Topic: Twinned Pleasure

“I told you that runetech wasn’t reliable!”

“It was working fine! And your wards all failed too!”

Freya’s tits. They’re even worse now. Ryan sighed, and looked over at Lynda, who nodded solemnly in answer.

After Harper and Monique had disappeared with the artifact, relations between the GAMA(short for Great Academy of Magical Arts) and the Gemion Runesmith Guild had reached an all-time low. While it was fairly easy to see that the artifact had been far more powerful that anyone could have imagined and they weren’t even sure if they could have contained it at all in the first place, that didn’t stop both sides from blaming the other.

Lynda groaned. What were you two thinking? No, forget whywhere are you two now?


Harmony kissed themselves, breaking it only to pant and whine, their upper hands rubbing their breasts and lower arms being used to stroke their hybrid genitals. With synced moans, they came, fluid spurting from both their clit-cock and pussy-sheath.

They kissed each other softly, arms caressing their fused body in their post-orgasmic glow. They checked the d-cum collecting runes, noting that nothing was out of order, then stretched their body out as they got up to go around the ruins again.

Indeed, ‘ruins’ was the right word. While the artifact had prevented the place from being destroyed by the ravages of time, even it had limits to it’s power. Now that they had inherited it’s power, they had started to repair them, but it would take quite a while to finish the job.

Then again… maybe we won’t have to do this by ourselves. Monique thought, as they felt a tug at the back of their minds. Hmm… yes, we’ll certainly be able to get help. thought Harper. Smiling, they closed their eyes, focusing on pulling on their soon-to-be companions closer.


“Hey, Tim… you feel that?” Sarah asked to her red-headed twin, as she felt a subtle but noticeable pull towards a certain direction. Her brother nodded. They were hanging out in a park near Sarah’s apartment. “I think it’s coming from the mountains? You want to check it out?” Sarah hesitated, but then agreed. “Sure, let’s go.”


Harmony opened their eyes and blinked. “That was surprisingly… easy.” they muttered to themselves. Of course, it wasn’t a bad thing at all. Still… they’d need to ask them a few questions when they got here.

They closed their eyes again and concentrated.


Both twins got up as the pull got stronger. They started making their way towards the indicated direction. Normally common sense would prevent them from setting off right now, if at all - who knew what was calling them, or what dangers could be in the mountains. However, a voice in their heads reassured them, telling them that nothing bad would happen and no harm was intended.

This was true - it wouldn’t do if the ones being called fell off a cliff or anything, so the spell calling them would also protect them from potential harm. As for nothing bad happening… well, the spell did only call those who would be happy and love to be merged together in a shared body, after all.

“Heya, guys.” The twins turned around to see one of their mutual friends, Miranda. “Want to hang out?”

“Not now.” “We’re busy.” they said.

“Um, okay? Bye.” Miranda said, confused at their attitude but deciding not to pursue the subject. The twins nodded and went on their way.

On their way, they met some of their other friends as well. As with Miranda, though, they didn’t talk for long, though - they had somewhere to go, after all. Nobody stopped them, though they did get a few funny looks. However, neither Sarah nor Tim cared. The call was too strong, drowning out their inhibitions or hesitations they might have had - even when it drew them beyond the city boundaries and into the mountains.

About an hour or so later - though to them it felt like almost no time at all - they were in the ruins. Despite the fact that such a journey would have exhausted both of them, neither twin was tired in the slightest at all. This, too, was from the calling spell, though of course they had no idea of knowing this.

Climbing over some rubble, they managed to reach the spot where Harmony were waiting for them. Upper arms folded under their sizable breasts, lower pair folded behind their back, they looked at the twins with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation.

So you are here.” the half-demon said, speaking as one being with two voices. “You two wish to be joined together in one flesh, merged into a single body.” It wasn’t a question. “What are your names?

“Timothy, or Tim for short. “My name is Sarah.” The twins answered without hesitation, looking over Harmony’s hermaphroditic body with eager eyes.

Sarah, Tim, are you ready for this?” the half-demon asked simply, looking at each sibling with both of their heads. “We are.” they said in unison.

I must ask you two again - are you sure that this is what you both want?” inquired the heir of the artifact to both the red-headed brother and golden-haired sister, meeting their eyes. To that, the humans answered, “We’re sure.”, at the same time.

One more time - Tim, Sarah, do you two want to fuse together, to share the same body forever?” Harmony questioned the two again, asking the twins to confirm or deny the question. At that, they stood side by side, Sarah on their right and Timothy on their left, and hugged each other around the waist. For the third time, the answer was positive - “Yes, we want to!”

Harmony stood wordlessly, then nodded.

