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Country House 

Chapter 1

I'm terribly excited! Taylor is due to arrive at the country house tomorrow ! The break between semesters isn't even half over yet and I'm already bored. As nice as it is to see my family, I'm really looking forward to seeing my friend! 

I think this visit will be good for Taylor too. Without any family or extra money she hasn't been able to get away from The College or The Town all year and with her recent (and messy!) breakup, I think it will do her a lot of good to get away from it all for a while. Maybe a change of location will help get her out of that funk she's been in lately.

Oh! I can't wait to show her around!


Taylor arrived today.

Her cab dropped her off in the late morning. She dragged her own bags out of the cars trunk and was frowning thoughtfully as she surveyed the house and the grounds. When she saw me at threshold she smoothed her long straight brown hair and smiled at me.

I rushed down the front steps, and to my embarrassment, squealed a little until I tackled Taylor in a hug. Taylor stood tolerantly rigid holding her bags. "Hello Molly. It's very nice to see you."

I stood up straighter and swept some rogue curls of my blonde hair out of my face and smiled up at her. "Welcome to the country house!"

"Thank you. It's quite the place you have here." Taylor gestured with her arm sweeping the fields and woods that make up the estate.

"Thank you."

"Although you really ought to rename it the Estate Manor."

"It's not that fancy..."

"Or maybe the Verdant Palace!"

I laughed. "Careful peasant, or I'll make you sleep with the servants!"

We skipped up the stairs into the great hall where Bentley and Alfred met us. Bentley formally welcomed Taylor to the estate and informed her that the staff is at her pleasure and Alfred took her bags, carrying them to her room. The perplexed look on Taylor's face was delightful. I guess she had misjudged how rich my family is. 

With her baggage being handled by the household my duties as host dictated that I introduce Taylor to my father who we found in his study. I knocked on the partially open door to the great oak panelled room with its great wooden desk and green leather chairs and loungers. I cringed when I saw he was in a meeting with a pair of men. 

My father smiled and beckoned us in, however. I introduced Taylor (who actually curtseyed a little!). My father graciously shook her hand and introduced us to the two men. One of whom was "Uncle" Reginald Burris, my fathers' longtime friend and occasional business partner. The other man, and you aren't going to believe this, was Thomas Hoork. Thomas Hoork! My fathers most hated business rival! In our house! I must have looked quite shocked because my father explained that Mr. Hoork and he were working on burying the hatchet and that Reg was here to act as an intermediary in case things got heated. After awkward hellos and handshakes my father excused us and I dragged a curious Taylor out of the room.

With that chore out of the way I took Taylor on a tour of the grounds. I showed her the formal gardens, and the conservatory my Aunt Janice maintained, filled with her delicate tropical flowers and warm weather vegetables. I took her on a short ramble through the woods on the estate and showed her all of my childhood secret spots. We took a walk through the stables and watched my younger sister Hayley ride her horse, Barnabas, and practice her jumping course. I explained to Taylor that Hayley was a competitive equestrian who rode in national competitions. Taylor seemed very impressed. Then we decided to explore the hedge maze on the grounds.

When we were deep into the maze Taylor turned to me and asked "Molly, I hope you don't mind me asking this, but just what does your family do to have money like this?"

I explained that the family's fortunes came out of the alchemy business, that my father and mother invested heavily in a friend’s alchemy start up years ago and then ran the business side of the venture for many years. As that business grew into a large operation, my parents became silent partners, and now my father spends his time investing the family money in a variety of businesses, many of them alchemical, with occasional philanthropy. Basically living the maxim that money makes money past a certain point. 

Taylor looked thoughtful and nodded. "And just who is Mr. Thomas Hoork to your father? That meeting seemed rather tense..."

With some hesitation, I told Taylor about Mr. Hoork and the decades of conflict between him and my father. I told her about the very large mining concern they both held large shares in, and the fight between the two men which tore the company apart. I let her know about the years of competition between the men, the hostile takeover bids, rival startups, and the time that my father almost ruined Mr. Hoork. I explained to Taylor how Mr. Hoork rebuilt his fortune and was back in force and that Reginald, my fathers friend, was angling to get my father and Mr. Hoork to work together on a new business venture. I didn't hold out much hope, though.

Taylor nodded, as if I had answered an important question, and then asked if it was supper soon.

