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Suitor Wasp
by Kora

Somewhere in the mountainous regions of Branford, Xenia had been enjoying a 3 day hike from the nearest town. The bachelorette relished long walks off the beaten trail, visiting foreign provinces, meeting new people, and seeing exciting things. The world had a lot to offer, which Xenia felt the urge to experience, often tuning in with nature while out and about.

The innkeeper of the nearby town warned Xenia to stay away from the mountain peak, saying that a long time ago, it was once inhabited by a species of man-eating wasps known as suitor wasps. Even though there had been an expedition to clear the mountain of the nest, the townsfolk preferred not to venture too far into the forested areas as a form of precaution. Xenia promised not to hike beyond the foot of the mountain, as that was nearly a 4 day hike, regardless if their warnings held true or not.

On the third morning, at the crack of daylight, a loud buzzing growing ever nearer snapped Xenia from her sleep. Poking her head from her tent, the hiker bore witness to a man sized wasp barreling down on her position. Xenia froze for a moment, knowing she hadn't even reached the foot of the mountain. The wasp was so far outside its territory, there was no way what her groggy senses were witnessing could be true, right?

Despite Xenia's disbelief, the wasp continued its advance. Reality hit and adrenaline rushed, as she realized this creature was not a figment of her imagination. This wasp, with a wingspan wider than her arms and legs that could easily carry her away, was in no doubt a suitor wasp! Xenia's legs burned as she ran the full sprint, desperate to outmaneuver the creature. The buzzing continued to grow louder, until finally multiple pairs of prickly legs gripped her side.

Struggling to break the wasp off her back, Xenia hollered and screamed, flailing her arms about. Her hands struck a hard carapace, but she was not able to free herself of the wasp's powerful grasp. The insect anchored its mandibles around Xenia's neck, while a pair of fangs pierced her skin and injected paralyzing venom into the woman's flesh. The wasp released its prey, allowing Xenia to fall limp on the cool forest floor, leaving her vulnerable to the terrifying predator.

The wasp positioned itself over the trembling Xenia, who was fearful for her life as the two massive mandibles settled over her face. The wasp's antenna twitched while the insect seemingly examined its prey. Unable to move, yet still with the sensation of touch, Xenia could feel her assailant gently clawing at the leggings that concealed her groin, eventually exposing her womanhood from underneath.

The tip of the wasp's abdomen split, revealing not a stinger as Xenia had expected, but rather multiple fleshy tendrils each the size of a small finger. Each section of the wasp's split abdomen exposed fleshy nubs lining the insides of its carapace, which the insect almost eagerly clasped around Xenia's sex while the squiggly tendrils invaded her vagina. Xenia once again hollered as the wasp violated her, gripping tighter around her physique while mounting her with a humping like motion, ensuring she could not escape. The wasp's abdomen throbbed and pulsated, contracting and expanding rapidly while his penile tendrils invaded Xenia's uterus, wormed up her fallopian tubes, and met with her ovaries. Pasty seed rushed from the wasp's genitals, seeking to fertilize Xenia's ovaries directly.

The two mates laid still for some moments while Xenia's paralysis slowly wore thin. She had felt a tingling and burning sensation within her hips, and assumed it was due to her partner sharing his seed with her, but when the wasp kicked around and yanked Xenia to her chest did the woman realize something was horribly wrong. Gazing over her shoulder, Xenia bore witness to human flesh and insect carapace melted and twisted together. Still half paralyzed, Xenia shifted her legs and hips in an attempt to separate herself from the wasp. Her struggle proved useless, and merely showcased the seamless fusion of both partners' posteriors.

Unable to fly, the wasp started making way towards a more secluded and private area as Xenia was gradually dragged along. The woman whimpered and sobbed, still unable to offer much resistance. Meanwhile, Xenia's hips continued to throb and burn with an increasing intensity while swelling hardened masses inside her uterus visibly distended her abdomen.

The wasp slowed to a crawl, having more and more difficulty in dragging Xenia due to both the increase in her size and the paralyzing venom wearing off. Even though Xenia's ass was locked in an upward position, her abdomen had swollen to such an extent that it simply kissed the grass and dirt, adding resistance to the creature's movements. Tears of fear and frustration streamed down Xenia's cheek as she grasped at the ground and bucked her legs, struggling against the wasp's movements. Xenia's hips bobbed and swayed, working against her mate's posterior to little avail.

