Topic: Seven Days to a New You Transformation Day 5: Wendy and Natalie

Our continued quest to rebuild our lovely contestants from the ground up is well underway.  This time the transformations focus on Wendy and Natalie's  arms.  The poll will be open for 7 days and don't forget to vote for who gets the modifier as well.

The current forms of our lovely ladies are:

Natalie: Punk hyper shemale with blue and purple adornments.  Natalie has a scorpion-like humantaur lower torso.  Her lower torso is covered in udders that run up her tail, which now ends in a milk cannon.  Capable of making quite a milky mess.  She has a vaginal chest cavity surrounded by labia petals like a flower

Wendy: Hyper female with lots of white and silver.  Wendy's body protrudes from a giant Freyan boob-naga like form that has replaced her legs.  Her stomach has swollen out into a giant pregnant testicle while her neck shifted to make her body more cock like.  Able to spray out huge quantities of cum from her mouth and thick nipples.  All the breasts on her body have been genitalized, replacing her nipples with dicks and vaginas.  Is sealed inside a plasticy skin that can loosen to act like a giant condom for all her bodily fluids.