You’re sure - both of you are. We can see that. But before we grant your wish...” Harmony uncrossed their upper arms and extended their right one towards the excited siblings. The twins grabbed each other tighter, their grins getting wider…

And then faded as their minds cleared, realizing where they were and who had asked them those questions. Timothy’s eyes widened, Sarah’s jaw dropped in surprise as they finally understood what Harmony were. Yet at the same time, neither ran or let go of their twin - in fact, if anything, they held each other tighter.


It took the twins a moment to realize that the two-headed demon in front of them had asked them yet another question.

“Huh?” asked Sarah. Her brother was as scared and confused as she was, but something was bugging him.

“Um… is it just me, or do you sound different?” Timothy asked, raising an eyebrow. Before Sarah could hiss at him to be quiet, however…

“Pfft… ahaha! Freya’s ass, that’s what you ask first?” burst Harmony’s left head - no, Monique, snickering while doing a facepalm. Harper started laughing as well, but shi had the courtesy to look away and stifle it with a hand.

“Errrr…” The twins looked at each other, no longer scared, but even more confused by the second. Sarah managed to vocalize their shared sentiment -

“What the heck is going on?”


“Heh, sorry about that.” Harper said a few minutes later, scratching hir head sheepishly while Monique grinned, still chuckling every once in a while. “Did we really sound that different?”

“Uh… yeah.” Timothy said, blinking. “I dunno why, but you did, I guess?” Sarah added. Both twins were still in the same position as they were earlier, still holding each other’s waist side-by-side.

“Because we weren’t using the mindlink when we asked you that, probably… okay, looks like we’ve got to explain..” Monique answered, adding the last part at the twins’ blank expressions.

“We’re still two people, but we’re not totally separate either. We’ve got this mental link between us.” Harper explained. “We share knowledge and sensations, but it’s mostly still filtered through ‘Harper” and ‘Monique’. Same memories doesn’t mean same person.”

“We can sync our minds, though, so we can act together as ‘Harmony’. Nice name, isn’t it? Harper came up with that one.” Monique added, giving hir bodymate a peck on the cheek. Harper blushed slightly and returned the kiss, causing Monique to giggle.

“Oh… okay. What was the question again?” Sarah asked, tilting her head.

“I think they said ‘why’?” Timothy said. “What did you mean?”

Monique and Harper glanced at each other and sighed.

“Well… it’s kinda complicated I guess?” Harper said. Monique snorted.

“Complicated my ass.” Shi glanced down and added, “Okay, our ass, whatever.”, rolling hir eyes. “We used a spell to call you here - and keep you safe while you were coming. But you know what? It was easy. Too easy.”

“Yes, the spell only works like that on people who already would have liked to be merged, and even be happier like that… but you probably shouldn’t have been quite that eager.” Harper said, scratching hir head again. “We think.”

“...really?” Sarah said, raising an eyebrow. “Well, we dressed up a lot as conjoined twins for Demon’s Eve, didn’t we?” she asked her brother. “We did for that costume party last summer too, remember?” Timothy reminded her, nodding. “Good point though…”

“Well, that’s a start, but hardly enough, since not everyone who dresses up as a dragon wants to be one.” commented Monique. “Why do you like to do that in the first place?”

“Hmm… well, we’re twins, so we’re pretty close already, but doing that makes us feel… even closer?” Timothy looked at Sarah for confirmation, and she nodded. He continued, “Not just physically, but more than that. More togetherness or something.”

“And why do you like being close? Um… I know this is kind of rude, but, er... so it’s not, um… twincest?” Harper asked shyly, blushing and looking at the ground. Both twins shook their head.

“No, it’s not like that! Well, not like that I guess…” Sarah trailed off, hesitating.

Her brother turned his head to look at her. “You… you feel like that too then?” She nodded.

“We’re getting warm…” Monique said, looking at the twins with great interest. “Go on. What do you mean?” asked Harper, with a similar expression on hir face.

“Well.” Timothy stopped, then continued speaking. “It’s like, I don’t love her as a woman, not sexually. But I love her as a sister so much, and I want to be together with her forever. And…” He blushed. “That turns me on for some reason, but not in a way that I want to have sex with her.” Sarah gave him a playful shove, but she was blushing too.

She opened her mouth. “Yeah, same. More like… more like I want to us to fuck someone at the same time I guess.” If Timothy had been drinking anything, he probably would have choked on it. As it was, he just burst into a coughing fit of embarrassment, causing his sister to giggle.

Both Monique and Harper were watching this with amusement, though Harper was a bit flustered in addition to that. “Er… so that’s why, I guess?” shi asked them, faking a cough as well.

Those words brought the twins back to reality. They looked back at the merged being before them.