I yelped realizing it probably was! We rushed back to the house, and came across the estate pool where Candy and Annikah were frolicking naked. Taylor stared at their nubile, young bodies with a look of shock on her face. She cast me a questioning look and I shrugged, introducing Candy and Annikah as my fathers' mistress and their "special friend" Annikah. The women waved, their large breasts flopping wildly with the motion. Taylor gave me a look that suggested that answer wasn't going to suffice. I grabbed Taylor by the hand and dragged her along into the house. Annikah blew us a kiss.

I showed Taylor to her spacious guest suite where her baggage was waiting for her and asked her to get ready for dinner. I rushed to my own quarters, showered, quickly dressed in a smart black frock, and returned to my friend. 

Taylor was sitting on the edge of the bed in her bra and panties when I arrived. She gave me an appraising look and grabbed the grey wool dress and sweater combination she had laid out on the bed. As she slid into her outfit, she asked me about Candy and Annikah and how I could be so cool about them and how my mother could stand it.

That's when I realized that I hadn't introduced Taylor to mum yet!

Ah! I can be so rude!

Once Taylor pulled on her clothes I took her up the stairs of the great hall and onto the balcony overlooking the ballroom and introduced her to mum. 

Taylor was so surprised! I guess she hadn't expected my mother to be a six-foot penis resting on a bed of a dozen breasts with three vaginas and cocks sandwiched between them! I stroked mums shaft body affectionately with one of my hands and told Taylor the story of how my mother, deeply fascinated with the idea of extreme transformation, commissioned a potion from our alchemy company and had turned herself into this silent penis object. Which was why my father took human mistresses sometimes, and why sometimes the two of them took on other lovers, and the explanation for why Candy and Annikah were not such a big deal. It was also why, I explained, Aunt Janice, Mum's sister, had joined the household. She looked after Mum, gardened, and generally blamed my father for Mum's transformation. 

Taylor absorbed this and ran one of her thin hands over the warm flesh of my mother, her face a mask of thought. I'm pretty used to the way things are, but I could tell it was a lot for Taylor to process.

Unfortunately her reverie was cut short by the sound of the dinner bell. We both scurried to the main dining room for the meal.


The Meal:

When we entered the dining room most of the diners were already seated. My father was seated at the heart of the table, across from Reginald, with whom he was chatting. Next to Reginald was his wife Penelope and their grown son Brant, back from his junior year of college for a visit. Seated across from them were Annikah and Candy who were giggling and gossiping together. On the other side of my father sat Hayley and Aunt Janice (who looked sour as ever). Which left two empty seats for Taylor and I. 

It appears that Mr. Hoork would not be joining us. I wonder if Father felt snubbed.

Father slyly thanked us for joining everyone. Taylor and I smoothed our dresses and with what grace we could muster took our seats. 

Small talk continued as salads were served. Father and Reginald chatted with Brant asking about his school and career plans. Penelope just beamed at her son, savouring the brief visit. Candy and Annikah continued to snort and giggle as they continued to commiserate over whatever it was they occupied their time with. (My father’s lovers were beautiful, but hardly brilliant philosophers.) Aunt Janice spent much of her time glaring at Annikah and Candy with the occasional frown thrown at my father when they laughed particularly loudly. Taylor meanwhile had struck up a pleasant conversation with my sister about her horse jumping and deferred college studies. Hayley grinned brightly at the attention.

I was very glad to be home, surrounded by my weird family and our friends.

That was... until it happened.

The kitchen staff took away our clear plates and brought in the soup course. We were just enjoying our first bites when Annikah suddenly drew herself up from the table and pulled her bright red dress up over her head, revealing her naked, nubile body. She announced that she felt funny and that she had to shit, and dropped into a squat. 

We all watched agog as she bared down, her muscles clenching obscenely, pushing something out of her oddly puckering anus. The thing was purple and flesh coloured, and as she grunted and pushed, it became obvious she was growing a penis out of her butthole. The cock continued to swell, becoming more than a foot long, then, as Annikah continued to strain, it grew as long and wide as her leg. She panted, took a great breath and grunted as she gave one last push with her bowels, the cock suddenly shooting out five feet long and as wide as her hips, her butthole a swollen fleshy ring around it's tip. Annikah screeched as her giant new cock erupted, shooting ropes of cum along the marble floor of the dining hall. 

Her changes weren't over though as she fell to her knees as her feet melted into her legs, leaving her with two very shapely legs that ended midcalf. Her hips then rippled and swelled wildly before four more shapely, mid-calf ending legs grew out of her hips leaving her with a ring of footless legs on her hips. The flesh in the three crotches of her six legs suddenly ballooned and wrinkled as she grew three purse sized scrotums filled with testicles the size of apples. Annikah groaned and cummed even more on the floor.

