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There's a large number of branches in this posting, but they're all done so amazingly well I just couldn't leave them out.


Jim Goes to School
Unending BE - episode 5

"Damn," Jim thought to himself. "Another day of school is not what I need." Jim's alarm clock (and his mom's shouting) finally forced him out of bed, however. It's annoying buzz was enough to drive anyone insane after just a few short seconds. Jim detested that clock. It had woken him up more times than he could remember. He had also slammed the snooze button so often that sometimes it would get stuck in the pressed position. It had caused him to miss a few periods of school on more than one occation.

Jim looked through his hamper and on his floor and found a shirt that didn't smell all that bad. He had some clean jeans, but he always seemed to be forgetting to do the laundary. He liked it much better when he was a kid and his mom would do it for him. Jim headed downstairs and left for school. He consitered himself lucky to have such a nice car. His parents were well off and his new Ford Explorer was great. He drove off to Shadow Peak High while pumping Gravity Kills out of his speakers.

Jim didn't really want to go to school that day, but he figured that it wouldn't be so bad. He wanted to meet up with Rick, his best friend and research partner. Rick and Jim were the "nerds" of the school. They knew about chemestry, biology, physics, calculus, and everything else that nerds were familiar with. Unlike most nerds, however, they used their vast knowledge for revenge.

Kevin Zeffram, the school's bully/jock, was always giving both of them a hard time. That was, of course, until Rick and Jim slipped a new pill they created into Kevin's beer at a weekend party. Kevin broke out into a rash and his skin developed boils. It wasn't fatal, but it was a very severe allergic reaction to the crazed combo of chemicals found in Rick and Jim's magic pill. After that, Kevin left the two alone and picked on some of the other less inventive nerds.

Rick and Jim's new development, however, was much more interesting than their last. Jim, who never really could admit that he was a nerd, made the mistake of asking out Robin Foster, the school's #1 babe. Her rejection of Jim was very to the point when she said, "I'd be happy to go out with you. The only problem is that I only date humans. I'm not interested in dating piles of festering lard. If you lost about 800 pounds and perhaps got a haircut, I might consiter it. I have a policy, you see... I don't date men with tits bigger than mine."

In just a few short seconds, Jim's heart was ripped out, stomped on and thrown away. Jim, however, thought of a way to get back at her. He was going to make sure that there was no doubt about it... Jim was going to ensure that there would be no confusion as to whose breasts were bigger. Robin already had the nicest breasts in school. She was a natural 34D. Jim was going to ensure that Robin's breasts were much larger than a 34D.

Jim parked his car and...

*Went to find his best friend Rick.

After stopping by the caffeteria to grab his usual morning snack of powdered donuts and chocolate milk, Jim perused the hallway adjacent to the caffeteria. Normally Rick would recieve his morning pounding here by Kevin's friends. Lately, the group had been disbanded. Jim liked to think that it was his dirty work that ensured his and his pal's safe passage. Jim checked out behind the school by the soda machines for Rick, assuming that he had got his dollar stuck in one of the venders while purchasing a cola. Instead he was greeted by many unfriendly faces, mostly, he thought, because he was the biggest nerd in school and paraded about in his brand new white Ford Explorer while blasting Gravity Kills. If that didn't scream for attention, nothing else would. However, this morning seemed like more than the common resentment. The students looked upon him with absolute disgust. Jim was taken aback and made haste to the safety of...

*The Library/Computer Room

Jim entered the sanctuary for all high school nerds, the computer lab. Rick looks up and motions Jim over. Rick and another of his computer simulations of some well inflated goddess entered Jim's mind, but Jim was dissappointed to find the screen filled with math equations. This must truely be some simulation, Jim realized, as the math he saw was deep into the Calculus regions and Rick absolutely hated math. Then Rick explains that he'd discovered the mathematical equation of the whole universe! He drones on for a few moments about it, but finally Jim realizes what this means.Don't like red hair, just change the equation so that red hair is not possible. Then the bell rings for first period and Rick jumps up running for his first period chemistry lab. Jim has first period computer lab, so he slides behind the still running console.

*Jim decides to turn himself into a hunk.

Jim smiled as he realized that it was possible for him to become the stud that all teenage males would like to be! First, the body. Athletic but not steroidic. Olympic gymnast type. But stronger than it looks. Second, the mind. No, no changes there thank you. Finally, sexually. Jim quickly typed in that he wanted a thirteen inch long by 8 inch around penis with testicles the size of softball (in a scrotum to match). He specified that the penis was easy to get erect, was very firm when erect, and that it stayed erect as long as it was stimulated. The testicles were to produce hormones and semen in an increased state. Then Jim hit enter. Jim expected a flash, a swirl in the air, something. But he saw nothing. Damn. It didn't work. And it wasn't until he saw the outline of his huge flaccid penis through his jeans did he realize it had worked. Jim grins and begins typing again.

*Get revenge on Robin.

Robin had really hurt Jim's feelings earlier so Jim set about getting revenge. He thought carefully for a few moments, then decided upon her fate. He had read a book by some Chalker guy where the heroine is changed into a freak sex human-horse creature. Jim began typing. "Give her the tail of a cow. Make the arms and legs those of a cow, the body resting face down on them and in porportion to her body. Give her two horns from her temples like those of a cow. Strengthen her bone structures and internal muscle tones so she can be ridden. Make the nipples 5" long and 2" across; establish 5 such nipples to each breast. Make these nipples constantly erect. Enlarge the breasts until they just clear the ground, and establish heavy lactation in them. Enlarge the clitoris to infant male penis size. Make her crave sex, especially with me. Jim hit enter and then

* He experiments on someone else.

Having altered reality to make Robin's life miserable, Jim looked forward to seeing her, but first he wondered if there was anyone else he should alter.

There was. Miss Colleen Pepper, the school biology teacher. Most of the faculty at his school were dried up old prunes, but Miss Pepper had only started teaching last year. She was young and attractive. Most of the boys had the hots for her, but while she was good-looking, she was also very strict. Even the brains had to work hard to pass her class.

Having received one too many bad grades from her, Jim decided she should receive some altered reality. His first idea was to give her some extra sweater meat. He altered her breasts from a B cup to a DD cup, but that didn't seem to be enough. There should be something else.

*Jim gives her a body like the one he gave Robin, only horse-based.

Jim feels bitter because Ms. Pepper only calls on him when he's daydreaming or sleeping in class, and never when he actually knows the answer. He doesn't see anyone else being singled out for this treatment so he types up a fiendish plot and hits enter.

Later Colleen stops Jim in the hall and asks to talk to him about his latest paper. She's tall and has long black hair but small breasts. "Oh, great, here we go." thinks Jim. She starts lecturing him on how little effort he put into it. Suddenly she stops and starts staring the same place as Jim, at her breasts. They're slowly growing, and clearly her small B cup bra is far too constricting already. She unbuttons her blouse and takes it off, revealing her large brown nipples. Her tits continue to swell and slide down her chest a little. Her nipples are a lot larger, twice as long and still growing. She touches one and lets out a feminine "Ooh!" They're almost down to her elbows. She turns, pulls down her skirt revealing her tight little butt and white cotton panties. A tuft of hair is growing longer just above her buttocks and grows into a long horse like tail that almost brushes the ground. "What's happening to me? I'm so - horny!"

Colleen starts kissing Jim, and he eagerly starts playing with her enlarged breasts, but keeps watching her. Her shoes and socks split apart as her feet turn into hooves and she gets taller. She pulls her shirt off and unzips his pants to find he's given himself a large horse like cock for the occaision, it's 18 inches long and starts sliding out of a sheath. Her tail starts swishing with excitement. Her nipples are now an inch and a half long, soft but slightly leathery. Colleen's legs are equine up to the thigh, but she still has her curvy, sexy ass, her female part enlarged slightly to accept Jim's cock. She falls to her hands which rapidly harden into hooves, and her neck lengthens, a long mane runs down to her shoulde blades, and her ears move to the top of her head, becoming long, delicate and horse like.

*Jim wishes she had hands so he turns her into an unusual centauress

Jim is excited by the changes in Colleen, but wishes she had hands, so that she can caress him back. Besides, having made her his fantasy teacher, he needs to keep her on staff.

Jim sets up commands to change her furthur:

Colleen Pepper will become a centauress. Her head and mane to remain as they are now, her upper torso as it was before, except strenthened to accomodate her size DD breasts. She will have a human vagina in the normal position at her forward crotch, and a female equine lower body.

Everyone will accept her status as a centaur and as a teacher. No one will take notice of her affair with Jim.

Colleen's wardrobe will alter to fit her new upper body, with half skirts going no lower than her knees.

*Jim decides to change Robin to a cow centauress

Robin was feeling confussed. First she had dropped onto all fours - her hands and feet turned into cloven hooves and the change had spread up her legs. For a while she had been afraid she'd been turning into a cow, but her torso hadn't changed - only her extremities. She grew horns on her head and ber 34DD bust had expanded into massive udderlike breasts with five, huge, milk dripping nipples. But worse she'd become extremely horny - er, turned on. The fact that her hard nipples brushed the ground when she walked hadn't helped.

Then her body had stretched and sprouted another pair of legs. When she recovered from that change she realised that she had turned into some sort of centaur, only cow based. She still had an overly massive bust, but at least now her nipples were off the ground - at least the ones hanging off of her chest were; a new udder hung from her underbelly to torture her when she moved with delicious sensations.

That last change did nothing to reduce her horniness. Her crotchs were dripping with urgent need - both of them; she now had one between each set of legs. Both of them needed to be filled with cock - and one particular cock more than any other.

That really confused Robin. Why did nerd-boy's image flash through her mind when her thoughts turned to sex? She didn't like him at all - why she'd even brushed him off rudely, ruining any chance that he might want to - arrgh, she was doing it again!

Wait, what had she said? "I'd be happy to go out with you. The only problem is that I only date humans. I'm not interested in dating piles of festering lard. If you lost about 800 pounds and perhaps got a haircut, I might consiter it. I have a policy, you see... I don't date men with tits bigger than mine."

Robin looked down at her new breasts and giggled, making them judder deliciously. Well, nobody could have breasts bigger than hers. Jim would love- Wait, that wasn't the point! Could Jim have something to do with this bizarre transformation? She didn't see how, but she'd heard that he'd once concocted a wierd revenge attack on Kevin.

Well, even if he wasn't behind it, if anyone could know what had happened to her, it would be Jim; he was so smart it was sexy.

Robin trotted off to find Jim, carefully since her udder nipple brushed the floor with each step making her even hotter.

*She ran into a group of her friends, and learned what type of friends she really had.

