don’t worry Alex! We’re not going to a frat party house or anything, I actually want to be able to get up tomorrow.” She paused for a moment, turning and stopping both girls in their tracks, palms raised. “By the way, when you do go to one of the frat parties, be sensible. Don’t drink anything you didn’t bring or that came from someone you don’t trust, the college is pretty strict on illegal alchemical substances, but there’re always one or two chancers every year. Have an exit plan for getting home, nothing worse than falling asleep and doing the walk of shame covered in permanent marker.” Saskia began to laugh behind Winter, who spun and shot her a sour look. “And most importantly kids,” Winter leaned in for emphasis “Use protection!” She winked at them before dodging back at a playful swipe from Yanni.

“That all sounds fairly wild, and fun. So where are we going tonight instead?” Alexandra asked, curious. Both Winter and Saskia leaned heads together and echoed, “The Pale Elf, finest wine on campus!” Saskia stepped forward, “Plus it has the best decking area out the back overlooking the canal.” With that she turned, Winter following immediately rainbow wool covered shaft bouncing between her legs and slapping her thighs; Yanni and Alexandra shared a grinning glance before following excitedly.

“Hey Winter, does that thing actually work?” Asked Yanni, pointing at the dangling appendage. Winter giggled, “Of course he does. Since it has a mind of its own I’m sure you’ll see the old boy at attention eventually.”


Re: O.E.U. Ondorra Empire University

The rhythmic slapping of long floppy cock on bare leg had Alexandra mesmerised. Step by unsteady step it swung from side to side under Winter’s skirt. Somewhere along the line Winter had lost or more likely removed her cock-sleeve, which left the floppy  one and a half foot monster exposed and bouncing around in the warm summer night’s air.

The night at the Pale Elf had been a great success. The wine flowed, as did the conversation. Even Alexandra opened up and talked about her time at boarding school. Yanni had, by far, the most stories to tell, however. Life, in a small Waoijan village did not mean nothing at all happened.  Her family was large, and her siblings unruly, that made for many tales. Her community was tightly-knit, and gossipy, that made for more.

What was an even bigger surprise was when, during an impromptu game of truth or dare, the ethereal and beautiful Winter dared the diminutive and tomboyish Yanni to approach a neighbouring table of men to get a number. Not only did Yanni surprise everyone by get a number or one particularly large and muscular specimen, she was currently sitting on a windowsill making out with him about 100 feet back.

“The country bumpkin pulls on her first night out! Hah! Never judge a book by its cover.”

Winter shouted, turning around fully to ensure Yanni heard her. A raised middle finger and a smirk into the hungry lips of her man was all the response Winter got.

Laughing heartily she turned back in the direction of their dorm. “C’mon girls! Past midnight and time to leave them at it!”

Alexandra breathed in the warm fragrant night air, closing her eyes to the sensation. She took in all her smell, hearing and touch would allow. Slowly rotating in place she felt the warm air tickle her fingertips as it her hands swam in the air. From the trees and plant all around she smelled a myriad of fragrances; and through her ears she could hear the quiet rustling of every leaf… and the smacking of Yanni’s lips.

Grinning she opened her eyes. University would be her time too, her time for sexual awakening. Like fearless Yanni she needed to grasp every opportunity and run with it.

Almost skipping she took after the two besties, currently with their arms around their shoulders and swaying with every step. About ten feet from them Alexandra hailed the two juniors. “Hey guy…”

She was instantly shushed by Saskia spinning in place with a finger to her lips. Her face betrayed intrigue with a dash of shock. Making a poor tipsy effort to stay quiet Alexandra joined the two motionless friends and mouthed What?  at Saskia.

Soundlessly she swung her hand to point at a figure hunched over a bin in the nearby green. At first Alexandra thought the figure was a, small portly and heavily dressed someone getting sick into the bin, heaving and shaking regularly, but something was off. Cocking her head she focussed as best she could in the dark. The figure hunched again. This time Alexandra could tell it wasn’t getting sick into the bin, it was reaching into the bin. Something was still off though, the clothes were too uniform, the shape slightly wrong, the arms too… and then the creature reared its head, revealing a rat’s muzzle full of cast-off food.

