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Open for Fun

Nichole opened the door just in time to see the delivery truck driving away. Raising an eyebrow, she looked at the small cardboard box sitting on her doormat. She hadn't ordered anything recently. Perhaps it was a gift from someone? It was a bit late for that though, her 30th had been several months ago. She picked it up and read the large white label on top.

"Open for Fun"

Nichole chuckled. This had to be something from her coworkers. They were constantly telling her to "Lighten up", "Don't work too hard", and "Relax and have some fun!" But what they didn't understand was how tough it was for a woman to make it in the cutthroat world of peanut marketing, and she was determined to be the best!

She kicked off her pumps and undid the jacket of her pantsuit before flopping onto the couch, exhausted. She swirled her glass of sauvignon and read the label one more time.

"Open for Fun"

After all the overtime this week, maybe she did deserve a little fun… Throwing caution to the wind, Nichole downed the rest of her wine and sat up in her seat. She yanked off the tape and popped the box open, only to find it completely empty.

What the hell?! Whose sick idea of a joke was this? She held it up and took a closer look. Definitely empty. She slumped back onto the couch, annoyed. Just as she went to toss the box away she felt something wrap around her wrist. A shiny black bracelet with purple spots had appeared. As she went to touch it, the accessory suddenly moved!

The slug-like creature curled around her wrist, coming from the box she still held in her hand. She dropped the cardboard like a hot curling iron, but as it fell to the ground it revealed even more of the creature within. Three feet of long, sinuous muscle now connected her wrist to the box on the floor! The thing squirmed further up her sleeve, coiling around her forearm. She shivered as it wrapped around her shoulder and the tip of it appeared from her collar, playing with the string of pearls around her neck. She stared at it in shock. What the hell was this thing?!

She swatted at it with her free hand, trying to dislodge it from her arm, but it held on tight. Then, with a sudden jerk, it began pulling her back towards the box!

It tugged on her arm with surprising power, making her lurch forward. The box hadn't moved from where she had dropped it, staying put like someone had nailed it to the floor while the thing pulled her towards it. Another strong pull yanked her entire body off the sofa.

Nichole struggled to her feet and started pulling back, but another yank forced her into a crouch. She pulled with all her might, but the thing was just too damn strong! Another heave brought her to her knees and her hand disappeared into the box. It was followed by her forearm and elbow as another yank pulled her further in. Nichole gasped as she felt more limbs wrap around her arm and they all began to pull in unison.

Nichole braced her other hand against the floor as she tried to fight back, but her face was soon pulled up against the cardboard edges. What was supposed to happen now? There was no way she was going to fit in there, the box was barely big enough for her shoulder!

Feeling the creatures inside prepare for one more pull, she held her breath.

Then everything went black.

Shaking her head Nichole blinked several times as her eyes adjusted to the darkness around her. She was laying on the floor but it felt strangely soft and… paper-y? It felt like… cardboard.

She remembered the box, and the creature that had dragged her inside! She jumped up and grabbed her arm in a panic, then sighed with relief as she found the thing was gone. But where was she now? There was no way she could really be inside that tiny little box. Was she dreaming? Had somebody laced the empty package with drugs or something?

"Hello, anybody there?" she called out, feeling a bit silly. The whole situation was surreal, but she figured she should at least humor her subconscious until she woke up. She wasn't surprised at the lack of response to her call. This was her own hallucination after all and even if it was somehow real, her roommates wouldn't be back from their trip for a few more days.

Deciding to look for a way out, Nichole walked into the darkness, but didn't get far before she bumped into a wall. Or at least she thought it was a wall. The texture was different from the ground, and it felt oddly lumpy. It felt like… like that smooth, sinuous creature from before. A whole wall of them!

Nichole jumped back as dim purple spots appeared in the darkness, growing steadily brighter while more of them appeared all around her. They glowed with an eerie fluorescent light, soon bright enough to illuminate the entire space in a soft purple hue. She was surrounded! The thick, muscular creatures squirmed over each other as the light from their spots began to pulse. Slowly at first, then picking up speed until it matched Nichole's quickening heartbeat.

