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Re: Karma's Tome of Knowledge

Karma's Tome of Knowledge and Sexual Transformation Naruto: Hinata finds the Tome.
Unending BE - episode 1320663

Looking through Konoha's library Hinata is looking through the various books to help improve her ninjitsu techniques. Closing her book Hinata goes looking through some of the older books and tomes hoping to give herself some inspiration. Grabbing several books in a stack Hinata doesn't notice the red leather bound book has appeared in the stack.

Giving each of the books a quick look through Hinata sighs in disappointment at still not finding what she's looking for. Picking up the red leather bound tome she blows the dust off of the cover to read the title.

"Karma's Tome of knowledge and Sexual Transformation?" Hinata reads out curiously.



Rubbing her head at the sudden loud voice in her head Hinata starts to look through the Tome. Turning to a random page Hinata starts reading about various sexual monstrosities Karma and his Avatars have created. Initially horrified the more Hinata read the more intrigued and turned on she became. One of hands has slipped into her panties and starts to finger herself.

'This is so shameful I'm masturbating in a public area and it's turning me on so much.' Hinata turns another page about a girl being turned into a perverted slug creature.

"That's so perfect for Sakura though I think I can do better." Hinata notes to herself.

Hinata starts to fantasize about warping her friends and family into perverted sexually monstrous parodies of themselves. Cumming at the thought Hinata picks up the Tome and makes her out of the library. Taking a moment Hinata opens her jacket and ditches her shirt and bra throwing them in the trash.

"There that feels so much better now who should I go for first?" Hinata wonders to herself.

    *Hinata goes for Naruto first turning him into perverted version of the Kyuubi and her first Avatar.
    Hinata finds the idea of turning Sakura into a weird sexual snail creature to tempting to resist.
    Feeling Shizune desrves something for putting up with Tsunade, she turns Tsunade into a perverted weird sexpet for Shizune.
    Looking for some victims Hinata sees Shino, Kiba and Akamaru Hinata decides the best place to start is with her team.
    Something else.

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Re: Karma's Tome of Knowledge

Karma's Tome of Knowledge and Sexual Transformation Naruto:
Unending BE - episode 1320683

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Making her way to Naruto's home with Karma's Tome in tow Hinata is looking forward to sharing this new discovery with Naruto. Taking a moment Hinata adjusts her jackets so that she's showing off as much cleavage as possible. Giving them a squeeze she snaps her fingers making her breasts grow larger than Tsunade's.

Knocking at his door Hinata poses desuctively. "Oh Naruto I've got something to show you."

Naruto opens his door to see a nearly half naked Hinata standing in his doorway. Blushing hard at seeing his girlfriend half naked Naruto quickly invites her in. Giggling at her boyfriends reactions especially his downstairs reaction to her new bust.

"So Hinata what's up are we do for a mission?" Naruto asks.

"No Naruto I found quite an interesting book full of unique techniques and some well more interesting ones for the bedroom." Hinata responds shifting her jacket to show off her much larger tits.

Hinata opens the Tome to find the just the right spell not looking to disappoint the Tome gives Hinata just what she wants. Waving her hand she casts her spell on Naruto. In the kitchen Naruto is making himself and Hinata a snack unfortunately Naruto is having a hard time focusing due to his hard on.

Sneaking up on Naruto, Hinata gives Naruto's cock a squeeze through his pants surprising him. Pleased at his size but Hinata can easily make him bigger and better which she will.

"Hinata what the..." Naruto is cut off by Hinata kissing him.

"Let's have some fun." Hinata pulls down Naruto's pants and starts to give him a handjob.

With every stroke Naruto's cock starts growing larger and longer and changing shape to more closely resemble a fox's cock. As the pair start to have hot passionate sex in the kitchen Naruto continues to change growing soft orange fur all over his body, his ears begin to lengten into a pair of ears as his face pushes forward into fox's muzzle.

Hinata continues to ride Naruto's massive fox cock, pleased at how Naruto has changed so far she's looking forward to what comes next. Running her hands over his chest breasts start to grow six pairs line his chest all of them the same size and far larger than Tsunade's. Giving one Naruto's new breasts a suck she's pleased to hear his moan has a more feminine sound to it. Actually now that she sees it even Naruto's vulpine face has a more feminine appearance to it.

Stroking behind his ears Hinata watches as nine fluffy fox tails burst from Naruto's waist the end of each tail is a large throbbing cock. Naruto starts to pant his long tongue hanging out of his mouth curiously Hinata sees that at the tip of Naruto's tongue is a cock-head.

"Wow Naruto your stamina's pretty impressive I mean I thought my tight pussy would've milked your massive fox dong by now." Hinata comments.

"Well truth is I haven't cum from my main cock in a couple of months." Naruto admits giving it a couple of strokes.

"You mean to tell me you haven't been able to empty these great big swollen bowling ball sized nuts of yours in months?" Hinata asks.

"Pretty much." Naruto replies nonchalantly.

Hinata places her foot on top of Naruto's balls ready to crush one of them under her foot. Naruto's bright blue eyes light up in anticipation and fear but mostly anticipation.

"Naruto if you need to bust a nut just grab a random cunt that's why they're there." Hinata says stomping on and grinding one of Naruto's balls beneath her foot.

Naruto moans in pain and pleasure loving the feeling of Hinata crushing one of his balls.

"You're right Hinata I just wanted to be loyal to you since we started dating." Naruto moans out.

"Aw that's sweet tell you what my little pain-slut blow your load into my cunt then go find yourself some [censored] meat to play with." Hinata tells her boyfriend letting up on Naruto's balls.