Several of Robin's friends from the cheerleading squad spot her in the hall. Their short skirts show off their long tan legs. "Hey Robin - what happened to you? I knew you were gaining a little weight but now you've really becoming a cow!" says Lisa.

"Yeah Robin I heard you were thinking of getting a boob job but this is ridiculous." says Nikki.

"Are these supposed to be for real?" says Angela, cruelly flicking one of Robin's nipples. "And look at the size of your ass these days. Girlfriend, I heard of 'baby got back' but this is ridiculous."

"What the - why are you being so mean to me. Can't you see I'm having a tough day?" whines Robin.

"Don't take it personally, Robin." says Lisa. "It's fair - we treat everyone this way. Besides, we can't afford to be seen being friendly to a freak like you."

*Robin watches the cheerleaders turn into cow and horse girls (yes, Jim is on the computer again.)

Jim figured out a way to observe Robin without leaving the computer, or the sexy Colleen. He was gratified that Robin was getting a taste of her own medicine, but he realized her friends were no better. Perhaps a little poetic justice was in order.

Since Lisa sneered at "becoming a cow" she would become a cowtaur like Robin. Jim decided that horsegirls really are sexier, so Nikki and Angela would become centaurs like Colleen.

Robin marvelled as her 'friends' began to grow taller and develop another set of legs. As their breasts began to swell, their cheerleader uniforms expanded to fit, but their underwear entirely disapeared. As much as Jim wanted to see them burst out of their clothes, he decided this would be less hassel. They would later find their entire wardrobes altered to fit their new shapes, every pair of pants or jeans having become half miniskirts. Jim remembered a illustration of 'hipposandles' used before the invention of iron horseshoes, so their sneakers became lace up 'high tops'. Robin's uniform was also 'magically' restored.

Bridles and saddles appeared on Nikki and Angela. They now had an acceptance of being ridden. They also would find at home, a selection of fancy dress tack.

Their change completed, the centaur/cheerleaders reacted with:

*lust. They also received Robin's "craving for sex."

Robin's friends turn and look at themselves. "I'm so big." says Lisa, looking deeply into her cleavage. "Nikki, you got four legs like a horse."

"Well, you have an udder like a cow." snipes Nikki.

"What's happening to us? I'm so horny! I need a MAN!" Says Angela - she lifts up her skirt and starts rubbing her vagina right in front of the others. Her tail swishes and starts to lift.

"I know." says Robin, stepping closer to Angela, cautiously feeling up her enlarged breasts. "I'm getting wet in two places." Lisa and Nikki are shocked at their friends behavior but they're feeling it too, a desire to have sex with all the people in the hallway.

*They try to satisfy each other before the next class

Jim was enjoying this. He got to be a voyeur, he knew he'd also get to satisfy his own needs whenever he wanted, and there were just so many new possibilities opening up to him he wanted to see where this could go. So for now, with a little more typing, he made sure nobody would notice him unless he wanted them to notice him. Just talking to himself, he said "OK, let's see where this gets us."

It was also true that the rest of the cheerleading squad were no better than Colleen and the four girls he just modified. It was time to be patient in satisfying his own lust. Not too patient, but this was an opportunity to let more happen, and to get some more ideas. He was practical enough to know that he'd do better if he could get some more information, and he knew just how to get that information.

So Jim did a little more typing, and the rest of the cheerleading squad started to wander over to the group of centauresses. Nobody stopped them coming there, all of them got there quickly. And as they got there, each of the new arrivals changed into a horse-based centauress of the type Nikki and Angela were, each with the same uniforms, each with the same human body parts down to where the human melded with the horse, each with the same incredible, insatiable lust as both human and horse, and none of them was truly getting satisfied even with all the help they were giving each other.

Before long, there were twenty-five of them, twenty-four centaur cheerleaders including Lisa and Robin, the two cow-based centaurs, and Colleen. Nobody else seemed to notice much, despite a growing chorus of moans and pleas to get more physical attention. And this went on for awhile.

Jim could see this was a good idea. As this went on longer, the conversations got more unrestrained along with the touching and petting. A couple of the girls tried mounting others, rubbing in their front and trying to rub behind at the same time to satisfy both needs. There was one trio with a mounted girl, the girl on top grinding her human vagina into the back of girl centaur under her, and another centaur playing with her tail and horse parts to try to satisfy her second set of needs at the same time, all the while having the mounted girl then petting under her tail.

And this trio had Jim's attention.

The girl on top, Beth, was normally a total bitch. Now, even while succumbing to lust, she was demanding and got her way, even among the cheerleaders. She seemed to be a natural leader of the worst kind. The mounted girl, Mimi, was just as horny as all the others, but submissively kept helping the other girls without getting her own needs any attention. While Jim was thinking how he'd done the right thing by changing people like this, and teaching them lessons they couldn't do anything to prevent, Beth started talking to the other girls, and Jim was finding out more than he expected, just at a point when he was wondering if he should take a more active role.

"Oh, I can't get enough of this," Beth said. "I'm just glad all you girls are around to share this. This is terrific! I don't know what caused us all to change like this, but this body is wonderful. I'm not even getting tired! And it's good it's like the other times we did it, too, not having to stop and mess with the contraceptives and stuff. Boys might get my attention, but I never want to have to stop sex before I get started because I'm worried about getting knocked up. Now I can enjoy all this twice as much with this body. Climax after climax, and I keep wanting to push it more!"

Well, Jim had some information now, so he thought about his choices....

*Make Beth help him to help all these girls.

Jim figured Beth was already on top.

And as much as most of the girls here deserved to be unsatisfied for awhile, he couldn't just leave them all that way forever. His own equipment was ready for action, but he didn't need quite so much of a horse's body for himself, much as he was attracted to these centauresses.

But Beth really didn't seem to like males in general. And she really was having too much fun with this. It was time to make this a little different for her again.

So, Jim did some more typing. All the girls would now breed true as centauresses, by either human or centaur males, in front or back, and all the changes in internal structure were set for that. Jim was looking to see what he might do cosmetically, but all these girls were in terrific shape, good health, they were young, and really didn't need anything done to appearances. Nonetheless, he figured he should give this new breed some help to grow its population, and with a few more keystrokes, made their normal life span five times as long and aging five times slower than a human's. But, that was just a diversion before he crafted his helper, Beth.

A little more typing by Jim, and Beth's equine torso began to feel a bit odd. At first, she noticed but did nothing, as she was enjoying her two sex partners quite a bit. Jim decided her equine parts would transform into male parts, and not just any male. Jim decided those features would now look just like Man O' War. This horse was legendary, not just as a Kentucky Derby winner, but "Big Red" was so large he was fabled to intimidate other horses at the track just by looking down at them! Jim decided to make the hair on Beth's human parts the same red color as her horse half, too, and to make that hair longer and fuller so it trailed in rich cascades all the way down her human back. But this still wasn't quite the lesson he'd be wanting to teach Beth, whom he thought might resist using her changed equipment.

Jim remembered hearing about a condition called Alien Hand Syndrome. People would feel a hand or a whole arm, but it would do things the owner couldn't control. As Jim kept typing, he changed Beth, and only Beth, so that the horse-like parts of her body no longer obeyed her. They now had the same level of lust all the other centaurs had, and they would keep mounting centauresses...and there was nothing she could do to control it.

Jim made sure to make more changes to let this work the way he wanted. First, Beth's male parts are just as massive as the rest of Man O' War was...somewhat large even for a horse. They were attracted to either the front or back of any centauress, but Jim was definitely the Alpha, and this centaur wouldn't compete with him. And there was always a sea of cum ready for any number of climaxes, with no waiting...except that it wouldn't compete with Jim, this body would stay with any of these girls until they were exhausted, come many times, find others, keep going, and come back over and over again to all the girls.

Beth was in for a wild ride!

Suddenly, as she felt the changes, and seemed more and more like a little girl caught on the back of a bucking thoroughbred stallion, Sarah, the girl petting her at the tail started noticing the changes, too, and started touching the newly-formed shaft and ball sack. "Beth, can you feel this? It's changing back here!" As Sarah used her hands, Beth's shaft just seemed to grow and grow, right into Mimi. Beth was startled, Mimi was startled, but the horse part of Beth just got more and more active and aroused. Beth could feel all that power and excitement, and could feel Mimi's reaction under her as she had her first male orgasm, and couldn't stop herself petting Mimi's breasts more vigorously, while trying somehow to find a new balance "sitting" on half a body she no longer controlled and didn't know how it would move next. It seemed like the more she cooperated and let "the boy" in her play, the easier it was to stay balanced and enjoy herself, but she was getting concerned that she couldn't control that part of her in the slightest.

Jim felt this was another good time to sit back and watch. Not just Beth, but all the girls. Get some more information. More ideas. But he was also ready to satisfy his own needs now. All these sexy, gorgeous centauresses. This was really worth enjoying for a long time. So it was important not to mess it up with the wrong moves. Hmmm, what to do next.

*Watch Beth's reaction with Mimi as she lets her new stallion parts have fun.

The room quieted as the twenty-three other centaur girls began to take notice of Beth and Mimi and the fact that their mounting seemed to be more enjoyable than the others were experiencing. Their tails swishing in curiosity, the girls dismounted from each other and approached the mating couple, envying Mimi, whose eyes were squeezed shut as sweat glistened on her forehead, a light sheen covering her skin as her horse body rocked back and forth, her legs adjusting to keep up with the thrusts she was receiving from Beth. Beth, contrary to Mimi, hardly looked like she was enjoying herself at all - her hands held Mimi's shoulders tightly, and she wasn't grinding her front slit into Mimi's back anymore. As Beth's powerful horse half gave deeper and stronger thrusts, Beth had a harder time keeping her balance, while Mimi began to moan softly.

Beth looked around, no longer enjoying herself, seeing the other girls rubbing their breasts and human vaginas as they watched her...well, part of her, pound Mimi relentlessly. Suddenly an immense tightening in her new shaft made Beth gasp, as she felt her front legs grip Mimi's human hips firmly, and then she erupted a second time inside her. The sensation of horse cum flowing through her already-sensitive shaft made Beth bite her lip in pleasure, realizing it was almost as if her lower half was rewarding her for letting it have its way. As the orgasm faded and her cock finished throbbing inside Mimi, Beth felt herself dismounting, her cock sliding into view, wet and heavy. The centauresses collectively gasped.

"Oh my god...."
"It's a...."
"What happened to her?"

Beth felt tears forming in the corners of her eyes as her friends pointed and stared at her bizarre form, having to hold out her arms to balance herself as her horse half moved around in place, dragging her hips along forcing her torso to follow. She could feel her shaft perking up again, her liquids mixed with Mimi's making the head incredibly sensitive as it swelled, drawing more gasps. She looked over to see several of the girls by Mimi, who looked like she was in a trance. Her human half was wet with sweat, and her tail still hadn't come down, exposing her filly parts to everyone. Beth's thick white cum dripped from Mimi's slit and oozed down her rear legs. One girl, Karalynn, gently touched it, squealing when she felt it stick to her fingers. "It's real!"