Annikah dropped to her hands as her torso grew a constellation of nipples which swelled into breasts, leaving her with a torso ringed with c cup tits. She then slipped to her elbows as her hands melted into her wrists, leaving her with blunt, truncated forearms. She moaned and ejaculated again as her shoulders burst open with two more handless arms that matched her original. Her head craned forwards suddenly, and based on the popping sound, permanently, to face forward, in the centre of her newly symmetrical body. And finally, with a look of intense pleasure in her eyes, we all watched as her lips disappeared and her mouth puckered into a new anus in the middle of her beautiful face. 

The changes finally stopped leaving a hugely altered Annikah. She now had an oddly cylindrical body, capped on one end by a torso sized cock, ringed by her six truncated legs, followed by a section bumped with tits, a ring of four truncated arms, and finally ending in her anus-mouthed face staring forward. In many ways her new body reminded me of an exotic dildo, a long cock studded with hooks and bumps.

We all stood or sat there stunned.

Until Annikah orgasmed again, and then, eyes lidded with pleasure, she squeezed out a large tube of shit from her face-anus. 

Candy screamed! Father rushed to Annikah's defence, while Hayley called for help. Reginald drew his family back to a safe distance and Aunt Janice just looked revolted. 

Taylor though, Taylor looked thoughtful. She was standing back, taking everything in and watching everyone’s reactions. 

A doctor was called as well as an inspector. Father managed to get Annikah's attention and was able to determine that, while confused, she was still present and wasn't in any discomfort. Reginald evacuated his family back to their suite and Hayley gave Candy something from the apothecary to calm her hysterics and took her to bed. Aunt Janice muttered something and went to check Mum before heading to bed herself. Father suggested that Taylor and I also turn in for the evening and that he would stay with Annikah until the authorities arrived. I argued, but he told me that until the inspector got to the bottom of the accident, he wanted Hayley and I and my guest somewhere safe. Besides, he said, the staff were around and he wouldn't be alone.

Taylor just kept frowning thoughtfully through the entire exchange, pacing the room, examining the dining table.

I beckoned her over and led her back to her suite. As we left the dining room, Father was using a napkin to clean the shit off Annikah's new face and giving her a sweet kiss on her puckered anus.


I delivered Taylor to her room, apologized for the madness at dinner, and told her I'd come and fetch her in the morning as soon as I heard the coast was clear.

I returned to my own room, shed my clothes, and slid into my nightgown. I climbed onto my familiar bed and turned off the light. I curled up around a pillow worried for Annikah and worried for my father and tried to find the solace of sleep.

I was just nodding off when I was startled by the sound of my suite door opening. I snapped awake in a panic and threw on the lights to illuminate Taylor fully dressed.

"Molly" she said, "what happened to Annikah was no accident. Someone here transformed her!"


Authors note: This is a new serial. I will post new chapters every Sunday until I run out of the chapters to show you. I hope you like it.

I'm also not putting any story tags on this one because I think it works against making the mystery elements work. Sorry! I hope that's okay.


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Will definitely have to keep my eye on this one, absolutely love the idea of a TF mystery! Helps that the first transformation really appealed to me, heh.


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The butler did it with a candle stick that was laced with d-cum


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That's a very intersting start! I just have a little trouble to imagine Annikah's new body.


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@Nikita I added a little section at the end of the transformation sequence to try and provide some overall clarity. Does that help?


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indigocarmine wrote:

@Nikita I added a little section at the end of the transformation sequence to try and provide some overall clarity. Does that help?

Yes, thanks very much! A very fascinating and strange transformation


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Only once a week? That's cruel.

Looking forward to the next installment. smile


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@nikita: thanks for the note. I was worried that I was too vague.

@Demon-man: thanks. Upside is the story is canned, so it will *actually* be weekly.

@getlucky: thanks. I've been tinkering with this one for a while. Hopefully the mystery works.

@tf_funtimes: yes! But which butler!?


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I like where this is going, although I certainly hope it isn't going to go overboard with the scat and anus-faces ala Cruelty of Men. The asscock growing to gargantuan proportions was hot and had just enough horror mixed in.

Criticism time!

I'm trying to picture her, if her cock is that large, does that mean it's rubbing against the floor? If so, is she managing to stay upright, albeit leaning toward due to her huge cock pushing against the floor at an angle? Or is she more or less helpless (due to not having proper feet), laying flat on the ground while she milks her cock with her ring of legs? (that would be a really good description to add in, if I do say so myself) Or are her legs supposed to lengthen so that her cock doesn't hit the ground, and are they still supportive despite not having proper feet?

