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"I remember being human before I became an anus," the anus said, with difficulty for it was over a year since it had spoken. "And at first I held onto that. But I am just an anus. I dilate to excrete waste matter and I am just a body part. The pleasure of shitting, of relaxing and letting it flow through me is what I live for now. Gradually the past is fading and I want it to. I am speaking to you as the alchemist who transformed me asked me to and because soon you too will no longer be human but just an anus too. And when the first turd passes through you you will realise your function for the first time and the pleasure and sensation will soon start to blow away your sense of self until, like this anus, you will become just an anus. I will stop speaking now and I will not speak again ever. Good luck my fellow arsehole to be."  the anus puckered and a smelly fart fittered out.

Mary shuddered. Could she back out now? On the stage a cow was mooing. Its tail lifted and a slurry of brown liquid shit poured out. The alchemist beckoned.

"This is Mary who in a couple of minutes will give up her humanity for ever and become just an anus - this cow's anus. At first it will be bewildering, sightless, soundless, voiceless but for farts, feeling only the muscled tube of her new body leading to a puckered mouth of muscle. But the pleasure of being shat through will be overwhelming and soon she will live only for that. Within a short time, though it will remember being Mary, the new anus will lose any sense of its former identity. Mary will be gone for ever; but as an anus she will live on as a simple body part.

Mary stood quietly. The ointment smeared on her lips tickled. It was too late. Her fate was sealed. She felt horny, driven to the end by a sexual fantasy made flesh... Flesh! Suddenly her arms and legs seemed to shrivel and she fell to the ground. She opened her mouth to scream but it stuck in a puckered pout and she watched silently as her body lost feeling and dwindled away. The audience gasped to see the girl's head, now bald and neckless, lying on the ground and attached to a thin coil of intestinal tubing. Mary's eyes were open but the incredible sensation of being remade as a sphincter and bowel consumed her.

"Can you hear me Mary?" She came too and tried to speak but her anus mouth only dilated silently.

"Most anuses are silent. Its better that way. Helps them lose their humanity quicker I think. But she can still hear. Mary - this is the most delicate part. I have to feed your lower half into the cow's existing anus, then apply another ointment that will dissolve away the remainder of your face and head and bind you into the animal. Like everything already done to you it is final and irreversible. Nod if you agree. If you don't agree you can be looked after in a Ondoran centre but as a half-made anus life will be dull and that lovely anus mouth of yours will never fulfill its function."

Mary didn't remember nodding, or the process, but as a new anus she experienced the helplessness of being only a body part, the silence beyond silence of being just a tube of muscle and the loneliness of knowing she would never communicate again with a living being.

It was after the first defecation where she truly savoured the taste and texture of the crap she lived to excrete that she decided to stop pretending she was still Mary - still a person.

"Anus is an anus - Anus is the anus. It is not a person and it has no need of a personality. It must gradually dissolve away all thoughts and memories till it is just another part of Cow."

And Anus never thought of itself as Mary again and soon, or so it seemed, it was only after the near orgasmic process of fulfilling its function that it thought at all.

And once the cow had left the stage and been sent back to the farm, no one thought about Mary or her fate.


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Like it a lot. smile
Good anus TFs are rare.


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This is fantastic, maby i can be the next one please?