Beth felt herself blush a deep, dark red, over her entire human half. Everyone was staring, and her cock was even harder than ever, her horse body stomping around, agitated by so many fillies nearby. Beth was ready to run away, anywhere, even though she couldn't, when suddenly, Karalynn turned around slowly, and looked over her shoulder to Beth, her cute short-blonde hair framing her face. Karalynn slowly, lustfully lifted her palomino tail. "Beth....can I be next?"

*Beth doesn't have a choice - she mounts Karalynn

"Kara --- don't --- don't ask me to do that!" said Beth. "I can't ---"

But before she could even finish her sentence, her body was already moving forward, smelling Karalynn's pheromones, and liking what it smelled. Karalynn was standing there, horny and inviting, and Beth's body couldn't resist, her cock stiff and full and ready.

"Kara, please, run!" said Beth. "I can't stop this thing!" She reared up and landed squarely on Karalynn's back.

"What do you mean?" asked Karalynn, a hint of concern on her face for the first time.

"It's not under my controohhnnn..." Beth's body pushed her forward, driving deep into Karalynn's waiting pussy, and Beth winced, her already tired libido being wound back up. She nearly lost her balance as her body thrust, and grabbed Karalynn's shoulders.

Karalynn closed her eyes, feeling every inch of the cock driving deep inside her. "Oh... yes," she said softly. "Go... go fast... fast and hard..."

Beth couldn't control it, but her horse half didn't need either girl to explain what needed to be done. It began to grind at Karalynn, thrusting hard against the small blond girl, and her pale palomino hooves began to slide across the floor with each thrust as she fought to press against the Beth's jackhammer. All at once, Beth orgasmed, her muscles clenched around Karalynn, the upper girl's fingers white and strained on Karalynn's shoulders and her forelegs gripping Karalynn almost hard enough to draw blood. Beth cried out, her body giving her at last a little satisfaction, and Karalynn, hearing the noise, reached her breaking point and orgasmed too, nearly blacking out from the strain.

Beth leaned over on Karalynn, hoping to rest and regain herself, but her lower half was still in control, and before she could catch her breath she was already being dragged off Karalynn's back. Beth landed unceremoniously on the floor, standing in a daze.

"Oh... wow..." said another girl, and when Beth glanced over, it was Mimi. "That's what we did?"

Beth nodded dumbly, still trying to recover enough to speak.

"That's... awesome... and it felt so good when we did it... I just wish... well, I wish you were a guy with that body, 'cuz I'd date you in a heartbeat if you were."

*Jim takes pity on Beth and gives her back control of her lower half.
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*Jim decides a timid-looking centauress in the back named Tara needs to be more assertive, so he gives her a cock and makes sure the other girls can see it.
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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim looked at Beth. The poor girl looked miserable, and almost horrified at what she'd become. And somewhere in him, he felt just the tiniest twinge of pity --- no, it was indigestion --- no, no, it was definitely pity. Not enough to change any of them back, but definitely a little pity over Beth's circumstance. She might be a bitch, but she didn't deserve to be raped, which was pretty much what her body was doing to her.

He snapped his fingers.

Beth blinked. Her --- feet? She could feel again. The animal was gone. She... she looked down at herself, and the animal was still there, but the foreign presence was gone. She timidly tried to move a hoof, and it actually moved.

"I... I'm me again," she whispered.

"What?" asked Mimi.

"I'm me again," she said.

"You still look like a horse to me," said Mimi.

"That's not what I mean," said Beth. "This body... I wasn't able to control it. The horse part was moving itself."

"It was?" asked Karalynn, still looking a little dazed.

Beth nodded.

"Ohh... I guess... I guess that explains why you were acting so weird."

Beth nodded again. "I'm back! And I don't care if I do have a cock now. I'm just happy to be able to move under my own power again."

*The bitch is back, baby! She makes one of the girls give her a hand-job.

Beth walked in a tight cirlce just to make sure she was really in control of herself. While she was able to move without really thinking about it the clopping of her own hooves sounded really strange to her. Beth saw one of the centaur cheerleaders fisting another girl's pussy, her arm in her wet cunt all the way up to her elbow. She felt her cock stiffening. "Karalynn, give me a hand job," she said in a demanding tone.

Karalynn's eyes still seemed a bit glazed. Karalynn obediently turned to face Beth, tucked her four thin legs under her body and reached for Beth's stallion cock with both hands. Beth's eyes widened as she felt a pair of soft, delicate feminine hands caressing her massive cock. Beth's cock was so thick Karalynn needed both hands to get around it.

Beth was immensely turned on. It felt so good . . .but she wanted more. Beth noticed Becky watching her lustfully. Becky had a reputation of being the sluttiest of the cheerleaders. She had red hair and the red fur on her equine body matched it just perfectly. Becky also had large, long breasts with bright pink nipples that pointed out and down. It was well known that Becky would give her boyfriends several blow jobs a day to keep them happy and it was rumored that she gave the best blow jobs of anyone in the school Beth suddenly became curious about that. Beth pointed to her and demanded a blow job. When she felt Karlynn hesitate she turned and looked down at her. "I didn't say you should stop."

Becky stood on the other side of Beth. She kneeled with her forelegs and ducked under Beth's barrel. This left her ass up in a rather suggestive position. Beth felt Becky's hands on her huge cock and then her wet willing mouth. With a slight thrust Beth's huge cock head parted Becky's lips. Becky started swirling her tongue around Beth's cock head and then started to suck. Beth moaned, her tail flipped about. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the wonderful feeling of two different girl's hands on her huge cock and Becky's talented tongue urging her on. Beth started to thrust her hips, just a little at first, until she wasn't so much getting a blow job as she was fucking Becky's beautiful face. Several of the centaur cheerleaders stood around her, clearly shocked and turned on by the sight.

Becky started bobbing her head up and down on Beth's cock, causing her own gorgeous breasts to wobble. Becky moved with Beth's thrusts at first, then agaisnt them. Her centaur size allowed her to easily deep throat Beth's huge cock. Beth couldn't believe how much of her cock was in Becky. She felt her balls boiling with eagerness and Karalynn's soft hands on her sheath, fondling her balls.

Quietly, Beth felt her orgasms overtaking her. "Oh. Oh . . . oh. Ohhhhhhh." She sighed as she came. Becky tried to pull away, she couldn't swallow fast enough, Beth's copious amount of come dripped down her chin, the last spurts splashing on her face.

*Jim gives Beth much larger breasts, full of milk, and a compulsion to offer them to anyone she sees for suckling
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*Jim doesn't like how bossy Beth is being, so takes away control of her lower body again
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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim shook his head: Beth, even transformed, still didn't get it - she just had to stop being such a bossy bitch. Perhaps giving her a need to fill that didn't give her control over others - yes, that would do it!

As Beth looked over the horny herd for another victim of her huge cock, she felt a tightness in her breasts that slowly rose to a hot aching feeling. She looked down at her ample boobs and saw that they were starting to expand! They grew larger and heavier, swinging and bouncing wildly as she trotted in a circle, confused as to what new and strange thing was happening to her.

After a few minutes, her breasts had doubled in size and jutted proudly from her chest like a set of basketballs, and her nipples were the size of those on a baby's bottle - huge enough to satisfy anyone. And they were so sensitive! The slightly breeze was pleasurable, and the bounce and sway from walking was arosing. But they were tight and swollen, almost as if Beth's breasts needed to cum like her engorged balls.

She started to rub her breasts and squeeze them, and while it felt good, they still ached with heavy need. She scoped them up and squeezed, pressed them into her chest, pawed at them, and even managed to suck her own nipples, but nothing offered relief - and they were growing tighter and heavier. For a brief moment, Beth thought about her first training bra and how big it seemed: now, no bra could hold her!

"What are you looking at?" She snarled at Becky as she groped her own boobs.

Becky walked over silently and lifted up one of Beth's huge melons and gave it a hard squeeze. Milk shot out everywhere and Beth gasped with pleasure as she felt a bit of the pressure in her breasts leave with the blast of milk. She then groped her own breasts again, desperately trying to milk herself, but nothing happened. Her nipples glared a fierce red, and her breasts ached even more as she tried once more, pleading, "Come on... I need to be milked... Ohhhh..."

Becky laughed as she again squeezed Beth's engorged tit - first one, and then other - and more milked poured out as Beth shuddered with delight.

"Looks like you can't milk yourself, Beth! Such a curse to bear - but I'll be glad to suck you again!" Becky said as she lifted Beth's right breast up and started to suck the milk out of her. Beth moaned in response, dazed by the powerful mix of pleasure and relief she was getting from being milked. She weakly protested, "No... please... oh, my tits... Ow... harder... more - milk me!"

"Hey, girls, free milk for all!" Becky said, and Karalynn hurried over and started sucking Beth's left tit while squeezing her hard in short, sharp bursts. Beth groaned and yelped in pain as her sensitive tits were sucked, fondled, and milked by Becky and Karalynn who both enjoyed finally having Beth under control.

*The herd makes a deal with Beth: they get sex and she gets milked

The centaur cheerleaders manage to stop milking Beth and fingering each other's forepussies long enough to talk about the situation. It's quickly decided. They will agree to milk Beth in exchange for sex. But since Beth has been such a bitch she has to satisfy three girls before she gets milked anymore. Beth agrees to this but asks the girls to hurry, as she can already feel the weight of more milk building up in her massive breasts.

Aneko has long, straight black hair, very pale skin, and a beautiful black furred equine body. She tells Beth she wants to be licked first before sex. She trots up infront ob Beth and raises her tail. Beth leans down, her huge tits tugging heavily as she licks Anekos beautiful black pussy. Aneko squirms and moans. Her friend Erin, a blonde, steps up and starts kissing Aneko. Her fingers find Aneko's front pussy. Erin's large, round breasts press into Aneko's high firm ones. Erin and Aneko start french kissing, their tongues exploring each other, their hands on each other's breasts.

Beth starts licking Aneko's clit and fingering her faster and faster. She feels Aneko's wet cunt clamp down on her finger and gets really excited she knows its going to feel so good to stick her stallionhood in there. Beth hops up on Aneko's back. Aneko leans back into Beth's huge jiggling breasts as Beth starts fucking her quite vigorously. Beth pumps faster and faster, reaches around her own boobs, around Aneko's chest and her hands find Aneko's rock hard nipples. Aneko cries out in ecstasy. Aneko notices more of a jiggling sensation than usual and finds that her small b's have grown out into bouncing double D's.