Suddenly it all came together, it wasn’t a person, it was some sort of rat-creature. It stood shorter even than Yanni, at about four foot tall. Hairy black bristly fur ran all the way from its head to its feet. Its ears, Alexandra could now see were pink and hairless, twitching on its head. No doubt turning to some perceived noise the rat-creature turned profile, and Alexandra left out a gasp that was quickly covered by Winter’s hand.

“That’s a Kobold Alex… or were-rat… A nasty piece of work…” Winter whispered in her ear.

From the profile she could see the creature was a bestial fat mish-mash of sexual organs

“They come up from the sewers, roaming the campus at night… feeding on scraps left behind…” Saskia breathed into her other ear. Alexandra felt the tingle down her back and the fire of adrenalin deep in her core as the Kobold scratched it fat hairy belly.

“It needs the food to feed its many, many young.” Resting on the Kobolds belly were two heaving hairy breasts each with a fat pale nipple. The fire burned deep within Alexandra, as she felt her breath begin to quicken.

“But that’s not the only hunger it has”. Alexandra’s eyes were drawn down, to the Kobolds most striking appendage, a fat dribbling cock peeking out of a furry sheathe from under its belly. Pale and milky in the moonlight the cock seemed to twitch.

“It comes up from the sewers. Looking for young girls.” As if on cue, the Kobold took a moment, and wrapped its hands around the massive shaft and began pumping.

Alexandra bit her lip. As disgusting as the sight in front of her should be, a small part of her, heightened by the rush of adrenalin was fascinated and aroused at the sight of such a large cock.

“Easily overpowering and seducing one and drag it back to its lair and have its way with them”. Alexandra felt a flood of viscous seminal fluid flow from her cheeks into her mouth. Below she began to tingle as she realised this was the first penis she had even seen erect in real life.

“And then it makes it one of its own! A Kobold to join the hoard!!!” The girls whispering reached fever pitch as Alexandra gasped on an in-breath. The Kobold squealed in fat ropey blasts onto the ground in front of it; its fat body jiggling with every convulsion.

Just as Alexandra’s nerves reached fever pitch she jumped and squealed as the two girls beside her began roaring.


Eyes wide in fear Alexandra watched as the Kobolds head shot up and around to regard the girls. Now though, she could see the shock and surprise in its own eyes. With a look of abject terror it began scampering off towards the bushes, leaving a wake of rubbish behind at the trash bin.

Both Saskia and Winter were howling with laughter as Alexandra tried to calm her breathing.

“Aw I’m so sorry Alex! Just couldn’t help it! Someone did the same to me in my first week!” Winter almost cried, wiping a tear of laughter from the corner of her eye.

“Don’t worry about Kobolds Alex. They’re totally harmless and spook very easily. And they definitely don’t drag people away. Doubt they could even drag Yanni away with the size of them.”

Wrapping her arm around Alexandra for comfort in an effort to stabilise the girl’s breathing, Saskia  began leading Alexandra home again.

“They also can’t turn you into one of them. Koboldism is an inherited condition. If your father was one then you’ll turn into one too around your 21st birthday.” She told the shaking Alexandra.

“Does mean that you can get pregnant by one!” Winter piped up from the other side. “Heard a girl from Ag Science got pregnant by one last year, randy thing.”

“Randy thing!?” Saskia piped up. “Bit rich no?” Saskia laughed pointing down at winter’s skirt.

From beneath Winters skirt now proudly pointing straight out was her half-turgid cock. Her milky-white and smooth foreskin was just on the cusp of rolling back off the ridge of her bulbous head to reveal her bright pink tip.

Winter blushed almost the same pink as her cock head. “Saskia. You know I kinda like all that dirty stuff…”

“You do?” Alexandra had found her voice. Winter smiled, embarrassed. “Yeah… I mean, don’t tell anyone, but I always had a bit of a thing for the nasty.” Winter’s cock pulsed, pulling more vertical. “I mean… It’s kinda sexy, in a way…”  Another pulse and the foreskin finally rolled from her cock, revealing her swollen pink cock-head in all of its glory.

Again Alexandra found herself getting wet. “How does that feel Winter?” She asked, pointing at the cock, now rising to almost vertical, coming to stop at a level with her buxom breasts.

Winter gave a wicked smile, “Sexy!” leaning forward she extended her tongue, licking the beading drop of pre-cum from the tip of her penis. “Nasty!” she smiled again winking.