The air around her began to feel heavy and Nichole wiped a bead of sweat from her brow. The pulsing lights felt like she was in a club and thoughts of sweaty, gyrating bodies filled her mind. She couldn't help but sway her own hips to the beat as her hands trailed up the sides of her body. Her heartbeat thumped loudly in her ears, providing an intoxicating bass line she just couldn't resist.

Giving in to the beat, Nichole flicked her hands into the air and spun around, rolling her hips and flexing her toned abs. She bounced from side to side, stepping with ease as she showcased her body to the tentacles around her. She had never actually danced in a club before, always too self-conscious about looking foolish, but in here she felt different. The beat was so hypnotic, it felt effortless moving her body with seductive efficiency. It almost felt like she wasn't even the one in control, like she could just relax as her body flowed to the rhythm on its own!

Continuing her routine, Nichole peeled off her blazer, twirling it around a few times before tossing it aside. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling out the tight bun and freeing her long auburn locks. Running her hands down her body they paused at her waistband, then slipped effortlessly underneath.

She nudged aside her panties and cupped her dampening pussy. Her fingers danced across her labia, massaging them in all the right places until a mischievous finger found her throbbing clit. A few strokes was all it took and Nichole buckled as orgasm overcame her nethers, soaking her pants and underwear in fem spunk.

Shaking her head, Nichole realized what she had been doing! Embarrassed, she quickly pulled her wet hands from her crotch and looked around at the writhing tentacles still surrounding her. Here she was, trapped in some hallucinogenic nightmare, and her solution was to do a strip tease and masturbate? That was no way for the Junior Director of the Legumes Account to behave!

She wiped her hands off on her pants and looked around, searching for some escape route she may have missed earlier. Then the feeling of movement around her neck caught her attention. Looking down she found her pearl necklace was starting to squirm!

Nichole watched in shock as the glossy white orbs vibrated, turning black as little purple specks appeared. It didn't take long before the string of pearls unfurled into little replicas of the tentacular creatures surrounding her! Even the thin chain plumped up, turning into another autonomous tentacle, longer and thicker than the rest.

Panicking, Nichole swatted at the wiggling creatures as they dispersed across her body, several crawling down her blouse while others slithered up her neck. A pair slipped into her bra, toying with her stiffening nipples. The world around her suddenly went quiet as another pair slid into her ears. Two more wriggled into her nostrils while several others pushed past her lips, filling her mouth with their smooth bodies.

Nichole gagged as they pushed deeper, wiggling down her throat. She wanted to scream, but all she could do was swallow, drawing the tendrils deeper inside.

Then, just as quickly as they had appeared, the creatures at her face were gone. She felt the last of their little tails slide down her throat as she gasped for air, her orifices finally free from the intruders. Meanwhile, she could feel the others still slithering inside her blouse. One had stopped around her midriff where it began teasing her belly button, but the larger one that had made its way all the way down into her saturated slacks.

Nichole squirmed as she hurried to unzip her fly, feeling the tendril curl around sensitive spaces, but as she finally got her fly open she felt another smooth caress around her ankle. She looked down to find another tentacle had appeared on the ground and was making its way up her pant leg! This one looked much larger than the others too, nearly twice as thick and several feet long. But where the hell had it come from? She looked around, then noticed her blazer was missing. Where had that gotten off to?

A sudden cinch brought her attention back to her crotch, finding the tentacle there had wrapped around the top of her thigh. She tried to dislodge it, but the thing was too strong. Meanwhile, the other tentacle had finished its journey up her pants, its tip peeking through her open fly. The pair of sinuous limbs began grabbing her underwear, trying to pull it down to expose her more salacious bits.

Determined not to get pantsed by some lecherous tentacles, Nichole grabbed ahold of her panties and pulled back, engaging in a perverted tug-of-war. The fight was short-lived however, as the thin material quickly ripped, leaving Nichole holding the soggy garment while the tentacles moved on to caress her ass and pussy.

Nichole blushed, unable to deny the pleasure they induced, along with the ones still toying with her nipples and belly button. She shivered and clutched the torn underwear in her hands, then felt the tatters start moving as well. They quickly coalesced into another pair of muscular limbs that slithered down her body, joining the ones at her groin. Nichole moaned as they massaged the tender flesh there, but her eyes popped open as the smaller tendrils suddenly yanked her pussy open wide! The thicker tentacle took the hint and dove inside, filling Nichole completely. The one at her ass followed suit, pressing against her pucker until it slipped its way inside.