"Why did my boobs grow? No one else got that. Well, except Beth."

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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim was really enjoying the show. He really enjoyed watching the centaur cheerleaders kissing, fingering each other's front and rear pussies, caressing each other's bodies. But he remembered why he took Beth's control away and it annoyed him how she reverted back to her bossy, somewhat mean self the moment he gave it back. So he decided to take it away again.
Another one of the girls turned her rear to Beth and lifted her tail. Without hesitating Beth's body reared up and proceeded to mount her. Beth looked surprised, then realized her lower body was acting on its own again.

*Beth started mounting each of the centaur girls again
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*Jim makes a few more changes
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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Beth's post-orgasmic bliss was shattered as she felt her control over her body disappear in an instant. As her lower half rose her up in air she scrambled to keep her balance, clawing at her horse half in frustration.

"What?? NO! NOO-ooohhhh!" she screeched, her cries giving way to the feeling of her cock smoothly pushing into yet another centauress. Beth grit her teeth in a combination of anger and irresistable pleasure, and grabbed the girl's shoulders tightly, trying to hold on as her horse half began to give the girl beneath her a truly intense servicing.

Perhaps it was her over-stimulated cock, or perhaps it was her mind starting to give way to her situation, but Beth couldn't help that the pleasure was beginning to outweigh the discomfort. She felt her fore-vagina ache with each thrust, the long black hair of the girl she was mounting brushing against her nipples and slit with each push, teasing her horribly. She wished she had made her earlier hand/blow job last a little longer, but the simple pleasure of that memory was interrupted as she felt herself about to cum...and she knew this one was going to be the biggest yet...

*the girl beneath Beth changes

Beth cried out as her lower half came deep inside the girl underneath her, and nearly lost consciousness as her body did what it wanted... until she felt something start to push her back, away from the girl, and she pulled herself together to look down at the girl underneath her.

The girl --- Melanie --- had reached her orgasm just a little after Beth had reached her own, and something was happening to her, something very strange. As Beth watched, each burst of orgasmic pleasure in Melanie caused her sides to burst open a little farther, and from them quickly spread a pair of gigantic white wings.

Finally, Melanie's orgasm slowed, and the girl looked around, her eyes watering. "Ohhh..."

Her wings flapped gently, and the blast of air that came from them nearly knocked Beth over backward. Certainly her horsey half didn't like it, as it startled a little, clambered away from its awkward mount, and shied back from her.

The other girls were staring again, this time not at Beth but at the centauress who'd been under her, and the gorgeous, gigantic wings spreading outward from the sides of her barrel.

*Rick passes by, and Jim thinks he'll make a perfect match for Melanie.

Rick wandered down a school hallway and noticed all the centaur cheerleaders. Clearly he was cutting class. He stopped to watch the naked beauties, and his eyes fell on Melanie and her beautiful wings. Her feathers, glossy equine pelt and naked girl flesh together were quite an erotic sight. Jim didn't want Melanie to be the only winged centaur in the world, so he decided Rick would make a fine winged centaur too. The next thing Rick knows, his legs are thickening, bursting through his jeans as they split in two, becoming four legs. A torso, small at first, began growing between them, thickening and enlarging into a massive equine chest. Large wings grew out of Rick's equine parts as his tailbone extended into a proper centaur tail. In seconds his tranformation is completed, and he is now a handsome winged centaur, a couple of inchess taller than Melanie. He stretched his wings a bit and suddenly feels too confined being indoors.

Rick turned and looked at Melanie. "Let's get out of here." She nodded in agreement. They walked out the front door of the school. In a few steps they were galloping, then spread their wings and leapt into the air. With a few powerful flaps of their wings they were flying. Without thinking about it their thin equine legs tucked under their bodies.

It was exhilerating. It was nothing like flying in an airplane. With the wind in her hair and the ground rushing by under her, Melanie had never felt so alive before. The two flew side by side, higher and higher. Melanie tested her new wings, doing barrel rolls, diving and then climbing again. It all came so naturally to her. At last they grew tired and looked around for a good landing spot. They were close to the forboding Shadow Mountain, and landed two thirds of the way up its steep hillside, a place where Rick figured they could be alone undisturbed for a while.

*The two winged centaurs talked for a bit

"Hi there," said Rick, realizing they hadn't even introduced themselves yet. "Uh... I'm Rick."

"Melanie," she said.

Rick paused. "Does it seem odd to you that we're winged horses?" he asked, looking down at himself.

"A little," said Melanie. "But after everything else that happened today, I'm just happy to be able to still be me."

"What else happened?"

She shrugged. "Didn't you see the weird orgy? The cow-girls and girls with... er... y'know, guy parts?"

"Not really," said Rick. "I just walked toward you all, and suddenly I was like this, and decided that I'd better just get the hell out of there."

"Yeah, me too. So, well, what do you think?" She slowly turned in place, showing off her white wings, her long, pretty black hair, her glossy brown pelt, and her entire figure from top to bottom. "Is this a good look on me?"

"Geez," said Rick. "Uh... yeah."

She looked hurt. "You don't like it?"

"No, no, I didn't say that!" said Rick. "You're... you're gorgeous."

She very nearly swooned a little. "Thanks."

"What about me?" he asked. "I'm... well... kinda mutant-looking."

"No more so than I am," she said. "I always liked horses, and I looove fantasy stories, and so for me, this is as good as it gets. I don't know how I ended up like this, but I'd damn well better not change back."

"Oh. I was never big on them, myself," said Rick. "But I guess I don't have much choice."

She walked closer to him, gently leaned against his chest, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "It's not a bad thing," she said. "I think you look just fine."

*Rick's really turned on by Melanie's hug, and decides to go farther.

Melanie is so beautiful, so slender, so sexy. Rick took a half step forward, bringing their bodies closer together until her soft breasts just touch his chest. He gave her a little kiss. Melanie returned the kiss, a slightly longer one. Their lips met in earnest. Rick hugged her tightly, her gorgeous breasts flattened against his chest. Her questing little tongue darted into his mouth, daring him to go further. Rick's hands roamed up and down her back, from her soft smooth skin to her soft shiny equine pelt. Then up around to her front to eagerly grasp her breasts. All resistance between them melted away. Rick could feel her nipples respond to his attention and felt a surge of lust that would soon cause him to lose all control. Rick kissed her again, then lowered his head, kissing and licking her nipples. When Rick's lips met her nipple Melanie felt a jolt run through her, she shivered with desire, all along her body down to her tail which began to whip lustily about. She was so aroused she couldn't couldn't keep her tail down, and the smell of her arousal made Rick mad with desire. Rick felt the unusual sensation of his cock sliding rapidly out of its sheath, and then the more familiar senstation of it getting harder and harder.

Except, Rick was a computer geek, not a farm boy and had no idea how centaurs made love. But his male ego wouldn't let him admit this. So instead he accidentally became a very good lover by giving Melanie a full body massage. He ran his hands up and down her forelegs, even feeling her hard, smooth hooves, since he was curious. He kissed her some more and gently stimulated her fore pussy. He stepped passed her and ran his hands along her wings. Melanie gasped at his touch. Her wings, while not exactly an erogenous zone, had never been felt before, and Rick's touch was very nice indeed. Rick ran his hands down her back, along her sides, even along her equine belly, soon fingding the two nipples of her mare's udder. They were about an inch long, and even more sensitive, again having never been touched before. Melanie was so turned on her tail flipped up and to the right. Rick ran his hands over Melanie's strong thighs and hind legs, running his finger up her inner thigh. He took her tail in his hands, running his fingers through the hairs of her tail, then stood side by side with her the better to get a look at her rear end.

Rick saw that Melanies rear pussy lips were shiny with her juices, and lightly touched her clit. Melanie gasped. She stepped forward and spread her hind legs suggestivly. As Rick's fingers explored her wet sex she started shifting her hips left and right, trying for greater penetration. Rick looks up to see Melanie looking back at him, her hands on her breasts. By now Rick's cock is completely out of its sheath and pulsing, a sensation he can no longer ignore.

*Melanie tells Rick exactly what to do

Rick stood behind her, and tried to figure out how to have sex with her. Near as he could figure, he had to get his hindquarters near hers, so he walked up beside her and lifted his hind leg up over her tail ---

"What are you doing?" said Melanie, giving him a look.

"Um... I thought..."

She laughed. "You've never done this before, have you?"

"Have you?" he asked.

"Well, actually, yeah, like about an hour ago, but you haven't ever seen how horses do it before? No nature videos on TV or in school?"

He shook his head.

She patted him on the head gently. "Alright, I guess I have to walk you through it then. Walk around behind me."

He walked around behind her, and brushed his hand against her vagina. She cooed.

"Ooo... very good. Okay, now walk toward me until you're basically pressing against me."

Rick walked closer and stopped when her big, soft hindquarters were pressing tightly against his body. Her tail was twitching, brushing against his waist.

"Okay, now put your hands on my butt, jump a little with your forelegs, and hop forward up onto my back."

Rick hopped forward a little, and nearly slipped off, but righted himself. "How's that?"

"Good... wow, you're heavy. Okay, now just walk forward, slowly. Mmm... yeah..." She giggled a little as his erect member brushed against her hindquarters.

"Okay, now just slide yourself into mgrh...! Gah! Back! Too high!"

Rick winced and backed up a little. "Sorry."

"That was my ass," she said, taking a deep breath. "You don't get to go there until the third date. The one you want is a little lower."

Rick adjusted himself and pushed forward again, this time going deep inside her on the very first thrust.

"Mmmm... that's more like it," she said, flapping her wings gently.

*Rick takes it from here.

Rick thrusted with his hips, pushing his huge stallion cock several inches deeper into Melanie. He then stepped forward and thrusted again. Melanie easily rotated her human torso about so that she can face Rick as he gives her a tremendously physical fucking. They kiss again, and Rick's hands find her breasts. Rick wrapped his arms around her and started thrusting and thrusting.

"Make me come Rick," said Melanie and he thought it was the most erotic thing he'd ever heard. They kissed. Rick slide more easily in and out of her as her pussy got wetter and wetter. Her strong mare's pussy muscles squeezed him in a most incredibly sexual way. She could squeeze him all at once, or in bands along his cock as if trying to drain every last drop of come from him. Rick started slow at first, then faster and faster, shaking her sturdy body. Melanie's eyes closed and she tipped her head back. Her wings spread a little. When Rick felt her wings shifting under him, he opened his as well, and spread them down so she could feel him wing to wing as well. There were so many erotic points of contact, his wings sliding along hers with every thrust, her breasts jiggling against his chest, her lips on his, his immense stallion cock in her wet and ready pussy.