Grinning Naruto grabs Hinata and plunges his massive fox cock into Hinata's pussy. With several mighty thrusts Naruto cums into Hinata's cunt flooding her womb with thick creamy sperm. Following shortly all of Naruto's other cocks explode with cum coating the kitchen in sperm.

"That was great but next time I get to fuck that lovely pussy of yours Naruto." Hinata says in the afterglow of there fucking.

"You got it Hinata-chan." Naruko says giving her a hug and licking off her own cum.

    Hinata cleans herself up and heads out to turn Sakura into a perverted slug creature.
    *Like 1 but Hinata meats up with her team then transforms and warps Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino.
    Both clean up having some fun in the shower then heading out together to spread some chaos.
    Naruto heads out on his own to find some cunts to fuck.
    Something else.


Re: Karma's Tome of Knowledge

Karma's Tome of Knowledge and Sexual Transformation Naruto: Hinata Flips Akamaru and Kiba.
Unending BE - episode 1320988

Tags: ag mg fur tg dumb ident smart mast sm status fan

Coming out of the shower Hinata changes the colours of her jacket to red and black. Looking over her jacket Hinata shortens her jacket to show off her waist slipping her on her jacket she takes a moment to look in the mirror. Looking at her reflection Hinata notices that she's grown a pair of horns and her eyes have gained slit pupils looking like a cat's eyes.

Exiting the bathroom Hinata sees that Naruto is cleaning up after herself. "We really need to get a bigger apartment if this is the result of our fun time."

"I guess a bigger apartment would be nice it would give us more room to fuck, and we could have room for all of your toys too." Naruto agrees.

"Well have fun Naruto I'm heading out I have to meet with Kiba and Shino, I'll be back later." Hinata tells Naruto.

"Sure thing Hinata." Naruto acknowledges.

"Oh one more thing before I go." Hinata walks up behind Naruto and delivers a powerful kick to Naruto's balls.

Naruto moans in pain and pleasure loving the pain in his balls causing the horny Kyuubi herm to start fingering herself. Watching Naruto writhe on the ground Hinata notices that Naruto's ass isn't all that impressive focusing her new magic Hinata watches as Narto's ass swells up to a proper badonkadonk. Giving the much larger ass a slap Hinata picks up the Tome and leaves.

Walking through the village Hinata makes it to her teams usual meeting place. Seeing that Shino, Kiba and Akamaru have already arrived Hinata waves to them.

"Hello Hinata you're not usually late?" Shino asks.

"Yeah what gives?" Kiba follows up.

"Oh you know just having some fun with Naruto-chan." Hinata giggles remembering what they got up to.

Kiba and Shino both roll there eyes at Hinata's behavior knowing just what she and Naruto got up to. Taking a seat on a nearby bench Hinata opens the Tome looking for a spell to cast on her teammates. Flipping through various pages she finds the spell she's looking for. Going up to Akamaru she pets him putting her magic into him then going up to Kiba placing her hand on his shoulder doing the same.

Sitting back she watches the fun commence as Akamaru whines as he has a massive hard on. Akamaru tries to deal with his sudden horniness but every attempt just leaves him more frustrated and angry. Now growling Akamaru starts to grow bigger muscles swelling larger, paws becoming hands which start jacking off his much larger cock. Bones continue to shift and change until where once was a dog is now an extremely buff 6 foot 2 dog-man.

Hinata whistles impressed with her work and Akamaru's new muscular form noticing his nude form Hinata snaps her fingers making clothes appear on the horny dog-man. Covering him from the waist down is a loose pair of shorts and for his top he is only wearing an open chunin vest showing off his abs and chest.

"Damn it where the hell did my bitch Kiba get to?" Akamaru growls out.

"Now Akamaru calm down I'm sure Kiba couldn't have gotten far." Shino tells the dog-man.

After looking for a little while Hinata finds a fully female Kiba wearing very little clothes sleeping curled up like a dog.

"Kiba wake up Akamaru's looking for you and judging by the tent in his shorts he wants to have some fun." Hinata says waking Kiba.

Kiba awakens stretches her limbs following Hinata on all fours back to Akamaru. Curious Hinata uses her magic to scan Kiba's mind to find that all of Kiba's thoughts are that of dog's. Hinata struggles not to burst out laughing at out how she's flipped Kiba's and Akamaru's roles she can't wait to change the rest of the Inuzuka clan. Make the humans the dogs and the dogs into the masters incredibly buff sexy dog people.

Bringing Kiba back to Akamaru Hinata watches as the buff dog-man plunges his massive cock into Kiba's cunt. Watching this highly amused Hinata's gaze falls to Shino now what to do with the Stoic Aburame , Hinata wonders.

* * *

Back at Naruto's apartment the horny hermaphrodific Kyuubi has finished cleaning her kitchen of her own fluids. Putting away her cleaning supplies she wonders if getting a bigger apartment would be a good idea. Naruto decides she should go out and find some fuck meat to play with.

Locking her door Naruto jumps from rooftop to rooftop looking for a decent cunt to fuck. Naruto stops as a scent catches her attention snakes, dango, and red bean soup. There's only one person Naruto knows that smells like that Anko Mitarashi.

Naruto finds a good vantage point to observe her prey. Naruto slowly strokes her cock watching Anko.

"Oh the things I'm going to do to you I'm going to destroy your cunt, fuck your tits and ass, choke you on my shaft. I can hardly wait." Naruto says grinning.

    Hinata uses the Tome to Transform Shino next.
    Hinata decides to finish with the Inuzuka first before Shino turning all of the ninken into super buff anthros and the humans into the dogs.
    Before Hinata has a chance to transform Shino she's interrupted by Kurenai.
    Naruto hunts down Anko then proceeds to brutally fuck her in all the ways she can.
    Something else.

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