Also, you kinda forgot about a pair of arms (she grows an extra pair, but that would make it 4, not 6).

indigocarmine wrote:

@Nikita I added a little section at the end of the transformation sequence to try and provide some overall clarity. Does that help?

Thanks, when you have a large cast like you have here or like in those CYOA stories that involve a board game or poker game, it really does help to keep an occasional running log of everyone's transformations. That is, if those characters are still relevant to the story.

Edit: Also, as a bit of criticism, when you say something grew up to a foot long, then more or less suddenly to 5 feet long, it really helps to flesh that out that transition so that it doesn't start sounding like "this happened, and then this happened, etc.".


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@flicker: that's a good note, thanks. I tweaked that section a bit. I hope you like the changes.


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Eh it's a bit too fast and cartoony for me but I won't belabor the point. Still gotta fix the arm count.


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Country House 

Chapter 2

"Molly" Taylor said, "what happened to Annikah was no accident. Someone here transformed her!"

I couldn't believe it! Surely Annikah's transformation into an amputee, anus-mouthed, inverse cockgirl had been some sort of accident or self-inflicted life choice. Father was famous for his alchemy association and it wouldn't be the first time he attracted a transformation groupie for a lover. There had to be another explanation!

Taylor shook her head. "It had to be targeted."

"How do you know?"

"Elementary, dear Molly! The soup!"


"Annikah had her own soup."

"Yes, because we were eating pumpkin soup and Annikah is violently allergic to pumpkins. The head chef prepared her own soup for her. Beet I think."

"And someone else here knew that and slipped some sort of transformative compound into her special soup before the meal..."

"Oh! So only she would change!"


"We should tell Father!"

"And we should investigate the kitchen!"

I climbed out of bed and quickly threw on what I thought were investigating clothes: a houndstooth skirt, white blouse, a smart jacket, boots, and a cap. Next to the casual trousers, sneakers, and crewneck sweater of Taylor I felt slightly ridiculous. But mystery waits for no one! So we were off.

"Assuming you are right, and this was a deliberate act, who do you think perpetrated the crime?"

"I don't know yet, I don't really know everyone here well enough to guess. Do you have any suspicions?"

"I wager it was that abominable Mr. Hoork!"

"No, he's the one I think it probably wasn't."

"How do you know?"

"He ate alone tonight, and if his motives were to hurt your father, he would have probably wanted to transform us all, in which case he could have spiked the main soup and caused much more mayhem. Targeting Annikah's soup like that tells us that the transformist has a particular grudge against Annikah. And given her public and humiliating change, I suspect the culprit was probably at the dinner. I mean, I could be wrong, but I have no reason for Mr. Hoork to be our main suspect yet."


We made our way back to the dining hall where my father was speaking with a team of doctors and paramedics who were tending to Annikah. Annikah seemed more alert, moving her blunt ended limbs around and making eye contact with the doctor who was asking her questions. She nodded in answer and shuddered as another orgasm blew out of her giant penis. Based on the relaxed posture of the medical professionals it seemed my Father's sometime lover wasn't in any medical danger.

The inspector from the police department was surveying the room and was using a small field kit to carefully examine the contents of Annikah's erstwhile soup bowl for traces of D-cum. A detail which Taylor noticed, causing her to give me a decidedly smug look.

My father noticed us and asked what we were doing wandering the house. I confided in him that Taylor and I suspected that what had happened to Annikah was neither voluntary nor an accident and that we thought he should know. Father replied that he was already pursuing that with the Inspector and that we should return to the safety of our suites.

Taylor loudly announced that she was hungry since we skipped dinner and she had spent the day travelling. She asked if she might gather a snack from the kitchen and promised to only eat food from tamper-proofed containers. My father looked at the Inspector who shrugged and said it couldn't hurt.

As soon as we entered the kitchen Taylor was a flurry of activity, examining the various cooking services and scrutinizing the pot that Annikah's soup was prepared in. 

I noticed that Mrs. Thidwick our head cook was hunched on a stool in the corner of the room, eyes red from crying, twisting her apron in her hands. My heart went out to the woman.

She looked up as I approached. "Miss Rycroft!"

"Please, Mrs. Thidwick, I'm Molly to you."

"Of course... Molly. I can't believe what happened to that poor girl! And from my cooking! I'm horrified!"