Nichole groaned and leaned over, bracing her hands on her knees as her nethers were consumed with pleasure. Her chest heaved as she breathed heavily, squeezing the tendrils in her bra with every breath. She couldn't give in yet though!

Not willing to concede defeat, Nichole grabbed the offenders at her crotch, holding on tight as they tried to push further inside her body. Biting her lip, she grinned as she felt them stop, grateful to have finally scored a small win against the seemingly unstoppable limbs.

Then she felt a strange pressure at her chest and midriff. The tentacles there were up to something. They pressed hard against her body with their tips, and then something gave way. She gasped as she felt them suddenly slip inside her! She couldn't help but enjoy the sudden surge of strange pleasure that radiated from her tits and tummy. What was going on, and why did it feel so damn good?

Nichole stumbled, losing her grip on the tentacles in her hands and they resumed pushing into her nethers. Bracing her hands on her knees, she breathed deeply, coping with the mass amounts of pleasure dominating her body as the tendrils squirmed their way inside her.

It didn't take long for the ones at her chest and belly to disappear, but the ones at her crotch took longer. They were larger, in both length and girth, so their progress was markedly slower. As they squeezed their way inside, the pair that had once been her panties grew impatient. They slithered up to her belly and penetrated her there, prompting more waves of pleasure. Her pussy winked in response, pulsing around the tentacle ensconced within.

After what felt like an eternity, the slick limbs between her legs finally disappeared inside her. She groaned as she stood back up, looking over her body in the pulsing purple light. Aside from her missing jacket and underwear, and the streams of wetness down her thighs, everything seemed strangely normal. She patted her belly, expecting to find it at least somewhat distended after the infusion of tentacles, but her toned core seemed unchanged. Then an errant pat sent a sudden shudder through her body!

Fresh dampness oozed down her legs as Nichole orgasmed on the spot, finding a complimentary wet patch growing on her shirt. She quickly unbuttoned the garment, whipping it open to find her belly button was no longer a belly button at all. Nestled between her abs was a gleaming new pussy! She stared at it in shock for a moment before remembering the penetration in her boobs as well. She pulled down her bra and, sure enough, perched atop each perky c-cup was a pair of plump labia.

Nichole was speechless. She watched as her newest equipment rose and fell with every breath. There was no denying the extra pussies were a part of her. They felt too damn good! Even just having them exposed to the warm, humid air felt good. Her hands wandered to her nipple-slits, slipping a pair of fingers into their moist depths and enjoying the pleasure reverberating to her belly and crotch.

No… what was she doing? She had to find a way out of here, not just sit and play with her titty-cunts! She pulled her hands away with renewed determination but as she lowered them to her sides, her right hand lurched across to find her belly snatch! She swatted at it with her left, grabbing her wrist and pulling it away even as her fingers stretched out in protest. Why was this getting so difficult?

But even as that thought crossed her mind, her right hand began to win the struggle against her left, overpowering it with pure fervor. Soon it wasn't just the hand either. Her right elbow started to bend on its own, followed by her bicep as her entire right arm twisted free from her grip and began playing with her belly!

Nichole moaned as the pleasure returned, unable to stop it. This was different from earlier though. When she was dancing, her mind was relaxed and sedated, but this time her mind was clear but her arm was completely disobeying her. It was as if her hand had developed a mind of its own! She could feel it getting her closer to climax as she pulled at it with her left, tugging at it desperately before finally succeeding! Her right hand went limp and she held it away from her body, along with the entire arm dangling beneath it.

She stared at the limb, then at the empty sleeve beside her, then back at the limb. She had pulled her right arm clean off!

Holding the amputated arm between her legs, she pulled her shirt back to reveal the bare stub of her shoulder, except the stub wasn't entirely bare… Nestled in the patch of skin where her arm had once been was another brand new pussy! A drip of wetness oozed from its lips, verifying it's authenticity as it reciprocated the pleasure emanating from her crotch.