“So, you’re going to…” “Make us like you?” they asked. Harper and Monique looked at each other briefly, then nodded. “We will.
“Ooh, mindlink voice again.” Timothy chuckled. Sarah said nothing, but smiled. They held onto each other tightly, as Harmony raised their hands. They looked at each other one last time as separate beings, then faced forward.

With one gesture, their clothes burned away in multihued violet flames, and all their body hair too for good measure. Oddly though, their bodies were unharmed by the immolation - a good thing, as after that, the inferno sank into their skin. Outwardly, the blaze died down, but inside their bodies an even greater burst of pleasure flared up.

Aaaahhh!” Both twins moaned at the sudden surge of arousal, Sarah’s pussy dripping wet with liquid and Timothy’s cock getting hard and leaking pre. Their bodies started merging together where they touched, and they reveled in that feeling of a whole new level of intimacy, sharing the erotic sensations of their fusing bodies and minds.

Overcome with pleasure, they fell to their knees and began to masturbate, Sarah’s right hand fingering her pussy and Timothy jerking off with his left. “Aahhh.... your cock feels so good…” Sarah moaned, even as Timothy said “Sis… your pussy feels great!” They bucked their hips back and forth a few times before falling backwards, landing on their backs, but not even noticing due to the intense pleasurable sensations.

They panted and moaned as their bodies melded together, shaped by the arcane magic of the half-demon. Their inner arms, the ones that had been hugging their twin around the waist, started warping and changing, becoming more like draconic wings as they migrated to the opposite shoulder. Their inner legs stuck together, but instead of shrinking or melting into their body, they cracked and shifted, joining together into a different kind of limb.

“Gah… aahh!” “Nngh, ahhh…” More groans escaped their mouths as their fused legs changed further. Instead of shrinking away, however, they grew longer and thicker instead, the kneecaps melting away and their inner ass cheeks being absorbed into them as well. With a wet pop the bones detached from their hips, but only caused more pleasurable sensations rather than the pain of dislocation. Now one single mass, it migrated to their back, morphing into a serpentine tail. With nothing between to get in the way, their anuses fused into one opening, and their spines meshed together into one, connecting with their new tail and making the twins shudder in near-orgasmic ecstasy.

By now the twins’ torsos had merged into a single one with both heads on top, their shared chest sporting two large breasts. Sarah hadn’t exactly been flat before, but the mounds the twins had now were even bigger than Harmony’s F-cups - somewhere in the H-cup range by now, in fact. Their hands switched places, Timothy’s right hand fingering their pussy and Sarah’s right hand jerking off their cock,  their upper arms to squeeze their swollen tits.

Haahhh, oohh… so good!” The twins moaned in sync, one voice from two mouths. While Harmony had been two friends-going-on-lovers, they hadn’t spent all of their lives together. Timothy and Sarah however were siblings, twins even, and thus were much closer from the start, both physically and mentally. While the extent of mental merging was no more than the former apprentices’, they embraced it to an even greater degree, willingly choosing to act as one, talk as one, think and feel as one. Their eyes glowed violet, and as their demonic benefactor, a stripe of hair gained the color of their other head, red with a streak of gold and vice versa.

Louder cracks and pops went off as their body changed further. Their wings on their back grew larger, large enough to walk on them like a wyvern, complete with clawed hands. In fact, their entire body started to gain draconic traits. Patches of violet scales formed on their arms, torso, face, and legs, and covered their tail completely to the very tip. Their fingers and toes also gained claws like the ones on their wings, albeit much smaller and not quite as pointed.

The changes affected their heads, too. Like their bodies, patches of scales appeared, this time on their cheeks. Their ears changed to wing-like fins, covering their earholes in a parody of their original form. The twins opened their mouths in a moaning howl of pleasure as a pair of horns appeared on each head -  the outer ones much larger than their inner counterparts - and in doing so also revealed their new draconic fangs.

Yes… yes!” they screamed, as the final step of the merger began, the fusion of their genitals. Their clit stuck to the side of their cock and started to sink in, the surrounding flesh changing, becoming pink, soft, and sensitive like a clitoris while retaining the size, length, and rigidity of a penis. Their balls settled in their crotch, one on each side of their dripping vaginal lips, flesh around their new clit-cock warping and stretching to form a sheath to contain it.

Where there had once been a pair of twins, red-haired brother and golden-haired sister, there was now a hermaphroditic, two-headed draconic humanoid, lying on their back and moaning in erotic bliss as they pleasured their mutual body. Wing-claws clutching at their swollen tits, hands furiously stimulating their hybrid genitals, they let out a roar of mutual pleasure from both mouths as they came in an explosive orgasm that bound them together for good, in spirit and flesh, their clit-cock and pussy-sheath erupting with draconic fluid.