"Oh! Oh! OOOH!" Melanie gasped as he fucked her, her eyes closed, lost in a universe of profound sexual pleasure. Her pussy quivered rapidly as she started to come. Rick wanted it to go on and on forever but the feeling of her pussy was too much for him too and he started to come like a fire hose inside of her.

Rick paused for a moment, resting and catching his breath. He backed down off of Melanie. She still had her eyes closed and a blissful expression on her face.

*The winged centaurs hear some mountain climbers approaching

"Would you wait up already?" asked Lana. "My feet are tired. My legs aren't as long as yours."

Sven looked back at his girlfriend. She was doubled over, huffing and puffing, her backpack on the ground. "We're not that far from the top," he said. "And it's nearing sunset. We're going to miss it."

"I'm going to miss my legs if you keep this up," she said. She stood upright. "They're gonna fall off any minute now." Lana was athletic, but Sven was Olympian compared to her; she was sure he would have run all the way up the mountain at a full sprint if she hadn't been there to slow him down.

"...hold it." Sven turned away from her toward the top of the mountain. He wrapped a hand around his ear to listen closely. "What's...what's that noise?"

Lana listened. There was a sound coming from up there, beyond some trees and bushes, and it sounded rather strikingly like two people breathing hard, sometimes grunting. She turned bright red, and bit her lip. "You don't know?" she said, trying not to giggle.

"No," he said honestly. "Doesn't it sound "...well, weird, to you?"

She laughed. "Sometime, I'll have to show you," she said with a grin.

"I know what sex sounds like!" he said. "Listen!"

Lana paused, and listened closer. There were other sounds now too... hard thumps on the ground, and strange flapping noises like large wings beating the air.

"Huh..." she said. "Yeah, that's different. So I'm gonna take a look. You wait here."

*Lana investigates the sounds alone.

Lana walked past Sven and disappeared into the bushes.

Sven waited, and just about the time when he was sure he ought to go after her, she came back, her face bright red, her jaw slack, and her eyes glazed over. She wobbled a little as she walked.

"Are you alright!?" said Sven.

"Uhn..." she mumbled, and sat down in the dirt.


"That... was the most incredibly... sexy... erotic thing... I've ever seen in my life," she mumbled. "They... it... they were cen... centaurs. I used... to fantasize about centaurs... when I was a little girl on my parents' farm. They had wings too... and he was pounding her... mmm... so hard..."

"What are you talking about?" said Sven, bending down.

Lana's eyes suddenly shone brilliantly, and she grabbed his head and pulled him in for a long, hard, kiss.

She pushed him back, and suddenly tore off her shirt, throwing its tatters into the bushes. "Make love to me, right now, right here, on the ground, call me a centaur, pretend you're a centaur, and pound me so hard I scream!" She looked back over her shoulder. "God, I want that so bad..."

*Sven, not one to look a gift "horse" in the mouth, joins in.

Lana unhooked her bra and tossed it away as if she was never going to need it again. She straddles Sven and then kind of sat on his legs. She was gorgeous. Sven was so turned on. When she reached into his pants and underwear and grabbed his cock, his penis pretty much made up his mind for him. Lana had such beautiful breasts. Such kissable lips. Soft smooth skin. Tight little bubble but. He wanted to fuck her so strongly even if she was acting weird. She reached back and awkwardly pulled off her panties while still stroking him, her left breast brushing his chest.

"Oh, my you are a bit of a stallion, aren't you?" Lana yanked down Sven's pants and underwear, freeing his cock. She didn't even take off her short skirt, just pulled it up a little, and guided Sven into her hot and eager pussy. "Call me a centaur," she demanded again.

Sven's hands went straight for her breasts. Lana started bouncing up and down on his cock with an agressiveness and enthusiasm Sven had never seen before. It was the hottest sex ever. Whatever was turning Lana on so much, he hoped it didn't go away. This was great! She started moaning and making so much noise. Suddenly she stopped and got off os him. She pulled her skirt down and stepped out of it. Then she got down on all fours, facing away from him. She looked back at him with a look of pure lust.

"Hurry! Mount me! I'm so close! You're such a stud. You do make a pretty good stallion."

Sven laughed. "Well, look at you, on all fours, looking back at your lover like that. You do look like a cute little mare looking back at what she's about to get." Sven plunged into her, hugging her, his hands going right to her breasts again. He started thrusting, very slowy at first, then working up to a rhythm. Lana started thrusting back like a girl possessed. Her little nipples were hard as rocks. The feeling as they brushed his fingers as her breasts bounced with his every thrust was delicious. She was thrusting back so hard. And then she screamed as she came. Sven couldn't hold back any longer. It was such an intense physical rush. He was breathing fast from the exercise and loved the feeling of Lana's hot sweaty body under him.

*Jim, who was following invisibly, heard Lana talking about her fantasies and decides to have some fun

Sven breathed hard, resting on top of Lana's body. That orgasm... was incredible, really, beyond anything he'd imagined. He knew sex with her would be good, but he'd never expected how incredibly good.

She twitched under him, breathing hard herself. He smiled, looking down at her shoulders and her hair draping down her neck. She was pretty, really pretty, and he felt really lucky. He was wrapped around her, holding her tight, in that warm bliss that follows coitus, and she looked like a gift from heaven underneath him.

She looked up at him and smiled sweetly, reaching up with one hand and touching the side of his chest.

He blinked. Wait... the ground was a long way down, and neither of her hands were resting on it. In fact... they weren't horizontal... but he was resting on her still. How was that even...

Fur. Between his body and hers. Lots of it. Miles of it. A tail twitched against his cock. Lana's fantasy was real... she wanted to be a centaur, and somehow, she'd turned them both into centaurs while they were having sex.

Jim hovered invisibly a few feet above them, sitting comfortably on a tree branch, sipping a grape soda he'd conjured out of nothing. That crazy girl had wanted to be a centaur, and now not only was she half horse, so was her boyfriend. Jim would've almost felt sorry for Sven's predicament if he hadn't just had sex with a hot girl.

Jim grinned, leaned back, and waited for the show to start.

*Sven hops down and gets angry at Lana for what she obviously did to him.

Sven let go of Lana's luscious tits and backed down off of her. The feeling of his equine chest sliding off her massive ass was truly strange. Sven stood on all four for a moment, his mind reeling. True, the sex had been amazing. But . . .

"Lana, how could you do this to me?" Sven whined. Lana looked back at him. Her gaze fell over her new horsey parts. Still recovering from the sex, her tail hadn't flopped back down yet.

"Do what?" Lana asked innocently.

"Turn me into a centaur! You could at least have asked me!"

"Sven, I didn't do this, I swear!"

"Really? First you tell me this crazy story about seeing centaurs. Then you want to have sex. And I'm supposed to belive that when we then turn into centaurs, it's just a coincidence?" Sven bent down a bit, and lifted his left foreleg to feel it. It was so hard to believe. Not only could he feel the fur on his foreleg with his hands, but he could feel his hands on his leg all the way down to his new hoof. "I can't belive this is happening! How did you do this?"

"I'm telling you I had nothing to do with this! Maybe the centaurs spotted me somehow and cast a spell on us."

Sven was looking himself over. "How can I go out in public like this? My cock seems so far away now. How will I ever be able to masturbate again?"

Lana turned and faced Sven. "Oh, I'm sure a centaur as sexy as you won't ever have to."

"Come on, Lana. Guys are...well, let's face it, we're horny bastards. And given centaurs' reputation for being horny, I bet I could get woken up with a blow job, have sex all day, and still be horny as hell the next morning. Especially if I slept next to a woman as attractive as you." His gaze fell on her naked breasts.

"Do you really think I'm sexy?" asked Lana, pushing her chest out a bit and striking a pose for the benefit of her boyfriend.

"Hell yeah! I'm getting a bit turned on again just looking at you."

*Lana asks for a full body massage

"If you're so turned on by me, touch me. All of me. I want to feel your hands on every inch from my head to my, oh, God, I love having a tail! And hooves!" She scampered in place, unable to hold herself still.

"Please! I want to feel your hands on me, all of me, especially the horse parts."

Sven stared at her. She was out of her mind, but she was sexy. And when she wanted to be touched that badly...

He walked over to her, smiled, and gently ran his hand down her neck. She shivered, and it ran all the way from her head down her back through her fur and out her tail, which jittered back and forth in a splay of hair. He couldn't help but kiss at her neck, but she pulled away: She wanted more than foreplay.

He reached out and grabbed her shoulders, kneading them like soft dough, and then down her back an inch at a time, working each muscle group, over the small of her back and across the skin that smoothly blended into the downy fur, and then farther, rubbing her lower shoulders as she twitched with ecstasy, and then her barrel. She pressed against his hands, feeling the delicious touch over every inch of the body she'd always wanted.

As he rubbed farther and farther down, closer and closer to her tail, she started to gasp, and suddenly her entire body went tense and she cried out, once, twice, three times, in the throes of orgasm. He stopped for a moment, watching the sweat drip off her face.

At length, she looked back over her shoulder at him. "T — thank you," she said.

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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim thought that it was awkward that Beth's body was fucking all of the centaur fillies around it, but Beth herself was making quite a fuss about it, and that any passers-by would be confused because her body seemed to be doing something against her will. He decided that he would fix that. He was going to modify Beth's body even further. He typed in several lines of commands and watched as the transformations began to occur...

Beth's body immediately dismounted from the current centauress and backed off. Beth began to gasp and tease her front slit as it appeared to move and ripple on its own. Her clit began to get larger and appeared to grow more detailed. Her pussy lips began to extend from her front end.

The other girls looked on with revolt and pure disgust as they saw their friend's normal vagina extend and deform itself into what looked alien compared to the rest of her "normal" body.

Beth's hand was now up to her wrist in her distended pussy when the other girls saw her shriek and pull her hand out.

"It just sucked on my hand!" Beth screamed.

Jim chuckled to himself evilly; he knew what was happening to Beth.

The two-foot long tube that was growing out of the front of Beth's horse body quickly lengthened and sprouted and grew a layer of fur that matched the red fur on her horse body.

The organ then grew in a pair of horse ears. Beth suddenly realized what was happening, the Stallion in her body was manifesting itself through a new head that was forming from her human genitalia.

Her clit and pussy lips then fused together and turned into the long snout and mouth of horse. The girls looked on in confusion but seemed to realize what was happening and it seemed to make sense- she HAD told them that her body was not under her own control.

Jim looked on with smug satisfaction. It didn't matter whether Beth was into the action or not, her body was a complete animal now and could express its own opinions-which it was getting ready to do.