I gave Mrs. Thidwick a big hug. She had been cooking for my family since I was a small child. As far as I was concerned she was absolutely above suspicion.

"Oh, Mrs. Thidwick! No one blames you! Surely you have no reason to transform poor Annikah and you're just about part of the family. We all trust you!"

"That's very sweat. I hope your father feels the same way."

Taylor apparently finished her survey of the kitchen and wandered over to us. "Mrs. Thidwick, Molly and I are trying to help the inspector determine just who may have had an opportunity to tamper with Annikah's food."

Mrs. Thidwick glanced at me and I nodded. The cook thought for a moment. "I'm not sure. Annikah's soup was really more of a stew, and I had been simmering it all day so it would be perfect. I was planning on reheating some for the following lunch. So it was... vulnerable, I imagine, for several hours."

Taylor nodded. "But who would have had access to it during that time? Who was in the kitchen during that day?"

"For such a big meal I employ several of the buildings maids as well as my usual assistant cooks. And of course I run an open kitchen, so several of the house's guests and other employees had come through the kitchen seeking snacks. I never really keep track. And I wasn't in the kitchen the entire time either, since my duties take me to other parts of the house during the day."

"So you are saying it could be anyone?"

"I guess."

"Hmm. That's very helpful. Say, do you have any canned fruit? I'm rather hungry."


Taylor having secured a large jar of preserved peaches, suggested we head back towards our sleeping quarters. Along the way Taylor asked about Candy's sleeping arrangements and I admitted she shared a room with my father. Taylor asked where that room was, which I said was at the end of the hallway. Taylor nodded.

And then she strode off down the hallway to my father’s suite, opened the door, and walked straight into the room.  I scurried after protesting.

In the room there was Candy, hunched over her vanity crying. 

Taylor paused, taken aback for a moment before clearing her voice for attention. Candy looked up, startled, mascara lines of tears streaking her face. 

"Oh, Molly! That was horrible! I can't bel... believe what's happened to muh-muh-my friend!"

While Candy was far from a dear friend, she was clearly in need of comfort. I stepped forward and embraced the poor woman who wept into my shoulder. I stroked her shoulder and stared at Taylor who was pacing the room and surveying its contents. She bodged a few objects on a dresser and scrutinized the vanity, poking and reading the various bottles of perfume, salves, and ointments Candy had collected. I frowned at my friend, what was she thinking?

Taylor touched my shoulder "Molly, could you please release the suspect?"

"Suspect!?" Candy and I both exclaimed. Clearly we were both surprised by Taylor's accusation.

"Come now," Taylor started, "we all know you were jealous of Annikah! You saw the way she breezed into your life here and the way your lover looked at her! She is new and exciting and you are the old squeeze! You had to do something to get her out of the picture!"

Candy was in tears, a ghastly look on her face. "Y-you your horrible!" she wailed. "And-and-and you don't kn-know what you're talking about! I wasn't jealous of Annikah! I love her! I was getting ready to run away with her! I was going to leave David and this was su-supposed to be a fu-fun way of saying goodbye!"

Now it was Taylor's turn to look stunned. Clearly she hadn't been expecting that. 

I admit that I wasn't terribly surprised though: Father had a knack of for finding pretty bisexual creatures to play with and his trysts seldom lasted very long. This would not be the first time one of his mistresses would invite a female lover only to elope with them. 

Taylor's face broke into an apology. "Look, I'm so sorry! I had to eliminate you as a suspect. I was just trying to help... "

Candy meanwhile, sobbing wildly, dug around through the clutter of bottles on her vanity. With shaking hands she lifted a tonic for stomach upset. Clearly she was so worked up she was nauseated. She brought the bottle to her lips and took a generous swig and clutched her sides.

"Oh no!" she said, face turning red. She belched, and suddenly her face started to distend wildly. She moaned, opening her jaw which stretched hideously and seemed to drop down her body, making her mouth opening span from her top lip to her navel. The strip of lip around her giant mouth started to swell and becoming pink and bulbous and labial as Candy's mouth became a huge, sopping pussy that covered her entire front. The pussy glistened and the fluids from it began to dissolve the thin robe she was wearing as her head become spherical and clitoral and sank into her shoulders. Candy let out a great bullfrog like croaking sound, her labia puffing up and expelling air, and she fell out of her chair.