Tearing her eyes away from her freshly endowed stub, Nichole looked down to find her disembodied right hand now furiously rubbing the cleft between her thighs! She yelped as she jumped back, dropping the arm to the ground. It quickly righted itself, chasing after her faster than she would have expected. She tried to run further away, but her left leg suddenly stopped cooperating, slowing her down considerably.

Hobbled as she was, the arm quickly caught up and grabbed hold of her left ankle. She tried to kick it away, but her leg refused to comply. Instead it bent its knee, creating a convenient ramp for the arm to climb up until it reached her waist once more. It dove hand-first into the back of her pants, using the crotch as a cradle as it resumed playing with her vagina.

Nichole shuddered as the experienced hand hit all her favorite spots, prompting more juice to flow from her various pussies. She then felt a new compression around her chest and noticed her breasts were being tenderly fondled. Looking down she found her shirt and bra had turned into several more tentacles that were busy caressing and stroking her pussy capped tits.

Meanwhile her pants had begun to devolve as well, splitting into shiny black ribbons that swelled with new girth. One by one they dropped to the floor with light thuds. Soon there was an entire clutch of snake-like tentacles writhing around her feet, pulsing with dots of the same purple light that filled the room.

Wary of the promiscuous limbs, Nichole tried to sneak away, but her right leg was now disobeying her too. Instead of abetting her escape, her legs crouched her down into a squat, spreading her thighs out wide and providing easy access to her throbbing pussy. Eager to fill the void, the tentacles at her feet coiled around one another, fighting to get in. Their double helix of bodies pressed its way inside her, filling her like never before! Others surged towards her back door, eager to fill her there as well.

Preoccupied by the activity between her legs, Nichole hadn't noticed her hair starting to coalesce into thick clumps. It changed color, turning from a reddish-brown to midnight black as more pulsing purple spots appeared as well. The new tendrils slithered up her back and around her chest, finding her welcoming nipple-slits there. The additional penetration made Nichole shudder and she gasped as she realized what her hair had become! Coiling around her shoulder stub, they dove down the pussy there, going deeper and deeper as they yanked her head down to the side.

Flustered, Nichole tried swatting at the tentacles in her shoulder, but instead her fingers began toying with the stub's engorging clit, prompting more cum to spurt out around the intruders. Feeling the control slip away, she tried desperately to re-engage her left hand, but it was no use. Even that was no longer her own! She could feel her hair tentacles wrapping around her left shoulder and pulling on it. Nichole grimaced as she heard a soft pop, and stared at the newly disengaged arm as her hair held it aloft.

She wiggled her stubs, trying to claw back her arm with her phantom limbs, but her failure forced her to realize the reality that she was now completely armless! More hair tendrils quickly found the newest pussy in her left shoulder and dove deep inside, filling it as they pulled her head back up to center.

Meanwhile, Nichole's legs had been struggling to keep their balance against the nest of bucking tentacles pushing their way into her crotch. Several of them had wrapped around her legs, trying to hold her steady as they pressed against her undercarriage. But even as her legs became more stable, Nichole felt unsettling vibrations develop at the tops of her thighs. Each thrust from the tentacles bumped her up a bit more, and she knew what was about to happen.

"No, stop! You're going to-" she tried to warn, but the next thrust of tentacles lifted her into the air, separating her torso from the thighs beneath!

She wobbled for a moment, wiggling her stubs as she tried to maintain her balance, teetering at the top of the column of tentacles penetrating her nethers. A thick limb slowly dropped down from the ceiling and hovered in front of her face. She stared at it for a moment before it gently booped her on the nose, sending her toppling backwards!

Nichole gasped as the impact winded her, still wiggling her stumps as she tried to stand back up. But as she failed to move, the reality of being fully limbless finally sunk in. She didn't have long to dwell on the matter though, as she felt curious tentacle tips poke at where her thighs had once been. Craning her neck and crunching her belly, Nichole could see even more vaginas had appeared, this time two on each new leg stub. She shuddered as she watched more tentacles slide inside the glistening slits, bringing with them even more pleasure.

Illustration Here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39976336

Now helplessly prone, the remaining tentacles had much easier access to the rest of her body. They swarmed over her torso, squeezing into her belly-cunt, filling her nipple-slits, and sliding inside her shoulder-pussies. Nichole's body shimmered with sweat and fem cum as every pussy was brought to a messy orgasm again and again!