The soft flesh of Xenia's hips slowly hardened and formed segments, not unlike the wasp's carapace. The seam between the two posteriors had started to break down as chitin substituted skin. The changes to Xenia's physique quickly became apparent to her, as the hardened mass restricted the movement of her hips. The resistance that Xenia was once able to exercise quickly quelled, while her legs seemed awkwardly heavy.

The wasp paused for a moment and gently lifted his posterior, pulling Xenia's up along with it. The motion drew the woman's attention from the ground to her backside, her eyes finally witnessing the increasingly seamless fusion of the two. Even more alarming than the state of her hips was the state of her legs, which had grown unresponsive and limp. Xenia whimpered, unable to move her legs, watching as they slumped free from her non-existent hip sockets. The flesh of her thighs seemed to dissolve, forming strands of fleshy goo between where her femurs once connected to her lower body. The sounds of wet squelching could be heard as her legs sank impossibly low to the ground, until finally her thighs touched ground while her former hips hovered more than a foot above. The strands of gooey flesh were finally pulled free, leaving the woman's legs discarded on the ground beneath her.

After having discarded Xenia's legs, the wasp continued its advance. Xenia pleaded and begged as she was dragged past her lifeless legs, being forced to leave them behind. She dug her fingers into the soil and gripped anything within reach hoping to stop the wasp's movements, but with the loss of Xenia's legs, the wasp seemed impossible to hinder.

Xenia's cries became gurgled and muffled while her body continued to swell. Now completely seamless with the wasp, fleshy twitching segments form from the bloated mass that was once her torso. Thick and bitter slime oozed from her nose and mouth, providing lubrication to a large mass that was slowly sliding up her esophagus. Xenia twisted her head and neck as the mass lodged itself in her throat, too large to pass through her jaw and mouth.

With her attention fixed on the mass in her throat, Xenia did not register the further developments of her torso. As segments of her body increased in size and became more defined, small spiky claws pushed through her flesh and wiggled awkwardly in the air. The wasp paused for a moment and adjusted himself, allowing all of Xenia's swollen body to touch the ground. The wasp wiggled his new appendages, gaining traction in the dirt and rock underneath, allowing him to crawl his developing posterior along with ease.

Xenia continued to claw at her throat as her jaw popped and cracked, dislocating as bone dissolved, giving way to the advancing mass still stuck in her throat. A sudden surge in Xenia's shoulders resulted in immediate numbness within her arms. Xenia's hands fell from her mouth and throat, fingers twitching as her hands hit the ground while the flesh of her shoulders melted away.

Xenia could feel herself crawling, not at her command, but at the behest of the wasp. Her body was more like a large grub than anything resembling a human. Tears streamed down her cheek as an egg slowly slid over her tongue and exited her mouth, leaving a trail of slime between her puckered lips and the large solid mass that just exited her maw. The mated pair slowly disappeared inside a nearby tunnel while more slime and another egg soon filled Xenia's malformed mouth. Xenia could do little but watch as her twitching discarded arms disappeared around the bend of the tunnel.

The wasp finally nestled itself in a deep recess of the tunnel, vacant of any other signs of life. With each egg that passed through Xenia's mouth, the former woman couldn't help but feel a shock of pleasure that rocked her mind while each passing egg slowly smoothed the last of her human visage into nothingness. Minutes turned to hours as the wasp continued to lay a seemingly never ending supply of eggs. The fusion of the wasp's and Xenia's genitals ensured constant reproduction for the wasp's lifespan, giving suitor wasps the chance to recover from near extinction.

The high inducing sensation of constant egg laying subsided as the mated pair finished laying their current set of fertilized eggs. With tear filled eyes, the only trait to survive assimilation, Xenia bore witness to the nest of hundreds of her mutated and fertilized eggs, which surely contained suitor wasp larvae. Exhausted from the ordeal, the wasp nestled him and his merged partner atop their future hive for much needed rest. After all, it was only a matter of time until the next batch of eggs would be ready to be laid.