Here we could see that her original pussy was swelling and growing longer, wrapping up and around the crack of her ass and forcing her anus to point skyward. Around the outer folds of her massive cunt mouth her breasts lengthened, becoming pendulous and droopy while another eight pairs grew in to similar sizes circling with opening. She croak-moaned again and her legs below the knee shriveled, leaving her only two sexy thighs to kneel on while her hands swelled and became clublike as her arms lengthened slightly. Candy stretched her back and found herself naturally on all fours, looking like a kind of pussy-toad. She croak-moaned again and orgasmed, spraying a stream of pussy juices which drenched Taylor and I making our clothes dissolve.

I must have screamed then, since soon my father and the police investigators burst into the room to attend to Candy who croak-moaned pitiably. My father rushed to her and embraced her, pressing his face into the sodden expanse of her vulva which began dissolving his own clothing.

I grabbed Taylor's hand and, seeking to preserve our modesty, dragged her to privacy of my bedroom. 

Once in the door Taylor stopped me and gave me a serious look.

"Molly, the transformist has struck again, and I know who it is!"



Re: Country House

Chapter 3

First thing first: I had a very thorough shower cleansing myself of the slick, pungent fluids that Candy had orgasmed on me. I shuddered and attempted not to cry. I was scared by the transformation I had seen, this woman who had been in my life for months rendered inhuman in moments. I just kept replaying images of her jaw unhinging and her new mouth-pussy blossoming and that intriguing look of immense pleasure and release that flashed across what was left of her face. I found myself repelled but also, I must admit, intrigued by the spectacle. I brushed my privates with my hand, but remembered that Taylor, forbidden from speaking to me until after my ablutions, was impatiently waiting to tell me her theory.

Stepping out of the shower I shushed Taylor, who was still shiny and slippery with Candy's mutant sex fluids and shoved her into the still running water. Taylor began to clean herself and explain her theory to me as she washed. "You have to admit now that there is a transformist on the premises. Once may have been a freak coincidence, but twice is a pattern!"

"Alright," I conceded, "it does appear that someone is transforming people in the house."

"And what's more, they are clearly targeting people: Annikah's own stew was spiked and so was a patent medicine that realistically only Candy would drink. Someone was intentionally trying to transform those two women specifically."

I shuddered, horrified at the implications. "That's a chilling thought. But who would do such a thing?"

"Who indeed!" exclaimed Taylor from within the shower as she soaped her long brown hair. "Clearly someone who strongly disliked your father's mistresses. Or maybe disapproved of their lifestyle..."

"I can't imagine anyone would harbour such ghastly designs..."

"What about your Aunt Janice?"


"Elementary my dear Molly! You told me that your Aunt is here to care for your highly transformed mother and that she blames your father for her fate. And she clearly disproves of your father and his lovers; we all saw how furiously she glared at the girls and your father throughout the meal." Taylor peaked out of the shower looking triumphant and moist.

"Well, it is no secret that she doesn't care for Father's lovers, but I hardly think she is capable of doing anything so heinous. And besides, she has been living with the status quo here for years... what would motivate her to do this now?"

Taylor stepped out of the shower and puffed herself out, inadvertently pushing out her modest breasts. "Clearly we should go and ask her."


Against my better judgement I lead Taylor to Aunt Janice's conservatory. I knew that after the stressful events of dinner my aunt would spend the night in her garden seeking solace and a sense of control that only nurturing her plants would lend her. I regretted disturbing her peace, but I knew that Taylor was going to be completely insufferable until she confronted her newest suspect. I also suspected that if I forbade her, Taylor would simply find a way to question Aunt Janice without me. This way, I rationalized, I would at least be there to play referee.

(Although, if I'm completely honest, I was also genuinely curious to observe the outcome of Taylor's accusations. As much as I wanted to think the best of my Aunt, Taylor's theory did have a certain degree of plausibility to it.)

When we arrived the large glass conservatory was well lit, a clear sign of occupancy. I paused to knock, but Taylor stepped around me, and pushed into the steamy room filled with tropical plants and flowers. I scrambled after her, upset that I was already losing control of the situation. Taylor's long, purposeful strides propelled her to the centre of the garden where Aunt Janice was hunched near her titan arum plant, the pinnacle of her collection. The massive, vaguely phallic flower was as tall as a person and, judging from experience, preparing for one of it's rare blooms. Aunt Janice was kneeling in front of it, still in the severe charcoal frock she wore to dinner along with her heavy gardening gloves and a scarf for her hair, digging at the soil near the arum removing minuscule weeds and imperfections. Aunt Janice, despite her middle age and abrasive personality was still a handsome woman, with narrow classical features and still-smooth skin that aged well; in many ways she was an older, more aristocratic version of my mother. Hearing us approach she startled and scowled at us, destroying what vestiges of beauty remained. "Molly? What are you and your friend doing here?"