Meanwhile, her disembodied limbs hopped and crawled their way back to her. The hands scrambled up onto her chest while her legs straddled her torso. She stared at them pleadingly, hoping for them to somehow stitch themselves back onto her body and help her escape the unending cycle of orgasm! But instead of fulfilling her wish, they slowly began to turn pitch black themselves.

"No, no, no!" Nichole cried, watching the limbs begin to wiggle and squirm as blackness overtook them. Not her limbs too! Her necklace and clothing turning into tentacles was one thing, but if her limbs turned, there was no going back!

She shuffled her body over, knocking down one of her legs and rolling on top of it. She didn't know what to do, but was desperate to stop its transformation. She couldn't go back to life as a quadruple amputee. How would she even function with just a bunch of pussies for limbs?!

But no matter how hard she tried, Nichole could feel the leg beneath her devolve into a wriggling tendril, no different from the squirming pile around it. She rolled back over to find the leg completely gone, lost in the mass of tentacles busily fucking her. She turned towards her other leg, only to find that one lost as well.

Nichole closed her eyes, trying to cope with the loss. She had been holding out hope her limbs would somehow find their way back to her, but that was impossible now.

Then a touch at her lips got her attention. She opened her eyes to find her hands sitting calmly together at her chin. Their arms had become black and purple tendrils, but the finger and palms remained intact. Perhaps there was still some hope yet! She tried communicating with them mentally, coaxing them to go back to her shoulders, but instead they began massaging her lips.

Their new activity was confusing to Nichole, and felt incredibly odd, but it slowly started to feel better. She licked the digits as they danced around her mouth, enjoying the sensations. Why was this suddenly feeling so good?

Her tongue grew numb, but she ignored it as the pleasure from her mouth intensified. She smacked her lips around the fingers, trying to increase the sensations, but soon found any oral movements incredibly difficult, if not altogether impossible.

"Uhhhhhhhnggg" Nichole moaned, feeling drool ooze from the base of her mouth. She couldn't stop it. She couldn't even close her lips any more. She tried crossing her eyes to investigate, but soon had them crossed in pleasure as her fingers rubbed a throbbing point just under her nose.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuhhhhnnggggg!!!" Nichole's eyes rolled back as a stream of spunk flowed down her chin, orgasm rocking her new facial pussy for the very first time! Happy with their handiwork, her fingers pushed their way inside her altered orifice, devolving into mere tentacles as they disappeared down the vaginal tract that had replaced her throat. Nichole could only groan with pleasure around the intruders, pulsing and contracting new muscles against their smooth bodies.

So enraptured by the constant flow of pleasure across her body, Nichole barely registered the pair of thick limbs that had dropped down from the ceiling. They wrapped around her rib cage and hoisted her into the air as the last remaining tentacles clung to her body and dangled from her pussies.

Then a sudden wave of vertigo overcame her, breaking her from her orgasmic trance as she was flipped upside-down. She panicked, wiggling her stubs as she looked down at the cardboard floor, realizing for the first time that she was suspended in mid-air! But the fear quickly passed as even her most vigorous efforts merely swung her softly from side to side in the tentacles' powerful grasp.

Looking back up at the ceiling, Nichole saw another large limb emerge, even thicker than the ones holding her aloft. This one honed in on her original pussy, shooing away the last of the smaller tentacles there. She stared at its massive girth as it lined itself up. No way was she going to be able to take that monster!

"Huuunngghh!" she insisted loudly, trying to stop the oversized member, but all she accomplished was getting her mouth pussy off once more, forcing her to close her eyes as a stream of fem juice trickled down her face. With her eyes shut tight, she felt the behemoth above her force its way inside.

Despite her expectations, there was no pain at all from taking the massive tentacle. Some awkward discomfort, but that was it. There was very little pleasure this time either though. Instead of feeling like getting fucked by a lover, it felt more like the insertion of a hand inside a puppet.

The thought made her queasy.

Blinking away cum, Nichole opened her eyes as she felt the tentacles around her chest unravel, but instead of falling she remained hanging there, suspended in midair. The tug at her nethers was unnerving and when she looked up, her fears were confirmed. The giant tentacle had fused with her crotch, absorbing her pussy into its body while her torso was perched at its tip! She was hanging there like some fleshy, pussy-lined lollipop!