The stallion open his newly formed eyes and with a new sense of the world, he looked around and snorted with agitation of all the sexy fillies nearby, he didn't seem to mind that they were connected to unsightly human torsos. All he knew was that he was a special horse and that he never had to stop until he wanted to.

Beth didn't feel any better about the situation, her human organs were gone and they were replaced by a horse's head and neck, undoubtedly filled with the same consciousness that was controlling her body before. She tried her luck at moving, but alas "the boy" in her was still in control. The stallion suddenly snorted and she was pulled away from her attempts with an almost orgasmic feeling resulting from the horse snorting. It appeared that the horse's head still functioned (at least feeling-wise) as her vagina. She was lost in an orgasmic haze thereafter because the stallion's tongue (her clit) was moving along the inside of its mouth (her pussy) on its own accord.

She also seemed to share a sense or two with the horse. She knew that he could smell the sweet scents of the surrounding fillies and she knew what he was looking at, but she had no other link (aside from feeling) with the rest of her body.

Beth went from being bitchy and badass to being a scared little girl who couldn't control the body that she could scarcely call her own anymore.

As Beth and the girls began to cope with her appearance, Jim elaborated on what to do to poor Beth and her herd now...

Jim decided...

*That he was going to release his newly created herd on the local school populace.
http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/forum … d=782#p782

*That he was going to modify all the other girls' bodies similar to Beth's body.
http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/forum … d=783#p783

*That he would sit and watch as the stallion in control of Beth's body fucks all of the girls.
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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim decided that he would unleash his creations on the school.

*We join Jim several months later and learn that the cheerleaders' lives have continued on happily.

Several months later…

Jim woke up and got out of bed. He brushed his teeth, then grabbed a donut from the kitchen table, and started off to class. It had been several months since he had changed many of the people at his school.

At first, many people were shocked and disgusted at the strange transformations that had happened at his school, but many people soon realized that this was a completely unpredictable event that had occurred and no one could have stopped it. Truthfully though, no one really knew what had happened (except Jim). Local newspapers had shown up almost immediately to report on the “Strange Occurrences at ” but all news that came out of the little town was dismissed by all of the large newspapers as a tabloid-worthy fabrication.

Several days after, a few sympathetic teachers began lobbying for equal facilities and special needs training for all the transformed students. Being a public school and having a very nice superintendent, Jim’s school was soon outfitted with 8 “taur stalls” as everyone called them. These consisted of large porcelain troughs (similar to a urinal) built into the floor for the taurs to stand over and do their business.

Several policy changes were made also. Taurs legally only had to cover their human halves in public, which many people were kind of anxious about. Aside from a few remarks and some government prodding, the taurs were nearly accepted from the beginning. Well, most of them.

Beth had the most trouble fitting in after her transformation. Her body was no longer under her control, but now under the control of a stallion. Luckily for her, her father had a good friend who owned a ranch out of town and was an accomplished horse trainer. She was sent there and was excused from school on leave without penalty.

For three weeks, she was tortured with trying to sleep practically on horseback in a dark, cold, and smelly barn. She would be wrested out of her very light sleep by her body rising at the crack of dawn.

The owner of the ranch, and friend of her father, named Dan, was very nice to her, however. Everyday after training her stallion half, which he called “Buck”, to follow commands. He would lead them up to the kitchen window and give Beth a normal human lunch before leading them out to the pasture so that Buck could graze.

That was the weirdest thing. When Buck would eat anything, he stimulated Beth so much that he would get excited from her excitement and would usually go find a mare to fuck. But long before any of the happened, Buck would be supplied amply amounts of juices to wash his grassy meal down with because his head still functioned more or less as Beth’s pussy. Beth was glad that Dan would leave them alone and respected her privacy, when they were in the pasture. Dan was even considerate enough to give her a book to read while waiting for the long hours of the days to pass.
Thanks to Buck’s partially human intelligence, training went by much quicker than Dan had predicted. Beth could now command Buck on which direction to go, to stand still, and many other commands that would help her to try to live naturally in society. Buck was even starting to learn the concept of toilets.

Buck had even figured out several emotional cues from Beth and often reassured her by nuzzling up to her when she felt cold or alone. Beth had also learn to sleep on his back very well--she would often just lean forward and wrap her arms around Buck’s neck and fall asleep with her face buried in his mane.

Beth became more independent and Dan had to spend less and less time helping her control Buck and so she had more time to teach Buck some of the things she wanted him to learn. First of all, how to roll over and sleep with his back on the ground.

One day, Dan came out and told Beth that she had a surprise visitor. It was Karalynn! One of the girls from school that had been transformed into a centauress. Dan knew that they had something personal to talk about and left the barn. Karalynn described the situation at the school and how many of the girls’ boyfriends had left them because of their transformations and had not been satisfied since the day of their transformation. Even worse, she said she was in heat. Beth picked up on this and looked down at Buck; he did seem a little more antsy now. She could tell that Buck was getting aroused by Karalynn’s scents and commanded him to stand sideways (using a hip muscle to signal to him)to Karalynn so that she could get a nice view of their cock as it slide of out his sheath and began to fill with blood. “Have at it” Beth said.

Karalynn practically leaped at their cock. Which caused Beth to gasp and Buck to snort out of surprise. Karalynn started massaging their shaft and balls. Karalynn was going a little crazy with lust.

Beth was pleasantly surprised that she was able to keep Buck under her control until she told Karalynn to stop and lay down on her back. Beth had an idea.

Karalynn rolled her horse half over onto the straw floor of the barn and spread her hind legs wide, exposing her anxious horse cunt. Beth commanded Buck to move forward and sniff Karalynn’s cunt. He realized what Beth was planning and walked cautiously over Karalynn. He hunched down until his scruffy chest met Karalynn’s horse fur. And he began thrusting in an attempt to find Karalynn’s Hole.

As soon as he found it, Beth gave him the ‘slow’ command and he slowly, but powerfully began to rock his hips; driving his massive cock in and out of Karalynn’s eager cunt. She also told him to ‘kiss’—a command that she had taught him as a novelty, which seemed to be very applicable now.

He planted his lips on Karalynn’s face and she began to thrust her tongue inside his mouth, further stimulating Beth, who just sat on top, rocking back and forth as their entire body rocked slowly from the thrusting. Beth reached down and grabbed Karalynn’s head and pulled it towards Buck’s mouth even closer as she came to her orgasm, followed quickly by Buck’s orgasm, which pushed her into overload. Buck rolled over on his side and took Karalynn with him.

Now with body taurs laying on their sides, dripping with sweat, and out of breath. Karalynn looked Beth in the eye and said, “ I think you two are ready to come back to school.”

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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim looked at Beth, and found himself surprisingly satisfied at the result. He glanced at the other girls... and began to wonder how well the same treatment would work on them.

For a moment, he considered changing all of them, but then decided to start with just one. Let's see... there was Karalynn, who was an otherwise nice girl but whose body had taken over now. He couldn't bring himself to be cruel to her: He actually liked her. Then there was Becky, who, to put it plainly, was a slut --- nah, she'd probably enjoy being out of control. He continued looking around. Cynthia --- now there was a possibility. Cynthia was quiet, timid, and mousey, and the whole time since she'd been transformed into a centaur, she'd just stood in the back, trying not to get any more involved than she could avoid. The more he thought about it, the more he liked it.

Jim checked Cynthia's mind. The girl really wanted to join in; she was just conservatively raised. In fact, she was actually bi, and had joined the cheerleading squad just to have a chance to be around Beth more. And even though she was appalled at what Beth had become, there was still a part of her that was hoping Beth would come over to her now and --- Jim laughed out loud. Cynthia was the perfect choice.

He typed in another few commands, and watched. Cynthia squirmed and groaned, and a couple of the other girls stopped and started to stare at her as her body began to change. A large protrusion grew in front of her, and in a few moments, it had formed into a horse's head, complete with ears and eyes and fur. The horse yawned and stretched its neck, then looked up at her quizzically.

Cynthia stared down at it, her hands at her face, terrified, but unable to scream. The horse gently licked her chest affectionately. Jim hadn't made the horse's mouth equivalent to her vagina; it was just a horse, and she was going to have enough fun when her mare noticed Beth's stallion.

Cynthia reached down and gently petted the horse's head. She could feel her own hands touching the head: There was no doubt that it was attached to her, but she still had no idea what it was thinking.

The mare looked around, a little confused, and suddenly noticed Beth and her stallion. The mare stared at the stallion, licked her lips, and Cynthia blinked: The mare was reacting to the stallion. Cynthia realized all too suddenly that she had no control --- she could feel everything the mare felt, but the mare was in charge, and poor Cynthia was just along for the ride...

*The mare takes Cynthia over to Beth, and Cynthia begins apologizing as her body presents itself to Beth's stallion.

As Cynthia's mare took note of the Stallion nearby, she began walking them over directly in front of Beth's Stallion. The mare raised her tail, giving everyone a peek at their glistening, little pussy.
Cynthia felt herself turning red as she realized the inevitable-she was next, and both horses knew it! "Oh my God! I'm so sorry," as she desperately tried to force "Ëœher' tail down with her hands, only to realize that she couldn't reach that far. She could feel their pussy dripping with excitement now.

Beth's stallion reached its head forward and sniffed at the mare's/Cynthia's pussy, eliciting a moan from Beth as the stallion's nose formed the bulk of her front sexual center. The stallion then began to lick at the juices flowing from under the mare's tail. This action elicited both a moan from Beth and Cynthia.
The stallion's tongue began to penetrate the mare's folds, and, as it did, the female-duo almost orgasmed on the spot.

Cynthia then felt their hind legs move apart; her mare was preparing herself to bear the weight of the stallion. Cynthia turned around and saw the stallion cock hanging flaccidly between Beth's hind legs as the stallion walked forward toward her rear.
Then, without so much as a word, Beth was on top of Cynthia's mare and before she knew it, the stallion laid his head down along the right side of her hip, the spot where her torso merged with the mare's shoulders.

It took him several tries, once to low, twice too high, but the stallion (who shall henceforth be known as Big Red) finally hit his mark. He began to snort loudly as he began his furious thrusting at the mare's (and Cynthia's) virgin pussy.
Cynthia could feel every inch of the huge shaft slide into her, she felt a sharp pain and then, pure ecstasy. She reached down and petted the top of Big Red's head, rewarding both him, but more importantly, Beth.

Big Red, who was more mentally (not to mention physically) endowed, had figured out that if he slowed his furious thrusts to a slower, more rhythmic pace, there would be more pleasure for both himself and his current mate. But did he really want to slow down?

*Yeah, slow and steady wins the race.