Taylor stepped forward and stood up straight, not willing to wilt under my aunt’s frosty stare. (Have I mentioned how much I admire my friend?) "We're here to ask you some questions," she declared coolly. Taylor started to pace a little "You have quite the green thumb, I see. I notice lots of fertilizers and chemicals; it must take a lot of chemical expertise to keep such a garden growing all year long. Maybe even some alchemical skills..."

Aunt Janice scowled deeper and managed to look scornful and unimpressed. "Girl, you should get to the point. Some of us have productive things to do."

Taylor stopped and grinned wolfishly. "If you insist! I accuse you of being a transformist!"

Aunt Janice actually smirked. "Really now?"

Taylor bravely stuck with it. "I think you spiked poor Annikah's personal soup tonight with some form of alchemy, maybe even a tiny amount of dcum. And then, knowing that Candy would be upset, you spiked at least one, but probably several, of her medicines. These could have been accomplished by anyone in the house, so you clearly had the opportunity. And you have a motive: you disapprove of Molly's father taking mistresses. You blame the man for what happened to your sister and you think it is disrespectful to his wife that he is taking new lovers. You saw this as a way to punish the girls but also to hurt Mr. Rycroft for what happened to your sister! What do you have to say for yourself!?"

Aunt Janice sighed and looked right past Taylor to me, cowering in her shadow. "Molly dear, do you actually believe any of this nonsense?"

I swallowed. "Well, Aunty Janice... it isn't a completely implausible scenario..."

Aunt Janice actually looked hurt. "Molly, I'll admit that I think your father is scum and that he lead my dear Mary to her... unfortunate choice. I'll admit that I think the way your father carries away with those floozies is disgusting and a horrible example for you and your sister. I'll even admit that I personally find those hussies insufferable and obnoxious. But I promise you that I am no transformist and...what!?"

Suddenly the conservatory’s sprinkler system turned on! The large glass room had a system of pipes that ran all across the ceiling with sprinkler heads to conveniently water the entire garden and now these sprinklers were raining heavily on us. I felt the cool water land on my head and face and soak into my clothes, and with a look of horror saw that it was faintly glowing and dissolving my clothing. I screamed and Taylor grabbed me, trying to drag me to the garden exit. We ran as our clothes melted off our bodies, but I could feel my skin tingle wildly and knew it was too late for us. We nearly reached the door when I stumbled and crashed into Taylor, sending us both sprawling to the floor in a pile, me laying on top of her back.

And that's when I felt my back sink into hers and our spines fuse together.

The next few seconds? minutes? hours? were a blur of indescribable sensations as our flesh melded together and mutated. We both screamed and moaned in pain and pleasure as our minds were assaulted with new feelings and waves of orgasmic bliss. I know I wasn't in my right mind and cannot accurately describe what happened. But, from talking with Taylor and viewing the aftermath, I suspect it looked something like this:

When I stumbled I crashed into Taylor, causing her to sprawl on her stomach. I twisted around as I fell and landed on her back, with my shoulders touching hers and my butt pressed against hers. Our backs began to merge and I sunk into her. Moaning, I watched in fascinated horror as my two smallish breasts expanded slightly and then multiplied so my torso was covered with three pairs of breasts. I whimpered as all six of my nipples thickened and lengthened and grew into six inch cocks that spasmed and spewed cum all over my chest and stomach. I felt my hips crunch and watched my legs spread, baring my mercifully still human pussy to the world. I tried to close my thighs and found I couldn't move my legs that way. I think I screamed then, as I saw my feet disappear, getting sucked into my legs and leaving me with two useless legs that ended mid calf. I panted for a moment, feeling a momentary reprieve.

And then I felt what had been happening to Taylor.

Taylor, who was laying face down, had ended up in a puddle of the dcum laced spray. As I sunk into her back, she felt her pussy grow and begin to gush slick fluids. Her swelling vulva pushed itself up between her ass cheeks and subsume her anus. It continued to swell and and grow, splitting her open from her crotch to her navel and then to her cleavage and eventually to the base of her neck: she had a huge pussy that ran from her crotch to throat flanked with wide sheets of thick vulva lips that pressed against the ground like a snails foot. Meanwhile her breasts swelled to the size of sports balls and grew large, three inch nipples and flanked a clit nearly as large right at the crown of her chest. She screeched and watched as her legs became flaccid and boneless and were gradually sucked completely back into her body. And then she could feel my body too.