Nichole's stomach leapt into her throat as the tentacle stirred, swaying from side to side and taking her along with it as it tested their connection. Seemingly satisfied, it held her aloft in the middle of the room, turning her from side to side as if holding her up for inspection. Whatever it was doing, it seemed to get an approval and her stomach jumped again as the tentacle swung her over to the nearest wall.

She hovered in place for several moments as the wall squirmed in front of her, then several moderately sized tentacles ventured forth and prodded her exposed body. They tickled her various pussies, each of them now free from intruders, before settling into a circle around her midriff. They touched their tips against her smooth skin then paused, waiting for something. Then, responding to some unheard command, they all pressed against her body at once!

"Huuhnnffff!" Nichole groaned as something gave way and the tentacles all slipped inside her, setting off waves of pleasure that bounced through her numerous pussies! Fum cum spattered on the ground below as she orgasmed over and over, the tentacles doing their best to please her. As they withdrew from her body and receded back into the wall, Nichole found six more hungry pussies now dotting her midriff, one for each of the tentacles that had penetrated her. Nichole breathed heavily but the tentacle fused inside her wasn't done, sweeping her over to the adjacent wall.

Nichole waited with anticipation as she hovered in front of the next wall. Then, just like last time, several tentacles ventured forth. There were more this time, each eagerly exploring her body before settling in at some point on her torso. With another command the tentacles drove their way inside her, setting off another series of orgasms even stronger than before! Nichole whimpered as they pulled their way out again, revealing the ten new pussies they created. Why did they keep pulling out? She so badly wanted them to stay and keep fucking her! But her desires went unheeded as she was swung over to the next wall.

The process was repeated again, and then again at the next wall, and then back at the first, each time multiplying her pussies by even more than the last. It wasn't until she had 72 drooling slits were the tentacles finally satisfied and she was left hanging in the middle of the room once more, upside down and quivering as perpetual mini-orgasms bounced from pussy to pussy. But they weren't enough to satisfy her need. She wanted so desperately to be filled!

Seeming to read her mind, Nichole finally felt something return to fill a pussy at her shoulder. But as she turned to watch, she found it wasn't a tentacle coming into her body, it was a tentacle going out!

She stared at the wiggling limb as it slid from her shoulder, reaching out into the warm air around her. She would have been shocked, but the sensations just felt too good to care. This was the fucking she needed!

More of her pussies started to part their lips as even more tentacles appeared from inside her, filling her so wonderfully! She swayed from side to side, enjoying the electric rapture as more and more tentacles appeared from her pussies. They wrapped around each other, following her desires as they coaxed more and more of their brethren from the nest within her.

"Uuuuuuhhhng!" Nichole moaned, spewing cum around the tentacle that emerged from her mouth, even as she felt a pressure on either side of her head. Her body suddenly seemed to move away from her as another tentacle emerged from the pussy at the top of her neck. She could still feel the pleasure wracking her disconnected body as another tentacle from the ceiling held on tight to her head and pulled it away.

As more tentacles flailed from her body, Nichole couldn't distinguish where they ended and where her body began. It was all one mass of squirming, writhing, pleasure filled tendrils! They all coiled around the tentacle holding them, slithering up into the mass at the ceiling as Nichole's vision started to fade. She could feel the consciousness calling her, beckoning her into its orgasmic embrace!

She happily obliged.

Nichole blinked, slowly registering the living room ceiling above her. Streaks of daylight danced across the swirled plaster. Damn, that had been one hell of a dream!

She rubbed her eyes with the heel of her palms, then rolled off the couch, bouncing several times on the rug before coming to a rest on her ear.

What the fuck?!!

She looked around in a panic. She was nothing more than a disembodied head!! Looking back up at the couch she saw one of her hands waving down at her while the other hopped onto the coffee table. Her legs sat crossed on the couch, flipping through TV channels with their toes.

Looking back towards the middle of the room, Nichole found her torso laying still on the carpet, with the small cardboard box sitting peacefully next to it.

Then she heard the rattle of keys at the front door.