At first Big Red fucked Cynthia using a typical stallion style, penetrating her as much as possible, and then fucking her vigorously. This felt very good and he was close to coming already. But then it occored to him. What's the rush? Maybe if he slowed down it would feel even better. So he tried something different. He took a half step backward. And thrusted again, this time slowly. Now when he arched his back, a good half his immense cock slid out of her, and when he thrusted again he could feel his length sliding into her soft inviting pussy. The feeling was amazing. It felt so good, and his mare clearly enjoyed it too. He arched his back, paused, then thrust again. Her pussy was quivering so nice he just held it ther for a moment. One more thrust and he could tell his mare was coming. But he wasn't done yet. He gradually began speeding up, varying his technigue a bit, going slow again. His mare was making strange "Ooooh"-ing noises that he assumed meant she liked what he was doing. But then he knew he was going to come pretty soon and started fucking her faster and faster again.

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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim decided he'd wait a minute and see what the effect would be.

Unfortunately for Beth, she decided there was something she could do in this situation if she just mustered her confidence and started bossing people around again. But, with all her fear of the moment, things came out sounding even harsher than she usually was with everyone. And, what's worse, the stallion she was attached to wasn't as active yet as he was before, so every word carried clearly over to Jim.

"Becky, Mimi, get the fuck over here and help me. My body's changing again and if you don't help me, I'll fuck you hard when I get over to you again."

Well, for Jim, this was probably as much proof as he needed even this extreme modification to her body wasn't going to be enough. He had to do more. He shook his head and wondered how someone could be such a total bitch, but he had just the thing for her.

He started typing again, and just as Beth was about to start shouting more threats and insults, he tongue started to grow quickly. It stopped a few seconds later when the end of it looked like a fully engorged horse's cock, over two feet long and jet black. Much too long and large to swallow it or bring it back into her mouth properly.

"You bithes grt th fck ovuv hrr nnn lpph mu."

Beth couldn't really be understood anymore, even if she could talk. Jim made sure this time would keep her from being such a total bitch.. And, the stallion felt all this and started to get more animated. She felt the growth on the end of her tongue, and unlike her stallion cock, this was just a lump at the end of her tongue. For her, this wasn't a sex organ, or even a muscle...just a lump.

But, right away, even though she didn't get any sensation of pleasure from it, she felt compelled to fuck the centaur mares with it.

The stallion started moving to mount the mares, and she was left grasping for another mare to use her tongue on, willing and aching to even stuck her whole head in to help the mares get off. She completely forgot about talking and focused only on pleasuring the centaur mares, but was sure a regular horse would have been just as compelling.

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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Jim notices that a rather shy girl isn’t getting as much attention as the other girls and decides to “help” her out. He wants the other girls to notice so he makes the process of growing a stallion cock happen in little jolts that cause her to orgasm each time it happens.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” cries Tara as she feels something strange but extremely pleasant happening between her hind legs. Centaur cheerleaders on either side of her see a stallion’s cock, miniature in size at first, grow large and larger with every one of Tara’s gasps until finally she has balls the size of grapefruits and a massive stallion’s cock sliding out of its sheath as it starts to harden from all the glorious naked horse and girl flesh around her.

“What’s happening to me?” Tara asks. To make Tara stand out even more Jim decides to enhance her some more. Her small c-cup breasts, very high and firm and girlish, start to grow and grow. Soon they’re too big for her to cover with her hands. The expand and start to sag a little, quite naturally, as her nipples expand with them. They don’t stop growing until each breast is bigger than her head and hang almost to her elbows.

“You’re got a stallion’s cock,” says Tracy. She saw what Beth just did to Mimi and Karalynn and she was extemely turned on. She wanted that to happen to her. She lowered her torso under Tara’s barrel and started stroking Tara’s cock.

“Oh! I – don’t stop!”

“I want you to do that to me,” Tracy told her, pointing at Beth. Another girl had raised her tail to Beth, who was in the process of lining up behind her to mount her.

“I don’t know how.”

“Just do what she’s doing.” Tara obediently got behind Tracy, who lifter her tail up and to the right, revealing her big pink wet pussy. Tara clumsily reared up and walked forward, putting her equine chest on Tracy’s ass. She walked forward some more. Tracy could feel Tara’s cock head slide across her clit, probing for the way in. Tara instinctively started thrusting her hips a little and her cock found its way into Tracy’s wet waiting pussy. Tracy turned her torso around where she say Tara’s new breasts bouncing with every thrust. She hugged Tara and their breasts squeezed pleasnatly between them. The feeling of Tara’s huge cock in her was amazing. Tracy gasped and moaned as Tara started pistoning in and out of her faster and faster. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back as her pussy rippled around Tara’s cock, gripping her tightly, pulling her in. Tracy started to come and that set Tara off. Tara’s stallionhood flared and shot what felt like gallon after gallon into Tracy’s pussy.

*Rick walks by and doesn’t notice anything is strange, but he gets sucked into the action

Rick had decided to cut class for the rest of the day. As he was leaving he heard what sounded like an all girl orgy. But there was another sound – hooves? Much to his surprise when he went to check out the source of these sounds, he saw the entire school cheerleading team, plus Robin and Ms. Pepper, all totally naked and doing very sexual things to each other.

Rick walked a little closer, where he was spotted by a gorgeous centaur girl with long black hair, a black equine pelt, and high, firm c-cup breasts. She trotted over to Rick and immediately started kissing him, pressing her breasts against him, and jamming one hand down his pants to stroke his rapidly growing hard on. Rick can’t help but notice she also has a vagina at the front of her body.

*Rick starts making out with the centaur girl
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*Jim decided Rick could be a threat to him and made Rick forget all about the computer program
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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Rick was completely surprised.
A cheerleader.

A centaur.

A gorgeous girl.

Attacking his jeans and making no bones about getting into them with her very feminine hands.

This felt too real and too good to be a dream, but nobody human could just take all this in stride.

"You really want me that bad, Melissa?" Rick asked. It was all his mind could do to process what was happening and have him respond somehow.

"Yeah. Yes. Yesss. Please. PLEASE. Fuck me, Rick," she replied.

Rick still couldn't process it all this fast. "You're sure? Something might happen."

"I'm a centaur with two cunnies, and you have no idea how much I want you right now. I'm so horny you can't believe it, but I wanted you before now, too, I just...just...couldn't ask before. But what the hell could happen that people would notice more than me turning into a centaur? What else could happen that would matter? Don't you want me?" Melissa wanted it so much, she'd have done anything for Rick. But, she'd already done everything she needed to do.

Rick, for his part, had always thought Melissa was sexy as hell, had a serious hard-on as soon as he saw her this time, and didn't say another word. He certainly didn't expect to see her as a centaur, but it surprised him that he was, if anything, more attracted to her than ever. As she finished talking, he stripped, grabbed her close, started kissing and petting her, and worked quickly toward finding out how he was going to fuck the fore-pussy of a centaur girl.

*More of the centaur mares see Rick and want to get involved.

Katie taps her friend Hannah on the shoulder. She point to Melissa. “Melissa’s found a boy.” They step up alongside Melissa. “No fair Melissa, we think you should share.”

Rick stops kissing Melissa long enough to see what’s going on. Now there are three gorgeous centaur mares in front of him. Hannah is a palomino, her long blonde hair contrasts beautifully with her equine pelt. Her breasts are both large and a bit long, in a way that Rick finds incredibly feminine and erotic. Katie’s red hair matches her coppery red quarter horse pelt and her nipple and fore vagina are very pink. Hannah starts rubbing her breasts on Rick’s side. Katie tries to rub her fore vagina against Rick’s chest and side, sliding one slender fore leg against his leg and side in the process.

Melissa is a few inches taller than Rick now, and Rick puts his mind to working out how to fuck her. If they had a bed handy she could lie on her backs and he could fuck her from the front, or more awkwardly lying on their sides face to face. But the fastest and easiest way would be standing up. Thinking quickly Rick pulls his physics textbook out of his backpack and stands on it, bringing his cock up to just the perfect level for fucking Melissa. Melissa pulls his pants and underwear down eagerly. He rubs the head of his cock on her curly pubic hair and then slide into her. The three mares start kissing each other and him. Rick’s hands happily start exploring the breasts of these beautiful girls, then slide down to check out the moist lips of their fore pussies. He starts thrusting faster and faster into Melissa who closes her eyes and tips her head back, to savor the sensations. She starts panting and moaning in a way that is making Hannah and Katie very jealous. Her tail flips up, and she hugs Rick, crushing her breasts against his chest.

Rick slides his hands along the mare’s bodies, then slips a finger inside Hannah and Katie, finger fucking the horny mares as he pumps in and out of Melissa.

*Rick finishes with Melissa and Hannah insists it’s her turn next

Rick pounded away at Melissa and suddenly the two cried out in unison as they both struck orgasm. Rick collapsed against her, her juices dripping down her fur and along his legs.

Hannah and Katie squirmed against Rick's softening fingers. "Hey... you didn't save any for me," said Katie, nudging his fingers.

"Unn..." mumbled Rick.

Hannah stepped forward. "I'm next anyway," she said, glaring at Katie. "Find your own boy."

"Hey!" snorted Katie. "He's mine too!"

Melissa, weak from the sex, suddenly lost her balance and fell over backward, landing on her hindquarters. Rick slipped out from her, barely maintaining his balance ---

"What the fuck?" said Hannah, pulling herself free from his fingers and staring at him.

"Hunnn...?" mumbled Rick. "What happened?"

"Your dick's gone," said Hannah, poking at him. She turned and looked at Melissa. "And... what the hell? It's not in you either. Your vagina's gone too."

Rick groaned, and doubled over. The juices from Melissa's vagina had spread, and were covering his legs, and getting darker, and it was starting to hurt a little.

In no time at all, Rick's legs had turned dark brown to match his hair, and his feet had re-shaped themselves as hooves. The girls stood back and watched as Rick's midsection ballooned, and another pair of legs sprouted from his waist. Rick landed with an unceremonious thud on the floor, and stood still, looking slightly confused.

"Dang," said Hannah. "Nevermind..."

*"...you're totally hung like a horse now. So pull it together, 'cuz I'm next!"
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*"...you turned into a girl centaur. Guess I have to find somebody else."
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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

“Hunh . . . what?” asked Rick, not realizing what had happened at first. He was standing, but he felt like he was touching the ground in four places. Looking down he saw not his cock, but a horse’s front part and forelegs.

“Dibs!” cried Hannah. “I get him first!” She reached under Rick’s barrel and started to stroke his cock. Rick looked at her just in time to see her long, pendulous breasts dangle. Then her small feminine hand found his horse cock and start to stroke him.