Harmony watched over them as the twins experienced their first mutual orgasm in their new body, just as they had not so long ago themselves. Panting and sighing, the creation of their first merger managed to somewhat shake the post-orgasmic fog from their heads and get up, looking over their body with joy and amazement. They hugged themselves with both wings and arms, staying like that for a few moments with their eyes closed before opening them to look at their creator.

Thank you Harmony…” The twins said in unison, grinning wide with both mouths. “Thank you for bringing us so close together.” Unfurling their wings, they looked at their body again before continuing. “We feel so happy…” “Our body feels so good…” they said, Timothy first and then Sarah, gently swaying in place as they stood on their new legs.

“You’re welcome.” Monique said with a smile, while Harper just nodded wordlessly and beamed. Perhaps the twins’ relationship was of a somewhat different type from theirs, but it was still delightful to see that they had brought the two siblings as close together as they were. And honestly quite erotic as well, judging from their very erect clit-cock and dripping pussy-sheath, they all noticed.

The twins sat down on the ground, exposing their crotch to Harmony seductively. While they’d just came, the fused body of Harmony was almost as much of a turn-on as their merger had been, making them sexually ready for another round, this time not just for mutual self-pleasure. Despite their arousal, however, Harmony hesitated, seemingly reluctant to oblige.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked, tilting hir head. “We’re okay with it…” Timothy said, confused as well. Monique looked at Harper, who gave a knowing look. With a sigh, Monique answered. “As much as we’d love to… these,” and with that shi pointed to their hybrid genitals, “are reserved.” Harper nodded, causing the twins’ heads to droop in disappointed acceptance.

“However…” Harper added, causing the twins to look up again, “we do have other methods.” At that, the twins pouted in mock annoyance. “Just fuck us already, please!” they complained playfully, leaning backwards to allow them easier access. Their genitals were also clearly showing their arousal, their clit-cock already starting to leak pre. This time, Harmony obliged, approaching.

The twins growled in surprise as the half-demon pushed them over, though not with too much force. They were confused when Harmony used their upper arms to pin them down by their wings, but soon gasped in pleasure as their clit-cock was engulfed by Harmony’s ass, and their pussy-sheath penetrated by the prehensile tail their benefactor had growing from their spine. Grinning, Harmony started pumping their body up and down, thrusting their tail into the twins at the same pace as well.

Moaning, the twins rocked their body in sync as well, increasing the pleasure felt by all four of them. Harmony moaned from both mouths as well, lower arms reaching down to grope the twins’ large tits. In return, the twins used their arms to tend to Harmony’s neglected genitalia, one hand stroking their clit-cock and the other slipping its fingers into their pussy-sheath, coaxing another moan from the half-demon.

They thrust against each other for a few minutes before Harmony came, d-cum spraying all over the twins’ body and faces. Fortunately, the chaotic transformative effects of d-cum had no effect on the twins, their merger having rendered them immune to it. The twins gasped too, Harmony’s ass clamping on their clit-cock enough to bring them to orgasm. Panting, they stayed like that for a few more moments, the twins lapping up the cum on their faces while doing so, licking each others faces to get it all off.

With a pleasured sigh, Harmony got off the twins, letting them get up. The twins smiled and planted a kiss on each of their benefactor’s faces, causing Monique to giggle and Harper to blush before they returned the favor, embracing them for a bit before letting go. “That was wonderful!” the twins said cheerfully, tail wagging slightly behind them.

Harper smiled sheepishly, before remembering something important. “I just remembered… do you two want a shared name?” Monique nodded - the thought had crossed their minds at the same time, but Harper had said it first. “We have one too - Harper and Monique, so Harmony.” At that, the twins pondered before shrugging.

“That sounds nice, but…” “...we can’t think of a good one.” the twins said, intentionally splitting the sentence between them. The four of them thought about this, until Harper spoke up. “How does Tira sound?”

Tira… that sounds nice.” the newly named twins said in unison. They grinned, and flapped their wings, taking a few beats before managing to get into the air. “Thank you!” Tira said, taking off to the skies. Harmony watched them go, knowing that they’d be back before too long, smiling at their accomplishment.


In Piral, the nearest city to the ruins - and also where the twins came from - one of the mages the local GAMA branch detected a strange mana spike. The location was familiar - the old ruins not so far off often had those - but it was surprisingly strong… and similar to the one that he’d gotten orders to look out for.

After this news reached the head of said branch, it was decided to send out a scouting party, for reconnaissance. A message would be sent to the Gemion branch, of course, but before they responded, it would be wise to check out the exact circumstances.
A wise choice, but in this case, not exactly the best one.

But that is a story for another day.


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