Alexandra smiled as it dawned on her that she knew exactly what Alexandra was tasting. She could taste it constantly.

“Oh for goodness sake Winter!” Saskia gave and exasperated, but jockular sigh. “You’ll be up all night with that thing and I won’t be able to sleep now!”

Winter laughed her feminine laugh again, “Very well Mrs Overlord, I’ll be quick… and get done before you’re even home.” With that she took off across the campus. Moving for the first time in Alexandra’s memory, in a not very graceful, waddle-run, the sight of which had the two remaining girls giggling.

The comfort and warmth of her bed gave Alexandra a moment to think. Staring at the ceiling she took in the unfamiliar surroundings that would now be her home. Gone was the four poster bed of her childhood, or the boarding school bunk of her adolescence. Instead she now had the bed of a grown-up, of an explorer; and the first thing Alexandra wanted to start exploring was sexuality. All of the other girls seemed to have found theirs, even fellow freshmen like Yanni.

Smiling Alexandra hooked her thumb into the waist-band of her pyjamas and began pulling them down. The tingling heat from earlier encounters had only increased as she revelled at the act to follow.

Bringing her hand to her mouth she spat a lump of gooey pre-cum onto her hand, memories of Winter licking the same from her delicious looking cock flashed before her.

Slowly and quietly Alexandra reached under the covers, slimy fingers making a cold trail from her belly-button down, down, down over the soft, completely smooth skin of her outer lips. The Kobold, lost rapture, flashed in front of her as her middle finger slipped so easily between her silky folds.

With an inaudible grunt, Alexandra slowly pushed two fingers inside herself. Licking her lips at the buzzing feeling within her she turned her head to look at the pair in the bed on the other side of the room.

Some time ago, Yanni and her catch had made it back to the dorm, and were now brazenly and openly fucking beside Alexandra, not that she minded. At first she hid under the blankets, but curiosity had brought her out. At her sight Yanni had asked whether she wanted them to call a halt to it. At which she just shook her head, which Yanni accepted with a hungry smile.

Clothes were dispensed of very quickly as Yanni ordered her man around like a piece of meat. In complete control and total confidence she ordered him around from positions to position. Alexandra was learning as much as anything.

Currently she was sitting on his backwards on his face as he tongued her hairy ass, bracing herself with one hand as she massaged his cock with her surprisingly dextrous feet; all the while finger fucking herself though her black shiny bush.

Alexandra could feel her juices flowing and face heating up as she watched the sweaty Yanni screw her face up. Even though she was very vocal in her instructions, she was a surprisingly silent lover. Instead just screwing her face up in ecstasy whenever she was enjoying it.

Her partner of choice for the night was less quiet and continually moaned into Yanni’s ass as she tended to his cock.

Alexandra’s eyes were drawn down again as she picked up her own pace, bringing her left hand down to stimulate her swollen clit. Squashed between Yanni’s feet her man’s cock was a veritable hose of pre-cum, having long left Yanni’s feet shiny, slimy and slipping all over him.

Closing her eyes, Alexandra tried to imagine what it would be like to have a penis. Soon she would have one of her own. Not just one, her thought continued, many, she would be a carpet of penises. The fire of adrenalin began pumping in her belly again, this time mixing with the hazy fog of lust. Her mind focussing on just one, what would it be like to have one. The Kobold had one, it clearly enjoyed it. Winter had one, and she seemed to love hers. And the poor man being manhandled by Yanni in the next bed seemed to be in heaven too.

Slowly it built within her. Wave after wave, like the tide coming up the beach. Gasps of breath, spots of white, until finally Alexandra came, clenching her hands between vice like thigh muscles she never knew she had.

Exhausted and sweating she quickly collapsed, panting. Turning slowly she began regarding the copulating couple across the room again. They had changed position somewhere along the line.

Eyes now rolling back in her head the flat-chested, hairy Yanni, now squatted above her man, facing him and riding his cock for all it was worth. On top of the fine specimen she look comically small and out of place, but he certainly didn’t seem to think so, with the look of rapture on his face.

Smiling Alexandra decided to keep watching a bit longer, thinking that she could learn a little more from Yanni for when it was her turn.


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