“Oh . . . oh my god! Don’t stop!” Hannah stroked his huge horse cock with one hand, felt up his balls with the other. It was so large she couldn’t get her hand around it. Rick’s fur felt so good on her arm she ran her hand down his side, even petted his tail just to see what that felt like.

“That’s enough of that,” declared Hannah. She turned so that her ass was facing Rick and lifter her tail up and to the right. “If you want more you’ll have to hop up here, big fellah. She turned her torso about and patted her own wide rear end.

Rick wasted no time, he reared up like he’d been doing it all his life, and landed with his forglegs past her hips. Rick walked forward a step, trying to position his stallionhood properly to enter her, hindered slightly by the fact that he couldn’t see what he was doing and couldn’t take his eyes off Hanna’s round, perfect tits.

Hannah smiled as she felt Rick’s cock slide across her clit, then shifted her hips slightly to help him out. The tip of his cock slid into her and Rick walked a half step forward, driving it in. Hannah half closed her eyes, in ecstasy. “So . . . so big! Oh!”

Rick stepped forward and thrusted in a way that shook Hannah’s sturdy centaur mare body. He kissed her, his hands wetn to her breast, and he started fucking her most vigorously. Hannah started to moan and writhe, rocking her rear end left and right. It was even better than she’d hoped.

*Katie watched jealously, then demanded that she was next.

“How was it?” asked Katie.

“Oh my GOD!” Hannah was sweating and her eyes were half closed. “That wasn’t anything like I’ve ever felt before. Centaur sex is the greatest! You have got to try it.”

“Ok, lover, I’m next!” squealed Katie, hugging Rick’s side, rubbing her breasts on his arm. “Um, get off of her,” she added when Rick didn’t move fast enough for her.

Rick backed down off of Hanna, copious amounts of fluids splashing out of her as his horse cock withdrew from her. Katie hugged Rick face to face, squishing her breasts to his chest and kissing him fiercely. Rick’s hard on was returning in now time. Rick’s fingers found her nipples causing Katie’s tail to flip eagerly. Katie’s hand slid down his chest to where his formerly human half met his horse parts.

“Oh, it feels weird, not having my dick in front of me,” Rick complained.

“Who cares?” Katie whispered. “Fuck me.”

Rick wasn’t going to pass up this invitation. Katie was gorgeous. He walked around her, and saw that her mare pussy was glistening with desire. She spread her hind legs wider and turned her torso around so she could watch. Rick mounted her and they resumed kissing. His hands found her firm round breasts. She started meeting his thrusts. Her head tipped back and closed her eyes, the better to concentrate on the sensasion. It turned out Katie was quite a moaner. Rick’s right hand slides down her chest, around to her front and finds her fore pussy. He slips one finger into her wet cunt doubling her pleasure. Her red pelt contrasted so nicely with Rick’s brown fur. The mating centaurs were quite a sight.

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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

“What?” asked Rick, horrified by what Hannah just said, hearing her feminine new voice for the first time. Rick looked down. “Boobs?” Sure enough, Rick’s new centaur mare body was sporting quite a rack. Big, round, more firm than they should be, her new breasts stuck way out, tipped with huge nipples that would surely be seen even through a bra and clothes, if she was ever to wear any. Inttantly her hands went to them to confirm their existance. Her nipples were impossible sensitive. Touching them sent a shock through her body, causing a reaction under her tail. Unlike the other cheerleaders Rick didn’t havea pussy in front, but then that would mean . . .

Rick looked back at her hind legs. Her ass was huge! And she didn’t feel anyting male on her body. And just seeing this big round titties was making her wet back there.

*Rick and Melissa make out some more, but it’s very different this time

“It’s ok,” Melissa said, sounding just a little disappointed. “I always liked you because you were a nicer person.” She kissed Rick again, a little easier now that they were both centauresses. Her hand went tentatively to Rick’s left breast, finding the big nipple and teasing it. Rick kissed her back. She felt so strange. Her lips were bigger now, that was different. The two soft, jiggly weights on her chest wobbled with her slightest motion. Worst of all Melissa’s touch was turning her on, but instead of giving her a hard on she was just getting wetter, a sensation so strange to her she was having trouble understanding it. Compared to that having four legs and a tail wasn't so different.

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Re: Horny Centaur Cheerleaders

Rick pushed the centaur girl away and stepped back, trying to sort all this out. What was going on here? All these mutant girls, and Jim had had that computer program... no... he couldn't have been the cause... could he? Rick turned around and started to head toward the nearest computer.

Jim's eyes went wide from his hidden vantage point. Rick knew too much, and had to be stopped before he could wreck everything. At first, Jim thought he'd just wipe Rick's memory, but then he saw Beth on top of... well, he couldn't tell which girl, but it didn't matter: Beth produced a sudden burst of inspiration. Jim laughed --- this was going to be too easy.

Jim smiled, and went to work. Beth's body had already tired of the last girl, and was down on the ground, and she was breathing hard and dripping with goodness-only-knew how many fluids. Suddenly she shrieked, and a look of pain appeared in her eyes as she tensed, and then her body relaxed again.

"Beth!" cried Karalynn. "You're... you're a girl again!"

She pointed at the cheerleading squad's leader, and sure enough, Beth was entirely female now, with no sign of the male body part that had just impaled the other girl. Beth looked down. There was no sign of genitalia on her front end, either.

"But ---" she began, but she didn't have time to finish. She saw Rick, and her eyes went wide.

Rick was standing in the same hallway, looking very confused. The other girls, the horse girls, had gotten a lot shorter all the sudden. No... wait... the room had gotten shorter too. He was growing!

He looked down, and where he expected to see a torn pair of blue jeans and white sneakers, he saw instead a brown horse's chest and hooves.

"What the hell...?" he began.

And then his body started walking.

He waved his arms madly, trying to keep his balance on top of the creature underneath of him. It was his body down there --- he could feel every step --- but it wasn't under his control, at least from the waist down. The animal down there was doing as it pleased, and he was along for the ride.

Just like Beth.

His body was walking toward the centaur girls, and he got a whiff of their scent. They were intoxicating; they'd been pretty girls before, and now, well, they were his species, and they were naked and sexy, and they were --- no --- No, not they. Just Beth. Just Beth was in heat. He could smell it, and it was like a cross between sweet candy and hot peppers, a warm, soothing smell that went all the way down through him as his body walked closer.

Beth had never been his favorite girl among the cheerleaders; she was bitchy, and she wasn't the prettiest. But the chemistry coming out of her body was something his body couldn't ignore, no matter how much he might want to.

"Stay back," she said as he walked closer. "I... I can't control this thing!"

"I can't either!" he said. "I mean, I can control my arms and stuff, but the horse ---"

The other girls paused what they were doing and stepped back to watch. It was like the beginnings of a slow-motion train wreck...

*Beth and Rick fight hard... and end up doing it anyway, fighting all the way.

"Stay back!" said Beth again. "I'm warning you!"

"I would if I could," said Rick. "I can't control this thing!"

Beth's body turned, and she found herself pointing her hindquarters at Rick. Her tail flipped up and to the right.

"Gah, stop that," said Rick, glancing at it. "That's disgusting!" At least, that's what he said. He looked at it, and despite wanting to find it ugly, he found it amazingly sexy. His body was still walking closer to hers.

"I can't, dammit!" she said. "Just walk away!"

He walked closer, and when he was close enough to touch her, he put out his hands against her hindquarters to try to push her away.

"Get your hands off my butt!" she said, twisting at the waist and waving her own arms at him in vain.

"I don't want to get any closer!" he said. "Do you have a better idea?"

"How the hell should I know? Just get back!" Her body was trying hard to back up toward him now, and his own body had pushed closer, so that his lower chest was brushing up against her hindquarters.

"I can't!" he said. "I told you!"

Rick suddenly found himself in the air, flailing with both hands, as his body hopped up on top of her.

"Get the fuck off me!" she cried, leaning back and pushing at his body with her hands as best she could.

Rick gritted his teeth. "As I said, I fucking can't," he said, frowning at her. "This horse is out of my control."

"Mine is too," said Beth, and for a moment, she looked at him almost sympathetically. Then she felt his cock brush up against her vagina, and her face went white. "Gah, get back!" she cried, pushing at him, but his body wasn't going to take no for an answer.

He reached down with his hands and pushed at her human half. "You get back!" he said.

"I --- I'm trying!" she cried.

Their lower halves began to grind against each other, and they could feel their resolve weakening.

*Beth's resolve weakens, and even though Rick's still fighting it, she starts to cooperate with her body.

Beth feels Rick’s stallion sized cock slide across her clit and up into her, just a little. Then with one powerful thrust from Rick’s hips and his horse cock is deeper inside her than anything has ever been, could ever have been. Rick’s equine chest and forelegs slide along her back, and another thrust. Beth simply couldn’t ignore the total feeling of penetration. It felt so good!

“Kiss me.”

“What?” asked Rick, startled by this change in attitude

“Kiss me, you fool!” Beth grabed Rick and pulled him closer. He kissed her, a distant, uncertain kiss. Beth grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. Rick’s resolve melted and he kissed her for real time. His large hand began squuezing her breasts and stroking her nipple. Quickly the two were passionately making out as their centaur bodies mated. Beth’s breasts bounced with every thrust. Her eyes closed and her head tipped back. “So good . . . OH MY GOD YOU”RE SO BIG!” she squealed. “Oh! Oh! I can feel it. I can feel a mare’s pleasure!” Rick’s hands wandered up and down her body, feeling her smooth girl skin and her soft mare’s pelt. The feeling of her wonderful breasts and slick pussy was too incredible.

*Rick gains control of his lower half, but can he really turn down the naked, lusting centauresses?

Rick had never felt this...masculine. Dozens of inches of his new horse cock were pumping into Beth, one of the hottest girls in school, who was screaming his name and begging for more. His front cock, which had taken on some of his equine characteristics, was rubbing against Beth's back, threatening to erupt all over her smooth skin at any second. Beth's high, firm tits were more than a handful each, and she was pushing them against his hands by arching her back, and her own hands were busy masturbating her front pussy. Her hooves were scraping the tile floor from the force of his thrusts.

Not exactly how he had expected the day to go.

"Oh fuck, Rick! Rick, I'm cumming!" she gasped, then screamed, her pussy clamping down firmly on his cock as her entire body shook violently. It was too much for Rick, and his horse cock bucked once before he unleashed the first blast of what was to be an unthinkable amount of sperm into her, followed by his front cock splashing her back with another load. Rick bit Beth's neck possessively as their bodies rewarded them, Beth tangling her fingers in his hair as she moaned.

Jim figured that was all the motivation Rick needed. With a few clicks, he gave Rick control again....although, with so many girls that needed mounting, Jim didn't really think control would figure prominently into Rick's interests...

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