We both felt our necks lengthen, growing four feet long and flexible. I was treated to the extra discomfort of my neck twisting around so that my face pointed in the same direction as Taylor's. My vision blurred and when it returned I could see that Taylor's face now had a single cyclopian eye and an extra large, extra feminine mouth, but no nose. I licked the smooth skin where my nose used to be, and probed my enlarged lips, and knew my face had undergone the same changes. 

And then we both screamed as the final change hit us, and the giant clit at the top of Taylor's giant vagina erupted forward, growing into a massive cock the size and girth of a thigh that stuck out in front of us from between our long necks, and came, shooting a torrent of cum in front of us and leaving us panting and gasping. 


When I came to, I was laying with my face on the hard stone floor. I blinked open my single, cyclopian eye, lifted my head on its long neck and looked back at out shared, mutated body and screamed. We were a sex freak! Our changed heads were both at the end of long necks that rose from our shoulders. We still had our four arms, all pointed in the same direction as our faces. Our front side was dominated by two massive breasts and the giant, fleshy cunt that covered our entire bottom side and was pressed against the ground. Our back was my body, laying spreadeagled, my cute, unchanged pussy on display below six breasts capped with cocks. I wailed and felt one of our hands touch my face and stroke my cheek. I blinked my tear filled eye and saw that Taylor had swung around her face to hover before mine.

Concern and love flashed on her altered features. "Molly? Are you okay?"

I sniffled and shook my head.

"Molly. Dear. We're okay. We still have our minds and our body is still mobile. We can make this work."

"Bu-but we're a freak!"

Taylor leaned forward and kissed me on my giant lips with her giant lips. "Molly, you make a beautiful freak... we make a beautiful freak. You're my best friend in the world and I wouldn't want to be stuck to anyone else. We *can* make this work." She kissed me again, hungrily this time, sliding her elongated, oddly sweet tongue into my mouth, making me gasp as I realized our tongues had become as sensitive as clitori. Taylor pulled back and blushed. "I think this could be fun."

I blushed back, sniffling a bit still.

Taylor looked serious again. "Molly, I know this was traumatic, but you need to keep it together for a little while. Your aunt, who I'm now convinced is innocent, was in that spray too. We need to go in there and figure out if she is okay and call for help. Normally I'd say we should split up..." Taylor smiled wryly. I laughed brittlely. "You with me?"

Not trusting myself enough to talk, I nodded.

Taylor narrowed her eye with determination, stretched out our arms and pulled our body along the ground. We both gasped as we felt our mightiest cunt slide along the cool floor. The copious pussy juice we were leaking seemed to act as an ideal lubricant, allowing us to glide forward a few feet from a single push. Taylor gave us another push, and I whimpered in arousal. The feeling of our vulva stretching, dragging, and swelling was making me weak in the knees of our useless legs. Taylor growled and gave us yet another push. I glanced back over our 'back', seeing the swollen dicks on my six breasts sway and my original pussy glisten with need. I could also see the shiny trail of juices we were leaving as we slid along. Taylor gave us another heave. I mewled! I couldn't take it anymore! I swung my neck around and licked Taylor's face with my sensitive tongue. She frowned in concentration, ignoring me despite her own palpable need. I took control of two of our arms, and grabbed the massive breasts that were once Taylor's. She hissed and our massive ram-cock slid out of it's sheath. I ran my tongue along the length of the shaft causing us both to shudder. Precum welled at the tip of the ram-cock. I stretched out as much as I could, tongue fully extended and licked it off. Taylor squealed, grabbed my face and pulled it to her own as she kissed my deeply, hungrily, desperately. It was the greatest kiss of my life. As we separated, Taylor gave me a look of pure desire and slowly wound her neck around our ram-cock, before kissing me again and pumping our cock. I wrapped my neck around the cock as well, and reached back to kiss Taylor again. Soon we were making out and pumping our massive ram-cock with our serpent-like necks. Faster and faster we went until our mouths came apart and we gasped and grunted and finally screamed as our giant penis released another great geyser of spunk!



Re: Country House

Wow that is hot. And to quote a failing film director
"What a twist"
I didn't think the main characters would get changed so soon.  I can't wait tobsee who this mystery transformist is and why they are doing it


Re: Country House

Oh, wow.

This is a neat story, but I absolutely love Taylor and Molly's TF!

Can't wait to see where this leads.